Howling III: The Marsupials (1987) Movie Script

Hey have a look at this!
Another kgb intercept meaning wolfman!
It has to be a code for something!
I doubt it is.
Unless they know we're intercepting.
Werewolf was sighted
near village of leovich,
three villagers killed,
special army team are tracking monster.
Well, do we tell the powers that be?
Werewolf's loose in the Soviet union?
I'm not telling 'em,
call Beckmeyer in Los
Angeles and get his opinion,
he's damn good at unexplained...
...phenomenon, he knows how... deal with the white
house and this weird shit.
Weird shit, I've got a weird feeling.
No, fear.
The film you're about...
to see was taken in Australia
in 1905 by my grandfather.
It was his last anthropological expedition.
He disappeared in the
outback without a trace.
But, the film was found, and
it's an amazing document.
The striking thing about it,
is the wolf mask on the
woman in the ritual,
it is so realistic compared
to the tribe's other masks,
we don't know how they created it.
That uh, will be all for today, thank you.
There will be no class tomorrow,
I have to go to Washington.
You know I've always...
...wanted to meet you Beckmeyer.
I wanted to ask you,
about the Shroud of Turin.
- Yes Mr. president?
- Is it a god-damned...
...polaroid of Jesus Christ or what?
At the moment I believe, or what.
- Oh.
- The evidence is, uh...
Why are we, being filmed?
Uh, don't let it bother you Beckmeyer,
we're now recording everything
here for future generations.
Please go on.
Uh... We possess...
Yeah, oh come on now, come
on now, spit it out Beckmeyer.
We possess evidence...
...that werewolves, exist.
- Werewolves?
- Yes sir, the creature,
is not a myth, but a living species.
Where, for gods sake?
In the Soviet union, sir,
- And also...
- Yeah uh look,
look Beckmeyer, I am as
anti-communist as the next man...
...but this is preposterous.
Now is this some kind of stupid joke?
No sir, I certainly can
understand your skepticism.
Natural freaks are born all the time!
Now this doesn't prove anything.
I don't think this thing was human.
Do the Soviets know that
we are into this crap?
Maybe, we're not too sure.
These things exist in one other place.
Australia has a unique natural history,
marsupial mammals evolved there that are...
...they have all sorts of
natural freaks down there,
mohnotremes like the platypus that,
lays eggs but suckles its young,
- and there are also...
- Beckmeyer.
You, are as crazy as your
grandfather ever was.
You are going to end up like him,
steak tartare for head hunters!
Okay, okay, uh, uh, just
turn that thing off please.
What do you mean, steak tartare?
Raw, meat.
Well it's great to be home.
It's good to see you, at last!
I've got to get some hard evidence.
Well there mightn't be any.
There's got to be!
There's been sightings in
Russia, sightings here!
They drink a lot of vodka over there,
and a lot of beer here.
When did you turn into a conservative?
After I discovered
that the Browning film of...
...a supposed ufo was
actually a film of a condom...
...filled with dog shit and a flashlight.
Well you can't win 'em all mate!
Thylo wants to see you!
No, he hurt me last time.
You must see him, you
must show him your respect!
I hate him, I hate all of you!
You must do as you're told!
Leave me alone.
I will buy you a Sony walkman...
...if you behave yourself Jerboa.
Just keep your filthy hands off me!
Don't be afraid of me my child,
I want to help you.
I don't need any help.
You should not run away from home.
I don't like home.
Why child?
Because my stepfather tried to rape me...
...and he's a werewolf.
Hello sweetie, you lost your shoes?
I never had any.
Oh, leave her alone, she's only a kid!
Oh, shut up you pig!
Listen, if you want to have a bit of fun,
I'll give you me stereo.
Compact disk!
Oh, Mother of God!
hey, hey!
Don't be frightened!
Don't touch me!
Look, I don't want to hurt
you, I want to offer you a job!
- A job?
- Yeah
I'm an assistant director on a film,
well it's a horror movie,
called Shape Shifters, Part VIII!
We need a girl like you, you're perfect,
You're... you're beautiful and wild looking!
- Why?
- Look...
It won't be much money but it's something!
Please, we, we, we,
you're perfect for this!
Hey, you need some shoes.
