I Am a Dad (2010) Movie Script

I'm sorry. You're not eligible
for any more loan...
Lady, it's a matter
of life and death!
Like I said, you can always
borrow money with collateral.
If I had collateral, why
would I be begging for a loan?
Please. I'll pay back
as soon as I get the money.
Fuck you!
What did you just say?
Hey! Did you just say fuck you?
Yeah I did.
What are you gonna do?
I'm a cop.
Do I need to get on my knees or
fucking beg to borrow 20 grand?
Screw you, cop!
Hello? Hello!
Damn it!
- Hello?
- Detective HAN!
NAH Sang-man got arrest warrant.
He had money problems with
the dead man CHO Dong-chul
and we have testimony from
the witness who saw the murder.
The trial will
be a piece of cake.
Who would give a shit
for someone like NAH
and his pathetic life
scraping by doing
kiddie magic shows?
Detective, it was a good choice
to work with you.
- How was I?
- Pretty good.
- That's it?
- Come on, hon.
You were awesome!
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Mr. NAH Sang-man?
- Yes?
Please follow me
to the police station.
What's going on?
You're under arrest for
the murder of CHO Dong-chul.
- Take him.
- Let's go.
- Honey!
- Everything will be alright.
Come on, sweetie!
- Honey!
- Daddy!
- Honey!
- Daddy!
- Honey!
- Daddy!
You'll really let me off the hook
if you get your
cut of this deal, right?
If this goes wrong,
you're dead meat.
Come on.
Can't you trust me?
Trust me just this once!
Why else would they have
a funeral every month?
They're drug dealers.
There's no corpse in the coffin.
Then what would be in there?
Hurry! Hurry!
Wow, is this a national
gangster reunion?
Who the hell are you?
Look at this.
What does it say?
I'm a police,
you piece of shit!
Stop it!
You don't know what I am?
I'm a cop, motherfucker!
Is there a problem?
What kind of funeral is this
without even a picture of the dead?
Out of the way!
I needed a coffin.
Want a smoke?
Looking at the situation
it seems to make sense, but...
you're left-handed, right?
But the knife wound is
On the left side of the victim.
Damn it!
Did you even see the report?
Detective HAN wouldn't even
show it to me!
I told you I can't
pay you back today!
Please! You have to give it
to me today!
NAH Sang-man!
Have I ever ripped you off?
I'm here.
I'll come up.
Dumbass. Did I have to
wear a suit just for a flower?
We're really even
after this, right?
You won't cuff me, right?
- Fifteen grand.
- Make it twenty.
You will never get more
than that. You see, my boss...
Stay out of it.
Throw in an eye, then.
This is my body
we're talking about!
We agreed on one kidney!
- Fine, then.
- I can't do this!
Stay down, asshole!
Fucking anesthetic's
not kicking in.
Give him another shot.
- I think he's out.
- Yeah?
- Wanna watch?
- No.
Well, well!
What brings the detective
to a slum like this?
I heard NAH Sang-man's
at the spot inspection today.
I trust you'll do your job?
We have good apples
this year.
What are you waiting for?
Show us what you did.
Let's get this done!
Do it! Stab him!
Turn off the camcorder.
I said turn it off!
Wake up, NAH!
Please... Help me...
Help me...
Took you long enough! Geez!
I'm off.
I have to meet the director.
Wrap it up, detective KIM.
I'll take him.
Clean things up outside.
What? What will you do?
- Just get out!
- Okay, then.
Working too hard, isn't he?
Let me see.
How can a left-handed
person stab...
like this...
Let's go talk at the station.
Hey, you!
Get up, asshole.
Ouch, my kidney!
Lt hurts!
- What a load of bullshit.
- It hurts!
You didn't take my kidney?
What happened, detective HAN?
Are you playing with me?
Pretty funny!
- Cuff up.
- Sorry?
I didn't take your kidney.
I did everything you asked.
