I Blame Society (2020) Movie Script

[metal squeaks]
[electricity humming]
[metal clanking]
[electricity fizzling]
[generator whirring]
[Gillian] Yeah, I just...
I thought it would
look good here.
It's not like... the documentary
is not about roofs.
[Chase] Oh, it's not?
I was under the impression
it was about roofs.
Well, if it's not about
roofs then, I mean.
[Gillian] I'll tell you...
I'll tell you
when the camera turns on.
[Chase] Okay.
[Gillian] Yeah, I mean,
like, don't be nervous.
[Chase] I'm not nervous.
[crosstalk drowns speaker]
I think you're gonna think
this is really cool.
I think you really gonna
like it.
[Chase] I hope I have the
answers you're looking for.
I think you're the expert.
[Chase] Is it about,
like, panic attacks, or...
[laughs loudly]
Writer's block?
Is your phone off?
[Chase] Oh. No.
I am filming this,
but don't worry.
You'll understand why
in a minute.
- Okay.
- Is that okay?
- Sure.
- Great.
So the reason I brought you
up to this roof
is because
I'm filming a documentary
based on a compliment given
to me by Scott and Stephanie.
And as you know, they don't
offer compliments lightly.
Basically, they told me that
I would make a good murderer.
Yeah, I can see that.
[Gillian laughs]
So I've filmed
some fun stuff,
but I haven't done
the climax yet.
And what I'd really like
to do is to film a scene
where I would walk people
through how I would commit
the perfect murder.
Cool, I like it.
So first things first,
I would need a good victim
and it's really hard
to pick the right person.
But I was thinking
if I had to pick someone
I'd want somebody
that I could justify.
Somebody that I know
who has done some awful things
and has really hurt people
that I cared about
- who didn't deserve it.
- [chuckles]
And I was thinking about
you and your girlfriend.
You don't have to worry
'cause on camera so far,
I've given you guys
code names.
I know it's kind of shocking
that she is the most
unkind person in the world
I know personally.
But it makes sense because
somebody has to be.
And, um, it's her.
I guess I just have never seen
or even heard about
anybody being as cruel
to anyone else
for the worst reasons as her.
So, I was wondering,
what I'd like to do
is to come over to your place
with Olivia and the camera.
And we would say that we
were doing a location scout
and we were there to measure
stuff and get some pictures.
But the whole time
I'd be wearing a mask.
Like a scary animal mask.
And I just wouldn't
explain why.
And, I'll be walking around
and I'll be looking
at your place and
I'll be talking to the camera
and I'll say things like,
"Here's a good window
where I could come in."
Or I'll point out that there
are locks on the bedroom doors.
And that would be a challenge,
blah, blah, blah.
Just, you know,
narrate to the camera
this hypothetical murder,
and then leave.
I-I'm not pitching this right.
Gillian, are you...
are you fucking serious?
I'm not sure
I understand corre...
Like, you're asking me
to come over to my house...
And let you walk through
how you would murder
my girlfriend?
It's just theoretical.
It's not how I really would
do it or would want to do it.
It's just hypothetically
how it would be done.
Like, do you get
how fucked up that is?
Like on countless levels?
What is your problem
with [bleep]?
Uh, I just don't think
it's okay
that she's so emotionally
abusive and manipulative.
Uh, like when she destroyed
your only means
of earning a living when she
threw your laptop out a window.
But that was...
And there were scripts on
there that you never recovered.
That was, like, a really
low point for both of us.
And she felt really bad
and she replaced it.
'Cause she could hopefully
afford to buy you a new Mac,
but she can't ever make up the
stuff that you had on there.
And I just don't think
there's any excuse
to ever do anything like that,
to somebody
that you say that you love.
You don't know anything
about our relationship
and you don't know her.
People don't throw
other people's computers
out of windows.
Otherwise, there would be
computers all over the place
because lots of people
are in relationships.
You'd see broken laptops
down the street...
You don't anything
about our relationship.
It's true.
You don't know her.
You don't know what's
- going on with us.
- I know her.
I don't understand
where this is coming from.
Like, she does not feel
this way about you.
She really likes you.
She's always disliked me.
- No.
- It's bullshit.
She would talk shit about me
in school,
- and I barely knew her.
- Oh, God.
In school?
Like 10 years ago?
12 years ago?
I mean,
I didn't really care about it
because who the fuck cares
what she thought?
Yeah, it seems like you really
didn't care about it at all.
Well, she brought my
mom into it.
What the... your mom?
I'm not kidding.
She, like, couldn't believe
that my mother
would let me, like,
make such disturbing films.
- What... she did not say that.
- No, she did.
She does not care about
what kind of films you made.
- It's just really uncalled for.
- Pbbt.
Like I needed to ask
my mommy for permission.
- Give me a break. Like...
- No, that's true.
- That's not...
- That really happened.
I don't believe you.
Look, I don't care
what she thinks about me.
What I care about
is how she treats you.
Oh, my God, dude.
I feel like
I have opened up to you
and told you stuff in confidence
that you're now bringing up
in a context
that is completely, like...
I mean, the context
I'm talking about
is just the facts.
No, it's the context of,
like, you inviting me here
and putting me on camera
and bringing up
all this personal shit
that I've shared with you.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Like, I'm never gonna be able
to tell her about this,
I'm just gonna have to keep
it a secret, I guess.
So now I have
this secret from her,
and I'm gonna feel
incredibly guilty about it
all the time.
And I already feel like...
I'm sorry.
It's just putting me in,
like, an insane position.
I'm so... I'm sorry.
Oh, sorry.
Sorry. Sorry.
Look, I... I don't kn...
I just don't...
I just don't like to see
her doing this to you.
I just... I don't know
if you...
if you really understand
how fucked up this is
and like what position
it's putting me in.
- [Gillian cries]
- But I, uh...
I don't... I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
I just fucked up everything.
[Olivia] Do you want to cut?
[phone ringing]
Hey, Gillian.
How's it going?
Um, fine.
Is this supposed
to be a video call?
I'm just seeing your ear.
Oh, shit, really?
Do you wanna
rearrange things
and give me a call back?
No, it's okay.
This won't take too long.
I thought we were
finally talking about
"The Young Ambassadors."
Did you read the script?
Yeah, I did.
I'm still just seeing
your ear,
and it's just like really funny
to just keep talking to you.
it's really great.
I just don't think
I can do anything with it.
I don't understand.
Um, it's the exact same thing
that I pitched to you
in February
in your office,
scene for scene.
And you said that you loved it
and that you couldn't wait
to read it.
It's really, really
well-written, very funny.
It's just, Israel is
such a political topic.
- Yeah.
- And Robin,
she's just not really likable.
It's on me.
I just don't know
who to send it to.
So since I sent it to you
around four months ago,
you haven't sent it to anyone?
I'm just... I mean, like,
I'm kind of surprised
because, you know, I thought
that, like, you know,
we had this great meeting,
and you know,
you were...
together and like,
we're gonna do
all these great things.
And you were gonna, you know,
get it out there, and...
Yeah, well, look, Gillian,
I just don't think
I can do anything for it.
Well, what about
the other scripts?
Mm, no, not for any of it.
I just can't do anything.
I'm sorry, I just feel like
maybe we're not the right fit.
[laughs weakly]
Uh, you know, if... if, um...
if I'm not
who you need me to be, um,
and you can't do things
that you said
that you were going to do,
then I think that,
yeah, we shouldn't...
we shouldn't work
together anymore.
Um, so it's mutual.
I un...
Gillian, are you there?
Yeah, I'm st... I'm still here.
Bye, Gillian.
Good luck.
Uh, uh...
[phone beeps]
[dramatic orchestral music]

