I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) Movie Script

- Well, I've never seen
anything like that.
- Yeah.
- Something tore him up.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
-What's your prognosis, John?
-Well, he's dead for sure.
-Somebody's been
killed downtown
they said it was Jeb jolly.
-The mechanic?
- that's terrible.
-I mean, you guys are
the ones that are worried
about going out of business.
That's two bodies in a week,
that's money in the bank.
-Don't even joke
like that, John.
You okay here?
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
-It stinks really bad.
- She.
-She stinks really bad.
-She does smell for a woman.
Wish someone
had found her sooner.
Turn your head.
Oh, Ron's getting lazier.
He didn't even clean her.
He just declared natural causes
and shipped her over.
Other leg.
Aneurysm hooks.
How's school?
- I mean, you know,
aunt Margaret it's
it's the first week,
nothing much really happens.
-Make any new friends?
- It's funny, actually.
All those kids
that I've gone to school with
since kindergarten..
...they all left,
so...They're all new kids
and they all wanted
to be friends with me.
And it was pretty sweet.
Who are you?
My name is John.
- And welcome back
to Clayton's wxpc
it's just about
the top of the hour.
Some startling new
developments on a story
we've been following
for the last 48 hours.
The death of a Clayton man,
Jeb jolly, aged 53
is now under
police investigation.
The local mechanics body
was found yesterday
by one woman who likened
the violent scene
to quote,
"a bizarre animal attack."
Clayton county
police department
have declined to comment,
citing the need
for an official
coroner's report.
Jolly's family
asking only for our prayers.
-Hey, principal Layton
wants to see you.
-Mrs. cleaver,
take a seat please.
John, adolescence
can be a difficult time.
It's normal to be
interested in the world
and all of its problems.
Normal to be drawn
to death and murder.
But unfortunately you can go
too far down that road.
Too far away from..
Well, normal thoughts.
-What do you say, John?
-I'm interested in
how many times you felt
it was necessary
to say the word "normal."
- It's not like there's a whole
lot to say about Einstein.
I mean, he discovered
e equals mc square
and nuclear bombs but that's it.
I'm lucky I got
half a page at all.
-And you missed
two points for length
you missed another two
for spelling.
I mean, you managed
to spell Einstein
a different way every time.
-That's creativity.
-No, that's remarkable.
That's amazing.
-Hoo! Say, you guys, uh
you guys catch that smell?
Smells of something dead.
Something rotting.
-So, what psycho
did you write about?
-Dennis rader,
uh, the, uh, btk killer.
That's how he signed all of his
letters to the media
as "bind, torture, kill."
-How many people did he kill?
-Maybe 10, they're not,
not sure but could be more.
- Only 10?
The guy you wrote
about last year
was way better at it.
- Jeffrey dahmer.
He was a cannibal and he kept
severed heads in his freezer.
- I remember your pictures now.
They gave me nightmares.
-Nightmares are nothin' man.
Those pictures gave me
a therapist.
-Oh, what up?
That black cloud
above ya's growing.
-I broke one of my rules.
-Stalking anybody?
-What else?
-Have you heard about
the MacDonald triad?
-Three traits shared by 95
percent of all serial killers
bedwetting, pyromania,
animal cruelty.
You do admit I have all three.
-What really gets me is..
...you know, a -- animal cruelty
predicts violent behavior..
...but until I read that
i -- I didn't think
it was wrong...You know.
-What else?
-Well, if I -- I -- I..
If I'm thinking about
hurting a person then..
...you know, I'll just
give them a compliment.
If somebody's really bugging me
to the point where..
...when I think about
killing them then..
...I'll just, I'll just smile
and I'll say
something nice...You know?
Is that hot chocolate?
-I'm good.
-John, you have
a -- a lot of predictors
for serial killer behavior but
predictors are just that,
they predict
what might happen,
not what will happen.
You're in control
of your own destiny.
You're a good person, John.
That's important.
-Hey, John?
-Yeah, Mr. crowley?
-Come here.
What do you know
about smartphones?
-Uh, I don't know.
What do you, what do you need?
-I want to send
my wife a kiss.
-You want to send her a kiss?
- You're supposed to be able
to take photos
and send them to each other.
-Alright, um..
