Hwangsanbul (2003) Movie Script

Joonghoon Park
Jingyoung Jung
Moonsik Lee
The political instability in Asia
is due to you two kingdoms
We, Tang, set the rules and order
What's wrong with Koguryo and Baekche?
You didn't follow Tang's rules!
Tang is only less than 50 years old!
Koguryo is more than 7 hundred
You dare go against Heaven's order?
What order?
Who the hell made it?
It was made by Heaven and
I am representing Heaven
Your father slaughtered his
own brothers to be a king
Was that also the order of Heaven?
He just questioned
the legitimacy of royalty!
All right, I took the power
by means of a coup d'etat!
You're from half-royal family
and KIM Yu-sin made you the king!
Baekche, King Euja, your dad
was the son of the 2nd wife?
None of us are in a position
to question legitimacy!
What is a war for if not to get
legitimacy out of illegitimacy?
I'd call it political move!
Killing my people every single
day, is it also a political move?
Since you took the throne
20 years ago
Shilla has been living
in a state of hell!
It was part of the process of
acquiring power in the beginning!
You even killed
my daughter, remember?
Then you mother fucker did murder
great-grandfather in 554!
You want me to list
all of fucking shit
we've done to each other?
You don't' deserve to live
in the same world with me!
Shut up!
I'm the king of the Great Tang!
Complain about my order no more!
What is the order, Emperor?
Tribute to Tang is the minimum...
respect for small kingdoms
but you two kingdoms
blocked Shilla's route
to offer their tribute!
'Cause king KIM Choon-chu
is a son-of-a-bitch!
Koguryo, why did you
construct the long wall?
Do you know how much
tension it has made in Asia?
It's none of your damn business
what we build or destroy!
You want a war?
How dare you speak
to the emperor like that?
I'll say what I want
- KIM Choon-chu!
- Koguryo piece of shit!
Shut up! As of today I proclaim
you Baekche and Koguryo
the "axel of evil" in Asia
a threat to order!
They are damn way worse
than an "axel of evil"!
What the hell!
Shilla, you can't
join our "axel of evil"!
Shilla KIM Choon-chu
stop licking his ass!
Baekche bitch!
I will avenge my daughter's death!
You declare a war?
June 660 AD
Sabi Palace, Baekche
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Your Highness! Tang's warships
just arrived at Inchon port!
Your Highness! 2858 Tang warships...
About 70 soldiers per ship...
if I calculate it correctly
they are... countless
Their commander is
Sojungbang, the notorious one!
What a damn good strategy!
They want to go further
to the north, Koguryo!
No, just look at this map
This is Koguryo Pyoungyang
and this is our palace
So their ships are in the middle
How confusing!
Is Tang going to attack...
Koguryo or Baekche?
If they want to attack Baekche
they shouldn't have
anchored at Inchon!
I think that it is... it is...
Come on son! Spit it out
That it is...
You mean, Shilla?
Yes, Shilla is...
That it is...
- For Christ's sake, say it!
- Going further north?
Your Highness!
We counted up to 50,000
Shilla soldiers near Han River
KIM Yu-sin is the commander and
KIM Choon-chu and
his son are also there
Just as I was saying
This is Namhan River
and Shilla is going to
go further north!
Tang and Shilla will join their
powers in water and on land...
and attack Koguryo, I swear!
Yes, Yes. I'm sure
Who do they want, us or Koguryo?
Ichoen/ Namhan Riverside north of Baekche
Oh man. I'm scared shitless
But if we make it through,
- this we can go home
- Sure
Let's rehearse for the last time
Ok, you go first!
I hate Baekche
Yeah, me, too
Kill Baekche!
Victory for Shilla
Baekche bastards
Shilla forever!
My beloved Shilla!
You think we are
convincing enough?
I don't know. Let's do it
We're already here at Icheon
How far are we going to go?
Just forget it
I was almost killed when
I asked about our mission
Seeing King and the general
are out here...
it's not going to be a small war
I'm thinking we'll attack Koguryo.
What do you think?
What do care whether
it's Baekche or Koguryo?