Something that you
guys told me last year,
really stuck with me.
It was a compliment
and I-I don't forget
but that's not why
I kept thinking about it.
I think I remember, we said
you'd probably make
a pretty good murderer.
What did you...
what did you mean by that?
I have always hated
this project.
It's not done yet.
I just hate what it is.
I don't want to use
real names
because people's feelings
might get hurt
and it's legally
Let's call our friend...
Bowie because he's cool.
And we can call
his girlfriend Stalin.
I couldn't find any
redeeming features about her,
except that
she is very attractive and...
I don't think it's healthy.
I don't think you're healthy.
I'm not healthy.
So I would like you to be
accessories to my murder.
That would mean a lot to me.
Do you think I have the
qualities of a good murderer?

No. Not my baby.
I don't know.
I mean, what's better?
Like, me just, like, sitting
around and not doing anything?
[Gillian] Do you think
that I'm capable of anything
that I put my mind to?
Yes, I do.
Is that what you want?
You want me to just,
like, come home
and, like, you know, give you,
like, a whiskey highball?
That sounds amazing.
Do you think that in
the course of writing
for the show "Hannibal,"
you feel like you've accumulated
the necessary experience
and insight to plan a murder?
Murder is probably
not realistically
depicted on television.
So I wouldn't take your cues
from that.
I would do some Googling first.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
[Dave] You would make
an amazing murderer.
Like, you will plan things out.
You will pay attention
to detail.
You will also be in charge
of the entire situation.
You don't give in.
Yeah, I think
he did really good.
Yeah, he did great.
You barely listen to
other people's opinions,
and yet they...
like, you know, you-you don't
because you have a vision.
You're my special boy.

Stalin isn't buried at
the Hollywood Cemetery.
He's buried at the Kremlin.
I checked.
But this is where
I would bury Stalin
and murder her.
If I did it.
As you can see,
I'm wearing a disguise.
I'm dressed as a tourist
visiting the old graves here.
What if dyed my hair?
I don't think
that would look good.
I mean, it doesn't look good.
Stalin's an actress.
So it'd be pretty easy
to lure her out here
by telling her
that I'm shooting a short here
and casting her in it.
And then when nobody else
shows up,
she'll ask, where is everybody?
And I'll say...
It's not gonna cut together.
It's a jump cut.
That's not really
how jump cuts work.
The concept of working
isn't inherent in jump cuts.
They're an icon classic.
Now all I have to do
is roll her into the grave,
cover it up, and make sure
I take everything with me.
You are not a blonde.
I'm gonna surprise you.
Now, if you show up
with blonde hair,
it's not a surprise.
You're just doing what I assume
that you were gonna do.
To surprise me is if we live,
like, the rest of our lives
and you're never a blonde.
That would be, like,
the best surprise.

