How To Train Your Dragon : Homecoming (2019) Movie Script

This is New Berk at Snoggletog,
the greatest time of the year.
The lights, the hunting songs,
the holiday shopping...
- Oh!
- Uh-huh.
- Skoal!
- Cheers!
...the yak-nog shooters.
- Another round!
- Double!
The only thing missing...
was dragons.
It's been ten years
since Vikings and dragons agreed to live apart,
but that doesn't mean we've forgotten our flying friends.
And the best part of it all, Nuffink,
was on Snoggletog Eve...
- Yeah.
- I'd make Toothless his favorite meal.
- What was it?
- Lake trout...
- Yeah?
- ...with a side of sea trout...
- Yeah?
- ...on a bed of brook trout.
We all like trout!
And even though he's gone, I still make it for him.
A lot of families do stuff like this.
It keeps our loved ones in our hearts,
even though they're far away.
So, wanna help me catch some fish?
Good on you! We're gonna feed Toothless!
I don't need a fishing pole, Dad.
I'll just butt the wee fishies on their own wee head!
- Ow.
- Ah.
Ow. Ow!
Come on. Let's get Toothless a snack.
We were excited about making a traditional dragon feast.
And then it hit me.
Not everyone was on board.
Yes! It worked!
Zephyr, what are you doing?
Testing my dragon defense system.
You and all the grown-ups in
New Berk are leaving them snacks.
What if one shows up?
What... That would be great! We love dragons.
Why? They're monsters.
- Oh... Uh...
- Uh...
I found this in the attic. It was Grandpa's.
How come you never told us the truth about dragons?
But we did. Dragons are wonderful.
They're our friends.
Tell me this... Are they giant?
- Well, yeah.
- Razor-sharp teeth?
- Uh...
- Breathe fire?
- I suppose so.
- Claws?
- Yes.
- What happened to your leg?
Oh! Oh! Uh...
That's what I thought.
Maybe we don't leave fish snacks around to attract them.
'Cause you know who doesn't wanna be dragon dessert?
Nuffink, do you wanna be dessert for a dragon?
Mm... methinks I don't.
Let's kill the dragons!
How did this happen?
Our ancestors were terrified of dragons
because they didn't know them.
Astrid, we cannot let our kids go down that road.
Remember when we were kids, back in Old Berk,
how we used to put on a pageant at Snoggletog?
Oh, yeah. Those were fun.
What if we brought the pageant back?
We showed the children of New Berk
how humans and dragons became friends.
That's a great idea!
But we've only got four days until Snoggletog.
Three if you don't count Black Plague Friday.
Yeah, nothing gets done.
Everybody's just shopping and coughing.
- More spikes.
- I think we can do this!
Let's talk to Gobber.
You got me!
Kid can take a hit.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's just all this talk of dragons
kind of makes me miss him.
It's hard at the holidays, you know.
I wonder if Toothless ever misses me.
Yeah! That's two for me.
Curse ye, hellions!
How dare ye desecrate the statue of Stoick the Vast?
- Who?
- Stoick!
The bravest Viking in the history of Berk!
He put the "king" in Vi-king!
Oh, my dear mate, I miss you so.
Remember the time we were at that mead house
and those two Visigoths wagered
I couldn't hold my left elbow
in a boiling pot of gruel for five minutes?
Ah, good times.
- Uh, Gobber.
- Hey, kids.
I was just talking to a statue of your
father as if he were really here.
It pains me how the wee ones of
this town have forgotten Stoick.
I know, and Zephyr is afraid of dragons.
That's why we wanna bring back the Snoggletog pageant.
You're in luck.
The script I wrote for the last pageant.
Die, you evil beasts with twisted souls!
Vikings will forever swim in rivers of your blood!
Oh, uh, that's nasty.
- This has not aged well.
- Mm.
We may need to start from scratch.
Why don't we show when everything changed?
Oh, that would be fantastic!
- Uh, like when I met Toothless and...
- Maybe more big-picture, honey.
When all Vikings and dragons became friends.
Oh, Astrid, I love that. I'll start writing immediately.
This is gonna be just what we need
to honor our friendship with dragons and, of course...
my great friend... Stoick.
Hiccup, I've been up all night.
It's just a first draft, but I'm gonna be honest.
It's brilliant!
Oh! Toothless?
Pretty great, right?
Wait a minute. I've got an idea.
We should use this for the pageant!
Well, yeah, that's, that's...
Gee, I never would've thought of that.
I'm gonna make him look so much like Toothless,
Zephyr's gonna fall in love with him.
He's beautiful.
But cogs and gears can't bring back
the warmth of your friend's nose
or the light in his eyes.
Or the sound of your best friend's voice.
Yeah, I-I miss my dad, too, Gobber.
Ah, we'll make them both proud.
It was a couple of days before Snoggletog,
and I was getting excited about the pageant...
Oh! Ah. Uh-uh.
- And then it hit me.
- Aah!
Yes! It works!
We're going to catch a dragon, Dad!
Knock him cold so he can't eat us!
Zephyr designed the whole trap herself.
- D'ah, so proud!
- Come on, Nuffink.
Let's set some traps outside.
- Come on!
- We're gonna kill a dragon!
- What did I say
about the good knives?
- Help.
- Gonna kill a dragon!
- Kids!
- Anybody... Okay.
- We're gonna catch a dragon!
This pageant better work.