Have we ever been told
where we are going? No!
Anyway it's not Baekche, right?
If then, we should've gone
Hwangsanbul by way of Tanhyun!
It's crazy not to use that route
How come you are so well
aware of Baekche routes?
Everyone knows
that kind of stuff, right?
No, I don't' know
How about you?
No one from Shilla knows
so much about Baekche
What you said is bull shit!
What's wrong with
knowing about Baekche?
Nothings wrong
but it's strange to know routes
we've never been on
Why is that strange, you ass?
You are pissing me off
What's all this noise? Fighting?
Who the hell is this guy?
Let's just all calm down
About what?
How come you side with this shit?
He never did!
We are all comrades in blood
Comrades in blood, right!
Yes, Comrades!
We all now have the same fate
so let's just forget about it
Sure, even if
we Baekche attacked you
no hard feelings, right?
Sure. We're all brothers
Baekche and Shilla
- We Baekche?
- Attack you?
- Attack Shilla?
- Baekche attacked Shilla?
It's not what you think
We're not spies!
Baekche spies, catch them!
The general approaches!
General KIM Yu-sin!
Sojungbang has finally
arrived in Inchon...
with 130,000 soldiers
I would send only
my son to greet him, but...
But what?
He is too young to greet him, so...
You called Tang
so you go kiss his ass!
Stop grumbling and
just go welcome him!
The Emperor promised to give us power
over the entire peninsula after the war
so you go there and
make him feel welcome
How much we get out of this war...
totally depends on you!
You make me do the work
and you reap the benefits
Can't you show
me some respect?
Even though
I'm your brother-in-law
I am still the king of Shilla!
I prefer to see you as my family,
not as my king
Be off!
I really don't like him
The actual war is already over
The battle is just a formality
We have only to negotiate
post war matters
You know why I'm sending you
for the post war negotiation
Yes, Your Highness
I don't trust KIM Yu-sin
the stubborn old man!
What I really want
from the meeting
is to have the fate of
the Baekche king in my hands!
King Euja, Baekche turd
I will kill him!
Inchon Port/ West Coast
Hey, uncle!
How have you been?
In-moon, my brother, what a
great job of bringing a big army!
Dad and I had to go through
tough negotiations to get it
Sojungbang is not easy to handle
KIM shouldn't lose his temper
He thinks our dad
is kissing Tang's ass
You look cool in official Tang dress!
It's not a dress.
It's a long coat over my pants
I value this official Tang post
more than being a Prince of Shilla
You're KIM Yu-sin, right?
How old are you?
How old are you?
Tell him,
it's none of his business!
He won't tell
What's your zodiacal sign?
Your zodiacal sign?
Tell me his first
He wants to tell you first
Then show him
the hierarchy of Tang's officials
Let him know how high
I am Look at this
At the top is General Sojungbang
And just below him
my name KIM In-moon!
My dad, king of Shilla...
Where is he? Here at the bottom
KIM Choon-chu
- What about me?
- You and KIM Yu-sin are not here
Your fate is up to his decision
Shut the fuck up!
Be ready to receive my orders
These are the orders,
listen carefully
Tang's army will take
the ships and go down...
to the south
to the mouth of Keum River
Shilla goes takes
the land route to the south
and we will meet...
in front of Sabi Palace
The most important thing
is the deadline
Make it sure
you are there by July 12th
Tang takes ships
like you are on a vacation
And we do the bloody battles
with Baekche
to bring you the rice,
for you to devour
We're food deliverers?
Be there on July 10th!
You're kidding me.
Out of the question!
He wants to see you
on July 11th
What the hell you old bastard!
- General!
- Calm down!
We are here
because Shilla asked us to
Of course we brought
no food or supplies
But you're so impolite that
we're leaving right away!
You really want us
to go back to Tang?
Why are you staring at me?
Meeting over!
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
KIM Yu-sin's army is
approaching from the north!
Tang's ships are
sailing to the south!
KIM Choon-chu's army is
coming from the northeast!
Oh my god! Then it was
for us, not Koguryo!
Those idiots made us fucked-up
You guys have nothing but
shit inside your heads!
