Hunting the Lost Symbol (2010) Movie Script

Symbols of death
in a chamber beneath the Capitol.
George Washington
transformed into a god.
Mark Washington
and seats in American power ...
aligned with the stars.
Investigation of the secret government
the powers of the mind.
The author Dan Brown has created an uproar
with these and other suggestions ...
in his provocative book of fiction
what is happening in Washington DC.
Now the secrets ...
as separate
fact from fiction ...
and hunt the symbol lost.
Washington DC,
a city of secrets and intrigue.
The perfect setting for
"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.
The book takes us through a world
rarely seen in town ...
and investigates a mysterious
secret society.
I read that is a specific fantasy,
shown in great detail ...
and it's not only fantasy, but moved
conspiracy with the community ...
Dan Brown clearly and invests
this kind of people.
But Brown tells us the truth?
Or is just another Washington
of his fictional characters?
Explore the pages
"The Lost Symbol" ...
to separate fact from fiction.
In the book, the Capitol is
in the center of an unfolding mystery.
This is where the book's protagonist,
Professor Robert Langdon ...
begins its journey
and where we begin our analysis.
In the book, Langdon tells his students
the design of the Capitol ...
rooted in the oldest and largest
U.S. secret society ...
A Mason was important
a role in the planning.
The nation's first president,
George Washington.
Washington deserves
more credit than it receives ...
about the sighting
and disposition of Washington.
He approved the plans,
decided which would be used.
Decided that the building
should be in stone instead of brick.
Another factor mentioned in the book
is that the location of the Capitol ...
was chosen by a Frenchman,
the architect Pierre L'Enfant.
This is also true.
I assume that the original plan was to one day
England overcome ...
in all aspects,
and that everything would start there.
But Washington was
mainly tobacco plantations,
British diplomats and received
wages for serving tropical here ...
was considered a difficult position
And when L'Enfant was trying to figure
the appearance of the city ...
he called the hill
"Pedestal waiting for a monument."
And while L'Enfant did not
designed the Capitol ...
he chose his place ...
and Washington where it was agreed
should be the U.S. Capitol.
In the book, Professor Langdon
surprises his students ...
saying that George Washington planted
the cornerstone of the Capitol ...
in a Masonic ceremony
the book is correct.
On the morning of
September 18, 1793 ...
President Washington
led a procession to the site.
There, wearing an apron
strange--looking ...
he led the day's events.
Traditional Masonic Items
were then presented ...
as corn
and jars of olive oil and wine.
And with that, the cornerstone
Capitol was stuck.
What is not in the book
is the fact that today ...
the cornerstone
is missing.
The board is all that remains.
The Masonic origins of the building
were hidden?
In Itima decade, several people
working on Capitol Hill ...
led metal detectors
the basement ...
to try to find
the metal plate ...
indicating where
was the original cornerstone.
But never found the plate,
and the best guess is that ...
during construction in 1960 ...
when the entire eastern front
Capitol was moved ...
may have destroyed the foundation stone
original, not knowing what was there.
So there may not be
cover--up ...
but what about the other secrets
that Brown mentions in the book?
There is an architect of the Capitol
which has unrestricted access ...
the secret levels
and hidden rooms?
There are approximately 500 rooms
on Capitol Hill ...
and very few people
know the most.
The only person who has access to all
the rooms is the architect of the Capitol.
Because he is charged
to preserve and protect the building.
In the book,
Architect of the Capitol ...
through a series
hidden underground passages.
Is it possible?
As the image of the Capitol is so fixed
in the minds of all ...
because of their appearance ...
could not do anything to change
the exterior of the Capitol.
And the only thing to do
was moving underground.
There are four floors underground.
Under the place where George Washington
planted the cornerstone ...
there is room for the Senate,
to the House ...
and there is a huge
visitor center.
The book also describes
a series of tunnels ...
linking the Capitol
the neighboring buildings.
They do exist
and for what purpose?
There is a tunnel that connects the center
visitors to the Jefferson Building ...
which is the main building
Library of Congress.
But there are other tunnels
more secret?
The other tunnels that exist
are tunnels under the Capitol steam ...
water tunnels,
control public services ...
and there are passages
to go from one building to another ...
and three buildings of the Senate
and the building of the House ...
There is a metro system
that connects the Capitol.
In the book, the symbologist Brown
the Capitol will make a speech ...
but instead,
makes a startling discovery ...
a severed human hand.
Langdon describes how this hand
adorned with symbolic tattoos ...
resembles the legendary
"Hand of the Mysteries" ...
a kind of invitation or key
to the understanding of ancient wisdom.
And that icon actually exists.
Its origins date back presumably
the period of the biblical King Solomon ...
when a hand was extended
every newcomer ...
they entered
in his temple of wisdom.
The legend also says that the hand had
the power to resurrect the dead ...
if the cryptic tattoos
be deciphered.
But is that the hand has something to do
with the Masons?
Or is it just a clever ruse
used by the villain of the book?
The "Hand of the Mysteries"
was bizarre.
I did not see any relationship
between the "Hand of the Mysteries" ...
and the Masonic rituals I read
and I know.
It was ...
a poetic license.
In the book, where the hand points
is that it is confusing ...
the mural on the inside
the dome of the Capitol.
The Italian artist Constantino Brumidi
painted the fresco in 1865 ...
and is known
as the deification of Washington.
It features George Washington
as if God ...
and surrounded by classical figures ...
the Goddess Liberty on the left
Independence and the goddess on the right.
Between the two goddesses, there are 13 virgins
with 13 stars on them ...
representing the 13 colonies.
Among these goddesses,
are the scientists of the time ...
including Benjamin Franklin,
receiving the wisdom of the gods.
An American president
becoming a god.
That was the original intent
Or the book offers
his own interpretation?
Dan Brown feels the painting ...
as a symbol of belief
in human potential.
It imposes its own meaning for
serve his literary purposes ...
and that's why they call
But history is replete
examples of leaders ...
becoming more than mere mortals
before the people.
Well, there was a tendency to transform
heroes into gods ...
then, was not new. There was
other heroes who became gods.
There have been attempts to make
Alexander the Great, a god ...
or a
these other famous people.
So maybe the painting
represents only ...
God's reputation that Washington
was among the Americans at the time.
But the same can not be said
on the figures that surround him.
He is accompanied
of 13 virgins ...
and, of course, that there is a tale
behind it.
The artist, Brumidi, went out and found
ladies of the night to pose as virgins.
Professor Brown's
left that part out of its history.
But Professor Langdon talks
another controversial work of art ...
which is in the Rotunda.
A half--naked sculpture of George
Washington as the Greek god Zeus.
It's true.
It implies that Washington
had a very special role ...
in American society.
And whenever the other founders
stood with their backs to the wall ...
and one had to be chosen
as a leader among leaders ...
George Washington was.
And the American people know that.
And there never was a President
so beloved by the American people ...
than George Washington.
Once a journalist
wrote an article ...
saying that if George Washington
to run for president ...
receive all the votes.
And he did not mean
all the electoral votes.
He meant
each of the votes ...
each of the Americans.
So maybe George Washington
be like God.
But why a Greek god?
And he was bare--chested?
Congress commissioned
a statue of Washington ...
and was a little embarrassed
revealed when the ...
and Washington seemed
with only a blanket on her lap.
The public hated.
And one of the comments
soon as the statue was unveiled ...
was that it seemed that he was leaving
the bathtub, taking a towel.
When Nathaniel Hawthorne
looked at the statue, he said ...
"Not even the mother of Washington
saw him naked. "
The statue was removed from the Capitol
in 1964 ...
and now is in the National Museum
Smithsonian American History.
