Hulchul (1995) Movie Script

No Durga! You cannot kill
In broad daylight, in the presence of thousands
of people, you killed...
...your husband and you still say that you
have not committed any crime!
For twelve years sir... For
twelve years I was subjected to his atrocities.
He bashed me as if I am an
animal! I used to work and he used to blow away... salary in gambling and
alcohol! For these addictions, he not only sold...
...each and every article of
my house but even the house.
And when nothing else was
left to sell, he...
...the whole night my body
was plundered by not one but four beasts.
And he sat in front, drinking.
Now you tell me Mr. Judge, is this a husband?
Is it? No. No. He was not a
husband! He was not even a human being.
That's why I killed that
The court fully sympathizes
with Durga. But her crime is unpardonable.
Hence this court convicts
Durga and sentences her to rigorous imprisonment...
...for a period of 14 years.
Mother! Mother!
Deva! My child! My son! My darling!
Mother, please don't leave me and go!
Mother. Please don't leave
me. Please don't go!
Don't take away my mother!
Please release my mother.
You had caught my mother! Hadn't you?
If you tell them sir, they will release her! I don't
have anybody except her in this... sir. I beg of you
sir. Please release my mother sir.
My son! - Mother! Don't take
away my mother. Don't take away my mother.
Leave me! My son! My darling!
Pushpa! You? Here?
Doesn't it appear that along with the...
...mother, your law has
punished this child too.
Hey, leave him! Leave now!
Who is this beggar whom mom
and dad has brought home?
I am not hungry!
Hey Deva! Did your mother
kill you father?
Hey, tell us why did your
mother kill your father? - Say.
What did you say? You won't
go to the school?
Yes. I won't go to the
school. Because everybody there asks me why my...
...mother killed my father?
I don't want to study!
Get up sweetheart! - Leave me.
Why are you feeling shy? Come.
I will show you. Come.
Leave me!
Put this bitch down.
Deva! My son, how many times should I explain it to
You should conduct the rituals of worshipping God?
And how many times should I explain it to you
mother? For me you are the God!
I have no faith in that stone statue!
And also the law!
What has my child done now?
Do you see these blood marks?
Definitely your son has beaten someone mercilessly!
This early morning. Did you go to jog or to pick up
a fight?
Even demons dwell in the early hours of the morning,
They wanted to hurt the chastity of a poor girl!
It was my duty to help her.
And wasn't it your duty to take help from the law?
Your law was asleep at that time!
And in any case by the time your law would have
reached to help her...
...she would have carried a child in her lap.
Are you listening? That's why wherever the law
reaches late... You impart justice!
Justice delayed is injustice in itself, Babuji!
Usually your law reaches to medicate a sick when he
is already dead.
The hatred for the law in your heart that I see,
makes me believe that you would... yourself in a blunder some day.
It seems daddy, that when that day will come...
...none other but you would handcuff him!
I didn't ask for your advice!
Deva, I am explaining it to you for the last time
today... - It's enough now.
Is this the way to start a day? Son, you go and get
ready fast. Otherwise you'll... late to work again! Laxmibai, serve the
breakfast, immediately.
Pushpa, I dread the day when your son and I would
stand at the opposite sides...
...of the Law! - May God save me from that day.
Because whosoever wins between...
...both of you, I would be defeated.
That's why I ask you to make your...
Deva understand. Why does he always act against my
You only say! Why does he need to work like an
ordinary mechanic in a garage?
Your father too left this inheritance worth
millions for you! Then why... you need to take up this job in the police?
I do this job not for my necessity but as a hobby.
He does it for his self-respect. He doesn't want to
spread his hands in front of you...
...every alternate day.
I used to think that you love me the most. But now
I feel that you love your son...
...much more than you love me.
Please excuse me sir!
Listen! - Yes?
I'll help you to cross the road!
Thank you.
Are you like this since your childhood?
No. No. These eyes have seen a lot!
But suddenly an accident...
It's a sad tale! Will you listen?
Yes please.
Many years back I was crossing the road. A truck
That's how my life became full of darkness! I am
poor otherwise I would...
...have got myself treated.
See, I can't give you anything more than this
salary of mine. - Thank you very much.
If only all the policemen of this country were like
Policeman! How did you know that I am a policeman?
When you held my hand, there was a stick in your
And either a policeman or a blind carries a stick.
You can see much without your eyes!
You thug! Shyness has not even touched you. Who
named you Sharmilee?
When will you mend your ways? When will you?
If you hold my hand, I will mend my ways
immediately. Make me your bride once...
...and take me to your house.
If I make you my bride and take you...
...home, the very next day I'll have to search
where it existed in the city.
Hey Deva, I won't cheat on you at least. I'll
serve you and I'll raise your kids...
...with love and affection.
Forget it! You can't be trusted! Who...
...knows you might even sell my kids.
No dear! Marry me once and see.
You will have a blissful life! If you don't trust
me, ask the astrologer.
If you become a Parrot of this Maina, your life
will be a paradise.
You hag! I'll marry a witch of the graveyard, but
not you.
You have already put my brother on the cigarettes,
alcohol and gambling.
Now you are introducing him to girls too!
I had frequently seen that girl with you. She was
your girlfriend. Wasn't she?
She was. Now she is Karan's. All this is normal
among us friends.
I am well aware of your character. Today I have
known the girl's too.
You talk about yourself pal! Are you jealous?
Look here. My brother's exams are approaching. So
be away from him...
...or else...
Or else, what will you do?
Who are you to raise your hand on my friends? - See
Hey you dare not call me 'brother.' It's Okay that
you address my mother as...
...mother. I also tolerate your addressing my father
as Babuji. But don't call me...
...'brother'. Did you understand?
Karan, those whom you call your friends are not your
friends but foes. Foes!
I very well know the difference between my friend
and my foe!
My enemy is nowhere outside, but here. In this
very house.
Just think Karan. A girl who can so brazenly roam
with you... not a girl of integrity. She is a sordid girl!
Sordid? Do you know who is the most sordid person
in this world? You!
Your father! Who entered his own wife in the
Your mother! Who murdered her husband!
You had forgotten. Hadn't you? That's why I am
reminding you.
That your father was a pimp and your mother a
That girl can't be more sordid than your mother.
Had anybody else told me this, I would have killed
him today.
Be grateful to the mother whom I worship! Because
of her you are alive.
Mom! You slapped me because of him?
He too is a son of this house like you.
The only difference between both of you is that he
is worthier!
I see! So he is worthier? That illiterate and
He is illiterate and uneducated today, only because
of you?
