I Am Vengeance (2018) Movie Script

This way.
Look, he came through here.
- Well?
- Shh.
Come on.
Come on.
You then.
Why don't you come
back quietly, Dan.
Save yourself some pain.
Fair enough.
Who else knows?
Who have you told?
Nice of you boys
to finally join us.
Hello Danny, you miss me?
Looks like you lost
a tooth there, Danny.
Take him back with us.
Get him out of here.
How much do you
think he knows?
We'll find out soon enough.
Whoa whoa whoa.
Who are you?
I'm here to take you home.
Yes, Danny-Boy.
You know, right now you
look a lot like your Dad.
Or is it maybe it
was your mother?
As you were, Stockwell.
Hello Daniel.
You gave my boys quite
a runaround this afternoon.
And I hear you
haven't said a word,
despite all this unpleasantness.
Oh I get it, you're a hard man.
Well you've made your point,
but enough is enough,
so why don't you
just tell me what...
Daniel, Mason, Sergeant.
Two, five, one.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I know the routine.
I've been where you are now,
Fallujah, four years ago.
Those rag-heads
introduced me to concepts
of pain I could
never have imagined.
Would've killed me too.
Except these boys
swung in against orders
and got me the
fuck out of there.
You know I served in
the gulf with your old man.
He was a tough old bastard.
You're not fit
to say his name.
You're a disgrace.
All of you.
What happened to
your dad today...
Was regrettable.
Good effort, old man.
And your Mum.
Wrong place.
Wrong time.
Dan, for whatever
you believe in,
or just for the sake
of an easy death,
tell me who you're working with.
So are you prepared to die
for your sense of
honor, Sergeant Mason?
Since the day I joined.
So why don't you get on
with it, you piece of shit.
have one new message.
where's the Cardamon?
I'm on the phone, Ettie my love.
It's in there somewhere.
Hi, John, Dougie here.
Been a while, so I hope to God you
still get your messages, mate.
Douglas, the Cardamon.
Oh do shush Ettie
please, I am on the phone.
Listen, John,
I know it's been a while,
and look,
regardless of how it was
between us last time
you were here,
Dan and I have been
working on something,
and it's all gone very deep end.
I hoped you might come back and
give us a hand for old time's sake.
maybe that's Daniel now.
John, we
need your help here now.
Call me...
Ah yes, hello.
I used to serve alongside
Sergeant Daniel Mason.
I believe he is stationed
at your barracks.
I'm actually in
town for a few days,
and I was hoping
to catch up with...
I'm sorry to have to tell
you that Sergeant Mason
was the victim of
a terrible beating
and subsequently he was stabbed
in the back of the neck.
Any leads on who did this?
Nothing that I can confirm.
You local, sir?
Used to be.
The report says his
commanding officers
assumed he'd gone AWOL,
but then the body was found
on the outskirts of town
by a section returning
to the barracks.
Who filed the report?
A Sergeant Hatcher.
One of his men contacted the
emergency services immediately,
but unfortunately Sergeant Mason
was pronounced
dead at the scene.
What about his parents?
What are the police
doing about this?
I believe our local constable
is investigating both incidents.
I'm not sure how
much he's found out
and if I'm honest he's not
exactly the brightest spark,
but here are his details.
Again, my condolences
on your loss.
As I understand
it, Sergeant Mason
and his family were well liked.
Is there anything else I can...
Thank you.
I'll take down the
bastards that did this.
Every one of them.
But you knew that already.
Well would you look
at that, a real live ghost.
It's not really him, can't be.
Permission to move in?
He's listed as a priority
target, should we...
Negative, hold positions.
Your orders sir?
What are you even doing here?
Sir, your orders.
Well if I were you, I'd order
in body bags, lots of them.
June the 30th.
Hatcher has more than
20 years' experience.
All the usual theatres.
Highly decorated.
But it is my belief that his men
went rogue on
a job in Afghanistan,
so me and Dan are going
to start digging around.
July the second.
According to Dan, Hatcher and
his men are in a spot of bother.
The RMPs are still
trying to find out
exactly what they were up
to on their last mission,
specifically the two days
that they spent deep inside
Taliban country that Hatcher
still can't account for.
Dan at the moment
is trying to get
something concrete on
what they were up to.
I've told him to
be very careful.
