Hunted (1952) Movie Script

What are you doing down here?
What are you doing down here?
Do you hear me?
I set a house on fire.
What is the matter with you?
I left my teddy behind.
What are you talking about?
I left my teddy behind in that
place and I want to go back there.
Come on.
You're taking me home. I won't go.
Come here.
It's alright. I'm not taking you home.
We'll go this way.
Is Robbie with you?
- No.
You haven't seen him then?
- No.
I cannot think where he's got to.
- I'm sorry. He hasn't been here.
Have any of you kids seen Robbie?
- No, Miss Campbell.
Come here.
I said come here.
Come on. Come on.
I don't like coming down here.
- Shut up and let me think.
How old is he?
- He'll be seven next month.
And you are the parents?
- No. He is adopted.
Has he ever run off like this before?
- Never.
No cause to.
There's no reason you can think of then?
- Not to run away for.
He ought to have known better than that.
We would only have told him off.
That's all we would have done.
- Told him off for what?
Well, he'd been playing
with matches again.
I am always telling him not to.
But this time he set the
kitchen curtains alight.
The wee scamp.
That may be it.
Or it may be just a lark. It usually is.
But to be gone all this time ..
And without his supper.
- It's not like him.
It's not like the laddie at all.
Well, Mrs Campbell. I shouldn't worry.
We issue a description.
You'll have him back in no time.
I hope so.
I'll never get a wink of sleep.
Well, it isn't the first time
the kid has run off, you know.
No cause for alarm. He'll be alright.
Who are you staring at?
Get to sleep.
What's that noise?
Rats. They won't hurt you. Get to sleep.
I had one once. A white one.
It died.
But it didn't really die.
He killed it.
He didn't like it so he killed it.
If you don't shut up I'll ..
What are you staring
at me like that for?
No. He was wearing a raincoat.
I didn't catch what they were saying.
- Then what happened?
The next time I had
looked round they'd left.
With Mr Mill still owing for his drinks.
You didn't know this other man?
- No. Never seen him before.
I knew him.
A bloke called Lloyd.
3rd Engineer or Mate or
something on a ship.
Know where he lives?
- No.
He only came in once or twice.
He used to bring his girl with him.
Kept to himself.
His wife?
- Don't know.
Get on to the Yard. Ask them to
circulate the name and description.
You know. Usual things. Patrols cars,
railway police, pawn shops. The lot.
Yes, sir.
A cup of coffee and a packet
of Woodbines please.
You can forget the Woodbines.
Give me two pies, will you.
I'd better give you something to eat.
Here you are.
You don't like me, do you.
Do you?
Why don't you go off home then?
I don't want to go home.
You set the house on fire, didn't you?
Didn't you?
- Yes.
You know what they will do to you
if they catch you, don't you?
If you want me to get you out of
this jam I shall need some money.
I have ninepence but it's at home.
I have some money at home too
but I don't want to go there either.
But you could go to my
place and get the money.
A little boy half your size could
do what you've got to do.
It's easy.
Now listen. Go upstairs
until you come to Flat 90.
Ring the bell. If no-one answers
you let yourself in with that key.
Alright? Go into the bedroom.
In the top drawer of the chest you'll
find a pay packet with money in it.
It's tucked under some shirts. Got that?
- Yes.
Don't forget what I said. Be as quick
as you can and no talking to anyone.
And don't run, because
that's bad. Alright?
- Get along with you.
That's better.
Up we come. There.
What's your name?
Come on now.
What number do you live at?
I'll take you home to your mum.
It's that door there.
- Thank you, Mrs Lloyd.
Did you have a row with your husband?
I didn't think so.
How much cash had he on him?
Do you think I go through his pockets?
Is this the only other room?
- Yes.
Do you mind if I look in that cupboard?
Look under the bed if you want to.
Were you expecting him home last night?
Glad to see him?
Where do you think he would be now?
If I knew I wouldn't be here.
I told you not to run.
There is a bobby. There's a bobby there.