Let's... let's get you to
the set and cleaned up!
I'm a... my name is Donny Martin.
Two first names?
What's yours?
Jerboa Jerboa.
Hey, does it ever snow on the opera house?
No, why?
Just wondering.
How will we find the little bitch?
Bahloo will get her scent!
She can smell a wallaby 10 miles away.
I've got her scent already.
She sat right here.
Do you really want to be an actress?
- No.
- Good.
I like a woman with brains.
I think I can smell a talent here.
Can you act like an animal?
- Yes.
- You'll be perfect darling.
You know this movie's about, pop culture,
in the '60s Andy Warhol showed us how pop...
...could be high art, in fact
everything is high art.
That's what this is all about.
For example, in your first scene...
you'll be gang raped by four monsters.
Oh, I like a person with vivaciousness.
She'll be fine, Donny.
Uh, ready in half an hour dear.
What's so funny?
They don't look like that.
- What do you mean?
- Nothing.
Jack likes you.
He's one of the best
horror directors around.
What's a horror director?
Haven't you ever seen
a horror movie before?
They're great!
They didn't have movies
in the town I come from.
What's it called?
Never heard of it.
Look, tonight I'll take you to a movie.
How are you feeling big boy?
Can I do anything for 'ya?
God damn!
What the hell happened to you?
I'm gonna call a police officer!
Oh my God!
It doesn't happen like that.
How does it happen?
Holy shit!
I'll show you later.
You know that movie we saw?
And you said,
it doesn't happen like that.
- Yeah.
- What did you mean?
Turns you, into...
the moon doesn't do it.
It's always like that... the movies.
It's wrong.
How would you know?
Are you a werewolf?
But I don't want to be.
Why don't you take this off.
Make love to me again Donny!
We've examined this stuff every which way!
My colleagues tell me, it's
unlikely it could be a mask,
but in my humble opinion...
So, the old man was
really onto something?
Have you any idea yet,
where they filmed this?
Not a clue.
It was a long time ago,
it's really hard to trace.
I've got to find some tangible evidence.
What you need, is a smoking gun!
What I need is a werewolf,
holding a smoking gun.
Can't you get the Russians
to cooperate on this?
Eh, show us what they've got!
I always thought Stalin
was a bit of a werewolf.
Oh, look they're making a film over there.
Oh, yeah.
No the climate isn't
right for cooperation.
There's been a rash of
defections to the west,
scientists, artists, key citizens.
Arms talks have broken down again.
The last thing the White
House is going to ask for
is information on werewolves.
I see what you mean!
Look at this!
She's got guts.
She's a great dancer!
Her choreographer invited
me to a rehearsal!
- Want to come along?
- Hmm?
Hey wait a minute,
one minute you're
talking about defections,
and now this!
It's synchronicity.
There's no such thing as coincidence.
Earth to Beckmeyer.
Earth to Beckmeyer.
Do you read me, over?
No, we have to start again, I'm sorry!
- You okay?
- Yes.
- How was it?
- Marvelous darling,
You'll be our next Kathleen Turner!
Now that's a wrap everybody,
thanks very much!
Don't forget the party tonight!
Fancy dress, and make it grisly,
remember it's a full moon bash!
Could we do another take?
I think I could do it better than that.
My dear, I can assure you,
that that scene...
was as good as anything
that Janet Leigh did... the shower in Psycho.
Just one more, please?
My, we are turning into a
little monster, aren't we?
- What's up?
- The light!
The light!
Stay with me!
Oh, take it easy J, I love you, mmm!
Love me now, come on!
Hurry love me Donny, hurry!
I'm hurrying!
Jesus Christ!
Darlings, you look divine!
Come in and mingle!
- Oh...
- Mmm...
Such fun!
I love you!
Come on, I'll take you to the hospital.
We'll take her there sir, she's all right.
This is amazing.
Nurse, get Professor Sharp down here, fast!
Seal off the hospital.
Seal off the hospital?
She could be an alien.
- Beckmeyer?
- Sharp?
Meet me at the general hospital.
They found a girl with
an extraordinary anatomy.
I'll come right over.
Dr. Dingar, please go to
Reception. Her condition is stable.
The doctor asked me to tell you to go home
and you can see her in the morning.
- She's okay?
