Hum Saath-Saath Hain (1999) Movie Script

...Just like flowers have fragrance...
...My heart evinces the fragrance of your love...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like twinkling of eyes...
...Just like a pearl ensconced in an Oyster shell...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like a cob pairing up with a pen...
...Just like moon possessing moonlight...
...Just like a poet's imaginative poignancy...
...Just like a longing heart nursing a desire...
...Just like a lamp engendering a flame of passion...
...We've been and will be bonded together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like the archness of clever eyes...
...Just like the redness of crimson eyes...
...Just like the heart's desires are inflamed in the monsoon...
...Just like two love birds canoodling lovingly each other...
...Just like a lamp engendering a flame of passion...
...We've been and will be bonded together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like flowers have fragrance...
...My heart evinces the fragrance of your love...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
Wake up, darling!
Good Morning!
Another dream!
Good God! Praise the Lord!
''The kind sons of an illustrious father.''
''They possess separate virtues.''
''One is learned, the other is humble and docile.''
''One is intelligent in business.''
''One is very religious and conscious of duty.''
''They are all a shadow of their Father.
''One is a devotee of his father,
the other obeys his every word.''
''Even in dreams they don't wish evil for anybody.''
Brother and sister-in-law!
Ram Kishen!
Our best wishes for your 25th wedding anniversary!
Thank you, sir.
How is our attorney without his black coat?
l've taken leave from court.
Ram Kishen!
If l'd have gone to work today, l don't know
what my sister would say!
No public prosecutor would be able to help me.
See bhabhi, how he is teasing me!
Have a sweet, Ram Kishen.
On this day, he will eat if his wife feeds him, not you.
Absolutley! Sweetmeat made by you. Terrific!
Give me some. Give.
Great! Give some to the kids.
You're the last to come for the prayers.
And right in front for the sweets!
-Ma'a, l was right in time. Ask brother.
Oh really! -Maa
Happy anniversary. - Live long.
Thank you brother!
Good trap Vivek!
He's getting spoilt because you pamper him!
Mother.. - Have one.
Sir... - Mr. Khan!
Happy anniversary, sir.
- Thank you so much.
Best wishes from our office and factory staff.
Mr. Vivek, l've made the
list of the guests for tonight's function.
Ms Rehana!
Are you my secretary or the kids'?
They've been busy with arranging
the function for a whole week.
Ram Kishen!
Frankly speaking, these are the
occasions to share joys with all.
The entire family meets under this pretext.
Vivek! Where's that friend of yours, Anwar?
That's how it's so calm, uncle.
He's goneto pick up Sangita and Anandbabu.
Granny, granny, granny...
Sounds like Sangita and our son-in-law are here!
My dear...
My child's come!
Enough.. welcome,Anand!
Anand! Anurag and his wife,Jyoti are not to be seen.
You know Vivek, my elder brotherhas no time for himself.
Doesn't matter. At leasttheir two children are here.
They have grown so attached
to us that it's amazing.
l feel l have 3 grand children,Anand.
Take these...
Just give them one candy each.
Their pockets are full of chocolates.
Before us, who gave them chocolates?
Who else but Anwar spoils them?
Sangita! You make mistakes and hold me responsible for it?
What have l done,brother?
You come here just once a year.
lsn't that bad enough?
And look at her cheek!
Where has she gone?
Says, we mustn't spoil the kids.
- l apologise. Sorry.
What do you say, brother?
You are forgiven.
Eat some sweets.
Papa, he got it stitched in his presence.
Come Mom!
And this is for you.
This too is his choice.
He's got great selection!
He has knowledge of everything.
Dad, you and Mummy have
to wear these in the function.
And what will the children wear?
l'll wear an achkan.
- l'll wear a skirt and scarf.
What about you, uncle?
l'll wear a silk achkanand an embroidered fez cap.
Excuse me.
Don't you have to go to your shop?
- Today is a holiday.
Brother, l had a dreamlast night.
Anwar Band and Co. is locked up!
Of course. He's here all day.
How does he run his shop?
With your blessings,
lt's doing very well, aunty!
Anyway what does man need?
Mother feeds me great food.
And father teaches me
good lessons of life.
Everyone should have
one such friend in their lives.
But my friend still hasn't turned up.
l'm dead tired! Anybody there?
There he comes!
Quickly hide the food!
Hide it. Hide it.
What's wrong, Pritam uncle.
- Don't ask, son.
lt's his 25th anniversary
and l had to make 25 trips!
Hunting for a gift for him!
Stop talking. Where's my gift?
- Bhabhi, there he comes to the point!
Give me!
Just a minute. A pocketwatch for your coat.
And bhabhi! Ear rings for you!
Matching today's outfits.
-You're very forward!
Did you know what son-in-law
was going to present them!
Bhabhi, is he only your son-in-law?
Does he mean nothing to me?
Look at that veil!
-Aunt dearest...
Caught you! Caught the sweets!
-Stop! stop!
I've got sweets made of gram flour.
I just wanna devour them.
Just one. The doctor's orders.
Forget it! Just because my daughterhas
become a doctor, life is tough!
Making me diet forever!
- But uncle where is Preeti?
Must be on her way with Dr. Sen.
Congratulations. Ram Kishenand bhabhi.
- Thank you, doctor.
Uncle, where is Preeti?
- Oh, where is she?
She was with me only!
Just you wait!- Hey, listen...!
-Careful, careful!
Where are you going?
Wait, wait!-Aunty.
These girls are worse than boys!
Childhood friends meet and that's it!
The progress is much better than l thought.
God willing, we'll get
some movement in his hand.
We have full faith since we came
in touch with you.
Don't be silly, Ram Kishen ji!
Homeopathy is effective even
in the most serious ailments.
Even if it's a childhood injury.
lt will be effective only when
Vivek takes medication on time.
Anwar pesters him so he takes it
Else he is so busy with work.
Yes, doctor, the bottle of his pill
sis always in my pocket.
Then whether he yells or screams
l pop the pills in his mouth.
Open your's time for your dose.
Thanks brother!
Doctor! whether my arm
gets better or not...
One thing is for sure, soon we're
going to get a strict but good doctor.
Vivek, my dear!
Don't praise her so much
that she starts flying high!
Doctor, what a tragedy! l started
restaurants in my daughter's name.
How often l've told her to go
there and eat and feed friends.
But no way. l don't know what's
the charm in your profession!
Doctor, uncle always talks
like this when he's hungry.
Child, you'll realise when you have to
eat carrots and cucumber all day!
See him!
But l won't listen
to her in the party.
Prem returns today. l'll gorge
to my heart's content!
l'll meet Prem in the evening.
Alright, bye everybody!
Our second brother,
Prem returns from America today.
Would you like to express
the depth of your happiness?
Why do you keep troubling Preeti?
Don't we know, someday
these two hearts are going to be one?
Mummy, who has gone
to the airport to pick him up?
His instructions are clear.
Nobody need come there, just send the car.
Actually, the thing is...
My younger brother doesn't want to trouble anybody.
Brother Prem's a real saint.
God knows what willhappen to this boy.
Nothing will happen to him, mom.
He's one in a million.
Aunty! Sir has called you to the hall.
The decorators have arrived.
Do you know how Preeti blushesthe
moment she hears Prem's name?
Like brother Anwar
blushes at seeing you!
l swear, what a dangerous man!
Once more.
Sister Preeti!
Hello, sister Sangeeta!
Hi brother-in-law
When did you come, Sapna?
-Just now.
Father and grandma too are here.
- Grandma has come!?!
-Let's go!
Will you let go?
The foreigner returns home.
Finally my eyes are at rest.
Aunt, we really appreciate it that you
came from the village for us.
We had to come, Ram Kishenji.
After all we belong to the same village.
And neighbours at that.
Sapna!Take charge of the function.
Brother Vivek, l've brought all the articles
for the stage decoration.
The decoration will be
according to the music.
Because uncle loves music.
Aunty, Sapna really
works very hard.
Always first in college.
She lends you a helping hand at
home and her father at work.
And take a look at my son, Vinod.
He wakes up at 8!
We're beginning the second round.Has your
father finished his prayers?
O Lord!
Whenever l step into this house,
l feel l'm entering a palace!
l have a small sari-making
factory in Rampur.
On the other hand, Ram Kishen
has these great industries!
Lord, let my daughter marry
his youngest son, Vinod.
And she inherits one
third of the property!
She will have servants around her!
And she'll live like a queen!
Bhabhi! We've brought sweetmeats
from all the famous places.
That's not fair, brother.
You always get so many sweets each time you come!
This is not so much, bhabhi.Only enough to taste. Have some.
