I Am David (2003) Movie Script

Are you listening to me?
You must escape
from here tonight.
It's your only chance
to stay alive.
If you follow my instructions
and make it out of the camp,
travel when it's dark to flee
Bulgaria so you won't be seen.
They'll be everywhere
waiting to arrest you
and unless you are very
careful, you'll be caught.
If you make it
across the border,
you must get this envelope
to Denmark.
First, head south to salonica
and hide in a ship
that's going to Italy.
When you arrive there,
travel north as far as you can.
Your journey will be long
and it may be impossible,
but you must get this envelope
to the authorities in Denmark.
You must not open it.
If anyone sees its contents
before you get there,
you'll end up back here.
Do you understand?
I know you lived in this camp
your entire life,
but there is
a world outside it.
it's a very dangerous world.
Trust no one.
When the time comes,
get from the barracks
to the west fence.
[Chattering, laughter
When you see the signal,
you will have 30 seconds
to get over the fence before
the current is turned back on.
Shoot me.
Hidden at the edge
of the field
you will find a bundle
filled with items
you will need
for your journey.
If you follow my instructions
and make it out of the camp,
travel when it's dark to flee
Bulgaria so you won't be seen.
You must do everything I just
told you if you want to escape.
They're moving me
to another camp tomorrow
and I can no longer
watch over you.
Follow your compass south
to salonica.
Travel there
by any means possible.
Who did it?
Get out!
Get out now!
You want to escape
this paradise?
Are you that ungrateful?
The border between
Bulgaria and Greece
is heavily guarded
and much of the fence
is strung with alarm wires.
Do not touch it.
Stop! Stop!
Stop him!
Stop him!
Stop little boy!
Come back here!
Come back!
Stop! Where do you
think you're going?
You cannot escape!
Stop! We will get you!
We will get you!
Follow your compass
south to salonica
and hide in a ship
that's going to Italy.
Hey! Why isn't
this hatch closed?
Am I dead?
I don't think
I can make it.
They're going to find me.
Not if you
are careful.
You must remain unseen.
And if you are seen,
you must blend in
with the people around you.
You know many
from the different men
you knew in the camp.
Just listen closely and you'll
be able to speak to people
and understand them.
I'm afraid.
There are places
where the world is good.
I've seen them.
A long time ago,
but I have seen them.
You will too.
Why didn't you come with me?
This is your journey.
I have my own.
But what am I looking for?
What am I gonna find in Denmark?
But I don't even know who I am.
What are you doing in my spot?
You didn't touch
my magazines, did you?
I've got to report
all stowaways to the captain.
You're in big trouble.
No, please don't tell him.
I need to get to Italy.
I'll give you this
if you don't turn me in.
Pearl handle.
Pretty nice.
It looks Soviet. Hmm.
Throw in the compass
and you got a deal.
I can't. Just the knife.
You know, I could take this
and turn you in anyway.
But I'm an honest guy.
And I'd probably get in trouble
for not finding you sooner.
Okay. You got yourself a deal.
Quit looking at your magazines
and get up here!
Keep your pants on.
I'll be right up.
Look, I can't take a chance
on anybody seeing you
getting off the ship
when we get into port,
so when we're close to shore,
I'll lower you overboard
and you can swim to land.
Don't worry. The current will
help you drift to the coast.
You all set?
Have fun.
Once you arrive in Italy,
travel north
until you reach Denmark.
Why do they hate us
so much, Johannes?
Because it's easy
to hate people
who don't believe
the same things you do.
Did my parents not believe
what the guards believe?
Is that why I'm in here?
I didn't know anything
about your parents,
but I would assume so.
I don't remember them.
Do you know what they were like?
What they believed?
Where we were from?
David, I don't know
anything about you.
I wish I were dead.
Don't ever say that.
Don't even think it.
Why not? There's
nothing good here.
What's the point
in even staying alive?
If you're alive,
you can change things.
If you're dead, you can't.
Do whatever you can to stay
alive, no matter what. Go.
I know you lived
in this camp your entire life,
but there is
a world outside it.
However, it's a very
dangerous world.
Trust no one.
Beautiful loaves, huh?
Oh, sorry to scare you.
You want to get
some bread?
Yes, please.
Do you have any money?
I'm afraid my bread
is not free.
Where do you live?
I'm in the circus.
In the circus, huh?
Well, it's not going to be here
for another two weeks.
I think you are a little early.
Where can I get some money
for some bread, sir?
Just take a look
at this kitchen.
It's spotless.
And over there, that's
a traditional wood-burning oven.
You know what abruzzi down
the street bakes his bread with?
