Hunting Games (2023) Movie Script

O'Neil, 10-A.
Did we get all the
passengers off the plane?
Aircraft is on the move.
I repeat: Aircraft is on the
move, leaving runway six.
What's their
heading? I wanna know, now!
I've lost all on board
during the call shift.
- Roger.
- Well, patch me through!
Right now!
Howell to Command.
I'm on the plane.
I repeat: I'm on the aircraft.
I have one suspect, armed.
He has complete control of the aircraft.
Keep the airwaves clear
until I radio further.
Keep the flight plan.
As I said before,
do not alter the course.
Stay off the radio and do as I say,
and both you guys will go home tonight.
You're not gonna find
any fight out of us.
You on this plane.
I suggest you come out!
Wouldn't want anybody get hurt, or killed.
So, I have a proposal.
I got two pilots and I only need one.
If you come out in the next five seconds,
they both go home alive, but if you don't,
one's not going home.
This Agent Howell with the FBI!
Stop firing and drop your weapon!
Very, very dumb of you to be
on this plane, Agent Howell!
Drop your weapons and give up the money!
Hey, Will.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You gonna go to the bar tonight, Will?
I'm not sure I have a choice.
Well, it is tradition, you know.
I know, Billy.
And you can't break tradition.
I get it, Billy.
Do you know what time?
Yes, Billy.
And you remember where?
Jesus, Billy!
Sorry, it's just that
between taking care of my mom
and all the hours we work
here, it's the only damn thing
I have to look forward to every year.
I get it. It's good for the soul.
- What's that?
- Ah, you know, nature.
Primal instincts, all that.
We use guns. That's not so primal.
So, some caveman through
some stone, before us.
What's the difference?
High-caliber rifle,
lead shot that can travel
up to 1,500 feet per second,
a scope that can spot a
buck, 1,000 yards off, but,
no, totally no difference.
I forget what falls on opening day.
Yeah. No, don't worry about it.
That's fine. It's okay.
You gonna go up there?
Yeah, I'm gonna swing by,
say hello before I, uh,
head to the bar.
Yeah. Well, I'll see you there?
- See you soon, Will.
- Okay.
Little past your bedtime
now, isn't it, Henry?
Jesus Christ. How many
times I gotta tell you?
Refer to me as "Mr. Fair weather".
Now, where are we with everything?
We head out in the morning.
Well, you should
be out there, right now!
Don't tell me how to do my job, Henry.
I will, if I must!
Now let's not get this
confused, Mr. Blake.
I'm financing this operation,
and if I ask questions, I'll
expect god damn answers.
Then what's your question?
Why are you waiting?
It's opening day tomorrow.
- Opening day?
- Yeah.
Hunting animals.
They celebrate it in
this shit hole of a town,
like it's a god damn holiday.
So, what's that have to
do with finding my money?
Well, it's not your money yet, is it?
You know something, bud?
I never found your sense
of humor worth a shit.
Yeah, well, neither did my ex-wife.
We're gonna use the whole
hunting thing as cover.
There'll be less noise, if
there aren't any complications.
How so?
Feds aren't
even looking in our area.
I've seen that. They're
50 miles north of you.
Wow. That's correct.
Are you expecting complications?
This operation sure as
hell can't afford any more.
How many jobs have we
done together, Henry?
Five? Six?
What's your point, Mr. Blake?
It's the one time that you
decide to bring someone on
that I have not vetted.
I'll use who I please on these jobs!
Well, it just makes my
job a little bit harder.
- That's all.
- No, your job!
Your job is to clean the
fuck up any kind of a mess
that someone has made in this operation!
Well, the job was pretty simple.
You land, you walk out with the money.
Shouldn't have been that difficult.
No, we agree there.
Has he moved at all?
GPS unit says he hasn't.
Your thoughts on that?
Well, since you decided to
hire this fine individual,
without my approval, I'm
gonna take a wild guess here
and say he's either snagged up in a tree,
or went unconscious on the drop down,
and failed to deploy his chute.
What, are you telling me he's dead?
