I Am Legend (2007) Movie Script

Here's Karen at the health desk.
The world of medicine, has
seen its share of miracle cures.
From the Polio vaccine,
to hearth transplants.
But all pass achievements may pale
in comparison to the work
of doctor Alice Kripin.
Thanks you so much for joining
us this morning. - Not at all.
Doctor Kripin, give it
to me in a nut shell.
Well, the premise is quite simple.
Take something designed by nature
and reprogram it, to make it work
for the body rather than against it.
You're talking about a virus?
-Indeed, yes in this case the measles.
Virus, which has been
engineered at genetic level,
to be helpful rather than harmful.
I'll find a best way to describe it.
If you can imagine
your body as a highway,
and you picture the
virus as a very fast car,
being driven by a very bad man.
Imagine the damage that car could cause.
But then if you replace
that man with a cop
the picture changes, and that's
essentially what we've done.
How many people have you treated so far?
We've had ten thousand and nine
clinical trials on humans so far.
And how many are cancer
free? -Ten thousand and nine.
So you have actually cured cancer?
Yes, yes.
Yes, we have.
Three years later.
What did you see, what did you see?
Let's go Sam.
Come on.
Here you go, just the way you like it.
Excuse me, excuse me.
All right, c'mon relax.
Here you go.
Eat your vegetables. Don't just push
them around. Eat them, I am not playing
OK. You're gonna eat your vegetables.
I'm gonna sit down here all night.
What are you whining about? Why
didn't you just eat your vegetables?
Alright, here's a deal.
Look, you're gonna eat twice as
many vegetables tomorrow night.
Deal? Deal?
That feels good.
Argh, Sam!
Robert, what is happening? I've been trying to reach
you on the cell, i just keep getting a recording.
Daddy, where are we going?
Can't get used to the new rags.
We are going to aunt
Sarah's. What? No! Why?
Just strap yourself in, go.
Alright, 30 minutes colonel. Copy.
They are sealing off the island.
Seal off the island? This island?
-But I don't wanna go to aunt Sarah's
Did you bring on the money?
How much?
-600 dollars.
Why did you say "you're" going?
-That's not enough.
Robert, you said that
you're going not we're going.
All right, when you get across, I need you to
get to the ATM. Get as much cash as you can get.
Take Sarah's car, go upstate.
I'll meet you at the farm.
Bring enough food for two weeks.
-Jesus Robert, did it jump?
Is it airborne?
-But we only go to aunt
Sarah's in the summer.
It may be.
-Ow, my God.
Its Christmas. What about my presents?
-He's announcing it.
Make no mistake, my fellow Americans...
-We've left my Christmas presents in the closet.
-This mutating virus is a lethal enemy.
Hush Marley!
...the survival of not only our nation,
but of every other nation on the
- Mummy, look its a butterfly.
- Marley enough!
...so it is with great sadness
but even greater resolve...
that tonight I've
signed an executive order
initiating a military
quarantine of New York City.
God be with us.
The window is still open.
We find something in a week or two
We... can reverse the spread.
I can still fix this.
Please , you can do the
same work outside the city.
This is ground zero.
This is my site. We talked about this.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
I'm not gonna let this happen.
This isn't up to you, you can't...
How did you sleep?
C'mon, you know better than that.
Na-ha, I'll be back.
Doctor Robert Neville,September 5, 2012.
GA series serum 391, animal trials. Streaming video.
GA series results appear typical.
Compounds 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 ...
Compounds 2, 5, 7, 12, 13, 15, 17.
all killed the host.
Hold on a second.
Compound 6 appears to be showing
decreased aggression response.
Partial pigmentation return.
Slight pupil constriction.
GA series serum 391 compound 6.
Next candidate for human trials.
Hang in there number 6.
That's what you want?
Hey, good morning Marge,
Good morning Fred.
What are you guys doing here so early?
Nice sweatshirt there Fred,
don't fit it down anywhere.
See you guys inside.
What's happening, buddy.
Good morning Hank. I've
been waiting 30.000.