Can you show me
how to work this thing?
[Olivia] Oh, yeah.
[Olivia] No problem.
So this one here is the zoom
and then the one up front
is the focus.
And that's all you gotta do.
All right, let me try.
Wh... what are you shooting?
[Gillian] I'm resurrecting
the "I Murderer," project.
What happened
to the Israel feature?
Um, yeah, that's not happening.
Why? [chuckles]
[Gillian] I think that
it's because my manager
finally read the script
and he fired me
because Israel
is a political subject,
which maybe you didn't know.
And also because the female lead
wasn't likable enough.
Uh, I guess I just don't know
what likable is.
Taking your shirt off, I guess.
I don't know.
I... don't ask me.
Aaron was my manager.
And so, you know, his assistant
was this girl named Diane.
So she said that she would try
as, like, a last favor,
she would try and get me
a meeting with some guys.
I just don't think
that's gonna happen.
So I realized I just can't
sit back and wait
for permission from some guy
to make a movie.
I've got to find a project
that I can do by myself.
Um, you know,
nobody wants you to make a movie
as much as you want
to make one yourself.
It just makes sense.
Nobody cares as much as you do.
So you've got to go out
and just make it happen.
[Olivia] Preach it, girl.
So do you want to shoot
this low-budget indie
with lots of integrity?
[Olivia] Not really.
Sorry, I just... I...
you know,
integrity is great and all,
but it's not gonna pay
my student loans.
Um, well,
could I just get
your camera, then?
Oh, yeah. All yours.
- All right,
- Go get them, tiger.
Hear these things shoot movies
all by themselves.
Meow, meow, meow.
Let me see it.
[Keith] Why are you
doing this again?
I thought you hate
being on camera.
[Gillian] Yeah, obviously.
I mean, I'm not as charismatic
as Pepper.
[Keith] I thought you said
you can't control
what your mouth does
or something.
Yeah, I have some kind of tic.
Looks really stupid.
So why are you doing it?
I don't know what else to do.
I just feel... fucked.
Hasn't this project
caused enough damage already?
Like, when's the last time
you talked to Chase?
Have you guys
started speaking again?
No, of course not.
But it can't get any worse,
Maybe we could meet up
and I could apologize.
I put him in
a really terrible position.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
[Keith] Yeah, so apologize,
but why are you starting it
up again?
I just feel like
I'm out of options.
And I already have the footage.
I could go to law school,
but I don't want to give up.
I feel like I'm close.
Maybe that's what
all delusional people say.
This time,
I want to fully commit
to doing this right
And by that, I mean,
as authentic as possible.
I want to go through the whole
arc of a murderer's career,
the whole criminal escalation.
But condensed into the length
of a feature film.
In my research, I found that
killers build up to a murder
as the culmination of
a progression of thrills.
So I've got to do
a small transgression
to start
my adrenaline addiction.
Hello, Carrie?
I'm sorry I just had to
FaceTime with you,
'cause I'm just feeling
really bad.
I'm just a wreck.
Like, Mom is not okay.
And like, I just don't know
what to do, and I...
Excuse me, sir,
I was wondering,
could you tell me
where I could find
greeting cards
or like for a person
who is very, very sick?
Oh, yeah, it's aisle six.
Aisle six? Thank you.
Have a great rest of your day.
Thank you.
Well, that was very
I thought I was gonna
make Cape Cods,
but I guess I'm just not
self-destructive enough.
I think I'm gonna be a good girl
and go back inside
and put it back.
And that is how
you do a handcuff knot.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
How was work?
This job is gonna kill me.
Oh, no.
Did they order Thai again?
No, I just spent all day
in the edit bay,
taking notes
from a 42-year-old woman
who has absolutely
zero experience.
Like, you know,
no one wants more than me
for there to be parity
and job opportunities
for female filmmakers.
But it's like, fuck.
Every time that we
have a woman director,
they're always asking me
like, "What do you think?"
And I'm like,
"It's a superhero teen show.
Just destroy the city already.
It's not that hard."
And they're like, "Yeah, but I
just really want for people to,
"you know, think of her ability
to turn invisible
as signifying the
construction of femininity."
Just completely
overthinking it."
Next thing you know,
it's, like, a 14-hour day
and all the characters now
have new Latino friends.
And I have no idea
how to integrate it all.
And it's like, you know, I like
to think of myself as an ally
or at least a sensitive person.
But I swear to God,
by hour two of overtime,
I'm ready to just, like,
slam my head into the desk
and just like, jizz
all over my computer screen
so they can end the day.
How are you doing?
Did you hear from Diane
about setting up the meeting
with big winner?
Why are you asking me that?
Don't you think I would have
told you first thing if I did?
[phone rings]
What is this?
It's something for the movie.
Um, just... I don't know
if I'm gonna use it,
but I just made
a lot of progress today,
and I want to keep
my momentum going.
God, I don't even want to know
what you mean by
"you made some progress."
What does that have to do
with the project?
You'll see.
God, you are terrifying.
Like a psychopath.
You're my little psychopath.
You scary girl.
You're my scary girl.
[Gillian] Do you really think
it's possible
that I'm a psychopath?
If so, when did you first
recognize the signs,
and what were they?
Has... has that been recording
this whole time?
[Gillian] Is that okay?
Am I scaring you?
Are you afraid of me?
Is your dick afraid of me?
You making a porn now?
Is that all you know how to do?
That was really unfair.
I'm sorry. I'm kidding.
It's just, you know,
like everything that you make
has to do with sex.
You know that.
It's like,
you're gonna be on camera.
Are you gonna be naked in this?
[Gillian] I don't know.
- Yeah.
- Really?
Like how naked?
[Gillian] Whoa.
Now I am scouting locations
for the next scene of the film.
For me to find the perfect
place, a lot of elements
are gonna have to come together.
You'll see.
Definitely not
a murderer's best friend.
I think I know her.
She's an actress.
She dresses like an actress.
I-I've definitely seen her
in something.
[engine turns over, car starts]
Ground floor apartment,
I think it's carpet.
Carpet is perfect.
Although, I would never
have carpet in my place.
I think it's disgusting.
There's always hair in it.
But for breaking and entering,
it's ideal.
Less noise.
Wow. Is that a landline?
Okay, Mom.
Great. Easy.
I nailed the first step.
I've got to keep
my momentum going.
I feel like
breaking and entering
is the natural progression
In Joseph Campbell terms,
you're breaking the taboo
of moving from one space
into another
and entering a new world.
I'm just gonna pop inside
and get the lay of the land.
And then I'll come back later
when it's time to complete
the next, next step;
breaking and entering,
when the occupant is home.
Lean in, baby.
[dog barks]
[car alarm blaring]
Are you serious?
[barking continues]
[phone ringing]
Jesus Christ.
- Hello?
- Gillian!
Did you get my email
about the guys?
- Sorry, I was working.
- Are you available now?
Yes, I am available now.
- They really wanna meet you.
- Oh, my God.
I'll email you
about parking.
- Send the email.
- 3:15?
I'll be there. Oh.
- Excited for you.
- Thanks.
Yes, okay,
Thanks. Bye.
Bye, Gillian.
Thanks so much
for squeezing me in.
I wa... I was so excited
when Diane connected us.
Like, I love everything
that you guys are putting out
right now.
Oh, that's nice.
No, thank you
for, uh, coming down here,
coming all the way
from New York to meet up.
It's really nice of you.
[Gillian] Oh, I actual...
I actually live here,
in Highland Park.
Oh, I could have sworn
you were a New York person.
You're not New York based?
[Gillian] No.
Oh, crazy.
I could have sworn.
I could have... you seem like a...
she has a New York vibe.
- Definitely.
- Like more of a New York vibe.
You're definitely a smoker.
Not that you're in bad shape,
but you're not in, like,
not in good shape.
Well, it's like
a New York shape.
[Gillian] You guys don't mind
if I film this, do you?
It's for a personal project
that I'm working on.
Is that recording?
both: Uh...
I'm not gonna post it
or anything.
Right now
in this current climate,
you can never have
enough transparency.
I mean, if it's about
then go ahead.
We have nothing to hide.
- Second angle.
- Oh.
So tell me, what did you think
of the script?
Uh, to be honest,
we have not read the script,
- but we did watch the shorts...
- Mm.
And they are, uh,
fucked up.
- Super dark.
- They're so fucked up.
- But kind of funny.
- Yeah.
You seem like
such a nice girl.
- Crazy.
- Yeah.
You know, we want you
to take risks.
You know, I would say,
even go bigger, go bolder.
You know, make bigger choices.
I would love that.
Yeah, yeah.
So we have a bunch of projects
set up
actually here
with strong female leads.
Well, I mean, I could
definitely come up
with some ideas.
We wouldn't need you to.
We already have a bunch.
Yeah, we have a bunch
of stuff in development
of basically underrepresented
voices, diversity...
Being an ally.
You might think
people are white,
but they're not.
Uh, intersexuality.
- Intersectionality.
- Intersectionality.
- Uh, breastfeeding in public.
- Uh-huh.
So what would you
like me to do?
Well, we want to see
your take.
Yeah, you basically have
to come up with a lookbook
for investors,
which, um,
basically it looks like
something like this.
You just have to
come up with it.
And these are... these are
probably like 50 pages
sort of you know, pictures of
similar things, you know,
nice fonts, big font,
put it together.
And this is fast track.
So we need that by next,
uh, Friday.
these are really nice.
Like, they look so good.
Like I'm worried
that I don't think
that I could come up with
anything that looked
- as professional as this.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Our friend made those
in, like...
they're super easy.
They're super easy.
This is a really big
opportunity for you, you know.
And, uh, we've been developing
these ideas for a long time
and we are so close to
finalizing the financing.
- So at this point...
- [Gillian] That's so great.
You have a green light?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Um, so, just so I understand...
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, you already have
the script.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, our buddy wrote it.
- Our buddy Derek.
- Yeah.
now that I'm thinking about it,
you guys have a ton in common.
[laughs loudly]
Don't they?
- Think about that.
- Oh, my God.
You're like the female him,
but like weird and artsy.
Yeah, you guys should meet,
I feel like you would actually...
I'm not even joking.
I feel like
you would get married.
[laughs] Oh, dude, yes.
That'd be the most
fucked up wedding.
Yeah, if you don't have
any... if you're seeing anybody,
I feel like I could set you up.
- The fucking Addams Family.
- Wow.
- I can give you his info later.
- That sounds promising.
But we need an ally
on your side, you know?
- Right.
- Yeah.
Like, what do you mean?
You know,
we just need someone like you
to, like, help spearhead
these projects.
You know, someone with you,
with a voice
and, you know, strong female
voice and all that stuff.
There's a bunch of girls
coming in to,
you know, to pitch on it.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Only the best, of course,
you know.
Okay, all right.
Thank you.
Do you have
any other questions for us?
[light buzzing]
Yeah, I'm just disappointed
because I thought there was...
could be prettier things
in here
and there's just
so much health stuff.
She has so many vitamins.
You'd think she thought
she was gonna die or something.
I'm living my best life.
I'm not being creepy.
It's just a second angle
for coverage.
[dog barking]
[soft rock music playing]

