How to Steal 2 Million (2011) Movie Script

That's not my city.
(flicks lighter)
(music continues)
(sounds of construction)
(Banker) Let's get on
with it, what's your angle?
Why should our bank invest in
your business plan?
(Jack) Five years ago I worked
for a construction firm called DCG.
They dig foundations.
It's a good firm.
Never been late on a dig.
Not in ten years but,
they don't have any competition.
Look at their prices.
(Banker) These figures
are pretty impressive.
Very thorough.
Says here you work with
the Modderbee prison.
Were you involved in the
construction of the new cell block?
I was doing time.
What for?
(radio plays)
(radio continues)
(lounge music plays )
(music changes )
(door shuts)
(keys tossed)
(bottle opens)
(radio plays)
(strikes lighter)
It's not as simple as that.
By giving you money...
Integrity, honour, respect,
discipline. They are not for sale.
This is why.
Do you understand what
I'm telling you, boy?
Start behaving
like a married man.
Spend more time
with your wife.
First the booze, then women,
and now this.
You say you want my help.
Help yourself.
(Croupier) Gentleman in the
sunglasses shows a full house.
Second gentleman shows a flush.
The gentleman in the sunglasses
(gathering poker chips)
Let's talk.
The gangster and his cigar.
Isn't it a little obvious?
I like cigars.
You like losing my money.
(flicks lighter)
That's not a problem.
You're not the one who
gets to decide that.
A million rand is
a lot of money,
even for you.
I'm starting to lose... faith.
Well don't.
Because it's under control.
You got your father
cleaning up your mess again.
I've got something lined up.
Patience, Vusi.
You know these scores,
they don't just happen.
You're stalling.
No, no, no, no, no, really.
I have something lined up.
I just... I just need a little
more time.
Can I tell you something?
I hate what I do.
I hate listening to lying, pieces of shit
like you, bullshit their way through life.
- No...
- Shut up!
You got one week.
(zoo animal sounds)
Welcome back home, Jack.
For what?
You've always been
the bigger man.
Just save it.
You did the right thing,
You didn't talk.
Twala, I don't care.
As a cover for what?
It's in construction,
It's honest and it's clean.
You must be joking.
Tell me something I don't know.
A job.
You pull this thing one time,
Up North.
One security guard, one safe.
The easiest job we've ever done.
I'd pay attention.
That was quick.
(grocery store jingle plays)
(horn honks)
(Other driver)
Come on.
Are you gonna leave
that space or what?
(ignition starts)
(honks again)
Are you deaf or just plain,
fucking stupid?
(continued honking)
(Jack inaudible)
(car alarm blaring)
Never again.
(radio plays)
(lounge music )
(woman laughs)
(lighter flicks)
(woman whispers)
Soda water.
I'm curious.
Prove it.
(keys jingle)
(door squeaks open)
(bottle cap opens)
Or maybe it was the
one from before.
The one from before?
The other woman.
A shrink or a thief?
I can be whatever you want
me to be.
(sensual jazz music plays )
(city sounds)
(lighter strikes)
(phone rings)
What do you want?
(elevator hums, beeps)
You came.
Im standing here, aren't I?
Come in.
(soft music plays )
Where's yours?
I haven't had a drink
in six months.
Twala didn't think
it was lady like.
He's playing golf.
I came here for my ring.
Five years and that's all you
have to say to me?
If you really wanted to talk
you could have visited anytime.
And we would have
talked about what?
Maybe how you started
fucking my best friend.
You had no idea
what it was like.
Sharing a shower
isn't a picnic.
- You think I should have waited.
I think you are a survivor.
Is that not good enough?
It is what it is.
Say whatever it is you
want to say to me.
I want my ring back.
What happened to you?
Where's my fucking ring?
Jack! Wait!
I'll fix it.
I'm sorry.
(ticking clocks)
Name your price.
Ah, let's see.
It's a fivepionter.
Amateur cut.
And the band, not pure platinum.
- The stone is one carat.
The cut is professionally
made... in Israel.
The band is pure platinum.
And if you want to pull
anymore fast ones with me
check the ring specs and
the certificate first.
There's an engraving.
That will knock a couple of
thousand off.
What's the number?
Four thousand.
(Pawn Broker)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Six thousand.
You're killing me.
Nine thousand.
That's it.
Okay, I'll take it.
(police siren)
(Metro Cop)
Is that alcohol I smell?
Step out of the car, please.
I'm going to call the van and we're
going to take you to the police station.
We're going to impound
your vehicle.
Look, sir.
I'm on parole.
If I'm arrested,
I'll be sent back.
Any weapons?
- No.
- Turn around.
What's this in your pocket?
My wallet.
Turn around and take it out.
Good night, sir.
(doorbell rings)
What's going on?
Nothing, go to bed.
Is everything okay, you
want some coffee?
Just shut up and go to bed.
I do what I say.
I say what I do.
You're a thief,
a real thief.
This is my last one.
- What for?
Here's to the good guy.
Read the newspaper,
for God's sake.