Shall I break yours open and
see what you have inside?
We've 2 key defense points
Tanhyun and Kibulpo
You princes defend Sabi Palace
You officials defend...
Tanhyun and Kibulpo.
The King didn't give
a damn thing to us...
other than telling us
to send our armies?
Your kingdom is in crisis and
you assholes don't give a shit?
The king called us 'assholes'!
He sure did
If you accept our conditions
we'll think about it
How come you're saying that
your kingdom is threatened!
Is it really "our" kingdom?
I don't hesitate to say that
it's "your" kingdom, you princes
Since the king appointed 41 sons
highest officials 3 years ago
this kingdom means
nothing to us
Cut the crap and
tell me your conditions!
Dismiss all the princes
from the official posts, then...
- I will think about it
- May the devil take you!
Get out of my sight!
- If that's what you want
- Let's leave
Don't just sit there
You get out of here, too!
You, too!
Call Kye-Baek
Oh, Kye-Baek
That's got to hurt
Don't do that so hard!
Did you damage my floor?
Come up here, closer!
Hey, easy on the floor,
it's old!
You look miserable
drinking alone!
The servant's didn't bring
any side dishes here?
I am ok
How is your family?
I'm too busy with wars
to take care of them
Really? How many kids
do you have?
How wise! Many kids
do more trouble than good
Look at me, I have 41 sons.
Nothing but headaches, they are
- Let me pour for you
- Yes, Your Highness
Now let me pour for you
No, Kye-Baek let me
pour one more glass
Yes, Your Highness
One more glass, please
Yes, Your Highness
No one... but you can do "it"!
Let me pour for you
All right
You're leaving already!
I've got to go to bed early
to prepare for "it"
Call the officials meeting
tomorrow morning
While tigers leave their hides, we
humans leave our names of honor
Drink it. It will be painless
Drink or I've no choice
but to kill you with my sword
I thought this meeting was
called to accept our conditions!
Kye-Baek hates
the greed of the lords
Kye-Baek is doing a great job
Does it have to come to this
between you and me?
Are you following
the King's orders?
Put the sword down
There are two choices
have your neck broken
or give me 500 soldiers each?
Alright we will give you soldiers!
How long have
we been together?
About 20 years
- How about you?
- 18 years, sir
- You?
- 17 years, sir
- You?
- Why are you asking this?
You out, now!
I didn't mean... I mean...
I've been 14 years
8 months and 3 days
You've done a great
job of not dying yet
Now you... join me to do "it"!
Be here in an hour
your armor sewn on
We will not take off our
armor until we do "it"
- Got it?
- Yes, sir
How long have you
fought for me?
10 years, sir
How about you?
7 years!
And you?
I don't understand
why you are asking!
You out, now!
Oh my god
Count... less years!
You're the elite of
this defense army!
The rest, the lords' armies
are nothing!
We go to Hwangsanbul!
Do "it" with your armor!
What did you do before the war?
July 9, 660, Hwangsanbul
Hey! Hey!
The Shilla bastards
make fires for cooking
We will eat, too.
Make the fires!
Hurry! Hurry!
I'm starving
What the hell are
Baekche bastards are doing?
What the hell is that? Smoke?
Smoke, right!
- The Baekche dogs they eat their meals
- They eat their meals
- Baekche shit heads are eating
- Now we can eat, too!
Let's eat! Now!
- Finish your breakfasts?
- Yes, sir!
Food always tastes better
in the middle of the battlefield
Time to start the games
Yes, sir!
If your men are good you only need
1/10th of your opponents' strength
Shilla is 50,000 and we're 5,000
Perfect, isn't it?
This is do or die, men.
No in-betweens!
We are ready to die here, right?
Go and tell your men
I wanna see each kill ten Shilla
men before they die
- Got it?
- Yes, sir!
If they don't do their job,
I will kill them!
Sir, yes sir!
Remember, I did "it" with
the armor before we got here
Make it sure that
your men do "it", too
Yes, sir!
In short, to do "it"
we need to do "it"
with the armor so we can
do "that" to them
- Got it?
