Hunting Housewives (2024) Movie Script

[fire crackling]
[birds cawing]
[ominous music]
Oh my... Oh my God!
Oh my God.
[groaning in pain]
Oh my God. Oh my God.
Please don't be dead, Sharell.
Please don't be dead.
Please don't be dead, Sharell.
Sharell, please.
Sharell, please don't be dead.
[Sharell moans]
Thank God, thank God.
What the actual...
[Sharell cries out]
My God!
What happened?
Well, I think we
had an accident!
[Joli] This is going to
be such a fun weekend.
Yes. Late people.
[Joli] Oh, I know.
They're always keeping us.
I love this cute outfit!
Hey ladies!
[Rebel] Oh my God.
Please tell me this
isn't an exercise spa.
No, I just came from Pilates.
Karla, I got my certification!
- You did?
- Yes!
I thought it was for yoga.
Girl, yoga is so over.
Hey why didn't you
return my text?
I know. I am so sorry. Okay.
So Mark and I we have this
new rule with each other
that it's phone-free so
that we can have some,
you know, some romantic
time together.
You're kidding, right?
Jared's literally on his
phone while we're having sex.
At least you're having sex.
[Rebel] Oh guys!
When are you guys going to mind
you do not have to be faithful?
They aren't.
Ah, apparently Mark is!
Phone-free time, girl...
All right, sorry. Whatever.
I am just so excited
about our girls' weekend.
No kids, no husbands, no
schedule and lots of drinks!
[Rebel] Nice!
Has anyone actually
looked this place up?
Can we even drink there?
I did. I had to scope
out the competition...
Competition for what?
I didn't tell you?
I'm starting my own spa!
You are? Congratulations!
Oh that's fantastic.
Good morning, ladies.
[Pilot McCann] So, who here
has flown private before?
- Really?
- Is he kidding?
[Rebel] I actually wrote a
book about private jets.
And it really took off.
[big laugh]
[Joli] Hey, ah, where
is he taking our bags?
Oh, ah, apologies.
Luggage has to
travel separately.
Weight restrictions.
Well, as long as none of
us has to get weighed.
[smarmy laugh]
I like him.
He laughs at my jokes.
Ready to board?
I was born ready.
[Pilot McCann] No one here's
afraid of heights, are they?
[Rebel] Well, have you seen
these long legs?
[Pilot McCann]
Let's go.
Yeah, this is going
to be a long flight.
[sexy music starts]

Spread your wings
and fly away
Fly away with me
We can go where
no one finds us
It's all behind us
We're flying free
Don't you worry
We're in no hurry
We've got time to burn away
[light rings on]
[fast beeping]
[crashing sounds]
[fire crackling]
[crying, struggling sounds]
[Joli] Augh!
Oh Joli. Oh my God.
Thank God she's alive.
Oh Joli!
[Joli] Can you get
this thing off me?
One, two, three!
[Joli cries out in pain]
We need a first aid kit.
Could you please
go find some water?
We need to clean this out.
Find any water.
In just a second we'll
get this cleaned out.
Where's Rebel? Is she okay?
I don't know.
I haven't seen her.
I hope so.
[Sharell gags]
Oh my God!
Here, help me up.
Be careful.
No no no no no no.
Oh my God.
It's like there's
nothing left of her.
It's so big, it's gorgeous.
Thank you.
A toast! To my favorite
person in the world!
Besides my children.
You know I have to
always say that.
Well, right back at you.
[glasses clink together]
And to Karla...
who is stuck at home with not
only her kids but her stepkids.
That woman is a saint.
Why she doesn't like leaving
them with the nanny,
I'll never know.
I mean, she pays
that woman enough.
[funny voice]
Because she loves them!
[they both laugh]
No really, she loves her
kids and her husband.
They're great together.
A real power couple.
Okay. I'm jealous.
[they both laugh]
Let's just keep
living our best lives!
Yes! Let's do that.
[glasses clink together]
Someone should take her
ring for Laney and Tupper.
Oh my God, those poor kids.
I know.
You're her best friend.
I think you should.
I think you should do it.
[Joli take big
breaths in and out]
I should do this for her.
It's a family heirloom.
Just don't roll your ankle.
I'm so so so so sorry.
[moaning and gagging]
You're such a good friend, Joli.
You're such a good friend.
[Joli cries]
Thanks for trying at least,
but do you have
anything for the pain?
Oh, Sharell, do you
know where your bag is?
You always travel
with a pharmacy.
Okay. I've been mostly
holistic for months.
You know that.
Oh! Rebel does.
Oh, she does.
Let me find her bag.
She'll have something for you.
Here's her bag.
Let's see if there is
anything stronger in here.
Oh! She has a phone!
It's shattered.
Here's some pills.
There's some shoes in here.
She has shoes! Oh my gosh.
Thank you Rebel.
Thank you.
I'm going to go sit
down and put these on.
Oh! Here's my purse.
Let me see if I have a phone
in here that's not shattered.
Please pretty please.
[Sharell] Anything?
Is it working?
No, I don't have one bar.
And it's about to die.
Before it dies, Andre would
want me to document this. Can I?
Yeah. Of course.
[Joli] I'm glad one of us is
married to a lawyer because
we need to sue the crap out
of this private plane company.
Yeah, we do.
Where is the pilot, anyway.
Have you guys seen him?
Rebel was flirting
with him, not me.
I don't even remember
what he looks like.
Well, if he's
underneath that mess
then he doesn't look good.
No he doesn't.
Oh, look at. Rebel even
stuck pills in a shoe.
You have another bottle.
I'll take them. Thanks.
[they both laugh]
[Karla] I'm going to
go look for something
to keep us warm for later.
You guys...
I know it's tacky, but should
I take pictures of Rebel?
[Joli] No, I get it.
You should do it.
