Hurricane Season (2023) Movie Script

Goddamn! What's that?
Smells awful.
Yeah, it really stinks.
They say no one ever knew
what her name was.
They say nothing but nasty things.
Fucking Witch, she disgusts me.
Goddamn queer!
They say she keeps her mother's corpse
in a room that cannot be opened.
She's the devil's daughter.
All in all, an evil woman.
They say she had a hidden treasure.
Gold coins and a diamond ring.
She should be burned
Think she has hidden gold, as people say?
Those old coins, worth a lot of money.
That queer has nothing but cash.
They say she cries at night.
Yeah, there she goes.
They say she likes young men
with sinewy bodies.
They say she's a pervert.
That at her parties,
she hooks up with the devil himself.
Let that damn Witch go to hell.
They say she never really died,
because witches never die so easily.
They say she cursed us.
Miss, who do we have to talk to?
Ma'am, I can't help you.
You've been here a while.
You should go.
You're useless. You can't help us at all!
-Stop being rabble-rousers and leave.
-You're useless.
Rabble-rousing scandalizers.
We're her friends. We're all she had.
That's why we chipped in
so the poor thing
could have a proper funeral.
Okay, lady, that's enough.
Stop wasting your time.
Get the hell out or I'll call the police.
Make the call, but we won't leave
without the Witch's body.
No document proves you're related to her.
-We can't help you.
-What documents?
Nobody even knew what her name was.
Hey, get these people out of here.
Son of a bitch.
Poor lunatic.
If only they'd catch
the bastards who slashed her throat.
-Okay now, out.
-Don't touch me.
-Don't fucking touch me, asshole!
-Come on, out!
-Fuck you!
-Put that down!
Keep walking.
You can all go fuck yourselves!
Yesenia Camargo, come over.
What crime are you here to report?
Please describe the facts in detail.
State how, when, and where.
I'm listening.
I'm here to report my cousin
Maurilio Camargo Cruz.
People call him Luismi.
It was on Friday.
I went to the river
to take a bath that morning,
and I saw him coming.
He looked high on drugs.
It had been a while
since I'd seen the jerk.
I thought he wouldn't recognize me,
but then he asked how the water was.
How's the water?
"Clear," I say. I'm such an idiot.
I should've said, "You fucking asshole."
Or, "Go fuck yourself,
you ungrateful prick."
"It's not enough
that you're Grandma's favorite."
If you'd heard
what that man said about you
Auntie, may I do your hair?
Really, that's why I'm telling you.
They're proud of having a son like him
She wants me to.
Vanessa, careful with my hair.
Such pretty hair.
My boy, you're here at last!
Okay now, scooch. Let me sit.
Can't you see it's already a squeeze?
-Luismi, fuck's sake.
-Come on.
What do you have there?
-This one for me.
-The blue one's nice.
When he was still living with us,
there was already gossip
that he hung out with the Witch.
-Grandma played dumb, though.
-It's so shiny.
Even the junk he brought us
was from those parties.
For my Grandma.
What's that?
It's a gift, Grandma.
To celebrate that I will soon get a job
at the oil company.
What's it to you, Lagarta?
Thank you, my boy.
-Man, how did you get it?
-Tell us.
You'll jinx it.
No, we're watching it!
Lagarta, serve your cousin.
-Where's the remote?
-No, wait!
-We're watching the soap opera.
-Not anymore.
Where are you off to now?
What do you care, nosy Lagarta?
Stop following me around.
I bet you're off to whore around.
At least I get noticed.
You're so fucking ugly,
no one even looks at you.
Dark-skinned, lanky thing!
Lagarta's got a hairy bush!
After that,
that scumbag never came back home.
He went to stay
with that whore mother of his.
Then, Grandma grew
even more resentful towards me.
Have you heard from my grandson?
Not a word.
Poor thing. He must be very busy, working.
I miss him so much.
You girls should follow his example,
but you're all as lazy as your mothers.
They should've taken all of you with them.
But here you are, slacking off.
Goddamned Witch, partying again.
Hey, don't drop him!
Working, my ass.
There he was, damn Luismi,
fooling around in the river.
The Witch was there, too.
Spying on the boys.
They say he's always partying
at the Witch's house.
God knows the filth they do there.
My grandson isn't into that kind of stuff.
He's in Gutirrez de la Torre,
working in the lime fields.