And still people buy
from him instead of me.
It's unbelievable.
You know, before I can
give you some bread,
you have to do
something for me.
You have to smile.
Because you are
about to have
the best bread in Italy.
That's why.
Ah, Saint Elizabeth.
The boy wants to know why
he should smile.
I don't think
he knows how to.
Who's that?
That's Saint Elizabeth.
She's the patron Saint
of bakers.
She takes care of everyone
who needs help.
But especially bakers.
Here, see for yourself.
You keep that.
And maybe she'll help you out
sometime, too.
I'll tell you what.
Just stay here and I'll pick you
out a nice, fresh loaf.
There is something
about his face.
His eyes.
They are not the eyes
of a normal boy.
Come and see for yourself.
My friends want to
talk to you.
They just want to know
who you are.
Nothing to worry about.
We need to ask you
a few questions.
I'm trying to help you.
You've got to believe me.
Let me go!
Travel north
as far as you can
good luck to you.
Line up now!
Line up!
Line up here right now!
Right now!
Who did it?
Which one of you
is responsible?
It was him. I know it.
Shoot him!
Saint Elizabeth,
my name is David.
Well, the Baker told me
that you help people.
I want to get to Denmark
and I need help
getting out of these woods.
I have to get to Denmark
and I can't
if I'm lost in here.
You must remain unseen
and if you are seen,
you must blend in
with the people around you.
Ah, Saint Elizabeth.
The boy wants to know
why he should smile.
I don't think he knows how to.
Saint Elizabeth,
remember how I said
I wouldn't ask you
for anything else?
Go away!
Please, go away!
I didn't mean
to make you mad.
I promise. I was just
trying to blend in.
Gena! Be quiet!
Be quiet!
What are you doing
in my vineyard?
Are you eating my grapes?
Well, it's a good thing you're
here, because I need help.
Come. Come along.
Come on.
Thank god, gena caught you.
I'm desperate.
I need you to run this wine over
to the bertelli's party.
Please be careful.
Now, it's three farms
up the road.
And here's two lira
for your trouble.
What? I'm not
giving you more.
Do you know
which way is north?
What do I look like,
a compass?
I've no idea.
Ask the bertellis.
Now go. Go.
Go! Go, go!
Gena! You bad dog!
Where have you been? You should
have been here an hour ago.
Good news, everyone.
The wine's here.
Three cheers
for the delivery boy!
I don't need any strange looking
urchins at my party.
Now scat!
What's the matter with you?
You have to go
to the toilet or something?
I'd like to buy
some food please.
You came to the right place.
I'd like one of those.
Um, that...
And... one of those.
You got money?
Why don't I just sell you
the whole store for that?
Yeah, and I'll throw in
my wife and kids too.
Get lost.
If you would ever
listen to me,
this kind of thing
wouldn't happen.
Look, just calm down. We can't
be that far from a gas station.
We're not hiking off when we
don't know where we're going.
I don't even have
the right shoes.
Excuse me, young man.
We need some help. There
a gas station around here?
The kid's not gonna speak
english. Use your Italian.
Oh, right.
Mia... um...
Machita... uh...
Bisogno... uh...
Mia machita bisogno bistecca.
My wine shop...
Needs steak.
My wine shop needs steak.
Glug, glug, glug,
glug, glug. Ding!
Glug, glug, glug,
glug, glug.
My wine shop needs steak?
I saw a place
back there where they do that.
Oh, you speak english.
Would you go get us some gas?
I'll give you a tip
if you do.
Yes, sir.
I'd like to buy some things.
Hey! What are you
doing on my property?
You think you're gonna
steal something?
Come on and fight me.
What's this?
Something else you stole?
Give me that.
That's mine.
I think it's mine now.
Go ahead and run,
little chicken!
You're pathetic!
I want to escape.
You said that if we weren't
dead, we could change things,
but how do we know
they're going to let us live?
We don't.
Then we should leave
while we still can.
They'll kill us if we try to.
They're going to
kill us anyway.
We should do whatever
we can to stay alive.
That's what you said.
You're scared.
I am.
I don't want to be scared
anymore, Johannes.
Neither do I.
Don't breathe!
I love you, David.
Are you awake?
I was watching you.
I wanted to make sure
you were all right.
How long have I been asleep?
Since yesterday.
You must have been tired.
When the doctor came,
you didn't even wake up.
Mother put you under the covers.
Where's my bundle?
What bundle?
I was just confused.
You got burned.
But not very bad.
I got burned too. See?
Mine weren't bad either,
but cecha and Angelo
are in trouble.
Papa made them go to bed
without supper
because they weren't supposed to
be playing with fire.
