Hyena (2014) Movie Script

So there's a Paki, flashing...
Driving fast, we seen him.
Seen this Paki he's giving it all...
That fucking...
So I pull him up and
Kirby's fucking smacking...
He's gone out to the woods. He said
drive around, we fucking drove around.
Sat there for about an hour and a half.
Oh, fucking hell.
Kirby's is coming out, fucking
claret shirt. All over.
"So what's up with you?"
He said it was the oddest fucking
mug he's had a gypsy fight with...
It was a fucking
an hour five minutes...
At least, in flip-flops. Fuck,
he could drive. MAN: Ow!
He said he's fucking done
and bust him up.
He says, "I've, uh,
handcuffed him.
"To a tree."
Brought him back.
Two or three hours later.
Fucking pitch dark. Only got them
little torches they used to give you.
Fucking not a sign,
"Should we shout at him?"
"What should we shout?"
"Just shout 'Paki!'"
Fucking nothing.
Nah. He doesn't
answer to "Paki!"
So, I go, "Fuck you." It's like 2:00 now,
we should have been off shift at 1:00.
So let's fucking turn it in.
And he said, "Thing is, they
all look the same, don't they?"
What, Pakis?
No, trees.
Psst, Jim!
Ah, you scared me. You fucker.
How's it coming along?
All, good, yeah.
Cuts right across the Balkans.
The old Afghan war route. We're
gonna need some more money, though.
Excuse me?
That's 100 grand
you've got of me, you cunt.
I'm not a bank, you know.
You're gonna make so much
more back, you know that?
Should be up and running as early as next
week, you're not gonna be complaining then.
Well, I hope it's safe.
What does it look like to you?
Jim, I haven't got a clue.
Worm. Turkish worm.
How do you like that?
I think you should make sure
your Uncle Akif doesn't find out.
Or you'll put him out
of business.
He doesn't know, don't worry.
I'm more worried
about your people.
They know nothing. Fewer people
know about this, the better.
We're all in the same boat.
Jim, I can't be seen here!
Party's over, everyone. You get
the fuck out of my house, please.
Get the fuck out!
Thank you very much.
Oh, I don't need this right now.
Fuck off then.
Hey, Keith?
What's happened?
I'm very sorry for your loss.
If there's anything I can do.
You could surely investigate.
I know how it works.
Another ethnic killing.
Who cares? Right?
I know.
I'll try.
Whatever Jim was doing, he
didn't deserve to be butchered.
We think it could have
been two Albanian brothers.
They're called the Kabashis.
What are you gonna do?
No idea.
Hello, Mike.
Do we know any Kabashis?
This something to do with
that killing this afternoon?
I want you to get all
the intel you can get, ASAP.
Fucking antsy.
Stinks, doesn't it? Smells like
shit, all right, give it a rest.
So what's the skedge?
We need to keep evolving
if we're gonna stay on top.
How's this evolving, love?
Fucking wogs, aren't they?
These ain't wogs, Keith. These
are a new breed of criminal.
Detective Sergeant Logan.
He's big'un, ain't he, Keith?
Want some pulling down,
that one.
What do you want?
Turk by the name of Jim Dikman
was murdered yesterday.
We're not here to investigate
that, so you can relax.
But I do think we need to talk.
About what?
If you scratch my back,
I'll scratch yours.
The same way I did for
Akif Dikman over the years.
What are you saying exactly?
What happened to Jim
is not how it's done here.
If people want to take over,
they're gonna have to work with me.
Do you understand me?
We will come to an arrangement.
Call that number on the top.
You wanna ease up
on the jokes, big fella?
Hey, no bollocks?
He's laughing.
Good day, gents.
But you don't...
Right, you don't...
You wouldn't suffer a cunt,
like you don't treat
someone like a cunt.
You know. Like, you won't,
like, put up with a cunt.
You won't suffer a cunt gladly.
Marty, Marty!
Marty! Marty!
You don't suffer a cunt.
You don't treat...
- Shut up!
- Oi, hang on.
Shut up, Keith!
Do that trumpet thing.
No! No way.