I think so. Right?
We should.
I found one blanket.
[Mark] Head down to the
basement. I'll be right there.
What do we think
of the new digs?
[Mark] It's the ultimate
man cave. Just like Vegas.
All night, all the time.
[Mark] You know, I'm really
glad you guys came by.
I feel like I have,
what I would consider,
the ultimate in reality TV.
You brought us here for
another show launch?
Not quite.
I mean, you guys know that
I flew the ladies out
to the Whistling
Pines Spa, right?
What you don't know, is
that it doesn't exist.
You want some clarification?
A little more info?
Did you know that Sharell was
planning to blackmail you?
[Mark] Yeah, I mean, you've been
giving her the life of luxury
for the last 20 years.
She decides she only wants to
be the political wifey if you
fund her wellness retreat to
the tune of 50 million dollars.
How could you possibly
know all this?
Private detective.
And Jared...
Did you know that Joli recorded
our private conversation
about the trade?
No way.
She's only going to
make it disappear
if you blow up the prenup.
And my boy Evan.
When are you going to stop Rebel
from making a fool of you?
What are you talking about?
She only wants your
for your trust fund
and she cheats on
you constantly.
No she doesn't.
Ohhh, she sure does.
All the time, man.
All the time.
And my boys, my Karla
has betrayed me.
But boy or boy, do I have a
solution to our problems.
What is that?
That's payback!
Is that my Sharell?
That's your Sharell.
And your Joli, and my
Karla and your Rebel.
One plane accident,
four tough lessons!
Where's Rebel?
I don't see her.
[Mark] Ah, that's right Evan.
You won the bonus pool.
Rebel died on impact.
Ho ho ho ho.
You got me!
Oh, you got me.
You know I thought you
seriously just told me
that you killed my wife.
[Andre laughs] That's good.
That's good. I was scared too.
[they laugh]
Who did you get to play Joli?
That looks just like her!
That's because it is Joli.
It's not a joke.
You guys!
Come on! I just did
you all a favor!
You sick bastard!
Get your hands off me!
[shouting] I don't think
you guys understand.
We're all in this together now.
We've all just let
our marriages fail.
We all want something different.
We want a change.
Some of us have moved
onto different people.
So you're adding
blackmail to murder?
It's called hedging!
We all do it in
business, every day.
You need a woman to
stand by your side.
And Joli...
She's a ticking time
bomb with that recording.
That recording needs to go away.
And unfortunately...
So do you.
You need to go away.
You shouldn't of lunged at me.
We got to get out
of here right now.
We can't leave Evan.
Mark is going to find a
way to pin this on us.
You want to stick
around for that?
And then we wait.
We got to find a way to
help Sharell and Joli.
And Karla.
Poor Karla.
Come on, buddy.
I know. Let's go. Walk a
little faster too, if you want.
I can't believe you, man.
It's not that deep.
Have a juice box, a
little relax in there.
You'll be fine.
No no no no. No peeking.
[door squeaks open]
Yeah, the door's for you.
Go ahead. Come on!
Thank you, buddy.
Go on!
Here we go.
Ah, what do you think?
I just want to show you our new
state of the art panic room.
It's pretty sweet, huh?
Check it out.
And check this out.
Do these look familiar?
Of course they don't.
That is what your wife
is sending to other men.
Take some time in here.
Come to grips with what we
know about our precious wives.
Just chill out in
here for a bit.
Have a snack.
No. No no.
[door slams shut]
Let me out!
[indistinct whispering]
Evan is taking a moment.
Come on.
Let's talk this through.
Have a drink.
You will see the benefits.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
Let's have a drink.
We're not going anywhere.
You sound like you really
thought this through.
How many times have we all said
that we feel like something
is missing in our lives?
That we can't move on because
these women are bleeding us dry.
Yeah... Right.
So have a drink.
[Andre] So, ah, bring
us up to speed.
What's the plan.
Don't you guys think
that it's weird
that nobody's come
looking for us?
But we're meant to be at a
surrender your phone spa
weekend, so nobody
knows anything's wrong.
I know Mark, he must be
going crazy right now.
He always has me check in.
And always wants to make
sure that I'm okay.
Ah, I knew it.
I knew these bastards were
stealing from the company.
Are you allowed to record
them without them knowing?
I can do whatever I
want to ensure that
my assets are protected.
Even at the cost
of privacy because
I'm pretty sure that
it might be illegal.
Don't be so naive.
While you sit around
doing nothing,
myself and these assets
pay for everything.
I don't sit around
doing nothing.
I take care of the kids.
And they're your kids too!
Yeah, and you do it
all without breaking
a beautifully manicured nail.
Yeah, it's a skill that I have.
I don't ever break a nail.
Okay. I have to be more
proactive than this.
Go. Keep an eye on her.
I'm okay. I'm okay.
I wish we knew
how far away from
civilization we were.
There could literally be a
strip mall a few miles away.
This is America,
not the freaking Amazon.
Yeah, I agree.
You know what I'm thinking?
We need to find, we need
to find some lights. Right?
How are we going to
see lights in a forest?
Well, we're going to have
to climb up really high.
Like that high?
[Karla] Yeah. I think so.
[Karla] And not we. You.
Who knew that those climbing
lessons I took would pay off.
I can't believe how
high you climbed!
I can't believe that I
didn't see not one light.
So you didn't see anything?
Nope. There is nothing
around for miles.
I just don't remember being
in the plane that long.
I know. I actually don't
remember a lot either.
But, I mean, we were doing
shots, though, right?
Yeah, we were.
[Joli and Karla chuckle]
I don't remember anything.
[Sharell] Like, I remember
seeing the treetops.
And then nothing.
Like I don't remember anything.
[fluttering sounds]
Sharell, you were
in a plane crash.
Do you all hear that?
