Hush (1998) Movie Script

Who did you bring home last year?
- I didn't go home last year.
- What about the year before?
I'm not the first girl
you ever brought home, right?
Jackson! Oh, God!
Oh, no!
This makes it worse.
You never told me it was like this.
It's a farm. There's a mortgage.
It's no big deal.
My God!
- Some farmhouse you've got here.
- Watch your step on the ice.
Come along. Don't be impressed.
- Hush, you'll wake her up.
- I'm sorry.
- She's put you in the guest room.
- Bummer.
- Where are you?
- Across the hall.
- Well, it's her house.
- It's a Catholic thing.
- Come on.
- No way.
I'll sneak you back
before she knows.
An angel in the kitchen
and a devil in the bedroom...
Now that's what I like in a man.
Oh, my God!
I am sorry. I thought you were
in the other room.
I am. I just came in here
this morning... to say hello.
I guess I'd better hurry up
and be embarrassed.
- I thought you were Jackson.
- Yes, I could tell.
- Please forgive me.
- No, I just...
- Well, hi, I'm Helen.
- Of course you are.
I'm Martha Baring.
Welcome to Kilronan.
- Thank you. Oh, boy!
- Where is that son of mine?
I don't know,
but I'd like to find him.
So would I.
So much for first impressions.
You enjoy his breakfast.
I look forward to seeing
a lot less of you downstairs.
Oh, my God!
You show a lot of promise
for a city girl.
- Thank you. You're a terrific liar.
- Well...!
- Mom, the place looks great.
- Only when it's covered with snow.
It's been hard this fall,
but that's too depressing.
Let talk about our week. I made
some plans. I hope you don't mind.
- We can't stay the week.
- Of course you can.
We have to leave
right after Christmas. I'm sorry.
- Darling...!
- We have to leave on Wednesday.
Of course, if you have to leave.
I just thought maybe...
Well, never mind.
Look at the time.
We have to get back for church.
- Go on. Go after her.
- She misses me.
I made a better impression
with my clothes off.
You look great. You look beautiful.
I love this house, Jackson.
There's something about it.
- I suppose.
- Maybe it's you.
- How me?
- Where you're from. Who you are.
The architecture of a life.
- Pretentious?
- Just a little.
Look at you.
You're putting me to shame.
Do you think
this is too much for church?
No, not at all.
I envy your confidence.
Are you sure?
I did bring another one.
I'm just worried you'll get cold
in that freezing old church. Here.
- Oh, it's broken.
- It's just an old catch.
I'll have it fixed.
- Are these your parents?
- Yes.
- And where are they this Christmas?
- They died... a long time ago.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Okay, you can stop talking about me.
Let's go.
Go ahead... Please, go on.
I love the scarf.
"And the angel came to her and said:
The Lord is with thee."
"And you will conceive in your womb
and bear a son."
"The Lord God will give him
the throne of his father David."
"His kingdom shall be without end."
- Hello, Father.
- Jackson, the prodigal returns.
Baring and Son, back in business.
You've made your mother very happy.
I've been happy
since the day he was born.
Does everyone think I'm moving in,
or is Madge just a trial balloon?
I put an ad in the paper.
I didn't,
but I guess my hopes were showing.
You want me to work this place,
but my job's in New York.
- You don't love that job.
- Helen's in New York.
That's mighty inconsiderate of you.
Steal away my baby boy.
Why can't you just be sensible?
Leave your life, your work,
your friends, -
- and move in
with a controlling old woman.
- Bake bread and shovel horse shit.
- You're not that old.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
Don't let Madge spoil our Christmas.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm lost.
I'm looking for Kilronan.
Back thataways.
The tar road.
- Second on the left.
- Okay, thank you.
Tell Mrs. Baring
I'll bring the birds by later on.
Merry Christmas.
- Where've you been?
- I'll tell you about it later.
- You cleaned up? I'm shocked.
- It must have been my mother.
She does all this with no help?
The help never stays. She doesn't
give them anything to do.
I caved in.
We're staying for New Year's Eve.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, -
- six, five, four, three, -
- two, one... Happy New Year!
Happy New Year.
- Still love me?
- I'll love you, dear.
I'll love you
till China and Africa meet...
