Humble Politician Nograj (2018) Movie Script

Hail Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Hail Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Our King....
Our King....
Our King....
Our King....
Our King....
Hail Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Up Up. Nograj!
Hail Nograj!
Thank you for your love
...and support.
I am in this position
...only because of you.
Because of you.
Thank you.
Kindly show me their problems.
Okay sir!
Sir, due to heavy rains,
their homes have been washed out.
... until we find a solution to this problem,
You are welcome to stay with us.
Sir, This is my personal invitation.
Thank you sir.
Come. Please come.
Child, come with me.
-Greetings Sir!
My daughter is getting married next month.
I have no money to prepare for the wedding.
Please help me Sir.
Please take this Mother.
Please take this.
Please take this too, mother.
May God bless you!
Sir, both the kidneys have failed.
There is only 1 donor,
And he is in Hyderabad.
Before the kidney reaches here,
It will be too late
How much time does he have?
Just about 1 hour.
Doctor, please check
if my blood group matches with him?
It matches sir.
Yes Doctor! Pressure is falling!
Heart rate stable!
Push Fluids. How are his vitals doing?
-I love you Nagu.
-Nograj sir
Shame! Shame! shame!
-Shame! Shame! shame!
(Shame on Nograj!)
What a Nightmare!
I was only giving to people.
I was giving everything away for free.
My kidneys
My kidneys?
(makes what sound)
Its there.
-Your Wedding Necklace?
Its here Nagu...its here.
-Manjunath, move
-Sir sir
Shame! Shame! Shame!
Shame on Nograj!
Shame! Shame! Shame!
Shame on Nograj!
Shame! Shame! Shame!
-Take care of Nagu.
-Ok, madam.
Shame on Nograj! Nograj!
Down Down... Nograj!
Down Down... Nograj! Down Down...
Is this fine for you Sir?
Everything is gorgeous Monjunath!
Down Down... Nograj!
Down Down... Nograj! Down Down...
What are you doing? Move that side.
Move aside, move!
Hit him!
Go there! Come here,
Go help him!
Nograj Sir is coming!
Stop! Stop ! Stop shouting!
Hey, what the hell is this, show us your face!
Yes, dont be a coward! Show your face!
Monjunath, Pramod, what the bloody hell?
Boss, it's not going up.
Raise it up, you rascal!
We are trying, Sir!
Greetings, my dear Friends!
My name is Nograj
I am your Humble Politician.
Hai.. Hai.. Nograj! May you feel our curse!
Yeah! Hi Hi to you too! Hi! Hi!
Go Back! Nograj Go back!
What Go Back?
If I come, you guys have a problem,
if I dont come, you guys have a problem.
Sir, our problem is that you
are not doing your work properly.
Who said that?
What are they saying, Monjunath?
Stop, Stop, Stop!
Sir, we are from Prasad Multi-speciality hospital.
We want you to make that Road.
There are potholes, manholes, sewage leaks,
and garbage thrown around everywhere.
I think Ive seen him somewhere!
What is his name?
Dr. Shekhar Kumar.
He works at Dr. Prasads hospital.
-Cut his electricity.
-Ok sir.
If you dont do anything about the road,
we will complain against you to the MLA
or even to the CMs Office.
Okay! Okay!
Calm Down! Cool Down!
Be like a cucumber! Cool!
Actually, we have re-tarred the road
two years back.
Retard meaning,
The road has gone crazy.
That is not our fault
So this time we will not re-tar,
we will tar the road.
I hope you understand where I am coming from?
You people understand, right?
See I knows that this road has a lot of
humps, bumps, potholes and sewage,
but we will make sure that
nothing will be there in 3 days.
Atleast, road will be there?
Sir, no!
Dont talk nonsense,
Road will be there!
Dont ask stupid questions.
My Mom,
My state is calling me.
I have to get to work now.
Please dont waste my time.
Ok, please! Monjunath!
For one road, so much protesting!
-What the bloody hell, Monjunath?
Even before reaching Dr. Prasads hospital
Lot of patients are dying in the ambulance only
Thats the reason for all these problems.
Why Monjunath?
We made the road 1 year back,
what happened?
No Sir, Actually we made the road
in front of your house and
6 months back we retarred the same road
-This is last warning for you Monjunath!
First, dont bring up past nonsense
Secondly, What is a Corporators salary?
8000 Indian Rupees, Sir.
So, if I have some basic comforts for myself,
what is the problem?
Now, kindly tell me...
...if we have anything against Dr. Prasad
What is his problem?
Sir, he is highly
respected in the community and
Nanjundiah helps him politically.
Oh my God?
-Yes, sir!
Before I made him a Corporator,
He had called me and said
Sir, please get me a BA degree
Nanjundiah, see, keep your vision big, man
Why are you doing a small fake?
Do a BIG fake
Anyway, you are going to buy a degree,
so lets buy a better degree like
Computer in Engineering Science!
Yes sir, Yes sir
Come on, lets go
Sir, can you get me 2 more Degrees?
What a rascal you are!
Simply to keep at home
So, hes an Engineer Sir?
No Monjunath!
I also have an MA Degree in English.
Do you see me writing poetry or literature?
-Call Nanjundiah!
-Yes Sir!
(Famous Kannada Song Music)
Love me or hate me
-Sir, Nanjundiah has come!
-Oh! So fast he has come!
Kiss me or kill me
Oh darling please do something to me
What man Nanjundiah?!?
You are singing songs and all!
-Youre killing it Man!
Come with me, we have to talk!
Guys, enjoy, enjoy!
What happened sir?
Monjunath told me...
...its urgent.
Nanja! Look,
there is a fantastic opportunity....
...for all we Politicians... make some money
Yeah, Sir!
Monjunath! Breathe!
Manjunath! Give him the bag.
Breathe! Not blow.
Hold it!
Leave it Monjunath!
What is wrong with you?
Finally, the great Corporator of our Ward,
Mr. Nograj finds time for us.
By the way, that seat is.
No no, you please sit there Dr. Prasad.
I am very comfortable here.
So, you have started some pharmacy,
storage area in your basement?
And, illegally.
And you havent taken any permission
from any department as well
I have already paid Nanjundiah. He knows that
Oh, you have?
Let me try his phone number.
-Hello Nanja!
Oh! Nograj sir!
Long time, no seen
Yeah Nanjundiah!
I called because I am with Dr. Prasad
from the Multi-Speciality Hospital.
He said that he knows you.
Nanju, it is me,
-Dr. Prasad, your friend!
Nanju, why are you doing this?
Monjunath! Give him the bag.
Say Cheap!
He is saying that you gave him the permission
to build some illegal pharmacy in the basement?
He came to me,
But I told him...
First, you clear it with Nograj Sir.
Nanju, what is happening?
-Tell me sir
-Do me a favour.
-What? Tell me, Sir?
We have that bulldozer right?
Yes Sir!
You kindly bring that in front of this hospital!
-Ill sanction it.
-Okay Sir!
We will use the Bulldozer and
demolish his basement.
-Well destroy it, okay?
-Yeah, we will do it Sir!
What do you want now?
Dr. Prasad,
for me to make the new road...
this is the quotation and..
you have to pay the...
....whole amount.
But, this is....
...3 times the cost sir!
See, just for an illegal pharmacy in the basement,
youve had to go through this extortion.
I know.... have 5 floors in this hospital!
Dont make me climb all 5 floors.
A apple a day keeps.
...AN doctor away!
It is not AN,
it is THIS doctor! Rascal.
He was shivering and extremely scared
after seeing me.
Yes sir!
What was he saying?
(Ward Boy falls)
Help him!...Bring a rope!
(cries of pain)
Dont worry brother!
(cries of pain)
This seems like a pressing issue.
Lucida Grande
-Call the Press.
-Ok Sir!
Hey, move back!
You can trust me.
-Sir, Sir, Sir
-One at a time
Sir, Sir, Sir
I said one at a time! Chill and ask
Roopa babes, you can ask
Sir, what are you doing inside a manhole
in the middle of the day?
Madam, someone told me...
...that Politics is very dirty.
For this country,
I am ready to go down and dirty!
Sir, you have announced
that you will make the road in 3 days?
Yes, I said that Look,
Either I will be there
or this manhole will be there!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
You are talking back to me? Arguing with me?
See, how much guts this gutter has
Son of a Sewage,
I will close you,
you rascal!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Manhole, Ill really fight you
I will make sure, I close your dirty mouth!
Look at this manhole one last time!
In 3 days, I will close this manhole.
Greetings to you all!
What time should
we start the Road Inauguration, sir?
Start early morning
-What time, sir?
-12 oclock.
Sir, 12 o'clock is Afternoon.
It will be difficult to control the traffic.
Ok, then you start...
-...7 oclock in the morning.
Arrange for our supporters ...
... and give them food and hard drinks.
For flexes and banners,
-Put Photos!
My photo should be big.
Nanjundiahs should be small.
MLAs photo should also be big,
but not bigger than mine...
You can put some smiling photo
of the doctor on the side.
-Sir, my photo?
Yeah, you definitely put yours also.
There will be a line
of scary peoples pictures,right?
You put yours in the front over there.
Bearer of scary face. Bloody idiot boy!