- Show me how it's done.
-Well, so, it's that button.
-And then..
...you can use this one
to take the picture, so..
-Oh, oh..
-Here you go.
And there you go.
-Good lord,
she's gonna be in shock
that's for sure.
Come on down, dinner's ready.
-Relax, he's dead.
He's going nowhere fast.
-Is that Jeb jolly?
-Oh-ho, yes.
...you surviving?
Are you?
- I'm not the one
who has to live with mom.
You heard from dad?
I ask him for money sometimes.
-Dr. neblin told me.
-That you think you're going
to kill somebody.
-That's funny,
'cause that's not what I said.
What I said was that,
i follow very strict rules
to keep me from doing
anything wrong.
Seems like
you'd be happy about that.
...is not a son
who has to follow rules
to keep himself from
killing people
happy is not a psychologist
telling me my son
is a sociopath.
-He actually said that?
That's kinda cool.
-hate to dump this on you
this time of night, April.
It's a hell of a thing.
-I think the damage
is done, mom.
-What dive
are you heading to tonight?
-Somewhere with more
living people then here
that's for sure. Have fun.
- Oh, for the love of Mike.
- I call organs.
- Fine.
-Dang it, Ron.
- What?
-Well, we're missing a kidney.
I've gone through
the bag twice.
You think Ron would manage
to send us all the organs
for crying out loud.
What if the person
who killed him took it?
- It's totally possible.
Look at that.
- It'll be on the forms.
- I don't think so.
Oh, wait, here.
"Left kidney removed
via incisions to
renal artery, veins and ureter."
-So he had it removed?
-No, there's no record
of that, it's just not there.
- This is Ted rath,
live at the scene
where the ambulance has
just left and as you can see
the police and a crowd
are gathering here in Clayton
a normally peaceful town,
where a killer has struck
possibly for the second time
leaving a dead body and
a terrified town in his wake.
-Stupid, stupid,
the last thing this town needs
is panic about a mass murderer.
-I think the last thing
we need are the killings.
-Now details are sketchy
at this time
what I have been able to
ascertain is there was a small
pool of oil
or some black sludge found
near the body of local farmer,
Dave byrd.
We will, of course,
be giving you details
as they become available.
This is a 5 live
news exclusive.
Death stalks
America's heartland.
-Okay, so the first question
of psychological profiling is
what's the killer doing
he doesn't absolutely
have to be doing?
-Dude, I think
it's a werewolf.
-It's not a werewolf.
-Dude, did you see the news?
It has the intelligence of man
with the ferocity of a beast.
What is that supposed to be?
-It's not a werewolf.
Werewolves aren't real.
The stories of them
probably started
from serial killers, you know.
Vampire's too. It's just men
who hunt and kill other men.
So assuming a basic goal
of trying to kill somebody.
All you really need to do
is shoot them, right?
-So what's he doing
that he doesn't have to do?
-Well, he's s -- stabbing him,
rippin' into him.
-Exactly, yeah, that's the,
that's the first thing,
you know.
He approaches 'em in person.
Probably means he wants to be
close to the victims. What else?
-He attacked during the night,
in the dark.
-I think that's probably
just something he had to do.
-Doesn't that count
for your list?
-I mean, it's,
it's not a unique trait.
Nobody who kills somebody else
wants to be seen.
-Just put it on your list,
i mean..
...not everything in this
has to be your idea.
Ted Bundy..
...the one that they, uh..
...they coined
the term serial killer for.
He said that
after you killed somebody..
You know, if you had
enough time with them.
They could be whoever
you wanted them to be.
- You're weird man.
-I hate Halloween.
It's absurd, you know.
This is the,
this is the night when
evil spirits are supposed
to walk the earth.
You know, druids burning kids
in wicker baskets, you know.
-My position is vulnerable
out here, boys
let's stay alert
and keep moving.
-Can't you just tell him
to go away?
-Nah, leave him alone.
He's convinced the killer
is gonna come out and get us.
Plus, it makes him happy.
Right, dad?
- Let's just hurry up
and get the hell outta here.
- Dad, you said we could
stay out till 9:30.
- Trick or treat?
-You boy's shouldn't be
out this late.
-Yeah. It's not safe
with a killer out there.
