I Can Do Bad All By Myself (2009) Movie Script

That's what we do at Club Indigo.
The more you drink,
the better I look.
And the more you drink,
the better your date's gonna look.
A couple of you guys
valet parked your cars.
Well, you need to make good friends,
you're gonna need a ride home.
We don't have valet here.
Anybody valet?
You need a ride home.
This is one of the baddest sisters
around. This black gal can sing!
Ladies and gentlemen,
we'll try to show some love.
Put those hands together for
the one and only, not May, not June...
...but April. Give it up for Miss April!
Damn Joe better sit--
I know ain't nobody
breaking in this house.
Must be somebody new
to the neighborhood...
...they gonna break in my house.
I'm Madea,
and they gonna break in this house?
Oh, hell no.
Oh, see you later, Helmer.
-Now roll the joint up.
Mabel, what the hell wrong with you?
You don't be coming--
Wake the hell up.
You about to give me a heart attack.
You too ugly
to be waking somebody up...
...in the middle of the night,
I told you that.
You gotta ease that ugly
up on people.
You can't just show it to them
all at once.
Code five, fool. Code five. Hurry up.
-Get out the bed.
-Code five? Hell, go get them, Mabel.
-Hell, you look like armed services.
-Hurry up.
Ain't nothing in here but me.
This is your house.
Wait a minute. My weed down there.
Oh, hell no now.
Is this worth you getting
a cap busted in your ass for?
-What the hell?
-Did they done drop my damn VCR?
What you doing with my--?
Not your TiVo.
Sit your ass down!
Wait, this is from me.
Hold on, Joe. Hell.
Them children.
Clap your hands, girls!
Y'all eating like y'all ain't ate nothing
in days.
I don't know why the hell you feeding
these children.
You feed them, they gonna
keep coming back, just like roaches.
You got one roach,
you gonna have thousands.
You never gonna be able
to get rid of these children.
You ain't been able
to get rid of what you got.
Scratch and sniff.
Shut your mouth. I was in
a experiment with-- In Tuskegee.
-You want some more sandwich?
-You say "yes, ma'am" to me.
-Yes, man.
He say "yes, man."
No, son, that ain't--
That ain't no man.
She just look like one.
-You say "yes, ma'am."
-What does that mean?
Don't know what's wrong
with these children today.
Ain't nobody teach you some respect?
"Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am. No, sir"?
-Nobody teach you that?
Somebody should've. I don't know
what's wrong with parents today.
Hey, slow the hell down, boy.
Wipe your mouth.
What the hell's wrong?
-He crazy?
What's wrong with him?
-He's a weirdo.
-Eat your food and shut up.
Girl, eat something.
Get you some butter and jelly.
No, I'm good.
Just wanna make sure they eat.
I'm mad as hell about my VCR.
I'm trying to be nice to you,
but I'm mad as hell about this VCR.
I ought to shank you.
This is my VCR.
I had this VCR back in 1973...
...when Otis Redding came by
and he sat there with me...
...and both of us watched
a movie on this VCR...
...and you just drop it
like it's nothing.
This is a antique, girl.
You know what a antique is?
There one right there.
This is a antique.
-Still gonna call the cops?
-Hell, yeah.
You done broke in somebody's house.
Just because you looking sad...
...you don't think nobody gonna call
the police? I'm calling the po-po.
It's tore up, anyway. I don't see
no reason for you to call the cops.
Don't tell me not to call the cops.
If I wanna call the cops, I'm gonna.
I might not call
if you done learned your lesson.
The lesson is simple.
You can ask people for stuff.
You ain't gotta be
trying to steal nothing.
I'm feeding you
out of the kindness of my heart.
I'm doing the good Christian thing,
doing what Jesus would've did.
I'm feeding you.
My daughter would be proud...
...feeding the people
that came in here to steal.
All this stuff going on in the world,
I can help y'all if you ask me to help.
Ain't gotta come
breaking in the house.
People are working hard
for what they got...
...and you gonna break up
in somebody's house.
-What's wrong with y'all?
-Hey, Big Bird, calm down.
Making me upset, stealing
and break into somebody's house.
-You hear me, boy?
-Yes, man.
Boy, you're cute.
He said it again.
He said--
You said it again.
Boy, you funny. You is funny.
That ain't no man.
You can't say "yes, man."
But that's what--
Yes, ma'am. Yes, dude.
As in, yes, sir.
As in, yes, dude.
As in, yes, bro.
Where are your people?
-My grandma--
-She's at work.
Is that what you was gonna say?
-They lying.
-You know I can hear you, right?
Let this child talk to me
before I choke you out.
We haven't seen our grandma
in four days.
Four days?
Why? Is she on that stuff?
No, she went to work
like she always do...
...but this time,
she never came back.
Manny, can you just shut up
and eat your food, please?
This child can talk to me
if he want to.
-Where your mom at?
-Dead. My grandma's at work.
-Where's she work at?
-I don't know.
-Y'all ain't got no living relative?
-We got an aunt.
April. April.
-Girl, wake up.
I'm up. I'm here.
Where did everybody go?
Home. It's past closing.
-Did Randy come get me?
-No, I ain't seen no Randy.
Give me one more drink
while I wait.
Girl, you had enough. Get up...
-...and go now.
-lf you love me, give me another drink.
I love you.
I can't give you another drink.
Okay. All right. Okay.
I'm gone. I'm gone.
-Have it your way.
-Hurry up.
-Be careful.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-Oh, hey, April.
You got some money?
Man, didn't I just give you
some money?
Yes, I did.
Don't lie. Don't lie.
Hey, hey! Hold it! Hold it!
Man, superstar coming through.
Should I get this? Wifey's calling.
Shit, I wish you would.
I dare you. Put it down.
You need to fix
the floor in the bathroom.
Everything in this damn house
is broken.
Well, when I get some money to fix it,
I'll fix it.
But until then,
what you get is raggedy.
Who's snapping?
Hey, baby.
No. No, I ain't off--
-You did? Stop.
You what?
Janice, I told you....
No, I know that. Look, I'm happy.
Look, I said I'm happy.
Yeah, okay. I'll call you later.
-Yeah, you sound real happy.
-She's pregnant.
April, you know good and damn well
I don't want no more kids.
I can barely pay
the damn bills in my house.
And yours.
What the hell am I gonna do
with some more kids, huh?
I got four already. I can't even handle
this damn child support.
-Killing my ass.
-Whose fault is that?
What did you say?
-You said something.
-Nothing. Baby, nothing.
It's nothing.
What, you gonna tell me
you pregnant now?
You know I don't want kids.
All I want is you.
Well, good. Come on.
-I gotta go.
You know I love you, right?
Me too.
Now, go tell wifey I said hi.
Kiss the kids for me.
-That's funny.
-I'm serious. Tell wifey I said hi.
I'm going to sleep.
This better be the right address.
If I go one more place, and y'all
done sent me to the wrong place...
...I'm gonna hurt somebody.
