Hungama (2003) Movie Script

Fun and excitement...
all the fun and excitement
"Is it love, or a battle?
A colour you cant see..."
"I can figure out nothing, Lord!"
"Everyones all tied up,
what predicament is this?"
"They walk together,
and yetis there a tussle"
To make them see reason...
"is difficult
to make them see reason"
"The actors that perform
in this play..."
they do perform a drama
Fun and excitement...
all the fun and excitement
Hurry! Its time for school
Jungle! Rascal! Idiot!
- Step on the brakes!
"Youre a girl, and you abuse me?
- You want me to applaud you?"
Why did you push me?
- When did I? You ran into me
You deliberately rammed into me
and now youre talking back!
I know roadside loafers like you.
You see a girl and get into the act!
Watch your tongue! You broke
the button on my shirt...
and now youre calling me a loafer?
Where will I get a button from?
How about the dress which you spoilt?
You know what the laundry bill comes to?
Cant you wash your own clothes?
- Had I the time...
"Id show you what else I can wash.
- Go, get lost"
"Get going!
- Go, go away"
God! I didnt know
youd have such daring
You came away to Mumbai without
telling anyone at home
What would you have done
if I wasnt here?
It didnt occur to me at all.
Had I stayed there another day...
my mother wouldve got me married
to the local landlords son
"So whats wrong? You have to
marry someone, dont you?"
But that chaps a nut.
Hes a real moron
My father had borrowed a lot of money
from his father...
for my education and for
my mothers treatment
My father died under
the burden of the debt...
"and hes now pestering my mother.
He says, if you cant repay the debt..."
have your daughter married
to my son
He doesnt even want any dowry.
- You mean your life is...
the sum total of the debt
and the interest
So what do you want to do?
- I must find a job at any cost
Ive got to repay the debt
and get rid of the landlord
"Any job will do.
- Easier said than done, Anjali"
Im living here with a friend
whos an air-hostess
"Shell be here by 10:30 next Friday.
Till then, you can stay here"
"But once she arrives, itll be
difficult for you to live here"
"Im sorry, but you mustnt
take that badly, Anjali"
Ive got enough money to see me
through a couple of months
If only I could find a room
till I find a job
Lets see what we can do.
Im getting late. I must leave
When love is one-sided...
its a punishment
"When love is requited,
its fun"
Quiet! Were talking about life
and death and youre hollering away!
"Come around, darling.
- No"
So it has to do with love!
Ill sing a romantic number...
the lady will immediately agree.
- Ive agreed. For a divorce
Im not giving it to you!
- Ive got great number for divorce...
but its a bit romantic and...
- Sing it for your wife!
Now sing a song for losses!
Youre more of a mosquito repellent!
Youve been driving the customers away
"Ill be a great singer some day, sir.
That is my dream"
"Pipe-dream. Go away
- Todays the 4th., sir..."
When did I say its the 34th?
- My salary...?
I have it all worked out.
300 bucks. Let me have it
"But we settled at 4000 rupees.
- Sure, we did"
You do get a salary of 4000.
But who pays for your stay here?
Who pays for your food
and your laundry?
It works out to 4300. Your salarys
4000. So let me have 300 rupees
"But this is a fraud, sir!
- Really?"
So go and find another job.
Get lost!
Hey Bholu! Your milks getting
thinner and thinner every day
Are you pouring water in it?
"I swear, Ive never
adulterated milk with water"
"But yes, I do adulterate
water with milk"
"Buy it, if you can afford it.
Or forget it"
"Hello, Nandu! How are you?
Why dont you sing a song as usual?"
"Sing, my foot! Ive heard the
mosquitoes singing all night"
Dont you have a mosquito net
in the room?
"Forget a mosquito net, it doesnt
even have a roof and walls"
I slept on the railway platform.
- You must think of me at such times
I have a great place.
Its going cheap
But youll need to pay me
a commission for that
500 rupees.
- I will. But where is it?
Ill show you... do you have a wife?
- Wife?!
"You know Popat, the moneylender?
He lets out his room very cheap"
But only to married couples.
- Why?
Because his wifes an amazing dish.
Hes terribly suspicious about her
Where will I find a wife?
- Am I not here?
Youre crazy! If I tell Popat
that youre my wife...
What rubbish! What Im saying is
that Ill find you a wife
Ill charge extra commission for that.
- Are you a milkman...
or a commission agent?
- Im an all rounder
You indeed are a fast guy
Wheres the other lady?
- Shes taking a bath
Quickly take the milk.
Ive got work to do
"Youre the one I was waiting for, Bholu.
- What is the matter?"
"Thats my friend, Anjali.
Shes looking for a room"
Low rent. Will you find one?
- There is a room. Very cheap
But only for married couples
Are you married?
- No
She doesnt know anyone in town.
But Bholu knows everyone
"Bholu, Bholu the good boy...
- Thats enough"
Will you give me a commission?
- I will
"All right, Ill find a
fake-husband for her then"
So youre thinking of
leaving your house?
Strange games God plays.
Here I am...
waiting to quit the dingy hole Im
living in and settling in a palace
And you! Youre quitting
a readymade palace
If you had a father like mine...
youd have found my palace to be
smaller than your dingy hole
But what is the problem?
- Ever since Ive finished college...
Ive been begging for money
to start a business
"Whenever I talk about money, its
as if Ive stepped on his tail!"
"This is the limit!
- You have just one way, my friend"
Change your father.
- What?
"Woo a rich girl, get married and
become the heir to her fathers riches"
Youre poking fun at me?
- Im not kidding
"Ive even scored with a girl.
Teja, the garbage kings daughter"
"Youve heard of him, havent you?
Its his only daughter. Madhuri"
The garbage kings daughter and you?
Dont forget your status
Do you even have the money to buy
her a box to collect the garbage?
"I dont, but Radhesham Tiwari"s
son can buy even the garbage king..."
not just a garbage can.
- Tiwari? Owner of Anjali Industries?
"Right. Anjali Foods, Anjali Chemicals,
Anjali Pharmaceuticals..."
and several other Anjali"s
under my fathers belt
You told her that you are
Radhesham Tiwari"s son?
"Yes. Dont lose hope, my friend"
"The more thick-skinned you are in money
matters, the better it is for you"
Harass your father so much
with your demands...
hell give you something
some day or the other
"Dad, one last time. Are you giving
me the money or arent you?"
Youve been asking me for years
and I didnt give you anything
Here you are. Start whatever
business you want to with this
10 rupees! Youre poking fun at me?
- Hear that?
He thinks 10 rupees is too little!
My grandfather ran the family with it
My father arrived in this city
with just 10 rupees
And this is just what I got
in my dowry
"Ma, say something. Please.
- What will I say, my son?"
I asked him for a diamond necklace.
He didnt give that to me either
He sold the land in the village
yesterday. He got eight million
"Let alone taking a look, I didnt
even get to smell the money"
Hes put it all in the safe.
- Shout! Yell as much as you want to
Theres eight million
lying in the house...
"and you refuse to give me 750,000?
- I spend a lot of money..."
"in your education, boarding
and maintenance"
You arent getting a penny more
"Who will give me the money,
if not you, Papa?"
What will I do?
- Rob and steal
But dont ask me for the money.
- I cant take it anymore
"If you dont give me the money,
Im leaving this house"
"Sure, go away.
- Im leaving!"
Ive made enquiries. Radhesham Tiwari"s
bungalow in Pali Hill is lying vacant
Theres no one there
except a care-taker
"When the garbage king gets to know,
hell put you through a ringer!"
Ill marry Madhuri
before he does that
"Once the marriage has
taken place, itll all be over"
Hes the brides father.
The only daughter
What will he do? Hell have to
accept me as his son-in-law
Are you out of your mind?
"First tell me whats to be done
with my father, the villain"
Did you ask him for the money?
- Have I been talking in Hebrew?
Hes sitting on his money like a snake.
He wont give me a penny!
What did he have to say?
- He asks me to rob and steal
Hell fight my case for free.
- Nice idea
So rob and steal. Best business.
No capital required
What does he do for a living?
- With a tanpura around his neck...
he goes around singing.
- You mean hes a beggar!
"Ill have to live with a beggar?
- No beggar, a large-hearted man"
Here he comes
"Sorry, Im late"
- You!
So you know each other? Thats good.
There wont be any problem then
Im not staying with this thug!
You think Ill willingly
move in with a witch?
"You call me a witch?
- No, you are a witchs mother..."
"a grandmother, everything.
Youre from a family of witches!"
"Priya, lets go.
- Anjali..."
dont act like a child.
My roommate is arriving tomorrow
You must some how find a place!
Adjust with him for now...
"later, well find another place.
- Hey boss... listen to me"
"In Bombay, you got to pay
even to sleep on the pavements"
"And thats so dangerous. If someone
drives over, youre dead and gone"
"Bholu, she agrees.
- So does he"
"According to Popat"s condition, the two
of you must look like a married couple"
So heres the bridal necklace.
That will cost another 50 rupees
"Here, put it on her"
Hey! Im not letting any Tom Dick
or Harry put the necklace on me
Let me put it on you then
Shes waiting for a prince
to come along. Give it to her
One minute. Ill put it on her
"Popat-Seth, save my life!"
"Whats the matter, Waghmare?
- I caught a thief with 50,000 rupees"
"But Im diabetic, you see.
I went to take a leak..."
and the thief escaped with the money.
- How?
I have decided. Im not going to
trust a thief ever again
Thats right.
- You know what Inspector Rane says?
"He says I took 50,000 from the thief
and I helped him escape!"
Rane has gone an filed a First
Information Report against me!
