Hyeong (2016) Movie Script

With a half point each,
the finals match is intense.
They're sizing each other up.
It's a good way to check
his opponent's condition.
As we speak, Ko uses foot technique!
Ko throws Tamada down!
Very good, the technique worked!
Ko receives another half point.
Ko must hold his own,
Tamada is coming on strong.
- Yes, indeed.
- He's in a hold!
It's dangerous, this is bad!
Tamada takes a half point.
He has to get out of it, he's in a hold.
He has to free himself!
Ko mustn't be overpowered with the grip.
He breaks free!
He's got a chance, inner-thigh throw!
- He's got a lock!
- Very good!
He's in the air!
The optic nerve was badly damaged.
There is no treatment or a transplant for this.
It's unfortunate, but he has lost his sight.
You applied this year too?
Good to see you again.
When you're paroled, what do you plan to do?
It says here,
you didn't obtain any licenses.
But that's not all.
I don't deserve to leave here.
I scammed people out of their money,
and just thinking of all the grief I caused,
I should serve additional sentence.
- Is that a prop?
- Of course not.
I could never con our Lord.
"Judo Athlete Suffers Injury - Goes Blind"
Ko Du-young?
What's this?
my brother.
I never mentioned it while being in here.
I knew it'd look bad on him.
Our parents passed away
and my brother lost his eyes...
I'm a terrible man.
I deserve to be punished.
But thinking of him, I can't eat,
everything's pitch black to him...
I wonder if he's eating...
if he's hurt anywhere...
He's the only reason
why I applied for a parole.
That's all...
Son of a...
Never thought Du-young'd shine hope on my ass.
My foot, goddammit.
What a way to welcome me back home.
What a shit hole...
Look at this place...
That stench...
Are you Du-young?
You can't even answer the door, asshit?
Oh yeah, you're blind.
So frigging dark.
Get out.
Fuck you.
It's been a while.
Fuck off.
Home cooked ramen!
Who knew you could help me out?
Thanks, asshole.
As you know, it's just a year.
I don't even want to be here,
so let's last a year.
I'll disappear without a trace then.
What a douche.
It's basic human decency to greet your guests.
What's the going rate for this place?
You got any money?
Your mom must have left you something.
Oh yeah, remember this.
Don't ever think that I'll look after you,
or help out in any way,
so get that out of your head!
What are you doing?
Let go!
You can't even walk 10 feet.
I'll disappear to my room, so as you were.
One Lamborghini Ice Tornado.
Lamborghini Ice Tornado, over there.
Boss, give me a Lamborghini menthol.
Right, menthol.
That's what I wanted.
Give me one too.
It's sold out.
Why don't you put that back?
I ordered it, Lamborghini menthol.
I called it by its proper name,
Lamborghini Ice Tornado.
Keep the change!
Hey, hey!
You son of a bitch!
Okay, okay, fine!
You can have it! Take it!
You piece of shit!
What a moron...
If I ever see you again,
I'll put you in a grave!
Good luck with that!
My stomach...
What the hell? Nature's call right now?
Goddamn you! It's coming!
Du-young, it's Su-hyun.
Still not answering?
I'm in front of your place.
If you're inside...
It's open.
Who are you?
What was that for?
So you're his girlfriend or something?
Looks like he didn't eat anything.
He can feed himself, he's a big boy.
That's not what I meant!
No need to shout, you hag!
Du-young, let's eat!
Who the hell is she?
Du-young, get up.
What happened?
Open your eyes!
Listen up.
I wasn't paroled to bury you.
If you wanna die, go quietly.
Or get up and get living.
His stomach was empty. It's malnutrition.
He didn't just have skill,
he had national-level physique.
Shouldn't you make sure that he eats something?
Then take him.
If you're so worried, take him.
You're very nosy for a coach.
What do you mean?
National-level physique?
He must pound you well.
You're a piece of trash.
My life is in a trashcan
thanks to him, goddammit.
Patient Ko Du-young, please make payment.
I'll throw myself out.
- I exceeded my card limit.
- And I don't even have one!
I'd fucking love one.
What a douchebag.
What's up with you bro?
Even if you're not close,
no one would think you're brothers.
He's half-brother.
I see, now I get it.
I'll beat your ass!
How did it feel making me look bad?
Stop pretend to be all that
and shove food down your throat.
Don't piss me off.
Is that ham?
It's spam.
What a bitch.
Your sense of smell must be messed up too.
Your existence is spam, asshole.
And be thankful that I'm a humanitarian.
You should be kissing my ass
for cooking for you.
- Ramen is food?