But another reminder of the legacy
Washington remains on Capitol Hill ...
as well as the book suggests.
There is a star embedded in the floor
the crypt of the Capitol.
They intended to bury
George Washington on Capitol Hill ...
under this star,
and would have been very symbolic.
The tomb of Washington,
that was never used by him ...
is still
beneath this central star.
Although we do not talk about it in the book,
the answer to ...
of why Washington
was never buried in the Capitol ...
dates back to the night he died.
In December 1799,
to 67 years ...
Washington died
of throat infection.
Shortly before his death,
weakened by bleeding ...
he asked Martha
Itimo you do a favor.
He had written two wills.
And the two copies of wills
were brought to him ...
and he said: "Burn this
before me. "
You never know who had
different in the will burn.
The nation, basically
went into shock.
I could not believe
George Washington had died.
And across the country
was in a state of mourning.
He has made great strides.
He was buried in Mount Vernon,
in a Masonic ceremony.
What God gives ...
Martha was so shaken
and upset ...
neither attended the funeral.
Opinions differ even today ...
on the place where Washington
wanted to be buried ...
Capitol Hill or Mount Vernon?
Washington wanted to be buried
in Mount Vernon.
Were his instructions.
And they were clear and simple.
I was planning that he would
to the tomb at the Capitol ...
but, alas, Martha died
and the promise was breached.
They failed to build
the deposit on time.
So, Martha Washington died
and the heirs of Washington ...
decided that they would not ...
comply with the decision of Martha.
His desires Itimos
are still a mystery.
Their remains can not be
buried in the capitol ...
but its influence is still visible.
The fraternity to which he belonged
exists today.
The Masons, a secret society
or a society with secrets?
In "The Lost Symbol," Dan Brown
depicts the Masons ...
as the most powerful
secret society of the country.
We are everywhere.
Few other organizations can
claim 14 presidents as members.
The book describes a private room
Masonic inside the Capitol ...
called the Chamber of Reflection.
Is it true?
This room is there?
Or the book actually increased
to create a dramatic effect?
The Chamber of Reflection is real.
Many stores have a
around the world.
Many American stores
do not.
But some, yes.
Even those
do not do it ...
of a particularly lovely
Dan Brown describes ...
is the classic mode.
Here the members meditate
silent ...
among symbols
time and death ...
a skull, to remind men
mortality and equality ...
salt, which represents the body,
mercury, sulfur, and the soul, spirit.
In some
Masonic obedience ...
when entering
Reflection in the House ...
is invited to
writing a will ...
order to contemplate
his own mortality.
Perhaps for the uninitiated.
But the Masons view all
The goal is not to scare
the candidate with the skull ...
but show
the theme of mortality ...
their time on Earth will end,
his time on earth is short.
So while you're here, focus
on what's important in your life.
The way the Chamber of Reflection
is described in the book by Dan Brown ...
presented as a Freemason
had one in his office ...
or maybe even in your home.
And this is not true.
And these cameras are Reflection
hidden in the basement of the Capitol ...
as described in the book?
There are several levels of the attic
to the basement.
These are actual pictures of the basement
as described in the book.
It no longer exists.
Were demolished for the construction
the Capitol visitors' center ...
which opened in 2008.
And someone used it for their own purposes,
Masonic or not?
There are rooms in the basement of the Capitol
I do not know if they were used by Masons.
Thus, the existence
Chamber of Reflection is real ...
but the location of Brown
inside the Capitol is fiction.
In the book, a student describes
Masons as a religion ...
but Professor Langdon disagrees.
He argues
would never try to convert ...
and are prohibited
to talk about religion.
"Go to the lobby. You can find
something interesting there. "
Because the Masons do not recruit.
It depends on other
of invitation.
We are gathered here in this chamber ...
Furthermore, contrary
Brown says that the ...
money does not influence
in positions within Freemasonry.
The way it works is that
one becomes a regular Freemason ...
three degrees. It then passes
other degrees of the Scottish Rite ...
grade 4 to grade 32.
But you can not buy
33 degree ...
especially as the expressway
which is mentioned in the book.
It is unfortunate Dan Brown
say that.
In "The Lost Symbol," Dan Brown
describes various Masonic rituals.
While some elements
are based on reality ...
the actual ceremonies
are kept secret.
I will not talk about the methods
recognition ...
a Freemason to another.
I will not give details of the ritual,
not because there is something bad in it ...
but why not talk
about it.
This had better be
of discretion.
It better be done
of confidential and private.
This reenactment was staged
with the help of another Master Mason ...
to better understand the method
their apparent madness.
The candidate is brought into the store,
without knowing how the experience.
The candidate, in the beginning,
can not see the store ...
because the applicant
is blindfolded.
The candidate is led to walk
the store in a particular pattern.
Freemasonry is built
around the initiation rites.
Initiation rituals that are built
around the use of symbols.
Rituals are a tribute
the Masonic origins.
The meaning of Masonic ritual
of course ...
but you must understand that the ritual
Masonic Masons came from real ...
who built the place,
who were architects of his time.
This is the purpose of the ritual.
Keep us connected to the past
and our beliefs.
Secrets and symbols of death.
or simply misunderstood?
In the book, the villain of Brown
drink wine in a skull.
The Masons have done it?
If candidates drink
in a skull?
Say this happens.
My response: "So what?"
The ceremony described
in "The Lost Symbol" ...
was made by a renegade organization
Scottish Rite, in the nineteenth century ...
Ritual is the Cerneau.
There is a report published
this ritual ...
existed for nearly two centuries.
And that's what Dan Brown is based.
There is the ritual used today
in the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction.
The only thing scary ritual
is out of context.
"What my throat
is cut ...
if I break this oath.
That start and open my heart. "
That's just drama.
In the book, a student talks about rumors
bizarre about the Masons.
This is definitely
These people should have the power
and influence ...
and we can not see its influence
what they are doing ...
because they are very good
to keep secret.
They are accused
being reptilian aliens.
They are accused of more things
than any other group.
And I think part of the problem
is that the ritual is kept secret.
Part of the problem is that
until recently ...
the Freemasons do not respond
this kind of thing ...
then saw large targets.
In the book, a Mason talks about the importance
to keep its secrets ...
even under the threat of death.
This is true.
In the twenty--first century, keep their word
is something special.
We have reality shows
showing that the success ...
depends not keep the word,
to attack the other in the back ...
of not keeping their coalitions.
But it is not so advanced
as a society.
It's not like building
a civilization.
Then one of the points
Masonic secrecy ...
the person is to learn
to keep his word ...
even in small things ...
with the idea that
to help keep the word ...
on more important things.
And as the book portrays ...
although the freemasons keep
a large number of secrets ...
are far from
a secret society.
If Freemasonry
is a secret society ...
we're doing a job
very bad.
We publish schedules of our
meetings on the doors of buildings ...
that have large signs saying:
"Masons are here."
Many of us wear rings,
brooches ...
and other things that we designate
as Masons.
If you are a secret society,
we are doing a lousy job.
As we have seen,
the book took some liberties ...
with the origins
and Masonic rituals.
His portrait of the city landscape
reveals an even darker.
Washington DC,
planned according to the stars?
Pagan images found
on city streets.
The truth behind the fiction
will be revealed.
"The Lost Symbol,"
Dan Brown ...
is rooted within the framework
Washington DC Area.
Botanical Garden
in front of the Capitol ...
where a major character
was taken against her will.
The conveyor belt systems
within the Library of Congress.
And the historic mansions
of Kalorama Heights ...
where the villain
draws attention.
