I Can (2023) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(Young Salena crying)
- [Young Eric] How
we doing today?
- I'm doing wonderful.
Thank you.
- Excellent.
And if I may ask,
what drew you to the
restaurant industry?
- I'm actually a military wife
and my husband's gone a lot.
He actually just
deployed recently,
but I couldn't stand
being home alone anymore,
so I decided to get a job.
(thunder rumbling)
(Young Salena crying)
- I think you're a
really hard worker.
No, really, I mean that.
You think I'm fooling you?
Takes guts.
I love that.
How would you describe
your management style?
- I guess I'd say I'm
really, really hands-on.
I think teamwork
is very important.
So when people trust each other
and they really know
how to communicate,
then everything just flows
a lot smoother, you know?
- Uh, you know what I think?
I think that's exactly
what we need here.
(Young Salena laughing)
(screen whooshing)
(dramatic music)
(Young Salena panting)
(tense music)
(slow tempo rock music)
(medium tempo rock music)
So you wanna know my name
I hope you got a lot of time
I'm not sure what
you've been told
You've always been
a friend of mine
From the day I drove
the car to the river bed
They've never heard
a word I've said
So pardon me for asking wise
I know what hides
behind those eyes
Where do we go
When the fight comes
knocking at our door
Where do we hide
- Katelyn.
(bat thuds)
Hey, Big Head,
what are you doing?
Are you gonna play in
today's game or not?
- Waiting on you now.
You wanna coach
this game or not?
- Oh, we'll see
who's waiting on who.
When they're changing
all the reasons why
- I think we need infielders.
Most of ours graduated.
- No, I mean this pitcher
catcher duo, we're here to see.
- Oh, oh, yeah, right.
- I mean, let them
speak for themselves.
I don't care if it's a small
town in southern Indiana,
as long as they can play.
- Yeah, but have
we ever had anybody
actually come outta Lanesville?
- No.
It's my last chance to
see this Corydon team
this close to home.
- Eyes peeled for anybody else?
- Look, I'm only here for
the catcher and the pitcher.
- That puts me on
position players.
- Yep.
- Outfield.
- Have you seen our outfielders?
Anyone out here
would've to contend
with the three we already got.
And I don't have time to
teach 'em fundamentals.
I mean, they'd have to be
the best we've ever seen.
- [Coach] Whoa.
Coach Gardner, how
you doing tonight?
- Coach.
This is one of my assistant
coaches Coach Marty.
- Marty, nice to see you.
- Good to meet you.
- Coach, there they are.
Prime ready for
you to go tonight.
- You told 'em I was coming.
- Well, yeah.
I tell all my players
whenever the recruiters
are gonna come out to coach.
- Okay, well, we'll be
over there outta your way.
Just act like we're not here.
- Okay, thanks, coach.
(Marty and Cory laughing)
- You just can't help yourself
sometimes now can you?
- Well, you know
me, I like to see
how they play when
they're nervous.
- Yeah.
(slow tempo rock music)
I take a breath
I'm not gonna lose
This is what I
came here to do
I walk that wire
and I take that step
Won't look down,
got no regrets
Won't look down,
got no regrets
I was made for this
(dirt rustling)
I was made for this
Born in the wild
Formed in the fire
Built for the battle, oh
I was made for this
So you're still watching that
pitcher and catcher, right?
- That's why I'm here.
- Might wanna start watching
that center fielder.
- [Cory] You do
remember what I said
about position players, right?
- Yep.
And that girl right there,
she's the best
player on the field.
- Her?
- Mm-hmm.
Most fundamentally
sound player out there.
(bat cracks)
I was made for this
I was made for this
Born in the wild
Formed in the fire
Built for the battle, oh
I was made for this
(group cheering)
(upbeat rock music)
- Hey, bring in,
bring in, bring in.
Let's go, in, in.
(group chattering)
- She's mad, she's desperate.
She knows that
she's one run away
from losing the entire season.
And you've already
fooled her twice.
She has no problem
beaming people.
So what do you think
she's gonna do?
- Probably test how
protective the helmet is.
- Exactly right.
So you watch out
for that, all right?
And remember what
happened in Noblesville?
- Yeah, I'll never
forget Noblesville.
(brooding music)
- You can't win
'em all, Big Head.
(ball thudding)
What's wrong?
You afraid because
you got hit by this?
Honey, that's part of the game.
Everybody's gonna get
hit sooner or later,
especially if they wanna
keep going in this league.
Do you wanna keep going?
- Uh-huh.
- Do you wanna go
to the next level?
- Uh-huh.
- Then you've gotta be
willing to take some hits
and you probably more than most.
So look, come on, let
me show you something.
Come on.
Stand right here.
(ball thudding)
(fence clanging)
You can't keep playing
if you're gonna be
afraid of the ball.
- Eric, that's enough.
(ball thudding)
(fence clanging)
(ball thuds)
- Good.
Do it again.
Are you gonna keep being
afraid of that thing?
Remember, there is no, I can't.
You can.
Say it.
Say I can.
(group cheering)
(upbeat music)
- I can.
(bat cracks)
(group cheering)
(group cheering)
- What is it?
- I'm gonna march
right over there
and offer that
girl a scholarship.
Got a feeling.
- I don't know.
One more game?
- One more game.
(insects chirping)
(gentle music)
(Eric chattering)
- Hey.
Would you two care to
join us for dinner?
- We're we're kind of in the
middle of something, honey.
- And we'd like to be in the
middle of something here.
Dinner as a family.
- Let's go eat, Dad.
But we can come back to this.
- Um, would you like
to pray for us, dear?
- Yeah, sure.
Uh, uh, absolutely.
(clears throat) Uh.
Big Head had a
big day yesterday.
Um, y'all bow your heads.
Dear God, we wanna
thank you so much
for the victory on
the field yesterday
and for how well Katelyn played
and for keeping all
the players safe.
We want to thank
you so much for,
well for your many blessings
and, and for always
being with us.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- We were watching the team
that we're gonna have to play
next week and they're good.