That's the spirit!
Excuse me Anand,
but everybody in Rampur worships Ram Kishen.
He's done so much for the village!
Built colleges, schools and hospitals!
Now he's building a big factory
that will enhance the growth the village.
Vivek has worked hard
to set up this factory.
Mother, Vivek is the lamp of the family!
He loves his brothers so much!
He trained Prem in business
and sent him abroad.
For further studies. And now...
...He's preparing Vinod for business.
Hail Lord!
So Vinod now helps Vivek?
Helps? He just carries his briefcase.
So what?
That's how Prem started.
lsn't that so, Vivek?
Vinod, Prem does
that even today.
Come, my son!
Prem has come.
- He's come?
- Go away.
Mother is annoyed because you didn't
come home in the last vacation.
Aunty, l'll get mom round.
Where there's laughter
on the dining table..
Where the ladies and girls of
the family lovingly feed us...
That truly is a home!
Mr Advocate!
Here's your favourite porridge, Prem.
Mom, You never fed us
with such love. -Really!
We only have an aunt.
Here you are, baby.
Take this too, Prem.
Piping hot samosas.
Serve me one too.
-You too will have?
Of Course!
l prefer the spicy to sweet.
Some more tea?
No thanks!
What about you, Prem?
- No.
What? Go on.
Serve him.
What a scene!
Better get used to it, brother.
She's going to feed you all your life.
What say?
Where are you going?
Sit down!
Mumu baby!
Where are you?
There they come!
Congratulations, queen mother!
Lady, o lady!
l can understand that you call your friend
Mumu out of love.
But how does he become
your brother-in-law?
The husband of our friend is our brother-in-law!
You are great!
You've come so late!
What do I tell you, my friend?
Last night we had such a game of cards in the club..
...that it ended at 4 AM and
you know we can't wake up early.
Hello, Mr Advocate!
They wake up late and
stay here till very late!
I swear by you Mumu!
There are fights in
every family these days!
Fights between brothers, parents,between
mother and daughter-in-law!
Daughters-in-law are a nuisance!
l think the moment sons get married, they
should be separated.
Separate homes, work.
That's it.
That's the duty of parents today.
- l don't agree, Shantiji!
The joy you can get living together is
impossible living alone.
Man can overcome any problem
if his family is united.
Breaking up disperses the energy.
Think of the children.
Why should the grandchildren bedeprived of the love
of grandparents?
Absolutely. Shantiji, theduty of parents is... inculcate the right
values from childhood.
So they can share each
others'joys and sorrows in togetherness.
Would you like to bet on it?
Sister!Don't you have to get ready?
O Yeah! Our discussion with Ram Kishen will continue.
Now we have to get dressed.
See youin the evening, brother-in-law!
Thank you, brother.
Tell the lawyer, see you.
Sister ,you really have strange friends.
They always talk of breaking
homes, never bonding families.
Ram Kishenji!
But it is true that the importance of
relationships is lost today.
ln such times, your family and
the love you share.. an exemplary guiding light.
Mother, his entire life is exemplary!
And my sister, Mamta hassupported you ably
on this journey.
lsn't it, Ram Kishenji?
- Definitely, lawyer!
What did l have when
Mamta married me?
Loneliness and a year
old Vivek in my arms.
There's no comparison to thelove Mamta has
showered Vivek.
Lawyer, do you know what gift l
presented to your sister today?
l've given her a promise.
The day l see the facesof
my three daughters-in-law....
All my time will be hers.
The moments of joy l couldn't
give her because of my duties..
...will all be hers.
Ram Kishenji!
When do we hear the weddingmarch of Vivek's wedding?
l am praying day and night
for that day, aunty.
We received many proposals
but because of Vivek's arm...
Those matches? Not one
was worthy of Vivek!
Yes, Ram Kishenji!
Man is recognised by his
heart not his physical being.
And we will find somebody
who will value his golden heart.
Come in, dear.
How are you, Vivek?
- Fine.
Sadhna, this is Vivek.
Ram Kishen's eldest son.
My daughter, Sadhna.
Welcome. Mr Adarsh,
Ram Kishen and Sister-in-law,Many many
happy returns of the day.
Mr. Adarsh is very respected
industrialist of our city.
He has just settled here after
establishing business abroad.
We've come quite close these days thanks to
association meetings.
This far we only met in meetings,
You have honoured us by
inviting us for a family function.
My daughter, Sadhna.
Live long, dear!Bless you!
Thank you so much for coming,my dear!
Nobody can tell that
you grew up abroad.
An lndian is an lndian
wherever he be, isn't it?
This is Prem, the second son.
And this is Vinod, the youngest
and the most mischievous!
What do you think of the decoration?
Beautiful.- She's done it all.
What colour selection!
What flower arrangement!
Ladies love flattery but only from the heart.
lsn't it, Sadhna?
- That's the problem with ladies!
Either way you're in
hot soup.Raju, Bablu, l'll give you a tip.
You can never win against ladies.
- Then why do you fight them?
Heard! Brother, you are an angel!
And you're human. He learns from
committing mistakes.
Saadhna, you must have one sweet at this.
At least one.
What about your family members?
- Only Papa and me.
How nice a family can be
with siblings and parents...
...l realise that only today.
Ram Kishen and his wife
have our blessings today.
May they always smile together.
Just a minute. And nowl request Ram Kishen..
He must say something romantic in his
exclusive style for his wife!
l love you very much.
You have to repeat the words you just said
thrice a day all your life!
Sister-in-law,now it's your turn.
No...!-What no, sis-in-law?
You have to speak. Come here.
Come on Mom!
I love children very much!
lt's done!
- Come on.
...It's true that God exists...
...But He does no treveal Himself...
...It's true that God exists...
...But He does no treveal Himself...
...God exists in the embodiment of our parents...
...It's true that God exists...
...they are lifegivers...
...It's they who give us our identity...
...It's they who bless every moment of our childhood...
...Riding me on their shoulders...
...they taught me andshaped my worldview...
...their contribution to our life is immense...
...their good turns are countless...
...God exists in the embodiment of our parents...
...It's true that God exists...
...She who gives birth to mankind... known as Maa'...
...Her life is lived incomforting the lives of her children...
...Singing lullaby on her lips,she weaves dreams for us...
...It's she who abandonsher comforts to ease our life...
...Mother's love is the divine blessing...
...and we're in a state of
being blessed...
...God exists in the
embodiment of our parents...
...It's true that God exists...
...Your little dolls have
grown up today...
...We pray to the Almighty that...
...May their love nourishus our entire lifetime and beyond... we can't livefor a moment without them...
...May peace be upon you...
...this is what every heart prays...
...God exists in the
embodiment of our parents...
...It's true that God exists...
...But He does not
reveal Himself...
...God exists in the
embodiment of our parents...
Dharamraj! Why are you so worried?
lt is a worrying matter, lawyer!What did
Adarsh say on the phone?
He's coming here forsome urgent business.
But we met yesterday.
And why does he want
sister-in-law to be present?
Sister-in-law, you are not aware
of these business deals.
Adarsh will first give you gifts,
flatter you.
Then he'll get Ram Kishen
to do his work.
Why are you getting crazy?
Adarsh is a real gentleman.
Dad, Mr. Adarsh is here.
Welcome. Mr Adarsh, welcome.
Welcome, sir!Welcome!
He's already here!
Ram Kishenji!
Last evening we had the opportunity
to come close to your family.
Frankly speaking, yesterday l saw
how love can make a home a temple.
l come here today witha desire in my heart.
Accept Saadhna as the bride for Vivek...
...and make me elatedand care free.
l came here with Sadhna
only with this dream.
So that she meets you,
Vivek and the family.
After meeting all of you,
my daughter is no longer mine.
She has changed totally.
Please accept her.
Where are you going?
- To get sweets for all.
That's great!
Mr Adarsh, then it's fixed!
What are you thinking of,Ram Kishenji?.
l'm amazed at the forms in which
God comes to spread happiness.
Ram Kishenji!
-No, my friend!
We've heard everything, dad.
l'm so elated today!
l'm so elated today, Vivek!
Why are you thinking of all this, brother?
Sadhna and her father know about your arm.
Anwar, there's a difference between knowing
and being together for life.
We have no right to
play with somebody's life.
Your arm will heal someday.
I swear by Almighty..
- Only on the hope..
...we can't snatchsomebody's joys, brother..
l don't want to keep her in the dark.
l've written everything to her in a letter.
l hope she understands...
...And will marry somebody else!
Listen to him! Sent her a letter!
He talks like a kid, Sangeeta!
Talk some sense into him!
