Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin (2002) Movie Script

"We are not lesser than anyone."
"We are not lesser than anyone."
"Not at all."
"We are not lesser than anyone."
"We are not lesser than anyone."
"Not at all."
"We are not lesser than anyone."
- Munna sir!
- Janu uncle has come.
Mannu, sir is getting down the stairs
he looks like an English movie's hero.
Good morning sir!
He is sitting in Gafoor sir's hotel.
- Uncle, Pillai here.
- Tell me.
- Did you speak to Munna?
- I am waiting for him.
Don't worry, I don't think
he will go against my word.
Yes uncle, even I want Munna's
and my enmity to end forever.
That's in everyone's interest, son.
I see him coming.
I'll speak to him and get back to you.
- Yes uncle, but please do my job.
- I'll disconnect now.
- Welcome, son.
- Greetings, uncle.
- Greetings uncle.
- God bless you.
You look so good. I feel happy to see you.
Your father and I were best friends.
However big a man you become,
I'll always consider you as my kid.
Those were such good times.
...the police is your biggest enemy.
Why make enemies with
your business colleagues?
Uncle, are you talking of Pillai?
Munna, at least listen to me.
Uncle, I won't spare him!
He worked under me,
now he wants to be my boss?
- He wants to run his own gang?
- He made a mistake.
He wants to work with you now.
- I have settled everything.
- You don't know him.
He is evil. He's a crooked man.
I have given him my word, son.
At least respect my word.
Please give your consent.
Talk to him.
All right, ask him to work for
me, work under me.
Bless you, son!
May God give you a long life.
- Sir careful!
- Uncle.
- Janu uncle!
Wasn't sir right, uncle?
See, he shot you.
Where is Pillai?
- Speak!
- You idiot! How do you shoot?
The one you had to kill, didn't die.
Where are you now?
- Come and meet me right away!
- I am in hiding.
- Where are you?
- I am on Bandra Kurla road.
Stay there! I'm coming.
- Who are you?
- Your father, Munna!
The dog is with Munna?
Damn it!
Damn it!
Why isn't it starting!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, what are you doing?
Drive carefully!
Stop it Munna...
Stop it.
Stop it! Don't you feel ashamed?
How can you beat someone so brutally?
Don't you have any manners?
Is this what your parents have taught you?
To barge in anywhere and beat up anyone?
Look how scared everyone is.
Say sorry to all of them.
Didn't you hear me? I said, say sorry!
Sir, what happened to you?
- Sorry!
- What's wrong with you?
- Are you all right?
- No, sir...
Munnu, sir has apologised to
someone for the first time.
- Why don't you speak?
- Have you lost your speech?
- Let's go sir.
- Come...
Let's go.
No, sir. Don't look back.
We don't do this.
- Put him in the lock up.
- Yes, sir.
- I just cannot believe this, sir.
- Believe what?
The Pillai, who the entire
department was trying to arrest...
was caught so easily?
This is a big victory for us.
Come in.
Shinde, do you think
the police caught him?
- Then who caught him, sir?
- No one, he got himself arrested.
You mean, deliberately? But why?
He plotted an attack on Munna
yesterday, but Munna survived.
He knows there's no safer place than
the police lock up to escape Munna.
So he got himself arrested by the police.
Or just think, the one who the police
is looking for since so many days...
...would he get caught so easily?
That too, near the police station?
The entire city knows Munna is
the top gangster of the underworld.
He runs a parallel government in Mumbai.
Yet the police takes
no action against him.
Only when we have evidence and witnesses
against someone, can we take action.
But we don't get any evidence
or witness against Munna.
That is why he operates
fearlessly in the city.
Even now he must be pressurizing someone.
Move! Sir,
you've got to climb the stairs.
Move aside! Sir is coming. Come, sir.
- Hey, vacate the chairs! Come on, out!
- Move!
Take your bag!
Shut the computer down.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
- Keep your volume and head down
while talking. - Leave my hand.
Munna sir has come!
Your brother, Pillai, came to kill me.
Instead, Janu uncle died.
What will become of his
wife and children now?
From today, Janu uncle's
family will inherit...
...your building, your
construction company. Understand?
Come on, sign the papers.
All of your property now belongs
to Janu uncle's family.
- Munna, you are not doing the right
thing. - Just sign the papers!
I won't sign!
What did I tell you?
But you did not understand.
You will pressurize people?
You will misbehave?
You will kill?
You should not do that, Munna.
Come on, say sorry.
I said, say sorry!
It happens.
Don't think you have escaped.
Thank your stars that sir is
not in the right mood today.
The day sir is in the right
mood, he'll kill you!
Munnu, let's go.
Don't move! Give me all that
you have in your pocket!
Listen brother, please don't kill me.
What are you waiting for?
Give me your valuables, quick!
Yes, I am giving you. This key...
Hey! You have very high fever.
That is why I was looting you.
What do you mean?
I have fever since three days.
I have no money to eat or see a doctor.
I was forced to do this.
Please don't hand me over to the police.
Calm down. I won't hand you to the police.
Come here. Lie down here. Don't move.
Breathe deeply. Through your mouth.
- What's going on here, brother?
- Komal! Open my bag.
- Quick. The poor guy is very sick.
- Okay.
He is very sick.
Remove my prescription pad.
Open your mouth, tongue.
All right.
You have a throat infection,
that is why you have high fever. Get up.
I am prescribing three medicines for you.
Take two at night before sleeping.
And take one after the meals.
How will you eat? You have no money.
Wait, I'll give you money.
Eat food and buy medicine.
This is your prescription,
and this is my card.
- See me after three days. Go.
- Okay.
- Shall I tell you something?
- Yes.
- Sir, you are an angel!
- Hey! Don't do that.
- Go.
- Thank you, doctor.
Brother, you are a doctor,
not some juggler...
...that you start
performing on the street.
- He came to loot me...
- Loot?
You should have handed
him over to the police!
He was helpless. He was not feeling well.
I have treated him.
He won't loot anyone now.
Brother, you are great.
Komal, give me your
passport when we reach home.
I want to apply for a visa for Malaysia.
Malaysia? How come you made this
sudden program of going to Malaysia?
I have a friend there, Dr. DD.
He had called.
He has invited us.
I thought we could tour Malaysia, and...
He has a son. Even he is a doctor.
I thought if you met him... could tell me if you
like him as a groom.
- Marriage? I won't marry.
- Why? You will marry some day.
- I only want you to meet him.
- But I'll have to miss classes.
- What about my students?
- Nothing doing.
Oh, so you are more worried about
your classes, not your brother?
Munnu, go and check who
banged into our car.
Check if everything
is okay in the trunk.
Excuse me.
Are you blind?
You banged into a stationary car.
Forgive me, it's my mistake.
One must not talk while driving.
Let's call the police.
Since you have accepted your
mistake, we'll let go.
But the police...
Why call the police for a small collision?
There must be a garage around here.
We'll have it repaired at the garage.
I'll pay the damages.
- We don't want any damages.
- No, whatever the damages...
Why are you after us?
We said we don't want compensation.
Your loss...
- All right, here's my card.
- Okay, give.
Look, Dr. Rastogi.
- His name is Dr. Rastogi.
- My clinic address is given below.
- Look...
- Yes, it's a nice name.
If ever you change your mind,
come to the clinic and take money from me.
- Look if ever...
- It's okay.
- If ever you change your mind...
- Go away!
In a police-underworld encounter
in Sion-Koliwada today...
...two shooters were killed.
It is being said that both these
shooters belonged to Munna gang.
Munna, who is an underworld gangster.
Munna's increasing activities have put
the police and the government in a fix.
Now the sports news.
- In a fix...
They are bound to worry.
- Who's calling?
- Arora Builder.
Sir, call from Arora Builder.
Why you rogue, you started construction
of your building without paying us?
- I want 40 million now.
- But you had demanded 20 million.
That was before you started construction.
Now that you've started the construction,
you'll have to pay a fine of 20 million.
- Sir, it is too much, I will be ruined.
- Hey!
Your kids go to school, don't they?
Tell me, when do I kill them?
Stop it!
You should feel ashamed of yourself!
You will extort money?
You will kill people's wife and kids?
Come on, say sorry. I said, say sorry!
Say it!
It happens.
What's wrong with sir? He was
threatening and suddenly he said sorry?
This is a big problem.
Our business is being ruined.
- Or sir saying sorry...
- He has started day dreaming.
We'll have to think of something.
Stop it! Don't you feel ashamed?
How can you beat anyone so brutally?
Don't you have any manners?
Is this what your parents have taught you?
To barge in anywhere and beat up anyone?
You will extort money? Say sorry to him!
What happened?
- Who is it? I'll smash your head.
I'll kill you! - Who is it?
Sir, sit down, don't move.
Close the window.
What happened, sir?
- Sure?
- Sure.
- All of you leave.
- Out.
- Go.
- Then why did you shoot?
Who fired the shot?
Tell me, I'll kill him!
- I fired the shot.
- Don't cry.
I'll close the window. If anyone sees
this, our reputation will be ruined.
- I'm going mad! I cannot sleep.
I see strange dreams. - Sir...
- Sir, you really are sick.
- Sorry!
We'll have to take
you to the doctor.
Then take me.
Munnu, I cannot bear
to see sir like this.
- We want a good doctor!
- Sorry.
- Munnu, we want a high qualified doctor.
- I'll shoot him down.
Nothing is wrong. He's only
suffering from stress and anxiety.
- What's anxiety?
- His brain is tired due to over work.
That is why he feels nervous and scared.
Looks like some fear within
him is bothering him.
I am scared? I am nervous?
Do you know who I am?
The whole city fears him
and you say he is scared?