- Don't bad-mouth ramen.
Shin ramen, Sea Food ramen,
Nagasaki ramen, asshole!
There's so much variety.
You were raised on good food,
you can last 10 years on ramen.
Shut up and just eat.
Eat shit or whatever.
Are you using my cologne?
That's it!
What's with the tone, asshit!
You watch your tone.
Son of a...
Why was your life spared?
The entire family could've sent to hell.
I lost my appetite.
What the shit...
You're not blind!
I know you can kinda see...
Humanitarian, my ass.
Fuck, that hurts...
Watch it!
What, asshit? What is it?
Son of a bitch...
My stomach...
My apologies, sir.
Even with collateral,
the applicant must be here.
If not, we need his power of attorney.
Is the power of attorney really necessary?
I'm sorry.
I'm his brother, you hear me?
Power of attorney...
Wait, dried squid.
Boss, got any Coke Zero?
It's right here.
I'll take this too. Where's my Coke?
That bastard...
Yo! Buddy!
Come here, remember what I said?
I'll put you in a grave...
I picked out that Coke first.
You live here?
If so?
Let's set some ground rules.
Whoever pays first takes it, okay?
Who the fuck are you?
Why ask?
What do you think I do?
What the shit?
Look it up online, old man.
I want my Coke back!
Oh no...
I'm sorry, your suit...
Shallow grave!
- I'll bury you!
- It wasn't on purpose!
Stop chasing me! Go away!
This entire district is a psych ward!
If I ever see you again!
What a shitty day, son of a bitch...
Fucking moron...
It'll get soggy, go on, eat.
You can smell sweet and sour pork, right?
Open up!
What's with you?
Isn't it obvious? Seeing you starve yourself
made me a little sad.
You prefer a fork? Right?
Wait a sec.
I got it, I got your fork.
Here, open up.
Here, do it yourself, happy?
It's in front of you.
That's a carrot.
That's a cucumber.
Beside it.
Forget it.
Here, it's on the fork.
It's so good!
Eat some black bean noodles too.
You know you can't eat soggy noodles.
Go on, eat.
There you go, my baby bro!
Very good.
Is this from Yangtze River?
Yangtze River?
"Yangtze River Chinese Food"
You're good! Damn!
You're amazing.
Oh yeah.
Dad and your mom's...
charnel house is moving.
they need some forms, we both need to consent.
They need your power of attorney,
or whatever it's called, so frigging annoying.
Everything's so damn complicated.
Where's your seal?
Why do you need my seal
for moving the charnel house?
What the hell?
Are you implying that I'll use it to scam you?
That hurts my feelings, shit.
Even so, I'd never scam my own brother!
Forget it! Just drop it!
I'll just spray their ashes in the stream.
That's not what I meant.
Please verify.
It's good.
Thank you, take care.
For under 3,000cc,
this model has great mileage.
Take a look.
It opens!
Sunroof is so money!
Never drove one of these?
How much is it with full options?
One moment, please.
Is there a disability discount?
Taste it, it's macaron.
Guess where I bought it.
Ichon district.
Isn't it good?
I know you love these.
Let's start judo again.
I can't even see, how can I?
Don't take it the wrong way.
There's a national Paralympics team.
If you join, you'll...
I lived here for 20 years.
But I can't even find my own room.
How could I ever play judo again?
Know what that's called?
"Going full retard."
You're my light.
No, no, you can't drink that.
Airheads are too easy.
Shoes, shoes.
Bae, is this your house?
- Why? Why?
- Be quiet.
We got a mad dog, it goes wild when it wakes.
Oh no!
Take my hand and walk quietly.
Bae! Ghost!
Still awake?
Bae, that mad dog was a man?
"Mad dog"?
Did I say that?
Well, that's not what I meant...
Go away before I give you rabies!
How dare you...
Where you going?
Hey, hey, hey!
Don't go!
Cutie pie! Bae!
Son of a bitch.
A man must have common sense.
You don't even need a degree or money.
I'm doing my best to take care of a blind,
how could you lash out at me, dickwad.
Gui district townhall.
I'm talking here, asshole.
Hello, you came by the other day.
I'm Ko Du-young.
You recommended that I move into the facility.
I think that'd be
better than my current situation.
I have a question.
Will the criminal out on parole
who's supposed to help me
go back to prison?
Have you gone absolutely mad?
You're driving me crazy!
I lived okay without you!
Just go away.
He's got an attitude.
His skills can't be wasted.
It's Paralympics, but he can still do it.
Please convince him.
I can't change his mind.
That's why he needs convincing!
