i (2015) Movie Script

Welcome, sir.
Looking lovely.
Hello... Police?
'See what a huge basket
this old man is carrying!'
What's there in the basket, sir?
Sir, looks like he has got on the train
and escaped with that girl.
Who knows which train going
in which direction?!
Hey, unchain me!
Unchain me!
Who are you?
Why have you brought me here?
Is it for money?
Tell me how much you want.
I'll give it.
What are you going to do to me?
Are you going to kill me?
Or, are you going to rape me?
What is that you want?
Who are you?
Tell me!
Who are you?
Babu, these guys are new admissions.
Take care, okay?
Guys, this is your master.
'Gym' Babu.
Good morning, sir.
- Okay! Okay!
What's this?
If you go near a maternity ward,
looks like they will admit you right away.
What's with you?
Within one month, I must expand, sir.
Tie a stone and jump into the sea.
Don't need a month.
In a day, you'll expand and come ashore.
Look at the specimens I get!
Go on. First day, dust the equipment!
Get going!
Hey, where's the Red Bull?
Who is this guy,
wiping his leg on the treadmill?
Hey, yellow T-shirt!
What's the crowd here? Move aside.
Who is this, all white and wearing a wig?
- A cine artiste, sir.
Who? This one?
Sir, your name?
'Terra star' Keerthi Vasan.
Hey, isn't there a guy like this already?
That is... me!
What are you doing here?
Getting fit.
I'm to be the hero in Endhiran Part 2
Hey, are you going to be 'Chitti'?
With that pot belly,
you want to be 'Chitti?!
I have a song shoot in AVM this week.
Shankar sir has asked me to come prepared.
Oh, no! How horrible!
Okay, who is the heroine?
Katrina Kaif.
A shot where I've to lift the heroine.
That's why I'm getting lit.
Hey, you can't even lift
a 'Katrika(eggplant)'!
And you're going to lift Katrina, is it?
Okay. Learnt dancing?
- Yes, from Kala master.
Why don't you dance a bit and show?
Hey! What's this, you're dancing
like a kid in new briefs?!
Zip it!
And who might you be?
International 'Terra Star'
Keerthi Vasan Fan Club chairman!
Fan Club?
In Tamilnadu alone, I have 60 lakh fans.
That is very, very true!
But there are not there to admire you.
They are just there on internet
to rag you!
Hello mister!
Don't tease me so much.
Know this... In 2016, I'll be the CM.
Hey, looking like a wig-wearing brass-pot,
you say you'll be CM!
45 years ago, if the star 'MGR' had said
that he'd be CM, would you have believed?
35 years ago, if Rajinikanth had said
he'd be Superstar, would you have believed?
I too, am exactly like that!
Hey! ls there no limit to your confidence?
In that same 2016,
a deadly murderer will come to be.
He will slay you!
Who is that?
None other than me!
Hey! Lingesa!
Lingesa, see here!
Lingesa, here!
Lingesan, what happened?
What else will happen,
if you make a stew of the body?
The Mr Tamilnadu championship competition
is on the day after tomorrow.
He worked out non-stop...
So he's conked out.
Give me the water.
Even water must be given only in spoonsful
like gripe water.
Then only the cuttings will be clear.
Give it to me. I'll give him.
Lingesa, have some water.
Breathe out well.
Get up.
"Doctor? Sorry, doctor.
Come, let's start your workout.
Lingesan, should you be straining
your body so much?
More than 200 body-builders are
coming from all districts.
There will be tough competition.
Only if I win this,
I can compete in Mr India.
Come, doctor.
Double arm swing.
Watch your legs!
Keep the head straight.
About the sponsorship
for Mr Tamilnadu competition...
Oh, Sorry. I forgot.
Don't mistake me.
It's costing me more than a lakh.
That's why I'm asking.
No problem at all.
If you win, I'll be very happy.
Thanks a lot, doctor.
Who is he, man?
His 'physics(physique)' is tight!
He is 'Erikarai' Lingesan, 'body.
He is from Arnold Gym.
I thought there was no one to beat me.
Looks like he will give a tough fight.
Listen. Don't work out all night.
Be relaxed.
Brother, this is the last year for 'body'
Next year, he will have an age bar.
Only if he wins this year,
he can get a government railway job.
Don't come to the competition tomorrow
like a big shot!
Quietly, withdraw.
What? Withdraw?
Look at them!
From when I was a small kid,
wanting to be Mr Tamilnadu...
I have been working day and night,
for so many years.
Dear don darlings,
bro here wants to become Mr Tamilnadu...
and Mr India too.
That's his aim in life.
And you are asking him to withdraw
just like that!
Come with me.
I'll buy a banana each for you to suck.
Hey , shut it!
- Leave it, 'body'.
Do you know who brother is?
- Who?
'Pattinapakkam' Ravi.
He has slain four or five.
Take care. He might get AIDS or something.
Do a checkup!
He has slain four or five people.
Even the police couldn't touch him.
Hey, Police!
Shut your mouth!
- Take your hand, man.
Just when I say 'Police',
you are trembling.
And he has slain for or live, it seems!
Hey, what else? If you call yourself a man,
win the competition and get the job.
Leaving that, like a wimp,
don't ask me to quit!
Go. Do what you can.
You come, Babu.
Mom! Don't change that.
You crappy fellow!
Standing like a Kumbh Mela sadhu!
Give me that.
- Oh!
Step aside.
Yuck! Close your YouTube!
Early in the morning, what crap!
Hey, look at her.
Fair as a temple coconut!
Smile like a split lentil!
Squeeze in two chillies too...
Make a chutney and have it!
Hey, guys are fans of Trisha, Anushka,
Namitha... why even, Sona.
You are the only one
drooling over this Diya.
Hey, he likes her... he's seeing.
What's your problem?
If he just sees, it's okay.
There's no end to his craziness!
See how great your son is!
Just because that girl had posed for it,
he has bought women's stuff.
If you get a soap, a shampoo... fine!
Why does he need this?
I'll use it as a pillow!
Then, this nighty?
If I don't wash my 'lungi', I'll use it.
Then, if you don't wash your vest,
will you wear this?
Hey, give that to me!
I'll use it as an 'ldli' cloth.
Like 'Khushboo' ldli, 'Diya' ldli, is it
Let the whole family steam it and eat away!
Hey, Lingesa! It's getting late
for the competition. Get ready.
Don't get tensed.
Look straight at the judges.
Within your timing, show your full force.
Don't worry, 'body'.
You are the one with mass and muscle.
You will only win, for sure.
Didn't you see his Front Lat muscle?
What if he beats me in 'definition?
In Back Double Bicep,
not a man here to beat you!
Those competing in the '75 kilo' category
are requested to come onstage.
The third round for the five men selected
in the second round; Musical pose.