They're real good.
So we're probably gonna have
to start practicing tomorrow.
- On a Sunday.
- Well, sure, Salena, it's a
game before the championship.
- Aren't the girls
entitled to a day off?
- Well, sure, I mean
they can celebrate today
and rest tonight,
right, Big Head?
- Uh, Syd and I
are doing worship
for preschoolers
at church tomorrow.
- Yeah, that's fine.
We'll be there early
enough for that.
- Yeah, but we're gonna have
to be there for both services.
- Well, that's still fine.
I mean we'll drive separate
and we'll go home
after the first service
and mom will be there
to take you all home
after the second service, right?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Does that work, honey?
- Sure, that works.
Excuse me.
- What?
She's fine.
She's gonna be fine.
Softball's gonna be over
in a couple of weeks
and our life will
go back to normal.
- Our normal is softball.
After school season,
travel ball starts up.
That's our life.
I think Mom just wanted
us to come to the table
and have a normal family dinner.
- Yeah, right.
Um, I'll, I'll just, I'll go.
(clears throat) Yeah.
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
- Do you remember when
she used to fit into this?
- I remember when she
used to fit right in here.
(brooding music)
I was so scared when
your sister called me
and she told me you
went into labor.
(siren wailing)
(screen whooshes)
I wasn't ready for that.
I walked up and down the halls
of that hospital for hours
and then the nurse
comes out and says,
"I need to prepare
you for something."
I didn't know what to think.
I guess I just
thought the worst.
And I was actually
relieved when I saw her
because there was this little
chicken wing flapping at me.
- And do you remember
what your mom said to you
when she saw Katelyn?
- Yeah.
She said, "God don't
make no mistakes."
- That's right.
He doesn't.
- I just want the best for her.
And I know that I can go
overboard with the sports,
but this next game
is so very important.
- I know.
- So as her coach, as her
father, that's my duty.
- I understand, honey.
I do.
And you are really good at it.
It's just sometimes I wish
there was more father
and less coach.
- You wouldn't understand.
(knuckles tapping)
- [Katelyn] Dad, you ready
to watch the game film?
- Yeah.
Uh, I'll be right there.
(door clicks)
- [Group] L-A-S
purple and white!
L-A-S purple and white!
L-A-S purple and white!
(group cheering)
- All right everybody,
you know why we're here.
Our Lady Eagles
are one game away
from the state championship
and we all need to be
there to support 'em.
So everybody get in the stands
and do our best to cheer 'em on.
(group cheering)
And now I'd like to
turn this program over
to the man who made this
season possible, Coach Pavey.
- Thank you, Principal.
I'm not the only one
responsible for this season.
This pep rally ain't for me.
It's for these girls right here.
Listen, this, this team that
we got coming up against us,
they're good.
They beat us last year
and they handed us our
butts already this year.
And they've got a pitcher
that has over 1000 strikeouts.
But we're not gonna
let her get one more.
(group cheering)
We're gonna need your support
out there in the stands.
Can I count on you
to be out there?
(group cheering)
All right, now that's
enough outta me.
I'm gonna turn it
over to the player
with the biggest head
in the room Ms. Katelyn.
(group cheering)
- Um, I just wanted
to say thanks
to all of you for your support.
We wouldn't be here
without you guys
coming out to our games
and showing your support.
We're really gonna
need you tomorrow
because we're moving
forward in the tournament.
And just come out to the
games and show your support.
(group cheering)
(upbeat music)
- That was great.
- Really good, yeah.
- You did fine.
- Was my face red
the whole time?
- Ah, not the whole time.
- It was short and
sweet and it's over now.
But I am confused.
Do you want them
to support us or?
- Yeah.
- No, I mean you get so nervous
about speaking
for a few seconds,
but you can play
a two hour game.
- Well, that I know how to do.
Public speaking is not my thing.
- Well, if we win tomorrow,
you'll probably have to
do some more speeches.
But don't worry,
just get up there
and say support,
support, and support.
- Support.
- And support.
- You guys are the best.
But you know what?
- What's up, K.P?
- I could really
use your support.
- Okay, you're done.
(birds chirping)
- Ah, coach.
Are we gonna talk
about the new recruits?
- Uh-uh.
- Okay, 'cause look, there's
this kid down in Brandenburg.
- [Cory] I don't care.
- Excuse me.
- I think I have
found the best player
I've seen in a long time.
- A position player.
(knuckles tapping)
Katelyn Pavey.
Never heard of her.
- I have a feeling you will.
- Wait, is that
the one-armed girl?
- You know her?
- I've heard some things.
- I-
- It's the girl
from Lanesville.
- Lanesville?
- She's the best thing
I've seen in a long time.
(upbeat music)
- One arm.
What is that?
- That's who you want.
- Yep.
- Coach, what about the
pitcher and the catcher?
- She pretty much
stole the show, folks.
- What?
- I'm going back
to Indiana tomorrow
to watch her play to my state.
- Lanesville?
- Folks, this is the
next CCU star outfielder.
- Coach, there's players with.
Dude, you in on this?
- Wait till you
see this girl play.
- What is going on?
- All right, ladies on me.
Now focus up.
You already know everything
you need to know
about this team.
And I want you to
forget everything
that has ever happened between
us and them in the past.
We are not living in the past.
We're living in this moment.
This is our game.
We have to go out
there and get it.
If you get a good pitch,
you hit harder than
you ever have before.
You make connection,
you run harder than
you ever have before.
You gonna leave it all on
the line tonight, ladies.
Got anything to add, Dad?
- Do I ever?
- [Eric] Y'all ready?
- [Group] Yeah.
- Let's get out there
and show him who we are.
- Come on.
- Whoo.
(group cheering)
(upbeat rock music)
(ball thuds)
- Strike three.
You're out.
- Thataway, thataway.
We only need one more, girls.
One more out.
