I Am a King (2012) Movie Script

The ale's all gone!
Seize them all!
Stop at once!
His Majesty's commands, sir
Those who lured the crown prince
to liquor and women must
I'll talk to Father myself
So, stop!
I can't, sir
I'm the crown prince!
Why punish blameless servants?
You fool!
How dare you!
Away at once!
Why, Father! Why!
The future king mustn't
drink with girls day and night!
Can't the crown prince play?
When you enjoy having
dozens of concubines!
Why can't I?
You dare cross the line?
What line?
I crossed it
I see all the royal subjects
are here!
Sir! How's everything with you?
How about some of
my special ale?
Go on!
Take it!
How dare you!
He even did a double-side kick
It's the first time since he broke
Sir Kang's ribs 10 years ago
Are you listening, sir?
So what?
It's not the first time
Father did that to him
You should eat it
for your health, sir
You eat it
- Meat
- Yes, sir
It's serious this time, sir!
It has nothing to do
with me
I'm the third son
Father leaves me be
to do whatever I want
But if I was the crown prince
Listen carefully to my command
I'll dethrone Yang-nyeong
and you, Chung-yeong,
shall be the new crown prince!
You shall be
the king of this nation!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Dethroning the eldest
could cause calamity, sire
I earnestly ask that
you reconsider, sire
After such behavior
from Yang-nyeong?
Chung-nyeong is infatuated
with books
He may have much knowledge
but he cannot rule
with just that, sire
All those with Minister Hwang
to the right
If not, stand to the left
What's taking you?
Make your decisions!
Make your choices like men!
Why you!
Anything else to say?
Chung-nyeong lacks strength
and bravery to be king, sire
That is untrue, sire
He can train to be stronger
and with his intelligence
he shall be a great king
in Joseon's history
Yes, he can be stronger
with training
See to it, Minister Young
Yes, Your Majesty!
But, Your Majesty
Chung-nyeong does not even
like to move, sire!
Were you promised something
by Yang-nyeong?
I am just thinking of
the court's future, sire
Your Majesty took the throne
over 4 older brothers
Will you make that
a tradition, sire?
That old fool has gone mad!
If the first son can't,
the second son should be crowned
So, why should I become
the crown prince?
- Save us, merciful Buddha
- Please
help me!
You can't be a monk!
- Brother
- Brother?
Brother, you say?
I'm the king's brother in life
and Buddha's brother
in death?
No crown prince or king,
but just a brother?
Is that it?
Whatever do you mean?
I will convince Father
- Of what?
- Pardon?
Father's word is law here
in Joseon
What can you do!
Father used this
to seize the throne
Do you see!
Our uncles' blood stains?
- Save us, merciful Buddha
- Quiet!
I don't want to be king!
I'd rather die!
Then, die
Save us, merciful Buddha
Shut up, fool!
- Please!
- Can't die?
Then, ask this sword
if you should be king
or not
- What do you want me to do?
- Save us, merciful Buddha
A monk must leave
if he hates the temple
Leave, I say. Leave
Buy it before it's gone
I'll come next time
I doubt it'll still be here
- How pretty
- Step aside
Very pretty
Cherry lips
Stop it!
Why go this far
for a mere slave?
I'm dying here!
Let's settle with this
What have you to gain
by killing a slave, sir?
- Aide?
- Yes, sir!
Release him
Ow! I'm dying!
Stop it and get up
Ow! My buttocks!
Get up or I won't
spoon feed you
But, Lady Su-yeon?
Why are you so good to me?
If nanny didn't ask to watch you
before she died
I wouldn't even look at you!
That's an excuse
By chance, do you see me
as a man?
You eat it!
Mom should've told her
to marry me
All hail the crown prince!
All hail the crown prince!
How long will it take an envoy
to get here from Ming?
Around 3 months, sire
Why do you ask?
Listen all!
In 3 months, Chung-nyeong will
ascend to the throne!
I shall step down as king
so prepare for a new one!
Everything is going
as we planned
It's best to get rid of
all nuisances beforehand
Now that Hwang is gone,
start by seizing Jung
Heaven, 'Cheon'. Earth, 'Ji'.
Black, 'Hyun'
Yellow is
Yellow, 'Hwang'!
How can anyone be so stupid?
Can't pass page one?