Perhaps Brown has established
the story here ...
to take advantage of the characteristics
enigmatic city.
The Washington Monument ...
is like Cleopatra's Needle ...
Egypt is a well--
that appears in the middle of Washington DC.
The monument is an obelisk,
which is an ancient symbol ...
and dates back to Egyptian times.
is a giant phallic symbol ...
which also refers
the sun, the masculine.
The book claims that
the Washington Monument ...
is a cornerstone
aluminum, engraved with "Laus Deo" ...
Latin for "praise God.
This is true,
but nobody can see.
The top is a piece
special aluminum.
Aluminum was very valuable
when they concluded the monument in 1886.
I assume now
or at other times ...
would probably be gold.
Brown also writes
that many of the founders ...
practiced the ancient art
of astrology.
This is another fact.
Benjamin Franklin was astrIogo.
In copies of the book
"Poor Richard's Almanack" ...
we can see their various predictions
weather or the people ...
this kind of thing.
Thomas Jefferson,
in your library ...
originally had books
of astrology.
The story is correct.
The American founders
saw astrology as a link ...
between the earthly and the heavenly.
It is also correct when he says
the placement of the cornerstones ...
the Washington Monument,
White House and Capitol Hill ...
was scheduled to take place
the same astrological sign Virgo ...
though they happen
in different years.
In astrology, it is considered
an auspicious moment ...
to start
new ventures.
People wonder why Virgin
have something to do with Washington DC.
It is a constellation.
Well, actually, has to do
with the mythology of the "sacred feminine" ...
war and religion,
can say.
Can be described as pagan
dating back to the Isis of the Egyptians ...
the Persian goddess of femininity,
sexuality, birth.
What the book does not mention
is the sign of Virgo ...
also played an important role
the U.S. Constitution.
It's further proof that
America's founders ...
used astrology
for important decisions.
Virgin has a great influence
with respect to the U.S..
Our Constitution:
September 17th, right?
If you look very important dates,
we see that the Virgin was present.
If the stars align in the sky
with what is on earth ...
have spiritual harmony
and we can accomplish great things.
Under the guidance of Master Masons,
George Washington and Benjamin Franklin ...
the surveyor Frenchman Pierre L'Enfant
designed the capital city of ...
As the book says.
In the book, Brown shows the founders
creating Washington ...
as a realization of enlightenment,
Atlantis a new ...
where reason, science and freedom can
triumph over ignorance and darkness.
This is a fact.
Although not mentioned in the book,
George Washington, in particular ...
believed that the capital should be as
large as any in the world.
Washington firmly believed
it should be a monumental city.
Needed to be a city
that people would respect ...
as the European capitals.
And although the U.S. were
a country struggling young ...
he was looking to the future.
Washington designed the city to
reflect the glory of Athens and Rome ...
here in the New World.
We are on the banks of the Potomac River
in Alexandria, Virginia ...
where the bedrock
the city of Washington DC ...
it was planted in April 1791,
by George Washington and others ...
who came here to designate this
as the background of what was then ...
a tilted square
to one side, so ...
and this is the most southerly point.
The novel says that the architect
the city, Pierre L'Enfant ...
designed the streets in a pattern
suggests that Masonic symbols.
The L'Enfant plan can be seen
as a map in Liberty Square ...
a central location
the plot of the book.
Here, the character
Katherine Solomon ...
states that the one dollar bill contains
a Star of Solomon hidden ...
a Masonic symbol
This is true ...
if we draw a line connecting
the letters A--M--S--O--N ...
and combine with the pyramid.
Since L'Enfant
planned the city ...
people search
symbols and meanings.
New interpretations arise
and controversial ...
all this is related
the book by Dan Brown.
When we look at the layout, signs
seem to arise as a pentagram.
Some of the supposed symbols, including
the Seal of Solomon 6 Tips ...
were identified.
And the cross
the Knights Templar.
But many, including some
students in "The Lost Symbol" ...
see a more somber.
There is a great theory that
the design of streets, Capitol, etc ...
when viewed from above, say ...
form Satanic symbols ...
as an inverted pentagram.
Some would say that is connected
Some go so far as to accuse
all this to be satanic.
The idea that there are satanic symbols
built on the streets of Washington DC ...
the orders of Masons
is a complete nonsense.
Freemasonry does not practice magic
in any sense.
Freemasonry was created by men who
tried to destroy the concept of magic.
The book also describes
conspiracy theorists ...
who saw sinister pictures
Great Seal of the United States.
On the back there is a pyramid
13--story unfinished.
The front shows 13 stars
in the form of the hexagram.
For some, are Masonic symbols
satanic significance.
13 arises again. And I want to repeat
it is not satanic ...
not bad, but it symbolizes
the 13 states that founded this nation.
The founders wanted to give us symbols
who told us that this nation would last.
The pyramid signifies strength and duration,
something that lasts forever.
Another alleged suspect symbol
is the all--seeing eye ...
Iocalizado up the pyramid.
It is characterized as an icon
sinister in an attempt ...
to expose the secrets
the fraternity.
For Masons, however,
it represents the eye of God ...
a reminder that he is always watching
our thoughts and actions.
There is nothing satanic.
There is nothing we can call
Pagan in the all--seeing eye.
It is a universal archetype symbol
the sun ...
or the sun and the moon for centuries.
It was really
a positive statement ...
and the eye in a triangle
basically says ...
who founded the country
under the protection of God.
This is a statement and both.
Conspiracy theorists contend
these ideas on the Great Seal.
The truth is that the Masons are not
behind the eye or the Pyramid ...
the Great Seal.
Three congressional committees
and 14 people were involved ...
in designing the Great Seal ...
and only one was a Freemason.
It was Benjamin Franklin.
And they hated their ideas,
said they were stupid.
As a symbologist Brown
correctly notes ...
these images are universal symbols
found in many cultures ...
and are not part of Freemasonry.
There is nothing demonic symbols in
or in the temples ...
they just want freedom.
They want the separation
of church and state.
They want the freedom to worship,
The book has taken some liberties
with Masonic symbols and rituals.
But it goes even further with the picture
of a controversial new science.
In the novel by Dan Brown,
"The Lost Symbol" ...
scientist Katherine Solomon
have a laboratory Itima generation ...
here at the Museum Support Center
Smithsonian in Silver Hill, Maryland.
The installation of 46 square meters
home to millions of specimens and artifacts.
But there
Department of Noetic here.
This part of the book
scientist and Brown are both fiction.
But an actual installation is located
across the country ...
in the hills of northern California.
Inside the Institute
of Noetic Sciences ...
researchers carry out studies
about the possibilities of the human mind.
And the equivalent in the real world
Brown's fictional ...
Marilyn Schlitz is.
Throughout history
and in all cultures ...
people have reported the ability
using the mind or consciousness ...
to influence the physical world.
What we did was to create
an experimental paradigm ...
that allows us to study
this kind of statement ...
in a laboratory under conditions
scientific and controlled.
Even though Dan Brown
never visited the Institute ...
his fictional
perform similar experiments.
In the experiment "intention,"
for example, the goal is to determine ...
if a person looks at another
in a separate location ...
can affect
the physical health of another.
The volunteer is connected to a machine
electrocardiogram ...
in a room specially
coated and insulated.
Used alone as the cube
in the laboratory of Dan Brown ...
this room is soundproof
and any radio waves ...
then there is no "trick".
The image on the monitor changes randomly
between live broadcasts ...
volunteer and spectator.
When the face
the volunteer appears ...
the viewer tries to send
thoughts of love and healing.