Get on out of the car, little boy.
Come on, girl, with that attitude.
You call that a knock?
Bang on the door and step down here.
Somebody gonna open this door,
I don't care.
-Kick the door, kick it.
What the hell y'all banging my door
for at this time of the morning?
It's 7 a.m.
I don't know who you think
you talking to...
...but it is 12:30 in the afternoon.
-Do you know these children, hooker?
Aunt April.
All right, that's my niece
and my nephews. What did y'all do?
They broke into my house...
...and broke my VCR
trying to steal something.
I want my money.
That's why I brought them.
These are not my kids.
You know what?
-Take them to my mama.
-Hold the hell on.
They ain't seen your mama
in four days.
-That's not like her. Where is she?
-They don't know.
Hell, why I'm supposed to know?
I don't know. I don't know her.
Okay, my sister is dead.
Their mama, she dead.
And so my mother is raising them...
...and that's who you should talk to
to get your money.
If she ain't there, you better get me
the $300 and get my VCR.
That's all I'm telling you.
I'm telling you I don't have $300,
and these ain't my kids.
Let me explain something to you.
If you don't give me my money...
...I'm calling the po-po
on all three of these thugs.
You can use my phone.
Help us, Aunt April.
We tried to find Grandma.
What if I bring them
over to your house...
...and they can work the money off?
-Work it off? Hell, no.
-Clean up?
-What do you mean "what"?
-No, no.
I want my $300.
You gonna bring them to work for me?
You can't bring them to my house
to do nothing.
I got a white woman next door to me
and I have a dog.
You know what that mean?
I don't wanna let O.J.
and Michael Vick at my house.
Well, I don't know what to tell you,
because I don't have--
Fine. Fine.
Make sure
they be over at my house.
That thing ain't even worth--
Say something else.
I want you to say something-- Say--
Snatch away from me,
I'm gonna punch you like I dude.
Say something.
Come in here.
Little O.J., that thug and
Sister Souljah, she know where I live.
-Make sure they be at my house.
Where is your grandmother?
-We don't know.
-Y'all can't stay here.
Okay, I got a man,
and he don't like kids.
So y'all gonna have
to figure something else out.
All right, y'all can't stay here.
So where is she?
You can't smoke around him.
He has asthma.
Girl, this is my house.
You can wait outside.
-Fine, then. We will.
Wait, we ain't been to sleep all night.
I'm tired.
Well, y'all can stay here, but I'm out.
Get up out of here with that attitude.
Come on. Get to stepping.
-Hey, look, I'll see y'all later, okay?
-All right.
Puffy and Biggie,
y'all don't wanna go with Lil' Kim?
-Nope, I'm going to sleep.
-I'm going to bed. Y'all shut up.
Don't make no noise.
I gotta work tonight.
Oh, okay. Good.
Bless you.
God bless you, and come again.
Glad we could help.
I am from Pastor Hector Romalle's
church in Columbia.
-You used to run missions there.
-That was a long time ago.
-What's your full name?
-Sandino. Sandino Ramirez.
You seemed to be doing so well there.
What are you doing here?
I've come to this country
to find a better life.
To find some work.
Not having much luck.
I remember you're here,
I wanted to see if you could help me.
Got any special skills?
What is it that you do?
I'm a handyman.
We have some things around
need to be fixed.
Got plenty of tools,
plenty of supplies.
Don't have much pay,
but we will pay you something.
Stop! Come here!
Stupid, come here!
-Deacon, Deacon, stop that girl.
-Hold on now.
-Come here.
-Let go of me.
If I ever catch you
in my store again--
Miller, Miller, I got it.
I'm gonna take care of it.
Hey, you'd better, pastor.
-Young lady, are you on drugs?
-No. Why?
-Where are your parents?
-I don't got no parents.
-Miss Wilma.
-You know this child?
That's Rose's granddaughter.
She lives next door to me.
Your grandmother's
a member of this church.
-Well, have you seen her?
-Not in a while.
-You don't know where she is?
-You staying with April?
Sister Wilma, take this man and show
him where we're having a problem.
Sandino, I'm gonna work
on a place for you to stay.
-Good seeing you again.
-Thank you. Good to see you too.
Hi, April.
May we come in?
-How are you, April?
-Sleepy. And you?
All the better for seeing you.
What did she do now?
She was caught stealing
from the drugstore.
Maybe she was hungry.
Then why was she
stealing needles?
Oh, I don't know.
Her mother died from drugs, so
maybe she's following in her footsteps.
-This one right here.
Come on, she's a kid.
-You know where my brothers at?
-Yeah, they out back. Go join them.
-Glad to.
-Get out of here with all that attitude.
-I should've left you outside.
That's okay. Because when they find
my mama, they're going back to her.
-I ain't got time for these kids.
-Look, April.
-Your mother's getting older.
Yeah, she can't raise
these kids by herself.
Every time I see her,
she's looking weaker.
These are my sister's kids,
not mine.
Yeah, but your daddy left you
and your sister this house.
-You haven't done much.
I left it just how my daddy left it.
-It's falling apart, April.
-I guess so.
There's a handyman
at the church today. Just listen.
And he needed a place to stay.
So maybe, maybe, in exchange
for his work, you can let him stay here.
That's if he does a good job
at the church.
That's a good idea, pastor, but--
-Time for me to go, huh?
I gotta work tonight. I'm sleepy.
-You still working at the club, April?
-Six nights a week.
-I'm praying for you, April.
-Thank you, thank you so much.
I'm gonna say my prayers for you
before I go to sleep.
-You do that, April.
You know what?
Oh, God.
You don't hear knocking
at this damn door?
This ain't our house.
-Hi. I'm Sandino Ramirez.
What do you want, man?
I went by the church today.
I spoke to Pastor Brian.
He told me to go see you.
What do you want?
I fixed a few things
at the church today and...
...well, the pastor told me to come
see if you need something--
Anything fixed in your house.
I can work for room and board.
It's fine.
Are you crazy?
No, I'm not crazy. You crazy?
I'm loco. Come on.
Let me show you to the basement.
You can sleep down here.
I mean,
I know it's not much, but it's warm.
And there's a cot right there.
Since I don't know you all that well...
...I'm gonna have to lock you
down here in this basement.
Wait a minute.
What if there's a fire
or something like that?
You're a handyman, right?
Break yourself out of here.
Look, do you want it or not?
Okay. And what about food?
Come on.
So you worried about food?
I'm gonna leave a razor so you can
shave that caveman look off.
I'm not the one, you're it!
I got it!
Will y'all shut up down there?
Shut up!
So your name is Byron.
Right? And what is your name?
-I'm Manny.
Okay, Byron and Manny.
May I ask your name?
-Byron doesn't speak, huh?
That's okay.
So, Byron, Manny,
you guys wanna go out and play?
-Why not?
-We don't know you like that.
-Well, your mother's asleep.
-That's not my mom, that's my aunt.
Your mom or your aunt,
she's asleep.
Come on, let's go outside and play.
