I Am Fear (2020) Movie Script

Some years ago, as I
was about to go on the air
with a back story about
the formative days
of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia,
my producer came up to me
and said that an intern
had taken it upon herself
to fact-check the story,
and had discovered a
Well, rather than get angry
five minutes before
the broadcast,
I said, well, you know,
bring her here.
I want to meet her right now.
Well, Ernie took off and a
moment later he came back,
and following him was this
22-year-old Georgetown graduate.
It was the intern.
Her hair was done up in a
greasy ponytail.
She stepped onstage,
into the light
that's supposed to wrap my face,
She stuck out her hand,
and in shock I shook it.
She gave me this knowing grin,
and do you remember what
you said to me?
Of course I remember.
I said we've never met,
but my name is Sara Brown
and you're gonna want to hear
what I have to tell you next.
You'll be blindfolded
and the drive will be long.
You'll have exactly 20
minutes with Ra'ar,
and if all goes as planned,
be back in Baghdad
roughly 13 hours.
If all goes as planned.
If all goes as planned.
Thank you.
Rain in the desert.
Must be your lucky day.
Have fun.
My pocket.
The lighter.
You missed it.
The Abaris have moved on,
taking with them their
all-you-can-rape buffet.
Some was easy.
The women and children,
they fled
up the mountain on foot
to pray for mercy from
their peacock god.
That was interesting.
Did you know that since
Assyrian times,
their faith forbids
them to write?
Do you even know what
faith they were originally?
I'll give you a hint.
They weren't Shiite.
They're sorrier than Christians.
And if you thought that
were Zoroastrianists,
you'd be wrong as well.
They were Satanists.
Pre-Islamic devil worshipers.
Then in good old oral
tradition, so the story goes,
in Assyrian times at
the top of Mount Sinjar
stood the temple of Melek.
Now, even if this
cosmogonic-infatuated world
we live in today, Melek would
be considered the devil.
But back then, Melek
translated meant simply king.
And unlike God,
Melek did not want your
donations on a Sunday.
And really unlike God,
Melek could not give a
fuck about your prayers.
No, what Melek wanted from
the Yazidis was their fear.
And to the Yazidis, as
far as God goes,
God was anyone or anything
that could deliver
them from Melek.
Now, doesn't that sound
more real to life
than all other bullshit
we hear today, huh?
You don't have to do this.
I have my own money.
I can take you to it.
Respectfully, Asad,
and I do respect you,
you are a good pro,
but why would you still
be in this pissed-in sandbox
asshole end of the world
if you had any amount of money
I gave a shit about, huh?
Tens of thousands of dollars.
- Asad, hey!
- Sterling.
No, no, no, Asad, you
don't understand.
I don't give a shit about
this pitiful sum of money.
No, far more valuable to
me is seeing what happens
to people who try to
rip off my money drop,
and to their families.
Not my son.
Hey, yes your son.
If you needed cash, you
should have stolen
from the Americans or
the Germans,
and lied about it like
the Russians.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
my son.
Hey, it's not your fault.
You did not know the
Yazidi secret.
Neither did I, because it's
never been written anywhere.
Has to be whispered to you.
It's far better for you to
see it and to experience it.
Shall I whisper it to you?
He's here.
Asad, smile.
You're on camera.
Don't talk, don't talk.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream
That's it, that's it, pray.
Pray that his life is sensitive.
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream
Oh God, oh, God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Kill me first!
No, not my son, no, no!
Kill me first!
Not my son, kill me, me!
Please, please, no!
Kill me first!
I want to ask you about,
about the secular component
of the Islamic State.
The movement began with a few
private, anonymous investors
who funded early operations.
Now as the caliphate
spans thousands of miles,
it controls banks, oil
fields, mining facilities.
With these millions of dollars...
It's not millions.
It's billions.
Well, with it you're
able to employ...
Say it.
With these
billions of dollars,
you're able to employ members
of the global
mercenary community.