Other than work,
is there anything else you can do
Always talking about work, rascal
Come, let's go to Azam Khans house for lunch.
Azam Khan, this is your share.
Azam Khan!
This Biriyani is amazing!
Brother, eat slowly,
the food is not going anywhere.
Sister, long time...
...since I last saw you
Very gorgeous to see you sister!
This Biryani is really tasty,
but last time, in the Biriyani
the ASS
TIKKA (Ass in English)!
In Hindi, they say THEEKA (Spicy in English)
TIKKA (Ass in English)!
He is saying SPICY, not ASS.
Serve him more biryani, I say.
Oh, hes saying Spicy? Understood.
-Here, please have brother
-Yeah, I meant spice
Azam Khan what is this?
The biriyanis taste has changed from last time,
What happened?
The biriyani that you had the first time,
was made by my first wife.
Azam Khan!
Playboy! Playing with second wife
How is your second mummy?
Yes, tell me
Sir, the seminar will have top entrepreneurs,
start-up success stories and..
You dont look married
Is there a look for that?
Also, if you support this entrepreneurship summit,
we can create employment opportunities
and also, your constituency
will benefit from this
Shut up woman!
Vilas, call that Nograj for a meeting!
MLA Sir will now meet you
I have a small meeting now,
after that you and I can.
You have put posters and banners
everywhere in the ward.
-What is happening?
Road Inauguration.
Why is mine smaller than yours?
I am talking about the Photos.
No Sir, it is almost..
...the same size.
When is the inauguration?
-Okay Hello.
Sir, Vilas told us,
you are going to Bangkok
for a week long conference!
I will be there at the Inauguration.
Sir, your flight tickets are booked for tomorrow.
Postpone it!
Cut the call now, Im busy.
Will call you back.
-In all the posters
my photo should be the biggest.
Monjunath! Dance!
Greetings, my dear friends!
My name is Nograj
I am your humble politician!
I will keep my speech really short.
In classical Athens,
the respected Socrates said,
I know I am intelligent,
because I know that...
...I know nothing.
(explains, in Kannada)
All of us have to come together,
as an apartment, society,
district, state, Karnataka
Because we have to make RCB win this year!
That day, I went to the fridge,
I opened it.
Light came on.
I closed the door. Light went off!
How is that happening I wonder?
What happened in the year 1984?
I was born.
When I was born, I was 18kgs.
Every city needs Ninja Turtles!
The Ninja Turtles.
Sir, sir, its been 4 hours.
The Press is waiting.
-Please come to the point, Sir
-Okay, go stand there
So hereby dear friends,
I announce the road Op...
Oh my God! MLA JFK sir!
Please come sir
Just how these Corporators are my servants,
as the MLA of this constituency
I am your servant.
Wake up!
I saw the condition of the road
and was terribly hurt.
I called Nograj immediately.
I only told him to make this road
Who called him?
I called him!
It makes me really happy
that based on my orders this work
was done and in such short time.
Victory to India!
Victory to Karnataka!
Azam Khan, come on, lets dance...
I cant move anything, forget about it man.
Nograj Sir?
why are you upset?
MLA has done this to everyone. Not just you.
Poor Chikke Gowda, in a Sports Day function
he ran carrying the torch
Right before his flame could light the cauldron...
MLA JFK used his torch to light the cauldron.
MLA JFK took the credit that
was meant for Chikke Gowda.
MLA has done more.
Channa Gowda
had organised a green drive to plant trees...
Poor man, he stood in the hot sun
And dug for hours...
... to plant 10 saplings
As he was about the put the plants..
MLA JFK suddenly came there
and put his plants in all the holes.
After making the road myself
this rascal MLA
has made me 'anonymouse'.
The solution for this is very simple!
We have to join hands together
and fight against him!
Who will fight against him Sir?
Nanja, I am there right?
Among us, who has made the most amount of money?
Say my name!
Among us, who is the most corrupt
to stand against MLA JFK?
All these fellows are bloody politicians...
They wouldnt think twice before crossing me
Show them the photos.
I am not like them.
I am a very
honest politician!
Sir, we will support you!....
-Why will we not support you?
We will support you!
They just picked up the garbage,
what to find out where they dump it.
Yes sir..
Come lets find out! Come!
Lets follow his behind.
Investigation is an art.
You look like Sherlock Whole-mess.
it is not a Sherlock Whole-mess,
it is a Sherlock Homeless.
Myself, Mr. Nograj,
Im the Corporator of D.S. Nagar
Greetings, sir!
If you are dumping the garbage in the city itself,
why are you picking it up?
Sir, what else do we do?
We do this everyday,
because there is no place in the city
to dump the garbage.
We pick it up from one area and drop it
in another area.
Oh my God, that's a lot of hardwork.
Monjunath, hug him
-Okay, stop, stop!
Bribe the Additional Commissioner.
Ask him to send these truck drivers
...garbage collectors...
...on a strike!
If someone asks him why,
let him say
The Contractors havent made the payment
to the garbage collectors.
-Okay sir..
-Come on, lets go.
Mario! Come on!
You are Super Mario, right?
Jump on the turtle!
Take all the coins!
Take it!
(Protestors) This government is growing
on us like garbage!
WE can't even keep our own back yard clean!
Sir, they...
THEYthey can't even keep
their own backyard clean!
How will MLA JFK keep our constituency clean?
-We strongly condemn this!
-What is MLA JFK doing?
Call him for a meeting.
Ive just reached the party office.
Will talk to you later.
Sir, what Im trying to say is
I understand JFK,
but the President is very upset.
MLA elections are not too far away.
If you want the party ticket again...
at least project some good performance.
You dont worry sir,
I'll take care of everything.
Sir, our Party Secretary
has a big problem with MLA JFK.
Whats the reason Monjunath?
Sir, before they started hardcore politics,
The secretary...
And MLA had feeling for each other.
What do you mean by feelings?
They liked
loved each other, sir.
My God! Like a man to man?
A politician to politician?
See Monjunath!
The position of a Secretary
is usually held by ladies.
If a man works as a Secretary,
there is definitely a problem.
Come on! Not you Monjunath.
Can we do doggy style madam?
-You mean the Downward Dog?
-Yeah, thats what I said.
Please arrange a meeting
with that secretary Monjunath.
Okay sir.
Who are they?
Ive got these two gay people
to make you feel comfortable!
I am comfortable with you.
You two, get lost!
Get out!
what can I do for you?
See, I know your entire history
with MLA JFK.
That was years ago, but Nograj,
time changes everything, right?
No Madam.
I mean, sir.
You guys have shared some romantic moments
but this MLA has not come out in the open
about your relationship.
He has cheated on you.
I couldnt gain his love at the time.
but ... I can't do anything.
Yes you can!
The garbage scam and these dirty toilets....
Who do you think is behind it?
JFK and his people.
Think straight!
But I can't!
Focus Gurudas.
Until when are you going to bend
in front of MLA JFK?
What else do I do?
My position as a Secretary forces me
to bend before him.
Gurudas, dont force me to use bad language!
Okay. okay..
What do you want from me?
Sir, I want the MLA Election Ticket.
What will I get in return?
Money I can give you that,
because as a politician, that is what I do best.
I will support you!
Dont go back on your word okay!
Look, I dont have a problem
with people like you
but, I can always make the public...
... have a problem with people like you.
Look whos here?
You know Sumathi, our relative, right?
Meet her brother, Chandu.
What man!
What have you become?
Nagu, Chandu wants to become an actor.
Will you please introduce him
to your Producer friend?
See Chandu, you will become an actor.
I can put you in a movie as well,
but the question is...
who will watch your movie?
Then again, she will come back to me and say:
Please Nagu
let's go for Chandus movie.
I will only have to watch it right?
Okay Chandu,
what kind of films do you want to act in?
Like horror films
or extremely horror films?
No man, please save me from yourself!
I can't watch horror films.
Nagu, Ive already promised our relatives.
please call Cycle Babu! He is making a new film.
Tell him to put this fellow in his film.
Thank you Nagu.
A Politician lives...
...a horrific life, Monjunath.
Everybody is taking advantage of us.
It is very scary.
Lavanya, where is the water?
What is this? The water is never there!
Water tanker has just arrived Nagu.
Tell them to leave the water tankers here.
Once they have emptied the water in our borewell,
ask them to refill the tankers.
Actor it seems. Who are better actors
than us politicians?
Chandu, are you happy?
Aye Lavanya! I will not come home for Dinner.
What do you think you are doing?
You are all useless.
Look at your faces!
You look like toilets.
What, you cant just say that we are latrines!
Azam Khan, just shut up!
What do you think my work is?
Going for study tours to different countries,
and seeing how they function
Whatever work you are doing in the city
does not matter
Yes sir.. yes sir..
Because in the public eye,
I am the real representative.
The elected representative.
You all are just Jokers.
This is the last warning.
If any of you become the reason...
...for my name to get mixed up in any scam,
it will be very bad for you.
No Sir, that wont happen, we will make sure.
I have some more time.
If there are any important issues,
let's discuss them!
Sir.. sir.. sir..
Sir, can you please get me a membership
in the Bangalore City Club?
Will get it done, dont worry. Next?
