I Am: Celine Dion (2024) Movie Script

[Maria Callas: "L'amour
est un oiseau rebelle"]
[song continues with
lyrics in French]

My dream is, uh...
um, to be international star.
And to be able, um, uh...
to sing all my life.


- Hello, everyone. How you doing?
- [song continues]
- [sighs]
- [man] Okay, let's run it.
[loudly] Oh
Is the soundman okay? [laughs]

[song fades]
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
- [Celine] Coming through.
- [laughter]
Coming through. [laughing]
- [cinematographer] Hi. There is my cameraman.
- [Celine] Thank you. Hi.
- [Celine] Thank you, sir.
- [Nelson singing indistinctly]
[cinematographer] All right, you
got to tell her where she sits.
[Eddy] There, I think.
I think. Or there.
[Celine] Where do you want
me to sit, Mr. Director?
[cinematographer] I think
that's where we decided.
- Uhp, let's go the other way.
- [Nelson] Oh, that's even brighter.
Yep, one more. Cool.
And now we're gonna go
up a little bit on this.
- [Celine laughing]
- [cinematographer] All right.
- [Celine] Wow.
- [Nelson] This is weird.
[cinematographer] Cool.
[Eddy] Okay, what's
your favorite color?
[sighs heavily]
I thought you were going to
ask me a very easy question,
and that's not an easy
question for me to answer.
[Eddy] Mine's red.
[Celine] I like that.
It's love. I like that.
- What is yours?
- [Nelson] Red. [chuckles]
- [Celine] For real?
- [Nelson] Yeah.
[Celine] You don't have to say
red, too, because you're twins.
[Nelson] No, for real.
What happened? Are you in love?
Don't keep any
secrets from me, boys
[Nelson laughs] Okay.
What is your second question?
[Nelson] If you had to go
anywhere, where would you go?
Like, a country or a state.
[Celine inhales deeply] Mm.
I know you know that.
That I've traveled the
world... many times.
And do you believe me if I tell you
that even though I traveled the world
that I-I didn't
really see anything?
Strange, isn't it?
Sometimes you call that...
it's the price to pay.
[Nelson chuckles]
That means cut, like
that-that's enough?
And it's enough,
interview's over?
[crowd cheering]
[Celine Dion: "River
Deep, Mountain High"]
When I was a little girl
- I had a rag doll
- [singers vocalizing]
Only doll I've ever owned
Now I love you just the
way I loved that rag doll
But only now my
love has grown
And it gets stronger
In every way
And it gets deeper
Let me say
And it gets higher
Day by day
And do I love you
My, oh, my
Yeah, river deep,
mountain high
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
- [song fades]
[line ringing]
[woman on phone] Guest
services. How can I assist you?
- [paramedic] Hi, ma'am. How you doing?
- [Celine groaning weakly]
I need to call the fire department,
please, and rescue unit.
[woman on phone] Okay, uh, I'll
call them right away for you.
[paramedic] Okay, I'm
right in the room 1001.
- [woman on phone] Okay. I'll take care of it for you.
- [paramedic] Excuse me, 10001.
[Terrill] Celine, if you
have pain, move your fingers.
- [Terrill] Push into my hand if you have pain.
- [Celine continues groaning]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [device beeping]
[paramedic] Ready?
One, two, three.
There we go.
All right.
- You feel better on your side?
- [Celine moans weakly]
No? Yeah?
[Terrill] So, she's
had issues in the past.
[chatter continues]
[wistful music playing]
[newswoman] Shock waves
still reverberating
through the entertainment
world this morning
after singer Celine Dion revealing she has
been diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome.
It's a condition that
attacks the nervous system.
It is extremely rare.
[newswoman 2] You never want to be
a rarity in medicine or science.
[overlapping news reports
continue in different languages]
[newswoman 3] Stiff-person
syndrome, also called SPS,
affects one or two in a million
people, twice as many women as men.
[newsman] Stiff-person
syndrome is what doctors say is
muscles rebelling against the
body, causing severe spasms.
[newswoman 4] Triggered by
a heightened sensitivity
to noise, touch or
emotional stress.
[Celine Dion: "A New
Day Has Come" over radio]
[newsman 2] The disease could
be particularly challenging...
[montage of sound and music]
[Celine Dion: "Because
You Loved Me" over radio]
[overlapping news reports
continue in different languages]
[Celine Dion: "Pour que tu
m'aimes encore" over radio]
[news reports and music fade]

[birds chirping]
[crying softly]
- [Celine] Eddy?
- [Eddy] Yeah?
[Celine speaking French] My love,
is it your turn to go to school?
[Celine] I adore you.
[Eddy] Me too.
Thank you. You've brushed your
teeth, but have you got the retainer?
Your godmother will go with you.
- [Eddy] Okay.
- I love you.
Me too.
[Celine] Bye, my love.
[Eddy] Bye.
- [Celine] Hello, Jessica.
- [Jessica] Hello.
[Celine] I'm so sorry, honey.
Thank you so much for waiting.
I'm just gonna take my medicine
- for lunch.
- [Jessica] Okay.
Can I add two Tylenol to that?
- [Celine] Of course.
- [Jessica chuckling] Okay.
The ones that are
super rough and tough?
- Super rough and tough.
- [Celine laughs]
- [Jessica] The big boys.
- [Celine] Thank you.
[both laughing]
- Thank you so much, hon.
- Of course.
[pill organizer squeaks]
I'm gonna have to
find water somewhere.
These are... these
are very, very cozy.
These are cozy.
Here we go.
Here we go. [sighs heavily]
You know,
it's a question
of, um, 17 years.
It's, um...
I have been, um...
17 years ago, I started to, uh,
experience some,
um, voice spasming.
This is the way it started.
- [Celine] Thank you.
- [Jessica] You're welcome.
[Celine] I woke up one morning,
and I had my breakfast, and, uh...
after having my breakfast,
my voice started to go up.
[imitates high voice]
And, uh...
it freaked me out a
little bit. [sniffs]
Because normally when
you're tired as a singer
because you did a
show the night before,
your voice would go...
I mean, roughly half a key
down or one, one note down.
Um, it would go
down a little bit.
So you warm up your voice
and you can stretch it,
- like Play-Doh and all that.
- [vocalizing high notes]
And then you have more bass,
which is really good because
there's no lows,
there's no highs.
[vocalizing high notes]
If every string of my notes
are strings, for example,
like elastic,
like... [hums note]
the next time that I
would try would go...
[hums higher note]
And the third time...
[hums higher notes]
and cracking.
I cannot bring it down.
It's like a muscle thing.
And the second time is here, and the
third time is here, and then it goes.
Same thing with the high.
One high, second
high, third high.
So I couldn't do the
sound check too long,
the warm-up too long.
But if you don't warm up too long...
long enough, you can hurt yourself.
So I was... I was scared.
I didn't know what to do.
And today,
the diagnosis... SPS.
Which is stiff-person syndrome.
[gentle music playing]
It's in the muscle.
It's in the tendons.
It's in the nerves.
You can't see anything.
Because it's not... seeable.
How much... how many
people in that pouch?
[Jessica] Uh, 1,000 to 15,000
different plasma donors
in order to pull that much
immunoglobulin, that many antibodies.
[voice breaking] Last year, I got to
a point that I couldn't walk anymore.
[sniffles] I had to...
I was losing my balance a lot.
It was hard to walk.
A lot of pain.
And I can't use my voice yet.
I miss it a lot.
But also...
the people.
I miss them... you know?
[crowd cheering]
[speaking French] The fans give
me lots of energy. Lots and lots.
And being on stage is the
gift of show business.
it's like a drug fix.
When you have the
soul of an artist...
artist one day, artist always.
You can't live without it.
[cheering continues]