[fluttering sounds]
[Joli] I hope my Zoe
and David are okay.
I know. I always worry when
Mark's alone with Jason.
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know.
I think it's just because
he doesn't know his
routine, you know.
[fluttering sounds]
[Joli] But he has Janet
with him, right?
Yeah, he has help.
Yeah, so does Jared.
But Zoe gets a little anxious
when I'm away for a few days.
I was going to call her later.
Actually, I had a burner
phone in my luggage.
Yeah, for when the
spa confiscated ours.
Joli! I would have
totally borrowed it.
[Sharell screams]
Ahh! A bat!
What kind of animals
are out there?
So many.
I need another drink.
Maybe two. Anyone else?
I'm good.
Maybe they'll get
eaten by a bear.
[Mark and Jared laugh]
I knew you'd get it.
[glasses clink together]
Yeah, if you're referring
to Evan, I mean, yeah,
I think you just
blindsided him there.
He'll come around.
Yeah, I hope so.
Honestly, I just thought
they'd all die on impact.
That's what the research
said would happen.
Aren't you at all concerned
about them getting out alive?
Why not?
Because I took out a
little insurance policy.
Good night moon.
Good night bats.
Goodnight Rebel.
[twigs crash loudly on ground]
I've never been this happy
to see the sun come up.
How's your leg?
[Joli] It hurts,
but it's not worse.
[Sharell yawning] The last thing
that you need is an infection.
Get up, I got a plan!
Why are you so perky? Like,
do you have secret coffee?
Or did you actually sleep?
[Karla] No, I didn't
sleep at all.
But it actually gave me time
to really think about this.
No sleep for me either.
Not like this sleeping
beauty right here.
[Sharell stretching]
My trainer says the most
important thing about health
is sleep.
He's had me sleep
training for months.
Hmmm. I'll bet he has.
Shut your face.
You guys, shut up! Please.
We have to stay unified
if we have any hope
of getting the hell
out of this place.
What? You think we're not
going to make it out of here?
I don't know. I'm not
saying that we won't, but...
[Karla] Do you want
to hear my plan?
Yes. We're sorry.
Of course we do.
Thank you.
Okay, so our husbands, they
think we're at a spa, right?
The spa knows we're not there.
They're going to be
calling our husbands.
[Karla] And then they're going
to come looking for us, right?
We need to start a fire.
And we need to keep a fire going
because where there's smoke,
there's going to
be rescuers, right?
Oh my God!
Do we literally have to rub
sticks together right now?
Yeah, Joli.
We are in a competition
reality damn show.
No! There's got to be
some sort of survival kit
around here with a
lighter or something.
[Sharell] This is actually
a really great plan.
[Karla] Oh good. Thank you.
I think we need to survey the
area and see what we have.
Food and supplies
and stuff like that.
I also think we need to
find the pilot's body.
Oh, count me out on
the dead body search.
I'm already going to be in
therapy for the next ten years
over Rebel.
You guys, I think we've got to
do something with Rebel's body.
[sobbing] I am not
digging her grave. No!
Joli, we've got to
get out of here.
That's how we honor
Rebel, right. Okay.
You know what? She and I, we
can go look for some supplies.
And you just stay here, just go
through bags, anything open.
Open a container, whatever you
can find right here, okay?
I'm on campfire duty.
Where's my favorite bag?
Jesus, Rebel. I love you...
But seriously, at a spa?
We're screwed.
[snorting sounds]
[loud growling sounds]
Oh... my God.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.
God, I will do anything.
Please don't let
this bear eat me!
Please, don't let
this bear eat me!
Don't let this bear eat me.
I will do anything.
Please save me! I will
do anything, please!
Please God! Please God!
Thank you, God. I owe you one.
[upbeat music begins]
I'm not afraid of
the competition
Stick around and
you'll see me winning
Eye on the prize
20/20 vision
I'm the champion of
my own fate, Yeah!
Nothing's gonna slow us down
They ain't seen nothing yet
Victorious I take that crown
without breaking a sweat
I can't be stopped
Straight to the top
Straight to the
Can't be stopped
Straight to the top
Straight to the
[Sharell laughs]
Can't be stopped

Can't be stopped!
[music ends]
[fire crackles]
[Sharell and Joli]
[Karla] I filled a
barf bag with berries!
Sounds great.
Oh my gosh. This looks so nice.
Thank you!
Um... What is that?
[Karla] I'm pretty sure
it's the pilot's.
[Joli] He got a parachute?
How nice for him!
- [Karla] Wasn't it?
- [Joli] Yeah.
Wait, I don't want to freak
you guys out, but I saw a bear.
Ah, that's terrifying.
Yeah, it was terrifying.
- What did you do?
- I prayed.
[Joli] This is why
I never go camping.
I'm impressed. How did
you move all this?
Girl, I can bench
press 85 pounds now.
Ooh! With Carlos,
your hottie?
He really is so hot.
Maybe I need a new trainer.
Yeah, you do.
[Sharell] I will
give you his number.
You will?
Uh hmmm. You know,
friends who care share.
- You'll share him?
- I will.
Oh that's nice.
You know, well why not.
I mean, Mark, he's got
women that train him.
He does?
Yeah. He says that they
bring a different energy
to his game.
And what exactly is his game?
[Sharell sneers]
Come on, you know Mark is
totally devoted to Karla.
Sometimes a little too devoted.
[Mark] You think
you deserve this?
You don't.
[necklace shatters on floor]
I am too good to you.
I am sorry. I did not mean...
Oh! And yet you still did.
I saved you. You know that.
I saved you.
You were working in a bar.
You had nothing.
You had no life.
Nobody that cared about you.
I turned you into someone.
And this is how you pay me back?
[hard smashing sound]
I love you.
You know that, right?
I'm sorry.
No you're not.
