Hungry Ghost Ritual (2014) Movie Script

Grandma, I want eggs
Don't touch it
What a glutton of a child,
who gave you permission to touch it
Kids don't know better, please don't take offense
Don't throw, let's go home
Let's go
Hungry ghost ritual
All the folks from around
here came over to our place
Yin Cao is really something
Are you hungry?
Want me to buy some food for you?
It's okay
I can't do somersaults with a full stomach
Have some tea, troupe master
Alright, Yin Cao
- I should get going now
- Okay
"Never brand women as weaklings"
"Look at me"
"How I shine"
"I am a hero"
"Fear not even a thousand men"
"For one's courage soar with one's ability"
"Yet to meet a match in a hundred miles"
"The heroine of Shandong shall be revered"
"Moved not by riches but ambitions"
"Her name echoes in all corners of the land"
"With ambitions equally as vast"
"The lady warrior is the embodiment of war"
"Fearful of neither storms or waves"
"They say love is a match made by the Heavens"
"So why worry too much"
"Who could bear the sin of
disobeying a father's command"
"Not when the enemy is at our doorstep"
"We need to fight"
Jing Jing
Can you please focus on the stage?
"Fear not the enemy's impetus.
For with my Dragon Slaying Staff"
"The enemy will be vanquished"
"Fighting for the one I'm loyal to..."
Hold on
You've come back finally. That's great
ls my room, still around?
Of course it is
Nothing in there has been moved
You should've notified us of
your return in advance
Is that your brother, Jing Jing?
He's not fit to be
I'm sure he couldn't make it out there
That's why he came back
Useless piece of crap
- I'm going to my room
- Okay
it's okay, I got this
Go get some rest
Uncle Qun
Put some good food on the table tonight
I'm in the mood for a feast
Got it, troupe master
I'll go get more supplies
Time to eat
Jing Jing
Have you asked your brother to join us?
I did, but you can go again if you want to
And he's not really my brother
We don't share the same mother
Zong Hua, come sit here
Here's your seat
Thanks to you, we're having a feast today
There's even duck and fish
Are you done talking?
Take a look at yourself first
You're not good with your studies,
and yet refuse to act
That's right, I'm not an academic person
Unlike some people who operates a publishing firm
Don't bother her, Zong Hua
Have a chat with me after dinner
Tell me all the things
that you've done in the past decade or so outside
Is that necessary? Of course he couldn't make it
I remember someone said before
That he won't come back if he didn't strike gold
Don't worry
I won't take even a penny from the inheritance
I'm done eating, I'm going out for a walk
Zong Hua
You should stop eating too
You are already said so much, go back to your room
Zhi Kwan
We broke up because we're incompatible
There's nothing to do with
our publishing business getting swindled
if you're able to recoup those money, keep it
Thanks for looking after me all the while
Take care
Ling, pass me a bottle of medicine oil
Yes, Yin Cao
Leave us
How serious exactly is your injury?
I've seen the doctor, I can still hold up
Hold up? How?
From the day you sprained your leg
it's been one incident after another
Haven't you heard the voices
calling for your blood?
If we keep this up, I'll be broke soon
from all the compensation
We have a few more shows left
You tell me what should I do?
Sao Ling, this is your chance
Take her place from tomorrow night onward
Thank you, troupe master
Troupe master
We have but three shows left
Let me finish them, will you?
The stage is mine
Save your breath, it has been decided
Get someone to help her back for some rest
Thank what?
Did anyone give you the permission to speak?
You're not even fit to carry my shoes
Hey, Gwong Zai
Zong Hua's here
Hey, Zong Hua, aren't you in mainland China?
You still remember my number. Where are you now?
I came back yesterday
Do you have time tonight?
Let's have some drinks together
Sure, you've made it big in China right?
You wouldn't have came back if you didn't
Nah I screwed up big time
That's why I'm calling you,
to see if you have any leads for me
You're kidding right, Zong Hua?
