How to Eat Fried Worms (2006) Movie Script

Hey, Billy, look...
Are you all right, Billy?
Wrapping it up
there, Billy?
Maybe not.
Okay, careful there, Woody.
You're gonna knock
somebody over.
Billy, you know what?
I am saying stop.
This is your room, come on.
- I don't like it.
- Why not?
Smell the walls.
Mm... yeah.
You know what?
They just need a fresh coat of paint.
You can pick the color.
- Black.
- Black?
I don't wanna go
to school, Mom.
I'm gonna be the new kid.
It's the worst thing ever.
How will I even
know where to go?
We'll figure it out.
We? No.
No mothers.
I want to meet
your teacher Mrs. Bommley.
No, no mothers.
And I want to see your classroom and
just make sure that everything's okay.
No mothers.
And also, Mom,
don't put anything in
my lunch like a little note
saying, "Good luck, Billy."
Don't worry, I won't.
Okay, unpack, all right?
You're gonna feel so much better
once you get settled in
and get all your toys out.
Material possessions.
Joe, Joe, look!
There's a new kid
and he's riding his
bike on the sidewalk.
- Look! Boiler Head!
- Dismount, young man.
"And walk your bicycle.
Walk your bicycle."
stare at him.
Billy F, is that where
you're putting your bike?
- It's a bike rack.
- It's a bike rack.
- Billy F?
- Yeah, Billy F.
Billy F.
See you around, new kid.
Mrs. Bommley and Isaac...
No! No, wait!
Aw, you stupid note.
Say you were lost.
I'm not lost.
Say you were though.
Okay, say I was.
Follow me.
Sorry, I'm so tall.
- Erk, Erk, Erk!
- Incoming!
- Incoming
- Coming in.
- Erk, Erk.
- Erk, Erk
Erk, Erk!
Put your stuff in there, and that's
our classroom in there.
- Erk, Erk.
- Everyone calls that girl Erk.
- Erk?
- Erika.
No hats allowed.
Uh, please don't
make me go in there.
Come, young man.
Class, you have a new
student joining you today.
Everyone, let's welcome
Billy with a warm hello.
- Class?
- Hello, Billy.
You're late.
Get to your seats.
Would you write your name
on the board, young man?
Billy Forrester,
with two Rs.
- Three.
- I beg your pardon?
There's three Rs.
Thank you, Mr. Burdock.
Welcome, Billy.
As part of our curriculum,
we are studying Ancient Egypt.
Thus the Sphinx,
thus the pyramids,
thus the bust
of Nefertiti.
Now, would you like
to sit, Billy?
Let's see,
let's find you a seat.
How about right there,
in back of Erika?
Erk, Erk.
Tomorrow, make sure
you put your backpack in the cubby,
and welcome!
Erk, Erk.
- Erk.
- Erk, Erk, Erk.
Hey, have
a delicious lunch.
Hey, Billy F.
That's your lunch, huh?
You eat worms?
I eat them all the time.
You want to try one?
Here you go.
Somebody get this
off of me!
He's gonna get it now.
Everyone sit!
Boiler Head.
- He's gonna get it.
- Look at that.
I'm popular!
Woody, tell Billy and Daddy
what you did today.
The pre-school kids
are called sea turtles
- and when they introduced Woody...
- I sang a song!
He did. He stood right up
when they introduced him
and he sang his little heart out,
didn't you?
Oh, yeah?
What song did you sing, Woody?
~ Baby beluga
in the deep blue sea ~
~ Swims so wild
and swims so free ~
~ Heaven above,
sea below ~
~ And the little
white whale on the go... ~
Stop! No more!
He's just singing, Billy.
He's not just singing.
He's deliberately
not stopping!
~ The waves roll in ~
~ The waves roll out... ~
~ See the water
squirting out of my spout. ~
- Dad?
- Billy, hey.
Couldn't tell
if you were asleep.
My brain's keeping me awake.
What's the headline
in that brain of yours?
I don't like my school.
Yeah, well, Billy,
first days are tough.
First days can be really hard.
You should have seen me at work today.
You know, I, uh, I couldn't
keep anyone's name straight.
Thanks, I'll be right
with you, Bob.
It's Rob, Rob Simon.
And then they made
me wear a name tag.
This is your IMB badge. You're gonna
need this when you go over to VOD
because they're gonna
ask for it for IOC.
Anything like that
happen to you?
Not really.
Did you make any friends?
Everybody is already friends.
They all went
to kindergarten probably.
And I'm just this kid who's
just there all of a sudden.
Well, you know what you do?
You go up to people, you take
the initiative, you say,
- "Hi, I'm Billy Forrester."
- Say my last name?
My point is, you don't wait
for them to come to you, okay?
You go up to them, introduce
yourself, shake hands.