Don't kid yourself, Doa Tina.
That's nonsense.
Slander from jealous people
with nothing to do but make up gossip.
Isn't that your granddaughter?
What are you doing there?
We're leaving now, Doa Tina.
We'll chat some other time.
-Yes, Doa Pili.
-Let's go.
-See you, Doa Tina.
-Bye, Irmita.
Damn fat-mouthed Geras.
Have you seen how late it is?
Damn Lagarta, where were you?
That night, I decided to find out
if what the Geras said was true.
You went to the Witch's house?
I did.
I wanted to know if all the filth
they said happened there was true.
Want a banano?
Hey, where are you going?
None of your damn business.
Yes, you're right. I am no one here.
Go ahead, just don't come crying back.
I ran to tell Grandma.
I saw him with my own eyes,
making out with the Witch herself.
You're lying.
I'm sure you're the one being slutty.
Now you want to blame my grandson.
I can't believe you've stooped so low.
And here I am, waiting for you all night,
unable to sleep.
I'm so sick of you.
Sick of you!
Soulless bitch.
I'll make sure you won't sneak out again.
"Stubborn Grandma," I should've told her.
"Luismi is making a fool out of you!"
Get down, bitch! Get down.
Goddamn Lagarta.
Only you could come up with
such a hideous and disgusting lie.
You're sick in the head.
So full of venom.
The only thing I liked about myself
was my hair.
I remember well,
that day they were burning sugarcane.
It caught my eye,
'cause it was clearly
the van of the guy they call Munra.
A good-for-nothing cripple,
living with Luismi's mother.
That fucking Chabela bitch.
I recognized the other guy
right away, Brando.
I'd seen him at the Witch's party.
That jerk was with them.
-Do you mean your cousin?
Luismi and Brando went inside.
Munra stood outside, waiting.
It was the Witch.
I clearly saw how they carried her out.
When did you learn
that the Witch's body had been found?
Earlier today,
Vanessa and I went to the market.
That's when I found out about it.
A while ago, some customers stopped by.
It was Doa Lupe and her daughter,
the one who sells tortas.
They said they found a body.
And that body looks like the Witch's.
-The Witch?
-Yes, the Witch.
-The Witch was killed?
-Yes, she was killed.
When did they find her?
They found her yesterday.
Go home. Go quickly, now!
Tell your mom and aunts
to lock themselves in.
Don't let anyone in,
much less the fat-mouthed Gera sisters!
-You hear me?
-Yes, Aunt.
-Do you hear me?
-Yes, Aunt!
They'll have to do an investigation.
Where have you been?
We've been looking for you.
Grandma got sick. She had another episode.
Forgive me.
Coming, damn it!
-I need you to drive us to the hospital.
-Relax, Luismi. What's wrong?
She's bleeding down her legs.
The bleeding won't stop.
I need to take her to the hospital.
I'll go get the car keys. Wait.
Hang on.
It hurts.
We're going to the hospital, Norma.
Hang on, okay?
Hurry up!
Please, Normita. You're all I've got.
We're on our way.
Hang on, Normita. Okay?
You can do it.
Hang on, Normita.
That's it.
Fuck you, bunch of idiots. Let's go!
What happened?
-Let's go!
Those dumb bitches are blaming me!
You know what I think?
That Norma bitch put a spell on you.
-Shut up, asshole.
-You know what I'm talking about.
Your mom tells us about the things
the Excalibur bitches do,
witchcraft to tie up jerks,
to stupefy them,
so they buy them a house
and make decent women out of them.
Norma isn't like those bitches.
They're all the same.
Either they catch you with witchcraft
or get knocked up.
If that doesn't work,
they run to the faggot for an abortion.
With your friend the Witch.
Take me to my friends.
He's coming. Here he comes.
What's up, man?
I thought you were clean now,
a family man.
Shut up, asshole!
Show us the ring.
He's horny.
He gave her a ring.
-Blow my whistle, you fucking cripple!
-Fuck, man!
-Don't get mad, cripple!
-Fuck off!
-Damn cripple!
-Come here!
-Fuck off, cripple!
-You move faster with the crutch!
The number you dialed is not available--
Pick up, damn Chabela.
Your son is in deep shit.
The number you dialed is not available
Have you seen your mom?
Shit, what's that hole for?
What's that?
-Whatever you found there, burn it.
It could be witchcraft.