It's how the experiment works ...
and what we want to determine is whether, when
attention is focused on the person ...
their physiology is altered.
He acts the same way you hear
whispered his name, for example?
And when they are not being seen,
stay calm?
This is the essence of the experiment.
The volunteer does not know when
His image appears on the monitor ...
then there is no way he
pretend a physical reaction.
As the fictional scientist Brown
the researchers found
... a significant link
between healing thoughts
the viewer ...
and the physical reaction of the volunteers.
We see these effects repeatedly
in different laboratories ...
then something is happening.
Now the question is: "So what?"
Does that have implications
What is surprising is that this effect occurs
without any physical connection.
If there is a sign
there was nothing here ...
must be something else.
So the only thing
we can think of now is that ...
our perception of the connection space
between two people ...
is not quite right.
Although not addressed
in the book ...
this concept exists in
Western science since the seventeenth century ...
when the French philosopher and mathematician,
Rene Descartes ...
made a covenant with the church
to avoid persecution.
The Church says:
"We have to do science.
Not be considered a heretic,
but we will do a deal with you.
You study
the physical ...
and we were the soul
and the inner consciousness.
And we're still living the legacy
this political agreement ...
in which science believes that the only
relevant area to be searched ...
depends on the material aspects
and physical.
An experience not mentioned in the book
suggests that we can see the future.
The volunteer is on
to an electrocardiogram machine ...
while wearing a pair of special glasses
LED and headphones.
The LED flashes and an audio tone
is played in a random pattern ...
a physiological reaction.
They will see a flash
or hear a tone at random.
They do not know when,
I do not know ...
a computer decides randomly
when it will happen.
According to Dr. Radin, the tests
showed that the body reacts ...
before the flashes of light
audio tones and occur ...
as if the body "predicted" the future
for a few fractions of a second.
I use the term "gut feeling"
What does pre--sense ...
Unlike pre--cognition
or pre--knowledge.
In the book, Brown suggests that
although this may seem impossible ...
many of today's scientific advances
would also be unimaginable ...
for the founders of the country.
Until recently,
about 100 years ago, science ...
it would be folly.
As the adage that says
there is no action at a distance.
The only way to both interact
if there is some proximity.
Quantum mechanics changed this,
and relativity.
In the world of "The Lost Symbol,"
the more we know ...
most want to keep hidden.
At a critical point
in "The Lost Symbol" ...
the life of an important character
in danger.
To save himself he asks
to a stranger ...
if there is help
to the widow's son?
The phrase is actually
a Masonic distress call.
The book makes reference
to a ceremonial ...
performed only by Freemasons
senior ...
Masonic tradition ...
and is considered
most sacred Masonic ritual.
The play presents Hiram Abiff ...
the chief architect
The Temple of King Solomon ...
he was confronted
by a group of thieves.
These men threatened to kill Hiram,
if they do not reveal the secret password.
Hiram refuses and, while the kill,
he asks ...
"No help
to the widow's son? "
Today, the courage and fidelity of Hiram
to keep his word ...
without revealing the secret,
is a central tenet for every Mason.
Another group whose existence depends
of codes and ciphers ...
is the Central Agency
In "The Lost Symbol,"
a security director of the CIA ...
enters the Capitol
and takes over.
The book is right to portray the CIA
as having the authority ...
to take charge, claiming that it is
a national security issue?
The FBI traditionally read
with national surveys.
The security director of the CIA
has no such authority.
Has no more authority
than you or I ...
to arrest a citizen.
Peter Earnest
spent 35 years at the CIA ...
conducting covert operations
the world.
CIA Operations Center
The fact that he does not consider
the book by Dan Brown ...
is the use of coded messages
the characters.
Codes and ciphers were very important
for the CIA.
All messages sent and received
the headquarters in the field ...
were coded.
When agents were recruited ...
and sent to somewhere and not
Ios person could find ...
we had to use the call
impersonal communication.
All this was written, coded
and then sent to the agent.
Agents and officers also real
communicated via phone insurance.
Are mobile in the conversation
is encrypted.
Of course it was a form
Automated encryption.
Not write the codes.
The Lost Symbol
Another mystery about
the book by Dan Brown is the Kryptos.
The book says that this work of art
exists in CIA ...
and that has not been fully deciphered
by an army of crackers.
Such a thing exists and who could
have misled the spies?
"Kryptos" is a Greek word
which means "hidden" ...
and is the work
artist James Sanborn.
In a rare television interview,
Sanborn discusses its creation.
It seemed the best way
to create an artwork ...
as a spy agency ...
that slowly unfolds
and maintain a level of interest.
In 1991, Sanborn made Kryptos
to a skeptical audience of spies.
What they saw was a large sculpture
S--shaped, copper ...
out of what appeared to be
a computer screen.
Covering the scroll,
had a complex text ...
with about 1800 characters
divided into four sections.
I studied archeology for years ...
and was fascinated
for what was hidden behind ...
and was found to be laborious,
but it was fascinating when understood.
So, this whole process
was the way I wanted ...
that Kryptos, a sculpture,
to unfold.
Kryptos puzzle contains a
inside an enigma ...
will be resolved only after
the four encrypted passages ...
are deciphered.
So far, only three people
answered correctly.
I thought the first segments
would be deciphered in a few days ...
at most, weeks.
In fact, it took nine years.
The exact location WHO KNOWS?
When I was in the Agency
talked with other employees ...
and one said: "I knew they
come here with a georadar neutron ...
after work?
Bring this radioactive equipment
to search the local soil. "
If the course was referring to something
buried in the ground, nobody knows ...
Sanborn and says nothing.
"The Lost Symbol" also speaks
an address and a puzzle ...
called Franklin Square.
There really is one of Franklin Square
in Washington DC ...
and there is a puzzle
created by Benjamin Franklin ...
also called
the "Magic Square".
This ancestor of Sudoku ...
the numbers in the diagonal lines,
horizontal and vertical ...
add the same number.
But the codes and ciphers have
functions other than espionage.
Secret handshakes
to identify strangers as friends.
Combination lock
to protect values ??of the thieves.
And as the book describes
codes and ciphers also serve ...
to keep knowledge secret
the mystics.
In fact,
the title "The Lost Symbol" ...
text refers to an ancient and enigmatic
known as the Key of Solomon.
The Solomon Key is the name
a medieval manual.
And these are the keys
in that manual are ...
magic ritual.
Over the years, many say
have deciphered codes ...
and learned the secrets
Black Magic of Solomon.
In the book, the villain of Dan Brown
is inspired by Aleister Crowley ...
a man who claimed to have deciphered
the secrets of Solomon Key.
This man really existed.
Aleister Crowley, one of the most
famous of the magical ritual of the twentieth century ...
is very accurately portrayed.
The purpose is basically
gain strength.
Is your desire and goal
become a dark god ...
over the demons.
It was what he wanted to do
with the power they hoped to ...
through ritual observance.
In late 1800,
Crowley gained notoriety ...
using the influence of charms
and talismans of Solomon ...
rituals in full
sex and drugs.
Crowley also traveled the world
lecturing ...
and writing books detailing
his astrological and mystical secrets.
Church officials considered
Crowley a heretic ...
and the labeled
"The wickedest man in the world."
Black magic rituals are just
a dark passages ...
in "The Lost Symbol,"
Dan Brown.
Secret conspiracies played
Another critical function ...
including the threat of ending
with the base of the nation.
In "The Lost Symbol,"
Dan Brown ...
the villain believes that when it
the highest level of Masonry ...
all the secrets
will be revealed to him.
