Hunger Games, The (2012) Movie Script

I think its our tradition...
It comes out of a...
...particularly painful
part of our history.
Yes. Yes.
But it's been a way
we've been able to heal.
At first it was a
reminder of the rebellion
It was the price the
Districts had to pay.
But I think it has grown from that.
I think its a...
Its something that
nets us all together.
This is your third year's game?
What defines your personal signature?
Shhhh. It's okay.
It's okay.
You're just dreaming.
You're dreaming.
I know.
I know what its like.
It's your first...
Prim, your name's gonna
be there once, they're
not gonna pick you!
Try to go to sleep.
I can't.
Just try.
Just try.
Deep in the meadow.
Under the willow.
Hop in the grass.
A soft green and pillow.
You remember that song?
You finish it.
I gotta go.
I just gotta go.
But I'll be back.
I love you.
I'll still cook you.
What're you gonna do with
that when you kill it?
Damn you, Gale!
It's not funny.
What're you gonna do with
a 100 pound deer, Katnip?
It's Reaping Day, the place is
crawling with Peacekeepers.
I was gonna sell it.
From kisskeepers..
Of course you were.
Like you don't sell the Peacekeepers.
No! Not today.
It's the first deer
I've seen in a year.
Now, I have nothing.
What if they did? Just one you.
Why if everyone just stop watching?
They won't, Gale.
What if they did? What if we did?
Won't happen.
You root for your favorite, you cry
when they get killed. It's sick.
If no one watches...
Then they don't have a game.
It's as simple as that.
Fine, laught at...
I'm not laughing at you.
We could do it, you know?
Take off. Live in the woods.
What we do anyway?
They'd catch us.
Maybe not.
Cut out our tongues or worse.
We wouldn't make it five miles.
No, I get five miles.
We'll go that way.
I have Prim. You have your brothers.
They can come too.
Prim in the woods?
Maybe not.
I'm never having kids.
Not might.
If I don't live here.
But you do live here.
I know, but if I didn't.
Oh, I forgot.
Oh my God!
Is this real?
Yeah. Better be.
Cost me a squirrel.
Happy Hunger Games.
And be the odds be
ever in your favor.
How many times did
your name in today?
I guess the odds aren't
exactly in my favor.
Thank you girl.
What's this?
That's a... Mocking Jay.
How much?
You keep it.
It's yours.
Thank you.
Aww. Look at you.
You look beautiful.
Let's better tuck in
that tail by the back.
Made something out for you two.
How you look beautiful too.
We should oughta pick you.
Oh no.
Here's how it will
pick you in the back.
Wanna see what I got you today?
It's a Mocking Jay pin.
To protect you.
And as long as you have it.
Nothing bad will happen to you.
I promise.
Shh. Prim, it's okay. It's okay. Shh.
Okay, it's time to send her now.
Okay, they will prick your finger
to take just a little bit of blood.
I'm scared.
Prim, it doesn't hurt
much. Just a little.
Go sit down there
with the little kids.
I'll find you after okay?
Go ahead.
Welcome. Welcome.
Happy Hunger Games.
May the odds be ever in your favor.
Now, before we begin.
We have a very special film.
Brought to you all the
way from the Capitol.
Terrible war.
With those...
Orphan... and motherless child.
This was the uprising
that brought our land.
the country that fed them.
Protected them.
Then came the peace.
Hard fought.
Solely won.
The people.
Rose up from the ashes
and a new era was born.
The freedom has a cost.
And the traitors was defeated.
Peace-War as a nation.
We would never know
this treason again.
And so, it was decreed...
That each year.
The various districts of Panem
would offer up in tribute...
One young man and woman.
To fight to the death.
And it peg you to honor,
courage and sacrifice.
The lone victor...
Bathe in riches...
Will serve as our reminder
of our generosity.
.. and our forgiveness.
This is how we remember our past.
This is how we safe guard our future.
I just love that.
Now, the time has come to... courageous
young man and woman.
For the honor of
representing District
Annual Hunger Games.
As usual...
...ladies first.
Primrose Everdeen!
Where are you?
Come on up.
Well, come on up!
I volunteer!
I volunteer as Tribute.
