Howling V: The Rebirth (1989) Movie Script

Everyone is dead.
The baby?
God forgives
There is no other solution n.
The damage is done.
Est you ready?
Baby, it's impossible.
One of them died in vain.
Excuse me.
I know you?
Sorry, I thought that we had known.
You est Gail Cameron
I am David Gillespie
I did a series
pictures for you ...
Rolling Stone.
If, at the time where I am
my nervous breakdown.
Also, I do not think
have not been paid.
What to do now?
I did plsuieurs
tempting proposals, but ...
I do not want to suffer
that kind of pressure n ...
- I write for my own pleasure.
- I'm into account.
I spent quite some time
to cover the stories of others.
Thank you.
This free seat?
- Sorry, this is free?
- Not anymore.
I'm Jonathan Lane.
The tennis player.
It is good to have a hobby.
My name is Marylou Summers.
No, it's my job.
Sorry, you
not have a real job.
I play tennis.
It's good to have an interest
when looking for work.
Now that we are familiar fact,
Tell me what you do.
I'm an actress.
And you work in a restaurant.
C mo you know I
works in a restaurant ...?
you are a psychic?
There is a bit of that.
No one takes me seriously
Always Bimbo roles.
I think it takes a lot
talent to play airhead.
Exactly, it is difficult
Richard, why do not you want
I arrived at the castle with you?
Not up to me.
I had the opportunity to be part
nine people drawn.
You could refuse to see
I could not come.
And denied the opportunity to visit
closed for 5 centuries castle.
I will be back at the hotel tonight.
Excuse the Hamilton sir.
For you.
- What is?
- Open it.
Ms. Spenson.Par here please.
Look at me, thanks.
Who is this?
I think it's Scandinavian actress.
Disc lpeme for a moment my heart n.
What brings you to Budapest?
I was invited to return to
ouveture a castle.
- Me you're not gonna believe?
- No.
I saw an ad in a magazine ...
Mr. please
They pray estn here.
His book should be
really exciting.
A vodka martini
with lim n peel.
No. Vodka with lim n peel.
I do not get it.
Vodka with shelled lim n.
Voila. She wants it.
If I need you, I'll call you.
Sorry my love.
And I'm not your love.
No, you are not a n pretty at all.
- You no luck with women.
- Do not worry.
A lost ten found.
I always feel for me.
Sometimes it's hard to trust people.
- Mr. Price, and to wait outside.
- Thank you my pretty. She is fine.
- Not be made
- Good morning.
- Your bag is Miss Spenson.
- Miss Spenson.
- Yes.
I have the honor to wish
Welcome to Budapest.
I am the Count Istvan Basoli.
You is considered in this country
as the queen of European cinema.
I'm flattered, Earl.
I regret having s simple because
that will lead to the castle.
This will be perfect.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I help you?
- Thanks.
I'll take her purse.
It is very nice.
You must believe that
I have it all planned.
Yes, even you
It is very strong.
I'm glad you are.
It seems that fate
rapporche spite of ourselves.
A curse n.
Hello Ladies and ores are
I am your anfitri n Count Istvan.
I think a missing person.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Sit.
The time had come.
- David
- Yes?
That would come in Hungary
even if they were not invited?
I had never thought of.
It's funny, I never doubted
I would like to be selected.
This is strange.
The choice n my beloved destination.
It is extraordinary that
ests us.
You've seen my movies.
Yes. I love all
those old movies.
The castle remained intact.
Despite all wars,
escaped looting and is very secluded.
The history of this castle
I is shrouded in mystery.
You will be the first to enter
in the castle after 5 centuries.
- Continue
- We got something.
- You see anything?
- Nothing.
An animal cross the road.
Here Peter and Susan.
They take care of you.
Unfortunately not speak
not English.
Hi, I'm Marylou Summers,
nice to meet you.
They do not understand English.
I am very happy to meet you.
I suggest that after lunch
visited outside the castle.
To keep your bag?
If I have something that changes my case.
- C m going back to the hotel?
- With the autob s.
nete other.
They pray and pray,
I see that all is well.
Be served lunch
in the Great Salt n the part
bottom of the ladder
the living botulinum.
You can visit first?
If, of course,
but beware
Remember that this castle is in the
IT same condition n 500 years ago.
