Hunchback of Notre Dame II, The (2002) Movie Script

Hey, come back!
Wait up!
Oh, what a beautiful day.
Good morning.
There's music in the marketplace
The streets have come alive
The town is in a tizzy
It's a busy buzzing hive
There's cause for this commotion
and emotional display
we just can't wait to celebrate
Our favourite holiday
Le Jour D'Amour
Your song is in the air
what magic
will you make for us
what promise will you share
That golden bell
sweet La Fidele
will soon be ringing clear
The best of all the festivals
Le Jour D'Amour is here
Mesdames et messieurs,
time is short.
You must find your true love.
Find your soul's mate...
for the Festival D'Amour
is upon us.
Some have come in puppy love
perchance to steal a kiss
Some are still enamoured
after years of wedded bliss
Everyone's parading
down the promenade in pairs
To join the celebration
at the finest of the fairs
Le Jour D'Amour
Your song is in the air
what magic will you make for us
whose name shall I declare
That golden bell, sweet La Fidele
will soon be ringing clear
The best of all the festivals
Le Jour D'Amour is here
Oh, how the stars
will sparkle on the water
As the troubadours sing
tales of true romance
The spirits may rise
with fire in their eyes
while gypsy girls
enchant you with a dance
Le Jour D'Amour
Your song is in the air
what magic will you make for us
what promise will you share
That golden bell, sweet La Fidele
will soon be ringing clear
The best of all the festivals
Le Jour D'Amour is here
Ah, observe the rituals
of courtship...
as citizens gather two by two.
Oh, looks like there's
someone for everyone.
Ah, yes. Too bad there's
only one of me to go around, eh?
Ha! One is plenty.
Believe me.
Ah, thanks. Hey!
- Was that a shot?
- Maybe.
- Take that back!
- No!
Take that-- Back.
Are you guys gonna fight all day
or help me get ready for the festival?
There he is in
his triumphant return.
Dashing gadabout town, eh?
Come on. Let's get the marble out, huh?
We have to polish La Fidele.
- And what's the festival--
- Without the bell?
Or the bell-ringer!
Toro! Toro!
- Toro! Toro!
- Charge!
Zephyr, you need
to slow down.
- Listen to your mother, young man.
- Yes, Papa.
Look at her.
La Fidele,
you are magnificent.
Are you gonna ring it
once for my mom, Quasi?
You bet he is, and your mother's
gonna be down in the square...
screaming loudly into the night...
"I love my husband Phoebus."
Oh, really? And what makes you
think that I'm gonna shout so loudly?
You'll have to to be heard
over me yelling...
"I love Esmeralda!"
- Yuck.
- Yeah. Yuck.
Whose name are you
gonna yell tomorrow, Quasi?
- No one, I guess.
- Then who's gonna scream your name?
I don't think anyone
ever will, Zephyr.
Well-- Well, why not?
Takes more than looking
to really see.
Someday you'll be ready.
And when you are, you'll find her.
Someday. Nah.
What could possibly ever change?
Oh, boy!
Wow! It's the circus!
- A giraffe!
- Look how tall he is!
- Look!
- Oh, look at the monkey.
Come, mes amis!
As part of the Festival D'Amour...
a circus has come to Paris!
Come one, come all...
to Cirque de Sarousch!
See juggling clowns...
fire-breathers and magic.
And now, may I present
the prettiest ornament on the midway...
I can't see!
my assistant, Mad--
Well, my assistant, Made--
- It's empty!
- There's no one there.
Well-- Well, of course not! You have
to come to the circus to see her.
Where is Madellaine?
And pull!
Mesdames and messieurs...
kindly direct
your attention high above...
as the magnificent Madellaine...
is about to perform
her daring high-wire act...
without a net.
And the crowd goes wild.
A hush comes over the crowd
as Madellaine begins her graceful trek.
Madellaine catches her breath
having nearly plummeted to her death.
And the crowd
bursts into applause!
As they scream for more!
Thank you.
You're too kind.
Where were you,
my little trinket?
Oh, well, I-I-I was, um--
I-I was standing.
Well, of-of course I was standing.
I mean, I haven't always been sitting.
That would be stupid, I guess.