...and the river jumps over
the mountains.
- Did you have a good time?
- It was a great party.
I'd say it was a triumph.
Short-lived maybe... never mind.
- Here's to you, my darlings.
- Good night.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Oh, my God! Jackson!
You're right, you do make a better
impression with your clothes off.
- All ready?
- I think so.
I almost forgot.
I had it fixed.
You shouldn't have.
- It's perfect.
- Well...
- Now I've gone and set you off.
- I'm not so good with goodbyes.
Well, you just go on then.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, baby. You take care out there.
Last flight.
- I know, I haven't fixed it yet.
- You are so punished.
- No sex.
- Not again.
Oh well, be it ever so humble...
Home, sweet home.
- How was the vacation?
- His mom was great. He was weird.
It's being around their mothers.
It's all about the breasts.
Men are always talking to their
shrinks about their mothers.
And women always talking to their
shrinks about their mothers-in-law.
Like mine.
I'm not joking. You'll see.
Wait, you marry the guy.
The mother is his problem.
We've projected to complete
that phase within 16 months.
This new triple-E glass
is non-reflective -
- minimalizing visual impact,
optimalizing, if that's a word -
- energy conservation
for both heating... and cooling.
The 60% glass...
You're home early. Are you okay?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean?
I'm pregnant.
This is where you're supposed to go,
"Are you sure?"
It seems my diaphragm is broken.
- Marry me.
- Oh, Jackson...
I think I lost my job today, too.
I barfed on Gavin.
You said you wouldn't get married
unless you were pregnant.
You're pregnant. It's settled.
I love you.
Marry me.
Is that a yes?
- Are you sitting down?
- Don't tell her I'm pregnant.
- What is it? Tell me.
- Helen and I are getting married.
- She's pregnant, isn't she?
- How did you guess?
Mothers know these things.
Where is she? Is she there?
- Hi, Martha.
- Isn't this the best news ever?
A baby...
and a wedding, too, I suppose.
When will it be?
We'd better hurry, hadn't we?
We could have it here at Kilronan.
- We were thinking of City Hall.
- We were?
May the Lord bless these rings
as a sign of your fidelity and love.
What God hath joined together
let no man put asunder.
By the power vested in me
I now pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
- You look lovely.
- Good luck, Helen.
- Hi, congratulations.
- Thanks.
Hey, how are you holding up?
- I'm dying.
- So Helen...
- Who's that?
- I don't know.
- What?
- She got him back.
- Who?
- Your new mother-in-law.
- You never showed for lunch.
- Were we supposed to?
You could come visit me
at the home for the near dead.
Your mother-in-law said
you had bigger fish to fry.
Alice Baring.
I'm Jackson's grandmother.
I'm sorry. Hello, she never told me
we were supposed to have lunch.
She wouldn't.
You have to be so careful of Martha.
That's why I invited myself. I'm the
only one left on his father's side.
Let's see the handcuff?
- It looks familiar.
- It belonged to Jackson's mother.
I gave it to her...
that was before I knew her better.
- When are you due?
- How did you know that?
You can't be stupid breeding horses.
It takes knowhow and control.
One man to help the stallion.
One to help the mare.
One to hold the tail,
and one to finesse the situation.
Now Martha, she can manage
all that by herself.
Alice! What a surprise!
I didn't think you could make it.
Yes, wasn't it lucky?
I just followed the catering trucks.
Why don't you come with me?
They want a picture of you two.
- Take your damn hands off me.
- Oh, Alice.
One word
and I'll slice you wide open.
- You got that, pretty lady?
- Please, don't hurt me.
- My very pretty lady.
- Please, I'm pregnant.
I know where you live.
Don't you forget that.
Very close call.
- You told him you were pregnant?
- Most men run when they hear that.
Bad joke. I'm sorry.
- You take care and get some rest.
- Okay.
I can't get his voice
out of my head.
- My God! I can't go!
- Look...
And I changed the locks.
Are you okay? You sure?
You're going to be all right.
Honey, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
- How did you get in here?
- The super let me in.
Hello, darling.
Hi, good to see you.
You're sure you're all right?
- He took my locket.
- Oh, no!
With the picture of your parents?