- Stable.
There's nothing you can do to help now.
I love her you know.
Get some rest.
If there's any development, I'll call you.
Why all the police?
Routine security.
Dr. Adams, wanted in ward two.
We'll take the x-rays later.
Was there any internal damage?
No, she got a nasty concussion.
Just look at this.
It's quite beautiful.
There's massive hormonal
activity going on there.
I think she's pregnant.
It's like nothing we've ever seen!
The internal organs are
going five times faster...
...than any normal person's.
Gentlemen, by all accounts,
she should be dead.
That's the understatement of the night.
I feel as if rod serling's
going to appear at any second.
What do you think Beckmeyer?
I wonder how many more of
them there are out there.
Mean that there's possibly more of them?
I don't, I don't...
...necessarily think that there's
going to be any more of them,
- Oh. come on,
- Just because we've seen...
...some of them... Come on, Sharp!
Now look, have you ever...
...seen, you saw the pouch,
you actually, touched it.
- I touched the pouch.
- Did you feel the texture,
She was an amazing...
...piece of anatomy!
Do you realize what this means, Sharp?
A new species of human!
This is gonna be the greatest...
...scientific discovery of all time!
A live, alien species!
A ss-sss,
marsupial human, that
has evolved in secrecy,
simultaneously with our species.
It raises its young in a pouch.
In a pouch, for Christ sake!
Look, we want to help
her Donny, not hurt her!
Any information at all will help us,
and help you find her.
They lied to me at the hospital.
Now look, I'm a scientist, not a cop.
We need the police to
help us track her down,
now you know that, be realistic.
I don't know much at all, really!
I found her in a park!
I just, fell in love with, her.
I just took one look at here and...
Did she say where she came from?
A town called f-flow.
I... I never heard of it but
it must be real small,
she'd never seen a movie.
Donny, did you have sex with her?
Was it, normal?
Give me a break!
Her anatomy and metabolism
are totally different... ours Donny, please,
answer the question.
It was, normal.
When we examined her, we found she was... a very early stage of pregnancy.
How early?
We don't exactly know
because of her metabolism.
Could be a matter of days.
You could conceivably be the father.
Oh, my God...
Look, I've got to find her!
Please, you've got to help me!
When we found her, examined her,
she was in a very early
stage of pregnancy.
- How early?
- We don't exactly know,
because of her metabolism, it could be,
a matter of days.
You could conceivably be the father.
Oh, my God...
Look, I... I've got to find her!
Please, you've got to help me!
You have no right to tell me what to do!
- Bullshit!
- Take her away!
Don't leave her alone!
I don't think I should dance tonight.
I feel, strange...
No change.
I think you can do the performance.
Are you receiving?
I get a vibration!
I get an image!
I see a face!
Is he the one?
I don't see the attraction.
He is so primitive!
You understand nothing!
Five minutes to rehearsal!
Come on!
- Mmm...
- Come on!
They're waiting for rehearsal!
She's stunning.
She's really strong!
Took a lot of men to catch whatever it is!
Can you tell us who you are?
Let me go!
Don't shoot!
She can't hurt you, relax!
Power failure!
Sorry mate.
This whole area has been sealed off.
We have authorization.
Let 'em through.
What's going on in there?
There's a pack of marsupial
werewolves on the loose.
Any relation to the flying kangaroos?
Looks like this place is really jumping.
- Oh!
- Jeez!
Want to put a shrimp on the barbie?
Christ mate, you scared us!
Scared some soldiers before,
the bastards nearly shot me!
Um, not another idiot!
I've had bloody idiots asking me all day...
...if I'd seen wolfmen!
well this whole area is sealed off.
Where's your mate going?
What's going on Kendi?
These mugs are looking for wolfmen!
That foreign sailor'd waken up!
He's still asleep.
What was that?
None of your bloody business, sport!
We plan to go in at dawn.
Look, this is an incredible
opportunity to study... alien species, please,
try to minimize casualties.
We'll minimize.
Don't get emotional, Beckmeyer,
too many people have died already!
But how many of them have
we killed over the years?
They're nearly extinct!
What do you think Kendi?
They're bloody evil mate!
- I agree.
- Oh, come on, Rambo!
Where's your scientific spirit?
I think they're dangerous.
