Hungry Hearts (2014) Movie Script

I have entered the wrong bathroom
there was no sign, I think.
But now the door is locked.
- Locked? - Yes.
Let me try ...
Yes, it's locked.
My God!
Hey, we are locked in the bathroom!
- That's terrible. - I'm really sorry.
They killed an army.
Are you listening to me? We are in the bathroom!
It's terrible.
I do not feel well, maybe the fish, I have a fever.
Not only fever.
I ...
Listen, I have to ...
It's an emergency, I have to go back there ...
- No, please! - Sorry ...
Oh my God.
You can connect it.
Open up! It is locked, open!
It's embarrassing!
Still going to arrest you.
I was fine until a few minutes ago.
Now you said you were sick.
True, I do not know what I'm saying.
- Oh my god! - Sorry.
No, please do not open!
Okay, sorry.
- Is there a window? - I do not know.
Take a look, please.
Can not.
- What? - Locked.
- Locked. - It's locked?
- Hey, open up! - Oh my God.
I do not know how to say "open" in Chinese.
- Phone! - Yes that's right.
You have a cell phone? I left my coat on.
What is the name of the restaurant?
- Oh, you do not know? - No I do not know.
You were eating here.
Yes, and what did you do here?
Sorry, I was going through and ...
- The Golden Source! - The Golden Fountain.
No, wait, the Golden Stream.
- The Golden Stream? - Yes, it's the name.
No, the Golden Garden.
- The Golden Garden? - Yes I'm sure.
- The Pomegranate Garden? - That.
The Pomegranate Garden, the address is here.
The Golden Garden, the pomegranate garden. It is almost ...
See, we're locked in your bathroom in the basement.
No, I do not want to place an order.
We are stuck in the bathroom of his restaurant.
I do not know ...
Arriving, I do not ...
I do not know if understood, they may be coming ...
Sorry about before.
I think it's already better.
- Yes, that's better. - It was just too much.
- And now? - I do not know.
- Someone will use the bathroom. - Are you alone?
No, I mean ...
If your friends do not see you coming ...
Are co-workers, had been drinking before arriving.
- What are you doing? - Work with embassies.
- So you're not here? - No, I'm Italian.
Oh, Italian?
speaks Italian?
That's all I know.
Hopefully it does not end in a dispersed group.
Dispersed range when temporary phases are exchanged.
A silly joke. If we move ...
in different dimensions space-time.
- Is scientist? - No, engineer.
Hm, do not know.
- Best call again. - It is better!
Wonder no more of me?
Hi, I spoke to you before, we're stuck in your bathroom.
He hung up.
He hung up.
I hope you have no plans for the rest of your life.
We will spend the rest of my life here.
I hope not. I want your friends to come find us.
And you? Does anyone know you're here?
Now we open the door carefully.
Now kicked the door.
My god.
All right.
Better stand back. Sorry, I did not mean ...
They came to save us.
Thank God.
How am I?
- The door is open. - I see, thank you.
- I am Jude. - Hi.
- This is ... - Mine.
I'm awake, what is it?
No, I do not believe!
Yes, I got it.
Yes, I'll call you later, then. Bye.
They transferred me.
You quits his job and finds one here.
What are you saying? I live from my work.
You keep saying you do not care, you can do whatever you want,
it's all the same.
Now suddenly it's the most important thing in your life!
When you have to go?
In a 2 months.
More or less.
Try it!
Spend out!
Spend out!
Spend out!
No no!
It's blue.
What do we do with a child?
A pity that we have not known each other before.
It's our first time.
You are an angel.
Blame it on Jude,
he never wants to involve me in his life.
Listen ...
I do not remember much about pregnancy,
but I think it should be the same as with dogs,
so if you need me for anything,
I'm here.
Would gladly adopt.
Where are your parents?
They could not come?
My mother died when I was 2,
I grew up with my father,
it is old and not ...
I do not socialize, no more.
I feel for his mother.
I live an hour and a half road here,
if you need anything ...
Even Jude did not want to go, you are welcome even without it.
Better without it!
Yes, better off without him.
Where is my wife?
Both of you I came to know,
the silky sound of your 'hello'
Velvet your touch,
both of you ...
I've come to know.
The soft and warm you so much,
but something in you is summer storm,
there is always something new
a different you
for me to discover ...
and love .
Hold me
and I find
a new side of you my love .
ice and fire
the same kiss
that chills me
illuminates and brightens my heart
Both of you are dear to me ...
