How to Steal a Wife (2013) Movie Script

How about "Good morning"?
Good morning.
Yesterday was great.
Wasn't it? Ramutis, come on, talk to me.
So... talk.
So I'm talking.
Well good, let's talk about what happened
last night. Why couldn't you sleep?
I saw you tossing and turning...
Everything's fine.
No it's not, Ramutis, I saw you.
Everything's fine.
Come on, I want to know
what's bothering you.
Well come on, 49 LTL for a steak.
You think that's normal?
49 LTL for a chunk of meat, I don't know,
you can buy a whole pig for that amount.
Ramutis... it's just once a year.
We celebrated our anniversary, went to a restaurant,
and now you're upset about how much it cost.
Come on... And that steak was delicious.
And you were so funny when you danced...
I had a great time yesterday.
"Valdas Bickus released from jail"?
Wait a minute...
"Investigators are still looking
for the missing 300 mill..."
Right, right.
"In his suicide note he
claims that he deeply regrets
placing all the blame on the head of the
financial department, Valdas Bickus.
Documents proving this were
left with the letter."
Right... What, he's innocent?
"When things got hard, his
wife left him after..."
"...soon after, she married Ramutis Taraila, a
physical education teacher from the same school."
Breaking news from Lithuania.
An unexpected turn in the big
international export bank affair.
New circumstances have
emerged and former head
of the bank's investment department Valdas
Bickus has been released from prison.
Bickus had been sentenced to
six years of imprisonment
when it was discovered that over 300 million
litas had disappeared from the bank.
In light of recent events, the
general prosecutor now says
that new physical evidence proves without
a doubt that Valdas Bickus is innocent.
Excuse me, would you mind answering a few
Are you going to go back to your wife?
Are you going to return to your family...?
Bickus was the only person
charged in the bank case.
Under the new circumstances, the
prosecution admits that the investigation
will have to be re-opened in order to
give the public an answer to the question
of where the more than 300 million
litas that disappeared is now.
We continue with news from Lithuania.
The economy.
With the Christmas
shopping boom approaching,
the question remains of how much Lithuanians
will be spending on gifts this year.
A trend has been observed for
several years now to allot...
So, how many?
7 articles.
Am I mentioned?
As school principal Ramutis
Taraila or as your husband?
My husband.
Are there any comments?
Of course there are.
Are they good?
Ramutis, when are comments ever good?
You're a mess...
Go ahead, read them.
Are you sure?
Alright... so.
Vile traitor, betrayed
her innocent husband.
Betrayed her husband at the
very first chance. Bitch.
Lover of the good life. Right
from a banker to a principal.
Oh, this is definitely Vaicekauskiene,
she's on sick leave. Well, I'll show her.
Right... The principal is a dickhead.
Go on.
Vile traitor. Old bag. Nice, nice, nice... people
just write that stuff because they're jealous.
Go on, read the normal ones.
Disgusting broad, what do men see in her.
I don't know, I can't find any. When
are they going to release him anyway?
He's already been released.
I already told you that, Ramutis.
Are you scared?
Why should I be scared? I'm not
the one who stole his wife.
Well, hello, so I stole you...
You stole yourself.
What is he going to do to me?
What is he going to do to you?
He spent 3 years in prison.
With all kinds of killers
and perverts, rapists.
What is he going to do to him.
I don't know, kill you.
Come on...
So they set him free?
Ramutis, I already told you
that they released him.
Set him unfree...
Where are you going?
I... have to.
What do you have to?
Well, I have to go to see...
See who?
See... see a friend, to
ask for some advice.
What friend?
Well, look, if he comes here,
tell him I'm away somewhere,
at a sports event, the Olymp... well I
don't know, in London or something...
Hold on, hold on, Ramutis. What, you're
planning on leaving me all alone here?
Well what's the big deal, he
won't do anything to you...
Ramutis Taraila, if you go through that
door, you're never coming back, got that?
Oh, my slippers.
Your wife... my wife...
Laimute gave them to me.
That's OK.
May I?
So hi.
How are you?
Fine now. How about you?
You look good.
You do too.
So did you just come to visit?
No. Who comes home to visit...
That's it. They let me go.
I'm free, innocent.
Yeah. I know...
So I came home.
We... I mean, if you figured it
out-Ramutis and I live here now.
I married Ramutis.
I know, I read about it. Ramutis.
Valdas. Congratulations.
So you're here to pick something up?
Well actually, no. I don't need anything.
But still, you want something.
We have green, black and Indian.
What's Indian?
What's the difference?
There is none.
Well then give me the Indian. Yeah.
With sugar?
3. Right?
Yeah. Well...
So as you know, I'm now... I'm
married to Ramutis, you see?
I know.
