Hunter's Prayer (2017) Movie Script

( crickets chirping )
( distant dog barking )
( barking )
( indistinct TV chatter )
Let her out, please.
That dog should be
on Prozac.
-( gasps )
-( silenced gunshot )
-( dog barking )
-Bitsy, shut up already!
( silenced gunshots )
-( match strikes )
-( flames ignite )
( glass shattering )
( bell rings )
Wow, it's beautiful.
I cannot decide if I wanted
the gold or silver,
but my parents said that if my
grades were good next quarter,
-then they'd get me both.
-You're so lucky.
My parents got me
this necklace for my birthday.
-It's nice, but still.
What about you, Ella?
Don't your parents
ever send you anything?
( cell phone chirps )
-Is it him?
-He's taking me dancing.
-( gasps )
( bell chiming )
Shit, 5-0, 5-0.
( girls giggling )
( girls laughing
and chattering )
( knocking )
Headmistress called.
Ella Hatto is to go
to her office.
I think Ella's
still in the library.
When she gets back,
tell her Madame Rossetti
wants to see her at once.
Thanks, Mimi.
God, that bitch Danielle
probably told her
about me smoking.
She's always
kissing her ass.
Maybe you shouldn't go out.
He's waiting for me.
( thunder rumbles )
( engine starts )
( thunder rumbles )
-( muffled dance music playing )
-( police siren passing )
( chatter, laughter )
I didn't think you were
going to make it.
-It's okay.
I'm glad you got here.
Let's go.
( muffled dance music
continues )
You make this yourself?
it's a New York State license.
It's what they look like.
( dance music blaring )
( chatter )
I love the energy.
Yeah, it's like being
in a blender.
It's nice and I could
show it to you.
Go back to my place?
It's my dad.
Sometimes he hires people.
What do you mean?
I mean he hires them
to watch over me.
That guy
staring at me.
-No one's staring at you.
-I want to go home.
Come on, Ella,
let's go back inside again.
For a dance?
A couple of drinks?
I want to go home.
( all screaming )
-Get up!
-No, no!
( indistinct clamoring )
-( gunshots )
-( all screaming )
-( glass shattering )
-( screams )
Get in!
-Sergio, close the door!
Oh, my God.
Why are they
shooting at us?
Keep down.
-( tires screeching )
-( sirens wailing )
What are you doing?!
That was the police!
( screams )
No, stop!
( tires screeching )
( gunshots )
( crashes )
He's catching us!
Oh, my God!
He's gone.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Getting us out of here!
What's wrong with you?!
-He's protecting us!
-He's crazy! Let's go.
( Sergio speaking French )
Get off the phone!
Where's yours?
Drop it.
Come here. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Get in!
-What's happening?
-Your life's in danger.
-Someone's been
hired to kill you.
-That's insane.
Does this have something
to do with my father?
Did he say anything?
Where are you going?
-I've done enough.
-Ella: What?
Ella, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Run, run.
( cell phone chimes )
( tires squealing )
Get in.
Ella, don't do it.
You need to get in.
Ella, you saw what he does.
Listen to me.
Look at me, Ella.
Please, look at me.
Stay here, please.
Ella, I'm begging you,
stay here.
Don't get into
that car, please.
What's wrong
with you, Ella?!
( tires squealing )
I want to call the police.
I want to call the police.
The people who want you dead
own half the police in Europe.
I-- I don't understand
what's going on.
I don't even know
your name.
( sighs )
My name is Lucas.
( distant bell chiming )
You should get down,
under the dash.
( engine starts )
Come on.
Get in.
No, I-- I can't.
I-- I'm claustrophobic.
We have to cross the border.
They're going to be looking
for a young girl and a man.
I can't.
I'll freak out.
There are people out there
that are still hunting you.
They're going to kill you.
Okay, but j-just
until the border?
-You promise?
But, um...
I had an MRI once
and the nurse talked me
through the whole thing,
so do you mind doing that?
-Yeah, I love to talk.
W-wait a minute.
( door closes )
Are you there?
W-why aren't we moving?
What's happening?
Just... talk to me.
I-- I don't know
what to say.
Tell me
about your father.
My dad.
I hate my dad.
The whole reason
I'm in this stupid trunk
is 'cause of him.
It's all his fault.
He's such an asshole.
Then my mom dies
and he marries a total bitch.
God, I hate them.
They don't even want me
Sometimes dads
make mistakes.
( stammers nervously )
I c-- I can't-- I can't
stay in here anymore.
I told you,
I'm claustrophobic.