I believe we have a volunteer.
- You need to get out of here.
- No!
- Go find mom!
- No!
- Prim, go find mom!
- No!
I'm so sorry!
Noo! Nooo! Noooo!
In mad of turn of events
here on District 12.
District 12's very first volunteer.
Big breath.
Come on dear.
What's your name?
Katniss Everdeen.
Well, I bet my hat
that was your sister.
Wasn't it?
Let's have a big hand for our very
first volunteer, Katniss Everdeen.
And now...
...for the boys.
Peeta Mellark.
Here we are.
Our Tributes from District 12.
Well, go on you two. Shake hands.
Happy Hunger Games.
And be the odds be
ever in your favor.
You have 3 minutes.
Prim, Prim, its okay.
Shh. Prim, I don't have much time.
Prim, listen.
You're gonna be okay.
Don't take any extra food for money.
That doesn't worth putting
your name in more times, okay?
Listen, Prim.
Gale will bring you game.
He stuck cheese from your coat.
Just try to win. Maybe you can.
Maybe I can, I am smart you know?
You can hunt.
It's to protect you.
Thank you.
You can't turn out again.
I won't
No, you can't.
Not like when dad died.
I won't be here anymore.
Your all she has.
No matter what you feel, you will
be there for her. You understand?
Don't cry.
Don't cry. Don't.
It's time.
It's okay. Prim, it's okay.
No! No!
I promise Prim.
I'm fine.
You don't know.
I am.
Listen to me.
You're stronger than they are.
You are.
Get to a bow. What will if you
show them how good you are?
They just want a good show.
That's all they want.
If they don't have a bow,
then you make one.
Okay? You know how to hunt.
They're not animals.
It's no different Katniss.
There's 24 of us Gale
and only one comes out.
And it's gonna be you.
Take care of them Gale.
Whatever you do, don't
let them starve.
Let's go!
I'll see you soon okay?
You two haven't had trip?
Crystal chandeliers.
Platinum donuts.
can barely feel a thing.
I think its rather a wonderful
thing is about this opportunity...
That even though you're here and even
though it's just for a little while.
You get to enjoy all of this.
I'm going to find Haymitch.
He's probably in the back car.
You even met him?
You know, Katniss, he is our mentor.
He did witness things once.
You know if you don't want to talk,
I understand. But I just don't
think there's anything wrong of
getting a little bit of help.
Where's the ice?
I don't... I don't know.
Okay, so uh... when do we start?
Why so eager?
Most of you are in such a hurry.
I wanna know what the plan is.
You're our mentor,
you're supposed to go...
Our mentor is supposed to tell us how
to get sponsors and give us advice.
Oh, okay.
Embrace the probability
of your immanent death.
I know.
Can your heart...
that there's nothing I
can do to save you.
So why are you here then?
The refreshments.
Okay, I think that's enough.
You made me spill my drink.
Over my new pants.
You know...
I think I'll go finish
this in my room.
I shouldn't have come around.
What? It's no use.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
We have two... 16 year olds.
Do you remember this year?
Aww. One of my favorite years.
And one of my favorite arenas.
The use of the rubble, the ruin city.
Very exciting.
From this moment here...
...this moment...
.. is the moment that
you never forget.
The moment...
...when a Tribute...
...becomes a victor.
You'd freeze to death first.
Because I didn't light a fire.
Now that's a good
way to get killed.
What's a good way to get killed?
Oh! Joy.
Why don't you join us?
I'm just saving a life-saving advice.
Like what?
I wa... I was just asking
bout how to find shelter.
Which would come in handy if
in fact you are still alive.
How do you find shelter?
Pass the jam.
How do you find shelter?
Give me a chance to
wake up sweetheart.
This mentoring is very... and stuff.
Can you pass the marmalade?
That is mahogany.
Look at you!
Just killed a... place mat!
You really wanna know
how to stay alive?
You get people to like you.
Not what you're expecting.
When you're in the
middle of the games...
...and you're starving or freezing,
some water,
a knife or even some
matches can mean
the difference between
life and death.
And those things only
comes from Sponsors.
And to get Sponsors, you have
to make people like you.
And right now, sweetheart?