[Celine] Look at me.
- Bear. [kisses]
- [Jessica chuckles]
You good? Oh, great. I'm great.
I love you.
She's a blinker.
- [Jessica laughs]
- She said, "I love you, too."

It's not hard to do
a show, you know?
It's hard to cancel a show.
If somebody sees me have a good
time for a moment with my family...
and I was supposed to be onstage
and they had a ticket that night...
they have the right
to come to me and say,
I can't just do whatever I want.
I can't go out.
I'm stuck.
[crowd cheering]
The whispers in the morning
[Celine Dion:
"The Power of Love"]
Of lovers sleeping tight
Are rolling by
like thunder now
As I look in your eyes
I hold on to your body
And feel each move you make
Your voice is
warm and tender
A love that I could
Not forsake
- 'Cause I'm your lady
- [crowd cheering]
And you are my man
Whenever you reach for me
I'll do all that I can
We're heading for something
Somewhere I've never been
Sometimes I am frightened
But I'm ready to learn
Of the power of love
[crowd cheering]
The sound of your
heart beating...
Before I got really
hit with SPS,
my voice...
was the conductor of my life.
It... it was...
I-I was following it.
"You lead the way.
I follow you."
And I was okay with that because
I was having a great time.
When your voice
brings you joy...
you're the best of yourself.
"You can be the leader."
My ego is not that big.
If you want to take
that role, take it.
[laughs] I don't care.
"I'm having a good time here."
We're heading for something
Somewhere I've never been
Sometimes I am frightened
But I'm ready to learn
Of the power of love
- Hey!
- [song ends]
[crowd cheering]
When I try to breathe,
my lungs are fine.
It's what's in front of
my lungs that's so rigid,
because of stiff-person
syndrome, that it's like...
[voice cracks] It's
like I know you
That's what happens.
[voice cracking] It's like
I know what I wanna do
I know you can show me, yeah
[voice breaking] And that's what
happens, and it's very difficult for me
to hear that
and to show this to you.
I don't want people
to hear that.
- We'll stay
- [Celine Dion: "My Heart Will Go On"]
Forever this way
You are safe in my heart and
My heart will go on and on...
[song fades]
[voice breaking] I
think I was very good.
[laughs softly]
I think I had some
stuff that was amazing.
[crowd cheering faintly]
But there's been
moments where...
I had to go to the studio, and
I knew they wanted Celine Dion.
Who's Celine Dion?
Celine Dion is the
one who sang...
All by myself anymore
the highest note ever
and whatever, and...
she's the best.
- Thank you, sir.
- Absolutely.
I feel like Liberace.
Here we go.
On your left.
[laughs] And on your right.
It's a warehouse. [laughs]
It can be overwhelming.
[exclaims playfully, laughs]
But when I go there,
I see my life,
and I love every piece of it.
It's my unique tutu...
Come closer.
That's a very old
Dior, if I remember.
- I'm just gonna open this one.
- [woman] Yeah.
Yeah, it's Dior. [laughs]
The girl knows her stuff.
When a girl loves her shoes,
she always make them fit.
I have worn shoes, my friend,
my toes were like this
because they didn't
have my size.
Every time I went to a store
and I loved those shoes,
they said, "What
size are you, ma'am?"
I said, "No, you don't understand.
What size do you have?"
I'll make them work.
I'll make them fit.
I will walk the shoe.
I walk the shoe. The
shoe don't walk me.
I've worked shoes with
my feet like this,
and sometimes like this,
to hold on to them.
- From six to ten, give it to me.
- [fingers snap]
I love them. Here we go.
- [photographers clamoring]
- [cameras clicking]
- [clamoring continues]
- [man] To your left! Left! Eyes left!
[Celine] I wore my
dress to an event.
And then what?
A piece like this or a
piece like that or...
or a dress like this...
it's difficult to
wear again because
it had such a big impact.
- [photographers clamoring]
- [cameras clicking]
- [man] To your left!
- [clamoring continues]
[man 2] Look to your left!
[man] To your left!
Eyes left! Eyes left!
In the old, old, old, old days,
women had one hat,
one pair of gloves,
two dresses, one
black pair of shoes,
it was classic,
effortless and so chic.
["Chattanooga Choo
Choo" in French]
For me to put these pants,
and I have to put a shirt,
and we wanted the shirt to have a
collar and white, like, sleeves.
They made it like it
was very, very fitted.
I'll take the whole thing.
So obviously there's
a collar over here.
Sleeveless, so it takes less space
into the sleeves of the jacket itself,
so I don't have to go...
[panting, stammering]
"I'm too sw-sweaty. It doesn't
fit." [exhales sharply]
It's not as hot.
So I have the...
I have a collar.
So I have my jacket, but
where's the... the sleeve?
So all the sleeves are here.
And with me showing you that...
you see the snaps over here.
One, two snaps. Two, two.
Just for the white to come out because
it looks elegant and clean and sharp,
but over here, I don't have all
that excess and I can't move,
and when I go like this, it
comes out, and then we don't...
But a lot of people had to...
think of that and put time and effort
and making sense with all of that.
It's a snap on. It's a snap out.
It's a big zipper
instead of an invisible.
And it's a flap and it's a
Velcro, but none of that shows.
None of that shows.
And that's the magic of show
business, but if I may say...
I think it was... I think
we did create our own magic.
[Celine Dion: "Le ballet"]
[scatting to music]
- [guitar mimics Celine's scatting]
- [crowd cheering]
[continues scatting]
[playing guitar solo]
My band, my backup singers,
I want them to feel
good and look good.
Do you like yourself?
When you like yourself,
you walk better.
You perform better.
You hold your
instrument with pride.
[music continues]
[speaking French]
Playing the guitar...
let me introduce
you to Andr Coutu.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd clapping to music]
[scatting continues]
[playing lively bass riffs]
We grew together.
And we built,
and we walked, and we
fixed, and we dreamed,
and we... we traveled together,
and we grew together,
and we bonded together,
because at the
end, all we wanted
is to be the best of
each and every one of us.
Because we loved music, we
had respect for each other,
we became a family,
and I became...
who I am because of
all these people.
[high note vocalizations]
[crowd cheering]
- If you want to go fast, you go alone.
- [song fades]
And if you want to
go far, go together.
[crowd cheering]
Oh, gosh.
When I was... This is upside-down,
but this is a drawing from RC.
He was drawing in my,
uh, dressing room,
and I was holding on, and I'm still
holding on to those beautiful souvenirs.
[speaking French quietly]
I'll take this to my room.
[sighs] Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi.
[Celine speaking French] I can't wear
flip-flops, it's freezing outside.
[woman] It's cold, yes.
[man] You have a lot of options.
I don't. I don't
have any flat shoes.
I need to buy some.
Maybe these.
[man] Which ones?
Show them to me.
[Celine] I have nothing to wear.
[woman] What have you got there?
[Celine] Find me a pair.
[woman] I think you
have flats in the car.
[Celine] No slippers,
there might be paparazzis.
[woman] You need
a closed toe shoe.
I'm packing like I'm
going on a weekend outing.
I'm packing real fancy stuff.
[uplifting music playing]
- [baby crying]
- [indistinct chatter]