(hands slap)
(bat thuds)
(ball thuds)
(group cheering)
(hands slap)
(hands clapping)
That's it, that's it.
We only need two
more to win this.
One more without extras.
Hey, you know what to do.
- Hey, get behind in the box.
- Come on, come on.
- [Umpire] Strike one.
(ball whooshing)
Strike two.
(bat cracks)
(dramatic music)
(body thudding)
(group gasping)
- No.
Get up.
- Doesn't look good.
- Not now.
- Don't put any pressure.
(group clapping)
(insects chirping)
(group chattering)
(monitor beeping)
- Hi, Katelyn.
How you feeling, sweetheart?
Well, we've completed
all of our MRIs
and they show that she
has a tear on her ACL.
Partial tear on her MCL and PCL.
And on top of that sweet one,
you've torn up your meniscus.
This is a really, really
bad injury for a knee.
Along with all of that
comes a lot of swelling.
So until that swelling
goes down, sweetie,
we cannot put you in surgery.
- How soon before
she can play again?
- This all takes
quite a bit of time.
We can't rush it, all right?
Now my best estimate,
you're looking at
six to nine months
before you're completely done.
- Okay.
So when can you do the surgery?
- We've gotta wait until
the swelling goes down.
If we do that, we have
a great track record
of being very, very successful.
Now I've got, let me see here,
I've got two dates available
in about four weeks.
Would that be okay?
- Four weeks?
You can't do it any
sooner than that?
- No.
- What you've got too much
golf to play before then?
- Eric.
We understand,
Doctor, thank you.
Can we get on your schedule
as soon as possible?
- Of course I can.
Look, I'll make
sure that I get you
in as soon as possible, okay?
Now, sweetie, if we do this
with a lot of care
and we do it properly,
we are going to have you out
of here as soon as possible
better than you are now
and back on the court.
- She plays softball.
- Of course she does.
- That guy.
I want a second opinion.
We can go down to
St. Mary's right now.
- Eric, this is the best
place for sports medicine
and you know that.
We don't need to
go anywhere else.
Are you doing okay, honey?
- Yeah, Mom, I'll be fine.
(insects chirping)
(brooding music)
(car horn honking)
- I think that's exactly
what we need here.
(Young Salena laughing)
(birds chirping)
(siren wailing)
- What?
- Nothing.
(insects chirping)
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
All right.
You want me to get some ice?
- Yeah.
- Do you need anything else?
- No, I'm good.
- Okay.
We're gonna get through this.
You are gonna get through this.
There is no I can't.
- Thanks, Dad.
- All right.
(Katelyn sighs)
(birds chirping)
(pan sizzling)
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Oh, there's
coffee already made.
- Oh, thanks honey.
Is that a cheer up breakfast?
- Yeah.
Don't you think
she deserves one?
- I think she's past the
age where that'll work.
- And why not?
- Because you obviously
don't understand
what she lost last night.
- Okay, there you go again
with the I wouldn't
understand garbage.
You don't think I
understand my daughter?
I know you two have
this special bond.
You always have, but
I have a special bond
with her too, Eric.
Every mother has a special
bond with their child.
- Okay, okay, okay.
I'm not saying you don't
have a special bond with her.
Really I'm not saying that.
But after last night,
we're gonna have a
lot of ripple effects.
- And I'm not capable of
understanding ripple effects?
You don't think I have
the life experience
to know what ripple
effects can do?
Like when you make a choice
and the effects of that choice
reach out to other
areas of your life
affecting the
people in your life.
(Salena scoffs)
Do you remember
when we first met?
- Yeah, I was actually
thinking about it last night
on the way home.
- I knew you were
flirting with me
from the moment I sat down
and I knew you didn't need
to work all those weekends
or all those late nights to
close the restaurant down.
And I knew you were married
and I knew what I was
doing in response.
I knew there could
be ripple effects.
So please don't tell me
that I wouldn't understand.
Now I'm gonna go take our
daughter her favorite breakfast.
And if you can have a positive
and uplifting attitude,
you can join me.
Good morning, sweetheart.
- Morning, Mom.
- How are you feeling?
- Okay, I guess.
Stiff sore.
- I made you breakfast
and it's your favorite.
- Thanks, Mom.
You didn't have to do that.
- Are you kidding?
For my girl?
(Salena sighs)
You know, I would do anything
to make all of this
better for you,
but only God can do that, honey.
- Why didn't he?
- What?
- God.
Why didn't he make
me all better?
I mean, first I'm born
like this and it's fine.
It's whatever.
You get over it and you move on.
But softball is, I
was really good, Mom.
- You are really good.
- Mom, look at this.
I have to face reality here.
A six to nine month recovery
and the surgery isn't
for another month.
There goes my senior year.
There were scouts at that game.
There will be scouts
at the next game,
but they won't be seeing me.
And even if I get back
to a hundred percent,
I lost my chance
at the scholarship.
Senior year gone.
College gone.
Why didn't God stop that?
- I know things seem
really bleak right now,
but you haven't missed your
opportunity to go to college
and you know that.
Now you might not believe me,
but you aren't the
first person to ever ask
why did God allow
this to happen?
Katelyn, life can
be hard sometimes,
and bad things can happen
for no reason at all.
Sometimes they happen
because we need
to learn something from them.
God wants to teach us something
new through the struggle
and we could never
have learned it
unless we walked through it.
Honey, as much as I wanna
make your knee better,
and as much as I love you,
God loves you so much more,
and he knows better
than we ever could.
(Salena sighs)
Now, I don't know what
we're gonna learn from this,
but I know you and a six to
nine month recovery for you,
I doubt that.
(sighs) Are you going to
eat this breakfast or am I?
- I will in a minute.
Thanks Mom.
- Okay, honey, I
love you so much.
(upbeat playful music)
(Katelyn exhales)
- So you're telling me that
the office has crutches,
but they don't have
a wheelchair on hand.
(sighs) Steve, she's
only got one good arm.
How is she supposed
to handle crutches?
Yes, I realize it's at the
end of the school year.