Sir, there is a major water shortage
problem in the ward
Look Krishna,
if there is a real issue, tell me,
we can discuss that.
Yes, Nograj
Sir, Pratap Reddys daughter is getting married
All us Corporators are doing a dance performance.
If you could join us, and shake a leg or two,
it will be amazing.
Monday afternoon,
block my time for dance rehearsals.
Yay! That is amazing!
Love you sir!
Sir, there is a stray cattle problem
in a few wards
So, what the hell should I do?
Lucida Grande
You only can find the solution for that
or just take the cattle to your house
and let them graze there.
I have arranged a party
for all of you 10 oclock.
You are all invited.
Im happy to throw free food and drinks
at you, for you.
Sir sir, please come
Looks like youve arranged a big party?
Nothing much, Sir.
You had asked me keep the Corporators in check
So decided to treat them with good food
and few drinks.
-Sir, what will you have? Please come sir.
-Hey, no, no!
What do you have to drink though?
Come Sir! Lets go.
People can sleep at their workplace
But when us politicians sleep
in the parliament, they have a problem.
People dont Vote,
but when we win the elections,
they have a problem!
That's what is happening in this country.
What can anyone do? What's in our hands,tell me?
I'm tired of this.
What sexy Music!? Come here!
US India, wherever you go,
politics is aproblem.
Whatever a minister does,
the common man has aproblem
You sit on facebook...
...and write comments.
Ok its our fault we know that,
but now let's talk about you
We have to definitely talk about them!
Hey listen!
You all do whatever you please,
but if we do it, its aproblem.
If YOU do something, its awesome.
If WE do something, its aproblem.
Shake those rice cakes i say!
As a joke,
you say whatever you feel like
Just like how we say whatever
we feel like for a vote.
For God,
you keep a kilogram of flowers...
You are our God;
hence we keep flowers on your ears.
I'm one among you,
and not just a servant
By saying whatever you feel...
You have hurt my feelings...
I am hurt too much.
You give us bribes,
but if we take them, you have aproblem!
Ya, correct!
You make MMS, but if we watch them,
you have a problem!
Give me your Whatsapp number...
...Ill forward it to you also.
You lie to your wife...
...and have a problem with our promises to you.
You mass bunk at college
But you have aproblemwith our attendance
in the Parliament.
Azam, go to the Parliament I say.
You all do whatever you please,
but if we do it, its aproblem.
Shake it Baby!
If YOU do something, its awesome.
If WE do something, its aproblem.
Ok, so what's the final word on this?
You and I, we are both the same
And that is why we have thisproblem.
Aye Gurudas, what are you doing?
Arun, I was thinking...
Nivvi has summer holidays.
Cant we go to the US soon?
Nivvi will like it.
We went in December,
isnt it too early to visit again?
I miss our lifestyle Arun!
Im not able to find our footing here.
Wouldnt it be better for Nivvi to study in US?
We studied here, didnt we?
Thats not the point.
Our company is also doing well here.
If you want, you can be in the US and ...
...come down here a few times
and take care of work.
Thanks. Rama I am a bit confused!
I thought you were okay with all of this.
We discussed about Nivvi too!
I know, I am!
But your Mother also would love it,
if she can see her granddaughter often.
We have to think about that as well.
Thats what I
April, Ill be tied up with the Company Audit.
I wont be able to come
but Ill arrange for Nivvi and you to go.
I have no other option.
(Car honking)
I dont want to compromise but
I'll just call you back.
Has he lost his mind?
Why is he honking so much?
(Car honking)
Excuse me,
roll down your window!
You cant see?
Are you blind?
The signal is red! Where do I go?
You are honking continuously!
Dont you have brains?
-Where the hell do you want me to go man?
You look like an educated guy.
What are you doing?
No, no.Roll down the window,
Lets talk! Roll down the window! Hey!
Sir, traffics piled up, lets go
People are just not going to change here.
Sir, need to talk to you about something
About Nograj
I havent heard much about him.
That is his speciality sir.
His scams never get exposed.
Compared to all the other Corporators
He has made the most amount of money
for the Party.
Does he give us our share on time?
Yes, he is very punctual, sir!
Why are you recommending him so much?
Is there anything happening between him and you?
Im not recommending sir,
just letting you know is all.
it's the President right who always
takes decisions
But, if you put in a word,
itll be better Sir
Okay, fine.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
My God!
Love you!
What an amazing dancer you are my lady!
Very nice!
That gift is very good from Thailand!
Very nice, right?
Yeah, very nice!
Actually, I have to go again on a business trip to
Hey, your diary!
Yeah yeah! Yeah yeah!
Actually whenever I need political inspiration,
I look at this diary.
My first scam!
Sit properly, I say!
This is not your fathers home.
What can we do for our colleges
10th anniversary function?
How about we call like a...
... singer?
Kumar Sanu...
...or S.P. Balasubrabanian?
College said yes and sanctioned the money
for the event.
Everybody was very excited.
Why because, S.P. Balasubrabanian will come and
Nagu, its S.P. Balasubramaniam
Yeah yeah,
he will come, and sing
For joy, sing for joy
What is that other song? That
Hundreds of memories from my soul
What a song!
That other one. The Hindi song
Who am I to you
Everybody came for the event.
Except S.P. Balasubrabanian.
I didn't even book him for the event.
Then what happened?
The students...
... went crazy.
They had bought the tickets...
...and wanted entertainment!
What I did was,
I shared the money along with my Professor
And told the students that S.P.
Balasubrabanian did not come
because the management did not pay him.
I created a fight between the college
and the students.
Do you remember
the first time you saw me?
Not even 1 question came
from your leaked question paper.
I am not going to leave you!
we leaked 3 question papers.
Which one is he talking about?
I will complain to the Principal
and get you suspended.
(mimicking) Is this your fathers college?
Not his fathers college.
Its her fathers college!
I remember
In our first meeting itself,
we banged each other nicely!
Your Books and your Money
was falling out of your purse
But I was falling for
I love you Nagu.
what are we doing in the office?
Sir, to end MLA JFKs career...
... we have to do one more scam.
We have to screw in him.
Monjunath, it is not a screw in him,
It is a screw on him.
Yes, thats what I meant Sir.
Call Inspector Bette Gowda.
Where sir?
The place where us Politicians belong.
Okay Sir.
Bette gowda!
-I need you to do a small thing for me.
-Tell me Sir
Nothing much man, we have to just do
a small scam, thats all
You will get your share!
Okay, done.
Hello Madam! Cant you see the board?
When I came, the board was not here!
It is here!
Give me the fine!
Give me your mobile number.
Why should I give you my number?
When I left my vehicle there wasnt a
No Parking Signboard
And now you are asking me for money?
Ill have to Whatsapp the bill to you buddy.
Its Digital India.
If Im not paying you anything,
why will I give you my number?
And, you dont even look like a Policeman!
And you? You look like a citizen or what?
Just give me your mobile number.
Starts with 9 right?
Yes, 9 After that I wont tell you
Seize the vehicle,
and while towing, damage it as well
Hello! My bike!
Oh, the boys have already kept
the no parking board here, super!
Look at this dude, what a car. Audi!
Listen, you guys carry on, Ill meet you later!
Sir, I had parked the car on the right side.
Its 10th today. An even number, right?
I had checked the board before parking.
When I returned, my car wasnt there
and the board was changed to odd numbers.
-How is it possible?
-Go, complain to the Traffic Police.
-Why have you come here?
-Sir, I went there.
They say, they havent towed the car.
They directed me to come here.
What car do you have?
White colour, Audi, plate number KA0
Oh! Audi is it?
Sir, actually, the same thing happened to me.
When I parked, the board showed even numbers.
I checked right after parking.
When I returned, my bike was being towed and
When I saw the board,
it was was changed to odd numbers.
Your fault, your confusion,
And then you say odd-even, even-odd
No... We've both been cheated,
and we are confused?
-This is bloody irritating.
-What? Who?
Who are you calling bloody?
Look, file your complaint!
I'll look into into it.
Calling us bloody wont work!
(Humming song : Shape of You)
Sir, what is your opinion about the No
Parking Scam happening in the city?
People are paying scamsters
and getting cheated off their money
Madam, I dont know anything.
It is a very mysterious conspiracy.
Look, I am not the MLA.
Are you saying that MLA JFK is behind all of this?
Dont throw allegations at me, Madam.
Dont speak like this about MLA JFK.
So according to you,
who is behind this No Parking money-making scam?
I love him.
According to me, terrorists are behind this Scam.
Pakistan is the reason.
Okay. No more questions.
Order some Snacks for her.
Okay sir..
Deva, now!
Get one more sign.
Putting no parking sign boards
in an Office Parking?
Sir, MLA Jagathprabhu F Kumar
told us to do this
What do you mean MLA Jagathprabhu told you to?
-Sir, leave me sir
Catch him!
Investigation is happening.
Our investigation will be out soon and
We'll make sure that our investigation...
....will go deeper... find the people ...
...responsible for this investigation.
MLA Jagathprabhu F Kumar
is using the youth of our state
and making them do unlawful things.
What we need is better governance.
We need good leaders, not just politicians.
Kiran, please send in some water.
and solve the problems that are ruining our city.