You're not off to a
really good start.
There it is.
It's huge.
That's incredible.
Come on.
Better keep this knife.
He knows what he's doing.
So now that you've seen...
...what do you think of
this years cropful troops?
Are there any surprises that
we can expect this year?
It's really hard to tell from
a Reaping but I think...
...this is a very interesting mix.
Whenever you have a volunteer
from an outline district,
it's something you can't ignore.
What's that?
What's that?
We were just saying
we might need to hose
you down again before
we take you to Cinna.
That was all the bravest
thing I've ever seen.
I am Cinna.
I'm sorry that this happened to you.
And I'm here to help
you in any way I can.
Most people just congratulate me.
I don't see the point in that.
So tonight...
...they have the Tribute Parade.
Let me take you out and
show you after the wurl.
So you're here to
make me look pretty.
I'm here to help you
make an impression.
Now usually, they dress people in
their close to their district.
Yeah. We're called minors.
Yeah. But I don't want to do that.
I'm gonna do something that
they're gonna remember.
Did they explain about
trying to get sponsors?
Yeah, but I'm not very
good at making friends.
We'll see.
I just think, somebody that brave...
...shouldn't be dressed up on some
stupid costume as should they.
I hope not.
It's not real fire. These suits are
built so you won't feel a thing.
That's better on me.
The idea...
You ready?
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
Over one hundred
thousand people, craning
to get a glimpse this
year's Tributes...
...and the Sponsors get to see
the Tributes for the first time.
The importance of this moment
cannot be over stated.
They're nice.
First cheered on my counting in 15...
...14... 13...
Here they are. Here they are.
This year's Tributes.
The most exciting run... just gives you goosebumps.
Don't you love, how the stylist...
...they so clearly
are able to reflect
the character of each district.
There's District 4!
I get it. I like it.
That's very good.
And behind them...
.. we have two power plant workers.
And then...
...what is that in the background?
Come on. They'll love it.
Now see that? I love that.
Two young people,
holding their hands up!
Saying, "I'm proud,
I'm from District 12!
We will not be overlooked!"
I love that.
We're gonna sure we'll be paying
attention to them right now!
And we're ready.
President Snow, you're live!
We welcome you.
We salute...
...the courage...
...and your sacrifice.
And we wish you...
...happy Hunger Games.
And may the odds be
ever in your favor.
That was amazing.
Oh, we are anybody's
going be talking about.
So brave.
Are you sure you're
spinning up a new flame?
Fake flame?
Are you sure?
That's uh...
...let's go upstairs.
So each of the districts
got their own floor and
because you're from 12,
you get the penthouse.
Come on.
So this is the living room.
I know!
Now, your rooms are right over here.
Why don't you go clean yourselves
up a little before dinner.
In two weeks...
...23 of you will be dead.
One of you will be alive.
Who that is depends
on how well you pay
attention over the
next four days.
Particularly to what
I'm about to say.
First. No fighting with
the other Tributes.
You'll have plenty of time
for that in the arena.
There are four compulsory exercises,
the rest will be individual training.
My advice is...
Don't ignore the survival skills.
Everybody wants to
grab a sword but most
of you wil die from
natural causes.
Exposure can kill as
easily as a knife.
Where's my knife?
Where did you put it?
I put my knife...
Don't touch me...
Fuck! You took my knife!
I didn't touch your knife.
I didn't touch your kni...
You liar.
You little punk!
You took my knife.
Get off me.
Just sit here.
I should better wait for the arena.
You're the first one I get
so watch your back huh!
Everybody back in line.
You know you're next to me Cato!
Busy career.
You know what that is?
From District 1.
...and 2.
They've been trying to be
in a special academy till
they're 18 and they volunteer.
By that point...
...they're pretty lethal.
But they don't receive
any special treatment.
In fact, they're staying at the
exact same apartment as you do.
And I don't think left them
out for dessert and you can.
So how good all that?
Obviously, they're pretty good.
They won in almost
several year but...
They can be arrogant.
And arrogance can
be a big problem.
I hear you can shoot..
I'm alright.
Actually, better than alright.
I fed her by the squirrels.
He say she hits em right
in the eye, everytime.