Plant a seed in his mind,
and slowly over time...
I don't have that kind of time.
You're a hooligan.
You got a nice car.
How did you purchase that?
You registered him for disability,
you do have that kind of time.
You got a thing for me? I'm not into athletes.
Are you insane?
Then why are you so nosy?
He's scared to go outside.
Even as a half-brother, you're worthless.
But you're still brothers!
I've had enough of this, I'm quite busy.
There are plenty of families
who are not blood-related!
Screw that.
I think his depression made him
say those things.
No matter what I do,
emotional pain can't be treated.
Mr. Ko, are you eating well?
Shin ramen,
Raccoon ramen,
He can't make ramen by himself,
I saw him crushing it and eating it raw.
He begged me to make him different ramens.
Please have some.
If you're short on side dishes,
please register.
Our welfare division can provide some for you.
You're doing great work.
Change of environment
could be the cause of depression.
You should take him
for a walk around the neighborhood,
and get some sun.
I'm going inside.
Get some sunlight, asshit! You get depression.
You're the cause of that.
This is no better than prison!
You got anywhere you wanna go?
You said the charnel house moved.
I want to go there.
You're asking me to go there?
With you?
Like good ol' pals?
You have no conscience, like your mom.
No need to bad-mouth a dead person.
Shut your hole!
Do you remember?
Jungsu Sauna and Yangzte River?
On dad's payday,
mom, dad, you and me,
we went to the sauna and ate Chinese.
Don't remember.
After you left, we never once went.
I begged them to go when you come back.
Fuck off.
You think we were happy after you left?
"Maybe it's because of puberty,"
"maybe he'll come back after making it big."
I made excuses to understand you.
But you never came back.
I buried both of our parents when I was 18!
That was when I gave up.
I knew it was all over.
I won't notify your parole officer,
so please just go.
Have a good life.
I'm better off alone now.
Get up.
Yo, get up.
Get the hell up, asshair!
Get up.
- Get up.
- Stop it!
Get the hell up!
You stupid shit!
Just do what I tell you!
Asshair, get up!
Let's go to the sauna, come on, asshair.
Let's go wash.
I bet you got 10 years worth of dead skin.
Shit, forget it!
I want to go home.
Fuck that.
Let's get you scrubbed.
Take it off.
Damn, dude.
You're all grown up.
What the hell!
Ow, that hurts...
I know you can kinda see.
You're not totally blind.
Look at the dead skin. You'll clog the sewage.
Please be quiet.
Feels nice, eh?
Do you feel the work of a pro?
Did you scrub in prison?
I hid in a sauna for a year
before I went to prison.
I scrubbed for a year.
Runaways aren't happy away from home.
Bus boy, physical labor, even barber assistant.
So why did you run away?
You're too stupid to understand.
You were good with mom too.
She did good by me.
After she came along,
I was famous for my lunch.
She even timed my lunch to bring me hot udon,
no mom ever did that.
I remember that, I was there too.
our neighbor told me one day,
to get a grip and get it together.
The woman you call 'mom'
was your real mom's hospice.
The neighbor said
your real mom'd turn in her grave,
so I flipped out and took off.
Imagine how desperately
these people wanted your mom to die,
that's why I left, asshair.
I can't believe I just told you that.
Scrub thoroughly!
Your back is like an eraser, there's so much!
Feels like I'm bleeding.
My arms are hurting, and you're bitching at me.
And why are your shoulders so wide?
You were a munchkin.
You had no pubes when I left.
Now you're like an Italian.
No, no, no.
Let's go, I got enough clothes.
Probably all hoodies.
A man must look chic.
Hey, what's wrong?
Don't block the entrance.
Wait, wait, wait!
What are you doing?
What? Me?
Yes, you.
Can't you see? I'm shopping.
No shit.
If you pushed someone, you should apologize.
You're blind?
Then carry a stick around, why be a nuisance?
Isn't it common sense to yield
to someone with disability?
What a nuisance.
Look at this guy.
A little chump...
I'm older than your sugar baby.
What are you? What's it to you?
I'm his brother.
- Let's just go home.
- Hold on.
What a fucking retard.
Did you call him a retard?
If you can't see, go sit at the corner.
If you can see, use your fucking eyes.
Or are they used to size up chicks?
I told you to apologize to my brother,
are you deaf?
- Sir?
- Are you okay?
It was just a scratch...
Is this a con? I barely touched him.
I think he's hurt...
He's dripping cold sweat...
- What's with him?
- Hold on, my stomach...
Are you okay?
I'm telling you the truth!
I barely touched him!
I'm telling you, he's overacting!