I got rocks in my head!
I said I didn't want to do this!
It was just a tap!
Deok-chil! What's wrong?
My Lady
Why you little!
- Let go! Deok-chil!
- Heavens!
- Sir! We were just
- Runaway now!
Get them?
Arrest Jung for high treason!
His Majesty commands
to seize his entire family!
Hurry! Run!
- Run!
- Let's go!
You fools!
Let me go! Father!
- No!
- Father!
That bastard!
Crazy! You wanna get killed!
Stay low!
Stay back, fool!
Deok-chil! Deok-chil!
A monk must leave
if he hates the temple
Just be gone
during the coronation
With Ming's envoy coming
for that
what other choice would
Father have?
I think it is my destiny
that I cannot object to
So, I've decided
Since I have no choice,
I'll just try my best
Great decision
Very wise, sir
I think so, too
I can't do anything without you
I'll serve with all my life
Me too, sir
Drink up!
You drink so heartily
Damn it!
What are you doing?
Pack up! We gotta go!
Go where?
This is our home!
We got sold to someplace else!
If we don't go now,
we'll be flogged
I'm not going!
I gotta find Lady Su-yeon
She didn't go to the neighbors!
How can you
when she's locked up in the palace!
The palace? Why?
Women from those charged with
treason become tributes to Ming
Son of a bitch!
The prince is gone
He probably went out
Good thing
he didn't go too far
We're lucky
What are you doing!
Why are his clothes off?
He must be drunk
What is it, sir?
It's nothing
Get back to work!
What reeks?
Son of a bitch!
Damn bastard
- What?
- It's gone
What is?
- His birthmark
- What?
- He's not the crown prince
- What?
- Hae-gu
- What?
He looks like the crown prince
Stay here and pretend
he's the crown prince
What if we get caught?
If he's gone,
we're dead anyways
Hold out till I find him
Okay. Good luck!
I'm saved!
I paid for you!
You dare run away?
I'm the crown prince!
What is he keep mumbling?
Says he's the crown prince
Crazy fool!
You're the crown prince?
Yes, I am!
But they call you Deok-chil
Who on earth is Deok-chil?
Who is this fool?
He is Deok-chil, sir
I'm not Deok-chil!
I've never seen you before!
See? Silk underwear!
I'm the crown prince!
Crown Prince Chung-nyeong!
You wear underwear for girls?
Crazy fool!
Flogging will do him good!
Hit him!
You'll pay for this!
I shall not forgive this!
Yes! I'm Deok-chil as they say!
I'm Deok-chil!
I'm Deok-chil!
I'm Deok-chil
What is he a pig?
He reeks!
I should cover his mouth
His Majesty has arrived!
Oh no!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
I came to chat with
the crown prince
Is he asleep already?
He had a lot to drink, sire
He just fell asleep
He drank?
Did he really?
I dare not lie
to Your Majesty
Why does he look so dark?
Is he sick?
Your Majesty, well
Well, what!
Crazy fool!
This can't be him!
He can't drink at all
Why didn't you stop him?
Unable to process alcohol,
his face is rotting!
Bloody hell!
I'll break your neck
Oh dear! He's losing his mind!
Why didn't you call
the court physician?
His hands are rotting, too!
Bring in the court physician!
At once?
So? How is he?
His Highness' face is not dark
from rotting, sire
Then what?
It is a sunburn, sire
If he abstains from outings
Outrageous fool!
He just stays in his room
all day and reads!
A sunburn?
What a quack!
It is a sunburn, sire
- Why you!
- Your Majesty!
Lock him in the dungeon
at once!
Your Majesty!
But it is a sunburn, sire!
I will deal with anyone
who dares let him drink again!
Also, forbid him from reading
and give him fitness training!
Got that?
Lady Su-yeon!
What is it, sir?
Be quiet!
This is the crown prince's room
and I'm his royal guard
Then, I'm in the palace?
Why am I here, sir?
You don't recall at all?
No, sir
- Who are you anyway?
- A slave
I hoped you weren't
If you don't want to die,
listen to me carefully
This is the palace!
You have to act properly here
You're up?
I don't belong here,
but the palace!
I'm the crown prince!
Deok-chil! Stop it, pal!
You can't fool them
by acting like you're crazy
Crazy? How dare you!
