I Am Not a Hipster (2012) Movie Script

(Clearing throat)
How's it going?
I, uhh...
I can't believe
you guys showed up
considering how much
of an asshole I am.
Uhh, I want to thank Joel
and Darla for helping me out,
and Tim for letting me play.
So, feels like
it's been a while.
I hope I don't screw this up.
Feed me, make yourself proud
Fill my mouth up
until I drown
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
You pulled me onto dry land
Shoved me out with the same
two hands, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
We dive in, never come back
And each of us has to
learn from scratch
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I think Tim might have given me
one too many whiskey shots.
I think I might have to
go gag myself in the bathroom.
Yeah, just give me a second.
Just a second.
Screw around for a little bit.
(Speaking Japanese)
(Phone ringing)
Are you there?
Pick up the phone.
I hope you know we're staying
with you for three days.
We're excited to see you.
Tell him I say hi.
Mez says hi.
Umm, sorry, I didn't want to
leave this on your machine.
But I don't know, I just don't
want you to be surprised.
Dad's coming so...
Just... Will you call me
if you get this? I love you.
Okay, bye.
(Phone ringing)
What's up, Clarke?
You answered the phone!
What's up, man?
It's me, Clarke.
I know.
Hi, man.
Well, I just wanted to, uhh...
to let you know that,
today, I woke up.
And I felt very inspired
and motivated to, like,
push our career
into, like,
another level, dude.
It's going to be awesome, man.
Umm, anyways, so I wanted to
go over some bullet points
for today's radio interview,
Oh, shit, that's today?
You know I hate doing
this kind of stuff.
I really don't see the point.
Well, as your manager,
I think you should really
take advantage of
this opportunity, dude.
I don't need a manager, man.
I'll just work on some stuff.
And then I'll meet you there.
Oh my God,
thank you so much, Brook.
It's going to be awesome,
I'm telling you.
All right, okay. So, I'll see
you there, all right?
Okay, cool. Umm, so I'll see
you at the radio interview.
And just call me
if you can't make it
'cause this guy's really,
really looking forward
to meeting you. And that's it.
And I know I'm talking a lot.
Sorry, Brook.
That's okay.
Okay, man. Umm...
I'll see you later.
I love you.
I am looking in at
People that I
call my friends
Just a silhouette
With a cigarette
No idea who I am
There was soul in these eyes
But now they're gone,
if only I
Held a light in
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Flashing teeth
They are smiling so
Happy to burn their time
And I don't know when
But I lost the will
to save her mind
Hey, fuckhead! What's this?
A fucking bike lane, isn't it?
Have you got
a fucking green light?
Have you got a green light, man?
Oh, look, it's still here,
still... Oh, ho!
See? That was, like, 35 seconds.
So, did you listen to
that new Paper Ted album
I sent you this morning?
You got to check
your email more.
This guy is blowing my mind.
He's, like, New Wave-ish,
kind of like the Nimbles
in the early '90s.
And this guy has a Master's
in Electrical Engineering
or something like that.
He makes his own sounds, like...
It's sick.
I can't even explain it.
Look, I really got to piss.
How much time do I have?
Five minutes.
All right.
Hey, I was going to ask you,
think you could perform at
my art show this Thursday?
Man, you know how I am
about that kind of stuff.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no. You know,
it's only a couple songs.
It would be, actually,
really fast.
I just hate playing
at art shows, man.
People talk too much.
Yeah, I hate that.
It's annoying.
I'm going to be there.
I just don't want to play.
I'll figure something out.
You sure?
Yes. Am I sure?
Yeah, focus on this.
Umm, don't forget to
plug Friday's show.
I'm going to be
listening to you online.
And... And, uhh, yeah, man,
rock it out. You look good.
I'm excited for you.
That's all I wanted to...
Close the door.
There it is, closed.
I just gave Canines
a re-listen this morning.
And it's just... It's just cool
to play some honest stuff.
You know what I mean?
Cool, thanks.
Hey, Ronnie,
let's get a level on this guy.
Will you say something?
Uhh, Ronnie,
let's get a level on this guy.
Okay, here we go,
in five, four...
It's the underground,
it's the underground
It's the underground
What's up, guys?
It's 1:10 on the clock.
This is your man Bradley Haines
with an instalment of
SD Underground,
bringing you everything
we can dig up
about the San Diego
indie rock scene.
Now, sitting right across from
me is a really special guest.
You might remember him
from a little project
he released last year
entitled Canines.
It came completely
out of the blue
and blew up on the internet
practically overnight.
Yeah, you know who
I'm talking about.
I'm talking about
singer-songwriter Brook Hyde.
Brook, welcome to my studio.
Let's just give the folks
a little background about you.