When we use them, you
call them mercenaries.
When America uses them, they're
called security contractors.
That's a good point.
With these billions of dollars,
you're able to better train
Islamic State fighters,
assassinate tribal leaders,
even hire an expansive team
of counterintelligence experts
to help protect yourself.
The wake of the
caliphate's expansion
has shown a clear
strategic emphasis
on capturing these
resources and monetary gain.
Is Allah concerned with wealth?
Why don't you ask the Pope
how God likes living in
his home in the Vatican?
Allah is not a Marxist.
Allah is not a capitalist.
God is simply Allah,
and his philosophy is
So you might say that
we are in revolt
against any philosophy
that places itself
above the word of Allah.
But that doesn't pay the rent.
Well, how would you
describe the difference
between you and Osama bin Laden?
I am not at the
bottom of the ocean.
Al-Qaeda was willing to
wait a century
to create the caliphate
and Islamic State.
Where they seek the
reverent and the wealthy,
we seek the bold and
but we are willing to accept
the fearful just the same.
That is how we few became many.
You want to know what
Osama bin Laden
really concerned himself with?
He was concerned with
spectacular acts of reprisal,
seeking to cull the
support of the media.
The more the act had size, the
greater the media attention,
and the more people
who would watch,
the more the world feared.
The more the world feared,
the more who watched.
And yet one might say the
more attention bin Laden got,
the more he became a target.
Asad, this fear
is touching divinity.
You are offering to
the Yazidikin
the closest thing to
his experience
anyone can have
around these parts.
Can you feel it, Asad?
It's beautiful.
I know you can keep the secret.
Don't fucking move!
God is anything
that can save you, huh?
Your god today, Asad,
is in that duffel bag.
Save your prayers.
She'll fucking love you.
Just stay there.
There you go.
Polar sky, I repeat, polar
sky is confirmed KIA.
All right.
I'm afraid
our time together is up.
On behalf of GBN, I'd
like to thank you
for granting me this
exclusive interview,
and for respecting the safety
of foreign journalists in
conflict areas.
The whole world is
a conflict area, Sara.
What do you think it would take
for people to realize that?
As-salamu alaykum.
50L10, see
if you can get
SWAT gear out of area 50.
All officers,
suspects are wearing body armor.
What the fuck is this?
- What the fuck is this?
- It's a traffic chopper.
- Will you shut this thing up?
- I need this fucking thing.
- Just calm the fuck down.
- Son of a bitch.
- Fuck!
- Is he dead?
- He's just passed out.
- God.
You were supposed
to be covering,
you little piece of shit.
I didn't see him.
You're gonna
be all right.
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna die.
Move it, what are
you waiting for?
Just bring him in here.
- Take it easy, take it easy.
- Bring him in here.
Put him down, put him down.
Here you go, let's
see what I got.
I need to see what I have,
I need to see what I have.
This is gonna take a
minute to take effect.
cannot stay up anymore.
No, no.
You will wake up again,
if not here, in the Jannah.
I don't wanna die.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- I don't wanna die.
- I want to wake up here.
- You won't die.
He has to take it out.
He has to take it...
No, no.
Okay, we're gonna
get this out.
- Hey!
- We're gonna get this.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Hey.
Hey, God dammit.
- Do something.
- Come on.
Okay, okay.
- What, what, what?
- He's not breathing.
- Why'd you stop?
- Here.
Hold this, hold this on
his face, right here.
Hold this on his face,
right there.
Okay, you pump, you
pump right there, okay?
Come on, come on, come on.
- Where's the defibrillator?
- I don't have anything else.
I don't have a defibrillator.
Just keep pumping.
Ahmad is dead.
Our fucking doctor is a junkie.
He's got fucking track
marks all over his arms.
Looks like another one of our
chat room starts fucks up.
Someone go check on her.
There was nothing
else I could do.
I know, I know.