I am. I'm sorry. I love you.
I would do anything for you.
You say that every time.
You need to get better at
not making me so angry.
Can you do that for me?
Yeah, I can do that.
That's a good girl.
Go get cleaned up, okay?
Uh huh. I will.
[Sharell] Andre does not
pay any attention to me.
He's all about his job.
[flies buzzing]
So this pilot's a
real dickhead, huh?
He lands safely and then
he doesn't come back
to check the crash site?
You guys don't think
that it's super weird
that he abandoned
his aircraft, right?
I don't know. He probably
thought we were all dead.
Even so...
That's true.
You know what?
I'm just going, I'm going
to think positively.
When I visualize things,
they happen, okay?
Like your spa?
Yes, like my spa.
Why are you saying it like that?
Look, I get it.
You're trying to prove
yourself because
Andre is so busy
with his own life.
At least he's not like Jared
with his wandering eye.
That's ridiculous.
Andre's a megalomaniac.
Rebel told me he wants
to get into politics?
And he's going to make
an amazing senator.
Oh, so then you can
be a puppet full time.
Okay, you know what you guys?
Knock it off. Stop it.
Well, it's easy for
you to say, Karla.
You have the perfect marriage.
No I actually don't.
[Sharell scoffs]
Please, Joli's right. You
and Mark are bulletproof.
It's annoying.
I'm so glad that I started
that cleanse last week.
My stomach has shrunk
down to nothing.
I'm stuffed off
these stupid berries.
Where's the tequila?
Probably in Rebel's bag.
Let's find it!
You know, when you
think about it,
the survival diet
is basically Paleo.
Yeah, that's true.
Except we'd probably have to
kill an animal for the protein.
The only one who's
doing that is Rebel.
Uh huh.
She would be like,
"Rebel versus beast."
"Guess who's gonna
win, bitch?"
My money's on Rebel.
Mine too.
[Karla] Does the smoke
make my skin look good.
Ravishing, darling.
[they laugh]
Man, the sound is garbage
on these cameras.
I can't hear anything.
He's not going to call this
thing off any time soon.
Ya think?
Are we having fun?
Oh yeah yeah.
Hey new place, very luxe.
I know, right?
Yeah, I bought it for Karla.
She just never
wanted to come here.
Yeah, maybe it's got a little
bit too much of a man cave vibe.
How long do you think they
can survive on berries only?
Sharell goes days without
food, all the time.
They are always on some
kind of weird cleanse.
Let me ask you something...
What happens if search
and rescue finds them?
Oh, that's when we say,
Oh my God, honey, I can't
believe this happened!
I'm so sorry.
Had we known we would
have called in for help.
[Jared laughs]
Andre, they're at the spa.
We're not supposed to call.
And you've got the spa
details locked down?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
It's a carefully crafted facade.
What if the ladies
wish to visit said spa?
Oh, it's just so exclusive
that they'll never be able to
piece together the location.
And besides...
Do you really think they're
getting on a plane anytime soon?
Come on, Andre.
[Jared] Just enjoy the fact
you might be rid of that
harebrained wife of yours.
[Jared and Mark snicker]
You'll get the sympathy
vote in the next election.
Yeah, he's right, you know.
Women love a widower situation.
You'd be a lock in the
18 to 40 women's demo.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
I'm sorry, I just, I just
lost it for a minute there.
I get it.
You're looking at
all the angles.
You're the smartest guy I know.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
Do you guys see that?
It's a bear.
That sucker could
do some damage.
[computer boots up]
[airplane roars in sky]
[cries of help]
It's so far away.
I know!
You do realize that was the
first plane we've seen all day?
We have to change your bandage.
We don't have another one.
[growling sounds]
What was that?
Oh God, you guys.
I can't deal with anymore bats.
Ah, that didn't sound like bats.
What else is out
here in the woods?
I told you guys I saw a bear.
Oh, Jesus.
Yeah, Jesus was right.
I read about this somewhere.
I'm sure it was
covered in one of your
micro-dosing nature walks.
Girl Scouts!
They taught us how
to deal with bears.
Oh, great. Now our
lives depend on
Sharell's distant
childhood memory.
Don't run! Be big!
Okay. Wait wait wait.
Don't try to run, be
as big as possible...
Hmmm... That's sounds simple.
Yeah, you know what? I'll
throw you on my shoulders.
Oh! I got it!
Make noise! Make as
much noise as possible.
Big noises.
The louder the better!
That's comforting.
Good old Girl Scouts
came in handy. [laughs]
I actually hope is
doesn't come in handy.
God, I would kill for a s'mores.
Oh yeah.
Is it time that we eat
our last protein bar?
It's time.
Make it last.
Isn't it strange
that there's been
no sign of any
search and rescue?
Okay, I have to say my peace.
Here's the thing.
Today's plan was good,
but we can't do the same
thing again tomorrow.
We need to at least
try and find help.
Okay, so I think that one of
us walks and looks for help
and then the other
one stays with you.
Uh uh. That's not safe.
Out there is unknown.
You need each other.
I'll be fine here.
I'll, I don't know,
just hang out.
[mosquitoes buzzing]
Keep Rebel company.
[chokes] You almost
made that sound fun.
So you'll do it?
I mean, if you're okay with it,
I think that makes
the most sense, right?
Yeah, okay.
We need to move Rebel.
Ah, yeah!
I am so sorry, Joli.
But tomorrow is day three
and she's going to start
attracting animals and that is
not going to be good for us.
I'm going to puke.
I know, but...
It's either that or we move
Joli to another campsite
and build a different fire.
Either way, we can't have a
dead body by the campsite. Dude!
Yeah, I know.
No we can't.
[struggling sounds]
I actually, you know what?
I think this is, this
is far enough. Okay?
No. Right over there.
All right. Well...