Henceforth, if you ever hurt my child again, it
would be your daddy and not... who will talk to you. Understood?
Yes son.
Whom I had given birth, I had nursed him with my
milk. But to you, all I can offer... my tears.
No. No mother. Don't say that!
Sometimes I think that having brought you in my
...what else has I given you except humiliation?
Mother, for the love that Babuji and you have
...I can bear such humiliations all my life.
Son, Karan is not bad at heart. He is only immature.
One day he'll understand you.
Mother, when will he understand me?
I've been noticing since evening that you are
...I hope you aren't fed up with me.
No Amrita! How can I get fed up with you?
Then what else are you thinking other...
...than me?
I am thinking about Deva.
Today he has got the courage to grab my collar
Do you know Amrita? He had come to my house as a
And today my parents' feel more for him than they
feel for me.
He has already shared my love. I dread that someday
he would share...
...even my inheritance.
Amrita! It's time for your show!
I'll be there, soon. Rocky.
I have to go downstairs.
See, so you have come home drunk! Do you know why
will happen if your...
...daddy comes to know about this?
What will happen? He will throw me out of...
...the house. In any case everybody in this house
needs Deva more than they need me.
What harm that poor guy has done to you? Why do you
hate him so much?
I hate him because you love him very much!
Yes I do love him because he has nothing else but
my love.
Fate had snatched everything from that unfortunate,
in his childhood.
Had I not given him the shelter of my motherly-love,
where had he gone?
Then is that reason you shared your love, mother?
Sharing doesn't reduce love, Karan.
Then why do I feel that I've got less of your love,
There has to be some reason mother. To make Deva
feel a part of this house... showered your entire love on him. Isn't it?
Without even thinking that your...
...own son, in his own house would feel a stranger.
Don't think like this my son. Deva was nine years
old when I had brought...
...him in this house. But I have kept you in my womb
for nine months.
You are a part of my body. Who else can be more
important to me than you!
You felt so bad because I slapped you once.
Isn't it?
Doesn't a mother has this much right over her son?
If you are talking about rights, then even if you
take my life I won't utter a word.
But if because of Deva you ever slap me again, I'll
leave you and go away.
No my son. If you leave me and go away, I'll die.
I won't be able to live.
What's the matter Sharmilee?
Doesn't Mr. Duggal go from this way?
Hey child, he is not a pauper like us. He is a
moneyed person.
Must have got stuck in the files in his office. Must
be reaching any moment...
...some vehicle in approaching. It seems it's him.
Can I give you a lift?
Where? Hotel or residence?
Residence! There is nobody at my place. My wife is
also out today.
What is your name?
How does the name matter?
It matters. That is why I'm asking.
Well... Rajiv Duggal!
Duggal... Then let's go.
Are you comfortable?
Do you take whisky? Don't you?
Consider it to be you house.
Who can there be at this hour of the night?
I hope it's not my wife. She was supposed to come
Why did you click my snap?
Since the law discharges the accused without the
...I first catch the evidence and then the accused.
Accused? What offence have I committed?
Liquor without permit! Beauty without license.
Section 210. This means 2 years.
Two years?
Mr. Inspector, I have done it for the first time.
Otherwise I am a thorough gentleman. A married
Married? - Married!
That means cheating on your wife!
Section 420 translating into 4 years.
Four years? What will happen to my children in four
Children? Shut up! Dishonesty in fulfilling your
paternal duties?
Section 840. This means eight years.
All the sections will be applied on you many times.
You will be sentenced...
...for a minimum 50 years.
Fifty years?
I'll have to be born twice to complete such a long
Mr. Inspector! Is there no way out?
There is. It will cost you twenty five thousand.
Twenty five thousand?
Is it less?
They are more! I can't afford it.
And there is no need to pay also.
This inspector cannot harm you in anyway!
- Really?
At the most he would take you to the police station
and bash you up.
He will disgrace your name by taking you to the
court tomorrow morning. - No!
And will get you divorced from your wife?
He can't do anything else.
What else is left for him to do? Is anything left?
Giving! Twenty five thousand? Bringing. At once...
- Out.
How did I get trapped in his snare?
Take these 25 thousand Mr. Inspector. Hard-earned!
Come with me girl!
I'm coming.
One minute Mr. Inspector. Please give me the
There was no role in the camera.
It wasn't! What luck, I am saved!
There was no role in the camera!
You? Why are you here, you thug?
I've arranged for the dowry. I've come here to ask
when will you marry me.
Hey witch. Even if you are the last girl left in
this world...
...I won't marry you.
But even if I am the last girl left in this world...
...I will marry only you.
Vinod Bhai!
Who is marrying? And when?
Which model is this?
Vinod Bhai, the matter is, she...
Well, I'm his would-be wife.
Wife! Very good! Very good! A wife and television
is an absolute necessity...
...In each house. When was this engine of yours
got fitted?
Vinod Bhai... That is...
Hey don't get anxious. Don't get anxious.
These days even I have fallen in love with the
words like marriage, bridegroom...
...bride, wedding processions, honeymoon, et all
Why? Because even my marriage is scheduled for
the next month.
With Sharmilee. Deva, Sharmilee is no doubt a
very cultured and talented girl...
...But her uncle... Vow. I've never seen such a
model in my life.
So simple, so very innocent, he is like
That means you have met her uncle too.
Yes. It was my fortune to meet him today morning.
The bridal-dress, the bridal-jewelry, all the
expenses of the wedding... for the honeymoon... He took everything
with him.
You both do come to my wedding. I'm going to invite
I'll send the invitation card to one and all. Card!
Hey, I've to go to the press...
Hey witch! You and your rascal uncle! Will you both
finish him completely?
Swear on you Deva! I am not aware when uncle made
this program!
Leave it you liar! - I swore on you, and you called
me a liar!
Not once but thousand times I will say it. You're a
liar! You're a liar! You're a liar!
If I wished I could have kissed your lips too.
But this would be a better punishment.
Take good care of your hands.
Because wherever they touch, consider that I've
kissed there.
What happened to your hands?
No uncle. Nothing.
Then why are you hiding them? Show me! Show! Show
No uncle. Nothing. - No. Show. Show them to me.
Show. Show. Show.
Nothing is there. You are simply acting.
Your hands are very beautiful.
Why did she laugh?
Is something there?
What would you like to have?
That girl!
What rubbish are you talking? You are in your
senses. Aren't you?
See mister, you... - If your life is dear to you,
then better get lost from here quietly.
What happened?
Hey Bela is raped!