I really like
that shirt on you.

I'm sorry.
I should have asked.
But it's not like I was going
to put it up on the internet.
It was just for me.
You don't need to tape us
having sex.
We can just have sex.
But maybe someday
we won't be able to have sex
because I'm gone.
What do you mean,
like dead?
No, not dead,
just gone.
Gone somewhere where
I can't have sex anymore.
So I'd really like to be able
to watch us make love
so I could remember.
Okay, so then why do you
wanna tape me eating you out?
Why not tape something
that we're doing together?
Because it has to be something
that I want to watch.
And we were getting there.
It would have happened too.
How about I make
a pretty little documentary.
No, I don't want your dick
in my movie.
[phone buzzes]
Oh, my God.
Guess who just texted?
- What's up?
- Hi!
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
Oh, my God.
It's good to see you.
It's so good to see you.
Is that a camera
on your head?
Yes, it is.
I just got it.
Uh, I just feel like
the best way to make life
more like a movie
is to film it.
Cool. Shall we?
Yeah, let's hike, bitch.
That thing looks way better
on your head
than it does on mine.
Does it?
- [laughs softly]
- Pretty cool.
I don't know why they
couldn't have just called in
a female director
who's certified in Photoshop
and saved a lot of awkwardness
because it was one of the worst
meetings that I've ever had.
I've just never felt
like a commodity before.
But maybe that's because I've
never been worth anything before
and maybe I just kinda don't
know what it feels like.
It's not bad.
It's just new.
Well, I don't know.
Meetings are weird.
You know, they're like dates.
Yeah, and like a date,
I talked too much
and I scared somebody.
Yeah, and then, you know,
they never call you back.
And then you're at square one
every time,
just like waiting for
the next one to come up.
I'm really glad
that we're doing this.
Me too.
I'm sad that
all this time has gone by
without us meeting up
or talking to each other,
but I understand.
I feel so bad about the position
that I put you in.
I just felt really protective
of you
and I couldn't bear
to see you hurt,
but I realized
it wasn't my call to make.
It's totally fine.
No, it's not.
You're a grown man.
You know, you were with the
person that you wanna be with
because you wanna be with them.
I get it.
You know, I treated you
like you were helpless,
and you're not.
And that doesn't reflect
the respect that I have for you.
Appreciate you saying that,
but it's totally cool.
I miss you too.
- Yay.
- Yeah, this is good.
And it's really crazy timing,
too, actually.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I don't know if you saw on
social media or whatever, but...
No, I'm not on Facebook
It just makes me hate people.
Kinda feel you.
But anyway, yeah, we're getting
married in like three weeks.
So I have to get your address
before we leave.
It's gonna be,
like, a massive wedding.
- There's gonna be four cakes.
- What?
Yeah, four cakes.
No, I mean,
what are you thinking?
Why are you committing
yourself to somebody
who emotionally abuses you
and puts you in therapy?
I mean, why are you doing this
to yourself?
I don't understand.
You're not a stupid person.
Are fucking kidding me?
You just said that you respected
that I could, you know,
make my own decisions
or whatever.
What the fuck you talking about?
How am I supposed to
respect you
when you act like
such a fucking victim?
Fuck you.
I mean,
you're a wonderful person.
Oh, my God.
You have no trouble
finding women.
You could easily
be with somebody
who doesn't treat you
like shit.
- [spits]
- You should try it
before you marry
the fucking devil.
[coughing, gasps]
Are you okay?
Were there peanuts
in that bagel?
No, you tasted it.
It was bacon and egg.
Sesame seeds or what?
No, I picked all of
the sesame seeds off,
but they were out of
all of the bagels
except for sesame seed,
so I just made sure
they were all brushed off
'cause I know you hate them.
I don't hate them!
I'm allergic to them!
[breathes heavily]
Oh, no.
I'm so, so, so, so,
so, so, so, so,
so, so, so, so sorry.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
I'm just gonna call...
oh, shit.
there isn't a signal here.
We're in the middle of the city
and there is not a signal
at all.
I don't know what to do.
- Don't panic.
- I'm panicking.
- I can't feel my hands.
- Tell me what to do.
Don't panic. Don't panic.
I'm really sorry,
I'm panicking.
- There's an EpiPen in here.
- There's an EpiPen?
What does it look like?
Where is it?
I don't fucking see it.
I don't fucking see...
oh, there it is.
My leg.
- I don't know how to use this!
- Put it in my leg.
Shoot it in my leg.
This is gonna seem
really bad.
But you are gonna be so glad
that I did this later.
I want to give this to you.
Just say that
you won't marry her.
Gillian, come on.
I really want
to give this to you.
Just say you won't marry her.
That's all you have to do.
I'm saving you
from an expensive divorce
or years of misery or both.
I know this seems
really unethical right now,
but I know
it's the right thing to do.
Just say it, please.
Why are you doing this?
Please, just say it.
Copy that.
Can I talk to you?
Were you taping today?
No, I forgot to turn it on.
Otherwise, you'd be traumatized.
So he had
an allergic reaction.
You gave him a shot,
but it was too late?
You did everything you could.
It wasn't your fault.
It doesn't feel that way.
Hey, what's up?
How'd it go with Chase?
Is it water under the bridge?
Not exactly.
[somber music]
Never gonna see him again.
Hey, hey.
[dramatic music]