Be quiet!
You should know better.
Look at his brother, he's blind...
He has a disability.
It's all my fault.
I only wanted to buy him some clothes.
I simply wanted him...
to overcome the prejudice against him!
The prejudice...
It's all my fault.
I'm sorry.
It's because of me...
Are you hurt?
I'm here, you idiot!
You shouldn't be worrying about me!
Don't cry...
I went easy on that bastard.
- Stop it.
- Stop what?
Did you take acting classes?
That was Oscar-caliber.
- I took after the con man.
- You asshair...
Listen to this bastard.
Well, aren't you?
I'm your brother, you can call me bro.
Screw that bro crap.
Even the dead will laugh.
You just said bro.
- When did I?
- You just did.
- I never said that.
- You prick.
Don't try to lie me, that's my specialty.
- Let's just go home.
- Lead the way!
Go on, take the lead.
- You can't do shit without me.
- Let go! Now!
I almost pissed my pants...
I thought you'd flip me...
Hold my arm.
No respect...
Maybe I should've taken MRI,
CT scan is too cheap.
Stop it.
Did you see her?
I'm so fucking jealous,
she was so frigging hot.
What a hottie.
So what I'm saying is...
Can we have some privacy?
I'd like to talk to him.
Just us two.
Why don't you go to his room then?
It's okay.
Go on.
If you're here to convince me,
I'm not interested.
Are you really that embarrassed?
Paralympics medal is meaningless to you?
I don't like people seeing me as a disabled.
It won't mean much coming from me,
but someone said
disability can't be overcome,
but must be accepted.
How can I accept it?
The world turned dark overnight,
and I became a laughing stock.
I know it's discomfortable
to an umpteenth degree,
but discomfort can be helped,
whereas sense of shame...
can't be helped by anyone.
Wanna change places?
I lost everything.
If you did too, you wouldn't be
able to say it's a discomfort.
I understand, but...
You heard him!
Need his will, you can't force someone,
what if he gets injured more?
Leave, don't come back.
You got no right to do this!
You don't even care if he starves or not.
Malnutrition in this age?
I wanna have pork belly.
Can you stay for dinner, coach?
But I...
Stay for a bite or whatever.
How about soju cocktail?
Do it yourself, I don't make it for chicks.
I'm from Hanchun Church.
Have some candy.
Mister, got any pork belly?
Of course I do.
Cut me a nice portion.
I should eat chicken tonight.
Hold up.
Well, shit.
"Holy Bible"
A priest?
Will you accept Jesus Christ?
70/30, the perfect ratio.
Say ah!
Shouldn't you eat some too?
No, he's full. No need to feed him.
He's always full of
the Lord's kindness and honor.
- Who is it?
- A neighbor.
Don't mind him, he's born to cook meat.
Keep flipping that meat.
Are you married?
Mind your business, and stuff yourself.
I'm very single.
I see.
- you live here too?
- Alright, buddy.
Since you're good at this, I'll wrap you one.
What do you want?
The piece without fat, preferably.
Okay, sure. Want some garlic?
2 pieces.
Eat what I give you.
- Onion?
- a little.
- Take a shot of soju.
- One of that too.
Soju first.
Don't go home empty-handed.
What a guy...
I'm glad!
You two are closer now.
Are you always so nosy?
Du-young was a star.
I'm sad that he didn't get to shine.
Maybe that's why I'm nosy.
I won't bother him anymore.
He's happy because of you.
You want me to do dishes?
Independence, asshair.
You have to be good at it too,
so you can get married and shit.
What kind of bimbo will ever marry me?
You got a handsome mugshot.
How many girls have you dated?
How can I play judo and date girls too?
Winning gold medal is already hard enough.
What a waste of youth!
Enough's enough!
Go pick up chicks starting today.
Are you kidding?
Picking up girls
is the easiest thing in the world.
It's the hardest for me.
- Come here.
- Even more so now.
Sit here.
Look at this bastard.
How do I explain girls to you?
What a pitiful virgin.
Girls 101...
That's right, think of it like judo.
There's a Coke bottle in front of you, grab it.
If you want her, grab her like that.
Feel her, grab her hard.
Grab her harder.
That's it!
Push and pull.
Give and take.
This is the game.
It's all about push and pull...
Wait for the right moment.
When it comes, you seize it!
And the game is half over.
And then?
Like I said, it's like judo,
what do you do after the flip?
Use your charisma to overwhelm her.
You knock her off her feet.
She'll be all over you.
She's trying to escape, grab her!
Hold her down. Game over!
Forget it.
But I can't appeal myself to them.