You don't know a woman, brother .
She doesn't fear darkness...
...When she makes up her mind..
...She lights the lamp of
trust in her heart...
and adorns her head with vermilion.
Yes brother.
We took your letter there.
And brought the answer back.
...Older brother of young ones... going to become
someone's hubby...
...Older brother of young ones... going to become
someone's hubby...
Drums, shahnai and
other instruments are playing crescendo...
...heralding this celebratoryoccasion...
...On Holi with his wife... will shower herwith gulaal(a pink colour powder)...
...On Holi with his wife... will shower herwith gulaal(a pink colour powder)...
...On Deewali, they together
will light the lamp of happiness...
...He will idle away languorously
in the cool shade of her stola...
...He will idle away languorously
in the cool shade of her stola...
...Her arrival will prove as blessed
and soothing as the Eastern Winds...
...Older brother of young ones... going to become
someone's hubby...
Tears are welling up in my eyes... I remember those childhood moments...
Tears are welling up in my eyes... I remember those
childhood moments...
...This marriage will
handcuff him with binds of love...
...How handsome looks my brother!...
...How handsome looks my brother!...
...the couple resembles
the pair of Ram-Sita...
...Older brother of young ones... going to become
someone's hubby...
Drums, shahnai andother
instruments are playing crescendo...
...heralding this celebratory occasion...
Put forward your hand
to accept the bride.
Ram Kishenji!
When we were abroad, l'd wonderwith little
Sadhna in my lap...
How should l teach her our culture?
But l saw l didn't have
to make any efforts.
Automatically she imbibed
all those qualities.
Today l know why.
She had to bind acord to your family.
Go, my child. To your house.
This is Anurag and Jyoti.
Anand's brother and his wife.
Be happy. Congratulations, Vivek.Thanks sister-in-law!
Saadhna!Jyoti really takes care of Sangita.
Like a little sister.
- Sangeeta is worth it.
Both my kids only stay with her.
Come and take aunty's blessings.
Bravo! Well done!Bless you kids!
All the young members of the
family must touch her feet.
The first is Vinod. Where is he?
Call Vinod.
-All right.
- l've come to see you.
To see me?
Uncle has called for you!
lf we keep meeting like this,
someday you'll fall in love.
Yes, uncle!
Touch your sister-in-law's feet.
-We have a different tuning, uncle.
Touch her feet.
Can't straighten my back!
-What acting!
Prem, come on.
- Go on, son. Go!
One moment. How can he touchher feet?
He's elder to her.
You duffer!
Prem is younger to Vivek so she is elder to
him in relation.
Come Prem!
Welcome sister-in-law!
l am here, on the way.
Are you elder or younger
to brother Vivek? -Why?
Because! we have to fix
your relation with her.
What's my age, brother?
-Whatever it be...
You are elder to me in every form.
No, dear sister-in-law!
You can't escape this bond,Anwar.
He's loved Vivek more than abrother.
To tell the truth, he's handingover his Vivek
to you today.
Now reduce your trips here.
Your friend belongs to her.
And the world is
your foe, brother.
Excuse me, aunty, but l'm one of the shameless ones!
l'm not going to let go so easily.
Sister-in-law, whether you
treat me as your own or not...
You are stuck with me!
Brothers and sisters...
The eldest daughter-in-law in our nation is
welcomed with love.
This function of today.. to welcome the bride home!:
"Listen, O bride, listen!Meet your new family"
"I'll introduce you to everyone, today"
"...and will tell you everyone's secrets"
"I'll introduce you to everyone, today"
"...and will tell you everyone's secrets"
"First you gotta see him,your father-in-law
and the chieftain"
"He's blessed with the
fortunes of bliss"
"He's got a unique style"
"He's blessed with the
fortunes of bliss"
"He's got a unique style"
"I am a citizen of Rampur,
my name is Ram Kishen"
"Sincere words, solemn deeds:that's what I stand for"
"I got everything whatever I wished for"
"I am a citizen of Rampur,
my name is Ram Kishen"
"I travelled every place in the world..."
"...but I always missed the smell of this soil"
"Jaggery, gram and milkmake my breakfast even today"
"I still don't know how to eat with knife and fork"
"Despite being so unsophisticated..."
"Despite being so unsophisticated
Imastered every new technology"
"I am a citizen of Rampur,my name is Ram Kishen"
"Sincere words, solemn deeds:that's what I stand for"
"Now, meet her:This is your mother-in-law"
"She's the headwoman,
she's also got a unique personality"
"She's the headwoman,
she's also got a unique personality"
"My name is Mumumu"
"Three butterflies are my
friends and I love to party"
"Shopping mall or vegetable market;
I bargain everywhere"
"I'll pay for a productworth what it is"
"I'm very finicky and I visit
beauty parlours frequently"
"I'm very finicky and I visit
beauty parlours frequently"
"My name is Mumumu"
"I love to wear detailed make up.I don't
give a damn about my age!"
"Now, bride, step forward and meetyour
bro-in-law and sis-in-law"
"He never troubles his wife,
and is very romantic by nature"
"He never troubles his wife,
and is very romantic by nature"
"Radhika's daddy, come here!"
"Darling, anything for you!"
"Tell me how this sari looks on me"
"Darling, it's dazzlingly beautiful"
"I have a headache!"
"Let me massage it!"
"I have to do the cooking yet"
"I'll do the cooking today"
"Let's go some place!'
"Wherever you wish..."
"We'll have dinner out"
"As we shall. Don't worry!"
"After dinner, get us ice cream"
"Darling, whatever you wish..."
"I'll also have sweet Calcutta paan!"
"Darling! give a smile!"
"Carry my purse, will you?"
"Darling, the world is yours!
"Listen, bride, now, be careful.
Here's your naughty bro-in-law"
"He possesses a cheery disposition,and
mischievous is his nature"
"He possesses a cheery disposition,
and mischievous is his nature"
"Dad says I'll become somebody great one day"
"I have set out to make true
the dreams of my father"
"He has an innocent-looking
facebut has a cunning heart"
"Impressive words but
depressing deeds..."
"He is a late riser by rule"
"When have late risers became
somebody great?!
"Those who have dreams in their eyes..."
"...have never been restful"
"He'll have his cake and eat it too"
"Good Lord! This headless chicken!"
"Impressive words but
depressing deeds..."
"You have an innocent-looking facebut have a
cunning heart"
"This beauty has such
arrogant attitude!"
"Listen, O bride, nowthink over it...
"Meet your elder bro-in-law..."
"...Who's the dearest to his Mom!..."
"...and bashful by nature."
"...He's the dearest to his Mom!..."
"...and he's shy of nature."
"He doesn't make an eye contact,
nor does he talk to me"
"He keeps recluse like are ligious friar"
"He doesn't make an eye contact,
nor does he talk to me"
"He keeps recluse like arel igious friar"
"Whose album is he flipping through?!"
"Mr. Prem is in fact very much in love"
"He is a coy lover"
"What did you learn...
"...if you didn't learn the
four-letter word LOVE?!"
"While you were abroad,
I suffered like a fish without water"
"Hail Lord Rama! my paramour has returned home!
"Hail Lord Rama! my paramour has returned home!
"Never mind his studies, Dad and Mom!
Get him betrothed too!"
"O, sweet bride, take a deep breathas now
comes the turn of your hubby!"
"This would suffice to say tha
the's the most unique personality"
"This would suffice to say thathe's
the most unique personality"
"His is a personality like an open book..."
"Who among us is not proud of him!"
"Listen, o bride, I'll tell you a secret of his...
"...He is as transparent as a glass
and there is nothing secret about him"
"He is the dearest uncle!"
"He is the dearest uncle!"
"Uncle! Aunty's arrival should not meanyou've
less time for us!"
"Our beloved Uncle!Our dear Uncle!"
"Our beloved Uncle!Our dear Uncle!"
Come...Come on!
Welcome, soon-to-be sister-in-law.
Where were you all this while?
- She was blushing away.
Wondering if Prem is here.
Don't be silly. He's hiding somewhere, scared of you!
Aren't you ashamed tomake fun of brother Prem?
You're no less!
All said and done, you really trapped Prem
with the picture joke!
And trapped him sobeautifully, Anand!
l overheard the elders talk.
Tomorrow they've planned a prayerand
Prem's engagement to Preeti!
Come on Prem!You're getting engaged today!
Dress up, look smart.
Why the tension, little guy?
Mummy, he is all dressed.
l think your dearest son has some deep worries.
Stop reading and get up.
Maa-Come on, get up.
Sadhna, put the
necklace round his neck.
Prem,lt's the right of a sister-in-law.