- Yes, sir!
You hear anything?
I learned by heart
every single word he spat!
What did he say?
"I did 'it' with the armor
before we got here"
"Make it sure that
your men do 'it', too"
What? Did he say anything
about their tactics?
"Our strategy in this war
is to do 'it"'
"we need to do 'it' with the armor
so we can do 'that"'... That's it
What's that?
Lt, it, it, that, that, that!
Decoder, go do your job
Look at the chart
He said a total 4 times coded "it"
and once "that"
the first "do it"
could refer to one of the two
either "say" or "pay attention"
the problem is the 2nd "it"
"don't forget to tell your men
to do 'it' with their armor!"
"It" means...
absolutely no clue
What does "it" mean
referring to his tactics?
Look at the chart
In "do that to them"
"that" means...
"our tactics." Easily decoded
A great job!
And in "we have to do 'it' with
our armor so we can do 'that"'
"it" and "that" means...
sorry but...
absolutely no clue!
This is the hardest thing
I've ever done, in 20 years
We can't make sense of this
No all-out attack until
it is decoded perfect
You decoder, do your job
by tomorrow or I will kill you
Feeling Each Other Out
Shilla, Shilla!
Move out!
Baekche, Baekche!
Victory to Shilla!
Shilla! Shilla!
Victory to Shilla!
Shilla! Shilla!
Baekche wins!
- Ready?
- Sure!
- Sure?
- Yes!
Let's begin!
We're 50,000, you're 5,000
You want something to eat?
You dirty dog, Kye-Baek!
Did you eat your last meal?
Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream!
Merrily merrily, we're
rowing to defeat you!
What's your damn
business here?
You want to get killed that bad?
KIM Yu-sin, go to hell!
Dig the grave for Kye-Baek!
Hi, Ho!
Baekche, it's your last day!
Hi, Ho!
General, what are you doing?
The deadline is tomorrow,
and we haven't advance an inch!
Baekche holds their ground
firmly. Can you squeeze by?
If we lose, what
happens to all the rice?
The rice is the first concern
It's me who knows Kye-Baek
better than any other one
- His strategy is...
- What's that?
To fight fiercely, without being
tricked by KIM Yu-sin, right?
You've lost every
war against him!
Have you ever beaten Kye-Baek?
You're afraid of Kye-Baek, that's
why you don't dare to attack!
How did you know that?
That's exactly what I am!
I'm afraid of him unbelievably!
General, what's all this about?
Just thrust our sword
and drive them out
Just thrust our sword?
Nerve war
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4
- Halt!
- 1, 2!
You dick heads
ready to fight?
Let's have a fight
Think you're tough?
Come closer and say that
Shilla, asshole!
You want to a fight?
Yeah come on down here
you backward hicks!
Let me scratch your ass holes
with my spear!
You dirty disgusting pigs!
Like we're scared or something
Look, they are insane!
Hey! You, son of a bitch!
We're growing wearing of
your childish body language!
1, 2, 3!
1, 2, 3!
I'll shove my fist up your ass
and pull your head out of it!
I'll cut off your sausage and
cram it up your butt!
I'll slap you so hard
you'll see tomorrow!
You guys suck cow dick!
- You dick heads!
- What the...?
I'll pluck out your eyeballs
And I'll eat them!
You think they'll
really do all that stuff?
They're lame
Ghost squad, let's go!
Fear us! Fear us!
Cock-sucker, fucker!
I'm not scared
I am ready for this
Don't be afraid
The worst that can happen
is that we will die
Let's fight!
I'll take out your eyeballs
And stuff donkey dicks in the holes
Fucker! Fucker!
I'll poke a hole in your head
to see the blood and marrow
Then we'll feast on your heads
You pussies!
We have over 40 side dishes
every meal, You idiot!
You pussies!
- Fucker!
- Fucker, Fucker!
We'll fry you up in oil!
Fucker, Fucker!
KIM Choon-chu is
a dog fucker
Fucker, Fucker!
We'll dine on
your pan-fried eyeballs
Fucker, Fucker!
You incestuous mother fuckers!
You grand mom fuckers!