[speaking French]
You like it, right?
Here you go.
I've always been a dreamer, but
this is an encounter with real life.
I've been giving everything to show
business for the past 20 years.
I gave my life, I
haven't really lived it.
[scatting happy music]
I love you my
darling, I love you.
[Ren grunts]
Wait, wait, wait!
[Nelson speaking French] She
knows nothing about baseball.
[woman] She knows
nothing about baseball?
[Celine] Watch
the babies behind!
[Nelson] Check it out,
she'll miss the ball.
Told you so!

[accordion playing upbeat music]
[music continues]
[Celine] When my kids
were still very young...
[camera clicks, whirs]
I was holding on to
those moments so much.
[atmospheric music playing]
Their first toys.
The first bib of RC.
That antique
for the kids.

The toys and the souvenirs.
Every piece I
remember and I know.

And, um...
I cherish.
They were important.
They're still important.

And they will live on.
[music fades]
I must have liked one of
these because there's four.
[speaking French] It's
becoming painful to walk.
- [crowd cheering]
- [singers] Impressions
[Fallon] I'll hit it for you.
- [Celine] And now you're pressing for me?
- Yeah.
- [Celine] Thank you.
- [Fallon and crowd gasping]
- [Celine] What?
- [Fallon] Sia.
[Celine] Aw, thanks so much.
- [laughter]
- [Fallon] Do you do Sia?
[strained squeal]
Yeah. "Hush, Little Baby."
["Hush, Little Baby"]
- It's like: I'm gonna buy
you a diamond ring - Okay.
Okay. I-I don't know why I
need to stand up to sing.
Yeah, you can do it. Do you
want a wig? We don't have a wig.
- I wish I had a wig.
- Well, do you have a abat-jour?
- I need a...
- I have a-a stuffed animal.
[imitating Sia]
Hush, little baby
Don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy
you a mockingbird
And if that
mockingbird won't sing
[to tune of
"Chandelier"] Hush
- I'm gonna buy you
- [crowd cheering]
A diamond ring,
a diamond ring
[Fallon laughing]
Like tomorrow doesn't exist
- Like it doesn't exist
- Sia.
- Oh, my gosh, Sia.
- [Celine shouts]
- Sia!
- [crowd cheering]
[Fallon laughs] Sia, over here.
Sia. Sia, over here.
[chuckles] Sia. Sia, over here.
- [Celine] Oh, hi. Sorry. Hi.
- [Fallon] Hi. Fantastic!
- [Celine] Thank you. Thank you again. Thank you.
- [Fallon] Oh, that's the move right there.
[Celine] Thank you.
[birds chirping]
[wistful music playing]