Now tell us, why are you silent?
What can l say, Mom?
- Mother wants to know if you're happy
You should have asked Preeti once.
ls she happy?
What's the matter?
This is why l'd advised you
to send him to a co-ed school!
Quiet. Sadhna, you convince him.
Silly boy!
Anand, let's go.
Brother, Prem!
A girl talks through her eyes.
Since yesterday ecstasy brimsover from Preeti's eyes.
Lift your eyelids and
look at yourself in the mirror.
Sister-in-law, Preeti!
You look magical!
Praise to Lord Satyanarayan!
Mr Lawyer!
Here is the engagement ring.
Prem, slip the ring on her finger.
Wow! Vinod, what say!
Why are you calling Mummy?
- Get out of her apron strings now!
She is waiting.
From today, Preeti is officially ours
Good, you take over the tension.
Son Prem!
l can't guarantee what kind of
housewives, doctors turn out to be.
But this much I can saythey make good daughters.
Aunty, you've given us too much!
- lt's hardly anything, Jyoti.
We're grateful that Anurag
could give us so much time.
We had to come, uncle.
l'm asking you for the last time Bablu, Raju!
Will you come with us
or stay with aunt?
Sangeeta!You've wielded magic on them!
That's enough...
- Bye, brother.
Sister-in-law, this is what
Rampur looked like 15 years ago.
We'd go to the village
during every vacation.
He was very fond of photography.
Drink your tea!
Bahu(Daughter-in-law)That's our ancestral home.
Raghu uncle looks so young!
This is Raghuveer, bahu.
He looks after the house.
Good day!
And those are the little kids.
Sister-in-law, recognise them.
Our train goes...
l'll tell you. This is Vivek.
This is Prem.
Prem, do you know? you've gotthrashed the
most from your mother?
He was the most stubborn.
Look at her.That is Sangita!
That's Preeti.
That is Vinod!
And who is this, Sapna?
That's me!That's me, grandma!
Sister-in-law, that's
Vivek teaching us.
All together. Great...
Move aside!
Repeat after me.
Look at the love birds.
Brother Prem and Preeti.
Who is that?
-You tell me.
lt's me!
'Mother Yashoda,
Your son Kanhaiya..'
'Holds my hand near the fountain.'
'He irritates me,and also fights with me.'
'I was saved because of Lord Ram blessings.'
There comes Kanhaiya.
- Holding on to his dhoti.
Dear Vinod!
'Mother Yashoda,
Your son Kanhaiya..'
'Holds my hand near the fountain.'
'He irritates me,and also fights with me.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
How they would fightat every little thing!
And they would quickly bhabhi,
make up. Take a look!
What are you doing here?
Thinking of your childhood?
Time flies by so fast, isn't it?
How long does it take
for time to go by?
You've just about come and
will leave tomorrow morning.
We meet just once a year,Sapna!.
The rest of the time,
we laugh and even cry.
ls that so?
- l have a request.
Don't remove the childhood
love from your heart.
Whenever you think of me,
pray that we meet soon.
Wow! What a thought!
May l ask you something?
You won't be offended?
l'm sitting here only to talk
to you of love. Ask, ask.
You might as well say it.
The way you joke with me
from childhood to date... talk of this and that.
ls it nothing special
or is there something...?
What do you mean?
What would you say if
l ask you this same question?
l asked you first.
What was the question?
- Think of the question all night.
And answer me in the morning.
When will it be morning?
Get up...
Sorry, l'm late!
Mamta! -Yes!
Now you have to come to Rampur.
Grandma, you're leaving so early?
Stay for a while.
Unlike you, the train is bang on time, not a minute late.
Brother, l'll go and drop them
to the station.
You keep sleeping. Brother
and l are going. Grandma...
Bye-Bye, sis-in-law!
Papa is absolutely right
One must get up early or
half the jobs get left undone.
l accept that, dad.
lf you've understood that,hear this too...
The jobs not done today
will be completed tomorrow.
Each morning gets a ray of hope when it comes.
Well said, dad;l must note this down, dad.
Prem, show the bride the office.
Come on, bhabhi(sis-in-law)!
This room is of us brothers.
- That's Vivek's table.
That is Prem's and this is Vinod's.
The cleanest one.
Bhabhi(sis-in-law), Sit here,on big boss Vivek's chair.
What will you have, bhabhi?
- Get some juice...
Let's have a party!
Let Vivek come. We have todiscuss
something important.
Come, brother!
l'll just...- Come on, brother!
Have a seat!
Yes, what seems to be the problem?
Brother, the problem is...
You've barely been married for2 days and
you've joined work!
Brother, People generally
go out after their wedding.
Where will you take your
wife for your honeymoon?
One minute. Wherever we go,we'll all go together.
How crazy! What will the
others do on your honeymoon?
How else can we all be together?
lf you agree, we'll make a program or cancel...
No, don't cancel it!
Bhabi, we're not tagging along.
-Yes, he's taking us!
That's good. All of you
children must go out.
You too, Preeti.
What do you say, Prem?
At least say, yes!
You're the only one who won'tcome.
Dad, he hasn't gone to his shop
for the past three weeks.
Forget it!
You've forgotten!? you're going
on a tour with the band!
Father, ls he a friend or my enemy?
All right, this time you win and l lose.
Bhabhi, Tell me where you want to go. l'll get the tickets.
Tell us!
-Just a minute. She'll telling.
Tell us, sis-in-law.Suggest some place!
Shall we go to Rampur?
Say that once again.
Shall we go to Rampur?
"I Love U!"
'These days of vacations are so
lovely and carefree'
'My friend, may we
always be together!'
'Let's become child and playwith children'
'Let's enjoy to our hearts' content'
'Like clouds and birds,let's fly away.'
'Well said, brother-in-law!'
'Let's frolic around the lanes
of our village.'
'we reminisce the childhood memories'
'Holding hands of my brothers...'
'...I'll dance around just like
I used to in childhood'
'I wanna relive those
childhood days of joyous rains...'
'...of frolicking around the
courtyard of my dad's house'
'Sister, how emotional!'
'...what these draughts of
cool breeze wanna tell us...'
'...Listen to their whispers...'
'We're nearing our destination, now'
"...These lovely clouds are
telling us to gather droplets of joy'
' steal a furtive glance,
to maintain secrecy of heart's intent...'
' weave dreams!'
'Vinod! How romantic!'
Welcome, Vivek.
We've been waiting for you since morning.
We're waiting to welcome you
with the flowers for ages...
All the way here, l had the answer
memorised in my heart...
l didn't know, l wouldn't
need to say a single word.
Both of us have been
tied together in a bond.
Where can you go?
Come on, kids.Have some fresh guavas!
You'll find a lot of Rajasthani
colour in our attire and speech.
Just like my heart is
overjoyed to see you.
What are you explaining
to her, Raghuveer?
Aunty, she has lived abroad.
l'm introducing her to the village.
Dear! l've heard that people in
the cities are so busy...
..that they don't have time
to eat meals in peace...
That is why, Raghuveer, people from cities
come to the village for holidays.
They get peace of mind here.
Grandma, we've left
those lanes far behind.
But excuse me,
what's left in this village?
Neither planes come
here nor mobile phones.
There's a shortage of electricity!
We've left the electricity way behind
Good Morning, Grandma!
-Come, my child!
Uncle! We're going for a walk.
Coming, brother.
Come on, Anand.
-You go ahead, Vivek.
l'll help the ladies in the kitchen.
Come soon, brother!
You too were supposed
to go for the walk.
Who said?-You said so a while ago.
No, no!
You've reformed..
- No...
Shall we..?
Come on!
Brother! Elder brother!
We came for a walk
but here we're running!
Shall we return?
-Just a little further.
l want to show Prem how far
the factory has progressed.
Prem, come on.
Come on..
This is the site, Prem.
Production will begin
only in a few months.
Very good, brother!
Can we check the progress of the
factory from close quarters later?
l'm feeling terribly cold!
Okay, we'll sit here for sometime.
That'll do.
Won't Papa be terribly happy
when the factory is operational?
What are you thinking of?.
- Nothing, brother.
l think he's starving.
Aren't you bro?
Go for a run. l have totalk to
Prem about something.
Talk to him at home, brother.
After breakfast.
Which way do l go?
Not this way,it's all uphill.
This way is better.
What's the matter, Prem?
When you see poverty and
difficulties around you...
...helplessness that is written
on the faces of people...
...don't you then feel...
What is all this for?
Sometimes l feel my education,
my Masters Degree...
...everything seems futile.
We can't run away from the truth.