Throw me the ball.
Yeah, but I'm gonna come too,
so I can keep an eye on you.
Come on.
Slam it again!
I'll teach you how to play football.
Manny, don't run like that.
I'm thinking--
You got some moves, huh?
Get ready for the moves.
-You don't have anything on me, huh?
-Manny, take it easy.
Oh, I got you.
Take it easy.
I wanna be an athlete.
It's gonna be okay.
You okay?
Byron, where's the ball?
-Just behind the flowerpot.
-Go ahead.
Damn. You are fine.
I knew it.
You can't smoke around him.
He's got asthma.
You already said that.
-What's wrong with you, Manny?
-That thing can happen...
...when your mama's on crack
when she's pregnant.
The rate you're going,
you're gonna end up like her.
-You don't know about me.
-I know you're stealing needles.
The needles was for him.
He's got diabetes too.
-What don't you have?
He's gonna need his insulin
in the morning.
-Well, where is it?
-I dropped it.
Brilliant. So, what happens
if he doesn't take it?
He dies.
I gotta hurry up and find my mama.
Y'all getting on my damn nerves.
I'm home.
What are these kids doing
in this house?
-Hi, baby. Hey.
-Hey. What's going on?
Those are my sister's kids.
You've met them before.
Look, my mother is MlA, okay?
I was about to go there
and find out what's going on.
-I can't be handling all this.
-I know.
Just sit down.
I'm gonna get you something to drink.
And who the hell is this?
-That's Sandino. He's renting a room.
-Renting a room?
You turn this
into a bed and breakfast?
No, the church sent him over
to help me out around here.
Just so he can have
somewhere to stay.
He needs a place to stay.
Everybody needs
a damn place to stay.
What's up, Mexico?
-You legal?
-Stop. Leave him alone.
Hey, he's a grown-ass man.
He can answer the question.
I said, you legal, Mexico, huh?
Look at that. See right there.
I know this boy ain't legal
just by the way he looking down.
Where are you going?
-Take care of my business.
-No, I don't think so.
We're all going somewhere together
in a moment.
You don't tell me what to do.
Hey, little girl, check your tone
in your auntie's house.
-Who are you?
-Watch your mouth.
I'm the one paying the bills up in here.
That's who I am.
Sit down.
Sit down.
You better stop
rolling your eyes at me.
I'll be back. I'm gonna go find my keys.
What? Oh, you need to get by, huh?
All right, then.
Go on, then.
So you think you grown, huh?
I got something for little girls
who think they're grown.
I got something for grown men
who think they got something for me.
Got a fast one on my hands.
I'll show you what I got.
You're too grown to like chocolate?
Come on, go ahead. Come on, baby,
I know you want some.
Go on, take it.
I know you want some, little girl.
I didn't ask you a damn thing,
did l, boy?
-Go sit down, Byron.
-Sit your fat ass down.
-You don't talk to him like that.
-Oh, yes, ma'am.
Miss Jennifer.
-Leave me alone, man.
-I think I'm gonna call you Jenny.
You like that, Jenny?
And what the hell
you looking at, Mexico?
-Speak English?
-Got them. Come on.
-I didn't think so.
-Come on, Let's go. Come on, let's go.
I'll see you later.
Come on.
It's just you and me, Mexico.
Want me to turn on
some mariachi music?
I'm gonna take a nap.
You keep it quiet down here.
You need to take your ass home
and fix something.
Joe, I tell you, you will find that out.
Keep it up. Who's this?
Look who here.
Dumb, dumber, dumberer
and the big dummy.
-Here you are.
-All right.
They eat?
They're gonna need all their strength.
Yeah, they ate.
Jennifer, this is the key
to the house.
When you finish, go back,
and do not let anybody in the house.
-They ain't gonna listen to you.
-Yeah, okay.
-This one has attitude.
-You ain't got to tell me.
-Watch her.
-I wonder where she get that from.
Yes, bye. See you later.
I breaks attitude
with children like this.
You heard of The Horse Whisperer?
I'm the Kid Whisperer.
Look, lady, you gonna tell us
what you need us for, or what?
-Talk to me like that one more time.
-Quiet. This old woman don't play.
She doesn't scare me.
Look at her.
-You better be scared.
-I've been to jail. I will shank you, fool.
You better not touch us again,
or I'll call 911.
What do you mean,
"touch you again"?
I ain't touched you yet.
You gotta get to the phone
if you're gonna dial 911.
You got to get to the phone.
I will hit you so hard that
your cranium and your urethra tube...
...will all be tied up together
inside of each other.
You wouldn't be able to do nothing
but pee and run.
You don't know if I got a cell phone.
You're gonna need surgery
to get it from down your throat.
-Say something again.
Say one more thing,
I will pimp-slap you. Say it again.
That's what I thought.
You're gonna come
into this house and clean.
And if anything come up missing
in my house, I promise you...
...you're gonna come up missing.
Come on.
We cleaning from top to bottom.
-Let's get in here.
-This is crazy.
What you say?
Yeah, this is one
of my favorite nights.
Yeah, go, April, go.
I need two Heinekens
and a shot of vodka.
Here. Last night, you were short.
Don't be short tonight,
else you're gonna come up missing.
Come in.
-Hey, April.
-Hey, Miss Wilma.
What are you doing here?
I was just wondering...
...have you talked
to your mother lately?
Yeah, I went by the house earlier,
she wasn't there.
I don't know.
I don't know where she is.
You know, this is just--
It's not like her.
No, it isn't. I don't know what to say.
I was gonna come by there later on.
Will you let me in?
No, I can't do that, child.
I let your sister in there one time.
She stole everything your mama had.
You should've known better than to let
a crackhead in somebody's house.
Well, I can't let you go in there.
Your mama
had such high hopes for you.
Miss Wilma,
is there anything else you need?
Because I really have
to get ready for my next set.
No, that's it.
-I'll see you later.
-Thank you.
-God bless you.
You're doing a good job cleaning,
Manny and Byron.
I don't know why you letting them
children clean up anything up in here.
You're gonna need a metal detectors
when they leave up out of here.
All right.
-How the dishes coming?
Little girl, you got the nastiest attitude
I ever did see.
-Why are you so nasty?
I'm about to come over there.
Joe, you better get this girl.
She just said "because" to me.
You better watch it, girl. That's the
heavyweight champion of the world.
She took out Ali and Frazier
and George Foreman.
They all came here
and she took them out.
-That's why Foreman's selling grills.
-Attitude like that...
...gonna be by yourself all your life.
Nobody wanna be around that.
Maybe I don't want nobody around.
Yeah, Madea want flies around here.
Every time she goes somewhere,
flies be flying around her.
Just funky. Maybe that
backwards boy washing the soap.
You get out of this life what you put in.
You give good things...
...good things will come back
most of the time.
That ain't true.
-I said most of the time, child.
-Yeah, whatever.
Girl, if you say "whatever" to me
one more time...
...before the "wha"
can get out of your mouth...