I'm sorry.
I-I-I just want to contribute more
to the circus.
Your job is to stand there
and look pretty.
Hello. Oh, lovely.
- I wanna do more.
- And so you shall, my little clair.
I have the perfect job
for a girl like you.
Up in the tower
of Notre Dame...
is a bell of
extraordinary value.
I want you to go up there and find out
which is the bell called La Fidele.
- Why?
- Because I mean to steal it, silly.
I'll be rich. I can travel
the world in style and comfort.
No. Why must we always steal?
I-I was thinking--
Not your strong suit,
is it, my little bonbon?
No, it's mine.
- And where would you be without me?
- On the streets.
Precisely. For it's
a cold world out there--
For a girl like me.
What do I do?
Oh. Lovely.
There's a bell-ringer
that lives in the tower.
Smile at him.
Wile and beguile him...
and he'll tell you
exactly what I want to know.
Uh, hello.
- Damsel alert.
- And a lovely vision at that.
What am l, chopped liver?
I-l'm looking for the bell-ringer.
She wants you, big guy.
Is anyone here?
- Get out there, sweetie.
- I-I-I can't. What would I say?
Open your mouth.
Something will come out.
- I-I-I--
- Nothing came out.
My name is Madellaine.
I-l'm with the circus...
and, oh, I just love bells.
Which one is La Fidele?
The bells, you ding-dong.
She likes the bells. Talk shop.
Are-Are you hiding from me?
No. What's so funny?
Nothing. It's just-- It looks like
you're wearing a really big hat.
Oh. That-- That sounds silly,
doesn't it?
No. I just never looked
at it that way before.
Yes, it's a--
It's a brass beret.
A-A 2-ton topper.
A-A chapeau in C-sharp!
- The gargoyles!
- Gargoyles?
Well, they were--
they were alive!
But that's dumb, isn't it?
You must think I'm stupid.
Not at all.
That just means you
have an imagination.
- Do you really think so?
- I do.
- What's your name?
- Quasimodo.
Well, Quasimodo...
wouldn't you like
to come where I can see you?
I h-h-have to go.
I'm sorry.
Oh, poor kid.
Are you okay?
No. You saw the way
she looked at me.
Well, then, get her
to look again, honey.
- Do you believe in miracles?
- Miracles? What kind of miracles?
Oh, you know,
just ordinary miracles.
I'm not following you, kid.
Well, I see people
together, couples...
and it looks so nice
being with someone who loves you.
I guess I'm just
wondering if...
maybe someone could love me.
Imagine someone to love
who loves you
To look in her eyes and see
Imagine how miraculous
it seems to be
But it's not so very rare
You can find it anywhere
It's an ordinary miracle
The kind you find
around you every single day
Or maybe it's just seasonal
Like spring and May
They're so many
The ordinary miracle
A common kind of miracle
that runs right by
Or maybe it's too gradual
to catch your eye
So you miss it
A sudden bolt
of distant lightning
Cathedrals rising out of stone
A baby starts
to walk or talk one day
Then shockingly he's grown
And in love
That volcano of emotion
Not 10, 000 gypsy potions
Can undo
Yes, it's love
well, of course
my view is slanted
But people
do take love for granted
Sad but true
Of all the many miracles
Mysterious and marvellous
and big and small
when people fall in love
it really beats them all
Oh, to see it
To feel it
To know it
Imagine someone to love
who loves you
Imagine to look in her eyes
And see
Imagine how extraordinary
It would be
If an ordinary miracle
Happened to
Go to the circus!
Make a good impression!
Hmm, what does one wear
to a carnival event?
- Nothing.
- Daring! Oh!
Maybe a bit pushy
for a first date.
Quasi, you can stay here
and hope for a miracle...
or you can get out there
and make a miracle of your own.
You're right.
I'm off to the circus!
- Oh, but what am I gonna wear?
- I got the perfect thing, kid.
Well, how do I look?
Uh, too much?
- No, no. I mean--
- Of course not.
- Wow! Great hat, Quasi.
- It's a new you.
Quasi, don't worry.
You look dashing.
Welcome, welcome
to the Cirque de Sarousch!
Magic! Magic!