Yeah, you can.
I can't.
You try it.
I have.
We were dug in deep
an enemy compound.
And this dog come up on us.
He was barking away.
Just wanted to play.
And my group leader goes,
"You got to do something.
He's going to give us away.
So I started playing
with him.
He's barking away.
He comes over to me.
Trusted me.
I slit his throat
with my knife.
Three days I stayed there,
just elbow-deep in his blood.
Funny thing,
we were in the wrong place...
just watching
a civilian's house.
So if I can do that...
you can stay in that trunk.
Okay, no more talking now.
( indistinct chatter
over PA )
( chattering in French )
( speaks French )
( dogs barking )
Keep at it.
( growling )
( growling )
Nice dogs.
I don't think I've seen
these ones before.
They're young,
from a newer litter.
You're not bringing me
good news.
I appreciate that you want
to send a message,
but this is turning into
a major-league clusterfuck.
I was forced to use
outside help.
Metzger is back
from the States.
His people shall handle things
more efficiently.
All you have to do
is find the girl.
If Metzger's already taken care
of our main problem,
we can forget
about the girl.
I finish what I start.
And when we find the girl,
we find Lucas.
We've got other problems
besides the girl, Richard.
Like what?
Her father wasn't just planning
to sell you out to the feds.
He diverted funds
from your US accounts.
-How much?
-25 million.
( scoffs )
Get it back.
We don't know where it is.
Metzger found something
that might make your job
a little easier.
This belonged
to Martin Hatto.
I'll do what I can.
I don't think
you understand.
I will not be made
a fool of.
Find the girl,
find Lucas,
and get me
my fucking money.
( sighs )
Do you feel
that's good enough?
I'll keep
practicing, sir.
( engine starts )
Hey, quite a place
you've got here.
-Where did you find him?
I've never had one of these
on before, you know.
No one will miss him.
( dog snarling )
What is that?
A breed I'm developing.
Man: You want me to go
in there with that?
Only for a moment to make sure
the dog knows its job.
Now, let's go.
All of this equipment
will keep you well protected.
I really don't know
about this.
The most important thing
for this test's success
is not to show fear.
Try to seem like
the aggressor.
( barking and snarling )
( screaming )
( fabric tearing )
( screaming )
( bones cracking )
( phone line ringing )
( phone rings )
I've been expecting
your call.
How did you find them?
I make sure I always know
everything I can
about my employees.
Teresa's still
a good-looking woman.
Oh, and...
Jillian's swim team
won their final.
I'm guessing Ella Hatto
reminded you of your daughter.
Why do you want her dead?
Her father betrayed me.
He had to be punished.
He stole a lot of money.
Your delay forced my hand.
I had to send
Metzger overseas
to pay Mr. Hatto
and his wife a visit.
Well, if that's true
and I do this...
aren't you just punishing
a dead man?
( sighs )
Lucas, do know how many people
are in my employ?
If I let one steal from me,
what are the rest to think?
The message
is not for Martin Hatto.
It is for them.
you have such potential,
such talent.
A fine weapon, Lucas.
You're a hunter.
That's what you are.
At the moment,
you're confused.
I expect your supply
is running low.
Must be difficult--
I'd say impossible--
to find a cocktail
of the quality
I supply you with
on the streets.
You don't know what
you're doing with this girl.
But one way or another,
this girl will die.
You have to know that.
Just say a prayer for her
and be done.
You left me in there?
( lock clicks )
Can I use the bathroom?
( dial tone )
( line ringing )
Who's this?
I'm trying
to reach my dad.
Martin Hatto?
Yeah, it's his daughter, Ella.
Can you put him on?
I'm afraid I can't do that.
Ella, this is Special Agent
Gina Banks with the FBI.
-I work with Interpol.
You need to tell me
where you are.
I-I don't know.
Are you with a man
who calls himself Lucas?
Ella, listen to me
very carefully.
He's a professional assassin.
We believe he's been hired
to kill you.
Were going to trace
this number, Ella,
and we're going to get help
to you right away.
are you there?
( knock on door )
Yeah, just a second.
( whispers )
I have to go.
Please help me.
I have to get to the car.
I, um...
I left something in the--
in the trunk of the...
Are you going to kill me?
( screams )
( sniffles )
Please, you don't
have to do this.
You don't have to.
( crying )
( tires squeal )
No, no, no,
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm not going
to hurt you.
Look, look.
Okay? It's not--
I'm not gonna
do anything to you.
All right?
( exhales )
Look, I was hired
to kill you,
but I'm not going
to do it 'cause--
I can't... do it.