Trunk no. 110 and trunk no. 31,
give a comparison.
The one selected for the finals
in the '75 kilo' category;
Trunk no. 110, 'Erikarai' Lingesan.
The one selected for the championship round
in the '85 kilo' category;
Trunk no. 73 'Pattinapakkam Ravi.
The final round 'Champion of Champions'
will happen at 5 pm.
Hey, jump across the backyard fence
and run away!
Else, I'll do you in here.
'Look at that!
Look at the face who's going to do me in!
If you are scared of losing,
you run away!
Hey, lock the doors.
The winner 'Erikarai' Lingesan...
will be crowned by the chief guest
'Supreme Star' Sarathkumar...
as 'Mr Tamilnadu,
Champion of Champions'.
Maintaining body well, sir.
- Congrats.
Thanks a lot, sir.
- Keep it up!
Thanks, doctor.
Without your sponsorship,
I wouldn't have come this far.
Just say your hard work hasn't gone waste.
Thanks, doctor.
Greetings, son.
Every year, the one who wins
in the body building competition...
...becomes the model
of our 'Shakthi Mitra' company.
This year, you will be the model.
Here's the advance 1500 rupees. Happy?
What, oldie?
Do you stop with selling 'Shakthi Mitra'?
Had you licked the bottle cap daily,
wouldn't you have put on some muscle?
Forget it.
What's the use at this age?
Son, my agents will contact you.
See you.
Thanks, brother.
You have spoilt my future, haven't you'?
I'll make sure you don't have a future!
108, Ambulance service?
Come to Pattinapakkam Valluvar Street
In house number 18,
a man is fighting for his life.
Hey! What's this?
Who is it?
What are you going to do?
Are you going to kill me?
More than that!
Hey, Open the door.
Hello. Where?
Shoot at AVM?
5 boys? I'll bring them.
Order a hefty breakfast, my dear!
Super. Super.
Hey, weigh this and tell me how much.
What are you looking at?
Just weigh it!
What, man? You gave 2 rupees
and lifted a 400 rupees magazine?
Yeah, I remembered. They have called for
five 'gym boys' in AVM. You, coming?
Hey, what?
Sarcastic, eh?
Asking me to come as a gym boy!
Who am I? Mr Tamilnadu!
Whether Mr Tamilnadu or Mr Chettinadu...
If you come, there's a benefit.
Whatever it is, I'm not coming.
Okay. Don't come as 'gym boy'.
Come as 'drool boy'.
'Drool Boy?
What are you saying, man?
It is an advertisement shoot.
Know who is coming? Your girl!
Then what? Unreally'!
Hey, a fly might get in and take a poop.
Close your mouth.
Did you make this at 4 am?
The chutney is stale. Pour the sambar!
When will she come?
What to do with him?!
The ADs themselves are sitting quiet
and he's worried!
Hey, boys! All alert!
Madam is here.
Yuck! This guy, is it?
Give me another ldli.
Yes. Stop, 'Terra star!
Who let you inside AVM?
Didn't I tell you
there's Endhiran shooting in second floor?
What's with the two lines on your head?
- Part Two.
I'll pour this stale chutney on your face!
Has Katrina come?
- Yes. Waiting for you.
Is he really acting as Chitti?
- No, sir...
He is acting as the mental person
who keeps saying that.
Has he become mental?
He is a method actor, sir.
He becomes the part he plays.
He looks like a pot himself
and this one is a bucket for him!
Look at his face!
Hey! Move aside!
You made a fuss to come as a 'gym boy'.
Now, why show off?
Why squeeze oranges on my shoulder?
Introduce me.
Madam! Excuse me.
We are your circle of protection.
'Gym boys'.
He is a mad fan of yours.
Why don't you say a hello?
Come close.
Hey, sexy body, man.
Thanks, madam.
Mr Tamilnadu, madam.
Oh wow! Congrats.
Thanks, madam.
Only his body is like Arnold's.
His heart is like a granny's pancake!
So very soft.
This is my visiting card, madam.
Your autograph, madam.
Put it, madam. He's not just your fan...
He's your mixer, grinder,
washing machine, everything...
All he watches on TV
are your advertisements. -Really?
Oh yes! Because you endorsed it,
he bought nighty, bra and sanitary napkins.
Oh God!
Thanks, madam!
Thank you.
Hi, Diya!
Where are you going, Kailash?
It's okay, ma'am. We'll wait outside.
What's the plan for the evening, babe?
Let's go out for dinner.
And then...
Then, let's have some fun!
Real fun!
You know what I mean?
Diya, have some heart.
How long I've been asking!
Sorry, John. No matter how long you ask,
my answer is still no.
Hey, how long are you going to be
'goody-goody' like this?
It's outdated, man.
Everyone is enjoying their life.
It's very common in our profession.
Look, John!
I'm not that type.
I love my profession.
That's why I'm doing modeling.
Don't expect anything else from me.
Hey, come on.
Don't take life so seriously.
There is nothing wrong in it, baby.
Come inside. The director will shout.
Let's get ready.
Please go outside.
- Sir, he's our chief guest!
Okay! Stand-by, please. Roll camera.
- Rolling.
Oh no, the mountain is down!
The mountain is down!
Bring some water.
What happened?
Madam, as he saw you in an ldli cloth,
he fainted.
Lingesa! Get up!
What happened, Mr Tamilnadu?
Oh no! He's gone into a coma!
Madam, please close your Google!
Call the ambulance.
Somebody take care of him.
Diya, come, let's take this shot.
This is my beauty secret...
Nature power soap.
He is your fan.
Can we click a pic?
Okay, sure.
- Come, come.
Are you alright, Mr Tamilnadu?
- Yes, madam.
As all your spare parts are covered,
no problem! -Click, man.
Why such a big gap between you both?
Come closer.
High sugar isn't a disease.
It's a condition.
If it is kept in control,
then no problem.
Some sugar-free chocolates for you!
Thanks, doctor.
Even after Diya's soap ad contract
has expired, they are still telecasting it.
Did you inquire about it?
I have spoken to the lawyer.
Have informed them to stop the ads.
What news about the ECR land registration?
They are quoting too high.
I have let it soak for some time.
They will come down.
What's it, Diya?
As there's no pressure,
the shower is running a thin stream.
Hi, uncle!
Hey, Diya...
how many times have I asked you
not to call me uncle? Just call me 'Vasu'.
How can I? I have been calling you that,
from when I was a small kid.
Suddenly, how can I change?
Doctor, this plumber is not turning up.
If you know someone, ask them to come.
Mom, this is too much.
Because uncle is helpful, looks like
you'll tell him to clear the drainage next.
Hey, Diya! What's there?
Let her tell.
Am I going to actually do it?!
If I make a call, they will come.
And Diya, a small gift for you.
Thank you, uncle.