You great grand mom fuckers!
Baekche was born with
Curses in their mouths
You mother fuckers!
At Kibulpo, the mouth of Keum River
near Baekche's palace
We Baekche have just won
the two battles in a row
Fucking good beginning
fucking bad ending
Let's begin
the post-war negotiations
No negotiations,
I give orders and you follow!
Now I'll deliver the orders
from the Emperor
For the division of land, Baekche
will be under the control of Shilla
Sure, sure
But... Baekche will come
under the control of Tang...
unless Shilla's army arrives here...
on July 10th with rice
July l0th is tomorrow aren't
the orders a bit demanding
Then it means...
if we hold them until tomorrow...
Dad, go seek refuge at
Woong-Jin Palace, please
Brother, how can such
a puss be a prince?
We fight until the last moment!
There's nowhere to hide
nothing to fight with
Dad, I've got a good idea
What's that?
A bribe!
What if Tang doesn't accept?
That's it. That's
the essence of the bribe
No one snaps up a bribe
at the first offer
At first, "No, no
we can't possibly...!"
But it's just
a formality of bribery
Eventually they'll take our offer
It's the way this stuff goes
You third son, come here
How come you are
so well aware of bribing?
Only those who've tasted
meat can know
how delicious it is
Let me do it. I'll kiss
Sojungbang's ass if I have to
Trust me
and let me do it
Okay, I will give you the bribe
and you'll take care of it
- Okay!
- All right!
- Oh, Dad...
- That was it
- Bribe him with that
- Oh, Dad!
A royal letter from the King
- Read it with all your heart
- Yes, sir!
Kye-Baek, I know how tough
it is to do 'it' over there
KIM Yu-sin is now carrying
the rice for Tang soldiers
Unless he arrives at
Sabi Palace by July 10th
130,000 soldiers of Tang
will go hungry and crazy
Sojungbang is in charge
of postwar negotiations
Just do 'it' for one more day
hold out...
I will go to the talks
with Sojungbang myself
Do you understand what I mean?
We lost battles two battles
and now play with a puzzle?
- Tell me what you found?
- Yes, sir!
"Lt" has 77 meanings and...
"that" can refer to 176 things
All this into consideration
let me see...
1,206,128 possibilities
I narrowed it down
to 361 possibilities
Do even know
anything about decoding?
I make lots of
educated guesses
Look at this!
It's urgent to raise
the morale of the soldiers
Nothing works better for that
than a one on one duel
Who's the strongest among us?
Counter Attack
One-eyed pig, come out!
He doesn't make
a good first impression
What do you want?
Kye-Baek's dog!
One-eyed punk!
One-eyed freak
- I will be back soon!
- I see
You don't know how to
respect your commander!
- Down, up!
- General
- lie down!
- General
Someone wants to see you
What kind of fucker
dares to call me?
Who's the fucking bastard?
- A dirty one-eyed Shil...
- Shit!
A dirty looking pig, sir
You came to get back
your eye I took 3 years ago?
What a shame! I ate it, 'cause
it's said to make my dick erect
Not according to your wife
Enjoy your last moments of
sight with that one eye
I'm going to make
you go blind today
I'll enjoy eating
your other eye!
What's the problem? Come out!
I'm going crazy. Tomorrow
is the deadline, tomorrow
What are you going to do?
We have to break their
blockade at all costs
We have to figure out
what 'it' and 'that' is!
Shut up, you illiterate punk!
Don't irritate me, moron
What? Moron?
We are from
different royal families
I am from Shilla
pure royal blood!
And me?
Hybrid with no linear decency
- What?
- Shut up!
Calm down
General, what are
you going to do?
If we can't make it by tomorrow...
We'll all be hanged
We have to have
an all-out attack!
All-out attack?
All-out Attack!
Hurry, attack!
Time to attack!
Why didn't they attack?
At war, we have to take steps
But the problem is that
it takes forever, to take steps!
You've no idea
what the war is
If we attack now
we're all dead
Kye-Baek killed his
own family for this
It has motivated his soldiers
made them respect him
Shall we go kill my family?