- But...
- Wait a minute.
This is fear, which I'm
seeing on your face now.
Doctor, you give pills to everyone,
now take sir's pill (bullet).
You are a stupid doctor. Don't see any
patients from tomorrow. Sit down!
Stand up!
I am standing and you dared to sit?
Munnu, sir is walking in tension.
- Sir, there is no need to worry.
We'll go to a good doctor. - Sir...
Sir, I just remembered!
The guy who had banged into our car...
...had given me his card. We'll go to him.
He's a good doctor, very tall.
We'll go to him.
Your blood sugar level is high.
Did you have too many sweets?
No, doctor.
- He had them just yesterday.
- I just ate some oblation.
Then you should have eaten a
little, not made a meal of it.
I am tired of him, doctor. If I cook
diet food at home, he eats in a hotel.
Have you brought me here for a
check-up or to complain about me?
- The doctor...
- What are you saying?
- Listen! Don't take my words so lightly.
- Okay.
If you don't control your diet,
you'll have to take insulin.
I'll check your blood sugar right now.
- Come on, get going!
- It's hurting!
- Get up!
- What's going on?
- What are you doing? Don't touch me...
- Your time's over.
- You too go.
- What the hell!
- Go from here.
- Who are you?
- Rascals...
- Who are you?
- Hello, doctor.
- You! It's you!
That small accident on the street...
I had said we'll go to the police.
In fact, I had even offered
to go to the garage.
You only said you didn't want to go.
- Whatever the damage is...
- We haven't come for our vehicle.
- We have brought a patient.
- It's an emergency case.
Emergency? Where is the patient?
What? He didn't give 5 million?
Look, if he doesn't give it by
evening, pump 6 bullets into him.
You see him as an emergency case?
He looks so healthy, he's walking
and you call him an emergency case?
You mean, only if he comes on a
stretcher, he's an emergency case?
- Look...
- If he is bleeding...
Look, I don't need to hear your nonsense!
- Please go out!
- Just a minute, see you in the evening.
You go out and wait in the queue,
and come in when it's your turn.
- Hey! There is no queue.
- Understood!
- They left on seeing him?
- Who is he? Who are you?
Are you a gangster, you're...
You are...
- Munna sir.
- Munna sir, you are right.
Why will you wait outside?
You'll come inside! Come inside.
Why did you bother? You should
have called me, I'd come to you.
Why did you stop? Come. Come here.
Why are you standing? Sit down.
Why am I sitting? You sit.
You also sit down.
Tell me, what can I do?
I mean, what problem do you have?
Doctor, I have a friend.
He's into my kind of business.
- He's shaken since two days.
- Shaken?
- Sick.
- That's right.
Oh, sick!
I'm sorry, I didn't know you were...
It's okay.
- I am sorry.
- No...
Sick? Men in your business also fall sick?
I mean your friend is sick.
Some people fall sick on seeing you.
By the way, what's his problem?
Doctor, two days ago, he met an item.
Since then, he's finished.
- Tell him.
- He sees only that girl everywhere.
He sees her in his dreams. He opens
his eyes and finds her before him.
However hard he tries
but she refuses to go.
His business is suffering.
- He cannot kill anyone.
- He cannot even beat.
- He cannot shoot.
- Enough.
Doctor, I think his
condition is very serious.
But you are the doctor, you know best.
Yes, I am the doctor.
You see. There is no problem.
- Nothing is wrong with him.
- How can you say there is no problem?
He cannot sleep all day and you
say nothing is wrong with him.
- His heart beats fast, his hands
tremble, his body shivers. - No...
I didn't mean to say he is not sick.
Listen, this friend of
yours, is he married?
- No.
- Any girl...
He is not involved with any girl.
- He is a straight guy.
- I see. Yes.
Your friend's, this girl,
how does she look?
She's beautiful!
She has blue eyes, golden hair.
I think he has not seen a
more beautiful girl than her.
Your friend is suffering
from a beautiful ailment.
An ailment which every person waits for.
Your... come here.
Your friend is suffering from love.
I'll tell you one more
thing in confidence.
Your friend is none other than you.
That's enough!
He's indeed a good doctor.
- He's a great doctor.
- Wow...
Thank you very much.
- Thank you, you're a great doctor.
- I'm not that good...
- I said you are good!
- Okay, I am good.
- I'll be going now. Thank you.
- Bye. Let's go.
- Yes.
You are very intelligent, smart, handsome.
Thank you.
- Sorry, I forgot to add tall too.
- Thank you.
Nurse, check my blood pressure.
- Teacher, I am Munnu Mobile.
- And I am Pappu Pager.
- Tell me.
- Sir has fallen in love with you.
- So we have come to take you.
- Sorry for the inconvenience.
- What are you doing! Let me go.
- Shouting will not help.
Come to sir and settle
everything amicably.
- Sir, we have brought your girl.
- Leave me.
- Without any damages.
Congratulations! That's it.
- You! I knew you were a goon!
- Congratulations!
Don't you dare abuse sir!
- Sir?
- You don't call him sir (brother).
Or how will he have
his honeymoon with you?
Shut up!
Forget loving such a goon,
I wouldn't even hate him!
- What happened, sir?
- Did you dream of her again?
- Yes.
- She slapped you?
She is proving difficult for you now.
- We'll pick her up right now!
- Let's go.
No, picking girls is not our job.
This is not our cup of tea.
This idea is not yours.
The doctor will give us a solution.
How long since you gave
anesthesia to the patient?
About 3-4 minutes.
All Right.
- Doctor, come on.
- Operation is over. Come on.
What are you doing here?
- Sir is waiting outside.
- Go take off your mask.
But this is an operation theater.
How did you enter here?
Patient, get up,
your operation is through.
He is unconscious, how will he get up?
He is only unconscious,
but it's a question of
life and death for sir.
- He'll die.
- What about his life?
Just come!
- Anesthesia!
- I said come.
- Told you...
- You go on.
- Anesthesia!
- Come on, I'll open the door for you!
Do whatever you want to with him.
- I don't want to hear anything.
- My patient is on the operation table.
- Look, there's Munna sir.
- Munna sir, what is this!
- Will you allow me to work or not?
- Even this is work.
- Yes, it is, what is your problem?
- Look...
You told me I'm suffering from love,
but you didn't tell me it's cure.
Oh yes, I didn't.
Look, a person who is in love...
...his cure is also love.
- What do you mean?
- It means...
Do you know anything
about the girl you love?
- No.
- Then try to know her.
Try getting close to her. Try wooing her.
Try to impress her.
As she gradually comes closer,
your ailment will gradually disappear.
- You are great!
- Very good!
- Sir will woo her.
- Woo her.
- Impress her.
- Impress her.
- Take her on a date.
- Take her on a date.
- He'll even sing.
- I'm going, my operation is held up.
- Doctor...
- Sir...
- Sir!
- Sir!
Let's hug.
- He's a great doctor!
- Sir...
- You will be fine now, won't you?
- Yes, of course.
Yes, I'm already relieved.
- I'm busy. Call me later.
- She is dancing.
- You?
- You teach dancing, don't you?
- Yes.
- Teach me too.
- You?
- Why? Won't I be able to learn?
At your age?
It happens.
- Sir...
- Am I too old?
- Age is never a barrier for learning.
- Then?
- It's good that you are interested, yes.
- That means you will teach me.
I will, but after I come back
from my holiday of 15-20 days.
But I like your spirit.
Sir, the girl touched your cheek!
She touched your cheek today,
tomorrow, she'll touch your lips.
I don't know to speak English,
but I can surely understand it.
- She said, "I like you..."
- Pappu Pager, like...
- Means, she likes him!
- Congratulations, sir!
- Hello.
- Yes, tell me.
Munnu sir, my love affair has clicked.
Munnu sir, my love affair has clicked!
"You are right, buddy!"
"Hey Munna Mobile, hey Pappu Pager."
"Hey Ulhas sir,
my love affair has clicked."
"Hey Munna Mobile, hey Pappu Pager."
"Hey Ulhas sir,
my love affair has clicked."
"All morning and evening,
roams the love bug in my heart."
"All morning and evening,
roams the love bug in my heart."
"She's the bird I've fallen in love with."
"She's the bird I've fallen in love with."
"You are right, buddy!"
"You are right, buddy!"
"I am the top gangster..."
"To get me is every girl's dream."
"I am the top gangster..."
"To get me is every girl's dream."
"Your youth is short-lived, princess."
"Why don't you understand this?"
"Hey Gullu Gotya, listen Dagdu Dhakkan."
"Hey Pakya sir,
I'm going to enjoy life now!"
"Hey Gullu Gotya, listen Dagdu Dhakkan."
"Hey Pakya sir,
I'm going to enjoy life now!"
"All morning and evening,
roams the love bug..."
"All morning and evening,
roams the love bug..."
"She's the bird I've fallen in love with."
"She's the bird I've fallen in love with."
"You are right, buddy!"
"You are right, buddy!"
"She's come!"
"In the neighbourhood,
they call me a hero."
"I am the talk of the town."
"In the neighbourhood,
they call me a hero."
"I am the talk of the town."
"But what lures me,
what torments my heart every moment."
"That style of yours is unique'."
"Hey Rambo Rifle, listen, Hanif Hatele."
"Hey Gafoor sir, I will marry her now."
"Hey Rambo Rifle, listen, Hanif Hatele."
"Hey Gafoor sir, I will marry her now."
"All morning and evening,
roams the love bug..."
"All morning and evening,
roams the love bug..."
"She's the bird I've fallen in love with."
"She's the bird I've fallen in love with."
"You are right, buddy!"
"You are right, buddy!"
"Hey Munna Mobile, hey Pappu Pager."