What's going on?
What's going on?
Thank you.
Yes OK.
Sure, we talk later.
Is J. Want to know if we are going to exposure.
- What do you think? - Ah, yes.
Do not eat anything?
I had that dream again.
- The one with the deer? - Yes.
I think we should not pay much attention.
That keeps happening, it means nothing, it is a dream.
It never happened to me before to keep repeating the same dream.
... And it seems real.
Now the blame is this dream that you are not hungry?
But it's true that I'm not hungry.
In fact, you may have morning sickness,
as said Dr. Bill.
is normal, you should strive to eat.
And the hunter disappearing into the darkness?
You know what I thought? Then the three of us,
We could go to the mattress store
because we need a new mattress.
Noticed is smelling? And it is still small.
Yes true.
I love you.
I love you too.
... But she starts crying and does not enter the second phase.
- What's the second step? - What is this, Tarkovskij?
It is "The Zone", idiot!
Indeed, the second phase is called "The Zone".
See? Dog!
Well, "The Zone" is the stage where the eyes are trained to ...
Are you interested or ...?
It is the stage where the eyes focus on any point of the horizon.
She calls him "look of a thousand miles".
Usually lasts three or four minutes.
The third phase is the "let yourself go".
The baby is like a passenger on a train,
dozes, the head slides to the side,
and then open your eyes ...
What did you eat before collapsing?
I had taken breakfast?
Yes, anything.
- What did you eat? - Everything.
A little of everything.
- Very little. - Not really.
It is, and she does not eat meat.
That's true, I do not like meat.
Not a problem in itself,
but must find a way to consume protein:
gluten, fish ...
The baby needs protein to grow,
and vegetables every day.
Look at the head.
Growth is a little slow, I want you eat better.
Or more.
It's very cold?
It's fine.
Will it hurt the baby?
- What, the ultrasound? - Yes.
No, ultrasound is used. No radiation.
Is required.
- Okay, enough. - Sit down. Go back one second.
We're almost done.
- Okay, sit down. - No, that's enough.
Where are you going?
Home, I think.
And you?
I go back to work for a little while.
Do not be late, okay?
And she told me: "I have good news for you."
Do not laugh!
"Your child is an indigo".
"What?" I asked.
And she said, "Yes,
I felt his energy,
I can see it.
You are carrying a child indigo ...
Well, if the seer said ...
It's good.
Yes, being the father of Jesus Christ is not so bad!
Do not do that.
- So you believe? - It's a good thing.
Wait ... Why do not you feel good?
It does not feel right, the morning sickness, such as pregnant.
And if my body is trying to protect my baby?
It is detoxifying, that's why I'm not hungry.
Or perhaps the child.
Arrives, the child does not decide what you want to eat.
Dr. Bill said ...
He thinks we are all equal!
And that's wrong, okay?
Also, I do not want those machines in me again.
They see,
but they do not understand what they see.
I read about a doctor,
who works in a hospital, a normal hospital,
but it uses natural and alternative medicine methods.
Come on?
It depends on you,
I agree with what whatever,
except for visionaries.
I'm going to take a shower.
Does it mean ...
he will have special powers,
how to move things with your mind using electrical impulses?
No, I think not.
- No. - Enough!
I only ask a little more time.
I know I can.
- Need to leave. - Do not touch me!
Do not touch me too.
Mine gone too far, it's dangerous.
No, I know it's dangerous, I know I can.
No time is risky.
I do not want surgery.
But we have no choice,
you have very little liquid, and her baby is in danger.
I said that could happen, you are underweight.
I explained to you.
I do not want a C-section.
Okay, we will not.
- Promise? - I promise.
Now get out of the tub.
I promise.
Hey mom, where are you going?
- Where is he? - Should not be here.
- Where is it? - All right, let's go back.
I could do nothing.
The contractions had started.
- Let's go back to the room. - Where ...?
- You're doing some tests. - What tests?
Want to see it, where is it? Where?
You're here,
doing the tests, and back to the room just to finish.
Here in this room, in the incubator.
We can not go!
- You can not go. - I want to see my son.
- Let's get it right. - Let them do their job.
Mine is crazy?
Sorry, you can not stay here now.
Okay okay.
- Can I hold it? - Not yet.
- Please. - I can not.
She wants to get him.
He has not finished the cycle.
All right.
But not for long.
He is fine.
He is fine.
He is fine.
Hello you, it's me again, they did not return.
It is the fourth time I turn! Come back when you can.