Will your thinking
diminish somebody's sorrow?
lf you want to share their sorrow... something that will
bring joy to their lives.
Look at this plant.
When it is operational..
...this place will always have electricity.
This is Papa's dream.
For the progress of this village.
For the future of those kids
who will be me and you tomorrow.
You have a lot to do in life,Prem.
Study hard. At this point
this is your only duty.
Yes, you do have another duty.
...towards Preeti.
A girl gives up everything for you.
She behaves the way
you'd want her to.
ln return, she only
asks for a little love.
l know you do love her a lot.
But you have to express
the love in your heart.
Bring the words in
your heart to your lips.
And you'll see how she blooms.
Have you guys finished talking?
Anything serious?
l'll talk to you when the time comes.
You've made excellent fritters,
We made them, Anand.
l had no ideayou could cook so well.
Prem, now taste this
and tell us how it is.
No! Please...
What's the matter?
When we insisted, for the firsttime, she made
Prem's favourite porridge.
And she's feeling shy to serve it.
She thinks it's not good enough.
Prem will certify whether
it's good or not. Serve him.
Just a second.
The video too is ready.
Very good, bhabhi(sis-in-law)!
How is it?
- Good.
Good or very good, brother?
Very good.
- Then take some more.
l will.
- Here you are!
Brother's face is
as red as the sweet!
l am feeling shy!
Don't be so conscious, uncle.
l'm taking your photo with them.
Speak in our tongue.
Prem, put the picnic bags in the bus.
The sweet dish was very good.
l was making it for the first time,
l feared whether you'd like it.
You must make it again.
Brother, Prem.
Brother! Stop riding andcome here.
We're discussing the love life of
a king who lived 1000 years ago.
Look at that...
- So how many queens did he have?
Let's go to the umbrella.
-you mean a hundred?!
See, Vinod, how lucky he was!
l swear, brother-in-law!
Had it been me...
And bhabhi, this is the
palace of the queens.
They say, the youngest queen
was the most beautiful one!
She'd sing in her melodious
voice among her friends.
And dance too.
And will you believe! Hearing the sound of
their music and their anklets...
...hundreds of peacocks
would dance here with them.
Do they still come here,aunty?
The sky is overcast with clouds.
Beautiful ladies stand before us.
How can the poor peacocks escape?
Terrific, brother-in-law!
Continue the romance.
Look at that, Mom.
What is it? Peacock?
- No, elephants.
Prem is a different kettle of fish.
Sometimes he rides horses.
Other times he gets elephants.
Come, l'll take you for an elephant ride.
Come on, kids.
Come here sister-in-law.
- l'm going ahead.
Preeti, sit here.
Have fun, bhabhi Preeti.
Give her a hand, brother.
Everybody be seated.
Sit down.
Where do l go?
- Come here.
Everybody hold hands.
Take me carefully.
l mustn't fall down.
l haven't even got engaged.
My friend, the elephant.
Praised be Lord Ganesha.
Raju and Bablu!Look at the peacock!
Where is it?- There!
Wow! How beautiful!
Yes, truly beautiful!
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'The wasp made a noise,
the buds of my heart blossomed'.
'Has the weather changed,
or the sceneries or the attitude!'
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'The wasp made a noise,
the buds of my heart blossomed'.
'Has the weather changed,
or the sceneries or the attitude!'
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'The wasp made a noise,
the buds of my heart blossomed'.
'You are a newly wedded bride,
your face is the reflection of love'.
'You are a newly wedded bride,
your face is the reflection of love'.
'With the henna and the flowers,
my life has beautified.'.
'You are the answer to all my questions.'
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'I am crazy about the
way our love has tied up'.
'Has the weather changed,
or the sceneries or the attitude!'
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'The wasp made a noise,
the buds of my heart blossomed'.
'With monsoon has come the season of love!'
'With monsoon has come the season of love!'
'The innermost feelings
are jostling to be expressed'
'Let your heart desire me,
let me feel one with you'
'...take me to the elusive City of Love'
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'Take me wherever you want to'
'Has the weather changed,
or the sceneries or the attitude!'
'The rain bird dances in my heart.'
'The wasp made a noise,
the buds of my heart blossomed'.
'This procession of stars and the moon...
' marching in the celebration
of this blissful moment!
'This processionof stars and the moon...
' marching in the celebration
of this blissful moment!
'It's a matter of great joy that
I have my dream girl with me.'
'You've been teasing me for a while.
You've stolen my peace...'
'I won't let go of you today.'
The moonlit night is beautiful!
lt's lights outside.
Only we don't have electricity.
How can that be?
l'll take a look.
The lights are back, brother?
-What do you think, Vinod?
l'll just be back.
Mom, welcome!
My dear fellow, congratulations
on your daughter's engagement.
What are you doing,Ram Kishen?
Aunty, we've come to ask
you for your child's hand.
Vinod, Let's go!
Mummy and Papa are here.
They're asking for you.
- l won't gobefor them!
Strange! You're getting
engaged today and look at you..
Tease me, brother. go on.
You're the one who
spread the tale of the fuse off!
Everyone is laughing!
What will Mummy and Papa think?
Mummy was really mad at you. Saidnobody in
the family behaved like you!
l'm dead!
brother! l'll say it was your idea.
-Want to kill me?
Sister! Tell them the
lights went off by chance.
Please, my mothers!
Come on.
Good Lord!
The lights went off by chance.
- Really?
lt wasn't my fault,was it, brother?
Mom, brother and his wife
are to be blamed.
They said, get engaged.
So l said, all right.
lt finishes one job;
- Oh, l see.
Come on, Mummy.
Hear from Sapna about all his exploits.
'Mother Yashoda,
Your son Kanhaiya..'
'Mother Yashoda,
Your son Kanhaiya..'
'Holds my hand near the fountain.'
'He irritates me,and also fights with me.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
'Mother Yashoda,Your son Kanhaiya..'
'Holds my hand near the fountain.'
'He irritates me,and also fights with me.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
'In the lanes of Gokul,
near the shore of Yamuna.'
'He pelts pebbles at me.'
'Naughty style and innocent face'.
'He showers water at me during Holi'.
"Doesn't leave my arms,
He twists my arms'.
"Doesn't leave my arms,
He twists my arms'.
'I beg to him,
but still he follows me'.
'Traps me in his sweet talk'.
'I was saved because ofLord Ram blessings.'
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
'Whenever Mohan plays the flute,
My anklet starts dangling'.
'When he plays with his naughty eyes,
I hold my heavy heart'.
'Lost my senses and also my sleep'.
'Lost my senses and also my sleep'.
'I couldn't do what I thought of'.
'I controlled my heart with great difficulty'.
'I was saved because of
Lord Ram blessings.'
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
'Gokul's Kanhaiya is in everyone's heart'.
'I am the lucky one to have gothim'.
'I agree he is everyone's favourite Kanhaiya'.
'But they would only be called your sons, O Mother'.
'He is a sweetheart,you gave them to us'.
'He is a sweetheart,you gave them to us'.
'You have taken us under
your motherly wings'.
'We would desire to stay
at your feet, Oh Mother'.
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
'With the blessings of Lord Ram'.
Come here, sister-in-law!Come!
Why are you sitting there with the old guys? Come here!:
Only waiting for you.
Sadhna bhabhi(sis-in-law)
You will first have a son followed
by a daughter. Congratulation.
What formula is this, brother-in-law?
- lt's simple.
lf the ring is straight,
it will be a son.
If it spins, it will be a girl.
And if it doesn't spin, full stop.
What a scientific method,
He's fond of reading from varioussources
and using it to impress.
Man should view every new
thing with curiosity.
And it was true in our case.
Preeti, now it's your turn.
Come on, show your hand.
Now everybody is interested.
You'll just have asweet little boy. Happy?
Yes, Sapna, now it's your turn.
Come, come.
Son. Daughter.
Son. Daughter.
Son. Daughter.
Son. Daughter...
Son. Daughter.Son....
- Brother-in-law
l've had it!
l was pulling your leg.
Listen, listen.
Thank you brother-in-law.
Give me your hand.
- l won't have rakhi tied.
-What's this, sister?
Do you have to return today?
What emergency has cropped upAnand...
that Anurag has called you today?
lt must be something important or brother
wouldn't have called.
Bro-in-law, today we were planning a
picnic to the factory site.
We won't enjoy without the kids.
We'll plan another trip after
Prem and Vinod get married.
Papa, we'll all go together.
By then, the seat next
to yours would be occupied.
Sangeeta, l've fixed my program with sister-in-law.
When they will be three,we will be two.
Alright, papa, We'll take leave.
lt's time.
-Ok, son!
Dear sis-in-law!