Do that trumpet thing
and then that's it.
And then you be quiet.
I'll make sure he's quiet.
One trumpet! Listen, listen.
One trumpet. I don't even
know what he's saying.
One trumpet...
It's Chris, innit? I don't even
know what he's talking about.
It's fucking Chris
that does the trumpet.
The trumpet.
It's more like an elephant.
Hello, Michael.
How's the drug squad
treating you?
You just moved to the top
of that pile, Logan.
He fucking hates me.
You'd think that policemen like
Michael Logan wouldn't exist.
They exist because
they're good at their job.
They do good work and
they become untouchable.
But this isn't the '80s.
If we don't stop
scum like that now,
we'll end up working for them.
Why's Nick Taylor
from the PSD sniffing around?
Our arrest rates are high.
Why don't they look
at other departments?
Corruption is something else. I
see there's another Turk dead.
Did you know him?
Yeah. It was two bob.
What have MIT got so far?
They're looking into it
maybe being a suicide.
I heard he was chopped up.
But if he cut himself into
pieces, what is he, a magician?
Maybe it is your Turk,
Akif, then.
What, his own family?
What you talking about?
It's all getting a little
messy, this lot, Michael.
I'm worried about
us being ineffective.
You need to sever ties
and nick him.
I don't think it's a good idea,
he's still useful for us out there.
He controls a lot.
Does RIPA mean anything
to you, eh?
He's not a legitimate source.
Oh, and by the way, we've had
a request come in from Vice.
They want you on an op
investigating the East
European drug trade.
What about task force?
It'll be good to split you lot
while the PSD
are sniffing around.
I'll go in and chat to him. Leave
me in there for about 30 minutes.
Don't think he'll
get suspicious?
I suppose he fucking will, but
it's out of my hands, isn't it?
Soon as you say you've
done it, it's all right?
Cheers, Martin.
I'm not happy about it,
but that's life.
We can't get too close.
But you did?
That's why I'll be very surprised when
you run in and first-aid the place.
Right. CPS warrant
will be here any minute.
Where's the big man?
He's just in there.
Any news on the murder?
No, nothing. You heard anything?
Like what?
Nobody move!
You, on your feet. MICHAEL:
What the fuck are you doing?
Sit down, Michael!
Calm down, Michael, it's out of our hands.
Why you doing this?
Come from above, mate.
Couldn't risk telling you.
You'd have told him.
What's going on here?
Don't worry, I'll sort it.
Huh? Boys,
look what I found.
Shut up!
Where was my half hour?
That was five fucking minutes.
Got bored.
One, two, three!
Have you started
the Akif papers yet?
Have you started on
the Akif papers yet?
Yes. We have placed the heroin
behind the IC6's fridge.
Don't fuck about.
Oh, Chris.
Fuck off.
Yeah, I know it well. When?
Okay. I'll see you then.
Anything happening?
Nice to see you.
You heard the news then?
Oh, yeah.
What was the charges, then?
Let's just say he'll be
going away for a long time.
Where's Big John?
Thought he owned this place.
Johnny's gone, man.
Gone where?
He needed some scenery changes.
Cheers, Michael.
It means "cheers."
No cash will
exchange hands at the moment.
For now...
You let me know if there's
anything you want me to intercept.
Occasionally things
might get lost in transit.
But eventually, I want a cut.
Call it retainer, if you like.
Okay. Let's see
how it's gonna go.
Thank you.
May I?
Not bad.
Like it?
On the house.
For me?
Yes, for you.
Don't mind if I do.
Where's John?
How long have those two
been running the club?
I don't know, I've only
worked here a few weeks.
Relax. Enjoy it, baby.
Hey, mister.
Can't go to sleep, you know.
You want the same
order as before, yes?
Everything is okay, we're
just using a different route.
And it takes longer, that's all.
Fine. Bye.
We're fucking money.
Where's the way out? Sorry, I got lost.
What are you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's fine.
Where's the way out?
It's all right.
I couldn't find the toilet,
you understand?
Get out.
What are you doing all
the way up here, man?
