I Am a Hero (2015) Movie Script

(Onto the next story.)
(Yesterday, at about 6 PM)
(On a road in Hiroshima city)
(A 45 year old woman was seriously bitten by a Tosa dog.)
(This Tosa dog is one meter long.)
(It was subdued by 3 police officers who received the call.)
(This incident happened on a road in Fukushima city, Showa town.)
(The dog owner is Masayuki Fuji, 27)
(Was also hurt.)
(The reason behind biting is still being investigated.)
(The woman was saying gibberish at the time.)
(So the police will ask experts for a psychological profile.)
(This would decide whether the she would be held responsible.)
But, man, what should I do?
Why not just waltz right in?
Eh? Mitani, would you go?
A high school reunion? Of course not.
Haven't made any money.
Why would I want to drink with those people in suits?
(We're correcting the news.)
(It's not "seriously bitten by a Tosa dog.")
(But "seriously bit a Tosa dog.")
(We apologize for the incorrect information.)
But there's a girl I want to meet again.
Wasn't that news just now a bit weird?
(A 35 year old jobless man was arrested due to performing obscene acts.)
35 years old. Jobless.
It can't be Suzuki, right?
A manga assistant is no different than being jobless, no?
From the perspective that both accomplish nothing.
Suzuki will too become a criminal, huh.
I see. I see.
Do you know what the peak of Japanese culture is?
For example, in terms of movies.
Due to the language barrier and culture differences
It's hard to take the lead in the world. It's too limited.
The same can be said for music.
But in terms of manga
Japanese manga is the world standard.
It's a piece of culture worth bragging.
Being a manga assistant isn't sad.
This is the place, where we lead the world's trend.
The world.
What a philosophy.
Guess it's my loss.
Manga's the best!
Manga's the best! x4
Manga's the best!
Manga's the best! x3
Manga's the best!
Manga's the best! x3
Manga's the best.
Manga's the best.
Suzuki-san's... amazing.
(Mitani) Suzuki-kun.
Thank you, but I...
Stop talking to yourself.
Hey, is the City Hall ready?
Just a bit left.
Sensei, please check my work.
Then bring it in here.
I'll check it in this room.
Mailbox: Hideo Suzuki
I'm back.
(As expected, men who don't work hard are useless.)
(And if they are still useless after they try...)
(They were useless before anyway...)
(I'm not talking about income.)
(It's their attitude.)
(Umm, even if they don't earn much)
(and are living with their girlfriends)
(they shouldn't bring trouble for their girlfriends.)
(Should go look for a part-time job)
(If they don't let their girlfriends see their manly side now...)
(then when will they do it?)
(For the sake of their girlfriends)
(they should show some gratitude for everything their girlfriends did.)
(Sometimes he would apologize.)
("I'm sorry!")
(How should I put it)
(Is it good to keep dragging things on?)
(What troubles me is...)
(One Manga a Day) (It's never too late.) (The road to manga is harsh.)
(The Steve Jobs of Manga World) (Rock n Roll) (Get serialized!) (Handsome Glasses)
(The road ahead will be named the Suzuki Way!!)
(The 8th Manga Newcomer's Award - Honorable Mentions - Hideo Suzuki)
It's been 15 years, huh.
Hunting Rifle and Airgun License
Go sleep...
if you aren't working.
Uhh... J... Just about to begin working.
Just looking for some inspiration.
Why not sell it?
We have no money to spend on hobbies.
I'll get published next time.
Then I'll get serialized all in one go.
It'll be fine. It'll be fine.
I will protect you...
Ah, Suzuki, right?
Yeah, I'm Suzuki.
Hideo Suzuki
He's the "Hero" Hideo.
This time is the action genre, huh.
Ah, well.
It can be a manga that introduces real guns.
It was science fiction last time, right?
No, the one before that.
No, no matter what, the protagonist...
The protagonist
How should I put it...
He's too normal, you know?
Why is it always like this?
Ah, Korori sensei!
I'm sorry to have you come all the way here.
It's okay. I'm just passing by.
Didn't you two debut in the same year?
During the Newcomer's Awards.
It's Suzuki.
Right! Suzuki!!!
How nostalgic! The Newcomer's Awards from 15 years ago!
Where are you drawing right now?
I'm taking a break right now.
Break? Isn't this your name though?