Um, Moosavi, are you
familiar with trance music?
You know trance pop?
You know, like.
Fuck, shit.
Do you have demands, or
are you just gonna kill me?
We have demands, and
we're just gonna kill you.
Please let RJ go.
He has a family.
I'm enough for the camera.
He's of no use to you.
I don't see how letting him
go would be of any use to us.
He's got a a little girl.
She's two.
What's your name?
My name is Jalliel.
Jalliel, may I make a request?
It doesn't matter what he did.
It doesn't matter.
It does matter.
He was a fucking junkie.
You can't trust junkies.
I'm in charge here.
You don't do shit like this.
Where are the track marks?
Right there, they're
just covered in blood.
Show me.
Right fucking here.
Wait, wait a minute.
I don't see any track marks.
I, I saw track marks.
Did you see any?
I wasn't looking, but I
don't know why we cut him.
Well, he's dead now.
It is what itis.
Who gave her the chat?
You gave her the chat, right?
Well, she wanted
something to paint with.
Think before you do
something stupid like this.
Why don't you, uh, give
her her cell phone back?
Are into flames.
However, the big story of...
Developing since the break,
a group of masked men...
Armed with automatic rifles,
Was a shootout and kidnapping,
apparently involving
GBN correspondent
and well-known conservative
political commentator,
Sara Brown.
- Sara Brown...
- Sara Brown...
EN correspondent, Sara Brown.
For her tireless efforts,
working with the World
Refugee Children's Fund.
The organization had
raised 230...
Brown has been in
the spotlight recently,
because of her exclusive and
seemingly impossible interview
with Islamic State commander,
Ra'ar al Yasim a few months...
= Put this on now.
I said now!
Fucking move it!
The price is death.
No one is truly safe,
not any more.
So enjoy your fireworks.
You know, I used to
have a small house
outside of Zayouna in Baghdad.
Just me, my mother, and Samir.
- Remember?
- Yeah.
And his mom, what
happened to her again?
She died in childbirth.
Sure, we all had ups and
downs, but my family was safe.
My son was going to school.
So we became at peace
with being powerless.
Then you invaded,
And Saddam got on the
TV and radio
and said that we were
gonna win again.
My mother, who was dying,
came to me
and said it was time for
us to act now,
no matter what the
Americans did.
It was time for Iraq to answer
the call of justice and
remove Saddam.
So I listened.
Four months later, I was working
with the Delta Force as
a translator,
and we pulled Saddam out
of that fucking rat hole
where he was hiding.
The time when I helped
you with Saddam,
that week my son's school
was fucking blown up.
I told my son
there will be
schools in America that
he can go to.
But then, nothing.
We got nothing.
You forgot the part where you
disobeyed the team commander
when you beat the shit
out of Saddam.
Took a makeup team over an hour
to get him ready for
the arraignment.
It was fucking Saddam.
They should've fucking
hung him right there.
Yeah, you also forgot the part
where you tried to
smuggle $80,000
in bearer bonds into Turkey,
coming back.
Those were mine.
- Bullshit.
- Yeah.
They were traced back to a
bank in Tecriq,
a bank that was owned by
Saddam's family.
That was a safety deposit box
my mother had before she died.
She was from Tecriq.
Your mom is Jordanian.
So agree to
fucking disagree, okay?
So what now?
Am I to pose as a lone
wolf recruiter
and infiltrate some
dormant sleeper cell?
Use some of my Ra'ar
credibility once again?
That shit works until it
fucking doesn't.
We got this bill we
need Congress to pass
to help the Vice
President outsource
Federal law enforcement
jobs to a private company.
So we, uh, we need
you to shoot up
a junior high school in
North Hollywood.
No mass casualties.
Maybe no more than five, six.
- Kids.
- Yeah.
We're just fucking with you.
CIA doesn't really do
that kind of shit.
Fuck no, unless you
believe nine out of 10
old Black guys that will
tell you differently.