Why are you doing this to me?
You embarrassed me, asshole!
Fuck! I'll kill you,
son of a bitch!
I'll tell them all
the bribes you took!
Put that away.
Or I'll chop off your fingers.
Fuck you.
Stay back. Stay back!
Do it. Stab me.
I said do it, you bastard!
Hold on.
Don't carry a knife
if you can't even stab.
You fucking ruined my day.
How could you?
After all that I did for you?
- Yeah?
- Jong-shik!
- What?
- Detective KIM's finally done it!
Drop the gun, Mr. NAH!
Jong-shik, help...
If they know about this,
I'll never get promoted.
Get downstairs.
Can you do it alone?
Just leave me the smokes.
Let's get down!
Let's go.
Fuck, I gotta quit smoking.
You know it.
You know I didn't do it.
I never killed CHO!
Let's talk.
Just you and me.
Why me?
I told you many times
it wasn't me.
The witness saw you.
There's evidence it's you.
Good. Jump off!
We wouldn't even have to
go to trial then.
Mr. NAH!
- I'll request reinvestigation.
- Go downstairs, god damn it!
Please come down, Mr. NAH!
Get downstairs!
You wanna jump down,
or walk down in cuffs?
How many times did I tell you?
If you're that desperate,
you bring the suspect yourself.
Or jump.
Jump! Why can't you jump?
Jump off!
You're a magician.
Then I guess you won't die,
will you?
Fuck! That was close.
Come here.
You're under arrest
for threatened murder
of detective
And obstruction of public duty.
Here's the money.
Now I want the surgery
for my daughter.
The doctors said
there's only 1% chance.
Your deceased father's cornea
can save two blinded people.
Fuck off.
Is she fucking joking?
Wait! Hold on!
Lt would be a meaningful end
for your father...
Rock, paper, scissors!
Heard you got 12 years.
Eyes down!
You were just a witness,
weren't you?
I know it.
If he can't find the culprit
he can turn anyone
into the suspect
Whether it's a delivery man
or a granny next door.
Why the hell did you save
someone like him?
Why did you?
Who are you to save him?
I kissed his ass
every single time
And look what he did.
He made me a cripple
and threw me in here.
Why did you save
a piece of shit like that?
Hey you rat!
Did you steal my smokes?
Come one, man.
Does it look like I would?
- No way.
- Fucker.
Wait, wait. Let go.
How did that get there?
I know detective HAN's there.
Please let me talk to him.
Detective HAN's away
on a business trip.
I told you already!
Please just put him on the phone.
Your husband's the one
who rejected appeal.
Why are you blaming detective HAN?
Put him on the goddamn phone!
Damn it, lady!
Hello? Hello!
Why are you out in the rain?
What are you doing?
Look, mommy.
- Mommy...
- Oh, Baby...
I'm JANG Soo-kyoung.
I'm in charge of Min-ji's
organ transplant.
As you know already
we need a few things to
prepare for the transplant.
I know this is tough for you.
I'll do my best to find
a heart for Min-ji.
So I hope you hang on
in there and help me
to help your family.
Put this on your bruise.
It's Tiger Balm.
I'm still learning in my job.
How long do you think
my daughter can last like this?
Even if we try our best
Two years the most.
I see.
Hi baby, you're up!
This is for you.
I bought this cuz
you used to like it.
I'll get you something else
next time.
HAN Jong-shik!
I'll never forgive you.
When you come home
Your wife and your daughter
will already be heaven.
If you even touch them
I'll kill you, dumbass!
You'd never hurt us, right?
I delivered pizza to that house
and rot in jail for 7 years!
What did I do wrong?
What the hell did I do wrong?
What's up? Sleep more.
I'll wake you up
when we get there.
What's up, man?
Gave up on magic?
This is magic, too.
I want my daughter to live
in a fungus-free house.
How did your parole go?
I'm out in 10 days!