Thank God for your workouts.
You know what I'm thinking?
No what?
I think we need to
have a memorial.
[Sharell struggles]
So that Joli has
closure with her.
- Okay.
- Yeah, okay.
- All right.
- Great.
Okay. Let's go,
let's go get her.
Oh God!
[Karla] Thank you for carrying
her the rest of the way.
They do know that the animals
are going to come
for the body, right?
That's probably why they dragged
it away from the crash site.
[Jared] Why are they just
standing there?
[Andre] I think they're
having a funeral.
Go start.
Oh Rebel.
You were such a force
to be reckoned with.
[Karla] You had
the best parties,
the most fabulous wardrobe.
And I think the best thing
about being your friend was
we never knew what was going
to come out of your mouth.
You didn't have a filter.
[Karla] I'm going to send
you off with cedar
because I don't know if
there's moths in the afterlife.
But I know how much
you frickin' hate them.
"The enemy of
cashmere," as she'd say.
Rest in peace, Rebel.
Your turn.
All right.
Ah, Rebel, I know you thought
that my spirituality stuff
was totally bogus.
Maybe it is.
Ah, who knows what happens when
we go off to the afterlife.
I know you also thought that
crystals were designed for
people who couldn't
afford real jewelry.
But I'm going to send you off
with this protection crystal,
Rest in peace, bitch.
That was nice that
you gave that to her.
Rebel, you were the best friend.
And I want you to
know you were right.
Jared's totally dirty, taking
insider tips, and all of it.
So I did what you told me to do.
I recorded him giving
illegal information
and I'm going to use it
against him as leverage
to make him to rip up
that stupid prenup.
[Joli] You always give
the best advice.
And the best caviar.
Oh gosh, what am I'm
going to do without you?
Especially over the summer.
[sobbing] Oh gosh, how could
you do this to me?
I'm sorry. It's not about me.
I love you,
and I miss you already.
Ros all day!
[liquid pouring onto ground]
I am living my best life, Joli!
And looking fabulous doing it.
Put that on my headstone.
That is so morbid.
I will not.
Let's spill more about Karla
and that mogul husband of hers.
My God, they are so
attached at the hip.
[laughs] You do sound jealous!
I am not. Me?
That is so sickening.
I would not have a man all
up in my business like that.
Oh, and what business
is that exactly?
[laughs] Enough about me.
Are you going to tell me
what's going on with you?
I just feel like I've lost me.
We have to take care
of ourselves. Always.
You are so good at
being in control.
I feel like I have no control
with the kids, the school stuff.
Mostly I just want
to feel alive again.
Is that husband of yours not
giving you what you need?
No, he is.
I just feel empty sometimes.
[splashing sound]
We don't have...
[Joli sobs]
[Karla] Okay, let's go.
[Karla] I actually think
that was really nice.
It was good...
It was good, yeah.
[Karla] Do you feel like
you had closure, Joli?
[Joli] I'm so traumatized
by it all.
I mean, this is
all very touching,
but it doesn't change
the fact that these women
are evil incarnate.
Do you want to know what
Karla was doing when we met?
She was a barmaid.
Somewhere on the
Upper West Side?
She lived there a long time.
Oh no no no.
A few notches below that.
Yeah, some dive bar in
the meat packing district.
You know, the kind that
have bras hanging from
the old dusty antlers, there's
no doors on the bathroom stalls.
But she was just, so beautiful.
She didn't belong there.
[Mark] So I walk in,
pretending I wanted a drink,
and I just said, Hi.
I thought,
that was my chance to change
someone's life forever.
Well, how come we never
heard this story before?
Because we gave a different
story to our friends.
You know, she was
new to the city,
she lived in a great place
in the Upper West Side.
I did not want to tell you guys
that she lived in a flophouse.
So I molded her, into exactly
who I wanted her to be.
The perfect girlfriend, the
perfect wife, perfect mother.
We had genuine chemistry.
She loved me. I loved her.
It was perfect until...
Until what?
Until she betrayed me.
[glass shatters]
[Mark V.O.] I wasn't
going to have that.
So I came up with
the plan of all plans.
A way to make her pay
for trying to hurt me.
I gave her everything.
And she thought she
could just leave?
[Mark V.O.] I wasn't
going to have that
so I came up with
a brilliant plan.
Well, I got to take a leak.
Bing bing...
Joli, I understand why
you threatened Jared.
Me too.
You do everything
for those kids.
You're like his rock.
He doesn't deserve you.
I mean, it does feel harsh
holding this over him.
But Rebel got in my head and
made me think I need to,
you know, think about
my future more.
I gave up my real
estate career for him.
You know, it's not fair.
No, it's not.
Andre is financing my spa
because I threatened to
blow up his campaign.
Oh come on. You suspected.
You are going to
have a great spa.
Yeah, I am.
I just got so sick of him
not factoring me into
his grand plans.
Like I'm over it.
Well, we have to do
what we have to do.
We've got to survive somehow.
Clearly, in more ways than one.
You know, Mark sometimes
gets so angry at me.
To the point where...
To the point where I
can't get him to stop.
What do you mean by stop?
I don't know.
Sometimes I'm afraid,
I'm afraid of him.
Mama, that's not good.
I know. I know.
What are you saying?
Is he violent?
I honestly don't know what
he would do if I left him.
I really don't.
I don't know how I would even
be able to keep the kids safe.
You know, with his resources,
he would be able to
find us anywhere.
He really would.
[Joli] So sorry.
We're here for you, Karla.
We are.
I know you are. Thank you.
Well anyway,
we have got to come up with
a plan and get out of here.
We have to.
Okay, this isn't working.
We got to get out of here
right now and save our wives.
He's not going to
let us out of here.
We have to take him out.
What are we? Mafia?
Take him out. Come on.
Do you even care about Joli?