Listen, Elumalai.
Come to 2, Krishna street immediately.
Doctor, another help.
- Mom!
Her co-actor John
seems to be troubling her continuously.
Could you look into that?
Where's the shoot today?
Your dad?
This is Dr Vasudevan.
He is like our guardian.
- Oh!
This is John.
- Ma'am, shot is ready.
I heard that you are misbehaving with Diya.
I'm the one treating
higher police officials, ministers, etc.
Hope you understand what I mean.
What, Diya? Like a school kid,
you are bringing your uncle!
How about tonight?
Come closer.
Let's place the shot.
Give this to the artiste.
Ask him to keep this in his hand
and say the dialogue.
Sir, this is the dialogue.
- Have this.
Hey, I can't say dialogues, man!
I'll stand like this.
Ask them to click.
Are you a woman having a baby shower
to click a photo, standing?
Didn't you get money?
Just a small bit of dialogue.
'Drink Shakthi Mitra.
Build your body like me.'
Why get all hot about this?
Tell him, sir!
- Hey!
'Shakthi Miira. It is rich in protein.
To gain strength, drink Shakthi Mitra.
Be hale and healthy'
This box is full of protein.
For the body to be muscly,
drink up Shakthi Mitra. Be strong!
'What's up'?
- What was that? That's not the dialogue.
Hey, only simple words
will reach 'B' and 'C' centers.
Shall we get Telugu rights?
Not even three minutes
since they powdered your face!
Like a star,
you're talking about B and C reach!
Director is a perfectionist.
Talk properly!
Okay, okay!
Shot okay!
Dialogue can be fixed in dubbing.
Hi, Diya-
Can't wait, sexy.
I'm sleepless.
Let's make it tonight.
How many times to tell you?
Don't you have any shame?
If I think about all that, Will I get it?
Diya, please.
Please, please!
A lot of girls are just waiting
to work with me.
Why should I work with you
without any fun at all? Tell me.
I'm asking you finally.
Yes or no?
I don't have any need
to adjust to all this and survive here.
I've come this far
because of my talent.
What rot! They cast you in these ads,
only because I said so.
Did you think
it was because of your talent?
If I say no, you are not there.
Not just in this ad.
China ad, etc., etc.
You will he gone from this industry.
Don't think you can shake me around
as you please.
Do what you can.
You are finished!
Sir, you'll have to just come
and put your legs on the lady's hip.
Take a good look.
Just like how a kid pedals a big bike!
Babu, isn't this like how Kamal sir does
in 'the golden body melts' song?
Whether 'the golden body melts' or freezes,
just go and do what he says. Go!
Babu, how can I go and hug women?!
I won't act in obscene scenes
and won't touch women. Return the money!
Your leadership, use my legs
and cut back to his face.
No budget tor all that!
- Your leadership, listen!
Are they asking you to put your legs
into a stove'! Just a hip!
Listen! Have that item in one hand.
This item in the other hand.
Just say your dialogues quick.
Hey, it's not what you spray on hair.
Than what is this?
How much offered also I wont act in this.
How come you're here?
Came to ask for a chance?
Diya, this is Linda.
Linda, Diya!
Sir, I'll inform you
when the shot is ready.
Ask them to do it slow.
You are dirty!
Bye! Diya.
How come, Maya?
When there is an agreement,
you cancel the contract...
How can you do that?
They say your performance isn't good
and that there isn't enough cooperation.
The problem is between me and him.
Why have you taken me off the other ads?
John has blacklisted you, Diya.
Even these ads are not an issue.
But, next month, there is the China ad.
The biggest campaign.
If you lose that contract,
you will really be out of this field.
And, I don't want you to miss it.
Why he hostile to him?
If you want, I'll talk to him.
He is asking me to sleep with him!
If you are in my position,
will you do that?
I can understand.
Just tell me how I can help you.
She's been upset the last two days.
Why all this modeling?
If she leaves all this stuff
and gets married, I will be at peace.
Of all that man has created,
there are only two worthwhile things...
One is me.
Other too is me.
If I hit you with it, both will tear.
One is a slipper.
The other?
The other slipper.
Saying 'punch' dialogues
when you should be exercising!
Kneel down and exercise!
- Hey!
I'll put dumbbells in your mouth!
O leader!
The lower and lower,
they treat and insult me...
the higher and higher,
I'll keep growing.
Lingesa, that 'Stayfree' model
is on her way to see you.
"Madam! Welcome, madam!
Welcome, doctor!
Oh my! Madam has come to my hut.
I don't know what to do!
Sit down.
- Don't stamp my foot, man.
Wait a bit!
Give it, man.
Please sit.
Ask them to go buy snacks and drinks.
I have good news for you.
What is it, doctor?
Is she also joining our gym or what?
No. You are going to do modeling
along with her.
Oh my! I can't even believe it!
Madam, I too, am a model.
See here...
I have shot for 'Shakthi Mitra'.
Tarzan Steel wires.
Pandian vests and briefs...
What was that, man?
Rafiq beef stall.
A-1 pork stall.
Chinny Emu... Eat away 'Mamu'!
These are big brands too.
- We'll rock the show.
These are not local products
like that, Lingesan.
Superior brand.
'I' women's perfume.
It's a spray so that you don't stink!
Don't worry. He'll do it.
Thing is, if he opens his mouth,
Chennai Tamil will pour out.
We can dress it up in dubbing.
Get a passport.
Shooting is in China.
China, is it?
Place where Jackie Chan,
Bruce Lee and Jet Li are from.
I don't know what to say.
Hey Babu, check the dates.
Cancel everything else.
Madam, when is it?
In September.
In September?
Oh no! I have 'Mr India' competition
in Belgaum. How can I come?
Ask them to change the dates, madam.
Can't change, Lingesan.
In that China location, only in September,
flowers will bloom.
Sorry, madam. I can't come.
...this is my future.
That's why I'm fully working out.
I'm doing this modeling only to save money
for Mr India competition, madam.
Diya has a problem, Lingesan.
You say you are her fan.
Can't you do this as a favor?
Oh, doctor!
Why don't you ask something else?
Even my future is in this, Lingesan.
Oh, Madam!
Why don't you do this for me, please?
I don't know what to do.
Lingesan, do this for me.
Doctor, Why are you...?
Hey, What, man?
If they ask a monkey its crap for medicine,
it'll jump from branch to branch, it seems!
See how much they are pleading.
Why don't you compete next year?
That's right.
You can go even next year, right?
Please, Lingesan.
Doctor is someone very close.
Madam herself is asking.
What else to do?
I'll do for your sake, madam.
Thank you, Mr Lingesan.
It's okay, madam.
We'll do a photo shoot tomorrow and see.
Come to Set Fire Studio, okay?
- Okay, madam.
