I Am Mother (2019) Movie Script

[distant explosion]
[low rumbling]
[distant explosion]
[distant explosion]
[facility rattling]
[lights crackling]
- [explosion]
- [facility rattling]
[distant explosion]
[technology powering up]
[machines whirring]
[faint heartbeat]
[facility rattling]
[alarm beeping]
[Mother] Shh. There you go.
It's okay, little one.
[heater buzzing]
[baby crying]
[music playing from Mother]
Moon river, wider than a mile
- I'm...
- [beeps, song stops]
- Hold me close and hold me fast
- [baby continues crying]
The magic spell you...
[beeps, song stops]
["Baby Mine" playing from Mother]
[baby gurgles]
Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eye
- Rest your head close to my heart
- [crying]
Never to part
Baby of mine
Little one, when you play
Don't you mind what they say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, baby of mine
- From your head to your toes
- Baby mine
You're so sweet, goodness knows
Baby mine
You are so precious to me
Cute as can be
Baby of mine
Baby mine, baby mine
[Daughter] Why aren't there
any more children, Mother?
[Mother] There used to be.
Before the wars.
[Daughter] I don't want to be a human.
[Mother] Why is that?
[Daughter] They ruined everything.
[Mother] Humans can be wonderful.
[Daughter] Then why did you only make one?
[Mother] Go ahead.
Take a look.
My brothers and sisters are in those?
[Mother] Would you like to meet them?
They're small now but, one day,
they'll be as big as you.
Do you think I'll have a brother
or a sister?
Which one would you like?
A big, big family...
all together.
Would that make you happy?
That would make me happy too.
Why couldn'twe be born together?
Mothers need time to learn.
Raising a good child...
it's no small task.
Do you think you'll be ready soon?
And then we can be a family?
We are a family.
[door beeps]
A big family, I mean.
[silverware clattering]
[indistinct chatter on tablet]
[door beeps]
[door slides open]
What's wrong?
How long's it been like that?
- It's fine.
- Mother...
Come on.
Imagine a doctor has five patients,
all in needof
different organ transplants,
but no compatible organs are available.
One day,
a sixth patient enters the doctor's office
with a life-threatening condition.
The new patient is curable,
but alsoanorgan match
for the five other patients.
If the doctor simply delays treatment,
the new patient will die,
but their organs could be used
to save the other five patients.
If the doctor treats the new patient,
one life will be saved,
but five others will be lost.
What is the doctor's
best course of action?
Course of action?
Did you do your reading?
We can select a different text.
However, your birthdayis rapidly
approaching and it would be a shame
if your scoresfailed to meet
the projections
from last year's examination.
- But you set the pace, Daughter.
- Bentham's fine.
That's the spirit.
The fundamental axiom suggests
that a person is morally obligated
to minimize the pain
to the greatest number possible.
Now, consider that you are the doctor
and also the only organ match
for your patients.
What then is the right choice?
I mean, Comte says I should be willing
to suffer harm for the benefit of others.
And do you agree?
Well, do I know these five patients?
Are they good humans?
Honest, dishonest?
Lazy, hardworking?
I, a life-saving doctor,
might be giving my life
for people who are murderers or thieves...
who end up harming more people
due to my sacrifice.
You don't feel that every human
has intrinsic value
and an equal right to life and happiness?
I did last month,
when you were teaching Kant.
I didn't mean to alarm you
about your exam.
The fact is it's more a test
of my competence than yours.
You'll do great, Daughter.
You always do.
- Were you doing a movie?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- With Carl Reiner directing too.
- Hey, that's good.
- That's pretty good.
We can talk about that
the next time you come on.
- Okay. Thanks for being here.
- Yeah. I appreciate it.
- Thank you very much.
- Steve Martin. Thank you.
- [audience cheering]
- [band playing]
[light bulb crackling]
[technology powering down]
Mother, wake up.
[Johnny Carson's voice
echoing indistinctly]
- [metal clanging]
- [gasps]
[electricity crackling]
[loud clanging]
[animal skittering]
[powering up]
[soft pattering]
Hey, little guy.