The problem is stimulating them...
Can you move your eyes?
Drop your gaze to the left
for about 10 seconds.
Like this?
Very good.
Cross your legs, look up, right.
Asshair, that's creepy!
Forget it!
That's it! Right there!
You had it, that was good!
You got it, very good!
Rough, cool, like a wild animal.
Maintain that look plus a sensitive phrase!
Sensitive phrase?
Humans have 2 types of eyes:
physical eyes and emotional eyes.
Emotional eyes...
You may have figured out,
but I lost my physical eyes.
But that sounds too corny.
Listen till the end.
But god...
gave me another set of eyes.
Emotional eyes.
Emotional eyes...
Good, just like that.
Hot shit.
Let's suit up.
Emotional eyes.
Very good.
No, no, no, let's change.
My feet are asleep!
- can I change posture?
- Nope.
My back hurts.
Hold it!
Nothing is ever easy.
I'll fish some hot chicks, so stay like that.
- Hey!
- what?
I like...Jennifer Lawrence style.
What the shit...So he wants a goddess...
Humans are 2 types...
Humans have 2 types of eyes:
physical eyes and emotional eyes.
Are you here alone?
No, I'm with a friend.
I see!
My friends dragged me here.
I'm new to this so it's a bit awkward.
Can I chat with you for a bit?
Humans have 2 types of eyes:
physical eyes and emotional eyes.
Emotional eyes?
You may've figured out,
but I lost my physical eyes.
Because of it, I was quite rebellious.
Oh my gosh.
But god...
gave me...
another set of eyes: emotional eyes.
So with your emotional eyes,
what do I look like?
Like Jennifer Lawrence.
You can really see!
They say I'm a mix of her
and Scarlett Johansson.
Don't you think we'd make a good couple?
- Sure!
- You're cute.
How can you be so cute?
Should I kiss you? Or not? Should I?
Kiss! I'm gonna do it!
Hey! Wait, wait!
Stop! Stop!
Back off! Stop it!
- What? What is it?
- I'm sorry, holy shit!
- It felt good. Who are you?
- No, it was bad.
He's my brother. We're brothers.
Wait, we're not done!
Go away!
- Why should I?
- Go away!
- You got no right!
- And you do?
I'm a woman!
No, you're not! Stay the hell away!
- So rude!
- She's clingy.
- Thank you!
- For what?
- He thanked me!
- No thank you!
Cutie pie, see you soon!
Never in a million years! Go away!
Asshair, dammit!
I told you to wait! Give me some Kleenex.
- Why?
- Isn't it obvious?
Holy shit, you look like Joker.
I bet she came alone.
That gave me a jolt, what a mess.
Look at me.
Did you want to eat her?
You should've waited till
I approved her, asshair.
She said she's a mix of Jennifer and Scarlett.
She said that?
What a bitch...
It's a scary world out there!
How dare she compare her to those goddesses?
Her body was tight though.
Damn, boy...
You felt her up?
Did you get a hard-on too?
What did she look like?
The vision of her will keep you up at night.
You're making me more curious.
Listen up.
You're completely drunk, as in piss drunk,
street lights looks like ladders,
is that post upright or flat?
You're so out of it.
- And then?
- Then...
Then you see this girl,
and you sober up instantly!
So, like I said,
wait until I give you the go next time.
Excuse me?
I was told to come in for the checkup results,
but I never got a checkup,
so how is that possible?
May I get your name?
Ko Du-sik.
You were treated in the ER recently.
We got the results from CT scan and bloodworks.
Oh right, I remember.
So, should I wait?
Yes, please.
- Please hurry.
- Sure.
Mr. Ko?
Mr. Ko Du-sik?
One moment.
I know this is hard to accept.
- But you...
- Shit, give me a sec.
Your call cannot be connected...
How is that possible? Make some sense!
We cannot do anything about Dr. Kim's schedule.
That asshole says I got 3 months to live,
but the best doctor here
is booked up for months?
What the shit is that?
Do you even have common sense?
- But the hospital system...
- It's that blasted system!
I can get examined in a few months,
that's your damn system, so what can I do?
Should I die while waiting?
What was that?
- my apologies, sir.
- Don't touch me!
You can't do this here.
Stop this bullshit and give me an option!
What should I do?
I'm in the final stage
of pancreatic cancer, so that's it?
Let go of me, dammit!
What should I do? Give me an alternative!
Why is the university hospital
worse than a private clinic?
Do I look poor? Is that it?
- Please, sir.
- Take my money!
I'll give you the money so schedule me!
No point of dying in pain, let's end it here.