No, Steve, I'm not mad at you.
I'm just surprised
that the office
doesn't have a
wheelchair on hand.
(Eric sighs)
Yeah, yeah.
I'll make some phone calls too.
Surely to goodness we
can find her wheelchair
in the next 12 hours.
Yeah, okay, fine.
I'll call you later.
Just can't catch a break.
- [Salena] Bye, honey.
- Where you going?
- [Salena] Church.
Remember the girls are supposed
to sing for the kids again.
- That's right, that's right.
Hey, you go ahead and go.
I'll, I'll watch
Big Head, all right?
- [Salena] Okay.
Love you.
Girls, meet me at the
front of the house.
(door bangs)
(upbeat music)
(ominous music)
(gentle piano music)
(knuckles tapping)
- All the house all closed down?
- All closed down and
all money accounted for.
- All right, looks like
our job here is done.
Another successful night.
- Thank goodness.
How about we go home?
- Say what?
(dramatic music)
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
No, I'm, I'm super, I,
I, I'm. (clears throat)
Hey, I don't know if
I've told you this yet,
but, uh, man, you have really
turned this place around.
You're not so bad yourself.
(tense music)
- Hey, what, what are you doing?
- I called out a few
times, but nobody answered.
I just figured everyone
went to church.
- No, I stayed behind in
case you needed anything.
- Are you okay, Dad?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Just been making
a few phone calls
trying to find you a wheelchair.
Principal Richt says, "We
don't have any at the high school."
- I don't wanna be
in a wheelchair.
It's not that big a deal.
- Well, I don't
blame you, honey,
but it's not like
you can do crutches.
Your big head will
throw you off balance.
You need to be resting that
knee so you can get your surgery
so you can get rehab and
get back on the field
as quickly as possible.
Go on, go rest that knee.
- Right, coach.
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
- Hey.
Mom, Dad, y'all
joining us for lunch?
- Not only are we
joining you for lunch,
I'm making the lunch.
My famous spaghetti.
- Hmm.
- Maybe Me Me will finally
tell us her secret recipe
and we can have it
whenever we want.
(Me Me laughs)
- That's not happening
anytime soon.
- Oh, now Salena already
bought the right pasta
and she's gonna get
everything started
while I go and see
my rehab buddy.
- Rehab?
I thought we were
talking surgery.
- I'm not doing
another transplant.
- Then they're gonna
expect you to do dialysis.
- And I'm not doing
dialysis again.
If the good Lord wants
me home, he'll take me.
- All right, now look,
you know your mother when
she's made up her mind
on something there's
no change it.
- All right.
- Oh, come on.
Let's go get to her room.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Careful.
(Me Me chattering)
- That's a starter kit.
Here we go.
How you doing kiddo?
- [Katelyn] I've been better.
- (laughs) Haven't we all?
(David chuckles)
Your knee, it's almost
as big as your head.
- Dad says,
"Nothing's that big."
- Ah, he's one to talk.
Where do you think
you get it from?
- Hey.
(group laughing)
- Now I know I'm a
lot to aspire to,
but you didn't have to
go and blow your knee out
just so as we could
be rehab buddies.
- Oh, you're gonna
be rehabbing with me.
- Of course.
Mysterious ways.
- They're mysterious, all right?
- Hey, little bit, let
me tell you something.
You want God to be mysterious.
I mean, if there was a God
that we could figure out,
that's just not a God I'd
be interested in worshiping.
- He's got a plan
in all of this.
He always does.
Katelyn, God don't
make mistakes.
- Okay, Me Me.
- So we're gonna be
rehab buddies and, and,
and you won't give
up on me, right?
- You got it.
- [Me Me] Well, we got a deal.
(Me Me laughs)
(birds chirping)
- [Marty] You're
on Sunday, coach?
- Afternoon.
I went to the morning service.
- Well, so did you offer
her the scholarship?
Is this our newest player?
- She got hurt.
(melancholic music)
- What happened?
- Well, best case
scenario torn ACL.
Worst case, she'll
never play again.
- Oh geez.
- I really wanna
coach this girl.
- Well, let's see how
she handles recovery.
- I guess we'll see.
(phone dinging)
(birds chirping)
- Hey, Big Head, I've
got you throne all ready.
- Actually, Dad, I just
wanna be in my room.
- [Eric] What?
I mean, I've got it already
set up for your leg.
You can sit right here with us.
- No thanks, Dad.
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
- No thanks.
- Eric, you leave her be.
- Okay, what, what was that?
- Honey, she's
been through a lot.
- Well, I know that.
It's not like I'm asking
her to run three miles.
I'm just asking her to
sit on the porch with us.
- She needs her space.
- Wait, is this one of those
teenage girl hormone things?
- Gross, Dad.
- We all mourn and
grieve in our own ways.
- Mourn.
What, what's she mourning?
- Are you serious?
Who raised you?
- Son, I think sometimes
your, your mouth
runs a marathon while
your brain standing still.
What did she have to mourn?
Softball, her leg.
The independence she had.
Being the best at everything.
She's got plenty to
mourn, believe you me.
- Well now I think it was you
that was teaching me not
to make a mountain out of a
mole hill when I was a kid.
- That's not what
Katelyn's doing.
You however may be making a
molehill out of the mountain.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Eric, this is no small thing.
As much as you would
like it to be one,
this is a serious injury.
- Mom, no one is more resilient
than than that girl right there.
And I know that
she's lost stuff.
Salena and I have gone
round and round about that.
I just don't like this
attitude that it's all over.
She's gonna get better.
- We all know that.
But you know this girl,
she, she needs to do things
at her own pace in her own way.
You just gotta give her time.
- God don't make mistakes.
- Something else
I grew up hearing.
(phone ringing)
Oh hey, this is the guy
about my wheelchair.
I gotta take this.
I'll be right back.
(David sighs)
(flag rustling)
(group chattering)
Uh, Dale said, "That he was
gonna leave the wheelchair
in the central office,"
so I'll be right back.