Do you I think Im that sort of a man?
- This is the first time...
"Im hearing of something like this.
- If I dont keep 50,000..."
"on Rane"s table, Ill lose my job!
- No, Ill give you the money"
But Ill charge 10 per cent interest.
- Why 10 per cent?
Ill return all the money to you.
I swear!
Ill take all the money.
But my interest will be 10 per cent
10 per cent?
- Yes
"And youll have to pawn something too.
- Sure, Ive brought it"
The papers of my room
and the stamp papers
How often have I told you?
Go inside!
You see a stranger around
and you come running!
"Look, theyve arrived"
When did you get married?
- Very recently
"And you said...
- Its quite some time, really"
"You dont eat non-veg food, do you?
- No"
"You wont leave each other
and run away, will you?"
"Are you in a cattle market, sir?
Why worry about such detail?"
"Let me make it clear.
Shes the wife, hes the husband"
"Give them the keys, and the
commission to me. You get that?"
"Youve brought the advance?
- Sure, here it is"
All right. You can stay here
from today itself
"Dulari, show them to their room"
"Murder of an elderly couple
for money. Servant arrested"
See this? When I asked you to do all
the chores and not employ servants...
what did you say to me?
That Im a miser
But look at what you get when
you employ servants!
Youll sleep at home
and wake up in hell!
"Oh yes, nice heaven
Im living with you in"
"Jeetu, my son!
Youve come back!"
"The way you left, I thought youd
never look back at this house again"
Well? You went broke and
missed the free food?
Have a couple of morsels if you wish.
But youre not getting a penny!
"Daddy, Im here to seek your
blessings and sweeten your tongue"
Ive started a new business.
- Really? What business?
"Electronics, Mother. DVD players,
CD players... its a big showroom"
"It mustve taken a lot of investment?
- I invested 750,000..."
and the bank financed me
with the rest of the 6 million
"750,000 rupees?
Where did you get the money?"
"You are the one who showed me
the right path, daddy"
What path did I show you?
- You asked me to rob and steal
So I did
I got to know that there was
a lot of money in a house
I went there in the dead of the night.
The husband and wife were fast asleep
"I took the key from under the pillow,
took the money from the safe..."
and kept the keys back!
- They mustve called the cops by now!
They dont even know as yet.
But now theyll discover
"But which house did you rob, son?
- This one, Papa"
its the money you got from selling
the land? Thats the one I stole
So you robbed your father!
Snake in the grass!
"When I asked him for it, he didnt
give it to me. He asked me to steal"
Now how could a son
disobey his father?
It was unaccounted money anyway.
Let the cops arrive
Ill tell them everything and the
two of us will go to jail together
Tell me the truth.
Is he really my son?
Im convinced now!
Hes truly your son!
My darling son...
my good boy arent you?
"Return Papa"s money, my son!
- Thats not possible"
Are you sure?
- Sure
Get out of this house then!
- Thats what I came for
Lord! Protect my son!
Im told that this house is
to be sublet. Is it true?
Not true.
- Who are you?
You walk into my house
and ask me who I am?
"There was this chap, Pandu...
who used to dust and swab the floor"
Isnt he there?
- What work is it?
Its in his own interests.
Hed have made an extra buck
"But if hes not here,
I must leave"
Sir! Sir!
Im Pandu!
Cant you believe me...?
Here you are!
So this is the real movie!
That was only a trailer?
"Pandu"s mysterious ways, sir.
Come on in, sir... welcome"
"This way, please..."
As Lord Krishna says...
how about a small drink?
- Ill have one
Without any soda or water?
- No
Nothing at all?
- No
The boss has kept
the liquor for guests
But the guests will come
only when the boss is here
I didnt want the booze to get spoilt.
I kept taking small drinks...
"and pouring in small amounts of water.
And now, theres just water in it!"
"Pandu, youre a very smart man.
- Not at all, sir"
"The moment I saw you, I knew
I had met a thief in you"
All I wanted to say to you
was that I was as good as you are
You mentioned something about money
"You live here all alone, dont you?
- Yes..."
the boss hasnt even looked
at this place for years
"Despite being such a rich man,
he lives like a villager"
The lawyers and the managers carry
the accounts to him in the village
"To pay me a salary, he has maintained
such a big house in the city!"
If you could get some cream
apart from this salary...
what do you think about it?
- Great idea
"In that case, Radhesham Tiwari"s son
is living here from tomorrow"
First class!
"Sheru, is your information accurate?"
"Absolutely certain, Garbage King...
I mean, Teja-bhai"
Whos he?
- Its Radhesham Tiwari"s son
Is it the Radhesham Tiwari of the
multi-million Anjali Industries?
- He said, hell marry you?"
"Tell me the truth.
Else, Ill kill you!"
Hes been wanting to meet you
I swear it on the scales!
Youre really my little girl!
I knew youd find a gem
even in the garbage!
Hey! Get out!
- This is my bed!
Your bed? I pay half the
rent of this house!
Does the other half
land from the skies?
All right. Lets draw lots
with your name and mine
"Whichever name the chit comes up
with, gets the bed. Okay?"
All right. Go ahead
One moment. Ill pick it.
- All right. As you wish you
Anjali! Now move...
Go away
What are you staring for?
Go away
Get up... what are you up to?
- What?
Cant you sleep quietly?
- When I lie on the floor...
the cold gets to my bones
and I start snoring. Like this
its more like an explosion!
I need quiet when I sleep!
So go and sleep on the roof!
I cant sleep quietly on the floor
"All right, go and rot in the bed"
"I need peace, not a bed
to sleep on! Go on!"
The garbage!
Wash your eyes!
- Its the garbage king!
Remember what I told you? You wont get
a penny if you mess up. Hurry up now!
"Hello, sir, hello"
Mr. Anil...?
- Hes on the phone
Dont keep calling me
for 15 or 20 million
Take it from the drawer
in my office
What happened about the car?
The Ferrari? No way
its become very common nowadays.
Sachin has one too
"I want a Rolls Royce.
Three, in fact"
"One for me, one for my daddy..."
and I want to donate one
to my future father-in-law
Im Teja-bhai.
- Who?
The garbage...
- Garbage! Sorry...
theres no garbage here. Go away.
- Im Madhuri"s father
"Father-in-law! Im sorry,
I did not recognize you"
"its okay, youll get to know me.
My daughter has told me everything"
What a gem my daughter has found!
Youll make a great couple!
So when do we have the marriage?
- As early as possible...
But well have to tell
your parents. Wont we?
Thats the problem
My parents want me to marry into
a family of big industrialists
Theyve even taken my birth chart.
But Ive told them in plain terms
"If theres anyone Ill marry,
its Madhuri!"
Thats for sure.
- So what are we to do?
"Get married, at the earliest. Thats it.
- And how about your daddy?"
"Once were married, what will
he be able to do about it?"
"Even if he does, my boss still has
500 million to his name"
Till the marriage they all act funny.
They accept everything later
"In your shoes, this is just
what Id have done, son"
Thats why Ive taken the risk.
Of getting married
So lets have the engagement tomorrow.
You can exchange rings
Well find a nice day
and have you married
But dont say a word to your Papa
before all this happens
"Come, lets sweeten our tongues.
- Yes, lets go"
Only after everything is over
will they get to know the truth
Mr. Sahay from the city is here.
- All right
Tell Ramdin to keep the calf
away from the cow
"It drinks up all the milk.
- Very well, madam"
- Lovely voice
You never said that to me earlier
"Not you, my dear woman...
Im talking about Ustad Aamir Khan."
Will you shut him up now?
There are guests waiting for you
How can you say such things
about a luminary like him?
Ive started businesses in your
name all over the world...
and you wont use your brains at all?
Do you have something in your brains?
Or are you bankrupt already?
Enough of your songs. Chandrakant
and Renuka are waiting for you
You ought to have told me!
You just keep talking any nonsense
"Anjali, you are simply
taking the trouble"
No trouble. Youre more a friend
than an AIDS virus
"Not AIDS virus, Anjali.
Shes an advisor"
Call her a legal advisor!
- Its the same thing
Is it really? You cant tell
a bear from a potato!
"In there, I was talking about Aamir
Khan. You must know about him?"
Aamir Khan? Who hasnt heard of him?
Im a huge fan of his
See? Now this is
a well-informed man
"As for her, the cattle, the fodder
and the cow dung... thats her world"
"It isnt her fault, actually.
Its your mistake"
You didnt expose her
to the city at all
How will she know about the world
in the confines of the four walls?
"Thats not the case, sister-in-law.
- Thats how it is"
Why did you send your son
and daughter to London?
I was born in the city and
I will stay here till I die
But its different with the children.
Theyve got to keep up with the world...
"move ahead in life, so...
- I hope you dont have to..."
go through what happened
Anandilal Kitpitia did
"What happened?
- Like you, Anandilal Kitpitia..."
sent his sons to London. To study.
The old couple lived in the village
"The children went on
to become very modern, hi-fi..."
and the old couple were
still raw villagers
When the children returned
from abroad...
they couldnt adjust themselves
to the local conditions
They were ashamed of their parents.
Forget living together...
they werent even willing to
call them Mummy and Daddy
And one day the children screamed
You bloody Indians and went away
The children never looked at
their parents again
They kept yearning till they died.
- God!
"If my children treat me like that,
its going to kill me!"
Ive told him so often
to move to the city...
"to learn the way of life there.
Lets go to the city, please"
"Even if its only for a month.
- All right, dont be stubborn"
Anandilal Katpitia...
- Ill think about it
Give me the papers.
- Here are all the reports
Ill bring the case papers
of Anjali Chemicals next week
We must leave now.