Either that, or he took the
money and left the GPS unit.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
There you go again.
I don't even want to go over this.
I tell you this every time
we have a conversation.
You are not funny!
George Carlin is funny.
I wasn't joking.
Now, I hope you really trust this guy,
'cause if the money isn't there,
we're gonna have a very big problem.
The money is there.
Yeah. Well, it better be.
For both our sakes.
I'll check in tomorrow.
And young man,
you'd better get this fuckin' done.
Fuckin' asshole.
You're a pretty girl.
I saw you sitting by yourself.
Thought maybe I'd come
over, maybe buy you a drink?
I really appreciate it,
but I already got a drink.
Well, I know. We're at a bar.
I mean, one or two drinks.
Have a little fun. Maybe
get a little loose.
I'm not really sure I wanna
learn what your "loose" is.
I don't understand.
Like, come over. Have a couple
drinks, have a couple laughs.
"No" means no, pal.
She's not playing hard to
get. Take a hint and beat it.
That's not it, man.
Beat it.
Glad you could make it.
I'm not one to miss tradition.
Bob, can we get one?
- What're you looking for?
- Whisky.
- On the rocks?
- Yeah, yeah.
Coming right up.
- Did you get your tags yet?
- Yeah.
Yeah, weeks ago. Yeah.
What time are you
leaving in the morning?
Questions with you.
You know, for the past two years,
you have not been able to spot a bull,
let alone get a shot off, okay?
Do you know where you're camping?
Old North Fork.
Tagger from the mill,
apparently he bagged one there,
last year, so I figured I'd give it a bid.
I've never actually been
in that area before, but
because it's logging land.
- Did you get a permit?
- Yep.
Yeah. I know a guy who knows a guy.
Ah. Interesting.
How's everything else?
Good. You know.
Day by day.
I'm always here to talk to, Will.
If you need anything, or whatever.
I know.
I appreciate it.
I do.
So, you know, our cell
phones won't work out there,
but I'll have my radio,
and I'm camping at the
same site I always do.
Think you'll pass right by.
That same crusty mud
patch you've been at,
for the last couple years?
You don't get tired, huh?
Hey! Check the scoreboard.
My record? It's speaks for itself.
I'm gonna hit the ladies
now. Be back in a minute.
Any chance I can bum a smoke?
I don't feel like going back in there.
Thank you.
So, it's uh...
Opening day tomorrow, huh?
You're not from around here?
- No.
- I could tell.
Town goes nuts over it.
hunting and fishing.
They live for it.
Well, big business in a
place like this, I guess.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.
There's not really much else to do.
Besides drink.
Well, good luck to you, man.
Enjoy the cigarette.
Yeah. Take it easy.
Thanks for the smoke.
And now for some breaking news
from here in Timber County,
two pilots are happy to be
back on the ground this week
after their aircraft was hijacked
by an armed man, in the sky.
The FBI is stating that the
man that overtook the plane
was responsible for the bank robbery
that happened early last week
in the Queen Anne area of Seattle.
The man was able to escape in a plane
after taking hostages and
leading police on a wild chase.
After an altercation on the plane
with federal agents and the hostages,
the suspect jumped out of the aircraft,
somewhere near Portland.
The FBI and local authorities
across six counties
are on a manhunt as they
scour the forest in hills
covering hundreds of miles.
The suspect is still at large,
and considered armed and dangerous.
And now, back to those good old oldies.
Listen, Katrina,
I told you that next time
it was gonna be jail time and a citation.
Come on, sir. Please.
I cannot afford to be in here.
Well, you can't rightly
afford to be turning tricks
on the streets, either.
Well, I don't got anything else.
Listen, I'll talk to
someone, but if I do,
you're gonna go to treatment
and get a real damn job.
Okay. Now, just sit there
and wait for a minute.
See that she doesn't go anywhere,
until Sidney's available
for a book and release.
Can I help you?
Yes, you can.
Agent Howell, FBI.
Oh, you must be here
to see Sheriff Munis.
I am.
Follow me.
Yeah, come in!
Hey, Boss?
What is it?