Are you all right?
- Sure, Dad.
I'm fine.
- [Eric] That doesn't
sound real confident.
- Maybe I'm not feeling
very confident right now.
- About what?
- About everything.
How am I supposed to
wheel a wheelchair
around the school with one hand?
How am I supposed to get
my books outta my locker?
People already look
at me differently.
Now I'm the kid
in the wheelchair
who leaves class
five minutes early.
I never wanted to be
treated differently
and now I have to be.
- We all need help
sometimes, Big Head.
Even the best of us,
even the strongest of us.
It doesn't hurt to need help.
Look, school's gonna be over
in a few weeks anyway, right?
You can make it through this.
Let me hear you say it.
- I can.
- That didn't sound
too convincing.
- Take what you can
get, Dad. (sighs)
- Okay.
(car door clicks)
(car door bangs)
- It's not that bad, right?
The season's over.
We get to leave every class
early for the rest of the year.
You'll have your surgery and
you'll be back on the field
before next season even starts.
Right, K.P?
- It all sounds good.
- Great.
Let's just enjoy it.
I don't really like most
of my classes anyway.
(bell rings)
(group chattering)
- Don't forget to turn
in your financial report
before the end of the week
or it goes down as a zero.
Dylan, detention as usual.
- [Dylan] All right.
- Hey Danny, where'd you
get all those bracelets?
- Um, I made my own.
- You made 'em yourself?
- Yes, sir.
- Online?
- Yes, sir.
- Can you show me
how you did that?
- [Danny] Sure.
- Let's set up a time
sometime to do that, okay?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- [Eric] Appreciate it, Danny.
- "The Crucible",
"The Great Gatsby",
"Hamlet", "Death of a Salesman",
what do they all have in common?
Uh, everyone dies in the end.
- Well, not everyone.
Who can help Hannah out?
- All the main characters die.
- Yes, these are all tragedies.
The main characters die.
- Uh, it's the consequences
for their choices.
- Exactly.
All throughout these stories
we read of people who lie,
steal, cheat, and all
their stories end in death.
But what are we supposed
to take away from that?
What are the authors
trying to say about life?
You know, all of these writers,
some of whom lived
hundreds of years apart,
are all trying to
tell us something.
What do you think it is?
- That life is meaningless.
- Now, where'd you
get an idea like that?
(group laughing)
Okay, okay, maybe I was a
little obvious with the board,
but think about it.
All of these characters
die and for what?
All of Gatsby's
money didn't save him
from a vengeful husband.
All of John Proctor's
pleading and repentance
didn't save him from the noose.
Probably the worst offender
of all, Willy Loman.
How does "Death of a
Salesman" use this idea?
Sure, K.P.
- He sees it in his son Biff.
- Okay, go on.
- Well, Biff doesn't think
he's meant for anything great.
And Willy finally
agrees with him.
He gives up on his dreams and
sees that maybe he isn't meant
for anything great either.
- [Mrs. Clark]
That's exactly right.
Biff finally convinces Willy,
which leads to that
most tragic decision.
(brooding music)
(birds chirping)
(ball thuds)
(shelf rattling)
(Katelyn sighs)
(machine beeping)
- Hey, Big Head.
You came through
surgery just fine.
Did have a minor
complication though.
They couldn't do anything
about the size of your head.
Now your knee's gonna make
a full recovery, but whew.
- Hey, you did great.
How do you feel?
- Tired.
- Dave, get me on
over there, honey.
- Hold on, Me Me's
got something to say.
No surprise there.
- Now you promised you were
gonna be my rehab buddy.
We're gonna get started
as soon as possible.
- Whatever you say, Me Me.
- Oh honey.
All right.
Well, let's let
the poor girl rest.
- You're the one kissing on her.
- Oh, kissing on her.
I'll kiss on you.
- That'd be a nice change.
- [Me Me] Oh, don't you wish.
- [David] Oh, be careful.
- Got it.
I got it, Me Me.
- Wonderful news.
(upbeat music)
I'm so proud of you.
(fast tempo upbeat rock music)
Don't let the things you
can't change, keep you away
From the things
that matter most
You can rush
from the sunrise
Till dusk of the night sky
And not see the
beauty in both
Slow down, slow down
Oh, you've got to
breathe in deep
Open your eyes and
set your worry free
Before the moment's
just a memory
Don't you see it's
a gift to be alive
Don't let the beauty of
this life pass you by
(birds chirping)
- So what's it really
like training with Me Me?
- It's fine, I guess.
- Really?
Thought it'd be weird.
- Yeah.
I've worked out with you before
and there's no way
Me Me's keeping up.
- Papa helps her around
and she does what she can.
Besides you worked out with
me before I wrecked my knee.
It's different now.
- You know you're gonna get a
lecture from dad about that.
- I don't care.
- I would do anything
to avoid the whole
there is no such
thing as I can't.
- There's no reason
to push through.
What's waiting on the other
side of all this for me?
- What do you mean?
You've got your
senior year coming up.
This is like the most
important year for you.
- Even if I get back
to 80% the way I am,
that's not good enough
to compete with people
who have both arms.
I had to be at 120
just to make the team.
- You know Dad is not gonna
cut you from the team.
- I know, but that's
not the point.
- What is the point?
- I'm not sure there is one.
I have to face facts.
I played softball for a while.
It was fun.
I was good, but
maybe this is it.
Maybe softball wasn't
God's plan for me
and this is my wake up call.
Please don't tell mom
and dad about this, okay?
- Of course.
My head
Save my best
Asking you for strength
(insects chirping)
(Me Me groaning)
- Oh, honey.
(phone ringing)
- Dad.
(brooding music)
(group chattering)
(machine beeping)
(Katelyn crying)
(machine flat lining)
- God take her home.
And you just keep reminding her
how much this family loves her.
In Jesus name.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- [Eric] Amen.
- The Lord is my shepherd.
I lack nothing.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures.