- Peeta's strong.
- What?
He can throw a 100
pound sack of flour
right in his head. I've seen it.
Okay, well I cannot kill
anybody by a sack of flour.
No, you might have a
better chance at winning
when somebody comes
after you with a knife.
I have no chance of winning.
None! Alright?
It's true.
Everybody knows it.
You know what my mother said?
She said, "District 12 might
finally have a winner!"
But she wasn't talking about me.
She was talking about you.
I'm not very hungry.
I'm done too.
Throw that metal
thing over there.
Haymitch says we're not
supposed to show...
I don't care what Haymitch said.
Those guys are looking at
you like you're a meal.
Throw it.
How did you do that?
I uh...
I used to take care of the
cakes down at the bakery.
I'll show you.
I think you have a shadow.
They will bring you in one by one.
And evaluate you.
This is important because high
ratings will mean Sponsors.
This is the time to
show them everything.
There'll be a bow,
make sure you use it.
Peeta, you make sure
to show your strength.
They'll start with District 1
so the two of you will go last.
Not on my house to put this...
Make sure they remember you!
Katniss Everdeen.
Hey Katniss.
Shoot straight.
Katniss Everdeen.
District 12.
Thank you.
For your consideration.
Are you crazy?
I just got mad.
You realize that your actions
reflect badly on all of us.
Not just you.
They just want a good
show, it's fine.
How bout just bad manners Cinna?
How bout that?
Well, finally!
I hope you notice, we
have a serious situation.
Nice shooting sweetheart!
Wha.. Wha... What did they...
What did they do when
you shot the apple?
Well, they look pretty startled.
What did you say... "Thanks for... "
...consideration. Genius!
How do you think you're
gonna find this funny?
If the game makers decided
to take it out...
On who? On her?
On him?
I think they already have.
Loosen your corset and have a drink.
I would have given
anything to see it.
As you know the Tributes
are rated on a scale of
of careful evaluation.
The game keepers would
like to evaluate...
From District 1, Marvel.
The score of 9.
Cato, the score of 10.
Clove, the score of 10.
Four, score of...
From District 7...
From District...
Rue, the score of 7.
From District 12...
Peeta Mellark...
The score of...
Not bad. Bravo.
And finally...
From District 12...
Katniss Everdeen...
With the score of...
I thought they hated me.
They must have like you girl.
To Katniss Everdeen...
The Girl On Fire!
At eleven?
She earned it.
She shot an arrow at your head.
Well, t'was an apple.
...near your head.
Sit down.
...why do you think we have a winner?
What do you mean?
I mean...
...why do we have a winner?
I mean if we just
wanted to intimidate
the Districts, why not round up
them all at once. Way a lot faster...
It is the only thing...
stronger than fear.
A little hope is effective.
A lot of hope is dangerous.
It's track is fine..
As long as it's contained.
So... contain it!
If she's staring at all my jewels,
she can't take her eye from...
Frankly... it was rude.
Oh, Haymitch.
You should join us.
We're having some of
your favorite dish.
Oh, lovely.
Where's Peeta?
He's in his room. Now listen...
Tomorrow's the last day.
When they let us walk with
our own Tributes right
before the game so you and
I will be going down at 9.
Well, what about him?
No, he says he wants to be
trained on his own from now on.
It's kind of thing does happen
at this point if there's...
...only one winner. Right?
We should have some
chocolate covered stoke.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Your master of ceremonies...
Caesar Flickerman!
Thank you!
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome.
To the 74th Annual Hunger Games.
Now, there are five minutes they
are all going to be out here.
All of the Tributes
that you heard about.
Are you excited?
Let me hear it!
I don't feel amazing.
Don't you know how
beautiful you look?
No. And I don't know
how to make people
like me, how do you
make people like you?
Why do you made me like you?
That's different.
I wasn't trying.
Just be yourself.
I'll be there the whole time.
...and just pretend
you're talking to me.
Let's see if she
does indeed shine.
Let's have a warm round
of applause for Glimmer.
Glimmer, are you prepared?
Yes Caesar, I am prepared.
I like it, that's just...
Big round of applause.
Welcome Clove.