[microwave beeping]
There you go,
honey. Bon apptit.
Good girl.
[Nelson] Barrington
is our butler,
who got COVID a couple days ago.
um, we're just gonna
send him a video
to tell him, like,
don't worry and stuff.
[Nelson] All the hair and...
[Eddy] It's super hard to draw
on this, so it's kind of bad.
[Celine] No-no kidding,
because it's, like, uh...
- [Eddy] Yeah, it's super hard.
- [Nelson] What are you drawing?
A heart?
Oh, a heart with a smiley face.
[Celine] Oh.
[Celine] Just one foot
each. That's so cool.
[laughing] I love that.
Okay, make sure we see
the flip-flop. Okay.
So... Stop peeling.
- [Nelson] I'm sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry.
- [Celine] I'm gonna make you vacuum.
- Don't be sorry. Don't do it.
- [Nelson] Okay, I don't mind. It's just a little.
Do you remember the song?
- "Don't worry about a thing 'cause..."
- [Nelson] Yeah.
"every little thing is
gonna be all right."
- [Nelson] Yeah.
- [Celine] Okay?
[Nelson] Mm-hmm.
[Celine] Go press and come
back to the same position.
- You ready?
- [Nelson] Mm-hmm.
[Celine] Here we go.
[all] Don't worry
About a thing
'Cause every little thing
is gonna be all right
[speaks foreign
language] Mr. Barrington.
- We love you so, so much.
- [Nelson] Love you.
We don't want you to
worry about a thing, okay?
Thanks. And we feel sorry that you
have to rest, but go through...
Uh, I mean, we don't feel
sorry that you have to rest
because we're happy
that you rest.
But take your time.
It goes faster.
- We love you and miss you.
- [Nelson] I love you.
- Bye, guys. Whoo!
- [Nelson and Eddy] Bye.
Kiss-kiss. Boom. Kiss-kiss.
Shaka-laka boom-boom-boom.
Shaka... Come on, Eddy. Yeah.
[Celine Dion: "Treat
Her Like a Lady"]
Somebody mind him, somebody mind
him, love to hit and run, yes
Somebody mind him,
love to hit and run
Somebody mind him, somebody mind
him, love to hit and run, yes
Somebody mind him,
love to hit and run
Go, go, goes around,
comes around, go
Go, goes around,
comes around, go
Go, goes around,
comes around, go, go
Tell it to her straight,
she can take the truth
Don't lead her on and on
and leave her confused
Anyone would rather
be alone than be used
Don't sit and think
you'll hurt her feelings
She only wants to know
just what the deal is
Next time, beware of
Whose heart you're breaking
You gotta get
what's coming to you
For all the bad, bad
things you do to your lady
Treat her like a lady
You'll make a
good girl crazy
If you don't treat
her like a lady
Go, go, goes around,
comes around, go, go
Treat her like a lady...
- [song fades]
- [vacuum whirring]
[Celine speaking
French] All good, boys?
- [Nelson] Barrington answered.
- [Celine] He did?
[Nelson] He said, "Oh,
thank you so much.
Missing you guys. Love you all."
[Celine singing "Tellement j'ai
d'amour pour toi" in French]
[singing continues]
[others singing along]
[interviewer] You, Celine,
are from a huge family.
- No, I just have 13 brothers and sisters.
- [laughs]
[speaking French] Let's keep
our eyes open. Let's smile.
[chatter continues in French]
[Celine] Denise, Clment,
Claudette, Liette,
Michel, Louise, Jacques, Daniel,
Linda, Ghislaine, Paul, Pauline.
Did I say Manon?
Manon and Celine.
Fourteen, whew.
We grew up in a little
town called Charlemagne,
and that's in the
province of Quebec.
Cold, snowy, a great ambiance.
Lots of music. Lots of gifts.
- Lots of love. Lots of happiness.
- [lively chatter, laughter]
[all singing in French
and clapping rhythmically]
My mom was a very strong person.
She was a musician.
My mom met my dad through music.
[lively polka music playing
with singing in French]
- [lively polka music playing]
- [rhythmic clapping and clicking]
[man whooping, speaking French]
- [excited chatter, laughter]
- [lively music continues]
My parents left their
dreams aside for us.
My dad worked.
My mom made it happen.
But sometimes there was
nothing left in the fridge.
She never told us, "We have
nothing to eat tonight."
She started to make
And... there was carrots.
She didn't say anything.
She puts her own beets
and little, uh...
homemade ketchup on the
table and all the condiments
and everything that she
could put on the table.
And a few beautiful hot pies.
And she said she prayed before.
She prayed that she
was not going to hear,
"Mom, wh... what is that?"
The first bite that someone
took, they said,
"Mmm. Mom, what is
that? It's so good."
It was carrot pies.
You're the
strongest of souls
Mom is the superhero.
You're my light in the dark
You're the place I call home
We only felt love,
affection, attention, music.
I have that in me.
This is my greatest foundation.
[wistful music playing]
I don't remember singing
for myself so much.
I remember being five,
singing on the kitchen table,
and singing for my audience,
which were my family.
That's... [chuckles]
that was amazing.
There was, like, the lamp.
I could reach almost the
light and the sk... the stars.
On top of the
kitchen dining table,
and I was pretending that I was
onstage and I was putting a show on
with my little slip on...
whatever I had and...
I don't even know
what I was wearing.

Then my brother
got married, and...
I was five years old,
and I sang a few songs.
[chuckling] And my
mom told me that...
if there was a wrong note by the
guitar player, I would, I would turn.
I didn't know how to kind
of, like, just go with it.
And my mom said, "When something...
someone do something wrong,
just don't-don't
go... don't do that.
Make like nothing happened."
Keep going, we keep
going [chuckles]

Times like this
will live forever.
For me, for my family.
The person that I am today,
I didn't invent myself.
I didn't create myself.
I am.
It's the performance
that counts.
It's not the song.
A performance is way
bigger than the song.
That was the beginning
of me, really, I think.
Was that the beginning or
was it just that, for me,
the blessing of, "You
can do that. Wow."
[Celine Dion: "Ashes"]
Can beauty come out of
Can beauty come out of
[song ends]
[Deadpool] Celine!
That was amazing!
That was the most beautiful
performance I've ever seen in my life.
- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- No. No, thank you.
We need to do it again.
Well, it's too good.
Yeah, this is... this is
Deadpool 2, not Titanic.
All right, you're
at, like, an 11.
We need to get you down to a
five, five and a half tops.
Just phone it in.
Listen, this thing
only goes to 11.
So beat it, Spider-Man.
- [water running]
- [Celine] Hey.
The pink bottle goes in the
blue jar or the white box.
[chuckles] Hi.
- [squeaking]
- Oh, you're such a good girl.
Num, num, num,
num, num, num, num,
num, num, num, num.
See, good, huh?
[playful voice] I'm telling you.
You are my kids sometimes,
and when... there go.
One more time. That's just a...
It's very, very
important to feel better.
There you go, baby.
There we go, and Mommy's gonna take care
of the meds when I come back. Got to go.
I have to go see my
son. Two minutes.
I didn't see him.
[tapping keyboard]
Okay, I just want to see
you before I leave, okay?
I have to leave
today to do, um...
You know the movie that I did?
I have to do the French version
of the English movie that I did.
So it's gonna be my first time.
And I have oatmeal. Oh, my God.
- I like that shirt on you.
- [Eddy] Playing clothes.
- You look cool.
- Thanks.
Okay, got to go.
[Celine] Hey, chief, what's up?
[driver] Hey, boss, how
are you? Good to see you.
- [Celine] Good to see you, likewise.
- [driver] Thank you.
[Celine speaking French quietly]
Please don't slouch!
For God's sake. Pull
yourself together.
You're with Celine Dion!
- [Mira] Hello?
- [Celine] Mira Ray?
- [Mira] Mm-hmm?
- [Celine] Hi. This is Celine Dion.
Sure. And I'm Mariah Carey.
Don't give up on this call
Love comes to those
who believe it
And this is really me
Oh, yes, it is.
Don't give up on this call
Love comes to those
who believe it
[speaking French] And yes!
And yes.
Don't give up on this call
Love comes to those
who believe it
[singing in French] And this is
really me, I swear it's true!
[dialogue coach] It has to be
faster. "I swear it's true!"
It's punchier.
I swear it's true!
Don't give up on this call
Love comes to those
who believe it
[singing in French] And this
is really me, oh yes it is!
[dialogue coach]
Great! It was great!
Well, let's move
on if it's great.
You tell me if
you're happy with it.
If you're happy
with how it sounds.
[dialogue coach] Alors, uh, we'll
go to, um, the-the next part.
[reporter] Ms. Dion, it's been
over a decade since you've
toured in the States.
I'm curious, why now?
For five years, it's been tough.
Raising my children after
the loss of their father,
the love of my life,
my husband Ren.
[speaking French] Okay,
let's try it. Let's try it.
The past five years
have been tough.
Raising my kids after the
death of their father.
The love of my life.
My husband Ren.
Hasta maana.
[Celine Dion: "All By Myself"]
When I was young
Never needed anyone
Making love was just for fun
Those days are gone
All by myself
Don't wanna be
All by myself
[crowd cheering]
[voice breaking]
All by myself
[music and cheering continue]
[music and cheering fade]
[Maria Callas: "Ebben?
Ne andr lontana"]
[song continues with
lyrics in Italian]