He leads me beside quiet waters.
He restores my soul.
He guides me along the right
paths for his namesake.
And even though I walk
through the valley
of the shadow of death, I fear
no evil for you're with me.
You're rod and your
staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table for me in
the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with
oil and my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and
mercy will follow me
all the days of my life.
And I will dwell in the
house of the Lord forever.
Let's pray.
- How you doing?
- [Eric] It's too much, Dad.
It's too painful.
How do you do it?
- How do I do it?
I don't know.
You, you just do it.
That's how you do it.
- I got, uh,
I'm being flooded with
a lot of memories.
A strange one.
Did you break your ankle?
- I didn't break it.
I twisted it real good.
Oh, I twisted it real good.
Oh, I didn't have any
time to relax, you know,
'cause your mother expected
me to put food on the table.
And I'm gonna tell you something
back then you and your brothers
all you ever did was eat.
(Eric laughs)
So I shoved that twisted
ankle into my boot
and I pulled it as
tight as it could.
I tied it, cut off
all the circulation
so I couldn't feel it.
And then I walked
those tracks and worked
And, and I wanted to
tell you something.
I wouldn't have had
it any other way.
(melancholic music)
Has it ever occurred to you
that if your life was perfect,
your family might not need you?
Son, I worry about
you sometimes.
I do.
You carry so much burden
on your shoulders,
so much weight that you
clearly can't handle.
But you never ask for help.
I'm gonna tell you
something though.
If you needed help,
this right here would be the
place that you would ask.
These problems he
puts in front of you,
he doesn't do it to
make your life harder.
No, he does it
because he wants you
to pick up those problems
and bring him to him so that
he could help you through.
- [Eric] Yes, sir.
- I'm gonna go say goodbye Mom.
- [Eric] Thank you, Dad.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(machine pulsing)
(tense music)
(baby crying)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(insects chirping)
(birds chirping)
- Hey, little bit.
Hey, come on.
I was thinking we'd go run
some bases or hit some balls.
- No thanks, Papa.
- No thanks.
- I'm not really
feeling it right now.
(melancholic music)
- You're really used
to winning, aren't you?
That's all right, honey.
You earned each and
every one of those.
(David sighs)
I want to tell you something.
You have an incredible
gift from God.
Do you know who the first
person was who noticed?
Not your dad.
Not me.
It was Me Me.
She saw it before any of us.
And she told me about
it time and again.
The other day I was
going through her things
'cause that's what
you have to do.
And I found a box that
I had never seen before
and in that box there
were three letters.
There's one for your sister,
one for your other sister,
and there is one for you.
Read it.
And then if you need me,
honey, I'll be downstairs.
(footsteps tapping)
- Let's go, Papa.
We're losing daylight.
- And she's back.
(David groans)
(David exhales)
Carry on.
- Yes.
Thank you so much
for your condolences.
Yes, she was a remarkable woman.
Thank you.
And thank you so
much for calling.
Okay, bye.
I don't think I can
take one more of these.
- [Salena] I can take over
for you if you'd like.
- I don't know.
I'll take one more.
- Mr. Pavey?
- [Eric] Yes.
- It's Cory Gardner.
Head coach at CCU.
How you doing?
- Well, to be honest,
uh, we just had a funeral
for my mother a few days ago.
- Wow.
I'm sorry to hear that, sir.
Let call you some other time.
- You know what?
Uh, I, I think, I think
we could use this
distraction right now.
How can I help you?
- [Cory] I was at the game
when Katelyn had her injury.
Well, in fact, I was
at the game before that
to watch some other players
for the opposing team,
but Katelyn was so good,
I don't even
remember their names.
(Eric laughs)
I've been kicking
myself ever since
because when I got
back to my office,
I shoulda have sent
Katelyn a letter.
I'd love to set up a
meeting with you guys
to come down and see you.
I mean, I understand given
your mother's passing,
that this could be something
that you could definitely wait.
- You know what?
No, I think this is exactly
what this family
needs right now.
- All right, little
bit, now look
the only thing we
gotta concentrate on
is one thing today, okay?
- Ready for anything, Papa.
- All right honey, I just need
you to run the first base.
- No problem.
- Okay, here we go.
Hey, that's all right.
That's all right, honey.
There you go.
We got you.
Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, sorry.
Let me get it again.
- No hurry.
We're gonna get it, all right?
(phone buzzing)
Oh wait, hold on a minute.
Hold on.
It's your dad.
What's that?
Well, she was doing
great on the field,
but we got here as
quickly as we could.
- [Eric] Thanks, Dad,
I appreciate that.
- What's going on?
- We need to talk about
your goals, honey.
- [Katelyn] What about them?
- Well, first of all,
they don't belong in the trash
or on the floor, young lady.
And second of all, they're
not exactly up to date.
That bottom one, get
scholarship to go to college.
You can scratch that off.
- I scratch them off when
I accomplish them, Dad.
- Oh, I know.
- [Katelyn] What are
you talking about?
- The last few days,
I've been getting a ridiculous
amount of phone calls
about Me Me.
And as much as I appreciate
all the condolences,
they're really wearing us out.
But I got one phone call today
that I just absolutely love
and it was about you.
- About me?
- Yeah.
Coach Gardner from Cincinnati
Christian University
called and wants
to interview you.
- Really?
- [Eric] Yes.
He was at your last two games.
He saw how you were playing
and he wishes he had
offered you the scholarship
right there on the spot.
- Seriously?
- Seriously.
He's gonna be at the house
next week to interview you.
- No way.
- [David] That is so great.
You deserve that.
Oh, here comes trouble.
- [Eric] What are y'all doing?
- Um, don't be mad, but
kind of did something.
- Okay, what did you do, girls?
- Let us show you.
- [David] It's gonna be on here.
- Check out this incredible
video that has gone viral
and it is softball superstar,
17 year old Katelyn Pavey.
She's from Lanesville, Indiana,
and she's been known
for what she's done
on a softball field,
but now she's known
all over the internet.