Jude hi, hi Mina, I always, Dana.
I turn to invite them to dinner.
Return when they hear the message.
Guys, it's me. We see them in the house of Dana ...
... See if it works this time.
They are always stuck there ...
Have you ever thought the drug a babysitter?
I love you.
Mother ...
Hi Jude, Mina, I'm me, Anne.
Please, call back,
I want to know you.
Hi baby.
Do not push me so.
It is from the street.
Barely touched him.
You have to wash his hands.
- You can watch for a little while? - Of course.
- Is feverish. - He did not remove his shoes before.
I will take when down.
It is feverish.
- The brand? - 37.5 C.
It's nothing serious.
It is not serious, a fever two weeks?
Made three applications ice pack a day,
but in case.
Maybe we should call a doctor.
Someone to spend poison, when in fact it should heal?
Antibiotics are called, all take.
Do you know what "antibiotic"?
Of course! Anti-bios, against life.
You must trust me.
Always trust, but is not doing the fever goes away.
This is true, right?
Maybe he needs help to overcome whatever.
The baby is small, it is very fragile.
You think you'll get through the night?
I'm serious.
Visit a doctor to have an opinion.
What I said wrong?
I talked about a doctor looking at a baby seven months with fever.
You humiliated me.
I humiliated? Do not you think you're exaggerating?
You think I'm doing it all wrong, is not it?
I say that in addition to books and memorizing follows religiously,
perhaps the opinion of a professional is a good idea.
You're an asshole.
Wrong. See a doctor you trust.
And you should trust me because I'm his mother.
Always trusted you, damn it.
But do not think that there is something wrong, is there a reason?
- Do not yell. - Then be reasonable.
- Do not scream, can not stand. - I just think you should ...
- Listen ... - No, you listen to me.
No, listen. The issue is trust what I feel.
I know it's right, grow well. I feel it.
And I notice you about anything that hurt.
Your body must learn to defend from the start,
It is the only way to leave it strong.
Why not believe me?
Why not believe me?
I will not leave tomorrow.
I can invent an excuse,
I can not go back to work.
Do a favor.
They should leave the house a little. Would do well to him.
What's with you tonight?
If protected from all nine months
and an overnight were played this ...
Cloud noisy, smelly and toxic,
... How would I respond?
Believe it or not, it is the same that happens to me.
It was long ago, I do not remember the details,
but even getting dirt in his mouth, nothing happened to me.
What irritates you?
What irritates me is he not leave the house.
Seven months are nothing compared to a lifetime.
It will be time to breathe the air outside.
When? When will that be?
When you turned on that shit?
When he's better, I promise you'll take out,
whatever makes you happy.
Where you go? You will not eat something?
Tomorrow will be the first time I will not be with him.
Be patient and gentle, please.
Fever is the least of the problems,
is a physiological reaction to malnutrition.
It is below 7% the circumference of the skull,
and motor development.
Your child is not growing.
How well is not growing?
You have the growth chart?
The pediatrician will documenting growth.
- You have? - No.
Who is your pediatrician?
Who is accompanying the child's development?
My wife does not have much trust in physicians.
When she stopped breastfeeding?
Milk lasted four months, then he went to vegetables.
- She did not eat meat? - No.
What your child eats?
We are vegetarians.
There is nothing wrong with that, what your child eats?
mashed vegetables, avocado ...
So are vegans and non-vegetarians.
Do not eat dairy, eggs, animal products?
I eat, my wife and no son.
They consulted a nutritionist?
Several, the first ...
Jacob was the Natural Clinic where my wife gave birth.
Mina does things alone, reads a lot, get the information.
If the child does not grow, you are not getting it needs.
The risk is retarded growth, rickets ...
and nervous system damage.
Your child is in danger.
It is very important that the child receive you need,
Think like a race.
Her late son broad ... You'll have to run to catch up.
Okay, what do the first steps?
We need to bring its growth rate back to normal.
With animal fat and vitamins.
We can start with turkey and veal.
- Three times a day. - Perfect.
You like!
All clear!
Here we go!
A little at a time.
Are you hungry!
What is this?
Where does?
- Wait. - Let me see.
Let me see.
I went to Dr. Bill this morning and said that is not growing.
- What did you do? - The baby is 7% lower.
It means that 93 in 100 babies grow more than him.
What was that? He does not eat anything that comes from animals.
Because I can not stand to see my child dying of hunger!
Got it?
It's a race to see who wins?
- What? - The 7%.