Kids don't shake hands, Dad.
Try and get some sleep.
You know, things are gonna get
better, I promise.
You watch, tomorrow
you're gonna have
a great day.
Wormboy! Wormboy!
- Wormboy! Wormboy!
- Stop!
- Wormboy!
- Get away!
- Wormboy! Wormboy!
- Get off!
Stop! Get off!
We're just calling you Wormboy
'cause that's what you said.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
You said, "I eat worms."
Right? Right?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
So, you're Wormboy.
We'll get back with you
at recess.
Oh, hey. Hey, does your house have
a front door that's green?
I was trying to figure out
where you live 'cause my house
has a red door with
a sign that says Tansey.
That's my name,
Erika Tansey.
You're making it worse.
I'm Adam Simms.
I used to be friends
with Frasier Boone.
You know Frasier Boone?
I don't know anybody, okay?
That's like me.
No friends.
I have lots of friends.
They just don't go
to this dumb school.
you know how you threw a worm
at Joe Guire and hit him in the face?
What about it?
I thought for sure he was gonna smash
you with the death ring.
The death ring?
Joe has a ring called
the death ring.
If he punches you with it,
you die.
But you don't die now.
You die in eighth grade,
so nobody can prove it.
It's got poison in it
that goes into your skin
and makes an ulcer.
Very slowly
you bleed to death.
If he punches you with it?
He punched me.
And in the eight grade...
I'm gonna be dead.
What did you do to make him
punch you in the first place?
He just said I was annoying
him for some reason.
Uh, how hard
did he punch you?
Really really hard.
Like this...
And then I fell
down like this.
And it made a mark
right here
where the poison went in.
Wormboy! Wormboy!
Wormboy! Wormboy!
Wormboy! Wormboy!
You guys are stupid!
You can say Wormboy
all you want.
I don't care!
Worms don't even
taste hardly.
I had a whole bowl for breakfast
with brown sugar and cold milk.
That's a lie.
Sometimes I boil them.
Sometimes I do them on the barbecue.
My favorite way,
fried like French fries.
The greasier and the slimier
the better.
Wormboy, you couldn't
even eat one worm.
Right when it touched
your tongue you'd puke.
- You want to bet?
- The smell would make you puke.
You couldn't even eat
a quarter of a worm.
I can eat this many worms, Joe.
10 easy!
And you would be the one
who'd puke just watching me.
Let's bet.
That I would eat 10 worms?
Yeah, and when you
throw up you lose.
- Yeah.
- What if I don't lose?
- What's the bet, you mean?
- I know.
The loser has
to come to school
with worms in his pants.
Yeah, and he has to walk
down the hall
past everybody.
All right.
It's gonna be you Wormboy.
But Joe, what if he
eats a tiny bit of worm,
and then a year later
a tiny bit more of a worm...
No, you gotta eat all
10 worms, all on the same day.
- And I get to pick them.
- When?
This Saturday.
That's the day after tomorrow.
I need more time to get ready.
Backing out?
Come on, Wormboy, shake on it.
Kids don't shake hands.
I said, shake on it!
It's a bet.
- Hey, Mitch.
- Hey.
- I had a thought. You play tennis?
- Yup.
- How about Helen?
- Yeah. Yeah we both play tennis.
You gotta come down to our club.
We'll play some doubles.
That's be great, Rob.
You and I, we played tennis
when we first met a couple of times.
- You were good.
- Yeah, compared to you I was.
It's not that he asked me.
It's the way he asked me.
Like he was testing me.
Why are you
looking at that?
Joe Guire told me to.
"Find out about worms,"
he said.
That's what they
look like inside?
They have brains.
No eyes.
They're blind.
And look, five hearts.
And look at this
interesting detail.
- Sphincter.
- That's the worm's butt.
- Sphincter.
- Sphincter.
- Sphincter.
- Sphincter sphincter sphincter!
Stop, you guys!
I have to eat one.
I have to eat 10.
- Sphincter.
- Sphincter.
- Sphincter. Sphincter.
- Sphincter. Sphincter.
- Sphincter.
- Boys...
"How the Ancient Egyptians
Preserved their Dead."
Fascinating topic, boys.
The mystery of the Sphinx.
Excellent, excellent.
And on your recess too.
Oh, you're to be commended.
Carry on.
- Oh, that was close.
- Yeah.
Excellent, excellent, boys!
And on your recess too!
The lost sphincter
of the Sphinx.
The lost
sphincter of the Sphinx.
The lost sphinc...
You guys are friends
with this guy,
who's gonna be barfing
his guts out tomorrow?
Donny, get over here.
You're not his friend.
He's Wormboy.
He doesn't have any friends.
- Bradley.
- Right here, Joe.
Tell him the new rule.