I can't.
I need to call home.
I need to call my dad.
Let me speak to my dad.
Your father's dead.
I was meant to kill you first
as a message.
I couldn't bring myself
to do it.
I waited too long.
So they killed
your whole family.
Now they're gonna want
to kill us both.
( chatter over radio )
I didn't know
what you'd like.
You should eat something.
We're gonna be
on the run,
and you're gonna need
your strength.
All that stuff I said
about my dad...
I didn't mean it.
I know.
-( gunshots )
-( screams )
-( screams )
-Stay down!
Come on.
Stay down.
Stay low!
-( screams )
( panting )
( both grunting )
( grunts )
-( gasps )
-( rifle cocks )
( screams )
Ella, get in!
Come on, there could
be more of them.
Come on!
You-- you drive.
You drive.
( grunting )
Just keep your eyes
on the road.
Are-- are you a diabetic?
It helps me do
what I have to do.
-( horn honks )
-( screams )
( groans )
I'm sorry.
( train bell ringing )
( horn blaring )
Hey, Dani, it's me.
( woman speaking French
over PA )
( bell chimes )
( man speaking French
over PA )
( line rings )
( phone rings )
Who is this?
-Mom, who was that?
-It was no one.
Got a friend that's gonna
meet us on the train.
Her name's Dani.
She's fixed me up before.
( train bell ringing )
( speaks French )
May I please see
your identification?
I left it on the hotel.
Right, Dad?
She left it in the hotel.
Okay, okay.
Bon voyage.
That was good.
( train approaching )
( classical music playing )
While obviously we can't
mention clients by name,
our firm has handled
sensitive issues
for many high-profile
individuals such as yourself.
I like to think of myself
as unique.
Of course, and at Ashland
Phillips & Hornick
you will be treated
as such.
As you probably know,
my previous attorney
died unexpectedly.
Martin Hatto.
Mr. Hatto handled a number
of sensitive issues
involving my US interests.
At the time of his death,
Martin was having
his own legal difficulties
with the IRS.
This was very disappointing
to me.
Woman: And you believe
he may have violated
attorney-client privilege?
I honestly don't know
if he was making an agreement
with your government,
turning over information
that could jeopardize
my operations.
Man: Mr. Addison,
let's speak frankly.
The sale of narcotics generates
enormous amounts of cash.
One needs a secure way
to launder those revenues
in the US.
Martin Hatto got greedy
and stole from you.
We won't.
How are your school lessons?
I got 90 on my algebra test.
Oh, I'm so proud
of you, William.
I did get one wrong.
And how's everything
at home?
Hey, you can talk to me,
you know?
Everything's fine.
I miss you so much.
I wish things
were different.
What have I told you
about your mother?
My mother's a whore.
( sighs )
So that's her.
Lucas: Yeah.
Thanks for coming.
I wish that just once
you'd call me up
for dinner and a movie,
( groans )
Slip in the shower?
Yeah, something like that.
They say you kidnapped her.
It's not like that.
It's all over the news.
Let's get started.
Ella, this is Dani.
Maybe you should go for a walk
while she finishes up.
( chatter )
Johnny Walker,
s'il vous plat.
( speaks French )
All right if I join you?
How is he doing?
He'll be okay.
He's fairly indestructible.
May I ask you a question?
What are you doing
with him?
He's all I got.
Then you're
really fucked up.
Is it a schoolgirl crush
or just looking for Daddy, hmm?
I'm trying to help you.
If you think he cares
about you, you're wrong.
The only thing
he cares about is his fix.
Getting high,
that's all what he's about.
He's a junkie,
always was and always will be.
And I get it, there's a thrill
in trying to rescue a man.
I mean, it's so exciting
when you think
you have the power to awaken
something good inside him.
Believe me, I know,
but this is not the case.
Here is the sad truth
about Lucas.
Whatever that was good
inside him
died a long time ago.
And it's not coming back.
Not for you.
Well, not for me,
not for anyone.
So if I were you
and had Richard Addison
trying to kill me,
I'd take this,
get off at the next station,
and I'd run.
And don't look back.
-( horn blares )
-( indistinct announcement
over PA )
Hey, what are you doing?
Sit down.
No, no, I feel good.
You did a good job.
This isn't even your stop.
Man over PA:
We are now arriving in Lille.
Please ensure you take
all your belongings with you...
Lucas, you know
what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking of this.
Just like in the old times.
And this stuff
is amazing as gold.
Where's Ella?
Um, she's in the dining car.