Sensei, we'll serve you over there.
We'll have a drink next time and talk about manga, okay?
Do contact me.
Thank you.
This way please.
Umm, about this...
Ah, try harder next time.
This way, sensei.
Oh, sensei, your watch's so cool!
It's so I can pay less tax.
As I thought, Rolex is great, huh.
Wait a minute!
If we sell this, we can at least pay the rent!
It's dangerous, Tekko!
That would be going against the Gun Control Law.
Tekko, wait!
Tekko, next time! I'll try harder next time!
Calm down. Calm down.
You're annoying! Shut up!
Calm down!
Stop it!
Tekko, stop it!
Ah! That's...
Non-flammable garbage.
Wait, wait! Wait a minute! Tekko!
How long... How long do you want me to wait?
10 years? 20 years? 30 years?
Hideo, what you seek isn't a dream anymore!
It's a delusion!
Only a small, special group of people can achieve success.
Hideo, you're normal! You're a very normal person!
Nothing can be accomplished like this.
Not even until death!
I... I can't do this anymore.
I can't! Get out!
I can't be with you anymore! Get out of here!
I'm already 34 years old, you know?
Go and face reality!
I'm sorry.
At least...
Can you give me my Hunting Rifle License?
It would be against the law if I don't have it.
For real?
It's really interesting.
(With symptoms like the flu)
(and the appearance of veins, this new infection)
(is now spreading across the nation.)
(The death toll since last night is 4 people.)
(The most recent death is an adult male from Kanagawa Prefecture.)
I'm sorry. I don't feel so good.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Lots of people are sick these days.
Both Mi-Chan and Sensei got it.
I'm sure it's contagious.
Yesterday, they had a tryst here again.
You saw Sensei's neck, right?
A kiss mark. Bite marks too.
What? Those two?
Really? They are together? What?
Mii-Chan secretly returned after work
to be along with Sensei.
They stay inside for an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes.
I'm always keeping an eye out so I'm sure of it.
We can do nothing about Sensei being popular.
But he already has a family.
Yet he takes Mi-Chan too! Isn't he taking too much!
He has money, a job, and everything!
Ah, I feel tired.
Cold medicine...
Can we make the deadline?
I feel like... the deadline will never come.
Hello? Tekko? Hello?
Tekko, wait a second.
Ah, wait, right now... I'm Uhh almost...
Hello? Tekko?
Tekko, what's wrong?
Your voice. Are you sick? Fever?
I've said too much. I'm sorry.
I still do want to be with you...
Tekko... I...
It's my fault. It's not your fault.
It's all my fault. It's all my fault!
Tekko. Tekko?
Tekko, open the door.
I brought you energy drinks and your favorite melon bread.
Tekko? Open the door.
I forgot my keys when you kicked me out.
Are you okay, Tekko?
Tekko. You all right?
I'm... the only unfortunate one...
Tekko, wait...
Tekko! Tekko! Calm down!
Teeth. Teeth!
Calm down!
Stop it, Tekko!
I love you so much!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
It hurts! Tekko! It hurts!
(Those schoolboys fought the man and caused serious injuries.)
(Requires a month to recover.)
(They even attacked the police)
(causing multiple light injuries.)
(A portion of the students ran away and are still on the run.)
(Now, onto the next news.)
(Today, at about 7:20 AM)
(On the highway in Tokyo were 7 chain car accidents.)
(12 people were hurt. 3 of them are kids)
(This happened at the Yoyogi toll booth on Highway #4.)
(Today, at about 7:20 AM, a van rolled over.)
(The remaining 6 cars tried to dodge it but all hit each other in the process.)
(The rolled over van was on fire.)
(The 30 year old male driver of the van died in the hospital.)
Oh, Suzuki! You all right?
Come in.
(This just in.)
Why are you in a daze? Come in.
(In the JR Shinjuku stop, an infected man)
Ah! No need to take them off.
(bit a nearby woman.)
(The woman fought back and jumped down to the railroad.)
(But so did the man and he bit her again.)
(The station workers tried to stop the man.)
(But they got bitten as well. Many were hurt.)
(Furthermore, while the firefighters were transporting the woman)
Quickly, go draw the Hall.
Are you done drawing?
The deadline's almost here. I'm telling you...
The deadline...
Mi-Chan... where did you go?
The deadline...