Excuse me.
And here we are abandoned.
To answer your question,
This castle has a past. And this
past has been deliberately concealed.
What do you mean?
This is still a theory ...
The first impression is n
often left.
I think people conform to the
image they want to give the dems ...
And when this is not the case,
that is because they have the wrong image.
No, I do not agree with that.
Appearances do not deceive an.
In this country, customs and traditions
were determined by supertitions ...
dating from the tenth century
boyez you and I'm sure ...
It was in Transylvania.
It all starts here, there
a thousand of years in Hungary ...
herds of wild wolves
spread terror throughout the region n.
And the legend says the country
I was under the influence of Satan ...
tom day that a human appearance
and joined the wolves at night.
The demon was a werewolf.
That's incredible.
The single Menci n the devil made him
considered a demonic petre ...
so the theme was tab
and everyone evit talk.
Wolves were exterminated
but fear remained.
A n today some farmers
consider that some disappearances ...
are labor
People every PERFORMANCE an paper
as I do on screen
and play that role for the person
want to influence.
Yes, but ... an intelligent person
is the illusion n.
We can say that the
Christian religion is n
n based on superstition
and fear of the devil.
For example, make a
No profession of Christian faith
also supported the
existence of the devil.
This is wrong, this is not fear
That makes me a Christian,
I was born a believer.
What I mean is that the teacher
Christianity is based on fear.
Not in America anyway.
No singing their songs,
but still it is written, right?
If I write a lot.
- I do not get it?
I have not found anything about this castle.
No file, no traces.
We know it was built in the 12th
and was occupied until the 15th.
But then, nothing.
It is as if it never existed.
And you is convinced that
this gap in history is deliberate?
Precisely and directly linked
events have been ...
the reason for abandoning the castle.
Must go back 500 years.
We are no longer
in the Middle Ages seems.
- I'll have another drink.
- I took one too.
If an event considered
demonic happened here ...
it is unacceptable
remains ...
Or Superstition
be pushed to ridiculous.
Do you think that is or Price?
What I think of what?
Apparitions. people
estn are really like?
For example, he or Price
you look like a man who obeys ...
a purely primal need.
It is possible, but confirms that no
means your hip thesis.
The first time I saw you,
I thought you were good.
Excuse me.
It really is a incorrigble.
I do not think so.
I find it charming.
A real arpia this peak catherine
- If we're going out.
- Yes.
It may well be,
but there is a secret here.
And we have the opportunity
from the submission of
exhibitions why
persone entered here ...?
- ... For more than 500 years.
- The reason n can be very simple.
They can be lost
the key to the front door.
It is so serious.
Yes, but I think his
theory of meaning.
- The sun will not last.
- No.
Marylou and she managed
increase your network?
No ... I did a double fault.
I think attacked too.
It is possible.
This crazy and wonder
but sometimes it's real.
I recognize that this is
perfect in its kind.
A nde d you go?
- I'll do a little exploration n.
- Soon to be ready.
I have not really hungry, I'm ms
desentra ar curious mystery.
- I wonder what was referring.
- I do not know.
But I bet we will not
delay from its research n.
I'm hungry.
I feel that the teacher
knows more than he says.
I find it quite extra or.
I do not believe in mystery.
He is a historian, s it is compatible with
not a place no history.
I think I'll go
I put on jeans.
You mean go
ponte pants wool ...?
, Exactly!
- I'll go for a walk.
- You should try a more subtle approach.
- You know the subtlety of California ...?
Asked the girl if she prefers tea
or coffee for small or lunch.
- You hear that?
- Than that?
- Oi a funny noise.
- It is my mage, I have hunger.
I am going to eat,
we find later.
Well, goodbye.
Hi ...
Is there someone?
You see. C mo change there.
What is done is very rude.
You entered someone into the room n
while I was there?
Not, they all being estn
explore the castle.
You stayed in
HOTEL ROOM n all the time?
I think I'll go see
d Where's the food?
Not coming?
No, I will finish my first drink.
I will join you.
, Let me out!
Thank my God.
They locked me.
- A great scene.
- Yes, but I had to die.
But I told the director that
this was not dying ...
on page 68 that won an Oscar.
I do not know
you had an Oscar for it.
It should have one.