Hatcher is one ruthless bastard.
Alright, thank you, thanks.
Well you haven't
been around lately.
Yeah, sorry. It's just been
really manic round here.
Well you know where we are.
Yeah, sure, better
get back to work.
Round of the usual.
Right then.
I want a Vodka.
I don't think so.
I'm 18 in four months.
Yeah and in four months I'll
buy you a drink to celebrate.
There you go, on
the house of course.
See me reaching for my wallet?
What're you after, pal?
I'm here to find whoever
murdered Sergeant Daniel Mason.
Sorry, come again?
I said, I'm here
to find whoever
murdered Sergeant Daniel Mason.
Well Dan was well
liked around these parts.
Whatever happened to
him was a tragic loss.
You taking the
piss or something?
If all things work out,
you won't have to work again.
I like
the sound of that.
Looking a bit
harassed there, Lambert.
They run out of nuts again?
Sandra, she's finally told
him about the Chlamydia.
He's been scratching all night.
New face.
Just walked in and announced he's
here to find Dan Mason's killer.
I'll take care of it.
Easy, just point him
out to us, Lambert.
None of you've got anything
to say about Dan Mason?
His parents, Dougie and Ettie?
Lived around here for 30 years,
pillars of your community.
Yet not one of you
has a single thing
to say about their
brutal murders.
You got something
you want to tell me?
Mister, I'd watch who you mess
with around here, if I were you.
Would you now?
Listen, it doesn't
look like anyone here
can help you, so why
don't you just go?
Excuse me.
I knew the Masons, a little bit.
They came into my
cafe from time to time.
They were nice people.
It was very sad what
happened to them.
I don't know if
it'll help you much,
but if you want to come in
and talk, we're there every day.
Look, come on, we don't
want any trouble here.
Best you just move on, eh?
Thanks for the advice.
But I'm not leaving
town until I find out
what happened to
the Mason family.
And if anybody has
a problem with that...
I'll be outside.
That was fast.
We think you
might be a bit lost.
You best stop shooting
your mouth off, pal.
And leave town
for your own good.
I'm going to ask you one time,
politely, who killed Dan Mason?
And I'm gonna tell you once,
to get the fuck out of here,
or you're a dead
man, you got it?
Everyone, listen.
There's totally
going to be a fight.
Come on.
Fucking fight,
fucking brilliant.
What's she talking about?
You wanna have a look?
- A fight?
- Let's go have a look.
Look, we're trying to
be reasonable here, we...
We're done here.
Must I repeat myself?
Just some random prick.
You're in over your head, so
consider this a fair warning.
Leave Devotion and
don't come back.
Do I make myself clear?
Let's go.
Come on people, show's over.
You okay?
Look I couldn't say anything
back in there but
I knew Dan Mason.
Yeah, and if you
just come with me
I can tell you everything.
Seriously, I can help.
Come on Sis.
I'll have that vodka now then.
- Sure.
- Really?
Danny Mason was a good
man, quite a gentleman.
I'm Sandra by the
way, what's your name?
Suit yourself.
Do you like music?
What kind of music do you like?
Here we go.
How did you know Dan?
Oh, just from the pub really.
He was nice though, tipped well.
What do you know
about all of this?
Oh, just what Keith's
told me to be honest.
Sounds awful.
Yeah he's my friend.
We help each other out and that.
He's lovely.
What does Keith
know about Dan?
Oh, I didn't really
ask him much after
he told me what
happened to be honest.
I was a bit freaked out
Take me to him.
Oh well, Keith mostly keeps
himself to himself these days,
I doubt he knows
anything at all.
Yep, nope, fine.
It's open, come through.
Hiya Keith.
Ah Sandra,
Sandra babe, thank God.
You got my rollies?
Who's this, Sandra?
No don't worry it's alright.
He's alright.
So this is Keith,
and Keith, this is...
You alright mate,
how you doing?
- Better than some.
- Oh what, these?
Yeah I'm lucky I've got
Sandra to look after me.
She's my own personal angel,
ain't you, babe?
Come and give Keithy some sugar.
Sit yourself down mate.
So who are you anyway?
Army, police, crew, what?
None of the above.
Well saints be praised.
You got a...
- Here, give us a light, babe.
- Oh.
So what can I do you for?