You're lying. They wouldn't let you go.
- The bobby. There's a bobby there.
I did. I saw him.
Did they see you?
- I don't know.
Have you got the money?
- No.
I'm going in there for a minute.
You wait here. Alright?
Have you run away from school, son?
No need to look like that.
We won't lock you up this time.
Where do you live, sonny?
I have all the old
clothes I can do with.
But that's not old. It's brand new.
A sailor, aren't you?
What gives you that idea?
Look. If I wanted to buy this coat
it would cost me fifteen quid.
You want to sell it?
I can't loan anything on it.
- Alright then. I'll sell it.
Alright. What's your name and address?
What's that got to do with it?
I've got to find someone who wants
the coat. Then I can let you know.
I want the money now.
If you'll wait a minute there's someone
might give you a price for it.
He was in this morning.
I'll get him on the telephone.
Won't take a minute.
MG2W calling B5.
MG2W calling B5.
Proceed at once to
189 Vauxhall Bridge Road.
"A pawnbroker's shop. And detain man
answering the description of Lloyd."
Hello B5. Your message received.
Make an immediate search
of area near pawnshop. Over.
He has flown, sir.
- He can't get far.
He must be skint.
Watch it, you clumsy little fool.
Don't you dare touch this table.
I'm hungry.
Yes, so am I.
- Can't I have my dinner?
Come on.
Can you spare one?
I won't ..
- Go on, take it.
- You're welcome.
Come on.
I am hungry.
- Yes, I know.
What can I get you?
I've got some nice meat pies.
Would you like a nice, hot pie, dear?
A buttered roll and cheese.
A roll and cheese and a glass of milk.
What about an ice cream
for the little boy?
There's strawberry,
chocolate or mixed fruit.
No ice-cream. That's the lot.
And for you?
Look. I haven't got the
money for ice cream or pie.
I just haven't got it.
That is all there is to it.
Do you think I don't want
some hot food and a shave?
I have to get that money. That's all.
There's no-one at the foot of the stairs
but there is a man in the passage.
It is Mr Cregan. I saw him.
This side?
How far down?
This end or the other end?
Never mind. Go and try what I told you.
[ Cat noises ]
One squawk out of you ..
You rotten little ..
Chris, why did you do it?
You ask me?
But you.
You have done for yourself.
You should have thought of that.
Shut up.
What are you going to do?
Chris. I loved you and only you.
And that is the truth.
Chris, the police have been here.
Do you think I don't know?
They are outside now.
You told them. You brought them here.
- I didn't. I didn't.
If they're out there now
you've no chance.
I got in, didn't I?
They won't be here again until morning.
Couldn't you stay?
Just a little while.
You are always away.
I couldn't help it I couldn't help it.
Chris, wait.
There's this if you want it.
If it's any use to you.
They are real.
Hey, you!
Why didn't it stop?
- I don't know.
The others did.
- Yep.
Why didn't that one?
- I don't know. Some do, some don't.
Come on.
What are those people doing over there?
Just getting the corn in.
- Why?
Haven't you been in the country before?
- No. What is corn?
Well, you eat it.
What is this?
It's a woodlouse.
- Can I have it?
Yes. If you want it.
Here. Put it in there.
Look. A lorry.
Where you want to be?
- Where you making for?
Up north.
Got room for one and the boy?
- Okay, jump in the back.
Up you go.
How far are we going?
A long way.
- Where are we going?
To my brother's place if we can.
We should be safe there for a bit.
You know the owl and the pussy-cat?
The owl and the pussy-cat went to
sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.
They took some honey
and plenty of money.
Wrapped up in a 5-pound note.
The owl looked up to the stars above.
And sang to a small guitar.
Oh lovely pussy. Oh, pussy my love.
What a beautiful pussy
you are, you are, you are.
What a beautiful pussy you are.
Mrs Lloyd.
We have to ask these questions because
we want to trace your husband.
We're not saying he did kill Mills.