It's an honor to
represent my district.
So you're a fighter?
I'm prepared, vicious
and I'm ready to go.
From District 12...
You know her... the girl on fire!
Where we know it's Katniss Everdeen!
I think someone's a little nervous.
I said that was quite and
entrance that you've
made at the Tribute's
Parade the other day.
Do you want to tell us about it?
Well, I was just...
...hoping that I
wouldn't burned it up!
When you came out of that chariot...
I have to say...
My heart... stopped.
To earn you experiences as well.
My heart stopped.
So did mine.
Now tell me bout the flames...
are they real?
In fact I'm wearing them today.
Would you like to see?
Wait, wait, wait.
Is it safe?
What do you think folks?
I think that's a yes!
That was really something.
Katniss, that was something.
Thank you for that.
I have one more question for you.
It's about your sister...
We are all very moved,
I think when... volunteered for
her at the Reaping.
Does she come to say goodbye to you.
She did.
And what did you say to her?
In the end?
I told her that I would try to win.
That I will try to win for her.
Of course you did.
And try you will.
Ladies and gentlemen,
from District 12,
Katniss Everdeen,
The Girl On Fire!
You did it darling.
That was incredible.
Thank you.
Nice job sweetheart.
Thank you.
Nice dress too.
Are yours?
Peeta Mellark!
Peeta, welcome.
How are you finding the Capitol?
Don't say with a map.
Uh, it's uh... different.
It's very different.
Different? In what are?
Give us an example.
Uh okay, well the
showers here are weird.
We have different showers.
I have a question for you Caesar.
Do I smell like roses to you?
Do I?
Do I smell like it?
You definitely smell
better than I do.
Well I live here longer.
So Peeta...
...tell me.
Is there a special girl back home?
No, not really.
No? I don't believe it for a second.
Look at that face.
Handsome man like you... Peeta.
Tell me.
Well, there a...
There's this one girl that...
I had a crush on forever.
But I don't think she actually
recognize me until the Reaping.
I'll tell you what Peeta.
You go out there...
...and you win this thing.
And when you get home.
She'll have to go out with you.
Right folks?
Thanks but I uh...
I don't think winnings
gonna help me at all.
And why not?
Because she came here with me.
Well, that's bad luck.
Yeah. It is.
And I wish you all the best of luck.
Thank you.
Peeta Mellark.
District 12!
What the hell is that?!
You don't talk to me and you
say you have a crush on me?
You say you wanna train alone...
is that how you wanna play?
Stop! Stop it!
Start right now.
He did you a favor.
He made me look weak.
He made you look desirable.
Which in your case,
can't hurt sweetheart!
He's right Katniss.
Of course, I'm right.
Now I can sell the star cross
lovers from District 12.
We are not star cross lovers.
It's a television show.
And being in love with
that boy might just get
you Sponsors which could
save your damn life.
why don't you get out of here?
Maybe acting to live save you
both to one piece tomorrow.
You too?
Oh, hey.
Can't sleep?
No, of course not.
I'm sorry I went after you.
You know I meant that
as a compliment.
I know.
I just don't wanna change me.
How did they change you?
I don't know.
I'm turning to something I'm not.
I just don't wanna be another
piece in their game, you know?
You mean you won't kill anyone?
I'm not yet sure I would.
Just like any by off
my time came with.
Yeah, I just keep...
wishing I could think
of a way to show them.
That they don't own me.
You know, if I'm gonna die.
I wanna still be me.
Does that make any sense?
I just can't afford
to think like that.
I miss my sister.
Yeah I know.
Guess, I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
They put all kind of
stuff right in front.
Right in the mouth of the Curnocopia.
There'll even be a bow there.
Don't go for it.
Why not?
It's a Bloodbath, they're
trying to pull you in.
It's not your game.
You turn, run, find
a high ground.
Look for water.
Water's your new best friend.
Don't step off that pedestal earlier
or they'll blow you sky high.
I won't.
You can do this.
Give me your arm.
Give me your arm.
Give me your arm.
What is that?
Your tracker.
Less than a minute people!
Final checks.
So fifteen up, they are flying.
Thank you.
I'm not allowed to bet.