...I'm gonna be in the back
of a police car. Sit down.
Sit down.
Know what happens to girls
that are mad at the world?
They become bitter old women
if they don't figure out what's going on.
Bitter old woman, just like the one
you're talking to, a bitter old woman.
A bitter 450-pound old woman.
Oh, that's funny?
At least you could smile. Did that hurt?
Did it crack your face, Cruella?
-I ain't got a whole lot to smile about.
-Hush that up.
Got a whole lot to smile about,
you living.
They got children your age
in the hospital...
...strung out on HlV, drugs
and everything else.
You talking about you ain't got
nothing to smile-- You pretty.
Get you a mirror and see how pretty
you are and smile at yourself.
I'm not pretty. I mean,
I ain't got nice clothes or nothing.
Clothes don't make you pretty.
They make you broke.
You know what I want you to do?
There ain't no mirror down here.
When you get through
cleaning that window...
...Iook at yourself
and see how pretty you are.
Go on and clean it real good
until you see your smile:
We wanna give it up
for the Gap Band.
Give it up for the Gap Band,
ladies and gentlemen.
That's not the original Gap Band.
They just get
their clothes from the Gap...
...so we call them the Gap Band.
They sound good.
Don't they sound good tonight?
Look. She look good tonight.
Gotta have a fix.
Oh, my Lord. The church.
We got a lady here from the church.
And I'm telling you, this lady can sing.
She can really sing.
Ladies and gentlemen, now, the spirits
say that if we make a lot of noise...
...she just may come up here and sing
a song for us poor little sinners.
-Come on up here, Miss Wilma.
-No, don't do that.
Oh, Miss Wilma don't mind.
Come on up here, Miss Wilma.
How are you doing tonight?
-I'm doing fine, Freddie.
-Good seeing you.
-You look lovely.
-Thank you very much.
You gonna sing
something for us tonight?
Well, I'm always ready to give
my testimony anytime, any--
Now, Miss Wilma,
I don't mind you singing...
...but save all that testimony stuff
for the church.
Right now,
we just want you to sing a little song...
...make the people feel good.
What do you already know?
You know what she's gonna sing.
Hold this, Freddie.
Don't steal nothing.
Miss Wilma. Let's do it.
I'd like to dedicate this
to all you beautiful faces...
...but especially to April.
Thank you.
Y'all go straight in the house,
you understand?
Boy, don't be slamming my door.
Hey, wait.
Thank you. Hey, how was it?
I don't wanna steal nothing else
if that's what I gotta do to pay it back.
That lady's crazy.
That means all of your decisions,
your choices...
...they all have a price to pay.
So you do the crime,
you gotta do the time.
Yeah, whatever.
Look, we ought to take a bath.
Go on upstairs.
What's this?
You bought his insulin.
I was gonna do it.
Well, now you don't have to.
Why are you so nice to us?
-I don't understand that question.
-You nice, why?
Why not?
You should expect people
to be nice to you.
You shouldn't expect people
to be mean.
Not in this world.
-You get what you expect, right?
-I guess.
You do a great job
with your brothers.
I'm all they got.
Oh, come on.
What the hell is Mexico up to?
Are you serious?
Do you know what time it is?
-Yeah, it's 1:30 in the afternoon.
-What are you doing?
-I'm working off my debt.
I figured that I'd get up this morning,
get to work.
Figured if I fixed this floor,
then the kids can stay in this room.
You don't have to worry
about those kids.
They're not staying, pack up your tools
and go back down in the basement.
Why not?
Why they don't stay in here?
What do you mean--?
Hey, hey, hey!
Stop it! Stop it!
Look, you have a serious problem
with this floor, okay?
I know that.
That's why no one
ever comes up here...
...and that's why I keep
the door closed. For safety, okay?
These kids,
they need a room of their own.
Why are you so worried about kids
that don't even belong to you?
-What's up?
-That's your family.
Why you not concerned?
Jennifer has nightmares every night.
Manny, night sweats.
Byron, he tosses and turns
in his sleep.
Can you imagine
what those kids have been through?
I just wanna help them.
You wanna help them?
You live in my basement.
You can't even help yourself.
How are you gonna help?
-By giving them this room.
-No, no, you're not.
This is my house.
You can't give them nothing
that doesn't belong to you.
If you're so worried about the kids,
why are you making so much noise?
-You're waking them up.
-They were gone before I got up.
Well, where did they go?
Since you know so much about them.
I don't know.
What do you care? You don't even
make them comfortable to stay here.
That's right, three less things
I gotta worry about.
Pack up your little tools and follow me
back down to the basement, come on.
-You know, you don't--
-Let's go.
You don't even mean that.
You don't know me.
-Let's go, back to your blind spot.
These kids need someone.
They need some help.
Okay, well,
when my mama comes back...
...she will come and get them,
and they will have someone, happy?
You're not this heartless, April.
So why do you do this?
Is it because of your man?
Is it because of him?
You know, you're too good for him.
Please, Sandino, stop it.
Okay, I'll finish up
after your man wakes up.
Thank you.
I'm coming. Shoot.
Miss Wilma.
What are you guys doing here?
-Hi, April.
Can we come in?
-Hey, you clean up nice.
Thank you.
-Getting any work done around here?
-Yeah, as much as she'll let me.
Great job in the chapel.
We even have a check for you.
Well, that's great.
I'll come by to pick it up.
Is that what you came by for?
Because I can go back to bed.
April, can we sit down?
Yeah, sure.
What is it?
It's about your mother.
-You found her. Where is she?
-I'm sorry, April.
She died.
I'm sorry, baby.
-About a week ago.
-What happened?
-She left for work.
I saw her.
And she had a brain aneurysm.
A brain aneurysm.
She was on the bus all day...
...and no one noticed.
They assumed she was just asleep.
And when the driver tried to wake her,
it was too late.
There was nothing anyone could do.
I'm sorry.
She was at the city morgue.
No one claimed her.
No identification.
She was dead too long...
...so they cremated her.
Oh, my God.
These are her remains.
I put them in this urn.
I'm gonna go
and pack up her things...
...and you're welcome to come by
and get them.
I'm sorry, April.
If you need anything, April,
just come by the church.
You take care of her, huh?
Yes, of course.
April, what were you praying for?
What are you doing, man?
I'm sleeping.
You want some company?
That ain't no way
for somebody to die.
I didn't even get a chance
to say goodbye.
When was the last time
that you spoke to her?
A year ago.
We had an argument.
It's so stupid now.
My sister...
...was so strung out.
She screwed those kids up.
She traded Jennifer for crack one time
when she was 9.
She was so high one time,
she put Byron in the oven.
She burned Manny
with her crack pipe.
And my mother was there
every time.
Every time.
She'd asked me to babysit...
...and I told her I couldn't.
And I wasn't doing nothing.
I just didn't feel like being bothered.
So she got mad at me
and I never spoke to her again.
I said some things
I really wish I could take back.
All the good she did for people
and she died on a bus.