If we don't get out of here,
Sharell, Joli, Karla,
they're going to die out there.
Okay. We take him out.
How do we take him out?
Just in case. Okay.
Thank you.
Be safe, be safe.
Don't let this
fire go out, okay?
I won't. It's my only source
of entertainment, okay.
- So sorry.
- It's okay.
Okay, don't die, okay?
I can't handle another
one of us dying.
You guys be safe
out there, okay.
You too!
You're going to find help before
nightfall. I just know it.
Okay. Bye.
[loud flapping sounds]
[bird cries out]
Are you seeing this?
How's the morning viewing?
I got breakfast beers.
[Andre] They're leaving
the crash site.
This doesn't worry you?
Not at all.
I don't understand
your confidence.
You don't actually
think I wouldn't have
a back up plan, do you?
Come on.
[Karla] Is Andre really
going to run for senator?
Ah, he's been talking about it
nonstop for like two years,
so he's ready to
pull the trigger.
Is Evan helping him?
Yeah. Evan's been working
his connections in D.C.,
taking him to all
these fancy events.
He's been spending
a lot of time there.
Are you going to
have to move there?
Oh God! That's part of the
discussion, you know, like,
where are we going to live, are
we going to live in both places,
what's best for the
kids, you know.
I just, I just don't really
want this to disrupt my life.
Well, what would
you have to change
with your life if he wins?
Ugh! Everything
is scrutinized!
I'm talking about everything.
Every manicure, every haircut.
And forget about flying private.
I thought every single
politician flies private?
Only for official
government business.
Well, you know what?
Maybe we can use Mark's jet
because he's been in a
really good mood lately.
Oh, my God, you're so sweet.
But it gets worse.
He wants to put Jake
in public school.
Public? Why?
He's afraid that he's going
to look like an elitist
by his constituents.
But he is an elitist.
I know!
Forget about me, though.
I'm really worried
about you, Karla.
Oh don't be. I shouldn't
have told you all that stuff.
I mean, are you really
thinking about leaving him?
I'm terrified.
I'm really terrified.
I don't know what Mark would do
if he knew I was leaving him.
Well, what do you
think he would do?
[bugs buzzing]
Let's keep going.
Come on.
Somebody please look down.
[Sharell] How long do you
think we've been walking?
My feet hurt worse than
the last years Met Gala.
[Karla] Hours...
[Sharell] How far do you
think that we've come?
I've no idea. Everything
looks the same around here.
[Sharell] Oh God, I'd give
anything for a Starbucks.
[Karla] Or I would kill to
find a ranger's station.
I'd kill to find a ranger.
[they both laugh]
[arrow shot]
Ah! What the hell!
What the hell!
[shouting] Hey hunter!
We're not deer!
Hey you!
There's no way he
doesn't hear us.
He can hear us!
[shouts] Hey you!
[arrow shot]
Oh my God! Oh!
- I'm hit!
- [Karla] He got Sharell!
What the hell is that?
That's my back up plan.
You hired someone to hunt them?
You know. You're starting to
sound a little bit like Evan.
Do we need to go for a walk?
No no. I just...
What is the plan here?
How long is this going to go on?
[Andre] Can't we let them
live at this point?
Just call it a big accident.
Do you think I got to be where I
am by doing things half-assed?
[Andre] No, no,
it's not that, it's...
[Mark] How can you not see
that they're traitors?
[Mark yells]
How were you both not furious
when you found out what they
were doing behind your backs?
I already knew.
Sharell told me weeks before.
[Jared] Me too.
We got a lawyer to
work on the prenup.
What is wrong with you two?
I mean, have you
no sense of pride?
[Andre] It's not like
I'm a model husband.
I've had affairs...
Can't we just call
this thing off?
Call this off?
You know, it's not a bad idea.
That way, I become the victim.
And you two become
the prime suspects.
Oh, I couldn't have
written this better myself.
You know what?
I'm not drinking this trash.
I deserve top shelf. Always.
[Karla] I know, I know.
[Sharell whimpers]
I know, I know, I know...
[Sharell sobs]
Oh my God.
Bitch, you are a drama queen!
It didn't even go
through your bag.
- What?
- No.
[Karla yells] Come and show
your face, you bastard!
What the hell?
There's a camera in the tree!
This is why we
don't buy knockoffs.
Let me try.
I took a rock throwing
class in Alaska once.
Of course you did.
[smashing sound]
Oh yeah!
Good job!
What is happening?
I hired the pilot.
He said he was a
good shot, you know.
No I didn't know.
I just want to make
sure everyone gets
what they want here.
Do you think this is
part of a nature study?
I mean I guess so.
They use them all the time.
Help us please! Help!
Honestly, I don't that
this is a live feed.
And even if it is, I doubt
they watch it all day long.
Oh my God. Sharell...
Mark's company?
He could be watching us.
Dude, you're freaking me out.
Either this was a
location he used
for one of his survivor shows
and they left the camera, or...
Or this whole
thing was a set up!
I'm sorry, what?
Come on, Karla!
Just do it one more
time and better, please.
Please! Can't we just go?
I mean, we've gone to so many
black tie events and we're pros.
We're a power couple.
Yeah. But it doesn't
hurt to practice.
Well, I have practiced
so many times for you.
And you can still improve.
And besides, the camera
picks up so many details
that a mirror doesn't.
Okay, so, uh, what is your
camera picking up on?
I mean, those earrings.
What about my earrings?
You don't really think they
fit your face shape, do you?
Umm... I don't know.
I mean I guess I could
try a different pair.
[Karla] But I do like them.
Oh, you like them?
Well, what you like and
what you do reflects on me.
And if you don't wear the three
carat stud diamonds I bought you
well I just, I look cheap.
And that's embarrassing.
I mean, you wouldn't want
to embarrass me, right?
