How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) Movie Script

What are you?
Ah! You're a demon!
Sh! Sh! Sh! I'm not a demon.
I'm not a demon.
See? Just a guy.
Just a guy,
here to rescue these
dragons, so... um..
But you walked thorugh fire!
Dragon scales.
Dragons shed a lot.
Oh, I know a demon
when I see one!
No human legs
are that skinny!
That's a good entrance.
Get a load of me!
Ahh! Ahh!
- Ah!
- I knew it! More demons!
That's really just a nit wit
who forgot to fireproof his butt.
Guys! Go!
Not yet!
- Behold, your worst nightmare..
- Behold!
...along with his sister
who insisted on coming.
That's my intro?
Guys, too soon.
You always come in too soon.
Sorry, still getting
the hang of my wings.
Fishlegs, again with the baby?
- This is a raid!
- I couldn't find a 'sitter.
Demons everywhere!
It's the end of the world!
Astrid, I had him right
where I wanted him.
And now, he's right
where I wanted him.
- Let's get to work.
- Okay. We screwed that up.
But at least nobody
else knows we're here.
Easy, girl.
It's okay.
Sh! Sh! Sh!
I'm gonna get you out of here.
The Crimson goregutter?
Oh-ho! Look at this weirdo.
That's super dumb.
Why can't I get
this cage open?
It slides.
- Obviously.
- Attack!
Get the rescued out of here!
No running on the deck!
It's slippery.
You can fall.
Step aside! Let me handle
the tough guy stuff!
That's two for me.
You look out!
- Sorry.
- Oh!
Whoo! Thank you.
Go get the rest, bud.
I thought this was supposed
to be a stealth mission.
- Yeah, they always start that way.
- Look out!
Thanks, Stormfly!
Oh, stop worring.
They'll get it.
Move out!
We got 'em all.
I'm gonna headlock
every last one of you.
I might even leglock you.
Amateurs! I was just
getting started.
Clear out, guys!
Go! Go!
Toothless, time to go!
- Hey, guys.
- Ha-ha.
You've always
had my back, bud.
This is Berk.
Your new home
away from home.
A stunning, one-stop,all expense
paid dream destination.
So settle in and let your
worries melt-away!
The service here's sourced,
cuisine's fiery,
and the locals are as
colorful as you get.
Any run-of-the-mill paradise
poses beaches and sunshine..
Well, not us.
We've got something
no one else can touch.
We, my friend,..
..have dragons.
- Incoming!
- Lots and lots...
..of dragons.
Gang, meet our
latest Berkians.
Welcome to paradise, mate!
Oh, aren't you a beauty?
Ah, you're welcome!
You're welcome!
I took on, like,
a hundred trappers---
a-- a thousand trappers!
All with burning undies.
My thick, full beard
almost caught on fire.
Oh, just--
Just stop.
So, uh, Hiccup's mom,
any notes on my
bone crushing assault,
or was it pretty
much perfect?
Oh, it was indescribable.
And please, call me Valka.
- It has been a year.
- First name basis.
I think the real hero of
the day was Toothless,
isn't that right, bud?
What would we do without
you ,oh, king of dragons?
What would we do?
Well, we could train
a lot harder, for one.
That was pretty sloppy.
Astrid, uh, does have a point.
Perhaps you all rely a little
bit too much on your dragons and
not enough on one another.
See, that's exactly what I was saying.
Just listen up, guys.
Yeah, your mom's super
impressed with me.
I'm like the son
she always wanted.
You've found a new friend.
- Mind your heads!
- Oh!
What good is having
the king of dragons around
if he can't keep the order?
Hey, bud, do you wanna, uh,
do something here, or..
And where do you suppose
we put these ones?
Yeah, we'll make room.
You brought back
a hobgobbler?
They're a bad omen.
We're cursed!
- Ha-ha.
- Nonsense!
What harm could he do?
No injuries. Little shaken,
but otherwise healthy.
Now, who's hungry?
Point is, you can't keep
bringing dragons back here!
- Yah!
- Come on, boy.
You're just asking for trouble.
Don't kill it, okay?
Those trappers are
getting closer by the day.
We can handle them.
We have The alpha.
Ain't that right, bud?
Would you look at
how happy they are?