Then will you attack?
Have patience
Tell Kye-Baek that I want
to play chess with him
Mental War
I was expecting you
It's Baekche's land, that's why
Kye-Baek, you
want some advice?
Shut the fuck up and
you might learn something
The moment Tang's ships arrived
the war was finished
Step aside, so as not to
make unnecessary victims
We all have to die sometime
It's your turn
You killed your family
for this war
Family life is overrated
You are well versed in war
but know nothing of politics
If you have no sense of politics
you are an idiot
Your men will die in vain
So you know politics well
that's why you deliver rice?
It's so hot
Isn't it?
Why don't you take off your armor
before you get a heat rash
I won't even think about it
until I've done "it"
It drives me mad
just take it off for me
Do this, do it, do that.
I don't care!
You don't know what I'm saying?
It's sewn on
You want to see? Look
Not only I have done "it"
all my troops have done "it"
Oh you did "it" to the armor
I see
No retreating!
- Check!
- Defended
Kye-Baek, however versatile
we human beings are...
we can never lick
our own elbows
See you tomorrow
What does that mean?
Lick our own elbows?
If KIM Yu-sin doesn't
come by tonight
Much of this land will fall
under the control of Tang
Daedong River
in the north... ours
Yesung River and
Han River in the middle... ours
Nakdong River,
just keep that, as before
I would appreciate
if you give us one more day
Are you kidding?
My dad says
we should attack now
He doesn't give
a shit if all 50,000 die
You get the rice in front of
the Sabi Palace by the 10th
Suppose we all are dead
and the rice taken?
Tang would get hungry
and go back
Then what will your dad do?
Shut your mouth and just do
what you're told to
How dare?
What's wrong with you?
I'm representing the king
Now I am the king!
If you disobey me,
you're relieved!
Relieved, you say?
Such words from a kid!
If you are ready
to give your life...
Just cut my neck
You, you dad, politicians don't
know a damn thing of war
The stronger doesn't survives
but the survivor is the stronger!
You two... your sons
are Hwarang royal cadets!
Tell me about yourself
My name is Ban-Gul
Not that, I know
I am your son
What did apply for
the royal cadets?
As a man...
honor is everything
For Shilla soldiers
morale is the first thing
- Sure!
- But someone should die to improve it
One of the high officials!
You mean you want to die?
You're a man's man!
I want to, but...
I'm too old
to have any effect
Then who should die
for the best effect?
You are KIM Yu-sin's
nephew and a son-in-law?
No one with a long life has
been remembered in history
But, dad, I want to live long
If you die today, it means
you live a thousand years
If I were as young as you
I would be dying to die!
But it has no effects at all
Dying early, it means
the greatest honor
You a real man, right?
Kwanchang, my son!
You know we're
from pure royal blood
You've got to get over
there before Ban-Gul
As of today, your name
will be remembered
Kwanchang will be
synonymous with Hwarang!
You will be remembered
in history forever
You aren't doing this 'cause
you're being forced to, right?
A dad would never push his
son to die, 'cause he's told
- This is not dying in vain, right?
- No, son. It's not!
You'll be famous!
Your name will be recited
by descendants forever
My son, the dream is coming true
Let these words guide
you to your death
Die with heroic resolution!
I swear by our family name
you'll be a hero...
The bastard went first
He robbed you of your glory!
I am Ban-Gul of Shilla Hwarang
- Ban... what?
- He is alone!
You've got some big balls
for such a little kid!
So what did the bitch say?
I forgot, damn
Kye-Baek, are you
afraid of my sword?
He's too young to distinguish
a sword form a spear yet
What the hell!
I am the nephew and the
son-in-law of KIM Yu-sin
and the son of the younger
brother of KIM Yu-sin
- I am Ban-Gul, Hwarang
- Whose son are you again?
- He put on some make-up
- Tell Kye-Baek to come out
Hey kid, just slow down
don't cry
One thing I don't get!
How can you be his nephew
and a son-in-law?
What kind of family is like that?
Tell Kye-Baek
to come out right now!
Watch your mouth!