And t were a rock star?
- That was my dream or
- Seriously, I've never heard ...
This is a generational cuesti n.
There was nothing to do.
Time to force the door,
all were dead.
You say that all
world was dead?
Yes. Three generations
an entire family, including the servants.
Nobody Bronco.
We talked about suicide,
murder. nobody knows.
The Prince Regent order
Castle is definitely doomed.
And I remained closed for 500 years.
Personenne know what you pas?
It was one of the families
the most powerful in Europe.
It is believed that the wise principe
raz n, but anyway ...
wear their golden crow with him to his grave.
You have a report there? ...
Approaching the subject
was sentenced to death.
After a century,
history was
forgotten and castle
cay in the dark.
Why reopen?
Nothing more than other countries in Latin
appleriez a publicity stunt.
It's a little hard to believe.
Why should not they talk?
We'll know soon
the teacher is in the act.
Did you say?
The teacher is
trying to solve the mystery.
He had not spoken before.
This is so important.
Excuse me.
I would have done better to remain silent.
I think it is concerned,
the master is lost.
C mo lose, s has
shouting and is found.
this is not the case.
These walls are so thick
No sound can not pass through.
She said you should try
make movies.
It's funny, but I do not know why my
Extra castle that looked familiar ously.
There are many castle
which resembles to Europe.
Exact, I visited hundreds
during the last day of celebration.
They pray and pray,
I have bad news is learned.
Consider that teacher Dawson
was to leave the castle ...
malheureusemetn violent
S Blizzard has increased.
Is zero visibility.
It is imperative to search.
I do not can. We lose
if you leave the castle.
We can
stay here and do nothing.
Peter has organized several lamps
read on the walls.
But blizzard while continuing
We can do nothing for him.
Yes, but you can die of cold.
I'm sure to find shelter.
Think of it as not the teacher.
It seems as if no, he left.
Believe me, I repent
what just happened.
I'm sure
is safe and sound.
If you'll excuse.
I feel like spending the night here.
His wife not be happy.
Excuse me, if we
night here'll see our rooms.
There seems to washrooms,
you want to try?
Anyone want to take a bath
Jonathan and me?
No, I'll pass.
, No thanks
I need to clean my camera!
Sorry Ray
Want a drink with me
on top?
If, of course.
Get the.
If she Meets us?
not even know it is there.
However, it is in the same hotel.
S so there will be a change
hotel when we arrived in Budapest.
Richard Ests crazy.
You followed me with
your wife, do you think?
I have not followed up here.
I do not even know
you were in Hungary.
I thought it was
you who have followed me.
What you did to me,
c mo can say that I am t?
Sorry for that, Catherine.
I know I still love you.
And specifically what
you do, you're going to tell?
I'm trying.
Well, I'll help you move
n in the correct direction.
If you have not taken its decision before
leave this castle ...
I who carry it for you
and I can say that it will become final.
- The snowstorm was announced.
- What?
Conde said it was unexpected
but I have a telex to the hotel announced.
- And so?
- We're hiding something.
I have no idea
what you mean.
Hit something with the autob s.
And when the driver
and Count competed.
Y s is the SalI autob.
It is not possible. This autob s has
that bring us back to the hotel.
I've heard of.
And that's not all.
I feel a presence
extra or in this castle.
Someone entr into the room n
while I changed.
I do not understand anything,
try was more clear.
I tell you it happens
something weird here ...
and wise teacher
and is why it disappeared.
- It's a trap.
- Clmate.
Having imagination is good n ...
but you make a scandal
You have no proof.
Master, who has not left the castle.
His coat was in the cloakroom.
- This is ridiculous.
- I'll prove it.
I'll get your coat, look
the other HABITACI n if another task.
Gail, wait.
Come on.
- It's great.
- I'm not all that.
I thought that was in Jap n
People took their ba or together.
No, it is not hot spring.
All they do is custom.
- If you ever felt me ??...
- Oh, no ... I do not!.
Certainly, no kidding.
I tell you this is not my style.
It is curious that we
same mark on his arm.
I seem to spend
a type of medical examination.
I had known his grandfather.
Well, if I find another exit
I Silicoaluminophosphate Buddhist monk.
It's not.
And thanks to the last bullet,
marking the victory.