Evolutionary freaks.
Is he... Is it a boy or a girl?
He's beautiful!
We've got to get out of
here while it's still dark,
the whole area's full
of soldiers and cops!
How did you find me?
I was drawn to you,
I sensed you were close!
We'll never be separated again.
I thought you'd hate me
when you found out what I was!
I love you.
We've got to get out of here now!
Why did you come here?
You have no right.
Why are you hunting us?
- Don't talk to them!
- Hold him men, hold...
Olga, my only interest is to help you!
But the killings have turned
this into something different.
Do you understand?
We kill to protect ourselves!
You've been killing us
for thousands of years!
What choice do we have?
We are human like you.
All you know is destroy and maim!
You're a pig!
Hold on tight!
Olga, you are another species of life!
It frightens people, they
don't understand what you are.
I can help you, if you'll help me.
You give me some answers,
and you cooperate with us.
You let use examine you,
let us put you under hypnosis,
and we'll see if we can get those answers.
Where did you come from?
Where did you come from?
From the snow.
What are you Olga?
I, I am...
A lycanthrope.
What do you think that is?
I am part human,
part wolf.
How did that come to be?
I don't understand!
How did you come to be
part human, and part wolf?
It is the way, it has always been.
But, there is a story...
Go on, what is that story?
You can never go back Donny,
you're one of us now.
What do you think they did to my family, Kendi?
Probably killed 'em,
cut 'em up to see how they change.
Yara, and Bahloo and Goolah?
All of 'em were taken away.
We may be the only survivors.
You've got to be careful,
there are hunters still around.
What's that?
That's a camera.
What's so funny, Thylo?
How did you know that Olga was your mate?
My mum told me a woman
would come from the north.
How did your mother know this?
Uh, the stars told her.
What did the stars say?
That I, I-I would get laid by a foreigner!
That this woman would
come from another tribe...
...of our people and she would
be new blood for our tribe!
Thylo, I want to ask you something else,
about when you change.
How do you turn yourself
into your animal self?
I just think about it, and it happens.
If, if I get mad sometimes it'll happen.
If, if we're... if we're frightened we change,.
Flashing lights can make us, like animals.
Strobing lights cause epileptics to have fits!
No, uh... No, no, no, uh,
- no, no...
- The straps will hold you,
Please show us!
Turn it off!
Careful, Beckmeyer!
According to these readings he should be dead!
He's sucking energy in!
Stop Beckmeyer!
This has gone far enough!
Look at that!
Look, Sharp!
Sharp, get the tranquilizer gun!
Tranquilizer gun!
Sharp, for Christ sake, hurry up!
Sharp, Sharp!
Sharp, for heaven's sake where are you?
Are you all right Harry?
Harry, Harry are you all right?
Harry, are you okay?
Oh shit!
I'm okay.
You may be one of them now!
No way, it's gotta take more than a bite.
Exchange of bodily fluids, no I'm okay.
I'm glad you're so confident!
Look at those stripes!
They're identical to the
markings of the tasmanian wolf!
The thylacine!
One of the few marsupial carnivores.
Jerboa had markings,
but these are definitive!
Thylacinus cynocephalus.
They're extinct.
This last one was...
...filmed in 1933,
no confirmed sightings since then.
Our friend...
...calls himself Thylo.
What happened to them?
There was a scalp bounty for them...
in tasmania, they slaughtered
them, wiped them out.
They started killing them in 1888.
By 1910 there weren't many left.
Well, I think we just
found one of their relatives.
Do you know what this is?
- Yes.
- What is it?
We were born from him.
He's the phantom.
He's the lion, the tiger, the hyena.
- And the wolf.
- How were you born from him?
When the hunters killed him,
his spirit came into us.
He's in us now.
We are him.
What do you make of that, Sharp?
Not much.
The ramblings of a genetic
mutant on psychedelic drugs.
What the hell's the matter with you Sharp?
Can't you see the point of
nurturing a species like this?
Don't preach to me Harry!
You sound bloody ridiculous!
What are you talking about?
You're getting obsessed!
This phylum and whatever
it is... Is a freak!
That's all there is too it!
We are scientists Sharp,
that's our first responsibility!
We have to find out why!
I liked it better when it
was unexplained phenomena.