Oh, she was good to everybody.
She died on a bus alone.
Watch out, y'all, stay close together.
I'm coming.
Where have you been?
Looking for Mama Rose.
I have something to tell you.
What is it?
My mother died.
Why are you lying?
She's not lying.
You will say anything
to get rid of us, huh?
-lf you don't want us here, we'll go.
You don't have to say all that.
-It's not true.
-You will say anything.
-lt is true, Manny.
-Can I go feed them?
-Jennifer. Jennifer.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. People die. So what?
Hey, listen,
it's okay to cry or to be upset.
I said I'm fine, okay?
Yo, turn the damn TV down, please.
Hey, Agnes, how you doing?
-Good to see you.
-Hi, Madea.
What you doing sitting out here?
Trying to steal something?
What's going on with you?
My grandmother died.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, babe.
My Aunt April's gonna send us
back to foster care.
They're going to separate us.
I'm all Manny and Byron got.
If we separate, I don't know--
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
-Oh, no.
-Calm yourself down, honey.
-Calm down. Getting all worked up.
-Can we stay with you?
Nobody wants us.
-That ain't true. Somebody wants you.
-I'm only 16. I'm....
-I don't know how to handle all this.
-I'm tired. I don't--
-Living takes a lifetime.
You got a whole lot more living
to do, honey.
I don't feel like I'm gonna--
I don't feel like I'm gonna make it.
You gonna make it. Hush, dear.
Gotta keep getting up every day,
one day at a time.
You're gonna make it.
My Grandma Rose used to tell us
to pray about it, and if....
Then that's what you ought to do,
pray about it, talk to the Lord about it.
Yeah, but she only told us--
She never told me how to do it.
Would you teach me?
-Show you how to pray?
Oh, child, I ain't talked to God...
...since the last time I saw a cop
in my rearview mirror.
I guess I can try.
I can try to pray.
You know the number?
The what?
-The number.
-The number?
To call him.
They say "Jesus On the Mainline."
I don't know the number.
Sit back, sit back.
Okay, bow your head.
First, giving honor to God,
to the head of my life.
I stretch
My hand
To thee
Father God...
...God of Abraham, lsaac and Jacob.
God of Shadrach,
Meshach and the billy goat...
...who was in the fiery furnace
that they barbecued...
...on the day of Pentecost
when the Jewish people returned...
...from the Sabbath day
up on the mountaintop in Ethiopia.
God of Mary J. Blige.
Madea, that don't sound right.
That don't sound right. That's not
how Mama Rose used to do it.
You ain't feeling it?
You didn't feel the anointing?
-I don't know nothing about praying.
But all praying is, is talking to God,
having a conversation with him.
And at the end,
you say the name of Jesus.
That's your stamp that will get it
up there to him. You hear?
You know who you remind me of
right now?
You remind me of Peter in the Bible.
You know who Peter was?
Peter was one of the 12 disciplines.
And they were on a boat
out on the isle...
...of the Greek Atlantic Ocean.
And when they was on this boat,
the storm rose up.
And the 12 disciplines, they got really,
really worried and upset.
They said,
"Oh, no, what are we gonna do?"
They saw someone coming
toward them on the water...
...Iooked like a ghost.
But it wasn't a ghost. It was Jesus.
And Peter say, "Jesus, if that's you,
let me come out there."
You gotta be careful
what you ask the Lord for.
So Jesus said, "Come on out."
So Peter stepped out of the boat
and was walking on the water.
He was walking on water?
On the water. He was walking
on the water toward Jesus.
Long as he kept his eyes on him,
he stayed on top of the water.
He took his eyes off him, though.
You know why? He got distracted.
You know why he got distracted?
When you got your eye on Jesus,
can't get distracted by nothing.
Jonah passed by
in the belly of the whale.
He looked down, Free Willy
with Jonah inside the belly...
...and it made him distracted,
so he started to sink.
He said, "Jesus, Jesus, help me."
Jesus said, "l can't.
I gotta go to Calvary. I'm late."
Jesus went to the cross. He said,
"I'm gonna send you a comforter.
When the comforter come,
you gonna be all right."
So he's swimming.
He try and swim.
He's worried, Jaws was coming,
all that--
Spielberg had did that Jaws thing.
It was surrounding him.
He was worried.
-You know what happened?
Just in the nick of time--
When you think
you ain't gonna make it...
...in the nick of time,
something happens.
Noah came up in the arch.
That's right, Noah came rowing up
in the arch of St. Louis Arch...
...and he pulled right up beside him.
He got on there, he said,
"Thank you for saving me."
Noah said, "No problem, man.
Cool, what's up, fool?"
He said, "Come on,
let me show you around."
Noah had turned the arch
into a cruise ship.
Ain't have nothing to do
after he saved the world.
Hey, you know who was on there?
She was in the VlP section.
Yeah, that's right.
And Peter asked, he said,
"Eve, come on, go to the show."
So she went to see this show.
And they had tigers.
They had two tigers,
two bears, two lions.
You know, the male and the female.
Well, Siegfried and Roy was there,
and they had the two lions.
And them lions jumped out
and scratched Eve.
That's how Eve get them
two paws right there.
You ever see Eve with the paws?
She got two paws right there.
Read your Bible some time, honey.
Read your Bible.
This is a mess, April.
I mean, you don't care?
I don't know. I mean, Tanya...
...you know I can't help them kids.
I mean, I didn't ask for none of this.
I ain't never seen
a more selfish person in my life.
Okay, what do you
mean by that, Tanya?
I mean, April, you gotta care
about somebody other than yourself.
You don't know me, man.
-Oh, I know you.
-No, you don't.
-That's the problem.
-Tanya, look, l--
Look, I didn't come here
for that, okay?
Honey, I love you,
so I can say this, okay?
Girl, you always drunk. Always.
There's not a day
that I have not seen you drunk.
You just care about alcohol
and "Where's Randy?"
I mean, I'm sick of hearing that.
You got a bigger problem
on your hands right now.
If I wasn't your friend,
if I didn't love you...
...I wouldn't bring it to you real
just like I'm giving it to you right now.
You don't care about nobody
but yourself.
I mean, you sleeping
with a married man.
You know why? Because you don't
want him around all the time.
You got that big old house,
and you only want you in it.
You won't even give a bum
on the street 50 cents.
I mean, you don't sound shallow,
you just sound damn selfish.
Oh, so I'm just a bad person, huh?
I'm just evil.
You know what?
Ain't nothing wrong with what you do.
But as long as it works for you,
that's all good, right?
You need to get
your life together fast.
Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for Miss Tanya.
Do it.
What's wrong with him?
His blood sugar went up,
so I gave him his insulin shot.
Don't worry about it, I got it.
He'll be fine.
I can't keep y'all.
You don't owe us nothing.
I think we can find you
a great foster home.
When I grow up,
I'm gonna be just like you.
Ain't gonna give a damn
about nobody but myself.
That's the only way to be.
What the hell do I look like...
