Huozhe (To Live) (1994) Movie Script

ERA International (HK) Ltd. presents
In Association with Shanghai Film Studios
Producer: Chiu Fusheng
Executive Producers:
Kow Fuhong and Christopher Tseng
Associate Producer: Barbara Robinson
Adaptation from Yu Hua's novel
Script: Yu Hua and Lu Wei
Screenplay: Lu Wei
Director of Photography: Lu Yue
Art Direction: Cao Jiuping
Sound: Tao Jiping
Music: Zhao Jiping
Editor: Du Yuan
Ge You - Gong Li
Directed by Zhang Yimou
The 1940s
You've lost again.
Not one lucky toss all night.
Chalk it up.
How much?
I've run up a pile of debts lately.
But my calligraphy's improving.
Long'er, you neglect your troupe.
But not my money.
They sound like a pack of mules.
They're too tired. Been at it all night.
Why don't you have a go?
Show them what it takes.
Business is good, Mr. Xie.
Come often. You're always welcome.
Old Man Heaven
Don't make it so late
Me and my lover
want more time
To frolic in our great big bed
Long'er, you're nearly there.
One more night like this...
you'll have him right where you want him.
Sure there's no mistake?
Look at the records.
Master Fugui is going home. You take him.
Take care.
Take care, Master.
Welcome home, sir.
Degenerate! Another night gambling!
A dog's gotta eat shit! Little bastard!
If you don't stop...
we'll lose the little we have.
Aren't you capable of anything else?
Is gambling all you know?
Of all you could have learned, bastard!
Little bastards from big bastards grow.
I learned all I know from you.
How do you think we lost
most of what we had in the first place?
You're the one they call big bastard, Xu, not me!
Will you cut it out?
- What'd he just say?
- Nothing. Eat.
Mother, when you finish,
send him to his room.
Grandpa's cursing you again.
He's just singing to himself.
You're up.
What's wrong?
Don't cry.
It's not good for the baby.
You said you wouldn't gamble
if I got pregnat.
Who was gambling? I went to watch.
What are you crying for?
If nothing else, can't you think of the baby?
Let me wipe your tears.
I'm not your father. I can't be fooled.
All right, do it yourself. But please don't cry.
I've said all there is to say.
Can't you listen just this once?
Quit gambling.
It's like kicking an opium habit, you know.
Too fast, and boing, you snap!
Could kill you.
Can't rush these things.
Fengxia's growing up. Another's on the way.
I'm not asking much.
Only to live a quiet life together.
Fugui, you choose. Gambling or family?
Tell me.
You win, Master Fugui.
My luck's changed.
Write that down. Another round.
Master Fugui, your wife's here.
What are you doing here?
Mr. Long'er says
if you're busy he'll take a rain check.
No, have him wait. I'll be right there.
This is the last time, okay? I promise.
Go home, go.
It's settled.
Mr. Xie...
get a rickshaw to take my wife home. I'm...
Of course.
Master Fugui, you lost.
Let's roll!
Master Fugui.
Come, give Mrs. Xu a seat.
Fugui, for the last time.
Come home.
Why don't you go home?
There'll be other times.
Your wife is right here.
What's with you?
Can't take "no" for an answer?
You want to make me lose face? Go away!
Get out!
I've just...
Let's play!
Don't worry about her.
Get out of my sight!
Let's roll!
Master Fugui, you're out of the game.
You've lost everything.
What do you mean?
You bet your property.
It's equal to what you owe Long'er.
You don't have a roof tile to your name.
What is it?
Master Fugui must settle his account.
It's all in order, I'll be going.
Master Fugui, don't think badly of me...
for leaving you homeless.
But I sure like that mansion of yours.
See you there in a few days.
You can't just win and walk away.
The game's not over yet!
Master Fugui, I'm sorry...
but you've nothing left.
What would you wager?
If you're unhappy, talk to Mr. Xie.
This can't be happening!
What are you doing?
It's not over yet!
Sit down.
- Sit down!
- You planned all this, didn't you?
- Sit.
- Just one more round!
I am very sorry, but you've got nothing left.
What could you stake the bit on?
We don't accept empty bets.
I'll stake my life.
Don't talk like that.
Anyway, your life's worth little now.
Not that we'd accept it as ante.
We'll formalize the transfer in a few days...
and explain to your old man.
Just settle everything, okay?
We'll settle everything then.
Your wife's been waiting for ages.
I just wanted to tell you...
I've realized...
you'll never change. I can't live like this.
I'm taking Fengxia with me.
If the baby is a boy...