Gobber, relax.
We did it.
The world's first
dragon-viking utopia.
We made the dream
a reality.
Your dream, maybe..
Mine's less crowded and more--
Aah! Sanitary.
Gobber, you're not fooling anybody.
I know you love them.
You're supposed to be the generation
that lead us into the future.
Food fight!
Mm... gorgeous!
- Hit!
- Watch the hair!
Ow! Thor help us!
Time to stop worrying
about problems out there..
and start sorting out
the one's right here!
Okay, okay. I--
I'll think about it.
Hang up those saddles
and get married.
- The "M" word!
- Gross!
- Unless it's me.
- Hah!
Start ruling like
a proper royal couple.
Marry him, please!
You're the only one with
any sense around here.
With you wearing the pants,
there's still hope.
- Wow!
- Gobber.
Not awkward at all!
Astrid, don't be like that.
That's a definitive "No".
Look, if you need
a beard to cry on,
just lean on my shoulder
and you can cry into
my full, thick beard.
Thank you,Tuffnut.
Thank you..
- much.
- Ahem.
Eret, son of Eret!
What's the report?
Two more trapper barges
spotted in the strait.
So we go after them.
One day you're gonna pick
a fight you can't win.
The Dragon Riders
attacked us here,
off the eastern strait.
- Ragnar!
- Um, sorry.
My dear warlords.
How go your plans to
conquer the world.
Grimmel, my old friend.
Thank you for come---Oh!
A year since Drago's defeat.
And no further along with
your dragon army, I see.
You can thank the young
chief of Berk for that.
Stoick's boy?
Ew! He and he's peace-loving
Dragon Riders
continue to raid our ships
and steal our dragons!
Hm.. that does sound
like a nuisence.
But I'm in the business of killing
dragons, not retriving them.
Hah? But, Grimmel?
That idiot boy has done
the all of the work for you,
gathering the dragons in one place.
Why bother me?
Because the flock is
protected by a Night Fury.
- Not possible.
- Well..
it seems one's slipped
through your fingers.
Look, Berk's dragons
will follow the alpha.
So we'll pay you
to capture him
and bring the flock to us.
We even have your
favorite bait.
The only dragon they left
us from last night's raid.
A female?
So, do we have a deal,
old friend?
Look out!
Look out!
When all is said and done,
this young chief will
bring me the Night Fury.
They don't have a leader,
just a boy.
This is Berk, son.
It's our home.
It was the home of
your grand parents
and their grand
parents before them.
It's my job as chief
to protect us, Hiccup.
And one day, when
you're all grown-up,
that job will be
past on to you.
- Okay.
- It's very important, son.
Because out there,
beyond the sunset,
lies the home of the dragons.
- Wow!
- Aye.
Legends tell of ships that
sailed to close to it,
only to drop off
the edge of the world.
Never to be
seen again.
But those sailor
who turned back..
.. told tales of a great waterfall.
And dragons guarding the
entrance to a hidden world.
Not just a nest, Hiccup,
but a land from which
the all dragons come.
Even, Night Furies?
Specialy Night Furies.
Oh. Those are scary.
Don't you worry.
One day I'll find the hidden world
and seal it up.
So that people and dragons
will fight no more.
Oh,alright! You do know
it's not a chew-toy, don't you?
Is this what you want?
Oh, do you want this leg?
You want my leg? Yah!
Go, get.
You're getting pretty good
at gliding on your own, bud.
So this is where you come
to get away from Gobber.
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
Well, he's right, you know?
Re-- really?
You think you and I should..
Oh, Gods, no!
We're nowhere near
ready for that.
You know, that's--
that's crazy.
I mean he's right
about all of this.
It does seem like the whole
world knows about us now.
Yep. And the more dragons
we bring back here,
the bigger of a target we become.
I just wish there was some way
to make them leave us alone.
There might be.
Dad used to talk about
an old mariners myth.
Of a secret land at
the edge of the world
where dragons lived
totally out of reach.
Huh, well..
sailor are known
for tall tales.
True. But what
if it's real?
It could be the answer
to all of our problems.
By moving the dragons there?
Uh-uh. All of us.
And abandon our home
of seven generations?
The home your father
left you to protect.