You're... You're fairly new
to our city, correct?
Uhh, yeah. I've been here
about two years.
I guess that's fairly new.
Yeah, that's new.
Where are you from?
I'm from rural Ohio.
You know Pretenders?
You a big Pretenders guy?
Nah, nah, I don't.
So, where you from in Ohio?
Uhh, west central Ohio,
little town called Houston.
Houston, like, Houston...
Is that Houston Street
or Houston Avenue
in New York, Ronnie?
Uhh, I just know Houston
in Texas.
What was Houston, Ohio like?
Had a lot of craft fairs,
a lot of chilli cook-offs.
Oh yeah, a lot of those?
Yeah, you could probably go to
one every day if you wanted.
Yeah, I might do that.
I'm the kind of guy who, like,
if I eat something...
Like, let's say
I'm eating chicken...
I eat chicken every day
for, like, a month.
And then I don't eat anymore.
Like, I'm a streak eater.
You ever... What about you?
Umm, I've never heard of that.
You never heard of that?
So, you... You come from
a big family, I hear.
Yeah. I've got three sisters:
Joy, Spring and Merrily.
Ha, those are...
Those are pretty cool names.
Who came up with those,
your mom or your dad?
It was definitely my mom.
Is your mom who you got
the creative genes from?
Uhh, she's pretty creative.
You got the creative side
from your mom.
What you get from your dad?
What do you mean?
I mean, like,
what your dad pass on to you?
He taught me how to say "Fuck".
Uhh, Brook, you can't cuss.
I'm sorry. Sorry about that.
Believe me, I had to learn too.
So, umm, there's a lot
of buzz about you, uhh,
in the indie scene.
And there's so many musicians
I know
that would just kill
to trade places with you.
You mean they want to make no
money and be mildly successful
to a small group of people?
I like your humility.
But I mean, come on,
give yourself a break.
I think you've done
pretty well for yourself.
You've really generated
a cult following
over the last 12 months.
And I'm sure that cult following
is going to be
very happy to hear
that you are headlining a show
this Friday
at San Diego's Casbah.
Is that correct?
Yeah, that's what I hear.
Except to hear some
new material there?
Honestly, probably not.
But you been writing some new
stuff since the last album?
No, not really. It's just...
It just has been feeling
kind of pointless to me lately.
You mean the industry?
I mean everything,
making music, making art,
It all just seems
really stupid to me right now
for some reason.
How so?
I don't know. I just...
I have this neighbour
who's got this garden.
And she's, umm...
She's got all these sections.
She's got the carrots over here.
She's got cabbages over there.
She's got fruit trees
in the back.
And when she's all finished up,
she's got something she can
actually put in her mouth,
you know, to keep her alive.
It's something real.
It's something raw, important.
And, umm... And just the other
day, I was...
I was watching her.
And I was thinking, "You know
what? That's a real artist.
"Why doesn't somebody like that
have, you know,
fans and shows and radio
interviews, things, you know?"
That's a really good question,
I mean, every time I see her,
I just...
It makes me think
that what I'm doing
is a complete waste of energy.
So, why do you do it?
I don't know. I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to
figure out right now.
I'm sorry, guys.
I mean, this guy...
This guy with
the way he connects
and the words he uses,
I see why his music touches us.
I mean, wow.
You left the farm.
Why'd you leave the farm?
'Cause you wanted to be
closer to the ocean?
No. I... I hate the beach.
Seriously though, man,
why'd you pick San Diego?
There's a lot of cities
with, uhh,
indie music scenes, you know?
I hear Austin's
nipping at our heels.
Your mom was from San Diego,
Is it because
your mom's from here?
She was from here.
What part of the city's
your mom from?
I'd rather not talk about her,
if that's okay.
I was just trying to, like,
help the audience, you know,
get to know you better.
We haven't been doing that?
We have. I'm sorry. I was just...
You ran out of questions.
You start asking me questions
about my mom.
I don't feel like
talking about her.
You're not okay with that?
No, I'm fine with that.
Would you want me to talk about
how she died two years ago?
And I moved out here?
And how when I wrote my album,
with the music,
it was, you know,
I was trying to
figure all that out for myself,
how to grieve?
Maybe you could fulfill
your childhood dream.
I might, you know,
start balling like...
You can have, like,
a Barbara Walters special
or something like that.
Is that what
you're trying to do?
Man, what...
Where is this coming from?
Look, man, if your mom died,
would you want to talk about it
on some indie pop radio show?
Do you realize
that I'm just trying
to help you promote yourself?
I have no idea, actually,
what the fuck
you're trying to do.
I'm just trying to
promote your music.
Well, guys, uhh,
that's the end of the interview.
Umm, thank you so much for, uhh,
for coming in to Brook Hyde.