Hey, who's the girl...?
Never mind, hey, I'll
see you in the morning.
What am I supposed to say?
"Wanna see some infected rats?"
Ok, tomorrow.
I'm gonna say hello tomorrow.
Hey, hush, good job. You
did so good. Yes, yes.
Look at that. You see that,
red Salmon. Wow, actual spam.
You'll get some of that later.
Lets go.
"For Lucy. Do not open until Christmas.
Love, Teddy."
My name is Robert Neville.
I am a survivor living in New York City.
I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.
I will be at the South street port every day,
at midday when the sun is highest in the sky.
If you are out there,
if anyone is out there,
I can provide food,
I can provide shelter,
I can provide security.
If there is anybody out there,
please, you are not alone.
Keep your eye on this one for me.
I'm getting good.
Sam, no, no, no!
No, no!
No, Sam!
Sam, Sam.
No, Sam!
C'mon, Sam.
I gotta go, Sam.
I gotta go. I gotta go.
Sam, Sam.
Sam, c'mon we have to go.
Sam, what are you doing?
Sam, we gotta go!
Sam, go, go! Get out!
Gotta pay attention, ok?
Gotta pay attention.
Listen, uh...
I want you to stay here on this one, ok?
Because you can still get infected.
And i can't.
So look, if I'm not back by dark,
just go.
Ok. Subject is female,
likely 18 to 20 years of age.
Sedative only sedates effectively
at six times the human dose.
Core temperature 106 Fahrenheit,
pulse 200 epm.
Respiration elevated, PAO2,
Pupils fully dilated.
Non reactive to light.
Extreme reaction to UV exposure.
Symptoms and tissue samples
confirm subject is infected with KV.
Vaccine test GA series,
serum 391 compound 6.
Commencing human trials.
Respiration slowing.
Pulse 190, core temperature
We may have something here.
GA series serum 391 compound 6,
ineffective on humans.
Test results linked to this entry
saved on six redundant drives.
Still no cure.
Day 1001. We came in close contact
with a hive today.
Blood tests confirm that i remain immune
to both the airborne and contact strings
to both the airborne
and contact strings.
Canidae remains immune
to airborne string only.
You can't go running into the dark, dummy.
Vaccine trials continue.
I am still unable to transfer
my immunity to infected hosts.
Cripton virus is...
Just fishing in the dark, son.
Behavioral note.
An infected male exposed
himself to sunlight today.
Its possible, decreased brain function
or growing scarcity of
food, is causing them to
ignore their basic survival instincts.
Social devolution appears complete.
Typical human behavior
is now entirely absent.
Why are we stopping?
Bridge's closed, folks.
You've got less than 10 minutes.
C'mon baby, lets go , lets go. -Daddy.
It's alright, c'mon.
Mommy they have guns,
-Its ok,
they in the army like daddy.
Make a hole,
make a hole. Coming trough.
You're clear. Move ahead.
Step up. You're clear. Next.
Let's go. No good.
Clear. -Look, Look. Clear.
Good, move on.
But..., no..., Robert, Robert!
Get your hands off my wife!
Get your hands off my wife!
Mommy! -Stand down!
Scan her again! Stand down!
Stand down soldier! Stand down.
I am lieutenant colonel Robert Neville.
I am ordering you to scan her again.
Scan her again!
Alright, scan her again.
It's clear.
It's clear, move trough.
Daddy, why can't they come too?
How long?
In 5 minutes. We'll make it.
This is Ranger 621, we're on site.
I wont take my eyes off them,
Colonel. You've got my word on it.
Dear Lord, please watch over Robert, and keep
him strong for the struggles ahead of him.
Please, just bring him home safely.
Daddy is gonna make the
masses go away baby okay.
Sam you protect daddy. No baby,
I can't. Daddy can't take the dog.
Sir, got to go.
Daddy I love you.
Look it's butterfly
Come on, go.
How did you sleep?
-Doctor Neville will be taking a
closer look at the ongoing mutations
of doctor Alice Krippins...
hailed miracle cure for cancer.