My husband offered
this to me.
It was owned by Maria Callas.
She's definitely one of the
most amazing opera singers
in the world.
I hope she gives me...
some strength.
[sighs] I think she will.
I think she will.
[song continues with
sustained high note]
[holds high note]
I got the music
- In me...
- I need my instrument.
And my instrument...
was not working.
So we started to
elevate the medicine.
- And if I lost you, would I cry - [
Celine Dion: "River Deep, Mountain High"]
Would I cry
Oh, how I love you, baby...
There's a longevity
in the drug, you know?
And when your
adrenaline kicks in,
when you hear the crowd,
"Celine! Celine! Celine!"
- Twenty minutes later, it-it was gone.
- [crowd cheering]
From my dressing room, getting
backstage, saying good luck to everybody.
The crowd insane.
My adrenaline, my
heartbeat, my pressure.
I'm like, "The dream is about to
come true again for me tonight."
I love it so much.
But then I feel a spasm,
and my voice goes up.
The medicine was burned
out. It was gone.
[cheering continues]
[announcer over
speakers] Celine Dion!
[crowd cheering wildly]
[wistful music playing]
I was to 80 milligrams to 90
milligrams of Valium a day.
That's just one medicine.
I don't want to sound
dramatic, but I could've died.
[wistful music playing]
[speaking French]
Here it is. Look!
[Celine laughing excitedly]
[woman] Beautiful!
It's impressive!
[Celine] It's way too big!
[Celine laughing]
I was taking those medicines
because I needed to walk.
I needed to be able to swallow.
I needed medicine to function.
One more pill. Two more pills.
Five more pills.
Too many pills.
Show must go on.
When I had to cancel
shows, you know...
we have to tell the crowd
why, the people why.
I can't lie anymore.
From a sinus infection to
an ear infection to a...
Sometimes I would point my
microphone towards the audience,
and I would make them sing it.
There's moments where I cheated,
and I tapped on the microphone
like it was the microphone's fault.
I did what my mom said.
I didn't flinch.
And there's also
moments where we had
to stop the show.
- Quick change.
- [fingers snap]
And I never came back.
The lie is too heavy now.
[piano playing "Piano
Sonata No. 14"]
[piano music continues]
[music stops]
[film crew chattering
[man] I want to shoot a little
wider and more cleaned up.
- Uh, you're still out.
- [man 2] I just want to do one look over
- and check all the angles.
- [man] There you go.
[man 2] I'm ready
when she's ready.
- [breathes deeply]
- [chatter continues indistinctly]
- I'm ready.
- [man 2] Okay.
And anytime you want.
Hello, everyone.
I'm sorry it's taken me so
long to reach out to you.
I miss you all so much.
And I can't wait to be onstage,
talking to you in person.
As you know, I've always
been an open book.
And I wasn't ready to
say anything before.
But I'm ready now.
I've been diagnosed with a
very rare neurological disorder
called stiff-person syndrome...
which affects something like
one in a million people.
I'm working hard with my
sports medicine
therapist every day
to build back my strength
and my ability to perform again.
But I have to admit...
it's been a struggle.
All I know...
is singing.
It's what I've done all my life.
And it's what I
love to do the most.
[wistful music playing]
I miss it so much.
Being on the stage,
performing for you.
I always give 100%
when I do my shows,
but my condition is not allowing
me to give you that right now.
For me to reach you again,
I have no choice but to concentrate
on my health at this moment.
And I have hope that I'm
on the road to recovery.
[voice breaking] Take
care of yourselves.
Be well.
I love you guys so much.
And I really hope I can
see you again real soon.
Thank you.
[breath trembles]
Do we...
Do we have what we need?
[man] Yeah, we're good.
[Terrill] Did you have any
extra soreness or anything
- from what I worked on?
- No.
- In this area?
- No.
- All right, so that's the good part.
- Good.
Good. Today we're
gonna work on the feet.
- Okay, do you want me to cream them?
- No, I'm gonna cream them.
- [groans, mutters]
- Yeah.
- I didn't...
- Don't worry. You didn't do your pedicure.
I know.
- You're okay.
- [Celine chuckling]
[laughing] You're okay.
- I did not have time.
- It's okay.
- [Celine laughing]
- What are you doing?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, don't do that!
- No?
[Terrill] No, 'cause I'm
just gonna work on it.
Have you been using that cream?
- Not lately.
- I see that. You really...
- Oh, shush. Give me a break.
- [laughing]
[Celine] Give me a break
- [both] Give me a break
- [fingers snapping rhythmically]
- [Celine scatting]
- Break me off a piece of that
[Celine sighs] Thank you.
Ouch. Easy when
you grab that heel.
[Terrill] Sorry.
[Celine laughs]
- I want to be good. [chuckles]
- You are good.
[Celine] No, I'm not good.
[Terrill] Think about where you
were two and a half months ago.
Think about where
you were in November.
I don't want to
think about that.
I want
- that motion.
- Okay.
There you go. Better.
- Better or good?
- It's better.
What can I do to
make it, like...?
Move this foot slightly
in, right here.
Good. Touch around your hips.
[Celine] Working hard,
for me, is not, um...
not a part of a problem.
- [group singing "Zora sourit" in French]
- [fingers snapping rhythmically]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
[singing in French]
[singing "Zora sourit" in
French to uplifting music]
[continues singing]
For a moment in my life
where I was, like, um,
in control of what
I loved to do,
I could record three
songs per night.
[song continues over speakers]
[singing in French]
They would say to me, like,
"Your-your voice
starting to change."
And I'm like, "Okay, so since
it's starting to change,
I want to use... I want to sing this
song now because this song needs...
I need to hear the struggle
or the disappointment."
[vocalizing to gentle music]
[singing "Je crois
toi" in French]
[song continues]
[sighs] Even though I really want
to work hard and do it and...
I have to listen to not my body but
the people that I trust for my body.
You have to believe in the
people that you work with,
and so far, so good, you know?
[Terrill] Have you seen the
Friends episode with Phoebe?
- She does a...
- [Celine sings squeaky high-pitched notes]
No, she wants to...
she sings at the caf.
And so when she's singing at the
caf, she's got a... she's terrible.
- [Celine vocalizing]
- And so she gets sick,
and she loves her voice, and
so she always wants to be sick.
- [Celine laughing] - Just 'cause she
likes the raspy-ness of her voice.
Can I, can I tell you something?
[stammers] I love her.
- I don't know her, but it's so cool.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- You know why? Because I always envy...
- Yeah.
- People who smoke...
- Okay. [laughing]
and they drink, and they
party, and they don't sleep.
- They're super cool.
- Yeah.
- I mean, cool people.
- Okay.
And then they just like...
[scatting with raspy voice]
- [Terrill] And they rock.
- And they go and...
I want you all mine, so fine
- And people are like... [whooping]
- [laughing]
[chuckles] And I'm
like... me and my...
[vocalizing gently]
[both laughing]
I want to be...
- I-I want to be like them. And I was like...
- You want to rock.
- They go to the bar and have a good time.
- And they just do whatever, right?
And they have a drink,
and me, I-I have water.
- [Terrill chuckles]
- And I sleep 12 hours.
- When I was young
- [John Farnham: "Help!"]
- So much younger than today
- [crowd cheering]
I never needed anybody's
Help in any way
- But now these days are gone
- [Celine] Look at the sweat there.
- [Celine vocalizes]
- I'm not so self-assured
Now I find I've
changed my mind
- [Dave] Watch the percussion.
- I've opened up the doors