Darling, I'm so sorry.
The land alone
is worth more than this.
It's a developer.
You know, golf course and houses.
They'll have to tear out
all the barns, the paddocks.
Turn the pastures into fairways.
Country Club and Estates.
Can you imagine?
Two years ago we were offered
three times this much.
Then, it was a going concern.
The oldest horse farm in the county.
- Where are you going to go?
- I don't know.
I've never been anywhere else.
Look, Jackson... I can't run
that place all by myself any more.
And if you can't help...
...then you've
got to let me sell it.
I'm going to get the coffee.
- Does she need your permission?
- It's mine, all of it.
It was left to me, not to Martha.
How long do you think it would take
to fix up Kilronan?
Renovate the stables, the stock
is down to nothing... maybe a year.
- Make it attractive to a buyer?
- I'll run some projections.
- Why don't we do it?
- I will, in the morning.
No, I mean
why don't we do the whole thing?
What do you mean?
This could be a great opportunity.
You could do the horses
and I could do the house.
There's two mortgages.
They'd fall all over themselves
to loan you money.
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
I just don't know.
Maybe we'll fall in love
with the place and want to stay?
- What about my mom?
- What about her? I like her.
- What about the baby?
- My God! What was I thinking?
Deprive my child
of the wholesome family values -
- of a New York City childhood.
The dirt, the noise.
Who could want more?
Let's talk.
I need to tell you something.
You know my father died. What you
don't know... is it was my fault.
When he fell?
Honey, you were seven years old.
I was hiding under the stairs.
My parents were arguing.
There was this woman,
Robin Hayes.
My father was leaving us
to be with her.
My mom stormed out
and my father went after her.
I charged in to save her.
I went straight into him.
He stumbled back
and lost his balance.
The doors were open
to the basement stairs...
...and he went down.
I was screaming. It seemed like
forever before my mom heard me.
She'd been pulling the boards off
the old shed I had for my kittens.
She came in.
She had this look on her face.
She was still holding
the nail puller and the tool basket.
She dropped them
and they made this loud sound.
Then she... hugged me tight.
And said it was just an accident.
She did.
I hated him for the affair.
The way he hurt her.
But I still... him.
You've been living with these ghosts
for so long. You should go home.
We should. Face all those ghosts.
Live in the home that you loved.
With your mother...
...and me... and our daughter.
And our daughter? Is there
something you're not telling me?
I guess my hopes are showing.
It runs in the family.
- Congratulations, Mr. Baring.
- You've done it.
Dear God, thank you
for bringing my family home at last.
- What happened to you?
- Don't ask.
- Here.
- Oh, God.
How do you really think
Helen is doing?
- What do you mean?
- She just seems so...
...delicate and fragile.
I worry about her.
Every woman is different, but...
Hell, I don't know how to say this.
Sometimes during a pregnancy...
Turn around, honey.
How to say it?
Sometimes during a pregnancy...
...making love is uncomfortable
physically and emotionally, too.
- Did she say something?
- It's...
I just think you should
keep your distance a little.
Mind your own business.
Oh, my God!
Are you all right?
I brought you some tea.
It's herbal. Lemon verbena.
Very relaxing.
It's almost like a drug.
I'm surprised it's legal. Here.
- You gave us quite a scare.
- There were so many.
It's the poison.
They go up into the rafters to die.
It's painless, but it does
leave a lot of bodies around.
- God!
- It's over now. You just relax.
I feel so strange.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I know exactly how you feel.
Your muscles ache.
And your skin is so sensitive.
And your mind...
that just goes haywire, doesn't it?
you are a lovely young woman.
You just remember that... matter what
Jackson may say or do.
Men can act strange during
a pregnancy. Sexually, I mean.
My husband was devoted to me,
but while I was carrying Jackson...
I think we'll be fine. I just think
we need some time to ourselves.
Of course.
- You will see Dr. Hill tomorrow?
- You know I don't want an amnio.
Jackson was not my first pregnancy.
- You had a miscarriage?
- No.
We discovered some abnormalities.
It was the right thing to do.
She would have been
just about your age now.
But I had to terminate
that pregnancy.
- What abnormalities?
- Never mind.
Go and see Dr. Hill. It's important.