I got lost, I was looking
for the toilet.
Come on, time to go.
Come on, Michael,
time to go, I said.
Go on, get out.
You're getting drunk, man.
Why are you doing this to me?
How'd you find the offices?
Michael, it's
time to go, please. Sorry.
What's he doing here?
Michael, sit down.
What the fuck is he doing here?
Knight? He's CSO-14.
He's heading the Balkan op
that you're on.
You are joking.
What's the problem, Michael?
We fell out,
you know what happened.
That was years ago,
it was cleared.
This is shit.
I'm moving to a new operation.
Are you?
I'm not sure how long
for, but in the meantime...
Please make sure
everything is 100%
because Taylor will be looking
very closely at everything we do.
But why are you being moved?
I'm a good copper, Keith, and did
a lot of work with the Turks.
"Make sure
paperwork's 100%."
Morning all.
I'm DI David Knight.
And I'm with CSO-14.
I'll be your new SAO on
the operation called "Fazool."
Now, according to stats,
according to Home
Office records,
more than 4,000 trafficked girls are
in the UK at any particular time.
It's very difficult for us
to get a conviction.
Victims don't talk.
And addresses don't match up.
And we end up
with very little to go on.
So, luckily for us,
these cells are moving into
different areas of crime.
Mainly drugs.
Which makes it much easier
to get a conviction.
The target for us at the moment
is a family of two brothers
Rezar Kabashi
and Nikolla Kabashi.
According to Interpol
they both served time
in Albania for
protection and violence.
They joined the army
in the late '90s.
And then... Bang!
After the conflict,
asylum to the UK.
They now run an Internet cafe
in Queensway.
I don't fucking believe they came
here to run an Internet cafe.
But they've been
very careful up till now.
We have intel to suggest that
they're very heavy traffickers.
And they're moving into drugs
and taking over them areas.
Which is why they
ended up on our radar.
Hopefully, their multitasking
will be their undoing.
So I want you all to study them
files closely, and carefully.
Let's nail these
pair of bastards.
Come on, back on.
Ten years, eh?
Long time.
I wish I would have been
in touch sooner, but...
You know, I've missed this.
Me and you.
Miss working with you.
Having a laugh with the lads,
a few beers after work.
All over a stupid misunderstanding
which happened years ago.
You're a good copper though.
Always have been.
That's why we picked ya.
You've changed your tune.
Ah, don't get me wrong.
I was angry and upset
and that, but...
I grew.
I was right, though. We needed
that information and I got it.
No apology needed.
Let's just move on.
I'm not apologizing.
See, that's always the one
thing that always bothered me.
You were supposed
to have my back.
We were supposed to
look after each other.
You crossed the line
I crossed the line?
I didn't cross the line,
why would I cross the line?
We both crossed
the line together.
Not like that.
You spread a lot
of lies about me.
You could've fucked
my career up.
Why did you believe him
and you didn't believe me?
She was underaged, Dave. I didn't
know that at the time, did I?
Case got kicked out anyway.
I didn't want it
backfiring on me.
Didn't mind it
backfiring on me, though?
You seem to be doing
all right for yourself.
That I am.
Nobody told you.
head of Vice, European division.
Nice house, lovely wife,
living in Brussels.
You see, I overcome.
Water under the bridge,
and all that.
Do you want another?
It's my round.
Same again, please, mate.
Do you want another brandy?
Yeah, quite, love.
There's a whole unit
set up at the station,
an operation that
I've been assigned to.
You're our number-one target.
And we'll be putting you
under surveillance.
We'll be tapping your phones,
CCTV on the club.
Watching you both
round the clock.
So I suggest you keep a low
profile for the time being.
Stop any big movements.
What's happened, man?
We'll use these
from now on, okay?
I'll be in touch.
Can I help you with those?
Can I help you?
No, I'm just leaving.
Leave, then.
Did I do that?
I'll need to talk to you about
what happened the other night.
I'm a policeman.
I can help you,
if you can help me.
Please. You have made things
difficult for me now.
Well, I can get you
out of this situation.
I need to know what you know
about the new route, Solucan.