- Help me
- [crowd] If you can, I'm feeling down
- [Farnham] Yeah, I'm feeling down
- [Celine] Yeah, I'm feeling down
- [Farnham] And I do appreciate you
- [Celine laughs] Appre...
[Farnham] Being round
- The hoarseness in here?
- [Denis] Mm-hmm.
- So natural, and he... that-that...
- Help me get my feet
- Back on the ground
- [Celine] I got so much love [laughs]
Won't you please,
please help me?
- [music building]
- [crowd cheering]
[imitating drums]
You see that, like... I
want that. I want that.
I want the drummer
guy. I want that.
In oh so many ways
My independence
Seems to vanish in the haze...
The keyboard and...
It-It's so... and
sleeveless shirt.
I mean, at one point, you know,
sometimes I wish I could just be
a rock and roll...
playing guitar guy.
[song fades]
Here we go. Okay, sir.
[Dave] So, Celine,
the first thing is...
I didn't know there
was, like, questions.
Okay. So the first set of IDs we're doing
is for the John Farnham documentary.
- Yes. Yeah.
- Okay.
So, we don't have
to ask the question,
but if it helps you,
we'll ask the question.
And you're answering as if you're
being interviewed by, you know...
- Mm-hmm.
- The host of that show.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, 'cause they're obviously in Australia.
- Because for me, when I read this...
- Mm-hmm.
"How did you first
hear about John?"
and then my answer here on... here
it says, "I first discovered..."
Well, first of all,
I wish I would've
discovered John Farnham.
- I did not.
- [laughs]
[laughs] I did not
discover John Farnham.
But you know what? I
heard John Farnham,
and I was flipping because
the power broke our radio.
- And... but it's...
- [Dave] If you want,
we can change it. We can say,
- "I first heard John about 25..."
- Yeah.
You want to ch...
want to change it?
I mean, instead of "25 years ago,"
if we can say "two years ago,"
that'd be s-something
that'd make me feel better.
[Dave and Denis laugh]
Who's gonna give the cue?
[Dave] Yeah, you want to
give a-a count, John, or...?
[man] Celine,
anytime you'd like.
Thank you so much. In three.
I first heard John
about 25 years ago,
when I heard the song
"You're the Voice."
It was so powerful.
His voice was incredible,
so emotional.
[breathes deeply]
[object rattles]
[objects rattling]
[Dave] Are we on to the birthday
message for Paul's mother?
Is that the next
one you have there?
A hundred years old?
[Dave chuckles] Yeah.
- [Denis] It's incredible, right?
- [Dave] Yeah.
I want to be a
hundred years old.
[Denis] Well, take your time.
It goes faster?
Take one for Dorothy.
Hello, Dorothy.
It's Celine here.
And I'm delighted to join
Paul and all of your family
in wishing you a very
happy 100th birthday.
[exhales sharply]
Such an incredible milestone.
Wishing you health and
happiness, Dorothy.
Take good care.
I don't know you,
but I love you.
[Dave] That's a great...
that's a great message.
I know it doesn't
read on camera, but...
- [Dave] No, it's...
- it makes me smile.
And I'm ready. Here we go.
Yeah. Great.
Do you like the little
bit of a "mm-mm"?
Yeah, I do.
- Okay, if not, I got other "mm."
- No, no, that's...
- But it's kind of...
- Yeah.
- [sniffs]
- [quiet chatter]
[Celine Dion:
"You're the Voice"]
You're the voice,
try and understand it
Make a noise and
make it clear
[crowd] Oh, oh, whoa
Oh, oh, oh, whoa...
Well, finally, around 2018,
we were putting our
set list together
for the Asian/Australian tour,
and I wanted to include
"You're the Voice" so bad.
Where can I sing that song?
When can I sing that song?
Ha, ha.
You want me to be in
Australia, you're gonna...
you-you're gonna hear
me sing that song.
But never I thought that I
was going to sing it with him.
- Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh
- [music slows]
You're the voice,
try and understand it
Ladies and gentlemen, the one
and only, your John Farnham!
- [crowd cheering]
- [Dave] "Your John Farnham."
[song ends]
- When you call on me
- [Celine Dion: "I'm Alive"]
- When you call on me
- [whoops]
- When you reach for me
- [laughs]
When you reach for me
I get wings to fly...
When you come in a
studio and you record,
it sounds great.
Bless the day...
But when you go onstage,
it will be greater.
- [crowd cheering]
- There's no mistake onstage
because there's humanity,
And you forget your words,
and you panic for a second,
and out of the blue,
they start to sing it.
[crowd cheering]
I think I have a great idea.
I want, I want all of
you right here tonight,
I want you to sing this last
phrase of that song with me.
- Okay?
- [scattered shouting]
- Maestro.
- [whooping]
[piano playing
"Because You Loved Me"]
[crowd singing along]
I'm everything I am
We're so good.
[crowd cheering]
All my love.
[martial arts grunting]
- [Nelson] You're dead, you're dead.
- [dramatic groaning]
[woman] Nelson, see how
Mom has her hand behind?
- [Nelson] No.
- [woman] That's... well, that's the way you do it.
[woman] Whoa, that's-that's all.
Ooh, my legs are
already burning.
- [Celine] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
- [video game music playing]
[trilling shout]
Yes, sir! [whoops]
Eddy! Eddy!
Here you go, Eddy. You got a...
W-Watch Mr. Barrington, Eddy.
Mr. Barrington, watch Eddy.
[Celine speaking French]
What do we say, Nelson?
Eddy, what do you want to drink?
- [Celine Dion: "My Heart Will Go On"]
- [applause]
You're here
There's nothing I fear
And I know that
- My heart will
- [audience laughter]
Go on
We'll stay
- Forever this way
- [audience cheering]
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will
Go on and on
[James Corden] Ladies and
gentlemen, Celine Dion!
[audience and crowd cheering]
[scattered whooping]
[audience and crowd cheering]
[Celine] I haven't
sang for two years.
I'm not quite sure if I'm
gonna be capable of singing.
But I can't live in doubt.
[warm-up vocalizations]
Emotionally, it's
very difficult.
[exhales heavily]
I will, in the next few
minutes, find strength.
And if it cracks and it doesn't
work, there's nothing I can do.
And if it works, I will be...
uh, the happiest I will be.
Everybody's gonna
be happy, but...
If I may say, I don't... I will
sound selfish, but it's all about me.
I will be extremely happy.
Because it will be a step.
It will be that
I'm making a step.
Ri... Rising tide
Rising tide
- [Celine Dion: "Love Again" with
backup singer] - [Celine] Rising tides
[voice cracking] Tears
you cry every night
Seem never-ending
But that's just life
The last goodbye,
high and dry
It leaves you empty
- Okay, one more time, please.
- [music stops]
[speaking French] Can you bring
up the backup singer, please?
[Denis] And I brought
your voice up a bit, too.
Sorry, it'll take a while
to adjust, and then...
- [Denis] No problem.
- Sorry.
[music resumes]
Rising tides
Tears you cry every night
Seem never-ending
But that's just life
The last goodbye,
high and dry
It leaves you empty
You might think your world
is ending, but it won't
You might think you need
to give up, but you won't
'Cause you don't have
to move a mountain
Just keep moving
[speaking French] Okay,
mute the backup singer.
- [music stops]
- I'm gonna have to switch to head voice
because I don't think
it's gonna work.
- [Dave] You're doing great, Celine.
- [Denis] Yes.
We haven't heard this
for a couple of years.
It feels like music to us.
They paid a lot of money around the
world to come and see our shows.
I feel like...
let's say...
there's an apple tree...
I'm an apple tree.
And people are in line,
and I give them apples,
- the best, and I shine them.
- [rubs hands together]
And they all leave with
a basket of apples.
[wistful music playing]
my branches are starting
to fall sometimes,
get crooked.
And those branches are starting
to produce a little less apples,
but there's still as
many people in line.