All 10 worms must
be eaten by 7:00 P.M.
Or you lose. And Bradley
is the official timekeeper.
Why do you make
all the rules?
he just does.
You won't even
make it to 7:00.
'Cause we're making
the worms taste bad.
Like they already don't?
Yeah, shut up, Twitch!
You too, Techno Mouth.
Benjy is the official
worm cook.
You're gonna cook the worms?
I'm thinking up some
disgusting recipes.
You're the one that said
you like them fried, Wormboy.
We're making the worms
taste nasty.
I see you, so quit hiding.
Just on my way home
and I thought you
might want to know
I might be
leaving this place.
- Is your family moving again?
- No.
Just me.
Is this all because you threw
a worm in Joe Guire's face?
That was really dumb!
Really dumb, wasn't it?
I loved it.
- You loved it?
- Yup, I loved it.
Whoa, you're good.
Thank you.
- Say I knew.
- Knew what?
- About the bet.
- You can't know, you're a girl.
Say I did though.
Say I also know you've never
eaten a worm in your whole life.
- How would you know that?
- Because... why would you?
Did you know
it was tomorrow?
And can I tell
you something?
I have a really
weak stomach.
Really weak.
There are a lot
of foods I can't eat.
Then why'd you make the stupid
bet in the first place?
I don't know.
I was just trying to go to school
and be a normal person.
Normal people
don't eat worms, Billy.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, what do you think?
I'm naked.
All right, come on,
we're going out.
- Where?
- Woody's school.
They're doing a performance
and Woody's in it.
We're meeting your dad there.
Come on, I need you
to put on a clean shirt.
Up swim
the sea turtles,
up through
the ocean waves.
And then down, down
swim the sea turtles,
dancing on the ocean waves.
Focus, sea turtles.
Focus, sweetie.
~ Sea turtles ~
~ And the beluga
in the deep blue sea. ~
- No, not... come here.
- Yeah!
Focus! Focus!
I am the greatest. Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen.
Hey, what are you doing out here?
They got cake inside.
I don't care.
I don't want any cake.
Don't want... don't want any cake?
Whose son are you?
He's just a showoff, Dad.
And everybody says,
"Oh, he's so cute"
just because he's little.
I hate him.
- You don't hate your brother.
- Yes, I do!
And I hate this town
we have to live in.
And the kids at my school,
- they're all...
- They're just kids, Billy.
They're just kids.
Kids are the same everywhere you go.
No, they aren't.
These kids are different.
Different how?
Billy, your, uh, your mother and I,
we, uh, met this woman inside.
She has a son, Benjy,
he's in your class. You know a Benjy?
I don't know
Well, she says... she says they're all
playing soccer this afternoon.
- Soccer?
- Soccer, right.
At the field by the creek.
I'll get directions from her, okay?
No, they didn't
ask me.
Billy, come on, when
they see how good you are,
they'll be begging
you to play.
Mm, I don't have
my cleats.
We'll go home
and get them.
Come on, now you're
just making excuses.
You know, you'll go,
you'll have fun.
Look here, have some cake.
It's really...
- What kind is it?
- Chocolate-covered stale cake.
I can't find any.
They're all over here,
come on.
Whoa, look at this one!
- He's a find.
- Let me see it.
Hey, you gotta show
that one to Joe.
He's really gonna
puke, huh, Joe?
Yup, he's gonna
spew his guts.
What if he doesn't?
What was that, Adam?
Well, um...
worms could just
be like meat really.
You know, think of
the first person who said,
"I'm gonna eat a chicken."
Then he ate it and it
was just a chicken.
Then we have
to find out.
Someone get a worm.
- Come here.
- Me?
Don't spit it out.
Chew it.
Chew, Adam.
My God!
You see, that was one worm.
Wormboy has to eat 10.
Joe has a ring called
the death ring.
If he punches you with it
you die.
But you don't die now.
You die in the eighth grade,
so nobody can prove it.
It's got poison in it that goes
into your skin and makes an ulcer.
Very slowly,
you bleed to death.
I'm running away.
I can't run away.
Where will I go?
I've got to do it.
If we don't fight the evil forces,
they'll destroy our planet.
Beat the evil forces!
Billy, I need
to talk to you.
Billy, I want you to look
after Woody today, all right?
Don't let him get
in any trouble.
- Woody?
- Yeah, Woody.
Make sure he gets lunch, all right?
We'll be back for supper.
No, Dad, no!
Billy, you don't have
a choice in the matter, okay?
I need to be fo...
focused today, okay?
So do I!
I need to be focused.
No, you don't need to be
focused. It's Saturday.
You get to do whatever you want.
Just include your brother.
Okay, listen, Wood,
you're little, okay?
So you don't even
know anything, okay?
So today,
for the whole day
you have to obey me.