I won't let him be like you.
Master Fugui, I'll take you.
- What are you doing?
- Master Fugui.
I have nothing left.
63, 73, 83...
Mr. Xu, any mistakes?
No, Fugui's signature is on each one.
Long'er, is our Xu family home...
enough to settle Fugui's debt?
A gambling debt's a debt,
and debts must be paid.
Everyone's here today.
So let's do what must be done.
The Xu family home...
goes to Long'er.
And the debt is hereby settled.
Both sides must sign.
I thought I'd live my final days here.
Turtle spawn! I'll kill him!
I'll cut him into pieces! I'll clobber him!
I'll never forgive you!
I'll never forgive you!
I want him dead!
It's valuable. Don't scratch it. Take it slowly.
Careful, slowly. Don't move too fast!
Don't break anything!
Your mother's not well.
Go now, for her sake.
I'll look after her for a few days?
Until you're set up elsewhere.
Want me to help you?
Needles and threads for sale!
Jiazhen's come home.
Come look at your son.
He looks like you.
No, like Jiazhen.
What's his name?
"Don't Gamble."
He'll never gamble.
Who chose that name?
Very good, very good.
I don't gamble now. Not even in my next life.
I know. Or I wouldn't have come back.
Is his name really "Don't Gamble" ("Bt ")?
I was just teasing Fugui. It's Youqing.
Youqing, excellent.
Jiazhen, it's great to have you back.
I'd heard you'd had a boy,
and were living at home.
But I was too ashamed to see you.
Let's put the past behind us...
and live peacefully.
I've paid the rent with mother's jewelry.
It's crowded with all of us here.
I'll tidy up tomorrow. We'll be fine.
Mother's feeling better.
Normally she doesn't even get out of bed.
Dad didn't give me much money...
but she needs a doctor.
We'll work something out.
I'll borrow money to set up a shop.
Life won't be easy.
Don't say that.
All I ask is a quiet life together.
A rare visitor indeed.
Master Fugui! It's been a year at least.
Just call me Fugui.
This old home of yours is great.
Warm in winter, cool in summer.
Great at any price.
I'll given up the puppet troupe.
Have a seat.
I don't gamble anymore.
Don't want to end up like you.
"Don't Gamble" is my son's name.
You mocking me?
No, his real name's Youqing.
Jiazhen came back with him.
We almost called him "Don't Gamble."
I'd like to borrow money to set up a shop.
I'm not one to lent money.
I'll lend you something else. More practical.
I never had to beg
when I ran the puppet troupe.
Earn your money yourself.
Put together a troupe.
They are fabulous.
My heart is full of sorrow
It's that hateful bandit, Jiang
I'm lucky to be alive
Me and my lover want more time
To frolic on our great big bed
Come out!
Come on! Get a move on!
1949: Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Army
is losing the civil war.
The Communists under Mao Zedong
are poised to take over China.
So we're fighting the Communists.
Might never go home again.
What are you looking at?
Thinking of escaping?
The Nationalists will shoot you.
troops for both sides are everywhere.
If you don't fight the Reds, you fight the KMT.
But who will look after my wife,
my kids, my old mother?
Forget it. Try to save your own skin.
As for me...
if I weren't looking for my brother,
I wouldn't be wearing this uniform.
Chunsheng, you really are mad.
I'd die happy if I could drive.
As for me...
I want to live. There's nothing like family.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
This case is in the way!
Whose is it? Get rid of it!
Sir, it's mine.
I've got my things in it. Let me keep it.
Get it out of my sight then.
It's just a bunch of puppets.
Get rid of them! This is war!
They're not mine. It's how I make my living.
What a bloodbath.
What's that sound?
The wounded.
They're freezing.
No one's looking after them?
No one's left.
Must be tens of thousands
of us trapped here.
Way to go, Chunsheng!
Take this.
- Where'd you get them?
- Off the corpses.
Which corpses?
The wounded who froze to death.
Put it on. We must survive.
Lao Quan, have a drink.
It really is booze!
Was it from some dead officer?
Chunsheng and I are lucky
to meet someone as nice as you.
You've looked after us.
We must help each other.
Besides, we're from the same town.
Lao Quan, the place is deserted.
I'm still dizzy from drinking!
What happened? No one's left?
They've all run off.
How could that be?
The Reds must be on the attack.
- Shouldn't we run, too?
- Where to?
Wait right here.
Run now...
and you'll be shot.
Better to wait and become a POW.
The Reds send POWs home.
So, no running?
That's right.
You want to go home, don't run.