Yeah, I think we need
a real solution, Hiccup.
Or we could just take Gobbers
advice and tie the knot.
That should fix everything.
But, hey, if you're having
doubts about yours truly,
I'm pretty sure
snotlout's available.
He only has eyes
for your mom.
Huh? Oh!
- Playing dirty now, hah?
- You asked for it!
Looks like there might
be a wedding after all.
That is a low-bloid-No.
No, you're not
getting away.
Ah! Okay, okay!
You win! You win!
You always win.
You knew what you
were getting into.
Aa-ha? Right.
What? Yeah, sure,
don't bother to wait for us!
Oh, my gosh!
Yeah. You know, we're--
we're friends!
No need to kill us.
- Wow!
- Another Night Fury.
Well, not quite. It's more like a
- Bright--
- A Light Fury.
Yeah, yours is better, probably.
What do you mean "gone"?
Vanished? Into thin air!
What do you think?
Uh-uh. stubbier ears.
No dorsal fins.
Okay. Got it. Ha-ha.
What a night.
What's gotten into you?
What is all this slobbering
and panting?
Isn't it obvious?
He's in love.
Trust me, relationships are
nothing bur pain and misery.
What did I just say?
A--Am I not enough?
I think that's a "No".
- Something like this?
- You know what?
Just trace your Toothless
card and make her white.
You could have
led with that...
Can you believe it?
Toothless has a girlfriend.
I never took you
for a romantic.
Like, ever.
But it's so sweet.
I mean, look!
Oh, okay.
That's just sad.
- And weird.
- Yeah, you better do something.
Seriously? I'd rather shovel
poop all day than watch that.
Alright.. Let's head back to the
woods and see if we can find her.
Ah. Good idea!
Sh! It's boy talk.
- What?
- Come on. Let's go work this out.
So, you wanna get married?
- Uh, no, actually.
- Good news.
I've been to two weddings.
I crashed both, but..
..none as high-profile
as this one.
Lots of pressure, judgment.
Not just by me.
Look, we talked about it.
We're not getting married.
Hold feet!
I've seen it before.
Don't worry, little Hiccy.
I'm here.
Wait, "Hiccy"?
Now, I've seen the way
Astrid looks at you.
Everyone has that doubt.
That not-so-subtle
That longing for something more than you.
You need to focus
on being worthy.
I mean, she's a warrior
queen, for thor's sake.'re neither.
But with me as your bestman,
your spirit guide if you will,
you'll learn to embrace
your inner viking.
Show these nay sayers,
of which there are many,
that you're more than
just a malnourished runt
with bad hair and
strange teeth,
and a twig for a neck.
You're--You're really
bad at pep talks.
Stop letting these insecurities
get the best of you.
Everyone's watching.
I mean, everyone.
You need to man-up.
Do as I do.
It'll be hard, but
you have my word.
And untill I break that word,
I won't give up.
Hey! Hey!
Am I wasting my time here?
You see some shiny
thing in the woods or--
Ooh, what is that?
Don't move a muscle.
- Someone's here.
- Hah?
He managed to slip past our scouts
- and lay a trap in the woods.
- It ruined boy talk.
- Oh-ho.
- God, let me out and--
Slow down, Gobber.
Just get a search team on the
ground and scouts in the air.
Toothless and I'll
fly the coastline.
Yeah, I wouldn't advice taking
Toothless anywhere, chief.
I know this handywork.
Grimmel the grisly.
Famous back where I'm from.
The smartest dragon
hunter I ever met.
Well, next to me
of course.
He can't be that smart.
He left his trap unmanned.
Nothing's accidental when
it comes to old Grimmel.
He lives for the hunt,
to get inside the mind of his
prey, to control it's every choice.
It's all a game to him.
Well, he doesn't know
who he's playing with.
Yeah, and we've dealt
with his kind before.
Don't underestimate him, Hiccup.
Mark my words.
He'' be back.
Then we'll be waiting for him.
Alright,alright. Come on
give me a clue here.
Give me a clue, dad.
Well' I hope you don't mind
if I help, my friend.
This is a--
Ooh, quite good.
That's aggresive,but let me
finish my drink.
What did you do to him?
Mhm.. nothing that
he wouldn't sleep of.
Yep. Ah.