- Very well
Do call me if you meet Aamir Khan.
I want a photograph taken with him
But hes dead.
- Hows that possible?
"I saw "Lagaan" only recently.
- "Lagaan"?"
Ive been... its Ustad Aamir...
have you ever heard him?
Lets go. We might miss the bus!
You are all alike!
Lagaan! What Lagaan?
Saved! The ceremony is over!
- What are you saying?
"I say, its nice"
Ten days later is an auspicious date.
Well have the wedding on that day
Im the one whos eating this paratha.
So you neednt laugh
I dont need your permission to laugh!
- Those who laugh belong in a loony bin!
And broken parathas
belong in the garbage bin!
My parathas are neither burnt
nor broken. Ill eat all I want
Is someone there?
"The man and wife have left the lights
and fans on, to have a honeymoon!"
How are you...?
Is everything all right?
Any problem?
What aroma is that? Whats cooking?
"When we were just married,
Dulari made some for me too"
Her mother died the
moment she ate one
"Ever since, potato-pancakes have
been a no-no in my house"
My wife makes nice ones.
Will you have some?
"Would you like one?
- No, youll be left hungry"
"Oh no, have some!
- I hope your wife doesnt mind?"
"Do you mind, lady?
- Oh no, not at all"
See? Bring it up. Quick!
"Hurry up, darling! Were hungry"
Whats one going to do...?
One moment. Theres more
"Not burnt, not broken..."
steaming hot pancakes!
Here you are!
For you and your wife.
- Some chutney...?
"Sure, there is"
Take it all away.
Well take the bowl later
- We dont have any
"Even if its in pieces and burnt,
I can eat to my hearts content"
Ill fix you!
Here you are!
And I went mad looking for you!
"In the bank, in the bar...
- Youll have your money"
Let the marriage take place first.
- No marriage!
Only destruction!
- Are you already drunk in the day?
"Ive only drunk, but when he arrives
tomorrow, Ill be buried!"
What rubbish! Whos arriving?
- Your father Radhesham Tiwari
Hes arriving with his wife!
- What am I going to do?
"Go underground. Quit the city.
If possible, quit the world!"
"Right now, go away from here!
- What are you telling me?"
"That old man cant do without cows,
buffaloes, fodder and the works"
"Hell stay in the city
for a week, at the most"
So disappear for a week!
- Thats an expensive proposition
"Living in style, Im already
deep in debt"
Pawn the ring garbage gave you and
check into a cheap lodge
its only for a week!
Isnt that right?
Of course its right!
What? Youre going away to London?
For a week?
Whats the hurry?
"For business? To make money?
Of course, you must go ahead"
Take care of yourself
in the aircraft
"Dont thrust your arm outside
the window. Yes, Ill tell Madhuri..."
go ahead and make money.
Master is here!
- So this is our Pandu?
"How have you been, Pandu?
- Your blessings, sir"
- Welcome, sir"
"Whats happening here?
- This is our manager, Mr. KC Shukla"
"This is your first visit to our city,
so this is a small welcome"
"You must be tired, sir.
Well leave now"
What for? I want to get to know
all of you
"Please come in, all of you"
"Where are you going, Pandu?
Go and fetch the luggage"
For a week or two... how much
luggage must he be carrying?
Who told you?
- So?
Sirs going to live here now.
What happened?
Fetch the luggage
"God, nice way youve found
of snatching my livelihood"
The things he did so
he could sleep on the bed!
He now sits quietly!
But at least I can sleep in peace
Not a drop of water here
"Let me tell you
what I must today..."
let your heart remain with me
"Let me tell you
what I must today..."
let my heart remain with me
"My eyes are glued
to your face..."
"to your face,
Ive lost my heart"
You are the one...
who lives in my heart
Pining torments me...
I feel scared
"Your sweet words might yet
cast a spell on me"
"Let me bear
the sweet pain of love..."
let your heart remain with me
"Let me tell you
what I must today..."
let my heart remain with you
Let my heart remain with you
Lay off!
Im being forced to live with you!
I know youre not a decent man...
but I thought you had some manners.
You have proved me wrong!
Dont even talk to me again!
Dont ever talk to me!
Stop it! Is that the beat?
Or are you killing flies?
Dont do something you cant!
- So why are you doing it?
Shut up!
- I was following you with the beat
Dont follow me.
Accompany me with the beat
"Get it? If tune is the mother,
the rhythm is the father"
One who doesnt get it
is good for nothing
The bell.
- The doors over there
Want me to send you packing?
- I forgot!
Whom do you wish to see?
The mistress!
"Who are you, sister?
- Its me!"
"Who are you, sister?
- Radhesham Tiwari"s..."
"Shut up! Who are you, sister?
- Im Mrs. Anjali Tiwari"
Im glad your name hasnt changed
Ive made Anjali a member
of the Wild Forest
"The forest?
- No, its a club. A social club"
"Now that were here, we must
learn the ways of this city"
The women in this city arent
lizards on the walls
They do a lot of social work.
- Whats surprising is that...
everyone there knew Anjali beforehand.
- Is it?
"The moment we stepped in,
everyone shook hands and said..."
Thats when I realized what a huge
business empire were running
Whats more? He too recognized me
and shook hands with me!
Who was the unfortunate man?
Shah Rukh.
- Hungry who?
Shah Rukh. The Khan.
All the film stars come there.
- We must live in style now
No style for me.
- Bring a bat into the house...
itll still hang from a tree
when it goes to sleep!
"Pandu, you get no salary next month.
- Its a saying, sir!"
"The saying is, bathe as much as the
crow wishes to, it cant become a swan!"
Thats true!
- Ill bathe and get ready
Weve got to go to the dance class.
- Dance class? At this age?
Youll sprain your waist!
Let it be
its an English dance.
Like this!
A new way of sweeping the floor?
- See?
He starts a fight whenever
I want to do something nice
Thats the only difference
between marriage and war
"In a marriage, you get to
sleep with the enemy"
Anjali darling... mercy!
Whats happening here?
- The English dance
"If you jump around at this age and
something happens, Ill have to pay up"
"Nothings happening to me.
- Im talking about the tiles, not you"
Quiet! High society women
dance every day...
"to keep their bodies fit.
I suggest, you dance too"
- Yes. Dont we live in Mumbai?
We must learn to live in style.
Look at your managers and officers
They live in such style.
You are their employer...
and yet you go around half naked!
Dont you feel ashamed?
I wear what clothes are
necessary to cover my body
And look at your body!
Its sagging
"Take a walk every morning.
Buy a dog, to throw your weight around"
You can take a walk with me then.
- You just wont take me seriously
Ive wasted a lot of years in
the village with cattle and fodder
I cant take all that now.
Just watch what Anjali does now
I can see it all! Your obsession
with western culture has begun...
I wonder where it will end!
"Radhesham Tiwari"s from
your village, isnt he?"
- The owner of Anjali Industries?
"Oh yes, hes from my village.
- Im told hes in the city nowadays"
Go and meet him. Since you and he
are from the same village...
"out of sentiment, he
might give you a job"
- Give it a try
You and his company
share the same name
Maybe that will make him happy
and hell give you a job
The third time he has
stopped singing!
This thing has stalled
for the third time!
The old one was good enough.
But you still bought a new system
Youve changed too.
So why not the CD-player?
"If you find a new woman,
will you throw me out?"
"Ill do that, if the need arises.
- Just you try"
Ill show you.
Im the mother of two children
And people still say
I look like your daughter
Be thankful they dont think
Im your grandfather
Stop joking and bring a new woman!
Itll become like your CD player!
Itll break down!
- Whats the number of this store?
- Praise the Lord
This is Radhesham Tiwari speaking
Youve sold me a qawwali
in the name of a Thumri?
"In just a day, its broken down.
Colds, dysentery..."
"You must see a doctor, sir.
This is the Videocon Gallery"
Im talking about the CD-player...
the nuisance you sent to me
No sorry. Pick up this trash
and get going immediately
And send me a new one immediately
"No, no, sir. Ill come
and personally check it"
Who you?
- Anjali...
"Anjali, yes...
what work do you have?"
I wish to meet Mr. Radhesham.
- Well? Whats the good news?
For a job.
- We have a flourishing business
He doesnt need a job.
- No...
Im the one who wants a job.
Take a look at my certificates
All right. The masters very
busy right now. Come later
- I told you! Go!
I think I must wait a while
"If I get to meet Mr. Radhesham,
my work will be done"
Must be his daughter
Know where the CD-player is?
Im here to repair it
"But Im not a mechanic.
I own a store, Ive got to check it"
Must be in there
What airs! Spoilt brat!
"Hey, roving eyes... over here.
- Jeetendra from Videocon"
Over there
The bodys lying here.
Take it away in a bier
Take it away.
- Ill take a look. Two minutes
"No need to take a look.
I told you, its dead"
"Two minutes, Ill check.
- No need to check. Dont touch that"
"It must be minor problem, sir.
Let me at least check it!"
Pick up the box and get going.
At once!
"Not to worry, sir. Ill send a
salesman and have it replaced"
"No, I want my money back!"
I dont want any replacement.
I want my money back!
He has left? One cant trust
these city-guys at all!
- Greetings. You...?
I wanted to meet you. But madam
told me that youre very busy
Shes a liar. Im always free.
What is it?
Ive come here looking for a job.
Here are my certificates
Wow! Youve done M.A. And B.A.
Classical music too! Wow!
"Havent you done your SSC?
- Of course, I have"
I was only kidding
What sort of a job are you looking for?
- Anything will do
All we need is a security guard
"And theres no need for an M.A.
Or a B.A. For that, is there?"