I've burned it already.
You shouldn't have touched it.
Wash your hands.
Damn resentful Witch.
She's doing witchcraft to me and Norma.
What I found--
-Don't mention her!
-It's witchcraft, isn't it?
-Yeah. Wait.
-She did something to Norma.
That's what they're for,
but you need to ask first, sucker.
So what the hell do you want, Munra?
I'm sorry, I thought you were Chabela.
Come here.
Where is Chabelita?
Chabela hasn't shown up for days.
There's no sign of her.
She sent a message a week ago.
Said she was here.
You know how this works.
Business is business.
I don't think so.
No customer stays at Excalibur that long.
That's bullshit.
It doesn't have that many bitches,
and they're not that hot.
Business is business.
I'm concerned.
She's messing around with Cuco.
She had never been involved
with that bastard.
You know,
Cuco is head over heels for Chabela.
Cuco wants me to stay with him
all weekend.
Pick me up Monday at Excalibur,
bring Normita.
-We'll go eat the chilaquiles you like.
-Who is that?
Come here!
I'm coming! Take care of Normita.
I love you.
What's up, man?
Hey, Cuco wants me to stay here
with him all weekend.
Pick me up Monday at Excalibur,
bring Normita.
-We'll go eat the chilaquiles you like.
-Who is that?
What's up, Luismi?
What's up, fucking Munra?
Where did you go?
I need a favor.
-Will you do it or not?
-Why the rush?
-Take us to La Matosa.
-It will be 100 pesos.
Fifty now and fifty on the way back.
-Fine, get in.
-Fucking shit.
What's up, Brando? Long time no see.
Let's go.
Those bastards, burning sugarcane again.
Straight ahead down this road, Munra.
Are we going to the Witch's house?
I'm out.
You know how I feel about
that fucking faggot.
Shut up, damn cripple.
Take a right a bit farther along.
Look, someone's calling for you.
Hey, Luismi.
Don't get out or shut the door.
The number you dialed is not available.
a man in Comalcalco.
It is presumed it may be
a settling of scores
between criminal groups.
Parishioners expressed their concern
about the car thefts
-Pick up, Chabela.
-The number you dialed is not available.
won't go to mass
due to the lack of safety.
This, according
to the Diocesan Coordination.
It's the dwellers
of the state's mangrove areas
who are stealing the wood,
according to the council
-Start the van! Hey, drive off!
Where the fuck are we going now?
Drive fast! Head for the river!
What did you do?
You messed with the goddamn Witch!
She's going to fuck us over!
-Hey, pull over, sucker!
-You dragged me into your shit!
We're screwed, we're in deep shit.
We're screwed.
Fucking shit.
Hey, start the van!
I said go, damn cripple!
Forgive us, Lord, forgive us.
The next one's my stop.
Hey, kiddo, wake up! This is your stop.
We're at the coast now?
No, this is as far as you get
with what you paid.
Look, Cuco.
What do you say, batos? Do we take her?
-Let's do it!
Get in, honey baby. You won't regret it.
Get in the car, chick! Are you deaf?
Come here, hottie. Come on, sweetie!
Where are you, honey?
Come on!
-Slippery slut.
-Come out, girl. Where are you?
I think she's gone, Cuco. I can't see her.
Forget it! Let's go!
A cigarette, huh?
-That one?
-Yeah. One like yours.
-What, you want a banano?
-No, I want some of that.
What, dude?
-Where are you going?
-Queer face!
Can I sit?
Why are you crying?
I'm not crying.
Then what's the matter?
I'm lost.
I don't know anyone here.
I'm hungry.
Where is it?
I can't go back home.
Those guys have been following me
since I got off the bus.
Don't point at them.
Never point at them.
Look, I don't have any money to help you,
but if you want to,
you can stay at my house tonight.
But I don't live here. I live in La Matosa
It's not far, but we'd have to walk.
And if you give me some time, and wait,
I can get some cash to buy you a torta.
If you want to.
Want some?
One more?
Tell me.
I don't know.
I know nothing about you.
What was your village like?
So ugly and sad.
So cold.
What do you like doing the most?
I love singing.
Music is in my blood.
My dad taught himself to play the guitar.
What about you?
An artist and shit.
Like this?
Don't be such a pig, girl!
There's a bathroom here.
Use the bathroom if you need to.
Make yourself at home. I don't bite.