Two days ago, my friend Sergeant
Daniel Mason was killed.
I'm here to find whoever did it.
Sandra seems to think you
might be able to help me.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa,
slow your roll mate.
What makes you think I know
anything about anything?
Oh well, I kind of
told him that you did.
So what do you know?
Look mate, I can see you're upset,
but honest I can't help you.
Sandra gets a bit
fucking divvy sometimes.
I'm sorry about your pal.
- What are you doing?
- What do you know?
Get him the fuck off me.
Stop, please.
Sit, down.
Okay, okay, okay, let me just.
Start talking.
Well everything was cool
until about a month ago.
I had all of the business in
town, and it was all good.
When all of a sudden some
new faces rock up and,
I'm telling you man, these
geezers were heavy man,
they were fucking heavy duty.
They made me take their product.
Can I get up now?
Well things were
alright at first,
but then all of a
sudden I'm told until
I pay them off every
penny goes to them.
So one minute it's all good,
the next I'm working for free,
and who wants that?
And when I say
something about it,
they fucking did this to me,
and kicked me out my gaff.
So now I'm not working
and I've got nothing.
If I didn't have Sandra,
God only knows mate.
It's not all
bad though, is it?
Some silver linings.
Who are they, where are they?
Come on bruv, they'll kill me.
I'll kill you.
Please, stop it.
Tell me.
Hatcher, his name's Hatcher.
Hatcher, as in
Sergeant George Hatcher?
What, you know him?
Nah, bollocks,
I don't want nothing
to do with this
if you fucking know him.
Hang on, what would a highly
trained special forces team
want with a broken
town like Devotion?
Well look around you, no
one gives a shit about us.
They can do what they want
here, no one's gonna stop them.
- Here my love.
- Thanks babe.
I mean, who's gonna mess with
the special fucking forces?
What, you?
Well fucking good luck
with that one mate,
we'll have you fitted
up for a coffin
in the morning if you want,
save you the bother.
Where do I find Hatcher?
Take your pick.
My old place, the army barracks,
the Devotion Women's
fucking Institute.
He's everywhere.
You, don't leave town.
We're leaving.
Sandra, babe.
You know, you didn't
have to hurt him.
He'll live.
Where's Hatcher
peddling his drugs from?
Well it's at
Keith's old place,
but it's a proper shit-hole and
you know what I
really don't think
you want to go there right now.
Show it to me.
Have you got a death
wish or something?
Just take me there.
But it's your funeral.
This is it, told you.
What the...
What's he doing here?
Not you mate, jog on.
Are you deaf or something?
I said jog, the fuck, on.
Yeah sorry,
I think they're just
being a bit paranoid
or something.
Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no.
They know me here so
maybe I should just
buy something so we
don't seem suspicious.
I'm going, alright.
Alright, come up.
Hello, me again, how are you?
I knew you'd be back.
How many?
Just the one please.
Yeah it's me.
Our new friend from the
pub has just shown up here.
No, I'm not fucking
shitting you,
what do you want
me to do about it?
Thanks so much, see you soon.
Not so fast.
Oh, hi guys, you alright?
Your friend, who is he?
I don't know, I've
never met him before.
Oh don't fuck me about, Sandra.
I swear,
I've never seen him
before he came in
the pub tonight.
Well, I wanna know
where he's staying.
You'll find that out
for me, won't you?
- I mean...
- Look at me.
Look at me.
Now I don't care what
you have to do, Sandra,
but you'll find out
where he's staying,
and then you'll
tell me, won't you?
Won't you?
All done.
Subtle, what about the police?
What about them?
Sandra, talk to me.
You said it yourself, okay,
Devotion is a broken place.
You try going to the
next police station,
which is three towns
over by the way,
see if they'll
take your statement
for getting threatened
outside the pub.
Our local copper was in there,
for fuck's sake.
Did you see him?
Did he even lift a finger
to help you,
stop you causing
a scene outside?
People around here,
they're scared.
Georgie Freeman said he
was going to the police
after that lot set
his car on fire
and we never saw him again.
Do you get it?
Let's go.
Look, I'm sorry I got
angry earlier alright?
Are you sure this
is the right way?
There's nothing but
fields out here.
You don't talk much, do you?
Oh, it's lovely.
Got an en suite in there?
When did you last see Dan?