Lets clap
"Girl, you havent left?
- I..."
You keep out of this!
- Sir...
He will talk any nonsense.
You get going
"Go away, I say!
- What are you doing?"
Is that the way you
talk to guests?
"Have you forgotten your manners?
- I know my manners, mind you"
The poor girl...
- Poor girl?
"So give her half your wealth!
- Sure, I will!"
I wont ask you!
- I know whats on your mind!
But Im the Pandey family too.
I brought three cars full of gold
Return it to me with interest
and do what you want to!
"In any case, I fed your guests and
took the vows to become your wife!"
God! This wife sure is a curse!
She drove the poor girl away
Why did you take the trouble?
I told Mr. Radhesham to phone me...
Id have the CD-player changed.
- But Ive come here for a job
"You issued an ad, didnt you?
- Sorry... I dont understand"
I want this job
The job? What are you talking about?
I need it very badly
Wheres the need for Radhesham
Tiwari"s daughter to take up a job?
Looks like there is
a misunderstanding...
"I get it. I am an individual,
I have an identity of my own". Right?"
Thats a nice thing. Ive seen girls
with that attitude of late
"Even if their father is a millionaire,
to prove your worth..."
"youll work at pizza joints,
cafes and other places"
"Ill give you the job, if you wish.
But what will I be able to pay you?"
Whats 5000 rupees for you?
- 5000?
I know its little.
But this business...
Oh my God! I havent
even offered you a seat
"Come to my office, please"
"If you speak the truth, youll blow
this last opportunity youve got"
I agree to work at 5000 rupees
Your name...?
- Anjali
Anjali! So daddy has named
his business after his daughter
Jeetu. Call me Jeetu.
- But...
"Were going to be friends, okay?"
"Stop playing with water and
get on with the work, Pandu"
"Look, our new puppy.
- Wow!"
"Where are you going with the hippo?
- No hippo, its my doggie"
And Im asking the dog where
its going with the hippo?
"Shut up! Because Im your wife,
you cant talk any nonsense!"
Youre always acting proud
like a peacock
"But dont forget. When the peacock
loses its feathers, its naked!"
"Lets go, puppy.
- You can laugh all you want to"
The things that happen
in this house!
You? Here?
- Hasnt Anil returned?
The lodge... hell return
after a week from London
You can come after a week.
- Let me meet Mr. Tiwari then
Were going to be relatives soon.
And we have to meet some day
Hes not in right now.
- Where has he gone?
To the market.
- He? To the market?
The temple! To offer namaz!
- Namaz at the temple?
No... to chant the Lords name.
- All right. Ill wait here
"Thats no good. After the prayer,
hell take a bath"
Wont be come home for a bath?
- Yes... no!
"Hell bathe at the temple.
He has sworn it, you see"
"Theres a well at the temple.
- He wont drown in it, will he?"
"He will come home, right?
- Yes, tomorrow!"
Ill come tomorrow then.
- Sure?
Why are you crying?
- Tears of happiness
Theres going to be love
between the two of you
Ill come tomorrow
Didnt this garbage bin find
another time to spring here?
"Pandu, youd rather vamoose.
Or youre going to be dead"
- God
Someone from my village
was here to inform me
"Master, can you give me 5000 rupees?
Ill work and repay it"
Of course.
Ill give you the money
Take a train and go to
the village immediately
Or youll land in trouble
Trouble will break out even after
Ive left for the village
"Lord Ganesh, dont think Im flattering
You, but You can very well do it"
That girl Anjali...
make her fall for me
"Shes Tiwari"s only daughter. If she
falls for me, itll be a huge lottery"
An order from Hotel New Horizon.
They want 50 sets of Videocon TV
its 6 p.m.
Let me drop you home
No... Ill take a bus
Ive got a car.
Why must you take a bus?
Cmon... dont think too much
What happened?
- Nothing
"How can I go away,
until you go inside?"
Why not?
- I can see you then
"A coke, please"
"Some chips, please"
"Mister, watch the movie ahead.
Not here"
Im not an enemy...
why have you driven me crazy?
Im a friend...
"so whyve you
stolen my heart?"
"I was out one day,
straying from the path..."
"when colorful roses
of love blossomed"
"All distances were finished.
We began to get closer"
"Such was our state,
we began to breathe faster"
"Im not among
your assassins..."
"so whyve you thrust me
among those that live?"
Im a friend...
"so whyve you
stolen my heart?"
"Ive lost my heart,
although it all began as a joke"
"Ive forgotten the world
to lose myself in your love"
"I wonder how I will
tell you about my love..."
"how will I profess
my love to you?"
I live in your heart...
"so why have you given
my heart a sweet pain?"
"Im the beautiful moonlight
everyone covets..."
"God alone knows
who I was born for"
"My desire is
a writing on the wall"
"So there will be victory
and defeat in this game of love"
I rock in your arms...
"yet, why do you accuse me?"
Im not an enemy...
Im a friend...
"so whyve you
driven me crazy?"
"Whyve you
stolen my heart?"
Cant you sit without
clinging to the girl?
Cant you sit without
clinging to her?
Is she your sister?
- Shes my wife!
So what are you going to do?
"What wife, son? Your beard says
it all. You werent married ever"
You baldie!
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you to ask me?
- Forget me. Who are you?
Who are you?
"Whoever you guys are, Ive bought
a ticket to sleep in peace"
Not to watch the movie!
Go outside and fight!
Where will I get a rampuri?
- I dont know
"Bhelpuri, paani-puri, you get there.
- Im talking about a knife!"
"Where will I get one?
- Dont do anything rash, boss"
"Ive decided. If I see him with
Anjali again, Im going to kill him"
"Either he lives, or I...
- Master, master... hes her boss"
She has only respect for him.
Shes not in love with him
How do you know?
- I see them everyday in a restaurant
Which restaurant?
He escaped
"But if he looks at you again,
hes going to walk on his hands"
He doesnt know what
stuff Im made of
"Forget it. There you go again.
- No, Anjali"
I cant tolerate anyone teasing you.
Ill kill him!
Now look... Jeetu...
"Why? What happened?
- Lets go, please"
What is it?
- What is it?
Whats biting you?
- Whats biting you?
"Whats biting you, tell me?
- You tell me whats biting you"
How did you get here?
- Walking. Whats it to you?
Walking? Youll run away now!
Whyve you standing between us?
"Why? You own the place?
- Yes, this is my fathers pad. So?"
"Its my grandfathers pad, so?
- You got the nerve, eh?"
"You got it? Want me to show?
- All right, you show it"
Try and touch me.
- You try and touch me
Dont use my lines!
- You dont use my lines
Go away...
- Want me to show you?
Ill show it to you.
- Go on... get lost
Want me to show you?
- Let me see!
Coward! You dont have the spine!
Paper-tigers. They wont
even touch each other
You dont know me.
- Who are you?
Ive seen so many like you!
Go away!
Come here and talk to me!
Here I am! What do you want to say?
- What is it...? What?
Im not scared of you!
Im going to catch them today!
God Almighty!
Whyve you crying?
Whyve you hollering away?
Whats wrong?
You ask me whats happened?
What a thick-skinned man! Disgusting!
"Despite what you did,
you proudly stand before me!"
Arent you ashamed?
- Am I a virgin bride...
to feel shy without reason?
Tell me clearly what has happened
So you want to hear it
from my mouth?
Is someone else around?
- Not the values Ive imbibed...
to utter disgusting things!
Im from the Pandey family
Keep crying!
What were you doing with
that girl in the shrubs?
Girl? What girl?
I was looking for my cane.
Without your dhoti?
You look so innocent!
Butter wouldnt melt in your mouth!
"Tell me, who is that girl?
I dont wear glasses like you!"
Tell me. For how long has this game
of hide n seek been going on?
You drive the girl away
the moment you see me!
How can you even think of
something so filthy?
You can very well do it!
And I cant even think of it!
I have done nothing!
Even if I have...
its a great thing Ive done!
- You havent bought me...
to expect me to watch the fun!
- So go away! Right now!
"All right, Ill go away.
But first return to me..."
"the 3 cars full of gold I brought
in dowry, along with interest"
Ill go away after that...
Till then...
I wont let you have a ball!
- Shut up!
"Whats up, master? Did the girl
say something nasty to you?"
"One thing is clear, Bholu.
Shes in love with her boss"
Not someone crazy like me
Im glad my craziness
has been of help
How else could I have
made the world see reason?
Youre getting disheartened
for no rhyme or reason
"Shes in love with you,
but she wont tell you"
She wants to make you feel jealous.
- What sort of love is that?
"This game of love, you know"
About swimming across oceans
of fire and all that crap
Take my advise.
Fall in love with another girl
Want me to knock your teeth out?
- Dont jump the gun
Pretend to love someone else.
Like youre burning in envy...
"she too will burn,
if she really loves you"
Shell come running to you.
Take it from me in writing
Ive had it!
"Jeetu, my mothers here"
"If she sees me here,
all hell will break loose"
I said I was going to a computer class.
- Why?
Because I havent told my parents
Ive taken up a job here
"If she sees me...
- I get it, I get it"
"Stay here, Ill handle her"
Hello... welcome!
Wow! You look beautiful!
New sari!
New pair of shoes!
What can I do for you?
- Give me some music cassettes
"Music I can dance to.
- Sure, what do you want?"
"No, I want only Western music!
A childhood habit, you see"
Know what? Ill make a nice collection
and send it to your house
I hope you know my address?
- Who doesnt?
Remember to send it across.
Please dont forget
Has she left?
- Has she?
Phew! Saved!
"Jeetu, I got to leave early today.