It's a race to see who arrives first?
It's just one of those things.
From now on, we will do what you want,
he eats what you decide,
but do not raise your voice ever, in front of my son.
Good boy.
The last?
Good boy.
Are you there?
- Are you okay? - Yes.
What are you doing in the bathroom?
- How was your day? - It was good.
What were you doing in the bathroom?
I was giving something to his digestion.
He ate?
All of their food.
The doctor said he can not evaluate it stands, without seeing it.
We did what he said the last two weeks.
And he still has not grown.
If you do not grow, there is an explanation for this shit!
Sorry, did not mean ... How was your day?
Let a doctor, please?
- He finished? - Yes, I ate almost everything.
Let me make it burp.
Good morning Dr. Bill is Jude.
Yes, I hope so.
Not a question. Knows a called oil "Pure Oil Yolax"?
Yes, my wife has given after each meal.
It may be why he is not growing?
What are you doing?
It is the oil that is preventing you from growing!
- Why do not you trust me? - Enough!
It is not digesting the food!
Are you listening to me?
- You're hurting me. - Answer me, you hear me?
You are trying to kill our son?
Responds, damn it!
I know the oil is good for him, her food is that it's poison.
Sorry, he's okay?
He is fine?
Sorry, he's okay?
I did not think you.
They left the apartment.
I thought that ...
Do not forget that we are a family.
Do not let it get lost.
We did it.
Together we will succeed.
- Let's go home? - All right.
- Yes, yes ... - I'm me!
- Why he disappeared? - Do not sumi, I'm here.
God is a dump! What's going on?
Mother, may be less aggressive, please?
I'm calling for days at work, they say you disappeared.
- We are here! - And it's okay, I see!
You are rubbish.
Hi, Mina.
Was around, shopping,
and I thought about going to see my little one.
- How kind. - Mom, have a cell phone?
- Yes. - Can you pass,
I will let down here.
- Oh yeah, why? - For the baby.
Can I see it?
He is sleeping.
Not anymore.
I'll be back with you to the subway.
Let me see!
Comes here! My little grandson!
No, you came from the street.
I'll take you with us.
- Ready for a ride? - No.
I'll take it. It's all right.
He just woke up.
Mother, can wait at the door? The shoes.
I package, will be fine.
Mine, please, ten minutes. Fresh air ...
- Are you ready, Mom? - Yes, I'm ready.
- Jude? - He is fine.
Bye, Mina.
- Mother, here is your phone. - Yes.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
Mine is languishing,
the baby is skin and bone.
It is just small for his age.
What's going on, something is wrong.
- Are you listening? - Yes mom.
You can talk to me, please?
Slowly, do not eat so fast.
What's going on?
Why is feeding here?
Tell me.
She is obsessed with this thing to purify his body,
to find that not eating as it should. He's fine, just ...
slightly underweight.
Okay, slow down!
So ...
you have to feed it here,
because mine ...
not feed him?
It is a stage mother.
It will pass, but for now ...
and so.
Baby ...
baby slowly.
We finish the rest later.
- You have to do something. - I'm doing.
Have to get help, she's crazy.
She is not crazy, just ... unusual.
You need help.
Mother, we are all she has. It's my family!
My family. I'll handle it.
We are all she has in the world,
just the two of us.
Did you have fun, love?
Here, I brought avocado.
I hold.
Come here.
I am a bit tired.
You know I love you?
It is as if he did not trust me,
as if trying to control myself.
I might ask me, as I am, at least once.
I have to change it.
No, I want to take a bath, I even change.
- No, I change it. - No, you deserve.
Right? Please take a bath.
- I'll take care. - Do you know where your pajamas?
Of course, under the pillow.
My son vomited meat.
What do you know about it?
Unintentionally, my wife is killing my son.
She is obsessed with purity and cleanliness.
You do not want it in the sunlight,
My son can not see the sun.
My son is like any other, is not an indigo child.
An indigo child comes to earth,
another dimension to save everyone.
But not anymore. Then she came with that purity ...
and the result is that my child is not growing.
I just want to save my son.
Why is he not growing? Have you seen a doctor?
Yeah, and then she convinced me not to go because it knows more.
And I try to help him alone,
tidy excuse to take you ...
to a church where I give hidden ham.
I do this three times per day.
I've been three times and I think a new excuse to give ham.
But now she found.
Do you have proof of what you tell me?
- The boy? - I mean, written test.
Besides the fact that it does not grow?