One could be the belief
that Masons become gods ...
as the image of George Washington
the ceiling of the rotunda.
I was completely shocked to see
all material on the deification ...
the idea of ??people
become gods.
It's not something we teach
in Freemasonry.
It is not against
Masonic teachings ...
but it is not something we say.
Dan Brown seems to have borrowed
the idea of ??the Mormon religion.
It is u ma central aspect of the doctrine
of Latter--day Saints ...
that individuals,
if they make a pact with God ...
of some kind, somewhere,
by some authority ...
and meet them,
sometime after the death ...
can be high
the status of divinity.
And that's part
of human inheritance.
It is what God says when he says
that we are "joint heirs with Christ."
This controversial doctrine
raised some doubts ...
but the belief goes back
the first Christians.
In the early days of the Christian Church
prominent leaders said ...
God became man
that man is made God.
And there are several ways
to understand this.
Then the old doctrine of deification
says, "happen again."
And of course Dan Brown
put their point of view.
Another central theme in the book is the belief
in a Masonic conspiracy.
Several students of Professor Langdon
speak of rumors that the Freemasons ...
secretly rule the world.
These suspicions
are not surprising ...
for conspiracy theories
are as American as apple pie.
There are many conspiracy theories
because by nature ...
humans are suspected.
Some people are more likely
to wonder ...
and want to explain, solve ...
something that does not make sense
for them.
Conspiracy is a form
to reduce the gap.
Some conspiracy theories
became so widespread ...
do not know what to believe.
And at this point, anyone who believes
that Oswald acted alone ...
is considered the crazy
than the conspirators.
The conspirators
have the real story.
In "The Lost Symbol," the theory
the plot focuses on the Masons.
Masons probably
are the favorite target ...
the world of conspiracies.
I do not think there is a group
who has suffered more attacks.
If we survey the Masons on Google
and visit the sites ...
we find that defendants were
of being behind the Holocaust ...
were accused of being a force
Jewish plot to ...
and a force
money for the conspiracy.
That Freemasons and Jews command
banks and therefore the world.
The Masons have been targeted
in large part ...
for refusing
to answer the criticism.
It is easy to say that
an evil secret society ...
if no one will say
what is the truth.
They are above it,
then, some people take advantage.
I think it comes
our need to know.
If something is kept
secret from us ...
and combine this
with our inclination ...
to see the negative
instead of the positive ...
then develop a story
negative about something we do not understand.
And if we hear something negative
on a Mason ...
it was!
We increased the story
and a Mason is the devil incarnate.
In "The Lost Symbol,"
Professor Langdon recalls his years ...
writing about
the rich traditions of the Freemasons.
He also recognizes that
they were accused of worshiping the devil ...
and planning a world government.
An Internet search reveals
quickly that the book is right.
President Bush and President Clinton
were members of "Skull and Bones" ...
a secret society
with Masonic roots.
Reagan was adopted as an honorary Mason,
and Truman.
And the list goes on.
So yes, it perpetuates.
Conspiracy theorists point
for the All--Seeing Eye ...
found in a dollar bill as
a symbol of this "New World Order."
He was placed there by a Freemason,
President Franklin Roosevelt.
The truth is that
New World Order is not new.
As the book portrays
the founding fathers created a.
The proof is right there
the Great Seal ...
below the all--seeing eye and pyramid
are the words "Novus Ordo Seclorum."
It means:
"New Order of the Ages" ...
and it is very important because the New
Order of the Ages is a Republic ...
a representative form of government
and not a monarchy ...
it was the Old Order
the centuries.
They wanted a New World Order
a new Atlantis ...
where freedom prevails.
Brown also describes how
this New World Order, however ...
represents a threat
the religious leaders ...
who feared
loss of power and influence.
Brown shows in "Angels & Demons"
the struggle between light and darkness ...
and he called light and darkness was
reason, logic and scientific endeavor ...
as salvation
of humanity.
No superstition
and spirituality.
Since then, religious groups fought back
claiming that Masons ...
only looking for a new way
of global domination.
Communism would be a perfect example
in modern times.
Religion is abolished.
Spirituality is seen only
as a superstition.
Big Brother and the government
take care of us ...
from cradle to grave.
The joke is that the Brotherhood ...
execute the plan for domination
New World Order ...
so schedule the plan
PF domination of the New World Order.
No, we will not rule the world.
The belief in these and other conspiracies
is deeper in the U.S. ...
because sometimes
they are true.
In Dan Brown's book,
CIA employees ...
monitor conversations on mobile phones
and e--mail.
How realistic is that?
We are being watched as
the characters of "The Lost Symbol"?
Nearly everyone has
a cell phone.
Of course when we talk
in a cell ...
what we say goes into the ether.
And if you're out there, someone may take
and try to understand ...
even if you're talking
in another language ...
there are code words
to hide things.
Can someone look at it.
And one can understand
what you're saying.
And this is true
for any type of communication.
Once that goes into the ether
and can be picked up by someone ...
can probably be understood.
The CIA use Brown
a secret global surveillance network ...
called Echelon.
In Itimos 30 years, has been used
to spy on other countries ...
terrorist groups
and drug cartels.
In the process,
Echelon's computers ...
capture almost
every electronic conversation around the world.
Echelon intercepts allegedly
satellite communications ...
using satellites.
Therefore, whether governmental,
corporate, encrypted or not ...
the claim is that Americans,
the Defense Agency ...
accompanies all types
of conversations.
Over the years the Echelon system was
accused of attacking not only the criminals.
During the Vietnam War, the system
Echelon spying on antiwar protests.
In 1990, several European governments
claimed that Echelon ...
was used
for economic espionage.
It is a claim refuted by the CIA.
I say that for my birthday
at the intelligence ...
never received orders
nor would accept ...
to collect information
on a foreign private company ...
to deliver
to a private company here.
Conspiracies arise
of secrecy and suspicion ...
and no one was at the center of the controversy
controversies such as the Freemasons.
In "The Lost Symbol,"
Dan Brown portrays the Freemasons ...
as some of the men
most powerful country.
Is that true?
The fact is that 14 former presidents
Americans were known Masons ...
almost a third of the total.
In addition, at least 35 ministers
the Supreme Court ...
as well as numerous parliamentary
Masonic vows sworn to follow.
Some members of Masonic
in Congress ...
included Senator
Trent Lott of Mississippi ...
Congressman Eric Cantor,
Virginia ...
and Congressman Joe Wilson
of South Carolina
It's amazing how the story
Freemasonry has been driven by ...
and big names
we recognize ...
have been considered
members of the fraternity.
In the book, Brown describes Freemasonry
which is also called "Office" ...
goes back to the Masons who built
the great cathedrals of Europe.
What the book does not address is that for
these architectural building ...
Masons needed to understand
scientific methods of the time ...
including physical,
geometry and mathematics.
This intimate connection
with the power of religious and secular ...
allowed the Masons to develop
a unique perspective as a group.
Freemasonry is not interested
on dogma ...
because it is not
a religious organization.
Do not have a creed of faith.
It is a way for those who have
dogmas and creeds of faith ...
can meet
as human beings and brothers.
The group adopted as symbols ...
and terminology of his trade.
His universal signal includes
a square and compass.
States are described as apprentices
or Master Masons.
Meetings are held
in a "store" ...
word derived
of the temporary buildings ...
the builders created
in place that would work.
The teacher of the book is taken to
George Washington Masonic Memorial.
Such a place exists?
It is a 100m tall building
in Alexandria, Virginia.
It was built in the 20s
to honor George Washington ...
who was the Master Mason
the local store.