But until we find him and interview him
the evidence is very strong against him.
If you don't know where
he is why should I know?
Is there anywhere you think he may be?
- I've no idea.
Where do you think he'd make for?
- I don't know.
Is there any other woman he was ..?
- No.
I'm sorry.
What about his family?
Are his parents alive?
I married him, not his family.
I asked you if his parents were alive.
- I do not know.
I don't believe you.
- Please yourself.
No thanks. I'll smoke my own.
As it happens I don't know. He left home
as a kid and has never seen them since.
Thank you. That's something anyway.
Any brothers or sisters?
- You needn't thank me.
Any brothers or sisters?
Do you think I'd help you
find him even if I could?
I am his wife.
- Alright. You are his wife.
What was your relationship with Mills?
What are you getting at?
- The reason he was killed.
How well did you know Mills?
I worked in his office.
- That doesn't answer my question.
I repeat: how well did you know him?
No better than any of the other girls
in the office if that's what you mean.
Who paid for this?
You, your husband or Mills?
I did.
- What did it cost you?
Mrs Lloyd, do you think your domestic
infidelities would matter to us?
We are investigating a crime. Murder.
And to cover up the truth about your
own relationship with the dead man ..
You are fobbing us off with a
lot of half-truths and evasions.
How is it going to help
you or me or him?
What do you think I feel like?
It's done now, isn't it.
It is done.
But it's not finished, Mrs Lloyd.
Tell me what your husband was doing with
a young boy when he broke in your flat?
Do you know who the boy was?
- No.
You knew nothing about it?
- No.
Do you recognise this?
- No.
Never saw it before?
- No.
It means nothing to you at all?
- No, I tell you.
Alright. Will you please wait outside?
Have you got those parents
who reported lost children?
Yes, sir. They are here now.
- Right. We'll see them.
Now, do any of you recognise this?
It is Robbie's.
Had he any special fear of fire?
I mean, had he ever been burned?
Or left in a burning house?
Not that I know of.
Are you sure you can't think of a reason
why he should have run away?
Well, what reason could there be?
Well, perhaps he was
frightened of being punished.
Was he often punished?
If anything I say we rather spoiled him.
- How?
You bought him too many sweets and toys?
Is that what you mean?
Can I see his toys?
Well, now that you mention it.
He wasn't really a boy for toys.
Those we bought him were either
broken or lost in five minutes.
If he didn't like toys, why should a boy
of his age run off with a teddy bear?
That blessed old bear?
He would even take it to bed with him.
- Why? Did it mean something special?
Who gave it to him?
I don't know.
He always had it.
He had it when he came.
Did his mother give it to him?
I could not say.
Thank you for coming, Mr Campbell.
- Is there any news of him?
Not thanks.
Now you are both here I have
got something to break to you.
We've reason to believe that Robbie ..
Is with a man who is wanted
in connection with a crime.
That was committed in the cellar
where that toy was found.
I am going to be very frank with you.
He may be in great danger.
He's in the hands of a man who's
trying to escape with his life.
The point is why is
Robbie with this man?
Of his own free will? Why?
Why didn't he come home?
- I can't make it out.
Was he happy with you?
- We did all we could for him.
We gave him a home, didn't we?
- Yes.
But what kind of a home?
Were you fond of him?
Was he scared of what you may do
to him for burning the curtains?
Not of me.
Here we are.
Sykes, the name is. They'll do you.
It's up there. First on the left.
Thanks for the lift as well.
- Okay. Cheerio.
One night or do you want to stay longer?
- No. Just for the night.
I see. Would you like
breakfast in the morning?
Yes please.
I'll bring it up to you.
- Thank you.
That's the bathroom up there.
There you are. If there's
anything you want, just ask.
Thank you.
You are a tired boy.
Have you come a long way?
We came by road.
Well I never. How old are you?
More fun for him than the train.
- Yes.
I hope your mum doesn't miss you.
- She's glad to be rid of him.
I can't believe that.
Everything is fine.