Your father is the troupe master of
a big opera troupe
And you need my help?
His achievements have got nothing to do with me
Sorry, my wife's calling
Let's talk some other time
Hello, it's me, Zong Hua
Hi, is that Zhi Kwan?
Can we
Can you come back? Let's talk
Have you seen them?
Those two kids just now
"Our love for poetry. Leaves us
singing together forever"
"Just like our undivided love"
Hold on, Master
Ah Man
This verse shouldn't be like this,
nor should the previous one
I've taught you many times, look at me
Master, please
"My heart races with your love"
Like that
Let's do that again
"My heart races with your love"
"You and I, in love forever"
"Our love for poetry.
Leaves us singing together forever"
"Just like our undivided love"
This woke you up?
Let's take five
Since we're all here today
Let me introduce some of them to you
Hold it right there
You little scoundrel
You're out with bad companions again, aren't you?
Coming home at this hour
My friends are not bad companions
They are all from the upper class
it's just that you choose to look down on them
Go easy on her, troupe master
She's a big girl now, she knows what's best
Does she? She's already in her 20s
She won't learn anything nor do anything
Just idling about every day
I said hold it right there
Yes, I'm not moving
- Father
- Troupe master
Troupe master
- Troupe master
- Hey, help me call 999
Troupe master
Zong Hua, keep an eye on the show
I'm going to the hospital, you guys come later
So how's it, doctor?
He's no longer in a critical state
But he'll be very weak these few day.
Let him rest up
Don't worry, we'll take care of him
Thank you, doctor
Let's give Jing Jing and
the troupe master some time together
Are you free now?
I'd like to bring you somewhere
Father, I'm sorry
I hope you don't mind
We can't be sure when your father
will be discharged
But the show's starting soon
We can't be without a troupe master
I think you should take
your father's place for the time being
And take care of matters of the opera troupe
But I know nothing about that
Besides, I
Excuse me
Please don't mind me saying this
But I'm doing this for your own good
What's the matter?
This seventh month of the Lunar Calendar
Don't go wandering around
If you do, certain things
I'm afraid you won't live to see them
You guys leave first
In the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar
the traditional Cantonese opera
is performed for the spirits
Your father does it every year
This is this year's chosen venue
By then, no humans will be
allowed to sit in this row
it's reserved for the spirits
Why do we need to put on a show for
the spirits every year?
We hope they will watch it
rather than looking for a host to possess
if our performance were to be
affected by your father's illness
Compensation is the least of our worries
Our reputation will be severely tarnished
So if you could come back and help
But I don't know anything
it's okay, I'll help you
Do you know
Your father really wanted you to
come back and take over
What happened between you two,
I'm really not sure
But all these years, he missed you a lot
When I came back and saw him
I can see he has aged a lot
But I don't want to talk about the past
Okay, let's not talk about it
Let's go back and I'll introduce you to the crew
Guys, attention please
Our troupe master is no longer in a critical state
But he can't be discharged for the time being
So what will happen to our opening?
Our rival had opened a few days ago
Don't worry
The troupe master's son will take over from now on
Him? Can he?
It's the troupe master's decision
You are all my seniors, so please show me the way
And please, just call me Zong Hua
We'll be looking up to your leadership
Let's not waste any time, carry on with our practice
Let's continue
Among those people
I think Uncle Qun and Brother Kwai
don't really like me
Don't read too much into it,
Uncle Qun isn't that complex
As for Brother Kwai, that's his normal demeanor
And because of that, we broke up
I heard you came back because
your business went bust there
That's right
I was running a publishing business there
But I misplaced my trust
Coupled with the fact that I'm an outsider
I got cheated by a middle man,
lost my whole company
I came from a very poor family
I joined the opera troupe since young,
and am still here now
That's not true, at least you're the main cast now
Even though I'm no expert
But seems to me you're very good at what you do
At least it sounds that way to me
That shows you do know a thing
or two about the opera
Shouldn't be a problem for you to take over
Are you alright?