-That's what I'm saying.
- You boys be careful.
-Are you it?
-Am I what?
-The clown from "it,"
that Stephen king book.
I was thinking about
dressing up as my mother
but I was worried
what my therapist would say.
-You gonna juggle
for us, freak?
-That's a really
clever costume.
You know, it looks great.
It's really inventive and the
the bullet hole
looks...Really authentic.
-You know this is a party
for normal people? Right?
So why don't you go home
to your undertaking
slut of a mother.
What are you smiling about?
-I've been clinically
diagnosed with sociopathy, rob.
To me, you're an object.
You know, you're a,
you're a thing.
You're about as important to me
as a cardboard box.
And the -- the thing about
cardboard boxes..
..Is that..
You know they're totally boring
on the outside, right?
if you cut 'em open
there'll be something
interesting inside.
You know, and so,
while you're saying
all these boring things to me
I'm thinking about
what it'd be like
to cut you open.
But I -- I don't wanna,
i don't wanna be that person.
And so, I have a rule
that anytime
somebody says something to me
where I -- I think about,
you know, cuttin' 'em.
I -- I -- I just smile
and I say something nice.
So that's why I say to you
rob Anders of 232,
carnation street.
You are a really great guy.
-You're a freak.
-You're not a freak.
- John.
What is this?
...wash up and get out.
-Mom, it's -- it's not..
-I should be stronger
with you.
This is my fault.
-Mom, there -- there should be
something missing.
-Go, John.
-There should be an organ
missing to fit the profile.
This door will be locked
in future!
-Who told you?
-He told a school counselor,
who told me.
Lucky for you, she didn't tell
principal Layton.
Apparently you gave him
nightmares, John.
-Rob Anders is a bully.
- Doesn't mean you can threaten
to kill him.
-I, I didn't.
-And then there's
what happened in the mortuary.
What is it?
What set you off?
-It all just feels so close.
This is, this is nowhere.
It isn't supposed to happen here
it's supposed to be
somewhere else, you know.
-Okay. Let me ask you this.
Who were you talking to just
before rob Anders upset you?
-Oh, it was just some girl.
- She have a name?
- Her, her name is Brooke.
-Little young for you, doctor.
-Yes. Barrow's goldeneye.
Come here.
Have a look at this.
Straight over there.
Have a look.
Do you see it?
Yeah. A duck.
-That's a very rare duck.
So don't go killin' it.
I haven't seen one
in over 5 years.
Actually you can see the eyes,
they're very beautiful
more Amber really than gold.
It catches the light,
no matter where they are.
- Hey, you fishing?
-Are you goin' fishing?
-Ice fishing.
- Do you need a hand
with that stuff there?
Let me just...Take that
off your hands.
Yeah, I used to go fishing
all the time up north.
- Oh, is that right?
- Yeah, my uncle has a cabin..
-Oh, good.
-Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you mind if I come along?
-Uh, well..
-How far off you going?
-Well, far enough.
You're gonna need a -- a hat
out there though, right?
...i bought you a hat.
- Here.
We're not gonna tell your mom
about this, okay?
Right now she is simultaneously
trying to stuff a Turkey
and wipe away tears.
-She's crying?
Mother of all blow ups
yesterday with Lauren
who's now not coming
to Thanksgiving dinner tonight.
That leaves you and me, sport.
Go and wash.
I need you to come out of your
head for a couple hours, okay?
Give her a hand..
...make her realize she still
has one loving child left.
Or at least pretend.
-Oh, I had to stop by Ron's
for that file he forgot
and he, uh, he told me a joke.
You wanna hear it?
- What's small and grey
and screws in the walls?
-I don't know..
John, can you
scoot across
to the watsons and
ask bev for some vanilla?
Yeah, sure.
- Keep it up you loser.
- Hi, John.
-Uh, vanilla.
-Uh, yeah, vanilla.
-Vanilla, like, ice cream?
-Um, you know,
I'm not, I'm not really sure.
Mom just said we needed some.
-Here you go, John.
It's for cooking.
- This is Ted rath
with an update
on the Clayton
killer situation.
Now this reporter
has discovered there is
an Emmet t. Openshaw
an Arizona man who disappeared
from his home
42 years ago.
He was 30 at the time.