- Why?"
Tomorrows my birthday
Arent you inviting your
boss to the party?
"No, theres no party. Actually,
Ive got to out shopping"
"Lets go. Ill accompany you.
- No, Im expecting a friend"
You dont want to invite me
to your birthday party...
but Im going to give you
a surprise surely
"Priya, Priya, Priya..."
My dear!
"I went crazy about you,
the moment I saw you"
"I know, there are
obstacles in our path"
"But rivers and streams
do flow down the mountains"
"Like we have to
unite some day"
"You mean the life to me.
I love you more than my life"
You are dearest to my heart
"If shes jealous, shes in!
If shes in, Ive scored!"
"Did you write this?
- Yes, but..."
- Im here to wish the birthday girl
Fat roses! Who told you
todays the birthday?
You are a very special customer.
And we maintain records
But theres a mistake in your records.
- Really?
The birthdays tomorrow. Not today
But I was told its today.
- Who told you?
"Thats what I heard.
- All right, all right"
"Do come again tomorrow,
like youve come today"
"You must. The first flowers
have been given by you, you see?"
Thats all right
He has brought roses?
And a letter?
"My dear Anjali. These roses
are a token of my love"
"Roses arrive today,
to be followed by the bee"
Im the one hes
going to sting first
How was it?
- What?
"My bouquet, of course.
- Bouquet?"
I gave it in your mummys hands.
Didnt she give it to you?
"I see, that one?
It was very nice"
Did you read the note
I left in the bouquet?
"The note...?
Yes, I did"
What did it say?
- Well...
"dont you know?
- No, I mean..."
"did you like it?
- Yes, of course. Very much"
"So you dont mind any word
Ive written, do you?"
Mind? Why would I mind?
So why did you lie to me?
- Lie?
"That yesterday was your birthday?
- Actually, Jeetu..."
You didnt want to invite me
to the party
Thats not true.
There was no party at all
"I know, because the partys
tomorrow and so is your birthday"
Your mummy has invited me
"So youre coming tomorrow?
- I wont, if you dont want me to"
You must! Why mustnt you?
At what time did she say?
"At 7, she said.
- I see"
Know what? Come at 9.
- Why?
The time has changed a bit
Ill be there at 9.
- All right
"If Jeetu had arrived before the cake
was cut, Id have been exposed"
Whyve you standing outside?
- Actually...
Im waiting for some friends of mine.
They dont have the proper address
Know what? Go in there
and enjoy the party
Ill join you as soon
as my friends arrive
Of course! Ill join you
in a few minutes
Hes the same boy!
Dad! Ive had it!
Hes hiding from me!
So I was right
"This boys having an affair
with Anjali, Im sure"
Youve got your peace...
"all Ive got
is my craziness"
Youve come to your senses...
and Im still in a daze
"But youre the one
my heart still loves"
Youve got your peace...
"all Ive got
is my craziness"
Youve come to your senses...
and Im still in a daze
"But youre the one
my heart still loves"
How am I going to placate it?
"My heart is crazy,
it wont relent"
How will I tell my heart...?
"It does not know
what love is all about"
"Im obsessed with you...
and you dont even realize it"
"You got all the hospitality,
I was treated with indifference"
"Youve got back to your senses,
Im still in a daze"
"Youre the one
my heart loves"
"Heres someone who could
die for her love..."
"and theres someone whos
unfaithful in love"
"What pain these distances give...
only in separation will we know"
"Ever since I have seen you,
Ive gone crazy"
Youve got your sleep...
I got only helplessness
Youve come to your senses...
and Im still in a daze
"But youre the one
my heart still loves"
Youve got your peace...
"all Ive got
is my craziness"
Youve come to your senses...
and Im still in a daze
You dare call that boy
to the party?
You invited that witch too.
- Which one?
The one your eyes were glued to
at the party!
Wow! Thats a wolf
in sheeps clothing!
I can understand it from the way
your feet were moving and...
the way your anklets were chiming.
Now that youre exposed...
you accuse me and find the excuse of
having fun with that young boy?
The pot calling the kettle black!
"I caught you in the shrubs,
so you cast mud at me..."
and try to save yourself?
Listen carefully!
Im not letting your scheme work!
Ive had enough of your farce!
You take me for a fool?
You think Im an idiot?
Just let me tell you!
I know how it is!
Its not going to work for long!
- All right
Give me the gold I brought with
interest. Ill go back!
Go back! How about the expensive saris
Ive given your horrible body?
Whos paying for the goodies you
helped yourself to over the years?
I cooked for you all day and night!
My work pays for it all!
You paint the town red with strangers
and talk back at me!
"The scores are leveled!
If you can do it, so can I!"
"Will you do it...? Will you?
- Yes, I will too!"
So will I!
- Go ahead and do it!
Whos stopping you? Just stop
interfering in my affairs!
You mustnt interfere either!
- I wont!
- Hello
Im Teja-bhai.
- Please come in
I havent recognized you.
- Im your sons father-in-law
I dont get it.
- I wont beat around the bush...
and confuse you.
Ill come the point
Dont let your B.P. Get out of hand
when you listen to it
Thats what I say.
Come straight to the point
My daughter has decided
to marry your son
One moment. Your daughter has
decided to marry my son
- Right
So what can I do? Tell your daughter
to change her mind
"No, you dont understand"
The two of them have got together
and taken this decision
Theyve got engaged.
Theyve even exchanged rings
What is he talking about?
- It cant be our son
Because our son is not here.
- I know
Your son is in London.
- Right
But your son was here.
- When did he go back?
"After the engagement, he went away.
On business"
Ive sent my son to London for
further studies. Not business
"Now look, mister.
Whats happened is in the past"
Lets peacefully and amicably
sort it out
"It cant be sorted out, Teja-bhai.
My son will marry the girl I want him to"
"You mean, whatever has happened...
- What has happened?"
"Theyve just exchanged rings, right?
They havent got married yet"
Hell throw the ring away.
End of the story
How will he take off the ring?
My daughter isnt an empty bottle
whose label he can change at will
Dont talk too much!
From the look of you...
I can tell how your daughter must be.
- Does she also sport a moustache?
"Radhesham Tiwari! If youre
a big man, I dont care!"
You dont know Teja!
I come from a family of killers
There wasnt a day when my fathers
knife did not taste blood!
His father was a butcher?
- You are insulting me!
"Youre still here?
Shameless man, go away"
Ill go away!
But I will surely come back!
- What?
"Im talking to her, not you"
"I suggest we call our son down here.
- Yes, call him here"
And see whether he obeys to you or me.
- Wont you go away?
Im leaving. Dont yell as if
youre fighting the elections!
Could there be some truth
in the rubbish he just spoke?
Not at all. Hes just a fool
Do you really think so?
- No
Know what? Well telephone him
and call him over
Ive got to know the truth.
- What?
That Anjali and you are
not man and wife
- Ive heard the bickering...
that goes on between the two of you.
How would you know how happy I am...
to learn the truth?
- We do keep fighting...
but we are really man and wife.
- I know everything. Look at this
"Miss Anjali Does anyone address
a married woman as "Miss"?"
"Ever since you wrote that
letter to me, I understood..."
you would really marry me.
You will free me from Popat"s cage!
Marry you?
What if Popat gets to know?
- To hell with the old fossil!
Anjali"s coming
Youre the one I was waiting for.
Theres a letter for you
"I thought Id give it to you.
- Okay, I get it"
So this is the extent he has gone to!
But why must I care?
Mother has written to me
from the village
The landlords son will arrive.
Hell marry me and take me away
Well live in marital bliss
"My dear Anjali, Im sending Raja
to you by tomorrows train"
"Youll get to know each other better,
if he stays with you for a few days"
"Hes the one
youre going to marry anyway"
"Dont forget, were alive today
because his family has helped us"
"You will never disobey your mother.
You will agree to the wedding"
"Im sending you a photograph of Raja.
Hes no longer like he was..."
"he has changed a lot. He has shaved
his beard, he now looks like a prince"
Youll be stunned
"My prince will come to marry me
and Ill dance in joy"
Another villain...?
Who the hell is he?
- Whoever
Hell marry Anjali and even
drive me out of the house
I have an idea.
- What?
Lets scare him and
force him to return
Hes the one.
- So go and scare him!
"No, not here. Its a crowded place"
"Once I scare him, he wont
step in Mumbai again. Come on"
Whats he up to...?
Has he gone mad?
"Hes cleaning something.
The shoe or the pole, I cant say"
Hes stuck to it!
- He must be electrocuted!
Go and save him!
- Are you crazy? Youll die too
"Find a stick.
One blow, and hell be separated"
Is that why they tried to kill me?
"Yes. I brought you here,
because I liked you"
Anjali isnt as innocent
as you think
Shes having a terrific
scene with someone
- The one who...
Hes a very dangerous man.
Have you heard of Chhota Chetan?
I saw the movie. In 3-D.
- Not that
Hes from the underworld.
Even the cops are terrified of him
"He has committed 40 murders,
but he still hasnt been caught"
He uses a new knife for every killing.
I saw him with a new one yesterday
Maybe its meant for you.
- So why did Anjali"s Ma send me here?
They plan to bring you to the city
to bump you off
Even if Anjali marries Chhota
Chetan after your death...
"her family has nothing to lose.
- No, that cant be true"
"Whether you believe it or not,
your body will believe me"
Is Raja here?
- Go to sleep Raja!
Is there anyone here
answering to the name Raja?
Im going to finish him!
Hes hiding somewhere around
My men have just broken
a few of his limbs
Hes my 50th victim. Im having
a grand party after killing him
Ill finish him if he comes here.