So far almost 5000 patients injected with the retro fitted virus,
have begun exhibiting symptoms resembling the early onset of rabies.
25 patients have already died.
Doctor Neville has ordered local
hospitals to stockpile antiviral drugs
and to begin preliminary
quarantine protocols.
It's my birthday.
We are fully confident that doctor
Neville can see us trough,...
You know what I'm saying?
My name is Robert Neville,
I am a survivor living in New York City.
I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies.
I will be at the South Street
Port every day at midday.
When the sun is highest in the sky.
If you are out there,
if anyone is out there,
I can provide food,
I can provide shelter,
I can provide security.
If there is anybody out there,
anybody, please,
you are not alone.
Listen, uh,
if you're planning a party or
something ,
just tell me now.
Ok, because, I don't like surprises.
I swear I'll act surprised.
Hey, hey! What the hell are you
doing out there Fred?
What the... What the hell,
are you...?
No! No! No!
What the hell are you
doing out here Fred?
How did you get out here?
Fred, if you are real you
better tell me right now!
If you are real you
better tell me right now!
Damn it, Fred! Damn it!
I'm all right.
All right, c'mon, c'mon.
Ok, I'm ok.
Let's go.
Come on!
Sam, come on!
Let's go, Sam!
No! No! Let's go!
We gotta go home, Sam.
Let's go!
Sam. Alright, you're alright.
It's ok, You're alright.
Samantha. Samantha, look at me girl.
Hey, you're ok. You're ok.
Samantha, I just gotta get you home.
I gotta get you... I'm
gonna take you home.
Alright, come here, come here.
Come here, come here.
I got you.
I promised my friend,
I'm gonna say hello,
to you today.
Please say hello to me.
Please say hello to me.
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
Where do you live?
I'm on 11 Washington and Square.
You don't know where i live.
Don't let them track us.
I... I must stay out till dawn.
I am afraid the eggs are powdered.
Obviously you know that.
They are yours.
But I did find bacon.
I just have found the most
fantastic thing in history.
And some antibiotics in the bathroom.
I put them by the plate,
because your leg is ok,
but it wouldn't be for very long
if you don't start a course soon.
Who are you?
I am Anna and that's Ethan.
They'll get cold.
It's ok, come on.
We came from Maryland. We have
heard your message on the radio.
We were at the pier at
noon. We waited all day.
We are going to Vermont.
To the survivors colony.
In Bethel. It's a safe zone.
No, there's no survivals
colony, no safe zones.
Nothing happened they way it was supposed to
happen. Nothing work the way it was supposed to work.
In the mountains, there is a whole colony
of people there, who didn't get sick.
The virus, who didn't survive
the cold, there's a whole...
Shut up!
Everybody is dead. Everybody is dead.
I just need a minute. Ok?
I just... I just... I
was saving that bacon.
I was saving it.
I just... I'm gonna go upstairs.
Alright? Just... Let me go.
Ethan, put the knife down.
Can I say something to you?
Listen, you were really, really
something, back there.
Incredible. Are you talking to...
Yes, I was talking to you.
Can I just tell you that you were really
great back there with those guards.
They thought that was all of that.
And then you showed up and BAM. There was tripping
on over themselves like in the babes woods.
That made me really good to see that.
Oh, that's great. Really.
Man, it's good to be free.
Now, why don't you go celebrate
your freedom with your own fiends?
But I...
I don't have any friends.
And I'm not going out there by myself.
Hey wait a minute.
I have a great idea...
I'll stick with you.
I like Shrek.
You are not so good with
people anymore, are you.
Thank you for my leg.
Where have you been?
I was on a Red Cross evacuation
ship out off San Paolo.
Those boats weren't
meant to be permanent.
No they weren't.
When the Navy fell apart we
started docking to take on supplies.
Someone picked it up on the shore.
Five of us were immune. -You said five.
The "Dark seekers" caught them.
You are The Robert Neville, aren't you?