"Asshair Du-young"
Why is he not answering?
"Jungsu Sauna"
Don't play with fire, you could hurt yourself!
Let me see.
You got a burn.
Where's first aid?
Were you really that hungry?
You should've asked me to cook for you.
I was making you breakfast.
Everything's so fucked...
Mom always fried you an extra egg,
she said you loved it.
She was so full of shit.
The persimmon tree outside
grew up eating your eggs.
I buried your uneaten egg,
"give us plenty of persimmons for Du-sik,"
we would say.
Stop it, asshole.
Screw that, you thought I'd be moved?
I'll get some meds.
- Can you walk?
- Yeah.
Let's get changed.
Are we going somewhere?
You wanted to see mom.
We came together.
No need to worry now.
Gotta take a leak.I'll be back.
Hurry back.
Your good son lost his eyes,
and your bad son...
die soon.
We had our disagreements,
but we'll settle this soon enough.
But he...
What will you do with him?
Stop smiling and say something.
Good, eh?
- It's good.
- Eat.
I heard you were a big shot judo player.
A gold medal hopeful too.
You gotta use that skill, you're wasting it.
Since you were the big shot,
what was that thing,
Paralympics? You'll win it all if you compete?
What do you want to say?
Let's start again, judo.
Are you trying to convince me?
- No way.
- Why?
You don't want people saying
you're going full retard?
I can't even go to the corner store!
I can't even go there to cook ramen for myself!
How can I ever be a national athlete?
You'll get help! Hey!
People around you will help,
including that coach girl.
You won't have to be afraid, they'll all help.
Let's go outside.
Are you nuts? How can I run?
Don't you know this place?
We played here all the time.
But things are different now.
It's the same, nothing's changed.
I was by your side then, and I'm here now.
Let's go home.
How long will you stay as a hermit?
Aside from athletics, what can you do?
I can just die.
"Just die"?
You think that's easy?
If I was gonna die anyway,
I'd run like hell and die!
There's nothing to lose.
I'm scared.
I'll be watching you, okay?
Let's give it a go, Du-young.
Let's do this!
Just trust me and run, asshair!
Here we go!
Very good!
That's it!
Very good...
You okay?
Good job.
That was good, goddammit.
Will you help?
Yes, I'll help.
If people laugh at me,
will you beat them?
I'll choke them to death, those fuckers.
What brings you here?
Is that make-up?
Just a little bit.
You put on so much, you look like a geisha.
Let's make Du-young a national athlete.
National athlete? He wants to?
I barely convinced him,
do it before he changes his mind.
Why all of sudden?
No need to know, you're being nosy again.
By the way,
if he wins gold, will he get annuity?
Paralympics athletes
don't get short end of the deal?
Gold is gold, everything's the same.
You wanna live off his annuity?
There's a condition.
You must be by his side.
I'm a coach for the regular team,
Paralympics athletes have separate coaches.
So you lied to my face.
Like hell.
You said he's not alone, and that you'd help.
You can be his manager.
You just have to take him
to his training and games.
Here's our history.
When he was born, I adored him.
But as he grew up, I hated him more and more.
It wasn't his fault at all.
I'm sure he felt wronged.
I'm finally feeling close to him,
...but I got cancer. I'm going to die soon.
He'll be all alone, please help him.
If it's not for you, no one can do this.
You're the only one.
I only drove for 300km, so do me this favor.
Why are you selling it so suddenly?
Just because.
What? You're going where?
The Paralympics team.
Why the hell for?
Su-hyun, are you drunk?
I'm taking Du-young there!
He's starting again?
- Yes.
- Then just send him!
I'll make sure he's taken care!
He won't go unless I go with him.
Who? Who said that?
His brother.
I'll come back when he's settled.
Yeah? Who says your job will still be there?
Then I guess I'll stay with the Paralympics.
I don't believe this!
You worked so hard to get here,
how could you say that?
If I send him alone,
I'll never be able to forgive myself.
I need this!
He's not your brother, why do you care?
You have to send me!
Even after losing everything,
I need to show him that he can smile.
It kills me that everything could go to waste.
But to hold his hand, I need to let go
of the things in my hand.
Do me this favor.
Won-suk, you bastard! Do it properly!
Watch your posture!
I'll whip you!
Du-young's eyes are here!
What's this?
Your new eyes, of course.
Here's the handle.
No way.
Instead of not seeing and bumping into things,
be cool and own it!
You unfold like this, and toss it.
That was annoying.
Do I look dope?
You're the dopest blind in the world.
Should I be honored?