I'm going to leave you
with "Spectator",
a track from his debut album,
Get the fuck out of my studio.
Two blocks down
on the corner
Have a good one.
Watch the scene unfold
You know, guys,
he was a little rough on me.
But sometimes, an artist
has to express himself
in ways that
we don't understand.
But you know,
we're gifted with his music.
And just because he's an A-hole,
doesn't mean...
I'm... Let's go...
I'm not even on, am I, Ronnie?
They're playing the song. God.
That guy...
That guy F'd me up, man.
I thought you did really good
at the end though.
You wrapped it up really nice.
I seriously was just trying to
help him promote his career.
It was... It was intense.
You ever...
Ron, you ever go just, like,
"What else could I do
with my life?"
You know?
Did you know he was going to
ask that shit?
Dude, I had no idea.
Well, next time you convince me
to do something like this,
you know, maybe you should
fucking find out first.
I know, man. I'm so sorry.
I don't want to talk about it.
(Lock clicking)
Fuck that guy.
He shouldn't have done that.
Wait till I get my hands on him.
You want to grab a couple
tall cans, play a quick nine?
- I'm Clarke.
- Hi.
This is my friend Brook.
Brook, come over here.
He's going to be
a famous musician one day.
How are you, hon?
He likes to embellish
a little bit.
All right, have a good one.
Thank you for the ball.
Why do you have to say
stuff like that?
I just like being nice
to people.
You're such an ass.
I'm taking my mulligan.
Oh, we feeling brave today, huh?
You know Kells
is dating Spaceface?
Yeah, Dennis?
I think they've been going out
for a couple weeks now.
You knew about it?
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know.
I thought everyone already knew.
That's wonderful.
I'm the last idiot to find out.
I thought you said
you were over her?
I am.
Okay, you should be.
Brook, look at you.
You're, like,
genetically advanced
by, like, light years.
If I was a girl...
Fuck! This shit is not helping.
That one got right here.
Party tonight
at Joel's place
We're gonna light up the place
with our smiles
Oh, my friend Taylor's
going to be at the party,
the girl I told you about
from Seattle.
She said you're cute.
She likes your music.
So, this beer's made from
carob pills and Special B,
paired along with
a trappist yeast,
which was used by monks
in Belgium.
You get a nice,
Belgian pale ale.
The idea is to take a photo that
looks completely accidental.
So, you have just, like, like
a palm tree or a ceiling fan,
where it's just like
tons of negative space.
Yeah, yeah, oh!
You can kind of, like,
frame their faces in there,
but just, like,
kick it up a little bit
and get, like, a weird corner.
And you want a ton of tension.
That's the negative space.
Downtown Victoria, they have...
This shit is exhausting.
Want to go?
Nah, I just need a little break.
Oh, wonderful.
Hey, boys.
Hey, Kells.
This is my friend Dennis.
This is Clarke and Brook.
Dude, I love Spaceface.
Oh, God, thank you.
Umm, hey, Brook,
great to finally meet you.
I just took a piss.
Oh, well.
Umm, I got to say,
I love your last album,
totally reminds me of
some of that early
Tom Blake stuff.
I hate that guy.
Oh, really?
Well, I'd love to, umm...
I don't know
if you'd be down with it...
but remix one of your songs,
add some kind of dance track
to it, some beats, some, like...
(Beat boxing)
Just for fun, just to,
you know, fuck around.
Yeah, definitely.
I think my shit would sound
really cool with a techno beat,
some Auto-Tune.
Okay, umm, yeah, you know,
just thought it'd sound
like a good time.
I like techno beats.
This guy likes techno beats.
- I'm going to...
- See you in there.
Yeah, cool,
good meeting you guys.
Yeah, thanks.
Okay, I'm going to
go inside too.
Why are you being a dick?
Why the fuck are you bringing
him to my friend's house?
Grow up, Brook.
It's been a year.
I'm not going to
stop hanging out
with all my friends
because you feel uncomfortable.
What do you think about
all this trivial shit?
Hey, guys, where's Sabrina?
Oh, thanks, John, love to.
So, this is just a standard
that... 6/8 in "A",
just repeats the one,
three, two and five.
And the chorus is "D", "A", "E",
but in, umm,
you know, half bars.
It goes to the "C" minor,
short minor,
before it goes to the "E"
the second time around,
builds through the chorus.
Do whatever the hell you want,
I don't care,
whatever feels right. One, two,
three. One, two, three.
This is a waltz
if anybody feels like dancing.
That you like it
When the plotline
and meaning are easy
To understand
Seems so perfect
No questions, no loose ends,
no restless nerves
So, explain and explain it
How it's all for the best
No regrets
And we concur
Some intend to forget
That you dug out all I had
And you left me in the dirt
And you always
Started this shit about
Our hungry hearts
But I've only been thirsty
A bottomless pit
Since we've been apart
All right.