You know what that means?
Be your slave?
Well, yeah, kind of.
What are you doing?
Trying to drool
on those ants.
Ugh! Listen to me, Wood.
You know how we moved
here and how everything is different?
Like our house
and your school.
Well, it's the same
thing with me.
I'm not the same
brother you had before.
I'm a whole other person.
And everything you remember
about your old brother,
all isn't true
about your new brother.
For instance,
I've never been sick.
- I've seen you sick.
- Woody.
You threw up at Raging Waters
and they had to drain the whole pool.
That wasn't me!
Don't you get it?
And don't pick your nose!
What, you're gonna pick
your nose all day?
You're hurting my bike!
I'm not hurting your bike.
I can't hurt a person's bike.
Well, you're shaking it
and it's hitting my dilly-dink.
Don't say stuff like that.
My dilly-dink is my penis.
I'm gonna eat the worms.
And, um...
what are you doing today?
I have to babysit
my little brother.
Where is he?
Get this stuff off me!
- Joey the Joke.
- Give me it, Nigel.
- Heard a story about you today, Joke.
- What story?
- Something about a worm.
- The bet, you mean?
You tell me, Joke.
Well, this new kid
at our school,
I-I'm making
him eat 10 worms and...
Same guy who threw
a worm in your face?
- Who told you that?
- Your dumb friend, Plug.
Plug told you?
Actually he told
his sister and she told me.
Said the whole school
was laughing and that you were afraid.
Were you afraid, Joke,
of a little worm?
I wasn't afraid.
Joke. Joke.
You're a joke.
Get out of here, crows!
Get out of my kitchen!
Look what happens when you put
them on a gummy worm.
Whoa, look at them.
They're having
a spasmodic convulsion.
Hey guys, here comes Joe.
- Plug.
- Yeah.
Come here.
- What did I do?
- Ask your sister.
Benjy, how are you
gonna cook them?
- With this stuff.
- What is it?
- Lard.
- Is that like butter?
Lard's from a pig.
It's the fat.
Pig fat.
Make sure you
tell Wormboy that.
Yeah, look at it.
10 seems like so many.
Why did you make it 10?
Because I said
I could eat 10.
But I didn't mean it.
And Joe said,
"You said..."
I couldn't back out because I did say
it, you know what I mean?
Not really.
Hey, Joe, there he is.
Hey, Wormboy,
that's your team, huh?
You and her,
and who's that little kid?
He's got training wheels.
Hey, Wormboy!
Let me give you another person.
You know, help you out.
Make things fair.
Adam, go.
You're gonna see
stuff today, Woody,
and it's just normal stuff
that big kids do.
And big kids never
tell their parents.
- Do you understand?
- Billy, I have to go poo.
Oh, Jeez.
I can't help it,
it's making me.
- What is?
- Everything.
Woody, come with me.
Billy, go.
All right, let's go.
Pig fat was not
part of the bet.
You're the one that said
you liked them fried, Wormboy.
"The greasier, the slimier
the better," you said.
Worm number one:
"Le Big Porker."
What are you talking
like that for?
I'm French.
Go on, Wormboy.
Eat it.
Bon appetit.
Yuck, worm juice!
It squirted right on me.
Go on, Wormboy, eat it
before all the guts run out.
He did it.
Oh, gross!
Ew ew ew ew ew ew
ew ew ew ew ew.
I don't like
where I'm sitting.
Look out, you guys!
I think he's
gonna puke already.
Where's the worm?
- Let's see.
- I don't think it's sanitary.
You have to swallow it,
Wormboy, all of it.
There's chunks in there
he hasn't even chewed yet.
Swallow! Swallow!
Swallow! Swallow!
Swallow! Swallow!
Hey kids,
no fires in the park
without adult supervision!
Want to make a wish, Woody?
Here's what you do.
Take a little stone
and go like this,
~ I wish I had a horse ~
~ That I could ride
ride ride. ~
Here, now you try.
~ I wish my brother
was dead dead dead. ~
Swallow! Swallow!
Swallow! Swallow!
Hey, make sure he
doesn't spit it out!
Swallow! Swallow!
Swallow! Swallow!
Hey, you guys!
He ate it, Joe, look.
Yeah, I see him Benjy.
So what are we gonna do now?
We got no place to cook them.
Come on, you guys,
we need somebody's kitchen.
- My family is vegetarian.
- No way.
Hey, I know, Adam Simms.
His uncle owns
The Brown Toad.
My uncle hates me.
You boys know what you want?
You're taking up the whole
counter there.
- Uh, we're still deciding, sir.
- Yeah.
- Oh, hi, Uncle Ed.
- What's this?
I was just, um, giving
you a hand in here.
Last time you gave me a hand you
nearly chopped your thumb off.
Here, just wear this.