Good night
Xiu Yin, are you okay?
Sorry, have you seen Xiu Yin around?
Haven't seen her come back
Anything I can help?
Help me finish this "Ji" character
Hey, he'll get scolded
Hey, what are you doing?
Can you please show some respect to
the troupe's property?
What's with the leg?
Kit Zai, come help me with this
Who sealed the "mouth" of the character "Ji "?
Does he meant for us to have
difficulties singing even with a mouth?
Speak up
it was written by the stand-in troupe master
This is the unwritten rule of the industry
What you did undermined traditional customs
I'm sorry
Sorry for this, I'll slowly fill you in on all these
Come, the dishes are here, let's eat
Before that, I'd like to say something
What happened just now. I don't ever
want to see it happening again
I understand that it's tough to accept
An outsider as your troupe master
But I'll give it my all
Once my father has been discharged
I'll hand everything back to him
And you can act as if we've never met before
I'm just here to work
Let's begin our meal
You have my support
Still awake?
What brought you here at this hour?
I really cannot bear to leave the stage
Give me another chance, will you?
Come on in first
The rite of breaking in to the stage is done
Everyone can work in peace now
There really are a lot of traditional regulations
in Cantonese opera
I've told you
When we're in the middle of the rite of
breaking in to the stage
no looking around and talking
Have a seat
The act that you've seen just now
"The White Tiger and the Dark-faced General"
ls for "breaking in to the stage"
it keeps evil spirits away, and ensures everything
that we do is smooth-sailing
Did you notice the idol on the stage
when you came in?
He's the guardian angel of our Garden of Pears
Grandmaster Wah Kwong
To banish the evil and its associated spirits,
according to customs
The idol should be placed on the left
I won't be able to tell you everything at once
But never mind, you will get used to it in time
Xiu Yin
I've bought movie tickets for tonight
Let's go together, shall we?
I think you have misunderstood
I just wanted to help you
it's better if you wait outside.
I want to focus on my make up
I'm free the day after, though
Maybe we can make another arrangement by then
I've boiled some porridge for father, brother
Want to go visit him at the hospital with me?
Zong Hua
Did the old guard give you a tough time?
Not really
Rome isn't built in a day
But if you stick at it, they will eventually accept you
Not all of my words may be true
Just take those that you think are
Just like back in the day
I've never thought much about your ambition
Stopped you from going out to chase your dream
Looking back now
I think I was too stubborn
Not really
Turns out, you were right
Just that I wouldn't listen
I'm sorry, father
I have not taken good care of you all these years
it's okay, I understand
You're back, that's enough for me
Troupe master
How are you feeling?
The doctor said he needs to
observe my condition for a few days
How's the setting up of the stage?
It's done, we've just broken in to it
Zong Hua knows nothing
Please be patient with him, Xiu Yin
Father, I'd like to learn acting from Xiu Yin
it's not that easy
Xiu Yin, will you take me as your apprentice?
If you really want to learn, I can teach you
Finally, you're willing to learn
it really is difficult,
are you sure you can take it?
I can handle it
"Such a beautiful moment and scenery"
"But it wasn't meant to be"
"Are there any yard that houses good news"
"I'm in love with such
a beautiful moment and scenery"
"To mourn in springtime is torturous"
"There will be a hundred blossoms
when the birds arrive"
Kwai, backstage
Open the door
What do you want?
You think I'm a fool, don't you?
When are you going to stop your tricks?
When can I get onto the stage?
Who among you has been praying to me
as though I'm dead?
Is it you?
No, it's not me
Kwai, is it you?
How could it be me, stop being a fool
Tried to crush me with
the suspensions yesterday but failed
Today, it's joysticks and candles
How much do you guys hate me?
If that's the case, step right up
and say it to my face
Don't try all these childish tricks
I've told you guys not to mess with him
Why wouldn't you listen?
No one's owning up?