But if i could I'd bet on you!
Okay, they're in the tubes.
...47... 46...
...45... 44...
...43... 42...
...41... 40...
...39... 38...
...37... 36...
...35... 34...
...33... 32...
...31... 30...
...29... 28
...27... 26...
...25... 24...
...23... 22...
And of course...
There's the familiar
boom of the cannon.
Which marks the end of
another fallen Tribute.
Well, that makes 13 gone
in the first eight hours.
And Claudius, I think I
seen alliance forming.
Please don't kill me. Oh no!
Hey, loverboy!
You sure she went this way?
Yeah, I'm sure.
You better be.
Yeah. That was a steer
comb back there.
Are you sure we shouldn't
just kill him now?
Nah. He's our best
chance at finding her.
She is almost at the edge.
Two kilometers away from
the nearest Tribute.
Let's turn her around.
Killing another on my account... one.
Uh, she's heading
towards the left flank.
She's almost there.
Lucia, get a cannon ready.
Oh there she is. There she is.
What you got baby?
Kill here Cato!
I'm coming for you!
I'll do it myself.
Get her!
Come on. Come on.
Maybe you should throw the sword.
Let's just wait her out.
She's gonna come down at some points.
That's gonne start her there.
Somebody make a fire.
Thank you.
Claudius. I think those are
trackerjackers. Am I wrong?
Those things are very lethal.
For those of you who don't know.
Trackerjackers are genetically
engineered wasps.
Whose venom causes serious pain.
Powerful hallucinations and
in extreme cases, death.
Damn it. Go!
Katniss, no! What're you doing?
Hallow isn't lethal.
But the venom of a
trackerjacker sting... enough to doze
off hallucinations.
Please do something.
Katniss, go!
Get out of here!
What're you doing? Go!
It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.
You want mine too?
No, that's okay.
How long was I asleep?
A couple of days.
I change your leaves twice.
Thank you.
So what happened? When I was out?
The girl from 1 and the boy from 10.
And the uh...
And the boy from my district?
No, he's okay.
I think he's down by the river.
Is all about true?
You and him.
So where are Cato and the others?
They got all their
supplies down by the lake.
It's prod up in this
great big pyramid.
That sounds tempting.
Now this green stuff is
gonna smoke like crazy, so
as soon as you light it.
Move on to the next fire.
Light this one last.
And I'll meet you back over here.
I'll destroy their stuff
while they're chasing us.
We need a signal, in case
one of us gets held up.
Okay. Like what?
Here. Watch this.
Mocking jays.
That's great.
Back home, we used them
to signal all the time..
You try.
Okay so, if we hear that means we're
okay and we'll be back real soon.
We're gonna be okay.
I'll see you for supper.
Guys, guys look!
Come here. Come on, come on look!
Let's go.
You stay guard over till we get back.
I wanna see if she's gonna
figure out this booby trap.
Yes. It seems they
reburied their mines
around that big pile of goodies.
She certainly figure
it out, haven't she?
Katniss help!
Help me! Help!
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're alright.
You're fine.. see?
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Did you blow up the food?
Every bit of it.
You have to win.
Deep in the meadow.
Under the willow.
A bed of grass.
A soft, green pillow.
Lay down your head.
And close your eyes.
Don't kill her.
You just create a murder.
It seems I've already got one.
I heard this rumors
out on District 11.
This could get away from here.
What do you want?
There are a lot of
anger out there.
I know you know how to handle
a mod, you've done it before.
If you can't scare them.
Give them something to root for.
Such as?
Young love.
So you were like an underdog.
Everyone likes an underdog.
I don't.
How many are dead?
Not personally, no!
I have.
Lots of underdogs.
Not too cold too.
Row crops. Minerals.
Things we need.
There are lots of underdogs.
And I think if you could see them.
You would not root for them either.
Unlike you..
Be careful.
Attention Tributes. Attention!
The regulations required a single
victor has been... suspended!
From now on, two victors maybe
crowned if both originate
from the same district.
This will be the only announcement.
Oh my God! Peeta!
It's okay.
What was it?
The sword.
It's badly hurt.
It's gonna be fine.
I'm not gonna leave you!