Come on! Stop it!
It's gotta be believable
for me to help ya!
The crown prince?
That's stupid!
Just let it go and move on
Since when did you
try to use your head?
We got beat and stuff,
but lasted all this time!
Deok-chil, please!
Who in the world is Deok-chil!
And what's with
the topknot?
Come out and work!
Pointing fingers at me?
The crown prince?
Mark my words
If you get caught,
we'll both be hung
No way, sir!
I'm leaving
If you want to live,
do as I say
That's final
Your Highness?
Are you awake, sir?
Why have you come,
Your Highness?
I have a right to come
But of course
Is His Highness awake?
Not yet
Did he take in a girl?
No, Your Highness
Step aside!
Your Highness
May I come in?
Now that you're crown prince,
do you not love me so?
Your Highness
Have I done something wrong?
What happened?
After drinking much, he said
he felt grateful to the land
and suddenly
jumped around barefooted
He was that drunk?
But he never drinks!
He's been anguished over
the enthronement
He's been distressed?
I had no clue
How terribly foolish am l
Your Highness?
Crying by His Highness at dawn
seems hardly appropriate
That is true
Prepare a bath for him
when he awakens
Yes, Your Highness
Have you been distressed?
That's hot!
It's okay, sir
I told the maids to keep quiet
No worries, sir
I'll rub your back, sir
Maybe next time?
Yes! Of course!
Of all things!
You foo1s!
Why haven't you scrubbed!
I don't believe this?
You want me to sell them?
They're a conspirator's slaves
But we got them for free
If word gets out,
it'll be a headache
Then what?
I heard a fort in the country
are buying slaves for work
Sell them of
at a fair price
What are you doing!
Where are you dragging me!
I knew it! Deok-chil!
You stupid!
- Come here you!
- Keep quiet!
But I am the crown prince!
This is all because of you!
Crazy fool! You're dead!
The crown prince read
while he ate
That's crazy!
You need both hands to eat!
It's hard
Son of a bitch!
How can you eat all that food!
Food should not go to waste
I told you the crown prince
only ate meat!
I don't believe this
damn pig!
I gotta go!
Where's the john?
It's coming!
Of all things
Prepare the dung tent!
- Congratulations, sire
- On what?
- Allow me
- What?
Are you not done, sire?
If you are,
allow me to wipe
One moment
That sick bastard
When we're eating here!
Getting beaten so much,
did he really lose it?
I am done
What? Crazy fool!
So what?
There's no court maid,
what now?
You want me to wipe it?
My legs hurt! Hurry!
Sure, Your Highness
I must humbly oblige
Go up a bit further, sir
One, mo, three!
Crazy fool! Cut the act!
Asking me to wipe his butt!
It's all mucky!
Move it!
Your Highness
Who are you?
I'm the first-class warrior
of His Royal Highness
The crown prince's guard!
I'm his royal guard, fool!
Hae-gu! I'm over here!
Your Highness!
Wait one moment, sir!
So what?
Boys! Get the crazy fool!
Your Highness, I'm right here
Good. What happened?
I'll be with you,
Your Highness
Are you busy?
Why are you out?
A lady I used to serve
was arrested and brought in
Can I go and check
if she's okay?
No way!
Damn! So uptight!
Where's the dungeon?
Must be here somewhere
If you act rashly,
we're both dead!
But I have to go and see her
Still, I'm going!
Someone who resembles me?
Yes, sir
How can this be?
I must've lost my mind
You must return, sir
You have me, sir!
So what?
I'm very disappointed in you!
How'd you become
my guard like that?
My father had connections
and gave 300 sacks of rice
I thought I would just
guard the floodgates
You bought this post?
That's not it!
I'm sorry, sir
But how can I take on
dozens of men, sir?
Did I ever need to
use my sword?
It's not like anyone
tried to assassinate you!
You're the third,
so no one touched you
Quiet! Stop babbling
and find a way out
Shut up, will ya?
You're both crazy
Just this once
But you must act like
the crown prince
If something goes wrong,
we're all dead. The lady, too
Your Highness,
she has arrived
She may enter!
You may sit
As you very well know
I will become the king
of this nation
If you sleep with me tonight,
you will be the queen
How about it?
You must feel lucky
But I can't, sir
I am in love with someone
Who is that fool?