In the book, Professor Langdon compares
Masons to a modern ...
in which both keep
their methods and secret rituals.
The Masons are not
a secret society.
They are a society with secrets.
If everyone knew the handshakes
or the secret words ...
everyone would take advantage
Brotherhood of ...
and it pursues the Fraternity
for over 200 years.
In "The Lost Symbol,"
Brown claims that Freemasonry ...
was popular to take many
founders of the United States.
Brown is correct.
These men and their ancestors
came from Europe ...
where society was torn apart
by religious war.
They were determined not to commit
the same mistake in this new country.
For many of the founders,
Freemasonry was ...
an important part
of their lives.
I think it was an extension
ideas of the Enlightenment.
The age of reason.
Basically, trying to take
society of the old methods ...
and put it in what they thought was
a better way for the future.
Today we consider
freedom of expression ...
the cornerstone
of the Constitution ...
but in the eighteenth century,
speak so could result in death.
This forced the Masons to meet
secretly in cellars and taverns.
The Masons speak
in democracy, freedom ...
or free expression.
This could be considered a threat
the aristocracy ...
a king, an emperor,
a church that had power.
The book describes what the founders
wanted to establish a new country ...
on the scientific principles of
progress, not on religious dogma.
This is also true.
But most of them were Deist
as the book describes?
The religious beliefs of the founders
was generally deist.
They believed
there was a god ...
but not necessarily supported
any particular religion.
That is why,
as the book portrays ...
this intention turned out to be
one of the basic principles of American ...
the separation of church
and the state.
What is also mentioned in the book
is the pursuit of Masons ...
to build
a new enlightened society ...
was not a simple task.
Other groups, like the Templars
Rosicrucians and ...
had similar ideas ...
but were crushed
by powerful groups in the Church.
The book also describes how
for centuries in Europe ...
church leaders with powerful connections
claimed to speak for God ...
and demanded loyalty
their beliefs and dogmas.
Advanced scientific thinkers
as Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci ...
were forced to hide
much of his work ...
otherwise they would be labeled as heretics.
This is true.
Anyone who argued
various theories in the sciences ...
like what happened
beyond our planet ...
many lost their lives.
Some were burned at the stake.
The book is also right when he describes
Masons reject religious dogma.
All they needed to do was to believe
in a higher power ...
not a specific god.
The purpose of Freemasonry
is to encourage a man and his faith ...
not encourage a man
to impose their faith on others.
What they're saying basically
and that is what the fundamentalists hate ...
is that all paths are different
for the same thing.
This threat
became a reality ...
with the signing of the Declaration
Independence in 1776.
But by declaring its independence,
These men risked everything ...
by a new concept
called freedom.
This time,
the dream became reality ...
and, in 1787, many of
Masonic principles ...
became an integral part
the American Constitution.
Brown says that half of the signatories
of the U.S. Constitution were Masons.
However, estimates Masonic
put this number ...
closer to a third.
"The Lost Symbol" connects the role of
Freemasons in the founding of the American dream.
But we do not know
is that the Masonic influence ...
had a profound effect
beyond politics.
The owner of a baseball team,
Branch Rickey ...
hired the first player
african--american ...
professional baseball,
Jackie Robinson.
The literary icon Mark Twain ...
introduced us to Tom Sawyer
and Huckleberry Finn.
And John Glenn was the first American
to orbit Earth.
Unfortunately, the Masons were also
its share of black sheep ...
including the traitor
Benedict Arnold ...
the controversial FBI director
J. Edgar Hoover ...
and even the relentless
Communist dictator Joseph Stalin ...
supposedly were Masons.
His connection with the corridors of power
made many wonder ...
if Masons have actually
sinister secrets.
The fact that Masons seek
something higher and a belief system ...
did nothing
to prevent their enemies.
The battle between light and darkness
was about to begin.
The villain in "The Lost Symbol"
attacks the Masons ...
which include some of the men
most powerful country.
It is possible to drop
a society so powerful?
The secrecy associated with Freemasonry fills
mistrust and fear of non--members ...
since the founding of the United States.
It is believed that the Masons have some
influence over its members ...
that transcends the obligation of the member
your family or the state.
Therefore, the Masons are
a dark and subversive group ...
you're doing something bad.
It was not always so.
After the American Revolution,
increased the number of Masons.
The fact that Washington has made it
such an important part of your life ...
and the fact that he stuck the stone
critical of the Capitol, as a Mason ...
important to a lot of attention
for Freemasonry ...
which became very popular.
Its popularity, however,
was a threat to religious leaders ...
suspicious of
Masonic Deists beliefs.
The Lost Symbol
In the book, Dan Brown writes about
how people have developed ...
a distorted perception
Masons. This is true.
Over time
a barrage of accusations ...
fueled fears
many non--Masons ...
who wanted to know what really
was going on in Masonic temples.
The villain of the book is driven
on suspicion like that.
Everything is secret
distrust ...
especially in a Republic,
which argue that all are equal ...
and as Americans have always believed
some degree of transparency.
Then there was a lot of suspicion
about the Masons.
What the book does not include
these suspicions increased in 1826 ...
with the disappearance of a Mason
wisely unhappy ...
named William Morgan.
It is one of the passages in which Brown
used a historical incident ...
as inspiration for something
in today's world.
When Morgan announced that he wrote
a book exposing Masonic secrets ...
Freemasons supposedly different
organized a kidnapping.
He disappeared. Supposedly
was murdered. It is most likely.
Nobody ever heard of him
Three masons were convicted
but received minimum sentences.
There was something like a national panic
the anti--Masonic.
Shops were burned.
The Masons were ridiculed.
Some were even beaten
on the street.
And the Masonic membership has reached zero
in some places.
In the year 1830, the Anti--Masons Party
was formed ...
and former Attorney General William Wirt,
was nominated as a candidate.
Wirt ran against the Mason
Andrew Jackson and lost.
He soon became
a footnote in history.
More than a century and a half later,
William Wirt made headlines again.
Someone broke into the grave
William Wirt ...
cut off his head
and took the skull.
The theft was detected
almost 30 years later ...
when an anonymous source said
be in possession of the skull.
The author of the anonymous caller hung up
not contacted us for a year.
The following link about
William Wirt ...
was the city councilman, Jim Graham,
here in Washington DC ...
who informed us that the skull
had been handed to him ...
to ensure that he would return
the place where they belonged.
You never knew why
Wirt's skull was stolen.
Perhaps it was used
in strange rituals.
Maybe it was just
a joke in college.
William Wirt was a symbol
the anti--Masonic sentiment ...
continues to pursue
the secret society.
But during this time,
another Masonic group came to power ...
the Scottish Rite, the same group
that appears in the book by Dan Brown.
According to some,
they had a dark side ...
feeding deep suspicions ...
that are suspected
the core of the book.
"The Lost Symbol"
opens her first scene here ...
House of the Masonic Temple,
in Washington DC.
The book describes this massive structure
as a replica ...
the temple of the Greek king Mausolus,
the original mausoleum.
The book also states
which is a mausoleum ...
with the remains
Two Masonic leaders.
And this is true.
The story depicts the building
with two 17--ton sphinxes ...
massive columns of 100m
and a huge bronze door.
The book also states that there
a huge skylight above an altar.
In fact,
these descriptions are accurate.
This is the home of the largest and most powerful
Masonic group in the country ...
the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction.
In "The Lost Symbol,"
Professor Langdon is face to face ...
with the statue of Albert Pike,
a man who many consider ...
the most famous person
who never heard of.
Pike is a man of letters
less known but most influential ...
that this country has ever known.