Huh? Is the Hall finished?
How resistant!
Just like what the internet says.
If their brains aren't completely destroyed, they won't die.
This is karma! It's because you were fooling around with women!
Can't even trace. Who can draw a Hall in 3 hours?
You damn maggot!
If this is America, I would've ended you with one shot using a handgun.
You wanna try?
W...what in the world is going on?
How would I know?
Who do you think I am? God?
I'm sorry.
No, my bad.
I'm just too excited right now.
Suzuki, you didn't get bitten, right?
What happens if you get bitten?
They say if you get bitten, you will get blood infection.
A corporation CEO, a Shogakukan's editor,
and all the successful people are being infected.
People like us who have no social life...
There's no blood.
instead have a higher chance of survival.
They deserve it.
Our era has finally come!
But... but this damn...
This... damn... maggot... actually... bit me!
I will never become a damn maggot!
I'll never let you guys have it your way!
Our era... has come...!
I'm your fan. Please sign for me!
I'm your fan!
Excuse me! Police officer! Officer!
Don't come in here.
This is a forbidden area.
Are you okay?
Ambulance! Call an ambulance!
I want to cut! I want to cut!
I want to cut!
Melon. Melon.
Are you all right?
Let's cook taro! Taro!
Excuse me! Excuse me! Please let me in the car!
Please open the door! Open the door!
Let me in! Let me in too!
I'm always under your care.
Hey! Open the door!
Wait, I'm here first! You!
Wait, don't go yet! Don't leave yet!
Go! Go! Quickly!
Go quickly!
Get on a highway. To the countryside!
(There have been multiple incidents and fires this morning.)
(Today's News just interviewed the Metropolitan Police Department)
(And they acknowledged that there are riots in Roppongi and other districts.)
(But they did not mention the scale of those attacks)
(And if there are any injuries.)
(They have no answers for now.)
(The government has...)
(Fires centered around Akihabara and...)
(To fight this new contagious virus...)
(To rectify the mistake, the riot police...)
(...are the scones!)
(It's raising my spirits!)
(Onee-chan is looking forward to it too.)
Thank god.
It's all right. If Tokyo TV is still showing anime, then it's okay.
(Sorry to interrupt. We're now broadcasting urgent news.)
(Since this morning, the city...)
No way.
What happened to the Self-Defense Force?
No permission to shoot?
Even if they were citizens before
they aren't humans anymore now.
Kill everyone if you have to. Even the prime minister.
This country will be destroyed!
Quickly, notify the Counselor.
Hello? Hello?
What the hell was that?
The poor only know how to claim their rights.
But can't even pay their taxes!
I have to reschedule everything.
(Number of injured people has reached over 2000 in Tokyo.)
(It has reached 5500 in Kanto.)
Who dirtied this?
How can I read it now?
Hey, you, the poor!
Give me a tissue!
I said tissue!
Here. Here.
Give me high quality meat.
Mr. Driver! Mr. Driver! Stop the car!
(Gov. Official) Meat!!!
Customer, don't get too agitated!
Don't get too agitated!
Meat. Grilled beef tongue.
I was once named an excellent driver.
Mr. Driver, you didn't do anything wrong. It's okay.
Zero accidents. Never broke the law.
For 30 years!
Zero accidents. Never broke the law.
For 30 years!
The back! Get back here!
Safe. Fast. Clean.
Wholehearted hospitality!
Wholehearted hospitality!
Seat belt.
Seat belts!
We're about to collide!
I'm still alive.
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
Whew, good.
Be careful.
The virus will corrupt personalities
and the bodies will go through irregular changes.
You won't get infected in high altitudes.
If you are on Mt. Fuji, the virus will die.
They want us to climb Mt. Fuji?
It's gonna turn off.
Oh no.
Mt. Fuji.
Melon bread.
Thank you.
Is that gun real?
Why didn't you use it back then?
I would be breaking the Gun Control Law just by taking it out in public.
Huh? Then what about now?
Right now, it's dark.
And there are only two of us here.
It's like a protection charm.
Protection charm, huh?
This is my protection charm.
Half an earphone.
Give me a home where the buffalo roam
My mom used to sing this to me when I was small.
I see.
My name's Hiromi.
What about you, Mister?
I'm Hideo.
Hideo written as "Hero".
So you're a hero.
It's only a name though.