We believe that these creatures are...
...more than extremely dangerous.
Now before you say anything, Beckmeyer,
we understand the scientific significance...
...of studying them however we are of...
...the opinion they should
be wiped out completely.
- That is outrageous!
- Now before you go off...
...the deep end Beckmeyer, hear us out.
We've been delving into our records and,
we've found some remarkable information.
General forster?
The British started...
...killing them in Tasmania in 1888,
under direct orders from Queen Victoria.
A year later, President Harrison...
...also gave the order to the us army,
that they should be eliminated.
There was a total secrecy
imposed on the operation.
To quote, an earlier document.
The nature of these beasts is... alarming that public
panic would ensue...
...if their existence was
believed to be real.
Consequently we urge that
no information be revealed,
about this dreadful threat to humanity.
And what was the outcome
of these, operations?
Around 1910, according to records... London and in Washington,
the creatures were believed to be extinct.
The pope believed they were
a satanic manifestation...
...and asked both governments... keep the matter secret for all time.
The files were locked away,
and the matter buried.
We asked the Vatican to confirm...
...our information in its archives.
Confirmation arrived this morning.
You're not suggesting that they are,
a satanic manifestation?
No, but the historical records
are enough to convince us...
...that we should complete the operations.
I'll have to speak to the president.
No that won't be necessary.
The president has given me the authority... take charge of this situation.
You, will report to me.
Here's my authorization.
This is back to the middle ages, Sharp!
I think they may be right.
What if these things go on a rampage?
Safety first, experiments later.
Next, we'll be burning witches!
I'm a rational man, I'm not
superstitious, I'm an atheist,
but this thing scares
me, deep down in the gut!
This is not the Shroud of Turin,
nor the Face of Cydonia on Mars!
These things kill people!
We need more answers, I'm not stopping now!
Thylo is a different kind
of lycanthrope to you?
Oh yes.
- He's marsupial.
- Do you know
what a marsupial is?
Of course.
The young are born in embryonic condition.
They travel to the pouch,
and grow in there, it
helps them to survive!
Because, when the mother
was hunted and killed,
the newborn had a chance.
When my tribe was hunted, the
newborn never had a chance!
So, is your tribe in Russia,
and thylo's tribe here?
Are there any others?
In Africa, and China.
Anywhere else?
Maybe California, I don't know.
- Please, please, please...
- What, what...
- Please, please!
- What, what, what?
- What, hmm?
- Will you help us?
Will you help us,
to get our freedom, please?
- Please?
- Olga, Olga!
- Help us!
- When you wake...
...from this hypnosis,
I want you to tell Thylo... stay calm and do exactly what I say.
I'm going to help you escape.
But you must do what I tell you.
Hey, what are you doing?
Donny, there's someone there...
Let's go!
She's the bloody freak!
- You sure mate?
- Yeah.
Thy should have shot the man.
Yeah, well, let's get some more help.
We've got to hurry!
We'll go down the fire stairs.
My car is at the...
...back of the building.
I don't believe you should be murdered.
I hope you can help the others.
I'll try and do the best I can.
Ah, maybe Beckmeyer's... of them.
No way!
I've known him for years!
He still hasn't changed.
He's just a pain in the ass.
Well we're gonna give
him a pain in the ass.
That's right.
Were sending in an omega team.
Isn't that overkill?
Hang on!
There's something there!
Hey, now get back mate!
- I'll be damned.
- Ah it's a...
- Shit! We shot Sydney.
- It's no werewolf.
- My ass.
- Just a bloody 'roo.
Why do you always do that?
Sorry, I've been following you for a bit.
We heard guns, we're going
into the high country to hide.
I heard 'em too.
I came to find you.
They got a good black tracker with them!
You've gotta move fast!
Jerboa, last night a phantom
came to me in my dream.
It was eer-moo-nin!
He was angry, and said
he was gonna kill people!
He said, Kendi, be very careful,
there's danger everywhere!
Hey, stop shaking, it's okay,
it's only a dream.
The phantom always...
...comes in dreams first.
Then he really comes to life.
I don't, I don't believe in ghosts.
Did you believe in werewolves?
Now, kissee kisse now?
Get moving!
I'll see you later.
See 'ya Kendi.