Did you get your car back?
Any damages?
Have to replace the locking system.
Is this why we voted for him?
MLA JFK has to resign.
What a beauty night this is!
Put the money in different bags...
...and keep it ready.
Ill tell you how much each Corporator has to get.
It was an honour to work on you Sir.
It is not honour to work on me..
It is an honour to work in me.
MLA JFK!...Resign Now!
MLA JFK!...Step down!
MLA JFK!...Leave the Party!
President Sir,
please give me 1 more chance.
Ill make everything okay.
I dont know anything about the Scams Sir.
Please give me some time to fix this.
Jagathprabhu F Kumar
Get out!
One more thing.
If you try anything crazy or silly,
it won't be good for you.
Sir! Sir!
What a beauty night this is!
That MLA rascal,
he called me a servant
Clap, Clap Yeah, very nice.
Very nice.
Madam, we will have to call
the water tanker again!
May I borrow 2-3 buckets of water?
You can deduct from my salary.
What are you saying?
Please take the water.
In fact, Ill send the driver with you.
I dont know how people manage.
Nivvi, Dont waste Water.
We have to save Water.
Yeah, yeah, slightly lower.
Raju, please press properly.
Yeah, there.
Do you know why I come here?
No, Sir.
Now that MLA JFK is ousted.
When will I get the party ticket for elections?
Just by him being thrown out isnt enough.
You have to get higher than where he was.
For the President to notice you,
You have to rise
What do you mean by rise?
Rise meaning,
you have to do good work.
Public has to notice your work.
Go to schools, colleges, communities.
Okay, I will do all of this.
I will make sure that the public notices my work.
how are things?
What do you mean by things?
Gurudas! I am a Nograju,
not a Raju!
Monjunath, are you coming with me or staying here?
Coming with you Sir.
Ok, softly. Yeah go higher, yeah higher
Dear friends,
Whats up?
In life...
...There is always...
...give and take.
Give means to share something,
and take means to extract something.
Let me give you a small example.
Imagine... both of you get married!
Youll be at your Honeymoon!
There, your wife will give you...
... a hot glass of milk.
She will also take something.
What will she take?
Your love!
She will take that one.
You all know the answer.
Taking is the answer.
Okay, Ill give you one more example.
Sir, please stop, they understood.
Okay, okay. So everyone is taking...
...but when we politicians are taking...
...why people are complaining?
Please dont discriminate like this,
its not right.
So with this message, to start this celebration
Our celebration is going to be incomplete,
so please welcome our chief guest
-Its me right?
-...National Film Award Winner
Our Prince
Our Appu
Please welcome,
Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar!
Thank you.
Thank you all for making me a part
of your Annual Day celebration.
I would like to say a few words.
By only taking,
You are nothing but selfish.
Love grows by giving,
and not by taking.
Engineer, Doctor,
Actor, Teacher,
whatever career you chooseJust remember,
The more you give, the more you shall receive.
Thank you!
Excuse me, Brother!
Who is this?
Area Corporator.
Co-chief guest!
Oh! Power star!
So your house doesnt have any power cuts?
Oh, your glasses too have Power?
I respect the love I get from the people
And I will never misuse the title of Power Star!
Hope this clears it for you.
What a powerful thought!
Power Star!
Power Saar!
This is my business card.
I am also trying to find power for myself.
Please call me.
I am a little busy now.
We will hangout later like a fun world or
Juice center
Snow world also
If you are free, we can go to Commercial Street
and shop for Sarees
You have to do good work,
which makes the Public take notice.
Monjunath, for me to come power,
we have to cut peoples power
Come on!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Look here. He looks like
a man with bad intentions.
Click on him.
Greetings, Kempiah!
Greetings, Sir!
What is your cheapness level?
Highest, sir!
Do you have a bribe count?
Have lost count, sir.
See sir!
My family is the security.
Whatever you want you can do with them.
Oh! Kempiah!
Please cut the electricity now.
Sir, but what do I say to the public?
Say anything, man.
Like transformers have bursted or like
heavy winds have damaged the poles.
Okay it's a deal!
High five!
Okay sir!
Yeah like that
-Bye sir!
you have to finish the soup
-It's nice, right?
Because of no electricity,
we have stopped the stability testing work.
In the meantime, the generators are refuelling.
It is okay. Dont put pressure
on the lab to finish work.
If another company gets approval before us,
It is fine!
Lets not cut corners anywhere.
When is our meeting with the medicine controller?
Sir, day after.
Its better to get the approval
on our file when you meet him
Because, its very difficult to get
appointments with these officials.
I understand.
-Dr. Shekhar!
-Sir, what are you doing here at this hour?
May I please come in?
Sir, what is the meaning of this?
You have a nice lower middle class home.
Oh! Babies!
How is it? Are you enjoying the poverty?
-Sir they have exams.
-What is this? Candles and all?
Whose birthday today?
Sir, there is no current in the house
since 2 days,
It's a big problem...
I know!
Thats why Im here!
See, Im really sorry.
In my constituency,
my people dont have electricity.
It reflects badly on me.
I know,
You think I am a bad person.
Call the electricity board.
Whats he doing?
Kempiah, what are you doing?
I am doing whatever youve said!
Yesterday, you said the power will be back
When did I say that?
No, Im here at the quarters,
and its dark everywhere.
People are sitting with candles,
like theyre protesting at India Gate?
I am warning you!
If you don't bring the power back on,
I will definitely go in a hunger strike!
Hunger Strike?
No Kempiah, we spoke yesterday,
why hasnt the electricity come back yet?
Dont argue! Kempiah,
if you dont switch on the electricity right now,
Im going to
Cut myself!
Sir, people are watching sir!
Please dont do this in my house
-Please sir
-This is for my Mom!
Baby, you count backwards from 5Count
Slowly child
-Now count
-Sir, no sir
-No, no, you don't talk
Sir, please stop this drama
-Aye.. Switch on
-Please sir, please!
Aye! Switch it on!
Kempiah, Im going to kill myself now
No sir! Electricity will come back now, wait
Try here! Here!
Sir! Sir!
Take the band-aid, Sir
My son would have failed...
...because of these power cuts,
but our Corporator Nograj helped a great deal.
He cut his wrist to bring the power back on
The new light of ONE BIG PARTY is here
And he is DS Nagars Corporator Mr. Nograj,
who cut his hand
so that his area people could have electricity.
Over to our correspondent Shalini for more updates
Without chicken in his meal, Monjunath
just cannot eat his food
only both of us can go inside
Gurudas, what are you saying ya?
Don't misunderstand me.
Our Vice President hates the number 2.
While talking to him,
please avoid using the number 2
Why? What is the reason?
Because he has been
at the number 2 position all his life
-Why, because our President isnt
I am still alive!
Yeah, yeah,
he is not dying also.
Okay. Monjunath, you stay here!
Come! Hey, leave my hand I say
Guru told me
that you were behind the downfall of MLA JFK?
Yes sir!
Just 2 ideas?
One and a half!
because of what youve done,
our partys reputation is on the line.
-Do you know that?
-I know sir.
I did it so that JFK shouldnt have
a chance to become an MLA again.
I know, our Partys name
has been tarnished a little,
but we can always change that.
That is not a problem.
How can you say, theres no problem?
Sir.. As a politician,
what is my main job?
To make money and to share money.
Here, the money made by us in the No-Parking Scam.
In these 2 bags
Uhin 1 bag.
Lets go.
Let's introduce him to the President.
Okay sir.
Come on.
Shankar, what is the nature
of this medicine controller?
Sir, you know how
Government Officials are right..?
Look, your application is almost clear,
but what is this new medicine?
Its a stress reliever.
According to my team,
some work is still not complete.
one item is facility related
and the other one is with respect
to safety report.
For us to give you a safe and effective
certificate for this medicine,
you will have to pay 75 lakhs.
Sir, respectfully,
I can resubmit the files after
rectifiying these two points.
In that case, I cant say how many more
months itll take for the approval.
Also, a lot of our files sometimes go missing.
Pay 75 lakhs
Ill make sure to have your medicine
in the market within 2 months.
What Patil?
Ill get this done in a weeks time.
3 days is better for us, and for you.
Otherwise, I cant really do anything
to push for approval.
Where was I?
Yeah, point number 7
Respected chameleon,
please give me your blessings.
Greetings, Sir!
It is really nice to meet you Nograj!
I have to tell you this,
Only making money is not important...
...The most important thing is your pubic image!
See, you know everything about Politics,
because youve been here forever
Hes saying: without the Publics support,
you cannot progress in Politics.
Ive given the approval
The approval for you to run
in the upcoming MLA elections
As a representative of our party.
Here, take this
Thank you Sir!
We need great leaders, not just politicians.
Using their top positions,
they should figure out ways
To rid our city from all its problems.
May I take 2 buckets of water from you?
Go to the Traffic Police. Why have you come here?
Pay 75 lakhs
Ill make sure to have your medicine
in the market within 2 months.
Politics and you?
Are you sure?
I am not joining Politics,
I am doing this as a service.
When I came to India from the US
it was risky to start a Pharma Company
But we did venture into it,
without doing anything illegally
...and without comprimising on anything
Weve made our company successful.