They will kill my family.
I won't let that happen.
My number is hidden
as a barcode on the side.
My name's Michael.
Call me and I will help you.
Been lookin' at this club.
The capacities of 'em.
Blue Eyes.
How well do you know it?
I used to know it
when Big John Cook had it.
So you haven't been
down there lately then, no?
Oh, I been to look. Sure, yeah.
We're investigating it.
Naughty, naughty.
Go on. You can't kid a kidder.
I know how it works.
One for you, one for the team.
Not sure what you mean.
What sort of deal have you
struck with the Albanians?
Think you bought yourself a season
ticket down here, haven't ya?
For fuck's sake!
All the shit we used to
get up to back in the day?
You can talk to me.
I'm earning their trust.
It's early days.
Well done, good work.
We'll... We'll need to
talk to their associates.
We'll get as much
background as we can.
I'm working on it.
Anything else?
Okay, then I'll get to it.
And one more thing.
Report to me first with
anything from now on, eh?
No need to go to anyone else.
Fancy a bevvy after work?
I can't, I'm afraid. Too busy.
Oh, here he comes.
Looks a mess. The
fifth Teletubby.
Well, well, well,
it's the Likely Lads.
You never learn,
will you, Taylor?
What do you mean, Mike?
Well you won't get much
following me about.
Apart from backache
from sitting in this car
all day with your bum-chum.
We took a wrong turn, and
we ended up in this shithole.
Didn't we, John?
That's right, guv.
I'm sorry Michael, do you...
Do you live here?
Well if it's tea and
biscuits you're after,
I'm afraid I'm all out.
But, maybe I'll return
the compliment,
and pay you a little visit
Did you hear that, John?
That sounds like a threat.
Noted, sir.
Good day, gents.
See you round.
Heads up, muppet!
The fuck your playin' at?
Calm down, mate.
It's Martin.
What you so touchy for?
Fucking kid.
Where you going?
Lovers' tiff?
Oh, fuck off, Taylor.
Charming. you'll have to
speak to me sooner or later.
His name is Spartak Bejko.
He's what you might call
a "creative accountant"
for the brothers.
Maybe he'll cooperate with us.
You know best.
Size of that.
Nice place you've got here.
What do you want?
Don't be like that, Spartak.
We're here to help.
The Kabashis will be
going down sooner or later.
And when it comes,
they will use you.
If I talk to you, I'm dead.
Where do you keep
their financial records?
It's a fucking waste of time.
Don't be stupid, Spartak.
You'll be going to prison
for a very long time.
I have nothing to say
to either of you.
Fucking talk.
David. Fucking talk.
David, let him go. Don't
you fucking touch me!
All right?
Come on.
He's losing consciousness,
for fuck's sake!
He's bluffing.
Wants to talk. Don't ya?
For fuck sake!
You might be right, yeah.
I think he stopped breathing.
Great idea, this.
Fucking great idea!
Barely looks like an
accountant, don't he?
Call me.
I know about Solucan.
I put 100 grand for
that fucking route,
and I want it back.
I think it's time we went to
see the brothers, don't you?
That was just unnecessary,
all right?
He's already shit-scared.
He wasn't going to talk.
You know that.
I know that.
Let's go.
You gonna sort it?
Yeah, I'll set it up,
don't worry.
Good lad.
All right then.
We done?
- Yeah.
- Lovely.
Lovely speaking to you, Keith.
Yeah, you too.
Till half an hour, then?
You all right?
What did he say?
No threats.
You done work?
Afraid not.
Just a pint, that's all.
It's up to you, mate.
Is this Michael?
They sold me.
Sold you to who?
Different man has
locked me in a room.
I don't know where I am.
Can you see a window?
Ariana, can you see a window?
What can you see out there?
A street?
I'm at the window.
I don't recognize anything!
What can you see out there?
Can you see shops? Cars?
Yes, some cars.
The number plates of the cars,
can you read them out to me,
Yes. Okay.
Don't panic. Don't panic.
I'll... I'll find you. Okay?
I'll find you.
28-30-0, can you do
me a reg check please?