After all I found you. Didn't I? Today my evil eye
will cast upon you.
Leave me. Leave me.
You spit on my face! Didn't you. Today I'll put you
in such a condition...
...that the world will spit on you.
They are running away. Catch them. Don't leave
Hey, you've brought me here from that street,
bashing and beating...
Remember this. My father will throw you out of
the city in like manner.
Do you know who my father is?
Do you know or will you be required to ask your
It has cast upon you. The evil eye has cast upon
Not me but my father will answer this question of
My secretary, my manager, even my lawyer is present
Must be something very grim. What is the matter?
Sir, please hold yourself. We all know that you
have only one weakness.
What has happened to Niranjan?
Niranjan Baba has raped a girl.
Really? Has he grown up so much?
You people are strange. For such a small issue you
have called me here from...
...such an important meeting.
Bhandari! Send a few lakh rupees to that girl.
That girl has died sir. Sir, Niranjan Baba is in
the lock up.
Sir, the officer who has arrested Niranjan Baba is
a tough cookie.
Sir, he has even bashed him badly.
Rajiv and Ismail are still in the lock up with
Niranjan. With great difficulty we...
...ran away and came? - You ran away leaving my
son all alone in difficulty?
What could we do uncle? It is a murder case now.
And not us but Niranjan...
...has committed the murder.
Saxena, take both of them to some safe place.
Till the matter is not settled...
...they shouldn't fall in the hands of the police.
Go with him.
Bhandari, there is a proverb in English...
If their existence is our death, it's better they
Inform Michael soon.
I'll not release him.
Drop this idea of committing suicide Siddhant.
I am advising you because I like you.
Sir, I don't listen to any request when I am in
my uniform.
So this is my order. - I don't comply with wrong
order in my uniform, either.
Then I will be compelled to transfer you.
You can't do that even because I am resigning from
my service on my own.
I don't need such a job which can't impart justice
to the downtrodden under...
...the pressure of the rich and the affluent.
This is my resignation letter.
Take back A.C.P. Siddhant!
Take back A.C.P. Siddhant!
Shobhraj be doomed!
Shobhraj be doomed!
Take back A.C.P. Siddhant!
Take this. Read the newspapers.
And I'll read it out for all of them who can't read
What type of government is governing this country?
Where has the Justice disappeared under this
government's governance?
What was the Chief Minister's reward to press this
Mr. Commissioner, the opposition and the public is
asking for our resignation...
...What shall I answer them?
Sir this has happened for the first time...
...Oh yes! The truth is showing it's true color.
First time it has happened that people...
...have taken to streets demanding justice.
Before this issue gets flared up any further, call
that ACP.
Sir you are being called inside.
Did you call me sir!
The Police department needs truthful and honest
officers like you.
Join your duty from tomorrow onwards.
Sir, I respect your orders. But you will have to
fulfill two of my conditions for this.
Inspector Siddhant! Are you in your senses? Do
you know whom you are...
Mr. Tiwari!
What are your conditions?
I want to be posted at the same place sir, where
I was before.
And the accused of my last case who is now free...
I want him back in the lock up.
Mr. Commissioner. I hope you are in your senses!
Do you know what you are saying?
What's the matter dad?
Nothing son.
You will have to come with me.
Sorry Mr. Shobhraj I am constrained. This is
Chief Minister's order.
Chief Minister! Okay. My son will go with you.
But before taking him listen to this carefully.
He already had his dinner and he will have his
morning breakfast with me.
But dad...
Don't worry! I am there!
Go with him.
These are the invitation cards sent by you in the
past twenty years.
See, how affectionately I have treasured them.
Despite your many invitations, I never visited
your house.
So that the people don't misunderstand that you
favor my in my business.
But today I had to come.
Because you are the only one who can help me.
Shobhraj! Wherever I am today, is the result of
your help and support but...
If only it was in my hands to help you.
Do you remember Gautam, when you wanted to contest
in the college elections for...
...the post of the president and you didn't have
the money to print the posters even... that moment I helped you.
And ensured that you become the president.
Yes, I remember everything.
Then you once again visited me after five years.
When your party had given you the MLA ticket.
And once again I helped you. You became the MLA,
then the MP, then...
...Home Minister and today you are the Chief Minister.
But I never revealed this truth to you that the
ticket you got from your party was not...
...because of your services. But I had purchased it
for you. By paying...
...Rupees ten lakhs.
I am aware. I came to know about it later.
In my life, I have learnt only to give.
I never asked for anything.
But for the first time I am asking something
from you.
Please, get my son back to me.
He is the sole reason of my life. He is my wealth.
He is everything to me.
If only I could repay your favors.
But he is accused in the case of murder.
And you know the turmoil that has been created by
this case.
Opposition parties are waiting for me to commit
one small mistake...
And the officer who has arrested your son is a
very principled man.
Neither can he be scared by threats nor can be
purchased by money.
Every person in this world is for sale, Gautam.
Everyone has his price. Only that he should get his
right price.
If you can't do anything, then don't do it. But at
least arrange for a meeting...
...with that police officer. Won't you do even that?
Come, come Mr. Sidhhant, come. Hey, all this is not
I've not called you here in my capacity as the
Chief Minister but as a common citizen.
Tell me sir, what can I do for you?
Meet him. He is Mr. Shobhraj.
He is my friend since my college days. He wants to
talk something to you.
If you both reach to some conclusion, then trust me,
that the decision...
...will remain entirely between both of you.
I am sitting here, but consider that I'm not present
Please be seated.
I will not take much time of yours because time is
very precious.
There is a proverb in English...
The Law is the slave of the rich. And I fully believe
in this proverb.
But my belief is that no rich is born till now...
...who can be the owner of the Law.
I don't want to argue with you. I simply want to
inform you...
...That the boy you have arrested is my only son.
It's none of my mistake.
You need an accused for your case. Don't you?
I promise you that those two guys, whom you have
arrested with my son...
...they will confess in the court that both of them
had killed that girl.
Look Mr. Shobhraj...
I'm not finished yet.
The court will convict both of them.
You will continue to remain a 'Hero' in the eyes
of the public.
I'll see to it that you are promoted. And in return
of this favor of yours...
...Ill weigh you in pure gold.
It seems you have seen only markets in your life
till now... And no humans.
Accept my request and you will be benefited greatly.
I will give you whatever you wish.
Put back life in that girl who has died.
And I promise you that your son will be saved.
There won't be any case...
Remove you hand. Remove...
I don't like to raise my hands on elders.
What do you think yourself to be? Is law your
Is it a dog at your door who would wag it's tail
at your suggestion?