It feels like I'll be fine as long as I'm with you, Hideo.
Being with you also makes me feel safe.
What are you...
What you just said has a deep meaning to guys.
Even though it was a compliment.
... exchange my home on the range
For all of the cities so bright
No, no.
That's a crime.
Neck. Your neck!
It was a baby.
I was bitten by my neighbor's baby.
It was 2 days ago or so.
What about the baby?
I don't know. It looked normal.
But if it can spread from breast milk
Then the baby has ZQN too.
I probably
will get ZQN too.
You can kill me.
There's nothing left for me in this world anyway.
Until you get it...
Think about it when you actually do get it.
It's fine, you won't get it.
I got bitten too, but I'm fine.
These lucky things do happen.
So it's okay to have hope.
Let's go to some place safe.
If we reach Mt. Fuji, I'm sure you'll be saved.
I will
protect you!
Okay, clear.
Ah, Hiromi-Chan. Hiromi-Chan.
Stay behind me. Behind me.
Okay, clear.
You can just leave me behind here.
You don't have what it takes to shoot me, right?
Hideo, I don't want to eat you.
It's okay to eat just a little bit.
No way.
You look like you'll taste bad.
That might be so.
In the end...
It was fun.
Thank you.
Protection charm.
Bye bye.
Just go!
Hiromi-Chan, I...
Excuse me!
Excuse me! Please save me!
What are you doing?
No way...
Hiromi-Chan, that was...
Didn't you say I would taste bad?
Hiromi-Chan! Hiromi-Chan!
Then, I'm going.
Isn't this canned saury?
How about some saury?
Hiromi-Chan! Hiromi-Chan!
Want to try some?
No way.
It's not bad.
It's pretty good.
I apologize.
Doesn't look half bad.
Hmm, not bad.
So expensive.
This is so expensive, Hiromi-Chan.
Are you the store owner?
Hiromi-Chan, it's your queue.
She's asleep?
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
I'm not a monster.
Ah, it seems she has sleeping problems.
She falls asleep easily.
Who are these people?
She's sleeping.
ZQN don't sleep.
They're here.
Oto, please.
Let's go.
Follow us.
Give it back. Give it back.
Stop! Stop it!
I love women and girls.
This way. This way.
Kawagami got taken out.
This is Iura.
There's a man following you.
Sorry, Yabu brought them...
Give them a nice welcome.
The roof?
ZQN can't get up there.
Hold onto me closely.
Is that gun real?
No way.
Okay, take it up!
One, two.
Welcome... to the 7 meter high safety zone.
Thank you guys very much.
Please get them ready.
Two sleeping bags.
This is the supplies section.
I see.
May I?
Go ahead.
That's a shotgun for shooting disks, right?
Because there're no model guns with that shape.
So it must be the real deal.
You have a good eye.
Mr. Iura, do you like guns too?
I played with them when I was studying abroad in Los Angeles.
It's great that you're here.
Maybe this is God's will.
Sorry for the wait.
Thank you.
Be careful when handling the fire.
This is Rolex.
Ah, sorry.
Feel free to pick one you like.
Here. Please.
May I call you Glasses?
Ah, sure.
It feels natural anyway.
You a hunter?
That hunting rifle.
Ah, it's just a hobby.
My job's a manga artist.
Is that so?
But I've been taking a break recently.
I don't usually read manga.
I see.
Is that kid your little sister?
Do we look alike?
Not at all.
That's right.
We met each other when we were escaping.
So we're not that familiar with each other.
You're pretty cool, you know?
You brought an unfamiliar patient all the way here.
Ah, that's what you meant.
Which meaning?
Ah, nothing.
I couldn't have done it.
Hey, wait! Wait!
It's dangerous.
All the ZQN are living in their past memories.
Maybe they are the happier ones.
Home, home on the range
Where the deer and antelope play
Where seldom...
Can you understand, Hiromi-Chan?
heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day
Probably an athlete from a nearby university.
That one's buying stuff.
She used to love spending lots of time on shopping.
Give me this one. I want to buy it.
She was my wife.
Give me this one. This one.
Her name is Kyouko.
Sorry to hear that...
No need. It was a long time ago.
Come look over here.
There are a lot of ZQN here.
For example...
Look. That one.
The one in suits.
What do you think he's doing?
Taking a train to work?