May I?
Chief Huccup. Hm?
Do I say chief Hic-cup?
Or do I just call you Hiccup?
What do you prefer?
You have no idea
who I am, do you?
No? Ha-ha.
Well, your father knew of me. Now..
there was a chief.
One of the greatest dragon
hunters to have ever lived.
What would
he think of you?
He had it right, you know? Making
it his mission to distroy the beasts
so that you could grow up
in a better world.
He changed his mind.
And look where that got him.
So, let's skip to the point.
I am the Night Fury killer.
I've hunted every
last one but yours.
You're going to
give me that dragon.
- Or I will--
- I'll never give him up.
You wish dragons to live free.
Among us, like equals.
A toxic notion, my boy.
History has shown that
we are the supirior species.
What if word of your misguided
ideas were to spread?
I would be the undoing of civilization
as we...
..know it.
Did we get him?
Sorry to barge in.
You think you can come into my home
sit in father's chair
and threaten my dragon?
This is Berk.
And we've defended
our way of life
from far worse than you.
Ooh. Ha-ha.
A fighting spirit.
I love it! Only..
I'm afraid
you're mistaken.
You've never seen
anything like me.
Astrid, look out!
Look out!
Son, get clear!
Have my dragon
ready when I return.
Or I will destroy
everything you love.
Alright! Alright, everybody,
settle down, please!
- Fishlegs..
- Hm?
Have you ever seen that
species of dragon before?
- Let me at 'em!
- I'll give him a piece of my mind.
And by mind, I mean fist!
Did you miss the part
where we almost died?
Have you seen my house?
This is a new kind of enemy.
And I underestimated him.
Now, that's on me.
But I will not do that again.
We're vikings.
We don't run from a fight.
At least, I don't.
- You might.
- I agree with Hiccup.
We haven't seen the last of Grimmel.
He' s a predator,
single minded and patient.
He won't stop untill
he gets what he wants.
I'm with Eret.
We have to take
this threat seriously.
Grimmel is just
a sign of the times.
Our enemies are getting smarter,
more determined.
We're not just over crowded.
We're exposed and vulnereble.
Short of full blown war
and risking everyone we love.
I don't--
I don't see a way
of staying here
any longer.
Get to the point!
Here him out!
If we want to live in peace
with our dragons,
we need a better plan.
So, what are you saying?
I'm saying,
we have to dissapear.
Off the map.
Take the dragons to a place
where no one will find them.
And where might that be?
He's talking about a quest
- for the Hidden World.
- The hidden, what?
-Out to lunch.
- Ha-ha!
My father was obssesed
with it when I was a boy.
He made notes and maps in
search of the ancestral home
of all dragons..
tucked away somewhere beyond
the egde of the world.
It maybe the solution we need.
We're dragon people.
It's where we belong.
Look, I know this is our home.
My father left me to protect it.
But Berk is more than this place.
We're Berk!
The people!
The dragons!
I say Berk is
where ever we go.
I'm with him!
Who else?
Excuse me.
Coming through.
I'm just get
my food here.
Fishmeat, eat your rocks.
Eat your rocks.
Gods! People who fly with
babies are the worst!
I feel like I'm always asking
you this question, but...s
Is there an actual plan or..?
Just keep flying untill we
reach the end of the world.
Dah! Seems sensible.
- where are they?
- Gone.
- Obviously.
- The Night Fury escaped you?
- Again?
- I encouraged it.
They've abandoned there
only defensible position.
Running scared with what
little they can carry.
Ugh! It just keeps going.
That's 'cause the
world's actually round.
Sun's round.
Moon's round.
Stars are round.
Even though they're
small and stupid.
- Ha-ha.
- Right stars.
Don't, Fret.
They won't get far.
The Night Fury is distracted.
I introduced him
to your female.
Furies mate for life, you see.
What you picking up on, bud?
- The Light Fury!
- She is following us!
Where did she go?
Is she made of sky?
Hold on, Toothless!
Well, look who it is.
Oh, hey, it's really
nice to finally---
- So great!
- Not a word.
Yeah, yeah. Yes, yes.
But where did they go?
It explains.
Night Furies can't survive in the cold,
so they havn't gone north.