And now the two of us live here.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Well yeah, it would be
strange if you lived apart.
So... I don't get it, you understand
that you can't stay here?
So where am I supposed to live?
Well, I mean, how do I know.
No, I mean, that's it, they let me go, I...
I came home. I mean... this is my home...
Well yeah, yours, but what does that mean.
OK, fine, half mine.
So half yours. But still, Valdas, well you
can't live here, do you understand that?
I can live in my half.
Ramutis and I live here. Do
you understand that, Valdas?
So live in your half.
Come on, you're being ridiculous, I mean...
I don't get it...
Well good, so you can't
stay here, that's crazy.
So you live in your half
and I'll live in mine.
Well, fine, but... Here you go.
What? Thanks.
Where are you going to sleep?
Well... here, on the couch.
I'll stretch out and that's it.
Oh, this couch is really uncomfortable.
Can I ask the PE teacher a question?
I'm the principal.
Then listen to me, principal.
Have you ever been to prison?
What's all this now... why are you asking?
I'm asking you if you've
even been in prison.
Well I have.
I know.
For 3 years.
Thank you.
So when I was sent to prison, I was
put in a cell, you know where?
The one with murderers and killers.
But not the ones who kill when they're
free-the ones who kill in prison.
They're much worse.
There was one who killed
someone with a toothbrush.
First he jammed the toothbrush in the
guy's braces and pulled out his teeth,
and then he stabbed him in the neck.
And he killed a writer who used
to write letters to his wife.
And all the other guys in the cell used to
copy them because he wrote them so well.
So when he was killed, one of the guys realized that
his old lady wouldn't be getting any more letters.
So he killed the guy who killed the writer.
And he got so pissed that he took a mouse
that someone else had been raising in a
jar filled with little pieces of paper.
And he petted it so hard that
he squeezed it to death.
And there went the mouse.
That's it.
The mouse died.
And the guy whose mouse it
was says "Where's my mouse?"
And the other guy sticks
out his tongue at him.
So that guy hits him over the head with
the jar and cuts his tongue in half.
So that guy's got blood gushing
from his mouth, you know?
So you've got to do something
so they don't see.
So they grabbed his head and stuck it in a
mattress so as not to pollute the environment.
So he could bleed into cotton, you know?
So when I came, that was the
mattress they gave me, get it?
So that was the mattress I slept on.
So I'd lie there and I could
hear blood clotting, you know?
Are you done?
I kept thinking that maybe... maybe
he wanted to tell me something?
And now I'm done.
So, Mr. PE, did you find that interesting?
Interesting, but I still don't
get where that jar came from.
Well it was a pickle jar.
Now look, storyteller.
I'll give it to you straight.
Valdas Bickus, you are not
going to live here. Got that?
Got it.
That's what.
What happened, Ramutis?
That happened.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
I got up, go to the bathroom, get in
the shower, and I hear someone coming.
Well I thought it was you,
that you got up too...
and I pull open the curtain, look out, and
this guy is peeing and looking me over.
You were looking him over?
I was not looking him over.
I was peeing and he opened the shower
curtain and was looking at me.
OK, the light is on, the water is running, so
now you're going to go in the bathroom, right,
and go pee when you can see
somebody's already there?
- Did you knock?
- No.
Why didn't you knock?
Why didn't he lock the door?
Well, hello, so now I have to start
locking the door in my own home?
So fine, and if you're in the shower,
he's also going to come in to pee?
- OK, fine, and what if I had come in?
- So what? You're my wife.
- Ex.
- Ex!
OK, that's enough.
When you shower, you don't pee,
when you pee-you don't shower.
And we knock.
Have a nice day.
Ramutis, wait.
Come here.
Listen, let me take another look, huh?
Come on, Mr. PE, I'm kidding.
What are you doing here?
For what?
Well, for that... that
thing that disappeared.
I can't find it anywhere.
Have you seen it?
I looked there, I looked there, and now...
It disappeared somewhere.
You understand...
Give me your hand.
Ramutis, what are you looking for?
Well where that...
I can't figure out where I put it...
I looked in the bedroom and...
Will you talk?
See... it's disappeared,
like into thin air.
Hey, Mr. PE, how much do you make
at that little school of yours?
- I'm the principal.
- OK, principal. How much do you make?
Well, I can't tell you,
it's a state secret.
Two grand?
I can't tell you.
Two and a half? Three?
What, three and a half?
3,600 before tax.
Wow, 3,600 before tax. Listen,
you make 3,600 before tax.
You pay 30% for social security tax, right?
Well yeah, I'm an honest
citizen, I pay taxes.
So listen, honest citizen, you
pay another 20% to the state.
You buy things, food, a refrigerator,
and you pay VAT, right?