I think anybody who knows me
knows that what happened today,
I didn't mean to happen.
It's not fair.
She's the one
who should be dead.
He was a wonderful person
and there are so many
terrible people in the world.
It doesn't make any sense.
It's also precipitated
a very drastic tone change
in the film that I didn't want
or anticipate.
Maybe a makeover sequence
would lighten things up.
[upbeat music]

You're the only one
that makes me feel this way
The only one who can ever
take my pain away
The only real love
that I ever knew
Only you can make me blue
I don't wanna do this
all the time
Just so I can catch you
in a lie
I can barely breathe
when I'm with you
'Cause it's only you
that makes me blue

'Cause it's only you
that makes me blue
Babe, I think we need to talk.
You'll get used to
the new me.
Do you think
it's kind of sexy?
Like you being unfaithful
to your girlfriend,
but it's still your girlfriend?
I just felt I had to do it
for the movie.
It's for the movie?
You're not gonna stop
even after...
I'm not gonna give up.
Look, I'm worried that
you are gonna cross a line,
you can't...
I don't need you
to be worried about me.
Frankly, I'm bewildered
that you don't think
that I could come up
with a flawless M.O.
That I couldn't figure out
some tasteless, odorless,
food additive,
that evaporates immediately
in the victim's bowels,
leaving no trace
for a pathologist
to follow up on.
Pretty much anybody
could do that.
Why couldn't I?
You've really
thought this through.
Of course
I've thought it through.
I'm a murderer,
not some frenzied spree killer,
you dumb cunt.
I'll get a napkin.
I'm so sorry.
I... I don't know where I put...
But you know me, right?
I-I come here every day.
Um, excuse you.
What if I came,
um, paid late...
What is going on with you?
[Gillian] Nothing.
What's going on with you?
Uh, well, my girlfriend
just called me a cunt
and then she came back
ten seconds later
acting like she's found
100 dollars on the ground.
You're kinda being an asshole,
to be honest.
Look, if there's
a right way to act
24 hours after seeing
your friend die horribly
in front of you,
I don't know it, okay?
I'm sorry. I...
What I'm trying to say is,
I feel... different.
That makes sense.
I wanna be here for you, okay?
See you later.
I love you.
[Teresa] The most humiliating
thing happened.
I was at the coffee shop and
I went to reach for my wallet
and I couldn't find my
license or my credit cards
and I have no cash.
So I wasn't able to pay
for my fricking coffee.
Yeah, and she didn't even
give it to me.
And I go there
every fucking day.
She doesn't recognize me?
It's like, "Hello, it's me."
And she looked at me like
I'm fucking homeless person.
I mean, you know how I dress.
I do not dress like
a fucking homeless person.
I know, and I need my coffee.
I-I don't know
what is happening,
but I feel like some, like,
malevolent force
is, like, channeling into me,
and I'm really afraid
it's gonna turn
into, like,
a tumor or something.
I'm just waiting
for her to come home.
I feel like with Chase,
I broke the seal.
I'm feeling really excited
to get out there
and show the world
what I can do.
[door opens, shuts]
[eerie tones]
[eerie tones continue]
[Gillian's inner thoughts] I've thought
a lot about what I want to include...
...in my suicide note.
This is my last message
to the world...
My last chance to pass on
everything I have to say
that's worth leaving behind.
That's why I'll be sharing with
my soon to be bereaved BFFs,
a recipe for lemon water too
good to take to the grave,
a list of famous people I've
had sex with,
as well as a list of people I
do not forgive.
I do NOT forgive anybody
I followed...
...who didn't follow me back.
Trevor, I do NOT forgive you
for making it weird.
Danny, you chode...
I know this will come as
a terrible shock to you all.
I seemed so happy and perfect.
But inside of
me was a putrefying abscess
that was only getting bigger.
I was rotting
from the inside out,
a gorgeous shell around
a solid core of pus.
The guilt of holding up
an unattainable image
of perfection
to other women has finally
become insupportable.
I need to annihilate myself
to illuminate the truth
to those who look up to me.
I am nothing.
I was never happy.
Love your flawed selves.
And when you feel like
you're not good enough,
remember me
and the pathetic life
that was mine
until its shameful,
shallow end.
[door opens, shuts]
[light music playing]