She's having some food.
She's fine.
You have time.
Do it.
Lucas, come on.
Your body wants it.
Why do you want me
to do it so much?
What is this?
Pure magic.
( yelps )
What's going on?
-Tell me!
-Don't! Addison.
He's-- he's put a price
on your head.
Who's out there?
Damn it!
Excuse me. Hi.
You, uh--
you waiting on someone?
-Lucas: Ella, move!
-( screams )
( crowd screaming )
-( horn blaring )
( shouts in French )
( chatter )
( sirens approaching )
( officers shouting )
-( boat horn blaring )
-( seagulls screeching )
Are you okay?
How do you do it?
How do you kill people?
I mean, that's, like,
your job, right?
Someone gives you money
and says, "Murder this person,"
and then you just--
you go and you do it?
Take it.
Put that in there.
Pull that back.
( clicks )
You hear that?
You know what that means?
Now you got a bullet
in the chamber.
Now point.
That's how.
( distant woman shouting )
( distant dog barking )
Come on.
You live here?
Ella: Who's the girl
in the pictures?
That's my daughter.
Her name's Jillian.
Your daughter?
You're someone's dad?
Does she live here?
I never met her.
Her mother left me
when she was pregnant.
You don't even
want to meet her?
I don't think
it's best for her.
I don't believe you.
I think every girl
needs a father,
even if he's a dick.
What are you doing?
Just get out of here
a minute.
This was your plan?
Are you kidding me?
I trusted you.
Go in the other room.
It's a great plan.
You're gonna fucking die.
( groans )
I thought
you are helping me,
that that's what
we came here to do.
I thought
you were helping me.
Give me a minute.
No, you were right.
It's better your daughter
never meets you.
Now what?
( chuckles )
( vomiting )
( Lucas retching )
( Lucas groans )
( keyboard clacking )
( gasping, groaning )
How much would it cost?
To hire you.
My parents are both dead.
I'm going to inherit money.
-I can pay you.
I want you to kill him.
He killed my father.
( laughing )
Don't laugh at me.
What, you afraid of him?
You don't understand.
What is there
to understand?
He's trying
to kill us both.
When you take a life...
it takes...
( groans )
Ella, put that down.
Put it down.
( groans )
( door closes )
-( chatter )
-( car horn honks )
( gun cocks )
( elevator dings )
Addison International.
They're in a meeting.
May I take a message?
Thank you.
Can I help you?
Here to see
Richard Addison.
Did you have
an appointment?
Tell him
it's Ella Hatto.
Wait over there, please.
I have, um, Ella Hatto
here in reception
for Mr. Addison.
The guests will be arriving
at the front gate
and directed to the valet.
The caterers will be
There's an Ella Hatto
waiting for you in reception.
Man: ...and the music
will be light jazz
as you've requested.
( receptionist screams )
-Call security!
-Man: No, keep back!
Man #2:
Somebody do something!
Put the gun down!
( receptionist cries out )
( sirens wailing )
-Halt! Police!
-Do not move!
-Stand still!
-( officers shouting )
Man: You're telling me
Richard Addison
of Addison Industries
murdered your family.
You've got to tell me
the truth.
You've walked into
Richard Addison's office
with a loaded weapon.
You are in so much trouble.
-You better have
some news, Banks.
-Don't worry.
-I've convinced everyone
she's a total whack job.
-Have you?
And they're not
in the least bit curious
as to why this whack job
wanted to take a shot at me?
Richard, stop.
I'm on it.
Now listen,
we found your money.
That father
was a piece of work.
He hid it in his daughter's
savings account.
Our New York fraud unit
traced it.
They're sending a subpoena
to the Swiss government.
How long have we got?
A few hours... maybe.
And then
the account's frozen.
Then you'd better
get her out of there
and get my money,
don't you think?
why do I pay you?
-( bell rings )
-Okay, this way, please.
You're very lucky,
Miss Hatto.
Mr. Addison isn't going
to press charges.
You mean I'm free to go?
An agent from the FBI
will be taking custody of you.
Ella, hello.
I'm here to take you home.
Seat belt?
( grunting )
The only reason
you're still alive
is to give Addison
a message.
Tell him I'm done.
He won't see me again.
( both grunting )
( gun cocks )
So now what?
-Don't judge me, Lucas.
You're in no position.
I mean, look at you,
running away.
Yeah, I'm leaving.
So pathetic.
To where?
-Far away.
-( laughing )
And then what?
Then nothing.
Not this.
That's the point.
I'm done.