We're excited to have her
and her family in soon
to interview them.
- You put this on YouTube?
- Yeah.
And it's absolutely blowing up.
I mean, look, how many
views do you have?
- Why'd you do this?
- It was Me Me's idea.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I mean, she said that
it might help you out
if you could see the way
other people see you.
- And how awesome
you are, Katelyn.
- Well, where else
did you post these?
- Like everywhere.
- Oh, Good Lord.
- Did you know about this?
- No, I had no idea.
But you know what?
This is perfect timing because
we're gonna be on the news.
Look, I ordered these
about a month ago,
and they just now came in.
Now you all know how
much I'm always saying
there is no such
thing as I can't.
- No, never heard
that one before.
- Not me.
- Watch it.
Well, I got these
custom made for us
and so that the next time
that we feel like we're
not doing all that great
or something's not going well,
we can look down at our
wrist and know that I can.
- Thanks, Dad.
- How many of these
did you order?
- Well, it was cheaper to
buy 'em by the bulk so 3000.
- Oh, my gosh.
(group laughing)
- [Eric] I think it'd be
great for the newscast.
Everybody there-
- Honey.
- [Eric] Could wear one.
- [Reporter] Coming
up after the break,
we've got something really
exciting for you guys.
We have 17 year Katelyn-
- [Reporter 2] So Katelyn,
tell us what's it like
being a limb different athlete?
- [Reporter 3] This is
young Katelyn Pavey.
- [Reporter 4] We've
got Katelyn Pavey here.
- [Reporter 5] In the video.
Today's special
guest Katelyn Pavey.
- [Reporter 6] Check out
this video from YouTube.
Super excited about this
one armed softball player.
- [Reporter 7] Some small
town in Indiana to viral fame.
Welcome to-
- Wondering how are you
and your family?
- With us today
is Katelyn Pavey and her family
all the way from
Southern Indiana.
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(knuckles tapping)
(door clicks)
- [Eric] Coach Garner.
It's great to meet you.
Come on in, come on in.
- You too.
- [Eric] How was your drive?
- Well, you know,
travel, (chuckles)
it's part of the job.
Kind of get used to
it, but you know,
actually, you know
what sort of enjoy it.
- Good, good.
Coach, this is my
daughter, Katelyn.
Katelyn, Coach Gardner.
- Pleasure to meet you, Katelyn.
- [Katelyn] You too, coach.
- Have a seat, sir.
- Thank you.
So Katelyn, I see
that you have recently
become a viral video star.
- Yeah.
- [Cory] That was
your sister's doing?
- They ended up posting
a video on the internet
with her and local television
station picked it up.
She exploded overnight.
We've done nothing
but telephone calls
and interviews ever since.
- Well, look, I can
tell that your sisters
care about you and your success.
I've been able to keep
up with your recovery
because they've sent
videos for months.
I don't think that they've
sent it to anybody else
because they really want
me to give you a shot.
Now, I know you may have
other schools and coaches
knocking your door down
because of the
videos they've seen
and interviews you've done,
but I wanna assure you
that it's not why I'm here.
You're not a novelty to me.
You have real talent and
I want you on my team
because of what you
can do on the field.
- Thanks, coach.
- Okay, well, before
I say too much,
is there anything that
can answer for you?
- Um, well, how would
you handle coaching me?
- Well, to be honest with you,
I don't have any
plan on treating you
any different than anybody else.
Every player on the team
gets the same opportunities.
I don't care if you have
one arm, one leg, six eyes.
(group laughing)
As long as you can
play, you can play.
And I've been watching
tape on you for a long time
and you can play.
- Thanks.
- I want to set
up an onsite visit
for you at the campus this fall.
If you are, if
you're interested.
- Yeah, definitely.
- All right, well
let's set it up.
- Great.
Coach, being as Katelyn's
had a whole lot of media
on this whole situation.
She's been asked to speak
at a limb difference
conference tomorrow.
Would you care to
come by and hear her?
- I would love to.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Pardon me for asking why
I know what hides
behind those eyes
Where do we go
When the fight comes
knocking at our door
Where do we hide
- Thank you.
- You invited him to
the limb different camp.
- Yeah, so?
- I don't know, it just
seems a little odd to me.
- Nah, coaches love to spend
time with their players
on and off the field,
get to know 'em.
And with Katelyn being
the keynote speaker,
I thought it might
help her chances.
- Well, it's obvious he
wants her to play for him.
- Yeah, but every
little bit counts.
I mean, we can't afford
any more buildups
just to be disappointed again.
- We?
- Oh yeah, you, me,
Katelyn, the whole family.
We can't go through
any more punishments.
- Punishment?
- Uh, I didn't, I didn't
mean to say it like that.
That's, that's not, that's
not what I meant to say.
- Now that I believe.
I believe you haven't meant
to say that for a long time.
- Okay, okay, I, I'm, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to
say it like that.
It's, it's just a
personal thing with me.
I mean, you really wouldn't-
- Understand.
You are not gonna do this.
You're not gonna do this
prepare for the worst thing.
Things are finally starting
to turn around for us.
This attitude that something
bad is always lurking around
the next corner
has to stop, Eric.
You say I wouldn't understand,
but why don't you
give me a chance?
I'm just gonna say it.
We didn't start our
relationship out
in the traditional sense.
Let's call it what
it was, an affair.
And I got pregnant.
And lo and behold our daughter,
our kind, smart, talented,
beautiful daughter
comes into this world
with a missing arm
and it must be a
punishment, right?
Am I right so far, Eric?
And this entire time you
thought you were the only one
considering her difference
as a punishment.
It took the both
of us to do that.
You don't think when I saw
our baby girl that day,
I didn't feel even
the tiniest bit guilty
if even for a flash of a second.
But you know what?
I got over it and
I got over myself.
Katelyn's arm is not about me
and it's not about you
and it's not about what we did.
Katelyn is the way she is
because that's how
God made her period.
- Absolutely.
