I Believe in Unicorns (2014) Movie Script

[Music playing]
[Woman] There's so
much I want to say.
But I don't know where to start.
Today is my birthday.
Today I will learn
how to breathe.
[Camera shutter clicks]
[Camera shutter clicks]
[Camera whirrs]
[Camera shutter clicks]
[Camera shutter clicks]
How was your night?
Okay, I had this dream once
where I saw myself
from inside myself.
And my two selves
were hanging out.
And I--
Uh, no.
A self-portrait should be raw.
It should be naked. It's--
okay, not naked.
Uh, don't bring in naked
pictures of yourselves.
Or if that's how you see
yourself, then bring it in.
But don't tell your
parents I said that.
Uh, so for this assignment,
I want you guys to do
a self-portrait.
I want to see who you are
underneath the baggy clothes,
the piercings, the makeup.
Just let down your guard
and show me who you truly are.
I mean, who are we?
Who am I? Do you guys
know who I am?
- I don't know who I am sometimes.
- [Laughs]
Happy birthday.
I think you're the
only one that noticed.
You see that one?
Yeah. Where?
Um, the one in the vest.
Oh, yeah. A total loser.
I think he's kind of cute.
Whatcha doing there?
Let me see.
Captured my essence perfectly.
My name's Sterling.
Pleased to meet you.
Sterling-- I like it.
What do they call you?
All right, Davina.
This is us.
Cross the park,
make a left at this street,
another left,
and I'll meet you at the corner.
[Camera shutter clicks]
[Man] Pick you up something?
- I don't know, yeah.
- All right, cool.
- All right, let's go. Later, man.
- Later.
Actually I'll catch up
with you later, okay?
- All right.
- All right, cool, dude.
Whew! Whew! Pshh!
[Davina] I could tame you,
break you.
[Sterling] Not a chance.
[Davina] I will spread my wings
and smother you with a
million tiny feathers.
[Sterling] I'll light
your feathers on fire
and watch them turn to ash.
[Davina] I will sweep the ashes
into my hands
and sprinkle them in the ocean.
[Sterling] I'll build a raft
and sail towards
the distant horizon.
[Davina] I will summon the winds
and overtake your raft
with giant waves.
[Sterling] I'll sink
to the ocean floor.
[Davina] So my mom
found out she was sick
around the time that she was
pregnant with me.
I think she thought
that having me
would make my dad stay.
But she was wrong.
He left when I was really little
and I've been taking
care of her ever since.
How about you?
How about me what?
What's the deal with your dad?
he used to hit my mom
and me, so we left.
He's in the army now.
I'm sorry.
No, don't be. I hope he
dies for our country.
[Imitates cocking a gun] Boom!
It's like we're magnets
stuck to the earth.
Does that make the earth
a giant refrigerator?
Yeah, something like that.
That's why my stomach
hurts so much.
[Blows raspberry]
Where do you think you'll be
five years from now?
I don't know.
Anywhere but here.
Yeah, me too.
What are you waiting for?
- Smoke?
- No.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you, bitch.
You ever done this before?
[Door closes]
There's food on the stove.
I'm not hungry.
[Davina] When I first saw him,
it was like
I was blinded
by the most beautiful light.
Suddenly the world
around me shifted,
like I was watching everything
from deep underwater.
So are you officially
a woman now or--
or what?
Can't you tell?
No way.
It hurt bad.
Just kidding.
We barely even kissed.
But he was a really good kisser,
like, really, really good.
How good exactly?
[Train whistle blows]
[Muffled music playing]
[Train whistle blows]
[Music playing loudly]
it all depends on
what you call a problem
and when you meet
your ending
will Peter be demanding
one more question
like what about the women?
how did you handle it?
probably fucked
it up and shit
ice cream covers
both your arms
hiding all them pretty scars
the ones worn as a prize
text me, babe,
come back inside
clutched tight in memory
it's so hard
not to be there...
Hey. Yeah.
longing becomes
too tremendous
please overlook
these filthy rags
stupid quarrels and
when she brought him
to our wedding
guess I was fucking laughing
I remember when we met
everything got wet
I wasn't pissed at all
in fact, I was
fucking laughing...
all right, man,
I'll be right back.
I missed you.
Did you miss me?
[Microphone feedback squeals]
[Playing upbeat song]
Hey, look, I'll see you later.
[Song finishes]
[Singer] Fuck you, motherfucker!
[Crowd cheering]
[Thunder crashing]
[cat purring]
[Snaps fingers]
[Sterling] Look, I'm
sorry about last night.
I get that way sometimes.
Play something?