When you get out make
sure to visit your mother.
But before I do
there's something I have to do.
I gotta find fucking HAN
and send him to hell.
Smarten up.
You wanna end up here again?
You know what I pray for
before I sleep every night?
I pray that he doesn't die
until I get out of here.
I would kill whoever that
gets their hands
on him before I do,
Just forget it.
Fuck you.
You Jesus or something?
What are you doing here?
I'm back from school.
Where's your bag?
- I lost it.
- Where?
At school.
- What the hell?
- Police, you son of a bitch!
You motherfucker!
Long time no see!
Didn't I tell you
not to mess with money?
- I wasn't!
- You should listen!
Lt's been awhile.
Honey, When I'm out of here
I'll show you the most
fabulous magic show
On the biggest stage
in the world.
Aren't you...
Even curious
how Ye-seul and I are...
Holding up?
Give it back! Lt's my dad's!
I said it's my dad's!
Pass it here!
Give it back!
I said it's my dad's!
Are you tired?
Wanna go home?
Come on baby. Let's go.
Here you go, princess!
Take it to the police station.
Detective HAN!
Isn't this where
CHO Dong-chul died?
Is it?
Detective HAN!
There's a call for you.
Something happened to
Min-ji at the hospital.
What the hell are you doing?
Wrap it up!
What bloody temper.
Ye-seul! Ye-seul!
Ye-seul! Open your eyes!
Baby, It's mommy!
Ye-seul! Ye-seul!
You can't come in.
What happened?
She had a seizure.
We massaged her heart
and gave her sedative.
She'll feel better
when she awakes.
Can't you just stay
by your daughter?
Detective HAN? This is
internal investigation office.
Do you admit the error
in investigation?
At the time it seemed certain
that NAH was the suspect.
Innocent civilian has served
two years in jail!
Innocent civilians were killed
in military riots. Big deal!
I heard your child's sick.
And that her illness
is costing a lot...
Can I hep you?
They proved that
you're not the murderer.
There are few things to do
But you'll be out soon.
Does my wife...
Does my wife know this?
I'm very sorry.
Where the hell is her father?
Is her father still not here?
I have another appointment.
I have to go.
Then I'll look after her.
Oh yeah?
Let's do the blood
sedimentation test first.
Without her father's consent?
Damn it.
What the fuck would they know
about investigating?
Think you're on holidays and
lay low for a few months.
Detective KIM
What's this?
NAH Sang-man case.
It's obvious what we'll get
even with reinvestigation.
Just rough it up as unsolved
HAN, my promotion will
never happen if you're out.
I'm sorry, detective HAN.
I'll make sure
to catch the suspect
so all your hard work
doesn't go to waste.
There's something I didn't tell
you about NAH Sang-man's case.
The victim of the case, CHO,
had money issues
with LEE Jong-ho,
Gyelim Ship owner's son.
Right after the murder
Lee Jong-ho ran off to America.
Something smells fishy here.
Enough yapping. Get going.
I'm gonna get the culprit
this time.
Since you were gone,
Your family's been having
a hard time,
Your wife had been
trying to make ends meet
But after your daughter died
she couldn't get over the shock
And attempted to commit suicide.
How are her vitals?
They are less stable
than yesterday.
Her organs are slowly
losing their function.
I know this must be
tough for you
but your wife is in a coma
and medically considered dead.
- So...
- What?
Listen carefully.
My wife's not dead yet.
I'll save her no matter what.
No matter what!
- Just half a glass!
- Come on, drink up.
I still have a lot of
investigating to do.
That can wait.
Do you remember
the Mapo serial murder case
When you were working
in Seoul?
Of course.
That was in 1989
when I was in high school.
I decided to become
a detective then
cuz I saw you on TV
and you blew me away.
Don't bring that up.
It's embarrassing.
You were so cool back then.
- Enough already. Drink up!
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
By the time my brain
tells my hands to stop pouring
the cup's already overflowing.