We lost 'em.
Over and out.
What do you think that was?
That's just dust.
Looked like a bloody big dog to me!
Ah, bullshit!
Look at this!
Looks like a paw print!
Hey, you're just spooked!
That could be anything.
In fact, it's one of those large wombats,
the one with the big wings?
You never mentioned this... phantom before.
We believe he created us.
He once was a man who
loved a beautiful wolf.
They had children, half-wolf
and half-human, us.
When he died he turned into a big wolf
and visited us in our dreams.
A man can't have children, with a wolf.
Why not?
A water rat took a duck for a wife.
That's how the platypus was born.
That sounds like a Kendi story.
It's a true story Donny.
Yeah well if he's around,
I hope the phantom is on our side.
sometimes he is.
Sometimes he isn't.
G'day, Smith.
How are 'ya?
Good to see you alive.
Where are the others?
- In cages.
- Bastards!
Where's Kendi?
Gone to warn Jerboa.
There's a hunting party after her.
The police are after us.
Your best chance is to go bush.
You better come with us.
Take these with you for comfort.
Can I ask you, are you, um...
I'm Thylo"s cousin, by
marriage, once removed.
Good luck!
Help me!
Change me!
Hey look!
This looks bad, we should go back.
We want to catch them by dark.
Hey, this is a sign of an evil spirit!
Eh-eh, he'll kill us, we should go back!
We'll give you 20 bucks extra, Jacko.
Oh, how am I gonna spend
20 bucks when I'm dead?
I'll give 'ya 50 bucks!
Hey, listen.
I'd say the big fella heard.
Hear him?
That's the mining company,
- Jacko!
- It's not the bloody mining company!
It's eer-moo-nin!
I'm going home.
Who the bloody hell's eer-moo-nin?
Aw, he's this giant monster ape!
Huge ape, you know he's got
long teeth, really long!
And you know what, could you imagine?
He's got one tooth, and
you put one tooth down,
in your mouth, it'll
come out of your asshole!
- No shit!
- That does it for me!
- I'm going.
- Me too.
Hey, whatever you do,
don't look behind you!
If you hear a noise eh, it'll be him!
See if you turn around, he'll kill ya,
he'll eat you even slower,
and I mean slow.
Um, really slow.
Come on, we've got
four hours till sundown!
Thy can track them!
These tracks are fresh.
They're almost smelly.
Hey, look out!
Jerboa, Jerboa!
- Jerboa!
- Come on quickly!
The phantom got inside me.
Don't talk.
I tried to fight 'em.
Jerboa and the little one.
You'll turn into a river Kendi,
and then a rainbow, and
then you'll be a mountain!
No way!
I'm just gonna die!
Stop staring at me!
Beckmeyer, take this boy
back to the city with you.
Don't be ridiculous.
Thylo, they can't go back.
Get out of here!
You can't speak to him like that!
Stay out of this Jerboa!
I'll use this if you force me!
This is not your fight.
We're all in danger, Thylo!
We can't afford to start
fighting amongst ourselves!
I love Jerboa, and nothing
is going to separate us!
Leave them alone, Thylo.
Thylo, come back!
Oh, shit!
Get it off me!
Go on!
I don't think we
should wait much longer.
You go, I'll wait.
We can't leave you Olga.
It's too dangerous, you
don't know the bush.
Do you think he'll be able to find us?
We can't leave you here
Olga and we can't stay!
I'll come.
Help me, eer-moo-nin!
Help me, help me change!
Give me the strength!
Help me change into the big one!
You okay in there?
I'm all right!
How are you?
You all right?
You all right?
Hey, you all right?
Sir, I initially agreed with your policy.
But in the name of humanity
I beg you, stop the killings.
These things aren't human.
They are at least half-human.
Any trace of Beckmeyer yet?
No sir, I think he fell in love,
with the Russian werewolf.
Oh, was it female?
Well, thank Christ for that.
You have been so good to me and...
Well, we had to make a go of it.
Well, it's more than that.
More than that?
I think I love you.
He's gone forever.
And I don't think I ever loved him.
It's a beautiful view.
- Let's walk.
- You gonna walk?
I'd like to go back to the city.
You can't go back.
Jerboa and I have decided,
and we want to try.