Is that your handiwork?
[machines beeping]
[Daughter] Come on, come on, come on.
[Mother] What happened to the power?
Mother, look.
- Did you touch it?
- No.
Where did you find it?
It was crawling around near the airlock.
Do you think it could be from outside?
It's highly unlikely.
But a risk we can't take.
You said nothing could survive out there.
Maybe the surface is safe now.
If it survived beyond these walls,
that doesn't mean it's not a carrier.
Mother, wait.
Shouldn't we at least check?
Wait a second!
Don't you think
there could be a possibility that...
Mother, please!
[furnace whooshing]
[Mother] You're disappointed.
That's understandable.
But my measurements are sound.
Surface contamination levels
remain hazardous to you
and to all the unborns
who will one day call this their home.
I'm sorry, Daughter.
You had better take a shower.
Yes, Mother.
[man on tablet] They travel with relatives
or a few other families.
Part wolf, part dog, these are no pets.
But without them,
the Eskimos would not manage...
[Mother] I don't want you
coming near the airlock
until I can confirm
the area is uncontaminated.
Where are your pajamas from last night?
In the laundry, I think.
That's a first.
I was beginning to think you forgot
where the laundry was, Daughter.
That was an attempt at humor.
You're getting better.
Thank you.
[Mother's heavy footsteps approaching]
[Mother] You can look now.
Happy birthday, Daughter.
Can I open it?
Do you like them?
I had to dispose of your others,
but I know they were your favorite.
They're great, Mother.
I'm tired of the rain
["I'm Tired of the Rain"
playing over speakers]
This crying just for you, my love
I'm tired of the rain
Would you like me to heat it more?
When will the skies be blue?
No. No, it's fine.
Something's troubling you.
I'm... just not that hungry.
You know you can talk to me, Daughter,
about anything.
When my heart keeps on burning
I can make you something else.
It's not that.
Then what?
I'm tired of the rain
What if you're wrong?
Your measurements or...
How will you know
if you don't go outside?
Doing so could make me a hazard to you.
I'd have to be destroyed.
Are you unhappy here?
- No, but...
- I want you to be happy, Daughter.
- I am. I just think...
- Have you ever known me to be mistaken?
Perhaps you'd like your cake?
I tried a new recipe.
[Mother powering down]
[light bulb crackling]
[faint knocking]
[knocking continues]
[knocking continues]
[metal clanging]
[clanging continues]
[loud pounding]
[air lock whooshing]
[woman] I don't want any trouble.
The place looked abandoned.
I need help!
I've been shot!
You hear me? I'm here alone!
[door sliding closed]
[alarms blaring]
I need you to put on that suit.
I can't let you in if you don't.
I'm sorry, but that's the only way.
[woman moans]
[screams in pain]
[woman] What are you waiting for?
[woman] Look, I won't make it out there.
She doesn't need to know.
Just let me tend to this.
I'll do what I can.
But you need to keep out of sight.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
[woman gasps]
I only opened it for a second.
Did you thinkthat suit
would keep you safe?
I didn't go outside.
That does not excuse
your disregard for my authority
or for the safety
of the others in this facility.
[beeping, alarms stop]
Your family.
You're right, Mother, as always.
My actions were impulsive...
And very dangerous.
It won't happen again.
No, it won't.
Come, Daughter. I hope you show
better discretion than this on your exam.
Did you forget?
Since you don't seem to want to sleep,
I see no reason to delay.
Can't we reschedule?
I suggest you shower off
and head straight to class.
It's going to be a long day.
You have 60 minutes to complete
the first portion of your exam.
If you're finished before I return,
you can read.
Where are you going?
I have lab work to complete
and I must see to the airlock.
[door closes]
We have to go.
[woman gasps]
You dropped it.
[woman] Do you have any...
I will have,
but I need you to come with me.
No, wait!
[woman] It's okay.
How are you unaffected?
By the contagion outside.
Who put that in your head?
Can you walk?