Hey, babe!
- Hey.
- Guess what?
- What?
- We're having salmon.
Put your stuff down, um,
have something cold to drink.
[soft orchestral music]

Why are you not eating?
Oh, my God.
Is this because of
what I said about my M.O.?
Keith, I can't believe you
think I'd ever want to hurt you.
That's crazy.
If there was
something wrong,
I would just tell you.
I did all this because
I finally did something,
you know,
accomplished something today.
And I wanted to celebrate
with you.
that's good, babe.
That's a little
You're acting like
you don't believe me.
I-I don't know,
it's just, you know,
a lot's been going on lately
I don't really know what
we're talking about right now.
What we're talking about is,
you don't think
I can do anything.
You don't think
I'll ever make a movie.
You don't think
I could kill somebody.
You don't believe
I can do anything.
And it really hurts
because I believe in you.
I believe you can
do your elevated sci-fi,
David Lynch, graphic novel.
I really do.
Why can't you believe in me?

What the fuck?
So I really want to say
something to you
and I don't want you to think
I'm being critical.
'Cause that's not why
I'm saying this.
I'm saying this because I'm
worried and I do care for you.
- Okay.
- There's no movie
that is worth
hurting someone for,
either yourself
or another person, right?
I don't agree.
If it's a very bad person
for a very good movie.
there are just real benefits
to killing a bad person.
If you get a good movie
out of it,
that's an additional advantage,
All right, let's not talk
Let's speak for real.
I don't know
what you've done,
but you have definitely changed.
And you don't wanna
be with me anymore.
you are destroying yourself.
There's nothing that's
worth that.
If I want to destroy myself
so I can make something
I'm proud of,
so I won't be a failure anymore,
that's okay with me.
But I can't do it
without your support.
I don't wanna do it
without you.
No, no,
I can't do this anymore.
It's just...
it's too stressful.
Oh, is my fucked-up life
stressing you out?
I'm sorry.
I'm just gonna go
stay with a friend.
I'll figure out a time
to come back
and get rest of my stuff
and pick up Pepper.
You do not come back
and pick up Pepper.
You take Pepper, I will fucking
rip your guts out.
Get out!
[door shuts]
[dramatic music]

[car lock beeps]

Would you like to have sex
with me?
I'll buy you a sandwich.

That shirt looks nice on you.
I'm glad it fit.
Thank you.
You like the shower?
And you like the snacks?
Do you mind if I film you?
I, um...
I-I'd rather you didn't.
I'll just get out of your hair.
- Oh. Oh.
- [chuckles]
I'm sorry.
I'm just working on
a low budget.
- Oh. Oh, no, no, no.
- The two kinda go together.
It's... it's okay.
It's okay. It's fine.
I can... you can film me.
- Yeah.
- You sure?
Good. Thank you.
And striking.
Whoa! Sorry.
Have you ever been on
a film set before?
- No.
- No?
I kind of, like, guessed
that you might've been,
like, a child star
or something.
You've heard that before.
I would never call you
a homeless person.
That just seems really
condescending to me.
You know?
Like, I don't know
what your family situation is.
Like, there could be a good
reason that you're out here.
Oh, you're blocking
my beat cam.
Can you get on the other side?
Just get over.
Well, I think you're a natural.
You can put this on your reel.
No problem.
So, Phil, what was the last job
you had?
I worked at a Boston Market.
I didn't eat the food there.
What do you do?
It's hard to explain.
As I'm sure you've noticed,
our economy's at a major
transitional moment.
So even though
I have a Master's degree,
I can't find any full-time work
that I'm qualified for.
I just keep having to put
temporary gigs together.
I'm actually living
pretty hand to mouth.
So do you have any family?
Some, but...
But nobody knows
where you are right now?

So were you serious
about wanting to... have sex?
The thing is,
I do wanna have sex.
I just feel very...
You know, right now.
Like, I feel very insecure,
and I worry that, like,
I couldn't get out of my head,
and I just, uh...
I just wouldn't be any good.
But I think
you could talk me into it.
Um, you looked really cute
when I first saw you.
And when you bought me food,
that was... cute.
Try to be more specific.
I think your nose
is... crooked.
Not a compliment.
Don't worry,
I'll get into it.

That was actually pretty good.
Which is why this next part
is gonna be so much harder.
Do you think it's been
26 to 32 minutes
since you drank that soda?

To my estranged family,
tonight I met an angel.
Things have been hard lately.
I didn't think it could get
any more depressing
than working at Boston Market,
but life on the streets
has been even more
uncomfortable and disgusting.
I wondered how I got here.
I didn't see a way out
until tonight
when I met this
unconventionally attractive,
witty force of nature.
I learned it's okay
to let go of this world
where all I know
is degradation.

I know,
I'm really jeopardizing
my likability.
What was my motivation
to kill Phil?
He wasn't a bad person,
but if you look
at the Golden State Killer,
you see that all the best serial
killers are unpredictable.
They look at the criminal
profile they're forming
and they strike outside of it.
Golden State Killer actually
went to a town meeting
that was held to figure out
how to stop him.
And he heard this guy
in the audience say,
"He only rapes our wives
when they're alone.
"You know, if we just stayed
at home with them,
he'd be too much
of a coward to come at us."
So next time,
the Golden State Killer struck,
he targeted that guy.
He broke into his house,
tied him up,
raped his wife in front of him,
just to send a message.
You're not gonna stop me.
You can't anticipate me.
You can't predict me.
I'm smarter than you.
It's pretty clever, right?
So while I would love to only
kill people that deserve it,
I could unwittingly reveal
too much about myself
by my choice of targets.
And that's why I have to mix in
the classic victims;
the disenfranchised,
the transient.
Believe me,
it's not what I want to do.
But I've already committed
so much to this.
I really want to do it right.