What's your name?
I'm Maria.
Thank you for saving me, David.
Papa said I could have died.
You could have too.
You're very brave.
Did I just smile at you?
How come?
I don't know.
Is it because
you think I look funny?
Then maybe you love me.
You're awake.
Maria, did you wake him up?
I told you not to.
His name is David, mama,
and he woke up on his own.
Didn't you, David?
Go downstairs
and get ready for lunch.
David will be down
in a minute.
Yes, mama.
You saved my Maria.
For this,
I owe you my life.
Are you feeling okay?
We have to get hold of you're
parents now that you're awake.
They must be very worried.
We've been asking around, but
no one knows where you're from.
They won't be worried about me.
I... I don't live around here.
I'm on my way somewhere.
By yourself?
Where are you going?
Lunch is ready senora.
Thank you, Julia.
Well, if you're
away from home...
Then I want you to stay
with us for a few days.
The doctor said you should rest
and let your burns heal.
I have brought you some of
Carlo's old clothes.
Now, get dressed.
Then come downstairs.
We've made a special lunch
in your honor.
Everyone's dying to meet you.
I just wanted
to tell you I was sorry.
I didn't mean
to beat you up yesterday.
Look, I thought you were one of
the boys who stole Maria's bike.
You probably would have done
the same thing, right?
Carlo, come down to lunch.
I told you
five minutes ago!
Please don't tell my parents
what happened yesterday, okay?
I didn't mean it.
I swear.
All right?
Thanks. Come on.
My name is giavanni rescigno
and I'm Maria's father.
It an honor to have you
here in our home.
David, come over here.
Maria wants you
to sit next to her.
Maria, I know it's
your turn to say grace,
but if you don't mind,
I'd like to say it today.
Dear god, we thank you
for this wonderful food
of which we are
about to partake
and for all of the bounty
which you provide for us.
We especially want to thank you
for sending us David
whose bravery and selflessness
has kept our dearest Maria
safe and well.
Please bless David
and our little family.
And guide us so that we may
continue to perform
your good works.
Thank you so very much.
Well, David,
I don't know about you,
but I'm starving.
Let's eat.
It's okay, David?
Is it nice to have a family?
I like it,
but I don't know anybody
who doesn't have one.
Don't you have a family?
I don't know,
but I'd like one.
We can be your family.
You can be
an honorary member.
Do you like your brother, Carlo?
Oh, yes, but he
makes fun of me a lot.
He calls me crybaby,
but I don't cry
as much as I used to.
Don't you like him?
There's a lot of people
I don't like.
Why not?
Because the world is filled
with terrible people, Maria,
and they will do
terrible, evil things.
I've seen them.
You don't think that we are
terrible people, do you?
No, not at all.
Not even Carlo?
Let's go inside.
I want to
show you something.
My papa has lots of
poetry books.
He reads to me from them.
Shakespeare is my favorite.
Do you like
Shakespeare's sonnets?
I've never heard them.
You don't know anything good,
do you?
What's that?
That's the earth.
I've never seen a map
like this before.
Do you know
how to read it?
That's Italy...
And there's Russia...
And there's America.
Where's Denmark?
That's up here.
Switzerland and Germany
are between them and us.
Have you ever been to Denmark?
No. Have you?
I'm on my way there now.
You are?
Why are you going to Denmark,
Maria, you know you're
not supposed to be in here
without papa's permission.
Well, I'm sorry.
I just wanted to
read David some poetry.
All right. Why don't you
go cut some flowers for
the dinner table?
Can David help me?
No, let David stay here.
Papa and I want to
talk to him.
How's your
hand feeling, David?
David, Gianni and I
just want to make sure
everything's okay with you.
This morning you said
you're on your way somewhere.
Where are you going?
I'm going to...
To meet up with the circus.
The circus?
Yes. I'm in the circus.
What do you do
in the circus?
Lots of things.
And that's where
your parents are?
Why are your parents
letting you travel by yourself?
It's okay.
They don't mind.
David, are you lying to us?
Are... you... lying... to us?
David, in this house,
lies are not permitted.
No, I swear!
It's okay, David.
It's okay.
David, we just wanted to make
sure everything was all right.
You don't have to worry. My
goodness, we wouldn't hurt you.
We're sorry to ask you
so many questions.
Why don't you go
and get ready for dinner?
You stole it.
When no one was around,
I went into the man's office.
Do you know what they'll do
if they find it?
It was in his desk.
Promise me you
will never take something
that is not yours ever again.
You must promise me that.
Who did it?
Which one of you
is responsible?
It was him.
I know it.