"Hey Ulhas sir,
my love affair has clicked."
Dhakkan Dagdu.
Hatele Hanif.
Ghafoor sir.
My love affair has clicked!
- Get up!
- Doctor!
- What about my check up?
- Go out.
- My blood pressure, doctor.
- It's normal.
- How is that possible?
- Go to some other doctor.
- Where should I go?
- Get out.
I am your regular patient.
Munna sir.
Why are you standing? Come, sit down.
So tell me, did you get the girl?
- Doctor, I met her.
- Is it?
- She even touched my cheek.
- I see...
My blood froze.
But she told me she is
going out for 10-15 days.
- I couldn't say a thing.
- Doesn't matter.
If she has gone out, she will come back.
What are you saying?
What about me, what about my business?
Look, you are a doctor. If you fall
sick, who will treat your patients?
Even mine is a similar case...
My job is to beat, threaten, break bones.
But nowadays, I am neither able to
threaten, nor use the gun.
Earlier, I could fire with my eyes closed.
Now, I miss the target
even with open eyes.
- Look, my hands are trembling.
- I can see that.
- I'll target you, but miss.
- Hey no! Why will you fire at me?
- Just check this out.
- No!
Yes, you missed the target.
Put the gun down.
Did you carry your revolver
when you went to meet the girl?
- Yes.
- Then how will you get her?
When you go to meet a girl,
you should carry flowers, not a gun.
- Flower...
- Flower.
Keep this revolver here. Keep it here.
- Okay.
- That's it!
- Is this the only one or...
- Here.
Keep it here.
- Anymore? Look for it.
- One more.
- This...
- Here.
Keep that too over here.
- One, two, three. Is that all?
- One minute!
- This...
- Oh, keep it here.
That's all.
Look, I am giving you this flower.
Meet the girl.
Give her a sweet romantic talk.
- Talk like humans.
- Doctor, I can do anything for her.
- Yes.
- But tell me, I will get her, won't I?
Why won't you get her?
- Are you sure?
- Of course you will get her.
- Thank you, doctor.
- Okay.
- You are very nice, doctor. Shall I go?
- Yeah sure.
- Greetings.
- Okay. Greetings.
1. 2. 3. 4. All right.
- Where are you?
- I am outside the doctor's clinic.
- But Munna is still inside.
- He should not escape today.
Kill him, but before he dies,
ensure he knows Pillai got him killed.
- Right?
- I'll do just that, brother.
- Brother, I think he is coming.
- All the best.
I'll get her.
I'll get her.
Hey Munna, do you think
you are a top gangster?
You will listen today!
You will kill my brother, Pillai?
You will snatch our business?
You will transfer our
property in Janu uncle's name?
Is there a shooting going on here?
Where is the camera? Who is the hero?
Get lost! There's a real
shooting going on here.
Real shooting doesn't happen
in the open like this.
Are you a TV serial
actor, or a film actor?
- Get lost!
- This is real shooting!
About which I read in the newspapers.
- Pardon me!
- Doctor, will I get her?
I am not aware...
Munna escaped me because of you!
I'll thrash you!
- Is this yours?
- Yes.
- Is this real or a toy?
- It is real and loaded.
Why should I believe you? I'll fire and
check. If it goes off or...
Don't shoot!
- Hey, your gun! It's real!
- Hold the ball like this.
- Okay.
- Right, just turn around.
- All right.
- Like this and...
- Stop eating and...
- Get out...
- ...also stop playing.
- What's going on here?
- Munna sir is coming here.
- So?
- Where Munna sir comes, everyone leaves.
- No one will leave. Remain seated.
- What did you say?
Have you gone crazy?
- Hey, let everyone stay.
- Hey you!
Talk respectably with Munna sir.
- He is Munna sir?
- Yes, he is Munna sir, the top one.
Don't forget!
Raja, my life was saved
because of you yesterday.
I owe you one, understood?
You do, don't you?
But see how your men are threatening me.
I'll bash...
Ask for whatever you want.
I saved your life and I
should ask for something?
The savior is greater than the slayer.
So who is greater?
I have no one in the world.
I teach the kids to play in this club.
I don't want anything.
But I have something to give you.
How dare you aim a revolver at sir!
Hey you, I am giving it to him.
It belongs to the one who
tried to kill you yesterday, move.
If anyone complains,
I'll fall into trouble...
...for possessing an illegal weapon.
Keep this.
All right, whenever you need
me, just give me a call.
All right, sir.
- Come on!
- Sir, if you permit, can I play a game?
- What nonsense he talks!
- Play, enjoy.
You teach delicate girls.
Teach me to play too.
- This is heavy!
- Play.
Yes. That's my order. Okay?
Sir, look who is here!
- Hello commissioner!
- Hello!
Commissioner, you are so fortunate.
Munna sir is greeting you.
- Or the whole city greets Munna
sir ten times. - Ten times.
Munna, you are very proud of your power?
you take pride in your uniform...
- ...I take pride in my power.
- That's equal.
Perhaps you are not aware
of the power of law.
Law? Sir,
we seem to have heard that word.
- It is familiar.
- What is this law?
- I think it's that...
- A lady carrying weighing scales.
That lady which carries a
weighing scale and is blindfolded?
Blind law!
There even was a film by that name.
Yes, in which Amitabh Bachchan starred.
- Blind law.
- Law is not blind, Munna.
It is you people who are
blind that you cannot see the law.
Lost in the high of your power,
you spread crime in the city.
I spread crime?
Commissioner, arrest me.
Take me to the court.
- Where is the proof?
- Get proof.
You have no proof.
So many commissioners came and
went, but I am where I always was!
But I won't leave you until
I have arrested you.
Commissioner, the day you collect
witnesses and evidence against sir...
...that day, sir will himself come to you.
That's a promise!
Come on.
- Dr. Rastogi?
- Yes speaking.
- Hello.
- Hello. Who's calling?
Sir, I am a great fan of yours.
- Is it?
- You are very nice.
Thank you.
- You are great.
- Thank you.
But your sister is better than you.
- Hey! Who are you?
- Your future brother-in-law.
- I'll kill you!
- And let your sister be a widow?
Just shut up!
- Brother, I am going for classes.
- Hi.
- You!
I came to meet the doctor.
The rogue!
Where do they get the numbers from?
- Bloody!
- What is the matter, doctor?
You look upset.
Wonder who he is. He talks nonsense
about Komal over the phone.
- The rascal!
- You didn't do right, doctor.
You didn't mention this to me.
You don't consider me close to you.
Don't be ridiculous,
you are like a family member.
A boy is troubling you and
you didn't even tell me?
I have no one. Whenever I had
suffered from cold, cough, Malaria... treated me for free.
Can't I do even this much for you?
I know how to deal with such ruffians.
Yes, Raja will set
him right in a jiffy! Am I right?
Excuse me!
If it's his call let me talk to him.
Why do you trouble brother so much?
He is my brother-in-law.
I have that right over him.
- So you complain about me to people?
- You again!
How do you know?
I even know that your sister
is going for her classes.
This time, I'll kidnap her, marry
her, and come to take your blessings.
I'll shoot you!
- You guys keep troubling me.
- Give the phone to me.
Who is it? I'm Raja.
Yes, all right.
What happened?
He was talking of kidnapping Komal.
- Oh my God!
- Don't worry.
I will drop Komal to her classes
and also go to pick her up.
Good idea!
- Brother, you don't worry.
- How can I not worry?
Who is he? Is he a goon, or an
underworld gangster? I'm scared!
Trust me. Don't worry. Come, Komal.
- Bye, brother.
- Look, Komal...
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
"Oh my God!"
"If your dream is so
expensive, give me a bangle."
"If your dream is so
expensive, give me a bangle."
"If you want a bangle, give me your hand."
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
"Oh my God!"
"If your dream is so
expensive, give me a bangle."
"If your dream is so
expensive, give me a bangle."
"If you want a bangle, give me your hand."
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
"In this deal of love, don't cheat me."
"If you think I'll cheat,
don't deal with me."
"In this deal of love, don't cheat me."
"If you think I'll cheat,
don't deal with me."
"Shall I trust you?"
"Yes, trust me."
"Shall I trust you?"
"Yes, trust me."
- "Should I?
- Oh yes."
"If that's the case,
why just my heart, take my life."
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
"Oh my God!"
"If your dream is so
expensive, give me a bangle."
"If your dream is so
expensive, give me a bangle."
"If you want a bangle, give me your hand."
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
"A paper flower never blooms."
"One doesn't get anything
for free in this world."
"A paper flower never blooms."
"One doesn't get anything
for free in this world."
"There is a price tag for everything."
"But love is priceless."
"There is a price tag for everything."
"But love is priceless"
- "Then...
- Then..."
"If that's the case, why just a
dream, take everything I have."
"O dream merchant, give me a dream."
"If you want a dream, give me your heart."
So you are going with the
doctor to Malaysia?
Yes. I don't feel like going,
but brother is insisting.
- I'll set him right.
- You started it again!
- Doctor!
- You! Tell me!
- You are very nice.
- And you are a rascal!
Must you abuse your future brother-in-law?
I have heard you are taking
my future wife to Malaysia.
Who told you I am going to Malaysia?
You at least accepted that
Komal is my future wife.
I didn't accept it.
Look, I won't tolerate your nonsense.
I am coming after you to Malaysia.
I will marry Komal there.
You're coming after me? Shut up!
Now watch how your brother
takes me to Malaysia.
Let's go.
What is the matter, doctor?
You look very upset.
I'm very tensed. How does this phone
guy come to know everything about us?
He is a very dangerous kind of man.
He knows that we are going to Malaysia.