I'm not gonna do that.
Why not?
Nobody's gonna find you in here.
They already found me.
We just get you some medicine.
He can't.
They don't give so much parachutes.
We'll figure something out.
Like what?
Is that medicine?
Nice taste.
Do you fed - once?
I think about that all the time.
How I tossed you that bread.
I should've gone to you.
I should've just gone
out to the rain.
You feel hot.
I remember the first time I saw you.
Your hair was in two
braids instead of one.
I remember when you...
You sang in music as
simply the teacher said.
Who knows the pie song in
your head shut straight up!
After that...
I watched you going home everyday.
Well, say something.
I'm not gonna say something.
You can come here.
If I don't even make it.
Attention Tributes. Attention!
Commencing Insuberance.
There will be a feast
tomorrow at the Curnocopia.
This will be no ordinary occasion.
Each of you needs something.
And we planned to be...
...generous hosts.
You rather sit.
That we needed and you can't walk.
Promise me, you'll not gonna
risk your life for me.
I'm not gonna let you.
You would do it for me.
Wouldn't you?
Why are you doing this?
I'll stay.
Where's lover boy?
Oh I see.
You're gonna help him right?
That's sweet.
Now, it's too bad you couldn't
help your little friend.
That little girl...
what was her name again?
Yeah. Well we killed her.
And now...
We're gonna kill you...
You kill her?
Shout her name!
Just this time twelve.
For Rue!
I got it.
I got the medicine.
What happened to you?
No, I'm not. What happened?
The girl from two, she threw a knife.
I'm okay.
You shouldn't have gone.
You said you aren't gonna go.
You got worse.
You get some of that too.
I'm okay.
That feels better.
Are you?
I'm okay.
No, come on. You need it too.
Come on.
You're so much better.
Oh my God, Peeta.
I couldn't feel anything.
We could go home.
We could. With all the team left.
We could go home.
We know - took off.
Cate's gonna be by
the Curnocopia.
He's not gonna go to
places he doesn't know.
Fox face, she could be anywhere.
We should probably hunt around here.
We don't have any food left.
Okay, uh, I'll take the bow.
I'm just kidding.
Are you okay?
I hear the cannon.
That's nightlock Peeta!
You will be dead in a minute.
I... I didn't know.
You scare me to death.
Damn you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't even knew, she
was following me.
She's clever.
Too clever.
What're you doing?
Maybe Cato likes berries too?
What time is it?
A little afternoon.
Why is it so dark?
Must be in a hurry to end it.
Ready Lusia?
Oh right here sir!
That's great.
Can you put that in the middle?
That's it.
That's it. Excellent.
Did you hear that?
What was that?
It's the finale.
Let's go.
Go on.
And we both go down and you'd win.
Go on.
Dead anyway.
I always want a drink.
Until not so now.
How's that? Is that what you want?
I can still do this.
I can still do it.
One more kill.
It's the only thing I know how to do.
Bring pride to the district.
Not that it matters.
Attention. Attention Tributes.
There has been a slight rule change.
The previous provision
allowing for two victors
from the same district
has been revoked.
Only one victor maybe crowned.
And may the odds be
ever in your favor.
Go ahead.
One of us should go home!
One of us has to die.
They had to have their victor.
They don't.
Why should they?
Trust me.
Trust me.
Ladies and gentlemen.
May I present the winners...
.. of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.
They're not happy with you.
Why? Because we didn't die?
Because you showed them all.
I'm sorry it didn't go
the way they planned.
You know I'm not very
happy with them either.
This is serious.
Not just for you.
They don't take this things lightly.
You say you couldn't help yourself.
You're so in love
with this boy that the dark
have not with the most...
You rather die... than not
be with him you understand?
How did you feel?
When you found him by the river?
I felt like the happiest
person in the world.
I couldn't imagine life without him.
And what about you Peeta?
Damn, she just saved my life.
We saved each other.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The star cross lovers
of District 12, this
years victors of the 74th
Annual Hunger Games.
Thank you.
What a lovely pin.
Thank you, it's from my district.
They must be very proud of you.
So what happens when we get back?
I don't know.
I guess I may try to forget.
I don't wanna forget.