Husband Killers (2017) Movie Script

This way, boss! Be careful!
Come on, the car is outside!
Quickly, be careful!
Get her!
Yes, sir!
Sorry, you're too slow
What do you want'?
Your boss paid me to bring back your head
How much did that bastard give you?
I can't tell you, it's against regulations
I'll pay you double!
- Really?
- Really!
You won't break your promise, will you?
A promise is sacred, you don't trust me?
I've been married for ten years
My husband is good to me
He never cheated on me
He told me the importance of a promise
Thank you
- Still worried?
- No
What are you doing now?
Like I just said,
A promise is a sacred thing
I promised you that I'll kill your boss
But I also promised him that
I'd bring him your head
I gotta do what as I promised
Can you not use a nail filer?
Your boss told me to tell you
You promised to stand beside him for life
But you betrayed him
He wants to let you know that
There are consequences to breaking promises
Promises, are very important!
Fat Shing kep another 20k for himself
I'm gonna kill him!
Boss, here's your Mexican passport
and family photo
I'm going to Thailand with a Mexican passport
And looking like this?
I'm dead for sure
Kids, I'm so sorry
I won't be seeing you ever again
Get me some wine from the cupboard
How long have you been working for me?
About six months
Gotten a raise yet?
Not yet
Do you want one?
Of course!
The higher your ass, the higher your pay
Are you all checking out my ass?
Yeah, got a problem?
You scared the shit out of me, asshole
Your wife?
Your kids?
You're married with a wonderful family
And you're checking out other girls?
Because you're hot
Thank you, but I hate men who aren't loyal
My boyfriend and I have been dating for ten years,
he doesn't peek an eye at other women
Should you be punished for your disloyalty?
All this money belongs to me, okay?
I'll take the money and go
You'll be fine if you don't look at my ass, okay?
I hate men who are disloyal
Honey, Happy Birthday
Sweetheart, Happy Birthday
I'm really busy,
can't come back for dinner tonight
You can't come back for dinner?
Why is it a different colour?
This is David Chow,
I can't answer your call right now
Please leave a message
You're the other woman?
Can we meet?
Shit! Still not here yet!
- Hello?
- Hello? Where are you?
Sorry, I'm always late, please wait for a bit
No problem, I'm not there either
Just wanted to let you know that
I reserved a table by the window
Whoever gets there first, sits down first then
- See you later
- See you later, bye bye
I'm gonna shoot this bitch
as soon as she sits down
Bitch, I'm gonna blow your head off
Oh, we're in the same business
You're so much uglier in real life
Your husband should've chosen me
He didn't want to spend time
with you on his birthday
What are you laughing at?
I'm laughing because he didn't want to
spend time with you either
Why don't you shoot?
Why aren't you taking the shot?
I'm thinking of something
I'm thinking of something too
I wonder... who he's with right now
Did you find it yet?
Shut up, it takes time to load
I've never seen a mistress that's so stupid!
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about you!
Say 'mistress' again,
and I'll blow your head off
Mistress! Shoot me!
Lung Wah Hotel?
Having roasted pigeon?
My husband doesn't eat pigeon
He doesn't have to order it,
the tofu is famous too
It's a hotel, and there are rooms!
He's meeting someone there, you moron!
I just wanted to lie to myself
I can't believe he has another woman
What are you doing?
I'm gonna kill them both
A mistress killing another mistress?
Stop calling me that!
I've been together with him for ten years
and I didn't know you existed
Sorry, but you're still a mistress
I'm gonna kill that bitch
Either we go kill her together
Or you just go ahead and kill me now
Check in
What's your name?
Hermes Tong
A man already checked in
Really? How long ago?
About an hour
Need to use the internet?
No thanks
Sure, where's the restaurant?
I'm cooking...
No thanks
Do you like that girl?
You need to clean up if you wanna marry a girl
Much better now
Where is David Chow?
Let me check
Was he here with a woman?
A man?
Who would come to this kind of place alone?
I'm warning you
Get a room, or get out
Just get me any room
Why don't we just barge in?
Catching them in the act?
Thank you
I'm a woman too, I understand
Good luck
Why don't we just barge in?
Didn't you hear?
He's there alone!
The woman isn't here yet
Let's just wait it out
You're telling me to wait
until he starts having sex with another woman?
Let him go forward with it this time
It's gonna be his last time anyway
These are all the gifts that you've given me
I'm returning them back to you
Now we're even
- Out of my way!