Or do you consider Law to be a game of cards...
...which you can play at your whims and fancies.
Listen to it carefully. Your son is a beast.
And the Law will definitely punish him for his
barbaric crime.
I'll get him punished.
Sorry, the tape is over.
Sir, you are an honest gentleman. That's why I'm
returning this cassette to you.
But please sir, tell your friend to refrain from
trying to buy me even.
Otherwise I'll hand over the next cassette to the
I know the trauma of the father whose only son is
behind the bars.
My sympathies are with you.
But I am not sad for you.
Before leaving listen to this carefully.
I'm that person who has only friends all over. Many
friends. But no enemies.
Don't become my lone enemy.
In my profession, I've only enemies. Not a single
One more enemy is fine for me.
Don't worry mother. The doctor has assured that
everything would be fine.
Deva, my son...
Mother, you know that I can see an ocean...
...of blood but not a single tear in your eye.
Sir, bill...
Why so many pictures of Madhuri Dixit pasted on
the walls of your hotel?
My boss is a very big fan of hers.
Fan. Is it? I'll rotate this fan now...
What are you doing here Sharmilee?
I'm here as Madhuri's younger sister.
Forget it, he is my prey. I'll slaughter it.
Go and find some other shop for yourself. Listen.
Will you help me in...
...slaughtering him? Won't you? Come with me. Come.
Brother, can I make a call please?
Yes. Help yourself.
I hope sister has not left for her shooting...
That's what I am checking.
It's me. It's a 2 O'clock shift today, in the film
city. Yes. Subhash Ghai is...
Sharmilee is with me.
Would you like to talk to her? Here...
Hi sister. No sister, I didn't attend the college
I had gone to watch one of your movies. Yes, sister
I liked it very much.
Sister, I am coming for your shooting.
Ma'am with which Madhuri were you talking?
Talk here. What's happening in this nation?
You have put up hundreds of her photographs all
...and are asking, "With which Madhuri were you
She was talking to this Madhuri.
Do you know this Madhuri?
Know? Hey, she is my daughter.
Your daughter?
Daughter means... I've brought her till... It is said thus in our film industry. I'm
her secretary.
And she is her younger sister.
I felt it. The moment I saw you I felt that you are
Madhuri's younger sister.
Ms. Sharmilee, I want to offer a cup of tea of my
hotel to her...
Only tea? I'll bring my sister here some day. You
can serve her the dinner too.
Listen! What's the bill by the way?
Why are you embarrassing me? Will I take the
payment from you people?
It's not only the matter of this bill. He wants to
take many food parcels too.
Who is stopping you to take the parcels? This hotel
belongs to you people.
Hey Peter!
Just see what sir needs.
Sir needs a lot of things.
Hey Deva, just wait.
Congratulations! Have some sweets.
Did you become a father once again?
Not me. Next year you will become a father.
You got engaged with Sharmilee and didn't even let
us know.
With Sharmilee! Who told you this?
Sharmilee! Who else will tell? She also took the
engagement ring from my shop.
She asked me to collect the payment for her would
be husband... Deva.
Here. Take this bill of five thousand.
Hey Sharmilee, what you did? You locked the house
from outside and remained in.
I had made all the arrangements of marriage and
was waiting for you as the bridegroom.
You made a fool of me in front of my relatives and
the entire community.
Vinod brother actually...
No, no brother. Just Vinod.
I have got your reality. You fool others for money.
Isn't it?
See this I have transferred my house and garage
in your name.
Now you will marry me. Won't you?
I still can't marry you.
Because I love Deva.
Deva! That mechanic at my garage.
You must be thinking that this girl who can
deceive others for five rupees...
...why is she refusing these fifty lakhs?
This matter of love is such.
Whether someone understands it or not. I think
you understand it. Don't you?
But Deva doesn't love you.
But I love him.
Since childhood... I can't say how much I love him...
But yes, in childhood when he used to cry on the
steps of the court...
...I don't know why, but I used to cry too...
I have grown up with his dreams.
And till my last breath I will try to make my dream
come true.
One day he will surely say "Sharmilee I love you."
Sharmilee, your outer model is different than your
Deva is very unfortunate that he could not
understand your love for him.
I know what goes through the heart when one is
rejected in love.
I have broken your heart. Please forgive me Vinod.
Just Vinod. Won't you say Vinod brother?
I had lost my senses. Such a sweet girl like you
can only be a kid-sister to me. Isn't it?
Okay. Good bye.
Sharmilee, my child.
Child I am very happy today.
Today even I am very happy.
Do you know why I am happy? Till date we used to
fool other to survive.
Henceforth to make our life beautiful we will fool
Only you will do that uncle. I am reformed.
Reformed! What's happening in this country?
Child, are you all right?
Sit here. Let me see.
Uncle I am perfectly all right.
Uncle I have mended my ways.
Why are you talking about getting spoiled?
Uncle I am getting married to Deva.
With Deva?
That means you will become the daughter-in-law of
A.C.P. Siddhant.
Yes uncle. - A relation between him and me! I'll
have an answer for all my creditors.
Though you are a mother of two grown up sons, you
still have to do all the household works.
Mom why don't you get Karan married? Daughter-in-law
will come home...
...she will do all the household chores.
If you are so much concerned about your mother then
why don't you get married?
I have never really thought about it. But if you
That's fine. I have a very good girl in my mind.
- Girl.
Which girl mom? - You know Brijmohanji of Lucknow.
Don't you? His daughter.
Lucknow! If we take the marriage procession there,
it will be processed!
Think of something nearby.
Near... Then how about Mr. Dubey's daughter?
Nagpur isn't far from here. Is it?
Nagpur is not too far but it isn't near too.
Think of something more close.
Close by is Dr. Mathur's daughter. Their house is
just at a distance of ten minutes.
You know a very good girl stays behind our house?
Who? Sharmilee?
Yes mom.
I knew that thug will definitely steal my son's
heart one day.
Mom, please talk to Babuji.
I'll talk to her when the right moment comes.
Uncle, This is Karan's friend speaking from the
3 star club. Please come here immediately.
Get up, get up.
What did I tell you? WHAT DID I TELL YOU?
You won't go to my place. You won't meet my father.
Got it?
Yes, yes. I will go. I will definitely go.
If I have the courage to get pregnant before
I also have the courage to fight for my child's
Yes, I do know. I know how much courage girls like
you have.
Tell me, are you sure that this bastard is mine?
Amrita you... what are you doing.
Leave me. Leave me.
No Karan.
Karan don't run away. Karan stop.