We know you are doing this with pure intentions
But its difficult to pursue politics
without approaching things illegally.
Yes, its almost impossible.
Thank you. I appreciate your concern.
I want to focus on the issues in our state.
I was born and brought up here.
I love Karnataka.
Most people here only talk about
our State problems
Let me try and focus on the solutions.
Look Arun,
you have our support.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
(Arun thinks)
Karnataka, my mom,
please help me make more money for myself.
Please bless me.
You all know,
Ive got the election ticket.
So, I am going to be the next MLA
of this constituency.
-Lets make sure, I only win the elections.
We have to create a strong buzz in the Press.
Yes sir.
Monjunath, organise a photo shoot.
We will snap many pictures,
Inform everyone that
Nograj Sir is the best MLA candidate.
-Yes sir.
Yeah! Nice! Monjunath!
Lets start! What is the first pose?
Humble Pose!
Sir, we need a little more softness
in the eyes.
Okay, yeah
Sir, sir, softness sir
Monjunath, how can I express softness
through my eyes?
Humble is here.
-Not here, okay.
-Please! Yes sir!
Ill keep donning poses,
you please take pictures.
First one is Climbing Mount Everest.
Happy Deepavali!
Bakri-Eid Mubarak!
Jingle Balls!
Bells, bells
Okay, yeah
Jingle Bells!
Merry Christmas!
Supporting Raitha (Curds)
Fool! Not Curds.
I meant Raitha, which is Farmer.
For the marketing of our campaign,
we need a unique idea.
Shankar, I have an idea.
Lets compose an email to marketing.
Slow down.
Greetings. Yes, tell me!
-Tell me.. Yeah yeah
-Nograj sir
Youve got the party ticket
for the upcoming MLA elections
-Of course!
-How do you feel fighting for your seat... such a competitive constituency?
-Look Madam,
Actually, I am feeling very proud ....
...because my only competition is myself
...which means, I will win against myself.
Sir, do you have any plans before the election?
How are you planning to use
the Local Area Development Funds?
Madam, we will use these funds completely.
We will not leave anything.
Sir, you really like speaking in English.
Is there a particular reason?
The particular reason, madam is
My grandfather owned a lot of land.
He was a farmer.
Britishers met my grandfather,
gave him a piece of paper
and asked him to sign it.
My poor grandfather couldnt understand
the document,
so he signed it and lost all his land.
My learning from this incident... that you can cheat people in English.
But, in Karnataka, its impossible
to fool Kannadigas in Kannada.
I hope Ive answered your question.
Sir, more question...
Shankar, with this waste management...
...we need to protect the environment.
Lets set up a factory
We can generate methane from this waste....
...and then use it for fuel and electricity.
There are no garbage bins in most places.
The garbage is on the road for the most part.
Owing to the flies and mosquitoes,
we have 30 dengue cases only in this layout Sir.
Dry waste and wet waste is
dumped in the same place.
They dont even separate it.
In the plan to Clean India,
1000 crores were allotted.
Even 1 rupee wasnt spent on that plan.
How do you know?
-I know.
-I understand.
Whatever I can do from my end,
Ill try and get it done as soon as possible.
Sir, Arun Patil is on the move,
campaigning door-to-door.
Who is that Manjunath?
He is running against you in the MLA election.
Oh, I thought I was the only one.
No sir
Is this a joke?
-No sir!
What is this attitude?
No sir!
Im getting new clothes stitched,
and thats making you jealous?
Lets get your measurements.
You also need a shirt. Stand! Smile!
Shankar, our government had promised
to build treatment plants,
-has that happened?
-Not yet Sir.
Find a space around our factory,
Dig few pits and line it
with a protective material
To prevent the seepage
of contaminated water
Okay Sir.. Sir,
we have to select a symbol for our party.
The options available are
Banana, ice cream, harmonium, cake, camera, frock,
carrot, coconut, ceiling fan, balloon
-We have to send in three options
and according to availability,
they will give us 1.
-Lets go with frock!
-Okay sir!
They have blackboard, book and brick as well.
Select 1 from these options.
Okay sir!
Nice campaign this is
Arun Patil!
Who is this new candidate?
Independent mostly?
What is our Nograj doing?
(Moaning Sounds)
What is the score, Monjunath?
Sir, deuce.
What are you saying ?
What dues?
We dont owe anybody anything!
People have to give us money!
40-30 Nagu.
My serve.
60-40, you take land!
Ill give you a site, fine?
I want 120 by 80.
Take it baby. Everything is yours!
Come on!
But you will have to let me win!
Im your husband. Okay?
Dont ever forget that.
Aye! Steffi Giraffe!
Lets play! Ill serve!
Mr. Patil figured out a solution
to our garbage problem...
And helped us a lot, and that too
in a very short time.
Im not doing all this to become the MLA.
This is not a favour either.
It is my duty.
Sorry, no more questions.
Sir one more questionplease.
How nicely he spoke
He is such a good spokesperson
Sir, before your first public speech,
we have to get our manifesto ready
If people keep seeing Arun Patil do good work,
they will vote for him Sir
Put that Big Boss show
What are you doing?
What is the status of your campaign?
3 weeks are left
2 weeks, Sir
How many times have you been told
to not use that number?
2 times, Sir
In your upcoming speech,
you will have talk about your campaign
with the Press
Yes, will talk about it,
What is there in that?
Do you know what is a manifesto?
Of course!
It is a cultural fest for men!
What is your plan Nograj?
Its not enough to just have billboards.
Do you have a strategy or not?
Strategy is there!
Strategy is a long term plan,
backed by a blueprint for a long term vision.
Now the vision is short,
why? Because the time is short.
And in that short time I cannot do anything.
Which means, in the short time I am going
to call it the master plan
That is my long term..
...plan of action.
When will your manifesto be ready?
2 days sir!
Okay okay, 1 day, 1 day
What is this Guru?
No, dont talk to me
Sir, Sir
Monjunath! What the bloody hell?
Whose work is it to make the manifesto?
Sir, you have to tell me about that
Monjunath, what do I know?
Have I become an MLA before?
Please dont talk like a rascal!
No sir! That
Dont argue with me Monjunath!
Get your hands on Arun Patils manifesto,
copy it,
...and put XX everywhere
XX meaning?
whatever is written in his manifesto,
we shall do the same.
Only difference is
that we will double everything he does.
His manifesto has allotted 1000 crores
for infrastructure work.
We will allot 2000 crores.
For instance, he has written that Security...
... will be provided for 10 women
We will provide security for...
...20 men.
For women, right?
If we keep the men safe,
we will automatically secure the safety of women.
-Okay Sir,
but how will we get Arun Patils manifesto?
Sir, is robbery a good idea?
Always Monjunath!
We are politicians!
Nograj sir!
Give me a hair pin.
Sir, this is a digital locker.
We need a password to open this.
Try like... Lavanya.
This was supposed to be a mission possible.
We came here to play games or what?
We have come to rob.
Where is your robbery tool kit?
Sir that
Shut up rascal!
Look for it and download it from the internet.
Come here
Who is this idiot?
Arun Patil!
Not taken!
I havent taken anything.
Look! Nothing! See! Nothing!
See! Nothing!
Oh no! Sir! Cameras Sir!
Cover your face Sir!
Shankar, dismiss the guards
that were on security last night.
Sir, but they havent taken anything.
Thats not the point Shankar.
It was so easy for them to break into
our company like this.
This is a serious security breach.
We arent interested in Politics, Sir.
Were here only cause we are getting
free attendance.
Sir, if we dont vote, whats the big deal?
Just like IPL Season, Kabaddi,
this is your Election Season.
First, you come looking for us for our votes.
After the election, we have to keep
searching for you to solve our issues.
Thats the whole game, isnt it?
You are right,
but if you dont vote
how are you going to express your choice
to the system?
Showing how you feel through your vote
gives us a chance for positive change.
This election has good candidates,
but nobody wants to support them.
They can bring about change and do good work,
but nobody wants to believe in them.
(Wrestling on TV)
Hello! Wait outside!
Sir is busy, he will meet you later!
Wait outside!
Sir, we have to submit our manifesto
on the Internet.
I think, we can find...
...Arun Patils manifesto online as well.
I knew it.
Download it.
Sir, but that.
What? The Robbery?
Are you insinuating that the robbery was my idea?
Rascal! What do you mean?
-It was your idea.
If I tell you not to marry,
you won't get married is it?
Its okay Sir.
Lets talk about the rally.
Yeah! When I arrive at the rally,
There should be a huge crowd waiting for me.
I want them to be loud and create havoc.
Pay them.
Their energy should project to everyone
around that Ive become really popular.
Eat this, and use your voices to Shout and Cheer.
Get it?
so many Nagus.
You are a superstar.
Monjunath! Rascal!
-What is this?
-Sir! Crowd, sir!
I asked you to bring Crowd.
Youve got Goons.
Call that Bette gowda!
Ask him to fire his gun.
-Lavanya, I am here.
Those people arent me!
Bette Gowda.
Up Up Nograj!
All hail Nograj!
Greetings! My dear friends!
Nograj! All hail Nograj!
Greetings! My dear friends!
Up Up Nograj!
Shut up!
Do you want your money or no?