Tricks that you
cannot ever dream of!
Look at the juggler!
Come one, come all!
Oh, wow!
- Wow!
- Zephyr, stay close.
I don't want to lose you.
I don't trust these people.
- What does that mean?
- Well, just look at them.
I mean, they travel from town to town
- Gypsies?
- Yes! No!
I mean-- I mean-- Uh--
Uh, uh, so, Quasi, um...
where's this
Madellaine of yours?
I don't know, but I-I'm sure
she'll be out soon.
You don't understand.
You didn't see him.
I don't want to be
a part of this anymore.
You should have thought of that
before you stole from me.
- But I was only six years old.
- And you were starving...
and it was only a few coins.
Oh, you cretin, not so tight!
- I made a mistake.
- Yes.
And did I turn you over
to the authorities?
- Or the workhouse?
- No.
And who took you in?
- Looked after you like a true friend?
- You did.
Oh, yes.
All you need to do
is to look pretty for him...
and he'll tell you
what I need to know.
I could kiss me...
but I'd fall in love.
Come, trinket.
We're on.
Boys and girls!
A treat for your senses.
A delight for your soul.
Wow! Yeah!
Welcome to Cirque de Sarousch!
- Hubba hubba!
- May I present my assistant--
the lovely Madellaine.
And now, I will astound you
with a feat of magic...
unparalleled in modern times.
Behold La Petit!
Do not look away
from the beast...
for I shall make it vanish
before your very eyes.
Keep a sharp watch.
See the creature
disappear into thin air.
Wow! Wow, wow, wow!
Sarousch is incredible!
I wish I could join the circus.
Hey, hey, maybe
I could join a circus.
Yeah! I could be a juggler. What do you
think, Quasi? I'd juggle and I'd--
Uh, uh, uh, uh, Quasi?
- Hello?
- What are you doing?
Nothing. You were making
goo-goo eyes at your girlfriend.
Oh, she-- she's not my--
Who said she was my--
That's a--
And where do you think
you're going? Get out there.
I mean to have that bell.
- I thought you forgot about me.
- That will never happen.
- I'll always be here for you.
- Always?
You mean if ever
I'm in any kind of
great big mess or trouble
I'd be right there
we'd be a pair
You mean you'll never
leave me all alone
we'll always be
a double, we two
That's the arithmetic
I'd stick with you
Just say we're hanging by a rope
above an evil witch's brew pot
It's bubbling blue
with sticky goo
Our rope gives way
and then we crash and make a splash
Inside her stew pot of glue
Even if you're sticky slick
I'd stick with you
- I'm sticking to you.
- Hey, no fair.
Can't help that.
We're stuck together.
- Best friends.
- And we always will be.
Through all the thin and thick
Closer than frack and frick
we two will do the trick
I'd stick with you
F ast as the clock can tick
I'd be there just as quick
No one I'd rather pick
I'd stick with you
- You have a way with kids.
- Hi. M-Madellaine, hi.
I-I-I-I-I-I was just-- Hi.
He's lucky to have
a good friend like you.
- Hey, you were really great up there.
- Ah, me?
Nothing to it. I just have to
stand there and look pretty, you know?
- No big deal.
- No, no, i-it is a big deal.
You-You have to make the audience
look where they're supposed to,
not give away the trick.
Hmm. You mean...
hocus their pocus?
Delusion their illusion?
Abra their cadabra?
Actually, I would really like
to walk the tightrope.
Oh. But I'm not really
very good at it.
Oh, I don't believe that.
I'm sure you can do anything.
Paris is r-really pretty.
I-I mean, you-- you've probably seen
it already, but then, maybe you haven't.
A-And if you haven't,
then-then maybe we could--
I could, y-you know, show you.
I'd really like that.
Oh, lovely.
I love you, love you,
love you, and you.
You're a genius.
Captain of the Guard,
I insist you do something.
They took my silver! All my coins to
pay my landlord! They'll throw us out!
- My bracelet is gone!
- Bracelet. Can you
describe the bracelet?
- My life savings is gone!
- All right, all right, have no worry.
The king's guard
is on the case.
We'll find the culprits.
Where we'll find them,
I don't know.