I'm going to bring in the best stylist
in the country, for you.
- Osma Jasmine.
Hi, beauty.
- Hi, Osma.
You are looking gorgeous.
Thank you, darling.
Where is the artiste, darling?
Here. This is Mr Lingesan.
What's this? Hey Babu, she's hugging me.
Go that side.
Madam, who is this?
She looks a bit odd.
Osma Jasmine.
She is the stylist I was talking about.
She's going to change your look completely.
Look at that!
The stylist, it seems!
Diya, they are making fun of me.
I don't have to put up with this.
Where did you find these goons, huh?
Just stop it!
Lingesan, she is a leading stylist
who gets 50,000 a day.
Don't tease her this way.
Until this ad is over, whatever she says,
you must cooperate with her. Okay?
Then only, she will make you look good.
- Oh! Okay.
It's okay.
Madam, what is she going to do?
What? Cutting?
No, madam. Let it be.
It's my favorite hairstyle.
You call this a hairstyle?
With a head like a hippy!
If you want, place a wig.
I can't cut my hair.
Don't make a big fuss, man.
Kamal fans give blood.
Vijay fans give rice.
You are Diya's fan.
Can't you give this?
Hey! Want a knock?
If you cut your hair,
you'll look even better.
Please, sit down.
I'll look after you.
I know what I have to do, baby.
Sis, enough cuddling him?
Just cut his hair.
Wait a bit.
Why are you standing, bulging up?
Is a competition happening here?
Throw away all this body-building pose.
Pose like a hero.
Hey, this is like 'Power star'.
Change it!
Now, he is begging with both hands.
Lingesan, watch this!
Your mouth...
A new model, Lee.
Instead of John...
Can I do this China ad with Lee?
Please help me, Maya.
Sure, Diya.
But, it's a big decision.
As it's the product of a big company,
it's the client who has to decide this.
Sir, Maya is waiting.
- Ask her to come.
Hello, sir.
Hi, Maya. Any problem?
Be precise and to the point.
For 'l' perfume ad campaign...
wanted to ask if we could use
this new model as Diya's pair...
why, why?
Unnecessary new model?
What's happened to John?
I always prefer the no.1 model.
Wasn't I the one who introduced John
to you, as a new face?
As we are introducing a new product...
...our creative team feels
a new face will make it fresh.
Surely, this will work out.
Okay. I'll go by your instinct.
Thank you very much.
Maya, one thing.
If I don't like the ad,
I'll just reject it.
You have to redo it with John.
- You can trust me, sir.
Sorry, baby.
I'm going to China for a couple of weeks.
Come in.
Sir, our China ad trip is canceled.
I'll call you back.
What happened?
Instead of you,
they are taking a new model.
The whole crew is leaving to China tonight.
A new model?
- Yes, sir.
Who is he?
Someone called Lee, it seems.
A fellow from the slums, given a bath,
dressed up and taken there.
What's this, man?
You are walking as if about to go fight!
I want attitude!
Director is asking me to 'aativudu(shake)'.
What should I shake?
Lingesa, a hit stylishly...
Walk romantically.
Romantic means?
Walk like Kamal Hassan in 'Indian'
You want me to walk like an old man?
Oh, no! In 'Akkada song',
the one walking with Urmila. Chandru Kamal!
That Kamal, is it?
Just watch.
I'm zero in Chemistry, sir.
But in 'physics',
I'm first in Tamilnadu, sir.
Lingesan, with love...
with feeling, you must hug.
Oh no! Madam," I come near you,
I feel I want to do number one!
Oh no! It's just acting, Lingesan.
Look here.
Madam, now I feel like
I want to do number two!
You'll do everything but act!
Just do exactly the way I did.
- I'll try.
Diya, we brought him here
because you said so.
He can't act tor nuts!
A whole day has gone waste.
No emotions! No performance!
He is like that bloody mountain.
Just a set property.
He is awesome.
Just a starting trouble, no?
A car will start.
A stone won't.
No other way other than to pack up.
Shut up.
Diya, I understand your pain.
There is a way out.
What is it, Sushil?
Love him.
Lee has admiration for you.
A crush.
In his eyes, body language, behavior,
in everything, it can be seen.
Use it.
Use him.
If you want to get the chemistry right...
tell him you love him.
What nonsense?
No, no.
He is innocent.
This is wrong.
Diya, you know the situation.
To get a good shot,
don't we pinch a baby?
This is just like that.
On the last day, before we pack up...
just say a sorry. That's all.
Sorry, Sushil.
I can't do this.
Then, John must be brought in.
It's your call, Diya.
Why are you messing it up so much,
No, madam.
How can l...?
I'm okay with it, right?
Then, what?
Whatever it is, you are a girl.
How can I touch you...?
Even though it is acting,
I feel really bad, madam.
Why do you think it's acting?
Think it's real.
How can I think of it as real
when it is not real?
When I'm acting with you...
...when you see
...does it feel I'm acting?
What are you saying, madam?
I really like you, Lingesan.
I too like you a lot, madam.
This is not that 'like', Lingesan.
- Then?
More than that.
Don't you understand still'?
It's 'that', Lingesan.
You promise?
I promise.
Pat my hands and pinch it!
No, madam. You are pulling my leg.
I won't believe it.
A lot of people are ready to work with me
in the industry.
Why did I leave everyone
and come in search of you?
I don't understand a thing.
Where are you and where am I?
I'm Cooum.
You're 5-star.
I'm a 10th standard drop-out
and you can teach English to English.
I'm a goon, mountain, stone-face...
Why such a complex, Lingesan?
What is lacking in you'!
You are Mr Handsome!
Your hair's been cut. Moustache taken off!
You have become a model too.
You say so?
Yes, Lingesan.
Really, is it true?
- Yes!
Madam, I don't know what to say.
Something funny is happening to me.
Looks like I'll get a heart attack.
I feel like jumping into the water.
I'm afraid I may blabber something
in front of you.
I'll go on my own and enjoy this!
Hey Lingesa! You have hit it!
You have won the lottery! Jolly... Jolly!
Excuse me, madam.
Shall I also come with you?
Madam, shall we both have dinner together
For the first time,
we have become lowers.
Shouldn't we celebrate that?
Come, there's something.
A gift.
This is my first gift to you.
Do you know who they are?
Liu Sanjie and her lover!
They are like Romeo and Juliet.
Very famous in China.
That's why I bought it.
Do you like it?
Tell me, madam.
Even when God made you...
you weren't this beautiful.
I have made you so beautiful.
You know why?
Because I love you so much, Lee.
He's going to just lift you like that.
Now, the fragrance is all over the place.
You are going to rock the ad world.
You will go to a great height.
However high you go,
don't you forget me.
Osma, enough.
Leave Lee.
Are you searching for me?
Madam, get down.
Get down, I'll tell you.