- Such lovers are very dangerous.
Have you seen 'Darr' (Film). - No.
- They can even kill.
- What!
Do one thing. Leave Komal behind.
No, how can I leave her here?
If he comes to know I am
alone, he can do anything.
- She is right.
- Doctor, you don't understand.
You're a decent man.
What if he confronts you in Malaysia?
Why don't you take someone along?
That's a good idea.
Are you trying to say
that I should come along?
That's exactly what I was thinking.
No, I am a busy man.
Oh yes, why will you do anything for us?
Forget him.
How can I forget it?
Look, if you come along,
it will give us moral courage.
We will feel more secure. And then,
you will even get to see Malaysia.
Is it?
Here's my passport.
Thank you.
- You!
- I went to the dispensary.
They told me you are going abroad.
- Yes.
- But what about me?
- I'll inform you when I return.
- Where are you going?
I'm sorry,
I cannot tell you where I am going.
Give me the telephone number,
the address of that place.
What if my condition becomes serious?
There are so many other
doctors, go to them.
I want to live in peace for 15-20 days.
So I cannot tell you where I am going.
- Doctor!
- Malaysia, I am going to Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur.
Golden Palace Hotel, 48th street.
Phone number 212383738.
Fax number 212383727.
I'll know my room number once I reach
over there. And my mobile will be on.
- You are very nice, doctor.
- Yes.
- I had told you, I'll also come with you.
- Komal...
Wow! It's beautiful!
Welcome, sir. Welcome, ma'am.
Here's the reception.
Good afternoon, sir.
Hello, good afternoon. Dr. Rastogi.
- You've a reservation for me.
- Yes, sir. Sure.
- One suite and one single.
- Yes.
- Thank you! - Single room? How
will you stay in a single room?
You'll stay in the single
room, the suite is for us.
- Good bye.
- Where are you going?
- Back to India.
- Why? Didn't you like this hotel?
I didn't like the room. You will stay
in a suite and I in a single room?
Am I your servant? I have come
here to help you, for her sake.
As her bodyguard. I am leaving.
I'll rectify it.
- Excuse me.
Yes, sir.
Make that, two suites. Yes.
- One for him and one for me.
- Okay, sir.
Thanks doctor! I'm enjoying for free.
I'll thank him.
This is a fine room.
Hello, Dr. Rastogi speaking.
So doctor, you have reached Malaysia?
You! How did you reach here?
Like you have. I've heard you
have brought along a bodyguard.
Even if you appoint 10 such
bodyguards, you cannot do anything.
I will marry your sister right here!
Just shut up!
What happened, brother?
He has come here too?
Yes, and he already knows
the hotel and room number...
- See! He's called again.
What do you think?
That I will get my sister married to you?
Is that Dr. Rastogi?
And if I come across you, I'll kill you.
Look, you brought the proposal to
me, not I.
- Who? Dr. DD?
- Yes.
I'm sorry, I was a little confused.
Someone is troubling me on the phone.
- But who knows you here?
- No one, but...
I'll explain everything to you in the
evening when Komal and I come to meet you.
What days those were! We were hostel
mates, did our MBBS together.
Now you are in India, and I am here.
- And now, from old friends,
we are going to become relatives. - Yes...
Tell me, why didn't you ever marry?
Even you would have had children.
I have, Komal. She is not my
sister, she is like my daughter.
Of course!
If you have a girl in mind for
brother, get him married first.
What nonsense are you talking!
Is this an age to get married?
- What nonsense are you talking!
- You get annoyed very easily.
You were even yelling
over the phone today.
Oh yes, explain that phone incident.
You know how Indian,
or you can say Mumbai lovers are.
There is one such lover who
calls for Komal and troubles us.
When you called, I thought it was him.
- You are too much.
- Come on.
How can he call here?
- You didn't introduce him.
- I'm Raja, his and Komal's bodyguard.
You know the situation
in Mumbai these days.
So I thought of appointing a bodyguard.
He is a nice guy,
and lives in the neighbourhood.
And then I thought, even
he can see Malaysia.
- Try one.
- Thank you.
Okay. Try.
You folks look very simple to me.
Especially, you are very nice.
Oh, thank you.
I am thinking of telling him.
You are inviting trouble by
getting into this alliance.
A gangster in Mumbai
has fallen for Komal.
He has warned the doctor that
if she is married elsewhere,
the groom will be...
Mother, come here.
What is it, son?
That bodyguard told me everything.
Told you what?
He said that a gangster in
Mumbai has fallen for Komal.
And he has said that whoever
marries Komal, he will...
The gangster is in India, not Malaysia.
And then, look at the girl.
She is so beautiful.
You won't get such a girl again.
Yes. Beautiful, pretty, cool.
What are you discussing? Dowry?
No! Your sister is so beautiful,
we should be giving the dowry.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Let's invite a few selected
guests and get them engaged.
I agree with you completely.
What happened?
Father said that gangster
won't come to Malaysia.
Cool! Chill!
A gangster can come anywhere. It is
possible he is in Malaysia right now.
- You all...
You'll, how did you'll come here?
Sir is waiting downstairs.
Wear this gown and come down.
- I'm coming.
- Wear it and come quick!
- Quick!
- Yes.
You've made my life miserable.
At least let me live here in peace.
Doctor, you are only worried
about yourself, not me?
- Tell him!
- Sir cannot sleep.
- And you are sleeping peacefully?
- Sir is craving for that girl... a fish for water.
Doctor, how do I explain it to you?
If I don't get that girl, I'll die.
Doctor, when I don't find
you, I become restless.
But after meeting you,
my heart feels at rest.
Your life is what it is.
But why are you ruining my life?
- At least let me live in peace.
- What kind of a doctor are you?
Does a doctor speak like
that to his patient?
It is the duty of a doctor
to take care of his patient.
From now on, you have no other
patient except Munna sir!
The money you make in a
month, I'll pay you that much in a day.
- Give him Rs. 5,00,000 for today.
- He'll get it.
What are you saying?
But it is good you came here.
There are very good doctors here.
You will get good treatment here.
No doctor, I want only you.
The same girl, the doctor,
I don't want anybody else.
Assume I cannot cure you.
What will you do then?
I will not treat you.
You cannot get the girl...
...and come to trouble me every time.
Doctor, I love this girl,
or I would have picked her up long ago.
What do you know about my life?
Since childhood, I have been
scolded, abused, beaten.
When I grew up, I started killing people.
Doctor, since that girl
has come into my life...
...she has changed my life completely.
She taught me what love is.
- If I don't get that girl, I will die!
- I'll die!
- Munna sir.
- Please save me.
- I am with you.
If he dies, even I will die.
What happened? Has he come?
- No, he hasn't come, but Komal is gone.
- Where?
I don't know. She's not in her room.
Where could she go in
the middle of the night?
That's what! When I left the
room, she was sleeping.
When I came back, she was missing.
Where had you gone in
the middle of the night?
- I...
- Now I understand!
No, it's not what you think.
- Then did he take her away?
- Who?
- The phone guy.
- Don't say that please!
Let's find her. Come...
She's here!
She's fallen asleep with great difficulty.
She'd got scared finding herself alone.
She was crying and shivering in fear.
Let her sleep here now.
I'll send her in the morning.
Thank God.
- Take care of her.
- That's why I am here.
I mean, I am as worried
about her as you are.
Good night.
She changed sides.
"Love has awakened."
"The world is sleeping."
"Hey! What's happening?"
"Hey! What's happening?"
it's only love that's happening."
"Sleep and peace of mind is being lost."
"Love is happening."
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
"Love's happening!"
"The hearts are on fire."
"The world is sleeping."
"Let the world sleep."
"Hey! What's happening?"
"Nothing, it's only love..."
"Sleep and peace of mind is being lost."
"Love is happening."
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
"In love, you walk like a drunken man."
"What if somebody watches
us in this state?"
"In love, you walk like a drunken man."
"What if somebody watches
us in this state?"
"I am watching."
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
it's only love that's happening."
"Sleep and peace of mind is being lost."
"Love is happening."
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
"The secret between us
might get revealed."
"Someone might carry my
tales to my brother."
"The secret between us
might get revealed."
"Someone may carry tales to my brother."
"Your brother has noticed!"
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
it's only love that's happening."
"Sleep and peace of mind is being lost."
"Love is happening."
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
"Hey! What's happening."
"Love has awakened."
"The world is sleeping."
"The hearts are on fire."
"The world is sleeping."
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
"Hey! What's happening?"
"Hey, what's happening? What's going on?"
What's happening?
- Yes, Pillai?
- Where are you?
I have reached Malaysia. I'll go to
the hotel where Munna is staying.
- But...
- Don't worry.
Munna will be a dead man by tomorrow.
Hello, Dr. Rastogi speaking.
Doctor, cancel your sister's engagement.
- You!
- You'd gone to see a boy for her?
You'd gone to fix her marriage?
You'll get her engaged?
How did you come to know?
Who tells you all this?
What happened, brother?
It's his call again?
Yes. I'll make Raja speak to him.
- I'll go and call him, brother.
- No.
There is no time,
I'll take the phone to Raja's room.
- Hello.
- Brother! Listen!
This engagement will take place!
You cannot do anything.
I can do a lot.
I will marry your sister...
...and you will be left
standing and staring.
What happened? You've nothing to say?
I didn't know you would turn
out to be such a big rascal.
Bad! It's bad to abuse
your future brother-in-law.
It is you who will see bad times now!
Why do I have the feeling that
you are standing behind me?
I am, standing right behind you!
- Doctor, you!
- Yes, me.
You rascal! I suddenly thought
of asking you to speak to him...
...that's how I caught you.
Or I'd never know I've invited
the enemy to my own house.