- That kinda shit, really.
- Fuck you guys, man.
So what is it?
Exactly what you said.
Word for word, literally.
Get in.
Where is Ahmad?
He was supposed to be with you.
I need his authorized
Not without his confirmation.
I won't ask you again.
Are you fucking crazy?
I want his confirmation
now, or we all die.
Your reputation precedes you,
I am Ahmad, and you
are Asad Nasir,
Ra'ar still trusts.
Please come in the back.
This just in: according to
Los Angeles fire officials,
it has now been confirmed
that all of these fires
are the work of one
single arsonist,
and we're basing this,
of course,
off of reports on the
type of incendiary
and burn patterns found
at the scene.
271 days, we do know
it has been,
since we've had any rainfall
in Southern California,
and these fires can't seem
to come at a worse time.
Breaking news
from the United States.
UCLA Medical Center has let
us know that Alex Schamoff,
the security officer injured
in the shootout in Los Angeles,
has passed away from the
injuries he sustained.
We are now going live
to Los Angeles.
What the fuck?
What's going on?
What are you looking at?
I bet you a whole fucking
white American cunt's life
that nobody has done anything
to you but kiss your ass,
give you nice clothes,
and tell you
how fucking white and
amazing you are,
and make you feel like
you're somebody special.
Why didn't Ra'ar just
kill me then?
Why now?
Just waited until his interview
was shown all over the
fucking world?
Don't feel so important.
You're just a
primetime news whore
who sucked Jew dicks
to be on TV.
What's so terrifying
about dying in Iraq?
It happens every day.
It's terrifying to Americans
when it happens on
your doorstep,
on the land of the free
and disbelievers.
There are no more
borders in the world,
not even in the caliphates.
I don't know what that means,
because I am just a
primetime news whore.
Do you think when
you're facing the blade,
you'll lose that sassy mouth
that's always
interrupting men on GBN,
while you're screeching
and talking over them?
This is Ra'ar,
operating in Iraq in 2006.
The man on his right is the
founder of the Islamic State,
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.
Back then IS was just
a division of al-Qaeda.
Ra'ar was a Sunni
cleric in Mosul
who started his own 180-man
brigade during the insurgency.
This is a more recent
photograph of Ra'ar,
one of the first of him
not wearing any glasses.
Supposedly he underwent
laser corrective surgery
about a year before I
interviewed him.
It's actually not uncommon for
some of these higher-up guys
to have had the same
doctors their whole lives.
It sounds more like a
rich kid thing
than a terrorist thing
if you ask me.
What did your family think
about the risk you took?
I mean, two French
journalists were beheaded,
what was it, just two weeks ago?
What made you think they'd keep
their word about your safety?
I don't have any family.
I was adopted, and my
parents were older.
That's the one
bonehead question
I'm going to allow myself.
Look, it sounds like
you're asking me
if I have a death wish.
Am I correct?
I mean, you said it.
The last time I had
a death wish,
I was in this school,
taking this course,
and we had to read 400 pages
of Graham Greene a weekend.
Uh, these Kurdish
tribal leaders...
Who was the
man you just skipped over?
That was Joshua Halil.
I say was because
supposedly Joshua Halil,
an Israeli officer in
the Shayetet 13,
which is their Navy
SEAL equivalent,
supposedly he died in a
helicopter crash
in Afghanistan in 2010.
Who is he?
He was the world's most
proficient counterinsurgent,
turned private contractor.
He was known by Hamas as
Atam, or The Darkness.
And it's rumored that
he had risen
to number two on the
CIA's most wanted list.
Last question is from Michael,
a second-year German
exchange student
from the University of Hamburg.
As a journalism student,
I have noticed
that your style of coverage
is becoming more and more
Can't you tell the difference
between the godless
ideals of ISIS,
and true Allah-fearing Muslims?
Do you also think I
got Ahmad killed?
I think it was his time to go.
Even leaders make mistakes.