[voice muted]
[breathes deeply]
I don't want them to wait in line
if I don't have apples for them.
Can I do it again, please?
[music resumes]
[raspy] Ri...
- Sorry.
- [music stops]
[music resumes]
Rising tides
[voice cracking]
Tears you cry
- One more time.
- [music stops]
I want to sing with joy.
I want to sing without thinking.
I want to sing without...
um, a speed bump in
my way, you know.
[Celine] Thank you.
[Dave] We're gonna follow you.
Follow you
[indistinct chatter]
[Celine] Maybe I can
sing another kind of repertoire.
But then it's gonna
be their choice to...
still like me or not, you know.
[group singing "Valse
adieu" in French]
[song continues]
[song fades]
[Celine] So, is that yesterday?
[Denis] So, that's
gonna be yesterday.
[speaking French] Sit down and we'll
take notes on things you don't like.
Rising ti... rising tide
[Celine Dion: "Love Again"]
Is it loud enough?
[Celine over speakers]
Rising tides
Tears you cry every night
Seem never-ending
But that's just life
The last goodbye,
high and dry
It leaves you empty
I don't like it.
You might think your world
is ending, but it won't
You might think you need
to give up, but you don't
[Celine in room]
But you don't
[Celine over speakers] 'Cause
you don't have to move a mountain
Just keep moving
Every move is
A new emotion
And you don't have
to find the answer
Just keep trying
The sun will rise again
- Okay. - The storms...
- [music stops]
[speaking French] Can
I give it another go?
[Denis] Of course! But I need
to change the recording session.
- I'm plugging myself.
- [cord clicks]
I'm plugging myself
[music resumes]
Rising tides
[voice cracking] Tears
you cry every night
Seem never-ending
[music stops]
Let's try again. Same way.
[music resumes]
- Rising
- [music stops]
I'm trying to make it
louder, and I can't.
You know, like, I'm
trying to make it louder.
[louder] Rising tide...
You know, I'm trying to...
And I can't, so...
[music resumes]
'Cause you don't have
to move a mountain
Just keep moving
Every move is
A new emotion
And you don't have
to find the answer
Just keep trying
The sun will rise again
The storms subside again
This is not the end
And you will love
You will love
You will
[music ends]
- [inhales deeply]
- [Dave] Oh, beautiful.
- [exhales heavily]
- [Denis] It is.
Merci, Celine.
[Celine over speakers] And you
don't have to find the answer
Just keep trying
The sun will rise again
- [Celine sings along with recording]
- The storms subside again
No, this is not the end
And you will love
[Celine over speakers]
Summer rain
Day by day, sadness fades
- The wound is healing...
- [song fades]
- [Celine] Sorry. Forgive me. I...
- [Terrill] Not at all.
[Terrill] Are we
gonna go in there?
Let's get you to lie
down on your back.
[Celine] Oops.
I just...
- Spasmed?
- Yeah.
[Terrill] You're
not supposed to.
Just relax.
But you didn't have
any spasms yesterday.
Relax your foot.
How are your ankles? Just...
This is your first
spasm for today?
Or did you have any others, too?
- No, first. Yeah.
- Same now?
Part of the disease
is that, as soon as you
go into a contraction,
sometimes it doesn't... the signal
to release it, doesn't understand it,
so it ends up just staying
into a contracted position.
So just try to relax.
So right now,
this gives us an
indication that her body...
her brain right now is overstimulated
and there's something going on.
And she keeps spasming.
That could lead to a crisis.
[wistful music playing]
- Good.
- [Celine groaning quietly]
What I'm gonna do is
we're gonna give you
some of that Valium. Yeah.
- [Celine groaning]
- So she's going into seizure.
[groaning, ragged breathing]
- Celine, we're gonna get you off to your side, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
So I'm gonna move you
down. And remove this.
- Okay, so lift your head for me, if you can.
- [groaning]
Lift your head. Okay,
I'm gonna lift you.
- [whimpering]
- Ready? One, two, three.
[whimpering continues]
Brian, I need you right now.
She's in a crisis.
[quiet, indistinct chatter]
- What do we need?
- Just give me the meds, please.
[bag unzips]
Can I get you...
Good. Just leave that there.
Grab that... the towel.
- [Brian] Yep.
- So we can support her head.
Good. Let's put it right here.
- Right here if possible. Right here.
- [groaning]
- Right here.
- [pained murmuring]
There you go. Good.
- I'm gonna lift her body.
- Yeah.
If you don't mind
grabbing this bottom arm.
- Which one? Underneath?
- Just up under. Ready?
All right, lift her. Yeah.
Ready? One, two, three.
She might be in spasm, yeah.
[Brian] I got to get her hand up.
I don't want to hurt her wrist.
- Got her?
- Yep.
- [Brian] There we go. There we go, boss.
- Good.
[Brian] There we go, boss.
Celine, you're okay.
You're okay, Celine.
Her heart's coming
down. It's 83 now.
Good. Good.
[Brian] Hey, boss.
Put your fingers in her
hand. Just in her hand.
Squeeze Bri... Brian's
hand if you can.
- That a girl. Good job, boss.
- Good.
So she's still with us.
[Brian] Give me
another squeeze, boss?
Thank you.
- [Terrill] Good?
- [Brian] We're still with you, boss. You're good.
[pained murmuring]
Her foot started
spasming before,
and I was like, "Hmm, this
is taking a lot longer."
Then she did it again.
Happened again.
[Brian] He's just putting that
blood pressure cuff on you, boss.
[air pumping]
We're right here with you, boss.
We're here with you.
[groans quietly]
[Terrill] We're gonna go a
couple more minutes. Okay?
If nothing changes, we're
gonna give you the nasal spray.
- [murmurs quietly]
- Okay?
Celine, try to calm down.
[Celine whimpering quietly]
It's okay, Celine.
Everything is okay.
Celine, you've got
all your team here.
We're all... we're all with you.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[Brian] It's okay,
boss. It's okay.
[Terrill] Thank you.
- [sobbing]
- [indistinct chatter]
Do you have pain?
Squeeze my hand if you have pain.
Squeeze my hand if you have pain.
Okay. Okay.
Still there.
Now she's breathing abnormally.
[Brian] Based on that, 91/118.
Okay. Nasal spray's
going in at 7:28.
Coming out.
- It's expressed.
- [Brian] 95/118.
We're with you, boss.
We got you, boss.
[sobbing loudly]
Celine, everything's okay.
It's okay.
- We got you, boss, okay?
- [sobbing continues]
[somber music playing]
[Terrill] Good.
Celine, we're with you.
Everything's okay.
Let's try slowly breathing, and just
concentrate on your breathing right now.
Good. Hands are
starting to loosen up.
Okay, so, Celine, we're
gonna go another nasal, okay?
Okay? So you're with us?
One, two, three.
Just a little coming out.
That was the second one. 7:40.
Celine? Squeeze my hand.
Squeeze my fingers for me.
Good. Excellent.
So we got ten minutes.
And it's ten minutes
if she doesn't.
- What did she say?
- [indistinct response]
Yeah, we've given
the second one.
Yep. We just gave it
just now at 7:40.
It's sounding like
she's coming out.
And if she goes back into the
spasm, then we'll do a 911.
[Celine gasps, groans]
Good, Celine.
Welcome back. Everything's good.
Hey, it's okay. It's okay.
Don't worry. Don't
worry. You're good.
Don't worry.
Do you want us to take
the cameras out right now?
- Or you okay?
- [sniffles]
- [weakly] I'm okay.
- You're okay? Okay, good.