There he is. What's up?
This is my friend Taylor
from Seattle,
the one I was telling you about.
She's a big fan.
She's Japanese.
The last album made me breakup
with my boyfriend.
Oh. Sorry about that.
It's okay. He was a douchebag.
Uhh, okay.
Is that your real hair colour?
Uhh, yeah.
Thought so.
How far do you live from here?
Did you have any relatives
that got hit by that tsunami?
I'm Chinese.
Would you sing to me?
Come on.
If you sing to me,
I'll show you my secret talent.
What's that?
Black is the colour
Of my true love's hair
(Muffled singing)
No, one of your songs.
No, no, no.
That wasn't part of the deal.
But that's what I meant.
You really upset right now?
You are so fucking cute.
Mmm. Mmm, mmm. Oh my God.
God, you have a huge tongue.
Thank you.
No, I mean, it fills my whole
mouth up. I can't breathe.
And you don't like that?
I don't know.
Can we just, uhh...
Can we just take a break
for a minute?
Have you heard
the new Spaceface album?
You guys are friends, right?
You're fucking with me, right?
What's this move?
What are you...
Are you hungry?
(Crickets chirping)
Does that thing ring?
I don't know if I should.
It's not a doorbell.
Maybe he went to the store.
Check to see if it's open.
It's unlocked.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Okay, wait, wait.
Ready? Two, three.
Oh my... Ha ha!
(Blowing raspberry)
Good morning.
Why the hell are you guys
in my room right now?
You forgot?
We left you, like, 20 messages.
I think more than that.
It's good to see you too, Bro.
I'm just a little...
It's good to see you guys.
Me too.
I want to smell him.
Oh, wait a minute.
You have to go take a shower.
I can smell your feet
from up here.
It's gross.
You're right.
Go, go, go.
Still drunk.
He doesn't look good.
That's a pretty good choice
for a country girl.
Well, thank you kindly.
Spring, the onions
are going to burn.
Wow, you guys clean fast.
Nice pants.
How'd you get into them?
They look like they'd fit Mez.
I think they're cute.
You guys are dumb.
Okay, who wants eggs?
I do.
Don't put so many mushrooms
in mine.
This isn't yours.
This is for Brook. He's oldest.
Oh, that smells so good.
But I don't eat meat.
Oh, they're not meat.
They're chicken period.
Eww. Joy, that's gross.
What? It's true.
I'm just going to have
some orange juice.
But you love my omelettes.
Yeah, I do. But I'm vegan.
Oh, okay, no, you're not.
Well, believe what you want.
What are you doing?
Organizing all of our photos
of Mom.
Oh my gosh,
look how cute you are.
So cute.
Why are you doing this now?
'Cause Joy said I had to.
Hey, Mez,
how do you want your period?
Uhh, runny, please.
That's disgusting.
You're disgusting.
Hey, Mez. Why are you guys here?
We're here to spread
Mom's ashes.
Do you not check any of
the emails that I send you?
Dad's all right with that?
Yeah, it was his idea.
- You know, you still do that?
- What?
You always look to Mez
to see if I'm telling the truth.
No, I don't.
I'm going to take this plate
out to Dad then.
What's she talking about?
Oh, Dad's here.
What do you mean, "Dad's here"?
Check your messages.
He's outside in the car.
He said he's not coming up
until you invite him.
Is she serious?
He's just being stubborn.
Let's go out and talk to him.
I'll go with you.
Yeah, me too.
(Door slamming)
I read the advice
in your letter
To see myself
without a filter
So, tonight,
I have locked all my doors
I'm down on all fours
Wild again
The dawn light is
slowly approaching
Eyes open to
slow down the spinning
I bet you'd be
proud of me now
Lost in my own house
Can't find a way out
Shame only came on display
To the others,
but I was wrong
(Water running)
Is Dad coming in?
(Toilet flushing)
He says he's going to
sleep in the car.
We might go to that motel.
Does Brook have any floss?
Good luck.
Oh, look.
Oh, he does love us.
Brook, can we sleep in your bed?
Great. I get the end.
No, Joy, I always have to
sleep in the middle.
Oh, well, it's too bad.
That's not even true.
I like the middle.
My God!
Get off me.
Shh. I'm trying to sleep.
This sort of feels kind of nice.
Are you ready for bed?
Yeah. I got to brush my teeth.
Okay. Go brush your teeth.
(Water running)
So, he's just going to
sleep out there?
You going to invite him in?
I'm not going to play
his fucking game.
He's probably going to
sleep out there.