...sitting over here
worried looking after him, huh?
I'm 16.
When my life gonna start, huh?
I'm not ready for kids, Jennifer,
I'm not. I can't do this.
Just leave us alone.
Just leave us alone, just....
You don't need to be
hearing about all this.
-Wow, you're up already. It's early.
That's a good thing.
You're sleeping your life away.
-Am l?
Hey, come with me.
I have something for you.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise. Come on.
I don't play that getting my hair wet,
so don't....
-You got a shower cap?
-No, sorry.
You didn't tell me
I was gonna be working out.
-Have fun.
-Why do you sleep all day, huh?
Why not?
Why not? I don't know,
and that's not an answer.
Well, since you're asking
all the questions...
...why did you hold me
the way you did...
...when I told you my mother died?
Because you needed to be held.
Yeah, but it was the way
you held me.
I mean, you held me like....
Like you care.
You don't know that I care by now?
You know,
if you have to ask that question...
...then you just don't know yourself,
I guess.
That's still not an answer.
April, I think that you are a very warm
and sensitive...
...and loving person.
And you are funny.
You are very funny.
I'm not that funny. Cut it out.
But you hide it.
You hide it all away.
I don't understand. You put up
this wall so that nobody sees it.
But I see through it.
I don't understand you and him.
-Talking about Randy again?
He's not so bad.
He's not so good either.
It doesn't make sense to me.
Do you love him?
He helps me out. He pays the bills.
That's not what I asked.
April, do you love him?
In a way.
I guess.
That is not love, April.
Loving a married man,
sharing him with his wife.
Love is not having somebody
to pay your bills.
It's not having to work all night.
That is not love.
Love is....
Love is being too tired
from the night before...
...to even go to work the next day.
April, we're all looking for love,
one way or another.
Love is having someone there
in the morning when you wake up...
...that is gonna be there with you,
thick or thin, right or wrong.
Let's go.
Oh, my God, I can't believe
I let you talk me into getting on a boat.
Be glad I didn't get my hair wet.
You know black girls don't like
getting their hair wet. Thirsty?
Yes, I would like something
to drink, please.
-Hi, kids.
-How was school?
-Good. You okay?
He's all right.
Okay, good. I have a surprise
for everybody, okay?
Come on, April. I want you to see.
-You're gonna love it. Come on.
-You and your surprises.
Keep your eyes closed, okay?
It's a big surprise, come on.
Come on, Manny, Byron.
Come here.
Come here. Stand right here.
Jennifer, come on.
Right there.
-Okay, you ready?
Open your eyes.
-ls this our room?
-This is your room.
-No, it's not.
-But it looks like it's for us.
-lt is.
It's not.
Where you steal all this stuff from?
I did not steal any of this stuff.
The church gave it to me.
It was in the basement.
My bed.
-My bed.
-Yes, Byron, that's your bed.
I'd never heard him speak before.
My bed.
-My bed.
-This is the bomb, Sandino.
Why you gotta get their hopes up for?
You know she don't want us here.
Hey, that could change.
"Could" is not definite.
She definitely don't want us here.
Listen, how about you stay in this
room for as long as you're here, okay?
I made it for you.
Thank you, but we good.
We stay downstairs.
Come on, y'all.
Manny, Byron, I said come on.
-Do we have to go?
-Yes, we have to go.
Why didn't you tell me
you were doing this, huh?
-Now they're upset.
-What difference does it make, April?
You made it very clear to them
that you don't care.
April, come on, we're going.
What the hell are you knocking
on this door for, Mexico?
-I'm trying to wake up April.
-For what?
Because we're supposed
to be going to church.
Well, April ain't going to no church.
Hear this real good, houseboy.
Knock on this door again, I'm sending
you back to Mexico in a pine box.
Ain't a damn thing for you in here.
This morning, our subject comes
from the text found in Luke 15 and 8.
It reads, "Either what woman
having 10 pieces of silver...
...if she lose one,
does not light a candle...
...and sweep the house
and seek diligently until she find it?
And when she hath found it,
she calleth her friends and says:
'Come rejoice with me...
...for I have found the piece
which I had lost."'
-Where the hell are you going?
-To church.
Church? No, you ain't.
Randy, I'm going to church.
We can talk about this later.
Hey, come here now.
I said you ain't going, all right?
-Who's gonna stop me?
-And what is all this?
I've never seen you dressed
for no church.
How do I look?
April, I'm talking to you.
Today, our subject is value added.
There are three things I wanna talk
about from this subject.
Number one,
this woman was a good steward.
All right.
Because she took time
to know what she had...
...and how much of what she had.
because she watched it every day...
...she knew when a piece of silver
was lost.
Secondly, she gave value
to each piece of silver.
She did not extol one piece
over the other.
And thirdly, when she discovered
that one was lost...
...she swept the house clean
to find it.
You don't know what it is
to walk the floor worried...
...over something you've lost.
-Aunt April's here.
-All of us love...
...and somehow our love is limited...
...when someone ends up somewhere
that we don't want them to be.
But what she knew is that even though
this piece of silver was lost...
...it had not lost its value.
-lt had just lost its usefulness.
You cannot help anyone
when you're lost.
You cannot fulfill your mission in life
when you're lost.
You cannot help your family
or your fellow man when you're lost.
And somebody
has to care enough about you...
...to put a light in a very dark place...
...when you're caught
in the crevices of life...
-...and can't figure out how to get out.
-All right.
You need somebody
that's gonna care enough about you...
...that says you're worth it.
I want you to know
you're worth me waiting on.
Oh, Lord, have mercy.
I said you're worth me waiting on.
There are some things that we face.
You've come to people...
...and it seems
as if they don't wanna know.
I understand it.
I've been there.
As a matter of fact,
let me say it like this:
I've hurt so many nights
I cried so many hours
Trying to make it right
Trying to make it right
But just didn't have the power
And you ignored all my tears
It hurt me so bad
Sing that song!
You wanted them to disappear
I tried to let it go
But I guess
You just don't wanna know
If I had a dime for every time
I tried to call your name
Some tell me
Some tell me
I'd be wealthy
I'd be wealthy
Amen, amen.
Oh, Lord
But I learned that I could cope
- Yes, I did
Through my struggle I discovered
I discovered I could make it
In nights so long and cold
So cold
You don't know how cold
I discovered
I discovered I could take it
Now I wouldn't
I wouldn't change a thing
Lord, have mercy.
Not for the knowledge
Not for the knowledge
That I've gained
You know what I discovered
in my trials?
I learned that I could grow
I really did
I tried, I tried to let, let it go
I did
I tried, tried to let it show
But I guess
-You just don't wanna know
-Just don't wanna know
-No, no, no
- Yes
Really don't wanna know
You don't wanna know
How many nights I cried
You don't know how many times
I felt like I was gonna die
But I kept on moving
I kept on hoping
I kept on believing
And now I can tell you
- That I'm over
- That I'm over it now
Anybody here.