It's been like this
since I hurt my head.
You've worked so hard
your whole life.
You should retire and
take time for yourself.
I gotta hang in at least until
my kid's out of high school.
Yeah, but you should also
think about your own health.
But I can't let this go.
You still carry that around?
Of course.
This is my number one treasure.
Where are you gonna
start digging?
I'll start with
the ship owner's son.
I've already investigated him
but there's not much there.
But I'm certain this time.
There are dozens of people who
had money issues with CHO.
Don't waste your time.
You should just leave
the case like chief said
and help out with paper
in the office.
I'm just saying,
be more tactful!
Paying for me?
That's something new!
Let's go for another drink.
It's too late.
I really have to go investigate.
Come on.
I know a great place.
HAN! I'm not useless yet.
I'll catch the bastard and
get confession out of him.
So don't you worry.
- Come back to me!
- Let's go for one more drink!
- Detective KIM!
- What?
Oh, yes!
- Sorry!
- You left it here again.
Yeah, yeah, Thanks.
- Good-bye.
- Yup, bye!
Come back to me!
Long time no see.
I heard you were out.
No hard feelings.
It's all in the past, right?
What's that?
Gonna take your revenge?
I thought you're getting
compensation money.
Didn't you know?
I guess not.
Fine. I'll tell them to deposit
the money right away.
It's not a bad business
making that much money
serving just two years
in jail, isn't it?
You fucking crazy?
God damn it!
Let go, you piece of shit!
Lt's all in the past.
Never come across me again.
I'm not in good mood these days.
My daughter...
...is dead.
You killed...
my daughter.
- Hello?
- It's me, JANG Soo-kyoung.
We've found a matching heart
for Min-ji.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Tiger Balm works best
for bruises.
There's a little girl
who'll die
if she doesn't get
a heart right away.
- Looking at your wife's state...
- Enough!
Why are you...
so desperate
to see people die?
You want her to die soon,
don't you?
Lt's not that...
You know why she won't die?
Because she's so angry
that she ever married me.
Because even death can't
soothe her anger.
That's why she's alive.
Get it?
Go! Go away!
When's the surgery?
I couldn't get
the guardian's consent yet.
When will we get it?
We need more time.
- Let me meet the guardian.
- You can't.
Just let me take
care of it for now.
Why are we here?
Lt's so fucking hot.
Lt's been a long time, bro.
Why didn't you tell me
about your family?
At least you're
proven not guilty.
I got 5 criminal record.
This is where I scattered
my daughter's ashes.
Bro, I'll do the dirty work.
You can just help out a little.
- You and me together...
- No.
Still think
you're fucking Buddha?
He fucked with your life!
Look what's happened here!
I'll do it.
I'll kill him myself.
- It's here, right?
- No.
I told you this is
against the regulation.
Fuck the regulation!
This is a matter of life and death!
Please leave.
You can't be here.
Let's go. Hurry.
This is the tattoo of
the Vietnamese mafia.
Finger print screening
didn't work
because the suspect is
an illegal immigrant.
They all gather up in places
like Vietnamese Town
and set up gambling parlors.
Come on, man.
How will you find
illegal immigrants
without ID number or
finger print record?
Lt's like looking for a needle
in a haystack.
Then there's
the fish trader, HWANG.
LEE struggles with
the gambling debt he owes CHO.
Rather than asking his father
he takes his
father's boat ownership
and goes to HWANG for help.
HWANG then hires
unidentifiable guys.
HWANG has dozens of guys.
Why would he hire other guys?
I would use Vietnamese guys too
if I wanted a perfect crime.
This is KIM from
Serious Crime Department.
Print out a call history for me.
Year of birth, 1958.
Residing in Korea.
Name, HWANG Man-bae.
- Where are you going?
- To investigate HWANG.
Move. Out of my way.
Get out of his way.
Get rid of the guy that stabbed.