Yes, you're done.
There's a price
on your head.
It's not personal.
It's just-- it's just business.
I'm sorry.
It's just you don't
want to do this.
We'll be at the airport
pretty soon.
Ella, I know you've
been through a lot,
but we don't have
much time.
I have to ask you
some questions, okay?
Now, I understand you have
a bank account in Switzerland.
Is that right?
Your father set it up
for you?
Yeah, it's for expenses
when I'm away at school.
Do you know how much
is in it?
A few hundred dollars.
My dad puts money in
every month.
Ella, I know
this is difficult,
but we think that account
may have something to do
with your father's murder,
so I have to ask
these questions.
Do you ever go online
and check your balance?
And when you do,
the log-in information,
your username
and password,
do you have to look that up
or do you remember it?
No, I remember it.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Ella, I need you
to fill this out.
Just skip down
to the bottom
where it says
"login information."
We just need that
and your signature, okay?
( pen clicks )
Everything all right?
Um, how long
until the airport?
Just a few minutes.
It's right up ahead.
Then why are the planes
landing behind us?
I guess we're going to have
to do this differently.
( tires squealing )
-( gasps )
-Banks: Metzger!
Get her out.
-( screaming ) No, no, no!
-Move! Come on!
( cell phone rings )
You disappointed me Lucas.
I know you're there.
I just wanted to tell you
we got the girl.
She's been taken care of.
I guess all your trouble
was for nothing.
You're on the run
by now, I expect.
I don't suppose
I'll find you.
Not that
it really matters.
You're not worth it.
You and I are done.
You no longer exist.
( classical music playing )
( chatter )
And thanks to the generosity
of Mr. Addison,
this will be our most
successful year of fundraising.
That's so wonderful.
Thank you.
-Time for bed.
-Yes, sir.
Good night, William.
Metzger's behind me.
I'm so sorry,
excuse me.
I'd love
to show you around.
I'm very sorry to interrupt.
Mr. Addison, a call for you.
-Excuse me.
-Oh, of course.
-Banks: We have
a problem, Richard.
We're downstairs
with the girl.
I thought she was dead.
She won't give up
the account information.
Banks, she's stalling.
She's just trying
to stay alive.
Wait there. I'm going to deal
with this myself.
Open the gate.
( gate clangs )
I don't know.
I think it was
maybe some fireworks.
What do you think?
-Find Agatha.
No one's answering
at the gate
and I cannot reach
anyone in security.
( girl's laugh echoes )
-Why are you doing this?
-This is who I am, right?
This is madness.
Because of this girl?
You'll wake up tomorrow morning,
you won't remember her name,
her face,
just like the others.
Her name was Ella.
She's alive.
I thought she was dead,
but she's alive.
They have her
in the basement.
It's me.
It's okay.
Everybody just stay calm.
Nobody moves.
Don't do anything
stupid, Banks.
Stay back.
Take off her gag.
Tell him!
Do it.
Metzger, take it off.
-( yelps )
-Ella, you listen to me.
You're gonna get
out of here.
Then I'm gonna
kill them all.
Well, now,
let's be sensible.
We all have
a common interest here.
We all want
to stay alive.
Come on.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Nice and slow.
Now untie her.
( screaming )
( all screaming )
( all screaming )
Quick, move!
( gasping )
-( barking )
-( screams )
( dog barks )
-Come here!
-( screams )
You little bitch.
( screams )
Same gun I used
to kill your father.
( both grunting )
( gunshot )
( panting )
Too many fuck-ups,
the both of you.
Such a shame.
You were two
of my better employees.
( chuckles )
( gunshot )
-( sirens wailing )
-( chatter )
Ella. Ella.
Ella, stay with me.
Why did you save me?
Maybe you are
a good person.
Excuse me.
-What have we got?
-Gunshot wound right shoulder.
Get her blood pressure,
I'll get the bandage.
Relax, now.
It's all right.
You're going to be okay.
Let's get her
in the van.
Got it?
Man: Everybody's gathering
on the steps of the terrace.
( phone ringing )
Ella, we're going
to be out there.
Who's that?
Sorry, I'm living
with my aunt.
Is that okay?
Uh, yeah, she's nice.
I don't really
know her that well.
And my cousins,
they're treating me,
I don't know...
like I'm normal.
Well, that's good.
Well, I just wanted
to check in
and see
that you're doing okay.
did you ever go see
your daughter?
I called her.
So I'm going
to see her soon.
That's good.
Bye, Ella.
Bye, Lucas.
( children laughing )
( sighs )