-Say "I'm over, I'm over it now"
-Over it now
-I can't explain it
-I can't say how
-But right now, I'm over it
-But I'm over it
I'm hoping right now
One morning I just broke free
And the chains
They just dropped off from me
People can talk about me
-As much as they please
-Just don't wanna know
But I'm all grown up now
I said I'm all older now
And I got the victory
Because I'm over
-But I'm over it now
-I'm over it now
-Over it now
-I'm over it now
-I can't say how, but I'm over it
-Say it again, say I'm
Over it now
Just wave your hand
if you know you're over it.
If you feel the presence of God...
...if you feel the anointing of God,
just declare now...
...that I'm over it now.
Say it right now.
Over it now
It's over,
I'm walking out of here free.
Because I'm over it now
I'm really over it now
Went to a meeting one night
And my heart wasn't right
But something got ahold of me
And I'm over it now
Just don't wanna know
Wilma. Wilma, would you just...?
People don't know
you've been through some things.
They think because
you're looking so pretty in your hat...
...they don't know
what you've been through.
But could you say one good time,
"I'm over it now"?
I'm over it now
Over it now, I can't say how
But I'm over it now
Right now, right now, right now
-I'm over it now
-I'm over it now
-I'm over it now
-I don't have to live with it
Don't have to live with it
-Don't have to be in it
-Don't have to be in it
I'm over it, over it now
Over it now, I can't say how
But I'm over it now
-Right now
-Now, now, now
-Right now
-Now, now, now
-Now, now, now
I'm over it now
I tried
To let it go
I really did
I tried to let it show
Thank you, Jesus
But right now
I learned that I could grow
But I guess
You just don't wanna know
You're worth it.
Give him praise
because he's worthy.
His purpose is real.
You're gonna make it.
You'll be all right.
You don't have to worry at all.
You're over it now.
You're over it now.
Hold on. I'll be right back.
How you doing, beautiful?
I've seen the way
you've been looking at me.
See, this here my house...
...and I can let you
and two little nappy boys stay here.
I'll get you
all the medicine you need.
I need to give him his insulin.
Now, see, what you need to do
is take care of me.
If you don't stop right now,
I'm gonna tell April.
You think
she's gonna believe you, huh?
You think she's gonna believe you?
Take it off.
I said--
What are you doing? Get off of him!
Stop it! Stop it!
What are you doing to him?
-What is going on here?
-It's okay.
It's okay. Come on.
He tried to rape her.
They lying on me, right--
They lying on me.
No, no, no. This little slut--
You know she's a slut. She tried to
get me to have sex for money.
Baby-- Sandino, you saw her!
-Tell her what you saw.
-He tried to rape her!
Who you gonna believe, huh?
April, who you gonna believe, huh?
Them or me?
-He's lying, he's--
-He's lying, April, he's lying.
Who you gonna believe?
Them or me, babe?
You, baby.
-He's lying.
Go upstairs and get in the tub.
-I can't believe you believe him.
-It's okay, it's okay.
-It's okay.
-He's lying!
He's lying, April.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Look at me, look at me.
Look at me. It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, no one's going to hurt you.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
It's gonna be okay, all right?
It's okay.
Okay, no one's going to hurt you.
Nobody here will hurt you.
-Nobody's going to hurt you.
It's okay, Jenny.
Baby, I think I broke my nose.
Oh, baby, thank you.
You know I love you, right?
Baby, I'm just trying to provide
the best life for you I can.
-What happened?
-Baby, I told you what happened.
That little girl tried to get me
to have sex with her for money.
Baby, these kids ain't no good.
They spending up
all my damn money, baby, you know?
I mean, everything was fine
before they got here.
It's all their fault, baby.
Them kids causing
all kind of problems.
Paying all these bills around here...
...these damn kids come here
snatching up all our money.
I didn't want these damn kids here,
I told you that.
We had all kinds of problems
since they got here.
Tell me what happened.
April, I told you what happened.
Tell me what you did.
April, I didn't do nothing.
That's my niece.
She's 16.
Baby, calm down now.
What did you do?
I told you, I didn't do nothing, April.
You are just like Lee.
April, stop!
He told my mother
he didn't do nothing either.
Stop! Stop it, April. Damn!
April, get that thing
away from the water.
April, stop!
You wait here, okay?
-You watch your sister.
-Stop playing!
I told you. Get that thing off!
-April, damn it!
-Just like Lee.
He told my mother
he didn't do nothing.
-That it was my fault, that I did it!
-That is plugged in and I'm in water!
-Shut up!
-He's not worth it. Put the radio down.
-Stop! Let--
-You want me to put it down?
-Ap! Calm down!
-You want me to put it down?
April, no!
You got three minutes to get your stuff
and you get the hell out of here.
Why did you leave him alone?
April, he's gone, okay?
I took his keys, he won't be back.
Are you okay?
I should've known.
-April, this is not your fault.
-I should've known.
The way he looked at her.
I should've known.
Like my mother should've known.
She was always saying...
...whatever happens in this house
stays in this house.
Nothing ever gets healed
if you keep it covered up.
I should've known.
When a man...
...a grown man...
...takes interest in a little kid...
...something ain't right.
Come on, April, that's enough.
Get off of me.
Are you one too?
A child molester.
-Are you a child molester, Sandino?
-Are you asking me this question?
Why do you care so much
about those kids?
I hit a nerve.
-What do you like, huh?
Do you like the little girls
or do you like the little boys?
I said, that's enough.
You shut your mouth.
Who are you talking to?
Come back here.
Come back here. Hey!
Hey! Tell me.
-Stop it.
-What is it?
-Tell me!
-Enough, April.
You get your stuff out of my house!
I'm not a child molester,
you stop calling me that.
-Why are you so uncomfortable?
-You wanna make me a bad person...
...for showing these kids some love?
These kids that have nobody?
You're sick! You're out of your mind,
you know that?
You don't know my life, April.
I have nobody.
From the time
that I was 7 years old...
...and picking coca leaves
...and getting beaten
when I'm hungry or tired.
When I'm old enough...
...the cartel send me to recruit children
to do the same thing.
I see these kids, I wanna help them,
and you wanna get in the way of that!
I feel sorry for you.
What the hell are you looking at?
Move out of the damn way!
You don't ever have to worry
about him coming back.
He's never coming back.
-Get some sleep.
Aunt April.
Thank you for believing me.
Baby, I believed you
when you said it.
I know that look.
Wait, wait.
If you let us stay here,
I promise we won't be no trouble.
I'll cook and clean for you.
And the boys, I'll take care of them.
You won't have to do nothing.
-Wait, let me finish.
-I'll quit school, I'll get a job.
You don't have to quit school.
And I'll help you pay the bills...
...and I can be a good girl.
I won't be so angry.
I'm just so tired
of going from place to place.
I need y'all to stay with me.
I just messed--
I messed everything up.
And I gotta fix this.
So you gotta stay here
with me, okay?
And I really--
I would love it if you taught me
how to take care of your brothers.