Don't talk to elders like that
Kye-Baek is not
one of your friends
He needs a spanking?
Oh, man!
You're cheating
General KIM Yu-sin is here!
Your bones ache before
the weather changes, right?
That's right, sir
So how about now?
I just started to feel pain
in my bum shoulder
I've been in pain for 1 hour
which means...
it's going to rain
around 3 or 4 this afternoon
I agree with that
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir
When you feel extreme pain,
tell me right away
Yes, sir
Can any of you do it?
No, my tongue is cramping
What was that old bastard
trying to say to me?
Another kid from Shilla!
Tell Kye-Baek that I am here
I am the son of the brother
of the son-in-law
of the king of Shilla
I am Kwanchang, of Hwarang
I am Kwanchang!
What the hell are you
talking about your family repeatedly?
We're not interested
in your family at all!
Go away, white face boy
All right, Kopchang,
what brought you here?
His name is Kwanchang
I wanna see Kye-Baek!
He's our general
And you call him like your dog?
That arrow came too close!
Tell Kye-Baek to come out!
You are a dog!
I am disappointed
to see you're such pussy!
Take him alive!
Come and get me
This is for my kingdom!
Kill me!
Kill him! Kill him!
KIM Yu-sin, I won't
take the bait
If we kill him,
his strategy works
I won't let that happen
Send him back alive!
Then why did we
bother catching?
Do this, do that, how irritating!
- Just do it
- He has his reasons
- Don't come again
- You Bastards!
Kill me!
Kill me! I can't go back like this
Good bye
You call yourself Hwarang?
You dare call yourself
a royal cadet!
Damn it, then you go there!
They wouldn't kill me.
Nothing I could do!
What an idiot you are!
I'll do whatever
you want me to do
I will go again
You, Kye-Baek,
are you a man?
You killed your bitch and kids!
That must have been
a pleasure for you
Why didn't kill me, then?
Don't move
Why did you come back?
You are Kwanchang?
How old are you?
Old enough to be here!
Who told you to do this?
Who told you
to kill your family?
All right, KIM Yu-sin,
I will take the bait
Kill him
Send out more
young boys of Hwarang
Are you insane?
Sure, I am
And you're insane for sending
your son to be killed
Kye-Baek is insane
for killing his family!
We're all mad!
War is only
for insane bastards!
Continue sending more Hwarang
A flower is remembered,
gone with a full bloom!
How about now?
I'm aching
all over my old body
My arms, shoulders...
General, it's going to rain
around 3 hours later
A couple of showers, for sure
- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir
Deploy the Catapults
and make clay balls
You two go around
arousing animosity for Baekche!
Yes, sir
What the hell are we doing...
In the middle of farming season...
I'm scared to death
It's all because of
Baekche bastards!
I've been an enemy of Baekche,
since our great grand father
We can't be
from the same land!
Sure, Baekche and we
have different roots
Different ancestors, right?
What the use of
all these clay balls?
Hey, take it!
Do it right!
You splashed me!
I'm sick of hearing what
those Baekche bastards say
Always "it", "this" and "that"!
What's "it"?
I've no clue what they mean
and they are fucking liars
They should be killed
For our posterity's sake
When we kill them,
we have to kill them all!
If not we'll regret it later!
Kill them, root them out!
How come they send their kids
out to be killed? It's not right!
I feel something's wrong
That's an arrogant way
to show off your number?
If you want, I will kill you
Ok, this is the beginning
If we don't hold out for today,
"it" is useless
Just until the end of this day
- You can't fight on empty stomachs
- Let's eat and work!
- One piece, please
- Think of others!
This could be the last meal!
Hey, hey
You can eat mine, too
Just eat it
Slow down, or you'll choke
before you can fight
- Why you don't eat?
- You eat mine, I'm ok
Water, please
Take your time, please
You're my nephew
Yes, uncle
You're my younger brother
- You're Beop-Min's in-law?
- Yes
So we are all blood-tied
family, right?
And Beop-Min will be
the king of Shilla someday
We all stand behind him
until the end
We fight for ourselves
Not for Tang, remember!
Rice delivery,
it's for ourselves, right?