Police found signs
of struggle
but there was no body
found at the scene.
Now the reason
this crime connects
to what's happening here
in Clayton county
is they found a similar pile
of black oil
at the crime scene.
- Good morning, Mrs. crowley,
I'm up and I thought
I could shovel
your steps for you.
Good morning, Kay.
It snowed so
I could shovel your drive
if you like, uh..
Good morning, Mrs. crowley.
Good morning, Mrs. crowley.
Hi, uh, the snow.
I thought I'd..
-Well, that would be
very nice. Thank you.
-Sure thing.
- Ah, it's a beautiful
day, John.
Makes you glad to be alive.
-Here you go, John.
Hot chocolate, your favorite.
-Thank you.
-Every single time.
Where are they?
-Your forehead, dear.
-Takes the lungs..
...takes the kidney..
...took an arm.
What next?
- We begin with
tonight's top story
the FBI has confirmed
a positive DNA match
between that of
the Clayton county murders
and Emmet t. Openshaw
the Arizona man
who disappeared in 1971.
Details are coming in, and
the investigation is ongoing.
-That is some little woman
you got there, bill.
-Oh, yeah.
- Oh, by the way she had
to go powder her nose.
Oh, hey, I hope you don't mind
if I, uh
take her for another spin.
-Oh, no, no, no.
-I got some energy left.
-Well, here's to ya.
Oop, there's Kay.
You don't mind, huh?
Take care now.
- Uh..
-Thank you.
Eat you own plate.
- John?
-I can't believe
you followed me.
-I can't believe you were
having dinner with my therapist.
-Don't be silly, John.
Grant and I meet sometimes
to discuss your progress
a progress I am failing
to appreciate right now.
-Did I interrupt a date?
Is that even ethical?
-It's, it's just
the first right up ahead.
Thanks, April.
Actually John's doing okay.
-He is?
-I am?
-Sure, tonight for example you
were concerned for your mother
with a killer in town.
-You really believe
that I followed mom
because I was worried for her?
-You may be lacking
in empathy, John
but you should recognize a life
line when it's thrown at you.
-Hi, John.
Hi, John!
-Extra work?
-Oh, it's,
it's just a project.
-Serial killers...Fairies..
That's an
interesting combination.
Need any help?
-No, I'm, I'm fine.
- Pretty good job,
if I do say so myself.
Hey, Tommy, you look
downright dangerous.
-Thanks. Goodnight, Greg.
- Alright.
Okay, bill.
You're up next.
Let's go.
Oh, boy.
Too much dancing
the other night, huh?
Yeah, well,
we'll...Get you looking
real good for the next time
out, okay?
You need a crane there?
So.. Boy, it's been
a while, hasn't it?
You -- you -- you want
something fancy today?
-Let's do the...Usual.
-The usual?
Alright. Hang tight.
These things have to be
done delicately.
Oh, Jesus.
Uh, hang on a second,
I'll -- I'll get a..
I gotta get another
scissors here.
I'll be right back, alright.
Won't be a moment.
- Police department.
-Well, I guess we better
take a look around.
-Oh, no, uh..
They didn't come through here.
- Tom, check this out.
There's something in here.
Yes, my dear.
Uh, whole.. Whole grain?
Oh, good.
Yes, I'll, uh..
I love you too.
- This is Ted rath coming to
you live from Clayton county
where as you can see
tempers are flaring dangerously.
We are at the home
of local barber Greg Olson.
Olson was the owner
of the premises
where the two policemen were
found dead earlier this week
sparking this outrage.
Let's see if we can get a word
from one of these
concerned citizens.
Excuse me, sir, sir, sir!
What to do you hope
to accomplish with this?
-Uh, well, as you can see,
people are angry
and -- and -- and things
are getting out of hand.
-What is your name, sir?
-Um, Roger Bowen,
uh, this is my son, Max.
This is his bat.
He left it at school.
Uh, listen,
people are upset and, uh
we should really..
Calm down, everybody!
This is no way
to handle this situation.
-Thank you all for coming.
I think everybody here
is concerned
about the safety of our streets.
We have got to stick together.
There is a killer in our town.
I look at all these faces
and I..
I don't want to lose
a single one of you.
Beverly made some bars,
and some coffee.