So out of your three and a half, you
give away two thirds in taxes. Right?
So right. And they...
They who?
Well the ones who make
hundreds of millions.
Well they pay two thirds in taxes too.
What, are they special?
Listen, honest citizen.
They pay a little over half a percent.
And they even don't pay-they
just take it and toss it.
So you know, taking another
300 million from them,
well I don't think that would
exactly be dishonest, right?
Now you listen, honest citizen,
why did you lie to Laimute that
you weren't looking me over?
I never lie to Laimute.
So you never lie to Laimute
but you lie to me?
Well then fine, so you lied to Laimute
that you weren't looking me over when I
clearly saw that you were looking me over.
I'm telling you that I don't lie.
I opened the curtain and
you were looking me over.
- Listen, Mr. PE, don't start, alright.
- I'm the principal.
OK, principal, don't start again.
I was not looking.
Swear to it.
Give me a break, like I'm
going to start taking oaths.
- I'm telling you, swear to it.
- Well how am I supposed to do that?
Like in parliament. Like always.
I, Valdas Bickus, solemnly swear
that at 6:00 this morning,
when I was in the bathroom
heeding to nature's call,
I saw two eyes twinkling to my left.
Then my gaze lowered to a muscular chest.
And then, realizing what I would
see next, I turned my gaze aside.
And I saw nothing more, I swear.
- Swear up and down.
- Side to side isn't enough?
Swear up and down.
What, everyone swears up
and down in parliament?
They do.
I don't get it. Ramutis, why
don't you believe me, huh?
We live together, we
have to stick together.
And I really want to be your
friend, I want to help you.
I don't need your help.
Fine, you don't need it. But I need yours.
If you help me, it won't be unreciprocated.
So you... you have that money?
For me.
300 million?
Put 'em on the table.
Then he right out...
Yeah but how much did
you say, 300 million...
Come on, Ramutis, you
believe all that crap.
What crap, that money couldn't have just
disappeared, so that means it does exist somewhere.
Well but whatever they
tell you, you believe it.
So how can I not, I mean, where it that
money, it couldn't have just disappeared.
Hello. Speaking. Yes.
What happened?
No, I... I have three classes tomorrow, but
I'll ask Lebedninkaite to substitute for me.
Yes. No, no, none... OK.
What's it on?
I see, OK.
Have a nice... Yes. Yeah. Goodbye.
Who was that?
Wow. That was from the Ministry.
- They're sending me on a business trip.
- When?
Why so suddenly?
I didn't really understand, somebody got sick or
something, so basically there's one free spot.
So who's going to substitute for you?
I'll call Lebedninkaite.
I'll give her three classes.
Well if you're going, you're going.
To Klaipeda.
Klaipeda. Mm? Both. For how long?
Four days. I'll be back Monday evening.
That one, that one.
What... what are you doing?
What do mean what? I'm packing for you.
Well because you're leaving, Ramutis.
Oh... and why aren't you stopping me?
Well how am I supposed to stop you?
Ramutis, it's too bad you're leaving.
Ramutis, it's too bad you're leaving.
- Don't make fun of me.
- I'm not.
This one or this one?
For God's sake, pack me a globe, too.
I'm kidding.
She's kidding.
Every time they send me on a business trip
you mope around like it's the
end of the world, but now...
Wait a minute.
So you want to say you're
happy I'm leaving?
It means you can spend 4
days with your husband here.
Is that your plan? Huh?
Caught red-handed, are you?
Are you jealous?
What does jealousy have to do with it?
I'm not jealous of anything.
Don't you trust me?
I trust you, but I don't
trust that bastard.
And what, you think it's normal to spend 4
days with your husband under the same roof?
- With my ex-husband.
- Well fine, but under the same roof.
Well it's his half.
His half, your half. Is there
anything left here for me at all?
The refrigerator.
The refrigerator. He even took
my slippers away from me.
And in general, do you even know what
people are saying about us at school?
- What?
- About you.
You know what they're saying?
It'll be interesting to see who Laima
Bickuviene-Tarailiene will choose-Bickus or Taraila.
That's it.
Tomorrow you take sick leave and I'm not going to
leave you alone here with that bum for 4 days.
You'll take sick leave and
we'll go to Klaipeda.
You can go to the Dolphinarium, I don't
know, and walk around while I'm there.
Got it? You're not staying here.
Ramutis, don't annoy me with these
idiotic jealousy attacks of yours.
Don't annoy me.
Did you make it?
No, I'll send it out tomorrow.
Are you going somewhere?
You're all made up.
Excuse me.
What are you making?
Potato casserole.
Does Ramutis like it too?
Ramutis won't be here.
He went to take his
friend's place for 4 days,
to some conference or
something, I don't know.
Excuse me.