Driver, get going!!!
No, no. Wait!
- Bye!
How nice this place looks!
Why don't we both go walking?
Come, let's go.
Hah! Stupid.
Go to hell.
I feel like walking hands held with you.
Shall I?
I really want it, madam.
Thank you, madam.
How good this is!
No one else here.
You... Me...
This mountain... These flowers...
How great will it be if we keep
walking together like this, all our life?
Right, madam?
If this ad gets over well...
Becomes a 'Superhit'...
and if it runs till a silver jubilee...
...we should save some money...
...and get a place like this for us.
What do you say?
In our old age, you for me
and me for you...
why don't we both go
and get settled there?
How happy we'll be.
Cut in, man.
Start the vehicle, you duffer.
Shall we both stand in the Titanic' pose?
How sad!
Bloody fool!
Will you give me a kiss?
No need for a lip-to-lip like Kamal sir.
A kiss on the cheek, like for a kid,
will do.
Not even for long.
Just a quick peck.
You say it should all be alter the wedding?
Okay, okay.
Is it for Diya?
- Yes.
This world is just like this.
It won't understand true love.
How long are you going to be fooled
like this?
Hey, what are you saying?
Do you think she really loves you?
- Then, what?
Fool! As you couldn't act at all,
she's acting as if she's in love with you.
You too, believing that,
are roaming like a puppy behind her.
If you say all sorts of wrong things
about madam, I will break your face.
If you don't believe me, go.
Go and ask her, if it is true or not.
Can I ask you something?
You said you were in love with me.
Is it true or not?
Tell me, madam.
It is true.
Touch my head and promise.
No, Lingesan.
What, madam?
How much respect I had on you!
Just because you wanted something,
you have behaved so badly.
As I was so crazy over you,
you used that and made me a fool.
You've shown the attitude of the rich!
A goon...
You thought you could play with my heart.
No, Lingesan. No!
Enough, madam.
Very happy.
You stopped me from going to Mr India.
You cut my hair.
You took off my moustache.
In the end...
...you have torn apart my heart!
What I did was wrong.
Please forgive me, Lingesan.
You were scared to act intimately with me.
Director asked me to tell you
that I loved you...
...and to say sorry on the last day.
I said no.
He said then we'd have to bring in John.
I didn't know what to do.
Having no other go, I lied.
What I did was a huge mistake.
Please forgive me.
Leave it, madam.
I understand.
Your... Your state was like that.
Had I acted well,
why would you have lied?
There would have been no problem at all.
I'm a fool!
Shouldn't I have thought...?
It's not even ten days since we met
and she's already proposing her love.
But, deep dawn, my heart wanted that.
That's why I built a castle in a hurry.
The thing is...
...l built it very strong.
It hurts when you ask me to pull it down.
It's okay.
I'll bring it down slowly.
Sorry, Lingesan.
Madam, why are you feeling so bad?
I feel terrible.
It's all over, right?
I accept your 'sorry'.
Please go.
Madam... Just leave it.
Haven't you felt your mistake
and said sorry?
Haven't I accepted it too?
Why keep thinking about it?
Forget all that happened
till the last minute.
Only think of what's to be done
in this minute.
You struggled so much
just for this ad.
This ad must be completed well.
You must walk upright.
Come, madam.
Let's go do our work.
Will you take me for a ride in the bike?
No, Osma.
I'm upset.
How beautiful this place is!
If we go for a ride,
how wonderful it will be.
Your mind too will feel relaxed.
These women are all like this.
They will cheat you.
Hey Fella, Lingesa!
Looks like you've knocked 'em out
and rocked the show!
I heard you took their guts out!
Really, eh?
What, madam?
You are talking weirdly all of a sudden?
You thought only you know
to talk this way, eh?
Don't I know to talk?
As though you can even come near my level!
What's your level?
Do you know what 'sondi soru' is?
Do you know what 'sunda kanji' is?
Look at that!
Hey donk... douche... dwarfie!
Hey silly... slob... glutton!
Hey, dung basket!
Madam, you have crammed it
and are shaming off!
Know that I was born and brought up
in Erikarai!
Actor, I am!
I can nail anything, don't ya know?
Oh yes! I know about that!
You put on an act, didn't you?
Hey, if you dig that up,
you'll he dead meat!
What will you do?
- I'll thrash the hell out of you.
Will my hands be plucking flowers?
You'll be seeing stars!
Want my hands on your face?!
Look at the face who's going to do that!
Show-off's daughter.
Get lost, whistle-mouth!
Hey, duffer!
Hey, Gumbo!
- Hey, bimbo!
Hey, close the trap!
- Hey, zip it!
Hey, shut it and get lost!
Oh, no! Madam. I can't.
This is too much.
What's up with you?
Mesmerized, I am.
I can beat you at that!
Madam, wait!
Do you know
what's the meaning of 'Mersalaayitten'?
That's right, dear.
You fell for me, right'
Just like that...
For whom?
Who else is here?
What, madam?
Are they shooting somewhere?
Am I not acting well enough?
Hey! Where have you put the camera?
No, Lingesan.
Really. Truly.
No, madam. I'm not game for this.
Leave me out of this!
I'll finish the ad properly
and get going.
I promise, Lingesan.
Lingesan, no, man! Don't believe it!
Run away, man!
The rich are like this!
They will play around and leave.
Go. Keep going, man.
Some local girl, Kanima or Munima
will be there for you.
Hi beauty.
Why have you come here?
I came to admire your beauty.
I'm already in pain.
Just leave.
Even when God made you,
you weren't this beautiful.
I have made you so beautiful.
Is this your work?
What have you done to me'!
Special make-up!
Androgen... Minoxidil...
Elephant tusk...
Triphala churna... bear's fat...
Shatavari roots...
...mixing all these ingredients
that promote hair growth...
...l've prepared this, just for you!
I mixed this in your daily lace cream,
moisturizing lotion and body lotion.
I replaced everything in your home
without your knowledge.
You have been applying that,
all these days.
Hair will grow all over your body,
bit by bit.
As you keep cutting,
this will keep growing.
You could have killed me,
instead of this, right?
More than that!
You buy clothes in my favorite color.
You bring the exact cosmetics I use.
Tell me! Who are you?
White pasta... Vanilla milkshake.
How do you know I like all this?
What is that you want?
How many more days
are you going to torture me like this?
Hey, it's you I'm asking!
Why can't you open your mouth and talk?
Answer me!
Who are you?
Who are you, man?
A mute!
How is it?
Saw it, didn't you?
Now on, for all our products,
ask them to book Lee and Diya as models.
Now on, for all our products,
ask them to book Lee and Diya as models.
Where are you going?
I'll tell you.
What place is this'!
In that China shoot spot,
when we were walking hands held...
...didn't you say,
we must buy a place like this?