I am the one giving it to you.
So, please dont fake it that I am
your favourite political leader.
Please dont act.
First, look around you!
Can you see any members of the Press or Media?
No. No one is recording this rally.
Now, lets start this
First, tell me.
How many poor people in the house?
Make some noise!
Okay, for all of you to vote for me,
you need to know whats written in my Manifesto.
I know you havent read it,
So let me read it for you.
For rural areas,
we will turn all the temporary houses
into proper homes
in the next 5 years.
Along with that, every home..
...will have an individual toilet!
Sanitation and Infrastructure are very important!
You know about RTI,
which means, you have the right to information.
If we announce a 20 crores infrastructure project,
you can ask us how we have spent this money.
Take the microphone to him
That poor fellow, yeah!
Brother, Tell me how many zeroes
are there in 20 crores?
from that amount, if I take 2 or 5 crores,
how will you know?
Do you have the time
to find out the cost of road, infrastructure, etc?
It is possible to keep the roads
in good condition throughout the year
and not just during elections
for the sake of votes.
You can also partner with the government
if you are a private agency aiming
to aid our citys development.
I need your help.
Arun Patil is very lazy!
Instead of helping you,
he is begging you.
Because a leader is only as good as his team.
With the introduction of Demonitization,
weve all learned how to use Paytm.
That has merit.
All of these new ideas are not welcome!
Why we want to work..
What is written outside my office?
Governments work is Gods work!
I am not God! I am Nograj,
so why should I work?
Lets come together as people.
Traffic can be reduced during peak hours
if companies agree to change their shift timings.
Lets create a new effective system.
What system?
You cant commute based on a plan
that changes your schedule.
Traffic problems cannot be handled
in a creative way!
If you see any crime happening
in front of your eyes,
stop it
or at least try to stop it!
Or report it to the Police.
We have to do something. You cant
Just watch!
Dont do anything.
Tomorrow, youll attend a music show.
Youre watching.
You won't end up on stage and play a mouth organ
or suddenly start playing the drums.
You just have to watch!
Ladies, old people,
for your security,
I have an idea.
Stay at home!
Dont come out!
If we are together,
We can change a lot of things
in the next five years!
Forget about the next five years!
For the next 5 months,
just follow my political campaign.
Instead of giving more speeches,
Id like to show you the difference
by working and putting plans in place.
Why will I do something for you?
Only if I like you,
I will do something for you.
And how will I like you?
Please vote for me.
Come in! Go! Go!
As a leader,
now Ill say few common speech dialogues.
All of you have to do is shout and clap.
India will become great again!
Ladies will have equal opportunities!
We will eradicate this country!
No, no! I meant,
we will eradicate the poverty from this country.
Let us make our constituency great again!
Victory to India!
Victory to Karnataka!
Its heartwarming to see the involvement of the
youth in the upcoming MLA Elections.
Less than a month to go for the elections,
and based on the calls and tweets
we have received It's clear that,
Arun Patil means business
and Nograj is making this a business.
I know that you have exams coming up,
and you must be stressed with all the power cuts.
Hope this helps you all.
All the best for your exams.
Hey what's going on?
This Arun Patil is not just donating
LED lights in your ward to children.
He has donated in other wards as well.
Nograj sir.. Aside from this,
he has dug quite a few borewells as well.
He has also bought a few Water tankers
to offer water at the right prices.
Press is providing him with proper coverage.
What is this Azam Khan?
When electricity problems came upon us,
I said I will cut myself
I will go on hunger strike.
Even just saying all of this is not a joke!
Yeah, its not a joke.
Ive done so much,
and these media people just want to ignore me.
Azam Khan, Blow on the side.
Smoking is injurious to health dear friends,
please stop smoking.
Whats the update on the Water Issue?
Sir, there are quite a few suppliers.
When there is a shortage of water,
some of them purify the borewell water
and supply to people
The water tankers that take water
from the water board and supply
it to people at higher costs,
do you know whos behind that?
Only those who have many water tankers
work hand-in-hand with the Water Board.
According to my investigation,
Seems like this water mafia is run by....
Pramod Water Works!
Were you able to find out the owner
of Pramod Water Works?
Ive tried,
but havent got solid information yet.
if you cant find the owner,
follow the money
Isnt it Nograj?
Is that important right now?
He controls the Water Mafia
using his Water Tankers!
He shares the money along with other corporators
as well as party members.
We can bring this out in the public,
but its dangerous.
I understand!
Lets keep this information guarded.
And wait to see how and...
...when we can use this information against him.
Excuse me Sir! One minute sir!
Wait here.
Pramod, Bellandur Lake definitely has Snow.
Monjunath, take it easy.
Arun Patil has dismissed...
...a Muslim man from his pharmaceutical company.
How do you know Monjunath?
Contacts, sir!
Whats his appearance like?
He has a orange colour beard.
My god!
Orange is the new black!
Sir, we have to do something
with this information.
Sir, this week, there is the Bakri-Eid festival.
Monjunath! Do I look like a Muslim man?
-Small change will help Sir.
-Whats the small change?
-Come, take this.
-Okay sir.
Donate with all your heart.
Speaking about heart,
Today, we have with us a precious member
of our constituency.
Dont say that Azam
Someone who has brought light to our community
Add humble. Please add humble.
Im saying it, let me say it, be patient
Our humble corporator
who is running to become our MLA
I request him to say a few words
to this peaceful gathering.
What, Azam Khan!
Nograj Sir!
Please lets welcome him with applause.
Please clap!
Greetings to all my dear friends!
From the bottom of my heart,
A very happy Bakri-Eid to all of you.
My name is Nograj.
I am a...
...humble politician.
I am here because...
...elections are around the corner.
Arun Patil..
...has studied abroad.
Thats why he has...
...the western influence.
Western media is labelling...
...the Muslims... terrorists.
I am not saying this.
They are saying this.
Because of these circumstances,
there is no place for Muslims abroad.
Arun Patil has taken advantage of this ..
and fired one of our Muslim brothers.
Why has he done that?
Because, Basheer has a beard.
Carrot colour beard.
According to me, we are all brothers.
Azam, have we ever fought in our relationship?
-No sirNo sir
-We havent!
Yes, we havent!
Look, I love Muslims.
You can and should do whatever you want to do.
You want to wear a cap...
Or sport a beard...
Do a goat.. Wear a veil...
Do whatever you want!
I will help Basheer,
but in turn you will have to do something for me.
Please vote for me in the upcoming elections.
Together, we can make India shine bright
I love Eid !
I love Muslims!
I love Biriyani!
You have to say Allah Hafiz, not Bismillah.
Allah Hafiz!
Sir Basheer!
So, Basheer!
That Arun Patil.with you uhthat
Do you speak Kannada?
Yes, I do.
Thank God!
When I heard what Arun Patil did to you,
it really upset me.
An incident of this nature takes away
the secularity from our country.
Sir, I sold pharma supplies in the
black market, thats why I was fired.
What is wrong with you?
Come here
Have you said this in the Media?
-No Sir.
I will arrange for you to talk with the Press.
give him some money.
Basheer, you please tell the Media that...
...Arun Patil dismissed you from the job,
because of your religion.
If they ask you anything about my involvement,
-dont say anything.
-Sir, but how can I do this?
Now, you want to talk?
No sir, Please!
Media is here, Police is with me.
Ill tell them all, that youve stolen.
After they will come
Your family will be dragged in.
Theyll call you a robber.
Ill make sure you are humiliated.
You want that?
Be smart. Take care, okay?
Basheer, use your brains,
come with me.
Arun Patil fired me from the job,
because of my appearance and that Im a Muslim.
Yes, we shall answer all your questions
in the Press Meet.
Hold on!
Ill call you back
Lets not do it,
lets not handle this politically.
Cancel the press conference!
Nogu, we have to go for Chandus movie premiere.
Okay, well go! What is there, Lavanya!
(Phone rings)
Azam Khans call.Answer
Greetings, Azam Khan!
Nograj Sir,
Arun Patil called and met Basheer.
I dont know what he said to Basheer,
but situation has got out of hand.
Basheer, you have two options!
Either you fight me in the court with
the money that Nograj has given you
Or tell people what really happened!
Sir, I didn't go against you.
Nograj forced me.
Okay, you move to a new place,
Ill get you a new job. Okay.
Basheer has vanished.
Riyaz, go and look for him, I say!
Put it, put it, put it
Monjunath what do you mean, put?
That Sir. what do you mean, put?
Tell them to cast their votes,
We already have a huge population problem.
We had to pay 2 lakh rupees for 1 hut,
and in spite of that every month
we have to pay for water and electricity.
I will try my best to help you guys.
Under my companys corporate
social responsibility
I can allocate some funds and help your slum.
Living conditions are tough,
our home is too small.
Oh, your home is too small, is it?
Do one thing,
Give us your homes.
We will build a flyover.
You can sleep under the flyover.
Youll have great ventilation,
and a rooftop garden also.
(phone rings)
Hello, Rakshit Shetty!
Greetings! No, nothing.
Can I produce your next film?
Nothing much.
Just chilling in the slums.
You know how poor people are! Always complaining!
MLA candidate, Nograj Sir.
You have to vote for him!