They won't shoot us?
Not as long as you've got your hands up.
This will do the trick?
Don't reach for your waist!
Do that and you're dead.
The Reds treat POWs well.
I've been one before.
Just put those hands up.
- The attack hasn't started.
- Let's put them down.
Dying like this,
their families won't even know.
we've got to make it back alive.
And live a good life.
Lao Quan! They're shooting!
Where did you find this coat?
- On one of the wounded.
- It's a killing field.
The coat's from my brother's unit.
- What are you doing?
- They're shooting!
What's your brother look like?
Just like me.
Lao Quan!
The enemy's secret weapon
wounded me
I gather my troops
and we run for our lives
It's your daddy.
What are you doing?
Where's mommy?
I'm home.
Mother died without knowing where I was.
The day...
we sang for the Liberation Army.
Suppose I was singing for her, too.
She never shut her eyes...
kept them fixed on the door,
so sure you'd be back.
You should have written.
I never thought I'd make it back alive.
I thought of you...
all the time and worried...
how you were getting by.
The new government
paid for mother's burial...
and gave me this job, delivering water.
I'm up before dawn.
Everyone wants water.
The more I deliver, the more I earn.
It's been hard on the kids.
They never get...
a good night's sleep.
How come Fengxia can't talk?
She was fine when I left.
She can't even say "Daddy."
In fact, she was lucky.
For a week, she ran a high fever.
No one thought she'd pull through.
When the fever came down...
she'd lost her voice.
You're here.
Fugui's back.
This is our town leader, Mr. Niu.
So you're our leading cadre.
- I heard you got back this morning.
- I'm back.
I have come to see if you need anything.
Look at this.
He has served in the Liberation Army?
You participated in the revolution.
I just dragged a cannon and sang opera.
That's taking part.
You were with Chunsheng.
Why isn't he back?
He joined the army as a driver.
He went south with them.
We won't see him for a while.
Fugui, you're back just in time...
to attend Long'er's public trial.
Come along and get an education.
What did Long'er do?
Because of the family home,
he's been sentenced a landlord.
But it's not just that.
The government wanted part of the house.
He refused, beat up a cadre...
and then set fire to the place.
Classic counterrevolutionary sabotage.
He burn it?
It burnt for days.
Your timber was first class!
That wasn't ours.
It was counterrevolutionary timber.
Counterrevolutionary timber.
Of course. You're you, he's him.
Execute the revolutionary despot, Long'er!
To the execution ground!
We will crush the counterrevolution!
Crush the counterrevolution!
Down with the counterrevolutionaries!
Long live the Communist Party!
Long live the People's Government!
Long live Chairman Mao!
Down with the counterrevolutionaries!
Build a new China!
What's wrong?
Why are your pants wet?
Five bullets. Five.
They shoot him.
They shot Long'er?
Pumped five bullets into him.
He is dead.
In I hadn't lost my home to him...
that'd have been me.
What class do we belong to?
Surely not. We lost that status to Long'er.
So, what are we?
Not landlords.
Ordinary townspeople.
Sounds okey to me.
And I took part in the revolution.
- What are you looking for?
- That certificate.
- In the wash?
- No, here it is.
Better dry it out fast.
Have to keep it safe.
Are you sure we're just townsfolk?
Of course.
Poor townspeople.
It's good to be poor. Nothing like it.
Get a frame for it tomorrow.
I'll hang it on the wall.
Good idea!
The 1950s
1958: Mao Zedong launches
the "Great Leap Forward."
Steel production is now targeted
at 10.7 million tonnes per year.
Every household donates its iron utensils.
Take a break.
Our family's turn to donate iron.
It's ready.
It's all here?
Keep these.
To deliver water to the steelworks.
Everyone will be thirsty.
We'll take these.
If you take all our pots away,
how will we cook?
We're racing towards Communism,
and you worry about food?
We are setting up communal kitchens.
When you're hungry...
just come to the canteen.
There'll be meat, fish.
Nothing else to contribute?
Yes, there is!
But that's wood.
There's metal on it.
And here are pins.
It can't be worth much.
We are less politically aware than your son.
It's enough for two bullets.
We are just two bullets short
of liberating Taiwan.
So let's get that metal.
The workers deserve entertaining, don't they?
You know, I sang for the Liberation Army...
and after that...
they captured two mountains a day.
I see your point.
All I've seen at the worksites
are student marching bands.
We'll spur them on with puppet shows.
You can leave those.
We won't tough them.
We're off to the next house.
We are not going to liberate Taiwan?
Sure we are. We'll definitely liberate Taiwan.