Shoot him.
They must be taught a lesson.
No, it was him.
Take care of her,
Saint Elizabeth.
I don't deserve to have you
look after me anymore.
I don't deserve anything good.
Please tell Maria
that I'm sorry.
And if you talk to Johannes...
Tell him I'm sorry too.
That was a big mistake, boy.
It wasn't me!
I didn't throw it!
Let me out!
Where do you think
you're going?
You better stay
right there, boy!
Hey! Hey!
Come back!
Come back here! Where do you
think you're going? Come here!
I'll find you, boy!
Hey, my friend.
I see you made it to shore.
Well done.
Roberto? Why aren't you
on the ship?
I quit. It was too boring.
Besides, they caught me stealing
a crate of tomatoes.
You need a ride?
Hop in.
So, where are you going to?
That's a long way.
I'm only going to Milan.
That's okay.
I was in Denmark
a few summers ago.
It's pretty nice.
Lot's of good-looking girls.
Goodbye, my friend.
And good luck.
Say hello to Denmark for me.
I thought there was
somebody there.
I always know when someone's
looking at me behind my back.
Some sort of psychic energy,
don't you think?
Come take a look
at this, will you?
I've been trying all morning
to capture the essence
of this beautiful place.
Usually, when I come up here,
it inspires me.
But today, nothing seems
to be working for me.
What do you think?
Um, it's...
It's very pretty.
Is it?
It all seems
a bit lifeless to me.
You've got a very
interesting face.
Would you mind if I painted it?
What color do you want
to paint my face?
Oh, I like that.
I think you'll make
quite a challenging subject.
Well, that is, if you don't mind
sitting for a bit.
I'm Sophie, by the way.
What's your name?
Oh, that's too perfect.
Well, Michelangelo
had his David.
So you've got
to let me have mine.
You're very good
at sitting still, David.
Most adults I paint
can't sit still for a minute
without fidgeting.
I always tell them,
the more they move, the worse
they'll look in the picture.
But that doesn't mean
you can't move your mouth.
Talking won't
ruin the painting.
I'm not that bad.
I don't really
have anything to say.
Oh, well, then you
don't have to say anything.
There are an awful lot
of people in this world
who have nothing to say,
but seem to spend all
their time talking.
You're right
to conserve your words.
It means you'll
be a man of great power.
I don't want to be
a man of great power.
Then you don't have to be.
Just be happy that you're
the kind of person who could be
if he wanted to.
I'm having such trouble
with your eyes.
I've never had to use
so much black paint before.
Such serious eyes.
Such a serious face.
Well, just want to do
more finishing touches,
and then we're done.
I wish my house was
a bit closer.
I'd love to
invite you to lunch
to repay you
for your kindness.
Where do you live?
Just over
the border.
In Switzerland.
David, are you quite
sure your parents won't mind
you coming this far?
It's okay.
They don't mind.
They don't live
around here anyway.
I see.
What is that?
Oh, that's just
my sketch book.
All my drawings are in there.
Can I look at them, please?
Oh, you can if you want to.
But I warn you,
they're not very good.
I went to a few art classes
when I was younger.
And I never really
kept up with it.
And I only started
painting again a year ago.
Just for my own amusement.
Who's that?
Oh. Oh, that's
just a boy I knew
a long time ago.
I told you they
were not very good.
I have to get out.
Is something the matter, David?
Of course, you can do
whatever you want,
but I thought you wanted
to see Switzerland.
I do.
Well, now, they're going
to ask us for identification.
Do you have any?
Well, it doesn't really matter.
This is an easy border.
It shouldn't be a problem.
Good day, ma'am.
Good morning.
Your papers please.
Yes, of course.
And for the boy, also.
Well, this is
my grandson, officer.
And, you know, we left the house
in such a hurry this morning.
He forgot to bring
his identification.
I don't know.
My orders are to check
everyone's papers,
even children.
Couldn't you relax
the rules for a bit?
All he wants to do is
to come into your country
and overthrow the government
and then rush right out again.
All right, Mrs. Anderson.
Have a nice day.
And, young man,
see if you can get us
all pay raises
while you are taking
over our country.
There, you see?
No problem.
Now we can go
and have some lunch.
I'm afraid there's
no escaping my artwork.
But it's less expensive
than buying real paintings.
They look like real
paintings to me.
But wait a minute.
We have to add my latest work
to the gallery wall.
Hold it a minute,
would you?
Thank you.
Is that what I look like?
To me, yes.
It's my impression of you.
That's why it's called
impressionistic painting.
What do you see
when you look at it?
Well, yes.
That's not quite what I meant.