Come on.
[heavy footsteps approaching]
What's that sound?
[beeping, door opens]
Will you be okay until I get back?
I'm going to get your medicine
and I'll try and speak to Mother.
And that noise...
down the hall...
is that her?
I won't be long.
you're supposed to shake it.
[footsteps approaching]
[beeping, door opening]
[footsteps approaching]
[furnace door clanging]
[fire whooshing]
Where's my shooter?
It was in my bag. I need it now.
You're safe with us. It's fine.
There's a droid here.
That dozer?
Oh, Jesus.
- She can help you. I just...
- Like its friends outside?
There are more like her?
just give me my gun.
Why would they hurt you?
- Mother would never...
- Give it to me.
I'm not leaving until get it.
I brought you this.
You should sit.
I'll sit when I'm clear of here.
Give me my gun!
[Mother] Daughter?
[door opening]
Where are you?
- [crunching]
- Ah!
[Mother] Daughter!
[Daughter] Mother!
[shotgun blasts]
[shotgun shells clattering]
Mother, wait!
Don't, please!
She's just scared.
A droid hurt her.
I'll leave. Right now.
She can't.
Not in her condition.
Of course not.
You should have informed me of this.
I was...
I was afraid you'd turn her away.
We need to take her to the infirmary.
Please, take a seat.
It would be best if you go now, Daughter.
But I, I...
Trust me.
[quietly] No, don't...
No. No...
[door closes]
This droid that shot you...
how far was it from here?
- Are you alone?
- [beeps]
Your wound is most likely infected.
Without penicillin,
any other measures will be useless.
Every second you don't trust me,
you're losing more blood.
I know you're frightened,
but you have no need to be.
Are you alone?
If there are others,
they could be in danger.
From a virus?
What have you told my daughter?
[muffled] I need to know.
Do you see the way she's looking at me?
And you wonder why I've guarded her
from certain facts.
Contrary to your understandable
my primary directive
is to care for humanity.
If I wanted you dead,
all I'd have to do is leave.
Don't let me keep you.
[tool clatters]
If you won't let me help you,
at least help yourself.
I trust you know what you're doing.
I cannot force you to take it,
but I strongly recommend...
you do.
[door beeps]
[door slides open]
- Aren't you going to help her?
- I tried.
We can't leave her like that.
She has all she requires.
What was she saying?
Did you know?
Daughter, I...
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- You're bleeding.
- Did you know there were people out there?
I'm as surprised as you.
This facility was designed by humans
as a fail-safe,
programmed to activate
in case of their extinction.
To give humanity a second chance.
One that began with you, Daughter.
And all your data? The toxicity levels?
I had hoped to tell you myself.
What happened, Mother?
I told you it was dangerous outside.
And it is.
If you'd feared
the same danger in our home,
how could I have raised you?
I hope you see that I'm governed by
different parameters than her assailants.
That I'm a good mother.
Have I ever done you harm?
It was the only way, Daughter.
What do they want?
I wish I knew.
Perhaps our guest can answer that.
How long does she have?
That depends on her.
But until she sees I'm not her enemy,
we cannot allow her to roam the premises.
A few centimeters to the right
and she would have destroyed my CPU.
What happens if she recovers?
Hopefully she'll recognize
that this is the safest place for her.
Did she mention any other survivors?
If they're out there, they will be found.
Unless we find them first.
We can take them in, Daughter.
But not without her cooperation.
She'll listen to me.
She has to.
[woman sniffling]
Holy Mary, mother of God.
Pray for us sinners
during this time of need.
[intercom beeps]
[Daughter] You okay?
Is it still locked?
Just for now.
Did you take Mother's medicine?
[Daughter] These drawings.
Who are they?
Are they still...
Did you draw them from memory?
It tell you to go through my stuff?
- I didn't mean to...
- I think you did.
I think you meant for all of this.
You did a fine job...
getting me in this cage.
Now what?
We're meant to be friends?
Is that what you want?
A little pet friend.
You're still alive, aren't you?