The champion n the world.
What is.
- Should have guessed.
- No no no.
Hi, I have not seen?
I was looking for Ray.
You know d nde est?
Why you close the door?
- Do not touch that.
- David ...
Sorry, I threw a glance.
This is good. I did not want
Do you assault.
- This appliance is my life.
- It's the same with my racket.
I tried to take photos at a time.
I bought a semi -automtico device
and I enrolled in college in Corus.
- Which course?
- Model
- He is not ...
- Nude models.
Tell me.
Well It occurred to me
The new device ...
I had never worked with and this is the
device type or by pressing the trigger ...
to take the photograph and
rappuie to advance the movie.
It was quite obvious that I had not
invented what was taking.
You should have seen the model.
In short, I was bombarded
all angles
Click photo, photos,
click on ...
And at the end of the course I gave my movie
porfesseur chergez development ...
The next class, plane all photos
taken and saw a shoe on the screen.
And a shoe, and other
and I was dead with laughter.
Until I recognize the shoe.
- No?
- If 36 photos standing.
Tell me, what with advanced Marylou?
No, but I console myself saying
it can not be worse.
Let's have a drink?
Yes, good idea.
Ray, who has the art and c mo.
What do you mean?
It has been successful with Gail.
- No?
- Yes
C mo can be for
make good decisions?
Who would you choose
between Jonatn and David?
They are so different, Jonathan is a very
nice looking playboy, but ...
for him women are
this conquest.
And any pretty woman
always going to turn his head.
- David?
- David's different ...
l fall in love it would be faithful
but it's a bum ...
Never stay home.
No wonder I came ar
It was not my decision n.
It's a shame we can not have
one half and half.
And it has created a perfect man.
Another man happens in your life,
that you want to repeat a transformation n.
You're so beautiful.
I bet you had
Hundreds of fans ...
when you were young.
There is always a way
to present things.
But if I had great admirer.
They have to meet the ideal man.
That really gust me.
I you mean?
Please ..
This is not what
would call a handsome man.
It was not very big,
I had a funny mustache.
But it was something.
It was at a party
Very gala dressed.
He was surrounded by
seducers most famous in Europe.
And I see this happening fun
mu eco snow and I asked:
Have you ever slept
with a billionaire?
I was amazed at his audacity
and I felt that offended me.
What do you do?
I slept with him, of course.
Sorry, I do not want to bother.
You have the will or or
Cameron is Miss Price?
I think they have a drink
in the hall of receipt.
Thank you.
I thought the
Dr. Peake was with you?
No, I think she
n est HABITACI another.
You see me very worried.
I'll go to Checher.
Ray and Gail estn inside.
Est sure?
Absolutely, I saw that
one, I heard.
Seemed fun.
Mr. Price.
Miss Cameron.
They pray, would you please
to help push the door.
This is impossible.
Door not closed her alone.
A candle is gone.
O ...
What ests looking for?
This is what I wanted.
- Good heavens!
- It's through that step?
- Possible.
- Y or leads?
I think this is one of the results
stolen from the castle.
C mo know
are passed through?
This is the only way to
out of the room n.
- You know if there another way?
- Yes, it is possible.
This is actually a
rear exit door.
The door should open outwards.
We must join the
souterains dug under the castle.
This door is locked from the inside.
What is?
I think estn entering the interior.
Account here.
It is Ray?
David looks at your hand.
They estn injured.
We have to find them.
It's too dangerous.
We need another.
Peter has confirmed the existence
subterranean labyrinth beneath the castle.
Some tunnel leading to the exits,
nothing else.
They were designed to delay ados
the aissaillants in case of siege.
You mean if they are
I entered the maze ...?
They could not find their way out.
This is propable remember
One of the wounded.
We run the risk of not getting lost
There is also reference point?
After all that
S so there are nine ...
The maze was designed ado
misleading to 20 times.
This means that it should be abandoned?
No, but I suggest
to think about the risks ...
before making an informed decision
like this.
Would not it be better to wait
and organize a rescue team?
And meanwhile, allowed to die.
You should take an informed decision quickly
If we make marks on walls
We can not lose.
I can tell you that your
attitude does not inspire confidence in me.
Richard, issued
save lives ...
No play war.
The more atendons,
less likely to find them.