Take that!
- Enough?
- No!
Still not enough? Okay, I'll fill it right up.
Big ambition for a little kid.
It's more than enough.
So gobble away. Help yourself to sauces.
Youqing, I'll help you stir that up.
What a big appetite!
And so much chili sauce!
That's a big bowl, Youqing.
Give it to us if you can't finish.
What the hell are you doing?
How could you?
Can't you control this child?
What did you think you were doing?
What is this?
Look at all the chili sauce.
Let me see your eyes.
This is too much.
- Trying to kill him, or what?
- They're just kids.
Kids? Where did he learn that from?
This hasn't anything to do with us adults.
We don't know what's going on.
Do you expect me to believe that?
It's sabotage.
Sabotage to the communal kitchen.
And sabotage of the Great Leap Forward!
That kid could not dream that up.
Youqing! Look what you've done!
Apologize. Say you were wrong.
I'm talking to you.
- Are you going?
- No.
- Are you going or not?
- No!
- I'm telling you to go!
- No!
You won't go?
Don't hit him!
Leave him alone! I'll kill him!
How could you?
Said he was a saboteur. I had to.
That guy's word is law? The govenrment?
I tried to stop you.
Why wouldn't he just apologize?
I hit him for not obeying.
That's no execuse.
You spoil him.
How so?
Can't you see I'm doing this for our family?
Don't you understand?
If you indulge him, we'll all go to ruin.
I'll hit him again if I have to.
Sit then. Right in front of me!
Isn't he your own flesh and blood?
You, looking after us! After all these years.
What do you know?
Kids had been bullying Fengxia.
He was defending her.
Do you think I'd let this family go to ruin?
I've stuck with you through good and bad.
Have I ever complained?
Poor Fengxia.
Can't even talk back to bullies.
Youqing adores her. And you'd hit him.
Daddy will make it better.
Youqing, after dinner...
come see the show.
Youqing's not going to any stupid show.
He uses the secret mirror
and blinds all who look within
I yell there's no time to waste
Far away, we flee with haste
Jiazhen, where's Youqing?
He couldn't come.
Ask him again.
Say I want him to.
Youqing, daddy wants you to see the show.
I'm not going!
Do you like hearing daddy sing?
Mommy doesn't either. He's so smug.
Let's play a practical joke on him.
Take him tea full of vinegar.
That will teach him.
Okay, we'll really get him.
Should we add chili?
Good, it'll be hot and sour soup.
Your boy's on his way with a bowl of tea.
Youqing, is that tea for me?
Good boy, bring it over here.
How do you like my singing?
You little bastard! I'll break your legs!
He's put in chili!
We've smelted our steel...
and reached our production target.
We're off to report the good news.
Everyone's earned merit.
Fugui, Jiazhen,
you've made a real contribution.
There'll be dumplings
at the canteen tonight...
with a whole pig stuffed in each one!
Eat your fill, and then we'll continue.
Fifteen years, we'll surpass America.
We've made enough steel
for three cannon balls.
They'll all go to Taiwan!
One to land on Chiang Kai-shek's bed...
another on his dinner table...
and the last in the toilet!
He won't be able to sleep or eat
or ever take a dump...
and we'll liberate Taiwan!
Xia, Youqing, have some dumplings.
Let them sleep. They'll eat later.
Xu Youqing!
What's up?
The teacher wants us at school
smelting steel.
The District Head's making an inspection.
All right. You go on ahead.
Pack a lunchbox. I'll wake him.
He's not going anywhere.
He hasn't slept in days.
Leave him alone.
- The District Chief is coming.
- So?
A kid still has to sleep.
Smelting steel is a duty.
We can't be politically backward.
Mr. Niu praised us in front of everyone.
Youqing has to go.
Wake up.
You have to go smelt steel.
Come on, get up.
Your classmates are already on their way.
Must not be politically backward.
You can sleep later.
Are 15 dumplings enough?
Have 20. You should eat more.
Youqing, wake up. We're nearly there.
When you get there...
put your dumplings in hot water.
Make sure you make them hot enough.
Cold dumplings are bad for the tummy.
- Do you like dumplings?
- Yes.
- Do you like meat?
- Yes.
That's good.
If Youqing does as daddy says...
our lives will get better and better.
Our family...
is like a little chicken.
When it grows up, it becomes a goose.
And that'll turn into a sheep.
The sheep will turn into an ox.
And after the ox?
After the ox is Communism.
And there'll be dumplings and meat
every day.
It's Fugui's son?
District Chief arrived after dark.