Don't muck up the works.
Adam! Faster!
Cook faster.
Oh, no.
Hey hey hey! You're gonna burn
down my restaurant!
- But Uncle Ed...
- Stay back! Stay back!
There you go.
Omelet up.
Ding ding.
Boiler Head.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
Hello, boys.
Come on over here.
Come on.
You boys up to something?
You look a little mischievous.
Do you know,
that I used to come
to The Brown Toad
when I was a kid?
Oh, root beer float
and a bacon burger...
by golly,
I was in heaven.
Mm mm mm.
Mm, that's a good omelet.
He ate the whole worm!
The principal
of our school!
"When I was a boy I ate
root beer floats, by golly!"
Why did he say
- Yeah.
- Maybe he's nuts.
I am Boiler Head.
Alley-oop, alley-oop,
Alley-oop, alley-oop.
- Donny!
- Alley-oop, alley-oop...
I'm sorry.
We're just laughing, Joe.
I wasn't asking you,
What's this box of bugs
doing in my restaurant?
You're gonna have the health
department on my case.
Get out of here!
All of you!
Don't worry, you guys.
I cooked the worm.
I seriously cooked it.
I cooked two worms at once.
See, two of them.
Oh, cool.
How did you
make it so lumpy?
I dunked it in
the French fry fryer
and then smeared liver
juice all over it.
Liver juice?
I was trying
to cover the worm taste.
Hey, you guys,
I should name it.
How about
"The Greasy Brown Toad
What's the matter,
not French enough for you?
All right,
go on, Wormboy.
Eat it.
Why are they
guarding him, Adam?
In case he throws up.
'Cause what if he
wanted to cheat?
He could throw up
and never tell.
So Joe made Plug and Bradley
the official puke watchers.
Adam, are you positive
Twitch is okay with this?
No! Please!
They're gonna kill...
- Tomato paste.
- And put this cheese in.
Smell it.
It smells like a person's armpit.
You guys! You can't just
steal everything.
- Are we allowed to eat a pickle?
- No.
Your dog is walking
sideways, Twitch.
No no,
she has arthritis.
Oh, my eyes are burning.
- No!
- What all's in there?
Louisiana Hot Sauce sauce.
So hot
it'll blow a
person's head off.
Bam bam bam!
No! No!
It's ready.
The "Burning Fireball."
All right,
I'll go get him.
Hey, guys, bring him in.
No! I'm not ready yet.
I gotta go watch, 'cause
this one's gonna be ugly.
Wait for me, you guys!
Erika, watch me!
Boys are so weird.
He can't even stand
the smell.
Hot hot hot hot!
It's burning!
Come on, Wormboy,
eat the whole thing.
He's gonna blow!
It's over! It's all over.
Everyone just stand back.
Stand back, you guys.
- Just open your mouth, Wormboy.
- Water!
No water!
It's a new rule.
No more cooking
in my house!
The door is locked!
And... and...
and I quit your team, Joe!
Who cares if you quit?
All you are is Twitch,
you little loser.
Anybody else?
Want to go
on Wormboy's team?
Me too, Joe!
You're already
on his team, Adam.
Yeah, but you made me be.
But now I want to.
That's different
- Here you go, Billy.
- Ahh!
- Turn it off, Adam!
- Turn it off!
- Turn it off!
- I'm trying.
Here, come on.
Look, Benjy, you got
to do better, okay?
- I practically poisoned him.
- Then why didn't it work?
Wormboy stopped himself
with mental powers.
- What?
- His mind told his vomit
to stay inside of his stomach.
That's impossible.
Yeah, puke has
a mind of its own.
You almost took
my head off, Adam.
Here you go.
- I'm okay.
- Hy-ah!
- I got it! Oh!
- Hoo-ah!
Okay, this...
- this is not going well.
- Where are you going?
- This is... this is bad.
- What?
- We're terrible. We're terrible.
- What?
I got bad shorts.
People are staring at us. This is bad.
Oh, that's him.
Look alive, here they come.
Here they come.
That's the guy
you're afraid of?
~ I'm not the kind of guy ~
~ Who gives up
just like that... ~
~ Oh no oh oh ~
- ~ The tide is high... ~
- Yup yup.
~ But I'm holding on... ~
- Ow!
- Honey!
We're a team, right?
- And we're gonna beat Joe Guire.
- Yeah!
And we're gonna make him
come to school with worms in his pants.
- Yeah!
- And when he does...
He's gonna punch us all
with the death ring
and we're all gonna die
like Adam Simms.
Hey, but that's not till
the eighth grade, right?
Where is Adam?
- Adam?
- Oh, oh, oh.
Come on, man, go go!
Keep on going!
- No no no.
- Yeah, keep going!
- Come on!
- Come on!