So you don't like potato casserole, Ramutis
isn't here, so who are you making it for?
Do you know that your potato
casserole was the best in prison?
We used to just wait for the
day when you brought it.
You know, by the time I used to get
it, all the edges would be eaten off.
And the warden's lips would be all greasy.
At the end of the year we had this event.
The Golden Cracklings Award.
You won second prize.
Why second?
See, you're a little weak with sauces.
We had all kinds.
We loved the one with spare ribs.
And one guy... there was this new guy,
and he cried for 2 days after
tasting your potato casserole.
He said he never tasted
potatoes grated like that.
One woman managed to sneak in a laptop...
hidden in a potato casserole.
So when she brought it, the
computer was still hot,
you couldn't even touch the keyboard.
We had all kinds of stuff there.
Can I give you a hand?
Excuse me.
Just like the good old times.
Like the good old times...
you never used to be home.
You were always at work...
I used to sit around all
the time alone, waiting...
What were you thinking, that you'd
make all the money in the world?
But you didn't understand that
I needed you, not the money.
I'm sorry. But somebody had to make money.
Well... make money. But not steal it.
Laimute... I didn't steal that money.
Well you were stupid not to.
Because now there's neither money nor you.
And what if that money does exist?
Do you need money?
What kind of stupid question is that?
No, I don't.
So I don't get it, what do you want?
That's the whole problem, that you
don't understand what I want.
Excuse me.
Listen, what do you have hanging here?
Ramutis? Why did you come back?
What happened?
Why is the door locked?
It's always locked.
No, no, the key is in the lock.
I couldn't open it.
Maybe I forgot.
Oh. Are you going somewhere?
Why are you made up?
No, me.
And what's this, some fancy lunch?
Why are there only two plates?
Because you're away on a business trip.
Well I'm not anymore.
Yeah. So what's the deal, your husband goes away
on a business trip and the drinking begins?
Since when did you start
wearing perfume at home, huh?
Since when did you start getting
dressed up and wearing perfume?
Why are you clamming up?
Caught red-handed, are you?
The potato casserole is burning.
I don't like potato casserole.
I wasn't making it for you.
Oh, the casserole's not for me.
Your husband's on a business trip and the
parties begin, potato casseroles and all.
And who was talking about trust, huh?
Yeah, go on your business trip, it's fine.
Trust, right?
So what, fancy lunch today,
fancy dinner tomorrow,
and the day after that...a
fancy breakfast in bed?
TARAILA!!! Stop being ridiculous.
I can stand your stupidity, but I will not put up
with these idiotic jealousy attacks of yours, got it?
You will not embarrass me
in front of my ex-husband.
Now listen.
You will not step foot in the bedroom not
just for 2 days, but all week. Is that clear?
You just be quiet. Here you think...
Laimute... Laimute!
It's too bad you don't
like potato casserole...
I do.
I like it a lot.
What are you saying, Ramutis?
Listen, I understand how it hurts for you.
Ramutis, don't say anything
else, I understand.
Ramutis, be quiet, let
me talk, I'll tell you.
I'll tell you what I feel for you.
I feel that you have to get out of here.
If it's torture for you to be with
her, run away and don't look back.
Ramutis, just go.
If you can't be yourself,
it means you can't live.
And as your best friend, I want you to have a
beautiful life and find what your heart desires.
Ramutis, there's only
one thing I ask of you.
Promise you won't forget me. You promise?
Hey, Ramutis?
Get up.
Listen, if you want to smoke, let's smoke.
Let's smoke.
What about the ashes?
We'll clean up later.
I have a lady friend.
I'm happy...
We met at the prison hospital.
I was sick and she took care of me.
She's a nurse. Nurse Vilija.
She has a daughter, not married.
Some guy got her pregnant
and then left her.
Well, you know, I fell
in love at first sight.
Ah, but you won't understand.
I know what love at first sight is.
Promise me that what I say now stays
here, under this exhaust hood. Agreed?
Will you have a shot with me?
Well, to us.
But nobody nobody.
15 years ago, a friend and I
were on vacation at the shore.
And one night we stopped
by the Wild Snail Caf,
I don't know, maybe that caf isn't even
there anymore, and I saw this girl there.
She was, well, you say that I don't
know what love at first sight is,
but I'm telling you, I just saw her and, and, and
that's it, I just froze, you have no idea, I saw...
that's it, you just know that's the person you
want to spend the rest of your life with,
the person you want to die with, you know?
And so for like five days, we were, you know,
inseparable, we went everywhere together.
And you know, it's like when you get goose
bumps, you're almost afraid to touch, you know.
Really, really, and she... and one night, you
know, me and my friend were sitting there,
and there was this huge
fight and we got beat up,
I still even have a scar, and I
ended up in the hospital and...
and I never saw her again...