- Calm down!
- It's none of your business! Go away!
- Let go of the woman
Stand right there, don't move
Drop your weapon!
Don't come closer, or else I'll kill her!
Calm down! Calm down!
Tell me what happened
She's cheating on me
I didn't
Let him speak, carry on
She's seducing my little brother
You're delusional!
She's also seducing the security guard downstairs
I didn't!
Stop pretending!
Listen to me, I have a boyfriend too
What does that have to do with me?
He also has other women
And he also has a wife
Because you're the only who
would lose everything by losing him
I agree with you
Shut up! Shut up!
But I stayed with him, and I still love him
Because if you lose him, you'll lose everything
Who would do such a thing?
That would be me, I swear!
I don't believe you
Call him and prove it to me
I'm on a mission, how can I call him?
- What's that sound?
- My boyfriend
How do you know?
This ringtone is exclusive to him
Alright, answer his call
I'll believe you if you answer his call
Alright, I'll answer
Use the speaker
It's me
Call me David, remember we had a date tomorrow?
Yes, it's your birthday,
and we're celebrating at Lung Wah Hotel
We're not celebrating there, we're breaking up
What? Fuck! Why would you do that? Fuck shit!
Fuck fuck fuck! Fuck you!
Are you okay?
Fucking asshole
How about you just let me leave?
FUCK you!
Honey, I love you
All men deserve to die!
Were you seducing other men?
Two of them?
It's not two people,
it's the same person
His brother is the security guard
So you did seduce him?
I said I didn't!
Convince me, and I'll let you live
The other day,
his brother came to our house to fix the pipes
I saw that...
he got all wet
So I got him a change of clothes
But he suddently turned into his security guard self
And asked for a service fee
We didn't have money,
so I asked if we can pay later
Then he turned back into 'brother' mode
and said he'd lend us money
I was overjoyed, so I hugged him
My husband saw it and said that I was seducing him
So were you seducing him?
I think you're lying
Then I guess I did!
Then you deserve to die
I hate people who cheat
I made you... some food...
Are you addressing my husband? That's disgusting
So is your sweetheart beside you?
None of your business
I'm here to kill the both of you
So it's definitely my business
I'm here to kill David, it's not your turn
You wanna kill David?
Did he dump you?
Oh! David dumped her
Bitch, don't laugh, I've had enough of you
I'm gonna kill you before I kill your husband
Alright, come on!
Who are you talking to? ls the mistress with you?
She knows your full name, misstress
Who are you calling 'mistress'?
I've kept away from you two,
and now you're messing with me?
I'm gonna come
and get you after I hang up
Who is she calling 'mistress'?
Whoever is angrier
A mistress does sneak around a lot
I do whatever it takes to win
Can I finish my cigarette?
I have some
There's no light
It's inside
Here you go
Take it to hell with you
Thank you
What are you doing?
Nothing, just finding somewhere
to put your cigarettes
In the movies, an assassin always saves one bullet
To kill their target, or to commit suicide,
is that true?
You believe that shit? It's bullshit
I don't have anywhere to put your smokes,
here you go
And you said that movies were bullshit
I didn't leave a bullet, I left a grenade
Are you trying to intimidate me?
Try me
Here you go, take it to hell with you
FUCK you!
What's up?
Where are you?
You think I'd tell you?
I thought we were gonna have a duel
This topic is getting boring,
I don't wanna talk about it anymore
What's the big deal?
We're just chatting
Are you bored?
I'm busy, I'm carrying a gun
in one hand and a phone in the other
We're just chatting, why are you so angry?
It's 'hot as fuck', why would you talk'?
It's hot as fuck, why would you talk'
Does your husband say that a lot?
What are you talking about?
Honey, let's have a chat
It's hot as fuck, why would you talk
Do you like to chat after having sex?
Of course, who doesn't?
Some might say that it's 'hot as fuck',
and wouldn't talk
I'll chat with you tomorrow
Damn it! What else did he say?
'Why are we changing positions?'
'It's so wet, how do I put it in my mouth', etc.
But you don't wanna talk about it
I'll put a hands-free device
on the fire extinguisher on the 5/F
Come and get it
FUCK you!
Then... don't get it
I'll expose everything your husband
said on instagram and hashtag you
Don't you fucking dare
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Al Fresco cafe
Al Fresco cafe
Show me a picture
Show me a picture
Not as dumb as I thought
I've been there before
The tiramisu is good, why don't you order it?