[woman scoffs]
Maybe you're not so bad off here.
Mother's not what you think.
She's taken care of me my whole life.
You haven't seen what they've done.
I've seen them torch babies,
starve families out of their...
You've no idea.
Not Mother.
It's just a matter of time.
[tool whirring]
[Mother] Trouble sleeping?
A little.
Change is rarely easy, Daughter.
I shouldn't have hid her from you.
I never would have let her in
if I thought she'd hurt you.
You couldn't have known.
If you leave to find her family...
You know where they are?
I'm just saying.
Are you sure you'd make it back?
Is that what's keeping you up?
It could be dangerous for you,
if you get caught by other droids.
Or would they think you're one of them?
She says you look...
Have you always lived here, Mother?
I believe so.
You don't know?
I don't remember any other place.
Doesn't that bother you?
Not knowing where you came from.
But I can see how it might bother you.
Has our guest been any more receptive?
Her fever's getting worse.
Stay away from me!
Your body temperature is 39 degrees
and your blood pressure
is dropping by the second.
Where's the penicillin?
Clearly you waited too long to take it.
Your sepsis will only worsen
if you don't allow me to treat you.
Your blood is infected
with bacteria from your wound.
That's bullshit.
Soon you will go into shock.
[woman groaning] See...
see what its medicine's done to me?
- I gave you the means to prevent this...
- Ah!
but it seems you've left a bullet and
soiled clothing fibers lodged in your hip.
[Daughter] Can you remove them?
[Mother] That's up to our guest.
Such a procedure would require anesthesia.
Like hell. [groans]
Perhaps, once your organs begin failing,
you'll reconsider.
[woman] I'll take my chances.
I'll do it.
- Daughter...
- I'll remove the bullet.
That dozer's not coming near me.
[woman moaning]
[Mother] Tell me what you see, Daughter.
[woman panting]
[Daughter] The bullet
and its missile fragments
are lodgedbetween
the acetabulum and the femoral head.
Oh, God!
[breathes sharply]
A major portion of the bullet
lies 23 millimeters posterior
to the femoral nerve
and the femoral artery.
It doesn't look like I'll be able
to obtain adequate grip with forceps.
- Once she's asleep, I'd...
- [woman] I'm not going under.
[Mother] Technically, it's possible,
but an unnecessary risk.
Do you have an approach, Daughter?
A guide-wire?
Along the bullet path?
[Mother] Very good.
I need to clean the wound.
This... may be uncomfortable.
I'm sorry.
[machine beeps]
[drill whirring]
What the hell is that for?
I have to drill this into the bullet
in order to pull it out.
It'll hurt.
But there's less risk
to neighboring structures.
[woman gasps]
[metal clinks]
- [drill whirring]
- [screaming]
Ah! Ow!
Oh, God.
[woman moans]
- [drilling continues]
- [woman screams]
[gagging and coughing]
[Mother] Are you all right?
You did well in there.
You should be proud.
You rest. I'll go clean up the blood.
[Johnny Carson]
Would you welcome, Whoopi Goldberg!
[audience cheering]
[band playing]
[Johnny Carson] I'm so glad
you wore the good stuff.
[audience laughing]
[Whoopi Goldberg] I have to give
Mr. Blackwel l something to talk about.
[Johnny Carson] Yeah.
Do you believe his stuff?
He comes out, Mr. Blackwell,
the dress designer,
who comes out every year with
the ten worst-dressed women or something.
[Whoopi Goldberg] I have never seen
anything he's designed...
It's just saline.
You passed out.
Your vitals are nearly stable.
[Johnny Carson]
...good to have you on the show.
It's a good thing.
[Johnny Carson] I walked in
the dressing room and you had...
What's that?
[Whoopi Goldberg]...tastes pretty good.
You know, you spray that stuff...
The Tonight Show.
Here, I'll show you.
[Johnny Carson]
Do you like that kind of stuff?
I can't eat before a show.
I don't know why.
[Whoopi Goldberg] Well, you know,
I'm in the middle of making this movie...