Well, it was, a couple of
days before he, you know.
It was horrible what
happened isn't it?
It's gonna be bloody
freezing in there.
I could come in for
a bit, if you like?
Go home, Sandra.
July the fifth.
Thank you my darling.
Dan has been in contact
with the county police,
and it would appear that the
drug business in Devotion
has gone through the roof
since Hatcher set up shop.
Background on Hatcher's team.
Barnes is his second in command.
She worked harder than all
of her male counterparts
to achieve rank,
and it would appear
that her long term ambition
was to join under Hatcher.
Marshall has made a career
out of being a psychopath.
Countless reports of him
assaulting unarmed civilians
in foreign climes,
and other heinous acts
all somehow
overturned by Hatcher.
Stockwell's hair trigger
temper has seen him
pulled up on charges
of insubordination
in every unit that he
has ever served in,
until Hatcher took him under
his wing and gave him focus.
And Lambert, he's
beaten everyone there
is to beat in the area
of unarmed combat.
Congratulations Lambert.
Hatcher's men are
utterly loyal to him.
July the 17th.
Dan suspects that Hatcher's
been doing business
with a notorious drugs cartel
run by one Sonia Larsson.
She's as ruthless as they come.
Been on watchlists for years,
but thus far untouchable.
Don't water them darling.
Shit, shit, shit.
Hi, yeah it's me.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I was just, I'm sorry
I was late, I, yeah, no.
It's the blue barn
on Hobden Rise.
No, I didn't see anyone else.
I didn't see anyone else.
Listen, you're not... you're
not gonna hurt him, are you?
Only, last time.
Okay, we grab the
target and we're gone.
Nice and easy, on me.
God's sake, stop.
Shit, where is he?
I'll call it in.
Bollocks, look what he's done.
Let's just make
sure he's dead then.
Where are you?
You're gonna give
Hatcher a message from me.
Fuck you.
The balls on the man.
We give him a verbal warning
and he kills four of ours.
Hardly a proportionate response.
I knew it, we should have
finished him at the pub.
What do we have on him?
I ran that through the system,
and there's a match for his
face from about five years ago,
but his files indicate that he's been
classified as a priority target.
Anything else?
I'm working on it.
What can I get you?
Go clean up out back.
She's at that difficult age, eh?
How's business Rose?
It's fine thanks.
How much for this one?
It's not for sale.
Says 30 quid.
Look, what do
you actually want?
That loudmouth at
the pub last night.
Apparently you told him he could
come here if he wants to chat.
Everyone's welcome here.
To eat, drink, chat, whatever.
He just seemed upset.
And how exactly are you
going to brighten up his day?
I hadn't actually
thought about...
Breakfast would be a start.
Oh, hiya.
- Morning.
- Morning, everything okay?
She's fine.
Rose, is it?
Am I too late to get breakfast?
That's right,
and we serve breakfast all day.
Just take a seat,
and I'll be right with you.
Coffee, tea?
Coffee please.
Black, no sugar?
Good guess.
Expert me, my
specialist subject.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Well you know my name.
What's yours?
Oh, John.
Just John?
Well, just John,
what can I get you?
You know, it all looks good.
Surprise me.
Right you are.
Do you like it?
Who's the artist?
She's an excellent cook.
So, how well did you
know the Mason family?
About as well as I
know any of our regulars.
Ettie was very picky
about her food.
Dougie would clean
the plate, and Dan,
he was somewhere in between,
liked everything burned though.
Sounds like Dan.
You know, don't take
this the wrong way,
but you don't seem to
fit into this town.
You're nice.
Wasn't a compliment.
Devotion, this whole place,
has really nosedived
since I last came here.
And how long ago was that?
The point is, all the nice
people have moved away, so.
What am I still doing here?
There's not much to tell.
Dad used to run
the place with Mum.
And I helped him
after she passed,
until he joined her last year.
This is all I've got
left of them really.
Someone's got to look
after trouble over there.
She drives me mental sometimes,
but she's all the
family I've got left.
You ever think about
moving somewhere...
- Nice?
- Mmm.
Yeah, sure, but everything's
tied up in this place,
and Devotion's
not exactly overrun
with people wanting
to buy property, so...
What can you tell me about
my friends from
the pub last night?
Thinking of causing
more trouble then?