Raja, don't you feel ashamed to
play such a dirty joke on brother?
Come on, apologise to him!
Even if he chops his head,
I'll never forgive him!
- Doctor, please forgive me.
- Forgive? I'll have you thrown out!
Get out of here! I will neither pay
your room bill, nor your return fare.
Don't ever show me your face again,
nor be around the engagement hall.
Now get out.
- I...
- No! Get out!
Get out...
What kind of people are
you friends with!
You are aware Mr. DD,
that when my parents died...
...she was so small, so soft.
I even named her Komal (soft).
I have brought her up in total comfort.
I never...
What do you think? I'll make her do
the house chores, demand a dowry?
I will burn her alive?
You have only reared her,
I will keep her as my daughter.
Thank you so much.
- But where is she?
- Komal was...
Landed us in trouble, didn't you?
I've been telling you to
tell brother everything.
Don't worry, nothing is lost yet.
Everything will be all right.
How? The guests have arrived
and soon, I'll be engaged.
You will be engaged,
you are not engaged yet.
You'll be wearing the engagement
ring given by me.
Komal, we have been looking for you.
Come soon, everyone wants to see you.
- Especially me. Nice.
- Come.
Sir, what happened?
It's the same tension he has in
India when he sees that girl.
You saw her again?
- Sir is feeling sick again, yes you go.
- Don't worry, I'll call the doctor...
Sir, sit here.
- Don't keep your hand
here, not here either. - Here.
I'm pleased to meet you.
One feels nice meeting his
countrymen on foreign land.
- And I...
- Excuse me.
Oh God! Excuse me, come here.
Have this glucose water,
you will feel better.
Glucose won't give me
relief, the doctor will.
Munnu hasn't come, you go and bring him.
- All right.
- What are you doing?
Your tension has passed on to me.
So I have to drink glucose.
I'm closing the door, so
that no one disturbs you.
Remove your hand from your face.
- Hello! Welcome!
- You come, sir...
- You're here, your sir will come.
- Sir is calling you.
Will you take a hard or a soft drink?
- I don't want anything.
- Have a soft drink at least.
- Waiter! Give him a soft drink.
- I don't want anything.
- Excuse me, sir. Drinks for you.
- Hi! Hello! How are you?
- Did I ask for it? Get lost!
- No! Okay!
He's avoiding me.
I'll see him!
- Hello!
- Hello.
What all drinks do you have?
- Scotch.
- What's this?
- I won't let you go until the engagement
is through. - Look, leave all that.
It's just about to begin.
Ladies and gentlemen, come!
The engagement ritual is about
to begin, come on everybody.
Everybody come. Komal, come.
Bablu, she's Komal. Komal, he's Bablu.
- Hello!
- That's enough.
Sister-in-law, give the rings.
- This is your ring.
- No, this is Bablu's ring.
Oh! Sorry. This is your ring, Komal.
You wear the ring for Bablu first.
Then Bablu, you wear it for her.
Give me your hand. Come on, Komal.
Don't feel shy, Bablu.
Oh God! What happened? What is this?
He fell from sir's room.
There is some problem!
He, I understand!
I'll see you just now, sir.
One minute. Excuse me.
Mr. Rastogi.
Who's that?
You, won't you stop your act even here?
You are always doing
wrong wherever you go.
There is bloodshed,
dead bodies falling. You...
Look, if sir had not killed
him, he would have killed sir.
That would have been better.
At least I would be free.
What did you say?
You want me dead?
- You would feel happy?
- Yes!
You have made my life miserable!
Since I have met you,
you are after me like the plague!
I have lost my peace of mind.
You are worried about your peace?
You don't care about me?
Why should I care for you?
How are you related to me?
What relationship do we share?
You might be the top gangster, but
you are not related to me.
You are very angry.
Drink glucose, you'll calm down.
Okay. Give me.
Agreed sir is not related to
you, but he is your patient.
Yes. Thank you.
Now I feel calmer.
Look Munna sir, a doctor-patient
relationship is limited to the clinic.
I have no cure to your ailment.
- Doctor,
- Yes.
I don't know why but I feel, only
you have a cure to my ailment.
What do I tell you? I am very tensed.
I see her everywhere. I saw her
when I was standing in the balcony.
While sleeping, when awake,
I see her all the time.
I feel she is coming! Look!
Brother, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here? You go!
- Brother?
- Yes, she's...
You go...
What are you doing here?
- Sister-in-law...
- Excuse me...
- How do you know him?
- I have met him before.
- Why did you meet him?
- I told you she'll come...
- Why did you meet him?
- He had come to my dance class.
- You go!
- But what is he doing with you?
- Come soon, everyone is waiting for you.
- You go. I'll tell you.
- I'm coming.
- Come soon. Everyone is waiting.
- She is your sister?
- Yes, my younger sister.
- Congratulations.
- Shake hands with me too.
He is sister's brother!
Doctor, she is the girl
who has made me go crazy.
Didn't I tell you, only you
had a cure to my ailment?
I am your brother-in-law,
you are my brother-in-law.
What happened to him?
- I think the joy of seeing his
sister's groom made him swoon. - Is it?
Bablu, all the guests have left.
What are you doing here alone?
I was waiting for you. Let everyone go.
We will complete the engagement ritual.
- Let's exchange rings.
- You will get engaged to her?
there is one dead body on engagement day.
There'll be 10 on the marriage day.
- And the first one will be yours.
- Mine?
Now think, do you want to get
engaged, or live?
- I want to live of course!
- Let's exchange rings.
If I am not going to be alive,
what will I do with the ring?
- I'd told you, I'll wear the
ring for you. - Where are you?
Give me your hand.
- Doctor.
- You! You have come here again?
Please forgive me, doctor.
I am already tensed,
don't give me any more tension.
I love Komal very much.
Forget her. Just forget her!
It is impossible for us
to forget each other.
Each other? What do you mean?
Even Komal...
If you don't believe me, ask Komal.
- Komal...
- Yes brother, but it's all his fault.
I never hide anything from you.
I always told him that we must tell
you, but he said he wasn't in a hurry.
That he's only working.
When he starts his own business,
makes something of himself...
...then we'll tell you.
Do you love my sister very much?
Komal, you stay here. You come with me.
- How much do you love her?
- Very much, sir.
The problem is there's another guy who
loves my sister very much.
Not as much as I love her.
I came here for her sake.
Even he has come here for her sake.
- Where is he?
- In this very hotel.
- Who is he?
- He's a very famous gangster of Mumbai.
- Gangster? What's his name?
- Munna sir. You must have heard of him.
- Munna sir?
- Shocked, aren't you?
No, in fact, you made my task easier.
If it was someone else, it would be
difficult getting him out of the way.
But to get Munna sir
out of the way is easy.
- Easy?
- Yes. What's his room number?
- 501.
- I'll be back.
Welcome Munna sir, welcome!
We cleaned up the room.
No one will know that
you killed someone here.
Someone knocking on the door?
Could it be the police?
We didn't hear the siren,
but yet, I'll go and check.
- Hello!
- Raja, you!
- Munna sir, look who is here.
- Raja! How did you land up here?
- Like you did.
- Sir came by flight.
Even I didn't come by train.
- Good joke.
- Very good.
Tell me, what is it?
- I want to discuss something
important with you. - With me?
Yes, tell me.
Raja, I had promised I will
give you whatever you want.
- Tell him.
- We'll even give you dollars.
Tell me, who do you want dead?
Who do you want to collect money from?
Tell him Raja!
- Doctor's sister, Komal...
- Your sister-in-law.
Forget about her.
- But why?
- Because I love her.
No, sir.
- Hey! He broke the glass!
- He's got the attack again!
- Sir!
Didn't you hear what he's saying?
Explain to him!
Sir, no!
You have eyed sir's love.
The consequences will be very bad for you!
Thank your stars you had saved his
life, or he'd have killed you!
Those who love don't care for their lives.
And Komal and I love each other.
Until I am around,
nobody else can love Komal.
It is the first time I have loved.
Sir, don't cry.
- I am fine.
Control yourself.
Raja, ask for my heart,
I'll give it to you.
- But don't ask for Komal.
- Don't ask for Komal.
I am not asking her from
you, I am just telling you.
All right, I will crush my feelings,
but you will have to ask her from me.
But I haven't come to ask,
I have come to inform you.
You will have to ask her from me.
She is my love,
why should I ask her from you?
If you don't ask for
her, you won't get her.
All right. If my love is
true, I will get Komal.
If my decision is firm, I will get Komal.
It's a bet!
Your kids will be beautiful.
Komal is beautiful, and you...
Sir, don't turn away. Komal is coming!
This is your chance! Tell her!
- I love you.
- You.
How do I tell her? My lips get
sealed, my brain stops functioning.
- See this.
- Let it pound. Gather courage!
- Sir...
- Sir, take a deep breath.
You! Sorry about the other day.
But how come you are here?
- Sir, speak!
- Speak!
Sir is not feeling well
and your brother is here.
So sir has come here to get his
treatment from your brother.
You've come all the way to Malaysia
to take treatment from brother?
- What is his ailment?
- Ailment?
What are you suffering from?
What? Tell her.
Sir is in love.
- Love?
- Yes.
So what's the problem?
Doesn't the girl love you?
- I don't know.
- Does the girl know you love her?
- No.
- Have you told her?
- No.
- He is scared to tell her.
Strange! There are people
like you in today's world!
Don't worry,
I will give you a cure to this.
I am a doctor's sister after all.
You are afraid to say 'I
love you' to this girl?
My lips go dry, my hands and feet tremble.
See how they tremble.
Assume that girl is me, hold my hand.
Hold her hand!