I have an agent Howell here
would like to speak with you, Sheriff.
I figured it was only a matter of time,
until you boys came down
to these neck of the woods.
Please. Come on, sit down.
Sorry for dropping in like this.
Your office gave us the
heads up that you'd be, uh,
poking around.
Yeah, most of our agents
are looking north of here.
I thought I'd start the formal process
of getting to know local
law enforcement this way.
No luck finding him, huh?
Not a trace.
A lotta woods out there.
Yes. Lots of trees.
I've been sheriff here, 27 years.
I still get lost on the back roads.
How can I help you, Agent Howell?
Anyone notice or report anything odd,
or out of the usual lately?
You mean like a lot of money found,
in the middle of the woods?
And I don't think they'd,
uh, contact me, if they did.
I suppose you're right about that.
We've used a grid pattern for searching.
Aerial reconnaissance, heat scans,
but the woods are too dense and
And now
it's hunting season, sir.
Now, Agent Howell,
bank robberies happen
every day in this country,
and money is very rarely found.
So, what makes this one so special?
The man who did this
had military training.
We have reason to believe he's
part of a large organization
responsible for a series of robberies
over the course of the past 10 years.
Now, let me guess.
You were the agent assigned
many, many years ago.
To this day.
Hey, I got a little story for you.
When I was younger, I used
to hunt in these woods.
One time, I shot a buck.
Beautiful deer.
Had the kind of antlers
you'd want to hang over your fireplace.
It's a bad shot.
Went right through its back.
I followed the blood trail
of that buck for three days.
Now, three days in these woods
can seem like an eternity.
It's damp, it's cold.
Damn mosquitoes, everywhere.
Takes a special kind of
person to hunt in these woods.
On the third day, I found my trophy buck,
but somethin' else found it, before me.
It's a big ol' wolf.
Now, it'd have killed me,
if I'd have tried to take it from him.
And, uh...
Boy, it was a mean old beast.
Mornin', fellas.
Something I can help you with?
Seems to me that you're the authority
to let us into this property here.
Yeah. Got a
permit and everything.
Good. That's good.
Say, you boys don't look like
you're dressed for huntin'.
We don't wanna wear any colors
that draw too much attention.
I'm gonna need you to open up that gate.
There you are.
What's up with the scoreboard now, Billy?
Signal's coming from around the corner.
Anything comes past here, you
stop it until we get back.
So much of it.
Good mornin'!
What's going on, fellas?
I'm gonna skip the pleasantries here,
seeing that you don't have a full grasp
of what this situation might entail.
You have something that belongs to us.
We're here to take it back.
Now, my suggestion to you is to comply.
No one will get hurt.
Everyone will go home, safe and sound.
I know you.
You're my pal from the bar.
Yeah, that's me.
Listen, pal. I need you
to walk away, right now.
I understand that money in the
bag's enough to change lives.
It's also enough to get you killed.
Do you understand what
I'm trying to tell you?
I need you to hand over the money.
It's not yours.
Okay, then.
Engine block.
Now you have no way out.
Hand over the bag or it's gonna
get real heavy, real fast.
The balls on this guy!
Pick up Camby and we gear up.
We're going huntin' today.
Let's go!
This guy's not gonna get very far on foot.
He's got no vehicle, no
phone, no satellite tech.
So, all we need to do is
just track this guy down.
We do have an advantage. We
got a GPS tracker in the bag.
So, we're just gonna follow breadcrumbs.
Now, I know you guys didn't
expect to be out here this late,
but y'all know the drill.
This isn't your first rodeo.
Y'all know what to do.
We track him down, we kill
him. We take our money back.
- Understood.
- Good.
I have zero expectations
that this is gonna last
more than three and a half hours.
So, we're gonna finish this
as quickly as possible.
We're gonna get home to our families.
We're gonna count our money.
Here's the plan.
We're gonna triangulate.
I'm gonna take a point.
Tigh, you take the right. Camby,
you're gonna take the left.
We're gonna spread 300 yards apart.
If this guy decides to
get past me, take him out.
And lastly, look, he's a hunter.