- Coming through.
- Great news, Chief.
After exhaustive casting, we've found our Hiccup.
Yeah, Gobber, actually, I wanted to ask you
about the whole Hiccup character in the story.
Hiccup, present yourself!
- Tuffnut?
- Tuffnut, give us a taste.
Uh, a dragon is coming.
Aah! Help me. Help... uh...
- Uh, line?
- Me.
- Right. Me.
- Are you...
Great! Now let's see you run away in fear.
Oh, look at those knock-knees.
- Okay.
- The splayed gait of a newborn lamb.
I do not run like that.
Do I run like that?
Which brings me to a bigger point.
Um, I read the script, Gobber, and I have some notes.
I'm not sure the character of Hiccup is coming through,
uh, quite as heroic as I was.
I... I was pretty heroic, no?
Oh, mate, I think we got the gist of it.
But that's not, in any way, me.
Hey, Hiccup, I was... Oh.
- Eh!
- Are you serious?
Coming through!
Better luck next time, Haggis.
Nice effort.
Who's next?
Fishlegs Ingerman reading for the role of Stoick the Vast.
If I don't return... Nope, nope.
If I don't return,
know that all I am, all I do is for you...
my precious Hiccup.
Wow. So, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Yes, I am.
- This isn't working.
- What? Not working?
You're right, I should do it.
No, no, don't try and talk me out of it.
I knew Stoick best.
If I don't return,
know that all I am, all I do...
I miss him so much!
I just need a moment.
Ta-ta-da, we're doomed.
Gobber, the pageant's tonight,
so are you sure you're gonna be able to do this?
I hoped it wasn't noticeable!
You know, it is, but, Gobber, think of the kids.
We're doing this for them.
Aye, Hiccup.
Brilliant, as always.
All right, I'm all right. I'm okay.
It's gonna be fine. Fine.
Okay, people, two minutes to curtain.
Has anyone seen my sword?
Hiccup, today is the day everything changes.
I have tamed a dragon.
I am so tiny and afraid.
What is that? What is that?
- That never happened!
- So Gobber took a few liberties.
I don't know, there... there were dragons everywhere
and people doubting me, especially my own father.
And then I stood my ground and touched one.
I touched a dragon. That's hardcore.
He's got the spirit of the story,
and that's what this pageant is really about, isn't it?
Yeah, I-I guess so.
Hiccup, you are weak and fear dragons.
I am strong and understand them.
Honey, I don't know if I wanna go through with this.
- You're on!
- Yeah, I... No.
Uh, Astrid? I-I... What?
A dragon!
- There he is, the Night Fury.
- Ugh.
- Look, it's Toothless!
- Toothless!
- Whoa!
- Nope.
Mm, whatever.
This pageant is bringing up the feelings.
Stoick would have loved this!
The only thing vaster than his
presence was his capacity for mirth!
Oh, pookie-lump.
Brave Father...
I remember your wise words.
Hiccup, you can be a giant,
but face thine enemies with care.
- Ah! Oh, no!
- Uh...
Hiccup, you can be a giant... but face...
- Hiccup, you can be a giant "butt-face..."
- Aah!
Don't panic! It's just part of the show.
Aah! Oh, no!
Oh... Hey, you... aw!
Do something!
Yeah, I... I got it.
Maybe this one.
Why... Why would you give it that functionality?
I'm on it!
Yeah, I... I got it.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Gobber! Gobber!
Is that you?
Thank you for helping out there.
Ugh! What did you have, raw trout for lunch?
Let me just shift my weight so I can... Aah! Aah!
Um, Gobber?
"How did you lose your last two limbs, Gobber?"
- "Oh, it was a pageant."
- Gobber?
Whoa! Nice one, Hiccup!
Greetings, magnificent creature!
Will you allow Stoick to tame you with his gentle... touch?
Let man and dragon be forever bonded
in trust and love.
- Yes!
- Yeah!
Oh, thank you!
Thank you, thank you! Thank you very much.
Whoa! That was amazing!
I'm so excited, I could fly!
It's just a show, Nuffink.
- It's just Dad in a suit.
- Best show yet!
Way to go, Dad! Whoo-hoo!
Hey, Dad! Dad?
Little help here?
Gobber? Anyone?
Literally anyone.
I love dragons!
And I love Toothless!
He's beautiful!
Why didn't you tell me you were
really going to bring him here?
I have literally no idea what she's talking about.
This whole thing was not what I expected.
Okay, how about now?
A little... Oh, move it to the right.
- Whoosh!
- I'm Stoick the Vast!
I'm Toothless!
Let's be friends.
- You were right.
- Whoa.
It was exactly what everyone needed.
For the kids and for the memory of my father.
Gobber, you have well honored my father and your friend.
It was my deepest privilege to do so.
Thank you, Hiccup.
Well... guess I'll be heading home.
Oh, the best Snoggletogs are spent
in solitary, cavernous silence.
- Gobber...
- If you're free tonight...
I'd love to!
Gobber, wait!
- Why, that's clever.
- And...
You're good.
Ha! So proud.
Whoa, look at that!
It's so cool!
It's beautiful!
- Hiccup, did you do this?
- No.
The bowl! It's empty!
- Toothless?
- Can it be?
And then it hit me...
...our loved ones are always nearby...
- Rawr!
- ...when we hold them in our hearts.
Maybe it's our turn to visit them.
Whoa! Hey!