Now say 'I love you', look
into my eyes and say it.
Say 'I...
She is herself making
him say 'I love you'.
- Stop her!
- Come.
- It's easy. Brother, I am curing him.
- Komal, let's go.
Am I the doctor or you? Go from here!
The doctor messed it all.
What a scene it was!
She was making him say
it, sir was saying it.
I thought they will unite,
get married and go for a honeymoon.
- Sir!
- Where did she go?
- She left?
- Yes.
She left!
What were you doing?
Do you know who he is?
- He is your patient.
- He is not my patient.
He has turned me into a patient.
The hand which you were holding
and saying, 'I love you'... you know how many
lives those hands have taken?
- What do you mean?
- I'll tell you.
Do you know, he's the top
gangster of Mumbai, Munna sir.
Where are you going?
- I slapped him.
- That slap hit his heart.
The girl he loves,
the girl he cannot confess his love to... are that girl.
- She's swooned again!
- Komal...
- Sir, don't feel depressed.
- Be happy.
I am so tensed and you are joking?
Don't be angry, I'll give you good news.
- What? Raja is dead?
- Not yet, but he'll die tonight.
Sir, there are goons like
us all over the world.
- We found some local goons.
- And gave them $5,000 to kill Raja.
They'll go to Raja's room at night,
make him unconscious and take him away.
Kill him, and throw him in the sea.
Have you given them his room number?
- Yes, we remember it.
What is the number? - 501.
You idiots! That's my room number.
We meant 510. At least be happy now.
- Sir is laughing.
- Drink your cocktail.
- Don't throw that away.
- You'll eat it?
Yes, I love it.
- How much do you eat?
They picked up Munna sir
thinking him to be you?
Poor guys had come to take me.
They took Munna instead.
- May his soul rest in peace!
- You're great, Raja!
Look, Munna sir's stooges!
Doctor, have you seen Munna sir?
Me? No. I saw him yesterday.
He is missing since last night, we
don't know where he has gone.
Who can stop the one who wants to leave?
Right, doctor?
Yes, of course.
Raja, come here, we want to talk to you.
- Tell me here.
- We want to talk in private.
- I won't come.
- He's scared.
I was not afraid of your Munna,
why will I be afraid of you?
- Then come!
- Come.
- What is it?
- Where is Munna sir?
You're are asking me, as if
he told me and went away.
- You know where Munna sir is.
- Gangster's have several enemies.
Someone must have come
from India and killed him.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Don't talk too much!
- It's your turn to die.
Sir, you!
You are alive!
I am alive, but you will die now.
If you care for your life,
forget Komal and go back to India.
Or you will kill me?
Sir, this is not India, it is Malaysia.
If you shoot, even you will be hanged.
I will not shoot, he will.
I will kill you and be hanged.
Then sir will have no hurdles in his path.
Now I feel I am standing
before a gangster.
- What do I have to do?
- You will go to Mumbai.
I won't even take my luggage.
And my passport is in my pocket.
- Don't act smart.
- Go to Mumbai.
If you are seen in Mumbai,
I'll break your bones and kill you!
Police! He's got a gun!
He's going to kill me!
- He's going to kill me! He's got a gun!
- Don't move! Freeze.
You were going to kill me in
Mumbai, I put you right here.
Don't beat him too much, they beat a lot.
Sir, he put us in trouble.
The police here will not spare us.
I am not worried about
myself, but about my love.
Sir, you will surely get your love.
Don't worry, we can even
sacrifice our life for you.
Sir, before you lose your
love, you go to her.
- What do you mean?
- We will confess to your crime.
- What are you saying!
- We will say you are not with us.
- No!
- Go sir!
Don't act stubborn.
You have our promise, sir.
Officers, take them to the bus.
Listen, officer. Take us.
But he is not with us.
This gun belongs to you?
Yes! This gun belongs to him and
me, Munnu Mobile.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
He is not with us.
He is a normal passenger.
- Gentleman, you can go now.
- Yes!
- No!
- Yes.
- Sir, you go.
- No.
Sir, you go.
You have sister-in-law's oath.
No, man!
- Go!
- Go!
- Sir, give our regards to Komal
from her brothers-in-law. - Regards.
"I am Juliet, you are my Romeo."
"I feel just as you do."
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"You are Juliet."
"You are my Romeo."
"I feel just as you do."
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"Look in the entire city."
"But you won't come
across a lover like me."
"Ask me what I want."
"Ask me what I want."
"Not what you want,
but what I want, matters."
"What do you have to say about him?"
"What do you have to say about him?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"When will we two unite?"
"O my hero, o my love."
"When will we two unite?"
"O my hero, o my love."
"I am the hero, he's the villain."
"I am the hero, he's the villain."
"Whatever it may be,
this love story is great!"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about him?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"I am Juliet, you are my Romeo."
"I feel just as you do."
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about him?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
"What do you have to say about me?"
You cannot do a single thing correctly.
You said you got him arrested
for possessing weapons.
But he is a free man.
I don't understand, whether
God is with me or Munna.
You're stammering as if Munna
was standing in front of you.
Turn around and see, he's behind...
You are very shameless.
You escape from everywhere.
But this time, you won't survive.
You wield power only in India and we
will never return to India, high five!
Yes, even I won't go. Doctors
are making more money here.
I will open a clinic here. I have no
one but a sister and she is here!
Yes, I love Raja. When Raja
won't go to India, why will I?
I will start the dance
classes here, high five!
Even I have no family. I will marry
Komal and settle here, high five!
Move back!
- Beat me!
- Look Munna sir...
- Beat me!
- Stop it Munna sir...
Stop it Munna sir, or even
I will raise my hand.
- Munna sir, stop! What are you doing?
- Doctor, move!
Listen to me!
- Stop!
- Stop it.
- Hey, leave him.
- I won't leave you...
They are just acting, they
are not actually fighting.
Both of you are under arrest.
Passport seized.
You have to be deported.
- Doctor, did you understand?
- No.
He is saying fighting in
public areas is not allowed.
So give them your passports.
We are being deported to Mumbai.
What do you say?
Doctor, where are you going?
Back to Mumbai?
But I heard you want to settle down here?
You were going to start a clinic here.
You were going to get married here.
And you were going to
start dance classes here.
Now come to Mumbai I'll
make you dance there.
You took us seriously?
We were just joking.
- We were joking.
- But I am not joking.
I will meet you'll in Mumbai.
Munna is visiting Dr. Rastogi
quite often these days.
He must be visiting him for treatment.
The visits don't prove that they
are doing something together.
Visits don't prove anything.
But if they go to Malaysia
together, stay there together...
...and even come back together,
it certainly proves,
that something fishy is going
on between the doctor and Munna.
Sorry sir, we don't even have proof
that they were together in Malaysia...
...and even came back together.
See this picture.
Tell him everything.
- Let's go.
- Mr. Ramgopal, please come.
Look, the clinic is closed for the
day, come tomorrow morning.
- No, wait. Who is sick?
- No one is sick.
But we have a problem
which only you can solve.
- Tell him. - Yes, I'm telling him. You
know we have given our flat on rent.
The tenant is not vacating our flat.
Our 8 million is now stuck.
- Only you can do something now.
- How can I help you?
By telling your brother-in-law.
Brother-in-law? I don't understand.
Munna sir!
- Your Komal is marrying Munna sir.
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- Hold this.
- Yes, sure.
Look, mister...
If you dare to speak ill
about my sister, I'll...
- What are you doing!
- Mind him!
He is talking nonsense about my sister.
I am not saying anything, the people are.
Munna sir's men have warned
the people of the colony...
...that Komal is going
to marry Munna sir.
And if anyone dares to look
at Komal they will kill him.
- What do you want?
- Open the door!
Don't barge in.
- Where is Munna sir? Where is Munna sir!
- Which sir?
- Hey, come on, get lost.
- Hey, leave me.
- Hey, leave me.
- Hey!
Let him come.
We have tolerated enough.
We won't tolerate anymore.
Because it is now a matter
of my sister's honour.
I will not tolerate a slur
on my sister's name ever!
You cannot tolerate?
It is me who is tolerating.
The girl I love is right before
me and I cannot marry her?
I can easily have her picked.
It is a very easy job for me.
And no one has the power to stop me.
But why am I not doing all this?
Because I respect you.
I love your sister. Hey, tell him!
Those who kill others
can never love anyone.
I treated you as a patient.
But you are a cheat, a goon...
But you are a cheat, a goon,
and will always remain one.
You'll never change.
When I came to you for treatment,
you said that girl is my cure.
Just because she turned out to be
your sister, you changed your stance?
If that girl was someone else's
sister, would you have stopped me?
- You wouldn't.
- No, why would I?
No, I mean, no decent man will get
his sister married to a goon like you.
Hey Mr. Rastogi, enough of your nonsense!
Sir, warn him!
You come to my house, abuse me,
threaten me, call me a goon...
...and are still alive.
There cannot be a greater proof
of decency than this, understood?
Hear one more thing.
What is the day today?
It's Sunday.
I will marry your sister next Sunday.
Go and make the marriage arrangements. Go!
Next Sunday, doctor!
Sit, Dr. Rastogi.
Why have I been called here?
I'd heard from many people that
you are a very good doctor.
I am not keeping well since a few
days, so I thought of consulting you.
Like this?
- Goons call people in this
fashion, not the police. - Oh...
- Sorry for the inconvenience.
I'll be back in some time. - Yes.
Read this magazine
until then, all right?
Read! They call me to the police station
as if they don't know anything.
Looks like he is very close to your heart.
What is your relationship with Munna?
Don't think the police
is unaware of your moves.
We have all the information about you.
Munna visits you often,
he went to Malaysia with you.
