Hytte (2021) Movie Script

(The cabin)
- Hi.
- Hi.
Just calling to make a plan
for next week.
Did Mira enjoy seeing
her grandparents in Italy?
Yes, she did.
The removal men
needed a bigger truck.
They packed and finally
left this morning.
We will catch a plane
to Luxembourg this weekend.
Is her room ready?
I'm in the middle
of taking the old wallpaper off.
How come
you're still working on it?
You should have paid someone
to do it.
I want to do it myself.
It's a big deal forMira
to leave her friends behind
and move to Luxembourg.
And also, she's a bit scared
to learn Luxembourgish.
Can you help her?
Of course, I will help her.
When will the room
be ready?
Next week, most likely.
[JuliSo, anything else?
What color does she want
for her bedroom?
Ask her.
She's at a friend of hers,
but call tomorrow afternoon.
Yes, okay.
Will you be ready
to have Mira on Friday?
Don't disappoint
her again.
Everything's going to be fine.
What you see
out here
on the right side
is straight over
to the North Pole.
And I want to remind you
this is the end of the road.
We are going to guide you
around here in Longyearbyen.
And take you out
in several different spots.
I hope you all really enjoy
this special trip.
You can order something to drink
on the trip...
It's your first time?
Definitely, yeah.
The first place
we're going to travel...
I love it here.
Where are you from?
Uh, Luxembourg.
You know where that is?
A little
bit, yeah.
But you don't hear much
about Luxembourg.
- It's very small.
- Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
Here you go, ma'am.
All right?
Yeah, cool.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
The glazier
is somewhere behind you there.
Somewhere behind you there.
The crew on board,
they are from the Philippines.
They speak
perfect English.
We love them, I love them,
and we be good to them.
So, you pull the zipper up,
like this,
and you can put your head in,
like this...
...so you can see.
Thank you for laughing.
Now, we will go out the fjord.
We will go south toward
I just love the smell
of fresh babies.
It's like a new car, you know.
Just want to pick them up
and just smell. Yeah.
And one of the,
well, one of the best things
I like about babies
is actually just
changing the diapers,
the dirty diapers.
It's like brown gold.
To me, it kind of just...
it smells like honey.
I just want to pick them up
...inhale the thing.
Yeah, I-I don't see my daughter
that much, so...
- But, but I love her.
- Well, yeah, of course.
But I hate to be
that kind of guy who just...
forces images, pictures,
of their own kids on people.
I just have to show you my kids.
Let's see. Yeah,
these are my two daughters.
In the garden,
in the garden back home.
And this is the newest picture
with my, uh, son as well.
Ah, yeah, okay. Now...
Hey, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Are you from Luxembourg?
Do you have a smoke?
Let me help you up.
It's okay, thank you.
There's blood by your ear.
I don't care.
I am going to stay
in an abandoned cabin
at the end of the fjord.
I want to regain
my primal instincts.
To survive with absolutely nothing.
A guy told me
that there's a crack,
somewhere on the mountain.
You enter that crack.
And as you come out...
You're an animal.
I want to be a stag.
No... really, I mean it.
Those animals have great style.
With their giant antlers.
What animal would you want to be?
No idea... a fish, maybe.
Yes, a fish.
They don't question anything.
They don't give a shit
whether they're here or not.
Or why they're here.
They are free.
What would you do
with your freedom as a fish?
Just live.
My little fish life.
Where are you off to?
I need to piss.
Why don't you piss here?
A fish pisses
where he wants, okay?
Then again, we are no fish.
We are just two human beings...
900 km south of the North Pole.
Do you have a name by the way?
Are you going
that direction by any chance?
- To the end of the valley.
- Why?
I'm looking for a friend.
He stays there in a cabin.
In a cabin over there?
Are you sure?
Can you give me a ride?
No, I'm sorry.
Good luck!
So, have you been here
for a long time?
Four days.
Do you like it here?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, really.
Today, I met...
I met a tourist who asked me
if, uh,
if this was Canada
the other side of the fjord.
What did you tell him?
"Yeah, this is Canada."
And so, this cabin.
You sure it's down here
at the end of this valley?
I hope so,
because it's all I know
about this cabin.
Sorry. Sorry.
What's wrong with these birds?
They really got you,
didn't they.
Am I bleeding?
No, I can't see anything.
You will survive,
you know?
Did you know
that they will attack me?
No! How could I?
And how did you like
my little performance then?
It was okay.