Albert Pike was the Howard Stern
the "Shock Jock" of Freemasonry.
Pike is probably one of the
Masons most misunderstood in the world.
He was vilified
over and over again ...
by individuals
they are fundamentalists.
What the book does not mention
Albert Pike is that ...
is one of the men buried
inside the temple.
But why?
Why put your body Masons
someone much maligned ...
into your temple?
It is certainly
a shadowy figure.
I usually call Io
Francis Bacon darker.
He was a huge man,
had more than 1.83 m tall.
He had more than 90 pounds.
It was a brilliant mathematician, linguist,
lawyer, orator, poet ...
quite exotic rituals and prepared
advanced to Freemasonry.
After George Washington ...
Albert Pike is considered one of the Masons
most influential of all time.
After the anti--Masonic movement
in the years 1820 and 1830 ...
Albert revitalized Masons
almost alone.
He revised and reorganized
Masonic rituals ...
and established an overview
of its fundamental principles ...
in his 1871 book,
"Morals and Dogma".
As head of the Scottish Rite
in Washington ...
Pike's influence extended
the federal government.
He had an incredible network
people ready to serve Io.
He had good relations
on Capitol Hill.
He was loved and feared
by many at the same time.
These links Masonic been useful
the ensuing scandal.
During the Civil War, Pike was accused
of war crimes ...
to serve as brigadier general
Confederate Army.
But after the war,
he was pardoned.
President Andrew Johnson
pardoned him in Washington DC ...
during a ceremony
Masonic ritual.
Pike became a Freemason Andrew Johnson
high level in the Scottish Rite.
The recurring charge is that he was
subservient to the Grand Commander ...
and granted pardon to Pike.
There were other rumors.
As Brown mentions in the book ...
Masons were charged
many conspiracies ...
Pike as a leader involved
of a southern separatist group ...
known as
"Knights of the Golden Circle."
The idea was to oppose ...
to power ...
American ...
and its influence
in North America ...
by any means necessary ...
overthrowing the government in 1860,
dividing the country into civil war.
After the Civil War,
other rumors linking Pike ...
to an even more controversial
the KKK.
These individuals basically
in my opinion ...
were the largest frauds
I've seen ...
and I am very disturbed
to think of them ...
because they claim Pike
as a founding member ...
as creator of the KKK.
Pike continued attacks on
even after his death.
The author Dan Brown talks about it
when one of his characters ...
describes the Masons
as devil worshipers.
What the book does not count
is that in 1894 ...
a disgruntled former Mason wrote
under the pseudonym of Leo Taxil ...
depicting Pike
and the Scottish Rite Masons ...
as allies of the devil.
He found a young
who said it was the prostitute ...
Masonic lodges that used
in their diabolical orgies ...
Masses of black magic
behind closed doors.
The Vatican believed ...
and paid for it to be preached
pIpito in all churches.
Taxil went so far as to say
Albert Pike believed that ...
Lucifer was God.
This was inspired by a quote
Pike's book, "Morals and Dogma" ...
in which Pike refers to Lucifer.
Anti--Masonic groups immediately
saw it as evidence ...
that Albert Pike
was a Satanist.
They said,
when he mentioned Lucifer ...
was a devil worshiper,
a satanic worshiper ...
the greatest of all.
There was written decrees
Pope of the time ...
specifically said that
he was a dangerous man.
Masons, however, claim
Pike who used the name "Lucifer" ...
in its original Latin,
which means "light bearer".
He did not refer to Satan,
but the one star ...
the star of Venus.
This is not devil worship
or worshiping Satan.
What they meant was the light,
lighting ...
enlightenment through logic,
reason and science.
Leo Taxil ended up portraying,
saying that made up the story ...
but damage
had already been done.
To date, televangelists
Pat Robinson as ...
Pike takes his display
evidence ...
to show that Freemasonry
is part of a conspiracy ...
and really worship the devil.
Since Pike was accused
Freemasons to control ...
the U.S. government may be involved
mind control.
In "The Lost Symbol,"
Brown's fictional scientist ...
speaks as military researchers
long explore the techniques ...
to harness the powers
the mind.
She mentions government programs
involving ESP ...
Remote Viewing and a kind
Travel telepathic.
This is based
in a real military experience ...
in which a volunteer is invited
to describe a place ...
within the Soviet Union.
He receives only
the geographical coordinates ...
but produces a drawing with
striking similarities to the site ...
across the world.
It was all part of
a secret military operation ...
to use paranormal
to spy on the Soviets.
This type of research
is still ongoing ...
and plays an important role
in "The Lost Symbol."
One of the characters of the book is a
scientist who does research in Noetic.
As the book portrays
Noetic deals with the experiences ...
that many of us
have all day.
That feeling
that something is not right ...
what we call intuition.
This psychic connection that mothers
seem to have with their children.
The power of prayer, which seems to help
to heal a person.
All this is in the domain
of Noetic Sciences.
And the truth of Noetic Sciences
is as strange as any fiction ...
found in
"The Lost Symbol."
A serious scientific study
called Phenomenon Paranormal ...
began in the 30 ...
when an American parapsicIogo
named JB Rhine ...
began experimenting
with ESP ...
in the laboratory.
Rhine called for volunteers to try to
guess which of the five cards ...
arise when it was pulled
a pack of cards.
Each set had 25 letters ...
so anything better
than one in five attempts ...
would show
extrasensory capacity.
Rhine reported
significant results ...
but scientists and traditional psicIogos
dismiss his work ...
saying that his methods
were flawed.
Rhine and other parapsicIogos ...
continued to work
in relative obscurity ...
to the Cold War.
In 1971, two British writers
revealed ...
scientists of the Soviet Union
researching ...
the use of ESP
as a weapon.
As one of the characters
Brown mentions ...
those who are in power
always looking for more power.
One area in which they were
particularly interested ...
was the "remote viewing", the ability
to see a distant target or invisible ...
using ESP.
The Soviets also worked
the "intent" ...
the ability to affect a person,
so good or bad ...
just looking
for a photograph of the person.
When I heard
what the Soviets used to ...
the U.S. government created
your own program.
Began to accelerate a kind
Cold War psychic ...
actually, on one level ...
people spoke of missiles
and missile silos ...
and in another, there was a team
mediums ...
they were asked to use
these potential capabilities ...
to get
reliable intelligence information.
The American project was dubbed
"Stargate" ...
and was funded by the CIA and
the Defense Intelligence Agency.
The book reveals the noetic scientist
the connection between your work ...
Stargate and the CIA.
Soviet and American
were very interested ...
the notion of mind
on the matter ...
the idea that consciousness can
somehow influence the matter.
The program lasted
for over 20 years.
At its peak, the Stargate project
laboratories was 14 ...
researching remote viewing ...
and with results that seemed to indicate
that remote viewing was not a myth.
And we know that there were cases where
these remote viewers ...
were able to make drawings
very accurate ...
of secret military installations
across the planet.
Despite the promising results,
some politicians and military ...
did not want the money
the taxpayer ...
fund this type
of research.
In 1995, the CIA shut down Project
20 million dollars ...
but the military continued to use
mediums to gather information.
During Desert Storm,
mediums with remote viewing ...
were used to help locate
Scud missiles hidden ...
and gun shops
chemical and biological weapons.
Today, the government claims that it is more
involved with psychic research.
But the study of psychic phenomena
still in research institutes ...
as the Institute
of Noetic Sciences.
The institute was the idea of ??astronaut
Mason Mitchell ...
who went to the moon
with Apollo 14 in 1971.
In space, Mitchell led
experiments unofficial ...
extrasensory perception
with some friends on earth.