(Water running)
(Dog barking)
(Birds chirping)
What are you doing?
Got to go to work.
You're subbing?
Is it that same school?
Car's gone.
He probably went to the motel.
I'll call him.
All right, I get off at 1:30.
Okay, bye.
"Gregory and Jeremy
walked and walked and walked
"down the street
until it began to get dark
and all the people went into
their homes to go to sleep."
See the stars and the moon?
Is that a crescent moon?
It is a crescent moon, yes.
Looks like a fingernail.
It does. It does look like
a fingernail.
"When they came to the bottom
of the mountain,
they saw the trees
and the pine cones."
I see a fly!
"The rocks and stumps
of the woods,
"the emptiness where birds
had laid their blue eggs.
"Gregory sat back down
on his chair.
"Jeremy looked at
the people passing by.
He wondered if
he was watching them."
I think the dark one's
a dinosaur.
"Of if they were watching him."
"'I think that, today, I am
watching them, ' he thought."
I think that that's all
Mrs. Julie Johnson
wanted you guys to do
for language arts.
You guys feel like
making some music?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Sarah, what's up?
Can we do one of your songs?
Let me think about that one.
So, if we're going to
do this song,
we're going to have to
make some drums, aren't we?
How about we do this?
That's great.
And then I'm going to get to
one part of the song
where I'm going look at you.
I'm going to go like this
with my head.
And that's when you guys stop.
Then you start going...
La, la
La, la
La, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la
That sounds great.
Oh, God.
All right, you guys,
just wait one second.
I'm going to
talk to these ladies.
And you just be quiet, okay?
You guys are going to
get me fired.
We checked in at the office.
Yeah, visitor's passes.
Me too.
He's not here.
He checked in at a motel.
We'll be really quiet.
All right. I'm teaching them
one of my songs.
Good. Which one?
"Black Bay".
Love that one.
Think it's all right for them?
Guys, these are my sisters:
Merrily, Joy and Spring.
They're going to join our little
band, if that's okay.
Umm, do they sing?
Spring can. You want to?
Okay, so we need to teach them
the drums, don't we?
The drums we were working on?
Nice and slow.
Mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm
Black bay
Where'd you go?
I have lost all the light
From your boats
It only makes me feel more
Grey fog, don't you tire
Of the dark isolation
of night
Know that the pressure
Gives the light
And know that the truth
comes with
The quiet
Just so afraid of mine
So, I blame the ones
that I love
When I am no one
To act as a judge
And I know
The bottle's not bent
But I'm just so stumped
For some kind of rest
And my tide's up
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Not too much.
Mom liked a lot.
Garlic salt.
Okay, that's good.
Okay, you get to try it first.
Mmm. More.
Not till we start the movie.
What movie?
I'll get it.
You're going to love this.
(Doorbell ringing)
Come in. It's open.
lots of 'em.
Cool hair.
Thank you.
Clarke, these are my sisters.
I'm Merrily.
I'm... I'm Clarke.
I'm Clarke.
Hey, I'm Spring.
Joy. How do you guys
know each other?
I'm sort of his manager.
Not really.
Well, sort of.
- Clarke is an artist.
- Oh, really?
I try to be, nothing like your
brother. You know, I try.
Whatever, man.
Clarke's got
this huge art show tonight.
It's not that big.
- We can all go.
- Yeah!
What kind of art is it?
Clarke did those.
I... I did do these.
Umm, this is my mother,
which are disposable razors.
And that would be, like,
my dad with hair curlers.
And I always liked to touch his
moustache when I was little.
If they two got together
and pooped something out,
then I like to
think of myself as...
We're about to watch a movie.
Do you want to come sit
so you can see it?
Oh. Sorry.
I really like them.
Oh, thank you.
You want popcorn?
Ready, you guys?
The best home video ever.
Mez, say hi.
Want to play the guitar, Mez?
And this is Spring
Well, I'm Spring.
Brook? Brook?
Hello there.
Mom, can you read us a story?
I sure can. Bring me a book.
Umm, wait. Hello?
Did she tell you guys
about her imaginary chipmunks?
How about, uhh...
Who want to go help me
feed the chickens?
I do!
- Move over.
- Yes.
We're going to get eggs, Mom?
Mm-hmm, we are.
Look at that.
Can I grab that one?
Can you reach it?
There you go.
All of them.
B-B-Be real careful.
Don't squeeze 'em.
Don't squeeze 'em.
Can you carry 'em back?
All right.
Mom? Can you help me
find a brush?
I know, I'll help you
find a brush in one second.
Let's go see
your brother and dad
on the piano for one second.
Can you do that?
("Ode to Joy" by Beethoven)
(Door opening)
(Door closing)
It's only temporary.