The tiramisu is good, why don't you order it?
Are you setting me up?
Are you getting it or not?
If not, then I'll post it up on lnstagram
Do you know why it took me so long?
Why? Menopause? Arthritis?
I found a romance charm
on my husband this morning
I just flushed it down the toilet
I wonder if it's yours
Give me your wallet
Keep it in there forever
I'll get you a career charm
Bitch, keeping tabs on me?
Fucking bitch, you flushed it down the toilet!
- Bitch!
- I'll love you for ten thousand years?
You're quite greedy
The ink is gonna dissipate!
Yes, it is
If you try and get it now
There might just be a few years still there
Or else, there won't even be a year left
What do you think'?
Nine thousand years...
Eight thousand years...
Seven thousand years...
This bitch is luring this bitch up here
using 'hands free' device
This bitch is trying to get this bitch
to leave by using a charm
Looks like these two bitches are quite something
The key is whether this bitch
will listen to that bitch
Five hundred years...
Four hundred years...
How can it go that fast?
That sounds about right to me
Ninety years...
Fucking great!
It's all dissipated, fuck you!
I'll call you when I connect to the hands free
Bitch, I'm gonna shoot your fucking womb out
There's still one left, better be careful
Why does she have the earrings that David got me?
Shit! My wife is coming home, go!
Want more rice?
Why is there an earring on the ground?
Do you remember how I proposed to you?
You said you'd take me out for a drive
But when I got on, I felt something on the seat
And it was the ring
Our anniversary isn't until next week
You're using these tactics already?
Why is there only one?
You'll step on to the next one soon enough
You're a bad romantic!
Baby, I wanna...
It's 'hot as fuck', maybe later? After dinner?
If I shoot the bitch in the head
Her blood will mess up my earrings
What's happening?
You're messed up
Impressive, I thought the explosion would kill you
How could I die before you?
Let's cut the shit
- Meet in the lobby!
- Okay!
Hey, what's going on?
Okay, calm down... calm down
Mom, what do we do? She's causing trouble?
Just let them be, they're not affecting you
Where did the bitch go?
It's you
I should've shot you in the head in the elevator
Is this yours?
This looks fun, having a family meeting?
It's 'hot as fuck', why talk now?
Shut up!
The wife is angry, sorry
And there's an audience
Don't move, bullets don't see people
Are you kidding me?
What are you looking at? Make a move!
Aren't you gonna run out of bullets?
I told you so
She ran out of bullets, get her!
You guys are out too, come in and fight!
This shit is wild, I'm getting a boner
Few decades ago,
this was a place for cheating husbands
But business is bad now
Look outside, there aren't any customers,
just an old man
That's why I wanted to meet you here
Nobody will know what happened here
Did you turn on the GPS like I asked?
Those two should be on their way here
What about the SDU chick?
I did as you're told,
and dated her here for my birthday
She'll be here soon
Do you have any other special requests?
No, I just want them to disappear from
the face of the earth
So we can do whatever we want?
No problem
Awesome, little brother! We have games to play
Can I go now?
Sure, remember to transfer the cash
Of course
Sorry, I know it's unorthodox for me to ask
But I am a woman after all
So I have a question for you
What is it'?
They all love you
Why do you want them dead?
Because I've met a fourth
And she wanted me to clear my previous debt
before getting together
Is she rich?
No, she's very rich
That's fucked up, but I'll do my job
- Big Po
- Yes
Old fucker, we need some water!
Are you okay?
Do you want her to be your wife?
Mother will take her
to the ceremonial hall with you
What about these two?
Do whatever you want
Impressive, you're still conscious
Do you wanna leave?
I'm actually a good guy, I'll let you leave
Go ahead
Hottie, the front door is locked,
use the back door
But I'll just give you one minute
I need to get myself ready
Because I'll rape and kill you after one minute
Cut it!
Help me out!
Homes, where are you'?
You think I'm stupid?
Hey, asshole
Get up
Miss... you're so beautiful
My son wants to have sex with you
FUCK you!
Not 'fuck me'... he's gonna fuck you
S&M? I like it!
Are you okay?
Why do you seem like you're okay?
I think I blacked out?
What are you laughing at?
We wanted to kill each other,
but now we're escaping together
Then don't die too soon,
because I'm gonna kill you when we get out of here
Okay, I'll be waiting
And the ceremony begins!