Karan stop.
Mother, please save me. Please save me.
What happened? What's wrong my son?
What have you done?
I did everything mother. I stole. I gambled.
I drank. Everything.
But I have not committed this murder.
What are you saying? Are you in your senses?
Do you know what you are speaking?
I know mother. But I swear on you mom I have not
committed this murder.
I have not. Save me mom. He is coming to arrest me.
No. I won't let you arrest him? He hasn't done
How can you even think that our son can murder
I am not thinking. I know it.
No, you are mistaken.
Look at him. Look at his condition. Are murderers
like this?
Do they look like him? No. My son has not done
Yes daddy, believe me. I have not done anything.
I am innocent.
After committing the crime, every criminal says
that he is innocent.
Mother, tell him.
No I won't let you take my son away.
Pushpa! Get aside.
I say, get aside.
No. You can't separate my son from me.
Pushpa leave him. Get aside.
What are you looking at? Take him.
Take him.
No please don't take him away.
Leave me.
Pushpa. Listen to me.
Pushpa Leave him.
My child.
Stop it.
Enough of this drama. Stop this game.
Nobody will take my brother from here.
Don't interfere in the matters of law, Deva.
I don't believe in this law of yours.
Which can only separate the loved ones, but can't
Thousands of times your law has punished the
Thousands of times your law had done injustice.
Because your law knows that even if it is wrong
there is no one to punish it.
How can you be so certain that he is innocent?
Because whenever he was wrong, my mother told me.
And today my mother is saying that her son is
So my heart believes that he is innocent.
And in any case he can't swear falsely on his
own mother.
Law needs evidence and not oaths and voices of
the heart.
And I am the eyewitness of his crime.
And don't you forget that I am here not as a father
but as a police officer.
Come. Come.
No dad. Mother.
Leave him. I say leave him.
Save my child. - Mother. I haven't committed the
murder. I am innocent.
Mother. Mother.
Mother. Save me. I have not done anything.
Fifteen years back you and your law had separated
a son from his mother.
Killed her!
And today after fifteen years once again your law
want to separate one more...
...Mother from her son.
No I won't let this story repeat.
Neither will I let this mother die nor will I
let that son be hanged.
This is my promise to you.
Your wife had a heart attack.
And let me tell you one more thing. She won't be
able to bear another shock.
Mother here, take these medicines.
Deva I don't need medicines. I need my son.
I will not take any medicines till my some
returns home.
Mother Karan will be back very soon...
But do you know mom after returning when he will
see you in this condition... angry will he be?
He will ask me...
...that I didn't even take care of his ailing
mother behind him.
What will I answer him then?
If he grabs my collar even, I won't be able to
stop him.
Here take this medicine.
Deva, tell him I don't want to talk to him. I
don't want to talk to him.
Have you seen? Have you seen the results of
keeping bad company?
Where have you landed?
You must be very happy Deva. Isn't it?
The biggest thorn on your way is removed by itself.
Mom used to say that "Karan will understand you
But today it is clear to me that you will never
understand me.
I am not here to celebrate or laugh at you.
But I have come to help you.
Have you brought the rope for my hanging noose?
Listen. And listen carefully today.
Since childhood you have just hurt me.
The entire life you have humiliated me.
If someone ask me who is my biggest enemy. I'd say
Whom do I hate the most? My answer would be "You."
But I don't hate you as much as my mother loves
And for the sake of that love I have forgotten
all my anger and hatred...
Whether you consider me to be your enemy or your
But I will definitely save your life.
Even if it costs me my life.
So that my mother can live.
To take you out of these bars...
...I will fight against the entire world Karan.
But I won't be able to fight against you.
Brother if you don't support me...
...then I'll lose.
I'll lose brother.
What did you say?
Please embrace and forgive this innocent brother
of yours.
Brother I haven't committed this murder.
I am innocent. Please save me brother. Please save
Idiot. Can't you see and walk.
I can ask you the same question.
Don't you have the manners to talk with the
Those elders who don't know how to treat the
young ones...
...I talk to them in this manner.
Keep your gaze down. You are not even worth the
dust of my shoes
Even dust doesn't like arrogance.
If kicked it comes over.
So much heat in the blood is not good.
Before dashing someone, you should at least know
who the other person is.
Thank God that I dashed you in ignorance.
And pray that I never dash you knowingly.
Otherwise it would be a costly affair for you.
Niranjan your dad is here.
Niranjan. How are you son?
Dad, when you are with me, what trouble can I face.
There is just one problem uncle.
We will put on a lot of weight if we continue to
remain here.
Don't worry boys. You all will soon be freed.
I trust you dad.
My dad does what he says.
Each word said by your dad is eternal.
I promise that nothing will happen to you.
There is a proverb in English...
Sharmilee! See my child. Look what I have brought.
See what is happening in this country. Before
becoming the relative of Siddhant, all this... happening. Once I become a relative, I'll
play in millions and billions.
What happened? Is the doll sad?
I don't think my marriage will take place, uncle.
Hey, don't talk such horrible things otherwise my
heart will sink.
Deva's brother Karan has been caught under charges
of murder. He could be hanged even.
This is a great happening. If Karan is hanged then
Deva will get all the inheritance.
That would be great for us. I will be a millionaire
and you would be a billionaire.
Uncle, I'm talking about execution. Death! And can
a wedding take place... a house where death has occurred.
No! But I've already sold this relation.
If this marriage were cancelled then I would be
You son of a bitch! He told me that the ACP is his
relative and took 40 thousand from me.
Hey, he took 20 thousand from me too. When will you
return our money?
I will return. But as a compensation for this
bashing, won't I get a discount?
Not only discount, we will give you a bonus too.
You trapped a simple person like me... a rape case and that too of an old woman!
Hit him! Hit him!
Help! - What happened uncle? What happened?
What happened uncle? - Nothing. Nothing. I was just
thinking that...
...this marriage is an absolute necessity.
Because if this marriage is cancelled then you
won't get married ever.
You think it for yourself. If Karan dies, he won't
die alone. In his shock even his...
...mother would die. That means two deaths in the
Even before you set your feet in the house, if
death strikes twice...
...will that family ever accept you as their
No family in the world will accept you in such
a situation!
That's why, to save Karan, we both will have to
help Deva.
I too need your help Sharmilee.
Karan's friend Babloo, whom I am searching, is
reported to be hiding in 3 star club.
Just the way a trap is set to catch a mouse...
...similarly we too will have to play some gimmicks
to bring that bastard out.
Don't worry. My uncle has closed the door. So that
nobody can disturb us.