When you go out there again,
put a stick on your head.
- Why a stick?
- It works.
So they don't attack your head.
I don't care.
I'm not going out there anymore.
- No?
- No.
You're not a very brave man.
You're not very
into nature either?
No, I'm not.
Why are you up here
if you're not into nature?
Why not?
Welcome here
to downtown Coles Bay.
It's an old
Soviet mining settlement.
This place, as
you can see,
is probably nobody been here
for a little while, at least.
Um... it's been abandoned
since the middle of the 60s,
but it was a Soviet town.
Your boarding card
and bag tag.
- Yeah. Thank you. Thanks.
- Have a nice flight.
...to do studies
here in the Artic and go...
Sorry, I'm late.
Um, so, yeah. As I said,
we know very little about them
because of their minute size
and, um, because...
Why are you still here?
I missed my flight.
So, who wants to have,
uh, the head?
I'll take the head.
Is he your new boyfriend?
A new "Happy Salmon"?
Happy Salmon?
What do you mean?
Is there a new Happy Salmon
in your life?
There are no salmon in Luxembourg.
There must be a salmon river?
Yes, so what?
And who wants the tail?
I'll take the tail.
So, uh, Luc,
you were from Luxembourg, right?
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah?
What do you
do, over there?
I'm, uh, a cartographer.
So, basically,
I make maps.
When you have covered
the entire earth with maps,
are you done
with your job?
Yeah, I think the world
is mapped already, pretty much,
so, yeah, I guess you're right.
You escaped the office.
Kind of, yeah.
- Yeah. Cool.
- Good idea.
I don't think it's good
when you do the same thing
for too long.
So what are you going
to do here?
You plan on working here, or...
Don't know.
Still have some holidays open.
And it's so quiet here.
It's so nice and...
Yes, it is.
you should just enjoy!
Maybe we can go kind of,
I don't know, skiing
all together or something?
Okay. Are you ready?
Luc! Luc! Luc!
Holy shit, that's sick!
Why are you here?
Because I like you.
It has nothing to do with me.
How could you know?
I can't.
I'm asking you.
I'm happy I've met you.
Show my testicles to you..
Hey. Can you see me?
Yeah, I can.
You look really pretty.
Thanks. Where are you?
Well, I'm, uh,
in Svalbard.
In Svalbard.
And, um...
I cannot have...
Mira at my
place on Friday.
Why not?
'Cause I'm going to stay
some more days here.
So why didn't you tell me that
you weren't in Luxembourg then?
You wanted her
to come and live with you.
So, next week
she's with me.
And what about
the one after?
I don't know
yet, maybe no.
don't know yet?
Bloody hell, Luc!
You go and tell her
yourself then.
Okay, I will.
- Mira?
- No...
- Mira?
- No. Not now!
Yes, now.
No, Julie.
Well, she doesn't want
to talk to you anyway.
So... keep us informed.
My name is Luc.
Uh, yeah, French, uh,
French name.
It's only a couple of months
that I'm here
and I just need
some things to do,
and I think
that was a nice thing to,
to try to follow you guys...
...in your,
in your singing skills
and Norwegian skills.
But as a newcomer,
you need to sing a new song
from your country.
A big fat cock
and a hairy cunt...
rode a buggy to a hunt...
when cocky Jack
told his cunty Jill...
I'll give you one, be still...
His juice flowed down her leg...
his juice flowed down her leg...
flowed down her leg, her leg...
Uh, do you know
what size you are?
One, 183.
Try this ones.
Like, large or...
What is your name, by the way?
- Uh, I'm Luc.
- Luc?
- Yeah.
- Alexei.
- Here, hey.
- Yeah.
And, uh, I remind one thing,
I am the boss...
and then we have no problem.
Yeah, you are the boss.
That's cool.
Put it here, man.
- And this one. Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
Yeah, maybe...
no, it's better over there.
Yeah. Just take it, man.
Look, I got bruises.
I've got...
Oh, poor boy.
I was carrying like heavy stuff
around all day.
From left to right,
from right to left.
But it's simple.
I like it.
I really do.
If you got nothing to lose,
you've got nothing to lose.
Utter freedom!
Not a living soul
as far as you can see.
Pure nature.
So, what is the main problem
you're having?
Why did you have to come to us?
I have problems sleeping.
You been here a long time?
A bit more than
two months.
- On Svalbard?
- Yeah.
Okay. Where did you come from?
- Luxembourg.