First bow for the heavens and the earth
Second bow for the sacred halls
Third bow... are you gonna do it?
We can have tea after the ceremony
- Mother, have some tea
- Good boy
Miss... miss... just do as she says
Mother, have some tea...
Don't move... mother, have some tea...
Don't move...
Little Po, bring your wife upstairs
And fuck her!
So you like to play hide n seek,
I'll play with you
Plumbing fluid!
What the fuck do you want'?
I need to disinfect you
I don't want you to get infected
And make my son dirty
Son, do it
Do you remember how?
I've taught you many times
I forgot...
Answer me! I'll kill you if you don't!
You're thirty and you don't know how to have sex?
Who's gonna take care of you when I'm dead?
Who's gonna take care of you!
Yes, and then?
The thing I use to pee... put into where
she uses to pee... Then I'll take a piss...
Okay, good boy, good boy
Yes, just remember
Are you okay?
I'm okay
Just helping you out, calm down
It hurts
Why would my husband like someone
with an attitude like that?
He liked me for two reasons
One, I'm better than you
Two, you're not as good as me
If you were better than me,
then my husband would've divorced me long ago
Well at least I'd talk to your husband
when it's 'hot as fuck'
That's the only reason he'd have sex with you
He'd have sex with me even if we don't talk
Which means I'm better
That's right, you only have one position
David, it's all good,
why are we changing positions?
I'm right, why change positions
when it's all good?
Will you suddenly change your seat
when taking a bus?
Don't touch me, this is serious business
He's not dead yet...
Men deserve to die
Don't come near me!
Is that the 'westerner' yelling?
How do you know she's a westerner?
Stay the fuck away!
She's speaking English, she's gotta be a westerner
- Go away!
- Just put where you piss...
- Get the fuck away from me!
- Into where she takes a piss...
Where's my son?
Your son?
- He's dead
- He's dead...
Why say that about yourself?
There are two guns here
One in my hand, and another in my son's pants
Which one do you think is gonna shoot first?
Did the fucker wear a condom
when you guys had sex?
- Your boyfriend... did he wear a condom?
- No
Sorry, what about you?
I'm his wife, of course he didn't
That makes sense
I was married to him for ten years,
we wanted kids
But we couldn't get pregnant, not even once
What are you thinking?
If a tens of millions of sperm can't hit me
I don't think a few bullets will hit me
- Calm down
- Three...
- Think about this!
- Two...
- Come on! We need to prepare!
- One...
I was really scared
when I first became an assassin
My mentor asked me
if I wanted to have kids
I said, of course,
every woman wants to be a mother
And then he said to me
The pain level of a bullet wound is 8,
but childbirth is 1O
Us women aren't even scared to have kids
Why would I be scared of getting shot'?
I've read in 'Sisters' magazine once
That every woman is like red wine
Spending her whole life looking for the right cork
I thought I found mine, but I found out that
The wine cork
didn't just belong to me
I've been mad at the other red wines
But I realized that, it's not the red wines' fault
It's the cork that has been fucking us all
You normally don't let me do this, mother
GGI up!
I'm hungry, get up and cook something for me!
Mother, don't waste the grape juice,
I wanna drink it
Mother, get up... get up now
I'm hungry... make me some food
9 out of 10 guys are assholes
The one left behind is an idiot
Can you get up, mistress?
Hey, help us out
Two misstresses
Will you look for David?
My time isn't for wasting
You're looking for David?
No way, I'm already looking for other guys
What about you'? It's more tricky for you
Marriage and divorce are both a sheet of paper
One is signed together,
the other signed apart
Where are you headed?
- To the city
- It's on the way, I'll drop you off
I don't want to be on the same way as you
Let's go our separate ways
How can I help you, madam?
Do you have a customer here called Michelle Lee?
Sorry, we cannot divulge client details
Maybe I'll let my manager speak with you?
Ma'am, there's a police officer
asking for information
What is wrong with society nowadays?
An assassin can become a cop?
I have a delivery from the Virginia Company
The package is for Miss Michelle Lee?
What? Your boyfriend proposed?
How did he propose to you?
He booked the presidential suite at the Mr. Cowden
The most expensive hotel?
Shut up, let her speak
We had dinner together,
had a little bit of wine
And then...
We were in bed,
and then came the most important part
I took off his pants
Guess where he put the ring?
And then he asked if I would marry him
If I did...
Then I would retrieve the ring with my mouth
Did you get it then?