Of course.
I was born a unicorn
I missed the ark,
but I could have sworn
you waited for me
I was born a unicorn
could have sworn
you believed in me
how come all the other
unicorns are dead?
Oh, no.
Oh, no. Tuh-duh-duh-duh!
[Squeals, giggling]
[Both breathing heavily]
The maiden lures the unicorn
deep into the forest.
And he is so captivated
by her beauty
that he forgets his ferocity
and lays his head in her lap.
And then,
when he is fast asleep,
the maiden signals
to the hunters,
who leap out of their
hiding places...
And capture the unicorn.
What did you dream about?
I don't dream.
What do you mean,
you don't dream?
I live my dreams.
Can we get out of here?
I just want to go,
just like you said.
Let's do it.
[Engine starts]
[Upbeat music playing]
don't stop
go along with it
photos of you
are with me
and I like that
yeah, I long for it
you saw that
I've got too much to give
and I know
oh, I know
it's not gone though
so let's keep on talking
keep on talking
to each other...
[country music playing]
if you return to me
please bring back
my heart
'cause without your arms
to hold me...
stick 'em up!
Well, hello, stranger.
Well, hello there, little lady.
What you got in there?
On, nothing much,
nothing worth stealing anyway.
All right, well,
then I guess I'll just
have to steal your heart.
Oh! Oh, no.
You got me.
Oh. Oh, no.
Just kidding. I'm not dead.
You dirty dog.
[Country song continues]
Can I get a lottery ticket?
oh, it's hurting me
I will set you free now
if freedom's
what you need...
Good girl
Which one do you want?
Here. Mm-hmm.
- What about here?
- Yeah.
So which way should we go?
Into the setting sun.
All right. West it is.
[Davina] When I was little,
whenever I would take a bath,
I would sink
underneath the water
and hold my breath,
pretending that the surface
was unbreakable.
And at the last possible moment,
when my lungs felt
like fireworks,
I would break
through the surface
and breathe.
[Sterling] Well, hello
there, little lady.
Would you like one of them--
these here special treats?
Sure would.
Step up.
Another one.
One more.
Close your eyes.
Come on, just do it.
Fall backwards.
No way, no day.
Repeat after me:
Light as a feather,
stiff as a board.
Light as a feather,
stiff as a board.
Okay, now I want you
to tense up all your muscles.
That's right.
Light as a feather,
stiff as a board.
Light as a feather,
stiff as a board.
Light as a feather,
stiff as a board.
Oh, I got you!
I got you!
I'm gonna get you!
I'm gonna get you.
- I am.
- No, you're not.
Hey, cutie.
What are you doing?
[Laughing, chattering]
Wait up.
[Animal growling]
So my mom used to tell me
this story about the cicadas.
They live underground.
They live underground
for 17 years.
[Sterling] Wow, that's cool.
[Davina] That's older than me.
That is older than you.
[Davina] And then one day
they burst out of the ground
and they flock to the trees
and they mate.
[Sterling] Nice.
[Davina] And then
they go back underground
and they do it all over again.
Hey, mom.
I just wanted to let
you know that I'm okay.
Flap, flap, flap.
Flap like birds.
What are you doing?
Making crop circles?
Crop angels.
So tell me, Sterling,
what did you think of Davina
when you first met her?
Davina who?
Ow. Oh, that Davina?
I pretty much thought she was
the most beautiful girl
I've ever seen.
I thought, "this girl belongs"
inside of a fairy tale."
And was it love at first sight?
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.
You know,
they say only a virgin
can tame a unicorn.
Sounds like maybe it could be
the other way around.
Do you think we'll be happier
when we get there?
Anywhere but here.
[Davina humming]
What's that for?
[Upbeat song playing]
So have you decided yet?
What you want to be
when you grow up.
What are you talking about?
I am grown up.
You know what I mean.
Um... hmm.
Well, I'm gonna go
on tour with my band.
I don't know. Make $100 million.
No big deal.
Maybe I can take
all your band photos.
[Imitates camera clicking]
Here you go, sweetie.
King me, babe.
How about I queen you instead?
Either way, you're going down.
Oh. All right, all right.
[Upbeat music playing]
Which of these girls
is not like the other?
Which of these girls
does not belong?
Which of them has
no sister or brother?
Which one of these girls
is just plain wrong?
it's electric...
[Disco song playing]
Come on.
you can't see it
it's electric
you've got to feel it
it's electric
ooh, it's shocking
it's electric
she's a-moving like electric,
she sure got the boogie
you've got to know it
it's electric,
and you can't hold it
it's electric,
Come on.
