I AM Hardwell Documentary (2013) Movie Script

I am two persons with one face.
That's how you should see it.
So who is Robbert?
Robbert is a guy born and bred
in Breda, 25 years old now...
whose hobby takes him
all over the world.
And who is Hardwell?
- I created him as Robbert's alter ego.
Hardwell is the stage name I use
for playing and producing music.
He's become one of the world's
greatest DJs.
Dance tour, baby.
Let's do the biggest sit-down
in the world.
If anyone can do it,
it's Breda, right?
So everyone sit down.
Tell your neighbors to sit down.
I'll count to 4 and I want everyone
to jump up at the same time.
Stay low.
Come on.
Are you ready, Breda'?
- Hold on. Get your ass low.
Breda, let's go.
One, two, three, four.
Good morning to our youngest guest,
he's 16: Robbert van de Corput.
Better known as DJ Hardwell.
- That's right.
What kind of music do you make?
I became well-known with my
Bubbling Beats CDs.
Bubbling is a style.
What is bubbling?
-It's a Surinamese/Antillean genre.
It came across to the Netherlands
and I picked it up and introduced it here.
It got me a record deal
and I released 4 CDs.
People think DJs only play music,
but I'm also a producer.
I had music lessons
and I play the piano and keyboard.
So I do have a musical background,
I can do more than just play records.
What's your dream for the future'?
- Being the number one DJ in the world.
In ten years I want to have my own
concert like Tisto has now.
Is he your role model?
Or is he different?
His style is completely different,
and so is his scene.
But he's still a role model for all
DJs and musicians in my scene.
Awesome, huh? This is the place.
This is the place, right?
- Right.
- So cool.
It's much bigger than I thought.
And those stands will go.
- Yes, those stands will be gone too.
It'll be completely flat.
- And it's sold out.
This is awesome.
I can just picture the stage.
45 meters wide.
It is incredibly high.
Usually it's very dark here.
This is quite a milestone.
I remember seven years ago
I had to call my dad to pick me up...
after Chuckie's first concert.
Not even Dirty Dutch. It was
Luxurush at Heineken Music Hall.
They had the stage there
and the VIP deck behind it.
You could see into the DJ booth.
We stood there all night.
I was dying to play in this hall, too.
And now you will.
- Now my own concert will be here.
He came to my office six years ago.
It was just an informal chat
to get to know each other, but...
he stayed all afternoon.
We got on really well.
When I first saw him play,
at some very small venue...
I thought: You've got it.
You're gonna be huge.
The first time I met him and saw him
at work in the studio...
I worked for a label
and I'd seen many artists.
But I'd never seen anyone
with his kind of drive...
or his excellent musical talent,
even back then...
for making and hearing music.
He's pure passion.
That sets him apart from the others.
My first time at your agency I said I
wanted to play at Heineken Music Hall.
And you were like: Sure, great.
I hadn't even signed up yet.
But I said it and here we are.
When he came to me,
he dreamed of HMH.
Robbert: says things that make him
sound really ambitious.
But he always delivers.
I think it's a real high point
for a DJ.
Because most people still think
DJs just play records.
So if you have your own concert,
your own people and production...
you do what world-famous pop stars do.
Heineken Music Hall is a major venue
in the Netherlands.
Lots of great artists perform here.
So it's a real milestone.
There are lots of milestones
along the way.
I was psyched when I first
performed at Maassilo in Rotterdam.
That was one of the coolest clubs
in the country.
My first time on Ibiza, I was like:
Wow, I can play in a DJ's Eldorado.
First time at Extrema,
at Dance Valley, it grew and grew.
And then people start buying tickets
to see you.
You go from one milestone to another,
and the great thing is:
ll sounds like a complete story,
but it's all small steps.
Sometimes with, like,
six months in between.
Whose towel is this?
I'm crisping it up.
I'm crisping up someone's towel.
I'm doing an interview. Thanks.
I watched the Sensation DVDs
as a little boy.