Tell me! Who is he?
Is he perhaps a slave?
Whose deceased mother
asked you to watch over?
Who looks like this?
This slave?
Oh my!
Lady Su-yeon
It's Deok-chil
I'm Deok-chil
But how can this be?
It's hard to explain
Lady Su-yeon
Lady Su-yeon?
You've come again?
Is the crown prince inside?
Yes. He's reading,
Your Highness
He is about to
His Highness is a man, too
Please understand
Of course I understand
I really do
But I cannot stand it!
You wretched wench!
How dare you entice him!
Let go of me!
Who are you?
Tell me at once!
- Wait! Wait!
- But sir!
Is it because of her?
You wench!
Let go!
- Actually, I'm
- How?
How could you?
How dare you touch me?
As a woman, I understand
how you must feel
It's a long story, he used to
Quiet, wench!
I had no idea you had
such peculiar tastes, sir!
I will not stand for
what happened tonight
How could you insult me so?
Put the candles out!
When did you cut the candle off?
Blow out, fucker!
She has big frog-like eyes
And thick, ugly eyebrows
And she has monkfish lips!
So peculiar, is she?
- Your Highness?
- I'm Deok-chil!
Hurry, sir!
Must be around here!
I can't go any further, sir!
A guard who can't fight
should at least be strong!
There? Get them?
Run! Hurry!
Get them!
Stop right there!
I've colored the different
ranks accordingly
The prime minister is
has big bright eyes
Don't know? Forget it
It's the royal family tree
- No idea?
- No, sir
Let's take a walk
No, Your Highness!
Congratulations, Your Highness
Congratulations, Your Highness
That's mine, sir!
The food was great!
'You're the best!'
says the crown prince!
The meat smells fishy
I can't eat it!
Find the butcher
and punish him!
What's happening?
It's downhill, sir
How about getting off?
What beautiful scenery
Why don't you think of
others, sir?
You dare scold me?
- I'm not scolding you
- You fool!
I'm the crown prince!
Damn! You didn't want to be
the crown prince!
You ran away from that!
Why you!
Let's return to the palace
Please, sir!
You don't want to be king!
You're scared of your brother!
Always complaining!
What do you expect me to do?
Please! Stop acting like a child!
How long do I have to
humor this!
That's enough!
I mean
Don't wander like this
till the coronation is over
Think about what'll happen
in the palace, sir!
Please, sir
Let's go back
Let's just hold out till then
Fine by me!
Get attacked by tigers or starve!
I don't care!
You promised to protect me!
Come back!
I promised to protect
the future king, not a childish kid!
What would you do
without me?
Yes! I need you!
- Hurry up, sir!
- Thank you, Hae-gu
What you mentioned
The strength and bravery
that you promised
Is it coming along at all?
Why do you ask, sire?
I heard Chung-nyeong
has changed a bit
What if he changed his mind?
Of course not, sire
I've heard he's changed
Though a man can be like that
He never reads, sir
He prefers vegetables now
His dung is very big
And smells differently
It's yellowish
- Most of all
- My prognosis is
He eats a lot
His dung is yellow
There is a change in his health
What about training?
- Pardon?
- Martial arts training
I don't expect you to do that
Let's start with the basic form
Top strokes!
Do I have to? It's hot
They'll suspect if you don't
Watch closely!
Not like this!
Why! Why!
You're different!
It'll draw suspicion!
What suspicion!
No one noticed!
It's the sea!
There's nowhere else to go now
Wait, lad!
Please help me
It's much worse
from what I've heard
The people are suffering so!
It's disturbing
The people will be disturbed, too
If they found out
the crown prince is like this
- Not again!
- What? Why?
I'm hungry again
Bring me something to eat
What? How could
You want food?
Haven't you learned anything?
Well, well
How great you look
Have you lost your senses?
Who are you fool?
I'll let that go
Why didn't you leave?
Why? Did you change your mind?
- You want to be king now?
- Who are you!
I understand
I heard you're good
at martial arts now?
You'll soon seek ale
and girls, too
Drag this crazy fool away!
Crazy fool?
Why you good for nothing
little fool!
Damn it!
Shit. Slipping on
the damn cushion!
Come on!
Crazy fool!
Why you!