Look, all I know is they walk around
here like they own the place.
My friends and I do what we can
to stay out of their way.
This is too much for...
Oh, thanks.
I know you probably want
justice for the Mason family,
but you might want to think
about leaving town.
Thanks, it's not
justice I'm after.
You're right by the way,
the artist is an excellent cook.
Keep out of trouble you.
That was utterly sickening.
Hello Sandra.
Jesus, what, I,
what're you, get, no.
What's she doing back here?
Come up.
I want a word with you.
Or I'm gonna
decorate this place
in a delicate shade of
your skull and brain.
You too.
Alright, just
don't shoot yeah?
There's a lot of
flammable shit in here.
You little shit.
I'm sorry, he made me.
- Concentrate.
- Easy.
No one has to die, just take
what you want and leave.
Look it weren't personal at
the pub, it was just business.
Shit, we were trying
to do you a favor.
You got no idea who
you're messing with...
I said concentrate.
Sandra, don't.
But I just, I just...
I fucking warned
you Sandra, now you're cut off.
Get off me.
- I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- Oh fucking Jesus.
Kill you.
I'm gonna kill you!
Drop it.
Jesus Christ, look at the
mess you've made here.
Oh, sorry.
Oi, Sandra, I'm talking to you.
You want another hit?
Bring me that phone over there.
Sandra, don't.
Do it now.
Come on, now!
I'll deal with you later.
As for you, dickhead, you should
have left town when I told you.
Now you're gonna...
Now then, an elite
special forces team
turn gutter level drug barons.
Get fucked.
Come on, out with it.
We were sent to Afghanistan
to take down a major drug lord.
We intercepted him on
a private airstrip,
and when we were done,
it was just sitting there.
A massive block of heroin.
Enough junk to set us all up
for the rest of our lives.
And we talked about it.
Hatcher's never seen us wrong.
He saw it as our
retirement plan.
So you smuggle it back
and take over the
local drug supply.
Boss figured it'd be
the best way to start.
Plus what do we know
about selling this shit?
So we found a local
supplier and squeezed...
Tell me about Dan Mason.
He found out
what we were up to.
Knew we were setting up a deal
to sell the shit
on to Amsterdam.
Go on.
Why don't you ask her?
Or that sick loser
she hangs around with.
No, no, I didn't do,
we didn't do anything.
What's he talking about?
Wait, what're you doing?
Oh my God, are you crazy?
No, no, no, no, no, you don't...
you don't have to do this, okay?
I don't know what
they said to you,
I swear, I swear.
Please, please don't do this.
You're crazy, please just stop.
Oh my God.
Let's go.
Jesus fucking Christ,
they are gonna kill you.
It's me.
Yeah he's still here.
He just killed some soldiers
and set fire to the
local drug factory.
No, I don't know that yet.
No, I don't know that either.
Yes, yes of course.
I just said yes.
Why the hell would
I drive all the way
down here, then
not tell you when...
Of course, I didn't mean to...
Why is everybody
pissing me off today?
He's an honest-to-God, real
life hero, or at least he was.
John Gold, military cross.
Back in the day he
single-handedly neutralized
more insurgents in one year
than the rest of his
section put together.
He was a one man war machine.
He all but disappeared
just over three years ago
and he's been completely
off grid ever since.
There've been rumors
of him appearing
in serious hotspots here and
there, but nothing verifiable.
Why'd he leave?
I'm still working on that,
but it had something to do
with an op in Eastern
Europe going sideways.
Total disaster by all accounts.
Focus on his return.
Well it's not official.
No authorizations
for him on the system.
The only real connection
is he served with Dan Mason
a few years ago, and Mason
senior was their instructor.
It's personal.
That's good,
no reprisals from above.
We eliminate him, we move on.
Job done.
Please don't, no.
Please, I'll do
anything you want.
I'll do anything you want.
Hold on, I'm putting
you on speaker.
I said, the
place has been burned to shit,
and Lambert and the others
have been wiped out.
Reckon it'll take 48 hours
to get up and running again.
This prick just seriously
cut into our productivity.
Name's John Gold, ex-regiment.
Turn over our local
contacts, find him.
Stockwell, if you do
find him do not engage.
Report back for orders
first, is that clear?
Roger that.
Think strategically.