Sir, sir, sir!
Nograj sir is standing for MLA election.
vote for me.
please vote for me.
Please take it.
-Thank you Bhaskar.
-It is my duty.
I appreciate it!
He has dug borewells,
and provides free water
as part of community service
Ward no. 199. You have to vote for Sir
You will get everything!
Slum Lady!
Cleaning lady!
No sir...
You have to vote for me.
Promise, yeah!....thats the way to do it, yeah!
Thumbs up! Cheers!
I am your Humble Politician Nograj!
Please make me your Humble MLA Nograj.
Sir, sir, no! Sir!
Slum lady!
In this film, Ive done a lot of method acting.
The film deals with how love is the slow poison.
To prepare for the role..
There was a lot of pain inside me,
and I had to bring that pain out.
The pain became poison
Oh! My godfather is here
Come here
Greetings, dear sir!
Oh my god!
Youve become a hero.
What a horror hairstyle this is!
Droha is the name of your film, right?
Lets watch it!
Sure Sir!
Pramod, don't forget to take his autograph!
You have betrayed my trust.
I have proof. Look here!
I can't believe you've done this to me.
I've taken you where ever you've wanted to go.
Sorry dear friends
Monjunath, Rascal!
Come here.
Lavanya, baby
-Do you want to eat anything?
1 caramel popcorn, 1 nachos, and 1 cold drink.
Okay. Give me the money.
Excuse me,
1 caramel popcorn, 1 nachos, 1 Coke
Listen, I am a politician...
You wanna argue with me?
Go and get this!
This film has given me a wonderful idea.
Arun Patil, his wife and his daughter;
put surveillance on them and...
...see if you can get some controversy out of it.
Okay sir.
Dont be so loud Monjunath.
Sir, popcorn!
Yeah, thank you.
Sir, my seat?
Never ever talk to a politician about his seat.
Once we take a seat,
we never give it up.
By the way, where is my change?
What an unbelievable movie monjunath!
Yes, sir.
Lake revival, road widening,
safety in high-rise buildings and...
Entry & exit requirements
for emergency vehicles...
We need to plan and discuss about all these!
-Lets go
Just give me a minute
-How many days has it been since we went out?
I have a meeting with the authorities
at the Municipal Corporation.
-Tomorrow, right?
Spend some time with Nivvi today.
Ill see you outside in 10 minutes.
Daddy, please hand me your mobile!
Watch closely, dear media friends!
These visuals are very scary.
In this video, the guilty party is Arun Patil!
Ladies, Ill ask you this.
If I force you and try to remove your clothes?
-I wont do it Monjunath! I
I wont do it.
Because I am not Arun Patil.
What he has done and... doing is against our Indian culture!
Going after the ladies in such a manner.
Let me make it clear that the upcoming elections
and this issue have no connection whatsover.
But I am concerned about the safety of our women.
Madam, say youre working in a software company.
After finishing your work, you book a cab.
You open the door of the cab and see...
Who is the driver?
Its Arun Patil!
Madam, say youre jogging in our Cubbon Park.
You are jogging.
Suddenly, you start running. Why?
Because someone is running behind you!
And that isArun Patil!
Roopa Madam!
A man, wearing nice red colour clothes,
carrying a bag, stands outside your house door.
He rings the bell.
You open the door,
who do you see?
-Arun Patil?
Thats Santa Claus!
Please, dont mix religion with this issue.
Please, Im saying this again,
Lets not entertain these sex-hungry NRIs.
But, in this video,
the women...
...are walking backwards?
Of course!
Madam, if Arun Patil comes towards you,
will you go forward or backward?
Thats why people are going backward!
Please dont ask such stupid questions!
-Sir...Sir One more question Sir!
-No, no photo, no question!
Please Sir
MLA Candidate Arun Patil was found behaving
Inappropriately with women in a public place.
Will this affect the result of the
upcoming MLA Election?
I filmed this.
Did you see the sex video
of MLA candidate Arun Patil?
Which sex video, sir?
Voting day isnt too far.
What is the status on our campaign
promotions in colleges, Prashant?
There is awareness.
We are pushing as much as we possibly can,
so that we have
support from youngsters on the voting day.
Thats good.
-Sir, we wanted to talk about
We feel, you should release
a press statement about the Video
It can be done.
But we have other things to do right?
Lets focus on that.
I told you I was busy,
but you had to take me out shopping!
-Nothing has happened!
-Really? I mean, I know this is silly,
but just before election day
This isnt good for me or for the campaign.
What will people think and say?
Which people?
Rama, I have worked hard so far!
My image, my reputation,
my name
If this continues,
people will not take me seriously
Who wont take you seriously?
And, after watching that video?
Nograj can maybe fool
a few people with this video.
Tomorrow, he will comment on your lifestyle.
They will say,
It was wrong for you to party
and have fun in college!
What will you do then?
What a beauty night this is!
I will rob,
I will scam
and give you a kiss!
Call that Nograj!
Tell everyone in your ward to vote for Nograj Sir!
Itll be done, dont worry.
Per vote,
itll cost you 1000 Rs.
-Okay, lets Rs. 500 per vote
-That wont work Sir.
Hey, come on, with 500 Rs,
they will get a cycle or a Television
Yeah, yeah, call me, no problem.
I will definitely come.
Yeah, bye, yeah!
Swimming pool
also you are wearing a saree.
Following Indian culture.
So, Arun Patil called us to his home for dinner!
He got scared by your campaigning skills.
You know me so well.
Arun Patil!
Im coming.
Lavanya! Stop making me wet.
My god. Its Arun Patil.
-Thanks for inviting us!
-Yeah, sure.
-This is my wife,
Mrs. Nograj!
-Say Namaste!
-What is your name?
Mrs. Nograj! Ive already told you!
Is this your wife?
-Yeah, this is Rama!
Greetings! Sister, Ive seen all your videos.
-Yes, very nice video!
Sookay, lets party!
Lets party now, come on!
-Monjunath, come!
-So, this is your house!
Your house is so small.
You can leave my hand!
Its okay, please come inside!
So Arun Patil,
The battle between us has been going on
for many days now.
It is good to meet you in person Nograj!
I haven't felt bad about the personal attacks.
Whatever you have said against me, is fine.
You have done that with me, havent you?
Look Arun Patil,
all these honest things that you are doing.
-What is the reason behind it?
-I really want to make a difference.
See, even if you want to work honestly,
like me,
there are 200 people in the Parliament.
There is also the Union Government.
The higher up you go,
the more dishonesty there is.
Single-handedly, no one can change the way
our country functions.
No Nograj, its possible.
I am trying
I am trying to plant a seed with my idea.
Okay, why 1 seed?
I will give you lots of land.
You can plant 100 seeds.
We will call it the Arun Patil Forest Reserve.
Nograj, I very well know what youre doing!
If you feel what you are doing is right,
then continue doing that...
But Im built differently.
My thoughts and ideologies are very different.
See Arun Patil,
this news,
pickle, thoughts,
zoology, biology,
I also know all these words. Okay?
In such an effective manner,
I took Basheer and added a relgious angle...
...divided people,
but you ruined my plan there
What Basheer did was because of need, not greed!
Sex scandal! Why did you do that?
It wasnt a sex scandal,
and you know that Nograj!
Of course,
does anyone behave like this with a woman
in a public place?
It is against our Indian culture!
Everyone knows that you manipulated that video.
I told people that I will cut myself,
I will go on a hunger strike.
There also you distracted people
with solar panels, kolar panels...
Something and all you've done...
It is not fair!
Look Nograj,
Im not doing this to fight with you.
Im doing all this to genuinely help people.
What he is saying is correct
But, what should I say?
Should I punch him?
Wrong Thoughts!
He is such a pure person!
I really like talking to you, Arun Patil.
The feeling is mutual.
Why are you so silent?
Is he going to kiss me?
My god!
He is too cute.
Arun Patil,
say something
Hold my hands!
Come on, come on!
Its okay, give me your hands.
Close your eyes!
Nograj, what are you thinking
of right this moment?
I am thinking,
why are your hands so soft
and why am I holding your hands?
Okay. Think of a place that is absolutely
peace and happiness for you.
-The place with joy and happiness
-Did you find that place?
I do solemnly swear,
that I will faithfully execute the Office
of the President of the United States ...
and will do the best of my ...
damage, abandon and attack ...
the constitution of the United States.
If this place makes you feel peaceful and happy,
then stay there,
but if not,
then you should change your goals.
Okay, you can open your eyes now!
Nograj! Hey, you okay?
Arun Patil! My god!
You are a genius!
What a magician you are?!
All this has made me too emotional.
Where did you transport me?
Would you like to have some dessert?
Can anything be sweeter than him?
Yeah, yeah, do you have any Falooda?
Yeah, sure!
-You have a nice house.
-Thank you.
How much did it cost to make it?
Falooda, my favourite drink.
So, Arun, what are your hobbies?
I like to play Ping Pong!
You know? Table tennis.
Yeah, yeah...the game that the Chinese play
-How about you?
Any sports?
PoliticsI love playing politics!
I really love it!
Have to say, you play it really well.
No, its Falooda
Look, Arun,
you are a very nice person.
The media keeps putting it out...