You? Why am I brought here?
What do you know about Amrita's murder?
What do I know? The same that you know too.
The police know it. The whole world knows that
Karan had murdered her.
Karan had murdered her!
Bastard! How did you know beforehand that a murder
was to take place.
What do you mean? - You called the police. Didn't
you? Before the murder?
It was because... Because they both were engaged in
a bitter brawl.
Then why didn't you interfere? You were Karan's
friend. Weren't you?
That... I...
Why did you call the police? Speak up!
Speak up!
I am telling. Telling...
I don't know anything about the murder. Rocky had
asked me to call the police.
Who is Rocky?
The owner of this club.
Where can I find him?
Since the murder has taken place... He is seen
Where is Rocky? - Are you his friend or has he
done something to you too?
No. I am his friend.
Hey, then why don't you people make him understand'
Why is he involved in all...
...nefarious activities due of which he has to stay
out of the house in hiding.
I have already lost my leg in his matters. Will he
take my life too?
If you find him, tell him that mom is in the
hospital. Her condition is serious.
Tell him to come and meet, if he wants to see her
for the last time.
Karan's brother was here. He is searching for you.
You better remain underground.
Don't you worry. Forget him, I won't fall in the
hands of his father even.
Puspha, you are still awake! The doctor has advised
you to rest.
I was waiting for you. You used to return before
dusk on this day.
For the first time today, you have kept me waiting
for so long.
Have you forgotten? Today is our wedding
Yes Pushpa. The truth is that, for the first time I
have forgotten this day.
Not only this day, you've forgotten much more.
Do you remember that while conducting the rituals
of the marriage in front...
...of the sacred fire you had promised to be with
me in all the joys and sorrows.
Are you with me today?
While taking my hand in yours, you had taken the
vow that you will never...
...let a tear come in my eyes. Are you fulfilling
your vow?
When for the first time I handed the newborn Karan
to you, you had said...
...that "Pushpa, you have given me all the joys of
the world!"
But today... Today you have imprisoned the same joys
in the dark cells of the...
...prison. On this day, I want to know only one
thing. Is the relation with law...
...greater than the relation with a wife and the
Having spent years with you, for the first time I
have known that you are only...
...a police officer. A very good police officer. But
not a good father!
You are NOT a good father!
I, Siddhant Shekhawat, take the oath that I will be
faithful to the constitution...
...of my country.
Do you know...
...having spent years with me...
...for the first time she has known...
...that I am just a police officer... excellent police officer...
...but I am not a good father...
What does she think?
Is she the only one who loves you?
Is she the only one who is in agony?
Only she is in sorrow? What does she feel?
...that in this chest lies a stone?
Doesn't any pain ever arise in it?
She feels, Karan, that if you are convicted,
nothing will happen to me.
Nothing will happen to me!
If something happens to you, I would be the first
one to break! Karan!
I will be finished!
Sir the last hearing of Baba's case is scheduled on
the 17th.
All other arrangements have been made but the only
danger is from ACP Siddhant.
Now there is no danger Bhandari! He will testify in
our favor.
There is a proverb in English...
There is only one perfect child in the world and
every father has it.
A scion makes a person very weak, Bhandari!
And today his son has brought him in the same
sinking ship...
...on which only I was aboard till today.
There is nothing in it to be so happy about,
Mr. Shobhraj.
Because I don't think that it can benefit you in
There is a proverb in English...
It's better to bend than to break.
Compromise with your principles, Mr. Siddhant.
Otherwise you will break and shatter badly.
Just think. If something happens to your son...
...will you be able to face your wife?
And just recently your child has attained youth!
He has still not seen anything in the world!
Children usually commit such mistakes. That doesn't
...That we put our own children on the hanging
board to get executed.
There is only one way to do away with this case now.
Join hands with me.
It's strange! People even like to get smacked by a
person who wears...
...diamond rings. And you are hesitant to shake
hands even!
Mr. Shobhraj, it would be better if you go away from
Okay. I will leave. Trust me. If you discharge my
...I promise to get your son released.
You might not be aware that my hands can reach
those places where even... hasn't reached yet!
I am in no hurry. You first go and meet your son
and see his condition.
Then answer me. I will wait for your answer.
One of the important witnesses of this case, the
owner of that shop...
...wants to testify again.
Permission granted.
Bela has been raped and murdered by Niranjan...
...this statement was given by me under duress of
the police.
The truth is that, Your Honor, that I have never
seen this accused near my shop.
Mr. Judge, we know the gravity of committing a
crime like murder.
And also the severe punishment that can be meted
out to us for it.
But the truth is that, Mr. Judge, that the girl was
not raped or murdered... Niranjan, but us.
Niranjan was not even present there Mr. Judge.
I knew it from the very first day that the
witnesses will be purchased.
That the truth will be converted to a lie!
For the sole reason that Shobhraj is connected to
influential personalities...
...of the city. But I still have one such witness,
Your Honor, whom neither... can buy nor might can scare. For the sole
reason because he is the...
...father of that innocent and poor girl, who has
bid adieu to his girl...
...not after her wedding but on her bier!
This man saw that naked dance of rape with his own
Mr. Sharma. Where were you at the noon of 13th
I had gone to my daughter's shop to give her lunch!
What did you see there?
These three came there. After closing the shop from
inside they had beaten... daughter like animals. Mr. Judge, I
desperately tried to stop them.
But they were under a spell! Under a spell.
Mr. Judge, he had raped my daughter.
He is a murderer Mr. Judge. The killer of my
daughter! Hang him!
He is talking rubbish. I have not done anything.
You didn't do anything?
Didn't you kill my daughter?
This old man is lying. - Lying? Am I lying? In
front of my eyes you had...
...killed my daughter. I was seeing everything from
inside the shop.
You were not inside the shop. There was nobody
inside the shop.
When you were not in the shop then how do you know
...Whether he was in the shop or not.
The accused is right in saying that there was
nobody in the shop at that time.
Because at that time, only the accused and his
friends were in the shop.
On behalf of this unfortunate father and I myself
would pray for the court's pardon.
I had asked him to lie only for the truth to reveal.
And the truth is disclosed to the court.
This court sentences Insmail and Rajiv to 7 years
imprisonment for aiding and...
...abetting Niranjan.
And convicts Niranjan Shobhraj for rape and murder
of Bela Sharma...
...and orders for his execution under section 302
of I.P.C.
My son should not face the punishment Michael.
Purchase the entire jail.
Whosoever demands whatever sum, give it. But my
son should come back.
Under any circumstances! At any cost!