You have to look at paintings
from the way you look
at other things.
More closely...
To see what it
says to you.
When I look at the boy
in that painting,
I see a very intelligent,
very serious person.
And a good person.
There's something
about the eyes...
And the face
that seems
lost and sad.
But that's as far
as I can see
because he doesn't want to let
the world see any further.
Do you really see all that?
Yes. Yes, I do.
Oops, there's our tea.
I hope there's enough food
for you, David.
I'm a very light eater,
but I know boys
can pack away quite a lot.
I'm fine.
It's very nice. Thank you.
Oh, hello, Annette.
I thought you might
smell our food.
Or have you come
to say hello to our guest?
Do you like cats, David?
I don't know. I guess so.
Well, if you knew Annette,
you would.
She's very sweet
and also very funny,
aren't you, pussycat?
What's that?
It's a locket.
I've had it for ages.
It belonged to my mother.
And look, I'll show you.
My father had it inscribed
on the back.
He gave it to her
on their wedding day.
Is that the same boy
that you drew?
That's my son, Peter.
Or he was my son.
He died not long after
that picture was taken.
What happened?
He had always been
a frail child.
But he was a very sweet,
very loving boy.
Did he live here with you?
No, no, we all lived
in Zurich then.
But some other things happened
after Peter died and...
And I decided to move up here.
And besides, who wouldn't
want to live up here?
It's such a beautiful place.
Don't you think?
We think so,
don't we, pussycat?
Would you like
to hold her?
She won't bite.
She's so soft.
And she's vibrating.
She's purring, David.
Have you never
stroked a cat before?
Where do you live, David?
I'm in the circus.
In the circus?
Well, my goodness.
It must be very interesting.
Yes, it is.
It's very interesting.
If you need
a place to stay the night,
you're very welcome
to stay here.
I can't. I have to go.
I can't stay anywhere anymore.
David, if there's something
troubling you,
I'd very much like
to help you if I can.
Please, don't turn me in.
Turn you in to who?
To them.
To him, to anyone.
I wouldn't dream of turning you
in to anybody for any reason.
You're quite safe
here, David.
You're safe.
From the guards?
From everybody.
I want to tell you everything,
Sophie, but I can't.
I just can't.
David, you don't have to
tell me anything.
I just want you to know
that you're safe here
and that everything
will be all right.
Sleep well, David.
Everything's all right.
Oh, good morning, David.
I hope I didn't wake you.
I have to go to the village.
I promised to take some food
to a friend of mine who's sick.
You can come along
if you want to.
Why do people do
such terrible things?
Like what?
Like beat people and kill them
and make them prisoners?
Well, most people
don't do that, David.
My friend Johannes
always used to tell me...
"Trust no one."
Life wouldn't be worth living
if you did that, David.
You can be cautious,
but you have to let people in.
How do you know
if they're bad or not?
David, most people are good.
They have families and friends.
And they just want to live their
lives as happily as they can.
There will always
be bad people in this world
and you'll usually know them
when you meet them.
But sometimes you won't.
But you can't let that
stop you from...
Living your life
fully and freely...
And making friends...
And seeing the goodness
in people.
Because if you don't do that,
you'll never find any happiness.
Now this is
my friend's house.
But you don't need
to come in, David.
Why don't you go exploring?
Look around some of the shops.
I'll meet you in the bookshop
in a little while, okay?
They're nice people, David.
You don't have to
worry about anything.
And hello to you.
You must do everything
I just told you
if you want to escape.
They're moving me
to another camp tomorrow
and I can no longer
watch over you.
This is the only way
you'll ever be safe.
Do you understand?
I know you've lived
in this camp your entire life,
but there is
a world outside it.
it's a very dangerous world.
Trust no one.
I'm sorry about
your friend, Johannes.
I've seen this book before.
What is it?
Oh, that's a wonderful book,
It was written by a woman who
lost her husband and her son
in Bulgaria after the war.
The husband came from england
and when he went to Bulgaria
to rouse people against
the communists,
he took her
and the boy with him.
But they were all arrested, and
the man and the boy were killed.
But one of the guards had known
the woman since they were
children together
and he'd always been
in love with her
so he arranged for forged papers
and helped her to escape.
Is the woman still alive?
She lives in Denmark.
cold water
surrounds me now
and all
I've got
is your hand
lord, can you hear me now?
Or am I lost?
Love one's daughter
allow me that
And I can't let go
of your hand
lord, can you hear me now?
can you hear me now?
cold water
surrounds me now
and all
I've got
is your hand
can you hear me?
Lord, can you hear me?
can you hear me?
I am David.
I know, David.
I know.