- Good night, darling.
- Good night.
Would you send Jackson up, please?
- How is she?
- She's fine.
She just needs a little time alone.
What's going on with her?
You just have to be patient.
Come on,
I'm going to buy you a drink.
It seems your husband is the only
one getting any sleep around here.
I tried to wake him, but he's gone.
Farm work will do that to you.
- It's more than that.
- Are you two having problems?
He's been different
since we've been down here.
- He never got over his father.
- He's not the only one.
But then Jackson and I have always
had each other to lean on.
I don't have to tell you what
it's like to lose someone you love.
Well, I was very young...
but I know.
- Here's to accidents... fuck 'em.
- Amen.
- He'll bring $500,000 in stud fees.
- Are you kidding?
- Breeding is everything.
- Martha says you've been so weak.
- I hope you don't lose that baby.
- Look, there's old Alice.
I didn't think
she got out much, any more.
- Helen, come and join us.
- Alice is here.
- I don't see anyone.
- I'm going to say hello.
- No, I forbid it.
- Excuse me?
She's just a crazy old woman.
She doesn't deserve your attention.
I haven't been forbidden to do
anything since I was five years old.
- What happened? Are you all right?
- Yes.
- You gave me such a scare.
- Why did you yell?
- What the hell happened?
- She walked in front of the horse.
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- Is it near the baby?
- No, it's at the other end.
What's this I hear
about you having the baby at home?
It's a romantic idea,
but too much can go wrong.
Besides, I can't have you young
mothers cutting into my income.
Dr. Hill, who told you that I wanted
to have the baby at home?
Of course it was her.
It's so invasive.
Is this my baby or is it hers?
She knows him socially.
But why is she telling him things
that I didn't say?
She's just trying to be helpful.
Give her a break,
it's for your own good. Isn't it?
Yes, it's for my own good.
She's right...
...and I'm always wrong. Thank you.
What took you so long?
Go on, spit it out...
you didn't come here for the food.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Please do.
You told me to be careful of Martha.
What did you mean by that?
You mustn't pay any attention to me.
I'm incompetent,
didn't she say that?
And incontinent.
Sort of unreliable at both ends.
Here, girls.
I feed them the whole pharmacy.
Heartburn, ulcers, blood pressure.
They're immune to everything now.
The oldest living Confederates
in America.
There you are, girls.
Here's the thing. I don't
have anybody here to talk to.
Well, I'm kind of busy right now,
but I believe I could fit you in.
Ever since we moved back here...
...Jackson is becoming
more and more distant.
Distant from you, closer to her.
- I think that...
- That you're losing him to Martha.
You're right.
Why don't you say what you mean?
- Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
- She was a stable girl.
- She was?
- Shovelling horse shit.
Not that I hold that against her.
I admire her ambition.
She got herself pregnant.
She got a husband and a son.
And a fine family name.
And now she's breeding herself
a grandson, isn't she?
She never loved my son Jack.
All she ever wanted was that baby.
After she had it,
she put my son out to pasture.
She took Jackson and poisoned his
mind against his father... and me.
- She'll do the same to you.
- I think she already has.
She made a beautiful widow,
Martha did.
So much more attractive
than a divorced woman.
- Was Jack going to leave Martha?
- Nobody leaves Martha.
Believe me.
You bring Jackson to visit me.
I'll tell him the truth
about his father.
I'm his blood...
...and I love him.
You tell him that.
Dr. Hill, this is Jackson Baring.
Have you seen Helen?
Helen, where have you been?
We've been so worried.
- Am I not to leave the property?
- She just appeared, Dr. Hill.
Just tell us where you're going
so we know where you are.
- Good night, Martha.
- Good night, dear.
She's your grandmother.
She wants to see you. Come with me.
Just go to sleep.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
Mrs. Baring, it's been a while.
Alice will be so pleased.
- Where is she?
- She's having her steam treatment.
Go on in.
Martha, what a surprise.
Go to my room. I'll be right out.
- Who pays your bills here, Alice?
- You do, with the money Jack left.
- Is it cheap here?
- I don't know...
Cheap is something
you'd know more about than I would.
- Is it cheap here?
- I suppose not.
You suppose right.