Every time something like this happens,
um, it-it makes you feel so embarrassed
and so, like...
I don't know how to express it.
Like, it's just...
- [Terrill] Yeah.
- You know, like, to not have control of yourself, you know?

[Terrill] Your
nervous system now
has gone through a
battering ram of everything.
And your whole body just
went through a whole lot,
- so we're just gonna let you rest.
- Do you think it's because
- I-I... I had a good time over there?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- No.
- Your brain was just overstimulated. Yeah.
- So there's... so these crises come on...
- Well, what am I gonna do?
Well, that's... it's just about
us getting... finding the way...
- What?
- [Dave] Build up to that, being able to do that and...
So we'll come back tomorrow?
- [Terrill chuckles] No.
- Because-because what's gonna happen?
It's like, if... if I can't
get stimulated by what I love,
and then I'm gonna go onstage and, like,
uh, you gonna put the pulse oximeter on me
and you gonna turn
me on my back?
[Terrill] It's scary, I know.
It's hard.
Your journey's not... This is
not the end of your journey.
We all know that.
But this is always that
step on that journey.
All right?
You want another song?
- Our ending song?
- Yeah.
- Our ending song?
- Yeah, I got it.
Okay, our ending song.
The last song of the night.
Just because...
you are.
[Wyn Starks: "Who
Am I" over phone]
[Celine sighs] Ah!
[singing along] I've
been closing the door
All my life, held it
in, but not anymore
Got two feet on the floor
This is it, I'm stronger
than ever before
Pardon my imposition
But this is my conviction
I need to get
this off my mind
I gotta be me, gotta be I
Gotta be who I
know I am inside
Can finally breathe,
taking it in
Look at me flying
It's always been there, it just
took me a minute to find it
If I were to be anybody
else, I'd just be hiding
Who I am
Who I am
Gotta be me, gotta be I
Gotta be who I
know I am inside
Can finally breathe,
taking it in
Look at me flying
It's always been there, it just
took me a minute to find it
If I were to be anybody
else, I'd just be hiding
Who I am
Who I am
It's always been there, it just
took me a minute to find it
Who I am
What a song. What a song.
[song fades]
[speaking French] Damn.
[wistful music playing]
I still see myself
dance and sing.
And I always find plan
B and C, you know?
That's me.
If I can't run... [sniffles]
I'll walk. If I can't
walk, I'll crawl.
[sobbing softly]
But I won't stop.
I won't stop.

[Celine scatting]
But that's just life,
that's the last goodbye
High and dry, it
leaves you empty
You might think your world
is ending, but it won't
You might think you need
to give up, but you don't
- 'Cause you don't have to move a
mountain - [snapping rhythmically]
Just keep moving,
moving, moving, moving
Just keep moving,
just keep moving
[piano playing "L'amour
est un oiseau rebelle"]
[singing in French]

- [song ends] - [man] Bravo!
- [crowd cheering]
[lighthearted music playing]

[music ends]