Let's go!
Get down.
- Faster!
- Faster! Faster!
- Look out, Billy!
- Billy!
Hey, what's going on
back there?
- Game over!
- Let's get out of here!
- Run run!
- Let's go! Let's go!
Get out!
Get out of my store.
Are you ready?
~ One little bird
fell out of the nest ~
~ When the cat ate him up ~
- ~ His mama said it's for the best. ~
- Two bird.
~ Two little bird flapped
his wings and flew ~
~ He met an aeroplane
and said, boom ~
- ~ How do you do? ~
- It's Erika.
Hey, you guys!
Hey, you guys!
- It's Erk.
- Stop!
Joe, stop!
You're touching my bike.
Yeah yeah.
Is the bet over?
You're a girl,
you don't know about the bet.
- Where's Billy?
- Erk, let go!
Look, we're going to Plug's house, okay?
His dad's got a blowtorch.
Tell me where Billy is.
We can't keep up with you guys.
Who asked you to?
I'm looking after
Billy's brother.
So that's who that kid is?
He's Wormboy's
little brother?
Don't talk to him, Woody.
Do you wanna know where
Billy is or don't you?
Hey, Woody.
Have you ever seen
your brother throw up?
He doesn't know what
you're talking about, Joe.
Sure he does.
Yeah, he got sick
from chicken pox,
too much Halloween,
and putting tooth paste
on a light bulb.
And he got sick
at the zoo
from watching
a pig lick itself!
What else did
he get sick from?
Car sick.
Oh, yeah?
Mo-wo-wotion sickness.
Thanks, you little midget.
What happened to
the blowtorch, Plug?
My dad just
laughed at me.
Ha ha ha.
What's all this?
Crushed up marshmallow,
dash of ketchup
and tuna fish from a can.
I call it
the "Marsh Mallieu."
How about
"Barf Mallieu"?
Thanks, Adam.
Sorry, Billy.
The worm, the sauce.
~ Alley-oopa,
gentille alley-oopa. ~
I can do this.
Oh, yeah, I'm Wormboy!
Stomach of steel!
I ate the whole Barfmel...
whoa! Oh!
Are you okay, Billy?
- Billy, are you okay?
- "Billy, are you okay?"
Erk! Erk!
- Billy!
- Billy, are you okay?
- Oh, Billy.
- Poor thing.
Get away, Erika.
You big giant.
- Oh, that hurts.
- Erk!
Go on, Erika.
- You big giant!
- Erk!
- Aw! Bye!
- Have a nice day.
Give him another
one, Benjy.
Peanut butter and
worm jam sandwich.
Billy the Great.
Mommy! Mommy!
- Oh my God! Oh, okay, um...
- Shoot! Chew!
Come here!
Come here, baby!
Chew it!
- Billy!
- Swallow.
Hey, there you are.
When are you coming
home for supper?
Yeah, supper.
You gonna
introduce me, Billy?
How are you doing, guys?
I'm Billy's father.
- How are you doing, Mr. Forrester?
- Hey!
- Joe Guire.
- Joe Guire, nice to meet you.
You see that, Billy?
Kids do shake hands.
What have you guys been
up to all day, boys?
- Playing, you know.
- Playing, yeah.
- And having fun.
- Yeah.
Great, great.
You know, it's suppertime,
sir, and we all have to go home
and have a nice big supper.
Don't we, Billy?
Right you are, Joe.
Tell you what, Billy,
we're gonna take
the Woodster with us.
He looks a little tired.
And we'll see you at home.
Bye, Mr. Forrester.
- What time is it, Bradley?
- 5:03, Joe.
This is perfect. Gotta go home
and gobble down your supper.
Don't even think about puking,
'cause you never know
who's watching.
Three whole worms to go.
See, the trick with
chopsticks is
to pinch them like so.
And then it's all
in the wrist.
What's the matter, honey?
Aren't you hungry?
Of course he's hungry.
Out riding bikes around all day.
How many games did
we play today, Helen?
One, but it went
on forever.
- Mommy?
- Yes, sweetie. What is it, honey?
- Oh, hey, Wood.
- Poor thing.
- Woody, come on.
- Oh, honey.
- I'll give him a bath.
- Okay.
I got you, oh, baby.
Aw, little guy.
He's tuckered out, that little duffer.
Looks like you ran
him ragged, didn't you?
- Dad!
- Yeah.
It's getting late
and they're all going out again.
And... and...
What's going on?
I've been eating worms
all day.
Well, I didn't want to, but then when
I started I had to keep going.
And it made me feel awful.
It's okay.
It's okay, Billy, I understand.
I do. I've eaten a few worms
myself this past week.
- You have?
- Yeah.
I'm the new guy too, remember?
Trying to fit in.
Trying to please others.