I mean,
just to be honest with you,
it's hard not to get
your feelings hurt sometimes.
And this is like,
what do you do? What do you do?
I mean, it's...
I mean what is it that you do?
Oh, actually,
I'm an architect...
Yeah, you know,
I think it's just weird
working in an industry
where everybody you meet
has an opinion about it.
And, like, look, you know,
I went to liberal arts school.
I studied sociology.
I have student loans.
First Choice Health Choice
is where I could get a job.
But everybody you meet is like,
"Oh, you work for
a health insurance provider
you're the devil."
I mean, that doesn't happen
to people
that work in other fields.
I mean, nobody's like,
"Oh, you work for
the airline industry and
airplanes crash, you're bad."
Well, maybe they're
just going based off
their own experiences.
'Cause I've never been on
a plane that's crashed,
but I do have insurance
right now that's...
Yeah, no, no.
See, it's the rising cost
of care.
There's a lot that
people don't understand.
I mean, all these people
wanna get covered for everything
and you can't run
a business like that, okay?
First Choice Health Choice
is a business.
It has to make a profit or...
or I don't have a job, okay?
It sounds bad, but I think
sick people are stupid.
He has to die.
I mean, do you know anyone
that's sick?
[soft music]
[indistinct speech]

First dates are tough.
That obvious?
People are so judgmental.
It's hard to be open.
Yeah, that's very true.
[Gillian] Do you wanna go
on a date with me?
Uh, you don't have to
buy me coffee.
[upbeat music]

I feel like I should mention
that I had unprotected sex
with a homeless person
last night.
I wanted to get tested
but I don't have
health insurance.
What is wrong with you?
You can tested for free
at all the gay places.
I was just kidding.
We used a condom.
I'm not crazy.
I feel sick.
You know, actually,
I was denied health insurance
because I have
a preexisting condition.
It's just a moderate
anxiety disorder.
Nothing that a few dollars
a month of antidepressants
can't handle.
But I've been feeling
really stressed lately.
My boyfriend and I broke up,
my friend died.

I don't feel so good.
Just shut up
and call 911,
I feel like
I'm gonna pass out.
Ambulances are so expensive.
Why don't I just
kill you instead?
So why are you telling me
all this?
Won't it make me a loose end?
Not for long
and I need the validation.
I'm just such a people-pleaser,
you know?
And... I'm so good at murdering.
It just sucks that I can't
get the credit for it,
but that's the nature
of murdering.
It's not always easy.
Let me tell you.
No, I can't.
I'm actually straight edge.
Sorry, I know it's boring.
It's got to look
like a suicide!

Who would have thought
this twat would have a gun?
[Man] I wanted everyone to think
I was a really great person
because I didn't drink.
I didn't know that
Donald Trump doesn't drink.
And when I realized
what a fucking dumbass
I had been acting like,
I fucking killed myself.
Ow, ow!
Sweetheart, that kinda hurts
a little bit, actually.
Somebody went to Girl Scout
I knew girls your age
still wanted to fuck me.
[Man] Modern life is so empty.
The millennials
have ruined everything.
Mr. unhoused guy?
Come here.
You can have snacks now,
but I'm gonna tell you
how to dispose of a body.
And you got to listen.
[Woman] The complete
of the erotic thriller
as a genre
gives me nothing to live for.
[Reporter] A series
of murders
has left authorities baffled
Despite the presence
of suicide notes,
LAPD detectives are certain
that the rash of deaths
is the work of a serial killer.
[Man] The handwriting's
the same,
the poison in the stomach's
the same.
It's all just one guy.
[Reporter] But the friends and
family of the victims
don't believe it.
I mean,
I read that note that she wrote
about feeling really guilty
about being pretty.
Uh, only Teresa could have
written that note.
Fred hated millennials.
They just finally made him
take his own life.
I hope they're happy.
[Reporter] The criminal
profilers are certain that
it's the work of one person.
Most likely a white male
in his late twenties
to early thirties,
with a great deal of criminal
experience under his belt.
[Man] He's very clever, Janeane.
Only a very sick man
could do this.
A sick man?
I need you to get something
out of my car.
It's a big, dumb piece of shit
wrapped in plastic.
Missed call?
Hey, Gillian,
just, uh, checking in
where you are
with those pitch decks.
Would, uh, love to get those
from you.
End of today.
All right.
I bet you would, ass clowns.
[Woman] I'm never gonna
see Chase again.
That's very hard with the date
being so close.
- I fuckin' knew it.
- Yeah, I can't imagine.
I mean, we planned our
perfect wedding together.
My vow, I was... he loved
my Michael Caine impression.
I was gonna surprise him.
It's so silly.
[as Michael Caine]
Do you want to hear it?
So great to see you both.
How have you been, Keith?
That's what you like
to call me
behind my back, right?
Oh, I'll call you that
to your face.
Look at you,
getting back out there.
You are so brave.
Just so you know,
Keith has one of those big
editing monitors.
So I don't know if you'll be
able to throw it out a window.
He might not be
boyfriend material.
You totally got it wrong.
We're just having coffee.
Look at me, I'm in mourning.
Does this look like
a first date outfit to you?
I don't know.
Maybe it's not a first date.
Gillian, look,
please just leave.
Can I just say something?
Can I just say...
it should've been you?
Hey, hey, hey.
No. No, it's okay.
You really want to talk
about this?
Let's talk about this,
because I ask myself every day,
how he ended up with
that sesame seed bagel
in the first place.
We all saw the police report.
He had epinephrine in
his system when he died.
Gillian gave him the shot.
Yeah, I know.
But he was just very sensitive
about his food allergies.
Well, maybe he just woke up
that morning
and decided he'd rather
choke on a bagel
than get married
to your crazy ass.
Gillian, that's too much.
How can you even say that
to someone?
He was my Prince Charming
and now he's gone.
I'm coming back
for the rest of my stuff.
Don't bother.
I gave it to the homeless.
I know you're lying,
Hold on.
Hold on.
I need you to tell me...
what was the last thing
that he said?
Was there...
did he say anything about me?
Okay. Um...
Let's put aside
all of our stuff.
I know this was bigger than that
and you deserve
to know the truth.
But I have something to ask you
that's important to me.
Because I want to know
the truth, okay?
You've always hated me,
haven't you?
Just before he went...
The last thing that he said...
It was...
I'll see you in hell, Stalin!
[ominous tones]