A quick reg check.
Thank you.
I won't be long.
Lisa, I need to ask you a favor.
I really need your help.
I'll pay you whatever.
Who are you?
I'm Lisa, friend of Michael's.
He brought you here.
Don't worry, you're safe.
I was forced to have
sex with lots of men.
If I didn't, I was beaten.
That went on for four years.
And then they put
me in the office.
Doing what?
Stuff with girls, then drugs.
They promised if I behaved
they would send me back home.
They would never have
let you go, you know that?
Can I use your phone, please?
I'm afraid I can't
let you make any calls.
I need to call my family,
they're not safe.
You never thought about going
to the police in all this time?
I'm scared of the police.
If you help Michael,
I'm sure he'll help you.
Can I use your phone, please?
He's busy?
Why you brought us down here?
Man, I need to talk to Michael.
It's been long.
I phoned him.
"Been long"? Why don't you talk
English, you fucking monkey?
I've got something for him.
What is it?
I want to talk to Michael.
I can't trust you lot.
Honestly, can't trust
you Feds, man.
"Feds"? "Feds" is
fucking American.
Are we in America?
No, but... No, but you listen
to me, you little cunt!
Michael's busy, so you
tell us and we'll tell him.
I've got an address,
open house, no security.
All right, and what's there?
Is that fucking it?
I mean kilos.
They're just waiting for
things to quieten down
before they move in.
How do you know
there's no one there?
I know. Davrav
put it there for sure.
Might be worth a look. Here.
Write the address down there.
I'll tell Michael
he said what he said.
No point, is there?
Michael's busy.
You sure?
We offer them three months
and we take 30%.
We let them run the routes
and then we renegotiate
after that period.
They can meet us tonight.
Sounds like you got it sorted.
I'll just...
I'll sit back and wait
till I'm needed, then, eh?
We good?
Yeah. Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Michael, long time
no see ya, man.
You brought a friend?
Yes. This is my DI,
David Knight.
He's running
the operation on you.
I think it's best if
we all have a chat.
I've explained to David
how we've been working so far.
And now we want to work out
something a bit more interesting.
Hmm. Do you?
We know how much
you're moving across Europe.
And we're willing to turn a
blind eye to your drug routes
for the next three months.
Michael, you changed, man.
What's this all about?
It's about moving
to the next stage.
Call it a probation
period if you like.
And what do you get from it?
A taste.
I reckon 30% would cover it.
30%? You fucking joking?
No man, no deal.
I know about Solucan, Nikolla.
I know how much money you're going to
be raking in from that new route, alone.
You need to keep me sweet.
Don't worry,
you'll be left completely
alone to operate.
We'll disappear.
Isn't that right, David?
I've said if...
They do what we want,
we'll leave them well alone.
I've no idea what
you're talking about.
The deal we've discussed.
Didn't discuss anything with ya.
Wait, wait, wait. Is this
a fucking joke or what?
That's not... What you doing, David?
What you doing?
I'm removing meself
from this situation.
Just for the record, I want to state
that I had nothing to do with this.
What the fuck are
you playin' at?
I'm not playing at anything.
What, you're just
You just brought me
into this place, right?
This has got nothing
to do with me.
So everything we talked about
has just gone right out the window?
What did we talk about?
Am I fucking dreaming?
I'm your superior officer.
I think you should respect me.
Gettin' your own back on me,
now, is that what it is?
You're gettin' your own back
on me, you're fucking me up!
You're losin' the plot, soldier...
I'm losin' the plot?
You should sit down now!
What the fuck you doin? I'm
removing myself from the situation.
David, what you doin' to me?
You don't understand me.
Get the fuck out of here!
You fucking pig!
Shut up, you,
you fuckin' filthy Arab.
Who d'you think
you're talking to?
I'm removing
meself from this situation
What the fuck
are you playin' at?
I'm not playing at anything.
What, you just backtrack...
You just brought me
into this place, right?
This has got nothing
to do with me.
So, everything we talked about
has just gone right out the window?
- What did we talk about?
- Am I fucking dreaming?