Tell him I was here
Did you see...?
- How would I? You covered my face!
"Why did you lie? You say he has
committed 40 murders, he says 50!"
"Whatever! He has committed
the murders, not me"
Now get the hell out of here.
- How far is the railway station?
Ive got catch a train back home.
- No point in venturing out
Theres a strike in the railways.
Cant say when itll end
So what am I to do?
- Hide somewhere here
Chhota Chetan and his men will
look for you all over Mumbai
So hide under an assumed name.
- But where will I hide?
Find a cheap lodge near the railway
station. Hole up in one of them
Catch the first train out
as soon as the strike is over
"Else, Ill have to mail
your body to your village"
"Believe me, or go to hell"
"Welcome! Welcome, Teja-bhai"
Hey sonny... come here.
Let me show you something
This is my son.
- This...?
Recognize him?
- No
No? And he says hes
your father-in-law!
Ask him!
Have I married your daughter?
- No
Have I promised to marry her?
- No
Tell me something...
are you weak in the head?
- So why did you kick up a fuss...
that he had promised to marry her?
Why did you create a scene?
Is he your son?
Any doubts?
- No
I have no doubt
that hes my son
Hes not the one I spoke about.
Its your other son
Whats all that about...?
Which other son?
Your elder son!
- Look at him
I have another son and
I dont even know about it!
You have a brother too!
- You are a big man...
who runs a big business empire.
You must have forgotten
But your other son lives right here.
Everyone knows that
My God! What am I hearing...?
You have another son
outside my knowledge?
"This man is lying!
- Hes your son, all right"
Though hes a bit dark of skin
"When I saw her, I was a bit doubtful"
But anyone who looks at you
will say hes your son
"The same eyes, the same nose,
The same lips..."
This is rubbish!
Dont scream!
"Call your servant, Pandu.
He knows everything"
He was witness to everything.
Where is Pandu?
"Hes gone to the village,
his father has died"
"Died, or did you have him killed?"
You send him away when youre
about to be exposed?
I understand it all! Its your ploy
to stall the marriage!
Enough! Make anymore noise and
Ill sue you for defamation!
"Shut up! You arent Tiwari,
youre a disease!"
Ive cured diseases like you!
I visit the courts every day
"Dont forget, I come from
a family of killers"
"Are you threatening me? Are you?
- Yes, Im threatening you!"
So go and do what you can!
- Youll know it very soon!
"In a weeks time, if you dont
let the marriage take place..."
youll know!
My God! Im doomed!
Mom! What are you doing?
Am I supposed to stay here
or go back to London?
"My son, at what time is your flight?
- At eleven tonight, Mom"
Go away! If you stay here...
youre going to get spoilt
in your fathers shadow!
"Dad, Im leaving. Ill confirm
my ticket at the airport"
All right. God bless you
Lets get out of here.
Theres no meaning in staying here
Lets pack our bags and get going!
- Only after coming here...
Ive got to see your true colors!
- What rubbish are you talking?
You dont believe me
and you believe a stranger?
I wouldnt have believed it earlier
But theres no way
I cannot believe it now
"You are a flirt! Before our marriage,
you have been a womanizer!"
Ill go back only when
I have all the proof!
Ill shave my moustache
if you leave this city!
Your heart wont relent
unless you see him!
"That bloody Videocon!
- My virtuous husband, arent you?"
You keep listening to
classical music all day...
and this is what you do by night?
You are Satan himself!
Wow! You accuse me...?
Ive seen your programmes already!
"A good thing, isnt it?
Keep watching it... and kill me!"
She wont die like that...
go to her help!
"Manager, do you have a room?"
"Whatever it is, I shouldnt
have to leave the room"
And I want an attached toilet
Name...? Raja...
Tulsidas Khan
"What name is Tulsidas Khan?
- Shut up, scoundrel"
Your fathers name?
- Javed Chaurasia
Your mothers name?
- Mumtaz Bedi
Are you the India-Pakistan border...?
Were you born to cross parents?
"Shut up, or Ill slap you!
- Is your old man dead?"
"Of course, Ill pay you"
"And give me the keys, quick.
I badly want to pee"
And dont tell anyone
that Im staying here
Pay for the cups you broke.
- Get lost
Pay for the two cups you broke.
- I wont! Get lost!
Give that to me
My umbrella!
Ill carry it for you.
- Not necessary
The name is Babu Bisleri.
- I dont want to bathe!
"I cant trust anyone. Everyone
appears to be Chhota Chetan"s man"
"Theyre out to kill me!
Anjali, why did you do this to me?"
"Priya, what am I going to do
about Jeetu"
"If I tell him the truth,
Ill lose my job"
Theres a vacancy in my office
for a receptionist
Your qualifications are the best among
the lot. Im sure youll get it
But youll have to wait for a month.
- A month?
What will I do with Jeetu
in a month?
Dont go to work at all.
- What if he visits Radhesham"s house?
"Hell get to know the truth.
Which he has to, some day"
Ring him up and ask him
for leave of a month
Tell him that your Papa"s suspicious
That he sends the driver
with you everywhere
"When you finally land the job,
you can tell him the truth"
"Sir, Ive checked it thoroughly.
Its first-class"
Since you sent me the new system
did I ever call you to tell you...
that I wanted you to come here
and solve a problem?
"No, sir. You didnt.
- No?"
So did you dream it had a problem?
"No? So why have you come here?
- Service check, to see if its okay"
I know theres no problem with it.
- No problem
What are you looking around for?
"Sir, isnt Anjali there?"
So this is how it is! He calls a woman
of his mothers age by her name!
"You do get along well, dont you?
- We know each other very well, sir"
"You mustve met at your shop, right?
- No, sir..."
weve met mostly outside.
- Romeo and Juliet meeting outside!
No wonder she goes out
all dressed up!
Anjali"s not in
Have you checked everything?
- Yes
Is all the payment made?
- Yes
Nothing outstanding?
- Not at all
So what are you looking around for?
- That painting...
"its lovely. Must be very expensive?
- I dont know, I stole it"
Theres the door
Can I have a glass of water?
- No water supply for three days
Ive been drinking only coffee. But
theres just a cup left. Anything else?
Ill come in a couple of days to
check whether theres a problem
"No, you have given us enough trouble.
Dont give us anymore trouble..."
well bear the trouble
we already have
"If I could meet her mother,
maybe I could meet Anjali too"
"Is the wife there, sir?"
"My wife! Not "the wife!"
Its not a joint-account!
Shes all mine
What I meant was...
- I know what you meant
Shes not in right now.
Tell me what it is regarding
"Will you tell her I was here,
asking for her?"
Must I?
- Please dont forget
Oh no! I cant forget this
till I die!
Sister! Shes regaining consciousness.
Please call her husband
Theres no need to worry. You got
injuries in the feet and head...
because of which youve been
unconscious all day
But the doctor has examined you.
Everything is all right
How will I thank you?
- Why thank me? I just got here
Thank your husband whos been here
all night and day
"He didnt budge from here. He cried
so much, hes in a bad way"
"Youll be discharged in a day or two.
Look after yourself, okay?"
I must leave now
its all my mistake.
Please forgive me
Whos that boy who has tainted
a virtuous woman like your wife?
You! You fed her all the crap and
compelled her to come to the city!
I didnt want to set foot
in this city!
I know the water in this city
is contaminated...
and the people here are scoundrels!
- Sir...
Anandilal Kitpitia...
- Im sick of you and your...
coming! Stop ringing!
This is Jeetu from Videocon.
Is Anjali there?
Anjali has drowned in the sea!
- Please give her the phone...
Are you trying to bully me?
You wretched guitar!
Im not giving the phone to Anjali!
Im not! What will you do?
Bulls offspring!
Whom are you threatening?
I know scum like you!
Your father mustve been
up to no good to sire you
If you even utter the name
of the Tiwari family...
Im going to break the legs of
everyone in your family!
He appears to be a dangerous man
Looks like only a beating will...
- What beating at this age?
It was different earlier. I used to
fell a couple of them in the ring
"Im talking about thugs, sir.
Not you"
Ive fought a lot of such criminal
cases! I know a few thugs too
Youve only got to pay them and show
them what this chap looks like
Dont hit him too much.
Just give him a push and let him go
"If he acts smart, Im going
to break his legs and..."
"No, please, no!
- One leg then?"
No! He wont look appealing
without his hands and feet
Just give him a light slap
There he is...
Ill be hiding behind the tree
Lets go
Whats your problem?
You dare toy with the womenfolk
of the Tiwari family?
Beat him up!
Where are you going...?
Whos going to pick him up?
Hey mister... get up.
Your friends have left
You cant use this telephone.
Its meant for the staff
Everyone wants to use it
"Anjali, where have you been?
I want to meet you right now!"
"No, I cant meet you right now.
Im out shopping with my parents"
Im calling you on the sly
How long are we going
to play hide and seek?
Youve called me after five days!
You know how worried Ive been?
"Hadnt you phoned today, I was
about to go to your house"
"No, dont do that.
If my Papa gets to know..."
Hes got to know already!
He sent goons to beat me up!
But whats God going to do?
Ill have to do something on my own
Wont I call you at your house if
I want to talk something official?
Which I did. But the old man
flared up and called me names
There was another bastard there
who was very rude
"God! Jeetu, dont
call my place ever again"
Ill give you a friends number.
Her name is Priya
The number is 6334523.
Call only in an emergency
"There is an emergency!
Now, this moment!"
"I want to ask you something, Anjali.
It has to do with my life and death"
- Do you love me, or dont you?"
Say something.
Im sure you love me...
"but I want to hear you say it.