Get out of here, Mr. PE,
that's beautiful...
No, but can you imagine...
How often I have to go to Palanga now...
everything just shakes, I...
Get out of here, Mr. PE,
that's beautiful...
No, you just understand that love, I
don't know, if I saw her, well I'd...
Go on, don't stop.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you sleeping?
I'm sleeping.
Who's home?
I am.
Oh, what's this?
Lunch for three?
Do you think Ramutis will like it?
Are you mocking me?
- Huh?
- Mocking who?
Are you hungry?
Why don't you answer, did
you work out too hard?
Would you mind explaining what's going on?
Well this is the way it is now.
It needs to cook for a
couple more minutes... what?
No, I'm not talking about that.
Would you please explain
what's going on here?
What this friendship of yours
with my husband is all about?
What those intimate all-night
conversations of yours are all about?
Well, you know...
Well you were also good that night.
Valdas, please answer my question.
Why are you pretending to be my husband's
best friend and completely ignoring me?
I'm the one who's your wife and you
don't pay any attention to me at all.
But he's the one who's your
husband-you're his wife, not mine.
So what?
I still want you to see me as a woman.
I also want to see you as a woman.
But you're a married woman.
But not dead.
Valdas, I'm tired of waiting to
understand what's going on here.
Why you're here, and what you need.
What are you up to here?
Isn't there anything you want to tell me?
You know...
I spent all 3 years thinking
about what to tell you.
But when I came back,
everything just evaporated.
Because it wasn't you
who opened the door...
Are you mocking me again?
Who's home?
Both of us.
Hmm, what a smell, is
something burning in here?
Your ass is burning.
Yours too.
What did I do again?
What are you worried
about, she'll calm down.
Want something to eat?
Lunch for three.
Yeah, here you go.
To us.
Yeah, give me your plates and dig in.
Of course, best friend first, right?
A little more. Good. Thanks.
A little closer.
You're welcome.
Bread? And a little more.
Bon appetite.
But it's hot, be careful.
Hello? Good afternoon.
Yes, he is. Valdas.
Hi. Hi, Vilija.
No, I'm having lunch.
Yeah. What? She who?
Oh, here, it's my ex-wife.
No, there's nothing between us, really.
Well, just some property issues.
She has a husband.
The principal, right.
Listen, I'll call you later, OK?
Yeah, I'm eating lunch right now. Yeah.
Tell her I say hi...
OK, see you. Good. OK, I'll tell them.
Good, yeah...
Hang up.
So what's so funny that
you're supposed to tell us?
So tell us, Valdas.
Tell us what's so funny.
Tell your ex-wife.
I understand that there's
nothing special between us,
nothing that binds us anymore, nothing.
Just, unfortunately, those
property issues, right?
Well, come on Valdas, tell us
what she said that was so funny?
Come on, cut it out.
What do you mean cut it out, tell me.
I'm waiting.
Well what are you picking on him for now. A
person is entitled to a private life, isn't he?
Oh, now we have a lawyer here too, do we?
I have no idea what's gotten into you. It's as
if it's not him who's your ex-husband, but me.
You just keep quiet with your
summer flings. You Don Juan, you.
What, are you jealous?
I don't get it, maybe a person just wants
to have a normal relationship again,
maybe he wants to be
married again, like me.
I definitely don't want
to get married again,
I already rushed into it once, thank you.
Rushed? Once? Did I hear you right? Valdas?
Don't get all wound up, OK?
Rushed? No, why, I'd really like to hear
when it was that you rushed
there and how long you rushed.
Laimute, we've talked about this.
What do you mean we've talked about this?
- You want to go through this again...
- I don't want anything with that...
it's just a huge surprise for me
to hear that you rushed into it.
I didn't know that.
So let's leave that surprise alone, OK?
No, well fine, let's not leave it, let's
clear things up, once and for all.
Fine, so tell me, how did you rush into
it, how did you rush into it, huh?
- You want to clear things up now?
- Yes, I want to clear things up now.
- Clear things up, right here at the table?
- Yes.
Am I getting in your way?
Please be quiet.
No, no, go ahead. Why aren't
you letting my friend speak?
So now we're going to start controlling
who can talk at the table and who can't?
Great, two best friends.
Fuck you both! And live together.
Don't worry, pal.
Now you listen to me, Valdas Bickus.
I am not your pal.
Come on, Mr. PE, are you serious?
I am the principal to you! Got it?
The principal.
What are you sitting here for anyway?
Why did you move in here, did
you leave something here?
Money, no money... I'm sick of it, OK?
I'm fed up.
Do you understand that she has
never been jealous of me?
Never, and now she's
making scenes like this.