He prefers vegetables now
Most of all,
he eats a lot
He never reads, sir
His dung is yellowish
And smells differently
My prognosis is
there is a change in his health
The crown prince
does not seem like himself
If not, then who is he?
The prince is not the prince?
- What is it?
- Chung-nyeong
No, Yang-nyeong was hit by
I'm fine
It's all over now
Then, why didn't you
come in earlier?
You don't know
Prince Yang-nyeong
Apart from the king,
no one can touch him
He gets dethroned as crown prince,
then beaten by his nerdy brother
Now, what do we do?
Do what?
No idea
His Majesty has arrived
Did you really do that
to Yang-nyeong?
I'm sorry, Your Majesty!
Well done!
You should have such gulls
to be a king!
Stand up
I knew it
It's in your blood
Why are you sitting there
like that, fool?
Sire! I have a leg cramp
A cramp?
Why you little!
Stand up at once!
- Forgive me, sire!
- Fool!
Please forgive me, sire!
I'll save you, sir!
How is it that they treat
the workers so?
Let's just go, sir
How can this be?
It happens, sir
Never mind. Let's go
Why you!
I'm coming!
Not so fast!
Wait your turns
Food, sir!
Wait your turns
Come out!
Back to your places and work!
You must not leave
your quarters!
Don't be so heartless
I'm almost done I'll just
Back to your places now!
- Get to work!
- Yes!
Finally, luck is on
our side!
Sir? May I have some?
Just one?
Why thank you!
What's with you, sir?
What? He's Minister Hwang
who's been exiled?
That's right
But he doesn't
recognize you?
Would you recognize me
in this?
Anyway, give it here
What, sir?
You'll eat it all?
Help me!
My father is hurt!
If we don't run away,
he'll die!
I have a bad feeling
Come on! Hurry!
I have a bad feeling
Are you okay?
A girl is on the run!
Catch her!
Catch her?
Over there!
Stop right there!
Hae-gu! Carry him!
What? I knew it!
- Hurry!
- Damn it!
I have a bad feeling!
Stop right there! Stop!
Let's take him to a physician!
Which way?
There is none
Only the district court has one
Damn it!
We can go to the elder
Where's that?
Beyond that mountain
Carry him!
There! I think it's that way
You think?
You think?
So cool and refreshing!
That feels so good!
Hey! That's hot!
Right. Mixing is the problem
How can I control
the temperature, too?
Why didn't you
try it first, fool!
Am I burned?
What, fool!
Can't you make things right!
My father is injured
How'd you find this place?
Come in
What am I gonna do now?
Hurry! Take him inside!
Make room, please
Father! Wake up
Damn fools
Forcing them to work like this
That's sheer murder!
What's happening to
this country?
People are dying left and right,
but there are no physicians!
- God have mercy
- Why, sir?
Go find some red algae
Thank you, sir
Don't worry
- He'll be better soon
- Yes, sir
Hae-gu. Let's go
You fool!
Inconsiderate young fool!
How can you just leave the sick?
People act as they look
Not fit to rule
with care for the people
I know someone
who looks exactly like you
He only knows of himself, too
But he'll become king?
I can only laugh
Why is that?
Let's just go, sir
Useless fool
Always at his desk
just reading
how would he know
this nation's state?
They say poverty is incurable!
Do you really think that?
Well, what I mean is
There is so much else
to be done
What's more important than
caring for the people's hardships!
If the king cannot cure poverty
then I should at least try
Follow me!
Wait right here
I'll see the house owner
and be right out
Here, here!
What the?
Take it!
- Thief!
- Run!
Capture the thief!
- He's there
- Capture him!
I'm hungry. Give me food
We starved to death, but the king
pretends he doesn't know!
Give me food!
I'm not the king!
I'm not the king!
Why are you crying so?
I miss my mother
and little sister
Where are they?
Sold to some aristocrat's house
I don't know
if they're alive or not
Do you know
where they live?
What if I do?
We can send a letter
and find out
They don't know
how to read anyway
Someone who can
will read it for them
I'll write it for you
Let's try to send it
You can write?
How can a slave know that?
A slave can learn, too
How can you live
without reading?
Stop being sad
I promise you'll meet
your mother and sister again
I think the old man caught on
Try to change the subject
Please begin, sir
What's with this weather?