Do you remember that?
- Hmm.
As you wished then...
...l have bought this place for you.
I'm going to plant flowers all over here.
I'm going to build a small house
in the middle.
On weekends, we can come here.
In our old age, we can settle down here.
No one will come here.
Just you and me.
All our life, we can walk hands held.
Do you like it?
Very much.
What's up, John?
What did I do wrong?
Why have you taken me off
all the ads?
Times change, John.
Yesterday, you were No.1.
Today, Lee is No.1.
If someone else comes tomorrow...
I have to go for him.
But, I'm your friend, boss.
You're one of my friends, John.
This is a business
catering lo millions of people.
Tell me what should I prioritise?
John's 'Ice cool drink' contract period
is about to expire.
Shall we get a signature from him
in the renewal agreement?
No need.
Didn't I tell you that day?
Even for Ice Cool drinks ad,
ask them to book Lee and Diya. -Okay, sir.
And then, John?
Why, Maya?
Why are you not calling me for any ad?
Have you all blacklisted me?
No, John.
Lee is very hot.
All the clients want him.
What can I do? Tell me.
A few other smaller ads are inquiring.
I'm not sure if you'll want them or not...
Want to reduce your weight
without going to the gym?
Here comes - Orbitrax!
For your pant size to decrease
in just twelve days...
I recommend 'Orbitrax'
Payment 6000, sir.
Do I have to do ads like this'!
You must keep doing what you get, sir.
Else, people will forget your face.
Hey, what's this, man?
Next, it's a hair dye ad, sir.
Go on, apply!
Sir is getting so tensed for this!
Wonder what he's going to do tomorrow!
For the Cheapest price and Best plots-
Ananda Rukmani Hagar.
Just one and half hours from Chennai...
Airport in 40 minutes...
Train station in 30 minutes...
If you walk step by step tor 10 minutes,
there's the bus-stand.
For those who register
within the next 15 days...
a chance lo get 4 grams of gold,
absolutely free!
Don't mistake me.
You were the one
who gave me a new life.
...don't ask me to do
that 'ice drink' ad, please.
Why? What happened?
I read that the cool drink
has some toxicity...
...and that those who drink it
experience some harmful effects.
What rot, man!
This is an issue triggered by competitors.
You are a model.
Instead of doing your work...
...why take all this so seriously?
People buy seeing my face in the ads...
They buy products thinking
that they too will be healthy like me.
I don't want to cheat these people, sir.
Make-up on your face
and you are spouting messages!
It's not like that, sir.
Do you know who you are talking to?
Don't talk something unnecessary
and spoil your life.
If you need more money,
get it and go!
Money isn't important, sir.
Is that so? Okay.
You go. I'll take care.
See you, sir.
It seems you said
you won't act in 'Ice drink' ads.
No free dates.
Wasn't he the one who introduced you?
- Then, why didn't you have dates?
Answer, sir.
You yourself have written that it is toxic.
After knowing that it is harmful to people,
how can I act in those ads?
Impose a ban!
- Ban the 'Ice' cool drink!
Stock values and shares
have gone drastically down...
Because of Lee's interview...
the sales, stock values, credibility,
name, goodwill of our other products
all been damaged, sir.
He's going to pay for this.
Hey! Who is that, man?
What are you up to, here?
Security! Guards!
Hey! Where the hell have you all gone?
Hey, don't kill me.
More than that!
Hey! What is this?
What are you pouring?
Hey, what...?
What are you going to do me?
Save me, man!
Hey, don't move!
If you remain still...
...in five minutes, these guys will eat
the sugar syrup on your body and fly away.
But, by chance, if you happen to
...these 330,000 bees, saying 'tsk', 'tsk',
'tsk', will click their tongues away!
There are rumors that you both have
a great chemistry off-screen, as well.
Are you just dating or living together?
They are asking, right?
Go on. Tell them.
We are planning to get married soon.
I'm very excited.
All of you are here.
Let's have the engagement today.
Let's exchange rings right now.
Come on, Lee.
Wait, Diya.
What a great news.
We'll choose an auspicious day...
We'll book a hotel... Invite friends...
Why not celebrate it grandly?
We all are feeling great now.
Why not, do it right away?
Let's have a party another day.
- Okay.
That's also a good idea.
- I agree.
Remove your ring.
I don't have a ring.
No worries.
Take this!
Go on, man.
Go, have fun.
Must not let him be!
I'm burning.
Come, let's smoke!
You need to finish off a guy.
Here's the advance.
Who is the guy?
If he is the guy to be finished off...
I'm not your worker.
I'm your partner.
Are you sleeping or dead?
It's peak hour.
He's alive.
Start the vehicle, sir. Hurry!
Untie me.
I need to use the bathroom.
Tell me.
Who are you?
How did you get Lingesan's phone?
What's the link between you and Lingesan?
Tell me.
You must have done something to him.
What have you done?
Tell me, you!
I killed him!
The first wedding invitation
is for you, doctor.
Please take it.
Doctor, see this.
Suddenly, I have lost so much hair.
On my God!
You go to many, many places
for ad shoots.
If you keep changing the water,
the hair will fall, of course.
You keep standing in heavy lights.
Hair might fall because of the heat too.
Don't worry.
Have this medicine.
Everything will be alright.
Doctor, that day, it was a bunch of hair.
Today, a tooth has fallen.
What has happened to me, doctor?
Let's take a blood test and see.
We'll ask for a dental opinion loo.
After I get the report,
I'll give medicines.
I'm scared, doctor.
Hey, this is an ordinary thing.
Nothing to worry at all.
I'll take care.
Be brave.
Doctor, look at this.
See here!
This and this.
Look at my hands!
Why is all this happening?
What has happened to me?
Tell me, doctor
I'm sorry, Lingesan.
Your blood reports, scan reports,
all came in, just now.
I was shocked myself.
It's kind of kyphosis.
Muscular Atrophy.
Osteoporosis, they call it.
This is disease that happens to us,
without our knowledge. A genetic disorder!
This can be cured, right'!
They haven't found medicines for this, yet.
What else will happen, doctor?
This will spread all over your body.
Your form will change.
Your muscles will shrink.
Your spine will bend.
Your aging will be quite fast.
Will I die very soon, doctor?
Can't say.
Lingesan, don't cry.
Don't cry, Lingesan.
I'm there for you.
Be brave.
Medical science has improved a lot.
For every disease in the world,
new medicines are being found.
Somehow, I will transform you
into the old Lingesan again.
Please stop the wedding, doctor.
Lingesan, what are you saying?
Diya shouldn't know about my condition.
No one should know it.
Hey, Lingesan.
How many days has it been?
Where has he gone?
We don't know what has happened.
No phone call. No news at all.
What else to think
if a person doesn't turn up!
Is he alive or dead?