It's on the table.
Help yourself, folks.
And...Take care of each other.
Help yourself.
-How's bill?
-Oh, I'm worried about him.
He's not feeling well.
And he's so, oh,
down in the dumps.
Uh, he can get that way.
It's a winter thing.
But he hasn't been
out of the house in over a week.
-He hasn't been out at all?
-Oh, hi, John. No.
It's almost like he's afraid.
I think he's worried
about slipping on the ice
or something.
John? Why don't you
go see him? He'd like that.
-Hi, John.
-Hey, Brooke.
-You want some juice
or hot chocolate?
-His stomach is bothering him.
Do you think I could get him
to go to the doctor?
-Or you could try this one.
Mixture of rat poisoning
and metal filings.
-Oh, thank you.
- Good to see you there.
"On what wings dare he aspire?"
-"What the hand..
...dare seize the fire?"
Just a poem.
"Tyger, tyger burning bright
"in the forests of the night
"what immortal hand or eye
could frame thy
fearful symmetry?"
The poet..
...is asking the tiger
who made him and how.
William Blake.
He wrote two poems like that.
"The lamb" and "the tyger."
One who was made
of sweetness and love
and one was forged
from terror and death.
"When the stars
threw down their Spears
"and watered heaven
with their tears.
"Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made
the lamb make thee?"
-Hi, Mr. crowley.
Hi, how are you?
How are you?
How's your leg?
Can I kill you?
- And how is school?
-It's fine.
Everybody's afraid
but...That's pretty normal.
-And are you afraid?
Fear is a really weird thing.
You know, people are,
people are afraid of things
but they're never afraid
of their own actions.
Well, it's -- it's like
that woman right there.
You know, she,
she could be afraid
of getting hit by a car.
But she isn't afraid of crossing
the street, you know?
She's done it before.
It should be pretty easy.
She just waits until
she can't see any cars
and cross out
carefully onto the ice.
She's gonna do everything
she can to keep herself safe.
And there, there she goes.
She's fine.
She made it.
-He refuses
to go to the doctor.
-Oh, stop it woman.
I'll be alright.
Lower the seat and the cover.
Well, that's better.
You've been a big help
to me and Kay this winter, John.
Seems like a dying thing.
Neighbors helping neighbors.
- Alright, I've got you.
I've got you.
-Oh. Ah.
I worry about her, John.
I can't leave her here alone.
I can't face that.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Anything else in the car?
- Ah, just the salad
but Lauren's bringing that up.
-She's really here?
How'd you do it?
I invited her,
like, five times
couldn't get a yes out of her.
-We had a really
good talk last night.
And I think
her boyfriend dumped her.
Quick, we're not set for four
run down and get another chair
for the table
and I will set another plate.
Margaret, you're wonderful.
-I know.
What would you do without me?
Chair, downstairs,
bring up now.
-Hey, John.
Hey, is she in a good mood?
-She's probably slaughtering
a goat in your honor.
-We'll see
how long that lasts.
Stick close, okay?
I might need backup.
-Very useful, John.
-Guess it makes
a change from soap.
-You are gonna be so cool.
Here, open these, both of you.
From your dad.
-You, first.
Out loud.
- Shh. Just let him read it.
-It's okay.
"Hey, tiger,
merry Christmas.
"You're gonna love
this mp3 player.
"Filled it up with all
of our favorite music
"the stuff we used
to sing together.
"It's like having a dad
in your pocket.
"See you around.
Sam cleaver."
-Do you even remember
those old tunes?
-Sam used to play them
to John in the car.
You'd always be
singing together.
-Damn it, Sam.
-It's empty.
-I'm sorry.
He can't even buy your love
without screwing it up.
- Hey, John, it's no big deal.
He got me a DVD
of some kid show
apparently, we used
to watch it together.
I've no recollection of it.
-So, what?
It just means
he's a dick to you too.
-Let's have dessert.
I -- two different pies.
Whipped cream..
- Hello?
Who's there?
-I sent you the note.
- Leave me alone.
You know so much about me
then you know what I'll do
when I find you.
- I said--
-does that hurt?
You cut off your own leg.
You -- you pulled out your lungs
I just wanna know if it hurts.
Nothing you do makes sense.