In general, we... Do you realize that we
have to do everything silently in there?
Because you're sleeping right here.
Do you know that everyone at
school is laughing at us?
They call us swingers.
Do you understand that, can
you grasp that or not?
That I searched the entire apartment
trying to find who knows what.
Our friendship is over, I'm leaving you, and you
can stay alone here with all your rotten mussels.
Hello, Vilija?
Can you talk?
Listen, everything's changed.
Yeah, come over... 3-14 Debreceno Street.
No, don't bring anything,
I have everything.
Well yeah, of course,
it'll be the two of us.
No, no, they definitely won't be here.
Bye. See you soon.
They will be here, won't they, Ramutis?
Won't they, Laimute. We're
not going anywhere.
Wow. Who's this beautiful woman hitchhiking?
Can I give you a lift to the shower?
What's wrong?
Why did you lock the door?
Because you told me to.
But not when we're alone at home.
Laimute, I'm sorry, but
we don't live alone.
He can come in any time
and look me over again.
It's too late.
- Come on...
- I said it's too late.
Listen, Ramutis. I can't do this anymore.
I can't.
I'll go crazy.
What kind of life is this?
We don't spend any time alone, there's
constantly some kind of conflict, constantly...
And you? Ramutis, what
have you turned into?
Some kind of a snoop.
I come home, everything's
turned upside down.
What are you looking for, Ramutis,
what do you keep looking for?
Are you looking for money, or what?
What money are you looking for?
Do you think I don't understand?
No, well I'm... I'm just curious, I mean...
if you had that 300 million,
you know, you would still...
He had to put it somewhere.
I searched every corner of this apartment, but
even if you had it in large denominations,
you'd still have to put it
somewhere that you couldn't hide.
So either he's buried it somewhere
or it doesn't exist at all.
Are you listening to what you're saying?
What's wrong with your head? What money?
Laimute, wait a minute.
Now he's got that woman,
that Vilija or whatever,
so they're going to want to
spend some time together,
sleep together, maybe do
a thing or two together.
But the four of us can't
live here together, so...
Ramutis, either you figure
this situation out like a man,
or I'm leaving this home like a woman.
To get some rest.
OK, OK, Laimute.
When Valdas comes home I'll
talk to him, man to man.
Because really, we can't go on like this,
so, well, I'll demand that he leaves, OK?
But now...
I deserve an advance.
A tiny little advance...
You choose. There or there...
OK. I'll wait for you there.
We'll make like Pinnocchio.
Hello, the royal suite has been reserved by principal
Ramutis Taraila and his wife Laima Tarailiene.
May I come in?
Laimute, the most beautiful of all...
Laimute, Laimute, Laimute... Laimute?
We'll just stay a few minutes, we'll
chat and that's it, come on, come on...
OK, OK...
We need to replace this...
So this is where I live.
You live here.
Laimute? Ramutis? Hey, is anybody home?
We're coming in.
Don't shout, maybe they're sleeping?
They're not sleeping.
My ex-wife. Laimute.
And this is Ramutis, Vilija.
Where's Laimute?
In the shower.
In the shower. We'll stand here and wait.
So maybe... while we're waiting...
Hi Ramutis.
Hi Vilija.
It's been ages.
Listen, how about some tea, huh?
Ramutis makes great Indian tea.
Or if you don't want tea, that's fine.
How about some music?
I'll put on some music.
15 years, 4 months and 3 days.
That's a pretty long time.
And Ausrele will be 15 soon.
Maybe we should take this off?
Is that right...
Who's Ausrele?
Who's Ausrele, come on, Ramutis...
She used to say: "Where's
my dad, where's my dad?"
I'd say I don't know.
How was I supposed to know?
I love you, I love you, I'll
marry you, I'll marry you.
No, I got beat up and they
put me in the hospital.
Right, right.
They beat him up.
So why didn't you tell me?
How could I have told you?
You disappeared.
You just up and disappeared.
Just like that.
Vilija, Vilija!
What's going on in here?
What's going on?
What was that noise?
Here! Where's Ramutis?
Valdas, where's Ramutis?
I'm asking where Ramutis is.
He left.
And where are you off to?
I just got back.
Explain this to me. What's going on?
Where's Ramutis?
He left.
Where did he go?
- He got pregnant and left.
- Who got pregnant and left?
So she came, she's looking.
Valdas, would you please explain all this to
me normally, I don't understand anything.
Where is Ramutis and who got pregnant?
She's standing there, I'm watching,
I moved away, and she says,
you, me, and that's it...
Who "you"?
- Do you get it?
- I don't get anything.
What do you mean exactly? Tell me
what you're talking about. Please.
She was standing there and then left.
That's it.
I think she has a family.