We can change our looks
and, and our identities,
and start a new life.
That would be crazy mate!
If they found out about Jerboa,
which they would eventually,
she'd be, well you know what it was like.
Well we can't stay out here
for the rest of our lives!
Don't do it, it's too dangerous.
Not if we're really careful.
And what would you do?
Get back into the movies.
Come here my boy!
Good luck!
We will miss you.
You too.
You look after yourself.
- Good luck with the movies.
- Thank you.
Goodbye Jerboa.
Aw, we'll miss you.
- Goodbye sweetie.
- Good luck with the movies.
- Don't forget us!
- Goodbye!
Come on Zach.
Are you sure you don't
want to go with them?
Let's get something to eat.
Dr. Beckmeyer, I presume?
My God!
I never gave up on finding you.
How did you find us?
Small newspaper article,
about a ballet teacher.
It had to be Olga.
I figured if it was,
she'd know what happened to you.
God it's good to see vou, Sharp.
Look, you can come back, all is forgiven!
What are you talking about?
Well, briefly what happened is this.
Those generals began executing lycanthropes.
It was witch burning.
It made me sick!
I reached the president,
begged him to stop.
Then the Pope came out,
and said that lycanthropes
weren't the devil's work
and that we were all god's children.
He declared an amnesty.
The president endorsed it.
Is all this true?
Or am I dreaming?
No sir, you are definitely not.
Harry, you're a a hero.
And Jerboa and Donny?
I was going to ask you about them.
Well they left here about 15 years ago.
We haven't heard or seen of them since.
We'll find them.
Harry, it's all over.
Do you understand?
It's all over.
Truth is always strange.
And there are more things
in heaven and earth,
Horatio, than you can shake a boomerang at.
I want to shoot that scene again.
Why, I didn't think there
was anything wrong with it?
I want you to do it again,
and I want you to put in more sex.
- Sex.
- Yeah.
Is that what you think
that scene's about?
Yes, that's what that scene's about,
it's what every scene is about!
This girl is breaking down
in the middle of the city
in rush hour, and you
think it needs more sex?
Don't you trust me?
Do I ever steer you wrong?
Is the final product not always perfect?
Do you know why the final product
- Is always right?
- Why is it?
- Come on.
- Because fifty percent...
...of the final product is me!
Look, this is very passionate,
why don't you just save it for
in front of the camera, all right?
Okay, I will.
When do you want to shoot it?
that was eight years ago,
when Sharp found us.
Since then I've been teaching here,
and lecturing on my experience
all over the world.
- Yes?
- Professor Beckmeyer,
did you ever find Jerboa and Denny?
No, no, we never did.
Well that will be all for today.
Oh Thursday's lecture topic will be
the future of Darwinism, thank you all.
Your face is very familiar.
H-have we met before?
Long time ago.
I'm the son of Jerboa and Donny.
My, uh...
I can't believe...
Do you realize what this means, Sharp?
A new species of human.
This has got to be...
...the greatest scientific
discovery of all time!
A live, alien species,
a marsupial human, which has...
...evolved in secrecy,
simultaneously with our species.
It raises its young in a pouch.
In a pouch for Christ sake!
Go on, I've got so many
questions to ask you,
I don't know where to start!
Where are your parents?
They're here in Los Angeles.
They changed their identities and looks
a long time ago and they stayed that way.
My mother gets enough attention nowadays
without revealing she's a marsupial human.
She's now known as Loretta Carson.
- The actress?
- Yeah, and dad's...
...a big director, Sully Spellenberg.
They told me to contact you.
I'd like to see them.
You can start by watching
television tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen,
distinguished guests,
it's a very great honor
for me to be presenting,
this wonderful award.
Very great honor, it's
lovely to be here too,
wherever, that may be.
All I'd like to say to all those nominees
for best actress, it's
not playing the game,
it's the winning that counts.
And now the moment we've
all been waiting for,
and this is a tense moment too!
The winner of the Best Actress award is,
Loretta Carson!
There are so many people...
...I'd like to thank... husband Sully, and my son Zach.
This was a very hard film to make,
but we all believed in it.
We all believed it was important to make.
Oh, no...
Oh, no!
Is there a doctor in the house?
- No!
- No!
Heavens above!