Never mind, I'll find out
who's the culprit sooner or later
Do it again if you dare
I'm done talking, please leave
I'm so sorry
Xiu Yin
I feel that, the closer the opening day is
The weirder the troupe gets
What's wrong?
I've been wanting to ask you this
Remember we went for drinks once
And then
Then we
Do you remember?
I just remember I was very drunk that day
Did I do anything?
No, nothing
The movie that you said
you wanted to watch last time
Xiu Yin
Xiu Yin, are you okay?
I'm okay, it's been like that since I was a kid
Let her rest and she'll be fine
The doctor said you need to
walk around more to recover quickly
Got it
Jing Jing
How's your progress?
She's a fast learner
We can let her perform on the 14th day of
the 7th Lunar Calendar month
How is that possible?
It takes years of practice to be good on stage
You've just learned it for 2 or 3 days
You're barely scraping the surface
What more to pull off a great performance
Going on stage is not a joke
You'd be held responsible by the audience
I can do it, father
And I'd like to wear that
outfit that belonged to mother
For my performance
Can I?
I think we should let her try
Your mother's outfit? Why mention your mother?
Tell me
What has been happening within the troupe?
Out with it
I said I want to wear her outfit
Help me
"Never brand women as weaklings"
"Look at me"
"How I shine"
"I am a hero"
"Fear not even a thousand men"
"For one's courage soar with one's ability"
"Yet to meet a match in a hundred miles"
"The heroine of Shandong shall be revered"
"Moved not by riches but ambitions"
"Her name echoes in all corners of the land"
"With ambitions equally as vast"
"The lady warrior is the embodiment of war"
"Fearful of neither storms or waves"
Apply pressure here
You've dislocated your knee,
you're lucky it's still curable
I don't know what's wrong with you and your father
You hurt your knee, he's in the hospital
How is he now?
Should be fine
You still haven't answered me,
how did you get hurt?
It's the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar
if you're unlucky, it's easy for you to
bump into those filthy things
A minor case will involve small injuries
A major one will be major illnesses
You're in a field where the world is your home
You need to pay the idols and spirits due respect
Do you give offerings prior
to your rehearsals and performances?
Father did
That's different
You've taken over now
you need to show some respect too
Help me make the necessary arrangements, Jing Jing
Is that Zong Hua?
Yes, who's there?
I'm Zhi Kwan's father
She committed suicide by
jumping off a building last week
Zhi Kwan is dead?
How is that possible?
I just spoke to her on the phone last week
You caused my daughter's death
She left a note for you
Come pick it up yourself if you dare
Xiu Yin, just the person I want to see
Come and look at what I've managed to record
Xiu Yin
Quick, run
Quick, run
Don't come near
Why do you want to kill me?
Are you really Xiu Yin?
Chop chop, guys
Opening day is tomorrow, we're running out of time
You again? What do you want?
I don't know how to put this to you
But I'd like to cancel tomorrow's performance
I don't know what you're up to
But the point is, the stage is ready
We've broken in to it, and we've done all
the offering to the idols
Canceling without any reason
is cheating
You'll put us in a lot of trouble if you do that
That's right
My ex-girlfriend in Mainland China
just committed suicide
I think she came back to haunt me
I can't help you with that
Funny, though
People are saying the spot that we got this year
An entire troupe was wiped out here
In a fire 40 years ago
Maybe our troubles are connected to this incident
Don't believe in all these rumors, Uncle Qun
Don't be so naive, come, let's continue working
Hey, make sure it's clean over there
if it's already time, come and get me
Please don't disturb my children
What's happening actually?
Zong Hua
Jing Jing
Where are you?
Zong Hua, are you alright?
Run, father
- Run
- Quick
Quick, run
Jing Jing
Father, don't
Father, don't go
Zong Hua
Leave my father alone, take me instead, all of you
40 years ago
An entire troupe was wiped out here in a fire
Maybe our troubles are connected to this incident
Zong Hua