I'm your superior officer.
I wish I would have
been in touch sooner, but...
You know, I've missed this.
Me and you...
You're a good copper, though.
Always have been.
That's why we picked ya.
That's why we picked ya.
That's why we picked ya.
Well done, mate.
Well, there's no cunt here.
Fucking come here!
Oh, you're a fucking beauty?
Is that a chimney full of gears?
There's gotta be 20 boxes there.
Easy, mate.
You know
that Turk that was chopped up
in a warehouse last week?
Jim Dikman?
He was one of
Logan's associates.
And guess who was the last
person to see him alive?
So he killed the Turk?
He's a murderer?
No, but the cunt's DNA
will be all over the body
- So we got the bastard?
- Yeah.
You're doing a good job, David.
It'll make a huge difference.
And you help me in this and
that new stuff will disappear.
You can go back to your nice
life, nobody will know anything.
I just want to get
back, do you know what I mean?
I just wanna get
back to Brussels.
I'll make sure that happens.
- Thanks.
- You have my word.
Silly bastard thinks
we're mates again.
Hello, it's Martin's phone.
Hello, this is Keith.
I'm not here.
Hi, it's Chris.
I'm not in.
Please leave a message.
What I'm saying is Martin, is...
He's not looking after
us now, is he?
Hung us all out to dry,
ain't he, eh?
He's me mate, Keith.
Yeah? Why didn't you give
him half your share, then?
- Come on.
- I'm not...
Come on...
I'm not done here.
Fuck you.
You shut up.
I'll tell you what, though...
Fuck Michael.
Fuck him.
Come on.
- No!
- Shh!
I need to talk to you
about the brothers.
She won't be
any use for a while.
I gave her Diazepam.
She was freaking out.
She needed to calm down.
You can't go back to the flat.
It's not safe.
What you mean
I can't go back to the flat?
I really fucked up, Lisa.
David Knight is dead.
I was doing this deal
with these Albanians
and it all went wrong.
Nearly killed me.
And now I need to get to them
before they get to me.
David Knight's dead?
Stabbed to death.
Have you reported it?
Michael, they've
killed a policeman
you've got to tell someone.
I know.
But I can't just yet.
Knight was working with the PSD
trying to set me up for a murder
that I had nothing to do with.
It's out of control, Michael.
What about Martin?
What about Keith?
They're not answering
their phones.
Ariana has information that
could put the Albanian away.
I need you to keep her safe
and look after her while I...
Try and work out
what to do next.
Fuck the fucking money, Michael!
What the fuck are we?
I'll help you.
After this it's over.
Get on the floor!
Get on the floor!
Get on the floor!
Get his arms!
Get off!
Fucking don't...
Taylor, you've fucking had it.
Taylor, you're
fucking dead. You cunt!
I'm task force, mate.
Task force.
The Three Amigos
have been nicked.
Taylor's got 'em.
Were you involved?
We need to raid
two locations ASAP.
We need to move now.
Waiting on a warrant...
Can you ask the judge?
On what charges?
I can get 'em on Section 33A.
All right.
Where's Knight?
He's gone AWOL.
Oh, fuck.
But it's Knight's
fucking operation!
We need to strike now.
Okay, I'll call the judge.
No more favors, Michael.
Give me your wrist!
- On your feet!
- Get up!
On your feet!
I'm arresting on suspicion of
conspiracy to manage a brothel
and human trafficking
contrary to Sections 33A
and 58 of the Sexual
Offences Act of 2003.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense if
you do not mention when questioned
something which
you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Do you understand?
- Go on!
- Move!
Come on!
I can help you.
I think you know that.
Want one of these?
There's no need to
play the strong silent type.
Time to look after
number one now.
No comment.
Here! Fucking come here!
Oh, you're a fucking beauty?
Is that a chimney full of gears?
I still don't get to fuck.
There's gotta be 20 boxes there.
Easy, mate.
- Go on.
- For the picking?
I still don't get to fuck.
He owns a...
One of them.
How do you know that?
No comment.
Taylor's interrogating
your crew as we speak, Michael.