He even returned with you. And
yesterday, you went to meet him, right?
I want to hear all this from you.
Now that you know everything...
...I will not hide anything from you.
Actually, Munna sir has
fallen in love with my sister.
I am speaking the truth.
The whole neighbourhood is
aware, you can check with them.
You, don't know how
worried I am these days.
I'd gone to tell him to
forget about my sister.
- Why?
- What do you mean why?
He threatened me saying that he is going
to marry my sister next Sunday.
So go ahead. He is handsome and rich.
Get your sister married to him.
What nonsense are you talking!
How can I get my sister
married to a goon like Munna?
Since the day that goon has
fallen in love with your sister... this day, no crime has
been committed in the city.
He has neither killed anyone,
nor extorted money from anyone...
...nor has he forcibly taken
over anyone's property.
What are you trying to say?
That to stop all this
I should sacrifice my sister?
For the peace of the country,
mothers have sacrificed their sons...
...sisters have sacrificed their
brothers, and wives their husbands.
You cannot sacrifice your sister?
Wait! Wait!
You people cannot do anything...
...and are suggesting that I
sacrifice my sister's life?
The police is supposed to help the
people, you are asking my help?
All right!
We are ready to help you,
but on one condition.
You will have to help us
collect evidence against Munna.
Hello, tell me, doctor.
I want to meet you urgently.
I am going to Holiday Inn for a meeting.
Come and meet me there.
Holiday Inn! All right.
- Fantastic performance, he's here!
- Sir has come.
Let's get back to work.
- Munnu, a very nice job.
- Can we get such a role?
If he doesn't agree then smash his head!
Doctor, come. Sit down.
Munna sir!
I raised my hand on you that
day, I'm sorry about that.
It's okay.
But just think. I am a decent
man who is respected in the society.
How can I get my sister married to you?
You are a decent man.
You are respected in society.
- How am I to be blamed for that?
- No, you cannot be blamed.
What all businesses are you into?
Come on!
Doctor, you know everything,
yet you are asking me?
It surprises me sometimes
of how you can do so much.
- Then listen.
- Yes.
- You are a doctor.
- Yes.
Your job is to give injections.
To open up bodies...
...and remove hearts, kidneys from it.
- Isn't that a brave job?
- Yes, it is.
One needs a brave heart
to do such brave jobs.
- Come on!
- Okay.
For some time,
assume you are not Munna sir.
- Why should I?
- Yes why should you?
All right, if you were in my place...
...would you get your
sister married to me?
- 100%.
- You would?
- Where are you going?
- To the bathroom.
Hey doctor, no one can go to the
bathroom in between a meeting with sir.
- Pappu, he is my elder brother.
- Sorry sir, come doctor.
You may go.
That I'll know after the meeting,
whether I should kill, or shake hands.
Sit down.
Whether I'll take you back or
not, I'll think of that later.
But what did you do for so many
days when you were on your own?
Listen, Munna sir...
What if you don't join hands
with us after we tell you?
Munna sir, he is my younger brother.
He doesn't how to speak, excuse him.
I'll tell you. We...
Speak! He is my elder brother, speak!
Didn't you hear?
He is my younger brother, speak!
Sir, he is speaking our language!
Munna sir,
your elder brother is a police spy.
- Sir, I'll kill him!
- Shut up! He didn't beat you.
Sit down!
Sit down!
The cashew nuts are of no use now.
How will we eat them now?
How dare you catch my shirt collar!
Didn't you hear what Munna
sir said, elder brother?
The top gangster of Mumbai calls me
his brother. How can you touch me!
Munna sir, keep him in check
or things will get out of hand.
Munna sir, we have come here for
a compromise, not to get beaten.
Have your tablet, understood?
No compromise! Get lost!
- Go!
- Get lost!
Enough, Munna sir! You are finished now!
You won't rule Mumbai now, Pillai will!
He is Munna sir's elder brother.
What brother?
Munna sir is no more the top gangster.
You were acting very smart, weren't you?
You slapped Pillai's brother?
Munna sir cannot help you
now, so what will you do?
Sir, the doctor is fighting!
Even I am surprised.
But his sister is my girl.
Will it prove harmful for us?
It's just a thought.
I'm finished! My stomach...
Pillai, I have told you several times.
- If you want to shoot, just shoot,
don't talk. - Sir...
- What are you doing!
- We are sorry!
- Pillai's rule ends even before it began.
- It ends!
Pillai, you should think
before doing anything.
Why did you raise your hand on sir?
- We made a mistake. Tell him!
- Even you made a mistake.
You wanted to kill sir? Now you die!
- Shoot him.
- No Munna sir.
- Sir, don't get excited.
- We will leave the city.
- Even I have to go, not the airport...
- I want to go.
- We will go by bus.
- Yes, by bus.
Sir, what are you waiting for?
Just shoot his brains off.
- Forget it, let him go. Hey you, leave!
- You're right.
Yes, we are going.
Next time you are seen here,
forget Munna, I won't spare you!
- Get lost!
- Yes, we are going. Bye!
Get lost!
- He's a great doctor!
- He's so talented.
- The way he bashed them.
- You're very intelligent.
- Everything's fine, right? I called
him a coward... - You were perfect!
- Yes...
- Sir, give him a present.
- Relax!
- This is a gift from me.
- Take it.
"This lion's heart is incomparable!"
"My friend is incomparable!"
"This lion's heart is incomparable!"
"My friend is incomparable!"
"You are tall, a brave heart."
"You are a man far sighted."
"The whole city calls me a hero."
"But when you come before me, Munna sir."
"I shiver in fear."
"When you threaten me,"
"I collapse!"
"I'll open a bottle."
"What do you say?"
"It is me who's had drinks."
"Why are you drunk?"
"Everyone is afraid of
me, I am afraid of you"
"I love you, you are very dear to me."
"When I get charged, that
is when I'm in my senses."
"But when you come before
me, Munna sir..."
"I shiver in fear."
"When you threaten me,"
"I collapse!"
"I made you a lover."
"You came to my house to love."
"Our friendship is doubled."
"Our problems have been solved,
we settled them amicably."
"Don't leak our secret talk to anyone."
"If I get a wife, my life will be made!"
"But when you come before
me, Munna sir..."
"I shiver in fear."
"When you threaten me,"
"I collapse!"
- Sister-in-law!
- Sister-in-law?
Sir suddenly took the decision
of getting married last night.
I had to get the invitation
cards made over night.
I came to give the first
invitation card to you.
And the rest are for your
friends and relatives.
Sir has said if you need
anything, let him know.
The wedding dress is ready.
I am going. It's sir's first
marriage, there's a lot to do.
- Brother!
- Coming!
- What happened?
- See these wedding cards.
So what's so worrying?
They are just wedding cards.
- They are my wedding cards!
- What!
Munna has got them printed.
He's fixed our marriage for this Sunday.
What will we do now, brother?
I am really scared.
There is no need to be afraid.
Let me see how he marries you!
You've been able to do nothing until
now and he even got the cards printed.
- He'll even take Komal away.
- But what do I do?
- He wants to marry Komal.
- Yes.
If Komal is married off to another
guy, will he marry a married Komal?
But where will I find a nice boy
for Komal in such a short time?
- He's standing before you.
- Brother, don't think, give consent.
And anyway,
I won't marry anyone except Raja.
Greetings. What do you want?
I want to get them married.
- It cannot be done.
- Why?
You have to first fix up an auspicious
time for the marriage rites.
We don't have time for all that.
Just get them married immediately.
But his time is running bad.
Saturn is casting a shadow on his fate.
Death is hovering over him.
- What nonsense are you talking!
- I am speaking the truth.
According to this girl's face,
a very brave man loves her.
She will marry that guy.
You were right, priest.
This moment is inauspicious!
- Run!
- Thanks.
This is the bride. This is the groom.
And they want to get married.
But God doesn't want them to get married.
But why father!
The boy loves the girl,
the girl loves the boy...
...then what problem can God have?
God doesn't have a problem
doctor, I have a problem.
Hello, magistrate.
I want to get them married.
I am Dr. Rastogi, he is Raja,
and she is my younger sister, Komal.
Here are the rings. You exchange the
rings, and you make the documents.
Why are you in such a hurry?
You know very well that haste makes waste.
- Where is the witness?
- I am the witness.
As per law, we need two witnesses.
Where is the other witness?
- You be the other witness.
- Yes.
I can be your witness. But then,
I'll have to call another registrar.
For which you will have
to wait until tomorrow.
No, how can we wait for a day?
- You are upset?
- Yes, I am upset.
What am I here for? To serve you people.
I'll arrange another witness for you.
- Who will be the other witness?
- Wait a minute.
Sir, please come in and help
them by being their witness.
Oh my God!
I'd warned you not to come anywhere
near Komal, or I'll kill you!
- Leave!
- What are you doing, sir!
This is the office!
Raja, run!
I would have killed him!
Go and kill him outside my
office, or I'll lose my job.
Leave my hand!
Sir, think about it.
All of Mumbai and my neighbourhood
is aware, I am a respectable man.
I am a doctor by profession and have
been practicing since many years.
I have a sister, Komal.
You all know Munna sir, the
dreaded underworld gangster...
...who has made our lives miserable.
He is troubling us a lot and we
cannot do anything about it.
- In what way is he troubling you?
- Is he demanding extortion money?
- Is he demanding some property?
- No...
- Then what does he want?
- He loves my sister.
Yes, he loves my sister.
- Does your sister also love him?
- No, she loves Raja.
- I am Raja.
- Yes, he is Raja.
Then why don't you take
help from the police?
On what basis do we take their help?
It's not a crime to love.
We are decent people,
we cannot fight a goon.