We will get through this, okay?
You're a good girl.
We're gonna be all right, okay?
Now, get your brothers
and come up to your new room.
Hey, come on, go get your brothers.
Manny? You have to get up.
Come in.
-She's gonna let us stay.
-I know.
-Ain't that supposed to be good?
-Yeah, Manny, that's really good.
Why do you look sad?
I'm not sad.
I have to go away for a while.
-Where you going?
I'm gonna shoot straight
with you guys, okay?
Things aren't going very well
with me and your aunt.
So it's best that I leave.
In the meantime,
I'm going to call you...
...and write letters.
Okay? And you make sure
you write me back.
All right.
I understand.
I mean...
...you gotta do
what you gotta do, right?
We're gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you too.
Give me a hug. All right?
-I'm gonna miss you so much.
-I'm gonna miss you too.
He's gone.
Yeah, I know.
You wanna help me unpack
some of Mama Rose's things?
That's cute.
You know,
I think you're wrong about him.
What do you know about this?
That's a good man...
...and I don't think
you should just let him go like that.
You're too young
to understand, baby.
Yeah, but...
...I know there's a lot of bad people
in this world.
-lf you find somebody you can trust...
...then you should probably
hold on to them.
I mean, it's like....
When Peter
was walking on the water...
...and he got distracted by the whale
and he started to drown...
...and Noah came in
in the St. Louis Arch--
Wait, wait. What? What?
He was drowning and Noah--
He was-- Wait a minute.
Who taught you this story?
Madea was telling me
all these Bible stories--
Oh, Lord, her?
Girl, even I know that ain't right.
I know that story. Come on.
I guess
I should've known better, huh?
Yeah, I guess I'm gonna have to
take you to church more often, huh?
What is it?
That's weird.
They're singing
Mama Rose's favorite song.
She still knows when to show up.
Come on down now for prayer
if you want the Lord.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not really good
at knowing how to love...
...or anybody.
But I really like having you around.
And since you talked me
into keeping the kids...
...I really, I would love for you
to just stay here with me...
...and help me with the kids.
Say something.
-What do you want me to say?
-What do you wanna say?
I don't know. What is this?
Your way of telling me
that you like me or something?
I do. I can admit that.
I think I love you.
Please say something.
I don't know what to say.
I mean, you're a good human being.
I love you like a friend,
like how I love Tanya.
Like you love Tanya.
-You don't believe me.
-No, I don't believe you, okay?
-You don't believe I love you.
-April, let's not get into this, okay?
No, tell me, please.
It's okay.
You don't fully love yourself, okay?
Everybody that loves you,
you push them away.
You keep them at a distance.
What are you, a psychiatrist?
Not a psychiatrist, but I know love.
Look at you, that's not love.
You're drinking,
smoking yourself to death.
Your father dies of liver cancer.
You don't love yourself
the way I love you.
I said that I love you.
What? Like a...?
Like a friend, like a buddy?
Like a pal or something?
No, April, I don't wanna make love
to my buddies and my pals.
I'm in love with you.
I'm ready to love you...
...but you have to be ready
to give it back the right way.
I wanna learn...
...how to love the right way.
Will you show me?
I'll show you.
That's right.
Can't hold my girl down.
Because she a good woman, y'all.
Y'all ready?
There you have it.
I'm still with you, my sisters.
My troubled sisters.
I still got problems too.
You're not alone.
He's slow.
Elevator don't go
all the way up there.
The lights is on at the mall--
Oh, no, no.
The mall is open
but ain't nobody shopping.
You ain't gonna eat?
You gotta learn how to talk
in the real world.
When people ask if you slow,
you say:
"Do you ride the big bus
or the little bus?"
-Don't know what I'm talking about?
Okay, fine, yeah.
I believe
you're on the little bus too.
Go ahead, boy. You funny.
You the next....
Who that? Tyler Perry!
You the next Tyler Perry, man.
I'm telling you, you funny.
I love that Madea.
He's slow. The mall's open
but ain't nobody shopping.
What are you talking about?
The elevator don't go
all the way up to the top floor.
The car is running
but ain't no engine.
Are you okay?
I'm-- No, hell, I'm fine.
Is he okay? I'm just trying to--
Boy, maybe you're a little slow too.
Maybe your book
ain't got no pages in the middle.
Your grandma went to work for
four days and ain't ever come back?
-I know what she do for a living.
Well, I'll tell you
when you get a little older.
There's a reason women disappear
for four days and come back.
The looks he give me are priceless.
Okay, keep going.
Shut your mouth.
-She never, never came back?
I wouldn't have come back either
trying to feed him.
I hate you.
Manny, eat your food and shut up.
Yeah, you better eat it, because
I'm getting ready to choke you out.
Yeah, they can talk to me.
Where's your mama?
Say something else to me.
I dare you to say something to me.
Say one more-- Say one more thing.
I dare you, I dare you.
Leave him alone.
What you laughing at, Freddie?
They're lying.
I can still hear you, you know.
Mabel, I'm gonna beat him down.
Will you shut up?
-Who the hell you talking to?
-Get your hands off me.
-Back up.
-Who the hell you talking to?
-On mark.
-Stop laughing.
Turn right here.
The camera's rolling.
Get out the way, crackhead.
-I can't work like this.
-That'll be cut, we're good.
Maybe she was hungry.
Hungry, April?
I mean, is that a reason to steal?
Even more,
she was caught stealing needles.
Wow, did you hear my stomach?
Yeah, you don't feed me around here.
I'm hungry!
Here we go. Go one more time.
You touch us again,
I'm gonna call 911 this time.
You call 91 1, honey.
They don't scare me.
I call 91 1. I will call them for you.
I will ask them over here.
I won't ask them to send the police...
...or Child Welfare. I will ask them
to straight up send a ambulance.
Cough again. Cough one more time.
Hell, I'm trying to learn these lines...
...but she over there
coughing off-camera.
And I'm trying to do a scene.
What the hell I'm supposed to do?
Come here.
Come here, bring me the book now.
Bring me the book.
I need to see where the hell I am.
Come here.
Now, give me the lines.
"But when I shove it down your throat,"
would that be a good one?
Say it like I say it.
-But when I shove it down your throat.
-Okay, now settle down.
When I shove it down your throat....
There's a letter in here for you.
From Mama Rose.
To me?
-You wanna read it?
-No, you read it.
"Dear April.
If you're reading this,
I'm probably past my suffering.
April, my dearest child...
...you are beautiful,
bright and brilliant.
If you're ever nominated
for an Academy Award...
...be humble about it.
Remember the people
that helped you along the way.
Props, Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe...
...Grips, Electricians,
Camera, Sound...
...script and most of all
Mr. Tyler Perry."
I knew that one was coming.
I knew that was coming.
"And, April, if you're ever walking
from your trailer...
...and you see an airplane, duck."
Duck. Yeah.
"Love, Mama Rose."
You know what?
Everybody just get out of here.
Good night.