And what is the only thing
I have ever asked of you in return?
What is it?
That you stay away from my family.
That's all you have to do.
Is that so much for a mother to ask?
What did you tell her?
What dirty little lies
did you tell her, Alice?
Answer me.
- Answer me.
- I am. You can't see my finger.
Isn't time a terrible thing, Alice?
And look what happens.
Are you going to behave, Alice?
There's something I've wanted to
tell you since the day you arrived.
You always smell of horse shit.
Damn you, Martha!
You stay away from my boy!
Do you understand?
I'll take that as a... yes.
Goodbye, Alice.
She wants a little more time.
She says it helps her joints.
- I'll give her five more minutes.
- Make it ten.
- We can't go on like this.
- Like what?
I don't know what's going on
between us and your mother...
I'm trying to be respectful of that,
but it's very difficult.
I just... I love you.
I really love you and I think we
need to be supportive of each other.
Soon I'm going to be a mother...
and I need you.
Even with modest bookings we should
soon be getting positive cash flow.
You mean sell?
Mom, look...
I can see Helen's not happy here.
I want to take her back to New York.
I'm not blaming you.
I'm not blaming anyone.
I love her. She's my wife.
I want her to be happy.
Things have been tense
between Helen and me.
But I want you to know...
it's been all my fault.
It's hard for two women
to share the same household.
I can see that my ways bother her
and I'm truly sorry about that.
But one thing I do know...
We both want
that horse to win this weekend.
Helen and I will pack everything
for my little grandson.
Listen, darling,
your first responsibility is to her.
She's a wonderful girl
and I love her.
Are you surprised your old mother
can be a human being?
Well, yeah.
But the truth?
I'm sorry to leave.
Don't be.
That wife of yours needs to go...
where she belongs.
- Franklin.
- Martha.
Do you know
I was just thinking about you.
That's nice.
This is not strictly by the books,
but could I ask you about Helen?
She's so filled with anxieties,
I don't know what to do.
It's all those books
on pregnancy she's reading.
She's got it in her mind
that first babies are always late.
If she's a week or two late, it's no
problem. We can induce right here.
Oxytocin brings on contractions
within 24 hours.
- We use that for horses.
- Yes, it's exactly the same.
Whatever it is, we got the cure.
It's not like it was in our day.
Can you believe it?
Me a grandmother.
No, I can't.
Tell me, is it a boy or a girl?
You'll get me into trouble.
I just want to get the colour right.
You know I hate yellow.
- What colour do you like?
- Well...
Blue was lucky for me 25 years ago.
Why don't you play your hunch then?
Bye, Martha.
Don't worry. I'll be here packing.
- Are you sure you want me to go?
- I want you to go and win.
Then get your ass back here
as fast as you can.
It's more than three hours away and
you want to get there before dinner.
Come on, you lovebirds,
he's already in the van.
Goodbye, baby. Good luck.
You take care, both of you.
I'll be back tomorrow night.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It won't be long before Kilronan
is everything it ever was.
- Kind of a shame, isn't it?
- What is?
That we won't be here to see it.
- Hey!
- And the same hey to you, darling.
You're looking even lovelier.
I've brought you something.
Kind of a head start
on baby pictures.
This'll be a big hit around here.
These nuns love a foetus.
- I came to say goodbye.
- Hello and goodbye?
- We're going back to New York.
- Good for you.
You're well rid of that woman.
Jackson shouldn't have come back.
That was my idea.
I thought he had to come back
and face all the ghosts.
He still blames himself
for his father's death.
No, his daddy fell on a tool that
was lying at the foot of the stairs.
One of those things they use
to pull nails out of boards.
He landed on it just wrong
and it crushed his sternum.
It was in all the newspapers.
Doctors commenting right and left.
A bizarre happening.
Jackson must accept that.
Be careful, now. When Jack told her
he was leaving, she turned demonic.
I can see that.
She strikes me as the jealous type.
What possible reason could she have
to be jealous of Jack?
Didn't he ever tell you
about Robin Hayes?
Jack and Robin? Walk me.
These old farts shock easily.
- What?
- Oh...
I was just remembering
when I had Jackson.
I thought that pain
was going to rip me in half.
How stupid of me.
Oh, Honey... here.