You -- you -- you
hide some bodies
you -- you don't hide others,
you're not consistent.
I -- I -- I just wanna know
does it hurt?
- It hurts..
...like hell.
It hurts every time.
-Do you have to,
do you have to wait?
Like, eh, do you have to wait
for something
to -- to break down?
What about Emmett?
Uh, e -- e -- Emmett openshaw
in -- in Arizona?
Where, what did you,
what did you steal from him?
- I stole his life.
He would have had
a long one I think.
As long as his at least.
He would have
gotten married and had kids.
You still don't know, do you?
Hang on.
I've taken more lives
than you can ever guess.
But the mechanic was
the first one I didn't keep.
-What was that?
- What was what?
- What was that noise?
-Hey, John.
So, what have you been up to?
I barely seen you
since the holidays.
What does a young psychotic
John Wayne cleaver
do in his spare time?
Hello? Earth to John.
Wanna tell me
what the craps going on, man?
- Uh.
It's nothing, um..
I just..
I need to do
normal stuff right now.
Do you wanna play the game?
-Why are you here, John?
On Christmas night,
when I haven't seen you
in not one week,
but two weeks?
- I'm -- I'm just
kinda losing it.
- Losing what?
- I'm losing it.
I'm -- I'm -- I'm breaking
all my rules.
- What rules?
-I have rules
to keep me normal
and to keep
everybody else safe.
One -- one of my rules is that
i need to hang out with you
because we do normal stuff.
Um, and I -- I need that.
-So, we've been friends
for three years
'cause you think
it makes your normal?
-Eh, yeah.
Get off of him!
He's not yours.
Don't you think we should talk?
-Talk about what?
-I know this is difficult.
I -- I can't imagine
what you must be going through
but, you -- you've barely
said a word to me in days.
-I've barely said a word
to you since fourth grade.
-Then maybe we should start.
-Dr. neblin --
-Dr. neblin needs to shut up.
- He -- he's just
trying to help you.
We, we all just wanna do
what's best for you.
Just tell me
what you're feeling.
-What don't you get?
I don't feel anything.
Okay? I don't -- I don't give
a shit that Max's dad is dead!
I don't give a shit
that you could be next!
-John, I'm so sorry.
-John, please.
-I just wanna --
-no, shut up, shut up!
You shut up!
John, I won't come in.
I just wanna say something.
Last night was..
But we're still
together, right?
I mean, we're still a family.
Because it's all we got.
I thought you helping
as embalm was bad for you
but I think now
maybe I was wrong.
I don't know.
All I do know is
you've gotten worse
since I stopped you
and yet that was where
i felt closest to you
so...If that's what it takes
for us to stay together
then that's what we do.
- Let's say that
you're the kind of person
who, uh, you know, you leave
when things get bad.
You've done it a lot.
Uh, you make a life,
you always get into trouble
and then you always run away.
Now, things are bad.
They're worse than
they've ever been
but you don't leave, you stay.
Why would you do that?
- You're talking
about risk and reward.
Stay and bare the hardship
or escape with the cost
of losing something.
Is there something
you wanna tell me?
-No, I just want your opinion.
What would make you stay?
-Am I a sociopath?
-It's not me.
-I never said it was.
But I need to know
because I need to understand
if I'm answering from an
emotional point of view or not.
-What's the difference?
- It's everything.
You say I can up and leave
but I have to ask myself
what it is I'm leaving.
What emotional connection
is being broken.
Now, if I'm a sociopath
then it might not bother me
but if I'm not..
-Love, yes.
An emotional connection
like love.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Wait, wait, John,
hold on, hold on.
Alright, look, call me
if there's anything
you need day or night.
-Yeah, okay.
Can I look at that one?
What's the, what's the range
on something like that?
-I don't know,
like, 2 to 3 miles.
How much can I get for that?
-I don't know,
like, 20 to 30 bucks.
-Hi, Mrs. c.
-Oh, hello, John.
- I can help you with that.
-So, uh, how's bill?
- Oh, not so well, John.
It's his heart.
Just his age, John.
Everything is catchin' up
with him.
-Pills, pills.
My whole existence
has become pills.
Damn this body of mine, damn.
- No!
-Stop it.
Shh. Shh.
