Hustle 3 (2023) Movie Script

(Calm piano music plays)
Man, I've run these Baltimore streets, bro.
It's just, it's just what it is.
Half these motherfucking
clown ass snake niggas
around this motherfucker.
They respect my hustle.
But they fear my
motherfucking iron, you feel me?
And look, man, I always
had to fight for motherfucking
position out here in these
motherfucking Baltimore streets
for crack game.
Shit, man.
I started thinking about it, man.
I love this shit, man.
I'm built for this shit, dre.
Don't shit else matter, man.
You're becoming a motherfucking legend
and making paper in
this motherfucking streets.
And I do whatever it takes
man, to make that shit happen.
So all I want to know is my nigga,
is you with me or you against me?
My nigga, west.
You know I'm always down bro.
Good, that's what I want to hear.
Look, I'ma hook shit up.
I'ma get you to go drop some weight off
to motherfucking shorty and nickel.
I'ma get you go slide a couple kilos
over to lotto and big Mike.
And we gonna keep that shit moving, man.
Trying to get this hustle three rocking.
No doubt. Let's go. Aight?
(Smooth old school hip hop beat plays)
You should have popped that nigga.
Yeah, I wanted to kill his
dumb ass too, but we couldn't.
Once I heard who his brother was,
I realized that's that new niggas
that Mr. Carter been fucking with.
And my guess is Mr. Carter
don't know smoke got hit.
Hope they didn't that shit was us.
That's gonna fuck our shit up, nigga.
Yeah. Calm down. Calm down.
I'ma handle it, aight?
I'ma ask around and see who
clipped that bitch ass nigga.
What you want me to do in the meantime?
In the meantime, I want
you to lay low, stay outta sight.
Aight? I'ma put my ear to the street
and make sure that we good.
We don't want niggas shooting at us, do we?
Aight, I'ma go move Leo again.
Make sure we good.
Move his dumb ass.
That's smart.
- I can go pop that nigga.
- Kill him?
- Yeah, man. Kill him.
- Fuck no.
That's leverage, lotto.
Move him? Yeah.
Aight, make sure he stay put.
And then you lay low
and stay outta sight. Aight?
- Aight.
- I'ma get up with you.
- Always us.
- Never them.
Man, sup shorty?
Ain't shit. What it is, my nig?
Ain't shit, man what's going on with ya?
- I can't call it.
- Man, look at you.
Got the glasses on and shit. (Laughs)
Hey but look man, on a serious note.
Man, I know my brother took that nigga out
after I hit him, man.
You serious, bro?
We hit that nigga at the same time.
Alright, alright.
Only way you can figure that shit out
is if you worked for CSI.
Man, listen, you see this bitch?
I was gonna put the laser beam on it.
Yo, this shit already
aimed to kill, you hear me?
Okay, I'll let you have that.
But I don't give a fuck who killed him.
We still splitting this bread.
Man how much you get anyway, man?
Talk to me, yo.
- 20,000.
- Shoooo!
- That's 10 apiece.
- Ooh, shit!
Damn, yo. That's easy money.
Yo, we need more hits like this, man.
It's time to eat.
My cousin said that's a one time deal.
But this connect we going
meet, going make us fucking rich.
Man, you know I'm with it man.
We gonna go ahead and
get this money. Yeah man.
Hey look, stay dangerous,
man. I'ma get with you.
So baby
let me take you for a ride
out into the night
turn off all the lights
find our paradise
I'll take you for a ride
(Door slams)
- There's yourself Mr Carter.
All right. Did you press
up on goose like I told ya?
Yeah. He doesn't really know anything
about any murders on this block so,
I don't think you have to worry.
Well good. Cause we don't
need that hit coming back on me.
Don't wanna start an all-out war.
Look, we gonna have to lay low for a while,
but we gotta keep product moving.
And here's a little something
to keep you inspired.
Oh, so you going to count
the shit right in front of me
like I'm not a man of my word?
I don't trust no one.
(Door slams)
- Bitch.
West. I want you to keep
an eye on that pig, Reed.
He's starting to get a little greedy.
(Smooth R&B music continues)
I'll take you for a ride
out into the night
turn off all the lights
find our paradise
I'll take you for a ride
Four hundred, five hundred, six hundred-
- shorty, the fuck over here?
Look, I'm not looking for no trouble.
Look, you need to tell
me what I need to know,
or this gun gonna go off.
I don't know nothing, I swear.
I just started working this block for west.
How close can you get to west?
Only meet him once.
I'm cool with dre, that's how I got on.
Yeah. So look, I need you
to do some listening for me.
West got my brother Leo.
Aight, now I know you loyal
you to this motherfucker.
But trust me, shorty.
West ain't no nigga to trust.
Look. I'll try and find out something.
With me being new, I
don't have access to west.
Look, let me let you know on something.
West love money. That's
how you get to west, okay?
You make money. Aight?
How can I get some money fast?
Look, when you get your
call for your re-up, meet me.
I'ma take it off your hands, okay?
You take that money back to west hella fast
and I mean hella fast.
He'll be right there when you need him.
I'll get it done. But
just do me a favor. Man.
Don't come around this block.
I don't know who watching me.
Fuck outta here, shorty.
(Gun shots popping)
Look at me, take a
picture, it'll last longer
the mirror on the wall
say I'm getting stronger
and yo the mirror don't lie
and yo the mirror don't lie
look at me, take a
picture, it'll last longer
the mirror on the wall
say I'm getting stronger
and yo the mirror don't lie
if you want the truth,
don't close ya eyes
Aye west, this cee cee.
I'ma need you to call me, it's important.
Check this out.
This the product we moving right here.
And you gonna take care of it.
Goose, I'm not feeling that.
First you got me dropping off money
now you want me to move weight?
- Look.
- This is moving too fast.
Don't start that shit.
I move weight for us.
I need you on this.
And I heard my brother
got hit by some niggas, man.
I'm tracking them motherfuckers down.
You hear me?
So again, I need you on this.
Tell me you gonna hold me down.
Wait a minute.
- Your brother got hit?
- Yeah.
Smoke got hit.
I mean I ain't for sure,
but that's what I heard.
So I'm moving different
while I find these niggas.
And when I do, it's lights out.
Why you just telling me about this now?
They can be out there
looking for you, me or the kids.
- Man, look.
- No!
Did you even stop to think about this?
Quit fucking worrying.
Nobody's gonna come within two feet of you
without me knowing about it.
So trust me, we good.
I got goons surrounded.
Man, trust me.
- We good.
- I trust you.
Baby, I trust you.
Aight, well good.
How my motherfucking train go out?