So I paid the bill and saw Vilija home.
So Vilija is already, well, ready?
Listen, I'm really sorry that
everything turned out this way.
- You're really not angry?
- No, no... PE teacher... No, no...
Just imagine, we come back to her place,
and this 15 years old girl opens the door.
It's Ausra.
Mr. PE, so you're a father.
Pretty, blond, with hair
to here, and freckles.
So she looks like you?
Yeah, very, very, beautiful, beautiful,
she really does look a lot like me.
She saw me, you know, gave me a hug,
and started to shout "dad, dad".
And then she ran to the corner,
over by the TV, and started crying.
Then Vilija saw her and she started crying,
then her mom came down and she
started crying. All three of them.
- They're all crying.
- Yeah.
Nice, but you know, at that moment
my conscience really got to me,
I really want to help them out
somehow, they deserve a better life.
I want to help them financially somehow.
I'm not saying anything, I mean,
they have a nice place and all,
but it would be nice to fix things
up, and... Ausryte's almost 15,
so she's going to get her license soon.
and then it'd be nice to give her some sort
of car, and, well, somehow, you know...
Well you can understand my situation.
That would be nice on your part.
Well, to help... Family.
So that's my situation right now...
I'm, like, and then there's Laimute, life here,
relationships, and there, well, you know... blood...
But you do know, dad, that you
can't go running back and forth.
- You can't be everywhere at once.
- Exactly.
I'd say, maybe you should run away?
Run, run.
Get out of here.
If you need, I'll help you with money.
Wait, wait, wait.
You don't have money, do you?
What do you want in return?
Half of Laima?
The amount.
For Vilija?
For you.
For Vilija?
Wait, that's ridiculous.
What are you suggesting here?
What, you want me to sell you my wife?
What are you... In general,
what are you talking about?
Save the child.
What child? What do you want,
for me to sell a person?
Get the child out of poverty.
What poverty, what are you talking about?
He's offering me half of the amount.
Are you nuts?
Mr. PE, I'm kidding here.
You know, you spent way too
long in that prison of yours.
What's gotten into you, I was just kidding.
Really, he was kidding.
I don't have that money and I'm not
suggesting we buy or sell anything.
You know who you were living with there,
but I have no idea what kind of
trouble you can stir up here.
Deal again.
But give it some thought anyway.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I come in?
Ramutis, it's burning.
I'm sorry for not being dressed like this,
but I really like warming up
my pants when it's cold out.
How are you?
Fine. How about you?
Someone asked me to tell you hello.
Who did?
Who did, Ausrele did.
Thanks, tell her I say hi too.
She asked when you're coming over.
Oh, well tomorrow I have period 6 free,
so I could come over around
1:30, if that's OK with you.
You were right.
About what?
About Ausrele. About school.
She made up her mind, she's
agreed to go to your school.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Starting in September?
Oh, that's really, really great...
I think so too.
And she might even be in my class. What
kind of grades does she get in PE?
Maybe a B or a C, I don't know.
If it's a C, she'll definitely
get Jermalavicius...
How fast can she run 100 meters?
I don't know how fast
she can run 100 meters.
How can you not know how
fast she runs 100 meters.
How am I supposed to know? Do you
know how fast you can run 100 meters?
Of course. 13:06 if I'm
wearing racing flats.
Look. Double crease.
Oh, somehow I can never get that right...
Should we give it a try?
Nobody's ever ironed my
pants for me in my life...
Where's Ramutis?
He's having lunch with his daughter.
Is this hard for you?
No, I can grate it myself.
That's not what I mean, Laimute.
I'm talking about the situation.
About me, about Ramutis, about
Vilija and their daughter.
I understand how hard it is for you,
but you're a strong woman, Laimute,
I've always wanted to tell you that.
I understand how much you
suffered when you lost me.
And how much you're suffering now.
This is just torture.
Sit down, please. Sit down.
Sit down for a minute.
Laimute, if you can stop grating, then do.
You know, Ramutis and I, now we're...
A couple?
Come on, Laimute, this isn't
the time for joking around...
You know, I was thinking...
put that knife down.
I was thinking about how to help Ramutis,
because Ramutis is afraid of hurting you.
He thinks that you might not
be able to handle all this,
that you're going to suffer, that you won't
be able to deal with it, but I know you will,
so that's why I'm begging you.
Join me and help Ramutis.
Tell him that... well... Kick Ramutis out.
Just say... hey, Ramutis, get out of here.
I know that'll be hard for you.
But don't listen to what Ramutis
says, even if he argues,
just tell him - Ramutis, get out of here.
And just kick him out.
That'll make it easier for me and
you, and most of all... for Ramutis.
Laimute, do you want to talk about this?
If you want to talk, I'm listening.