I want to get a Soma,
which is the best tubing
for a chromoly frame.
And when I get my next
unemployment cheque,
I want to get some Phil Wood
hubs, gold tires, gold chain.
It's going to be so rad.
And I'm going to
take off the brakes
'cause the brakes
are only for beginners.
So, I will... I think.
Have you guys ever seen Avatar?
Can I have one?
Didn't know you smoked.
I don't light it.
I just like the taste.
You're weird.
What's Dad doing?
He's fine.
He said he's probably going to
meet up with us tomorrow.
Sounds awesome.
(Birds chirping)
Why'd you leave?
Honestly, because I'm not
a very good person.
Come on. I'm not trying
to guilt trip you.
Well, I don't know
how else to answer that.
I was driving in my car
on the way to the funeral.
And instead of turning right,
I just kept going straight,
till I got here.
What exactly is it
that you're doing here?
Just waiting for happiness
to become cool again.
That's depressing.
I don't know how
to do it anymore.
Safety first!
Go! Go!
I know it doesn't seem like it
but I really am trying.
Not excited that I
turned out this way.
Honestly, it surprises me.
Always thought I was a pretty
emotionally stable person.
You're serious.
Do you guys want to go
watch me race?
It's my first time
on a velodrome.
Oh... Okay. When?
Right now.
Hey, everybody.
Thanks for coming down to the
San Diego Velodrome again.
Good to see you.
Brook, what's up?
Hey, man, you're here
to see Clarke, right?
Yeah, yeah, I got you guys
some seats, actually.
There's a bunch of, like,
fixer wannabes in the front row.
So, anyway, so are you
excited for Friday?
You're going to play, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, are you just working on
new stuff or... new music?
No, not really, nothing new.
Oh, just focussing, that's cool.
I like to focus sometimes.
I usually, like, listen to
Canines, actually,
before a ride.
Hey, guys.
Brook's here.
Remember I told you
to move when Brook...
How you doing?
Good to see you.
Is Brook famous?
Maybe to these people.
Nice to see you.
All right, riders, going to
have to roll up on the wall.
I'd encourage you to get in
position, get ready to race.
So, you going to introduce us
to your friends?
I don't really know
any of their names.
Hey, guys, there's Clarke.
ANNOUNCER: Going to start
you quarter to 1:00 there.
Riders, roll off.
Come on, Clarke. You got this.
Go, Clarke.
Hey, look over here.
You're worse than Mom.
Thank you.
We're all real proud of Clarke.
He's really far back there.
He's... He's out there.
Keep going!
ANNOUNCER: No one's really
keeping score anyway.
Hey, Brook.
Are you going to
Clarke's art show tonight?
Rad, us too.
Cool. Cool. See you there.
You know what your problem is?
Depends on which one
you're talking about.
You surround yourself with
too many people who worship you.
It's not healthy.
You're probably right.
But it's hard to avoid
when you're as cool as I am.
I can feel it in my head,
all the way down to my toes
Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah,
all to my toes
It's actually a Marcel Duchamp
bicycle piece.
I got the idea from him.
And when you spin the wheel,
no matter how much the wheel
wants to go somewhere,
it can't go!
It makes me feel, like,
And this one was inspired by
Joseph Kosuth, my favourite.
He actually, uhh,
made an art piece in 1965
called One and Three Chairs.
And it was basically
the reference, the object
and the definition.
One of the guys wrote
"The finest, smoothest drinking
beer out of a can,
evidence that there truly is
a higher power."
Do you guys want to
hear something cool?
Okay, look at that.
Don't look at me at all.
(Clarke imitating dolphin)
This one is
pretty self-explanatory.
It's called
Don't Talk With Your Eyes Full.
Here. Want to listen to it?
I can see you. You can see me.
I am eye. Eye. I am eye.
I am the President
of the United States.
Took me seven months to make.
But it's done.
- What are you talking about?
- Be born again.
We have to figure it out.
What are you talking about?
3.14 is pi.
Hello. Hello, everyone.
Hi, everyone.
Umm, whoa, all eyes on me.
Wow, my heart's beating
pretty fast right now,
so many people looking at me.
Umm, hi, my name's Clarke,
as many of you know.
Umm, I just wanted to say really
quick thank you so much
for coming out to my art show
and seeing some of, uhh,
my really silly art.
Umm, it means a lot to me
that you guys
came out to support.
I just really...
Uhh, my heart.
I just really, umm,
appreciate it that...
that more than
five people showed up,
umm, to my art show.
And, umm, it just
means a lot to me and...
Yeah, Clarke!
Yeah, yeah.
And I love you guys so much.
And while I have your attention,
everyone, umm,
I just wanted to remind everyone
that Friday night
there's going to be a show that
you guys don't want to miss.