"2016 Rio Paralympics National Team Try-Out"
Grip hold!
Point! White!
Point? Really?
Hey, Du-young!
Are you worried that you can call me bro
Grip hold!
- That's game!
- Game!
End of match!
Is the car in shop?
The car?
I sold it.
Is taking bus and subway too peasant for you?
It's nothing like that.
Athletes can't live on the lap of luxury.
In the old days, they won gold on ramen diet.
I'm off.
Your brother's talking.
Thank you.
Do your best.
I'm so glad you can't see.
Or my beauty would distract you.
In any case, you represent Korea now.
So please do your best.
You deliver Chinese now?
Let's not order 1 dish during rush hours.
Isn't that an unwritten rule?
I don't believe this!
Church is a corporation too.
They don't hire you without a degree.
Daehyung Church's salary
is higher than Samsung.
So you went to a seminary?
That was a qualification, so that's what I did.
A priest...You, a priest?
How could I die before seeing that?
I took a leave of absence, so die in peace.
"Yangtze River"
You bastard, where the hell are you?
If you keep this up, just quit.
Don't need to head back?
How could you eat what you deliver?
- Got any beer?
- Why?
I just got fired.
Seriously? Really?
He must be very talented.
National athlete, eh?
Dig deeper, a storm could tip it over.
You better pay me.
Or I'll call the labor ministry.
Don't laugh.
Bury some fried eggs from time to time.
There're better fertilizers, why fried eggs?
I can't even afford eggs.
I think I'm done, come take a look.
What is it? Hey!
Excuse me?
What happened?
Is this the police? I need an ambo right away!
- What?
- Stupid shit.
- Yes, boss.
- 119...
Right, 119.
Don't call, there's no point.
First time in months.
Let's get rewarded
for all the hard work in Rio.
Yes, coach.
It doesn't feel like home.
What did you do to it?
"Judo Master Du-young's Home"
You feeling it?
Latino chicks!
Brazil's nice.
Let's pick up Brazil girls after the game.
Come on, I play on a global scale.
Once I land, they will swarm in, it's a hassle.
But I don't speak English.
That's why you're still a virgin, asshair.
You don't pick up girls with words.
Confidence is the greatest aphrodisiac.
I really want to win gold, can I really do it?
Of course.
There's a medal with your name on it.
Who else would take it?
It's almost all packed.
Oh yeah, I forgot tell you.
I got a call about a job.
A job?
A friend is constructing a building in Busan
and asked me to come.
Well, ASAP.
He wants me there now.
Should I pass and go to Brazil?
You can't get real jobs
as a high school dropout.
Asshair, did you have to rub it in?
So if you go, you'll get a real job?
Of course.
Good, you need a job to get married.
Look who's talking, dipshit.
Worry about your own virgin ass.
I'll go to Brazil alone this time.
With the coach.
Will you be okay?
I'm pretty good with the cane now.
And the match...
I already won that.
Arrogant bastard, just stay the hell there!
Live in a favela, asshair!
- And dance samba?
- Like crazy.
- How's this?
- That's good!
- Pick up chicks Like this?
- Yeah, for sure!
You gotta move like this.
Don't wander off.
Listen to self-proclaimed beauty coach.
It's not self-proclaimed.
People call me that all the time.
Just go with it, it's a farewell after all.
Work hard while I'm gone,
I'll visit you in Busan.
Sure, I'll buy you sushi.
Eat well, something digestive.
Get going, you'll miss the flight.
Let's go, he'll cry.
I'll be back.
Yeah, do well.
Korea's Ko Du-young has
moved up to Quarter Finals!
That was good, very clean flip.
That was sexy, right?
Your brother ruined you...
I wanna call him.
Sure, brag it to him.
I won today, did you see?
Of course, you looked hot on TV.
Are you in Busan?
Can't you hear?
The seagulls in the air.
Yeah, can you hear the samba?
It's no joke.
People are dancing in front of me,
and the chicks are so hot.
Lying sack of shit.
I only hear your breathing, asshole.
Isn't it your bedtime?
- Shouldn't you go to bed?
- No, I'm okay.
Time to go to work?
- How's the food?
- Good.
But I want your cooking,
Shin ramen, Nagasaki...
One sec.
How's the work going?
You gotta work hard and get married.
You really have to.
"University Hospital"
Yo, Cultist.
Jesus, if looks could kill.
Yo, how much did the Chinese pay you?
I'll pay you more for nursing me.
Are you nuts? Why should I?
I'm busy.
Yo, Cultist, bull-fucking-shit.
I'm gonna go legit for sure this time.
I'm going back to school.