I feel like I've taken this
crime spree as far as it can go.
I think I got a bit angry.
I was feeling helpless,
got distracted.
Killing all these people
is starting to feel like work.
It's not fun anymore.
I'm not feeling
the creative fulfillment I had
when I got started.
Don't do that.
It tickles.
I know what you're thinking.
Why did I start murdering
in the first place?
Because I'm good at it.
And people are garbage.
But it's taking up
too much of my time now.
And I've got other goals.
Why don't I just do
one final one
and really make it count?
[tense music]

[line ringing]
[phone ringing]
Oh, my God.
[indistinct speech]

I'm not talking
to that crazy bitch.
[TV playing loudly]

Why can't I move?
You fucking bitch.
You'll never get away with this.
Oh, but I totally will.
Your suicide note
practically writes itself.
Shaken by
your fianc's untimely demise,
you've realized
the unfairness of your survival.
He was the good person
who should have lived.
You are the bad person
who should have died.
And now to redeem yourself,
you are donating
your good organs
from your evil body
to nice people
so that they can live.
Now, I will take your heart,
which is in perfect condition
because you never used it.
[as Michael Caine]
Hello, my name is Stalin.
Please send an ambulance
to 2111 Silver Lake Boulevard
to pick up my organs.
You will find my body
in the bathroom.
With a note.
I'm sorry for being
such a bloody cunt!

[music continues]

That was, uh...
- That was crazy.
- [chuckles]
I'm not sure
what I just watched.
Yeah, I mean,
good for you, though,
for getting out there
and you know, doing your...
you know, this is cool.
I mean, that's cool.
Uh, I'm not... I'm not sure
I bought it.
You know, um,
it's a very interesting idea.
Yeah, something there.
Yeah, I just...
I sort of wish there was
that strong female lead,
someone centered.
Yeah, yeah,
someone likable.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
You didn't think
I was likable
e-even when I had my shirt off?
those parts were okay.
I mean, I think I-I wanted,
like, a real actor.
But it was real.
Like, ev... it was all real.
Remember, you guys told me that
you wanted me to take
more risks, and like be bold.
Yeah, I mean, we definitely
support you guys as artists.
We could never do what
you guys do, you know?
Yeah look,
let me level with you, okay?
I really respect you.
So I just want to tell you
what I really think.
Uh, I just...
didn't buy it.
It was just... I couldn't
suspend my disbelief, at all.
Yeah, it was pretty
I kinda don't know
what to say.
you just watched something
that was authentic
in more ways than one.
I opened up a vein
and the veins of other people
and I put it on screen.
Obviously, it was a very
personal project to you.
I mean, actually,
I felt kind of embarrassed
for you watching it.
I just mean, like,
all of our ideas
were about these
important women's issues.
You know, like we talked
about like intersectionality,
strong female, all that stuff.
And I feel like, um,
I guess, like, this feels like
a step back for women,
to be honest.
Thanks for telling me.
Um, did you do those decks?
- Can we see those, actually?
- Yeah.
The decks.
What are you doing?
- You didn't do the decks?
- No.
that's pretty disappointing.
All right, look,
the only reason
we met with you
is 'cause Diane told us
you were this amazing person.
We love Diane.
Diane's fucking awesome.
So we were like, "Yeah,
okay we'll meet with her."
Okay, I just mean, like,
look, with all due respect,
like I just don't know if this
is the right field for you.
Like, we want a director
who can play ball
and I feel like
I would give you a ball
and you would, like,
call it a giraffe
and then, like,
set the giraffe on fire.
You know what I'm saying?
[chuckles] I'm sorry.
I don't know.
It's just we gave you
all of these ideas
and then you go off
and you make weird,
"Frances Ha," you know.
it was just,
like, not useful at all.
Uh, can you ask Brianne
to call that Uber?
Look, um, you know,
I'm really so...
You know, we... we gave you
this opportunity
and just didn't work.
- I understand.
- Okay, cool.
Um, and don't worry
about the decks.
- It's totally cool.
- Okay.
You know, um,
people say right now
that, like, women you shouldn't
apologize so much, you know?
And I just wanna say,
I'm sorry.
- Hey, we're all learning.
- Right?
You know,
we're doing our best.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
I'm sorry!
I didn't do it exactly
how you wanted me to.
I'm sorry it didn't fit
your expectations.
But I didn't do it for you!
I did it for me!
[dramatic music]

Oh, my God.
Is this better,
producer number two?
Is it looking more real?
Any notes?
Please, please, don't do this.
- All right, I love your film.
- [grunts]
Don't get mad, you know.
Just give me a minute.
I have some photos on my phone
I have to delete, okay?
Dumb fucks like you
don't get two minutes.
If you knew what I was,
you wouldn't even ask me that.
What are you?
I'm a strong female lead.

[upbeat music]
This dream I'm living
took a turn
For the dark side
of the moon
For a short ride,
to my doom
But there's nowhere else
to go
So I'm trying to find
my feet
Or just something
that will keep me
From falling
to my demons
But now
they're getting closer
And cold winds
are calling out my name
They're calling out
and saying
We could've a good time
I can see your body's
in the rain
With pleasure on your face
So try to tell them that
You won't get away
with your light on
Because they'll trace
you down
And they'll burn you out
No, you won't get away
With your light on
Because they'll trace
you down
So you better
get used to the dark
I feel them creeping closer
to me
And see if I got something
They need that would
dispose of me quickly
So I got an escape
without a life
For the way
just try to save
You from fading away
without me
And cold winds
are calling out my name
They're calling out
and saying
We could've a good time
I can see
your body's in the rain
With pleasure on your face
So try to tell them
That you won't get away
with your light on
Because they'll
trace you down
And they'll burn you out
No, you won't get away
with your light on
Because they'll trace
you down