...there that politicians are always fighting.
We throw slippers at each other during
the day in the Parliament,
but at night,
we sit and drink together.
What Im trying to say is that
we should always stay friends.
Look, now our wives also are getting along
so well with each other.
What about you?
Do you have any kids?
No! I dont like kids!
I dont want...
I dont want...
Our thoughts and ideas maybe different,
-Yeah Yeah!
-but deep down,
I know youre not a bad person.
Not at all.
Look, based on, caste,
creed, color, religion,
...I divide people.
But you, you are just getting people together.
I really.
Arun Patil,
I Love You!
This was really good.
Thank you for coming!
Yeah, yeah, come here!
What thanks for coming and all that!
What are your favourite movies?
Nograj, no need of getting so comfortable
in the first meeting itself.
-Sit there.
-Okay, yeah!
But to answer your question,
my favourite movie is Titanic.
Oh! Why?
Our State should be able to withstand any iceberg,
but every time I think about Titanic
I feel our state is sinking,
and we have to do something about it.
Yeah, yeah, whatever you say!?
Nograj, one more thing!
I know that you run the Water Mafia.
If I disclose this to the media,
you will lose your ticket.
Now you know how it feels to cry for water.
Arun Patil!
Please dont do this.
Ill refund everyone their money.
I will give free water to everyone.
Please Arun Patil!
If I want, I can also threaten you,
but I like you very much.
Please dont to this, please!
It is okay. Dont worry.
If you have played dirty against me,
doesnt mean Ill play dirty
just to get back at you.
Every person gets a chance to make things right.
-You can change.
Pleasure meeting you!
Pleasure meeting you too.
Let me call my wife!
Their house was too small, right?
Nagu, that.
My favourite movie is Titanic.
(phone rings)
Sir, he is with me.
Will bring him to the office now Sir.
Who is going to win the election?
I think Ill win
You think?
Look at this
Look Nograj,
if you don't win this election, moving forward,
forget party ticket,
Ill make sure you won't get
a movie ticket also
In future, you won't be able to run for elections,
even as an independent candidate
Just because,
I went for one dinner, you are yelling at me, Sir.
Arun Patil is a very honest man.
Anybody can fall in love with him, sir.
Not me, sir! Not me.
I am trying Sir!
Trying isnt going to cut it.
Yes, in Politics,
number 2 position is useless.
What do you say Vice President Sir?
Arun Patil
Sir, please...
please come with me, sir!
Sir please sir
Please come sir, please come
-Please sir come
Why have we come to the school, Monjunath?
Sir, please
A for Apple,
B for Bhagyashree miss,
C for see-saw
So when you all grow up,
what do you all want to become?
You tell me
I want to become a lift operator
Okay okay
Silence! You tell me...
what do you want to become?
Miss, I want to become an housewife
She wants to have a career
as a housewife it seems!
You there, at the back
Making all that noise.
You tell everybody, what do you want to become?
Miss, what's your salary?
You're a teacher right?
What's your salary?
About 7000 rupees a month..
Even I want to make the same amount of money,
but not per month, per minute.
Now you tell me,
what do I want to become?
sir, from the time I know you,
everything is easy for you
Whenever there is a problem,
you solve it by doing a scam
If you grow, then we grow
Sir, what is my age? Tell me sir...
41 years!
Still single!
-I need you now!
Sir, please let me finish the marriage ceremony
Sir just a minute
Let me get married sir, please..
Sir, please understand sir
Leave the past sir.
If you give up like this, what about us?
Tell us sir? Our life depends on you...
Sir, Show confidence!
Fight yourself, beat himself,
dont give up on myself!
Monjunath, it is not myself,
it is a I-self.
You listen to me Sir.
Sir, you see things differently,
you do things differently.
People can do anything to you
-I know sir
I am saying
There is no one like you.
There is no one like Nograj sir!
There is no one like me sir!
Do you want to join the party?
Where is the money?
Nagu..what are you doing?
Dont ask stupid questions!
I am not doing bungee jumping here.
I'm committing self-suicide
Nagu, I am coming up there
No, you dont come up,
If you come up, Ill go up to heaven...
youre not marrying me.
Nagu, you want to marry me?
Of course!
But please let me die because your rich father
will never let us get married,
thats why I am
-No, no Nagu
-I will convince my father!
Please Nagu! Please Listen to me!
I love you Nagu!
...You love me too!
Lavanya loves me!
Thank you Lavanya.
I want to say to the College,
to the mountains
...loves me,
Lavanya wants to marry me,
...will give me money to become a politician!
Give me those photos.
Ive come so far,
but this Arun Patil ... coming in the way of my political dreams.
Arun Patil,
what a sweet fellow he is
My God!
Dear media friends,
as you know,
only two days are left for voting.
Last night,
I have been assaulted.
You may ask, who has done this to you?
It is my honourable opponent,
Mr. Arun Patil!
No, its Falooda.
Both of you...
...have to hit me!
He called Lavanya and me to his home for dinner.
We were having dinner.
He said, please dont expose
my other scandals with the women
he beat the crap out of me
By the time...
...he could take more photos
Help me
No Pramod! No Pramod! No Pramod, no!
Come on! Come on!
Pramod, tag me!
Sorry sir!
He thrashed me a lot Nanjundiah
I wont leave him!
Who does he think he is, this Arun Patil?
Nanja, please calm down. Please!
Nanja, please calm down. Please!
Dear media friends,
Im requesting you.
Please dont share this with anyone.
Please let this stay between us.
What was happening so far in the parliament
between our politicians has now become personal!
-Why did he hit him?
Why are you guys watching all this?
That guy is a twisted b
Ill get this fixed.
Hey, come here!
Give your Voters ID!
Give him the alcohol!
Have fun! Enjoy!
Take his Voter ID.
Your name?
Take it and move!
Free clothes!
Take the voter ID. Next?
Yeah, Hi Monjunath. Please come on my face!
FaceTime, yeah, please!
Okay, Sir!
Did you vote for me?
Yes sir!
Listen, all the Voter IDs that
you have taken from people, return them.
We always need our people
to think positively about us.
Okay.. Take care.
Bye now! Happy voting, Bye!
Bye sir!
Sir, what is your opinion
about the election result?
May the best candidate win,
and whoever wins should work
for the well-being of our state.
Looking at the citizens interest
in these elections,
The Election Committee has decided to declare
the results in a Public Event.
Who will be the next MLA of their constituency...
Mr. Arun Patil or Humble Politician Nograj!
What does Humble mean?
Pramod, if we win,
we give sweets,
but if we lose,
we beat.
Our king, Nograj!
Our king,
Our king,
Our king,
Our king,
As you can see,
the fight to the finish is as close as it can get.
People are very curious to find out.....
Who the next MLA of our constituency will be?
Come, lets see!
Victory to... Nograj!
Victory to... Nograj!
Victory to... Nograj!
Who will win? Arun Patil!
Sir, congratulations!
Pramod, keep weapons.. ready...
Come back!
You are my God Nograj Sir!
-Let go of himLeave him
-Leave me man, leave me!
You are my God Nograj Sir!
I wont leave you sir!
Leave me man! Leave me!
By gaining 78,675 popular votes
your constituencys...
...elected MLA is
Humble Politician Nograj!
Hail Nograj!
If you throw dirt at me,
be sure that I wont do the same
Every person can change for the better
Im not doing any of this to fight with you.
Im doing my work to genuinely help people.
I want to...
...say a few words.
I have become your MLA.
But if...
I was one of you,
I wouldve voted for him.
Mr. Arun Patil!
In our society,
There are too many problems,
And he... trying to figure out solutions
to solve those problems.
You like me,
Because Ill do....
....anything for your attention.
Act in a stupid manner.
Be mad.
Create a sensation.
Be funny.
Be a Politician.
Fake being humble.
But this fellow,
Mr. Arun Patil,
you are...
...something else only!
Shri. Arun Patil!
...stand me on stage.
Please come.
Shri. Arun Patil,
between the two of us,
if someone should be MLA,
It has to be you.
...accept this.
Not now Rascal!
Come after 5 years.
Look at them.
Just like them
And them
You also...
...believed in everything that I said here
Our job as politicians... to just talk,
because we know that Citizens
will believe everything.
Shri Arun Patil,
its better for you to just be a Citizen.
Let me play all the Politics, okay?
You couldve exposed his water mafia racket,
-why didn't you?
-I could have,
but I promised myself,
that I will not fall as low as his level.
But how did he win,
and that too with such a margin?
I thought it was neck to neck.
He may not even be fit for this job
But there is no chance that
he couldve bought all the votes
People themselves have voted for him.
People voted for him..
Victory to Nograj!
Greetings, my dear friends!
What a nice Bus Stop weve made!
Why are people complaining?
Monjunath! please..
There is a blind person standing there!
My grandmother always said that,
whenever you see a blind person,
you have to always help him cross the road.
Please come, yeah, please come!
Look, you may not have eyes,
but you have a heart.
So what if you cant see,
we politicians only are the vision for you all.
Please take a Snapchat
for social media, Monjunath!
Okay Sir!
Oh! My bus stop... this side, is it?
-this way!
-Thank you Sir!
More people
should have a big heart such as yours.