Aight, good. All we need to do
is keep recruiting good runners
to help us move this shit.
And remember, this what you wanted, Regina.
Keep it in the family.
Aight, let's go now. It's time to eat.
I'm with you baby.
I'm about to go drop some work off to Al.
Take this, set up a cup of ounces.
Aight, nothing too big, just a few ounces.
So we can get ebony set up.
All right, I got you babe.
Drive safe. Be good.
(Old school hip hop jazz music plays)
(Old school hip hop jazz music continues)
Things are getting messy out here.
We need to settle down and
be smoother.
How? When they coming
at us with so much disrespect?
Don't worry. I got Fredo out there.
He's checking on things,
get us closer to Mr. Carter
and his little actions.
Hey. You got Fredo out
there running all our moves?
You sure he can handle that?
What you mean by
that? I raised him right.
I built this empire on loyalty.
That includes you and Fredo.
So you get those thoughts
outta your head, okay?
And you just concentrate what you gotta do.
Look, I'm sorry.
He's my brother and all.
But sometimes blood can be disloyal.
Well I know my son and I know you.
I have no worries about either one of you.
So you just concentrate
on tracking down Leo
and you let me handle everything else.
All right.
I see what I can do.
And I need you to do this for me.
I need you to be safe, not in harm's way.
- Okay.
- Aight?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
You be safe out there. And
let me know what you find.
- Son.
- Yeah?
You do know I love you. I
just want you to know that.
Love you too, pop.
(Door slams)
Cee cee.
Man, what's up with you, man?
What's up, baby?
You ain't talk to west?
Nah, what's up.
Man, I've been leaving
him hella messages, man.
I seen some foul shit.
Yeah? I'm supposed to
get up with west tomorrow.
What's popping though?
Man, that new bitch sway,
I seen her talking to Brice.
I don't think west gonna like that shit.
And dre definitely gonna
feel some heat about it.
Yeah, that definitely
don't look good for dre.
But look, let me handle it, aight?
- All right.
- I'ma put lotto on her ass.
Keep tabs and that way
I'll know her next move.
I mean so what you saying,
just let her stay on the block with us?
Business as usual.
Cee cee, business as usual.
That way she don't know shit, right?
- Right.
- Yeah, you right.
I'll keep that shit low key.
Keep the product moving.
But if I see some foul shit,
I'ma definitely let you know about it.
- Yeah.
- Perfect. Let me know, aight?
All righty.
I'm gonna get up with you
when I get something else off.
- Aight, one.
- One.
That's what I was talking about.
Ain't mean to surprise you, west.
But, you got a few minutes?
What the fuck y'all niggas want, man?
I got shit to do.
Nah, you done doing
shit for the day, west.
You getting sloppy. Real fucking sloppy.
Y'all call yourself threatening me?
Y'all don't wanna fuck
with a nigga like me, bruh.
Ain't no threats, only questions.
So west, do you know
who put the hit out on me
to kill my brother?
Look, if I knew something,
it aint my motherfucking
story to tell, bruh.
And for one, I ain't no
motherfucking rat, my nigga.
So whatever ya niggas
came to do, man, let's get to it.
Let me do him. Let
me do this motherfucker.
Right here, right now.
Let me fucking do him.
If you bout that shit
youngster, let's get to it.
We all can fucking go.
It's whatever.
Ain't no need for violence.
You the motherfucker
that pulled the trigger.
Come on. Say it.
We can handle this like real soldiers.
Ain't playing no games.
And I'm the fucking soldier, west.
Like I said Perry, I ain't
got shit to do with it my nigga
I'll see you later.
Let's tell your motherfucking boy,
you better stay strapped, my nigga.
(Thuds against door)
Who the fuck is this
this time of morning?
- You up?
- Hell no I'm not up.
That's too bad. We gotta
get this product moving.
Sis, you ready get this product moving?
Yo, warn me next time, man.
I almost capped yo ass at that door.
That's too bad. Look we gotta cook,
we gotta cut, we gotta
get this bag shipped out.
Let's get this moving.
Sway, what the fuck is y'all doing?
Bitch, get yo ass back in
the motherfucking bedroom.
We out here handling grown man shit.
You gotta eat too, right?
- Yeah you right.
- Right?
Aight, so check this out.
Go back in the motherfucking bedroom,
and I'll be in there when I'm finished.
Okay, just make sure when you done,
you come handle this.
Fuck up a sac, I get it back
I had to get up and get off my ass
I get the work and I move it so fast
I used to spend it now I let it stack
fuck up a sac, I get it back
I had to get up and get off my ass
I get the work and I move it so fast
I used to spend it now I let it stack
yeah, on my son I be running the stove
I got some dough
I let it go, I get it sold
my prices low
I got some money but I want some
yeah, on my son I be running the stove
I got some dough
I let it go, I get it sold
my prices low
I got some money but I want some mo
there go the real for thrill
don't walk in, you know
that I'm with that shit dro
aint got no kilo,
speedo, stachy, hibachi
don't give me the top
there aint no shit
there aint get nobody
I don't flop, better
don't get on they job
there aint no shit
there aint get nobody
I don't flop, better
don't get on they job
man the dro got me so gone
I know I'ma doze off
I got on designer from head to toe
I'ma test if you low-ball
y'all know I don't know y'all
I might get a changer so let 'em know
fuck up a sack, I get it back
I had to get up and get off my ass
I get the work and I move it so fast
I used to spend it now I let it stack
fuck up a sack, I get it back
I had to get up and get off my ass
I get the work and I move it so fast
I used to spend it now I let it stack
yeah, on my son I be running the stove
I got some dough
I let it go, I get it sold
my prices low
I got some money but I want some
yeah, on my son I be running the stove
I got some dough
I let it go, I get it sold
my prices low
I got some money but I want some mo
I got some money but I want some mo
I got some money but I want some mo
I got some money but I want some mo
I got some money but I want some mo
Goose, hey. Let me
get a minute of your time.
Yo who the fuck is y'all niggas?
Y'all niggas know me?
Better watch how you talking homie.
Shit get ugly around here real fast.
Nigga, what's up, nigga?
You think you the only one holding nigga?
What's good?
Hey, hey. We don't
need any aggression, okay?
What we need is some answers from you.
And I'd appreciate your-
- first of all, who the fuck is y'all, yo?
What's your name, nigga?
I need to know why
you're looking for my kid Leo.
He's missing and we've been
looking for him, now you are.
And I wanna know why.
- What, Leo your son?
- Yeah.
Aight, well look man,
I don't know your son.
What I did hear is my
motherfucking brother got killed.