I think Allah is
testing my resolve.
Let me tell you something.
As some might have you believe,
Allah does not only
respect killers.
I'm not an idiot.
I know you're not believers.
And so?
So you're mercenaries.
We kill for money, and
you kill in the name of God.
What's the difference?
People still die.
So who's Joshua Halil?
Well, I heard Bashu and Shabaviz
speaking by Sara's cell.
He was death.
He is the man who killed my son,
He worked for Ra'ar, doing
things I would never do.
I killed him.
What are these for?
For our extraction plan.
And just in case
we got the cops on our ass.
Here we go.
These two men.
Ziad Nazari and Hassan al
Najari went AWOL last week.
They're Iraqi police trainees.
They were here in the
US on a joint training
operation with Army Rangers.
Washington has been trying
to bridge these relations
between the new Iraqi
government and the US
by doing this kind of shit.
Big fucking mistake.
These two guys just walked
off the base last week.
Don't recognize
either one of them.
Maybe they're at the safe house,
but I haven't been there yet.
They're still keeping
you in the dark,
even though Ra'ar personally
put you in the cell?
That's right, shortly
after we got ahold of Joshua,
we started to receive
cyber intel.
A very motivated source
was telling us
that Ra'ar was reaching
out, trying to find you.
That's why we chose that
cell for you to cut into.
I mean, that's what
Ra'ar wanted.
He trusts you.
How come you still don't
know their objective?
I mean, it could be
a dirty bomb,
could be a mass shooting.
Hell, it could be a
fucking catered luncheon
at the 21 Club for all we know.
See you in 24 hours.
So what the
fuck were you doing in there?
Spying on me?
Did I tell you you
could come in?
Ra'ar didn't
say we should do that.
Ra'ar is not
here right now, is he?
- Hey, hey.
- This is why we killed him.
He can't shoot straight.
You can't hear well.
What the fuck can you do,
hold the fucking camera?
It's combat.
Shit happens.
Yeah, well if I was on
his six, he wouldn't have.
Why did Ra'ar even send you,
You're not devout.
You're a fucking mercenary
with no country, no faith,
no family.
You're right.
And also don't forget,
no more patience either.
We're good?
You fucked up.
That's what she said
when she mouthed off to me.
That's why I choked her.
Long ago I was in love
with a girl, Halima Nioi.
Her father, Rashid, hated me.
He used to call me that.
Halima had epilepsy.
One day when she was
driving, she had an attack,
and drove into an
American checkpoint.
They killed her, of course,
thinking she was a bomber.
Rashid came to my home
and said it was my fault.
He said if I was with her,
that wouldn't have happened.
He had a bomb.
He wanted me to
avenge her death.
I refused.
I was scared.
That evening he went to
the checkpoint
himself with the bomb.
It was just a coincidence.
She pronounced
it exactly like he did.
Asad, have you ever
known anyone
that acts the way she acts?
I mean, she's painting a
fucking picture right now.
And how did she know
about Joshua Halil?
She's an international
news correspondent.
bullshit and you know it.
Joshua was blacked out,
blacker than black.
No civilian could know
shit about him,
no matter how well-connected.
Maybe no civilian.
What does that mean?
That means she was a
spook, a fucking CIA cunt.
She's not CIA.
There are no fucking
black helicopters.
She just said a name.
I say we do the cameraman now,
initiate the extraction plan,
and we'll do her just
right before we go.
No one is going to
break the plan
because a bitch has us
all stir-crazy.
Ra'ar gave the order, and
we execute them, right?
He wanted her.
And no one is going to change
the plan until I say so.
Whose watch is it?
Mine, I'm going.
Welcome back.
We start with breaking news
from our top commanders
of new forces in the
insurgency of new Iraq.
The spokesman there said it took
several days to confirm
through DNA testing,
but we have learned that
Ra'ar al Yasim's body
was in fact one of the bodies
found inside the bunker.