I fear that Dr. Peake right.
I do not prenez me.
I want to find too.
But you have to study
other alternatives.
There is no alternative.
It is not resigning.
N The decision is yours.
One of them is injured, must
wait for someone to come and rescue them.
Marylou is correct,
we must seize this opportunity.
You gave your opinion n,
not share his pessimism.
What is your plan?
We know the three inputs
t tunnels leading to the maze ...
subterranean canal and saw in the
bottom of the stairs.
I suggest we split the group
and explore the whole system.
- Everyone is right?
- Yes.
Property. Dr. Peake
go with Peter.
- I'll go with them.
- Very good.
You scan the channel,
we labytinthe.
Have a first aid kit?
I have mine.
- As usual.
- A common bonnr, Dr. Peake.
Before you start, remember
chalking in
the walls at the address
you are taking.
The panels t between cross
can quickly become disoriented.
Okay, come on.
Is there other entries
labyrinth leading to?
Not that I know.
But that does not mean
no ms.
Hopefully if our
would be almost impossible
I hope this is not the case.
- "Ms Once under the bridge, said
friend. "- This is my favorite author.
- Who?
- Ernest Stanback.
When we got downstairs, I suggest that
the Miss Svenson is joining me.
Suzanne go with David, Jonathan and
Marylou explore the third tunnel
C mo dare you think
something like that?
Sad have said anything.
I feel like a rat is ask
following the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
We know nothing at n
obeying blindly counting.
Risks his life like us.
Let me tell you
s we have his word for it.
What do you mean?
C mo knows that he knows
maze of memory?
- Because he told us.
- Oh, yeah, and that's enough.
Yes, I am no saint Toms.
Ah rrate this type of comment.
That should be enough for us.
Anna told me about men
its kind.
She knows within what appears.
We lived together for a years.
She did not tell me that.
- I did not mean it.
- She told me that.
You were never serious.
She already knows.
It's funny I do not know
never to speak.
If you listen to what I'd know.
Wait, you know d nde we going?
Of course, I know
This subterranean memory.
No, I was joking.
- I think we've done here.
- But no, I know I nde d.
Jonathan ... I hear footsteps.
Gail? Ray?
It's probably 'bed.
- Jonathan, there's someone behind us.
- But no.
Who could follow us?
And if someone we have
followed by deletion
Footprints chalk
not be discovered.
It's ridiculous, would not do
Still brands.
If you went into the address wrong,
which would be on the other side.
There is nothing here.
N curse got deleted.
Tapeworms raz n, Come.
Jonathan, wait.
This is Marylou.
But nde d come from?
It has a crack in the wall.
I can not hear anything.
Sorry, do not understand.
A nde d you go?
Wait here, and do not move.
Let the weapon.
Under his jacket, I saw.
If, of course, I would forget.
C mo knew what had cracks?
Find them, hurry.
- Come let us make haste.
- Why?
Because he has to follow.
We do not know what is
out there, Catalina.
It can be good too dangerous.
Someone is injured, you are not recognized
the cry someone who has hurt.
And you do not recognize the voice
someone who is afraid to die.
Who is it?
Who are you.
, Count!
That's it.
This is not funny.
Do not approach.
This is me this is David.
The sack.
The sack.
Did you shoot?
It was huge, he came to me.
- I'll go see.
- No, he may still be alive.
We must save
before it happens.
Hurry up.
Should not continue Catalina.
- It was shot.
- I know what it was.
You will hear me?
Let's turn.
They need me there.
God, trying to be realistic t no
You can help anyone, once dead.
, Richard!
- There is far ...
- Take my hand.
I have you now.
- It's huge ...
- Come on.
Oi Marylou.
We must find it.
I mtalo.
I mtalo.
My God, I'm sorry.
I almost mat.
What happened?
Marylou, d Where's Jonathan?
I was obsessed,
then I heard jonathan ...
and that falls on it.
What was that?
It was an animal or something.
It was huge, I thought
that would kill me.
Essential Enough
I teach love, come.
I do not understand who was in the basement s.
But, Jonatn?
Do not worry, I promise
we will find it.
- But I wait.
- Close!
Richard, who was wounded.
What did he say?
l speaks of a stone I think.
Stitches will be.
Catalina, the stones fall
not only.