I'm starting to think
all this shit connected
to why your son Leo disappeared and shit.
All this shit got something to do with
your son Leo disappearance, man.
Look boss, I don't trust this nigga.
He lying. His ass on the line.
Who the fuck is you pointing at, Joe?
Nigga, fuck I gotta lie to you for?
Aint gotta make shit up.
I stand behind my shit.
And if I did do anything
to you motherfuckers,
your son, anybody, we wouldn't
even be talking right now.
What do you know about my son?
Man look,
I think the same two
motherfuckers that grabbed me up
took me to this old ass
house out in Dundalk and shit.
Asking me why the fuck I'm
asking about your son, Leo.
I'm thinking them motherfuckers
got something to do with all this shit.
How these niggas look?
I don't know. They was masked up.
Both of 'em.
But I tell you one thing,
they was tall as shit.
Two giant tall motherfuckers,
like 6'5" or more.
Well I don't know those gentlemen either,
but I have a proposition for you.
I'm listening, what's up?
You find my kid, there's
a million dollars in it for you.
And I'm going to give you big city block.
You can carry out your business.
No worries.
My word on it.
A million dollars?
A million bucks
and your own place.
- So you Mr. Sparks?
- I am.
And you're Mr. Goose.
Aight, you got a deal.
I'll find them motherfuckers.
Good. Thank you.
Don't be popping up at
my house and shit either, Joe.
Sup, Joe?
What's up, nig?
How you feeling?
Man, so how we looking, man?
I'm ready to take off.
I'm still trying to figure out
what's the smart thing to do.
Know we got that work for Mr. Carlton.
That shit ideal, man.
I feel you. But we
can't stop our shit for that,
you know what I'm saying?
I'm trying to take this to the next level.
I hear you.
But like big Mike said,
we don't need west on our ass right now.
And I know you bout that murder game.
But west on some different shit, fam.
Man, why everybody so
scared of this motherfucker, man?
Man, you want me to take
care of this clown or what?
Ain't gonna have to worry about west.
Yo, won't be that simple.
This nigga got the whole
fucking Baltimore in his pocket.
One thing about information,
that bitch travel fast.
And he always seem to get it first.
So just chill and play our position.
We got this shit.
Look man,
I'ma play my position
til I'm tired of losing.
Then I'ma go back to where I know best,
and that's taking shit
over for me and my crew.
Ya know mean?
So don't get comfortable
with this bullshit, man.
I'm out, man.
Aight, my nigga.
Niggas trying to make their own moves.
(Chill relaxed vibe music plays)
We need to get some more weight
and get it quick before
niggas take our spot.
What you mean, take our spot?
Don't nobody even know
we getting money, bro.
Nigga, that's your problem.
Niggas is always
watching and plotting, blow.
But if you stay 10 toes down, we good.
I got this breezy that
know some heavy hitters
and she's setting shit up for us right now.
You sure?
She's solid?
You know how bitches
be setting niggas up, bro.
And I ain't even with that shit, bro.
I'm good.
I'm laying that shit down right.
Whatever I say or whatever I need,
she got me, straight like that.
Make sure bro.
You know how I feel
about hitting a bitch, bro.
That shit don't set too
good in my mental, bro.
Nigga, relax.
Look, we gotta go check on the crew anyway
to make sure shit running right.
Yeah, say less.
Bet. We'll make that move,
I'll catch up with shorty later
to set up the meeting with west.
And we outta here.
(Car engine revs)
(Chill relaxed vibe music continues)
Hey, welcome to being a detective.
I'm gonna be showing you the ropes.
Thanks for having me.
I'm so ready to get started on these cases.
All right, well pace yourself.
This is a marathon, not a sprint.
All right. There's only a
few crews running Baltimore
so we work smart, we work quietly.
Keep that shit to a minimum.
So who's the big dogs out here?
Like, who's at the top of the list?
Well we got Mr. Sparks,
he runs the east side of Baltimore.
We got Mr. Carter running
the West Side of Baltimore.
And his partner west is
one deadly motherfucker.
So you watch your back with him.
Oh, for sure.
I get it. No dumb moves.
I just need to learn what
you know, and I'll be just fine.
And that's the way it works around here.
Keep your ears open,
keep your hand on your gun,
cause these crazy
motherfuckers will kill anybody,
cops included.
I didn't know it was that serious,
but I'll stay focused and sharp.
Well, it is what it is.
Let's go get some breakfast. You're buying.
I'll teach you some
more about these hustlers
in these streets.
Cool. I'm all ears.
And this food better be
on point cause I'm starving.
Yeah, it's the closest
thing to perfection
you're gonna find around here.
(Stringy R&B beat plays)
What's up, man?
What's up with you?
How everything looking out here?
Shit pumping. What's good with you?
Nigga, I'm trying to get at these niggas
who snatched me up the other night.
Motherfucker talking about
my brother got hit up and shit.
You heard anything about that?
Nah I ain't hear shit about that.
Let's go handle this shit right now.
Nigga don't you know that
shit'll already be taken care of
if I knew who these niggas was?
I don't know who these niggas is, man.
But trust and believe I'm on that shit.
As soon as I find these
niggas, they dead nigga.
Man, lights out.
Okay, so did you find us a
new spot to branch out on?
No doubt, no doubt.
I got motherfucking Al set
up on hoffa road and shit.
Everything should be
jumping over there by now.
I'm gonna go check on it later on and shit.
All right, well shit, I'm
ready whenever you ready.
Keep me posted on them fools.
I'm waiting to pop a nigga.
Yeah, but let me get up with you, man.
I got a couple more runs
before I go check up
on Mr. Carter and shit.
You be good out here. Be safe man.
- You too man.
- Hey, and keep that
motherfucking hammer
on you at all times, dog.
- It's real out here.
- Got you.
(Old school hip hop jazz beat plays)
Shit getting fucking crazy out here.
We gotta get a handle on things.
Trust me.
Just let the heat come my way
and I take care of everything.
Perry been sniffing around
trying to find out who put that hit on him.
And that shit's gonna fuck up business.
Man, fuck Perry!
I'll tap his ass right now.
Mr. Carter, just gimme
the motherfucking word.
I'll take care of that shit.
Look, we don't need
need any more slip-ups.
So you stay calm and
let me figure this shit out.
No bodies.
Mr. Carter, that's what I do.
I handle shit for you.
So let me fucking handle it.
Listen something else I
need you to take care of.
I need you to find out who
my daughter has been seeing.
Keeping her out late at night.
Not coming home.
She tell you who this nigga is?
You know where I can
track him down or something?
Nah, just that he's a good provider
and she feels safe with him.