He backed up,
and his jeep knocked the wall down.
Youqing was sleeping on the other side.
When the wall collapsed...
he didn't have a chance.
The District Chief was hurt, too.
He hadn't slept for three days.
Fugui, listen to me.
We have to try and bear it,
even in the worst of times.
What's happened?
Answer me!
Daddy's here! Say something!
Take the body away!
We mustn't let his mother see.
Mommy's here! Youqing!
Youqing! What's going on?
Let me see him!
You never had the chance to eat
the dumplings I packed for you.
Mommy's made you more...
twenty this time.
That should be enough.
Once you've eaten...
you can sleep...
a nice, deep sleep.
In life, you never had a good night's sleep.
So sleep well now.
Mommy will come see you every day.
Youqing, can you ever forgive me?
I shouldn't have let you go to school.
I should've kept your dad...
from making you go.
It's all my fault.
If only I'd stopped him.
I shouldn't have let you go, Youqing!
Oh, my poor darling.
The District Chief has come.
The one who ran over my son?
What's he doing here?
Tell him to leave. He killed my son.
- He's already here.
- Tell him to go.
It's me, Chunsheng.
I meant to call...
after I setted in.
how could it be your son?
You're the District Chief?
It was you who killed my son?
I had only one son, Chunsheng!
I had only one son!
And you killed him!
You, behind the goddamn wheel!
Don't be like that.
The District Chief is upset, too.
How can I ever make it up?
Take this for now.
It's money.
Tell me what else I can do.
No one wants your money.
I want my son. Give me back my son.
You killed him! Give him back to me!
Go away!
Remember, you owe us a life.
You killed him. Remember that.
You killed him.
Go away! Now!
District Chief, let's go.
I think you should go, Chief.
Go away!
All right.
I'm going.
I owe you a life.
I will remember.
What are you doing, you little wretch?
I'll teach you a lesson!
What are you doing?
How dare you!
What's going on?
She smashed the windows of the jeep.
Who the heck is she?
Let her go!
Are you mad?
Do you want your jeep?
The 1960s
June 1966: Start of the
"Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution."
It lasted 10 years...
and left no family unaffected.
- You're eating?
- Come on in, Mr. Niu.
- Don't let me interrupt.
- We're finished.
Sit here.
You have to get rid of those puppets.
Everyone knows about them.
I was telling Jiazhen...
that we could...
do propaganda shows.
Put these old things to new use.
Don't you see what they are?
Emperors, scholars and beauties.
Classic feudal types.
Latest editorial:
"The older, the more reactionary."
Do as Chairman Mao says.
They always remind Jiazhen of Youqing.
Let's not bring up the past.
Burn them, okay?
I've got other people to see.
Fetch a brazier.
You can't keep them. Burn them!
Chunsheng has asked me many times...
to get you a better job. What do you think?
Delivering water is fine.
Jiazhen's health is poor.
If we're together, I can look after her.
We'll discuss it later.
I may have found a prospect for Fengxia.
I'll tell you about him.
Let's not let her in on it for now.
I've found just the man for her.
His name is Wan Erxi.
He works in a factory in the county seat.
He is the leader of the factory's Red Guards.
He'd like to meet her.
Sounds too good. Will he go for Fengxia?
He's also got a handicap...
a lame leg.
How lame? Can he walk?
Yes, and run if he has to.
He can run?
Was he born a cripple?
No, it was an accident at work.
He gets compensation.
Shall we invite him over?
Fengxia can check him out.
Does she mind us playing matchmaker?
She's not opposed,
she does fret about leaving us.
Comrade Wan Erxi's here.
Comrade Wan Erxi.
Fengxia's mom and dad.
Come inside.
Have something to drink.
Quotations from Chairman Mao
Comrade Wan works
at the East Wind Factory.
His father and grandfather
were workers, too.
Solid working class stock.
Fengxia's father took part in the revolution.
A good family.
The Liberation Army
gave me that certificate.
Where's Fengxia?
Comrade Wan Erxi.
Comrade Fengxia.
I'll be going.
Have something to eat first. Lunch is ready.
No, thanks.
You won't stay?
Have some lunch first.
No, really.
Let's go.
What do you think?
His leg's not so bad, and he seems nice.
I approve.
Who's to say he'll like our Fengxia?
He only glanced at her, and wouldn't stay.
If it doesn't work out, we'll keep looking.
Anyway, it's up to Fengxia.
I think she likes him.
It's different from before. Look.
Go ask Mr. Niu...
what the boy thinks.
How's this for Fengxia?