He's got a rifle, probably
knows how to use it.
We're gonna take the high ground,
and we'll pin him down.
Let's get this fucker.
I want my money back.
Give me a situation Report, Mr. Blake.
- Did you find the money?
- Yeah, we did.
So, you have it, then?
Excuse me?
There's been a complication.
What the fuck do you
mean, "complication"?
We already had one,
and now you're telling
me there's another one?
We found your man. Busted his neck.
Probably broke it on the way down,
falling through these
trees, trying to land.
Where's the money, Mr. Blake?
One of the local hunters got
to the cash, before we did.
- God damn it.
- I told you, Mr. Blake.
You should've gone in last night,
instead of wasting time,
sipping at your fuckin' whisky.
Things are under control.
Enlighten me.
We're on his trail. It's only one man.
One man's all it takes, sometimes.
Mr. Blake, don't ever
underestimate your enemy.
I don't need you to teach
me warfare tactics, Henry.
I've done this long enough
to know it takes one man
to break the spokes of a wheel.
You better make sure you get that money.
Am I sensing a
threatening tone, old man?
I need the money!
I've already spent a small
fortune to get this fuckin' far.
So, just get it back, Mr.
Blake! How hard is that?
I'll get your money.
But when I do, we're gonna have
to renegotiate my services.
Oh, of course! The old afterthought.
Wow! A negotiation.
Like I said before, and
I'm not gonna say it again!
Get it done.
And no mistakes.
All right, Billy.
Where's this crusty mud patch?
There you are.
All right, Billy.
You better have a pot on.
Drop the bag and walk away!
This'll be done and over with.
He's heading off to the left
flank. Gonna push him south.
Be ready.
Where do you keep the coffee?
What the hell, Will? What is this?
I found it.
Just like you found
that slug in your side?
You ever get tired of asking questions?
What the hell's going on, Will?
The money's stolen, and
the guys want it back.
Nice job.
You called for help, right?
- No.
- Why?
I wanted an answer.
I didn't wanna get you
in trouble or something.
Where's your rig?
It's dead.
Yeah, they blew a hole right through it.
- These cats are serious, huh?
- Absolutely.
Look, we gotta get outta here.
If we can get to town,
we can turn this in.
They've already tried to kill me.
Got one of 'em.
Did you kill him?
You know.
Why what?
Why do we have to turn it in?
- I don't know.
- It's the right thing to do.
Yeah, that's noble.
Why don't we just take the money, Will?
No. Absolutely not.
We could take the money
and we could start over.
Come on. Think about it.
Billy, I just fucking killed somebody.
We're going to the police.
That's it.
Yeah. Okay.
You're right.
Let's just, uh, pack up and go, then.
Yeah. Yeah, it is.
It's the right thing to do.
Help me up?
You're always doing
the right thing, Will.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Wanna play games?
Go check that out.
There you go.
Yeah, open the bag up.
Take a peek.
What is this shit?
I'm gonna kill you!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
You guys all right?
We heard a lot of gunfire down here.
Man. You look like you need a hospital.
Probably could use a hospital.
Who are you?
How are you feeling?
Just answer the fuckin' question.
Agent Howell. FBI.
Prove it.
I'm sorry.
I came off a
little forward.
I guess if you were trying to kill me,
I wouldn't have woke up.
Well, look.
A random group of guys just
tried to kill me in the woods.
Strangers make me a
little nervous right now.
Cut me some slack.
Perfectly understandable.
Did you buy that online?
Well, hello there.
You have had quite the, um, accident.
You know damn well
this ain't no accident.
Well, the doctor removed one
bullet from your shoulder,
and there was another one that appears
to have gone through your side,
but it did make a clean
exit, which is lucky for you.
A lacerated liver is the
result of that wound,
and on top of that,
you managed to also
have some bruised ribs.
Yeah. Yeah.
I've noticed.
Some rest and plenty of medication,
and you'll be feeling
right as rain in no time.
What time is it, anyway?
3:37 AM.
Do you need anything?
No. I'm all right.
I feel kind of nice right now.