They're trying to put
distance between themselves
and enemies to the
east and south.
And Night Furies cannot fly
long distanses without rest.
Their flight path
must include stops.
Potty break!
Therefore, they have gone..
They can can only had gone...
Does anyone want
to take a guess?
W-- W--W--
Ah! East!
- Hah?
- Simple, you see?
Oh-ho, isn't this fun?
- No?
- Ugh!
Yes! Yes!
Where is your love of the hunt?
I thought you
were conquerors!
You'll have your prize, in time.
Just allow me a few more days
to enjoy these.
I have dearly missed it.
Looks like we're
camping here for tonight.
Well, thanks thor for that.
Yes! my own place!
I plan to build a hut.
Only for the bearded.
Ruffnut, you've
got to stay out.
Chins whiskers don't count.
I see a tower of manliness
in the shape of me.
It's gonna be taller than Eret
with bigger muscles.
Get out of my house!
- Is there a problem here?
- Yeah! There's a problem.
Ever since you showed up
you've been trying to upstage me.
You're just so...
Jealous! Delusional!
Yeah, delusion is
a good word for it.
Listen, son of Eret,
When Hiccup blows it
as chief, I'm next in line.
Number two. 'cause
I'm clealy Volka's favorite.
So, better start show
me some respect!
Strange little man.
Ah, don't mind him.
It's not your fault
you have the body
of a norse God.
I myself have
the same problem.
Blacksmith's stall
goes right here.
Ah! One.
Two. Three, four, five.
What? Oh, oh, okay.
Uh, hold on, gang.
I said..
- ..made a camp.
- Did you see them?
Not build a new village.
Who died and
made you chief?
Granted this place
is very nice,
but it's not the hidden world.
We don't even know if
this hidden world exists.
This place is real.
Yeah, there's nothing
more stubborn than
a mob of tired
hungry vikings.
Ah! Well..
I guess this can work as
a base in the meantime.
It's defensible.
Alright! You could stay.
Say hello to new Berk!
- Yeah!
- Let's get building, lads!
Untill toothless and I
find the hidden world.
Now about that voice.
Can we lose the whole
honking goose... thing?
It's hard to imagine wedded bliss
with that going off every minute.
If you're going to continue west,
I should head back to make
sure we weren't followed.
Great idea!
I'll go with you.
- For protection.
- No!
You're far too important here.
Yeah. careful.
hide us from
the rest of the world.
I wish it were possible,
I fear it can't last, Hiccup.
I mean, you know I tried
to do the same for years.
But greedy humans
always find a way.
I just..
I only ask that
you think about it.
Do you still think
I'm crazy, or..?
Let's just say this
whole idea is very, you.
thanks for supporting me last night.
It meant a lot.
Don't thank me yet.
I just hope you're
right about this.
It's too early.
Oh, now you can draw.
Oh, someone hasn't slept.
Yeah,well,that Light Fury won't
let me within a mile of her.
And niether of us will be
getting any sleep
or finding the hidden world
untill Toothless takes over.
What do you think of that?
You tried this once before.
He didn't want it.
Yeah. Well, untill now he
didn't have a reason to.
Right, bud?
- No. Nothing. I'm--
I'm impressed.
I mean,look at you.
Embracing change.
I am proud of you.
Well, he's my best bud.
I want him to be happy.
And besides it's just
until he brings her back.
- Alright!
- Ah?
- Fire when ready.
- Oh!
Well, I guess you know
the tail is fire-proof.
Okay, Toothless.
Okay, wait.
Yes, I know.
I know.
Sh! Sh!
Okay, I know.
- Please. This is not helping.
- Well,well,well.
Someone's excited.
- Nice.
- He's fresh off his first date.
Now he's love crazed.
Only we're
the one's going crazy.
The sooner he brings back
that Light Fury the better.
Yeah, but to do that,
he'll need to fly without me.
So time to give this new
and improved baby a shot.
Looking sharp, Toothless!
Well, what do you think, bud?
Bring her home,
' by sundown at the latest'.
Yak! now, save it
for your girlfriend!
Go on!
Get out of here.
It's okay.
Watch out!
Go Cloudjumper!
- To the chief!
- Woo-hoo!
- To the chief!
- To the chief!
To the chief.