No, mom.
How many ever days may pass...
...Lee will surely come back.
How many days are you going to be sitting
in the dark?
Your parents are searching for you,
without food or water.
Diya is always in tears, not knowing
if you are alive or dead.
However you may be,
everyone will accept you. Come out.
Take me to the gym hall downstairs.
No, Lingesa!
Take me now!
I want to see Diya.
I'm Linges...
"Hey, Lingesa!
Lift him, brother!
Who is he?
Don't tell anyone outside.
He's model Lee.
Who? That 'l' perfume model?
- Yes, doctor.
I saw him a few days ago in a TV interview.
He was looking fine.
That's what we don't understand too.
Alright, bring his medical reports
if you can. -Yes, doctor.
Jayaseelan, take samples
of urine and blood.
Ask them to test the virus.
Send it for biopsy tests.
Intoxication, Immunity...
Don't neglect anything.
Send the reports as soon as you can
to my place.
Why did you save me?
- Be calm, Lingesa.
Even death does not want to see me.
Don't talk that way, Lingesa.
We all love you so much.
What am I going to do, being alive?
Let me go.
Listen! If God has saved you, it means
that there is something left for you to do.
An abandoned corpse, sir.
Check if it is the size you asked for.
Ensure that this doesn't leak out.
Diya, bad news. Mom is serious.
Come to the hospital, immediately.
Mom is not eating at all.
Sugar levels are going down.
If this continues, this will end in a coma.
Then, no one can save her.
Mom, have this.
You get married.
How can I?
Mom, don't be stubborn.
Have this.
You can he stubborn.
I can't, is it?
Should I be alive to see you like this'!
You have lost Lingesan.
All you have is your mom.
Saving mom is in your hands.
My son, Arav.
I really like Diya, Aunty.
I'm very happy to marry her.
Thanks a lot.
Why thank me for this'!
We saw many prospective grooms.
All of them, pointing the reason
that Lee and Diya were in love, backed out.
What's there in this, Aunty'!
I don't care about the past.
How we are, after the wedding,
is what matters.
I trust her.
Jayaseelan, I need to see
that patient 'Model' Lee immediately.
Few days ago, there was a news item
that Lee died in a car accident.
Didn't see?
He spouted lines as if he's a hero.
I don't care about the past
He called me today.
Uncle, I have no problem...
But all my friends are saying...
Lee and Diya have gone around
all these days...
...they must have finished everything.
If you can do a medical test
without Diya's knowledge...
...and prove that she is a virgin,
I will shut their mouths', he said.
Cheap fellow.
Leave it. if Arav's not there,
then, a Gaurav.
There are many good boys around.
If I had a younger brother...
...l would have happily got him married
to her.
Leave it.
We'll see.
Why a brother?
Why can't you marry her, doctor?
What are you saying?
I have seen her from when she was a kid.
I can't even imagine what you're saying.
Let's look out for someone else.
Whoever comes,
they are going to pinpoint this.
You are the only person
who has understood us.
Think about it, doctor.
What is there to think, doctor?
What, Lingesan?
You too are talking without understanding.
No one other than you
can take care of Diya so well.
Oh, no! How can I, Lingesan?
Doctor, please!
- Lingesan!
Say yes, doctor.
- Hey Lingesan! What's this?
If she gets married and is happy,
enough for me.
I will die in peace.
Lingesan, get up.
Hey! I was searching for you.
They had told me you were dead.
Hey, wait! I need to tell you
something important.
What you have is not a disease.
It's a virus!
I saw all your reports.
This is not a disease
or a genetic disorder.
Dangerous virus.
Very rare.
This is not contagious
tor you to get it from something.
This is possible only if someone
had injected ii, into your body.
Come and see me at home tomorrow.
Hey! Who is it?
Send him out.
Can't you see?
Mr Tamilnadu
Model No.1
Now, he's all bent
and come as Mr Hunchback.
How high you were!
How low you've fallen!
What did you do to me?
Tell me.
Didn't you checkmate us'!
That's why we all got together
and 'mated you!
Go on.
Give us a pose now.
You insulted my love, didn't you?
My true love was disgusting to you,
wasn't it?
Look at you, now!
You said you wouldn't pose for my product.
Which product will you pose for,
with this face'!
For Psoriasis, is it?!
You made me lose my market!
Now, you go and beg in some market.
Ladies, Lords, have mercy!
Generous lord, have mercy on me!
Sister, take pity on me!'
Just he quiet, you guys!
Poor thing! You are teasing him.
You go, Lingesan.
They have all got together
and done this to me.
They have injected something into me.
Hey, he was the one
who gave you the injection!
Did you think he was a softy
with that harmless look and soft voice'!
He happens to he the main villain!
How is it?
- lt's great.
Want to listen to your heartbeat?
Hey! I need to tell you a secret.
- What is it?
Hey rascal!
I'll kill you.
I had decided that she is the one for me
from when she was 10.
If you jump in suddenly and snatch her off,
will I let you be?
Just because a guy's lips touched her,
I made his lips burn.
Your entire body has touched her...
How will I feel?
Shall I join you?
We need to make him suffer!
Shall we kill him?
- He will die easily.
He mustn't die that way.
More than that.
Chopping his limbs,
shall we make him sit in a wheelchair?
More than that.
A crack on his skull.
Lifelong coma.
More than that.
His beauty is the reason for everything.
That must he disfigured.
His body!
What a body!
That must he deformed!
He must be bent with shame.
Shall we do an acid attack?
I had already tried that, in China.
He escaped that.
More than that.
You keep saying, 'More than that'...
What is there, more than that?
There is!
Influenza virus.
H4N2. Very dangerous.
It is there in Switzerland's
Rolf Genomics Research Center.
If that virus is injected
into Lingesan's body, that will do.
Without dying, he will keep dying.
- I love it!
It's my job to bring the virus here.
If he is the guy to he finished off...
I'm your partner.
Ha! Just as you wanted it,
tomorrow is our wedding.
Tonight, a bachelor's party.
Come join us, Lingesan and enjoy!
Traitor! You, pervert!
What mistake did I do?
What was my mistake?
You did the mistakes
and because I wouldn't cooperate...
...you have punished me!
You have deformed me!
For this, you could have killed me!
I won't leave you!
I won't let you be!
Mr Hunchback is swearing an oath, guys!
This old lady is going to take revenge
on us, it seems!
What can you do?
You are not even a full man.
Just a half man!
Oh no! Will you go to the police?
You are already dead, you know!
I was the one
who got the death certificate for you.
Enough, guys!
He might die or something.
It's my wedding tomorrow.
No deaths, now.
- Sir!
Tie him up in a sack
and lock him up somewhere.
After the wedding, finish him!
Burn his body, grind his bones,
mix it with ashes and throw it into Cooum!