Think my daughter's in love.
This motherfucker.
I'll check it out, see
when I can find out.
And get it back at you.
We meet up in a week.
Oh shit, if it ain't that nigga, Swif.
- What up, fam?
- What's good, bro?
That's the nigga I've
been telling you about.
Where the fuck you been at?
Yo, you know I had to hide out.
Shit got way too hot after Leo disappeared.
Yeah, that shit was crazy though.
But Swif, this my man lotto.
He been holding shit down with me nigga
since you been on vacation and shit.
- What up bro?
- What's good nigga?
But hey look, crew's way
stronger now that I'm back.
That you back?
Did you holla at your uncle yet?
Hell no.
But I know he been trying
to get in touch with me.
I ain't really had too much to say to him
so I just stay gone, you feel me?
Yeah I can dig it.
Yo, make sure you check in
before you come back out here though.
I don't want that shit
falling on me and lotto.
You still scared of that nigga west?
You not, nigga?
Fuck no! West works for my uncle.
Not the other way around.
And I already told you this.
Yeah, you wasn't saying that shit
when he had that shotgun
to your head, though.
But yeah, good seeing you.
We gotta get up with you.
I don't like that nigga, cuz.
Who, Swif?
- Yeah.
- He's solid, bro. Ya hear me?
He the one who put me on.
I just don't trust him.
He on the same ground as us, bro.
Look, he about to be back out.
Keep eyes on him.
- Aight.
- Aight, that's a bet.
- Let's get outta here.
- Word.
(Old school hip hop beat plays)
Dark as hell.
This the spot when you
do that to a motherfucker,
leave a nigga right out this motherfucker.
Night night. Aint never find that nigga.
Then the whole thing about
motherfuckers ain't spooked.
Niggas aint gonna chance
that shit coming back at 'em.
You already know what
type of shit a nigga into.
Have a nigga saying,
ain't you papi? (Laughs)
Niggas think it's late, no joking.
The store up here, in the creases.
This little nigga here can go, right here.
(Car beeps)
Is that because I
don't have a seatbelt on?
Safety first, right?
Oh, get this seatbelt around my fat ass.
Aight, we're straight now.
So how you liking your first day?
You know, same ol', same ol'.
Oh, I'm sure things are
gonna get a little different.
This is, it's not the same
as doing street duty.
So how do you deal with it?
Well, let me tell you this much.
Alcohol is gonna want
to be your best friend.
Try not to let that happen.
There the police, too
fuck, we was right behind him.
Take it easy. Don't even worry about 'em.
Black nigga with a nice car.
They going fuck with you. Shit!
Yo legit, ain't nobody worrying
bout them motherfuckers.
You ain't dirty, are you?
Nah, you good?
Yeah, I'm good.
Yeah, I aint worried about them peoples.
I mean, everything good in the car so
I aint even tripping about them.
Let me pull over for these fag bags,
fucking pigs, bitch ass niggas.
I'm good all around, I don't care.
Wait a minute, hold on, hold on.
These young ass-
who the hell is this
driving this fancy car?
What do the tags say?
Is that, what is that?
Oh, DC tags.
They probably ain't supposed to be here.
Yeah, we definitely
need to pull them over.
I know they got some damn drugs.
There's a little cross
over the yellow line.
That's enough, don't you think?
Yeah. Let's go ahead and pull them over.
Oh, they weren't
hearing all that, were they?
I'm gonna need you
to shut the engine off.
(Car dings)
Saw you guys weaving
quite a bit back there.
Gimme your license and registration please.
My bad, officer.
Let me see your hands, sir.
I'm moving slow, my man.
Don't get trigger happy out here, man.
I'm real happy to put
one down real quick.
So watch yourself.
What's wrong with your mans over there?
Why is he all aggressive?
We don't got no drugs
or nothing illegal on us.
You do know black lives matter, right?
He's always like that.
Especially when there's new people in town.
And may I ask exactly what
you're doing here from DC
in a high crime area?
Dude, fuck you.
We ain't doing nothing illegal,
so we can go when we wanna go.
You got a lot of mouth on you.
How about I shut it the fuck up.
Washington, just be cool.
We're just a little unsure
about how the rules work here in Baltimore.
You check in before you
come into this town next time.
I got you, check in.
It won't happen again, right freeze?
Yeah, I guess.
All right. Here's your ID.
Need you guys to turn around,
take your ass back to DC
until you can learn to follow protocol.
You got me?
Thank you, officer.
Mm hmm.
Have a good night, boys.
Good night.
Shit crazy.
(Suspenseful music plays)
(Suspenseful music continues)
(Car door pops)
Who the fuck are you?
Look, I'm Regina.
Look, please don't shoot me.
Where the fuck is goose at?
And I better like your
motherfucking answer, bitch.
I don't know.
I was just told to come don't here
and drop this package off
to ebony, that's all I know.
You bitch.
You let goose know that
we hired him to run our shit.
All that little side shit he doing,
Mr. Carter don't like no snake ass nigga.
Look, I swear, I'll tell goose, please.
Just let me go.
Aight, you let goose know.
I'll be in touch.
And when I come back
next time, shit better be right.
Or it's gonna be click
and motherfucking boom.
You hear me?
- Gimme that shit.
- Please!
(Woman cries)
Yeah, Mr. Carter.
I sent that fucking message for you.
Loud and motherfucking clear.
Look at me. Do it look
like I wait on niggas?
Where you been?
Where I been?
You know I be out in these
streets making these moves.
What you think?
With who? Lotto?
Yeah lotto.
You know me and my
brother be handling shit.
What's up with the third degree? Huh?
I just got in this bitch.
Yeah, yeah. How you
making money being small time?
I mean your brother cool and all,
but you need to hit up Mr. Carter
and start making big time money.
Small time?
You wasn't saying that shit when
you were spending the money
was you?
Yeah, I'm gonna get up with Mr. Carter.
And me and lotto, we
got some big shit coming.
You chill with all that.
You need to take west's spot.
That nigga don't deserve it.
But instead, you moping and crying.
Start doing. Cause this shit right here
is getting old and tired.
Oh, you tired of me?
Yes I am tired of you.
You tired of me?
Let me show you why
you don't get tired of me.
Baby mom, what's up baby?
You said I was gonna be safe, goose.
Miss you, look at you looking all good.
Look, you said I was gonna
be protected. What happened?
What? What you talking bout? Come here.
No, listen! I'm talking about today.
I went to go see ebony like you said,
and this guy jumped in my
car with a gun to my head.
Who was this motherfucker? Did you see him?
I don't know. I didn't see him.
He had a mask on his face.