Yeah, okay, guys!
Now, I'm just getting sick.
I've gotta say, I thought you
were well off your rocker
but this spot
ain't half bad.
This was supposed to be
a temporary solution.
It's unanimous.
Everyone agrees we've
definitely traded up.
- Well done, chief!
- Ha-ha.
What if the tail broken?
What if Grimmel found him?
What if he needs me?
Would you relax?He's probably
having the time of his life.
How would I know?
She never comes around.
And when she does,
she's always rushing off.
I saying, how--how do we
know if she's right for us?
- "Us"?
- You know, what I mean.
She's so wild and skiddish.
I'm just gonna say it,
I don't trust her.
- Hah-ha!
- Can't tame 'em all, Hiccup.
Oneday you'll have to
snap apron strings
and let Toothless
strech his wings.
Reminds me of a talk
I had with Stoick about you.
Where do they
keep coming from?
- Who?
- Those bloody hobgobblers.
I swear, they're popping
up faster than rabbits.
I think they
want to eat me.
Evidence would
suggest that tasty.
Hiccy, a moment?
Listen, I've been watching you walk.
Lose the limp.
No one's gonna marry that.
- I have a prosthetic leg.
- So am I.
And I have parasitic twin, but you
don't see me limping around about it!
Come on.
Chin up, Hiccy.
Pop out that chest!
Move that butt to the--
Mom, are you hurt?
- What happened out there?
- I don't know how, but..
Grimmel is tracking us.
That's all because
of the hobgobblers.
He has a hundred ships,
maybe more.
With enough cages for
all of our dragons.
If Grimmel's leading them here..
..we have to take
him out of the mix.
Ah..and how would
we do that?
By going there to
capture him.
Capture him?
I'm with him!
Who else?
Okay, split up.
We'll be hard to catch.
I was thinking we should split
up, just because..
I like your instincts.
What is this?
Where's your dragon
when you need him? Hm..
He must've forgotten
all about you?
First rule of the hunt,
separate the prey
from it's pack.
You've just removed yourselves
from the equation.
Why are you doing this?
Really? I didn't
think you cared.
Well, unlike you,
when I was a boy and I
came up on a Night Fury
I killed it where
it slipped.
That simple act of courage
made me a hero in my village,
so I decided to
kill every last one.
Bringing real peace to
the people of this world,
untill you came along,
preaching that dragons
are something other than
thieves and murderers.
That nonsense dies now,
starting with you.
But you have dragons
of your own.
Ha-ha. Please.
They're dragon killers,
drugged into obedience
with their own venom.
Not even your precious
alpha could control them.
They serve me.
And only me.
Allow me to demonstrate.
Take cover!
Up here!
Oh! Ah!
- Ah! Got ya!
- Go, Cloudjumper!
Over here!
Ugh! he takes that
stupid baby everywhere.
Thor almighty!
Guess we won't be
needing this then, hah?
I led us right into his trap.
Nice work, chief.
- Uh?
- Where is Ruffnut?
We-- We left her behind?
How could you not
noticed she was missing?
You ride a two-headed dragon!
Oh, yeah.
This just gets
better and better.
-We moved, but..
- I tried to avoid looking at her--
O- Okay. Guys, just keep
your helmets on.
- Toothless and I will find--
- Toothless has the Light Fury now.
He's probably not even coming back.
- What?
- You gave him his freedom, Hiccup.
What were you expecting?
I never thought he'd
stay away for good!
I've--I-- Oh.
Look, I'll-- I'll figure it out.
I just need more time.
He thinks he has
to lead alone.
Well, because his father had to.
He doesn't realize the
strenth we have together.
Do you still believe in him?
Of course!
I wish he did.
But he thinks he's nothing
without Toothless.
Then help him
realize the truth.
- Get on!
- What?
We're going to find him.
Everybody stay put.
We will get Ruffnut back.
Don't worry.
Hah. Worry?
If they're stuck with Ruffnut,
I'm more worried about them.
Why the long face? Huh.
I mean, mine's long,
but yours is really long.
All face and no brain,like
you've got it streched it at birth.
Do you have twin, too?
Tuffnut took up all the
room in mom's belly,
otherwise I'd have a rounder
head and more brains.
- That's science.