Wait a minute.
A string of robberies begins
the moment the circus comes to town?
I don't think so.
How many times
have I ever been wrong?
Achilles, that was
a rhetorical question.
You know, the Festival D'Amour
is tomorrow.
- Would you, uh, like to go?
- Oh, I don't know.
Oh, but please.
We shall have a good time.
Well, uh, I'd love to.
Try my famous souffl, huh?
- Oh. It's ruined.
- No, no. Taste.
I-l think those are weeds.
Oh, no. Smell.
Oh, they smell so flowery.
They're wonderful.
It's rosemary.
Come on.
This is one of my favourite spots
in all of Paris.
Isn't it beautiful?
But I-- I can't see anything.
Close your eyes.
Listen to Paris.
Oh. Quasi, it's wonderful.
Oh, come on, show me more!
It's all too sudden
Our boy has grown
- There's nothing more to do
- It's true
He's on his own
we've tried to teach him
we've tried to show
The things a gargoyle
And a gar-guy ought to know
- He's gone
- He's left
And do we feel bereft
No, he's fa-la-la-la
fallen in love
He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
Sing a rousing
rollicking roundelay
For our rip-roaring rhapsody
He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
why should we be blue
His love is true, so bid the kid adieu
Oh, wow
Just across the square
Look at Quasi there
Love has nailed him
Oh, wow
Sighing when he talks
Flying when he walks
Love's derailed him
- He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
- Oh, wow
- He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
-Just across the square
- Sing a merry madrigal melody
- Look at Quasi there
- For his marvellous malady
- Love's derailed him
- He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
- Oh, wow
- He's fa-la-la-la fallen in love
- Sighing when he talks
He's fa-la-la-la
la-la-la fallen
F a-la-la-la, fa-la-la-la
la-la-la fallen
F a-la-la-la, fa-la-la-la
la-la-la fallen
F a-la-la-la
Oh, wow
Quasimodo's fallen in love
Oh, oh, they're coming. They're coming.
Come on. Go, go, go, go, go.
Spread out. Spread out.
You can dry off in here.
Put'er there, mon frre!
- So, what's the plan?
- Plan? Uh--
- A little soft music?
- A little candlelight?
A cosy t^ete--t^ete by the fire?
- Gesundheit!
- Oh, thank you.
You're welcome. Hey!
- Shh!
- Oh.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Yes, you are.
I-I mean, yes, she is.
La Fidele, that is.
That's her name.
La Fidele--
"The F aithful One."
But she's even more beautiful
on the inside.
I-l'll show you.
This must be worth a fortune.
You should get warm.
Here, put this on.
You're very kind.
Do you really think there's more
to me than what you see?
That I have something
else to give?
I do.
I know I'm not much to look at.
I've never met anyone
like you, Quasimodo.
I mean, you understand
the world...
better than anyone
I've ever known.
Do you really think so?
I do.
I made this for you.
Now you can always see yourself...
through my eyes.
Well, I should--
I-I mean, I-I'd better--
I-It's late and, well--
I'm-- I'm-- I'm babbling again.
Stupid me.
No, maybe I'm not.
Thank you.
I-I-I'll see you tomorrow?
Oh. It does my heart good
to see our boy like that.
Yes. He does seem to have
a certain savoir faire.
I hope it's not contagious.
Come see the lovely Esmeralda...
in her dance d'amour.
Careful, or you may
lose your heart.
- Esmeralda!
- Me! I want to play!
- I want to play too!
- Can I dance?
Esmeralda. Esmeralda!
You've gotta help me.
Quasi, wh-what is it?
What's wrong?
I think I'm sick.
I feel awful...
and then wonderful!
And then wonderfully awful
and-and-and awfully wonderful.
- Euphoria.
- I can't eat. I can't sleep.
I see, and-and-and it hurts
to breathe, but you don't care?
Yes! Yes! Exactly.
What do I do?
- Well, you have
to tell her how you feel.
- Uh, how can l?
- What would she say?
- Sorry.
I can't help you with this one.
- You'll have to find out yourself.
- But I--
Hey, you're ready.
That circus is responsible
for a string of robberies.
- What?
- I like the circus, Papa.