Of course not, honey...
Let's do it again.
You know the part where you
introduce yourself to
the board members.
You like talking to the guys.
They like talking to you.
Let's do it again. Go!
Action baby!
Just give me a second.
Seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty.
Okay, Mark, he likes the cameras
to be about twenty feet apart.
So if he's tracking me, or us,
there is going to be
another camera around here.
Okay, wait. Hold on
here one second.
I got to catch up.
So you're trying to say that
your husband, Mark Dodds,
king of reality TV, has
wired an entire forest
to capture his wife's
survival of a plane crash?
How did he know the
plane was going to crash?
You think that he tried to
kill us for a reality show?
I know they're out of fresh
ideas, but that is, like,
taking it a little too far.
Sharell, it's not for a TV show.
It's a murder plot.
Why would Mark try to kill you?
Ah, maybe there are some
things I haven't told you
about my marriage.
You think? Like what?
Well, how's your
marriage to Andre?
Good point.
[animal growling]
[animal growling]
[Andre] I think I saw
something in the bush
heading towards Joli!
They got bears up there, right?
Whoa. Joli. Baby,
come on, fight it.
What'd I miss?
We don't know. Maybe a
bear headed towards Joli.
There's no way she's
going to escape that.
Get em, my furry friend.
Chow down.
Oh, hey, there! Camera!
Good eye! Oh good!
I knew it! I knew it!
Okay, I went to go visit him on
one of his dumbass TV shows and
one of the guys there, he
told me how they do this.
There is going to be a
transmitter somewhere.
We need to find it.
If it's around here.
What the...?
Don't worry.
I'm a green light stage three.
There's a stage three?
[Jared, quietly]
If you're a psychotic.
Eighteen, nineteen, twenty!
Okay, it's going
to be around here.
It'll be around here somewhere.
Huh! I think I found it!
This is a big one.
Let me see.
Yeah, this is definitely
the transmitter.
Get down!
[animal growling]
Whatever you are out there,
I donate to all the
wildlife funds.
[Joli breathing heavily]
My heart's going to explode.
Okay, just keep breathing.
What would Rebel do?
[Rebel] You have
to get your mojo back.
You make that sound so easy.
It is. You've got to go
out and do something.
Go skydiving or go on a safari.
Ah... Yeah. Can I do something
a little more relaxed?
Yes! You have to take
control of your destiny.
Fight for yourself, Joli!
Okay, we're going to split up.
Are you crazy?
No, I'm not.
What I'm going to do, is I'm
going to go over there...
He's going to follow me, okay?
I'm going to come
back around to you.
You are going to find a rock
and you are going to hit
him on the head with it.
Are we really doing this?
Yes, we're really doing this.
But first we've got to
get rid of the cameras
because he's probably
watching us right now.
How do we do that?
We kill the feed.
We got this!
[Joli on TV screams]
Did the signal just go out?
I think it's over.
Two down! Two to go...
[claps his hands loudly]
I could use another drink.
Lucky guy.
[squirrel chatters]
[squirrel chirps happily]
[Joli's stomach
grumbles with hunger]
I'm scared!
We got this.
We have this. Okay?
What if he shoots you?
And then he shoots me?
Well, then we're dead.
We're not going to die, okay!
I'm going to go over
there, come back around.
Just have your rock ready, okay?
- Okay.
- And Sharell...
Don't miss!
Come out come out
wherever you are!
Nowhere to run now!
Sharell now!
What's happening?
I'm not quite sure.
Is he going to fall?
Should I push him down?
Okay, well that works.
Look for a phone.
Oh, okay.
Oh, got it. Okay...
Oh, it's locked.
The pilot!
Point it at his
face to unlock it.
[Karla chuckles]
He's such an idiot.
He put Mark's real
name in there.
Okay. Mission accomplished.
[message notification buzz]
Mission accomplished!
Bam bam bam!
Come on guys!
So what do we do now?
We celebrate! Yes!
Mark's sending a car for him.
How are we supposed to know
where he's sending a car?
I don't know...
[phone buzzes]
Got the location... Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
[fire crackles]
I'm a survivor.
I conquer all.
You ready?
Ready. Let's do it.
[Sharell cocks the gun]
Are you waiting for someone?
Okay. I want you to put your
phone and the keys in the car
and step over there.
[gun fires]
Yeah, this bitch is serious.
Step over there and don't move.
Thanks for rescuing us.
Be a better person!
[vehicle engines starts]
[Karla and Sharell laughing]
Oh my God, girl!
You're such a badass!
I don't believe it.
I totally didn't mean
for the gun to go off.
I almost killed that guy!
[laughing] You probably
should have.
Okay okay, all right.
Let me see where was
the car last. Uh...
548 Baker Terrace,
Port Credit, New York.
Where the hell is that?
I know exactly where that is.
It's mine and Mark's
country house.
Whoa. So this really is Mark!
Okay, call the cops.
Give them the address.
And then we have to
tell them where Joli is
so that we can get
her picked up.
Okay, okay, okay.
What a prick.
Why are we stopping?
[Karla] Because I don't
want them to hear the car.
[Sharell] Okay, so what? We're
going to wait here for the cops?
Well, you can.
[Karla] I have a score
I need to settle.
- Karla?
- Yeah?
[Sharell] Why don't we know
about this house?
Well, I know about it.
Mark bought it a long time ago
to impress his
business partners.
I haven't been here in months.
I know where the key is.
Oh, there it is.
It's in a rock.
He keeps it right here.
Okay. Let's go down over here
Congratulations gentlemen.
You are now free
to live your lives
without the shackles of bondage.
[Jared and Andre]
To freedom!
That's Andre!
We need to get to
the gun safe, okay?
It's in the panic room.
Hang on.
[door opens]
Come on!
What are you doing here?