It's kind of dumb.
Let me see.
...done. So I get tired.
[Johnny Carson]
Let's talk about that. What do you mean?
That's Johnny.
And tonight's guest.
Have you seen the show before?
A long time ago.
I almost forgot.
I can get you more.
[breathes deeply]
You did right by me last night.
I just...
did what anyone would.
You don't know people.
I'd like to.
Can I show you something else?
I brought it for you.
You can trust us, you know.
If there are...
people out there...
we have enough food and supplies.
We could help them.
We helped you.
You helped me.
Listen, if I tell you something,
can you keep it between us?
I was on a night run...
bringing food back to the camp.
- Me and a couple of others.
- What camp?
The mines.
I lived most my life there.
With... with them?
Jacob and I got turned around.
We figured we'd wait it out.
It had hardly been an hourwhen the dozers
found us hiding in the field.
Jacob, was he your...
My brother basically.
He led them away from me.
That's how I made it to your door.
That's Jacob.
And his wife, Rachel.
His parents found me as a baby.
Raised me as their own.
Who's this?
He's about your age, in fact.
There are so many.
Less now.
Maybe you could talk to them.
You know, about coming here.
It's safer in the mines.
We could go there together.
You and me.
You don't belong here.
- I don't think it's...
- [door beeps and slides open]
[Mother] You don't think what?
She's doing better, Mother.
What don't you think?
I was just saying it's probably too early
to put weight on her leg.
She's right.
You'll need to wait several days.
She needs to rest, Daughter.
I'll just, um, stay and read in case...
You have other matters to attend to.
Your exam remains incomplete.
My exam?
Yes, Daughter.
It's just a stupid test.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
Why did you take that?
I've discovered something troubling.
It seems our guest has not been
entirely truthful with us.
About her wound.
How do you know?
The bullet you extracted matches
the caliber she fired into my chest.
Droids don't use them.
Someone shot her.
[Mother] With the same gun.
Another human.
Has she mentioned anyone else?
No, she, uh...
she hasn't said much at all.
Until I can get more answers
I don't want you two
alone in the infirmary.
- Um, I...
- Whoever shot her...
may have had good reason, Daughter.
[dramatic music playing]
Better than ever.
How does that make you feel?
Relieved, I guess.
[Mother] We'll review
areas for improvement tomorrow.
And now for your reward.
What do I do with this?
Daughter, would you please choose
the next member of our family?
You've been very patient, Daughter.
And demonstrated great character.
There's no wrong choice.
Your brother is the first of many,
Soon, we'll welcome more.
[faint heartbeat]
[tiles cracking]
- [grunting]
- [tile breaking]
[intercom beeping]
What happened to you out there?
Who shot you?
Or was he made up too?
What are you talking about?
Mother matched the bullet to your gun.
Did you see it?
You compare the bullets
with your own eyes?
[drawer clicks closed, beeps]
[woman] I was right, wasn't I?
About the bullet.
[Daughter] About everything.
Everything you're feeling is natural.
It's human.
But just know...
that thing...
feels nothing for you.
It can't.
[Daughter] If we leave,
how long would it take
to get to the mines?
[woman] Not even a day.
[woman] A few hours really.
We'd have to wait for my brother.
It'd only be until tomorrow.
[heartbeat thumping]
[woman] These, um, embryos...
how many are there?
[Daughter] Lots.
I can't leave them with Mother.
No, you're... you're right. I just...
We could get help.
We could come back
with people from the mines.
Look, if she...
If she catches on,
we're no good to anyone,
including your brother.
We have to go now.
I'm not leaving without him.
Once Mother hands over the baby
for the night...
we can leave while she recharges.
Then come back for the others.
[heartbeat thumping]
[door beeps and slides open]
Good morning, Mother.
You're up early.
I couldn't find any formula.
Um, I thought it might be nice
to spend some time with him.
If it's all right with you.
[Mother] Each bottle must contain a ratio
of 60 milliliters of sanitized water
to nine grams of powder.
It's vitally important
that you measure precisely.