Chapter 3 of the Analects
I would like your opinion on
a king's rightful duties, sir
It looks like it'll rain soon
Tell us, Your Highness!
A king's rightful duties are
'Cheon', 'Ji', and 'Hyun'
The sky and land are dark
or yellow
A king must think of
the people as heaven
and govern like the land
for yellow grain
It looks like rain
It says to rule with
virtue and care
Surely, the he would know!
What happened?
I'll tell you everything!
So the real crown prince
ran away from the palace
And he's a fake?
I deserve to die, sir!
If you want to live
you mo must do as I say
Can you explain more?
From now on,
you are the crown prince
I don't understand
You are no longer Deok-chil
but the crown prince
who will become king
What did you just say?
Someone who resembles the prince
is going around acting like him
He is stealing gold and
taunting women
There is widespread complaint
among the people, sire
How dare that fool!
For the good of the court
and His Highness' safety
we must deal with him
at once, sire
Order the soldiers to go out
and seize him at once!
As you command, sire
Make it quick
and just bring me his head
I've already given
the orders, sir
It's complete, sir
It is?
You didn't dip the brush in ink
But how?
I call it a pen
I made it because
dipping ink is a bother
A pen?
The ink is stuck like animals
in a pen. So, I call it 'pen'
How unrefined!
This is amazing!
Did you make anything else?
Yes, of course
Get down!
Failed again
You fool!
I knew it!
How can we face
the Japs like this?
Can't you make anything right?
You ignorant fool!
How timid
I told you!
Don't be discouraged
You'll see the light of day soon
Please keep inventing
I think it's great
The soldiers are here!
Your Highness!
No! We have to go!
Please take care of her
No, Father!
- Go on!
- Father!
Fools! Why are you here!
You know you can't do this, sir
They are runaway slaves!
They die from beatings,
Japanese attacks, and starvation!
How can the people live!
Do you still think
you're a powerful noble?
You can't step foot
without the king's command
The magistrate's command
is law to me
Seize them at once!
Yes, sir!
Don't you dare!
His daughter ran away, too
Where is she?
Stop at once!
No! Go back!
Drag them away!
Let's go in
Sir, I don't think
this is a good idea
Books say to treat the weak weaker
and the strong stronger
Damn books!
Wish I can burn them all!
Who wrote this you say?
That slave
Is he a royal emissary?
No, sir
He looks like a crazy man
Right. Of course he must be
But how can a slave
write that well?
Using words like crown prince
the palace and such?
- You're the crown prince?
- Yes!
See? This is no joke
Why don't we step inside
and talk about affairs
Hey! Deok-chil!
Cut the act!
I know him!
He's a slave that ran away!
Bring him over here
Yes, sir!
I know him well
We used to work together
Deok-chil, you fool!
You know me, right?
Do you know him?
No, I don't
Crazy bastard!
Still pretending
to be a prince?
Know what I went through
cuz of you?
Enough. Take him away
This is all cuz of you!
Looks like he's just
a crazy fool, sir
Mentioning magistrates
and labor camps
with corrupt officials and stuff
Do you mean me?
- That's right Why I'll
- Shut up!
Drag him away!
Get to work or get killed!
Hurry up and work!
Let me ask you something
What are these people
working on here?
Making a horse track
for the magistrate to play in
All these slaves for something
personal like that?
The Japs come in all the time
and pillage the place
They should use the people
to build fortresses by the sea!
What's this damn thing!
A horse track?
How can the court
not know of this?
How would they!
The king is busy
battling for power
The subjects are busy
deciding where to side!
Who cares about
this village?
What a pity
It will get better soon
Get better?
When the new crown prince
is a damn fool!
I ended up like this
cuz of him!
He sent me out here
saying I gave him smelly meat!
The coronation's soon
to crown him king!
How will it get better!
What? The coronation?
I'll run away from here
and go to the palace!
That fool!
I'll mince him!
I'll mince him!
I'll mince him!
Something must be wrong
at the palace
Okay, I see
Remember what I told you?
Just do as I say
No, sir. I can't!
Oh no!
His bones must've crushed!
Please call a physician!
Physician, my butt
When tons of 'em are dying!
Push him aside and work!
Hurry up, fools!
Any other ideas?
What good will this weed do?