Comrade, could I look at that one?
There's trouble at your home.
Red Guards are swarming over the place.
I just caught them on a ladder,
pulling off roof tiles.
From where?
No idea! The leader is a cripple.
You'd better hurry back.
A cripple?
Must be Wan Erxi!
He doesn't like Fengxia,
so he tears the place down.
Anything is possible.
Mr. Niu said he was a Red Guard.
We'd better hurry.
Don't forget your package!
Aren't you busy!
I brought some colleagues.
We're fixing the place up.
We replaced the roof tiles...
so it wouldn't leak anymore.
An we've painted Chairman Mao's portrait.
Fengxia help us.
You're just in time. We've just finished.
- Don't rush off!
- I'll make you something to eat.
We must be going.
Do stay! Come on insde.
Erxi painted this.
"The working class leads us all."
Erxi is good with his hands.
He painted all the Chairman Maos
in our factory!
I'll get some water so you can wash up.
Thanks, we'll go to factory bathhouse.
You've gone to so much trouble.
Please come again.
What do you think about Fengxia and me?
We're happy if you are.
We approve.
Shall we set a date?
Anytime. You decide.
Fengxia's had a hard life.
If you don't mind...
let's make the wedding a real occasion.
To make her happy.
Today comrades, Wan Erxi and Xu Fengxia...
begin their wedded life.
In good times, we think of Chairman Mao.
Let's sing a song!
Nothing compares
to the Party's benevolence
Chairman Mao is dearer
than father and mother
There's nothing as good as socialism
No ocean as deep as class feeling
Maoist Thought
is revolution's treasure trove
Whoever opposes it, we take as our enemy
Come on, you can't cry today.
They're all singing for Fengxia...
and she can't even join in!
At least it's loud enough for her to hear.
Time for a photo!
Move aside! Stand still!
Hold your little Red Books.
Clear a path! Ship sailing through!
Let's get the whole family.
The ship of revolution! Advance
through the storm with Chairman Mao!
Time to wrap up.
First, pay respects to Chairman Mao.
Chairman Mao...
Comrade Fengxia's mine now.
Come over here.
Now, bow!
Dad, Mom...
I'm taking Fengxia.
I'll look after her.
Go on, don't be sad.
You'll be back!
Congratulations on Fengxia's wedding.
- When did you get here?
- A while ago.
But there were so many people,
I didn't come in.
Come on inside.
Jiazhen, make some tea.
Isn't the tea ready yet?
Chunsheng's been here for ages.
Water's not boiled.
Sit with us for a bit.
Don't be like that.
Come as soon as the water's ready.
But here's boiled water.
Chunsheng came to wish Fengxia well.
You can't go on avoiding him.
Can't we put this behind us?
If only Youqing had been here today.
I'll be going.
Don't go. The tea's ready.
Never mind.
Jiazhen, I know you don't want to see me.
I'll leave my gift here and be gone.
Give it back to him.
I don't want his gifts.
But it's Chairman Mao.
Dad! Mom!
Come on in!
Fengxia, you're back!
You cold?
I'm fine, really.
How are you feeling, Mom?
On the mend.
Better when you come over.
Have you eaten?
I'll make something.
Launch is all taken care of.
Help me with the table.
You brought a bottle.
Dad, Mom, we're having a baby.
No wonder there's a bottle!
I just came from the hospital.
The doctor says it's due in autumn.
Fengxia's going to be a mother.
Fengxia, you're going to be a mother.
Erxi, when you went to the hospital today...
what did they say about Fengxia's health?
That she's in terrific shape.
Still, you can't be too careful.
Your folks aren't around.
After the birth,
you'll stay with us for a while.
Spend as much time as you can with her.
When I was pregnant with Fengxia...
her dad was never around.
He was very busy?
Don't bring up the past.
I was a real no-hoper.
But things are better now.
And will be better for your child.
Erxi, drink up.
Help yourself.
I had the photo framed.
We haven't taken a photo in years.
This is great.
After the child is born...
have a photo taken every year.
We've no photos of Fengxia as a child.
Fengxia, after the child is born...
have a photo taken every year.
Dad, I saw Chunsheng yesterday.
He's been arrested as a capitalist.
They held a public trial against him.
We have to draw a line between us and him.
Of course.
There's always been a line.
Haven't had much to do with him for years.
Who's there?
What do you want?
Come out for a second.
Just say what you want.
It'll just take a minute.
I've always felt terrible about Youqing.
I've often tried to give you money.
You'd never accept it.
It's all in this account. Take it.
You came for this?