Sure, will mark a meeting with the social service,
and I call a well-known psychiatrist. We will take her to see him.
Let convince his wife that she needs treatment.
A psychiatrist?
We have to expose his wife,
for all to see and can understand.
We have no time.
Time is what we need to establish evidence.
I do not know how I'll make dinner for my son tonight.
Okay, we will do as you say, meanwhile,
I take care of things on my own, thank you.
The first thing is to leave the child in a safe place.
Are there any safe place?
Perhaps my mother.
Once it resolved, give it to his wife.
and then send another by certified mail.
It will have to accept that the child will be with her grandmother for a while.
- She will never accept. - There will be a legal battle.
But the child will be safe.
Should know that technically, what I am proposing,
It is called sequestration.
Okay thank you.
You are beautiful ...
as angels.
I have the afternoon off, I'll take you for a ride.
16h are the best time of day.
He'll be fine.
I'm not in the mood.
I take you, you stay here.
Go back to sleep, she was so beautiful before.
I'm going too.
I will not have to go if you do not want.
No, I'm just going to wear me.
I'm worried about you, looking so tired.
You need time, we need a time.
We'll get through this together, but for now let me handle.
- What does that mean? - Nothing.
It does not mean anything.
It will give us a little time,
a few days, a week ...
You can come whenever you want.
But you have to take care of yourself.
For how long?
Ah, here.
We came early.
It was ...
It was difficult to find the house?
I think he needs to change his diapers.
I trade.
No, Jude is ... I change the baby!
Of course.
I'm down there.
- You leaving? - Yes.
Stay for dinner, I'll take you home.
- I can not. - Please.
Stay, you want to stay. Did you see him? It is so much better.
Take one more time, please.
Not like this place,
It is not a good place to stay.
He has to go home, you have to go home.
Why can not we stay just three?
Why can not alone.
What happened?
Will ...
The oil.
It can not come here,
He is so sick.
It's bad for the baby.
You will not fool me.
I saw how he treats my son,
and I will not let you mistreat my grandson.
Do not fool yourself.
The dogs!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Stop, tell me, what's happening?
I want to take him home.
You can not do that.
What are you doing?
I'm going home.
- You can not take the baby. - Yes.
It is crazy.
Mother. Stop.
- You can not take it. - Yes.
It is not right here, I can feel.
You can go back and see it all you want.
but it will not go anywhere.
Is that clear?
- Now give it to me. - No.
Jude, grab the baby.
Mother, everything calm down.
- Come here. - No, please.
I said it back home.
He needs to be with me.
- Let go. - No.
- Let me get it. - He needs to be with me.
- Release. - No.
Let me take him, right? We are in charge.
Let go!
- Mom, are you okay? - What's going on?
I am of the Childhood Court.
There is a court order, where the boy is?
- You can not, is sleeping. - Where is the boy?
This is a mistake.
The mother is dangerous, it can not take you.
There is a complaint for assault.
There is a big misunderstanding, I did not hit her.
We were discussing and ...
Mother, wait. I explain everything.
You do not understand, this woman is crazy.
She tried to kill him.
Please listen to me
I am saying that he had to take the child.
You can not let her take of the baby, she is not well.
She's not well been a while.
Please listen to me.
Please listen to me.
Stop, let's talk.
Please, let's talk.
If anything happens to the baby because of it,
I hold responsible!
Oh, my God, Jude!
Please do not!
Please stop.
- Where did he go? - Stop them.
Where are taking him?
Where does it go?
Where's he going now?
This woman is crazy, sick for a long time!
Mina, look at me!
Stop, it's me.
Me, I love you.
I do not understand how anyone can say that hurt,
based on nothing.
And that's enough to bring them to our house,
and take the baby.
And prove with medical evidence, or as it is called,
the baby was hungry; and this is not enough.
Yes, but you have to explain to me how this is possible.
And he did not gain weight is no physical evidence?
That's it, I can do nothing?
No hope?
Then already was?
Are you telling me I lost my son.
Thank you.
Do you like the water,
it is not?
You want to know the sea?
Hey you!
They called just now, my son is here?
It was her or the boy.
The boy was going to die.
A newspaper article, "Woman kills the hunger son"
What would bring good to us?
The boy, to Jude,
... To her.
She would be here.
I'd be out.
In a different life, but unhappy.
As I think Jude too.
I do not know if he forgave me.
I do not know if I myself have forgiven me.
But I did what I had to do.
And I did what I believed,
and still I believe that had to be done.
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