We didn't realise how these days
flew by in games and laughter.
Adarsh! 30 years ago,
l left this village with a dream.
l wanted to do something so that the
villagers wouldn't have to...
...leave their families and go far off for work.
Today l see that dream taking shape.
Brothers are waitingfor us at the site.
We'll go there.
Ok, son! You leave.
Let's go to work.
- Brother, shall we stay here?
We're all waiting for the factory to be
inaugurated, Ram Kishen..
Mr Adarsh!
The moment the plant is inaugurated,
we'll hear the wedding bells.
The date for the wedding
matches this perfectly.
What do you say, sister-in-law?
Now we're just waiting
for that auspicious date.
...And l hand over the business
to my sons and be carefree.
May the wish be fulfilled!
l've decided to hand charge of the company,
the directorship to Vivek.
l'd made her a promise, Adarsh.
Once our sons are married,
all my time will be hers.
So the daily appointments
dairy will be with her?
You will be burdening Vivek
with a huge responsibility.
He deserves it every way.
Wow! What a good newsyou broght, darling!
I beg your pardon!
You don't understand anything!
lf Vivek becomes the
company's Managing Director...
...then Adarsh will be one up on us!
That is true.
What will our sons-in-law have?
They will always have to obey Vivek.
They will have to beg
him for every little thing!
What shame in askingyour elder brother?
These are different times,Pritamji!
Power can corrupt. Family relations are forgotten.
And then this concerns our daughters too.
Yeah, that's also true!
You are very good friends with Ram Kishen.
Do something and stopthis from happening.
Take the wife into confidence.
The minds of women work better in such matters.
Btother Ram Kishen!
We don't understand your making Vivek the MD.
- ls this fair to us? Vinod and Prem?
Such an important announcement
and you simply said it.
No party, no celebration.
Bhabhi, just these dry potato dumplings with chutney!
Dharmraj is most upset about this.
That is why he has decided that tomorrow
before we leave for town..
...he will distribute Jaipur
sweetmeats to the village!
Why did you have to do this,Dharamraj?
May the Lord always be kind to you.
My good fellow, everybody
is blessing you for this!
Ram Kishen, all of you are leaving.
We will be left alone.
That is why we leave Sapna with you, aunty.
Or we'd have taken her along.
Grandma!Next time,
l'll bring him along.
He'll stay here for a few
days to learn the work.
l'll come here to work
and not to make small talk.
If l get the time...
When do you leave for
your studies abroad, Prem?
Tomorrow night, grandma.
Here are the sweets and savouries.
Keep them in the bag.
l didn't make them.
Did you..
Preeti made them. Don't you dare
distribute them amongst friends!
When will you return?
How can l say, now?
Only till the exams, Mom.
Then he'll be with you.
Brother, Prem, do one thing!
Write a love letter to mother
everyday instead of to Preeti.
You spoke again!- Prem,
the flight is on time. Hurry up.
Shall we leave, Mom?
One minute!
You come here, l'll show you!
Shall we leave?
You may stay.
This is very good, Lawyer.
Going on a world trip with your wife.
You'll have Prem's company on the flight.
You see! Ram Kishenji!...
You're keeping the promise
that you gave your wife.
And l'm keeping mine.Of world tour.
Sis-in-law, leave this veilbehind for some days.
She'll wear jeans abroad.
What say Mr Lawyer?
Come here, Prem.
Sit with Papa today.
l had to make animportant phone call.
Try to understand the important
phone call after engagement!
This will now be a daily occurrence, brother.
Did you decide the
colour for your room?
Prem, let us know your choice too.
l have to make rooms for both
of you before your marriages.
Vinod has given me a long list.
You too must tell me.
What can l say, Mom?
As Preeti wishes.
My goodness!
He has really changed.
Whatever you decide,
l'll just say this.
All three boys should have similar rooms.
They are the same. Vivek's is upstairs and
Prem and Vinod are down.
They too should have rooms upstairs.
Why shouldn't they get a garden view?
Of course!
Later these are the issues that will create
fights between them.
These daughters-in-law:Forget it!
She's laughing.
Uncle is here.
- Good day to you, bhabi.
Welcome, brother!
Since when do you have this ailment?
Excuse me, bhabhi,
l think l'mgoing through a bad phase.
Get them in.
l've brought some sweets
for Janmashtami, from Agra.
Pass them here!
You are our favourite bro-in-law
relative out of all the three!
Sadhna ! call Papa in the office
and tell him brother is here.
Don't disturb him in work,dear!
In fact, l've come to meet sister-in-law.
First of all do something for us, brother.
You tell us...
Shouldn't Vivek, Vinod
and Prem get equal shares?
I am sorry.
What can l say in family matters?
You have all the rights,brother.
You're giving your daughter!
-Yes. That's right.
You get after every little thing!
Excuse me, brother!
Sangita here.
l've been thinking of
you since morning.
How are the kids and Anand?
-All fine.
Mom, actually...
Are you feeling all right,my dear?
Yes, Mom. Is Vivek home?
- He's in the office.
l'll talk to him there.
Nothing special, Mom. Bye.
Don't worry, Sangeeta.
Give the line to Anand.
Mr Singh!
Something important cropped up.We'll discuss this later.
l don't know what exactly happened between
Anand and Anurag.
...but Sangita and Anand are quite worried.
They have called me there, dad.
Why are you crying?
What's the matter?
Papa, you are aware that
we have been a tight knit family.
Brother Anurag, Jyoti,Sangita,
me and the three kids.
We've had no ill feeling.
...but ever since Anurag
called us from Rampur..
...he seemed changed.
l thought it was tension of work.
But yesterday he called us and said...
...We must look for a separate business...
...a separate home...
Anurag said that?
l can't believe it.
lt is true, mummy.
After doing computer engineering
my work has been technical.
Brother looked after the company
accounts and finances.
When did he transfer the company property
and shares to his name..
...we didn't realise it.
Tell me, Anand, did your father make a will?
No, uncle.
- Then forgive me, Anand
Your brother has no
legal right to grab everything!
We can go to court and
stake a claim in everything!
You will get your right!
No, uncle.
- No?
The work that father
started with such love and efforts...
...l don't want to drag it to court.
And then... how can l fight
against my brother?
But Anand...
This concerns your life.
Life can be started again,Mom.
We thought we'd shift to Bangalore.
lt has a growing computer industry.
l have friends there.
l'll begin a new project.
That's not so simple, Anand
And you have the responsibility of
Sangita and Radhika, as well.
That's the only thought
that makes me nervous, mom.
...then l called Vivek.
When he was in agreement with my decision..
l took Anurag's blessings and left.
Did we take the right decision, dad?
We're all proud of you.
The only sad part is...
...the family is broken.
They will be one again.
l'm confident.
Come here, baby.
Come to me, child.
Thank you, sis-in-law.
l'm very worried, brother.
How will Anand
establish his work alone in a new city?
There's no need to worry, mom.
Dad, l just spoke to Mr. Richard.
Sangita, he's our agent in London who also
deals in computers.
He wants Anand to join him andlook after the
South lndia business.
And there's no problem
about accommodation there.
l have a flat there.
Sangita will live comfortably.
Vinod and l will leave
for Bangalore today itself.
We'll return only after settling them.
Anand, consider these difficult times a test.
You'll see there's some
good hidden in this, too.
Take this, my dear.
May l take two more, granny?
Sure. Here.Take.
One for Raju and the other for Bablu.
l'll give it when we meet.
Radhika will miss Raju and Bablu a lot, bhabhi.
Let's go, Sangeeta.
Shall we leave?
Yes brother.
See you Mummy.
Take care dear.
l'm very worried, bhabhi.
What happened to
Anand shouldn't happen to us.
l didn't understand, brother.
Bhabhi! l've come here from Rampur only to
explain this to you!
Ram Kishen is appointing Vivek the
Managing Director. That's good.
But in the future if there's a misunderstanding
between the brothers?
What he means is, after getting charge
of the business like Anurag if Vivek...
...blesses Vinod and Prem and
throws them out of the house.
Vivek loves his brothers
more than his own self!
Excuse me, bhabhi, but the most
loving man changes on getting power.
You sang praises of Anurag.
What happened?
Truthfully speaking, l couldn't
bear to see Sangita's sad face.
The thought brings tears to my eyes, brother!
The ones whose children
played in Sangita's lap...
...played with Mumu
...They did this!
With the real brother!
lf a real brother could do this,
don't forget, Vivek is a step brother!
You can't deny the truth, Mamta!
Yes, bhabhi, today
Anand is facing such problems.
He called Vivek to advise him
about what to do.