Tell me, what's going through your head?
Idiot, you idiot...
What are you pretending to be here? Huh?
Hand me the onions.
Onions, OK?
You want them cubed, as usual?
Oh man, I was really afraid
of the first time we'd meet.
I spent 3 years thinking what he'd be like.
You know, I was like... who
are you, what are you like,
what are we going to talk about, will
we be able to find common ground...
but when I opened the door and saw you,
and when you offered me my slippers,
I knew immediately that I'm going
to have a really good friend.
Well, to tell you the truth, we also
had a real scare when they let you go.
After all, you know, 3 years in prison, you
just don't know what a person can do...
And Laimute says to me...
run, run and don't look back,
because you can't tell what he
might do, and really, you know,
at one point I thought I
better just take off.
But then when I opened the
door and saw you, and...
and I really felt this sense
of warmth and friendliness...
and I realized that we could be buddies.
That was the greatest part, that you
didn't look at me like a thief.
Like a prisoner.
You just looked at me like a person and you took
me into my family like it was your own family.
You really did that...
I don't know how you do it, maybe it's just
dignity, or the noble mind of a principal.
But thank you for that, really.
Well, to tell you the truth, I can say that I
don't care if you stole that money or not,
if you have that money or not, I really
do see you as a person, a friend,
and believe me, you know, when I became the
principal, all kinds of people befriended me,
and it's really hard to tell who's a real friend
and who's not, but that's not what you're after...
and you know, when you're in power,
it's really hard to distinguish...
You know, if your enemies,
or your non-friends,
ever try to tell that you that you're
a bad person, don't believe them.
No, I won't, I won't.
I really envy your daughter, that she's
going to have a father like you.
Just like I envy all of the
kids who are in your class.
I can just see how they're going to grow up to be
really honest, good, fair and respectable people.
I can even hear them saying
"Thank you so much, Ramuti".
And I want to get in on those thanks
with this, well, modest little gift.
When I was in prison, I
carved this fish/accordion.
The fish symbolizes luck,
and the accordion...well,
is just an accordion.
This is for you.
Thank you.
But I have a present for you too.
Hold on then.
This is a trophy that I won in 2009 at
the Phys. Ed. Teachers' Convention.
A respectable third place
for physical education.
Now this trophy is yours. Take care of it,
don't lose it, and... you deserve it...
Well thank you.
And don't be mad that I looked
you over that time, OK?
Wait, what did you say?
What did you say?
Well that I took a peek at you that time.
But you said you didn't.
No, it was before that I
said I didn't look you over.
You swore that you didn't look me over.
No, well you know, I thought maybe
Laimute might hear, well you know,
I didn't really want to say
anything in front of Laimute...
So you lied?
Come on, I didn't lie, I just didn't
want the situation to be like this...
What are you fudging about here?
I'm not fudging...
What, you want to say that mine is small?
Ramutis, I didn't say anything
about yours being small...
No, not thin, Ramutis, not small, not thin.
What's wrong?
Do you understand that this isn't
fair, because I didn't see yours?
Why are you screwing around with me here?
I'm not screwing around.
I haven't seen yours,
so fine, let's measure.
OK, let's.
- Let's measure.
- OK, let's measure.
- What, we're gonna measure here?
- Are you scared?
- No, let's measure, we'll measure over here.
- You're scared.
Get the ruler.
I'll need a measuring tape, not a ruler.
Then get the measuring tape.
Do you have one?
OK, and what are you doing with
your hands in your pockets there?
- Stimulating yourself?
- I'm not stimulating.
- Then take your hands out of your pockets.
- Fine, then you take them out too.
- 3. On the count of 3.
- OK.
- 1, 2, 3. Let's go to the bathroom.
- Let's go.
Take the measuring tape.
Take the measuring tape.
I got it, I got it.
Take it.
Turn on some music.
Let's go!
Hands, hands, hands.
You didn't run away?
No, I didn't run away.
You're going to ruin your mood.
Oh, I'll ruin it...
It's gonna be a sad day when you see mine.
Get on with it.
Don't run away.
I won't. Don't stab yourself.
But even at the store that stomach of
yours was grumbling the whole time,
what's wrong with you, haven't you eaten,
or is there something else? Oh, look...
You know what I hate most
at the store, when you...
Look. Isn't that nice?
Yeah. Well nice, good job.
I'm telling you, when
they want to, they can.
Look, even the carpet is vacuumed.
When you go to the store and
the shop assistant asks you
if you're looking for something
in particular, at a shoe store.
What could I be looking for there?
How nice...
I'll send a picture... I don't have...
now how am I supposed to
go now, all undressed...
OK fine, I'll get it, but you
better not do anything, we...
"Mr. PE, money doesn't buy happiness"