A worm here and a worm there,
I know what that tastes like.
You're not talking about
real worms, are you, Dad?
I'm talking about adjusting
to a new situation.
You know, I saw
all those boys today.
It's a lot of boys to meet
all at once too, isn't it?
Yeah, well, they're not all
as nice as you think they are.
Careful there, Billy. You don't want
to judge them too quickly.
Take it from me.
You... you want to give people time.
I'm not hungry at all.
Eat up, Billy. You don't want to go
outside on an empty stomach.
What are you guys doing?
Time's running out.
And Joe wants everybody
to meet him down by the river.
Why the river?
There's an old lady
that lives down there.
People say she's a witch.
She sells worms
to fishermen.
Huge ones, long
as a person's arm.
Don't tell him that, Adam.
I-I-I meant,
long as a cat's arm.
Where's Twitch?
Grounded 'cause we
wrecked his house,
and destroyed it.
I can't eat anymore
worms, you guys!
I'm gonna quit.
You can't quit.
If you quit then you lose.
Then we all lose.
This is our one chance
not to be losers!
- Woody!
- ~ When the cat ate him up ~
~ His mama said
it's for the best. ~
- Where did you learn that song?
- Erika.
She'll know how to get me
out of this stupid dumb bet.
What are you thinking
of her for?
She's a girl!
And, Billy, you called her
a big fat giant, remember?
- I didn't say fat.
- Yeah, but still.
Erika would never
be mad at me.
We're friends.
- Rat!
- No wait, you don't get it.
Don't get what? That you're just turning
into another Joe?
- I'm not a Joe.
- You were being mean like him.
And you're acting like some
person that you're not.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't being mean on purpose.
You try eating worms with marshmallows
and ketchup on them.
Joe Guire is cruel to people, Billy,
and it's all 'cause people let him.
They just do what he says
and he goes around making rules up.
And you're the first person
that ever did anything.
- What did I do?
- You challenged him!
- Well, I wish I never did.
- And so will he when this is over.
Joe Guire is a bully.
Make him come to school
with worms in his pants
and no one will ever
be scared of him again.
What about
the death ring though?
It's just a dumb old ring he
wears to scare people, Billy.
Win this bet and that
ring will mean nothing.
I've never been
in there before.
- Have you, Joe?
- No.
But my brother went
in there once,
he just saw
fishing stuff.
It was really gross
and spooky inside.
You think Wormboy
is gonna show?
If he doesn't...
I win the bet.
There she is.
Some people call her
the two-headed witch.
You know why?
She had two heads once,
but one fell off.
The one that fell off
is in that bag
she carries around
all the time.
Donny, what's that noise?
It's Benjy.
She's not very
friendly looking.
I wonder what her
other head looks like.
"Gone to catch me
some supper."
Plug, try the door.
Why me?
Just do it, okay?
Oh, it's stinky!
Oh, gross.
They've got
dead fish corpses
hanging from
the ceiling.
What do you mean,
dead fish corpses?
That's not funny!
What are you
laughing at, Bradley?
Nothing. It's just
that you seemed kind of...
Yeah, I'm just scared
for you, Wormboy, that's all.
'Cause there's big giant
night crawlers in there.
From Canada,
my brother said.
Which means
they're gigantic.
We better get started then.
What time is it, Bradley?
You don't ask Bradley what time it is.
He's on my team.
Whatever you say, Joe.
You make the rules.
- 6:35, Joe.
- Yeah, okay.
Hey you guys,
guess what I found?
Green ones!
Who's got $2?
How about that for technology?
It's like buying a Coke.
Wait, what are
these cups for?
- Plug?
- Yeah.
If Joe loses the bet,
you think he'll really
walk through our school
with worms in his pants?
We can't let him
lose the bet.
We're on his team.
But sometimes I wish
I wasn't on his team.
Like back at The Brown Toad,
when he yelled at me,
I wanted to quit his team!
Then why didn't you?
I'm not brave,
I guess.
Ugh, they really
are green.
Green goes with green.
Spinach from a can,
crown of broccoli.
You got a worm, Bradley?
It just went
to the bathroom on my hand.
The "Green Slusher" served
in a bed of slush
at room temperature.
Bring it on.
You made it
too thick, Benjy.
Looks like wasabi.
Canadian night crawlers.
There's something
I've always wanted to try.
I'm naming this one
"Radioactive Slime Delight."
I wonder what
he's thinking about.
There you go,
You might need this.
Who's that trespassing
in my bait shop?
- I'm getting out of here.
- Watch out!
- Come on, let's go. What are you doing?
- A bet's a bet!
What are you doing in here?
Get out of here!
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Get out of the way
of the head!
I think she went inside.
Are you sure?
I don't know.
Let's go.
Come on, let's get out of here!
Let's go!