Rastogi! Arrange for a chartered plane. As soon
as my son elopes from the jail...
...I want to send him to a far off destination, away
from this country.
Niranjan. Niranjan. Your daddy has sent us to take
you out from here. Come.
Come soon. Come.
Niranjan, why have you stopped? Come!
We will take that bastard with us.
Hey what are you watching? My father being such a
rich person couldn't... me, your father is a protector of the Law.
He will hang you himself.
What are you thinking? You will never get a better
opportunity than this.
Don't hit me. Don't please. Rocky had come to me. I
don't know where he...
...has gone now. I swear by my small-small kids. I'm
telling the truth...
Come. Michael is waiting for us at the other shore.
Come. Come fast. Come soon.
Hey, don't hit my brother.
Take me out you rascal.
Leave me. Leave me you scamp!
No. No.
I am running helter-skelter to prove that you are
not guilty. And you...
Do you know that if these people...
Please forgive me brother...
After eloping from the prison, my son has again been
sent back to the dark-cells and... couldn't do anything!
By the time I reached there, things were already
out of control sir.
Whatever happened last night was because of
Niranajan's mistake.
Had he not taken that ACP's son along with him, his
brother would have...
...never reached there.
Which brother? Who reached there?
I know you are drawn in a battle with the Law.
Whether you break the law...
...or the law breaks you, is none of my concern.
I've come here to make... understand, not to include my brother in
this battle ever again.
Otherwise I'll have to take the law in my hands.
And this won't be good for you.
You have outspoken your small mouth!
Before issuing this threat, you should have at
least seen your standing and... status. An ant threatening an elephant doesn't
look good, my dear.
Though an ant is very tiny Mr. Shobhraj yet if it
reaches the elephant's ears... becomes the reason of its death.
And the status you are bragging about... I know
that status very well.
You are a rich billionaire. But to save your
son's life, you have begged to my Babuji.
I've heard that these hands have reached my
Babuji's collar too.
By lifting iron for 10-15 minutes and exercising...
...don't consider that you have become very strong.
Everyday for 15 hours, since last 15 years I've
been working only with the iron.
And when the glass dashes the iron, it shatters
into so many pieces...
...that they are impossible to count.
There is a proverb in English...
Tell it to somebody else. I understand only one
language. Indian.
And there is a proverb in it, 'The blacksmith's one
hit is equal to a hundred of the goldsmith'
My brother is my mother's staff of life. And I've
promised to get her life back.
I'll bury the breaths of anybody in his own chest,
if he tries to snatch her life.
Remember this.
Sir, if you say...
No Michael. I used to think that...
...only his father is a snake. But this bastard has
turned out to be a Cobra.
We will have to think of some other way to crush
the hoods of both.
What was he saying? That his brother is his
mother's staff of life!
Then that rascal should be hanged as soon as
Arrange for a press conference.
Have you seen today's newspapers?
Till yesterday the papers used to carry the
headlines 'Honest ACP Siddhant'...
The same papers are now publishing how honest
ACP Siddhant is.
You are very swift in getting other's children
convicted. Why are you taking so much...
...time to prepare the charge-sheet against your
own son?
Inspector Veer Singh is preparing the charge-sheet
But weren't you the investigating officer of this
But I didn't want anybody to accuse me of being
partial to my son.
That's why I have handed over this responsibility
to him.
And along with it I've instructed him to call me to
the court whenever he wishes to. testify against my son.
Would you like to say anything else sir?
Yes. Get the charge-sheet prepared...
...overnight. Tomorrow morning as soon as the court
opens, I want to see that...
...accused in the court.
From where will we start first? I'll trap two
people. But what will I do with the rest?
Uncle! Can't you sit at one place? What are you
doing from 'here to there'?
Hey, I'm thinking dear.
Then sit at one place and think.
There is a curfew order even on thinking!
What's it? Don't give me such looks. It disturbs me.
Thinking is not an easy job.
One has to walk, stand upside down otherwise no
ideas come in the brain.
You are joking! And here I am, getting insane
because of the anxiety...
...that Karan's case is starting tomorrow.
Insane! Right insane!
It seems you have become one.
Not me, his brother will become insane.
But... It's not so easy to prove a person insane.
Hey, nothing is difficult for me. Because the mental
asylum where I was 4 years back...'s doctor will certify that Karan is insane.
Were you in a mental asylum, 4 years back?
Uh, well, yes... I was in the mental asylum.
Well, son, the circumstances were such... What
should I tell him why I was in...
...the mental asylum. That would disclose my secret.
Isn't it?
Mr. Judge, due to some deep shock, the accused has
lost his mental balance.
See him. See him. Without any water, how he is
swimming in the air!
I can say it with confidence that this trick of
being insane is being played only... mislead the court. If permission is granted to
me to ask a few questions... Dr. Gotiwala, this can be proved.
Permission granted.
Dr. Gotiwala, can you say it with full confidence
that the accused is insane?
Mr. ACP, I'm a doctor of the lunatics since the
last 25 years. Just by a glance... the face, I can tell who is insane and who is
on the verge of becoming one.
But there has to be a reason for a person to become
insane all of a sudden.
There is! A reason exists. If much happens all of
a sudden...
...then all of a sudden a person becomes insane.
Mr. Judge, if all of a sudden a young person is
accused of murder...
...and all of a sudden for him his father is reduced
to a mere police officer...
...and he himself puts him in the prison then...
...the reason does occur.
I would like to emphasize again to the court that
this is all a gimmick...
...the person who has played this trick is known to
me very well.
See I'm not your enemy. My advice to you will be
always for your betterment.
Don't be misled by anybody.
Or else you will land yourself in a deeper rut.
That's why inform the court in clear terms that
you are not insane.
Insane? Who is insane? I am absolutely fine. But
shall I tell you one secret?
All those who have called me to this party are
I've never seen such a worthless and boring party
in my life.
I am here since last half an hour and nobody has
even asked me for a drink.
Any way it doesn't matter! You can give me a
cigarette at least.
Give! Please give me a cigarette.
Mr. Judge, my patient should be given a cigarette
Otherwise his insanity will increase.
Were you saying something?
Hey. Hey. What happened? Pick him up.
The patient has suddenly taken more ill. He should
be taken to the hospital.
This court orders that the accused be sent to the
mental asylum under...
...medical supervision.
Come. Let's go fast. Excuse us. He has taken ill.
Come fast.
Deva, what have you done? You've sent my son to the
mental asylum!
Other than this, there was no other way left,
I need some more time to prove that Karan is not
Buying more time will not help you in anyway Deva.