The almighty detective HAN
begging me?
- This is quite funny.
- What?
Since you're so powerful,
you get rid of him yourself.
You milked me for every penny.
Is this how you serve
your customers?
The leader of the biggest
organs trafficking gang in Korea
HWANG Man-bae gets arrested.
That'll land you at least
One liver, two kidneys.
And two eye balls.
Your daughter's organs
still working fine, huh?
- Damn you!
- Detective HAN
Get rid of the guy
that stabbed.
Fuck off, asshole!
- Can you speak Korean?
- No. Go over there.
Can you speak Korean?
No. He can.
- Can you speak Korean?
- Why?
Have you seen this tattoo?
Yeah. This?
Not that. This one.
- No.
- No?
Respect your elders.
Never mind.
Where would I find this?
What are you doing here?
Thank you.
Did you find anything out?
His daughter is seriously
sick in a hospital.
- Hospital?
- You'll get a call soon.
I'm looking for a place
to bury that son of a bitch
so stay low and wait.
I'll make your dream come true.
I'm off.
Be careful.
Excuse me.
Any news?
We'll have to wait a bit more.
Exactly how much longer
do I have to wait?
You have to give them time, too.
Give them time.
Some coordinator you are.
Then why don't you
do it yourself?
Hey! Hey!
What! I'm busy!
They're gonna send me
HWANG's call history.
We'll soon find out
who LEE talked to and
who HWANG got to kill CHO.
Wait for me.
I'm on my way.
That's okay.
I know you're busy with Min-ji.
This is my fucking case!
Be careful, sir.
- Where's the call history?
- I'm gonna look at it now.
I'll do it.
Can you get some coffee?
Thanks, detective SUNG.
- Here's your coffee.
- Thanks.
- Open the file.
- I will.
- Fuck!
- Geez!
I didn't steal anything!
Shut up!
Fuck! Why is there
an open blade here?
I'm sorry.
Let me get first-aid.
Detective HAN
LEE Gyoung-rok
Don't lie. We have record.
Check it then!
What the hell you staring at?
- Why's he here?
- For drinking and vandalism.
Jail the fucking loser.
- Here.
- Thanks.
I'll send it to print.
Go wait by the printer.
- Aren't we gonna treat the wound?
- I'll take care of it.
It's not printing.
Then where the hell were you?
No one saw you.
Spit out that gum.
I think I should go
get stitches.
You retarded fool.
Why couldn't you shoot?
You just had to pull the trigger.
Just pull the god damn trigger.
You're good for nothing.
Die, you loser.
- Hey!
- Where is Dr. HWANG?
Mrs. NAH is critical!
Ready! Clear!
Step out of the way!
Get ready for CPR
Ready! Clear!
What the hell's the big deal
about a promotion?
- The onset of this case...
- Where the hell is detective KIM?
He's out investigating
CHO Dong-chul case.
Doesn't he know
how busy we are?
What the hell is he doing out?
Hey! Wait!
Hey! Stop!
I said stop!
No, Min-ji! No!
Where were you?
Just look at her!
You see that cardiac device?
Lt has a week-long life span.
If we don't find a heart
for Min-ji in a week
She'll die.
I need a heart.
Find me a small one.
Blood type B.
Detective HAN
We don't deal hearts
because the donor
must be killed to get it.
I'll pretend I didn't
hear anything.
I'll do everything you say.
You can take my kidneys
eye, teeth, whatever you want.
Just as long as I'm alive.
I'm begging you.
You know
You still haven't
gotten rid of the Vietnamese.
I'll make it clear.
You get rid of him.
I'm saying,
keep me out of it.
Medically speaking,
it's a miracle
That your wife
is still breathing.
I understand that she
might not be able to wake up.
But is there a way to
just keep her alive?
Isn't there something
we can do?
I don't think she'll make it
over two weeks at the most.
I'll get rid of the Vietnamese.