If you don't care
enough to steal it...
(Twala) It's only 92
seconds from the M1.
There's a round the
clock armed guard.
At 4 PM the guard changes.
Armed response?
They're trained
and well equipped.
Panic buttons?
This is pocket
change for him.
What's the catch?
7 Rose Road.
Ring any bells?
They say you can't
choose family.
I suppose you can
choose to rip them off.
You're serious.
As a heart attack.
It's just money.
I need the cash.
Simple as that.
If we pull it off,
it would be beautiful.
And you'll be able to make
your honest, clean living.
Get a third partner.
Kim and I are having old
friends over tomorrow.
I don't want any friends.
(ducks quacking)
(Julius) I'm going to start
thinking you have a thing for me.
(Du Toit)
Stop talking nonsense.
Queers tell their wives
they picking up the paper,
meanwhile they're picking
up Steve, the personal trainer.
And you talk from
personal experience, hey?
It's great to hear you
still have a sense of humor.
Good work, lieutenant.
Cut the crap.
Are we going to go through
with this conversation or not?
One more thing.
Sit down.
I was thinking about
the new commissioner.
How will he get to
someone like me?
Maybe a wire?
Maybe you?
That's not funny.
Maybe I was wrong.
You have lost your
sense of humor.
(car door opens)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You don't want to
do that, old man.
You looking to
get killed here?
I'm doing my job.
Are you doing your job?
What's it look like?
Conversation will
conclude as planned.
And when you meet Julius
to exchange them for cash...
You're not going to
ruin this for me, hey?
He's talking about
wires now.
He doesn't have
a fucking clue.
If he did, you'd already be at
the bottom of the lake.
He's sharp.
And he's paranoid.
He's going to
figure this out.
If you back out
of this deal
you're fucked, you
greedy Dutchman.
You think a crusty, old
apartheid cop like you
is going to make
it in prison?
What about protection
for me and my family?
It's on the table
for discussion.
I want it in black and white.
Otherwise I'm out.
I'll see what I can do.
No, you just fucking do it.
(lounge music )
(still inaudible)
(lighter flicking)
Stop it!
Is that it?
Will you stop it?
Attempted murder.
(city sounds)
Don't get too cocky.
I don't know.
No you're not.
You need to get serious
if this is going to work.
It was a stupid suggestion.
He's getting closer.
This is the only
way it can work.
For all of us.
(children playing)
If this is all
you can manage,
I'm doing the best I can.
I'll be sure to tell them that at
school when I can't afford his fees.
I've got a job coming up.
What do you want me to say?
Thank you?
Maybe if I can
pull this job off,
we can start a
new arrangement.
Like the old arrangement?
And the one before that.
I've been sober for a month.
How are you ever
going to be a good mother,
when all you ever
think about is yourself?
I'm going to take my kid.
We'll see what happens.
It was nice talking
to you, mom.
Pay attention.
It's about one craftsman
appreciating another...
admiring his process.
And his talent.
I'm already pretty
damn good.
It will be the last
pocket you ever pick.
I've seen stories like
yours a million times.
And you think a nine to five
will help me with my record?
You need patience,
preparation and time.
So, what have
you got planned?
Something big.
And I was thinking you
were going legit.
Do you want my help or not?
Open the safe!
(Olive laughing)
You think it's funny?
Lighten up, man.
Start again.
Open the safe.
Is it funny now?
Okay, you've made
your point.
I don't know.
Fire a warning shot.
Okay, I got it.
The power of the
gun is fear,
not bullets.
How much?
When did you start
drinking again?
You have me shopping
at fucking Jumbo.
So do tell me how much.
Don't worry about it.
And how am I
supposed to do that?
Like you always have.
By powdering your nose, or
popping another Valium.
(glass shatters)
Maybe pop two while
you're at it.
I have always been
there for you.
It didn't matter about the booze
or the women that you fucked.
I just wanted one thing.
Just one fucking thing.
I'll fix it.
By asking daddy for help.
Jesus, you're so
fucking pathetic.
You pathetic,
fucking little man.
Shut up!
Or what?
Go buy yourself
something nice.
You're right, honey.
We both know that if it
wasn't for the money...
...I would of ended up
under a different roof.
Are you fucking him?
You bitch!
I'm going to fucking
kill you!
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
(door breaks)
I'll fucking kill you...
(car engine running)
(heels clacking)
(car engine starts)
(hangs up)
(tire pops)
Wouldn't be any trouble.
Suit yourself.
So what?
It's over.
Go to Mozambique.
No, not good enough.
I'm out.
(phone rings)
(grocery store music plays )
And what the hell am I
supposed to do about that?
He won't listen to me.
Otherwise we're screwed.
(car door opens, shuts)
(knock on door)
What is it?
I need to see you.
Aren't you going
to let me in?
(city sounds)
You, had your chance.
(flicks lighter)
I wish I've never met him.
Then you wouldn't
have all your toys.
That's not what I need.
I can't do that anymore.