Sensation is one of the biggest,
best-known events.
Only the world's best DJs
perform there.
So being asked for that
is a real honor.
My first time there was amazing.
It was major cool.
My adrenaline was up
even before I went on stage.
It absolutely surged.
I barely slept the night before.
I woke up all the time thinking:
I mustn't forget this or that record.
That was fantastic.
- I loved it.
Me too. And everybody else too.
- The audience, yeah.
It was wicked.
He had to learn
the skills for playing.
He learned a lot from Chuckie
and from watching others.
When I heard he was only 15,
I could hardly believe it.
His productions were so mature.
He'd play music all day. All day.
Until his transitions and his skills
were as good as those of others.
Or better.
We shelved our private lives for him
for about four years.
At weekends we missed all the birthday
parties because we went with him.
Even at the music school
they told us he was talented.
He had a good ear. At the Rock
Academy they said the same thing.
After three months they told him
to quit and get into the studio.
He does music 2417. Non-stop.
One of my favorites is my remix of
Show Me Love by Robin S.
It was the first track of mine
that all the big DJs played.
That's when I realized:
I can totally do this.
Once again London let me see you
jump up and down. Let's go!
I had an identity crisis...
when Hardwell was
in the slipstream of commercial music.
And Robbed wasn't happy with it.
I want to make music that rocks me.
But Hardwell wanted to keep playing
more than anything.
On the other hand, I also knew
I was developing a new sound.
It wasn't popular at all then.
It hadn't caught on yet.
I was turning into a DJ
who adapts to his audience 100%.
But I wanted to create an artist
with his own music and identity.
It was a tough time.
Lots of bookings were cancelled.
They were like: What is Hardwell doing
playing that stuff'?
Once I really began to do
my own thing as Hardwell...
Tisto was one of the first
to pick it up.
To me that was a confirmation
that I was doing the right thing.
From then on it just got
bigger and bigger.
This is a special track.
I made it together with a special guy
from my hometown, Breda.
This is DJ Hardwell.
A brand new talent.
He's gonna be huge.
This is Zero 76.
How is your concert going?
- Fine.
We did all the preparations this week.
We checked everything out, the stage
and the set-up. It looks great.
Several people have asked me
when it's going down.
So that's great.
- At long last.
And in the Netherlands. That's cool.
It's the biggest thing
we've done so far.
Will there be any guest performers?
- No, it's my own thing.
That's intense.
You'll have to be really fit.
It's part of the preparations.
The thing that Robbert and Hardwell
have most in common...
is that they get really stuck in
and go for it.
Both Robbed and Hardwell have
a strong drive to do what they love.
This is my secret weapon
for today, Anna.
It's wicked.
Rock it. They'll want to
kill themselves. I swear.
When Amba sings you don't want
astronauts entering the room.
I agree. We can wait for 1,5 hours...
We don't want the astronauts
in the audience.
Link them up with Spaceman.
Take into account
that the doors open at 9.
So we should drop the curtain by 8
and finish the rehearsal by 7.
That'll give us 30 minutes
to make adjustments.
I'm not sure.
-30 minutes is very long.
30 minutes will fly by.
Go to the bathroom, get a drink...
We do 10 huge shows per year.
It's got to be good.
The whole world will watch.
It's got to be perfect.
But Robbert: needs his freedom.
Is that what you want'?
Like I said: I want clear,
fixed lines. It's got to be clear.
These are visuals.
We can determine that.
Here the screen is black
but a heart looms up in the center.
This goes into the show script.
- I'm writing it down.
Typically a pan of the show.
I've got my intro now.
I got my inspiration from the old
Tisto concert in Gelredome.
That first one?
- Yes, the classic intro...
that melted into Adagio for Strings.
My intro will be similar to that.
The first kick drum
only comes in at 3'20.
Can you explain our plans
for the intro'?
I didn't know this part, of course,
but I knew about the transition.
As far as the intro, we'd like to
start with... It can be amended.