This shit happened today?
- Yes.
- What time was it?
I don't know. Whatever
time I had to meet ebony.
These motherfuckers
stay motherfucking around.
I got a idea what's going on.
Don't worry about shit.
I'ma take care of this shit, aight?
Baby, look at me.
I'm gonna take care of this shit.
I just want you to lay
low for a minute. That's it.
Aight, while I figure this shit out.
I got a idea. Dont worry.
They wanna fuck around.
- Look goose.
- They fucking with my family.
It's all good. I got 'em.
Look, I don't think I can
do this anymore, goose.
It's getting dangerous out there
and we gotta think about our boys.
I know. I got you, look.
Tomorrow I'ma go see west.
See what the fuck going on out here.
But don't you worry,
I don't want you worrying
about-let me do the worrying.
I got this. They wanna fuck around.
I know what's going on. It's all good.
Look, goose. I need you to be safe.
I'm good.
I'm good. I got something for 'em.
Please believe me. And
I got something for you.
For all this inconvenience, here look.
That's us.
That's a sample of us.
You shitting me?
Hell nah. When I ain't here
you think I'm on here bullshitting?
It's never a game.
That's you. Do what you wanna do with it.
You feel better?
Smile girl. I'ma take care of this shit.
Throw that fat ass on me.
(Slow suspenseful music plays)
When I said show up alone,
I didn't think you were gonna come.
We've known each
other a long time, Carter.
I'm not worried one bit.
What's this all about anyway?
I'm old.
And I'm tired of looking over my shoulder.
We need to have a discussion
about each other's lanes.
East side has always been sparks family,
and we plan on keeping it that way.
I understand.
And the West Side has
always been Carter's territory,
and we intend to keep it that way.
But you and your sons
have been crossing the line.
West and his boys are setting things up
where they know it's the east side.
Now Carter, I send
messages that are very clear
and very loud.
Are you threatening me?
I hope not.
Cause I'd hate to show
you what I'm made of.
And I mean that most sincerely.
I'm not hearing anything
that makes me want to stay.
You're wasting my time.
Good day.
And I'll be ready when you are.
I need a message sent.
How shit working for us out there, baby?
Man, I ain't come here
to talk about that shit, man.
I'm hearing some personal shit.
Some shit we need worked out.
Work that shit out, nigga, I'm listening.
Hey, look man.
My motherfucking wife Regina,
I had her helping me
motherfucking move some work.
Some product.
And some motherfucker
put a gun to her head,
and took the fucking key from her.
You know anything about that?
Seem like me and
Mr. Carter problem is a little bit
of your problem and your punk ass brother.
Look man, tough shit
don't work on me, nigga.
Nigga, I'm built for this shit.
Obviously you don't get it.
Nigga, that shit with
my motherfucking lady,
I think that's a whole
motherfucking different space
that you don't wanna cross into.
My nigga, look.
We already fucking crossed
into that space, my nigga.
So what I want you to do,
is to carry your ass on out there
and make sure you get that
motherfucking shit moving for us
before somebody get fucking hurt.
And I mean fucking hurt.
So this how Mr. Carter
does business, huh?
Y'all just fuck motherfuckers
over? That's how y'all do?
Aight. We see how we playing it now.
It's all good.
Nigga, that's how west do
motherfucking business, nigga.
Look real now. It's getting
real motherfucker, right?
Yeah, whatever nigga. Aight.
You take your ass right out there
and make our motherfucking money.
And be on time when
it's time to pay us, nigga.
- Yeah.
- Be out. No doubt.
They will be running
nigga, please believe that.
Want me smoke that nigga?
Not right now, he's getting business.
Let's go.
Trey, what up cuz?
Shorty, what the fuck is
going on right now, man?
Cuz, what you tripping on?
Someone's been running their
mouth about that goddamn hit.
That wasn't me or my crew
and I put that on everything.
Someone's lips are loose right now.
I need you to fix that
shit before it gets ugly.
I'ma check into it.
But I know my peeps
on that loyal shit heavy.
Plus they know what I'm
gonna do to 'em if they did.
Look, west cannot
find out any of this shit
or we all fucking dead.
That's why I picked you for that job
because you keep shit solid.
I got you.
He ain't gonna find out shit.
You hit my phone you
find out anything, okay?
Aight, bet.
Cuz, chill go get some pussy or something.
Yo, where you at?
Hit me when you get this.
(Heavy bass hip hop beat plays)
Hey, what's up mom?
Hey son, what's up?
I ain't seen you all day.
Yeah I've been with the
fellows studying for finals.
That's what I'm talking about.
You better keep your head in them books.
You talk to your father?
Nah, I text him but, you
know, he ain't text me back.
It's all good.
Well you know, he putting in
those long hours at the shop.
You know he gets home late,
go to bed, he's sleep.
Next thing you know he
get up early, he out the door.
Yeah, it's no biggie mom, I understand.
You know I'ma go lay
down. I'm a little tired.
I got finals and everything
in the morning so.
- Well Nicholas.
- Yeah?
You know your father loves you, right?
- I know.
- Just have to do
what he has to do to to provide
and survive for this family, that's all.
- Okay?
- Aight.
- Talk to you later.
- I love you.
Love you, too.
Got a minute?
I don't talk to pigs.
Well good thing I'm not a pig.
I'm detective Washington,
new to the crime division.
And what that's supposed to mean to me?
I told you we don't talk
to police around here.
Brice, right?
Maybe, all depends on.
I read your files.
First case to come across my
desk is a must-know criminal.
Look bro. Cut all that
psychological bullshit.
Y'all ain't nothing but
a bunch of little punks
that got bullied in high school,
middle school and elementary school, bro.
Outta here.
Well that wasn't me, Brice.
See I'm cut from a different cloth.
I was you.
Running, gunning in the street.
But then I manned up.
And became a cop so I could
take down dudes like you.
Dudes like me?
What you mean dudes like me?
You not even on my level yet.
Can't fuck with me.
Go back down 83, sit at your desk
and push that pencil or something.
So you Mr. Untouchable, huh?
Maybe I am.
Well in due time, we'll see,
Mr. Jackson.
Can I leave?
Oh, I forgot.
Tell your brother west,
I'm coming for him too.
Aight man, whatever.
West my brother now.
You coming for him, you
coming for me. I got you.
Okay officer. Have a good day.
Yo man, that bitch was fat as fuck.
- Yeah, I seen.
- God damn.
- Fellas, what's up?
- Oh shit, what's good.
- What's good?
- Looking good.
Y'all niggas let me
walk up on you and shit.
Slipping and shit.
Nah you tripping, man.