I'm telling you I made
the wrong choice.
It doesn't make
any difference.
Then why did you
answer the phone?
Maybe I was curious.
To know what it
would be like?
You are wasting
your time here.
And Kim...
Never call me again.
(bumps Olive) (Kim) Sorry.
What was that about?
You don't know that.
You won't have to.
Mmhh. I don't
work like this.
It's not worth it.
I have a son.
I can't wait.
You know how they say the ocean
is clear as crystal down south?
Ride off into the sunset
or some stupid shit.
(city sounds)
(guns cocking)
(flicks lighter)
(lighter flicks)
(car tires screech)
(Security guard)
Don't move.
(Maid) I've got two children,
please don't hurt me.
Hey, shut up.
(pistol whips maid)
(Security guard)
(door opens, shuts)
My office is downtown.
Don't ever fuck with me.
I said it's okay.
(cellphone rings)
(keys jingle, safe unlocks)
Yo! Oh, my God.
Listen, young man.
I can give you
and your partner,
a chance to
get out of this.
And we can all go
our separate ways.
(cellphone rings again)
No, no, no.
(cellphone continues ringing)
Twenty past six.
Shit. Shit.
(car tires screech)
Put your hands where I can
see them. Get out of the car.
If you don't get out
the car in three,
I'll shoot you.
(low-pitched tone)
He's dead.
Are you sure?
What the fuck
are you doing?
(intense music plays )
But, Jack, that man.
Fuck, he's a cop.
What the fuck are
we going to do?
Shut the fuck up
and let me think.
Fuck, fuck.
I messed up.
What the hell is going on?
Never have.
Never will.
How long?
Have they found him?
Found who?
The man I was
telling you about.
Leave police work
to the police.
I saw him with
my own two eyes.
He's the one who robbed
me, and shot Du Toit.
Are you guys looking
for him or not?
Taken care of?
How did you do it,
baba hey?
I mean, you can't
just execute him,
so you, you, make some
plans, for a home invasion,
but it's all just a rose to
reel in Du Toit and then, bang!
Have him shot.
Why would I want him dead?
Are you really going
to play this way?
How did you figure it out?
I mean...
You never bothered to
check him for a wire?
That was a mistake!
Nothing to say?
The guys who did this
to me are pros.
Check the phone records.
Du Toit called me three
times before he arrived.
If it was all just a plan, I should
have answered and told him to come over.
So what's your story then,
You had two million stolen
off you, by a group of what...
Jehovahs witnesses?
I never thought you'd kill
a cop.
Now you'll see what
I can do.
Get out of my house.
(knocking on door)
Where have you been?
I've been trying to find
out what's going on.
Has Twala been putting
the squeeze on you?
He told me that is the
only way it could work.
For fucks sake.
I had to do right by
my son.
Of course...
All I had to do was to
wait one more second,
Maybe that was a
smart move.
and I'm not that girl
from before.
You are a fucking liar!
I want to help you.
but you saw what I did...
(birds chirping)
(Julius) I don't know
what to do with this.
It's a mess.
Are you still gambling?
Another lecture?
I just want you to know...
You're my son.
That's why I've been the
way I have.
I just want to explain.
That's unfair.
It was never my fault.
Life must be great.
Barking orders.
Do as I say, not as I do.
I never said I was perfect.
What did you expect
me to do?
Name my degenerate,
gambling son next in line?
What a disappointment
I must be then.
What do you want me to say?
I'm your son.
Isn't it obvious?
I have no time for this.
I'm in trouble.
What do you want, dad?
Can you help me find the
people who did this?
You want my help?
Help me, my son.
Help yourself.
(horn honking)
(tires screech)
Hey, man.
Your week is up.
I have the money.
It's stashed, man,
the cash is too hot.
The cops are all over me.
It's your problem.
When you make your
problems my problems,
then we have a problem.
What are you doing?
Consider yourself warned,
...cause the next thing I'm
going to be cutting off,
is going to be a little longer.
(screams in agony)
Looking for something?
No, no, it's not loaded.
How the hell did
you get in here?
So what then?
You going to kill me
in cold blood?
I need more than that.
They're going to kill me,
look at my fucking hand.
Fuck the deal!
Fuck you!
That's the best
you're going to get.
(classical music
plays rapidly )
(gun rattles)
Get inside.
Well done.
Thank you.
That Jehovahs witnesses
cover was brilliant.
And what?
Neither do mine.
What are we going to do?
You, are going to give me
all my money back.
You don't.
But I'm a man who keeps
his word.
In my experience,
when a man says,
"I am a man who keeps his word",
he is not a man who keeps his word.
I like you.
You can be a rich
hardass behind bars,
or you can give me my money
and we can go our separate ways.
Okay, so you win.
Where is it?
Where's the rest?
(slams book shut) (grunts) (struggling)
(Julius) No! (gunshot)
(gun cocks)
Give it to me.
Well played.
(strikes lighter)
(unzips bag)
(door opens)
(walkie talkie beeping)
(train chugging)
Good luck.