Thanks very much. Goodnight.
Goodnight, I hope you'll be alright.
Look. I have to go out.
You must stay here for a bit.
Why can't I come?
- Because you can't.
I shan't be long. I promise you.
Wait here until I get back.
[ Door knocks ]
Where is your daddy?
Has he gone out?
Never mind. I'll get you to bed.
You get your clothes off and then we'll
have a nice hot bath, shall we?
You are a slowcoach.
I thought you were
going to get undressed.
A big boy like you.
You don't want me to help you.
That's a good boy.
Is this all your luggage?
You hop into the bath and I'll
see if I can find your pyjamas.
That's it.
I don't know who packed for you but
I can see it wasn't your mother.
What on earth are you going to sleep in?
Are the clothes you've go on
all you brought with you?
Haven't you got a toothbrush?
What on earth are those
marks on your back?
Have you been thrashed?
Who did it to you? Who was it?
Was it him?
- Then who was it?
I broke a window.
You broke a window.
It's a woodlouse.
So it is.
"You're through to Scotland.
Press button A."
Hello Jack?
- "Hello?"
Jack, is that you?
- "Yes."
This is Chris.
Your brother. Chris.
I am coming up by road to you.
"Who do you say it is?"
- It's Chris. Christopher.
Where are you speaking from?
- "I'm coming up. Can I stay with you?"
What's the matter? What happened?
Jack. I'm in a bit of jam.
The police are after me.
"It's only for a bit until I
can find somewhere else."
What have you done?
"Will you give me an answer?"
Now, Robbie.
You do look like a man. Don't you.
What a big boy you are.
I don't know what your mummy would
say if she could see this vest.
I haven't got a mummy.
If you haven't got a mummy
who looks after you?
He is your daddy, isn't he?
Thanks for looking after him.
You needn't have troubled.
He wasn't any trouble.
I'll get this washed and
cleaned for the morning.
Come on. Come to bed.
Messing about with my kid.
She's got a nerve.
Hey, what's the matter with you?
Get into bed.
What are you so scared of?
Come on, get into bed.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
What did you think I was going to do?
Beat you up or something?
Put your feet down. There you are.
We'll still make you
shipshape and seaworthy.
Where is your parting?
I see it.
There we are.
Now let me see you.
Come on, smile.
That's it, get down. Down you get.
Tell me a story.
I don't know any.
Just one.
You get to sleep.
Once upon a time, long, long ago.
There was a terrible giant.
And he lived with his father and
his mother in a hollow mountain.
And he was so big that when he used
to walk the whole earth shook.
And he used to eat sheep whole.
Wool and all.
And when the sheepdog snapped at his
ankles he'd brush them away like flies.
But the bigger he got the
more hungry he became.
And in the end, there weren't enough
sheep to go round the family.
So, he decided to go to sea,
become a pirate and ..
And eat whales instead.
So he pulled up a big forest
of trees and he made a boat.
And the boat was so big that ..
When he sailed away he pulled
England into the sea behind him.
And that's how it became an island.
Because he'd forgotten to untie it.
If I don't tell this well, it's because
it all happened a very long time ago.
And I have forgotten.
After a bit he got tired of the sea.
He didn't seem to be getting what
he wanted out of being a sailor.
Well, he couldn't go home.
Jobs were hard to get in those days.
He was sick of the sea and very lonely.
Ted. I want to talk to you at once.
What's up?
Come in the kitchen.
[ Radio: ]
"And here is a police message."
Now, what's all the fuss about?
Wait a minute.
Ted. I've let the back room
to a man and a boy.
And I don't know what to make of them.
That poor child's back is covered with
the marks of a lash. Absolutely covered.
And when I asked him where he lived
he seemed too frightened to answer.
And another thing. When they arrived the
man talked of the little boy's mother.
But the boy says he hasn't got a mother.
Ted. We ought to go to the police.
How long are they staying?
- Just the night.
Did you get him to sign the book?
- No. I thought the morning would do.