I always hated hospitals.
Yeah. I've never been
much of a fan, either.
So, you found the money, huh?
I did.
And then it almost killed me.
Well, it certainly
wasn't in your possessions
when those hunters brought you in.
It wasn't.
And I'm assuming,
since I'm not handcuffed
to the bed I woke up in,
that I'm not a suspect.
I wouldn't think so, it just seems
you were in the wrong
place at the wrong time.
Or am I wrong?
No, you're right about that.
So, who tried to kill you?
Yeah, that's what I'd like to know.
You feds haven't claimed
jurisdiction on this yet, have you?
Well, I happen to know Will here.
Hey, Sheriff.
Who the hell did this to you, Will?
I am the nurse on duty tonight.
So, if you need anything at all,
or if you just aren't feeling
well, buzz your call button,
and I will be here,
because sometimes the meds
can make your stomach a little bit queasy.
I'll be fine. Thank you.
Of course.
There were a few of 'em.
Pretty geared up.
And they were definitely waiting,
or should I say expecting,
that guy who jumped out of the plane.
How many of them, exactly, were there?
I counted three.
They killed Billy, Sheriff.
I know. I found her.
And others, too.
Body count's pretty high on this.
Sheriff here found a dead body
that matches your description.
That was me, through the neck.
After they got Billy, I set a trap.
I got another one.
Not all of them?
I'm going to place a
officer outside,
until the
fed's men can
come take over.
Thanks, Sheriff.
Yeah, we've got, uh,
the town pretty well covered.
Going in and out.
Best we can.
But right now,
I think we should let
Will get a little sleep.
- Thanks, Sheriff.
- Stay strong, huh?
Could I see you outside a minute?
Brave thing you did.
You know, Will's a good man.
Lost his wife, two years ago.
I don't want you thinking-
I don't, Sheriff.
Doesn't get by the fact that
we have a suspect at large
and the money's still missing.
My guess is,
the money and that man are long gone.
Like I said,
sometimes, there's a hungrier
beast than you in the world.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?
Sheriff, I'd love a
cup of coffee right now.
Yeah. Okay, then.
Officer McKendrick
should've been here already.
That's odd.
I've always hated feds.
I shanked your spleen. You'll
bleed and die out soon.
Such an easy job,
till it got blown out
into this fuckin' mess.
Room. What room is he in?
All this...
Just to kill one man.
It's not about killing a man.
It's about doin' a fuckin' job.
There you are.
Never thought you'd be a "Will".
Only one of us is
gonna leave here alive.
That's a guarantee this time.
Where's the money?
You're gonna have to fucking kill me.
I'm gonna bleed you out,
and you're gonna beg for your life.
Where's the fucking money?
You could just walk away!
I'm so sorry, Billy.
If I could take your place, I would.
God knows I would.
I've thought a lot about
what you said to me that day.
If only I had listened to you.
If only we had left one minute sooner.
I'm leaving.
I was a better man when you
were here, but you're not.
And let's be honest, I'm
never gonna be the same.
Not without you.
They told me
I could find you here.
Yeah. Still here.
Although, I don't know if
that's a good thing anymore.
For anybody.
What can I do for you, Agent Howell?
I'm scheduled to leave town soon.
But there's still something
bothering me, Will.
What's that?
Why'd he come back for you?
I don't have an answer for you.
He had a blood lust in his eyes.
I've never seen anything
like that in a man before.
Yeah. Yeah, he was pretty off.
Yes, but he had a reason.
I mean, what
do you want me to say?
Men are weird.
He risked all to come
back and murder you, kid.
You don't wanna know this
slightest reason why?
He's dead, right?
Then who gives a shit?
They never did find the money, you know.
"They", as in you.
Which is why you're here.
Look, I understand this is your job.
I get it.
But it's not mine.
I cut trees for a living.
Barely make 40 grand a year doing it.
On the surface,
yes, you do.
You know what?
I think now is a good time for change.
A fresh start.
I don't think anyone could
fault me for that, could they?
Agent Howell?
There's nothing wrong
with new beginnings.
All right.