And what did Vivek do?
Tell me the truth, bhabhi, if he really had
the heart of a brother..
...Would he leave his sister halfway?
He would fight, do anything!
He'd get her, her rights!
He wouldn't wash his
hands off his sister's responsibility.
Bhabhi, you and your husband
are very generous.
You bore your daughter's sorrows with a smile.
But if this same thing
happens to Prem or Vinod...
...Pritam and l won't be
able to bear this sorrow.
Bhabhi! We've given our daughters to you.
Now their joys and good
fortune lie in your hands.
What are you doing, brother?
Warning you.
Vinod will fight and have his way.
But what about Prem?
Don't we all know him?
He's way apart from worldliness.
At least think of him.
Yes, your husband's dream is great.
The entire family lives together happily!
But is it possible?
Can two daughters-in-law
live together without fighting?
Show me one house.
- Don't forget mumu...
...the man who runs the office,
his wife rules the home.
ln the future if Sadhna doesn't
make Preeti and Sapna ...
dance to her tune..
l'll eat my words.
lf I were you l would never hand the family
to Vivek and Sadhna!
...because the truth is however much you may
love Vivek and Sadhna..
...he is not your own!
He is not your blood!
Yes Sangita, is everything settled there?
l see, Anandbabu has gone
to the office with Vivek?
And what is little Radhika doing?
She's having breakfast, dad.
Here, talk to her.
Grandpa, l'm drinking milk by myself.
l too am drinking milk, dear.
How did you land there?
- For sweet fritters made by my daughter.
ln fact, l suggest you come here with your
wife for a few days.
l'll talk to her.
Talk to him.
Vivek and l will return by evening.
Allright, son!
Finally, the daughter is happy.
Lord be praised!
Mummy hasn't eaten athing since last night.
She seems very worried.
Do one thing, dear!
Send her breakfast upstairs.
l'll talk to her.
Mamta, l just spoke to Sangita.
She is happy.
No need to worry.
Let's go to her for some days.
She will appreciate it.
What's the matter?
Some other worry?
l don't want Prem and Vinod to go through
Anand's experience.
What do you mean?
Why are you appointing
Vivek the Managing Director?
ls that all?
Can Vivek ever treat
his brothers in this way?
Ask your own heart.
You know him better than l do.
l only know that this family has 3 sons.
lnstead of giving everything to
one,divide everything between them.
What are you saying, Mamta?
lt's not too late.
lt will be done with love.
And l want it done before
Prem and Vinod get married.
Do you know what you're saying?
Split them up?
Separate Vivek, Prem and Vinod?
These children are
our dreams, Mamta!
You want to break them up?
-What dreams are you talking of?.
Our daughter has been
thrown out of her own home!
Haven't we experienced
highs and lows in life?
Why are you becoming weak today?
This is the time we must stay close and
give strength to our daughter.
l don't want to argue with you.
For the first time,
l'm asking you for something.
...and l want it.
Then listen up, Mamta...
What you want, you're asking for
.. is wrong! Absolutely wrong!
- l'm not hungry. Go away.
l know you are very upset at what happened
with Anand and Sangita
Your thinking that this shouldn't happen in our
family too is right.
But, Mom, if we split up like this...
lf this house is broken into three..
Will we be happy?
Think about it, maa.
When Sangita comes for rakhi..
To which brother's house will she go first?
And we still have
to make Vinod's career.
His innocence will be stifled
in the division of business.
Maa!Don't punish everybody for me.
Don't break everyone up, maa.
l don't want to be the Managing Director.
Sadhna and l will go to Rampur.
The new plant has to be looked after.
We'll stay there.
l'll tell Papa to make Prem
the Managing Director.
l assure you that Prem and Vinod will never
suffer as long as l live.
Sadhna has brought you dinner.
Eat a little. For our sake.
Come on, mother.
What are you saying, brother?
Both of you will go to Rampur!
Yes, Vinod.
What's wrong with it, dad?
Prem will look after everything here.
And Rampur is not far.
Just a few hours away.
All right then.
lf you have decided to go..
...and Mummy is happy about it..
...then l too will go with you!
No, Vinod..
- Nobody will go anywhere!
Nobody will go anywhere.
May l come in, sir?
-Yes, Khan Saheb, come in.
Have you brought all the papers?
-Yes, sir!
Give it another thought, sir
No, Khan.
The time for separation is here.
There is no need. Sadhna and l are
leaving for Rampur today.
You won't go anywhere, Vivek!
Dad, l've given my word to mother.
Mother, we're leaving.
Vinod insists on coming along.
l'll send him back soon.
l'd also like to say this, Maa...
...why this is happening?
...the reason behind it..
...people will ask us.
But you don't keep a load on your heart.
...because no mother
wishes ill for her son.
Forgive me, father.
l hurt you.
Silly boy. Do the words
of a son hurt a father?
You are going? Go!l
won't stop you.
Emulate every quality
of your brother, my son.
Only the fortunate are
blessed with such a son and brother.
What can l tell you,
We brought her home
with such splendour.
lsn't it?
Excuse my saying this, son,
but this is the law of the world.
Gradually bonds break up.
The times you spend together are yours
l'm glad you are keeping
yourself busy with work.
What say, Maa?
Mr Rao!
l've studied all the papers. Begin work on
the electricity division.
From today Vinod will
join me at the factory site.
Here take it!
Bhabhi, how do you feel now?
What's wrong, daughtr-in-law?
- Nothing, grandma.
Exhaustion, l guess.
Don't make Vinod work too hard.
That he will have to do, Sadhna.
He should have full knowledge of
production before the inauguration.
So he can return and take training in finance and sales.
l won't go back, brother
l won't leave you and sister-in-law.
What rain!
They have returned.
How are you, Vinod?
How was the first day at the site?
- Don't ask, bhabhi(sis-in-law)!
Today l realise how hard brother works!
l'm starving, bhabhi!
Have a wash.
Dinner is ready.
Go and call the little sir.
What happened?
He's dozed off.
- That's because he worked hard today.
How sweet is the smile on his face.
The smile has returned to his face.
But l fear...when Prem returns..
How will l assure him?
l think we have talked about it.
Yes, Mr Lawyer.
Prem returns today.
Don't spoil our mood by
repeating the same thing.
Kindly leave us alone.
l want to talk to my sister.
l don't have anything left to say to you, Mamta.
The only sorrow is..
...that today l have no face left to meet Ram
Kishen's eyes.
On whose instigation did youdo this?
These butterflies?
Those who never settled down,can't
teach us to run our homes!
Sister! They only want to watch the scene!
They will end the play here and go elsewhere
to stage their theatricals!
l am a lawyer.
l've seen families bickering,
relationships breaking up.
l can only say that nobody has been happy
breaking their families.
Nobody can be happy.
See for yourself! Your Prem has
gone straight to meet Vivek!
...instead of coming to see you!
This is not possible, Prem.
Why not, Vivek?
Son, we will return
with you and Sadhna,
Mr Adarsh!
We've shared so many moments
of happiness with this family...
l won't let it be overcast by clouds of sorrow!
Today is such a happy day.
We hear Sadhna's giving us good news.
Then accompany Prem even
if only to share this good news!
Adarsh, you tell Vivek.
l understand your
feelings and Prem's too.
Nobody would be happier than me if
Vivek and Sadhna return to the fold.
But Vivek's silence says a lot, Pritam.
Vivek is doing his duty.
You do yours, Prem.
Ram Kishen and the business need you.
Aunt, it is Ram Kishen's values...
...that two brothers today
fight for each others happiness.
Prem ,all you brothers are the same.
One heart beats in all three chests.
Do you know?
For the first time l've
seen you brothers fighting.
The one we fight with,
we love him the most.
Listen to me, Prem.
Go back before l become weak.
See! The little fellow too is here.
Brother, Prem.
How are you, Vinod?
-A1, brother!
We're going to become uncles.
You the elder one, me the younger one.
Bhabhi, cheese dumplings
from the sweetmeat shop.
The first one is for Uncle.
Bought specially for you.
- No, l won't eat today.
-Just don't feel like it.
Not even one?
-Just half...
Have one, Prem. l'm glad, though
away, we are together.
You don't talk to Prem, Mumu.
We'll talk to him.
I think its him!
Did you call for me, aunty?
-Yes, son. Come inside!
Come in and sit down.
Look, Prem.
Whatever your mother did,good or bad...
lt's for your good and Vinod's.
A mother gambles all that
she has for her children.
So don't be mad with your mother, Prem.
l say, what has she done?
Prem, see!
Since she heard,
Sadhana is giving us good news...
We've been spreading joys!