Hardwell is a kind of robot, yes.
You could almost call it an act.
It is an act. Hardwell is a creation.
Hardwell's image is in fact
created by his fans.
How do they see him'? He's just a guy
keen to share his love of music...
with as many people as possible.
No one ever thought about
what he should wear...
and what kind of impression
should he make on people.
I'm just a regular guy from Breda
who does what he loves most.
I think Hardwell is
under a lot of pressure.
People always expect
better and more and...
they expect bigger.
It's a kind of constant pressure,
in everything.
How is it going?
- Can we get a picture?
Yeah, okay.
- Take a picture.
I'm your biggest fan in LA,
I mean that.
He means that.
Like, crazy.
I've known you for a while.
You going to Beyond Wonderland?
- Of course.
- What do you dig, Kontiki'?
- What will you open with'?
I don't know yet.
- Don't know yet?
Still don't know, we'll see.
Let's take a picture.
Robbert: is sometimes scared
that Hardwell will become too much.
What will happen
if you go by the past few years?
It was a hobby, it became work,
and now it's...
It has taken over my life.
I'm focused on Hardwell
day and night, all the time.
Robbert: would like some time off.
But Hardwell wants to keep going
and be the best.
He'll give up everything for that.
Hardwell controls Robberts life
right now.
Open up, Dave.
How are you'?
- I'm good.
Here, man. Daily vitamins.
- Do I have to'?
Down in one.
You look like Casper the Ghost.
With some nice Coke.
Good for your stomach.
I hate it. Yuck.
I'll be your substitute mother.
See you later.
Robbert, where are we'?
- Dunno. Somewhere in France.
Seriously, I haven't got a clue.
Where are we'?
Tours. Tours fie France.
I don't like short.
I want to play long.
45 minutes is like a summary. It's not
real playing, it's more of a showcase.
We're in Mexico City right now.
It's my first gig in Mexico.
This is an autograph session.
It's crazy here. Unreal.
That girl in England was insane.
No, Dublin.
We went upstairs and she was like...
And she cried like she was
falling apart.
We were like, what the fuck'?
When I'm cranky, that's when
Hardwell and Robbert are at odds.
It can come from either. From Hardwell
when he had no inspiration...
and wasted a day.
That makes Robbed miserable, too.
And if Robbert: has personal problems
for whatever reason...
then Hardwell gets infected and
has to put on a mask to go on stage.
It's two tracks at once.
It's the intro. Kill the f intro.
Turn it off.
Jesus Christ,
what a bunch of amateurs.
These f amateurs.
He gives me the go-ahead
and I press play.
F off.
Hula, Mexico.
The mic's not working.
Hey. Hey! The mic's not working.
Hula, Mexico.
This sucks.
The CD player is skipping.
This is so fed up.
Robbert: doesn't get much time.
I think Robbed hit rock bottom
because of that.
Hardwell monopolized everything.
They came to a head as Robbed
had no say about his spare time...
and Hardwell was too busy.
At that point I broke down.
It came from both sides.
Normally one can boost the other.
It sounds stupid,
but if Robbed has a bad day,
yet makes terrific music,
Hardwell is happy.
And he pulls Robbed up again.
And if Hardwell is fed up but Robbed
slept well, he can boost him.
But if they both hit rock bottom,
then obviously we're in trouble.
Once he turned up here at 5 a.m.
and said:
Mom, I'm so tired. I have a plane
to catch but I can't do it.
I don't know if it's morning, noon or
night and I'm so tired. I'm so beat.
So I said: OK. everything is off now.
You're going to bed
and I'm calling the doctor.
He was exhausted. But he sleeps
for two days and is off again.
Here you are.
- Thanks.
Ah, chow.
Tastes good.
That's the idea. Do you want
some grilled cheese too?
I need other vitamin pills.
That's fish oil.
These? They were in your bag.
I'll get you your tea.
How is Robbert?
- Fine. He's very tired.