You find me a heart today.
Give me the briefs on that patient
declared brain dead today.
Blood type RH+A
What do we do?
We don't have matching
blood type or heart size.
Mrs. NAH is the only match.
Where the hell is your father?
Mr. NAH?
What are you doing here?
I'm here to see detective HAN.
His daughter's seriously ill
at a hospital.
Yes, chief.
Where the hell are you?
Sir, I...
Can I call you back later?
I told you to sort out papers!
I'll call you back!
Detective KIM!
How dare you hang up
on the chief!
Detective KIM left this.
You should look in it.
You'll never catch them with this
Sherlock Holmes type investigation.
Han Jong-shik?
Detective HAN!
Was it you who fabricated
the suspect in CHO's case?
Did you falsely accuse
NAH Sang-min?
- Stay out of it.
- What?
You know why
I had to do that.
My daughter can
have the surgery now.
- I have to save her.
- HAN Jong-shik
I know you're desperate
but this is wrong.
Drop the gun!
Just shut up!
Lt's too late.
Detective HAN,
Let's look for another way.
Keep this secret til
Min-ji has her surgery.
I'm begging you.
Watch out!
- Hello?
- Mr. HAN!
The guardian gave the consent
to donate the heart.
Then we can go ahead
with the surgery?
Yes. We have the consent form.
Please hurry to the hospital.
Consent form?
Not will?
Well, hello!
You must be dying of curiosity!
Look, Mr. NAH.
You know the world
is a fucked up place...
Didn't you know after all that
you've been through?
I just don't get it.
HR 75 DP. Good.
HAN Min-ji, HR 90.
All clear.
Prepare the surgery.
The heart will be ready in an hour.
Told you to hold still!
Drop this.
Hand him over.
Detective HAN
It's hard to work with you when
you're being so indecisive.
Cut him open.
You're gonna regret this.
You. Pick up the phone when
I call, you son of a bitch!
Boss! Are you okay?
Fuck off.
Thank you for the consent form.
That's enough!
I'm going to my daughter.
No you're not!
You ever killed a man before?
Shoot! Shoot me!
Shoot, you piece of shit!
I said shoot!
Go ahead and shoot,
you son of a bitch!
You're a fucking loser!
You're a sorry bastard.
Take it if you need it.
Beat it up if you're mad
Kill it if it fucks with you.
That's how I lived
And protected my daughter.
That's what dad is.
That's what dad is,
you fucking loser!
You can't go!
Daddy's coming.
How did it go?
Not so well.
HAN's here for sure.
Find out his daughter's
room number and get him!
Yes, sir!
You try to fuck with me?
I think we have to move her
to a bigger hospital.
Thank you.
- Mr. HAN!
- How did the surgery go?
What happened to you?
Give me your hand.
The surgery was successful,
The surgery went well
but she's not waking up yet.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
I think we need to move her
to a bigger hospital.
You said all we needed is
to find a heart
And have the transplant.
Do you know what I had to do
for all this?
There's nothing more
I can do for my daughter.
HAN, you're dead meat...
- Detective KIM! Go that way!
- Yes, sir.
We're almost there.
We're here.
What the?
- Son of a bitch!
- Our patient is missing.
HAN Min-ji.
NAH Sang-man!
Stay where you are, HAN!
HAN, why did you do it!
Why the hell did you!
- Jong-shik!
- Don't do it, bro!
- Out of my way!
- Easy!
Are you okay, sir?
Get him!
Suspect located.
Don't shoot!
Who told you to shoot?
NAH Sang-man!
HAN Jong-shik
This is my world.
It's paper airplane!
Look over there!
Min-ji. My baby...
I'm so proud of you, honey.
Honey. Baby,
are you watching this?
Thank you, baby.
That's enough.
My daughter's watching.
I'm an awful father
leaving behind
his young daughter who
has just waken up.
I'm the worst father
in the world.