It is too late today. If we move tomorrow at
dawn, we can make it to Vermont a straight shot.
I'm not leaving.
This is ground zero.
This is my site.
I'm not gonna let this happen.
I can still fix this.
Wow, you scared me.
Sorry, I called down twice.
Ow, thank you.
It's heavily sedated.
Don't worry, it's safe.
I've never seen one so still.
They're always biting.
You think that can cure her?
No this will almost certainly kill it, but it is
possible by drastically reducing their body temperature,
I can increase the
compound effectiveness.
Did all of them die? -Yes.
My God.
God didn't do this, Anna. We did.
Where can Ethan sleep?
He is heavy.
She is beautiful. What's her name?
Her name was Marley.
It's a beautiful name.
We named her after
Bob Marley.
Who? -The singer.
His father?
His father.
That is unacceptable. -What?
Best album ever made.
You don't recognize that?
He had this idea, it was...
kind of veracious idea.
He believed that you could cure
racism and hate literally cure it,
by injecting music
and love into peoples lives
When they was scheduled to
perform at a peace rally,
gunman came to his
house and shot him down.
Two days later
he walked out on that stage,
and sang.
Somebody asked him "Why?".
He said "The people,
who are trying to make this world worse,
are not taking a day off.
How can I.
Light up the darkness."
Come with us, Neville.
To the colony.
There is no colony, Anna.
Everything just fell apart.
There was no evacuation.
You're wrong. There is a colony.
I know, ok.
How do you know, Anna?
I just know.
How? I said how do you
know? How could you know?
God told me. He has a plan.
God told you. -Yes.
The God? -Yes.
I know how this sounds.
-It sounds crazy.
But something told me
to turn on the radio.
Something told me to come here.
My voice on the radio told
you to come here, Anna.
You were trying to kill yourself
last night, right? -Anna.
And i got here just in time
to save your life. -Stop it.
Do you think it's a
coincidence. -Just stop it.
He must have sent me here
for a reason. -Stop it.
Neville, the world is quieter
now. You just have to listen.
If we listen,
we can hear God's plan.
God's plan. -Yeah.
Alright, let me tell you
about your God's plan.
It was 6 billion people on
Earth, when the infection hit.
KV had a 90 percent kill rate,
that's 5,4 billion people dead,
crashed and bled out. Dead.
Less than 1 percent immunity,
left 12 million healthy
people, like you, me and Ethan.
The other 588 million
turned into your "Dark seekers".
And then they got hungry, and
they killed an fed on everybody.
Every singled person that
you or I has ever known,
is dead!
There is no God. There is no God!
What is that?
Was it still dark when you
brought us home last night?
You were bleeding. There
was light on the horizon.
Turn the light off. Turn it off!
They followed us home.
Come on. Come on.
Are you ok?
You all right? Are you all right?
Are you ok?
Into the lab. Downstairs, go!
Into the lab! Into the lab!
Get behind the plexi.
Go on. Come on.
Come on, it's ok, it's ok.
Ow my God.
It's working.
It's working.
No! Stop! Stop!
Look, look! I can save you.
I can save... I can help you.
You are sick, and I can help you.
I can... I can fix this.
I can save everybody
It's working.
Stop, stop, please.
I can save you! Let me save you!
No, no!
Daddy, look it's a butterfly.
Neville. What are you doing?
The cure is in her blood.
You're gonna be safe. Ethan get in!
Come on, get in, get in.
Anna. I think this is why you are here.
What are you doing?
I'm listening.
Neville, there is room in here. Come.
They're not gonna stop.
They're not gonna stop.
Stay here until dawn.
In 2009,
a deadly burned trough our civilization,
pushing human kind to
the edge of extinction.
Doctor Robert Neville dedicated his life
to the discovery of a cure
and the restoration of humanity.
On September 9th, 2012,
at approximately 8:49 pm,
he discovered that cure.
And at 8:52,
he gave his life to defend it.
We are his legacy.
This is his legend.
Light up the darkness.
Terima Kasih.
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