But it was fun. First time on
the main stage, it was awesome.
Hi. All well again?
- Not quite yet.
I'll do the bookings, but
the September options are cancelled.
I'm going home for three weeks.
To do some studio work.
Back to basics.
It's been an insane summer.
You fly all around the world.
They all do.
You have to take care of yourself.
- Do nothing.
I had flu and I was exhausted,
so I couldn't recuperate.
You were flying all over the place
doing everything.
The minute you slow down,
you're a goner.
Ultra, let's go.
I loved it. His set, obviously,
but also himself. He was so psyched.
He was like a happy kid
with a new toy.
Isn't this awesome? Wow.
This is so wicked.
-Insane. How are you'?
Fine, and you'?
Good to see you again, man.
Awesome, right'?
-It looks really great.
We had done so many tours
and so many gigs...
at festivals in line-ups
with lots of other DJs...
we thought it was time to come up
with a purely personal concept.
This will be the cherry on the cake
of all our hard work over the years.
This show is gonna be really special.
We have sound.
Sorry, I need to test
the monitor booth.
This is my show. It's mind-blowing.
My own show.
It just looks totally sick.
I've never felt so much... What's
the word'? So much healthy tension.
OK buddy, see you later.
It's gonna be so cool tonight.
-It'll be OK.
No, it's gonna be incredible.
I'm sure of it.
Wow. Check this out.
My fans are all active.
They're all active right now.
It's going all over the place.
-It's down. Already.
That's Radio 538.
With little girls around.
- Good evening.
How are you'?
- Fine, how are you'?
Great. Healthy tension.
-It's a special night for you.
The kick-off of your world tour.
-Yeah. I'm totally psyched.
Where are you right now'?
- In Amsterdam, at my manager's house.
Crossing the t's in my set.
Got anything special for tonight?
Lots of special edits. I can't stop.
I still have new ideas, so I'm still
tweaking the set I have in mind.
I loved how you were at Ultra and they
had to close your Twitter account...
'cause you were hoarding
their bandwidth.
Yes, that's true. Bizarre story.
Bet you never dreamed that could
happen before you got big.
Great. Good luck tonight.
- Thanks. See you.
It's almost full already.
There's a line outside.
- Let's do a meet & greet.
Am I going into the audience?
- No, it's in that room.
I'll come get you out, they'll bring
in fresh people and you'll do another.
Is it two times five minutes?
- Yes.
What was it like
to be at Ultra this year?
Very exciting. We'll do the same thing
here tonight, it's extra exciting.
I'll be playing for you, but countless
people will watch the live stream.
So in fact the whole world
will be at this concert.
Anyone who wants to be here,
will be here.
Where's my dressing room?
- In here, dude.
How was it'?
- Fucking wicked.
Are they partying?
- Absolutely.
Is it un-Dutch?
- Totally. Fucking insane.
I played almost no vocals,
mostly instrumentals.
And lots of my own things. Cool.
Robbert has had to make sacrifices.
It was all about Hardwell.
So going out with some mates
was hardly possible.
Hardwell took up
all the Fridays and Saturdays.
And there was constant travelling
over the past three years.
Which wasn't a conscious choice.
Robbert has always been
the buy with the dream.
And now I'm doing it
and it's totally gratifying.
But of course I miss
being at home with everybody.
A normal life, you know'?
I sometimes wonder:
What if I had gone to college instead?
I wouldn't know my future,
just like any other student.
I'd just study for the sake of it. How
would my life have turned out then'?
I don't know if I missed out.
I've always done what I love doing.
It was never a job.
Hardwell can be proud of himself
for his achievements.
He was a little boy
who dreamed of being a DJ.
I think he's pretty successful.
That makes Robbed proud, too.
It was his idea in the first place.
It sounds weird,
me talking in the third person,
but when I think about myself...
I'm just really proud of how
everything has come together.
I feel very privileged
that I can do this at all.
What's your dream for the future'?
- Being the number one DJ in the world.