There's no point in all of
you chasing Gold around town.
Get ahead of him,
what does he want?
Us, apparently.
Exactly that.
One way or another
he's coming after us,
and then we'll deal with him.
Wakey wakey, Keith.
Not now, Sandra, later babe.
Shit, Sandra, where is she?
Tell me about Dan.
Told you before, I had
nothing to do with your mate.
You know more
than you've told me.
About what? I don't even
know what you're on about.
Sandra set me up this morning.
Mate, I don't
even know, I swear.
You set up Dan too?
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't, don't, please.
I didn't do anything.
Think I haven't
seen all this before?
I know what you are, what
you've done, what you deserve.
What, Sandra?
I look after her. I look after
her, and she looks after me!
For fuck's sake, just ask her!
She didn't stand a chance
with you around.
But I'm gonna give you an
opportunity to do one good thing.
Tell me what happened to Dan.
I keep telling
you I don't know.
I don't know, I don't know.
For fuck's sake, if you
want me to say something
just tell me and
I'll fucking say it,
but I swear to God I had
nothing to do with your mate.
Next one goes
right here, talk.
Okay, okay,
alright, just listen.
Dan found out about
some deal Hatcher
was doing with this
big time Dutch cartel.
Tulips and shit.
He told Sandra he was
gonna report Hatcher
to the fucking high
command or whatever.
He liked her, he trusted her.
He told her to get out of town
and lay low until
it all blew over.
But she didn't,
she came and told me
'cause she wanted
me to go with her,
'cause I told you
she worries about me.
So yeah, I went to Hatcher.
I thought if I helped
him out he might
cut me back in on my
old patch, you know?
Please, please.
I've got nothing mate,
they've taken everything from me
and I just wanted
something for myself.
Please, please.
Go on.
When they found out
that Dan trusted Sandra,
they had her tell him
about the meeting Hatcher
was having with the cartel.
But obviously it was a setup,
they knew he was coming.
She told me about it
after they, you know.
But honest to God, she didn't
know what they was gonna do,
she just thought they was gonna
run him out of town or something.
She wouldn't hurt
a fly, that one.
So what, what're you gonna do?
Oh please don't
fucking please don't.
I told you what
you wanted to know,
please don't kill me, man.
Please, I'll
fucking do anything.
Please, please.
Oh my good God, oh my God.
Keithie's got to move.
Oh, I could barely
breathe in there.
Are you alright?
What happened with
Keith, is he okay?
He's fine. Come on, I've got
some questions for you.
Oh, why, what did he say?
Oh, Jesus.
Fuck my life.
"Do not engage,"
my fucking arse.
What the, no, no.
Get off me.
Get off me.
Stay back.
Oh my...
Come on, let's dance.
Oh my God.
You should go.
Are you mad?
You need the hospital,
let me help you.
Go, now.
So, where do you and the other
traitorous wankers
hang out then?
Suck my...
Got you good eh,
you feeling it yet?
Killing House outside
of town, north exit.
We train there.
You do Dan in there too?
I just stood guard that night.
The others, they...
Sure, you just
guarded the door
while they murdered my friend.
That's totally fine obviously.
Got a location secured.
We'll be back in business
by tomorrow night.
Splendid, let Larsson know
that we're ready to do the deal.
Sergeant Barnes.
Let's prepare a suitable
welcoming party for our friend.
Are you okay?
Am I okay?
Are you okay?
Look, don't go back
in there for a while.
Let the police handle...
Never mind.
Oi, where have you been?
Wait, what happened,
are you alright?
Thank you.
Not now, seriously.
Later then.
Come on, I'll show you.
Thanks ever so much for helping.
That's nice.
What's this then?
We used to wear
them on missions.
Who's we?
My old unit,
Dan and the others.
Oh, well,
where are they now?
They're gone.
Those things'll
kill you, you know.
That looks awful.
How much blood do
you reckon you lost?
Probably need to have an
orange juice or something.
It was crazy back there,
with that guy with the gun.
What do you think
actually happened?
I know what you did, Sandra.
I know about Dan.
No, I didn't.
Look, I'm really sorry
I helped them, okay.
I never thought that,
but I can help you now, okay?
I'll do whatever
you want I swear.
Sandra, I want
you to know that I
understand you're
a victim in all this.