- God!
My braids are like little
Zippleback, see?
Even the mole spots looks
like eyes, it's so cute.
They even have little horns and
everything, just like barf and belch,
except me and barf
can't stand out.
So they're really just barfs.
It's warm in here.
I know what
you're thinking.
You've never had
a prisoner this hot.
All the boys love me,
except Eret
who totally lost his chance.
That ship has sailed
,boys. Sorry!
And Hiccup's practically married
to that round-head Astrid.
But snotlout and fishleg's there.
They're basically at my hand
Now, I just have
to choose, you know.
Snotlout is a beefcake but
almost ---, you know.
Sometimes I think he's more
in love with himself than me.
There's only room for one
beauty in this relationship.
Huh. Fishleg would
keep me alive long..
if I had to eat one of them strainer
than some glacier somewhere.
But he never shuts up about dragons.
So do you hate 'em when
people never stops talking?
Yes, I-do!
It's so boring.
Can't we just feed her
to your dragons?
Hey, what do you have
to eat around here?
I'm allergic to fish,
you should know that.
That's all they have at
that stupid new island.
Do you have any clams?
They're like little mouse
with slightly food inside
that's already chewed like
the way mom used to do it..
untill I turned 12,and she was
like " Chew your own food!"
and I was like
" No, I don't like it".
Most annoying creature
ever to cross my path.
Hah? Aw..
Take him and go!
I beg you!
The deathgrippers will
have to forgot dinner.
Ew! You feed your dragons..
Where's your bathroom? I gotta..
Okay! Gods!
No wonder you have grey hair.
Stress is not good for you.
So long , losers!
- Where is she heading?
- She's tracking something.
Aren't you ,girl?
There's nothing but
miles and miles of--
- A waterfall.
- At the end of the world.
- Woo-hoo!
- Stop it!
It really does exist.
- Just--
- Sh! Sh!
You'll spook them.
Now, that's a king.
We should go.
Oh, no!
Go! Go!
You know, I'm sorry, but I --I--
You should be at sleep.
I was thirsty.
Come here.
are... you gonna
get us a new mom?
I don't want another.
Your mom...
..was the only
woman for me.
She was the love of my life.
But with love
comes loss, son.
It's part of the deal.
Sometimes it hurts,
but in the end
it's all worth it.
There's no greater gift
than love.
It's okay, bud.
You belong there, with her.
We don't.
And that's all great.
We'll find a way to--
She followed us back!
We might not have to
say good-bye after all.
That's it.
Woo-hoo! Yeah!
- Ruffnut?
- Miss me?
How did you escape?
I annoyed them till
they let me go.
Wait. Wait.
Grimmel let you go?
So dumb. Huh.
They couldn't handle me.
See, everyone thinks
Tuffnut's more annoying, but
- Look. Hold on.
- Ruffnut?
Focus. Were you followed?
I never look back, Hiccup.
Toothless! Come back!
And now, our little game
must come to an end.
Hold 'em off, alpha.
No reason for
her to die, too.
What are you doing?
We could totally take him.
Not with her life
on the line.
Save your breath!
The only alpha they
respond to is me.
Oh, don't feel too badly.
You've tried your best!
But you're nothing
without your dragon!
Well, that's just..urg..great.
Now what?
I think it's time for number two
to become number one.
He'll listen to you.
- Don't say it.
- I wasn't going to.
I shouldn't have dragged
you out there.
He wouldn't have
flown me back.
- She wouldn't have followed.
- Yep.
I feel like the same screw up
I was before I met Toothless.
I can see that.
Are you just gonna stand there
and agree with everything?
Well, you're right.
You're back to
where you started.
But I was the first
to believe in you.
And I have watched you doubt
whether you're worthy ever since.
But you know what?
I am the person I am today
because of you.
I've never told you that,
but it's true.
You're the bravest,
most stubborn
most determined
knuckle-head I know.
Toothless didn't give
you that, Hiccup.
- He just made it..
- Easier?
And now. it's gonna
be a lot harder.
So, what are you
gonna do about it?
Probably something stupid.
That's the Hiccup I know.
Suit up, gang.
We're going to get them back.
He's lost his mind.
Now, that's marriage material.
At last,---
- You're ready.
- Um..