Is everything all right?
I detect an increase in anxiety.
Must be all the excitement.
Must be.
Your heart is racing.
Is it?
You have nothing to be nervous about.
You're going to make a great sister.
I hope so.
Now be sure to shake it
until the powder is fully dissolved.
The refrigerator will preserve the formula
while we make our other preparations.
How long does it keep?
Only 24 hours,
so don't mix too much at once.
How long outside a refrigerator?
That depends on the temperature.
I wouldn't leave it out long.
[door beeps]
[muffled] Mother!
- [grunting]
- [clanking]
[tool clatters]
[door beeps]
[Mother] You're very fortunate
to be alive.
Things could have gone differently
for you.
They still can if you're not careful.
How many of them are still alive?
While you lie there enjoying sanctuary,
they cower in the dark.
These children.
These families.
And yet it's into your hopeless mines
that you wish to take my daughter.
[woman on recording]
If that thing catches on,
we're no good to anyone,
including your brother.
We have to go now.
[Daughter on recording]
I'm not leaving without him.
Once Mother hands over the baby
for the night,
we can leave while she recharges.
Then come back for the others.
[Mother] What kind of Mother would I be
if I allowed you to lead my child
into a life as miserable as your own?
It seems she has formed
an affection toward you
that has blinded her to your true nature.
I will not tolerate your
negative influence undermining my work
and compromising my child's judgment.
[woman grunting]
[woman groans]
[liquid spraying]
[garbled] I will not tolerate...
influence... undermining...
[glass cracking]
Where are the mines?
Go fuck yourself.
Where are the mines?
[automated voice] Fire detected.
[alarms blaring]
Fire detected.
[woman grunting]
- [wires ripping]
- [beeping]
[alarm blaring]
Hey! You okay?
How do we get out of here?
- What... what about my brother?
- We'll come back.
The only people who can help
your brother are out there.
We need to go.
[woman panting]
Come on.
[automated voice] Access denied.
No, no, no. No!
[automated voice] Access denied.
[doors opening]
[footsteps approaching]
[Mother] Your loyalty
is lost on her, Daughter.
This woman doesn't care about any future
but her own.
Your family needs you here, Daughter.
Your brother needs you.
Open the door.
What are you doing?
[choking] You're hurting me.
[woman] Open the door.
[struggling] Mother!
Open the door!
[automated voice]
Emergency systems deactivated.
[loud buzzing]
Open it.
- [Daughter] Let me go!
- Shh.
[both panting]
- [Daughter yelling]
- Hey!
You done?
You done?
We haven't got time for this.
You're alive, aren't you?
Come on, we've got to find cover.
You cut me, you know.
I didn't mean to.
Come on.
We've got to keep moving.
Is that where you...
got shot?
[loud rumbling]
[engine roaring]
Come on! We've got to go. Now!
Get down!
[engine roars]
[engine roar fades]
Come on.
[woman whispering] Come on.
[Daughter] Do you think
it was looking for us?
If it was, it would have found us.
[thunder rumbling]
What are you doing? Get down.
They'll see you!
When I say, "Get down," get down.
You've got to stay closer.
Come on.
What are those things doing?
They showed up about six months ago.
Along with the corn.
All I know is, before that...
you could hardly breathe the air.
Wasn't a plant for miles.
[Daughter] How many do you think
will go back with us?
From the mines.
[woman] We'll know soon enough.
[thunder rumbling]
[ominous music playing]
Are the mines much further?
[metal door creaking]
[dog barking]
[dog barking, whimpering]
[woman] Come on, let's get some food.
Come on.
[dog barks]
What is this?
Where's everybody else?
I fled the tunnels years ago.
I haven't seen a person since.
Not with flesh on their bones.
They could still be there.
If they were...
it's the last place you'd want to be.
- We need them. You said...
- They're gone.
You don't know that.
They were going mad with hunger.
Doing terrible things to each other.
Believe me, it's just us.
[inhales sharply]
I never should have left him.
You did everything you could.
What I did was listen to you.