What's that over there?
There are also ones that can't be explained. Just like humans.
Then, what about that one?
The burnt like charcoal one. What's that?
The outlet entrance has one too, right?
Things were great in the beginning.
Everyone all teamed up and worked hard together.
But there was no help no matter how long we waited.
I'm sorry. Iura-San is calling us.
Please go.
(Food Storage. Basement Floor 1)
This map was drawn by a worker here.
Though the artist is gone now.
Due to an accident.
This is the food storage.
It's said that there are 10,000 servings.
If we get all that, we can live for half a year.
The food supply we have now...
You ate from it too yesterday.
We'll run out by tomorrow.
So for the sake of our survival, we have to make this trip.
So then... what do you want me to do?
Nothing at all.
You only need to give me your gun.
Well, Umm, I'm forbidden to lend it to anyone.
Forbidden by whom?
The law.
I'm the law here.
The hostage
will die.
That cute high school girl.
Didn't we agree not to hurt the girl?
In exchange for my following Iura's orders.
The situation's changed.
But you'll still keep following Iura's orders, right?
Stop bullshitting me.
Ow. Ow.
You think I will let you guys do whatever you want?
I said... this hurts!
Please give us the gun.
Eh... ouch.
Yagi-kun, nicely done.
Let go of me!
It's dangerous, ya know?
Yay! Got the high school girl.
Let go of her!
You have no way to escape though.
I can blow your head off.
Tell him to put down the knife.
She'll die before that happens.
My gun is faster.
Do you have what it takes to shoot?
Can you kill a person?
What is it?
Hey, don't move.
Wait, ow ow ow...
Wait, AH!
Amazi... ouch!
It hurts.
Hiromi-Chan, stop it!
Ow, ow, ow!
This girl...
is a ZQN!
Kill her! Kill her!
No, she's not! Don't shoot!
Got him!
Damn four-eyes!
Get rid of her.
Four-eyes, look what you did.
Please forgive me!
I'm sorry!
Okay, okay, stop.
Four-eyes, raise your head.
Pull his head up.
Please forgive me.
Pull him up. Pull him up.
Stop. Please stop.
Don't kill him yet. He's still part of the fighting force.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
This is mine!
Iura-kun, didn't you kill the schoolgirl who's supposed to be mine?
She is a ZQN so of course I killed her.
I have to thank Four-eyes for giving me something this good.
You damn NEET.
Everyone's a NEET now. What a great thing!
Everyone's equal.
The map.
The map!
And here's the result!
The one leading the charge tomorrow will be Iura-kun.
Don't think you can always watch from afar.
This is a bad idea.
Shall I tell Iura about your stealing soup cans?
Go back and don't tell anyone.
At least the arrow didn't hit the brainstem.
She's still alive.
Can you feel it?
She still has a pulse. Generally speaking, ZQN has no pulse.
Once you get infected, your cardiopulmonary system will stop working.
This girl is different from all the ZQN I've seen at the hospital.
Yabu-san, you are...
A nurse, though my name's Yabu.
(Yabu can also mean a charlatan.)
Yabu isn't your real name, is it?
It's because I'm a charlatan who can't save anyone.
I ran away from the hospital.
Left behind all my patients.
Can't be like you.
So I'm trying to atone for myself.
Even though it's just to make myself feel better.
If... if you want to escape with this girl, I...
I lost my gun.
I have nothing now.
I couldn't pull the trigger.
Even though I had the chance... so many chances.
It's not your fault that you can't kill a person.
But this is the result!
I'm just this type of people.
Even when the world's flipped upside down, I'll still be the same.
I can accomplish nothing.
So much that I hate myself.
I'm sorry.
I'm a human without any good points.
I'm sorry.
Please take care of Hiromi-Chan.
Here, take this.
You take this one.
Are you lot all ready?
I'll make sure you guys get some delicious curry tonight!
Let's go!
Iura-kun. Iura-kun! You be in the front.
Sign: Underground Parking Lot Entrance
Be quiet.
That's enough. Let's go.
Hey, is this the right route?
I can't tell. It's too dark.
Found it, look!
Found the food storage! Well done! Let's go!
Be quiet. Be quiet.
Go. Go. This way.
There's a lot here. Take more.
There's so much!
Take more with you.
We'll have curry tonight!
Got any instant soba?