You're alive!
Back up.
You all tried to kill us!
Your wife is dead!
No no no!
I didn't know anything
about this, I swear.
He threw me in here when I
didn't go along with the plan.
So Mark did order
the plane crash?
Is Rebel really gone?
He's telling the truth.
He's on our side.
Evan, I am so sorry.
She is gone.
Look, Mark will kill us
all if he finds us in here.
I know he will.
Is Andre and Jared
involved in this?
No. I don't think so.
He told us all together
in this big reveal.
Let's go.
We got to get Evan
out of the panic room.
Tell him it's all over.
If it's all over why do
you still need the gun?
Hasn't any of this
taught you about B plans?
Okay, go get him. We'll just...
We'll be right here.
We're in this together.
Let's do it together!
Come on! Go!
[door opens]
Okay, there's no way
he got out of here.
The ducts.
Hold on hold on hold on.
He's taken the guns.
That mother...
Okay, well he's probably back
at the screens. Let's go!
[Jared] He's really big and
he's got all the guns.
You said he has all of them!
[Jared shrieks]
Hey! Evan?
What are you? Crazy?
We should use the
darkness to our advantage.
You guys stay here.
[cocks his gun]
I know this house.
You got it boss.
Boss? Seriously?
Okay. I killed the power.
[footsteps approaching]
Here they come.
Mark is on his own.
Okay. Wait wait wait!
Come on, Evan.
Nobody needs to get hurt.
Let's just talk it out.
I'm going after Mark.
Sharell you stay here,
wait for the cops.
Screw that. Andre's mine!
Okay Sharell.
I'm going to try your
visualization crap.
I'm getting rescued right now...
I'm getting rescued right now...
I hear a helicopter
on the horizon...
I hear a helicopter
on the horizon...
[helicopter whirring above]
Hey, I actually think I hear it.
[helicopter whirring above]
[helicopter whirring
gets louder]
[helicopter whirring above]
Down here!
I'm here!
Baby! You're safe!
Don't baby me!
I almost died out there.
One of us did!
I know. I know it was Mark.
He's a freaking psychopath.
He really wants to hurt Karla.
I know that, but what
about the rest of us?
He decided that we all want
to get rid of you guys.
And do you?
How can you ask me that?
Baby, you know I love you.
Are you okay?
Come come come.
[Sharell sobs]
Come here, come here...
Come here. It's okay.
It's okay.
[Sharell sobs]
It's okay.
[Andre] Here, you don't
need that anymore.
You were in on it?
I just saw the
writing on the wall.
And you were never going
to stand by my side
as I ran for office.
Baby, I've been fighting
for my life out there.
I know what's important.
I'm with you on this campaign.
You have my full support.
You're backing a winner.
[gun cocks]
You were in on this.
We all let our
relationships come to this.
Can I come home with you guys?
[Mark mumbles to himself]
Baby, I didn't know we had
guests here this weekend.
I would have made
you guys dinner.
Honey, you made it home safe.
I did.
I missed you.
Oh, I'm sure you did.
You know before this weekend,
I really thought
that I needed you.
I thought, Karla, you need him.
The kids need him.
Because you would tell me
that over and over and over,
to the point where I
didn't feel worthy of you.
But I am worthy.
But you know what?
This weekend I realized I am
so much stronger than you are.
You betrayed me.
[Karla scoffs] I betrayed you?
You were planning to leave me.
Oh, I wonder why.
It's not too late.
I was just mad, is all.
I can still fix this.
Mad, is that what you call this?
[vehicle approaching, siren]
Oh oh.
You're looking good, Mark.
[Karla laughs]
Oh, Mark...
What are you going to do now?
[indistinct police radio]
You were nothing.
You were never worthy
of being loved.
You're unbelievable that you're
still trying to manipulate me.
No, Mark, you're actually
talking about yourself.
And if I were you, I would
get your ass on the ground
and put your hands on your head.
Because I will shoot you.
[male police voice]
Let's check around the back.
[ring pings onto ground]
[upbeat, empowering
music starts]
I like the way that it feels
When I got you
back on your heels
Run away now boy cause I
might just break your...
[Sharell] Ladies, everything
was stacked against us,
but here we are,
stronger than ever.
Cheers, darlings.
Don't make plans with me
Just dance with me
I can't believe I still
have to be in these flats
for a few more weeks.
I know. I am so sorry that
you're in so much pain.
I miss Rebel.
- To Rebel.
- To Rebel.
[glasses clink]
- To Rebel.
- To Rebel.
Fall into my spell
Fall into my
Fall into my spell
Anything you can imagine
I am so sorry about my husband.
I should have told you the
truth about our marriage.
Are you kidding?
All that did was expose who
our husbands really were...
A bunch of bastards.
And whether or not
they agreed with Mark,
not one of them tried
to come and help us.
That's true.
And, it backfired on them.
My lawyer's telling me that
we're going to have control
of the trusts and
all the real estate.
This beautiful country
home is all yours, Karla.
Joli, you really
need to consider
going back into real estate.
Oh yeah. I fully intend to.
You know, once all this
mess settles down.
But Karla, seriously,
what are you going to do?
I don't know.
I'm just so happy to have
full custody of our kids.
And I think I just
want to settle down
and have a simple life.
Well, where are you
going to settle down?
[glasses clink]
I love that!
Yeah. That will be fun.
That will be fun!
[song "Fall Into My Spell"

Fall into my spell
Fall into my, Fall into my
Fall into my spell
Fall into my, Fall into my
Fall into my spell
Fall into my spell
Fall into my
I like the way that it feels
When I got you
back on your heels
Runaway now boy cause
I might just break your
Fall into my spell
Fall into my
Fall into my spell
Don't it feel like magic?
Fall into my spell
Fall into my
Fall into my spell
Anything you can imagine