Upon returning home,
he had a transformative experience.
Edgar had an epiphany
back to the moon ...
he looked at the planet Earth
and acknowledged that much of the conflict ...
was a construction of consciousness
and our world view.
He had a deep
sense of unity ...
as if the molecules of your body
latch onto the solar system ...
and that all were part
of a tangle.
The experience inspired Mitchell to create
the Institute of Noetic Sciences ...
dedicated to the study of the human mind
and its potential.
In "The Lost Symbol," the scientist
noetic ...
attempts to determine the weight of the soul
to confirm your physical reality.
This is actually based
on actual experiences.
At first, when scientists tried to
measure the consciousness or the soul ...
set up an experiment ...
measured and weighed when the body
before and after death ...
with the notion that somehow
were weighing on the soul.
Trying to weigh the soul is something that is not
considered a reliable result ...
but people try to develop
a kind of case ...
to the notion that consciousness
can be more than something physical.
The scientist believes Brown
his research ...
shows that psychic phenomena such as
telepathy, clairvoyance ...
precognition and mind over matter
are real.
As the researchers
Institute of Noetic Sciences.
When analyzing the data
this kind of experiments ...
find statistical evidence
very strong ...
that not only is a real effect,
but it is repeatable ...
and that is what matters in science ...
be repeatable
by independent laboratories.
The noetic scientist Dan Brown
argues that groupthink ...
as in prayer groups
or healing circles ...
can have profound effects.
In the real world, the noetic science studies
the power of prayer ...
and group consciousness
to generate change.
Unlike the book, in the real world
the results are inconclusive.
I think at this point
we need more research ...
because it is something
widely practiced.
And simply discard
because it does not fit ...
in our scientific model
Conventional ...
is doing an injustice to
a quality experience ...
with which people live
for millennia.
Science in the book by Dan Brown
may be light years ahead ...
noetic science real.
In reality more
lags behind the fiction?
As we saw, Dan Brown
established his thriller ...
in a world of fact
and possibility.
Chambers of reflection exist,
but not in the basement of the Capitol.
The government funded the research
about the power of the mind ...
but not at the Smithsonian.
The severed hand was based
in a real legend.
And it is true that the Capitol
has a wall ...
George Washington
portrayed as a god.
We have also seen that the aspects
description of Dan Brown ...
a Washington based hidden
in people, places and real events.
The city has references
the ancient civilizations.
The Scottish Rite Temple there ...
and has two sphinxes
17 tonnes ...
and an unfinished pyramid
on the facade.
The interior is really
a huge temple with a skylight ...
that simulates the All--Seeing Eye
on the dollar bill ...
with two bodies buried there.
The description of the book of symbols
Secret found in the city ...
fascinated by symbols and theoretical
worldwide conspiracy.
The cornerstone
the Washington Monument ...
contains a Bible and the words
Latin "deo laus" ...
which means "praise God"
written in its cornerstone.
The claim that the book
the founders of the country ...
believed in astrology
is true.
The White House, the Capitol
and the Washington Monument ...
are aligned
according to the stars.
And their pillars were erected all
under the same astrological sign, Virgo.
And the National Cathedral
contains ten rocks of Mount Sinai ...
a small moonstone
and a gargoyle in the shape of Darth Vader.
We also saw that Masons are
a real organization ...
and that their secret nature
has generated controversy.
It is also true
obscured the book ...
many of its rituals
and symbols.
An example is the use of the Phoenix
two heads on the facade ...
the true Masonic symbol
is a double--headed eagle.
Another secret Masonic mentioned,
but not in the book ...
is the "Chain of Union."
This ritual symbolizes the union of mind,
body and spirit through the universe ...
the transformation of "a"
in "all".
This ceremony uses the power of
group consciousness to create change.
When you have a number of people
concentrated in a specific ritual ...
saw a ritual that has to be done
perhaps hundreds of times before ...
is to be expected from the perspective
Noetic Science ...
we witness
some kind of change.
And that's the great subtext
religious this book ...
the idea that the deification
it is possible.
Because Dan Brown captivates its readers
with stories about codes and ciphers?
Maybe it's because throughout history,
world events occurred ...
because of secret messages.
Secrets that have been stored
and secrets that do not.
A clue in the book speaks of a Puzzle
created by Benjamin Franklin ...
one of the founders of the most innovative
and Mason.
Benjamin Franklin was unique.
It is the man who invented
major social institutions ...
as public libraries
and postal services in the colonies.
Who wrote convincingly
on political philosophy ...
editor and it was published
very important documents ...
and he also was a scientist in
a time when science was crawling.
I would not be surprised that he also
get involved in recreational mathematics ...
as the Order Eight
of Franklin Square.
Creating magic squares
is not easy.
And he set up a small
cottage industry of it.
We can find the Order Eight
the Franklin Square ...
in one of his almanacs.
We are talking about someone
which is a multi--faceted genius ...
and a statesman.
Although not mentioned in the book,
George Washington was nearly destroyed ...
by a secret cabal.
During the war, General
American Benedict Arnold ...
almost lost the war alone
working with British agents.
His scheme was exposed
only when U.S. forces ...
a British officer who captured
carried an encrypted message ...
in invisible ink.
In the book, Dan Brown writes about
the legend of the Masonic pyramid ...
and its role in protecting
of ancient mysteries.
Brown says in "The Lost Symbol," which
Masons are the keepers Itimos ...
of the ancient mysteries.
And that's partially true.
The traditions of Freemasonry
come from many different sources.
These sources include influential texts
of great thinkers ...
As Isaac Newton
and Francis Bacon ...
and holy books, including
the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita.
That's where Dan Brown
is historically accurate.
There were countless mystery religions
Greece, Rome, Egypt.
And what these mystery religions
I do not want to joke,
but it is a mystery.
In "The Lost Symbol," Brown writes
on the immense power of the Bible ...
to turn for the better ...
but also warns
against the literal interpretation ...
of his prose enigmatic.
The founders insisted on the separation
between church and state.
It is also why the Masons
go to such extremes ...
to remove any religious dogma
their rituals and beliefs.
The book states that Thomas Jefferson
came to edit the Bible ...
to eliminate any interpretation.
And that's an accurate portrayal.
It took 16 years.
He took the Bible and cut
row after row of all ...
Jesus said ...
and he said he wanted to focus on that,
what Jesus said ...
not the performers.
But "The Lost Symbol" misses
to say that Jefferson's Bible ...
was given to each new member
Congress ...
during the first half
the nineteenth century.
This happened in the twentieth century.
An important theme in the book
is the idea of ??transformation.
The villain uses tattoos Brown
as a statement of power.
In the Chamber of Reflection ...
an hourglass symbolizes
the transformative effects of time.
And a scientist discusses noetic
the ability of the mind ...
to transform cancer cells
in healthy subjects.
In "The Lost Symbol
Dan Brown ...
they talk about transformation
in two ways.
One is a type
of fanaticism ...
which is very ...
And finally leads
a negative result.
We can consider Nazi Germany
a transformative movement ...
we can also analyze the traditions
and spiritual wisdom of the world ...
and see that these types of transformations
can lead ...
to an blossoming
of our human potential.
Like "The Lost Symbol" clarifies
the founders of the country ...
understand this connection
with the past.
Together they created a nation,
a new Rome on these beliefs.
There is one thing that unites all Freemasons.
They are seeking the light.
They are in search of wisdom,
the truth.
Try to become better people
this quest for light.
As we have seen, the book uses
some facts ...
the creation of a large
work of fiction.
But sometimes the real world
is as fascinating as the imaginary.