- Someone was trying to kill him.
- This is crazy.
There follows is
an explanation n.
We heard gunshots,
shouts and the man was attacked.
But no one ms
why someone is hiding here ...
that is in us that wants.
It's probably a
wild beast found
a way in
in the castle.
That was much more
bigger than a simple animal.
Sometimes, the light can be specious.
And another size.
I know what I saw,
the light does not change anything.
It was huge, like a monster.
It was probably an animal,
no other explanation n.
Heureusemetn but died.
What kind of animal
We have talked a lot about wolf
in the vicinity.
The os or have disappeared,
pets were ...
, My God, stop!
These stories were wolf
invented by pure Superstition.
We are intelligent people.
Sorry Mr. Hamilton,
they are not histiores.
- Can be a werewolf.
- Werewolves do not exist.
An animal would not have clear
chalk traces.
And someone has deleted the
Jonathan had left on the wall.
No, I saw when we turned around.
Unable behind my Oi steps.
Echo, these panels intersect t
You may have heard of you.
And Peter, waiting
when we salt?
I was confused.
After the impact he had.
The gunshots, screams.
Something about
I did not know what it was.
There is no reason n
be so suspicious.
But, of course, the teacher
disappears in the snowstorm,
Ray and Gail disappear
launched its recfherche ...
and Jonathan also disappears.
, That's it now!
I shot if memory
no danger.
I doubt you
scopes have nothing,
All this does not bring any evidence
n a satisfactory explanation.
- You theory?
- I have not had time to find one.
I have one.
This animal must be
If hunger is enclosed here.
That's why he persigui
Marylou and Jonathan.
I'm sure Ray and Gael
hide and waited ...
They know that we find the
entrance. But one of them is injured ...
and know that this ballad
wild beast, which are the
smart enough
to remain hidden.
I hope it does
for us again.
- Marylou ...
- Bring it here.
I feel weird.
Put your head between your knees.
Give me a glass of water.
Will have to take a pill
har him sleep.
I feel very bad.
Est well. Est well.
Anna, c mo you feel?
I feel good.
You should rest
is affected.
- C mo is your ankle?
- It is very painful.
- The Beds come ready?
- Yes.
I do not want to be alone.
I fear alone.
Richard, I would consider
Conde ankle ...
it may accompany ar
Anna marylou and higher.
Sorry Richard ..
This is nothing
he has the right to be angry.
But it is wrong, we
to find them.
- Let me see your ankle.
- Thanks.
- It s what a sprain.
- I descend.
- I you ccompagne.
- No, you're not going anywhere.
I will.
- C mo are you in?
- Chalk marks.
You know, I think you're amazing.
I admire the way
you faced the situation n.
Thanks, I had a gun.
C mo did you know
I had a gun?
I do not know, I think
I've been hiding under his jacket.
If you do not really like counting.
I have nothing against him, but he
spent too much extra or here ...
I agree to consider that
they are coincidences or accidents.
Let the Count had no way to predict
events that have occurred.
This is exactly what
would like to pensramos.
You would not believe is still alive?
Not with five bullets in the skin.
The little courage he had
me at full speed.
You managed
accustomed to danger?
No, fear is what keeps us alive.
So I'm going to live forever.
There are still rare.
The forgiveness.
Listen, Richard can be
someone exasperating, but ...
but at trial
a human being who is rarely wrong.
You mean to tell, right?
I would like to have clear ideas.
You've found the monrre Ray
at the entrance of subterranean channel,
Besides yes.
This bot n is not Ray
comes on the heels of the account.
What? But no,
I found next to the clock.
The count was not warm.
But when I go to take
my bag on the rack ...
Account has been reduced,
lacked a bot n.
And it is the same bot n.
She is so naive.
I like a lot.
She's only child.
His parents are dead
when I was little a.
She has no family.
- Do not tell me!
- Perd n?
I experienced the same childhood.
No parents, no family.
So do I.
And even Catalina.
We met
The SEARCH FOR our real parents.
It is not impossible.
I feel pretty extra or is strange.
It is a coincidence, right?
No, I think my paranoia
is waking up.
I know I know Conde
I would like to explain c mo
n is an impression.
And I assure you
he is an honest man.
I would like you to believe.
