Human Revolution (2014) Movie Script

Hell find me Hell find me
look at me. Hmm
Robocops not coming
And even if he did
I think youre lying to yourself
You think I wont go any further cause we need you.
But I promise you its not like that.
Turn the damn thing on
Whats it going to be, Megan?
Clean her up. Get her out of here and bring back the box.
Come on lets go. Do you even know why shes here?
Prichard, you have the twenty on Megan?
Level 406. Adam, I see an AUG in there--
Damn it Prichard Im seeing yellow again
Wait I thought you asked for that
No, I never asked for this
Wait one second
The code is not right
Show me the servers on your left
Whats an AUG doing here?
Its not just that. There was this massive energy output just a few minutes ago.
Here goes 5984
Okay, here goes the alarm
Not yet. Remember our agreement.
Is that the only way out?
Sir we have lost coms with Boy Scout
Roger, be advised intruder is believed to be augmented. Shoot to kill.
All other units report to lab.
Gator six in position
Prichard, are you seeing this?
Yes I am
Is there another way in?
No, thats the only way in and they know it.
Security cameras are offline
Do you have a reading on the intruder?
negative, he was last seen by the door
Sir, do we open fire at the door?
Its bullet proof
hes in the fucking walls! Hold you fire hes got Gator 2
Sir step away from the wall
Hold your positions, he wants to come in here.
You dont wanna be doing that Page
Thats close enough Jensen
Dont let them get the
bit of a pickle here, eh scissor hands?
listen, whatever you need, I can get it for you.
But you have to let her go
Do it
stop stalling and turn it on now!
Do it!
Adam shes loaded her gun you have to get out now! Adam!
Stay with me Adam, Im activating your
No, please
Ive been waiting for you Adam. I missed you
Whats wrong?
Im no longer what you think I am Meg
youre a better version. An upgrade. You need to be grateful.
No you need to embrace it
This is who you are now
Look at me. You need to wake up
Adam look at me. You have to wake up. Adam.
Look at me. I need you to wake up
wake up
Adam! Wake up!
Stay with me Adam. Stay with me.
your batteries are low. Can you hear me?
Im rebooting your system. Hang in there.
Get out of there right now!
Adam can you hear me?
Scanning. Scanning. Scanning.
Digital encryption key detected.
You are embedded with property of Serif industries.
Your system requires a mandatory update.
Under section 3176-25 you will allow me to access your firmware interface.
You have 5 seconds to comply