Again, the Pentagon is
confirming at this hour,
Ra'ar al Yasim is deceased,
and has been for almost
four months now.
The details of his death
and the whereabouts of
the secret bunker
where this body was found
have yet to be revealed.
Of course, keep it
tuned right here.
We will follow this story
day and night to bring
you more information.
As soon as Ahmad briefs
you on your cell's objective,
you're to contact us
When's your next pickup?
Tomorrow night.
Two-way with us after.
Remember, keep your cell
phone powered on at all times.
We're running the StingRay
so we can track you.
Asad, get in.
I thought we weren't
meeting until tonight.
Surrender all your personal
What's going on?
The mission is how underway.
Take him inside.
Take his boots off, let's go.
Say, bro, that house of yours
is in Porter Ranch, right?
Shit, man.
10 houses already burned down.
That's right, your whole
fucking city is burning.
What the hell is going on?
I don't
know anymore.
My money is on something
having to do with this.
Is that where your money is?
Tell me something
about your money.
Is that why The Darkness
killed your son,
because you ripped off
his money, huh?
And I bet you that
you knew Halil
would come after you
if you stole it, right?
Except in the process, your
son, what was his name, Samir?
He gets cut up, right?
But then I put two and
two together.
Joshua, Ra'ar's
right-hand man knows.
He's working both sides.
You ever mention my son again,
I will do to you what I
did to Joshua.
Go on, do it.
You got no choice.
Do it.
I thought you were never
going to come speak to me.
It's hard for a girl to make
the first move, Major Nasir.
What is this?
Are you the little girl,
asking for salvation from
a peacock angel?
She's beautiful, isn't she?
How do you know Joshua Halil?
I'm an international
news correspondent.
You can cut the bullshit.
I have your necklace right here,
Were you just fucking him to
get intel on the Green Zone,
or did you actually
care about him?
You're just trying to find a
justification for killing me.
Anybody who can love
that sadistic fuck
cannot be any different herself.
I don't know you very well,
but I know you well
enough to know
that you're a man
looking for faith,
ever since Samir's murder.
How do you know about that?
Deep down, you wonder if
you're going to heaven or hell.
I just wonder how a man
who's heard the secret
can possibly still wonder.
Heard what secret?
I think you know.
You have less than a day left.
I do know that.
Please make sure
the world sees my painting.
I will, Sara.
I promise.
We're best friends now, Asad.
In fact, he loves it.
Stop it.
Stop fucking
sharpening that knife.
I'm glad you're back.
You ran off earlier.
RJ just got caught in
the middle of this fight.
He had no idea who
you really are.
Well, he's in good
company then, Asad,
because neither do you.
You are a spook,
a scared CIA pawn in
over her head.
I know you
are, Asad, but what am I?
I know there's no excuse
to be juvenile at a
time like this.
It's just, you did walk
right into that one.
Why don't you tell
me who you really are?
Ladies first.
Why don't you tell me
what it was like
when you cut my dear
Joshua's head off?
Did he scream?
Did his throat gurgle?
Did you use duct
tape or zip ties
to keep him from
flailing around?
That's right, you
didn't need to,
because he was already dead.
No, I killed him.
I cut the fucker's head off
for what he did to my son.
No, he wasn't alive
when you cut his head off,
not like Samir was.
So you didn't really
avenge his death, did you?
Just please, please, when
you put RJ and I
in front of the camera,
please kill me first.
Need a drink right about now?
I have an idea.
Why don't we watch the video?
You know, the one where you cut
Joshua's head off after he died.
It's on the same tape
as Samir's, isn't it?
I bet you somebody has
it around here.
I would actually really
like to see it again.
Where did you see it?
See, that's not fair, Asad,
because you haven't answered
any of my questions yet.
I saw it on Ra'ar's laptop.
- Sleeper cells.
- It makes sense.
- We never saw this news.
- Of course.
He wouldn't
really want you to know.
