How to Be Human (2017) Movie Script

Look what I found.
I told you not to eat like that.
Fuel, not food.
We have to get going.
You stand a better
chance without me.
We're doing this together.
Do you trust this cleaner?
We don't really have a choice.
I thought you lot
were supposed to have
the answer to everything.
I'm a offline remember?
Don't smile.
It's human.
I've told you, you can't
afford to be tired or hurting.
Is there a way of teaching me
these things without hurting me?
It's not personal.
I've shown you how to shut
down your mental and physical
Cosmetics alone
won't get you in.
Soften your expression.
We're not all built
anatomically perfect, like you.
Should we give them some food?
Adelphe, what are you doing?
- Spots!
- Spotty.
- Get in. - What are you doing?
- Get in!
What are they doing?
Get out of our car!
Let's go!
What are they doing?
Get of our car, will you?
What are you doing?
Get in!
Get in!
That's ours!
I can't believe it!
Are you OK?
Your face is betraying
your thoughts.
We took their home.
This is not a home,
it's a vehicle.
They can make another shelter.
I know you feel emotion.
Feeling and showing
is not the same.
I thought this
place was supposed
to be overflowing with people.
Some died, some returned.
Only some get in.
Can you still help my sister?
You're going to
need a lot of work.
Jonah, can you stir that for me?
Where did you learn all this?
Even when you are through,
any sign of emotion
will brand you a radical.
You're there on their terms.
Once denied, they
will never let you in.
What else do I need to know?
You do not need
to know anything.
Knowledge is not necessary.
Well, humanity is not necessary.
Humanity is back there,
killing themselves.
That is why you must take
the girl, as promised.
When we have our status,
we will come back for her.
I'm trusting you.
We'll be back for her.
This is going to be cold.
Go through.
- Can I wait?
- Go through.
We'll be back for her.