God definitely
made her that way.
And Katelyn is
ridiculously amazing.
She always has been and now
she will continue to be.
But that does not negate the
fact that we did not bring her
into this world at
100% the right way.
Now she's risen above that.
We know that.
And heck, now the
whole world knows that.
- You still don't get it.
Yes or no?
Do you think God
is punishing you
for what we did through
our daughter's arm?
I am sorry you feel that way.
And I'm sorry you've been
feeling that way for 17 years,
but that is not who God is.
He isn't vindictive.
Now, I know he lost
your mom last week,
and I'm not trying
to come down on you.
Eric, you can't keep
living your life
like God is punishing you.
You can't keep living your life
waiting for the next
bad thing to happen.
Katelyn just got offered
a full ride scholarship
to play the sport she loves
and you think God's
punishing you.
I wish you would look around
and see how much
he's blessed you.
- [Eric] So when did
you become so tough?
- Are you kidding?
Look who I'm married to.
(insects chirping)
- Hey, kiddo.
Wanna go for a ride?
(lights clicking)
- [Katelyn] What's going on?
- I was taking a
walk this evening
and I realize that my
perspective has been off
and for a lot of years.
You are an incredible
But what's more is you're
an incredible young lady
and you can do
anything you want.
It doesn't matter what I want
and don't let what I want
affect your decision.
What do you wanna do?
- I wanna get back
out on the field.
I wanna play my senior
year and I wanna go to CCU.
- All right then, if that's
what you really want,
then I'm gonna need to
see you run to first base.
Papa said, "That's the one thing
you haven't conquered yet."
You've been hitting and
you've been fielding.
But if you don't
run to first base,
you're not gonna make any team.
I don't care how good you are.
(slow tempo rock music)
This is ball 101.
You run through that base.
This is little league stuff.
Show me you can do this.
Run it out.
Don't you slow up on that run.
Do it again.
If you really want this,
I need to see you run
through that base.
You run through it like
it's not even there.
You can do this.
Let me hear you say it.
- I can.
Born in the wild
Formed in the fire
Built for the battle
I was made for this
(birds chirping)
(group chattering)
- Are you nervous?
- Not at all.
- Okay, let's go get 'em.
- [Joshua] First time?
- Yeah.
- You know, kids are
always nervous at first,
but they make friends
pretty quickly.
Especially here.
They're always used to
being the odd ones out
but now we're the odd ones.
- Yeah, yeah, we are.
- [Joshua] Joshua.
- Eric, Eric Pavey.
- Nice to meet you, Eric.
- [Eric] Good to meet you.
- So which one's yours?
- She's about to
come out on stage.
- [Joshua] Oh yeah, wow.
I guess you would be
a little more nervous
than the rest of us.
- Hey honey.
Um, so which, which one's yours?
- See the good looking kid
up there in the prosthetics?
- Yeah.
- That's Elijah.
They're such a blessing.
My wife and I, we struggled
for years to conceive,
but finally God gave us Elijah.
I don't know, sometimes
blessing doesn't seem
to be a big enough
word, you know?
- Yeah, yeah, I think I do.
(group clapping)
(group chattering)
(birds chirping)
- Honey, you did
so good tonight.
I'm so proud of you.
- We both are proud of you.
- Pavey.
- Well, hey, coach.
- Young lady, was a
good speech in there.
Being good at public
speaking is rare talent.
- To be honest, I
thought I would hate it,
but when I got up there,
it wasn't too bad.
I actually enjoyed it.
Look, coach, I haven't exactly
told my family this yet,
and I know I haven't come
to campus for a visit yet,
but I would love to come
play ball for you at CCU.
- Well, I am delighted
to hear that.
You're going to
officially need this then.
Welcome to CCU.
- Thank you, coach.
- Oh, honey.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Life can be funny sometimes.
You get hit or knocked down.
Sometimes you feel like
you just need a hand.
(group laughing)
We know that better than others.
But when I look around this
room, I don't see sad faces.
I don't see people feeling
sorry for themselves.
I see people who keep on going.
You don't give up
when life gets hard.
You keep pushing.
That's what I had to
learn through my injury.
- And even though
things seem really dark,
like you're being
punished for past mistakes
and you find yourself
in a really bad spot,
if you fully surrender to God
and clinging to
the ones you love,
just know that God can
take a bad situation
and turn it around for his good.
His light will always
shine the brightest
in the darkest night.
What I thought was
my biggest punishment
was actually my
biggest blessing.
When I see my daughter's arm,
I no longer see
punishment and shame.
I know God made Katelyn perfect,
perfect for his purposes,
for his glory, and for our good.
No matter what
challenges come our way.
I know by faith I can,
I can trust in God.
We can all trust his
goodness, his forgiveness,
and his great love.
(group cheering)
(upbeat music)
(group cheering)
(slow tempo piano music)
I can
'Cause you promised
to be with me
I can
Just as long as
your spirit lifts me
I can
And I will
By your grace
I will
I can
Because you said you
would never leave me
So I can
If you will always
lead and guide me
I can
And I will
By faith
I will
You say I can
Giving me the
strength and wisdom
For every plan
There is nothing in
this world I can't do
I can, I can, I can, I can
And I will
I can
It doesn't matter
who tries to stop me
I can
I know you're more than
everything against me
I can
And I will
I can
And I will
I know I can
Anything I set my mind to
I can, I can
With your love and
your grace to help me
I can, I can
Oh, Lord, I can
And I will
You know I can
Anything that I
set my mind to
I can, I can
There is nothing in
this world I can't do
I can, I can
With you Lord
I can
I will
Oh, you know I can
Anything I put
my hand to I can
I can
There is nothing in
this world I can't do
I can, I can
With you Lord
I can
I will
You know I can,
you know I can
You know I will
With you Lord
Everything is possible
With you Lord
I know I can, I know I can
You know I can
Everything is possible
With you Lord
Everything is possible
With you Lord
You know I can,
you know I can
With you Lord