But what you just said
confirmed what I had suspected.
We are not the accident.
This is the configuration n.
Richard, I do not like the address
taken by events.
I need to relax and reflect.
I'm going to take a bath.
You can stay with her
until I return.
It was released by the network.
David ...
I'll wait for my him.
- I see something.
- What is?
David ...
Catherine, come here.
What is?
Oh, my God!
She had to take Jonathan to the beast.
Poor Anna, she mat.
But the beast and he was attacked.
It was he trying to escape.
Marylou said it was
is continu.
Perhaps there are several.
Be better for us to go back now.
Oh, my God.
This is not the right way.
C mo go?
You lose.
There is no more chalk mark.
If only I knew
what threatens us.
So what direction n?
Choose, you know as much as I do.
Lastly, we do not follow, it's something.
True, it could be worse.
Is already here.
Thank you, my God, this
It is the right way.
There are still some
something that does not stick.
What do you mean?
The count said that
was an animal.
- Yes, it's the only explanation n.
- But this is not possible.
And I know why.
Ning n Animal kills for pleasure. Jonathan
est intact apart from a throat ...
an animal would have eaten
whole or part.
What could be another?
I do not know, but whatever
are mind works like a human.
This is Gail.
- All good run?
- No, david, do not go.
Wait for me. Est well.
Gail. Where'd ests?
David. Everything okay?
, David!
David, what happens?
Oh, my God this is the teacher.
, David!
Gail also.
The professor is dead.
Likewise sacrificed.
There must be alg n type
extra or ritual.
Tell us who it was.
Gail, we listen.
Wolf Man.
It is ...
Wolf Man?
- Said werewolf?
- It does not exist.
You have heard,
were his last words.
A name ...
She had no time
but she knew his name.
You may count.
It is he who is behind it.
- David?
- Yes, I'll listen Catalina.
, What a fool I was not to understand!
I was not
the idea that we lied.
T ests me not?
A werewolf, no.
But I decided to kill
I agree that the ...
- l is the one who has done everything.
- Yes.
A lie and then another.
l manipulates us from
our arrival in Budapest.
Like puppets.
And this is the Count who pulls the strings.
- Do we live body?
- Now you will see later.
It is not necessary that the Count escapes us.
Fetch Richard, Anna and Marylou.
I'll take the one in the Great Salt n.
- Be careful.
- Hold.
- Est taking the gun.
- You'll need more than me.
Est well.
You are the?
Oh Lord.
My God, Richard.
I killed him.
No ... Do not kill him?
His throat.
The werewolf.
The prophecy is fulfilled.
Gail says he's a werewolf.
Spotted Gail?
I saw the werewolf?
She said the word
werewolf before he died.
You tell us what happens here.
You have not been invited to
this castle by accident.
You have been extensively studied.
And each of you
has been selected ...
because I had a brand
Born in the arm.
What does that mean?
It is a mark of hereditary birth.
It connects directly ...
the events
in this castle there 500 years.
Well, I'm sure
You can do better than that.
All those who died in the castle
That night was the brand.
They gave their lives with courage
because we can not see it ever.
I do not understand.
There was one survivor.
A baby was taken from the castle.
A baby whose blood continued to flow
through several generations.
And what it means
for each of us?
That means one of you
he is a werewolf.
What is going on here?
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
But everything I've heard
They are stories about werewolves.
David, these are not fables.
Conde has already told me about the werewolf.
I feel that
you have taken, Anna.
There are currently ning n werewolf.
You are t who killed all have.
Nothing could be
ms far from the truth.
Have you ever heard
a religion very old ...?
named for Marthyr?
- No longer exists.
- Still there.
This organization is n
I brought you here.
To learn cul of you
is the werewolf and destroy it.
But if each of us has the
brand, each of us can be.
S can be a werewolf.
Y s can be destroyed by someone
of their own race that bears the mark.
- You have this brand too.
- Yes.
My religious order seeks to several centuries
n alg day that could destroy the Lou-garou.
By the grace of God, they found me.
, Must be killed,
before it kills us!
And what is the role of the castle?
This is his lair.
We knew that reopening
I would.
We had to find
means that everything they do come.
We used as bait.
Yes, but everything
have a chance to survive
individually they had hunted you
and that would have killed them all ...