Take this...
and my heart will be at ease.
All my debts will have been paid.
What do you mean?
Yesterday, my wife killed herself.
Killed herself?
I don't know.
Have you seen her body?
I just got an official notice.
You mustn't lose hope.
Don't go getting any stupid ideas.
You mus bear it, no matter what!
You can't take that road yourself.
I don't want to live anymore!
You just have to!
We've been through the valley of death.
Coming out alive wasn't easy.
Can't you see?
Let's say we accept this money.
Keep it for us. There's plenty of time.
I know how difficult it must be...
but you've got to pull through...
you've got to bear it!
I don't think I can.
Chunsheng, it's cold.
Come inside.
Yes, come in.
No, thank you, I've got to go.
I snuck out just now...
and better get back.
Chunsheng, remember...
you still owe us a life!
You've got to value yours!
Mr. Niu, is your wife at home?
What are these eggs for?
Fengxia's about to have a baby.
It's to thank the matchmaker!
Fengxia's about to give birth?
Time does fly!
Erxi sent word from the hospital.
She's in labor. We're on our way there.
Another working class member on the way!
So we've got to get going.
We'll bring the baby to see you.
- But you won't stay?
- No, thanks.
Never mind. Let's go. Don't worry.
Why's she crying?
What's happened?
I'm no longer head of the township.
They say I'm a capitalist.
I have to confess my crimes.
You! Crimes?
You, a capitalist?
Everyone knows you.
I have faith in the Party.
I've always followed Chairman Mao's path.
When will they let you return?
Let's not talk about it.
You go to Fengxia.
Go now, I'll be okay.
Niu, don't let it get to you. Take care!
We'll visit you after
she's out of the hospital.
Send her my very best. She's producing
a little revolutionary successor.
Everything's fine and normal.
They say she's great. No problems.
When is it due?
From the contractions, not right now.
Fengxia, don't be nervous.
Won't hurt a bit.
Remember to breathe and push.
When you're pushing, bite on a towel.
Where's the towel?
Here, bite on this. It'll save you teeth.
Do whatever the doctor tells you.
It'll be quick if you push.
Do as Mommy says and push.
Everything will be fine.
What's this about pushing?
Too early for pushing!
And what's this shouting? Out!
Go wait in the corridor.
Okay, we're going.
- Sorry for the trouble.
- It's our job.
Sit down.
They're all so young.
Are they nurses?
Who examined Fengxia?
They did.
You haven't seen any doctors?
Go ask where the doctors are.
We must find a good doctor.
They've been locked away.
The Red Guards are in control!
No doctors?
Comrade, are there any doctors?
Yes, us!
I mean, older ones.
They're all reactionaries.
We've overthrown them.
Relax. Your wife's fine. We can handle this.
Erxi, I'm worried.
Fengxia's a mute.
Can these young people cope?
We need an experienced doctor.
Even if he only stands by, we would relax.
Have to get one out.
Let me think.
What is he doing here?
No reactionaries allowed!
Wang Bin! Stand up!
This is the same Wang Bin
who once insulted...
me and my wife,
saying she wasn't fit to reproduce.
How vile can you get?
We dragged him here today...
to educated him, to criticize him...
and to let him witness her giving birth.
To show him the heirs
of this new, Red world.
The working class is really something!
Wang Bin, don't make any trouble.
Don't move.
I wouldn't dare.
That's professor Wang...
head of obstetrics.
Dr. Wang, don't be afraid.
I was putting on a show.
We're not accusing you.
My wife's having a baby.
I wanted you here for her sake.
No, it's better if I wear it.
Let me wear it!
Go ask.
I'm just going to see him.
He's all right.
Just hungry.
Hasn't been fed for three days!
I'll go buy some buns.
Where's Erxi?
They've gone to eat.
How's Fengxia?
They say she's fine.
Want one?
Give them to Dr. Wang.
Dr. Wang, have some buns.
Take your time. There's plenty.
Fengxia's child won't be mute, will he?
Of course not. She wasn't born that way.
Will the baby be crippled?
Erxi's is a work-related injury.
It's not hereditary.
Anyway, it's bad luck to talk like that.
Why not use this time...
to think of a name for the kid?
What name do you like?
"Don't Gamble."
- Don't be stupid.
- It was a joke.
What name do you like?
"Little Bun."
You just say anything.
That's not a name!
But it's a tradition.
Cat, Dog or Little Bun...
are not recorded in the Register of Names.
He'd know for sure.
He doesn't know those kids exist...
so they don't die.
That's what the old folks say.