We're distributing saris
to all the ladies in Club.
And this silver present
for all friends and relatives.
What else is required?
Even a real mother wouldn't do this.
May l leave?
Everything will remain the same.
Nothing here is the same.
Neither you nor me.
See, Prem, what Vivek has written to me.
Today Prem has
become the Managing Director.
Stay with him all day.
Close to him.
He has never measured relations with money.
We always considered
his simplicity his weakness.
Actually that is his strength.
Give him lots of love.
Your Vivek.
May l ask you something, son?
When the elder brother's love and
father's blessings are with you..
Why don't you sit on your chair, son?
Why here..?
This is elder brother's right,Khan Saheb!
Whenever he returns, whicheverday..
He'll find everything the same.
Mumu, you worry for no reason.
lt will take Prem time to realise.
We achieved what we wanted.
Prem has become the Managing Director!
You just make his favourite
dishes and feed him yourself.
We'll see how long the
son will be angry with the mother.
Bye Brother.
You haven't eaten a thing since morning.
Eat something now.
Yes Brother.
Prem, freshen up and come.
Dinner is ready.
No, mother.
l'm not hungry.
All your favourite dishes, Prem!
l made them.
l'm not hungry.
l've shifted your things to the room upstairs.
Where are you going?
To bring my things back from Vivek's room.
You and Preeti have to stay here after marriage.
How did you even think of it,Maa?
Why not, as if the entire fault is mine!
l'm to be blamed!...
...bcoz l love you so much!
...Fight the world for you!
Doesn't a mother have this right?
She does. Only if she doesn't differentiate
between the kids.
l didn't do anything.Vivek left on his own.
And you let him go, Maa?
Tomorrow if l want to
leave everything and go away..
Will you let me go?
Won't you stop me?
Right from childhood, Vivek has respected you
more than us.
He has loved you the most.
And you forgot all this!
Try to recall, Maa. The Prem and Vinod,for
whom you're fighting against yourself..
They would have left you
and gone away long back!
lf Vivek hadn't lost his
arm to save their lives!
For what happened to Sangita,
you're blaming brother Vivek.
Thinking of Sangita
brings tears to our eyes.
And the name of Anurag fills us with anger.
But are we less to blame than Anurag?
The Sadhna whom we lovingly
brought home as a bride..
We made her a stranger in amoment!
And that too at a time when she waitsat the
footsteps of motherhood!
lsn't this discrimination, Maa?
You've acted as astep-mother, not Vivek!
Maa, nobody can take the place of brother
Vivek and Sadhna.
Neither in this house nor in this room. Not
even in this heart.
And if your condition is that l step into Vivek's shoes...
and Preeti into Sadhna's...
...then l swear by Sadhna,
l will never get married!
Uncle, forgive me.
l can't get married.
l knew this would be your decision.
The country that honours the elder
brother as father and his wife as mother..
...Prem will never crush their joys to erect his
own palace of dreams.
l knew it.
l had already told Preeti.
Won't you stay?
l wouldn't have been able to take over Sadhna's rights
even if you asked me.
Sit down.
Whether we're tied in a bond or not..
...We're tied in an emotional bond of hearts.
aren't we?
Don't worry about Sadhna.
Her delivery is my responsibility.
lt will be a normal delivery.
Careful. Careful.
You might have to go to
the hospital any moment.
Sit down.
- See what father sent for you.
A little Krishna.
He wants you to always
keep this idol in front of you.
Thank you, bro!
Give it to me.
-Why are you staying here, Preeti?
Sapna is here.
- l've taken official leave from sir.
l'm going to stay here till you deliver.
Tea, bhabhi(sis-in-law)
Doctor, Preeti is staying
here leaving all her work.
And Sapna isn't taking
part in her college cultural program.
l have three daughters, not one.
Vinod will complete training by the time the
factory is inaugurated.
Then we'll send him back to the city.
Time just flew by laughing
with Sapna and Vinod.
We didn't realise anything,grandma!
Time moves at its' own pace,son.
Time gives its own tests
all the time in some way.
l don't understand! Mr Joshi. Why
has production in the factory stopped?
We faced technical problems earlier too!
Sir, earlier, Anand could tackle them.
l've heard this a number of times.
Quickly appoint a good engineer.
ln this manner, we won't be
able to clear the bank loans!
l'm on my way.
Now how are they, doc?
Anurag, they still have high temperature.
Jyoti mentioned that they haven't been
eating well for some days.
They've stopped playing too.
Yes.-Anyway, continue the medicines.
lnform me tomorrow morning.
Come, Anurag!l have to talk to you.
l want to say something
to you as your family doctor.
Children are as delicate as flowers.
lf they don't find a loving environment,
they wither away.
And that's not good.
l'm unable to give them time because of my
problems at work.
l often lose my temper with them.
Yesterday you raised your hand at them
They were being stubborn.
They wanted to go to Anand and Sangita.
Why don't you give in to them?
Don't lose the peace of
your family to personal grudges, Anurag.
Or no doctor will be able to help.
Sir, sir!
Anand and his wife have come!
...With their daughter, Radhika!
He is very naughty!
Brother, you didn't inform us that Raju and
Bablu were so ill.
We left as soon a ssister-in-law called up.
You didn't consider us family.
Forgive me, Sangita.
Anand, forgive me.
What are you saying, Anurag?
l had turned blind with selfishness.
l achieved one success after another in business.
l assumed it was because of me.
But aunty...
After Anand left, l found out the success
wasn't mine alone.
...but of our team.
Since Anand left home,
without asking or taking anything..
l haven't had any peace.
l lost everything l had.
...the happiness of the children,
...the smile on Jyoti's face.
But we're together again!
We will live together.
Today is such a joyous day.
My daughter's house is settled again.
We've come to ask you for something.
Ask brother Vivek to return home.
lt was Vivek's belief that
we'll be together again.
l remember the day we
were leaving for Bangalore...
He placed his hand on my head and said...
All your sorrows be mine May
all my joys be yours.
l've committed a grave sin,brother!
A grave sin!
Nothing is yet lost, Mamta.
Look there.
No, Mamta.
You are the same Mamta for me.
...who gave our children such a noble upbringing.
...made them such good humans.
Mamta, shall we go to Rampur?
We are going to be grandparents.
Yes, sister, Sadhna needs You
the most at this hour.
Daughter, anything to worry about?
- No, grandma. Sadhna is fine.
Rao, start the final testing of the machines.
We're off to the hospital.
Yes sir!
-Thank you!
Brother is here!
- Hurrah!
Congratulation, brother! You've
becomea Papa! -You have a son!
Many congratulations, Vivek.
Anurag, You..?
- Talk later, brother.
Sangita, take him in.
Let's go, brother.
Let's go.
l've come to take my daughter-in-law
and grandson home.
l won't take him along.
You left. Not once did you ask your mother...
...What is my fault?
Attention! The heir to the family is making his entry!
Give the baby to me!
- No!
l'm the aunt!
- No!
lt's the Papa's turn first.
No, first of all, it'sthe turn of Papa's Mummy.
Give him to me!
Aunt, compared to
all the joys of the world..
...the joy of becoming a grandmother
is the best.
Mother, all of us are in line to meet the baby.
Me, first.
- Sure.
Aunt before the uncle.
Take him. Carefully.
Let's love him together.
lt's also the right of the elder
uncle and aunt to love the baby.
Yes, Prem.
One day for my sake... took a pledge in front of mother.
Today for my sake l want you... take another pledge.
Garland her.
Here is your Mummy!
Okay, you may...
- l have garlanded her.
Sister-in-law, on this joyous occasion l've
brought special sweets!
Brother, you really bring too much!
Forgive me bhabhi...for all that l did so far was
with ulterior motives.
Blinded by love for my daughter.
l fed flour to the ants,watered the god of the trees.
Prayers, invocation..
-Yes, l did all that.
But Ram Kishenji,
l couldn't shake the
foundation of your family.
Mother, Ram Kishen is right.
lt's all a game of values.
We are together!
We are together!
We are together!
We are together!
...Just like flowers have fragrance...
...My heart evinces the fragrance of your love...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like twinkling of eyes...
...Just like a pearl ensconced in an Oyster shell...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like a cob pairing up with a pen...
...Just like moon possessing moonlight...
...Just like a poet'simaginative poignancy...
...Just like a longing heart nursing a desire...
...Just like a lamp engendering a flame of passion...
...We've been and will bebonded together for all lifetimes...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...Just like flowers have fragrance...
...My heart evinces the fragrance of your love...
...We've always been and will be together for all lifetimes...
...We've been and will be bonded together for all lifetimes: