I Can Get It for You Wholesale (1951) Movie Script

"From Fifth Avenue to Main Street
the hemlines rise and fall."
"The bustles blossom and disappear."
"The hips go broad and narrow
with the changing fashions."
"But the windows in the stores don't
tell the story of the dress business."
"That story is in the New York
Garment Center."
"Half a mile square,
and two blocks high."
"The billion-dollar dress
capital of America."
"Built on a bolt of cloth
and a foolish question."
"How do I look?"
"The fortunes of hundreds of thousands
of people hang on that question."
"And this is the story
of a few of them."
"There was a man named Sam Cooper
and a fellow named Teddy Sherman."
"And .. oh yes .. there was a girl."
If you wait another year,
it will be two years.
Then ten years and you'll never do it.
I tell you Harriet, she still says no.
- I tell you Sam, she must say yes.
I can't make her say yes, only no.
- She said yes when you married her.
20 years ago. She lost the habit.
- I'll talk to her myself.
It won't do any good.
Make her come to town today.
I'll convince her. We meet for lunch.
She lives out on Long Island.
- It's America. No need for a passport.
Sam, this means our whole future.
Even if she comes and says yes,
the two of us alone are no good.
Are you going to talk to Teddy?
I'm not so sure he's right for us.
- Believe me, he's the best.
At least talk to him.
What to be afraid of?
I'll think about it. Leave it to me.
- Haven't I left everything to you?
That number 807 is going like uranium.
What I've got is worth
more than uranium.
They want you out there, Sam.
You too, Harriet .. in 807.
I'm so pooped.
It's like living in a malted-milk
machine out there.
The smorgasbord has arrived, mesdames.
Submerge and enter ..
I don't wish to be blinded
by your radiant beauty.
Who's indecent?
- I am.
Okay, I'm not equipped with radar,
so brief me. Where do I go?
About face .. and scram.
- Hey, wait a minute.
Is Miss Boyd present?
- Miss Boyd is present.
I have a communication.
Teddy Sherman, ace salesman, back from
his triumphant march through Georgia.
He sends you his love.
- Tell him I refuse delivery.
What's he doing?
- Boasting. What else?
He sold a million
dollars' worth of dresses.
The owners of this sweatshop are
on their knees, kissing his shoes.
But why bother with him when
I have two passes to the Roxy?
Wait until you cut your second teeth.
- That's a date Miss Boyd.
In the meantime, Mr Pulvermacher and
Bettini request your presence at once.
The buyers are waiting in
the main torture-chamber.
Look out for number one.
A material buyer.
Tell me one thing, Miss Boyd:
If I had money, could you learn
to love me for my money?
Number 807 $10.95.
Number 807 $10.95.
The leading dress of our line.
Hottest number we've had in years.
I'll show you the orders if
you don't believe me.
We've got it in a range of colors with
the new 'Rivera B', exclusive to us.
What did you say this material was?
A Swanson cotton and you can
also get it in a Benberg rayon.
Miss .. come a little
closer here please.
Yes .. very good.
Yes, that's a nice number .. say Miss,
I think I've seen you here before.
Yes. You're the young lady who
says she goes to night-school.
Or did you say you had a sick mother?
- I've said both Mr Savage.
Harriet, where's Fran? What's happened?
- She's changing Mr Pulvermacher.
Ida. Tell Fran to hurry.
You, Harriet. Teddy wants to show 807.
And Ida, if you see Four-Eyes,
tell him it's time for my milk.
Hello, Miss Pearson.
When did you get to town?
Is she coming?
- She's coming.
What are you afraid of?
- It shows?
Like a plunging neckline.
Hey, how about the 807?
Well .. Miss Boyd ..
Come on honey, hurry it up.
I could be getting rich.
Are you going to talk to him?
- I haven't decided yet.
Decide, Harriet.
If my wife says yes, we must leave
her a chance to change her mind.
This 807 is the biggest thing we've got
and I want you to go all out on it.
I still liked that last one.
- The last one?
I wouldn't sell it to you.
It's positively a dog.
Honey, you understand about tonight?
- Oh yes.
I believe you were saying something
about standing me up?
Absolutely not. You and I are doing
the town tonight, if I can break away.
Number 807. $10.95.
This is Pul-Bet-Kel's 807 and nothing
in the $10.95 field can compare with it.
Not bad. Any chance for an exclusive?
Spit on your pencil and write some big
numbers. I'll see what I can do.
Miss Boyd .. I'd like Miss Griggs to
see this one to best advantage.
What you doing for lunch?
- Fasting.
And tonight?
Reading the small print from
Women's Wear to my grandmother.
Very funny.
I see you have trouble
getting an exclusive too.
Honey, are you kidding?
I'm an old friend of the family.
I can use .. fifty units.
I'll do something for you I
wouldn't do for anyone else.
Harriet, on your way out tell Ida
to bring me the re-order blank.
I thought you were on a buying spree.
You're taking me to dinner, aren't you?
Let's see what else
you can talk me into.
Sugar, you know I want to
take you, it's only that ..
Tell you what. I'll get on the phone and
see if I can break the other date.
Miss Boyd, I'm going to give you
another crack at the giant jackpot.
The invitation to dinner is still open.
Is this a nice way to greet a fellow
who's been on the road for months?
Has it been that long?
I never knew the time to pass
so quickly or so pleasantly.
Honey, I like the way you're
fighting it, but somehow ..
Look out.
Milk for Mr Pulvermacher's ulcer.
Somehow, you've got a false
impression of my character.
Teddy darling. It's so good to see you.
Control yourself.
You'll wrinkle the merchandise.
What time tonight? What time tonight?
I doubt Fran would like it.
Then there's Miss Greaves.
- Now, honey.
You know, the way to keep happy
Miss Marks is to keep busy. My expenses.
What is this? Lunches and dinners
or the budget for the Marshall Plan?
I'd appreciate silence and a check.
I got something to say to you.
I'm madly in love with you.
What's the most expensive
restaurant they'll let you into?
I want my check cashed
before the banks close.
To think, for six months she wouldn't
say hello to me in front of witnesses.
You know, you have to purge your
mind of old-fashioned ideas.
Get these traveling-salesman jokes.
See the real Teddy Sherman.
- Who's that?
A man of integrity, quiet
charm and eternal faith.
Familiar with the arts and the sciences.
A philanthropist .. and a sportsman.
In short, everything you are not.
Yeah, but everything I'd like to be.
All I need is a girl like you to
hold my hand and guide me.
Is this a proposal of marriage?
- Who knows?
In the meantime, just hold my hand.
Let's go.
208 Greenwich Street.
And drive slow.
Very slow.
What's the matter? Afraid of accidents?
Harriet. You're about to embark
on a wonderful adventure.
Honey, do something. Either squeeze
back or honk like a horn.
Really, there's no sense in us acting
like we're in two different cabs.
Harriet, I've studied you all
evening and have a question.
When do you come out of the deep-freeze?
I've been studying you
all evening too Teddy.
Baby ..
How much money do you have in the bank?
I'm sorry, Harriet.
You hold these and I'll get the rest.
No point about the pearls.
The real ones are in the safe.
Let's stick to the subject.
You have $3,329 in commissions coming.
How much have you in the bank?
What kind of perfume do you use?
- Expensive. Why?
Funny. I smell a rat.
- Very funny.
Look Miss Boyd.
I was pushing a cart through
the Garment Center ..
While you were punching for your
gold pen in the diaper service.
I know things about this business you'll
never grow old enough to learn.
But you fooled me.
It took me some time to realize
the interest you've got.
I must have been blind. It sticks out
all over you like a bad case of hives.
Go on Mr Sherman. You've
got the blueprint .. read it.
You're going to start a new dress
firm and get rich. You think.
You've been yakking to
Cooper, a top factory man.
I'm to be the salesman and somewhere
there's another sucker, a designer.
But what may I ask, just
exactly what have you got?
Would you like to see?
I'm free the rest of the night.
Alright then. I'll show you.
That's our 807.
- That's right.
So you talked Bettini into
coming in with you too, huh?
Poor Pul-Bet-Kel .. knifed from within.
No Bettini the designer, no Cooper the
insider, no Teddy Sherman the salesman.
You're quite a little pusher.
- The design is mine.
These sketches are mine
Mr Sherman, mine.
It took me 3 months to convince Bettini
to use them under his own name.
He did, and you know what happened.
- Me.
You didn't happen to steal these
sketches from Bettini, did you?
I don't steal from paupers.
Ask Cooper. He knows.
- I suppose I am.
Suppose you are a designer,
and a good one.
If you go out into that jungle,
they'll cut you to pieces.
You think you know this business?
- Yes, I think I know this business.
I know plenty and I
learnt it the hard way.
I worked days and studied nights.
I modelled those 7th Avenue dogs, while
salesmen and buyers pawed all over me.
I've been pinched, patted .. and kissed.
Fought my way out of cabs,
bars and hotel rooms, but ..
I've learned this business.
It took a strong stomach,
but I've learned it.
I've got the best inside man there is.
I'm the best designer, and Pul-Bet-Kel
says you're the best salesman.
Tell me Miss, what do you
dream about at nights?
Cadillacs and a duplex on Park Avenue?
That's just what I dream about.
All the time ..
So with my job, time and money
you'll gamble on a racket that ..
Beats two, three hundred
established firms a year?
I thought I had brass Miss Boyd.
I am not in your league.
Exactly what I told Cooper.
You're NOT in our league.
'Teddy Sherman' I said.
'They mint that type like pennies'.
'In billions'.
'The all-American slob'.
You spent ten years in this business
selling other people's stuff.
And there you stand. Teddy Sherman.
36 suits in the closet, each
with a penny in the pocket.
All adding up to 36 cents.
Come around for a job some
day when you're broke.
Wait a minute.
I've got something for you.
That's for the cab.
The analysis was for free.
You can forget about the necklace.
You don't owe me a thing.
Miss Boyd, you have the simple beauty
of an old-fashioned straight razor.
How much have you got?
- Enough.
How much in cash?
- Cooper has ten thousand.
I can raise $7,500. How about you?
- The same.
Bring dollar bills and we'll talk.
- That's a deal.
History will record this sacred moment.
Here lies Teddy Sherman.
She offered him an apple.
He lost his head.
You'll never lay your hands on
that insurance money, Harriet.
Your father left it to me.
It's for Marge, when she marries.
What about me? I'm her daughter too.
You don't need it like Marge does.
You got the looks and the talent,
and the ability to make money.
It takes money to make money.
That kind, you'll either marry or steal.
- Ma, that money's no good.
It buys Marge cheap furniture, a washing
machine and middle-aged spread.
If she ever gets married.
And what about you?
When your father died,
I gave up hoping for myself.
Once I hoped for you.
But you're a throwback to an Irish
bandit in the hills of Killarney.
I want to see Marge married to Ray.
I want them to start without worry.
- What will you do?
Live a week with her,
and a week with me?
A woman without money, without
independence, without pride.
Taking crumbs off your son-in-law's
table. Is that what you want?
Ma, with that 5,000 dollars I
can make you independent.
We'll have plenty left for Marge and she
won't have to marry a schmuck like Ray.
Who'll spend his life almost winning
cases in the court of small-claims.
With money, she'll be able
to marry any man she wants.
A nice outlook on life.
It's the outlook men taught me.
And some man will teach you it's wrong.
The answer is 'no'.
It's getting late, Ray.
- So?
Nobody gets ahead if he's a
clock watcher. Come here.
How about asking me in? For some coffee.
We just had coffee.
- But we don't have to drink it.
What's that?
'Baby, how would you and Ray like to
go to Bermuda on your honeymoon'?
'Wake me up when you get in. Harriet'.
Is she crazy?
- Baby ..
Wait until you hear.
- What did you do? Rob a bank?
What is all this?
- The most wonderful thing in the world.
They came to me. To me. Cooper and
Sherman. They're going into business.
They want me to be their designer.
- You mean the top designer?
The ONLY designer. In my own business.
I will be a partner.
Congratulations Harriet. Wonderful.
- I told them all about you, Ray.
They'll let you draw
up all the contracts.
They get one the supreme
court can't break with an axe.
Harriet, it's really come true.
It's what you've always dreamed about.
A lot of dreams are going
to start coming true.
Things Mama always dreamed about.
And you.
That little place you and
Ray want in Queens.
One good season and I'll buy it for you.
Wait, I couldn't let
you do a thing like that.
Stop being proud with
your sister-in-law.
It's a loan. You can pay me back.
At six percent if it makes
you feel any better.
I feel so wonderful I want to get
dressed up in a beautiful new gown.
Why don't you two kids
get married right away?
I'm not joking about
that trip to Bermuda.
Let's all have a drink on it.
Go on, Marge. Make some coffee.
- Alright.
You know, you're pretty wonderful.
Don't waste that on me.
This is the wrong girl.
Operator, I think my phone is out
of order. Will you ring me please?
Schylar 7,4,3,2,2.
Hello Sam.
They did?
But I thought ..
But Sam, I can't. I just haven't got it.
Two weeks?
I couldn't raise that kind
of money in 200 years ..
Sure, I know it isn't your fault.
You can't help it.
Goodnight Sam.
What's the matter, honey?
I just want to lay down and die.
- What happened?
It's all off.
The whole thing.
The bank says we need more cash.
They'll have to get a designer who
will put up his share of the money.
I'm sorry kid ..
What a rotten break.
I'd give anything in
the world to help her.
Me. With less than
400 bucks in the bank.
I wanted you to understand.
I just wanted you all to know
how bad I feel about this.
You only think you feel bad now.
30 years I've been in this street and
every day I learn the same lesson.
Don't go into business for yourself.
And you, Teddy.
Do you sleep well at night?
Like a dummy in a bed shop window.
- Tomorrow you won't.
Right Herman?
In 13 years, I haven't had
a good night's sleep.
Only when I work for somebody
else. That's the only time I slept.
Tell him.
Maybe for Teddy it's alright.
A young man needs a bankruptcy.
It helps him to mature.
But you Sam are a worrier.
You'll lose weight.
- Get sick.
In front of your eyes Sam, from
now on: spots, with zeros.
Have we treated you right?
- You want more money?
We give you a raise.
- Take the wife to the beach?
Take my Buick.
- Or my Cadillac.
Take my wife.
- Don't leave.
But he has left.
Let's stop the cold war. Mr Cooper
is in business with Teddy and me.
We've hired a lawyer.
The papers are signed.
All we're trying to do is say goodbye.
He gave you a chance.
Now you steal the best salesman in town.
Listen, Cooper.
You have a house half paid for.
A daughter in college, a son in school,
a wife with a washing machine.
You want to risk all that
just to call yourself a 'boss'?
Just a gamble.
Ends in months with your hat in your
hands and creditors howling for blood.
They'll take your house.
Your children will go to work.
You back in the factory with
nothing but bad memories.
That's the garment business.
For every successful
business a dozen fail.
I've thought about this.
I've given my word to my
partners, Teddy and Harriet.
We intend to work hard and take a
risk in order to be .. independent.
I think that's a good thing.
I admit, sometimes I'm afraid
I'm doing a foolish thing.
Where would you all be if you didn't
take a foolish risk once in a while?
A man can't live his whole life
worrying if what he's doing is safe.
To live is to take a chance.
I took a chance when
I came to this country.
I'm taking a chance now.
But I have two friends.
Who I trust.
Well, we tried.
We'll give you all a month's wages and
good wishes. You got the bug. Good luck.
We've a million things to do. See you.
- So long.
Well, goodbye.
- Where you going?
My resignation is on your desk.
- You too?
I've been offered a job at a new dress
firm that will soon dominate the field.
What do you expect, a counter offer?
No, gentlemen.
On behalf of the new firm, I say:
'Move over. Youth is on its way'.
Harriet. Wait for me.
I've been taking this elevator
down for fifteen years.
Today, for the first time I have
a sinking feeling in my stomach.
That makes me feel better.
I see we're all a little scared.
Main floor.
Four-Eyes, where have you been?
Who are they from? Who sent them?
These are from 'us' to 'us'.
Mr Sherman sent them.
Flowers we don't need to make dresses.
Zippers we need.
Hang them up and run quick to ..
- Sam, I found you. What about 304?
When can we promise delivery?
- Two weeks.
Ten days.
- Better.
Teddy. Why the flowers?
Are we so rich we can afford to
wish ourselves good luck?
Sam, don't worry. Griggs is writing
an order to carry us for months.
She better write two orders like that.
Then maybe we'll be able to pay
for the carpets and fancy drapes.
Why did we did need such an
expensive showroom, Teddy?
It sells dresses, Sam.
That's why. Come on.
Come on in and smile.
It builds confidence.
Sherboyco Dresses.
Yes, sir.
Thank you sir. I'll tell him you called.
- Yes, sir?
You don't know who I am.
- No, sir.
This is my first day.
I'm Ellie Cooper, Mr Cooper's daughter.
I'm Mr Arnold Fisher, head of the
Shipping Department. Take a letter.
To all members of the Shipping
Department .. important.
Welcome to 'Sherboyco
Dresses Incorporated'.
In order to conserve string, comma.
All packages are to be tied with
a figure-eight knot, comma.
The ends not more than
two inches long. Period.
Signed, 'Arnold Fisher', Manager.
Four-Eyes, you still here?
I need you inside, Joe.
Here. Finish sweeping, then run over
to 6th Avenue for those zippers.
Yes, Mr Cooper.
Good morning. Mr Sherman in?
- Yes, sir. Who shall I say is calling?
Never mind, honey. You don't have to
be formal with me. I'm an old friend.
Yes, sir. He's in the showroom.
- Thank you.
Where's my old friend, General Sherman?
Hello Johnny, how are you?
Where's Sherman?
- He was here a moment ago.
Teddy, where are you hiding?
Sounds as if your friend
Savage is in town.
I only have to hear the sound of
his voice and I get a hangover.
He's the biggest account in the business
Teddy. You'd better be nice to him.
By the way, how about lunch?
- Absolutely.
- That's out, honey.
My nights belong to Savage.
I'm the chaperone.
Who chaperones the chaperone?
Savage, old man. Been looking for you.
- There you are.
Hermione honey. How are you?
See you later, Teddy.
- See you at lunch.
Teddy, my boy. Congratulations.
- Thanks. What do you think of it?
Not bad at all.
But the fixtures have a familiar look.
Bulmer's Frocks.
Before they went bankrupt.
Are you good and hungry
for a real great ..
Teddy, you know me.
With this half I buy dresses.
With this half I'm hungry.
How about something out of that
black book of yours for tonight?
You're on. Terry, come here will you.
Put these in my office please honey.
How nice they fit into the dresses.
That's nice too.
That's my partner. Harriet.
Come here will you, honey.
Mr Savage, Miss Boyd. Our designer.
Delighted I'm sure.
My, how he picks them.
Even for partners.
How he picks them, even customers.
Haven't I met you before?
Yes you have.
- I thought so.
Of course.
You've come up in the world.
Tell me, how is your sick mother?
Much better now.
- Good.
And night-school?
- I graduated.
Look, Teddy, I want her to sell me.
Now why shouldn't I enjoy it?
Sure. Don't skip on the orders.
Mr Savage will like everything we have.
If I like it with him,
I'm going to love it with you.
Teddy, don't forget.
Gilmore's tonight at eight as usual.
As usual.
Sit here Mr Savage.
I'll be right with you.
Honey, I'm stuck with Hermione.
Honey .. murder him.
Alright already. So it was a gag.
- Stinker.
What did I do wrong?
I'm a typical American boy.
You humiliated me.
I was merely trying to
impress the boss's daughter.
Someday we'll get married.
I'll be head of the firm.
We'll educate our
children in Switzerland.
And in the magazines
you'll see my picture.
Arnold Fisher, man of distinction.
In my hand a glass of
whiskey and seltzer.
You're blocking my way, Mr Four-Eyes.
I'm blocking her way.
She's blocking my whole future.
Hi, Joe.
You got it?
Naturally I got it.
You asked me to get it, so I got it.
How much?
For you? Wholesale, with 15%
off for personal friendship.
How much?
- Five hundred.
- Three-fifty?
I'll take it.
Could I interest you in a
diamond wedding-ring?
A guy just got it back from his girl.
It's a bargain.
You are premature.
- This is a bargain.
Don't tempt me, she's tempting me.
That's plenty.
Good evening Mr Sherman. How are you?
- Fine, fine.
Evening, Gilmore.
Good evening, Mr Sherman.
Mr Savage is in the dining room.
Mr Sherman.
- Yes?
He's with another girl.
- What?
He has a girl with him.
Take care of them, Mac.
- Okay.
What will it be, girls?
Martinis. Make it a double. I'm starved.
I told him off good.
You should have seen his face.
- Hiya, Teddy.
You know Miss Boyd?
We've met.
Trouble closing the order?
No, she's the greatest designer
and saleswoman in the business.
But I wouldn't sign until she had
dinner with me. Would I, honey?
She mixed up both sides of your brain?
Yeah, she sure did. Feels fine too.
Let's not talk business. I'm hungry.
Hungry Teddy?
No, I always eat before I come here.
What about our date?
- I got a date.
Please bring us two more.
- Yes sir. And Mr Sherman?
He's with another party.
- Hadn't you better run along, Teddy?
Your friends are waiting.
- You run along. They wait for him too.
You think I'd pass this
up for any of those ..?
Never mind the details.
- I'll see you tomorrow, Teddy.
See you tomorrow. There's lots of time
tomorrow. I ordered 1,500 pieces.
She's a great salesman, your partner.
She's cute too. Real cute.
Aren't you, cutie?
She takes real good care of me.
Shut up. Why don't you go home?
You don't have to do this to get orders.
Do what, Teddy darling?
- Spoon-feed this drunk.
Sherman, you can't talk
like this in front of a lady.
Don't you take your buyers out and
wine and dine and amuse them?
- How?
I'm a man and you're a lady.
It's different.
I'll write you a letter. Let's go.
- Look, this lady is in my company.
This place is full of my friends.
Now, let's go.
Just a minute.
You ..
Mr Sherman, Mr Sherman.
Mr Sherman, your hat.
Forget it, all we lost was an order.
- You lost more.
You lost me.
It shows you how much I like you.
- Who asked you to show me?
I can't help myself.
You know how I feel about you.
Sure. I'm part of the
Teddy Sherman circus.
You think I got into this business
with you and Cooper just for money?
You've been on my mind since
the first time we met.
And I like it. The more I like it
the less I like to see you sell ..
Yourself to a buyer like a prize
in a box of cracker-jacks.
You mean like yourself and those lady
buyers from the southern circuit?
What kind of talk is that? You're
the kind of girl I could marry.
Didn't you hear me?
I'm proposing to you.
What do you expect me to do?
Throw my arms around you?
When you marry a girl, it'll be to rope
her off so you go on playing the field.
Can't you understand, I love you?
You love me?
You mean you want to own me.
I worked and schemed to get a business
started so I'd be free of men like you.
So I could belong to myself.
You loved me so much ..
For the sake of that crummy
male ego of yours ..
You're ready to take a thing I've worked
for and dreamed about all my life ..
And kick it under a bar-room table.
That's how much you love me.
Alright, I'll carry you back in there
and dump you in Savage's lap.
That finishes it, I want out.
Get yourself another partner.
I've got a partner. You.
The best in the business.
And you're going to help me get rich.
The contract is signed, sealed
and delivered. Unbreakable.
And you won't get out. Never.
So make up your mind to like it.
What are we going to do now, honey?
- I'm hungry.
Sorry .. all I got is pearls.
I wish they were oysters.
You got to be a hula dancer to get these
girls around without getting them wet.
Suppose they do get wet.
What's that in human history?
In this human's history? Plenty.
Are you favoring the industry with
your presence, my good man?
Can they take it off my income tax?
- Naturally. It's a business deduction.
I presume therefore, you're going?
- It's a must.
A person must be seen there, to
establish his position in the industry.
With your position in the
industry? Stay in Brooklyn.
I shall report your impertinence
to the janitorial department.
Ladies and gentlemen.
When the committee first asked me
to introduce our guest of honor.
I was naturally very proud and happy.
But since he's truly a man
who needs no introduction.
I said my remarks should
be brief and to the point.
That didn't fool the committee.
They made me show my speech anyway.
So, briefly.
But with deep pleasure and pride.
I give you that great merchant prince.
That man whose stores are national
centers of taste and elegance.
That great friend of The Garment Center.
Mr J. F. Noble.
With all your influence, why are
we sitting in the bleachers?
Are we supposed to be
hiding from someone?
As a way of showing my gratitude to you
for your invitation to me tonight.
I hope to prove myself the equal of your
toastmaster in brevity, if not in wit.
Sam. Please explain to Miss Boyd that
the reason we're sitting back here ..
Is this is the section reserved for
those who manufacture dresses.
Half way up is for those
who whip up frocks.
And right at the platform itself are
the distinguished designers of gowns.
Tell him, I want to design gowns.
Tell her to take it up with Noble.
- I don't blame her.
With that gown, she should be sitting
up on the platform next to Noble.
That's probably what
she's been thinking.
That's exactly what I've been thinking.
It comes true not only for
the privileged handful ..
For those who can raise the
capital to start a business ..
But for those with no more than
native ability and energy ..
For all those in fact ..
That have what's commonly
known as 'the stuff'.
Plus of course, a little luck ..
I could ask the lady with
Noble to go home.
You could if she'd talk to you.
She'd talk to me. As a matter
of fact she'd dance with me.
What do you plan to do?
Go up and pinch her?
That isn't done in certain circles.
You have to be introduced.
Don't go away, Miss Boyd.
Excuse me.
And as I did myself from London,
across the broad Atlantic in steerage.
A chance to move from the side of the
railway tracks on which they were born.
To the side on which life
looks, and is, better.
What is it with Teddy? Where's he gone?
- Don't worry, he'll be right back.
Because you're all a part
of America's fulfilment.
A piece of the shining promise.
Made by the New World to the
sons and daughters of the Old.
Yes. The Garment Center is more
than the home of an industry.
In which success is achieved with no
more than talents inherited at birth.
The Garment Center is
also a state of mind.
It is the Mecca to which
the pilgrim's route lies.
Not across the desert by camel caravan.
But across Manhattan,
by way of the Subway.
Anybody can raise the fare.
All of you have.
And the Mecca is the fulfilment
of great ambitions.
The success of great talents.
The reward of intelligence and energy.
And so I say:
'Long live 7th Avenue'.
I'm proud of it.
I'm proud of all of us.
And especially of you.
I thank you.
It's been a long time, Teddy.
I thought you were dead.
I don't like running around
with married women.
We're not married, Teddy.
How come?
Mr Noble prefers to advance the
women who fall in love with him ..
Through their careers, not marriage.
I run the lingerie department
of the Chicago store.
You happy?
- Reasonably.
I'm in business for myself.
That is, with two partners.
One of them is an angel.
The other's a louse.
Come on, let's dance over there.
I want to show you off to them.
Hello, Mrs Cooper. Hello Mr Cooper.
Where did you get the money?
- We crashed.
All it cost was $22.50 for the tux.
Teddy, I mean Mr Sherman,
got it for me wholesale.
Did you hear Noble?
'All I need is talent,
energy and brains'.
Commodities with which I
am lavishly endowed.
Positively loaded.
Ellie. Let's get on the dance floor.
We must get our money's worth.
See you later, Mama.
- Yes, dear.
Sam .. where is he?
Over there.
Would you look at that.
That doesn't bother me.
I'm not jealous anymore.
You don't understand.
That's one of my partners.
Oh, the angel.
No. Not the angel.
I never thought a buyer's ball
could be so entertaining.
I'll apologize to the committee for
putting them off all these years.
It's been a lovely evening.
Now I must finish my nightcap and go.
Nightcaps are meant to be
lingered over, not to be finished.
I'm sorry but it's late.
I'm a working girl.
This nightcap will have to be finished.
- Very well.
I've been meaning to ask you
where you got that lovely dress.
I designed it myself.
I'm a pilgrim in the $10.95 line.
Who wants to achieve the Mecca of gowns.
As in Noble's.
- I did use that phrase.
I must say I hoped no-one remembered it.
I assumed you wanted everyone to
remember everything you said.
The only people who remember what I say
are those who want something from me.
What's wrong with that? What you
have is what people should want.
I'm not objecting.
- As a matter of fact ..
They're words that describe
thoughts I've had.
Things I felt.
When you said 'people',
I translated 'Harriet Boyd'.
When you said 'talent' I said 'mine'.
When you said 'luck' I said
it had to be 'my luck'.
Well, goodnight.
Sure I can't drive you home?
- No thanks.
You pride yourself on your
independence, don't you.
I noticed you left your
partner without an excuse.
Or even a 'goodnight'.
Why shouldn't I?
Usually, when men have
beautiful women for partners ..
Pleasure and business gets mixed up.
In our partnership our only
pleasure is business.
Then you need a change.
Either your point of view.
Or your partner.
Hold that right there for me, Terry.
- Sure.
Gee Miss Boyd, I don't know
how you think of these things.
I guess maybe it's a gift, huh?
Fancy ..
Just a little something I'm
whipping up for myself, Sam.
It's beautiful, Harriet.
But come down from the clouds for a
minute. I must tell you about Con-Gees.
There's a manufacturer closing
up and he'll sell for nothing.
If you got a spring design for
the material, it's a smart deal.
Buy it.
- You got a design?
I'll have one.
- Good girl.
There. That's what I was looking for.
Can you get out of it without
pulling the pins loose?
What are you going to show Renee?
- 712.
Show it in the blue.
It suits your coloring.
Yes, Miss Boyd.
Gee, Mr Sherman.
- Treat me as a member of the family.
I just spoke to Sam.
You're wrong about the Con-Gees.
Old-fashioned material. It won't sell.
- Make it sell.
I'm against it.
- Settle it with Cooper.
Leave those sketches alone for a minute.
Harriet, listen to me.
You're part of this.
You're meant to design the spring line.
Unless of course it's all too dull
since you got your claws into Noble.
Not blood, ink.
- Very funny.
There's plenty you can do.
You can drop a hint around the house.
I want to be a salesman.
Look, Ellie. You must think
of me like I'm a relative.
On whose side? My mother's or father's?
Alright. Make jokes.
- Excuse me.
Buying or selling?
- Are you a partner here?
Mr Noble. My heartfelt apologies.
What can I do for you, Mr Noble?
- Is Miss Boyd in?
Yes, sir. Have a seat. I'll call
and inform her of your presence.
Mr Noble.
Well, well.
The mountain has come to Mohamed.
Come in, Mr Noble.
Could you go for him?
- What kind of a question is that?
This is my partner Teddy Sherman.
Teddy - Mr Noble.
If this is formal, I'm Mr Sherman.
You're Miss Boyd and this is Mr Noble.
If we're not, I'm Teddy Sherman,
you're Harriet Boyd and you are ..
Mister Noble.
If anyone wants me, I'll be at my club.
I waited for you to call, and
when you didn't, I did.
This is your spring line?
- Yes.
It's very nice.
Did I bore you?
- No.
Then why didn't you
press your advantage?
I didn't know I had one.
Here I am.
What's this?
- Just doodling.
Would you like to have lunch with
me and go to a fashion show?
I would.
There's some new things in from Paris
I'd like to have your comments on.
You should doodle more often.
- If I'm encouraged, I might.
Don't I look encouraging?
Like it?
- Yes.
I like it very much.
Here you are.
After you.
Thank you.
You like this one?
Lovely but impractical.
The only place a woman could
wear a gown like this would be ..
In a perfume Ad'.
Afternoon, Mr Noble.
What's the reaction on this one?
The men like it, but the women
know you can't sit down in it.
What about this?
I would lower the neckline a
bit to make it more formal.
And this?
I thought it had a certain flair.
It wouldn't have on a hanger.
The model brought her 'flair' with her.
Do you believe in hunches?
- No.
I do.
I've a hunch that you and I
should have a serious talk.
And tonight.
I believe in that.
Are we ready for the unveiling?
- In a minute.
I've switched a few of your ideas
around. I hope you don't mind.
I expect them to be switched around.
I also expect them to be improved.
That, we'll know in a minute.
There .. that does it ..
You're a fabulous girl.
Not in the least bit nervous.
Nervous? Why should I be?
Your work is about to be judged by,
if you'll forgive me, J.F. Noble.
Do you care if I like it or not?
I care very much.
Then you're sure I'm going to?
I'm just sure it's good.
It has everything I expected it
to have but it's incomplete.
Here is how I'd like to see it finished.
'Harriet of Nobles'.
'Harriet of Nobles'.
- You like the way it sounds?
Oh yes.
I like it very much.
- Do you mind if I speak frankly?
You are going to say
something disagreeable?
I wish to say that if you feel I have an
interest in you personally as a woman ..
You're wrong.
But I know what you
need and what you want.
You have ambition and talent
and I can help you fulfil them.
With me, you can jump from your $10.95
business to the top of your profession.
In a few years you can become one of
the leading designers in the country.
That's exactly what I want.
Then take it. The offer is open.
But I have 2 partners, a small business
and an unbreakable contract for 5 years.
You'll find a way to break it.
May I use the design?
It's a present.
- Thank you.
If we're going to work together someday
you should be entirely frank with me.
Wasn't I?
You are interested in me
as well as my talent.
Suppose I am?
Why did you deny it?
Because it might complicate things
for 'Harriet of Nobles'.
I'm complicated.
I am simple. I only know what I want.
I think we both know what we want.
The offer is still open, Harriet.
But it won't be forever.
Don't you tell me to be quiet.
I don't care who hears me.
I'm not standing for any
more of this kind of thing.
I'm not blind and I'm not a fool.
I know exactly what you were up to
and you won't get away with it.
You hear me You won't get away with it.
If you people don't want me
in this company, say so.
Come out and say it and stop conspiring
against me. I slave over those sketches.
What do you think I've got to work
with, making a dress for $10.95?
When I get something,
this is what you do with it.
This isn't the dress I
designed and you know it.
Harriet, if something's wrong.
Miss Boy. Mr Sherman says to hold it
down. He hears you in the showroom.
The dress is a nightmare.
How can you make changes
without my permission?
Harriet, it's just exactly like ..
- It's not.
This collection of rags you've sewn
together isn't the dress I designed.
Here. Look at this.
You're not hanging wallpaper, Sam.
This is supposed to be a dress.
Something for a human-being to wear.
Look. What's this supposed to be?
Some kind of a joke?
And this. And this.
Miss Boyd. What did you do that for?
Alright everybody, get busy.
This isn't a side-show.
What's going on? What happened to you?
- She did it.
I won't take this from anybody.
I've a mind to quit.
Don't quit so fast. You'll get a
formal apology in the morning.
In the meantime, get into 712.
A buyer is waiting to see it.
Let's have it.
- Changing my design was your idea?
What? What design?
- This, this.
If he wants to design dresses around
here, let him. This isn't mine.
Are you crazy? Stop yelling at Cooper.
- It's alright.
It's not alright.
What kind of fuss is this anyway?
If you don't like it, I get out.
I don't like how you sound.
I don't like the tone of your voice.
I want you to behave yourself, Harriet.
You'll treat people around here as if
they're as good as you are. Understand?
Do you understand?
It's alright, Harriet. It's alright.
If a person doesn't feel good it's the
sickness that talks. Not the person.
It's alright.
Sam, I am sorry.
I'm all on edge.
The thing is it's exactly
like the sketch.
All day long she sits in her office.
She doesn't even go out for lunch.
Every two minutes she changes her mind.
I have to stay in work tonight.
The designs are all late.
Are they any good?
- Sure, very good. Look.
I don't know. A mystery.
I walk in and bang.
The house falls on me.
I think I'll have to have a
long talk with her, Freddie.
No more yelling. Please.
I don't yell when I'm serious.
With a genius, we have to expect
temperament. Not good manners.
She's a high-strung type, Teddy.
So what are we? Elephants?
Goodnight Miss Boyd.
- Goodnight.
Let's take a walk together.
No, I'm going home to bed.
I have a terrible headache.
A walk in fresh air will help.
- Nothing will help.
Don't be too sure.
Sometimes you forget there's such
a thing as fresh air in New York.
Or, other things in the
world besides business.
Go ahead. It's your turn.
Now you breathe.
What's killing you?
How come?
Overworked, over tired, over eager.
Over ambitious.
Over worried.
I'd like to forget I ever
wanted to be a designer.
I'd like to forget I ever
wanted to be rich.
- The pressure.
Every season a new gamble.
Will the designs be good?
Will they sell? Will we go broke?
And it's all on me. I can ruin
the whole business in one week.
I don't sleep at night.
I've hardly slept.
In I don't know how long.
Did you see a doctor?
- We're practically married.
What does he say?
- He told me to quit.
I told him I couldn't.
Looks like I'll have to.
I'm no use to anyone this way.
That's right.
I used to think my sister
Marge was a dope.
But she's happy.
I'd like to quit.
But what about you and Sam?
Never mind about me and Sam.
Let's talk about me and you.
- Why not?
I .. I don't want to.
- Harriet ..
Look, you stay here and breathe.
I'm going home.
There's only one suggestion
I can make, Harriet.
What's that? Throwing me
out of the company?
Worse than that.
What could be worse than that?
You could marry me.
How could you possibly
want me to marry you?
Sounds crazy, doesn't it.
I never stop thinking about it,
and don't think I haven't tried.
I can't tell if what you're
doing is right or wrong.
What's more.
I don't care.
What are you crying for?
Because I'm crazy. That's why.
Harriet, go home and stay there.
Don't go to the office. Forget business.
I'd burn the place down if I thought it
would make you happy for one minute.
I don't want to be happy.
I'm a fast-talking salesman
from 7th Avenue.
You make me feel like a boy in love.
Get me a cab, boy.
I want to go home.
- I'll take you there.
No, I want to go home by myself.
I have a lot to think about tonight.
A lot to think about.
Don't wait, Joe. I'll be a while.
I think she ..
Took a tumble from a high horse.
What do you mean?
I asked her to marry me.
- And?
She didn't say no.
- Good.
She's all upset, Sam.
She needs a vacation,
and I've got an idea.
I think I'll tell her we've decided
to give her a European trip.
Let her go to Paris.
See the spring shows.
She dreams of those things.
I'll pay for it.
We'll tell her it's the company.
As soon as I finish this sales-trip
on the road, I fly over to meet her.
We'll have a good time, get married
and get back in time for next season.
The company pays for it.
- No.
- I'll pay for it.
You think her happiness and
yours, isn't my business?
I know she's home right now,
kicking herself to pieces.
I think I'll go tell her.
Tell her all partners are agreed.
Run Casanova, before she wakes up and
knows what a bad bargain she's getting.
Boyd please.
- Nobody's home.
You sure?
- Miss Boyd went to the hospital.
- Her daughter was just taken there.
- Mid-town. She just left.
Taxi. Hey taxi. Hey.
Cab. Hey, cab.
Mrs Boyd, what is ..?
- Teddy, it's wonderful. It's a boy.
It's a boy.
- What do you mean?
It's just like when I had Harriet.
Marge wasn't in the delivery
room more than 15 minutes.
You mean this is ..? Congratulations.
Grandma. Congratulations.
Where's Harriet?
We can see her now. Just for a minute.
Teddy, how about that? Congratulations.
If I had a cigar I'd give you a cigar.
- I'll give you a cigar.
Is Harriet in there?
- Harriet?
Her only sister, and she couldn't
even wait for the baby to be born.
A dinner-date. That's more important.
- A dinner-date? With whom?
With whom do you think?
- Skip it Ma.
Come on Ma, let's go.
- No, don't skip it, Ma.
A dinner date with whom?
With Mr Noble.
What's happened to her, Teddy?
I used to think maybe you and she ..
- Ma, come on. We only got a minute.
Teddy ..
- You'd better go in to Marge.
Say hello for me.
I'm sorry Jay but ..
That's how I feel.
Having wounded my vanity both as a
man and as a Merchant Prince ..
Would you mind telling me just
why you changed your mind?
It's very simple.
You are very attractive
and so is your offer.
But I think in the long run I can
get more out of my own business.
It will take longer .. but I'll
have more when it's over.
I'll have ..
Myself, for instance.
Let's not slight that
young partner of yours.
You'll have him too.
Yes .. and I'll have all of him.
And I thought a little of me
would be worth all of him.
I thought so too once.
But I don't think so anymore.
I see.
Do you mind if I keep that sketch?
- I gave it to you.
I'm going to have it framed and hung up
in my office with a motto underneath.
'Never underestimate the
competition from 7th Avenue'.
Excuse me.
He is?
Tell him to come up.
We have an uninvited guest.
Or was he invited?
That's your partner.
My partner?
Yes. Mr Sherman.
He's on his way up.
I must confess I'm puzzled.
Is he coming here as an outraged lover
or to deliver you from the lion's den?
I'd like to know what role he's playing
to decide what part to play myself.
I'm sorry Harriet but ..
It would be stupid of me not to invite
him up as he must know you're here.
Of course.
Good evening, Mr Sherman.
This will only take a minute.
I see Doctor Noble has
a cure for what ails you.
There's plenty for everyone.
May I pour you a Martini?
I'm not here to join
your party, Mr Noble.
I came take back a few things
I said to my partner this afternoon.
Teddy, listen to me.
- Listen to you?
I suppose you got a good
story to cover this too?
You're both celebrating too soon.
I want to tell you something
that Harriet once told me.
She'll never get out of our deal.
She's going to stick and make me rich
and make our company a success.
You'll design overalls if I want you to.
And like it.
You lied, cheated and double-crossed
your way out of a model's room ..
Into a partnership with me and Cooper.
Now you lie and cheat and double
cross your way into something better.
You can stop trying, you're stuck.
Stop screaming like
a 7th Avenue salesman.
I am a 7th Avenue salesman.
But I'm nobody's Teddy.
Not even Harriet's.
'Harriet of Nobles'.
You made 'Nobles', 'Harriet'.
I won't tell Cooper about
your dirty little scheme.
He likes you.
It might break his heart.
Can you get me out of it?
He loves you.
But he wants to own you because
he's a man who has nothing.
I have everything, and all I want is to
share my pleasure in it with you.
Can you get me out of it?
- Yes.
I've given Ellie a list of dates
and places where I'll be.
You can expect the
first orders in a week.
Take me along Mr Sherman,
you can double the business.
Don't be in such a hurry to
grow up and become a failure.
Be good Ellie. If you can't be
good, at least get in on time.
Goodbye Sam.
I can't stand such a thing.
Such an atmosphere.
Two partners not talking to each other.
Here are some sketches for the new line.
Harriet .. wait.
I don't understand. A gown for $10.95?
Made with these materials? You're crazy.
Our prices are going up, Sam.
Four-Eyes, clear those material racks.
All of them. Right away please.
The new materials are coming in tonight.
- Impossible. For the $10.95 gown?
We're forming a second corporation
with Sherboyco assets.
'Harriet Boyd Originals'.
They'll make the line.
You'll do this without Teddy?
I won't let you. You can't.
What should I do? Get down on my hands
and knees and beg him to talk to me?
We're in business to make
a profit, aren't we?
The Harriet Boyd line is guaranteed a
profit of 50,000 for the first season.
- Yes.
I never want to see anything
for $10.95 again as long as I live.
It's Dallas, Texas. Teddy.
Hello .. Teddy?
How are you, Teddy?
I'm mailing you three fat ones.
And a whopper from Hermione Griggs.
I got that flow. Got the rhythm.
You working hard?
Naturally .. naturally.
Alright, Teddy. Alright.
We'll have to tell him, Harriet.
Every day we're in worse trouble.
It's great trouble if you can get it.
He keeps sending in orders
and we can't fill them.
Sam, listen to me.
In four weeks we've jumped from a cheap
little dress house to a gown house.
We have the Noble stores as a
client, a profit on every garment ..
And a future as millionaires.
Is that trouble?
- No, that's not trouble.
So relax, Mr Millionaire. And be happy.
Until Teddy gets back,
I'll try and be happy.
Sam, now ..
Teddy Sherman is marching
through the south.
But believe me, the big battle
will be on 7th Avenue.
If it's a battle he wants, he'll get it.
Delivered between the 15th and the 30th.
You've my word on it.
Anything goes wrong, you drop me a
note personally. I'll take care of it.
Righto. Bye.
Let's see. You're Miss Moore, right?
Thank you very much, Miss Moore.
Miss Tate.
Thank you very much Miss Tate.
You are Miss Lane.
Thank you very much, Miss Lane.
Just a minute, I'll take those.
Girls. Help yourselves to any
of this stuff that you want.
Make yourselves right at home.
Thanks again. See you next year.
Teddy .. this is Hermione.
Getting enough fried chicken?
Plenty. Miss me?
Just pick the models out
of your hair and listen dear.
I'm confused.
What do you mean, honey?
I mean, honey.
I want to do a big promotion
on that order I gave you.
When I called Cooper and asked when
I could expect my first deliveries ..
All I got was double-talk.
I can't sell double-talk Teddy.
I can listen to it but I can't sell it.
That's funny.
Maybe they're a little snowed under.
Okay, lover-boy.
I need this stuff or I have to cancel.
This isn't all romance.
I'll get back to you. Bye.
I want to talk to Circle 72099
in New York City.
Alright, thank you.
I have your party, sir. Go ahead.
- Hello Sam?
Hello Teddy.
Sam, what's with the orders?
I'm getting complaints.
We do what we can, Teddy.
Not good enough, Sam.
You trying to sabotage the business?
Better come home, Teddy.
Come home? Why?
Because. That's why. Come home.
We have a little problem.
Alright. I'll clean up in Nashville,
and catch the plane tomorrow.
I'll be home the day after
tomorrow. What's up?
I'll meet you at the airport.
Wire me the plane.
They're lovely. So lovely, Miss Boyd.
- Thank you very much.
When do we get started
on them, Mr Noble?
We probably release the
New York advertising in a week.
Be ready to make deliveries in three.
- Goodbye, Miss Boyd.
Miss Chapman, will you come in please.
Yes, Mr Noble?
You can confirm the reservations
for tomorrow night.
Have Miss Boyd's baggage and
mine picked up in the afternoon.
Yes sir.
Bring in the tickets right away.
- Certainly.
It seems to me you could act a bit more
gracefully to being rich and famous.
What's the matter?
I keep wondering what
Teddy is going to say.
It will be loud and unpleasant no doubt.
Why worry about it?
If he doesn't like what you've done.
Tell him the dresses will be returned
and the orders cancelled.
That will effectively bankrupt
your little company.
And you'll be free next
season instead of this one.
Either way, you'll be at Nobles.
Really Harriet, your Mr Sherman has
no choice but to accept and grow rich.
I suppose so.
So stop thinking about it.
Think about this instead.
The layouts for the newspapers
and the magazines.
Harper's Bazaar - four full pages.
Here is the picture of you
that we're running in Vogue.
I'll say this for you, Jay.
You do keep your promises. Right down to
the last, most extravagant part of them.
By this time next week you'll
be comfortably settled in Paris.
You'll be going to Paris every
season to see the fashions.
You're going to be very happy, Harriet.
- Am I?
I mapped out plans for your whole life.
All you have to do is follow them.
I don't always follow other
people's plans, Jay.
It's an old habit of mine.
To get you out of your partnership I've
had to violate some old habits of mine.
Such as making a deal that isn't one.
I'm not complaining so long as
everything's above board between us.
We understand one another perfectly.
Don't we?
Yes. Of course we do.
I'm just a little tired.
That's all.
We can skip dinner tonight
if you'd rather rest.
No, no. I want to go out to dinner.
I can rest in Paris.
Rest on the boat, my dear.
No-one rests in Paris.
Thanks, Ma.
What time do you expect Teddy?
Six o'clock.
I'm meeting him at the office.
I don't suppose you'd want me and your
other relatives down to see you off?
If that means no, I agree with you.
[ Buzzer ]
The car is downstairs Miss Boyd.
I'll take care of this.
The rest of the bags are in the bedroom.
How long will you be gone?
- Two months.
I'll look for another
apartment for myself.
You need one of your own from now on.
- Stop that.
I have to make my plans.
Goodbye, Ma.
Goodbye, Harriet.
Alright, let's have it.
Not while you look so mad.
I can't talk to you.
Sam, quit stalling.
- Relax a little first.
At least finish your cigarette.
Then I tell you.
Alright ..
Welcome home Mr Sherman.
Or as we say in French: Bonjour.
We had a revolution, Mr Sherman.
- Any casualties?
Miss Boyd is waiting.
She hasn't much time.
Her boat sails tonight.
- Boat?
Where to?
- La belle France. Where else?
We're in the Haut Monde right now.
Couture and style.
I go to night-school to
learn the right accent.
Bon soir.
- Bon soir, Papa.
Yeah ..
I want to talk to you.
I've had a full report.
To quote Four-Eyes:
Bon Voyage.
Is that all you have to say?
Almost forgot.
I got you a going-away present.
One dollar.
By next year, you'll be able
to afford a real one as easily.
I said when we started this
partnership I'd make you rich.
I delivered on my promises.
I always do.
Don't I, Sam?
- Always.
One thing about Harriet Boyd.
She's a girl who delivers.
Anywhere, anytime. Any price.
I don't see you turning down
any of the dirty money.
Look partner, I know when
I'm in a squeeze-play.
There's no contract on the orders.
If I quit Noble pulls the plug. Our
company goes down the drain.
Bankrupt. Then you're free
to go ahead with him.
You get what you want anyway.
That's plain. I can't stop you.
So I won't try.
I learnt that lesson the first time
five guys jumped me in an alley.
You enjoy feeling sorry for yourself.
You can afford it.
I got a surprise for you.
We decided NOT to afford it.
You turned everything into dirt,
and Sam and I don't like dirt.
We don't like living in it.
Yeah, that's right. You heard me.
We're not delivering.
We're stopping production.
We're closing down.
Out on the street. Broke.
Flat. Finished. Every dime we
own or ever hoped to own.
Get it? Broke, out of
business. Bankrupt.
You can't .. I won't let you.
You're going to deliver on the orders.
The money's there waiting for you.
It will grow old and
gray waiting for us.
You wrecked our little
dress business and now ..
We're going to wreck
your big gown business.
We're finished because we
don't like what you've done.
So don't throw us a diamond-studded
bone and try to make us like it.
Come on, Sam.
Sam .. he just wants to humiliate me.
But you'll lose everything.
Every penny you ever saved.
Your house. The work of a lifetime.
You have a wife and a daughter.
He has nothing. He doesn't care.
He just wants to make me feel like ..
- Like what you are.
Like what you always were.
You're a cheap ..
Teddy is such a fool.
Always saying the wrong things.
Of course. He was just bluffing.
He was, wasn't he?
Just trying to scare me.
Scare you?
He didn't say what he wanted to say.
That we both love you.
I, like a father.
And Teddy .. like Teddy.
You know him.
A bit loud. A joke, a laugh.
But with his heart in his mouth.
We're going bankrupt.
We close up even though it means
the end of our plans and hopes.
But not because we hate you.
Teddy's right.
When it comes to choose between
money and someone you love ..
What choice can a man make?
Good luck, Harriet.
Your boarding ticket.
- What?
Your boarding ticket please.
Here somewhere.
How long before the boat sails?
About 15 minutes.
That was the 'All ashore' call.
Suite 'D', 'A' Deck please.
- Passageway directly ahead.
Thank you very much.
Seen Jay anywhere?
Harriet, what happened?
Jay, I must talk to you.
- Go ahead.
I mean alone.
Won't it wait until our guests leave?
- There isn't time. Please.
Jay ..
We must postpone this trip.
I beg your pardon?
We have to get off the boat.
We can't sail.
Harriet, you make no sense.
What are you talking about?
They won't deliver the gowns.
You must go back and make them deliver.
You can do it through the banks
or the mills. You can force them.
But why? Why should I?
Do you understand what I'm saying?
They're deliberately going bankrupt.
If they think they can afford
the gesture, let them.
I shall rejoin our guests.
You mean you won't do a thing?
Certainly not.
- Jay.
You've got to.
I can't let them go bankrupt.
Harriet, I won't make Mr Sherman's
solvency the basis of our relationship.
If you can't be happy with me
unless Mr Sherman is happy too.
That has nothing to do with it.
We're leaving, Jay.
Just a minute.
Simply, I'll not lift a finger to keep
Sherboyco from going down the drain.
If you want to prevent
Mr Sherman's bankruptcy.
Just go back to him.
Go back to him?
- Yes.
That's the choice you have to make.
Sherboyco or Nobles.
Teddy Sherman or me.
You haven't much time.
Do you want me to go back to him?
No, Harriet. I want you to stay.
But only if you really want to stay.
I've no intention of spending
the best years of my life ..
As a psychoanalyst to a woman who
won't admit she loves another man.
In love with that big baboon?
That loud-mouthed salesman with his
lady buyers and cheap wisecracks.
Your description is a trifle cruel.
But that's the man I mean.
That's ridiculous.
I only wanted you to do ..
Unfortunately, Harriet.
You want too many things.
You wanted to leave a $10.95 dress
house for a shining career at Nobles.
I arranged that.
Now you want to luxuriate in
a happy conscience as well.
That I'm afraid cannot be arranged.
I was very happy to help
you find fulfilment ..
But I feel no obligation to find
fulfilment for the man you love.
I don't love him.
So you keep saying.
Of course I understand your reluctance
to crawl back on your hands and knees.
He'll probably insist on that.
We must admit with some justice.
But crawling on one's hands and knees
is good for the soul sometimes.
It has a nice effect on
one's elevated notions.
I know. I crawled once.
Being a victim of great pride, I crawled
too slowly and got back too late.
We wouldn't want that to
happen to you, would we.
If Mr Sherman's the one you want.
I suggest you start crawling.
- I don't want him. You're crazy.
Very well. Let's leave Mr Sherman
to his little bankruptcy.
Say goodbye to our guests
and start unpacking.
Last warning. All ashore going ashore.
I'm sure you'll find your
suite most attractive.
I'm sorry, Jay.
I'm sorry too.
Goodbye Jay.
I'll send you a postcard from Paris.
What about that rayon from last season?
What's the full amount?
About fourteen hundred dollars even.
That's enough for one night, Sam.
We start again in the morning.
I'm back.
- Why?
Did Noble catch you going through his
pockets and get you thrown off the boat?
Not exactly.
He told me I was in love with you.
That's why he wouldn't let me stay.
Because I was in love with you, he said.
What about you? What did you say?
I said:
'Me in love with that big baboon?
That cheap salesman'.
I forget now what I said.
I don't forget so easy.
I haven't forgot a thing.
Teddy, wait.
Listen to me.
Maybe 7th Avenue is a jungle.
That doesn't mean you have
to live like a wild animal in it.
Harriet found that out.
So she came back.
And remember, Teddy.
It isn't easy to walk back
in after you walk out.
It's easier to stay out.
And Harriet.
It isn't easy to say:
'Please come back'.
Falling in love is always a mess.
What can you expect from two strangers?
Let me at least introduce you.
This is Harriet.
This is Teddy.