So what do you want to do?
Through you, we want to tell
something to the public and police.
Right now, I am the biggest
hurdle in Munna sir's path.
He will surely try to kill me.
So in whatever way I die...
Munna sir will be
responsible for my death.
Only Munna sir.
Munna is after my life, Raja.
I will not spare him! I will kill him!
That is what he wants, that you flare up.
If anything happens to
him, you'll be finished.
Sir, we'll have to appoint
bodyguards for his security.
Let me explain.
If he dies even accidentally,
you'll be in trouble.
- Why didn't you say that before?
- Sir!
I won't spare him now.
Hey, you come to Munna sir's area
and address him as just Munna?
- How dare you address him
disrespectfully! - Why!
You know by now how much
daring I have from the papers.
You get four lines published in the
paper and think you can win against me?
But I won't let you win either.
No one can stop me from
marrying Komal now.
Komal belongs to me,
she will marry only me.
- Don't even take her name!
- Hold on!
Take, the wedding card.
The day is same, the bride is same.
Only the groom has changed.
Now I am the groom, not you.
Just getting a card printed doesn't
mean the marriage will take place.
Now that the card is printed,
even the marriage will take place.
Do come. And bring along your stooges.
I have to give many invitations.
- Sir!
- Sir!
He's proved tough on us.
He's taken the help of law.
Even we will take the help of law.
- Call up inspector Shinde.
- What's his number?
I remember now.
- 9821020...
- Give it to him.
Shinde, sir wants to talk to you.
Take, sir.
Shinde... me in the evening.
Two commandos are enough for me,
I don't need such heavy security.
This is not for you.
We have your search warrant.
Search warrant?
- Search the area.
- Yes sir.
Rane, call up the headquarters and
tell them we are reaching soon.
Yes sir.
What is this?
A revolver.
I am arresting you for possessing
a weapon without license.
It's not mine.
I found it here, so it's yours.
I understand.
This is Munna's conspiracy.
I only had told him I'll land
in trouble if it's found on me.
- I am in trouble. Let's go.
- Come.
- Raja!
- Raja!
Raja, don't worry, I have come.
I'll get you released.
Why has Raja been arrested?
He possessed an illegal weapon.
What weapon?
An illegal weapon.
I am speaking the truth, doctor.
I don't know anything about this gun.
I am sure it's Munna's conspiracy.
Just a minute! You mean to say the
police is hand in glove with Munna?
Commissioner, Raja is innocent.
You can check his past record.
He has never done anything illegal.
- We've collected a gun from him.
- I am ready to pay the bail.
The bail application has to be made
in court, not the police station.
Today is Sunday. Go to the court
and get him bailed out tomorrow.
We're leaving.
- Hello, commissioner.
- Why have you come here?
Sir's wedding invitation.
Don't worry, no harm would come to you.
Sir has made security
arrangements for you.
My security arrangements?
Hey Raja! He's here! How are you?
He's with his in-laws, and Komal
will be with her in-laws tomorrow.
Take your invitation. The day,
date, time and place are the same.
And even the groom is
the same Munna sir!
You cannot come, so give your best
wishes to the couple from here itself.
- We have to leave...
- We have a lot to do.
Commissioner, believe me, I am innocent.
Shut up!
You take police protection
saying your life is in danger...
...and then you also keep illegal weapons?
- That revolver belongs to Munna.
- It was found at your workplace.
It's Munna's conspiracy. He cannot kill
me, because he will get arrested.
So he's got me framed.
Commissioner, I'm no criminal.
I've just dared to stand up against him.
He is making me pay for it.
See this card.
He is forcibly marrying Komal now.
Komal will die, but never marry him.
Please commissioner, it's a question
of Komal's life. Please release me.
I promise I will collect
evidence and get Munna arrested.
You have spoken enough. Now I will speak.
I could not nab Munna until
now with the help of law.
I don't know why, I feel today that
Munna can be nabbed by breaking law.
No! Drop the gun!
No one will do anything.
He's out of his head.
No one will do anything.
The way you are taking me...'s as if you are the
commissioner and I am the culprit.
Commissioner, you have done me a favor.
But right now, don't disturb
me, I am in a hurry.
Before Munna reaches Komal.
I have to reach there.
- Return my gun.
- Sorry.
Thank you.
Drop me here,
I don't want to attend the wedding.
- You want to get down?
- Yes.
Get down!
I wasn't in such a hurry that you
had to throw me out. Rickshaw.
"The guests behind me."
"The band ahead of me."
"The groom has come."
"Bride, open the door."
"The guests behind me."
"The band ahead of me."
"The groom has come."
"Bride, open the door."
"The guests behind me."
"The band ahead of me."
"The groom has come."
"Bride, open the door."
"Shed all your inhibitions."
"Don't say no, say yes to love."
"Shed all your inhibitions."
"Don't say no, say yes to love."
"I will come dancing to your door."
"And take you away."
"Come of your own will
and enter my heart."
"The groom has come..."
"Bride, open the door."
"Come, my beloved."
"I swear."
"My helplessness."
"Might force me to marry
against my wishes."
"I took your name, I thought of you."
"Your memories stop me."
"Come now, my beloved,
there is very little time."
"Until I live, I swear,
I'll live for you."
"My eyes shed tears,
my heart wallows in pain."
"Where are you, o prince of my dreams?"
"Raja, come!"
"Raja, come!"
"Apply henna, get all decked up."
"Get dressed as a bride."
"Apply henna, get all decked up."
"Get dressed as a bride."
"I have been after you since so long."
"Look, I am standing outside your home."
"Either I'll come in, or you come out."
"The groom has come..."
"Bride, open the door."
"The guests behind me."
"The band ahead of me."
"The groom has come."
"Bride, open the door."
Oh sir!
Doctor, sir has come dressed as a groom.
But I see no marriage arrangements here.
What's going on?
Sir, go back just as you have come.
- If sir has come, he will take
his bride with him. - Yes.
What did you say? That I should go back?
Yes, it is in your
interest that you leave.
And it is in your interest that
you send the bride with me.
- It's a matter of my prestige.
- Yes.
Prestigious people have a prestige.
- Goons have no prestige.
- What did you say?
I have no prestige?
Wherever I pass from, people salute me.
They don't salute you.
It's just that they fear you.
But I don't fear you. Get lost!
You pushed sir!
- You pushed me too!
- Get out.
Get out of here! What will you do?
You will kill me?
Doctor, I consider you
like my elder brother.
I cannot have any relationship with
a goon like you. Get out of here!
You will beat me? Come on, beat me!
Doctor I respect you,
or even I can raise my hand!
Hey, get lost, fatso!
- Enough, doctor!
- What will you do? Beat me?
Let's see if the hands that
commit crimes are stronger...
...or the hands that
protect a sister's honour.
- Hey, doctor!
- Wait! No one will interfere.
Doctor, if you raise your hand
now, I'll go on a shooting spree!
First try shooting me.
Stop this nonsense!
You have made our lives miserable.
What do you know what love is?
You only love my beauty.
I will die, but I will not belong to you!
I belong to Raja and will
always belong to him.
Why bring them into this, Munna?
This is a fight between you and me.
- One who survives, wins.
- Then you will die!
Munna sir, no!
- Komal!
Hospital! Get the car!
I'll get the car!
Raja, quick.
- Excuse me. - No patient will be
admitted today, we are on strike.
I am a doctor, my name is Dr. Rastogi.
If you are a doctor, then support us.
How can I support you, can't you see
she's the patient, she's been shot...
If she's been shot, take
her to the police station.
I don't have time to go
to the police station.
You continue with your strike,
let me go in. I am a doctor...
You cannot go in.
- You cannot go in.
- Can't you see, she is...
Who has closed the hospital doors?
Do you know who I am?
- Open the doors.
- Doctor, come!
Come on!
Get the stretcher, careful.
Come on!
Be brave, sir.
Come on, fast!
Careful, slowly.
Come on.
You stay here. Doctor, come.
Munna, you didn't do right.
Yes, the bullet should
have hit you, not Komal.
It really wasn't right.
I have no one in the world except Komal.
If anything happens to
her, I won't spare you.
If you don't have anyone then
why do you want to stay alive?
Even you will have to die.
I will, but after killing you!
What are you doing! You are too much!
You are inhumane!
At this place, at such a moment!
Shame on you!
Munna, your bullet hit close to my heart.
Do me a favor, aim the
bullet directly at my heart.
Because only Raja resides in there.
He will leave my heart only after I die.
Munna sir, no, what...
No doctor, I realised today,
that a gun can kill somebody...
...but cannot help win a heart.
I truly love you.
And always will.
Don't love me, but I have a request.
Please don't hate me ever.
I'd told you, that only one man
can give evidence against Munna.
Munna himself.
- Let's go.
- Munna sir!
Yes doctor, when I am out of jail...
...then perhaps someone
will truly love me.
Munna sir, you're good.
No doctor, you are good.
No! You're good.
Doctor, you're good.
I said you are good, so you are good.
You're good.
Commissioner, we cannot live without sir.
- Take us along too.
- What have you done?
Whatever sir has done!
- This weapon is illegal!
- Even I have an illegal weapon!
Commissioner, we have a request.
We will serve the same sentence as sir.
We will stay in the same lock up as sir.
- We cannot live without sir.
- What brotherhood! Wow! Come.
"This lion's heart is incomparable!"
"My friend is incomparable!"
"This lion's heart is incomparable!"
"My friend is incomparable!"
"You are tall, a brave heart."
"You are a man far sighted."
"The whole city calls me a hero."
"But when you come before me, Munna sir,"
"I shiver in fear."
"When you threaten me,"
"I collapse!"