What are you doing here?
It's an honor to meet you,
I was just asking the rest of
your team the same question.
What are you talking about?
He means she wasn't even
our fucking mission, Asad.
How is that possible?
We're working on direct
orders from Ra'ar.
Did you that Ra'ar is dead?
He never switched hideouts.
The American intel
found him in his bunker,
along with the others, dead.
It's all over the news.
It has been for awhile,
except they are not releasing
the circumstances of his death.
Oh, fuck me.
Your mission was to facilitate
and evacuate my arson team.
Who do you think set up
all these fires?
We knew you guys were here.
You just never checked in.
We were instructed to
have zero contact,
because our phones and
email may be tracked.
Fucking bullshit.
You're a fucking liar.
Joshua is dead, and now Ra'ar,
but not before he assigns
you to this mission.
He was fucking dead.
How could he?
Where you going, chat room boy?
How did they die, Ra'ar,
the rest?
Somebody butchered them.
She's on every news website
and network on the planet.
She's fucking number
one trending on Twitter.
I don't know about you guys,
but this is all
making sense to me.
Butchered, like Joshua Halil.
Not like Halil, worse.
He was dismembered,
The Americans found their
bodies, what was left of them.
They'd been rotting down
there for awhile.
Listen to me.
There is something very wrong,
but I had nothing to do with it.
If Ahmad was not getting his
orders from him, then who?
Was it you, Hassan?
You, Ziad?
Before I left for Fort
Henry, I spoke with Ra'ar,
and he said you were
the most skilled killer
he had ever met, but that
you are now a disbeliever,
and he didn't know if he
could still trust you.
Did he say anything else?
He did.
What was it?
I'm forgetting.
He said that if there were
anything to happen to him,
it was because of you, and that
we should kill your CIA ass.
I have a family.
I have a family.
Please, please, no.
Please, please, please, no.
Please, God, no.
I have a family.
I have a little girl.
That's more than I ever got.
Fuck you.
Row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream
When you look at it,
what do you see?
When you look at me,
what do you see?
I see a farmer's son who's
filled with hate and fear.
And that gives me hope.
I'm about to show you
the real face of terror.
How can you show me
when you haven't even
seen it yourself?
And as it was once, it
will be again.
In the name of the
almighty Allah,
know that when our children
die in the name of jihad,
they go serenely and quietly
into the loving arms of Allah.
When your children die,
they sound like this.
Where did she go?
Give me the fucking key.
Where did she go?
I don't know where she is.
You stay away from me!
Don't worry,
Hey, we're right behind you.
We got your back.
Hey, Steve
how you enjoying America?
about some music?
That's what we liked.
For everything I
helped you with, be Asad.
Why would a devil run
from bullets?
There is no devil,
There is no God either.
There is only fear.
Fear is the only motive.
But you are all sheep,
believing everything you hear.
Fucking sheep.
It was never all right,
my heart.
It has always been you, Samir.
I knew your prophets.
I knew your prophets,
and they all tasted as
good as Ra'ar.
But none of them had any
answers for me.
Do you, Asad?
I know you are, but what am I?
It's been two weeks
since your harrowing
escape from your
terrorist captors,
barely making it out of
the building alive
before the building itself
collapsed in flames behind you.
Your story has
touched the hearts
and minds of most Americans.
In fact, Congress just
voted to fund
an emergency measure set
forth by the President
to begin background registration
and procedures in place to
process every Muslim in America,
and to close the borders
to all non-Americans.
Just made it out of
the warehouse,
you're waiting for the police.
What were you thinking?
I was thinking this is a sign.
This is the sign you've
been waiting for, Sara.
This is a sign from God.
God has let you live so that
you can go on to do more.
So that I can tell my
story to you,
to America, to the world.
Because knowledge is power,
and the good people
here and abroad
deserve to know the truth.
I'm not gonna lie, Steve.
We have every reason to be fearful.