Let me get you some dessert.
- I'm tired. I'm going upstairs.
- I made it specially for you.
It's strawberries, your favourite.
Indulge yourself. Go on, take it.
You deserve it.
- I think I'll take it up to bed.
- Yes.
Go on. That baby needs
all the rest he can get.
Or she.
- Or she.
- Good night, Martha.
Sweet dreams.
Tender around that joint.
I'll wrap it.
My God, I am heartily sorry for
offending thee. I detest my sins.
Most of all because
they offend thee, my God -
- who sent me a daughter-in-law
from the land of the Moabites.
I will go with you, she said
and your people will be my people.
She laid on the threshing floor and
did as her mother-in-law instructed.
And she conceived a son.
And God said he will be born
and renew your life.
He is born of your daughter-in-law
and is better than seven sons.
You understand, don't you?
This is for him...
... and the precious baby who has
no one to protect him from her.
Hey, are you kicking me again?
He is weak... my son.
I am his strength.
Are you hungry?
And God said let the woman
of emptiness become full.
And you who are most worthy -
- shall take the child to your
bosom and become its mother.
And the women neighbours
will give him a name -
- saying, a son is born to you.
To you.
I firmly resolve to confess my sins,
do penance and amend my life.
- No, no...
- Helen!
You bad girl, you!
You found me out, didn't you?
- I saw a light.
- Is there no stopping you?
What is all this?
What are you doing?
It was my surprise for you, honey.
- Surprise?
- I set it all up like this.
It's for you. I was going
to ship it up to you in New York.
I just thought the presentation
would be so vivid.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right, honey.
We can still show it to Jackson.
- Won't that be fun?
- Yes.
- Are you all right?
- I'm just tired.
Let me take you back up to the house
to bed. You've no shoes on.
- Wait.
- What is it? Is it the baby?
- Could I have some water?
- We're almost at the house.
I need some water.
All right, I'll be right back.
Howdy. What can I do you for today,
my pretty lady?
Pretty lady...
I know where you live.
My God!
Just trying to be friendly, darling.
What on earth are you doing?
Do you think you're some alley cat
dropping your litter by the road?
The pain is terrible, isn't it?
Darling, I can feel it myself.
I can feel what you're feeling.
- My God, help me.
- I wish I could.
Believe me, I wish I could
give you something...
...but I can't.
You just have to go through it...
...and feel it deeply.
Then you will never forget
what your child means to you.
I'm begging you.
This is the big one, isn't it?
I've put a couple of C-notes on him.
I sent a buyer up to Kilronan
the other day.
Martha told him you were staying.
She did?
It's almost over. Breathe, darling.
It's okay, you're all right.
Breathe, Helen.
Jackson, I was hoping it was you.
- Of course everything's all right.
- Can I talk to her?
She's right here, just a minute.
- How did the morning workout go?
- Jackson!
- Great. He's running well.
- Did you draw your post position?
Yes. Can I please talk to Helen?
Jackson, I'm losing you.
I can't hear you any more.
You're doing good.
Push a little bit harder. Push!
- Push!
- I am pushing, you bitch!
They're at the post.
The flag is up.
One last time. Push down.
Push, Helen, push!
You can do it. Come on, push.
I can see it. Oh, my God!
It's coming. Push, Helen.
Push, Helen. Don't you quit now.
My God! It's a beautiful little boy.
He looks just like Jackson.
- What a beautiful boy.
- Give him to me.
Mama's going to get you
all cleaned up.
No, Martha, give me my baby!
I'll love you, dear.
I'll love you
till China and Africa meet...
...and the river jumps over
the mountains.
Helen, you're losing so much blood.
Look at the mess you've made
of my linens.
I really wanted us
to be a family together.
Really I did... but I don't know
if that's possible any more.
It's a pity... but you were so weak
during your pregnancy.
And you would insist on having
that baby right here at home.
I did my best, you know I did.
Of course, you won't remember it
that way, will you?
You'll tell them all sorts of things
about me. Make up stories.
It's dangerous to take
more than just a drop of this.
Jackson and I will raise that baby
the way he deserves.
I'm home.
You'd have been proud.
I'll be right there.
I've been calling and calling.
It's a boy.