According to Chinese
medical books
it says this will stop bleeding
and block germs from entering
Now you're pretending
to be a physician?
I'm sorry
Listen carefully to what I say
If you only keep quiet
all the people and treasures
here will be yours
You will be the King of Joseon
If you tell our little secret,
I'll kill you!
I can't! No!
I can't, sir!
Bring her in!
Lady Su-yeon!
Drag her away!
Lady Su-yeon!
Why you!
Her fate is in your hands
Will you enjoy having her
as your concubine?
Or let her be sold of
to Ming?
What do you want from me?
Why put me on the throne?
So you can have Joseon
And I can have you
Soon the envoy will arrive
and the coronation will be held
I am
the king
Thank you for coming
all this way
Coming to Joseon is like
coming home for the holidays
Always so hospitable
and giving me gifts!
It is only right
for a servant nation to do so
However, the maidens I took
last time were of bad quality
So This time,
I'd like to see them beforehand
It looks like a zoo out here
How dare you bring such beasts!
If you look carefully,
some of them will meet standards
They're for the Emperor of Ming!
Not your standards!
Isn't that girl at the back
too young, sir?
How old is she?
Sit down
Lady Su-yeon!
Pay a tribute?
You fools pay from now on!
Lady Su-yeon!
Help me!
Isn't there, too?
That wretched bastard!
The crown prince is gone?
My deepest apologies, sire
How can he be gone?
I'll search through and through
and bring him back, sire!
Minister Young!
How can you say that to me?
Forgive me, sire!
Forgive you?
Listen carefully
If the royal family
loses prestige because of this
you shall be held responsible!
you and your entire family!
You'll all be wiped out!
Your Majesty!
Quiet! You little!
You will carry the tributes
for Ming
You will carry the tributes
for Ming
To send tributes to Ming
at the coronation
each district's specialties
will be sent
It is our only way
to get back to the palace
We'll set out at dawn
Cover them well from mildew!
Crazy fool!
A crown prince,
then a physician
Now you pretend
to be seaweed?
Come out of there!
Crazy fool!
What is it?
What did you see?
I thought I saw a rat, sir
Meow! Meow!
I can't go!
Why you little!
I can't! Please?
What is it?
She's been chosen
as a tribute to Ming
- Sir
- Wait!
What are you doing?
Help me, sir!
What will my father do
without me?
- Don't worry
- Why you little!
This is for the country!
Who cares about your father!
Take her away!
Please, sir!
- Please!
- Wait!
What's the rush?
Isn't she the one
too young to be a tribute?
Yes, sir
Strip her
I should check
if she's all in tact
So strip her
Go on! Strip her!
Yes, sir
No, don't go
Are you nuts?
No! Stop!
Bring her to my room
Stop at once!
You fools!
How can a human be so cruel!
Not him again!
Do something!
Go on! Get him!
How dare you defy me!
Bark! You bastard!
Please! Sir!
He's lost his mind, sir
He could die, sir!
- Are you with him?
- No, sir!
You bastard!
Get him, fools!
Kill him!
Rude bastard!
Kill him for good!
Get rid of him!
Stop it!
Do you know who he is!
He's no other than
Who're you?
I'm the crown prince's
royal guard!
Kill him, too!
Kill them for good!
- Magistrate!
- What?
What now?
What's with it today?
Why are there so many characters?
We've come for a conspirator!
The magistrate must hear
the king's command
The king?
We're saved!
He is a sinner who dared
impersonate the crown prince!
Cut off his head and hang it!
Untie me
I'm the crown prince
Kill him!
But, well
He's the real crown prince!
Look closely!
Don't you recognize him?
Not again! The damn Japs!
The Japs?
Find out what's going on!
Yes, sir!
Your Highness!
What if you kill everyone?
Only the bad ones
should be killed!
You still don't know me?
I'm Jang Young-shil!
Trust me!
Hurry! Reload!
Damn bastards!
I'll carry you
Get on! Hurry!
Sir! How could I dare!
Hurry! Faster!
You're dead!
A bomb!
You fools!
You crazy fool!
Go, go, fucker!
I don't want to be king!
I don't want to be king!
You didn't want to be
the crown prince!
You don't want to be king
You're scared of your brother
Always complaining!
Please help me
What's more important than
caring for the people's hardships!