Because the drama enacted by you and your brother
today will end very soon.
You've not helped your brother today. Instead
you've put him in deeper trouble.
Do you know the government solicitor has asked
for a second medical advice.
And he will definitely prove that your brother is
not insane.
Before they could prove the sanity of my brother...
...Ill prove that he is not a criminal either.
Don't give false hopes to your mother.
If you fail to fulfill your promise she will be in
great agony.
I not only wish to save my mother from this agony...
...but I wish to save you too.
Because I know the day Karan is convicted... will be the first one to break.
You try your best Deva. But I don't feel that you'd
be able to save me...
...from this pain.
Don't get scared. I have come here not to inquire
about Rocky, but to know the... and address of that doctor who has made you
hop and jump so soon.
You've already lost one of your legs in my
brother's matter. Now would you like... to break another one too?
Please don't beat me. I am disclosing. I am
By tomorrow morning's flight, Rocky is going abroad.
This is the receipt of his flight-ticket.
Where will he be now? - I don't know where he will
be at this time.
Uncle, uncle, UNCLE!
You are sleeping?
It's 4 a.m. Do I belong to the owl family that I
won't feel sleepy?
Rocky has still not come and you...
Hey pal...
...he will come my child. Before shifting to a new
dwelling, a bird always comes...
...back to its old nest once.
It seems he has come!
You are searching for this. Aren't you?
But until you disclose the name of Amrita's
...forget the country, I won't let you leave this
place even.
How about after your death?
After all the check-ups and observations...
...we can solemnly declare that Mr. Karan is not
Karan, come with me. - Come where? My Shirshasan
is incomplete
Karan, nothing will happen by this drama.
My patient is not keeping well.
You are asking Dr. Gotiwala to shut up?
Dr. Gotiwala will shortly land himself in the lock
up, for testifying falsely.
Come Karan. Come.
Hey my... where are you taking...
Didn't I promise to you that before my brother is
proved 'not-insane'...
...I will prove that he is not a criminal either.
Here is your real culprit. The actual killer of
that club dancer.
Whom, you and your police could not find.
Is it true? IS IT TRUE?
Yes sir, I had killed Amrita!
You hit me? - Have you gone mad? - You hit ME!!
Amrita... stop... You bloody
Leave me. Leave me. - Amrita.
My mother has been waiting for her innocent son's
return since many days.
Can I take my brother home?
I just need one more day. Tomorrow let him testify
in front of the Judge.
After that your brother will be released. Take him.
No. No Bhandari. This should never happen.
If Rocky discloses...
...that he had killed that cabaret dancer on my
...then the appeal of my son pending with the
President will be rejected.
Where I have taken so many lives to save my son's
life... more life won't make any difference.
Whatever happens Michael...
...Rocky should not reach the court.
How did it happen?
I want to know how did it happen?
Nothing is known sir...
With so many policemen around, in broad daylight...
...a person has been killed and you say that
"nothing is known."
What the hell were you all doing? I'll suspend each
one of you.
Now what are you staring at me? Take the dead body
for postmortem.
Babuji... That Rocky...
Deva, somebody has murdered Rocky...
Then what will happen to my brother?
First of all, the killer of Rocky has to be found
...and what if we can't trace his killer out?
Then my brother will continue to be stuck with the
same murder charges. Isn't it?
Trust me Deva. I will prove
your brother's innocence.
I'll talk to the Judge and my seniors.
Despite knowing the truth, you will be required to
prove your son's innocence.
That's why I hate this law of yours.
I knew that without evidence this blind law would
hang my innocent brother.
With great difficulty I had brought that evidence...
...which you very easily let efface.
If only, along with the law I had not trusted you
Deva, it is possible that the law would take some
time to reveal the truth.
But the truth will definitely come out in the open.
Then it's Okay. You had asked for a day's grace
...and I give you a day's grace today. Reach to
whatever truth you want to.
Otherwise to get my brother released...
. neither will I require you nor this law of yours.
Gautam, tell me, is everything fine?
The President has rejected your son's appeal.
And Niranjan's death wish is that he be hanged in
front of your eyes.
Go away from here. Go. Leave me alone.
Daddy, won't you sing the birthday song for me
None other but your evil eye has cast upon me!
You have defeated me daddy. You have defeated me!
No! I don't want this visor. Hang me like this.
I want my father to see my face properly while I
die... that for his whole life he can feel the pinch
of his failure!
In my whole life I committed just one mistake.
I trusted this man!
You had said that each word of yours is eternal.
Didn't you?
Nothing will happen to me! You are a liar!
He was born on the 4th, at 4 O'clock, in the 4th
...and he has died on the 4th... 4 O'clock, in the 4th month.
Call it a coincidence or misfortune...
...but this number 4 has always been associated with
my son.
In his life, he had 4 friends...
...and the person who is responsible for his
...has 4 family members too.
The soul of my son will rest in peace only when...
...along with him 4 more dead bodies are cremated
on the burning pyre...
...of ACP Siddhant and his family members.
Years back you have helped us a lot.
Your wish is a command to us.
The currency in this city might be of the
...but the rule is ours.
Now you instruct us... What has to be done.
That ACP thinks the trouble is over...
...he should realize that the trouble has just begun.
There is a proverb in English...
...the more patiently vengeance is taken... The more
satisfying it is.
To grieve on my son's death the whole city had come
to my place...
...only you didn't come.
It doesn't matter.
You will come to meet your son. Won't you?
Within half an hour come at the New Bridge...
Shobhraj, if...
No, Siddhant, No... have spoken enough.
Today I will speak. Listen.
I've still not told you where your wife has been
kept by me under captivity...
...come all alone to meet your son or else your wife
will be the first to die...
Wait for me for an hour Babuji. If I could save the
mother... I'll definitely return.
Where is my son Shobhraj?
Come, sit.
Sit in.
I've still not cremated him.
I'll cremate him. Today itself.
But before that I will make you realize the trauma
of a father...
...when his son is punished to death in front of his
own eyes.
Aren't the arrangements to execute a person same in
your prison?
The same has been prepared for your son.
Tell us if something is missing.
Listen one thing very carefully...
Hey, no threats. No threats today.
No warnings, Siddhant. Today only our order will
prevail here.
Look at that...
Siddhant, your son will be hanged today.
And no executioner will execute him...
...but you will conduct his execution with your own
Execute your son... Execute him!
Daddy, I can't see your condition anymore.
Please give in to their demands.
Let me die. But please save my mother.
My son...
Daddy... You are under my oath...