Why have we said that
porfesseur had left the castle ...?
While we find
in the subterranean channel.
Preg then ask your child to David.
- l is the werewolf.
- What?
Hungary was an old saying ...
says be careful
the one with the most innocent air.
You are a werewolf.
Do not believe a word
what you just said.
You lied to us
since our arrival.
I wish I was obliged
enga art from the beginning ...
but you must believe me.
I thought I will. we
all thought except Richard ...
five were killed.
I would do if I survived
all doomed forever.
Are you ready to tell us
another thing that Ahab?
I'll keep any given or
for some of the consequences.
Now what do we do?
- Let's lock them in a cell.
- Please esc chame.
l ar deceive you.
You manipulate and destroy them all.
Sorry, not needed this time.
, Come on!
Tell me. Which grows
to kill a man in another.
I totally agree with you.
This will make you take
decisions they want.
C mo you be so sure?
Do not be so naive.
Of course he is.
But he could kill us
It was not part of his plan.
Look no logical explanation n l
in every action, there is none.
Remember your ankle ...
it was affirmed that
unable to walk and then ...
subterranean where it never had been.
I found a bot n his jacket.
You were with Richard,
what he said?
Well, well, is well, you're right n.
What do we do?
I s I see a solution n.
Yes, of course you have to
notify authorities.
They will not believe.
You're not serious.
It would be his word against theirs.
If accpetaient testify.
No, not worth thinking about it.
Want to watch free?
No. But it can not be
both judge and jury.
Who mat to everyone right?
- No
- Marylou?
No, she slept all the time.
You think this is David?
But it does not seem enough.
We have no other option,
dbarraser need them.
Ask Marylou
what she thinks of him.
Just do not would not
share responsibility ...
an informed decision as serious.
First I want to know your view favored.
Est well, I wake up
Marylou, nosu'll vote.
I agree.
Go for it.
I will inspect the walls.
I want to know what's out.
You come with me?
No. I still feel a little weak.
I'll stay here, thanks.
Anna, we must remain united.
I think we have no other option.
They decided to kill you.
Oh, my God, no.
Raz n tapeworms, you saved
his own life like ours.
What aims do?
Anna, everything you said is true.
You must understand the ...
David is the Werewolf
must be stopped.
What does that mean?
I must destroy
before we can kill.
But what if you have?
You are wrong.
, God willing
Sern saved them!
No, I will not leave.
This is for your own good,
you are safer.
, Let me out of here!
I'll leave the key ... if
leave this cell death.
Wait two hours.
If I'm not back,
May God protect you.
Anna damn what tom.
My God, I was so scared
I do not want to kill each other.
Oh God.
C mo did you leave?
Tell me where Catherine and Anna!
Response nde d estn?
- David!
I had to do it, would kill you.
What happened,
d nde estn others?
Catherine and Anna have you seen?
- No.
- Mat also.
But what does that mean?
Marylou ... Everyone
dead, except us.
The account is a murderer.
No, this is not possible.
Tell me this is not true.
It stops once
the two are dead ...
I have to kill him.
David is not impossible.
Marylou, go hide
in one of the rooms.
Stay there, wait for my return.
David, wait.
Where'd ests?
, David!
Do not move.
I will not make you sick.
I will remove my hand from her mouth.
But do not shout.
Where'd estn Peter and Susan?
They wanted to kill David.
- Marylou, David is the werewolf.
- No, he would not do that.
You have heard
possession cases n?
When the demon lives
the soul of a human being.
- But if ...
- Est possessed!
At a time when the moon shines
through the clouds, I vers.
Is in turn,
It is stronger than him.
Or shot.
- Put the gun down.
- Kill Marylou.
, Marylou, put the gun!
- Mtalo, Marylou.
- Esc chame Marylou.
- Mtalo.
- Ask him.
- Marylou, do not shoot.
- Mtalo.
-, Do not shoot!
- Kill the beast.
- Put the gun down.
- Est possessed!
- Believe
- Do what you say.
- Put the gun down.
-, Mtalo!
- Shoot!
-, Do not shoot.
It Ahab all is well.
It's over.
- But the werewolf?
- No werewolf.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
- Secure Ests?
- It can not exist.
It s what a legend.
People do not
become werewolves