What do you mean?
You've been a victim
your whole life.
Of this place,
Keith, Hatcher too.
I just wanted you to know
that I understand that.
I am so sorry that I
told them where you were,
and I am so, so sorry that
I told them about Dan.
I never ever...
It's just,
it's the stuff, you know.
I need it and I can't,
but I'm gonna quit, okay.
I'm gonna quit,
and I'm gonna help you
if you just let me help you
I promise I swear I'll quit.
Let him come.
Hello sunshine.
Gold, so you're
still coming then?
Looks like it.
You do realize you're
on a suicide run?
Actually in 10, maybe 12
minutes, you'll all be dead.
You're in no position to...
Right then.
The boys are ready.
We'll let Gold come to
us, end his interference,
and then it's back to business.
What's this prick
look like then?
Ah who gives a shit,
just shoot any prick
you don't recognize
so we can piss off down the pub.
First round's on me lads.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, what're
you waiting for?
It's a fucking party.
You know, Hatcher
might be top dog,
but I'm the main event.
Yeah you're really
tough and scary.
And you're about as hard
as a baby's first shite.
He's a bleeder.
We haven't even been introduced.
Feel me now?
You know, I've been
looking forward
to this ever since
outside the pub.
Welcome to Glasgow.
Do you know the real highlight
for me over the past few days
was putting those
perfectly round
bullet holes into
poor old Ettie Mason.
That, for me chum,
was a real treat.
This one's for Ettie.
Right then.
I think it's time for you
to bring Gold to
me, Sergeant Barnes.
Boss, are you sure you...
Bring him to me now,
that's a direct order.
Look, Gold is it?
Hatcher wants to
face you one on one.
Me, I've seen what you can do
and I'm not crazy
enough to take you on.
I'll quit all of this right now.
Just let me walk out of here.
I just wanna go.
Deal, or...
No deal.
Do come in.
You've impressed me, Gold.
I could use a man like you.
Not interested.
On with it then.
I don't get it.
All this aggravation
for what, the Masons?
Not just the Masons.
Brotherhood, loyalty,
queen and country.
The money from this?
It's going to the families
of men we've lost.
Families the
government left to rot.
We saw an opportunity to make
it right, and we took it.
And you killed innocent
people in the process.
Good people.
They didn't deserve any of this.
Any last words?
You should have
taken my offer.
You're welcome.
I had him right
where I wanted him.
Where is he,
oh, is he in here?
Oh no.
Oh my God,
what happened to you?
Did you kill all
of those people?
How did you kill them?
Is that, is that your blood?
You know, I really think you might
need a plaster or something.
I'll see you soon.
You better not.
All units, stand down,
regroup at point C.
Seriously though, who is
that guy, and where's he going?
Right, anyway, are you
sure you're alright?
- Fighting fit.
- Oh, great.
Well in that case, please
can I hold one of your guns?
Oh come on, just a small one.
We are gathered to commemorate
the life and passing of Dan
Mason, may he rest in peace.
Let us remember all
those who have died
for their country,
in war and peace.
Those whom we knew, and those
whose memory we treasure.
Good journey, Dan.
We were wondering what
you were doing up here.
You always did have
a habit of going
all Charles Bronson
at times, didn't you?
You come to take me in?
Your team's as subtle as ever.
Far from it.
All call signs,
this is Zero, stand down.
Walk with me, John.
Look, off the record,
what you've accomplished here
in a couple of days is more than the
department could have done in months.
What about the families
of Hatcher's men?
Intel gleaned from
Hatcher's computer shows funds
transferred to a dozen
different accounts,
but honestly I
came here for you.
John, I know this has probably
been difficult for you,
but you were always
our best field asset
and we need you back on the job.
I'll tell you what.
Take some time,
sort your head out.
Go somewhere, tropical.
Then come back to us, and
we can crack on with work.
What's going on?
Is it from him?
What does it say?
It says, "Shut up
and do your homework, Violet."
You okay?
Every day is perfection, you?
Well, it's been
a little bit stressful.
- You ready?
- Can I drive?
Where are we going?
I told you, London.
Well what part?
A nice part.
Oh, that's nice.
What kind of music have you got?
No music.
No music?
That's so boring.
Ooh, what about my music?
We can play my music on my
phone, hang on one sec, oi.