Wait! Wait, you guys!
Hey you guys, wait!
Wait up!
Wait up! Wait up!
Wait for me.
She was right there.
Right there!
She hit me in the head...
with her head.
You didn't throw up,
did you?
What are you
doing here, Twitch?
I'm on your team, Billy.
One worm to go.
What time is it, Bradley?
- 6:52, Joe.
- What's going on?
They're digging
for worms, Joe.
Yeah, but they won't
find any here anyway.
We will too!
Time's running
out, Wormboy.
- Two minutes, Joe.
- We'll never make it.
There aren't any worms
around here anywhere.
- There's got to be!
- There's not, Billy!
We're gonna lose.
We'll never find a worm.
We might as well just...
- A worm!
- Eat it, Billy! Come on, eat it!
Make Joe come to school
with worms in his pants!
- No!
- Move!
That's not fair.
You're a cheater.
Go, Billy!
Go Billy! Go!
39 seconds.
Go go go go!
Get it!
Get it!
Billy! Billy!
Billy! Billy!
10 seconds!
Nine, eight...
Boys are so weird!
Hey, Joke.
Now you really are a joke.
Wha... what are you
doing here, Nige?
I came all the way
here to see you win.
Now the whole school's
gonna be laughing at you.
They're gonna be laughing at me
too 'cause I'm your brother.
Leave him alone.
I think you might want
to stay out of this.
Leave him alone.
leave him alone.
Bunch of little worms.
You won.
Shake on it.
Kids don't shake hands.
Two sock...
yes, got it.
Got it.
- Week number two, Billy.
- Yeah.
Last Monday seems
like a long time ago.
What's the headline?
- Cheating?
- Yeah.
If you cheat at something
and you win,
and nobody knows you
cheated, do you still win?
The only way to win
is by playing fair.
But what if you didn't
even know you cheated.
Then would it be okay?
Sounds to me like you
already know the answer, Billy.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye, Billy.
Bye, Wormboy.
See you later, Wood.
- I didn't win.
- Yeah, you did, Billy.
You ate all 10 worms.
I only ate nine.
Then how come we counted 10?
The 10th one
was eaten by Boiler Head.
The omelet.
What are we gonna do?
Hey, there's Joe!
Oh, there he is!
Look, it's Billy!
What's he doing?
No way!
~ Get down, get down ~
~ Get down,
get down ~
~ Get down, get down ~
~ Get down,
get down ~
- ~ Jungle boogie... ~
- Come on.
~ Jungle boogie,
get it on ~
~ Jungle boogie,
down with the boogie ~
~ Jungle boogie,
get it on ~
~ Jungle boogie,
get up with the boogie ~
~ Jungle boogie,
get up with the get down ~
~ Jungle boogie,
down with the boogie ~
~ Jungle boogie,
shake it around... ~
~ Jungle Boogie. ~
What's going on out here?
Good morning, Mr. Boiler...
I mean, good afternoon,
Mr. Burdock.
Good afternoon,
Mr. Burdock.
Adam Simms...
Behave yourselves.
Yes, sir, we're
just walking along.
Yup, just walking along.
~ Do... do... do...
don't stop the beat ~
~ Ca... ca... ca... can't,
control the feet ~
~ Pe... pe... pe...
people in the streets ~
~ Come on, everybody,
and move your feet ~
~ And go ~
~ Everybody, move your feet
and feel united ~
~ Oh oh oh ~
~ Everybody, move your feet
and feel united ~
~ Oh oh oh ~
~ Yeah ~
~ We're going downtown,
oh yeah ~
~ We're going downtown,
oh yeah ~
~ We're going downtown,
oh yeah... ~
~ Sing sing sing
sing my song ~
~ And you you you
can sing along ~
~ Just put put put
my record on ~
~ And all of your troubles
are dead and gone, don't stop ~
- ~ Don't stop ~
- ~ Don't stop the beat, I can't stop ~
- ~ Can't stop ~
- ~ Can't stop the beat, I won't stop ~
- ~ Won't stop ~
- ~ Won't stop the beat, and go ~
~ Fat and juicy,
chew them up ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Don't hold back,
just fill your cup ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Slimy, smelly,
green and brown ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Fried and sloppy,
I gulp them down ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Over the gums
and down the gullet ~
~ Turn your crew cut
into a mullet ~
~ Yeah ~
~ Long and hefty,
hoist them high ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Just don't get it
in your eye ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Tangy, zesty,
watch them float ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Sure to make
your tummy bloat ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ Hook them hard
and hear them pop ~
~ Once you start
you just can't stop ~
~ Yeah ~
~ Twist them, pinch them,
make them squirty ~
~ Yum yum yum ~
~ My them fried worms
sure are pretty ~
~ Yum yum yum. ~