This is bad for all of us.
You need to sort it.
You need to do something, ASAP.
Do you understand?
Fucking cunt Taylor!
All written down in the log.
Every last detail.
You kept a log of all the
corruption for just this day.
This one day.
Michael can be a really scary
individual when he needs to be.
He bullied me.
Michael bullied you, Keith?
Oh, I have. I've got medical
records from doctors.
I've had depression
and all sorts.
I couldn't drive at one point.
But Michael wasn't
at the heist, was he?
I'm going to be looking for some
compensation after all I've been through.
My nerves are
in fucking tatters.
Why don't you go
and fuck yourself, Tintin?
Come on now, Keith,
you've had your fun.
I know how you can get Logan.
Oh, yeah?
I need to be out of here first.
So you're going
to set him up then?
Yeah, that's simple, right?
I need to be out of here
to make it happen.
Is that you, Taylor?
Call it a piece of insurance.
I think we need to talk,
don't we?
I'll see you there, Michael.
You watching me?
Make sure you
came dry-cleaned.
Michael, all your crew's
been nicked.
Don't make it worse for yourself,
just give me my fucking laptop.
Lisa, how you doing?
How's Ariana?
No, she's fine.
She's sleeping.
When are you coming back?
I'm getting things sorted.
It'll be okay.
I'll call you later.
Michael. Michael!
Hello, Lisa?
It's Martin. Listen to me.
Michael's in trouble. I know.
I know. Where are you?
Is Michael there?
Right. Give me the address.
Listen. Calm down.
I'm on my way.
I've got an address for you.
I want the cash first.
Do you understand?
I said I need the cash first
or there's no deal.
Okay. Let's meet.
Get out.
It's okay. Jesus!
Jesus Christ.
Get on your knees.
Get down on your knees.
Michael, what are we doing?
This is...
This is crazy.
You know that Turk that
was chopped up in the
warehouse last week?
Jim Dikman?
He was one of
Logan's associates.
And guess who was the last
person to see him alive?
So he killed the Turk?
He's a murderer?
No. But the cunt's DNA
will be all over the body.
So we got the bastard?
You're doing a good job, David.
It'll make a huge difference.
And you help me in this and
that new stuff will disappear.
David, what you doin' to me?
You don't understand me.
Get the fuck out
of here! You fucking pig!
Shut up, you fucking filthy Arab!
Who do you think you're talking to?
Well, he won't be seeing
Brussels again, that's for sure.
Please, Michael.
I've got a wife and kids.
Good for you.
You do the right thing.
It's not too late.
Let me help you.
Help me? I think you've
done enough, don't you?
You know how you can help me?
You can start by explaining...
Why you and David Knight
were trying to frame me
for the murder of Jim Dikman.
Pick it up.
Pick it up!
Taylor, we're in the woods.
I've got a gun in my hand.
My name is...
My name is Detective
Inspector Nick Taylor.
Michael Logan...
Is guilty of corruption,
Intimidating witnesses,
So how does it feel?
You want me to go on, huh?
Coercion, assault...
and bloody fucking murder!
Shut up!
Guv? We need to raid
the Kabashi shop now.
Fucking released?
Are you fucking kidding me?
What about Spartak?
I found his fucking head!
Guv, please. We need to
do something now, please.
Fuck's sake!
What you looking at?
Michael, why don't you get
your friend Akif
to help you now?
Who do you think you are?
You know there's 33,000
in my game, mate.
The money you
put into the Solucan
was a wise investment, no?
Shame. Shame you
lost everything, Michael.
You put us down for murder,
we take you down.
You put us down for drugs,
we do the same, man.
So let's end this, please.
Fuck you.
What the fuck?
It's Ariana. Where are you?
Ariana? Why are you
answering the phone?
Where's Lisa?
She's in the bathroom.
Are you okay?
Yes. I am better now.
Where are you?
I'm on my way.
Can you put Lisa on?
Okay, hold on. I'll get her.
Michael, where are you?
I won't be long.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah. I was
just in the toilet.
I was calling. Are you sure?
See you soon, yeah?
Relax now.