My name is Chabela. What's yours?
Norma, you look exactly like Clarita,
my youngest sister.
And you sure are just as slutty
as she is, aren't you?
'Cause you just fucked my son, didn't you?
He really did it this time.
You're so young.
Jeez, and you sure stink like rotten fish.
And that dress is so filthy.
It's the only one I have.
Oh no, I'll give you one of mine.
Come on in. Don't be silly.
This is my bedroom.
Do you like it?
Yes, it's very nice.
I picked all the colors, the decorations
I wanted it to look like
a geisha's bedroom.
-The curtains are pretty.
-I picked them myself.
Look, I have some dresses here
I don't wear anymore.
I meant to give them
to the Excalibur girls,
but I won't give anything
to those stupid cows.
Try this one on.
No, it won't fit me.
-What was your name again?
The world is for the living, Clarita.
If you don't smart the hell up,
they'll crush you.
That's my man, Munra.
I got you, damn Clarita.
You're laughing your ass off, right?
He may not seem as much,
but he was once a real man.
I should've told him to fuck off
before the accident.
I may be old now,
but I could get a bunch of assholes
lining up wanting to fuck me.
Dear Lord, what are you doing
standing there like a dick, Clarita?
Get in and put on that freaking dress!
Damn Clarita!
Why didn't you tell me
you're pregnant as hell?
the telltale strip.
Is it Luismi's?
Does he know you're like this?
Well, we won't tell him for now,
because you don't wanna have that kid.
Or do you?
What are you doing there?
What do you care, you goddamn nosy kid?
Thanks for the dress.
Here, take these too.
Thank you so much.
Don't talk to my mom or go to that house.
I don't want her to turn you
into one of her whores. Get it?
Yes, I get it.
She said I could use her bathroom.
Need a bathroom? Go in the back.
Wanna bathe? There's the river.
Is it fresh?
It feels good.
Step by step, careful.
Are you cold?
It's nice and warm.
Do you want to stay here?
You need to make up your mind, Clarita.
That belly won't magically go away.
I know someone who can help you.
She's nuts, poor thing.
And she's scary when you see her, but
the friggin' Witch is a good person.
Do you have to work tonight too?
They haven't given you your uniform?
They're assholes.
I brought you something.
Put it on.
Leave me alone.
Damn Witch, I've told you not to call me.
I don't have your money!
You're crazy, damn Witch!
His father was just as much of an asshole.
Do you really think Luismi will change
because you're gonna have that baby?
I'm sure he told you he'll help you,
that he'll get a job,
and all that bullshit.
Listen carefully, baby girl.
And don't take it the wrong way.
I know that damn kid.
I gave birth to him.
The only thing on his mind
is drugs and whoring.
Even if he swears to you
that he'll just have two beers,
or go to his job as a night watchman.
Don't give me that look.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Let me take you to the Witch.
You're too young.
And when I see you,
it's as if I'm seeing myself at that age.
And then I wish someone had helped me
get that freakin' child out of me.
Hurry up, Clarita.
She will help you, you'll see.
Let me do the talking.
Hurry up, Clarita!
Girl! Hey, girl!
I have something to ask you.
Come on, girl. Help the poor child.
Can't you see she's a silly, pitiful girl?
Tell her how old you are, child.
See? Don't give me a hard fucking time,
you damn Witch!
You can't be all picky with me, bitch!
Luismi is okay with this.
Can't you see
they don't have a pot to piss in?
I said no, Chabela.
Besides, the baby isn't even Luismi's.
Clarita, tell her, come on.
Tell her it was your stepdad.
Come on, Witch.
At least take a look at her.
Come on, girl. Stand up.
Nice and easy, huh?
What do you think?
She's too far along.
It could be dangerous.
It's too late now.
Damn, I'll pay you whatever you want.
Just get it out of her.
It's not about money, it's about her.
Luismi's the one asking for it.
You know how proud he is.
He doesn't want to face you.
He's ashamed to ask for a favor
after that fight you two had.
Drink it all.
You'll feel like your insides
are tearing up.
Just push and bury it.
-I'll leave the money here.
-I told you it's not about money.
Let's go, Clarita. Hurry up.
Thank you, Witch.
Chabela, I'll take care of her.
It seems like you're getting old, Witch.
Don't worry. Come on, Clarita.
Thank you. Excuse me.
Bye, Witchy.