Lady Su-yeon! The boat's here
It's him! The one who got switched
with you!
How dare you!
Some crown prince you are!
Why don't you want
to be king?
The king has so much to do!
Sending our women to another
country makes no sense!
Why'd you run?
I'm sorry
He said he'd kill you
I thought you were dead
Kill me? What do you mean?
Get them!
There he is!
Wait here!
- Get them!
- Wait here!
Stop right there!
Bring the crown prince
at once!
Your Majesty
Please, sire!
- What happened?
- We got him, sir
Is that so?
He's being dragged in
from Port Mapo
That wretched fool!
But there are mo, sir
One is dressed as the prince
The other is dressed as a slave
You foo1!
That slave's the real prince!
- Then?
- Don't you get it?
Behead him at once?
- Your Highness!
- Get him!
Hwang-gu is here!
- Hwang-gu
- Hae-gu!
Protect His Highness!
What are you doing!
He's the real crown prince!
Stop this!
It's the king's command!
Those who wish to die,
Get him!
After everything I'm doing
to put you on the throne!
Know what I had to go through
cuz of you?
There's no time!
Get ready and meet the Ming envoy
As I told you before
you must say yes
to whatever the envoy says
I understand
Damn Minister Young
He ordered to find you
and kill you!
How can you walk
in front of me?
What did you just say?
A king following a servant
seems funny
A king?
You still don't get it?
I told you,
you are mine!
I'm sorry
People are watching
so follow me
If the crown prince doesn't show
before I finish this
I'll report to the Emperor that
Joseon's crown prince defied him
You can imagine
what will happen next
You asked for me?
Father, I had foolish thoughts
and acted rashly
Please forgive me
Have you lost your mind?
I have much to say,
but the envoy wishes to see me
So, I shall go greet him first
I am Crown Prince Chung-nyeong
You seem more courteous
than last night, sir
Why? Afraid of Joseon's disrespect
being reported to the Emperor?
Of course
You'll need the Emperor's approval
to be the mere king of Joseon
I shall forget last night
if you'll pour me some wine
What an insolent fool!
How dare you act rashly
to Joseon's crown prince!
Are you insane?
Shut up and listen!
You dare treat me
with contempt?
Joseon's crown prince dare scold
the great Ming's envoy?
That means you are scolding
the Emperor!
You are not the Emperor! Fool!
Your Highness!
Please calm down, sir!
Ming is a powerful nation
we cannot treat with contempt!
Your behavior towards the envoy
could prove disastrous, sir!
Shut your mouth!
Ming looks down about Joseon
because of subjects like you!
Your Majesty!
Let's go
Listen carefully!
Listen carefully!
The unequal relationship between
Ming and Joseon is over!
It is clearly because our people's
anguish is too great!
If this unreasonable
relationship continues
our future descendants
will suffer the same humiliation!
That is because
you do not know politics!
What do you know
about politics!
Out to gain personal wealth
and playing dog to Ming!
That's politics?
Your Majesty
The crown prince's rash acts
are quite worrisome, sire!
Your Majesty
Why you!
What do you think
politics is?
Confucius said
great politics means
having ample food
having a sufficient military
and gaining the people's trust
You know what is
the greatest of these?
The one thing that must
never be forgotten out of the 3!
l, Chung-nyeong
will only do politics
to gain the people's trust!
Confucius is our great ancestor
What did you mumble?
Still have something to say?
Why me, sir?
What do you want, sir?
Please forgive
my disrespectful behavior, sire
You apologize so sincerely,
how can I not?
I forgive you
Please stand up
Take this wine
and let's forget this all
Thank you, sire!
Raise your cups!
Start the music!
We'd like the repay you
for something
You'd better take it
Thieves! Get him!
All this to catch
a petty thief?
Let me off just once?
The king commanded your return
Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Directed by JANG Kyu-sung
What brings you this late, sire?
I had an urgent matter
What is it, sire?
Let's talk inside
My clothes!
Come here!
You are the first-class warriors
of the royal family!
Follow me
Yes, sir!
Try again
For our language is
different from China
What a tiring man
If I didn't give way for him,
he'd be nothing!
You know?
You keep saying that
Do you regret it?
Of course not
Then, keep reading
so our baby can hear
For our language is
different from China
it is not communicable
with Chinese letters
Come to daddy!