How are we gonna get
our dragons back?
Without dragons?
Trust me.
Get inside!
You heard that?
Um.. that's right, alpha
no suprises.
..jump off the cliff?
In these?
That's the best you've got?
No, you guys are
the best I've got.
Oh! Aw..
I'm with him!
Who else?
Ruffnut, that was my line.
Let's go!
- Woo-hoo!
- Yeah!
Hell, yeah!
Down again!
You didn't think I'd actually
hand you the Night Fury, did you?
- He's mine to kill!
- That snake!
I intend to finish
what I've started.
Best of luck controlling them
without an alpha.
Hold on, Toothless!
Could've use
Perfect timing!
Game faces!
What are you looking for?
Get in there!
Head's up!
- Ah!
- Thanks!
Look out! Yah!
I'm coming, Toothless!
You still think he
cares about you?
Let's just see
who he follows.
I'm sorry, bud.
For everything.
Now, let's go
and get her!
Woo-hoo! Yeah!
- Number 2, coming through!
- Suprise!
I'm sorry about that.
One more free.
Four to go.
- Hah.
- Ah!
Thank you, buck.
I got your backs!
Yeah, it's almost
like we're a team.
Oh, you've brought
a baby to a battle.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
You've gotta love that dragon.
Sorry, we're late for the party.
You're right on time.
That's it.
That's it.
How we gonna get him off her
back without hurting her?
Here the facial hair!
Oh! oh?
- Oh, I have missed this.
- Me too.
Oh! Ah!
See that there?
That's a bad omen.
You're cursed.
Yes! Go on!
good on yee!
Ha-ha. I guess you're
not so bad after all.
- Ahem.
- Hah?
The ship!
Oh, we've got problems.
Get him!
Get him, Hiccup!
- Get him!
- Yeah!
We need a better plan!
And quick!
What are you--
What are you doing?
You'll kill both of us!
Fighting over a dragon?
That's your plan?
Yes. it is.
Save him.
I knew you'd come around.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Hey..good morning, bud.
There you go.
Well, you're
full of suprises.
He's all yours.
- Ha-ha.
- Ha-ha.
You know, Eret maybe
blessed with bone, but
just between us,
you have the brains.
Number one.
You're right, bud.
It's time.
I was busy
fighting for a world
that I wanted.
I didn't think about
what you've needed.
You've looked after us
for long enough.
Time to look after yourselves.
Oh, Stromfly.
- My good girl.
- Alright, Grumply
off you go.
So long, you bigerbly beast.
I'll miss you
Oh, Cloudjumper.
Go on, bud.
Lead them to the hidden world.
You'll be safe there.
Safer than you could
ever been with me.
It's okay.
I love you,too.
And I want you to be free.
Our world doesn't deserve you..
Go, Toothless.
For the chief and chieftess!
- Yeah!
Come, cry into my full
thick beard.
Oh, it's so beautiful!
- Gross.
- Oh..
Okay, you win.
I like sensitive guys.
There were dragons
when I was a boy.
Oh, there were great
grim sky dragons
that nested on the cliff tops
like gigantic scary birds.
Little brown scuddely
dragons had hunted down
the mice and rats and
well organized packs.
But posterously
huge sea dragons
that were 20 times as big
as the big blue whale.
Some say they crawl
back into the sea
leaving not a bone or
a fang to remember them.
Others say they were nothing
but folk tales to begin with.
You know what,
I'm okay with that.
Hey there, bud.
Remember me?
- It's okay.
- Oh!
Ah! Oh-ho-ho.
Hey, I'm glad to
see you ,too, bud.
He's not gonna
eat your father.
How's the tail holding up?
Well, do you want some oil
and little fine-tuning?
Look, it's okay.
They're friends.
Go on.
It's alright.
He won't hurt you.
Hold your hands out.
Like this.
That's it.
Let him come to you.
- Whoo!
- Ha-ha.
Legend says that when
the ground quakes
or lava spews
from the earth,
it's the dragons letting us
know they're still here,
waiting for us to figure
out how to get along.
Yes, the world believes
the dragons are gone,
if they ever existed at all.
But we vikings?
We know otherwise.
And we'll guard the secret
untill the time comes
when dragons
can return in peace.