- To evangelize?
- Mind your biz!
- Do It then.
- I will!
No one's stopping you.
But clean my piss and shit.
See me off, then do it.
You're so nasty.
Good. It's a deal.
Set the alarm for Du-young's match.
And lower me.
- I said lower me.
- Okay, fine.
I'm bad with machines.
Something wrong?
I keep thinking about it.
That match...that caused the accident.
You did so well so far, take it easy.
I really want to win a gold...
but I'm scared.
I can't breathe...
If I drop out with an injury...
Du-young, drop out if you want to.
You're young, and still very athletic,
you can win at the next game.
But when that time comes...
your brother may not be around.
- Du-young!
- I have to go!
- I have to!
- Du-young!
No! I'm going home!
Du-young, get it together!
This is why he couldn't tell you!
Is this really the right time
to go back to your brother?
Then go ahead, let's head back.
How long till the final round?
About 5 minutes.
I'd like to be alone.
Yo, brother.
It's me.
The girls here are no joke.
Fuck, I shoulda gone.
Don't worry, I got digits of 2 samba dancers.
Are you sure they're hot?
Your track record isn't good.
I can't trust this guy.
Are you kidding? It's for real.
Whatever, asshair, I should've gone.
I'm in the finals...
Yeah, I know, remember my words.
If you don't win gold, there's no home!
Just stayin Brazil!
I'll get your citizenship
revoked at the airport!
It's not bad here.
I'll win gold and come home.
I'll win it for sure.
Wait for me, okay?
Please wait.
I miss you.
Hurry back home.
Does it hurt?
Does it hurt badly?
Hurry home...
It hurts so bad, asshit.
It hurts without you, hurry back.
Just hold on, I'll be home soon.
You can do this, Du-young.
2016 Rio Paralympics,
final round of 60kg judo is about to start.
- Korea's Ko Du-young...
- It's starting! He's on!
and Turkey's Pana are on the mat.
These two athletes had to work even harder
than regular athletes to reach this far.
I bet all their training
is going through their heads.
Anxiety is evident on Ko's expression.
Grip hold!
And the match begins!
It's starting off with a bang
as it is the finals.
It's a war of nerves!
Ko avoids Pana's leg lock.
Pana goes for another attempt!
That was close, but Ko's safe.
Out of bounds!
He was flipped out of bounds.
Pana is on the offensive, if he keeps up...
Lower your stance and hold his left arm!
Grip hold!
Both athletes are in a grip.
Pana's sudden flip!
Pana takes a half point with a flip.
Half point! Blue!
Du-young, get it together.
There's enough time.
Pana takes the lead by taking a half point...
Give me a cigarette.
I got none.
Yes, you do.
I quit, for real.
How could you quit now?
Watch the game, pay attention.
As he faces off with Pana,
Ko Du-young must maintain
same level of confidence...
- He must stay calm
- Grip hold!
and see this through.
Both athletes are in a grip at the center.
Korea's Ko Du-young.
Grip him hard, asshair.
Are you worried that
your opponent will get hurt?
I'm your brother, you can call me bro.
Runaways aren't happy away from home.
You gotta button from the top, asshit.
Are you sick?
Sick? Of course not.
Just trust me and run, asshair!
You got a brother?
I got one.
Circle throw!
Ko wins a half point!
Hold him down!
Pana is trying to escape,
but Ko can't lose this chance!
Ko is holding him down!
He must lower his stance even further.
You can do this...
Half point!
- Match over!
- He wins a half point!
That's a win!
Ko wins the first gold medal for Korea!
An amazing performance by Ko Du-young!
I'd like to congratulate Ko Du-young.
He was a medal hopeful at Rio Olympics,
but who could've thought
he'd win one at Paralympics?
He suffered a grave injury,
but he came through to win big here!
What's with him?
Is he in shock?
That stupid moron...
It's grape.
That tastes like orange.
I put #1 as my shortcut.
I'll be on 24-hour standby, so call anytime.
One more thing.
He wanted me to give you this.
To my brother, Du-young.
In this harsh world, there is a solace...
No, no, this is so bullshit.
Anyway, my dear bro, it's me.
Always be confident, don't be scared,
and widen your chest, okay?
Clothes make the man, so dress sharp.
Don't get fooled by girls
who say they look like Jennifer.
There's something I wanted to tell you.
Always know that you're not alone.
Dad, mom and I will always be by your side.
And have fun over there as a family rep.
If you don't enjoy your life,
I'll beat the shit out of you.
Lastly, we'll meet again.
I miss you, little bro.
So handsome!
Arrogant bastard.