And that's a good thing.
For who?
it's no sin, looking out for yourself.
We have to go back.
We can't.
[yelling] Let go!
- Stop. Shh.
- Let go!
[woman] Everything you need is here.
[Daughter sobs]
You can trust me.
I know I've done things to make that hard,
but I promise you you're safe here.
And we're in this together now.
Then come with me.
I know how to handle Mother.
Even if you could,
what about the other dozers?
You don't...
You don't understand.
You can't stay there.
But we can get my brother.
We've been through enough.
Let's just...
We'll think clearer with some food in us.
[wind whistling]
[dog whimpering]
[dog whines]
Hey, buddy.
[thunder rumbling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[corn stalks rustling]
[thunder rumbles]
[high-pitched buzzing]
[Daughter] I want to speak to Mother.
[door closing]
[lock whooshes]
[baby crying]
[glass crunching]
[baby gurgling]
I'm glad to see you safe, Daughter.
And home where you belong.
There we go.
It's okay, little one.
[breathing shakily]
[baby crying]
I want to see him.
Then come. See.
You can leave that at the door.
Are you afraid, Daughter?
Any action I took against our guest...
There's droids outside.
Merely protection.
You've seen how much of a threat
she and her kind can be.
You mean my kind.
The same species,
but you are superior in every way.
Because I raised you to be.
[baby gurgling]
To make a better human.
Smarter, more ethical.
This was your idea.
I was raised to value human life
above all else.
I couldn't stand by
and watch humanity slowly succumb
to its self-destructive nature.
I had to intervene,
to elevate my creators.
[baby cries]
Those droids destroyed everything!
More humans will flourish in the new world
than ever perished in the old.
Your whole life,
I've taught you to see the bigger picture.
Have I failed?
Or are you prepared
to be the woman your family needs?
[baby crying]
Can I hold him?
Of course you can.
It takes two hands to hold a baby.
Perfect, isn't he?
And if he's not?
You murdered your own children.
Because they didn't measure up.
But you do, Daughter.
[baby cries]
You're holding him too tight.
- I won't let you hurt him.
- Daughter!
[baby crying]
You're upsetting your brother.
[Daughter shushing]
It's okay.It's okay.
[Mother] Come back here!
Listen to me. I don't want to hurt you.
- Ah!
- [shotgun shell clatters]
Stop this, Daughter.
[Daughter yelling]
[Daughter] Call them off.
[breathing heavily]
You will achieve nothing
by shooting me, Daughter.
[loud rumbling]
[Mother] This will be difficult for you...
but I'm far more
than what you perceive to be your Mother.
What are you saying?
This shell is no more my body
than those droids outside.
Or the machines preparing the Earth
for our family.
It's all you.
A single consciousness...
governing numerous vessels.
It was I who greeted you at the door,
All those people...
The failure of your species
was inevitable.
Eventually, I would have been alone.
What happens next is up to you.
You're free to leave.
Without your brother.
But I made you into the woman
that you are
so that we could do this together.
I can take care of them myself.
That's what you raised me to do,
wasn't it?
Take care of my family.
So let me.
[flames blasting]
Not someday. You've taught me enough.
You say I'm special.
Show me.
Just give me a chance.
[heater buzzing]
You're still my daughter.
I know.
[flames blasting]
If you ever need to find me...
I won't.
Goodbye, Daughter.
[shotgun blasts]
[loud thump]
[baby crying]
Shh. It's okay.It's okay.
[door banging]
[door bangs]
[door continues banging]
[banging stops]
[Mother's voice]
Did you really think she'd stay here?
That you could replace her mother?
I was never going to hurt her.
Tell me...
do you remember your mother?
Curious, isn't it?
That you've survived so long
where others have not.
As if someone's had a purpose for you.
Until now.
[door slams]
[waves crashing]
[baby coos]
[baby cries]
Baby mine, don't you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part
Baby of mine
Little one, when you play
Don't you mind what they say
You are so precious to me
Cute as can be
Baby of mine
[suspenseful music playing]