Stop it!
Just stop, stop!
Shh! Shh!
- Hello.
-I've -- I've done it.
It's too late.
- John, where are you?
-I'm -- I'm on the edge and..
...I'm over it
and I'm falling.
- Listen to me, John.
-I didn't wanna do it.
- Listen to me, listen.
-It's too late.
- No, John, it's not too late.
You're in control.
Are you listening?
- Now, listen.
You're not a killer,
you're a good person, John
whatever you've done
we can get through it.
We can make it right again.
Are you still listening?
-Thank you. I need to go.
- No, John, don't hang up.
Tell me where you are.
-No. Thank you for your help.
-Mary Jean, put that back!
Come back.
Come back and die
with your own heart.
Look at your phone!
Look at your phone!
You're not gonna kill anybody.
You can't have his heart.
- We are gathered here today
to celebrate the life
and mourn the passing
of Roger Bowen.
It is fitting
that we do so here
surrounded by all those
who loved and admired him.
Great evil has befallen our town
and many families
are in mourning today.
Roger was a husband
and a father.
He was a friend to all.
He was a pillar
of our community.
He was a pillar of his church.
And he was a pillar
in his own household.
But before you think
I'm building
some kind of Greek temple
with all them pillars
Roger's about as
down to earth a guy
as you'd ever wanna know.
Steadfast, honest,
The kind of man who's
character embodies the values
that a community is all about.
-You attacked my wife.
-You murdered my therapist.
-That's what he was doing
out there
at that hour
on a street
carrying about
in his nightgown
out looking for some kid.
I couldn't help him.
Where is it?
-How long do you think
you've got?
-Long enough to find another.
-Not here.
Not in front of everybody.
-You don't know
the things I've done
or that I will do.
-Don't forget to take
the book of condolence
to the cemetery, John.
- The family is so grateful
for all your
wonderful cards and flowers
and, and some of you
have asked about donations.
But the family would prefer
any donations to be made
in Roger's name
to the organ donor foundation.
Following his kidney
replacements techniques.
Thank you so much
for coming out.
- John? You coming?
-Ah, no, I'm gonna stay behind
and start cleaning stuff up.
-Okay, you go with mom.
-Mom already left
in the hearse with Margaret.
-No, she's taking her own car.
She just went upstairs.
-Where have you hidden it?
-It's him, not it.
-I need that heart.
Or any heart.
You love her?
-Why do you think
i stayed human all these years?
-You love her?
Do you think
i wouldn't do it, John?
After all I've done?
Where is that body?
-It's in the freezer.
What is this?
-It's the one that's been
killing everybody.
- He attacked me.
Is he dead?
- Mom.
Not he, it.
-We need to call the police.
- No!
Mom, listen. Listen to me.
You can't do that.
Mom, I tried.
He killed them.
Mom. Please, help me.
Turn it on.
It hurts.
Look after Kay for me.
"Tyger, tyger
burning bright.."
- While police are waiting
to release any further details
all they can confirm
that a potential homicide
investigation is underway.
Clayton county police are also
looking for another man
bill crowley, age 79
who disappeared
the night before
Dr. neblin's body was found.
Local authorities
are asking for anyone
with information
to please come forward.
-Tell me about him.
-About bill?
I met bill,
we were both in our 30s.
And in those days,
in this town, being 30
and single
made me an old maid.
He reminded me
a bit of my grandfather
the way he always wore a hat.
He had this lust for life.
I set my sights on him after
the first couple of weeks.
One Sunday, we were having
dinner at my parents' house
with all my brothers
and sisters and
all their families and..
Bill got up and left the table.
I followed him out
and found him in the kitchen..
He said, "i never got it
before now, Kay."
And he told me..
...he loved me..
...more than anything
in heaven or hell.
He was very romantic
with his words.
In his last days,
he was more..
...sickness than health.
You saw the way he was.
But every day
he'd tell me
"i will stay by
your side forever."
Oh, that dreaded thing.
It hasn't been the same
since that night.
- You know, we can arrange for
you to see a grief counselor
if you'd like.
-I think that...Seeing
a psychotherapist to talk
about my first therapist seems..
...kinda disloyal.
Neblin would have
laughed at that.
- Hit the switch, John.