We must be careful, you know.
We can't fetch the police unless
we've got a good reason.
We may find ourselves in trouble.
But I don't believe it is his child.
Not for a moment.
You should see the state
of the boy's back ..
And his dirty clothes and the
way he talks and everything.
What if it isn't? There may not
be anything wrong with that.
Now listen. In the morning
you get him to sign the book.
If you still want to ..
You can go and tell the police and let
them make enquiries in their own way.
You can't fetch the police round here if
you're not dead sure about something.
Can you?
- Well, I don't like it.
So one day he sailed up
the river into London.
And that night when he
went ashore he met a girl.
She wasn't like any other
girl he'd ever seen before.
She was.
A princess.
She had a way of ..
It's difficult to explain really.
Anyway he fell in love with her and ..
She married him.
Then everything was different.
There was a home to come home to and ..
A home.
Everything was fine.
Then one day he came home unexpectedly.
He saw her standing in
front of the mirror.
Looking more beautiful than
he'd ever seen her before.
In all her best clothes.
Clothes he had never seen before.
Then I found something out.
Something she had been doing.
I went to see the man and ..
He laughed.
Laughed straight in my face.
Then he said.
What do you think girls
marry sailors for?
Go and fetch the police.
I was sent to ask for a paper.
Just a minute, Robbie.
You go.
I won't you alone with
that man upstairs.
I've got to keep the child away
from him. You must go.
Robbie. Just a minute, dear.
Robbie. Come here, dear.
Look. You are all twisted up.
- Good morning.
Your breakfast won't be long.
I'll bring it up to you.
I sent him down to see if
I can borrow the paper.
It's all twisted up.
We can't send you out
like that, can we, Robbie?
Can I?
Yes. My husband has just gone out
to get one. He'll bring it up to you.
I saw the boy delivering.
That boy?
He'll forget his own name next.
The house next door cancelled. Not us.
Can I see that one?
It's yesterday's.
My husband won't be long.
Robbie. Do you want to see the chickens?
Stay close to me, Robbie.
Get back!
You can't come now. Get back.
I said get back. I don't want you.
Get back.
Get away. Beat it.
I don't want you.
Don't, don't!
You're alright. You are alright now.
I won't leave you again. I promise you.
Gosh, you gave me a fright. You can't
keep out of trouble for a minute.
I left my woodlouse behind.
That is a terrible thing to do.
We'll have you to get you
another one, shan't we.
I'm hungry.
Oh dear.
Ever tried a raw egg?
- No.
You make a hole at both
ends and then you suck it.
Here is a carrot.
They make you see in the dark.
You see those mountains over there?
That's where we are going.
Right across there.
We'll travel at night so
that nobody can see us.
And we've got to travel fast.
I am tired.
- I know. I cannot help it.
Can't you stop?
- No.
Come on. We'll have a rest.
But not for long.
You mustn't go to sleep.
Wake up.
You've had two and a half days.
We know his name, his wife,
his occupation, his ship.
The only record we have on him sir,
apart from his job is his birthplace.
I do not have to stress the
implications involved in this case.
Dammit, I do not understand.
Why does he still hang on to this boy?
Why? He's making himself
ten times the target.
He may still have use for the boy.
- Yes. But what use?
As a sort-of blackmail against capture?
- Not a very pretty thought.
It's appalling.
The press have had the bare
facts but it's not enough.
It must be rammed home to the public ..
That the life of a boy of six
is in the hands of a killer.
A man who would buy his own
safety with the life of a child.
Let there be no place where this
man can hide or rest in safety.
No cellar.
No barn.
No ditch.
No field.
Unless he is going to starve.
Sooner or later Lloyd must
show himself to some person.
Come here.
I'm hungry.
What do you want? Raw egg or raw carrot?
- Both.
Now the other end.
Did you have a good sleep?
- Yes.
Look, we've lost a lot of time.
If we wait until it's dark
again we'll never get there.
We'll have to risk it in the daylight.