- I want to join and-and--
- Absolutely not!
- Those people--
- "Those people"?
How can you lump people
together like that?
But the gypsies weren't guilty
of crimes like these circus people.
Madellaine's not.
She's different.
Well, maybe...
and maybe she's just using you
to get something else.
You don't think she could
be interested in me just for me?
Oh, of course she cou-- Yes,
anyone could, but look at the facts.
Find some, and I will.
Achilles, do you believe this?
Everybody is mad at me.
How often does that happen?
What are you doing now,
my little cabbage?
- Practicing.
- Why strain yourself?
Oh, did you find out where
the monster keeps his bell, trinket?
He is not a monster,
and I am not your trinket.
I mean to have that bell.
I want nothing more
to do with your thefts.
Oh, really? And how will you
survive out there, hmm? On your looks?
- Quasimodo sees something you don't.
- Oh, does he?
Well, what if he were to have
an unfortunate accident?
If I have to go
up there with my men...
and do it the hard way,
the hunchback may get hurt.
No! You can't! You-- You wouldn't.
If you want him alive,
then lure the bell-ringer away...
while I steal La Fidele.
Lead him out of harm's way.
Oh, lovely.
- Captain!
- I'm here about a rash of robberies.
A rash? Oh.
I find a little soothing lotion
does wonders for the complexion.
- I'm talking about thefts in town.
- Portraits!
Well, we've had nothing go missing...
except some of my hair!
Are you clever enough
to retrieve that?
Oh, no, I suppose not.
My investigation leads me here.
Oh, it's true, Captain.
And it's my fault!
You're-- You're confessing?
She's my responsibility.
See, she's been a thief
since she was six.
I thought I could break her of it
if I gave her a job...
a place to call home.
Oh, Madellaine.
- Oh, Madellaine.
- Madellaine?
- Madellaine.
- Where is she?
Gone. She and the hunchback...
are-are strolling about the town.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you, Captain.
I'll let you get back
to your self.
Perfect. I make
the heist of the century...
while the girl leads the monster
and the captain away.
- Madellaine! I--
I-I-I want to talk with you.
- Oh, um--
Let's-- Let's go for a walk.
- I got it!
- Whoa!
- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- Whoa!
Oh, oh, oh! Mr. Sarousch!
Can I join your circus?
- Ah, the price you pay.
- Hey, wait!
I can join the circus if I want to.
Hey, where you guys going?
- Have you seen this woman?
- No.
Do you know
where I might find her?
- What are you doing there?
- Uh, nothing.
Hey, who are these clowns?
Madellaine says La Fidele is...
this one!
I smell something rotten in Denmark.
Oh, Madellaine. The fool!
Look at this ugly thing.
Oh. What--
Oh, lovely.
I'm rich, rich! I wonder if
they make diamond underwear.
Oh! They're stealin' La Fidele!
Here, hold this.
What part of"hold this"
was too complex?
- There's something I need to tell you.
- There's something I need to know.
Madellaine, you know,
the festival's tomorrow...
and-and-and I thought that--
I-l mean, we could...
you know, go?
Quasi, I'm not the person
you think I am.
But I want to be,
more than anything.
Madellaine, tell me the truth.
What happened to La Fidele?
They stole it! Dad was right.
Come on! We gotta find out
where they're taking the bell.
All right. I've had enough!
Something's wrong.
- We have to hurry!
- But-- But, Quasimodo, I--
La Fidele! It's gone!
The bell has been stolen!
We must find her,
or the festival will be ruined!
Sarousch! How could I
have been such a fool?
- Sarousch?
- Seal off the city--
every street,
every river, every alley!
They won't get far
with a bell that size.
Did you know about this?
I-I wanted to tell you. I tried.
- You used me!
- No!
- "Which one is La Fidele?"
- Please!
"Let's-- Let's go for a walk."
You never cared about me.
- No! That is not true!
- You were right.
Quasi, I'm sorry.
Take her away.
No! No! Quasi, please, just--
just let me explain.
Look at me!
Quasimodo, just look at me!
Quasi! Yo, Quasi!
- Quasi, is that you?
- I say, old chap, bit of assistance?
Hey, get us out of here!