- Oh, came from Luxembourg.
And what are you doing here?
then you choose the target.
You know
how to shoot before, no?
Have you been in the army?
I know you have a shit life,
so you've never been in army.
Then you save all this shit...
like this.
That's it.
Not so hard.
Want some coffee?
Mmm. Yes, please.
Didn't say anything
about the women.
You just said they're the best.
Is that really...
Russian women. They're the best.
But you've always been
with Russian women
or did you date
girls from somewhere else?
I don't know, from...
I used to live
with a European girl.
They don't cook.
If they cook, it's shit.
In normal way in Russia,
if I want a steak for lunch,
it's not my problem.
It's my problem to bring,
to find the steak.
Everything's simple, from,
like from the age, you know?
I bring the steak, she cooks.
If she wants a new car,
so it's not her problem,
it's my problem.
Her problem is to
take care of me and my family.
And my house.
Did your mum...
tell you why I'm here?
Actually, I've found a job...
here and I decided to stay
and work here.
I don't know when I will be back
in Luxembourg again.
You don't say anything?
I just wanted you to know
I'm proud...
that you exist.
Can you understand that?
Of course
you cannot understand that.
I made a drawing of you.
This is you in the North Pole
with the polar bear.
I have to go now,
I'm going to my music class.
Bye... my little mouse.
One, two three, four.
- Ah! Yeah.
- Repeat, that one. Come on.
Hit me.
Not bad.
Whoa! Whoa!
You're going to break my car.
What are you listening to?
Deaf Dumb.
It's a band from Luxembourg.
I can't sleep.
Why not?
I had this strange dream.
I was a reindeer in a cave,
and, um...
at the end of the cave
appeared a bear.
And the bear sees me
and starts running towards me.
And suddenly stops.
And it stared at me...
turned around
and just walked off.
Why did he
change his mind?
I don't know.
You took this way?
we went over the valley.
- Oh, nice.
- Yeah.
I think we passed you
or something like that.
I think I saw you as well.
I forgot.
We have to do this
every time we have a drink.
Before we take a toast.
Become our thing. Kind of.
It's nice.
- Yeah.
- Even when we are fighting.
Are you married?
Not yet,
but he's terrified about that.
Are you?
- Do we have any choice.
- No.
You see.
We plan to go on holiday
in Thailand in November.
We want to get married.
Just family
and close friends and...
on a beach.
You think I could be Russian?
I think you would look good
with this color.
You look quite nice as a woman.
Do you think I'm...
Do you guys want to have kids?
Yeah, uh, of course.
What the fuck?
It's a stupid question.
You... why? Why do people
want to have a kid?
It's life. It's a kid.
It's... I don't know.
It's cool to have a kid.
I want kids
and Leana wants kids.
Maybe next year, but, like...
it will continue my family,
you know?
It's, well,
continue of me.
And everything what I get,
I will... left for them.
How are you?
My jacket looks good on you.
I made coffee.
Do you want a cup?
You know what I figured out
when I got here?
If you want to become
the strongest person in the world
you have to be all by yourself.
Put the gun away, if you wish.
You seem tense.
Watch out... it's loaded.
Is that the guys from the choir?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's, that's them.
I would have loved
to hear you sing, just once.
Yeah, well...
But I've... sung that one.
It's about hunting
in the mountains
and about death
lying deep down in caves.
No, it's not.
- It's a very dark song.
- No, it's not about that.
It's about how beautiful
the Norwegian nature is.
I've been
thinking about...
About me being here and...
my job and, uh...
and all the rest.
I have the impression
I'm hibernating.
just don't know what to do.
What I see is that...
you don't go
to the end of things.
You, you say that you like to do
a simple job,
but when I see you
walking around
with your little hat
and your gloves
and your building costume
with your friends,
you're just pretending.
I don't believe you.
Like, you pretend being
a part of the choir,
like you pretend
that you love being with me.
I don't pretend.
Why do you think
you know me that well?
I'm going to say hi
so you can hear me sing.
Is that your cabin?
There's bears in the area,
so I'll bring the rifle.
Where did you find it?
I'm going to meet you
a bit further up.
You came first?
You want a piece?
What is it?
Smoked reindeer heart.
Really good.
You have some water?
It is still far?
it's just a couple of hours.
But we have to hurry
because it's getting dark.
Isn't it better then
just to go home?
No! No.
I'm, I'm good.
Do you know where we are?
What's that?
Do you hear that?
Stay there.