Say yes, just once..."
and Im willing to take on
the whole world for you
"Jeetu, how will I say it?"
"Just once, say I love you"
"If you say no, I will
never call again"
Why dont you say something?
Is the old man around...?
- Yes
"If you agree, you dont
need to say anything"
"Just cut the line.
- Know the truth, Jeetu?"
How often will I tell you
not to use this phone?
Why did you get up from your bed?
Go and lie down
Theres this beautiful fairy...
"she has descended
from the skies..."
she stands before me...
"shes the one I have
fallen in love with"
I have fallen in love with her
"Shes the light from
the Moon and the stars..."
shes the lamp in a temple
"One glimpse of her
has driven me crazy"
"Shes the melody of my breath,
she means the world to me"
"Whats my heart, I could give my
life to her, if she asked me for it"
Theres this beautiful fairy...
"she has descended
from the skies..."
she stands before me...
"shes the one I have
fallen in love with"
I have fallen in love with her
"When she looks at me
with a smile..."
my heart goes out to her
"Her charms are
as enticing as she is"
"its her dreams Im lost in,
all day and night..."
"shes the one I see
when I awaken every morning"
Theres this beautiful fairy...
"she has descended
from the skies..."
she stands before me...
"shes the one I have
fallen in love with"
I have fallen in love with her
Im glad shes taking a bath!
Anjali! Im here to take you away!
Come on out!
What brings you here...?
Who are you?
Youve forgotten me so soon?
- Oh yes
"My CD-player, TV set, oven, refrigerator
are all working very well. Go away"
"I request you one last time, sir.
Please dont stop me"
"Give my Anjali to me
with your blessings,"
Dont you feel any shame at all?
A boy and a girl love each other...
so whats there to be ashamed about?
A girl?
- You think shes an old hag?
I get it! Youve fallen in love
with Anjali"s riches!
Tell me... how much money
do you want to forget Anjali?
"Dont weigh my love in the scale
of wealth, Radhesham Tiwari!"
"Shut up, you beggar!
What have you got to lose?"
Ive earned name and respect
in this country and the world
You spoke sweet words
and led her astray...
and she drove you crazy
with her silly antics
"But remember, shell never leave me
to go away with a pauper like you!"
"Really? If youre so confident,
call her here, you old fossil!"
And ask her in my presence.
- Ive asked her several times...
and she has answered me too!
- Youre lying to me!
If she says the same thing
to me...
Ill live all my life
with half a moustache!
"You need to have whiskers first.
Go away, before I call the police!"
"Not even the military can separate
two lovers, do you understand?"
I know youve locked Anjali upstairs.
- How did you get to know?
"What else can you do, Tiwari?
Quietly hand over Anjali to me..."
or Ill have to go upstairs
and break the lock!
"To do that, youll have to
step over my dead body!"
"Thats enough, Radhesham. If I dont
take Anjali away in 24 hours..."
I wont be Jeetu from Videocon!
- Think of another name. Go on!
"You have 24 hours, Tiwari"
"Stop me, if youre
truly your mothers son!"
Right now! Im willing to pay
10 for each of them
Send seven strong guys here right now.
And listen...
each one of them must wield a gun.
And every gun must work
"No, its not a bank.
I have a priceless antique item"
I cant see it being robbed
in front of my eyes
The hospital bill is so high
I dont know how Ill ever repay you.
- Your husband has paid the bill
He borrowed the money from me
at 10 per cent interest
Not every girl has
a husband like yours
"Anjali, the taxis waiting"
Lets run away!
- Now?
Yes. Im ready
"No, not now.
Maybe a few days later"
Youve always been saying later
"You havent fallen in love
with your fake wife, have you?"
"No, actually youve
misunderstood me"
That letter...
- Its still with me
"If you betray me, Ill have you
thrown out of this house..."
and Ill show that letter to
everyone and give you a bad name
"Dont do that. You are the one
I love, but I feel scared..."
"if Popat gets to know, he can send
us to jail with his money power"
All right. Come out
Come out!
You will do as I say.
- What?
The two of us will elope
in a few days
Where to?
- There is a place...
Popat can never get to!
- But...
Dont worry. Just go and hide
in some cheap hotel
Theres a hotel opposite the station.
Stay there and behave like a madman
Ill come there later and say that
youve escaped from the asylum
Ill take you to
the railway station...
well take a train and run away!
Is that necessary?
- Yes
"If we leave together,
Popat will get suspicious"
"If we leave separately, he wont
even guess weve eloped together"
Someones going to help me!
- Who?
The police. Sub-inspector Waghmare
I know how to entice him.
But make sure you carry
enough money from here
Dont worry. Ill take
so much cash and jewellery...
well have a honeymoon
all our lives!
Rob something once
Ill tell the Marwari and send you
away on a honeymoon forever
I know youve hidden
him somewhere!
Have you got rubbish for brains?
Ive told you...
"I dont have another son,
I dont! I dont!"
So who was he?
- How am I to know?
"Radhesham, dont test
Teja"s patience!"
"So you dont believe what Im saying?
- No, I dont!"
"Are you sure? 100 per cent?
- Sure, hundred per cent!"
Okay. So listen
The one youre talking about
is my son
That he promised to marry
your daughter is also true
But Im against the marriage.
So Ive hidden him away somewhere
"Where I have hidden him, Im not
in the mood to reveal to you"
Do what you will!
Go away!
You will now see
what stuff Im made of
"Not only will I find your son,
if I dont take the two of you..."
"beg in the local trains of Mumbai,
I wont call myself Teja-bhai!"
Give me in the name of God!
- He speaks for the beggars too!
Radhe! Radhe!
Why did I leave my village
and come to this hell?
"Hey buddy, someone fishy staying here?
Ive been sent by the Garbage King"
Talk to me
Ask me what you must to.
- Who are you?
Babu Bisleri. The mole
Is there someone hiding here?
"Yes, hes the one"
Who is it?
- Yes, me"
Why have you come here?
- Where have you been hiding?
I went mad looking for you! You even
gave the hotelier an assumed name
I went crazy banging
on every door!
Im the one who has gone mad
You said your employer
would go back in a week
"Hes not willing to budge,
so what do I do? Rot here?"
Its got to be very dangerous.
Had I stayed there another minute...
Id have been crushed between
garbage and my employer
Never mind. Theres no point
staying holed up here
I need to decide something.
- The Garbage King has already decided
The marriage is not taking place.
Hes out to kill you
If the marriage does not
take place before that...
"Hell beat me to pulp, right?
Never mind that"
Heres what youll do.
Ill give you a letter
Quietly go and give it to Madhuri.
No one must get to know
Write the letter by all means.
And also give me 200 rupees
Ill immediately take
the letter to Madhuri...
and no one will get to know!
Swine! What did you think?
Youd promise marriage and toy
with my daughters honour?
You mustve betrayed a lot of girls.
But you cant deceive me!
Forgive me!
- Open the door...
"else, Ill break it down!
Ill break every bone in your body..."
string it in a garland and put it
around your arrogant fathers neck!
Open the door!
Sonofagun! What do you think?
Youll hide here and
I wont be able to find you?
I can look at a fly and tell you
whether its male or female!
Open the door!
- Chhota Chetan"s thugs!
I dont want to marry her.
Leave me alone!
"Im here for your funeral,
not your wedding procession!"
I dont want to marry her!
Ill go far away from her!
Shut up! You wont get the girl
even in your dreams!
"Im going to kill you!
Come on out, you swine!"
Break the door
Make mincemeat out of him
and lay him at my feet!
Thrash him!
You play a drama with me?
Get up!
Whos this?
You said that scoundrel
was hiding in there!
That scoundrel told me.
- Shut up!
Leave this clown alone.
And find that son of a bitch.
Come on
Hit me! Thrash me!
Dont let me live anymore!
Just about anyone comes along
and gives me a thrashing!
When is the railway strike ending?
Im glad you came soon.
Whom do you wish to see?
"Ill do it for you, but the documents
of my house and 50,000 rupees..."
you must quietly bring
and give it to me
"Sure, Ill do that.
- I havent seen... the party"
Can I see him once?
- Youll find him at Welcome Lodge
"If I ask for Nandu at Welcome Lodge,
will they tell me?"
"No, hes going to stay there
under an assumed name"
Ive asked him to pretend madness.
Thats how you will recognize him
"Welcome Lodge? All right, Ill go
to Welcome Lodge and meet your punter"
Ill tell him that
youve sent me
"Ill get him out of there and have
him at the train, the very next day"
Ill be there! Nandu and I will
run away from there!
Is there someone here
whos off his rocker?
Is there a madman here?
Ask the boss.
- Dont you act funny with me
Im warning you!
I know it for a fact...
that a madman has run away from
the asylum and is hiding here!
"A madman...?
So say that clearly, sir!"
That madman is surely hiding here!
- Who?
This ones sure a nut.
- A policeman!
Officer! Get me out of here!
Im in a bad jam!
Theyre coming to take you away.
- Ill leave on my own
How can you go away just like that?
- What will you do about it?
You cant go away. Everyone knows
youre crazy... youre mad
"Officer, theyre hand in glove.
Ill tell you about them"
Hands off me.
- Ill explain
"They want to prove that Im mad,
take me away from here..."
so Chhota Chetan can kill me!
- See?
I told you hes mad!
He talks any nonsense
Get out... move it!
- He gets into fights!
So hes one of them too!
Why have you shut the door?
Come here!
- What for?
Ive got to tell you something.
- No thanks. Let me go
"You neednt worry, feller.
Im Inspector Waghmare"
The other party has sent me here.
- The other party?