- We gotta hurry.
- Speed is essential.
- It wasn't my fault.
- One at a time.
- It's Zephyr.
He's gone after them.
What happened to the circus?
Halt! Okay. Come on.
Won't be long now
till we're home free.
Come here! Come back!
Come back here!
You won't get away with this!
My dad's captain of the guard!
Captain of the guard, eh? Really?
Captain, the city is secured,
but there is no sign of Sarousch.
- Then we have to look further!
- Phoebus!
Zephyr has gone after Sarousch!
- I've looked everywhere.
- I've got men all over the city.
-We'll find him.
-You're looking in all the wrong places.
Sarousch has made a living
from illusion, but I can outthink him.
It's the same as
the disappearing elephant.
Th-There was always
a tunnel under the stage.
He's taken the bell underground.
The catacombs.
He could be using the catacombs.
And she could be saying
exactly what Sarousch wants her to.
We go underground, and he slips
right out of town. Can't you see?
Listen to me.
Your son's life is at stake.
Maybe you should look again
like you did with me.
All right!
But she's coming along as a prisoner.
Where's Zephyr?
Hurry, Djali, take us to him!
Which will go better with my eyes--
diamonds or sapphires?
Surrender now!
- You've got no way out!
- Oh, really?
I see things a bit differently.
Mama! Papa!
Let him go!
Let him go?
I think not, Captain.
He's my ticket out of here.
You're not going anywhere, Sarousch.
Now release the boy!
Let me pass safely,
and you may see...
your precious little boy again.
Quasimodo, he means it. He'll hurt
Zephyr, but I know how we can save him.
- Please untie me.
- Why, so you can escape with Sarousch?
Don't test me, Captain!
Quasi, listen to me.
I know I hurt you.
I'm sorry, but I am
someone you can trust.
How can l?
I've already made that mistake.
Quasimodo, there's more to me.
Well done, mon capitaine.
Mama! Papa!
You hold the rope.
I'll do the rest.
A hush comes over the crowd
as Madellaine begins her graceful trek.
I can do this.
I can do this.
I know you can.
What-- What are you doing here?
Just standing here looking pretty.
Seize him!
No, no, no! Not the face!
Watch the face!
Oh, Mom, Dad.
- Let's go.
- Fools! I am Sarousch!
- This is not the ending I had in mind.
- Get in there!
No prison can hold me!
Wait, we can work this out.
Did I mention
I do birthday parties?
And now while Quasimodo
rings La Fidele...
come and proclaim your love...
for all of Paris to hear!
I love Josette!
I love Jean Paul!
I was wrong about all of it.
- I know.
- There's only one thing I can say.
I love Esmeralda!
I love Phoebus!
- Huh? Huh.
- Huh? Huh.
- Wait a minute.
- Huh? Hmm.
- What is it?
Quasimodo, you've shown me...
that the world
is full of miracles.
Just ordinary miracles.
They happen every day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yuck.
- Yuck.
I'm so happy,
I could just mildew.
Aw, lighten up!
Take your heart for granite...
Iike me!
Aw. She'd better
take good care of our boy.
Don't worry. I will.
- Wha--
- Huh?
I love Madellaine!
And I love Quasimodo!
Angel in disguise
Stories in his eyes
Love for every true heart
That he sees
was it just a lucky day
That he turned and looked my way
Or is it heaven right before
My very eyes
He's shown me all new things
The shimmer of moonbeams
I was blind
But now he's helped me see
I was lost, but now I'm found
His happiness surrounds
And now I find that my dreams
Can come true
'Cause I'm gonna love you
For the rest of my life
I'm holding you safe here
In this heart of mine
I can't live without you
'Cause my soul would die
You know I'm tellin' the truth
I'll spend the rest of my life
Loving you
It didn't start this way
It happened just one day
You smiled at me
And I saw you differently
Now I would tremble just to be
A part of you as we
Begin a life
That's sure to never end
'Cause I'm gonna love you
For the rest of my life
I'm holding you safe here
In this heart of mine
I can't live without you
'Cause my soul would die
You know I'm tellin' the truth
I'll spend the rest of my life
Loving you
The rest of my life, baby
Loving you