He came so fast.
I had no time to call anybody.
Your wife was so brave and
so strong. She needs to sleep now.
You have no idea
what she's been through today.
- Don't you want to hold your son?
- Is she okay?
Helen's doing just great.
You come with me. We've got to give
this baby boy his first bath.
She's fine. She just needs to sleep.
Hey, Mom.
You can't sleep in this chair.
Go to bed. I'll keep watch.
Thanks, Mom... not a chance.
I want to be here when she wakes up.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
I don't care about kinks in my neck.
Your wife and baby are going
to need you at full strength.
- Thank for seeing her through this.
- To bed now.
I won't take no for an answer.
Shut up, Mom.
Quit while you're ahead.
Good night.
Hi, Mommy.
Want to meet your little baby boy?
This is your mommy.
- How are you feeling?
- Okay.
- Where's Martha?
- I think she's asleep.
She said you really went through it.
- Thank God she was here.
- Yeah.
Honey, will you do me a favour?
- Ask her to make us some breakfast.
- You're hungry... that's good.
If you need anything,
I'll be downstairs.
There you are... Daddy.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- You've been outside.
- I was looking for something.
- You really ought to be in bed.
- I feel wonderful, Martha.
I slept so deeply. It's like
I was drugged or something.
- It's like 20 years passed.
- It has.
- We just forgot to tell you.
- Great.
- What's in the bag?
- This thing I found in the barn.
Those eggs smell good.
- What?
- What yourself. What's the mystery?
This is such a happy day. I don't
want to bring everybody down.
Come on, Baby, don't keep us all
in suspense. What's in the bag?
It's one of those things
that killed Jackson's daddy.
- I'd never seen one before.
- What are you talking about?
Jackson has a son of his own now.
He's got to let go
of all those old ghosts.
I had to find one of these things.
Now I'll bury it in the ground,
so it never harms this family again.
- I know that sounds hormonal...
- My father fell down the stairs.
It wasn't the fall that killed him.
Downstairs, your mama found
that he had fallen on this thing.
It was a freak accident.
It was even in the newspapers.
He fell on something
at the bottom of the stairs?
Helen's right, this is not the day
we should be talking about this.
Yeah, he fell. He fell on this.
There must be lots of these
laying round a place like this.
- What are you doing?
- Whatever do you mean?
That's how Jack died. He fell
with inconceivable precision.
This tool killed him as surely as if
it had been smashed into his body.
- You were working on that shed.
- How could you remember that?
You were only seven.
I remember particularly you
holding that when you hugged me.
When you dropped it, it made
this really loud clanging sound.
Why are you doing this?
Trying to tear my family apart.
- You lost your own parents...
- Mom, she wasn't...
She's not fooling anybody.
Do you know what she's implying?
If I did hold one of those things,
it wasn't the only one we had.
You remember that day.
You remember the fall.
That fall
could have killed anybody who...
Martha! No one's implying
that you killed Jack!
Lots of wives have affairs
and don't kill their husbands.
- My father was having the affair.
- No, he wasn't.
Robin Hayes was a wrangler that
Martha was having an affair with.
Alice told you that, did she?
That's just the kind of twisted lie
Alice would invent.
Now your wife's trying
to use it against me.
I just talked to Robin Hayes
half an hour ago.
- Would you like to speak to him?
- No!
Robin Hayes died last year of a
heart attack, one you didn't cause.
You just couldn't bear to let
a happy family be, could you?
We were so close
to being happy, Jackson.
Here's how close we were.
- She tried to kill me last night.
- That's a lie.
Your father was leaving.
That's why she killed him.
She made you think that you did it -
- so that she could bind you to her
for the rest of your life.
I want you to throw this lying bitch
out of my house.
Yeah, there's already one of those.
- You'll never prove anything.
- She doesn't have to.
- Jackson, you can't...
- Shut up!
Everything about you is a lie.
This place and everything in it
will be sold.
You will never see me
or any member of my family again.
But I did it all for you.
You are not my mother.
You did this. You tricked him.
You got yourself pregnant.
I know what you're after.
You want my farm, my land, my boy!
You want to take everything I have.
Don't you see what she's doing?
She wants to be me.
So long, Martha.