Hey, catch him.
Thought he'll have a weapon,
all he has is a rusk!
Hey, catch him!
Where have you hidden Diya'!
Tell me!
Tell me!
Where is Diya?
Verorab. Five doses.
Bring it home immediately. -Okay, sir.
Lingesan... Oh, no!
You have become like this
because of me!
You have become like this
because of me!
What did you do wrong, Diya?
All you ever did to me, were good things.
This world is like that.
If a man is doing good,
many don't like ii.
This is all my fate!
You are not the reason for this.
Don't cry.
Why are you talking so distantly, Lingesan?
I will always be with you!
Till the end.
No, Diya.
It won'! he right.
However you may look,
you are my Lingesan!
That Lingesan is dead!
I'm Hunchback!
Wait. Who is it?
The Press, sir.
What's this, man?
You are lying like a buffalo, fried in oil.
Pattinapakkam' Ravi
has become Tandoori' Ravi!
Hey, here I'm talking
and there you are eating groundnut balls.
Stroke in the mouth, is it?
I'm coming from the magazine
Chief Editor - Lingesan!
I'm reporter...
Come here to rub salt into the wounds!
We are doing a cover story called,
'Fame to Doom'...
Stay! l'll click a pic.
Give me a double arm bicep pose, please.
Tell me, sir.
Why did you fall from fame to doom?
Tell me. Who made a bulls-eye of you?
Hey, don't wriggle. You toasted whale!
- Hey! Who is it? Go outside.
I'm from the press!
- Why are you disturbing him?
Alright, go outside.
We need to get his statement.
Can't you see his burnt no-talk state?
How will you get his statement?
See here... It's just wind blowing.
See you, 'Tandoori' Ravi.
See you, sir.
Sorry, wrong number.
It is the right number.
Don't run.
Where are you running off to?
Oh no! Wall-man!
Oh! Shut-up!
I'm not a wolf.
Then what?
I'm Osma.
Hey Osma.
Why have you become like this?
Had a doughnut fried
in hair growth herbal oil?
Just get out of here.
Coming from the magazine
Come here to click a pic for a cover story
on 'Fame to Doom'
Please cooperate!
- No... Not interested! Out!
Alright. No photos.
How about an interview'!
Who was the one who changed your face
into a shoe wiping brush'!
Osma, why don't you say something, dear?
Oh no! The 'Conjuring' ghost
has started screaming.
Hello. I'm here.
- What is lndrakumar saying?
Sir, as bees bit him, his vocal cords
are affected and he's unable to talk, sir.
Osma is crying whatever you ask her.
Sorry, sir. No progress at all.
Hey, what's this? You like a sack
of potatoes fallen off a truck.
They talk of fiscal inflation, right?
Is this, that?
Don't simply growl, bubble top face.
I'm the press.
We are doing a cover story called,
'Fame to Doom'...
Tell me, sir.
You were like a ball of fat...
How did you become a bag of sugar balls?
Who changed you from a 'booze-mouth'
to a 'pig-mouth'?
Trying to hit me'!
I'll burst bubbles!
Who are you?
Why are you disturbing the patient'!
Go outside.
Hey, egg crate!
Bye. See you!
He is a dangerous person.
Did you see how he has deformed
my friends?
He didn't kill anyone.
He has only destroyed their form.
There is some reason tor this.
There is a connection between everything.
We'll find it out soon.
Don't know what he poured on the body
and made the bees bite!
The swelling is not subsiding at all!
My body!
Calm, calm!
How to be calm, doctor?
Saying 'More than that', 'More than that',
you've disfigured us like this...
When are you going to change us
like before?
When? When?
Tell us.
Calm down, please.
- Calm down, please.
I have consulted
the world's best doctors...
...and I'm giving you advanced treatment.
Don't worry.
I'll cure you very soon.
I promise you.
Hey, here I'm talking seriously
and you're laughing.
No. I thought about what Hunchback
might have in mind for you both...
...l felt like laughing.
Shut up!
There's no use trusting the police now.
We'll get caught.
Before he comes for us...
...we must get ahead.
We don't even know where he is!
Excuse me, sir.
There's an invitation for Mr John.
Next bulls-eye!
Who gave this?
Some press reporter, sir.
He gave it and just left.
Why are you so shocked
as if you heard death bells tolling'!
Hey! I know you won't kill me.
You must also know
that I won't just let you go.
Hey... fire for Ravi, hair for Osma,
bees for lndrakumar.
What do you have for me?
As you are an important villain...
More than that!
For one last time,
take a look at your handsome face.
I'll kill you!
It was wrong to let you live.
Did you get scared?
fooling around!
...you are gone!
Mr John is admitted in emergency
because of a high voltage shock.
It's very horrible. Come immediately!
Let's go.
I'll drop you back at home.
I'll just be on my way somewhere...
Aren't you ashamed to say this?
Don't torture me, Diya.
If I live, it will be with you.
I'm a dead man, Diya.
I have no town, name or place
to call my own.
I'm nothing.
There is no chance for us to live together.
Had I become like you,
would you have left me'!
No.Come, let's go.
Let's both go to a place
where no one can find us.
Diya, don't!
Stop the car!
Diya, listen to me!
No one will come here.
Just you and I...
Let's walk together all our life
with our hands held.
[After some months...]
Sir, visitors are not allowed.
The Press!
Sir, this is John.
Is this really John?
There's only a burnt bone!
Coming from the magazine 'Checkmate'...
We are doing a cover story
on 'Fame to Doom' - Season 2.
Tell me. How did you, who was Model No. 1,
become a kerosene roasted comedian?
Wanting to stop the train,
you pulled the electric wire, I heard. Why?
Why do you keep clicking your tongue like
a male frog making a pass at a female'!
Hey hole-mouth, where are you going
taking ducks for a graze?
Hey! Stop!
Where is the main villain?
In this hospital
where you were the doctor...
you have got admitted as a patient, doctor.
It's a medical miracle!
What sort of face is this?!
Like a truck that hanged into a tree!
See haw shy, darling feels
when I talk about his beauty!
Okay... ls this a leg or a bed, rolled up'!
I'm sure you can't pull in anything
through this.
Hey, tell the truth...
You are not wearing underwear right?
Hey, yam-head!
Do you think you became like this
because a dog bit you?
This is... More than that!
Verorab-five doses!
- Okay, sir.
Who is it?
What are you doing?
That 'crap egg' is what you injected
once in five days for five times.
Didn't you inject Lingesan
without his knowledge?
Same way, using your own hands,
without your knowledge...
Lingesan placed a wow checkmate!
If what you injected was Virus 'I',
this is 'more than that'!
Steady, steady
"It's okay.
Up! Come up, Lingesan.
'What's it, Lingesan?
Knocking us out with your dance!
'Mesmerized, I am!'