The other party will arrive
exactly at 10 to take you away
We got together and made the plan
to deliver you there
Are you one with them?
- Yes
God! Now I know why the police
are terrified of Chhota Chetan!
Damn it!
I cant figure out how such an
atom bomb fell in love with you!
"Not she, I was the one who "fell"
"Ever since I was a child"
Since you were a child?
- I never imagined...
this would happen to me!
Im leaving!
Im going!
People will really think youre mad.
- Im not mad!
Get him!
Hold tight!
"Tomorrow morning, she and I will
come to take him away"
His expenses...
you will bear.
- Will I get some tips first?
"Sure, if he runs away,
youll get a tight slap"
What are you telling me...?
Anil has gone mad?
He doesnt step out of the room.
Hes the only man...
whos living under an assumed name.
- It must be Anil then
"He wrote to me that hes hiding here.
- "That girl has betrayed me", he says"
"He misunderstands you and says,
Kill me! Kill me!"
"Maybe hes scared of your papa.
Right now, hes been hidden somewhere"
"Tomorrow morning, they are
taking him to the asylum"
"Madhuri, why are you crying?"
Hes in this state
only because of me!
Ive been wanting to tell you
something for a long time
Go ahead
"Im not a singer, like you think.
I come from a rich family"
There was no dearth of riches
and comforts in my house
But my parents were
against my music
"They wanted me to take over the family
business, and I didnt want to"
I began to feel suffocated there
and I ran away from home
Whyve you telling me all that?
- The drama were both enacting...
could we really...?
Theyre here to take him away.
Did he cause problems last night?
"He did, I banged the hammer
on his head and..."
Is he dead?
- No. Plastic cups dont break easily
I got to hammer his head again
and take him away
Ill play the music for him.
Its days since I beat up someone
Im mad! Im a lunatic!
Not so much over-acting...
dont go overboard!
Hes begun to speak!
Hes not dumb!
"Ill carve you to pieces!
Either you live, or l"
Ill kill you first
and die afterwards!
"Yes, carve me to pieces,
kill me! Hack me!"
"Calm down, Anjali"
What will you get out of yelling?
Itll only attract the neighbours
"If you lose your respect,
how will you live with honour?"
What respect is left
to be lost anyway?
Look at this letter!
Written by her lover!
"My dear Anjali, our hearts
met and united at my shop"
"I know, that old man
is a shackle in your feet"
"I did what I could
to reason with that scoundrel..."
but he just wont agree!
- Lies! This is a pack of lies!
Ill hack you to pieces!
He further writes...
"Theres just one way left. Tonight,
Ill quietly rescue you from that hell"
Read it for yourself!
Why do it on the sly?
"Go away openly! Before that,
end your relationship with me!"
He got someone to write the letter!
He wants to throw me out so he...
can bring that young girl home.
- Which young girl!
No wonder hes putting all these
false proofs together!
But thats not happening!
I will go away...
I brought three cars full of gold...
- You want that back with interest?
- Thats what you want?
Im not giving it!
Im not parting with a penny.
Do what you can!
"Go away and file a case.
Before that, leave the world!"
Weep on Videocon"s shoulders!
Dont shed tears here
I know Anjali very well. She cant
have an affair like the one you say
"You mean, hes having an affair?
I know Mr. Tiwari very well"
Hes not that kind of a man!
"The less said about your knowledge,
the better!"
"Sir, trusting womenfolk
is like committing suicide"
I suspect you too are having
an affair behind my back!
Lawyer! Are you here to sort out my
problem or create one for yourself?
"No, sir. We must solve
this puzzle"
We can decide it only after we
get to know whos behind all this
Whos that boy?
Lets call him here
Oh yes. Lets decide this
once and for all
"Ill call that boy right here.
- No, sir..."
I have a condition before
you call that boy here
Youre a very hot-tempered man.
- Give that to me
"You will reason with that boy,
without getting excited..."
or creating any scenes.
It ought to remain in the family
The two of us will go inside...
he mustnt think youre humiliating
him in front of the world
"Speak up, Tiwari.
Here I am"
"Did you write this letter, Romeo?
- What?"
"Anjali, our hearts...
- Yes, I wrote it"
You wrote this letter despite knowing
what the consequences would be?
- Since you have so much courage...
"tell me to my face,
how much do you love Anjali?"
Anjali means the life to me!
You want to hear that again?
- Lawyer!
- Papa!
So you were born of him...?
It makes sense then
"When the brand itself is faulty,
this is how the showroom will be!"
Boys are often naughty
at this age
"But the womenfolk must preserve
their honour, mustnt they?"
"Watch your tongue, lawyer!
- I see! The bitter truth!"
"Whatever my sons character,
hes surely better than you are!"
You dont even know how many sons
of yours are roaming the city!
What rubbish!
- Listen boy. Speak the truth
Did I ever tell you
that Im in love with you?
- So then?
"Ive been talking
about Anjali, his daughter"
My daughter Anjali...?
Which new daughter is that...?
You also have another daughter!
Hes lying! Absolutely!
- O God! What am I hearing?
Its lies!
- Somethings happening to me...
Tell me the truth. How many wives
and children do you have?
My darling wife! Hes lying!
- Youre the one whos lying
I used to drop her here
every evening!
One moment...
wheres that girl right now?
"Papa, this old man mustve
hidden her somewhere"
God! What a monster!
- Hes lying
"Do you have any contact number?
- Yes, I have her friends number"
"Ask her where she is. Call her here.
- Yes, call her here!"
This is our Nandu!
"He has run away from home.
The informer will be paid 200,000"
"200,000! Popat!
Youve hit the jackpot of 200,000!"
"Let me see how you step out.
It has to do with 200,000 rupees"
"How did you get there?
- Popatji, Im leaving"
Leaving? How can you leave
just like that?
Your picture has been
published in the newspapers!
"The one who takes you home
will get 200,000 rupees"
"Dont mess with my reward, please.
Stop there... stop!"
Remember something...?
Isnt she your daughter?
"Sorry, I made a mistake"
They met in the garden as
father and daughter. God!
"Take me away!
- God isnt a weight lifter, fat lady!"
Shut up!
My child... am I your father?
"You call her "My child" and ask her
whether youre her father!"
Shut up... my child...
am I your father?
Hurry up and speak.
It has to do with my married life!
What nonsense! You told me
that youre his daughter!
That he hates the idea of you
working in my store!
And I even met you
at this very place!
Please forgive me
All these misunderstandings
are taking place because of me
But please hear me out once
"After that whatever
punishment you give me, I will accept"
I came to this city
to look for a job
"Despite the best of my efforts,
I couldnt find one"
And when I got the opportunity
to work at his showroom...
I didnt want to lose it.
So I spoke one lie after another
"To hide one lie,
I had to lie many more times"
Thats the truth
"After a very long time,
Ive spoken the truth today"
"Dont cry, my child"
What has happened is in the past.
We hold nothing against you
Where is your other son?
- There she goes again!
You want to see? You want to?
I come here for the last time!
"One problem ends,
another one begins!"
"Welcome, youre the one we were missing.
- Its either this way or that today!"
You folks dont know what a
dirty rotten scoundrel I am!
I knew that the moment I saw you.
- Silence!
Where is my daughter?
- What? His daughter?
He always asked where my son was!
And now he asks where his daughter is!
Do you suffer from an affliction?
- When you got to know...
that Id have my daughter
married to your son...
you had my daughter kidnapped!
Where is my daughter?
She has married me and is
very happy to be with me
What are you going to do...?
- Ill take your life!
Its not a toy.
You might kill me! Put it away!
Shut up! I could pump your body
with lead anyway!
I know all of you are
conspiring against me!
So everyones going with me.
If anyone refuses...
itll be his last refusal!
Move it!
"Im going to bite you back,
you dog!"
Stop there!
- Get him!
Get him!
"This is no garden,
its my den. The den of death"
Wheres my daughter?
- Its coming out of my ears!
"From my house to here,
you asked me a hundred times!"
Which language you do understand?
- Where is my daughter?
"Tell me, else Ill kill you!"
You hit me!
Wait there...
You kiss my wife!
You dare kiss my Mom!
Freeze! Ive got a pistol!
Stay where you are!
"One, two..."
"Your father was dead, isnt it?
His son dies now!"
Hey loony!
Quiet! Hands up!
How will I?
Tell me where my daughter is.
- She has committed suicide
She has ended her life
in a dry well!
You poke fun at me...?
The slugs in this gun are real
You want to see? You want to...?
Take a look
Nobody moves!
Else youre dead-meat!
"Stick your hands up,
or Ill send you to hell!"
Hey hero... you want me to
send you through the mobile?
Stick your hands up! Go on!
How much more
will you make me run?
Got a match?
"Anjali, where are you?"
Dont let anyone escape!
"Everythings suddenly
so quiet, isnt it?"
"Like the clouds clearing,
after a storm"
A lot of things are clear surely
"I admit, I loved you because I
thought you were Tiwari"s daughter"
I have to give some girl
the charge to my life some day
"So I thought, why not..."
Jeetu says he wants to marry me
Nandu says that too
Nandu and I have been pretending
to be man and wife for many days
So that consideration
Nandu must surely get
So youll marry both of us?
- No
"Actually, during the melee
that took place..."
I found a way out of this dilemma.
- What?
Ive written both names
on these chits
"Whichever name comes up,
Ill marry him"
"Nandu, you pick a chit.
- I wont! I always lose!"
"No, not me! I always lose!
- We have no other way, Nandu"
Im not picking lots.
- Ive prayed to God...
Hell help me choose the right boy
"Jeetu, you pick a slip"
I knew Id lose!
Nandu in this one too?