Yo, we been waiting on you all night, boss.
You waiting on me already?
Shit, moving good tonight.
How much you working with?
I got a couple stacks, man.
Shit, me too. We taking
over Baltimore tonight.
God damn, it's pumping like that?
Already, y'all ain't even
been out here that long.
Aight, that's what up.
Look like we already doing
better than we did last week.
Hell yeah.
Keep that motherfucking
product moving man.
I got some other shit coming up too.
That I might need some help with.
- Aight cool.
- Just lemme know.
You ready for whatever?
For sure.
- For whatever?
- Yeah.
Aight bet. Well look, Al.
Keep holding the block down, man.
I'ma get some more product
to you quick, fast and in a hurry
the way it's pumping out this motherfucker.
Aight? But fam, let me talk
to you real quick. Get a rap.
Hey, I'm riding down on
Mr. Carter whole block tonight
and I need you to drive.
- I'm ready?
- You ready?
Hell yeah.
Are you ready, nigga?
Yeah man, let's get this shit.
Aight we gonna meet up at nine
and we gonna send a
big, mean fucking message.
- You hear me?
- Yeah.
Al, hold it down, nigga.
(Grungy music plays)
So what's the move?
Look, I'ma set up this
meeting between you and west,
but I'ma need you to
make sure your phone clear.
Bet. Let him know we on
the up and up. No bluffing.
Look, I got this. It's easy.
Also let west know my partner freeze
will be meeting with him too.
So ain't no goofy shit going on.
Look, check this out.
West fucks with me heavy.
So we ain't gonna have none of that.
Cool. All right, well hit my phone.
Let me know when it's a go.
- Alrighty.
- Aight.
You sure this bitch solid?
Cause I hate to have to whack her,
it make me feel some type of way.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
You sure about that?
Have I ever fucking second
guessed your judgment?
Say less.
(Heavy suspenseful music plays)
Who the fuck are you?
Don't worry about all of that.
Just think of me as your
personal travel agent.
Personal travel agent?
Okay bitch, how about this?
You cut me loose right here
and I give you a 24 hour fucking head start
before I hunt you down
and kill you my damn self.
You know who I am motherfucker, huh?
You don't see the gun?
How about I pop yo
bitch ass right now, huh?
Go ahead, motherfucker.
And watch as my whole family
tears your world to fucking pieces.
(Heavy suspenseful music continues)
Lights out bitch.
Hold! I told you to
move him, not kill him.
Use your fucking head.
You doing?
Let me kill this bitch.
Do you know the war that would start
if you killed this bitch, huh?
Need to let this bitch go.
Shit getting thick out here.
We got goose on our ass.
Now you want his family on our ass?
Use your fucking head.
I thought they didn't see us.
That shit don't matter.
I was with west the other day.
That nigga goose kept looking at me
like he fucking knew me or something.
- For real?
- Yeah.
Look, we gonna play
this shit smooth though.
We gonna drop this bitch off
somewhere he can be found.
So that shit off of us. You hear me?
Aight. That's a bet.
Come, get your bitch ass up.
Sit the fuck back down.
You ain't finally sack up
enough and kill me yet boys?
If I wanted to kill your
dumb ass, I woulda did it.
Knock this bitch out.
May I help you?
I don't think you
wanna do that, detective.
I just came out here
to see why you been asking around about me.
Well, that's easy.
You're a bad guy.
And my job is to take down bad
guys by any means necessary.
You do understand, right?
Yeah, I understand that you don't-
I guess you don't care about living.
Cause I'm quite sure that
asking around about me,
you know what I'm capable of.
Just a few things.
Like you being the shooter in
all of these unsolved murders
in Baltimore that I intend
on reopening and solving,
because I always win.
That's funny, detective.
It's gonna be hard for you
to try to find all these people
that can say something that
ain't even talking anymore.
And the funny thing is
every time y'all get close,
it seems like they always disappear.
You got a lot of balls
pressing up on me, west.
I guess you and your
brother share the same gene
from your pops.
Look, I ain't got no father motherfucker.
Now my brother, that's a
different motherfucking situation.
We don't rock too tough.
But if you fuck with my brother,
I'ma lay you the fuck down.
And that's my word, detective.
Your time is coming, on my word.
Yeah buddy.
I used to knock 'em out the
park with this one right here.
Now I'm just cracking head. (Laughs)
Which one of you is goose?
I'm goose.
So I'm guessing you Mr. Bentley.
Heard a lot about you.
I hope whatever you heard
is a good representation of my character.
So, what can I do for you, goose?
Aight, well check it out man.
I'm in need of some major weight right now.
Major weight. And I need it
fast while the market's booming.
I need to cash in my profits
or my buyer start looking elsewhere.
All right. Check this out, goose.
The risk is very high on my end
so I'm going need a bigger cut.
It's very dangerous fishing
in somebody else's lake.
Specifically Mr. Carter and Mr. Sparks.
I understand.
We can work those numbers out, don't worry,
won't be no problem.
Me and Van, we'll make
sure the product be safe.
It'll stay safe.
That's our word.
Product safety is key.
But we don't need an all
out war if we don't need one.
So, I'm going to need a
guaranteed quarter mill.
If you need me to ship that shit to you.
Can you handle that?
Say less. Van give the man the bag, man.
All right, well I'll make
sure my man get that package
out to you in a couple of days
and we can get this
party started right away.
And I look forward
to a lifelong life of business.
Sounds good.
We ready.
And please,
make sure there are no mistakes.
- No doubt.
- All right.
(Suspenseful music plays)
Die motherfucker! (Gun shots popping)
West, what the fuck is you doing, bro?
You want a job motherfucker?
Do I want a job?
Bro, you just killed my fucking man
in the middle of nowhere.
Do you want a job, motherfucker?
I guess west, but this
some fucking bullshit, bro.
This is some fucking bullshit.
Start off by getting rid of the body.
And call me tomorrow motherfucker.
Fuck is going on, man?
Call you tomorrow, nigga?
I don't even got your fucking number.
Bro, he just killed fucking
Perry next to me, dog.
He just fucking killed Perry, man.
You got that?
Yeah man.
But I think somebody following me around,
I'm getting scared.
Man, stop worrying about it.
Just keep making money.
That's all that matters, man.
Look, I ain't trying to
get killed over this shit.
It gotta be an easier way.
Would you stop
complaining? Gimme the bag.
Where my cut at man
so I can get up outta here?
Look I said I got you, right?
Calm the fuck down.
Yo, it's short.
That's west's cut.
You gets nothing. Now beat it.
Man, fuck!
Well, well, well.