You'd better stay.
Crazy bitch.
Does she think I'm a newbie at this?
Cuco! Baby, I was thinking about you.
Sure, of course. Right away.
No, I'm almost there. I was just--
No, don't worry. I'll be there in 15.
Yes, baby.
Hurry, girl! I have to get there
before those motherfuckers!
What's wrong?
-What's wrong?
-It hurts.
What's going on?
Drink it, come on. That's it, yes.
What's your name?
What did you drink?
Where did you dump the baby?
Who did this to you?
Don't cry.
Forgive me!
Forgive me
Mom! Get me out of here, please!
Forgive me, Mom!
-Mom, forgive me!
What a nice gift, officer!
-Hello, princess! You're so cute!
-Look what the cat dragged in.
Give me your sneakers, moron.
-He's talking to you.
-Come on!
-Do it.
-Hurry up, sissy!
Give us your sneakers or you're dead meat.
-Go on!
-The princess, damn sissy.
-Damn fucker!
Fucking sissy.
Damn sissy.
Hey, queer basher!
-Damn queer!
-Hey, queer basher!
-Look how your sneakers fit him.
-What a pussy.
-Hey, moron!
-He's talking to you. Answer him.
Yes, you, queer basher!
-Hey, look at him! Just look at him!
-Fuck him up.
Don't even think about it, honey.
There's no money.
Come on. Help me with the bag.
They're so cool.
We had to appeal to the last resource.
Oh, God.
My God.
But why didn't you ask me before going?
Father Castro asked about you.
He says it's been a long time
since your last confession.
So what, Mom?
But why?
Why did you let Hilda manipulate you?
Why did you do that to that girl?
-Do you want some beans, son?
It was necessary, Lala.
You must understand. We had to!
My only hope
is that even though
they're trying to separate you
-Hey, Willy, you didn't have this one.
-No, it's new.
I once banged one just like her.
She had a huge ass.
In Cancn. Such a good lay.
And her pussy was so tight.
I better fly off to Cancn.
Stupid me, a jerk selling porn movies.
I took the train, but I've been there.
Was it long ago?
You've never been there.
-You'll die and never leave this town.
-I'll tell her to take me.
-How about this one?
-Put it there.
Like you've fucked her, asshole.
What do you want, dammit?
Where's the TV?
For fuck's sake!
Where do you think you're going?
I'm talking to you, Brando.
If you go with those bums again,
I swear I'll tell your dad.
That jerk doesn't give a fuck about me.
Don't kid yourself.
Everyone knows he dumped you
for some other skirt.
A banano, have a smoke.
What's up, then?
Are you coming to the party
at the Witch's house or what?
Come on. Join us.
It'll be one hell of a party.
Hi. Come in. How are you?
Brando, right?
Come in.
Come in.
Come, I'm glad you came.
Hey, stay downstairs.
Don't go upstairs. Stay out of there.
Enjoy the party.
Let me introduce you
to the voice of this house.
The Sun Luismi!
Let's greet him with applause!
Open up.
Okay, here we go.
This is for the powder.
That's it, kiss!
-Hey, where are you going?
-None of your damn business.
Yes, you're right. I am no one here.
Go ahead. Just don't come crying back.
-Damn kid.
-Yeah, sure.
Crappy party full of homos.
There goes that Witch.
Fucking homo.
They say she's got lots of cash,
hidden gold coins, a hidden treasure.
Believe it or not.
Are you sure there's a party today?
There's no one here.
I told you it was a loan.
Fucking hell, I told you I don't know.
I was high as fuck.
You spent the cash, asshole.
You must've spent it
with those bums, your friends.
Crazy bitch.
You're a fucking thief!
-Go fuck yourself!
-What's going on?
The bitch called me a thief
just like that!
You know the bitch is crazy.
Just take it easy.
I say we should leave
this fucking town full of queers.
What do you think?
It's on me.
How about we both go somewhere cool?
Cancn, for example.
Come in, dude.
I'm so damn wasted.
Do you want the box,
or are you gonna wear them?
No, I'll wear them.
-You're welcome.
-Don't be so dramatic!
It'll overflow!
-What's up, dude?
-What's up?
-What's up?
-Just hanging, dude.
-Fuck! Who bought them for you?
-My old man, dude.
-What's up, dude?
-Luismi, check out this homo's sneakers.
What's wrong with you, asshole?