He's one of the most talented
I have ever seen.
And he just happens to be
my best friend
in the whole, wide world, uhh,
Brook Hyde.
It will be...
It will be Friday night,
tomorrow night at 9:00,
at the Casbah.
Write it in your calendar.
Don't forget 9:00 at the Casbah.
Umm, and I'm just very excited.
Thank you so much
for coming out.
And, umm, let's party.
Thank you, guys.
Uhh, that was nerve-racking.
Can you not ever do that again?
This is your night.
Don't throw the spotlight on me.
Come on, man, you're amazing.
I can't... I can't help it.
It just pours out of me.
Look, I'm fucking serious,
Clarke. This shit pisses me off.
Okay, so I want you to be
honest. What do you think?
Of what?
My art.
Ah, come on, man. You know
I'm not good at that shit.
It's okay.
I just want you to be honest.
I thought it was pretty cool.
Oh, man, thank you. Thank you.
Which one did you like the most?
The pink dolphins one
is pretty cool.
Don't make me choose.
Did you listen...
Hey, Clarke.
- Hey, guys.
- What's up, guys?
Hey, thank...
Thank you for coming.
Yeah, dude, any time.
What the fuck
are they doing here?
Dennis is going to play a quick
set. Then he's going to leave.
Of course he is.
Only 'cause you couldn't do it.
So, that left you no choice
but to book Spaceface.
I just like his music.
I do see similarities
in your work.
What do you mean by that?
You just... You just told me
you liked my art.
Yeah, well that was back when I
thought you were worth lying to.
I don't need your lies
to make me happy. I'm cool.
You can tell me
what you really think.
If I film this straw
for 30 minutes,
upped the contrast,
added a hipstamatic filter,
projected it on a wall
in an endless loop,
people will...
because they're stupid...
will think that there's some
kind of meaning behind it.
But there isn't.
It's a fucking straw.
So, that's the kind of empty,
thoughtless shit
that's infesting the world
and making it impossible
to find anything that isn't
a complete waste of time.
There's too many assholes out
there with cameras and computers
making pointless crap
and calling it art.
It's fucking everything up.
Dude, why can't we just
have fun making stuff?
Great, man, have fun. Have fun.
I don't want to take
your fun away from you.
Don't call it art.
Call it something else.
Call if fluffy shit.
Yeah, you and Spaceface
and all those 15-year-old art
fuckers on YouTube are making
some great fluffy shit.
Dude, wow.
Umm, you're being
an a-hole right now.
I'm not claiming to be
a great artist.
I'm not claiming
to make good art.
I just do it because
it makes me happy.
Trust me, man. It's not your art
that makes you happy.
It's your incognizance.
Well, I guess
I should be offended.
But I don't know
what that means.
- You don't?
- No.
Well, that sounds about right.
Must be pretty hard to be you,
Enjoy the set, man.
I will.
Woo! Spaceface!
There is a strobe
And the lights are
scoping some motion
I can recall I'm obsessed with
each little moment
I am the cone exploding
In pieces out there to glow
I just don't know but I think
I'm losing control
(Music shutting off)
Playing tracks from
a fucking computer.
Go home and listen to that shit.
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Hey!
Are you okay?
You all right?
Get him out of here.
Come on. Come on, Brook.
No, no, no, no. Hold on.
Hey, hey, hey.
Are you all right?
Hey, Clarke, man,
I'm sorry, man.
Dude, it was an accident.
Yours was.
Not his.
Fuck, man. Hey, man, you should
hit me. You should hit me.
Come on, man. You'll feel
better. Just hit me right here.
Come on. I deserve it. Come on.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Hey, man, I'm just...
- Come on!
- "Trying"?
I'm trying...
Hey, what... I don't understand
why everybody's so sad.
Why the long faces?
What don't you just
tell Spaceface
to hit the space bar
and let the magic begin, huh?
(Crickets chirping)
Until I wake up,
cold and sick
Praying that I can
undo what I did
Even if I don't know
what that was
I really fucked up, didn't I?
But please don't
judge me for
In due time
I won't bury
my heart in hindsight
And maybe you could love
Only girl
(Speaking Japanese on video)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
(Speaking Japanese on video)
Are you all right?
Ever hear of Miki Endo?
Miki who?
She lived in one of the cities
that got hit the worst.
Over half the people died there.
She was the one broadcasting the
warnings on the local station,
telling everyone to
get to higher ground.
She kept saying, over and over,
"Get to higher ground.
The tsunami is coming,"
over and over and over.
She never let go
of the microphone,
until the waves just
destroyed the whole city.
One of the old men
that made it to safety
been listening to her broadcasts
said they saw her
get swept away.
(Speaking Japanese)
She was younger than me.