Eww, your breath stinks.
That's not very nice.
What, you can't take the truth?
Well, you can be honest
without being rude.
Come on, you're just
being sensitive.
Well, you're just trying
to make me feel bad
so you'll feel better
about yourself.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're gonna end up
just like your father.
Hey, shut up.
- You're probably already just like him.
- Stop.
- You're just like him.
- Shut up.
What, are you gonna hit me?
I'm sorry.
I just get embarrassed
about things like that.
Want some gum?
Yeah, I want some gum.
[Davina] What do you
expect to find out there?
[Sterling] I don't know.
There's nothing but
endless telephone wires
stretched between towns.
[Davina] We can't keep
running forever, you know.
[Davina] Circles made,
circles broken.
So much undone.
So much unspoken.
Tshh, tshh!
[Imitates cymbals crashing]
'Morning, baby.
where do you want to go today?
Oh, come on.
You're just grumpy
'cause you're hungry.
Yeah, I guess.
See that?
That's your life line.
And that's your heart line.
And here's where you met me.
[Man] There you go.
Hey, this is mine.
I got that for you.
Davina, seriously,
haven't you eaten enough?
What's the matter?
Come on.
Could you do me a favor?
Will you stop being so
cute when you're sad?
Come on.
Yeah, okay.
[Davina] Welcome to the future.
It's just like the present,
but more fucked up.
[Engine roaring]
[Tires screech]
Come on, come on.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, this
is what we're gonna do.
You be the lookout.
I'll grab the keys, okay?
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay? All right.
What do I do if she wakes up?
I don't know.
Whistle or something.
I can't whistle.
Then think of something else,
but, shh, be quiet like a cat.
[Davina humming]
Do you think the tattoos
will glow in the dark?
I don't know.
Light up the unicorn.
Oh, cool.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right.
Once upon a time there was
a Princess named Davina.
And she lived in a tower
on top of the dark castle
under the control
of an evil witch.
Davina, do the laundry.
Davina, do the dishes.
Then one day a handsome
prince named Sterling
galloped into town
on a blue unicorn
and slay the dragon
and rescued the Princess
and carried her away.
And they lived
happily ever after.
And formed a rock 'n' roll band
and rocked out every night.
And every day?
Yes, and every day.
Will you lie on top
of me and squish me?
Can I ask you
something personal?
Yeah, sure.
Do you really like me,
or is it only temporary?
You're so beautiful.
And smart.
Yes, and smart.
I was just about to say smart.
And beautiful?
Uh-huh, smart and beautiful.
Don't I taste all sweaty?
Like a salt lick.
Oops, I think my shirt fell off.
Yes, I think it did.
Oh, no.
Oh, you dirty dog, you.
You think you can pull
the wool over my eyes?
You can't pull the wool
over my eyes.
Ow. I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
Where is she? Where did she go?
Where is she? There she is.
Ow. Ow. Ow.
What are you doing?
Don't you ever fucking
hit me like that again.
Hey, Davina.
Wake up.
Come on, we've got to go.
- Do you have nothing to say?
- Just fucking drop it.
You hurt everyone around you.
- You're gonna be all alone, just like your father.
- Stop.
- All you do is bring people down.
- Fucking shut up.
Just fucking stop it.
Stop! I want to get out.
Let me out.
This is ridiculous.
Just get back in the car.
Come on, Davina.
Where are you gonna go? You're
in the middle of nowhere.
Davina, wait up.
Come on, this is ridiculous.
[Davina] I think I
want to go home.
What are you trying to say?
Are you trying
to break up with me?
I just need
to figure some stuff out first.
Are you serious?
I'm sorry.
Stop fucking hurting me.
You're scaring me.
Please calm down, okay?
I'm sorry.
[Davina] There's so
much I want to say.
But I don't know where to start.
Maybe when I learn to breathe,
we'll finally be able to talk.
[Woman vocalizing]
[Instrumental music playing]
all full of stars
sad song to play
on a blue guitar
but that's all right,
I've got a head
all full of stars,
all full of
all full of stars
it's been so long
that I can't believe
you're gone
I brought this on myself
I've always been
oh, I've always been
I'll take your words
and I'll make them mine
and you can have
this sad ol' heart of mine
to do with what you want to
it's always what you did do
it's been so long
that I can't believe
you're gone
I brought this on myself
I've always been
oh, I've always been
I say I'm sorry
meet me halfway
pull you in closer
push you away
if I were a heart
you'd be the beat
of a broken drum
if I were a heart
you'd be the beat
of a broken drum
broken drum
broken drum
broken drum
broken drum.