Kill off every single
Baekche bastard
- Are you ready?
- Yes, sir!
My beloved Baekche men
Why do we put blood in our lips?
To tasted death
before it comes
It is not certain
that you will live!
The only sure thing
in this fucked up world is death!
Get rid of all lingering
affection for life
and here and today,
in Hwangsanbul...
let's do "it", fight
bravely to the death!
We can do "it"!
We can do "it"!
We can do "it"!
Chun-Jon, you take
the lead attack the first
Any hesitating men,
just kill them
I will take the lead
of the first squad!
Win this war and
Baekche's land is yours!
Victory, Shilla! Victory, Shilla!
First squad, attack!
Wait until they come closer!
Kill the dogs!
Dirty Shilla fuck heads!
You come up here, you die!
General, it's nothing!
Many soldiers, no brains!
This is our land,
you mother fucker!
Die! Go to hell!
This is it?
Never take off your armor!
Don't take off your armor!
Wash it off with some water
It's so heavy!
Don't take off your armor!
I can't move!
More Shilla troops!
Don't take them off!
- Don't take them off!
- I can't move!
Okay, take them off.
We can take them off!
We can leave
this fucked-up world!
Let's fight to death!
My brother, don't die!
It's fucking hot!
It's the only way
for the rice to ripen
General, run away
It's disgraceful to run away!
You have to face
the last moment fearlessly
While tigers leave only their hides,
we humans leave our names of honor
What's your name?
I'm humble to have no name
Just call me, "it"
General, just run away!
"Lt", what did you do?
I was a farmer
The grains are fully ripe
How tough it'll be
for my mom alone!
Before we die, we have
to leave something, right?
- "Lt"!
- Yes, sir
I want to leave you behind
Just go
Help mom to harvest
I will die here!
- General!
- Go!
- I won't go!
- Leave now!
- I can't go!
- Just go, hurry!
Checkmate, nowhere to go,
we have to face them now!
All-out attack!
Oh... General!
It's so hot
It's damn hot!
We'd rather die in honor
than live in shame
Drink it. It will be painless
What did you say?
You think you
have the right?
Did you expect me
to do it with a smile?
"I'll do as
your bidding requires."
The longer you wait, the harder
Let's do it cleanly
Oh my, you mean my beloved
kids die now?
You only sowed the seeds
but didn't care for them
Now you tell me to die?
If you don't drink it,
I will kill you
I've been nothing but patient,
since I married you
You worthless thing.
What have you done for us?
I don't give a shit about
the war, the kingdom, whatever!
All I want is to keep
my kids safe!
If your parents were alive...
would you kill them, too?
While tigers leave only their hides,
humans leave our names of honor
Please, let's do this cleanly
How stupid!
You don't know
the damn truth behind it!
Tigers are killed because of hides, we
humans are killed because of names, idiot!
Dad, Baekche has been
great for so long
700 years is too long
to last
It's not your inability
Dad, just kill yourself
Then you'll be
sympathized with in history
Then why don't you
kill yourselves?
It doesn't have
the same effect if we die!
The emperor promised me
to give Baekche to me!
Now Tang'll colonize Baekche?
You double-crossed me
But you know KIM Yu-sin
was not being here on time!
And it's your fault
If you can't even do this,
how can you defeat Koguryo?
What happens
to the king of Baekche?
The emperor ordered that
he along with high officials and family,
be taken to Tang
I don't even get
the pleasure of taking his life?
Why didn't you help us,
We fought like dogs and they
took the meat, because of you!
How can they
insult you like this?
We've had
the bloody war for this?
If you backstab us, we'll
attack you before Koguryo
KIM Yu-sin, calm down!
From now on, General and I will
take care of Koguryo and Tang
You step aside!
You Shilla worthless
small kingdom, how dare!
Tang bastard!
I won't sleep until the last
Tang bastard is driven away!
Mom, I am back!
- My son, he's back?
- Mom!
My son! Oh, My son!
It's me. Your son!
It's true!
- I'm back alive! Mom!
- Oh my god!
You look terrible covered
with all this blood