How was it placed?
There was a silk bow
What about you?
I'm married, and I have kids
Boy or girl?
Boy and girl, I've got twins
Feeding them must be expensive!
Not really, I breast feed them
People say breastfeeding will turn your pink lady
into a black woman
Let's see... let's see...
Come on! It's not that black
But... it has gotten a little bigger...
Your 'sauce plates'?
Pot lids?
Go to hell!
You guys will be like this some day too...
But my husband says that
This is a place to feed our kids,
so she doesn't want to play with me...
What kind of man wants to suck on a pot lid?
Hey, let me clarify, it is not a pot lid
It is... a lid for a cup
Stop teasing, Oreo...
Who is Oreo?
So you're Oreo, and this one...
Stop it...
What about you? You didn't say anything yet
It's been troubling recently
About what?
I'm being chased by two guys
One's a rich guy, and one's really talented
I don't know which one to choose
Why not both?
Both? Really? For sure?
Have you ever been in a shop
and you have your eyes on two bags...
Which one will you choose?
You'll get both of them!
- That's the point!
- It's that simple...
Didn't you say you were gonna settle
the score three years ago?
I couldn't find him three years ago,
but I'm settling it today!
Don't just look, it's just like shopping
Too bad if it's out of stock,
but if it's in stock...
What about you?
I said we'd divorce,
I didn't say I wouldn't kill him
It's time!
- Mchelle Lee?
- Yes?
After you get married,
you'll stay with your husband
For better or for worse,
because you're about to encounter the worst
We're not married yet
Please let us go
It's up to you
Thank you... thank you...
Hey, when did your fiance propose to you?
Don't be scared, I'm just asking
Three years ago...
There are 365 days in a year,
did he propose every single day?
It was my birthday
That day was the day we almost died in that hotel
That bastard proposed to you on that exact day
Don't come near me! My dad is a powerful man!
I don't need to bring my luggage to the airport
I'm allowed to slap my mom when I'm drunk
Were you the one who put the hit on us?
Yes, it was me, so what?
Whoever messes with my boy toy needs to die!
Bitch! I'd be married if it weren't for you!
I'm lucky that my man trusts me and listens to me
What do you have against me?
One's a mistress, one's infertile,
and another is a slut
Eat shit!
Is she dead?
You scared her to death
I wanted to hear her out
Go eat shit!
You're the asshole, huh?
What are you saying?
Long time no 'C'
I'll go first
I found out you had a wife
after being together for three years
And that you had a girlfriend after five years
You know that I loved you,
why did you wanna break up with me?
Don't you think you deserve this?
Say you're sorry, and I'll forgive you
You don't wanna say it?
So you can't say it then
I hate people...
Who are disloyal
- Take over!
- Okay, thank you
A couple of years ago,
I saw a dress that I really liked
But the cashier told me that it was out of stock
So I decided to wait,
which ended up to be ten years
In these ten years,
I didn't even look at other dresses
Guess what kind of dress I had my eyes on
A wedding dress?
Wedding dress? I've tried it on, it's unlucky
At least you've worn it once
But I found out that the dress was never in stock
You lied to me
You've stolen ten years of my youth
I feel like a spinster who's been trapped inside
a haunted house for a decade
I suffered a lot of emotional trauma
It's really difficult trying to forget the trauma
while being in my new house
See how shitty you've made the new house?
You're the haunted house,
and my boyfriend is the new house
See how shitty you've made him feel?
He's really good to me,
should I do something for him?
Oh sorry, stop yelling, I've saved up my energy
Forget it, I hate men who are disloyal
- You're done?
- Your turn
It's 'hot as fuck' today, why don't we have a chat?
You'd like that, won't you?
You're not saying anything?
Really, nothing?
Then I'll start talking
Do you know why men should never lie to women?
Because even if you lie accidentally
You'd have to try your hardest to hide it
from her forever
But if she found out the truth
You'd die a horrible death
Men should have integrity
Do you have a light?
I do
Hey, if you're a guy watching this film
I hope you seriously get the message of this movie
Stop talking in English, let me speak
Let me tell you, if you offend women
We won't let you off easy
You're right, a woman's heart is made of glass
If it's broken, it can't be glued back together
It's really cracked
I told you we won't let you off easy
- It's a pretty big explosion
- What do we do now?
Let's go, nothing more we can do
Come on, let's go
Aww, it's cracked... goodbye!