We should have been into
those mountains by now.
I am hungry.
There you are. That's the last.
There is no more.
Come on.
My legs are sore.
- Yes. I know.
We'll find somewhere.
Then we'll have a sleep. Come on.
[ Dog barking ]
I cannot go on. I'm hungry.
Why did you follow me?
I told you not to.
Why do I have to be saddled with
you all the time? It's my life.
It's alright.
Don't cry now.
We're going to eat.
I'll get you some food.
Come on.
There you are. Right.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
Alright. I am coming down.
Sorry to bring you down, Mr McDougall.
But your front window is open.
- Oh, is it?
Thank you. I will close it.
That you, Alec.
- Ah well. Goodnight.
Goodnight, Jamie.
Who is it, Jamie?
It was only Alec.
You left the window open.
Now that I'm down, will
I make you a cup of tea?
Thanks, Jamie.
I am frightened.
[ Door knocks ]
Get us some food, will you.
I didn't know when you were coming.
I'd better get him to bed.
You aren't staying here.
Why? Have the police been here?
- No.
What do you mean then?
I've got myself to look after.
Are you telling me to clear out?
I'm asking you to let me sleep here.
I am done in.
I'll have gone by the morning.
I can't do it.
You're not going to
turn the kid out too?
Jack, you can't.
You don't know the neighbours like I do.
- What have they got to do with it?
It's taken me ten years.
Ever since I've been here.
To get myself known to them.
If you're a stranger
they don't trust you.
They are a queer lot.
I've worked hard.
At last I've won their respect
and I'm doing well for myself.
After all these years.
Look. You can tell them this
if it means all that to you.
I came here tonight and
you turned me away.
You didn't even feed me.
But you took the boy in out of kindness.
Nobody is going to blame you for that.
You can't turn him out.
Nobody down here knows
I am a connection of yours.
Don't lose any sleep, Jack.
I'll never tell anyone that
you are a brother of mine.
This is it, Robbie.
That's the end of it.
We aren't going any further.
No more getting tired and hungry.
I'm not hungry.
- I know you're not.
But as soon as you've
had a nice sleep ..
We'll find someone who can
look after you properly.
We can't.
You don't understand, do you.
Nobody is going to knock
you around anymore.
They won't take you back to that place
you came from. Not unless you want to.
You're not going to leave me?
I've got to, Robbie.
You promised.
- I know. I know.
But I did something very wrong
and I cannot get away from it.
You promised.
You said you wouldn't leave me.
I know I promised you.
I did a lot of things I should
not have done to you.
But this is the end of it.
You promised. You promised.
I know. I know.
Come on. Let's get to sleep, shall we?
Here we are.
Robbie. Robbie, wake up.
The herring fleet is in.
We've got a chance.
Herring buyers.
Now remember. You stay well behind me.
What are you up to?
Got any lobsters?
Are you from the hotel?
- Where you staying?
Where are you going?
Would you like to come fishing with me?
You mean, you wouldn't like
to come fishing with me?
Where are you going?
Over there.
- Over where?
I think you're daft.
You don't know where you're going.
What are you frightened of him for?
It's only my uncle Robert.
You don't believe me. Do you.
Hey, uncle Robert.
This kid is frightened of you.
Hey, come back.
You've done something
wrong, haven't you?
Or you wouldn't be
running away all the time.
Frightened of a man called
Robert now, are you?
What have you done?
Would you like me to fetch
my uncle Robert to you?
What have you done?
Hey. That's my dad's boat.
Hey. Come back.
Come back.
They're out to sea with Gypsy Lass.
A man and a wee boy.
Wake up, Robbie.
Robbie, wake up.
No room for passengers on this boat.
You've got to earn your keep.
What do you want for your breakfast?
Eggs, bacon or sausage?
What's wrong, Robbie?
What's wrong?
Don't you want any breakfast?
Aren't you feeling well?
But you can't be ill.
What's wrong with you?
Haven't you got a tongue in your head?