(Speaking Japanese)
Fuck, it hurts so bad.
What? Your stomach?
Are you sick?
No. Maybe. I don't know. Just...
What's... What's wrong?
Uhh... I think, uhh...
I think I just remembered
how fucking lonely I am.
I miss...
I miss Mom.
I know you do.
It's going to be okay,
all right?
Come on, Brook.
Come on.
(Birds chirping)
(Machine whirring)
We should probably
get going soon.
You okay?
I'll be fine.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, sweetie.
Days gone by
What's up with the boat?
Without things I like
Did you want me
to swim out there?
Praise bad dreaming of
Sanctuary beaches
Right in front of me
Ooh, ooh
(Gull squawking)
Hi, Mama.
We're here. We finally made it.
We really miss you.
But don't worry about us.
We're... We're okay.
We're all okay.
We love you.
Okay, say hi
to the dolphins for me.
(Gull squawking)
I'm going with you.
Okay, we got go get passed
before we get in.
What's wrong?
I lost her.
(Gull squawking)
What are they going to do
if they find her?
Fish her out
and throw her back in?
She's probably
laughing her ass off right now.
Your mom...
She never liked to do things
like regular people.
Four years before you were born,
she knew what your name was,
all of you,
said she wanted 'em
to be unique,
so we'd know
which ones were ours.
When she had you,
they tried to give her
that needle thing
in her spine for the pain.
She wouldn't do it.
She heard from some hippie that
it was bad for the baby so...
Pushing you out feet first,
no painkiller...
She squeezed my hand so hard,
she broke my finger.
Wore a splint on it
for two weeks.
I told her I...
I busted it working on
that old Ford truck.
I just didn't want her to know
she was stronger than me.
But she was.
(Gulls squawking)
I'm sorry I didn't show up
at the funeral.
It's okay.
(Gulls squawking)
I found her!
Dad, I can't believe
you did that on the boat.
I totally thought
you were going to die.
Yeah, Dad, that was scary.
Come on. I was holding onto
the boat the whole time.
I wasn't a big deal.
Oh, yeah right.
Was it, Mez?
It was kind of bad.
I can't believe you all do that.
Nobody believes anything I say.
Everybody has to look at Mez.
Why do you look at Mez?
It's because you're basically
a pathological liar.
That's so mean and not true.
Yeah, it is. Ask Mez.
Okay, no.
And you're violent.
And you're violent.
Okay. Mez, what are you doing?
My shoes are still wet.
Here, let me take that.
Nah, nah, I got this.
Okay, all right,
well you know what?
You guys are
going to kill yourselves.
And I'm not going to watch.
Here. Thanks, Dad.
That it?
That's it.
Backseat, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't bump your head.
Thank you.
It was good to see you guys.
Come here.
You guys, come here.
I can't reach you.
Come visit sometime.
I'll think about it.
(Birds chirping)
See you, Pops.
Try to eat a little bit more,
huh? You look a little thin.
You take care.
Ten seconds.
Oh, God.
Awesome. Shotgun.
(Engine starting)
(Birds chirping)
(Water running)
What's up?
I'm sorry, man. You forgive me?
'Cause if you don't, then...
You okay?
(Door opening)
Brook, you okay?
I know you think
you're going to mess this up.
But you're not.
Sorry about that.
It's been a pretty crazy week.
Uhh, I don't know.
Umm, don't know why I'm up here
singing all these whiny songs
when people in other places are
drowning in their living rooms.
But, uhh, also, I just wanted to
tell you thank you
for coming out,
really appreciate you coming
to listen to my music.
And, uhh,
I'm going to do a really old
one, if that's okay.
This is a... the song I was
supposed to sing at a funeral.
She wasn't a sad person.
So, it's not a sad song.
Cold December morning
Woke me from my window
So I stood to see
The winter glow
I could see you
standing outside
With Rufus at your heel
Staring at the dull light
Falling pink upon
The snowy field
I remember when you said
Comfort's the first thing
we forget
Once the light of day
Has passed
You said we've come
to love the oak groves
Because they all see
what we know
And when we watch
their growth
We watch our own
When I close my eyelids
Deep into the night
Still can see the shape
Of light that shone
around you all my life
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
the autumn rain
So, oh, oh, oh, oh,
cast in for days
And you walked aside
Into the armour's grave
To baptise
The underneath
So we'd know that
We make little ourselves
And tired
You're freezing
In a photo
We remember it well
Though the pressure makes
our bodies ache
And the darkness
swallows up the day
Our tiny mouths have
only things to say
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
What makes a man cave?
To the simple escape
From his days?
Is it only a triumph
For the fear?
Of what happens when
Waking disappears?
Or do we secretly
love these tears?