West, I aint think ya
black ass was gonna show.
I'm a man of my word, quick.
Who's the big homie with you?
I like to know who I'm doing business with.
I'm freeze, big homie.
Something like the muscle.
For my man Q.
Okay. I like that shit.
I'm something like the
muscle too, my nigga.
I'm something like the motherfucking boss
and the motherfucking
devil around this bitch.
Aight motherfuckers.
Now that we got the cock measuring contest,
let's do business, west.
Watch your tone, homie.
It's all good, bruh.
We just all getting acquainted
before we make these business moves.
Ain't that right, quick?
Yeah we straight. Let's get to it.
Let's, baby.
Well this is how it's gonna go.
We need two bricks.
We gonna pay the first one in advance.
We gonna work the second one off
so you can get your bread back.
Y'all two niggas trying
to spoil me or something?
I like money baby. Let me see that.
Look. Here's the cash.
Where's the product?
Valentino, get that yayo, baby.
I love money, baby.
Lemme check that out.
That's that prime shit.
- We straight?
- Yeah, we good.
Aight, west. Pleasure
doing business with you.
Aight, my nigga.
Cee cee getting a
motherfucking raise tonight.
I'm telling you.
Man, you need me to stay close to them,
see what they doing?
Nah they smart, bro.
- Let's be out.
- Bet.
My man shorty. What's up
bro? What's popping homie?
It's all good nickels.
Who this nigga?
Hey chill man. That's my man, squeeze.
You know I had to bring him through, man.
We most definitely
need some new soldiers.
Can you move some big work for me?
Hell yeah.
We got our own spot. Pumping hard as fuck.
All we need is more yayo.
Hey, but tell him how
much we been moving though.
We clear 40 Gs a week.
Oh yeah? Bet.
Nickel gonna set you up
with a brick see how y'all work.
From there, if you move it
like how it's supposed to be moved,
we going flood you.
That's a bet.
Let me holla at you, man.
What's up man?
Man, don't bring no new niggas around
without running it pass me, bro.
You know them niggas.
I don't know 'em.
You gotta keep shit tight.
Plus we meet the new connect in two days.
Hey look, that's a bet, man.
That's my fault. I just
had to bring him around.
You feel me? So next time
I make sure I let you know in advance.
You feel me?
So we straight, right?
We straight.
- Aight bro.
- I'll get up with you later.
Van. We bout to light shit the fuck up.
Let's light shit up.
(Gun shots popping)
I'm here per your
request. What's this about?
Ah, Mr. Sparks, shall we?
I just wanted to pause
and check in with you
before I do any kind of
business on your home front.
And offer you any kind of
assistance you may need
on high end quality
product at a lower rate.
Want to thank you
Mr. Bentley for the respect
you're showing me and my family.
That's the way you do business.
And your timing is perfect.
Cause I'm out right now
shopping around for a new supplier.
Let me handle all of your operations.
I can get you whatever
you need for your operations
to flourish and reach
the highest potential.
Mr. Bent-hey, can I call you Mario?
You're making it harder for
me to walk away from your offer,
but I'm gonna need special
treatment on my shipments.
I don't want anybody
messing with my business flow
anywhere, anytime, any place.
I guarantee safe deliveries
on all of my shipments.
I have the right people in
my pocket to bring in a mega
turnaround every month
without a drop in quality product.
I'm gonna have my lawyer
get the details together
and get it to you in a few days.
- Mmm.
- It's nice meeting ya.
It's good doing business
with you Mr. Sparks.
I look forward to doing
business with you in the future.
- All right.
- All right.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey girl.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey girl.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey girl.
Where you going?
Oh, about to go chill with my friends.
You finish your homework?
Yeah ma, I finished my homework earlier.
Hey, who you talking to? Show
your mom some respect, man.
You right, pops. My bad.
I was just in a rush to meet my friends,
you know, down the pizza spot.
What, the spot?
Damn, the spot still open?
Shit, used to hang out there
back in the day, remember that?
You and your friends
aren't going anywhere.
You know what? I don't need you
coming in the house late tonight either
cause you know we worry
about you being out late.
Now be careful how
you use that word friend.
Shit is almost non-existent out here, man.
Be careful.
I'll keep that in mind, pops. You right.
And mama, I'll make sure
I'm here on time tonight, okay?
- See you, baby.
- Later.
I don't know where he get
that smart ass mouth from.
Are you serious, goose?
Attitude in you is all day.
That's my boy, right?
Like his daddy.
You something else.
(Slow heavy suspense music plays)
What's up captain.
Ain't shit, aint shit.
What's up west?
What's the move, sway?
Just standing 10 toes
down man, making this money.
I heard you be making
moves outside the fucking family.
Hell nah.
Man, I'm down with this crew all day.
That ain't what I been hearing, sway.
And the streets be talking,
you know what I'm saying?
What's up?
Look man, I swear I'm
down with y'all west, aight?
I'm not doing no side business.
And she's fucking cee cee, too.
Oh so you fucking cee cee now?
I thought I told y'all niggas
no fucking with the motherfucking crew.
Who the fuck you been talking to, sway?
Cause the streets don't motherfucking lie.
Yo, west. I'm telling
you, it's Brice aight?
It's Brice. He been
trying to get me to snitch
but I ain't told him shit.
So this motherfucker Brice
fucking with my motherfucking business?
Okay. Let that bitch breathe.
West, you should let
me ice that nigga Brice
right now, man, for real.
Nah, no, no, no.
Just chill, aight?
I'm gonna take care of this shit.
I'm gonna go holla at him.
Dre, don't fuck with him, promise me.
All right, got you boss.
Aight, let's get it.
(Grungy hip hop beat plays)
You guys need to be more
careful coming into Baltimore.
Is that right?
Yeah, that's right.
Check this shit out.
We pay you to hook up with us
to move shit around here easy, ya dig?
Yeah, you do.
And it was really close the other night
when I had my rookie with me.
Look, I can't just cut you guys breaks.
He's gonna know something's going on.
Look. Next time, make sure we good.
Cause I ain't got no
problem with busting a hole
in one of these motherfuckers.
You need to be chill. You
do that and nobody moves.
All right?
Cops are gonna be all over this city
fucking with every black man walking
and then nobody makes money.
Freeze. Chill the fuck out, man.
Stand down.
We're about making bread.
So let's stay on the task at hand.
And cut all that chit-chatting shit out.
You got my donation?
Yep. Right here.
You like what you see?
Mm hmm.
So look, we already met up with west.
We got some product
and it's just enough to start
taking over these blocks now.
That is not the plan.
It was just to get you guys
in and out for the drug runs.