Okay, then Little Bun it is.
For now, anyway.
Later, his dad can give him a proper name.
Where's the family of Xu Fengxia?
It's a boy, 7.9 pounds.
- Already?
- We didn't hear a sound.
We said it would be fine!
Comrade, how's my daughter?
Fine. Mother and son are fine.
Is he normal?
Can we see them?
No, there's danger of infection.
Let us have a quick peek, please?
Please, comrade, just one peek?
Dad! Mom! Has she given birth?
It's a boy.
They are fine. He's 7.9 pounds.
Do you hear him?
Are they in there?
- Have a look.
- Not yet!
Please, I'm the father!
It doesn't matter. We're not done yet.
Wait outside. When we're finished,
you can see her as much as you want.
We'll see them soon.
Is it a boy?
Yes, 7.9 pounds!
- How is he?
- They're both fine!
Erxi, you're a lucky man!
My son was only 5.5 pounds.
7.9 pounds is excellent.
If you get a car from the factory...
we can drive Fengxia home.
Good idea.
Erxi, seeing as they both fine...
why don't you see Dr. Wang back.
What's with him?
He ate too quickly.
Did he eat all seven buns?
Yes, just gobbled them up.
Quick, get some water.
You two get the car, we'll be fine.
Have some water.
Careful, it's hot.
Some water should help.
Why'd he do that?
He's been locked up without food.
He scoffed those buns.
Drink it slowly.
Help us!
She's bleeding! We don't know what to do.
Don't panic. Think of something.
We're just students.
We don't know what to do.
Wouldn't Dr. Wang know?
Yes, he's a professor.
He'd know for sure.
He'll know.
Get Dr. Wang over here.
What's wrong with him? What happened?
He's eaten too much.
What do you mean?
He gobbled up seven buns.
He was starving.
But he was okay after the water.
It was the water that did it.
Never mind. Drag him over!
She's bleeding! Quick!
Please, Doctor, please!
You'll pull through!
It's all right.
Mommy's here. Don't be afraid.
Dr. Wang!
- Feeling better?
- Not at all.
Fengxia! You'll pull through.
Mommy's here. Don't be afraid.
Please, Doctor, she's my only daughter.
The only child I have left.
Fengxia! Mommy's here. Don't afraid.
Some years later...
Grandpa! It's crooked again.
Is it?
I'll fix it.
Take the medicine to Granny.
Granny, your medicine.
Back already?
Has Little Bun been a good boy?
I delivered 10 thermoses of water.
Such a good little boy.
Ten whole thermoses.
Have you had your medicine?
I'll make lunch.
Little Bun...
give me a hand.
I light the fire?
Yes, and I'll make some noodles.
I want to visit Fengxia's grave again...
and take Little Bun's photos...
to show her.
He's another year older.
Fine, I'll let Erxi know.
Little Bun! Hold onto those chicks.
We should've bought them
on the way home.
Now we've got to carry them!
Careful! Don't drop them!
Are you happy?
Grandpa, where will the chicks live?
Where will they live?
I'll find a home for them when we get back.
Youqing eats dumplings.
Fengxia looks at photos.
Little Bun, do you know who Youqing is?
- And Fengxia?
- Mommy.
What a clever boy!
Granny, why all the photos for Fengxia?
Before you were born...
Granny said to mommy that...
she should take a photo every year.
If I hadn't given Dr. Wang those buns...
everything would've been fine.
He could have saved our Fengxia.
He's a professor, after all.
He always carries on like this.
It's okay.
We shouldn't have given him water.
People say, once you drink water...
one bun in the stomach turns to seven.
Dr. Wang ate seven buns.
Seven times seven is 49.
It's much too much.
Erxi, is it true that Dr. Wang...
won't eat buns, only rice now?
Not just buns...
anything made from wheat.
Rice costs more than wheat.
What a food bill he must have.
- I'll make dinner.
- I'll help.
No, you're tired. You two have a rest.
I'll do it.
Little Bun, behave yourself.
Grandpa, where'll we put the chicks?
Let's see.
How about in here?
This box is bigger, isn't it?
They'll have more room to run around.
Then they'll eat more.
And soon they'll grow up.
When will they grow up?
Very soon.
And then?
And then...
the chickens will turn into geese...
and the geese will turn into sheep...
and the sheep will turn into oxen.
And after the oxen?
After oxen...
After oxen, Little Bun will grow up.
I want to ride on an ox's back!
You will ride on an ox's back.
Little Bun won't ride on an ox...
he'll ride trains and plains...
and life will get better and better.