I'm not a homo! Maybe your brother is.
-What's with you, fucking Brando?
-This scumbag is going too far.
-Chill, bro.
-You chill, asshole.
-What the fuck?
-Come, kiddo.
Chill, brat.
So, when do we go ahead with the plan?
-Where do we get the cash?
As easy as apologizing to the Witch
for losing the cash.
Ask her for more. Piece of cake.
That homo has money to spare.
No way. I won't beg and grovel
after she called me a damn thief.
I'm sure she's forgiven you.
You're Luismi. We always forgive you.
Besides, that old hag is spiteful.
Or we can steal it from her.
We show up and take the cash
folks say she's hidden.
That easy. Think about it.
We get the hell out of here.
No, I don't want to see the Witch yet.
Why leave? It's too much hassle.
-What do you mean, a hassle?
-Normita is pregnant.
I won't put her at risk.
-Want a banano?
I told you I gave that up.
It's just beer and weed for me.
You smoke. Go on.
Is it good?
It's good.
See you later, Normita.
-He's in his room.
Come in, kid. Are you okay?
Brando, they're looking for you!
Hey, man. Let's do it. Let's do it now.
Come on, Brando. Let's rob the Witch.
The Cancn plan.
What happened? You changed your mind fast.
Norma is in the hospital
because of that bitch.
Let's do it.
Tell Munra we'll borrow his van.
Those bastards, burning sugarcane again.
Straight ahead down this road, Munra.
Are we going to the Witch's house?
I'm out. You know how I feel about
that fucking faggot.
Shut up, damn cripple.
Take a right a bit farther along.
Don't get out or shut the door.
Fucking Witch!
-What did you do to Norma?
-What the fuck are you doing here?
Don't you know? What did you give her?
Don't play dumb!
-I gave her what you asked.
Yes, you, according to Chabela.
You idiot!
Don't be stupid. She's dying!
Easy, man.
She needs to tell us where the money is!
Come here.
What's with you?
What money are you talking about?
Do you seriously believe the gossip?
I'm more broke than anyone in this town!
You don't fool us, you damn faggot!
Quick! Let's get the cash.
Quick, we've got to open this.
Help me here!
Hey! Help me out!
Hurry up, man!
We've gotta take her with us.
We'll dump her in the bush.
If we leave her here,
the whores will find her. Let's go!
We'll come back for the money.
Okay, let's go.
You're crazy. What did you do?
Now where the fuck are we going?
Why did you bring that damn homo?
You'll get my van dirty.
-Stab her.
Put her out of her misery.
Forgive me, Witch.
Hi, Dad.
No, we're not asking for money.
I turned 20.
I just wanted to ask you
if I could spend a few days with you.
Hold on, Mom.
That's fine. Some other day.
What was that?
Why didn't you let me talk to him?
Where are you going?
Think you're a badass?
You against me?
-Okay now.
-Hi, good afternoon.
-Can you give me coins for this 200 bill?
-Sure, wait.
-Here's 30, totaling 200.
Now you'll see, moron.
I'll show you, dude.
Look, in case you lose.
I'll kick your ass.
Bring it on. I'd like to see that.
Give it your best.
Give it your best.
-Kick ass!
-You kick ass!
What the hell?
Let go, assholes!
Hey, queer basher.
Hey! Queer basher!
Look how your sneakers fit him.
-Look at him.
-He's talking to you!
-Hey, asshole!
I'm talking to you, queer basher!
Hey, look at him.
Forgive me, Mom, please!
Hi, beautiful.
Just look at you.
Jeez, fucking homos!
Look at those damn dogs making out
like the dogs they are.
It wasn't enough for them
to be there in their damn nursery.
Little boys! Fucking puppies, come here!
I'll teach you to be men.
I've got cash on me.
-So much love.
-Is he your boyfriend?
So much love.
Yes, he's his boyfriend.
-Screw you, assholes.
-You're badmouthing me?
-Come get it!
-His girlfriend is sure cute.
-I'll teach you to be a man.
They want a piece of this.
They say the heat is driving people mad.
They say hurricane season
is coming in hard.
They say bad vibes
are the cause of so much misfortune.
But you can rest assured.
Do not fear or despair.
Darkness doesn't last forever.
Have you seen the light shining from afar?
The tiny light that looks like a star?
That's where we must go.
That's the way out of this hole.