That's it.
Look, chill out detective. We got you.
I still don't think it's a smart move
double crossing west.
Man, fuck west.
We need him now and after
that he's no longer needed.
All right. Just leave my name out of it.
All right?
Don't worry. Nobody will say anything.
You do know we going have
to get rid of his ass too right?
I know.
(Rain pitter patters)
(Soft melodic music plays)
You always been in my business
even when we was fucking kids, nigga.
West, why the fuck you
keep popping up on me
like we friends?
We ain't friends
motherfucker, we brothers.
Because we come from
the same fucked up father.
So that make us somewhat family.
We not your family, bro.
Our fucking father in
there dying right now.
You ain't call.
You ain't come to visit.
You ain't even sent him a letter, west.
You know what? You a piece of shit.
Fuck you and everything you stand for.
So I'm supposed to give a fuck
about a motherfucker who
wasn't even there for me?
Come on with that crying shit, west.
- Come on.
- He left me and my mother
in the fucking cold, my nigga.
What you know about that Brice? Huh?
We ain't had no running water, my nigga.
I remember many nights that we had-
we had to go to the gas station, man
where I had to steal fucking water.
We used to wash our fucking
ass in the dark, my nigga.
So fuck him, cause he never
gave a damn about me anyway.
Look, west. He been
trying to reach out to you.
He been calling your fucking phone.
You been sending him to voicemail.
Hanging up on him.
You acting like a little bitch, west.
Now he in there about to die.
And you pull this shit.
So you want me to give a fuck about him?
Where was he at when I needed him, Brice?
Where was he, bro?
Oh, I remember. You had him, man.
You had him. Not me.
So fuck you. Fuck him.
Stay the fuck outta my life
and not in my fucking business, bro.
You need to let that shit go, west.
Mr. Bentley, what
brings you to Baltimore?
My apologies for any
intrusion, Mr. Carter,
but I just wanted to come down
and have a man to man talk
with you on some business.
And what business is it
you think I might be interested in?
I'm a very busy man
and my time is precious.
Well I don't wanna waste any time.
Time is money and money
is what I'm all about so.
Let's have a taste test of
my product with your runners.
And watch your sales soar in a week.
You seem very confident in your work.
But I'm afraid it's I who will be taking on
most of the risk and problems
with my recent supplier.
Who? Perry?
Ah, he's harmless.
And if he interferes (laughs)
He won't be a problem, trust me.
I like your positive outlook on things.
We will set up a taste test
and see how we move forward from there
before making any big orders.
Sounds like a deal.
Let's shake on it.
My pleasure.
And please, and I say
this with a kind heart,
be a man of your word.
And we shouldn't have any problems.
I stand on it.
(Suspenseful music plays)
Son, where have you been?
Oh I'm cool pops,
but these two motherfuckers had me tied up
in the back of some big
rig all the way across town.
I had to walk my ass all the way back.
Did you get to see how they look?
Nah, I ain't see nothing on 'em.
What about they voices?
Nah, I ain't recognize.
Only thing I tell you about
'em is they was tall as a bitch.
That's what goose was
saying about who had him.
He'd never seen him before either.
I don't know, pops.
We need to hunt these
motherfuckers down right now
and deal with 'em.
Yeah pop.
We need to make fucking
examples out of these guys
before they start thinking we fucking soft.
Look, I am so glad you say this son,
but I don't want you or you to get hurt
because we're reacting with emotions, okay?
Pull back and let me work
on the next phase of the plan.
Pops, these motherfuckers
almost killed me.
Now you want me to take it easy?
Just for now.
No, first we need to know who exactly it is
we're dealing with, okay?
Man, fuck this, man!
Come on, pops. I aint
dealing with this shit.
Let your mind unwind
I'm gonna make you mine
these thoughts of you
make me feel alive
I can't hold back
the way I feel inside
What is this?
Shit, I don't know. Why you asking me?
The fuck. Where it come from?
It came outta your son's room.
I found it in his closet
when I was cleaning it out.
It was in a shoebox.
Well shit, I ain't give it to him.
What you screaming on me for?
This all starts with you, goose.
He's turning in to be you
and I'm scared of what
could happen to him out there.
Look, I'll talk to him, aight?
Shit, don't worry so much, man.
He just a kid. He probably
just holding it for a friend.
Shit, I used to.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm sure he ain't selling
nothing or nothing like that.
He better not be.
Shit, this is getting
way outta hand and I'm-
I just can't think about my
baby being involved in drugs.
Babe. I got it, aight?
What's up with all this scary shit?
He in good hands.
Shit, I'll handle it, aight?
What if what happened to
your brother happens to him, huh?
Then what?
Hey, didn't I say I got it?
The fuck you gotta bring
that shit up for, Regina?
God damn, you don't know when to quit.
I know that nigga aint hustling.
(Heavy bass beat plays)
I need you to look
into this person for me.
What's this all about?
My office is up my ass
about all this outside work I'm doing.
Listen, your office will understand
when they realize it's
a matter of life or death.
I don't mean to be difficult,
but if I get barred that
means I don't have access
to be able to help you with your business.
This is a new supplier
and he's got a good product.
I just don't trust him just yet.
It's very imperative.
Oh, alright.
I'll look into it, see what I can find out.
But I'm going to need a little time.
Mm hmm. Yeah well I'm not
jumping until I hear from you.
And what if I'm not
able to find anything?
What's going to be your next move?
I'll let you know when
you find out about it.
All right, I'll look
into it right away, sir.
Yes sir. Yes I will.
(Door slams)
Old son of a bitch.
Have a good day. Good evening.
Mr. Bentley, what's the word?
- You got that?
- Slow down.
Before I hand you this bag,
we need to discuss a few minor details.
What minor details?
This fool tripping, man.
I can always find some
young dumb ass niggas
to run some work for me.
But I'm trying to give you guys a chance
to get rich with me.
Or get killed by me.
You decide.
Why all the noise Mr. Bentley?
We just hungry for
our own Lane, that's all.
We not playing no games.
Yeah, man.
We about this hustle game.
Now the next time you two
motherfuckers get outta line,
I'm going to put some bullets in your ass.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
Yeah man, I understand.
Hand them the bag.
This is how I want things.
Every month I'm gonna give you two bricks.
In 30 days, I'ma want
all my cut, no shorts.
I make myself clear?
Run along now
and go make me my money.
Don't come in here late again.
Turn them frowns upside down. (Laughs)
The fuck outta here!
(Car engine revs)
Got your ass now,
fucker! (Gun shots popping)
(Heartbeat pounding)
(Upbeat hip hop music plays)