Oh, which flavor do you like?
Of course, it's Bagoooon.
You must be from the Northeast then. I like Peyoung.
Umm... is there any cat food?
Cat food?
Uhh, nothing.
Speaking of which, who turned on the lights?
Isn't it too loud?
It's Iura!
Shoot it!
Wait, wait!
Quickly! Quickly, shoot it!
Shoot it!
Wait, wait, wait!
Don't shoot!
They're here.
This is bad.
Sango, let's go!
I'm sorry!
Hey, there're so many here.
I can't hit'em!
You go! Go!
It hurts! Someone help!
Save me! No! Nooo!
What's that guy's name?
Awesome. It's a party.
Stop missing!
Let's go!
Bunch of scumbags.
Good. Good. Good.
Found it.
What's this song called?
But wasn't there a power outage?
Hey, I said power outage.
It's there. We're close.
Hey, you go take a look.
Go take a look. Quickly.
That's bad! That's bad!
That's very bad!
ZQN everywhere!
Stop it.
One. Two.
Stop it.
One. Two.
One. Two.
Stop it.
One. Two.
One. Two.
Please reply.
This is the roof. Someone please reply.
Anyone? Is anyone there?
The roof has been compromised.
Everyone's dead.
Is anyone there?
The roof, huh.
Damn it!
Is everyone down there wiped out too?
What should I do?
Help us.
Someone help us!
Anyone? Is everyone gone?
It's hopeless.
Don't just throw everything onto someone else and die!
What about Hiromi-Chan?
You have to save her!
You have to save her yourself!
One. Two.
One. Two.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Please stop! Stop it!
I'm coming over right now.
I'll save you guys.
This thing's totally useless!
Didn't even take care of the bullets.
Yabu, you okay?
The ZQN went that way.
Both this floor and B2 are empty.
I have a car.
Let's escape together.
Wait, what about Glasses?
I just talked to him. He's still alive.
Who cares about that trash.
Put down the ZQN on your back.
Let's have sex.
You want me, right?
Pretending to dislike it.
But you're actually happy, right?
Haven't you noticed?
Where were you bitten?
My eyes. My eyes can't see.
Can't see.
Mommy, I can't see.
Go do it with you mom!
Mommy's scent!
Mommy! Mommy!
Yabu, get down.
Are you okay?
Hiromi-Chan. Hiromi-Chan! Hiromi-Chan!
Right here. There's an usable car downstairs.
Before that, he...
Probably a ZQN. The worst.
Wait, don't shoot.
It's me, Sango.
Amazing, Four-eyes.
Iura-kun, your head exploded.
From now on, I'll call you Mr. Glasses.
That was amazing.
Bullets. That. The vest.
Yes, yes.
They're here.
I was looking all over for you guys!
Is this for real?
Let's go.
Go over there.
What now?
96 bullets left.
I'll kill as many as I can.
It feels like I'll be fine as long as I'm with you.
Hiromi-Chan. Wait here.
I promised everyone we'll have curry!
Damn it!
Bastard! Die!
This crap's useless!
Everyone, out of the way!
Out of the way!
Watch out!
Bye, bye! Bye, bye!
Bye, bye!
Bye, bye! Tata!
Bye, bye. Bye, bye!
Bye, bye! Bye, bye! Bye, bye!
Please get back.
Please get back!
Yu-San is mine.
Yu-San is...
What are you ordering?
You monster.
Stop asking!
Bring me some ice coffee!
Ah, shit.
Another serving!
Another serving! Another serving! Another serving!
A bigger serving!
You guys keep coming! One by one!
Wow! Amazing!
What are you... get off!
Why you? Ow!
Ow. It freaking hurts.
Yagi and Nishikami!
What are you two doing?
It hurts!
What are you guys... it hurts!
Hey, it hurts!
Mr. Glasses, look!
It kind of hurts though.
Glasses. Mr. Glasses.
Shoot them. Shoot.
Shoot them already. Hey!
This is super exciting. What is this?
I'm so popular!
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!
It hurts!
Kyo... Kyouko.
I'll join you right now.
Okay. Okay.
Hello? Hello?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You've to be kidding me...
My name is... Tsugumi Oda.
My real name.
Turns out to be a rather cute name.
Oh, shut up.
And you?
I am Hideo Suzuki.
It's only "Hero" in name.